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Bernstein theorem for translating solitons of hypersurfacesMay 13 2014Jun 26 2014In this paper, we prove some Bernstein type results for translating solitons of hypersurfaces in $\re^{n+1}$, giving some conditions under which a trantranslating soliton is a hyperplane. We also show a gap theorem for the translating soliton of hypersurfaces ... More
Determining the Number of Holes of a 2D Digital Component is EasyNov 16 2012The number of holes in a connected component in 2D images is a basic invariant. In this note, a simple formula was proven using our previous results in digital topology (Chen 2004, Chen and Rong (2010). The new is: $h =1+ (|C_4|-|C_2|)/4$, where h is ... More
Report: GPU Based Massive Parallel Kawasaki Kinetics In Monte Carlo Modelling of Lipid MicrodomainsSep 17 2013This paper introduces novel method of simulation of lipid biomembranes based on Metropolis Hastings algorithm and Graphic Processing Unit computational power. Method gives up to 55 times computational boost in comparison to classical computations. Extensive ... More
Black Holes in Matrix TheorySep 16 1997We review recent progress in understanding black hole structure and dynamics via matrix theory.
Bernstein theorem for translating solitons of hypersurfacesMay 13 2014Nov 02 2016In this paper, we prove a monotonicity formula and some Bernstein type results for translating solitons of hypersurfaces in $\re^{n+1}$, giving some conditions under which a trantranslating soliton is a hyperplane. We also show a gap theorem for the translating ... More
Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Communications in Virtualized Cellular Networks with MECJun 28 2017As an important part of the Internet-of-Things (IoT), machine-to-machine (M2M) communications have attracted great attention. In this paper, we introduce mobile edge computing (MEC) into virtualized cellular networks with M2M communications, to decrease ... More
Free Variables and the Two Matrix ModelDec 22 1994We study the full set of planar Green's functions for a two-matrix model using the language of functions of non-commuting variables. Both the standard Schwinger-Dyson equations and equations determining connected Green's functions can be efficiently discussed ... More
Asteroseismic constraints on the OPAL opacity interpolationJun 05 2008The frequency difference between a model used only two-point interpolation of opacity and a model used piecewise linear interpolation of opacity is of the order of several microHertz at a certain stage, which is almost 10 times worse than the observational ... More
On the Crystallinity of Silicate Dust in the Interstellar MediumAug 29 2008An accurate knowledge of the mineralogy (chemical composition and crystal structure) of the silicate dust in the interstellar medium (ISM) is crucial for understanding its origin in evolved stars, the physical and chemical processing in the ISM, and its ... More
Ion pick-up by finite amplitude parallel propagating Alfvén waveMar 27 2007Apr 13 2007Two scenarios of possible ion heating due to finite amplitude parallel propagating Alfv\'en waves in the solar atmosphere are investigated using a 1D test particle approach. 1. An finite amplitude Alfv\'en wave is instantly introduced into a plasma (or ... More
A Fast Potential and Self-Gravity Solver for Non-Axisymmetric DisksDec 02 2008Disk self-gravity could play an important role in the dynamic evolution of interaction between disks and embedded protoplanets. We have developed a fast and accurate solver to calculate the disk potential and disk self-gravity forces for disk systems ... More
Skin Lesion Analysis Towards Melanoma Detection via End-to-end Deep Learning of Convolutional Neural NetworksJul 22 2018This article presents the design, experiments and results of our solution submitted to the 2018 ISIC challenge: Skin Lesion Analysis Towards Melanoma Detection. We design a pipeline using state-of-the-art Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) models for ... More
Suppression of the S-wave production of (3/2)^+ + (1/2)^- heavy meson pairs in e^+e^- annihilationJul 03 2013The heavy meson-antimeson pairs, where one is an excited $\bigl ({3 \over 2} \bigr) ^+ $ meson and the other is a ground state $\bigl ({1 \over 2} \bigr) ^-$ meson, namely the pairs ($D_1(2420) \bar D$ + c.c.), ($D_1(2420) \bar D^*$ + c.c.), ($D_2(2460) ... More
