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The VERITAS standard data analysisSep 25 2007VERITAS is an array of Imaging Atmospheric Cherenkov Telescopes designed for very high energy gamma ray (E>100,GeV) observations of astrophysical sources. The experiment began its scientific observation program in the 2006/2007 observing season. We describe ... More
The Atmospheric Monitoring Strategy for the Cherenkov Telescope ArrayJan 05 2015The Imaging Atmospheric Cherenkov Technique (IACT) is unusual in astronomy as the atmosphere actually forms an intrinsic part of the detector system, with telescopes indirectly detecting very high energy particles by the generation and transport of Cherenkov ... More
An unbinned test for Quantum Gravity effects in high-energy light-curvesJun 29 2009Some models of quantum gravity can predict observable effects on the propagation of light: most notably an energy dependent dispersion, where the speed of light is seen to vary with the energy of the photon. As quantum gravity effects should appear at ... More
Discrete phase space and minimum-uncertainty statesApr 10 2007The quantum state of a system of qubits can be represented by a Wigner function on a discrete phase space, each axis of the phase space taking values in a finite field. Within this framework, we show that one can make sense of the notion of a "rotationally ... More
Spectrum of Very High Energy Gamma-Rays from the blazar 1ES1959+650 during Flaring Activity in 2002Mar 03 2005The blazar 1ES 1959+650 was observed in a flaring state with the Whipple 10 m Imaging Atmospheric Cherenkov Telescope during May of 2002. A spectral analysis has been carried out on the data from that time period and the resulting very high energy gamma-ray ... More
Time Averaged VHE Spectrum of Mrk 421 in 2005Oct 02 2008The blazar Mrk421 was observed independently, but contemporaneously, in 2005 at TeV energies by MAGIC, the Whipple 10m telescope, and by a single VERITAS telescope during the construction phase of operations. A comparison of the time averaged spectra, ... More
Determining Atmospheric Aerosol Content With An Infra-red RadiometerFeb 19 2014Jul 31 2014The atmospheric attenuation of Cherenkov photons is dominated by two processes: Rayleigh scattering from the molecular component and Mie scattering from the aerosol component. Aerosols are expected to contribute up to 30 Wm$^{-2}$ to the emission profile ... More
Probabilistic verification of partially observable dynamical systemsNov 04 2014Apr 17 2015The construction and formal verification of dynamical models is important in engineering, biology and other disciplines. We focus on non-linear models containing a set of parameters governing their dynamics. The value of these parameters is often unknown ... More
Cohomology for infinitesimal unipotent algebraic and quantum groupsJul 20 2010Jul 24 2011In this paper we study the structure of cohomology spaces for the Frobenius kernels of unipotent and parabolic algebraic group schemes and of their quantum analogs. Given a simple algebraic group $G$, a parabolic subgroup $P_J$, and its unipotent radical ... More
Identifying Breaks and Curvature in the Fermi Spectra of Bright Flat Spectrum Radio QuasarsOct 22 2012Nov 13 2012Knowing the site of gamma-ray emission in AGN jets will do much for our understanding of the physics of the source. In particular, if the emission region is close to the black hole then absorption of gamma-rays with photons from the broad-line region ... More
SAR Focused Microwave Reflection Tomography for Biomedical ImagingApr 28 2018This paper proposes the combination of SAR and microwave reflection tomography for biomedical imaging applications. The proposed method can achieve accuracies of less than 5mm and does not suffer from instability during reconstruction. Fourier based reconstruction ... More
An Investigation into the Spectral Properties of Bright Fermi BlazarsMay 12 2014We investigate the spectral properties of blazars detected with the Fermi-Large Area Telescope (LAT) in the high energy regime 100 MeV - 100 GeV. We find that over long timescales a log-parabola provides an adequate description of the spectrum in almost ... More
Identifying Breaks and Curvature in the Fermi Spectra of Bright FSRQs and Constraining the Emission RegionOct 02 2012Deviation of the gamma-ray energy spectra of Flat Spectrum Radio Quasars (FSRQs) from a simple power law has been previously observed but the cause of this remains unidentified. If the gamma-ray emission region is close to the central black hole then ... More
Jamming and the onset of granulation in a model particle systemJul 29 2015Granulation is a ubiquitous process crucial for many products ranging from food and care products to pharmaceuticals. Granulation is the process in which a powder is mixed with a small amount of liquid (binder) to form solid agglomerates surrounded by ... More
