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Properties and Applications of Programs with Monotone and Convex ConstraintsSep 30 2011We study properties of programs with monotone and convex constraints. We extend to these formalisms concepts and results from normal logic programming. They include the notions of strong and uniform equivalence with their characterizations, tight programs ... More
Optical Properties of Amorphous Silicon Quantum Dots(a-Si QDs) with various dot size using Extended Hückel TheoryJul 29 2016A high quality amorphous silicon (a-Si) nanostructures has grown experimentally to study the origin of light emission and the quantum confinement effect in a-Si. The quantum confinement effect increases the band gap of material as the size of quantum ... More
Electronic structure of topological superconductors in the presence of a vortex latticeJun 16 2015Oct 09 2015Certain types of topological superconductors and superfluids are known to host protected Majorana zero modes in cores of Abrikosov vortices. When such vortices are arranged in a dense periodic lattice one expects zero modes from neighboring vortices to ... More
Electrical transport studies of quench condensed Bi films at the initial stage of film growth: Structural transition and the possible formation of electron dropletsOct 19 2001The electrical transport properties of amorphous Bi films prepared by sequential quench deposition have been studied in situ. A superconductor-insulator (S-I) transition was observed as the film was made increasingly thicker, consistent with previous ... More
Micro-macro decomposition based asymptotic-preserving numerical schemes and numerical moments conservation for collisional nonlinear kinetic equationsAug 31 2018Feb 01 2019In this paper, we first extend the micro-macro decomposition method for multiscale kinetic equations from the BGK model to general collisional kinetic equations, including the Boltzmann and the Fokker-Planck Landau equations. The main idea is to use a ... More
Asymptotic-preserving schemes for two-species binary collisional kinetic system with disparate masses I: time discretization and asymptotic analysisOct 26 2018Dec 01 2018We develop efficient asymptotic-preserving time discretization to solve the disparate mass kinetic system of a binary gas or plasma in the "relaxation time scale" relevant to the epochal relaxation phenomenon. Both the Boltzmann and Fokker-Planck-Landau ... More
Cheeger constants, structural balance, and spectral clustering analysis for signed graphsNov 13 2014Mar 27 2015We introduce a family of multi-way Cheeger-type constants $\{h_k^{\sigma}, k=1,2,\ldots, N\}$ on a signed graph $\Gamma=(G,\sigma)$ such that $h_k^{\sigma}=0$ if and only if $\Gamma$ has $k$ balanced connected components. These constants are switching ... More
Even and odd nonlinear charge coherent states and their nonclassical propertiesMar 12 2012Apr 29 2012The (over)completeness of even and odd nonlinear charge coherent states is proved and their generation explored. They are demonstrated to be generalized entangled nonlinear coherent states. A $D$-algebra realization of the SU$_f$(1,1) generators is given ... More
Reduced Vectorial Ribaucour Transformation for the Darboux-Egoroff EquationsMay 11 1998The vectorial fundamental transformation for the Darboux equations is reduced to the symmetric case. This is combined with the orthogonal reduction of Lame type to obtain those vectorial Ribaucour transformations which preserve the Egoroff reduction. ... More
Geometric entanglement in the Laughlin wave functionOct 13 2016We study numerically the geometric entanglement in the Laughlin wave function, which is of great importance in condensed matter physics. The Slater determinant having the largest overlap with the Laughlin wave function is constructed by an iterative algorithm. ... More
Pentaquark baryon production from photon-neuteron reactionsSep 10 2003Extending the hadronic Lagrangians that we recently introduced for studying pentaquark $\Theta^+$ baryon production from meson-proton, proton-proton, and photon-proton reactions near threshold to include the anomalous interaction between $\gamma$ and ... More
