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Renormalization of the Majorana bound state decay length in a perpendicular magnetic fieldNov 17 2017Jan 12 2018Orbital effects of a magnetic field in a proximitized semiconductor nanowire are studied in the context of the spatial extent of Majorana bound states. We develop analytical model that explains the impact of concurring effects of paramagnetic coupling ... More
Durability of the superconducting gap in Majorana nanowires under orbital effects of a magnetic fieldApr 17 2018Jun 23 2018We analyze the superconducting gap in semiconductor/superconductor nanowires under orbital effects of a magnetic field in the weak- and strong-hybridization regimes using an universal procedure that guarantees the stationarity of the system -- vanishing ... More
Probing Andreev reflection reach in semiconductor-superconductor hybrids by Aharonov-Bohm effectSep 28 2018Jan 21 2019Recent development in fabrication of hybrid nanostructures allows for creation of quantum interferometers that combine semiconductor and superconductor materials. We show that in those nanostructures the joint phenomena of Aharonov-Bohm effect and Andreev ... More
Single-electron shell occupation and effective $g$-factor in few-electron nanowire quantum dotsNov 23 2014Jan 27 2015Nanowire double quantum dots occupied by an even number of electrons are investigated in the context of energy level structure revealed by electric dipole spin resonance measurements. We use numerically exact configuration interaction approach up to 6 ... More
Spontaneous and resonant lifting of the spin blockade in nanowire quantum dotsMar 01 2013Apr 24 2014A complete numerical description of the charge and spin dynamics of a two-electron system confined in narrow nanowire quantum dots under oscillating electric field is presented in the context of recent electric dipole spin resonance experiments. We find ... More
Spin current source based on a quantum point contact with local spin-orbit interactionNov 13 2013Proposal for construction of a source of spin-polarized current based on quantum point contact with local spin-orbit interaction is presented. We show that spin-orbit interaction present within the narrowing acts like a spin filter. The spin polarization ... More
Singlet-triplet avoided crossings and effective $g$ factor versus spatial orientation of spin-orbit-coupled quantum dotsSep 28 2010We study avoided crossings opened by spin-orbit interaction in the energy spectra of one- and two-electron anisotropic quantum dots in perpendicular magnetic field. We find that for simultaneously present Rashba and Dresselhaus interactions the width ... More
Spin polarization anisotropy in a narrow spin-orbit-coupled nanowire quantum dotOct 22 2012May 20 2013One and two-electron systems confined in a single and coupled quantum dots defined within a nanowire with a finite radius are studied in the context of spin-orbit coupling effects. Anisotropy of the spin-orbit interaction is discussed in terms of the ... More
Time dependent configuration interaction simulations of spin swap in spin orbit coupled double quantum dotsSep 23 2010We perform time-dependent simulations of spin exchange for an electron pair in laterally coupled quantum dots. The calculation is based on configuration interaction scheme accounting for spin-orbit (SO) coupling and electron-electron interaction in a ... More
Coupling of bonding and antibonding electron orbitals in double quantum dots by spin-orbit interactionApr 08 2010We perform a systematic exact diagonalization study of spin-orbit coupling effects for stationary few-electron states confined in quasi two-dimensional double quantum dots. We describe the spin-orbit-interaction induced coupling between bonding and antibonding ... More
Superconducting dome in doped 2D superconductors with broken inversion symmetryJul 11 2019We analyze an unconventional inter-subband paired phase in a 2D doped superconductor considering both systems with the inversion symmetry and with the inversion symmetry broken. We find that for a centro-symmetric system the inter-subband pairing can ... More
Intersubband pairing induced Fulde-Ferrell phase in metallic nanofilmsApr 12 2019We consider a free-standing metallic nanofilm with a predominant intersubband paring which emerges as a result of the confinement in the growth direction. We show that the Fermi wave vector mismatch between the subbands, detrimental to the intersubband ... More