Optical Spintronics in Organic-Inorganic Perovskite PhotovoltaicsJan 15 2016May 09 2016Organic-inorganic halide CH$_3$NH$_3$PbI$_3$ solar cells have attracted enormous attention in recent years due to their remarkable power conversion efficiency. When inversion symmetry is broken, these materials should exhibit interesting spin-dependent ... More
Analysis-suitable T-splines: characterization, refineability, and approximationNov 24 2012We establish several fundamental properties of analysis-suitable T-splines which are important for design and analysis. First, we characterize T-spline spaces and prove that the space of smooth bicubic polynomials, defined over the extended T-mesh of ... More
Isospin violation in the yield of S-wave heavy meson pairs near thresholdOct 10 2013We consider production of overall neutral pairs consisting of heavy $D^{(*)}$ or $B^{(*)}$ meson and antimeson in the processes, where the pair can be created in an $S$-wave, such as $e^+e^- \to \pi^0 \, D^* \bar D^{(*)}$ and $e^+e^- \to \gamma \, D^{(*)} ... More
Remarks on double Higgs boson production by gluon fusion at thresholdNov 20 2013Nov 27 2013The amplitude of double Higgs boson production by the gluon fusion, $gg \to hh$, is known to be small due to cancellation between the graphs with the boson trilinear coupling and those with the coupling to the top quark. For this reason a study of this ... More
Controllable spin singlet - spin triplet transition in three concentric quantum rings through magnetic field and confinement potentialApr 13 2012We present a theoretical study of the spectrum of electrons confined in triple concentric rings. An unusual ordering and rich variety of angular momentum transitions are found that depend on the coupling between the rings and the confinement potential ... More
Even and odd nonlinear charge coherent states and their nonclassical propertiesMar 12 2012Apr 29 2012The (over)completeness of even and odd nonlinear charge coherent states is proved and their generation explored. They are demonstrated to be generalized entangled nonlinear coherent states. A $D$-algebra realization of the SU$_f$(1,1) generators is given ... More
Magnetar heatingMay 29 2016Sep 05 2016We examine four candidate mechanisms that could explain the high surface temperatures of magnetars. (1) Heat flux from the liquid core heated by ambipolar diffusion. It could sustain the observed surface luminosity $L_s\approx 10^{35}$ erg/s if core heating ... More
Off-shell effects on the interaction of Nambu-Goldstone bosons and $D$ mesonsOct 19 2013Feb 21 2014The Bethe-Salpeter equation in unitarized chiral perturbation theory is usually solved with the so-called on-shell approximation. The underlying argument is that the off-shell effects can be absorbed by the corresponding coupling constants and physical ... More
Matching Community Structure Across Online Social NetworksAug 03 2016The discovery of community structure in networks is a problem of considerable interest in recent years. In online social networks, often times, users are simultaneously involved in multiple social media sites, some of which share common social relationships. ... More
Different Patterns of Chromospheric Evaporation in a Flaring Region Observed with Hinode/EISNov 20 2010We investigate the chromospheric evaporation in the flare of 2007 January 16 using line profiles observed by the EUV Imaging Spectrometer (EIS) onboard Hinode. Three points at flare ribbons of different magnetic polarities are analyzed in detail. We find ... More
Life detection strategy based on infrared vision and ultra-wideband radar data fusionFeb 28 2019May 16 2019The life detection method based on a single type of information source cannot meet the requirement of post-earthquake rescue due to its limitations in different scenes and bad robustness in life detection. This paper proposes a method based on deep neural ... More
Electric discharge in vacuum by minicharged particlesDec 30 2013We discuss the possibility of a laboratory search for light minicharged particles carrying electric charge that is a small fraction $\epsilon$ of that of electron. We point out that the production of pairs of such particles in an electric field would ... More
Y(4260) and Y(4360) as mixed hadrocharmoniumSep 06 2013Feb 05 2014Recent BESIII data indicate a significant rate of the process $e^+e^- \to h_c \pi^+ \pi^-$ at the Y(4260) and Y(4360) resonances, implying a substantial breaking of the heavy quark spin symmetry. We consider these resonances within the picture of hadrocharmonium, ... More
$χ_{c0} \, ω$ production in $e^+e^-$ annihilation through $ψ(4160)$Nov 11 2014Nov 12 2014We argue that the recent BESIII data on the cross section for the process $e^+e^- \to \chi_{c0} \, \omega$ in the center of mass energy range 4.21 - 4.42 GeV can be described by the contribution of the known charmonium-like resonance $\psi(4160)$ with ... More