Cheeger constants, structural balance, and spectral clustering analysis for signed graphsNov 13 2014Mar 10 2019We introduce a family of multi-way Cheeger-type constants $\{h_k^{\sigma}, k=1,2,\ldots, n\}$ on a signed graph $\Gamma=(G,\sigma)$ such that $h_k^{\sigma}=0$ if and only if $\Gamma$ has $k$ balanced connected components. These constants are switching ... More
Non-locally Encoder-Decoder Convolutional Network for Whole Brain QSM InversionApr 11 2019Quantitative Susceptibility Mapping (QSM) reconstruction is a challenging inverse problem driven by ill conditioning of its field-to -susceptibility transformation. State-of-art QSM reconstruction methods either suffer from image artifacts or long computation ... More
Even and odd q-deformed charge coherent states and their nonclassical propertiesJun 19 2003Aug 22 2003Even and odd q-deformed charge coherent states are constructed, their (over)completeness proved and their generation explored. A $D$-algebra realization of the SU$_q$(1,1) generators is given in terms of them. They are shown to exhibit SU$_q$(1,1) squeezing ... More
Photoproduction of pentaquark cascades from nucleonsDec 29 2003The cross sections for production of pentaquark $\Xi^+_5$ from the reaction $\gamma p\to K^0K^0\Xi^+_5$ and $\Xi^{--}_5$ from the reaction $\gamma n\to K^+K^+\Xi^{--}_5$ are evaluated in a hadronic model that includes their couplings to both $\Sigma\bar ... More
Charm meson production from meson-nucleon scatteringJan 28 2002Feb 01 2002Using an effective hadronic Lagrangian with physical hadron masses and coupling constants determined either empirically or from SU(4) flavor symmetry, we study the production cross sections of charm mesons from pion and rho meson interactions with nucleons. ... More
Is Pr_{1-x}Ca_xMnO_3 a ferroelectric of new mechanism?Oct 23 2006A new type of charge-ordering pattern for Pr1-xCaxMnO3: a hybridization of site- and bond-centred ordering (SBCO) was proposed by Efremov et al.. It was believed this discovery opened a new route to magnetic ferroelectrics. Here we argue that the possible ... More
Completely positive maps within the framework of direct-sum decomposition of state spaceJul 08 2014We investigate completely positive maps for an open system interacting with its environment. The families of the initial states for which the reduced dynamics can be described by a completely positive map are identified within the framework of direct-sum ... More
Cluster-induced deagglomeration in dilute gravity-driven gas-solid flows of cohesive grainsApr 22 2018Dec 04 2018Clustering is often presumed to lead to enhanced agglomeration between cohesive grains due to the reduced relative velocities of particles within a cluster. Our discrete-particle simulations on gravity-driven, gas-solid flows of cohesive grains exhibit ... More
Cross sections for pentaquark baryon production from protons in reactions induced by hadrons and photonsAug 11 2003Using hadronic Lagrangians that include the interaction of pentaquark $\Theta^+$ baryon with $K$ and $N$, we evaluate the cross sections for its production from meson-proton, proton-proton, and photon-proton reactions near threshold. With empirical coupling ... More
Twitter Job/Employment Corpus: A Dataset of Job-Related Discourse Built with Humans in the LoopJan 30 2019We present the Twitter Job/Employment Corpus, a collection of tweets annotated by a humans-in-the-loop supervised learning framework that integrates crowdsourcing contributions and expertise on the local community and employment environment. Previous ... More
MRI Tissue Magnetism Quantification through Total Field Inversion with Deep Neural NetworksApr 11 2019Quantitative susceptibility mapping (QSM) utilizes MRI signal phase to infer estimates of local tissue magnetism (magnetic susceptibility), which has been shown useful to provide novel image contrast and as biomarkers of abnormal tissue. QSM requires ... More
Crum Transformations and Wronskian Type Solutions for Supersymmetric KdV equationJan 10 1997Darboux transformation is reconsidered for the supersymmetric KdV system. By iterating the Darboux transformation, a supersymmetric extension of the Crum transformation is obtained for the Manin-Radul SKdV equation, in doing so one gets Wronskian superdeterminant ... More
Cheeger constants, structural balance, and spectral clustering analysis for signed graphsNov 13 2014Dec 08 2017We introduce a family of multi-way Cheeger-type constants $\{h_k^{\sigma}, k=1,2,\ldots, n\}$ on a signed graph $\Gamma=(G,\sigma)$ such that $h_k^{\sigma}=0$ if and only if $\Gamma$ has $k$ balanced connected components. These constants are switching ... More