Coulomb gap, Coulomb blockade, and dynamic activation energy in frustrated single-electron arraysMar 20 2003We have used modern supercomputer facilities to carry out extensive numerical simulations of statistical properties of 1D and 2D arrays of single-electron islands with random background charges, in the limit of small island self-capacitance. In particular, ... More
Differentiating the Weyl generic dimension formula and support varieties for quantum groupsMay 28 2009May 30 2010The authors compute the support varieties of all irreducible modules for the small quantum group $u_\zeta(\mathfrak{g})$, where $\mathfrak{g}$ is a simple complex Lie algebra, and $\zeta$ is a primitive $\ell$-th root of unity with $\ell$ larger than ... More
Globally Irreducible Weyl Modules for Quantum GroupsDec 09 2016The authors proved that a Weyl module for a simple algebraic group is irreducible over every field if and only if the module is isomorphic to the adjoint representation for $E_{8}$ or its highest weight is minuscule. In this paper, we prove an analogous ... More
Globally Irreducible Weyl ModulesApr 29 2016Jun 16 2016In the representation theory of split reductive algebraic groups, it is well known that every Weyl module with minuscule highest weight is irreducible over every field. Also, the adjoint representation of $E_8$ is also irreducible over every field. In ... More
Shot noise in frustrated single-electron arraysMar 22 2003We have carried out numerical simulations of shot noise in 2D arrays of single-electron islands with random background charges. The results show that in contrast with the 1D arrays, at low currents the current noise is strongly colored, and its spectral ... More
Globally Irreducible Weyl ModulesApr 29 2016Sep 25 2018In the representation theory of split reductive algebraic groups, it is well known that every Weyl module with minuscule highest weight is irreducible over every field. Also, the adjoint representation of $E_8$ is also irreducible over every field. In ... More
Polariton Enhanced IR Reflection Spectra of Epitaxial Graphene on SiCOct 20 2010Oct 28 2010We show ~10x polariton-enhanced infrared reflectivity of epitaxial graphene on 4H-SiC, in SiC's restrahlen band (8-10um). By fitting measurements to theory, we extract the thickness, N, in monolayers (ML), momentum scattering time, Fermi level position ... More
Very High Energy Active Galactic Nuclei Synchrotron self-Compton Modeling TourApr 10 2009The current very high energy (VHE; E>100GeV) experiments have tremendously increased the number of detected extragalactic sources. We present a synchrotron self-Compton modeling tour of the active galactic nuclei currently established as VHE emitters ... More
Molecular Gas Adsorption Induced Carrier Transport Studies of Epitaxial Graphene using IR Reflection SpectroscopyJan 23 2012We investigate molecular adsorption doping by electron withdrawing NO2 and electron donating NH3 on epitaxial graphene grown on C-face SiC substrates. Amperometric measurements show conductance changes upon introduction of molecular adsorbents on epitaxial ... More
Study of epitaxial graphene on non-polar 6H-SiC facesMar 01 2012We present epitaxial graphene (EG) growth on non-polar a-plane and m-plane 6H-SiC faces where material characterization is compared with that known for EG grown on polar faces. Atomic force microscopy (AFM) surface morphology exhibits nanocrystalline ... More
The curious behaviour of the scale invariant $(2+1)$-dimensional Lifshitz scalarDec 31 2018We demonstrate the existence of an exactly marginal deformation, with derivative coupling, about the free theory of a $(2+1)$-dimensional charged, Lifshitz scalar with dynamic critical exponent $z=4$ and particle-hole asymmetry. We show that the other ... More
Interference of Quantum ChannelsMar 31 2003Apr 14 2003We show how interferometry can be used to characterise certain aspects of general quantum processes, in particular, the coherence of completely positive maps. We derive a measure of coherent fidelity, maximum interference visibility and the closest unitary ... More
Computing the Feasible Spaces of Optimal Power Flow ProblemsAug 01 2016The solution to an optimal power flow (OPF) problem provides a minimum cost operating point for an electric power system. The performance of OPF solution techniques strongly depends on the problem's feasible space. This paper presents an algorithm for ... More
Comparison of three different self-interaction corrections for an exactly solvable model systemJul 17 2008A systematic comparison of three approximate self-interaction corrections (SICs), Perdew-Zunger SIC, Lundin-Eriksson SIC and extended Fermi-Amaldi SIC, is performed for a model Hamiltonian whose exact many-body solution and exact local-density approximation ... More
Cohomology of algebraic groups, finite groups, and Lie algebras: Interactions and ConnectionsApr 13 2014This paper surveys results on the connections between the cohomology for algebraic groups, finite groups and Frobenius kernels that were presented at the Workshop and Summer School on Lie and Representation Theory at East China Normal University during ... More