Metastable vacuum decay in center-stabilized Yang-Mills theory at large NAug 13 2014We calculate the rate of the decay of a metastable vacuum state in $SU(N)$ gauge theory on ${\mathbb R}^3 \times {\mathbb S}^1$ space with a double trace deformation suggested by \"Unsal and Yaffe. The derived analytical expression for the exponential ... More
Tunable optical Aharonov-Bohm effect in a semiconductor quantum ringApr 13 2012By applying an electric field perpendicular to a semiconductor quantum ring we show that it is possible to modify the single particle wave function between quantum dot (QD)-like to ring-like. The constraints on the geometrical parameters of the quantum ... More
Remarks on decays of h_b(2P)Jul 24 2012We consider hadronic transitions from the $h_b(2P)$ bottomonium resonance to lower states of bottomonium with emission of either $\omega$ meson, or two pions, or $\eta$ meson. For the former two transitions the branching ratios are related to similar ... More
Resistivity of the insulating phase approaching the 2D metal-insulator transition: the effect of spin polarizationJul 25 2016The resistivity of the dilute, strongly-interacting 2D electron system in the insulating phase of a silicon MOSFET obeys Efros-Shklovskii variable range hopping $\rho(T) = \rho_0 \mbox{exp}[(T_{ES}/T)^{1/2}]$ both in zero field and in an in-plane magnetic ... More
Interfacial magnetic anisotropy from a 3-dimensional Rashba substrateMay 18 2016We study the magnetic anisotropy which arises at the interface between a thin film ferromagnet and a 3-d Rashba material. The 3-d Rashba material is characterized by the spin-orbit strength $\alpha$ and the direction of broken bulk inversion symmetry ... More
Lattice Vibrational Modes and their Frequency Shifts in Semiconductor NanowiresAug 28 2011We have performed first-principles calculations to study the lattice vibrational modes and their Raman activities in silicon nanowires (SiNWs). Two types of characteristic vibrational modes are examined: high-frequency optical modes and low-frequency ... More
Life detection strategy based on infrared vision and ultra-wideband radar data fusionFeb 28 2019The life detection method based on a single type of information source cannot meet the requirement of post-earthquake rescue due to its limitations in different scenes and bad robustness in life detection. This paper proposes a method based on deep neural ... More
Fluctuations in mixtures of lamellar- and nonlamellar-forming lipidsFeb 17 2000We consider the role of nonlamellar-forming lipids in biological membranes by examining fluctuations, within the random phase approximation, of a model mixture of two lipids, one of which forms lamellar phases while the other forms inverted hexagonal ... More
Mixing of partial waves near $B^* \bar B^*$ threshold in $e^+e^-$ annihilationMar 12 2013We consider the production of $B^* \bar B^*$ meson pairs in $e^+e^-$ annihilation near the threshold. The rescattering due to pion exchange between the mesons results in a mixing between three partial wave amplitudes: two $P$-wave with the total spin ... More
A Method for Compressing Parameters in Bayesian Models with Application to Logistic Sequence Prediction ModelsNov 30 2007Bayesian classification and regression with high order interactions is largely infeasible because Markov chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) would need to be applied with a great many parameters, whose number increases rapidly with the order. In this paper we show ... More
An alternative formulation of classical electromagnetic dualitySep 14 2000Sep 19 2001By introducing a doublet of electromagnetic four dimensional vector potentials, we set up a manifestly Lorentz covariant and SO(2) duality invariant classical field theory of electric and magnetic charges. In our formulation one does not need to introduce ... More
X-ray afterglows of gamma-ray bursts in the synchrotron self-Compton dominated regimeDec 13 2003We consider in this paper the effect of synchrotron self-Compton process on X-ray afterglows of gamma-ray bursts. We find that for a wide range of parameter values, especially for the standard values which imply the energy in the electrons behind the ... More
Compositions and Fibonacci IdentitiesMar 06 2013Mar 19 2013We study formulas expressing Fibonacci numbers as sums over compositions using free submonoids of the free monoid of compositions with parts 1 and 2.