Existence and Uniqueness of Invariant Measures for Stochastic Evolution Equations with Weakly Dissipative DriftsSep 12 2011In this paper, a new decay estimate for a class of stochastic evolution equations with weakly dissipative drifts is established, which directly implies the uniqueness of invariant measures for the corresponding transition semigroups. Moreover, the existence ... More
The Relative Age of the Thin and Thick Galactic DisksJul 13 2000We determine the relative ages of the open cluster NGC 188 and selected Hipparcos field stars by isochrone fitting, and compare them to the age of the thick disk globular cluster 47 Tuc. The best fit age for NGC 188 was determined to be $6.5 \pm 1.0$ ... More
LHC diphotons from electroweakly pair-produced composite pseudoscalarsDec 21 2015Feb 29 2016Motivated by excess diphoton events reported by ATLAS and CMS, we show that composite pseudoscalars, bound states of heavy fermions under a new confining gauge theory, can be pair-produced by Drell-Yan production if the constituent particles are electrically ... More
Fermi's golden rule: its derivation and breakdown by an ideal modelApr 23 2016Sep 22 2016Fermi's golden rule is of great importance in quantum dynamics. However, in many textbooks on quantum mechanics, its contents and limitations are obscured by the approximations and arguments in the derivation, which are inevitable because of the generic ... More
Vectorial Darboux Transformations for the Kadomtsev-Petviashvili HierarchyMay 21 1997May 26 1998We consider the vectorial approach to the binary Darboux transformations for the Kadomtsev-Petviashvili hierarchy in its Zakharov-Shabat formulation. We obtain explicit formulae for the Darboux transformed potentials in terms of Grammian type determinants. ... More
Darboux Transformation for the Manin-Radul Supersymmetric KdV equationJan 10 1997In this paper we present a vectorial Darboux transformation, in terms of ordinary determinants, for the supersymmetric extension of the Korteweg-de Vries equation proposed by Manin and Radul. It is shown how this transformation reduces to the Korteweg-de ... More
Brauer algebras of type BDec 21 2011For each n>0, we define an algebra having many properties that one might expect to hold for a Brauer algebra of type Bn. It is defined by means of a presentation by generators and relations. We show that this algebra is a subalgebra of the Brauer algebra ... More
Effects of Growth Orientations and Epitaxial Strains on Phase Stability of HfO$_2$ Thin FilmsDec 21 2018The discovery of ferroelectricity in both pure and doped HfO$_2$-based thin films have revitalized the interest in using ferroelectrics for nanoscale device applications. To take advantage of this silicon-compatible ferroelectric, fundamental questions ... More
Effect of three-body elastic scattering on heavy quark momentum degradation in the quark-gluon plasmaMar 02 2006Apr 11 2006Heavy quark drag coefficients in the quark-gluon plasma are evaluated in the perturbative QCD. It is found that for charm quarks the contribution from three-body elastic scattering is comparable to those from two-body elastic and radiative scatterings ... More
Pentaquark baryon production in nuclear reactionsOct 15 2004Using a hadronic model with empirical coupling constants and form factors, we have evaluated the cross sections for the production of exotic pentaquark $\Theta^+$ and/or $\Xi_5^+$ and $\Xi_5^{--}$ in reactions induced by photons, nucleons, pions, and ... More
Weighted batch means estimators in Markov chain Monte CarloMay 21 2018This paper proposes a family of weighted batch means variance estimators, which are computationally efficient and can be conveniently applied in practice. The focus is on Markov chain Monte Carlo simulations and estimation of the asymptotic covariance ... More
Directed coherent transport due to Bloch oscillation in two dimensionsFeb 12 2011We point out that in higher dimensions, in contrast to the one dimensional case considered usually, Bloch oscillation driven by a static force can induce transport of the wave packet. The wave packet oscillates constantly, but on a larger time scale it ... More