The imperfect Bose gas in d dimensions: critical behavior and Casimir forcesMay 20 2013We consider the d-dimensional imperfect (mean-field) Bose gas confined in a slit-like geometry and subject to periodic boundary conditions. Within an exact analytical treatment we first extract the bulk critical properties of the system at Bose-Einstein ... More
Imaging of double slit interference by scanning gate microscopyApr 24 2014Jun 26 2014We consider scanning gate microscopy imaging of the double slit interference for a pair of quantum point contacts (QPCs) defined within the two-dimensional electron gas. The interference is clearly present in the scattered electron wave functions for ... More
Signatures of spin-orbit coupling in scanning gate conductance images of electron flow from quantum point contactsJan 08 2014Jun 26 2014Electron flow through a quantum point contact in presence of spin-orbit coupling is investigated theoretically in the context of the scanning gate microscopy (SGM) conductance mapping. Although in the absence of the floating gate the spin-orbit coupling ... More
Fano resonances and electron spin transport through a two-dimensional spin-orbit-coupled quantum ringOct 19 2011Electron transport through a spin-orbit-coupled quantum ring is investigated within linear response theory. We show that the finite width of the ring results in the appearance of Fano resonances in the conductance. This turns out to be a consequence of ... More
Resonant harmonic generation and collective spin rotations in electrically driven quantum dotsApr 27 2012Sep 11 2012Spin rotations induced by an AC electric field in a two-electron double quantum dot are studied by an exact numerical solution of the time dependent Schroedinger equation in the context of recent electric dipole spin resonance experiments based on the ... More
Supercurrent carried by non-equlibrium quasiparticles in a multiterminal Josephson junctionNov 02 2018Feb 21 2019We theoretically study coherent multiple Andreev reflections in a biased three-terminal Josephson junction. We demonstrate that the direct current flowing through the junction consists of supercurrent components when the bias voltages are commensurate. ... More
The Penn State-Torun Centre for Astronomy Planet Search stars. I. Spectroscopic analysis of 348 red giantsJun 27 2012We present basic atmospheric parameters (Teff, logg, vt and [Fe/H]) as well as luminosities, masses, radii and absolute radial velocities for 348 stars, presumably giants, from the ~1000 star sample observed within the Penn State-Torun Centre for Astronomy ... More
Spatial evolution of tumors with successive driver mutationsAug 07 2013We study the spatial evolutionary dynamics of solid tumors as they obtain additional driver mutations. We start with a cancer clone that expands uniformly in three dimensions giving rise to a spherical shape. We assume that cell division occurs on the ... More
A deep X-ray observation of NGC 4258 and its surrounding fieldApr 05 2000We present a deep X-ray observation of the low-luminosity active galactic nucleus in NGC4258 (M106) using ASCA. The soft X-ray spectrum <2keV is dominated by thermal emission from optically-thin plasma with kT~0.5keV. The hard X-ray emission is clearly ... More
Current-induced domain wall motion including thermal effects based on Landau-Lifshitz-Bloch equationSep 28 2009We employ the Landau-Lifshitz-Bloch (LLB) equation to investigate current-induced domain wall motion at finite temperatures by numerical micromagnetic simulations. We extend the LLB equation with spin torque terms that account for the effect of spin-polarized ... More
Simulations of electric-dipole spin resonance for spin-orbit-coupled quantum dots in Overhauser field: fractional resonances and selection rulesOct 07 2013We consider spin rotations in single- and two-electron quantum dots that are driven by external AC electric field with two mechanisms that couple the electron spatial motion and the spin degree of freedom: the spin-orbit interaction and a random fluctuation ... More
Assembly of repetitive regions using next-generation sequencing dataNov 03 2014High read depth can be used to assemble short sequence repeats. The existing genome assemblers fail in repetitive regions of longer than average read. I propose a new algorithm for a DNA assembly which uses the relative frequency of reads to properly ... More