$X(3915)$ as a $D_s \bar D_s$ bound stateMar 15 2015We suggest that the observed properties of the charmoniumlike resonance $X(3915)$ can possibly be explained if it is an $S-$wave molecular bound state of $D_s \bar D_s$ meson pair with binding energy about 18\,MeV. In particular, the decays of $X(3915)$ ... More
The decays $Ξ_b \to Λ_b \, π$ and diquark correlations in hyperonsJul 09 2014The decays $\Xi_b \to \Lambda_b \pi$ are strangeness changing weak transitions involving only the light diquark in the baryon. Thus these decays can test the properties of such diquarks, in particular the suggestions existing in the literature of enhanced ... More
Plastic damping of Alfvén waves in magnetar flares and delayed afterglow emissionMay 13 2015Magnetar flares generate Alfv\'en waves bouncing in the closed magnetosphere with energy up to $\sim 10^{46}$ erg. We show that on a 10-ms timescale the waves are transmitted into the star and form a compressed packet of high energy density. This packet ... More
Adaptive construction of surrogates for the Bayesian solution of inverse problemsSep 21 2013The Bayesian approach to inverse problems typically relies on posterior sampling approaches, such as Markov chain Monte Carlo, for which the generation of each sample requires one or more evaluations of the parameter-to-observable map or forward model. ... More
Distribution of lipids in non-lamellar phases of their mixturesOct 20 1999Jan 10 2000We consider a model of lipids in which a head group, characterized by its volume, is attached to two flexible tails of equal length. The phase diagram of the anhydrous lipid is obtained within self-consistent field theory, and displays, as a function ... More
Theory of Lipid Polymorphism: Application to Phosphatidylethanolamine and PhosphatidylserineFeb 03 1999Jun 02 1999We introduce a microscopic model of a lipid with a charged headgroup and flexible hydrophobic tails, a neutral solvent, and counter ions. Short-ranged interactions between hydrophilic and hydrophobic moieties are included as are the Coulomb interactions ... More
Efficient simulation of sparse Markovian quantum dynamicsNov 17 2016Quantum algorithms for simulating Hamiltonian dynamics have been extensively developed, but there has been much less work on quantum algorithms for simulating the dynamics of open quantum systems. We give the first efficient quantum algorithms for simulating ... More
Optical characterization of RTV615 silicone rubber compoundJul 11 2014Room Temperature Vulcanized (RTV) silicone compounds are commonly used to bond optical components. For our application, we needed to identify an adhesive with good ultraviolet transmission characteristics, to couple photomultipliers to quartz windows ... More
Efficient simulation of sparse Markovian quantum dynamicsNov 17 2016Apr 24 2017Quantum algorithms for simulating Hamiltonian dynamics have been extensively developed, but there has been much less work on quantum algorithms for simulating the dynamics of open quantum systems. We give the first efficient quantum algorithms for simulating ... More
All unitaries having operator Schmidt rank 2 are controlled unitariesNov 22 2012We prove that every unitary acting on any multipartite system and having operator Schmidt rank equal to 2 can be diagonalized by local unitaries. This then implies that every such multipartite unitary is locally equivalent to a controlled unitary with ... More
Application of integral equations to neutrino mass searches in beta decayJan 10 2018A new mathematical method for elucidating neutrino mass from beta decay is studied. It is based upon the solutions of transformed Fredholm and Volterra integral equations. In principle, theoretical beta-particle spectra can consist of several neutrino-mass ... More
Plasma Brightenings in a Failed Solar Filament EruptionFeb 16 2017Failed filament eruptions are solar eruptions that are not associated with coronal mass ejections. In a failed filament eruption, the filament materials usually show some ascending and falling motions as well as generate bright EUV emissions. Here we ... More