Control of Josephson current by Aharonov-Casher Phase in a Rashba RingJul 02 2009We study the interference effect induced by the Aharonov-Casher phase on the Josephson current through a semiconducting ring attached to superconducting leads. Using a 1D model that incorporates spin-orbit coupling in the semiconducting ring, we calculate ... More
Topological Superfluid Transition Induced by Periodically Driven Optical LatticeMar 17 2012We propose a scenario to create topological superfluid in a periodically driven two-dimensional square optical lattice. We study the phase diagram of a spin-orbit coupled s-wave pairing superfluid in a periodically driven two-dimensional square optical ... More
Quantum phase transition in an array of coupled dissipative cavitiesDec 14 2014The features of superfluid-Mott insulator phase transition in the array of dissipative nonlinear cavities are analyzed. We show analytically that the coupling to the bath can be reduced to renormalizing the eigenmodes of atom-cavity system. This gives ... More
Universal High Order Subroutine with New Shock Detector for Shock Boundary Layer InteractionFeb 24 2014The goal of this work is to develop a new universal high order subroutine for shock boundary layer interaction. First, an effective shock/discontinuity detector has been developed.The detector has two steps.The first step is to check the ratio of the ... More
N-representability is QMA-completeSep 17 2006We study the computational complexity of the N-representability problem in quantum chemistry. We show that this problem is QMA-complete, which is the quantum generalization of NP-complete. Our proof uses a simple mapping from spin systems to fermionic ... More
Secondary electrons and positrons in near earth orbitMar 28 2001Jul 20 2001The secondary e+ and e- populations in near earth's orbit have been calculated by simulation. The results are in very good agreement with the recent AMS measurements. The e$^+$ over e$^-$ flux ratio for particles below the geomagnetic cutoff appears to ... More
Absorption of 10--200 Gev Gamma Rays by Radiation from BLR in BlazarsJul 20 2008In this paper, we study the photon-photon pair production optical depth for gamma-rays with energies from 10 to 200 GeV emitted by powerful blazars due to the diffuse radiation field of broad line region (BLR). There are four key parameters in the BLR ... More
Stochastic Acceleration of 3He and 4He by Parallel Propagating Plasma WavesFeb 28 2004Stochastic acceleration of $^3$He and $^4$He from a thermal background by parallel propagating turbulent plasma waves with a single power-law spectrum of the wavenumber is studied. In the model, both ions interact with several resonant modes. When one ... More
The adaptive-loop-gain adaptive-scale CLEAN deconvolution of radio interferometric imagesApr 06 2016CLEAN algorithms are a class of deconvolution solvers which are widely used to remove the effect of the telescope Point Spread Function (PSF). Loop gain is one important parameter in CLEAN algorithms. Currently the parameter is fixed during deconvolution, ... More
Spin Superfluidity versus Solidity of Ultracold Polar MoleculesOct 26 2009We present a technique for engineering quantum magnets via ultracold polar molecules in optical lattices and explore exotic interplay between its spin superfluidity and solidity. The molecular ground and first excited rotational states are resonantly ... More
LHC constraints on dark matter with (130 GeV) gamma ray linesJun 13 2013Nov 08 2013Dark matter annihilation into photons in our galaxy would constitute an exciting indirect signal of its existence, as underscored by tentative evidence for 130 GeV dark matter in Fermi/LAT data. Models that give a large annihilation cross section into ... More
An optimistic CoGeNT analysisJul 12 2012Dec 17 2012Inspired by a recently proposed model of millicharged atomic dark matter (MADM), we analyze several classes of light dark matter models with respect to CoGeNT modulated and unmodulated data, and constraints from CDMS, XENON10 and XENON100. After removing ... More
$s\bar{s}$ dominance of the $f_0$(980) mesonNov 26 1998Dec 02 1998We prove that recent data demonstrates unequivocally that the scalar meson $f_0$(980) is mostly composed of $s\bar{s}$ quarks and that the coupling of $f_0$ to photons and mesons is in agreement with the linear sigma model.