Depleted Galaxy Cores and Dynamical Black Hole MassesOct 20 2013Nov 12 2013Shallow cores in bright, massive galaxies are commonly thought to be the result of scouring of stars by mergers of binary supermassive black holes. Past investigations have suggested correlations between the central black hole mass and the stellar light ... More
Coupling of the X-ray and radio emission in the black hole candidate a nd compact jet source GX 339-4Mar 30 2000We report the results of a long-term campaign of radio, soft- and hard- X-ray observations of the galactic black hole candidate GX 339-4. In the Low-Hard X-ray state the system displays a strong 3-way linear correlation between soft- and hard-X-rays and ... More
Multiscale modeling of ultrafast element-specific magnetization dynamics of ferromagnetic alloysApr 01 2015A hierarchical multiscale approach to model the magnetization dynamics of ferromagnetic ran- dom alloys is presented. First-principles calculations of the Heisenberg exchange integrals are linked to atomistic spin models based upon the stochastic Landau-Lifshitz-Gilbert ... More
A Chandra observation of the millisecond X-ray pulsar IGR J17511-3057Jun 11 2012IGR J17511-3057 is a low mass X-ray binary hosting a neutron star and is one of the few accreting millisecond X-ray pulsars with X-ray bursts. We report on a 20ksec Chandra grating observation of IGR J17511-3057, performed on 2009 September 22. We determine ... More
Tuning of the spin-orbit interaction in a quantum dot by an in-plane magnetic fieldFeb 04 2011Mar 29 2011Using an exact diagonalization approach we show that one- and two-electron InAs quantum dots exhibit avoided crossing in the energy spectra that are induced by the spin-orbit coupling in the presence of an in-plane external magnetic field. The width of ... More
Hot thermal X-ray emission from the Be star HD119682Jan 14 2013We present an analysis of a series of four consecutive Chandra high resolution transmission gratings observations, amounting to a total of 150 ks, of the Be X-ray source HD119682 (= 1WGA J1346.5-6255), a member of the new class of gamma Cas analogs. The ... More
Long Term Variability of Cyg X-1, II. The rms-Flux RelationNov 03 2003Nov 05 2003We study the long term evolution of the relationship between the root mean square (rms) variability and flux (the ``rms-flux relation'') for the black hole Cygnus X-1 as monitored from 1996 to 2003 with the Rossi X-ray Timing Explorer (RXTE). We confirm ... More
Planets Around the K-Giants BD+20 274 and HD 219415Jul 02 2012We present the discovery of planet-mass companions to two giant stars by the ongoing Penn State- Toru\'n Planet Search (PTPS) conducted with the 9.2 m Hobby-Eberly Telescope. The less massive of these stars, K5-giant BD+20 274, has a 4.2 MJ minimum mass ... More
A Planet in a 0.6-AU Orbit Around the K0 Giant HD 102272Oct 09 2008We report the discovery of one or more planet-mass companions to the K0-giant HD 102272 with the Hobby-Eberly Telescope. In the absence of any correlation of the observed periodicities with the standard indicators of stellar activity, the observed radial ... More
Substellar-Mass Companions to the K-Giants HD 240237, BD +48 738 and HD 96127Oct 07 2011Oct 21 2011We present the discovery of substellar-mass companions to three giant stars by the ongoing Penn State-Toru\'n Planet Search (PTPS) conducted with the 9.2 m Hobby-Eberly Telescope. The most massive of the three stars, K2-giant HD 240237, has a 5.3 MJ minimum ... More
The Penn State - Toruń Planet Search: target characteristics and recent resultsNov 15 2010Jan 14 2011More than 450 stars hosting planets are known today but only approximately 30 planetary systems were discovered around stars beyond the Main Sequence. The Penn State-Toru\'n Planet Search, putting an emphasis on extending studies of planetary system formation ... More
Radio / X-ray correlation in the low/hard state of GX 339--4Jan 22 2003We present the results of a long-term study of the black hole candidate GX 339-4 using simultaneous radio (from the Australia Telescope Compact Array) and X-ray (from the Rossi X-ray Timing Explorer and BeppoSAX) observations performed between 1997 and ... More
Ultrafast light-induced Coherent Optical and Acoustic Phonons in few Quintuple Layers of Topological Insulators Bi2Te3Jan 28 2015Jul 08 2015Ultrafast lattice dynamics of few quintuple layers of topological insulator (TI) Bi$_2$Te$_3$ is studied with time-resolved optical pump-probe spectroscopy. Both optical and acoustic phonons are photogenerated and detected. Here, in order to get new insights ... More