Interaction and Eruption of Two Filaments Observed by Hinode, SOHO, and STEREONov 17 2011Nov 21 2011We investigate the interaction between two filaments and the subsequent filament eruption event observed from different view angles by Hinode, the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO), and the Solar Terrestrial Relations Observatory (STEREO). In ... More
Theory of tunable pH sensitive vesicles of anionic and cationic lipids or anionic and neutral lipidsSep 19 2000Jan 23 2001The design of vesicles which become unstable at an easily tuned value of pH is of great interest for targeted drug delivery. We present a microscopic theory for two forms of such vesicles. A model of lipids introduced by us previously is applied to a ... More
Z_b(10610) and Z_b(10650) decays to bottomonium plus pionJul 10 2012We consider the transitions from the $Z_b(10610)$ and $Z_b(10650)$ resonances to the states of bottomonium with emission of a pion. The $Z_b$ resonances are viewed as `molecular' objects of a large spatial size made of heavy $B^{(*)}$ mesons, while the ... More
The Conversion of CESR to Operate as the Test Accelerator, CesrTA, Part 2: Vacuum ModificationsMay 12 2015Jun 26 2015Cornell's electron/positron storage ring (CESR) was modified over a series of accelerator shutdowns beginning in May 2008, which substantially improves its capability for research and development for particle accelerators. CESR's energy span from 1.8 ... More
Contribution of $Z_b$ resonances to $Υ(5S) \to πππ χ_b$May 31 2014We discuss the recently presented Belle results on the decays $\Upsilon(5S) \to \pi \pi \pi \chi_{bJ}(1P)$. The data indicate that in addition to the $\omega$ emission, $\Upsilon(5S) \to \omega \chi_{bJ}$, there is a significant non resonant background ... More
Phase-coexistence Simulations of Fluid Mixtures by the Markov Chain Monte Carlo Method Using Single-Particle ModelsSep 10 2012We present a single-particle Lennard-Jones (L-J) model for CO2 and N2. Simplified L-J models for other small polyatomic molecules can be obtained following the methodology described herein. The phase-coexistence diagrams of single-component systems computed ... More
Circular Photogalvanic Effect in Organometal Halide Perovskite CH$_3$NH$_3$PbI$_3$Jul 06 2016We study the circular photogalvanic effect in the organometal halide perovskite solar cell absorber CH$_3$NH$_3$PbI$_3$. For crystal structures which lack inversion symmetry, the calculated photocurrent density is about $10^{-9}$ A/W, comparable to the ... More
Phase Transitions of Spectral Initialization for High-Dimensional Nonconvex EstimationFeb 21 2017Apr 11 2017We study a spectral initialization method that serves a key role in recent work on estimating signals in nonconvex settings. Previous analysis of this method focuses on the phase retrieval problem and provides only performance bounds. In this paper, we ... More
Revisiting Gilbert Strang's "A Chaotic Search for $i$"Aug 08 2018In the paper "A Chaotic Search for $i$"~(\cite{strang1991chaotic}), Strang completely explained the behaviour of Newton's method when using real initial guesses on $f(x) = x^{2}+1$, which has only a pair of complex roots $\pm i$. He explored an exact ... More
Resistivity of the insulating phase approaching the 2D metal-insulator transition: the effect of spin polarizationJul 25 2016Dec 01 2016The resistivities of the dilute, strongly-interacting 2D electron systems in the insulating phase of a silicon MOSFET are the same for unpolarized electrons in the absence of magnetic field and for electrons that are fully spin polarized by the presence ... More
Cellular buckling in I-section strutsApr 23 2013An analytical model that describes the interactive buckling of a thin-walled I-section strut under pure compression based on variational principles is presented. A formulation combining the Rayleigh--Ritz method and continuous displacement functions is ... More
Three-Dimensional MHD Simulation of Caltech Plasma Jet Experiment: First ResultsJul 13 2014Magnetic fields are believed to play an essential role in astrophysical jets with observations suggesting the presence of helical magnetic fields. Here, we present three-dimensional (3D) ideal MHD simulationsof the Caltech plasma jet experiment using ... More