Holographic turbulenceJul 27 2013We construct turbulent black holes in asymptotically AdS_4 spacetime by numerically solving Einstein equations. Both the dual holographic fluid and bulk geometry display signatures of an inverse cascade with the bulk geometry being well approximated by ... More
Holographic Vortex Liquids and Superfluid TurbulenceDec 03 2012Dec 19 2012Superfluid turbulence, often referred to as quantum turbulence, is a fascinating phenomenon for which a satisfactory theoretical framework is lacking. Holographic duality provides a systematic new approach to studying quantum turbulence by mapping the ... More
Anti-doping in Insulators and Semiconductors having Intermediate Bands with Trapped CarriersDec 28 2018Feb 03 2019Ordinary doping by electrons (holes) generally means that the Fermi level shifts towards the conduction band (valence band) and that the conductivity of free carriers increases. Recently, however, some peculiar doping characteristics were sporadically ... More
Planning the scientific applications of the Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical radio TelescopeApr 12 2019The Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical radio Telescope (FAST) is by far the largest telescope of any kind ever built. FAST produced its first light in September 2016 and it is now under commissioning, with normal operation to commence in late 2019. ... More
Polyatomic Molecules Formed with a Rydberg Atom in an Ultracold EnvironmentDec 07 2005Feb 05 2007We investigate properties of ultralong-range polyatomic molecules formed with a Rb Rydberg atom and several ground-state atoms whose distance from the Rydberg atom is of the order of n^2a_0, where n is the principle quantum number of the Rydberg electron. ... More
Regge calculus models of closed lattice universesFeb 10 2015Jun 17 2015This paper examines the behaviour of closed `lattice universes' wherein masses are distributed in a regular lattice on the Cauchy surfaces of closed vacuum universes. Such universes are approximated using a form of Regge calculus originally developed ... More
Regge calculus models of the closed vacuum $Λ$-FLRW universeJan 29 2015Dec 08 2015The Collins-Williams Regge calculus models of FLRW space-times and Brewin's subdivided models are applied to closed vacuum $\Lambda$-FLRW universes. In each case, we embed the Regge Cauchy surfaces into 3-spheres in $\mathbf{E}^4$ and consider possible ... More
Quantum oscillations without magnetic fieldAug 16 2016When magnetic field $B$ is applied to a metal, nearly all observable quantities exhibit oscillations periodic in $1/B$. Such quantum oscillations reflect the fundamental reorganization of electron states into Landau levels as a canonical response of the ... More
Graph-Theoretic Characterizations of Structural Controllability for Multi-Agent System with Switching TopologyMar 26 2012This paper considers the controllability problem for multi-agent systems. In particular, the structural controllability of multi-agent systems under switching topologies is investigated. The structural controllability of multi-agent systems is a generalization ... More
Pentaquark $Θ^+$ production from the reaction $γ p\toπ^+K^-Θ^+$Oct 30 2003The cross section for $\Theta^+$ production from the reaction $\gamma p\to\pi^+K^-\Theta^+$, which was observed in the CLAS experiment at the Jefferson National Laboratory, is evaluated in a hadronic model that includes couplings of $\Theta^+$ to both ... More
Gravitational Lensing and Anisotropies of CBR on the Small Angular ScalesJun 20 1995We investigate the effect of gravitational lensing, produced by linear density perturbations, for anisotropies of the Cosmic Background Radiation (CBR) on scales of arcminutes. In calculations, a flat universe ($\Omega=1$) and the Harrison-Zel'dovich ... More
Studying the Interstellar Medium and the inner region of NPS/Loop 1 with shadow observations toward MBM36Nov 30 2015We analyzed data from a shadow observation of the high density molecular cloud MBM36 (l~4{\deg}, b~35{\deg}) with Suzaku. MBM36 is located in a region that emits relatively weakly in the 3/4~keV band, compared to the surrounding NPS/Loop 1 structure and ... More
Dielectrophoresis model for the colossal electroresistance of phase-separated manganitesMay 23 2007Sep 01 2007We propose a dielectrophoresis model for phase-separated manganites. Without increase of the fraction of metallic phase, an insulator-metal transition occurs when a uniform electric field applied across the system exceeds a threshold value. Driven by ... More
Sobolev and Max Norm Error Estimates for Gaussian Beam SuperpositionsOct 30 2015This work is concerned with the accuracy of Gaussian beam superpositions, which are asymptotically valid high frequency solutions to linear hyperbolic partial differential equations and the Schr\"odinger equation. We derive Sobolev and max norms estimates ... More
Proton-proton and deuteron-gold collisions at RHICMay 27 2004We try to understand recent data on proton-proton and deuteron-gold collisions at RHIC, employing a modified parton model approach.