Short term X-ray rms variability of Cyg X-1Jul 29 2002A linear dependence of the amplitude of broadband noise variability on flux for GBHC and AGN has been recently shown by Uttley & McHardy (2001). We present the long term evolution of this rms-flux-relation for Cyg X-1 as monitored from 1998-2002 with ... More
Heating in an Extended Accretion Disk Corona along the Z-Pattern in Cyg X-2Dec 11 2008We observed at very high spectral resolution the prototype Z-source Cyg x-2 twice along its entire X-ray spectral variation pattern. In this preliminary analysis we find an extended accretion disk corona exhibiting Lyman alpha emissions from various H-like ... More
The supermassive black hole in NGC4486a detected with SINFONI at the VLTMay 12 2007The near-infrared integral field spectrograph SINFONI at the ESO VLT opens a new window for the study of central supermassive black holes. With a near-IR spatial resolution similar to HST optical and the ability to penetrate dust it provides the possibility ... More
The Flared Disc Project: RXTE and ASCA Observations of X 1822-371Aug 02 2000We present archival RXTE and simultaneous ASCA data of the eclipsing low mass X-ray binary (LMXB) X 1822-371. Our spectral analysis shows that a variety of simple models can fit the spectra relatively well. Of these models, we explore two in detail through ... More
An entangling quantum-logic gate operated with an ultrabright single photon-sourceMar 01 2013Mar 04 2013We demonstrate unambiguous entangling operation of a photonic quantum-logic gate driven by an ultrabright solid-state single-photon source. Indistinguishable single photons emitted by a single semiconductor quantum dot in a micropillar optical cavity ... More
Unveiling the nature of IGR J17177-3656 with X-ray, NIR and Radio observationsJul 01 2011We report on the first broad-band (1-200 keV) simultaneous Chandra-INTEGRAL observations of the recently discovered hard X-ray transient IGR J17177-3656 that took place on 2011, March 22, about two weeks after the source discovery. The source had an average ... More
X-ray and Near Infrared observations of the obscured accreting pulsar IGR J18179-1621Jul 31 2012IGR J18179-1621 is an obscured accreting X-ray pulsar discovered by INTEGRAL on 2012 February 29. We report on our 20 ksec Chandra-High Energy Transmission Gratings Spectrometer observation of the source performed on 2012 March 17, on two short contemporaneous ... More
Simultaneous EUVE/ASCA/RXTE Observations of NGC 5548Jul 09 1999We present simultaneous observations by EUVE, ASCA, and RXTE of the type~1 Seyfert galaxy NGC 5548. These data indicate that variations in the EUV emission (at $\sim 0.2 $keV) appear to lead similar modulations in higher energy ($\ga 1 $keV) X-rays by ... More
Chiral effective action with heavy quark symmetrySep 24 1992We derive an effective action combining chiral and heavy quark symmetry, using approximate bosonization techniques of QCD. We explicitly show that the heavy-quark limit is compatible with the large $N_c$ (number of color) limit in the meson sector, and ... More
Escape driven by $α$-stable white noisesOct 12 2006We explore the archetype problem of an escape dynamics occurring in a symmetric double well potential when the Brownian particle is driven by {\it white L\'evy noise} in a dynamical regime where inertial effects can safely be neglected. The behavior of ... More
Levy--Brownian motion on finite intervals: Mean first passage time analysisDec 20 2005Mar 02 2006We present the analysis of the first passage time problem on a finite interval for the generalized Wiener process that is driven by L\'evy stable noises. The complexity of the first passage time statistics (mean first passage time, cumulative first passage ... More
The SINFONI Black Hole Survey: The Black Hole Fundamental Plane revisited and the paths of (co-) evolution of supermassive black holes and bulgesJan 05 2016Jan 20 2016We investigate the correlations between the black hole mass $M_{BH}$, the velocity dispersion $\sigma$, the bulge mass $M_{Bu}$, the bulge average spherical density $\rho_h$ and its spherical half mass radius $r_h$, constructing a database of 97 galaxies ... More