Calculation of Screening Masses in a Chiral Quark ModelMay 12 2004We consider a simple model for the coordinate-space vacuum polarization function which is often parametrized in terms of a screening mass. We discuss the circumstances in which the standard result for the screening mass, $m_{sc}=\pi T$, is obtained. In ... More
Quark Propagation in the Quark-Gluon PlasmaMar 05 2004It has recently been suggested that the quark-gluon plasma formed in heavy-ion collisions behaves as a nearly ideal fluid. That behavior may be understood if the quark and antiquark mean-free- paths are very small in the system, leading to a "sticky molasses" ... More
Kaon flow as a probe of the kaon potential in nuclear mediumOct 07 1994The flow of kaons, i.e., the average kaon transverse momentum as a function of rapidity, and the associated flow parameter in heavy-ion collisions at SIS/GSI energies is investigated in the relativistic transport model. It is found that the pattern of ... More
Effective Interaction of Charged Platelets in Aqueous Solution: Investigations of Colloid Laponite Suspensions by Static Light Scattering and Small-Angle X-Ray ScatteringAug 01 2005We study dilute aqueous solutions of charged disk-like mineral particles (Laponite) by a combination of static light scattering (SLS) and small-angle x-ray scattering (SAXS). Laponite solutions are known to form gels above a certain critical concentration ... More
BAUM: A DNA Assembler by Adaptive Unique Mapping and Local Overlap-Layout-ConsensusSep 10 2016Genome assembly from the high-throughput sequencing (HTS) reads is a fundamental yet challenging computational problem. An intrinsic challenge is the uncertainty caused by the widespread repetitive elements. Here we get around the uncertainty using the ... More
Transverse momentum dependence of transverse flow in relativistic heavy-ion collisionsMay 09 1996The strength of transverse flow is examined as a function of transverse momentum $p_t$ using a simple, transversely moving thermal model and a more realistic, relativistic transport model (ART). It is shown that the $p_t$ dependence reveals useful information ... More
Robustness of the Entangled States $2 \times N \times M$ Against Qubit LossApr 15 2019A quantum system may suffer from local noises in experiment, and be disturbed partially or completely. In practice, sometimes the multipartite quantum system lose some parts due to local noises, and in this case it is interesting to know whether the residual ... More
Test of Cosmic Spatial Isotropy for Polarized Electrons Using a Rotatable Torsion BalanceSep 04 2000To test the cosmic spatial isotropy, we use a rotatable torsion balance carrying a transversely spin-polarized ferrimagnetic Dy_{6}Fe_{23} mass. With a rotation period of one hour, the period of anisotropy signal is reduced from one sidereal day by about ... More
Identification of homophily and preferential recruitment in respondent-driven samplingNov 17 2015Respondent-driven sampling (RDS) is a link-tracing procedure for surveying hidden or hard-to-reach populations in which subjects recruit other subjects via their social network. There is significant research interest in detecting clustering or dependence ... More
Concepts of quantum non-Markovianity: a hierarchyDec 24 2017Jul 06 2018Markovian approximation is a widely-employed idea in descriptions of the dynamics of open quantum systems (OQSs). Although it is usually claimed to be a concept inspired by classical Markovianity, the term quantum Markovianity is used inconsistently and ... More
On the Anomalous Silicate Emission Features of AGNs: A Possible Interpretation Based on Porous DustAug 29 2008The recent Spitzer detections of the 9.7 micron Si--O silicate emission in type 1 AGNs provide support for the AGN unification scheme. The properties of the silicate dust are of key importance to understanding the physical, chemical and evolutionary properties ... More
Virtual Machine Trading in a Federation of Clouds: Individual Profit and Social Welfare MaximizationApr 24 2013By sharing resources among different cloud providers, the paradigm of federated clouds exploits temporal availability of resources and geographical diversity of operational costs for efficient job service. While interoperability issues across different ... More