Scaling Analysis of Nanowire Phase Change MemoryFeb 08 2013This letter analyzes the scaling property of nanowire (NW) phase change memory (PCM) using analytic and numerical methods. The scaling scenarios of the three widely-used NW PCM peration schemes (constant electric field, voltage, and current) are studied ... More
Manipulating Majorana Fermions in Quantum Nanowires with Broken Inversion SymmetryJun 29 2012Oct 07 2012We study a Majorana-carrying quantum wire, driven into a trivial phase by breaking the spatial inversion symmetry with a tilted external magnetic field. Interestingly, we predict that a supercurrent applied in the proximate superconductor is able to restore ... More
Mass estimate of the Swift J 164449.3+573451 supermassive black hole based on the 3:2 QPO resonance hypothesisOct 09 2012A dormant Swift source J 164449.3+573451 (Sw 164449+57)recently experienced a powerful outburst, caused most probably by a tidal disruption of a star by the super-massive black hole at the center of the source. During the outburst, a quasi periodic oscillation ... More
Constraints on black hole massess with timescales of variations in blazarsMar 27 2015In this paper, we investigated the issue of black hole masses and minimum timescales of jet emission for blazars. We proposed a sophisticated model that sets an upper limit to the central black hole masses $M_{\bullet}$ with the minimum timescales $\Delta ... More
Dirty Black Holes and Hairy Black HolesOct 17 1996An approach based on considerations of the non-classical energy momentum tensor outside the event horizon of a black hole provides additional physical insight into the nature of discrete quantum hair on black holes and its effect on black hole temperature. ... More
Did ASAS-SN Kill the Supermassive Black Hole Binary Candidate PG1302-102?Mar 14 2018May 11 2018Graham et al. (2015a) reported a periodically varying quasar and supermassive black hole binary candidate, PG1302-102 (hereafter PG1302), which was discovered in the Catalina Real-Time Transient Survey (CRTS). Its combined Lincoln Near-Earth Asteroid ... More
PCR-Pro: 3D Sparse and Different Scale Point Clouds Registration and Robust Estimation of Information Matrix For Pose Graph SLAMAug 29 2018For both indoor and outdoor environments, we propose an efficient and novel method for different scales and sparse 3D point clouds registration that cannot be handled by the current popular ICP approaches. Our algorithm efficiently detects the scale difference ... More
Projection for ZZZ Production Cross Section Measurements at the HL-LHCOct 06 2018Oct 15 2018Triple gauge boson (tri-boson) production is one of the ways to study the Quartic Gauge Couplings (QGC) and the anomalous QGC beyond the Standard Model of particle physics. In particular, we investigated the signal selection criteria for ZZZ production ... More
BaFe$_2$Se$_3$: a high $T_{\rm C}$ magnetic multiferroic with large ferrielectric polarizationOct 10 2014The iron-selenides are important because of their superconducting properties. Here, an unexpected phenomenon is predicted to occur in an iron-selenide compound with a quasi-one-dimensional ladder geometry: BaFe$_2$Se$_3$ should be a magnetic ferrielectric ... More
Exact solution of quantum dynamics of a cantilever coupling to a single trapped ultracold ionSep 22 2005Dec 21 2005The quantum behavior of a precooled cantilever can be probed highly efficiently by coupling to a trapped ultracold ion, in which a fast cooling of the cantilever down to the ground vibrational state is possible. We solve the dynamics of the coupling system ... More
Recurrent Flow-Guided Semantic ForecastingSep 21 2018Nov 21 2018Understanding the world around us and making decisions about the future is a critical component to human intelligence. As autonomous systems continue to develop, their ability to reason about the future will be the key to their success. Semantic anticipation ... More
Outlier Robust ICP for Minimizing Fractional RMSDJun 22 2006We describe a variation of the iterative closest point (ICP) algorithm for aligning two point sets under a set of transformations. Our algorithm is superior to previous algorithms because (1) in determining the optimal alignment, it identifies and discards ... More