Heavy Hadrons and QCD InstantonsOct 17 1995Heavy hadrons are analyzed in a random and dilute gas of instantons. We derive the instanton-induced interactions between heavy and light quarks at next to leading order in the heavy quark mass and in the planar approximation, and discuss their effects ... More
Asymptotic boundary forms for tight Gabor frames and lattice localization domainsJan 22 2015We consider Gabor localization operators $G_{\phi,\Omega}$ defined by two parameters, the generating function $\phi$ of a tight Gabor frame $\{\phi_\lambda\}_{\lambda \in \Lambda}$, parametrized by the elements of a given lattice $\Lambda \subset \Bbb{R}^2$, ... More
Chandra and RXTE spectroscopy of the accreting msec pulsar IGR J00291+5934Aug 11 2005We report on an observation of the recently discovered accreting millisecond X-ray pulsar IGR J00291+5934 performed with the RXTE-Proportional Counter Array (PCA) and Chandra-High Energy Transmission Grating Spectrometer (HETGS). The RXTE data are from ... More
Reaching sub-milimag photometric precision on Beta Pictoris with a nanosat: the PicSat missionOct 25 2016PicSat is a nanosatellite currently being developed to observe the transit of the giant planet \b{eta} Pictoris, expected some time between July 2017 and June 2018. The mission is based on a Cubesat architecture, with a small but ambitious 2 kg opto-mechanical ... More
Is Econophysics a Solid Science?Jan 08 2003Econophysics is an approach to quantitative economy using ideas, models, conceptual and computational methods of statistical physics. In recent years many of physical theories like theory of turbulence, scaling, random matrix theory or renormalization ... More
Non-exponential relaxation in diluted antiferromagnetsMay 16 1997Diluted Ising antiferromagnets in a homogenous magnetic field have a disordered phase for sufficiently large values of the field and for low temperatures. Here, the system is in a domain state with a broad size-distribution of fractal domains. We study ... More
Heavy Mesons in a Random Instanton GasSep 01 1994We analyze the correlation function of a meson with one heavy and one light quark in inverse powers of the heavy quark mass $m_Q$ using a succession of Foldy-Wouthuysen-type transformations prior to radiative corrections. We evaluate the correlator to ... More
Unitary equivalence of lowest dimensional reproducing formulae of type $\mathcal{E}_2 \subset Sp(2,{\mathbb R})$Nov 12 2018All two-dimensional reproducing formulae, i.e. of $L^2({\mathbb R}^2)$, resulting out of restrictions of the projective metaplectic representation to connected Lie subgroups of $Sp(2,{\mathbb R})$ and of type $\mathcal{E}_2$, were listed and classified ... More
A Chandra-HETG VIEW OF MCG +8-11-11Jun 17 2014We present a spectral analysis of the 118 ks High Energy Transmission Gratings (HETG) observation of the X-ray bright Seyfert 1.5 galaxy MCG +8-11-11, in conjunction with 100 ks of archival Suzaku data, aimed at investigating the signatures of warm absorption ... More
Transverse ordering of an antiferromagnet in a field with oblique angle to the easy axisMay 19 1999Motivated by the recent experimental observations [Phys Rev B 57 R11051 (1998)] of transverse spin ordering in FeBr_2 induced by a magnetic field with oblique angle to the easy axis of the system, we performed extensive Monte Carlo simulations of a classical ... More
Can We Identify Lensed Gamma Ray Bursts?Jan 27 1994A gravitationally lensed gamma-ray burst (GRB) would appear as multiple bursts with identical light curves, separated in time and differing only by the scaling of their amplitudes. However, noise may make them difficult to identify as lensed images. Furthermore, ... More
The Influence of Dark Matter Halos on Dynamical Estimates of Black Hole Mass: Ten New Measurements for High-sigma Early-Type GalaxiesJun 05 2013Jul 15 2013Adaptive-Optics assisted SINFONI observations of the central regions of ten early-type galaxies are presented. Based primarily on the SINFONI kinematics, ten black hole masses occupying the high-mass regime of the M_BH-sigma relation are derived using ... More
Conductance through a helical state in an InSb nanowireJan 24 2017The motion of an electron and its spin are generally not coupled. However in a one dimensional material with strong spin-orbit interaction (SOI) a helical state may emerge at finite magnetic fields, where electrons of opposite spin will have opposite ... More