The fractional d'Alembert's formulasAug 21 2018Aug 29 2018In this paper we develop generalized d'Alembert's formulas for abstract fractional integro-differential equations and fractional differential equations on Banach spaces. Some examples are given to illustrate our abstract results, and the probability interpretation ... More
Mean field effects in heavy-ion collisions at AGS energiesFeb 28 1995The question whether mean field effects exist in heavy-ion collisions at AGS energies is studied in the framework of A Relativistic Transport (ART) model. It is found that in central collisions of Au+Au at $P_{beam}/A=$11.6 GeV/c a simple, Skyrme-type ... More
What is the right form of the probability distribution of the conductance at the mobility edge?Jul 30 1998The probability distribution of the conductance Pc(g) at the Anderson critical point is calculated. It is find that Pc(g) has a dip at small g in agreement with epsilon expansion results. The Pc(g) for the 3d system is quite different from the 2d quantum ... More
Music Files Search SystemSep 17 2013This paper introduces a project of advanced system of music retrieval from the Internet. The system uses combination of text search (by author, title and other information about the music file included in id3 tag description or similar for other file ... More
Fluxon dynamics in Li-Al codoped MgB2 by microwave surface resistance measurementsSep 07 2009The magnetic-field-induced variations of the microwave surface resistance, R_s, have been investigated in ceramic Mg_{1-x}(LiAl)_xB_2, with x in the range 0.1 - 0.4. The measurements have been performed on increasing and decreasing the DC magnetic field, ... More
Magnetar Outbursts from Avalanches of Hall Waves and Crustal FailuresJun 15 2016Jun 17 2016We explore the interaction between Hall waves and mechanical failures inside a magnetar crust, using detailed one-dimentional models that consider temperature-sensitive plastic flow, heat transport and cooling by neutrino emission, as well as the coupling ... More
An investigation into the feasibility of myoglobin-based single-electron transistorsAug 21 2012Myoglobin single-electron transistors were investigated using nanometer- gap platinum electrodes fabricated by electromigration at cryogenic temperatures. Apomyoglobin (myoglobin without heme group) was used as a reference. The results suggest single ... More
Glass transition and the replica symmetry breaking of vortex matterMay 27 2005Jun 02 2005Withdrawn by the authors due to submitting policy required by some journals.
A Capacity Achieving and Low Complexity Multilevel Coding Scheme for ISI ChannelsNov 08 2005We propose a computationally efficient multilevel coding scheme to achieve the capacity of an ISI channel using layers of binary inputs. The transmitter employs multilevel coding with linear mapping. The receiver uses multistage decoding where each stage ... More
Fuzzy Opinion Networks: A Mathematical Framework for the Evolution of Opinions and Their Uncertainties Across Social NetworksFeb 21 2016We propose a new mathematical framework for the evolution and propagation of opinions, called Fuzzy Opinion Network, which is the connection of a number of Gaussian Nodes, possibly through some weighted average, time-delay or logic operators, where a ... More
Scaling Properties of Conductance at Integer Quantum Hall Plateau TransitionsMar 30 1998We investigate the scaling properties of zero temperature conductances at integer quantum Hall plateau transitions in the lowest Landau band of a two-dimensional tight-binding model. Scaling is obeyed for all energy and system sizes with critical exponent ... More
The distribution of stellar mass in the low-redshift UniverseJan 06 2009Jun 17 2009We use a complete and uniform sample of almost half a million galaxies from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey to characterise the distribution of stellar mass in the low-redshift Universe. Galaxy abundances are well determined over almost four orders of magnitude ... More