Brauer algebras of type CJan 18 2011For each natural number n greater than 1, we define an algebra satisfying many properties that one might expect to hold for a Brauer algebra of type Cn. The monomials of this algebra correspond to scalar multiples of symmetric Brauer diagrams on 2n strands. ... More
Structural Controllability of Switched Linear SystemsJun 09 2011Aug 24 2013This paper studies the structural controllability of a class of uncertain switched linear systems, where the parameters of subsystems state matrices are either unknown or zero. The structural controllability is a generalization of the traditional controllability ... More
Magnetic Graphene Nanohole SuperlatticesMar 18 2008We investigate the magnetic properties of nano-holes (NHs) patterned in graphene using first principles calculations. We show that superlattices consisting of a periodic array of NHs form a new family of 2D crystalline "bulk" magnets whose collective ... More
Two dimensional nonlinear dynamics of evanescent-wave guided atoms in hollow fiberAug 20 1999Dec 26 1999We describe the classical and quantum two dimensional nonlinear dynamics of large blue-detuned eveanescent-wave guiding cold atoms in hollow fiber. We show that chaotic dynamics exists for classic dynamics, when the intensity of the beam is periodically ... More
Chaotic dynamics of cold atoms in far-off-resonant donut beamSep 09 1998We describe the classical two dimensinal nonlinear dynamics of cold atoms in far-off-resonant donut beams. We show that there chaotic dynamics exists for charge greater than unity, when the intensity of the beam is periodically modulated. The two dimensional ... More
Global inequality in energy consumption from 1980 to 2010Dec 22 2013Mar 08 2014We study the global probability distribution of energy consumption per capita around the world using data from the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) for 1980-2010. We find that the Lorenz curves have moved up during this time period, and the ... More
Comparison of Microcanonical and Canonical HadronizationApr 17 2003Average multiplicities and transverse momenta of hadrons are calculated using a microcanonical hadronization description for a cluster of given total energy and volume. As a function of the total energy, we determine the critical volume above which the ... More
Stochastic Acceleration of $^3$He and $^4$He in Solar Flares by Parallel Propagating Plasma Waves: General ResultsFeb 17 2005We study the acceleration in solar flares of $^3$He and $^4$He from a thermal background by parallel propagating plasma waves with a general broken power-law spectrum that takes into account the turbulence generation processes at large scales and the ... More
Nonlocal Drag of Magnons in a Ferromagnetic BilayerMay 13 2016Quantized spin waves, or magnons, in a magnetic insulator are assumed to interact weakly with the surroundings, and to flow with little dissipation or drag, producing exceptionally long diffusion lengths and relaxation times. In analogy to Coulomb drag ... More
Millicharged Atomic Dark MatterJan 23 2012Jun 04 2012We present a simplified version of the atomic dark matter scenario, in which charged dark constituents are bound into atoms analogous to hydrogen by a massless hidden sector U(1) gauge interaction. Previous studies have assumed that interactions between ... More
Meson PVV Interactions are determined by Quark LoopsMay 27 1999We show that all abnormal parity three-body meson interactions can be adequately described by quark loops, evaluated at zero external momentum, with couplings determined by $U(N_f)$ symmetry. We focus primarily on radiative meson decays which involve ... More
Electromagnetic properties of hadrons via the $u-d$ mass difference and direct photon exchangeAug 07 1998Feb 23 1999We demonstrate that a $u-d$ mass difference (which we estimate to be about 4 MeV) within quantum loops, can reproduce the effects of the Coleman-Glashow electromagnetic tadpole operator.