Molecular gas in the centre of nearby galaxies from VLT/SINFONI integral field spectroscopy - I. Morphology and mass inventoryOct 15 2012We present the first results of an analysis of the properties of the molecular gas in the nuclear regions (r < 300 pc) of a sample of six nearby galaxies, based on new high spatial resolution observations obtained in the K-band with the near-infrared ... More
Quantized conductance doubling and hard gap in a two-dimensional semiconductor-superconductor heterostructureMar 06 2016The prospect of coupling a two-dimensional (2D) semiconductor heterostructure to a superconductor opens new research and technology opportunities, including fundamental problems in mesoscopic superconductivity, scalable superconducting electronics, and ... More
The Statistics of Gamma Ray Burst LensingJan 27 1994Jan 28 1994Possibly the only unambiguous verification that gamma-ray bursts (GRBs) are at cosmological distances would be the observation of multiple images of a gravitationally lensed burst. Each images would arrive at a different time, but exhibit identical light ... More
New spectral relations between products and powers of isotropic random matricesMay 08 2012Jun 16 2012We show that the limiting eigenvalue density of the product of n identically distributed random matrices from an isotropic unitary ensemble (IUE) is equal to the eigenvalue density of n-th power of a single matrix from this ensemble, in the limit when ... More
Molecular gas in the centre of nearby galaxies from VLT/SINFONI integral field spectroscopy - II. KinematicsDec 02 2013We present an analysis of the H2 emission-line gas kinematics in the inner < 4 arcsec radius of six nearby spiral galaxies, based on AO-assisted integral-field observations obtained in the K-band with SINFONI/VLT. Four of the six galaxies in our sample ... More
Quantized conductance doubling and hard gap in a two-dimensional semiconductor-superconductor heterostructureMar 06 2016Nov 29 2016The prospect of coupling a two-dimensional (2D) semiconductor heterostructure to a superconductor opens new research and technology opportunities, including fundamental problems in mesoscopic superconductivity, scalable superconducting electronics, and ... More
Transparent Semiconductor-Superconductor Interface and Induced Gap in an Epitaxial Heterostructure Josephson JunctionJul 14 2016Aug 05 2016Measurement of multiple Andreev reflection (MAR) in a Josephson junction made from an InAs heterostructure with epitaxial aluminum is used to quantify the highly transparent semiconductor-superconductor interface, indicating near-unity transmission. The ... More
Mass-scaling as a method to constrain outflows and particle acceleration from low-luminosity accreting black holesDec 03 2016The `fundamental plane of black hole accretion' (FP), a relation between the radio luminosities ($L_R$), X-ray luminosities ($L_X$), and masses ($M_{BH}$) of hard/quiescent state black hole binaries and low-luminosity active galactic nuclei, suggests ... More
Short-Term Radio-X-ray Correlations of Cygnus X-1Dec 29 2003We analyze simultaneous radio-X-ray data of Cygnus X-1 from the Ryle telescope (RT) and RXTE over more than 4 a. We show that apparent correlations on short time scales in the lightcurves of Cyg X-1 are probably the coincidental outcome of white noise ... More
Hunting the nature of IGR J17497-2821 with X-ray and NIR observationsNov 10 2006Feb 01 2007We report on a Chandra grating observation of the recently discovered hard X-ray transient IGR J17497-2821. The observation took place about two weeks after the source discovery at a flux level of about 20 mCrab in the 0.8-8 keV range. We extracted the ... More
The HU Aqr planetary system hypothesis revisitedDec 18 2014We study the mid-egress eclipse timing data gathered for the cataclysmic binary HU Aquarii during the years 1993-2014. The (O-C) residuals were previously attributed to a single ~7 Jupiter mass companion in ~5 au orbit or to a stable 2-planet system with ... More
Hardware Demonstrator of a Compact First-Level Muon Track Trigger for Future Hadron Collider ExperimentsFeb 11 2019Single muon triggers are crucial for the physics programmes at hadron collider experiments. To be sensitive to electroweak processes, single muon triggers with transverse momentum thresholds down to 20 GeV and dimuon triggers with even lower thresholds ... More