Electron Acceleration and Time Variability of High Energy Emission from BlazarsFeb 07 2000Blazars are known to emit a broad band emission from radio to gamma-rays with rapid time variations, particularly, in X- and gamma-rays. Synchrotron radiation and inverse Compton scattering are thought to play an important role in emission and the time ... More
Two-loop QCD correction to differential semi-leptonic b --> u decays in the shape-function regionOct 07 2008Nov 24 2008We calculate the two-loop QCD correction to the form factors of on-shell b-quark decay to an energetic massless quark, which constitutes the last missing piece required for an O(alpha_s^2) determination of |V_ub| from inclusive semi-leptonic \bar B --> ... More
NNLO vertex corrections to non-leptonic B decays: Tree amplitudesNov 18 2009The colour-suppressed tree amplitude in non-leptonic B decays is particularly sensitive to perturbative and non-perturbative corrections. We calculate the two-loop (NNLO) vertex corrections to the colour-suppressed and colour-allowed tree amplitudes in ... More
Probing the momentum dependence of medium modifications of the nucleon-nucleon elastic cross sectionsAug 19 2009The momentum dependence of the medium modifications on nucleon-nucleon elastic cross sections is discussed with microscopic transport theories and numerically investigated with an updated UrQMD microscopic transport model. The semi-peripheral Au+Au reaction ... More
Continuous Matrix Approximation on Distributed DataApr 30 2014Tracking and approximating data matrices in streaming fashion is a fundamental challenge. The problem requires more care and attention when data comes from multiple distributed sites, each receiving a stream of data. This paper considers the problem of ... More
Partial Consensus and Conservative Fusion of Gaussian Mixtures for Distributed PHD FusionNov 29 2017We propose a novel consensus notion, called "partial consensus", for distributed GM-PHD (Gaussian mixture probability hypothesis density) fusion based on a peer-to-peer (P2P) sensor network, in which only highly-weighted posterior Gaussian components ... More
D'yakonov-Perel' spin relaxation in InSb/AlInSb quantum wellsNov 04 2009We investigate theoretically the D'yakonov-Perel' spin relaxation time by solving the eight-band Kane model and Poisson equation self-consistently. Our results show distinct behavior with the single-band model due to the anomalous spin-orbit interactions ... More
Magnetar Outbursts from Avalanches of Hall Waves and Crustal FailuresJun 15 2016Oct 21 2016We explore the interaction between Hall waves and mechanical failures inside a magnetar crust, using detailed one-dimentional models that consider temperature-sensitive plastic flow, heat transport and cooling by neutrino emission, as well as the coupling ... More
Quark Model Calculations of Spectral Functions of Hadronic Current Correlation Functions at Finite TemperatureOct 21 2003We calculate spectral functions associated with hadronic current correlation functions for vector and pseudoscalar currents at finite temperature. We make use of the Nambu--Jona--Lasinio (NJL) model with temperature-dependent coupling constants and temperature-dependent ... More
Planning the scientific applications of the Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical radio TelescopeApr 12 2019The Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical radio Telescope (FAST) is by far the largest telescope of any kind ever built. FAST produced its first light in September 2016 and it is now under commissioning, with normal operation to commence in late 2019. ... More
Three dimensional cooling and detecting of a nanosphere with a single cavityJul 06 2010Dec 20 2010We propose an experimental scheme to cool and measure the three-dimensional (3D) motion of an optically trapped nanosphere in a cavity. Driven by three lasers on TEM00, TEM01, and TEM10 modes, a single cavity can cool a trapped nanosphere to the quantum ... More
Heating and Dynamics of Two Flare Loop Systems Observed by AIA and EISDec 18 2013We investigate heating and evolution of flare loops in a C4.7 two-ribbon flare on 2011 February 13. From SDO/AIA imaging observations, we can identify two sets of loops. Hinode/EIS spectroscopic observations reveal blueshifts at the feet of both sets ... More