Exotic B_c-like molecules in QCD Sum RulesMar 29 2012Oct 24 2012We use the QCD sum rules to study possible $B_c$-like molecular states. We consider isoscalar $J^P = 0^+$ and $J^P = 1^+ D^{(\ast)}B^{(\ast)}$ molecular currents. We consider the contributions of condensates up to dimension eight and we work at leading ... More
A random matrix definition of the boson peakJul 22 2013May 12 2015The density of vibrational states for glasses and jammed solids exhibits universal features, including an excess of modes above the Debye prediction known as the boson peak located at a frequency $\omega^*$ . We show that the eigenvector statistics for ... More
Frictional rigidity percolation and minimal rigidity proliferation: From a new universality class to superuniversalityJul 26 2018We introduce two new concepts, frictional rigidity percolation and minimal rigidity proliferation, to help identify the nature of the frictional jamming transition as well as significantly broaden the scope of rigidity percolation. For frictional rigidity ... More
Controllable Josephson-Like Tunneling in Two-Component Bose-Einstein Condensates Coupled with Microwave via Feshbach Resonance and Trapping PotentialMar 06 2007We put forward a scheme for controlling Josephson-like tunneling in two-component Bose-Einstein condensates coupled with microwave field via Feshbach resonance and tuning aspect ratio of trapping potential. We prove how to realize a perfect periodic oscillation ... More
J/psi absorption by nucleons in the meson-exchange modelFeb 25 2007May 09 2007We reinvestigate the $J/\psi$ dissociation processes induced by the reactions with nucleons, $J/\psi + N \to \bar{D}^{(*)} + \Lambda_c$, in the meson-exchange model. Main constraints used in this work are vector-meson dominance and charm vector-current ... More
An Important Properties of Entanglement: Pairwise Entanglement can Only be Transferred by Entangled PairSep 12 2006Basing on the calculation of all the pairwise entanglement in the $n$ ($n \leq 6$)-qubit Heisenberg XX open chain with system impurity, we find an important result: pairwise entanglement can only be transferred through entangled pair. The non-nearest ... More
Flux state and anomalous quantum Hall effect in square Kondo latticeSep 17 2009Sep 21 2009The anomalous Hall effect (AHE) around the flux state in square Kondo lattice is investigated. By introducing the lattice distortion and local chirality, the square Kondo lattice can break the parity symmetry and time reversal symmetry spontaneously, ... More
Photovoltaic Effect of Atomtronics Induced by Artificial Gauge FieldFeb 21 2019We investigate photovoltaic effect of atomtronics induced by artificial gauge field in four optical potentials. Effective magnetic flux gives rise to polarization of atom occupation probability which creates current of atomtronics. The relation between ... More
A Probabilistic Peeling Decoder to Efficiently Analyze Generalized LDPC Codes Over the BECSep 04 2017Sep 12 2018In this paper, we analyze the tradeoff between coding rate and asymptotic performance of a class of generalized low-density parity-check (GLDPC) codes constructed by including a certain fraction of generalized constraint (GC) nodes in the graph. The rate ... More
Nonautonomous discrete rogue waves and interaction in the generalized Ablowitz-Ladik-Hirota lattice with variable coefficientsMay 18 2011We analytically investigate the nonautonomous discrete rogue wave solutions and their interaction in the generalized Ablowitz-Ladik-Hirota lattice with variable coefficients, which possess complicated wave propagations in time and are beyond the usual ... More
Optimal batch sizes for variance estimators in MCMCApr 16 2018Jan 14 2019This paper proposes optimal mean squared error batch sizes for multivariate batch means and spectral variance estimators. We propose a novel estimation technique for the optimal batch sizes, which is computationally inexpensive and has low variability. ... More
Error Estimates for Gaussian Beam SuperpositionsAug 07 2010Jun 02 2011Gaussian beams are asymptotically valid high frequency solutions to hyperbolic partial differential equations, concentrated on a single curve through the physical domain. They can also be extended to some dispersive wave equations, such as the Schr\"odinger ... More