Long term variability of Cygnus X-1, III. Radio-X-ray correlationsJul 03 2004Long time scale radio-X-ray correlations in black holes during the hard state have been found in many sources and there seems to emerge a universal underlying relationship which quantitatively describes this behavior. Although it would appear only natural ... More
Shell-Shocked: The Interstellar Medium Near Cygnus X-1Oct 30 2014We conduct a detailed case-study of the interstellar shell near the high-mass X-ray binary, Cygnus X-1. We present new WIYN optical spectroscopic and Chandra X-ray observations of this region, which we compare with detailed MAPPINGS III shock models, ... More
Parsec-Scale Bipolar X-ray Shocks Produced by Powerful Jets from the Neutron Star Circinus X-1Aug 03 2010We report the discovery of multi-scale X-ray jets from the accreting neutron star X-ray binary, Circinus X-1. The bipolar outflows show wide opening angles and are spatially coincident with the radio jets seen in new high-resolution radio images of the ... More
Spin-orbit interaction and induced superconductivity in an one-dimensional hole gasJun 05 2018Jul 21 2018Low dimensional semiconducting structures with strong spin-orbit interaction (SOI) and induced superconductivity attracted much interest in the search for topological superconductors. Both the strong SOI and hard superconducting gap are directly related ... More
Predicting Graph Categories from Structural PropertiesMay 07 2018Complex networks are often categorized according to the underlying phenomena that they represent such as molecular interactions, re-tweets, and brain activity. In this work, we investigate the problem of predicting the category (domain) of arbitrary networks. ... More
Rotation of easy axis in training effect and recovery of exchange bias in ferromagnet/antiferromagnet bilayersOct 13 2007For ferromagnet/antiferromagnet bilayers, rotation of the easy axis has been \textit{for the first time} observed during measurements of training effect and the recovery of exchange bias using FeNi/FeMn system. These salient phenomena strongly suggest ... More
Development of a Highly Selective First-Level Muon Trigger for ATLAS at HL-LHC Exploiting Precision Muon Drift-Tube DataJan 31 2017The High-Luminosity LHC (HL-LHC) will provide the unique opportunity to explore the nature of physics beyond the Standard Model of strong and electroweak interactions. Highly selective first-level triggers are essential for the physics programme of the ... More
SAGE: using CubeSats for Gravitational Wave DetectionJun 21 2018Jun 29 2018SAGE (SagnAc interferometer for Gravitational wavE) is a fast track project for a space observatory based on multiple 12-U CubeSats in geostationary orbit. The objective of this project is to create a Sagnac interferometer with 73000 km circular arms. ... More
Dust in Brown Dwarfs IV. Dust formation and driven turbulence on mesoscopic scalesApr 14 2004Dust formation in brown dwarf atmospheres is studied by utilising a model for driven turbulence in the mesoscopic scale regime. We apply a pseudo-spectral method where waves are created and superimposed within a limited wavenumber interval. The turbulent ... More
Spin waves cause non-linear frictionApr 01 2011Jun 24 2011Energy dissipation is studied for a hard magnetic tip that scans a soft magnetic substrate. The dynamics of the atomic moments are simulated by solving the Landau-Lifshitz-Gilbert (LLG) equation numerically. The local energy currents are analysed for ... More
Network Classification and CategorizationSep 13 2017To the best of our knowledge, this paper presents the first large-scale study that tests whether network categories (e.g., social networks vs. web graphs) are distinguishable from one another (using both categories of real-world networks and synthetic ... More
Stellar-Mass Black Holes and Their ProgenitorsFeb 26 2009If a black hole has a low spin value, it must double its mass to reach a high spin parameter. Although this is easily accomplished through mergers or accretion in the case of supermassive black holes in galactic centers, it is impossible for stellar-mass ... More
Spin excitations in a monolayer scanned by a magnetic tipMay 01 2009Aug 03 2009Energy dissipation via spin excitations is investigated for a hard ferromagnetic tip scanning a soft magnetic monolayer. We use the classical Heisenberg model with Landau-Lifshitz-Gilbert (LLG)-dynamics including a stochastic field representing finite ... More
The Youngest Known X-ray Binary: Circinus X-1 and its Natal Supernova RemnantDec 02 2013Because supernova remnants are short lived, studies of neutron star X-ray binaries within supernova remnants probe the earliest stages in the life of accreting neutron stars. However, such objects are exceedingly rare: none were known to exist in our ... More
The Penn State - Torun Centre for Astronomy Planet Search stars. II. Lithium abundance analysis of the Red Giant Clump sampleJul 18 2014Using the sample of 348 stars from the PennState-Torun Centre for Astronomy Planet Search, for which uniformly determined atmospheric parameters are available, with chemical abundances and rotational velocities presented here, we investigate various channels ... More
BD+48 740 - Li overabundant giant star with a planet. A case of recent engulfment?Jun 21 2012We report the discovery of a unique object, BD+48 740, a lithium overabundant giant with A(Li)=2.33 +/- 0.04 (where A(Li) = log(n_Li/n_H) + 12), that exhibits radial velocity (RV) variations consistent with a 1.6 M_J companion in a highly eccentric, e ... More
Critical Scaling at Zero Virtuality in QCDApr 06 1998Apr 22 1998We show that at the critical point of chiral random matrix models, novel scaling laws for the inverse moments of the eigenvalues are expected. We evaluate explicitly the pertinent microscopic spectral density, and found it in agreement with numerical ... More
Scalar field theory on $κ$-Minkowski space-time and Doubly Special RelativityOct 06 2004Jan 11 2005In this paper we recall the construction of scalar field action on $\kappa$-Minkowski space-time and investigate its properties. In particular we show how the co-product of $\kappa$-Poincar\'e algebra of symmetries arises from the analysis of the symmetries ... More
Stationary states in Langevin dynamics under asymmetric Lévy noisesFeb 07 2007Sep 18 2007Properties of systems driven by white non-Gaussian noises can be very different from these systems driven by the white Gaussian noise. We investigate stationary probability densities for systems driven by $\alpha$-stable L\'evy type noises, which provide ... More
Fluctuation-dissipation relations under Levy noisesJan 09 2012For systems close to equilibrium, the relaxation properties of measurable physical quantities are described by the linear response theory and the fluctuation-dissipation theorem (FDT). Accordingly, the response or the generalized susceptibility, which ... More
Underdamped stochastic harmonic oscillatorApr 07 2017Sep 17 2017We investigate stationary states of the linear damped stochastic oscillator driven by L\'evy noises. In the long time limit kinetic and potential energies of the oscillator do not fulfill the equipartition theorem and their distributions follow the power-law ... More
WroNG -- Wroclaw Neutrino Generator of events for single pion productionJul 23 2004We constructed a new Monte Carlo generator of events for neutrino CC single pion production on free nucleon targets. The code uses dynamical models of the DIS with the PDFs modified according to the recent JLab data and of the Delta excitation. A comparison ... More
The clumpy absorber in the high-mass X-ray binary Vela X-1Nov 17 2017Bright and eclipsing, the high-mass X-ray binary Vela X-1 offers a unique opportunity to study accretion onto a neutron star from clumpy winds of O/B stars and to disentangle the complex accretion geometry of these systems. In Chandra-HETGS spectroscopy ... More
Magnetization switching of FePt nanoparticle recording medium by femtosecond laser pulsesJun 28 2016Manipulation of magnetization with ultrashort laser pulses is promising for information storage device applications. The dynamic of the magnetization response depends on the energy transfer from the photons to the spins during the initial laser excitation. ... More
Nonabelian Berry Phases in BaryonsJan 15 1993We show how generic nonabelian gauge fields can be induced in baryons when a hierarchy of fast degrees of freedom is integrated out. We identify them with nonabelian Berry potentials and discuss their role in transmuting quantum numbers in bag and soliton ... More
Assessing the X-ray Contribution from Jets in X-ray BinariesAug 05 2002Astrophysical jets exist from the stellar scale up to AGN, and seem to share common features particularly in the radio. But while AGN jets are known to emit X-rays, the situation for XRB jets is not so clear. Radio jets have been resolved in several XRBs ... More