Competition among eggs shifts to cooperation along a sperm supply gradient in an external fertilizerOct 29 2015Dec 11 2015Competition among gametes for fertilization imposes strong selection. For external fertilizers, this selective pressure extends to eggs for which spawning conditions can range from sperm limitation (competition among eggs) to sexual conflict (overabundance ... More
A strongly coupled anyon materialDec 03 2014We use alternative quantisation of the D3-D5 system to explore properties of a strongly coupled anyon material at finite density and temperature. We study the transport properties of the material and find both diffusion and massive holographic zero sound ... More
Unlearning Quantum InformationApr 15 2014May 07 2014Quantum dynamics can be driven by measurement. By constructing measurements that gain no information, effective unitary evolution can be induced on a quantum system, for example in ancilla driven quantum computation. In the non-ideal case where a measurement ... More
Temperature Dependence of Self-diffusion in Cr2O3 from First PrinciplesApr 09 2019Understanding and predicting the dominant diffusion processes in Cr2O3 is essential to its optimization for anti-corrosion coatings, spintronics, and other applications. Despite significant theoretical effort in modeling defect mediated diffusion in Cr2O3 ... More
The Camera Calibration Strategy of the Cherenkov Telescope ArrayAug 26 2015The Cherenkov Telescope Array (CTA) will be the next generation ground based observatory in very high energy gamma ray astronomy. The facility will achieve a wide energy coverage, starting from a threshold of a few tens of GeV up to hundreds of TeV by ... More
Prospects On Testing Lorentz Invariance Violation With The Cherenkov Telescope ArrayAug 26 2015The assumption of Lorentz invariance is one of the founding principles of modern physics and violation of that would have deep consequences to our understanding of the universe. Potential signatures of such a violation could range from energy dependent ... More
Modeling Selective Intergranular Oxidation of Binary AlloysAug 30 2018Intergranular attack of alloys under hydrothermal conditions is a complex problem that depends on metal and oxygen transport kinetics via solid-state and channel-like pathways to an advancing oxidation front. Experiments reveal very different rates of ... More
A First Principles Investigation of Native Interstitial Diffusion in Cr2O3May 10 2018May 11 2018First principles density functional theory (DFT) investigation of native interstitials and the associated self-diffusion mechanisms in {\alpha}-Cr2O3 reveals that interstitials are more mobile than vacancies of corresponding species. Cr interstitials ... More
Modern Approaches to Exact Diagonalization and Selected Configuration Interaction with the Adaptive Sampling CI MethodJul 02 2018Recent advances in selected CI, including the adaptive sampling configuration interaction (ASCI) algorithm and its heat bath extension, have made the ASCI approach competitive with the most accurate techniques available, and hence an increasingly powerful ... More
Epitaxial graphene quantum dots for high-performance THz bolometersSep 15 2015Light absorption in graphene causes a large change in electron temperature, due to low electronic heat capacity and weak electron phonon coupling [1-3], making it very attractive as a hot-electron bolometer material. Unfortunately, the weak variation ... More
Relativistic collapse dynamics and black hole information lossApr 22 2016We study a proposal for the resolution of the black hole information puzzle within the context of modified versions of quantum theory involving spontaneous reduction of the quantum state. The theories of this kind, which were developed in order to address ... More
Deep Convolutional Neural Network for Plant Seedlings ClassificationNov 20 2018Agriculture is vital for human survival and remains a major driver of several economies around the world; more so in underdeveloped and developing economies. With increasing demand for food and cash crops, due to a growing global population and the challenges ... More
Incoherent dynamics in the toric code subject to disorderDec 07 2011We numerically study the effects of two forms of quenched disorder on the anyons of the toric code. Firstly, a new class of codes based on random lattices of stabilizer operators is presented, and shown to be superior to the standard square lattice toric ... More
Editing to a Planar Graph of Given DegreesAug 11 2015We consider the following graph modification problem. Let the input consist of a graph $G=(V,E)$, a weight function $w\colon V\cup E\rightarrow \mathbb{N}$, a cost function $c\colon V\cup E\rightarrow \mathbb{N}$ and a degree function $\delta\colon V\rightarrow ... More
Monte Carlo Tensor Network RenormalizationOct 10 2017Techniques for approximately contracting tensor networks are limited in how efficiently they can make use of parallel computing resources. In this work we demonstrate and characterize a Monte Carlo approach to the tensor network renormalization group ... More
Fast Long-Distance Control of Spin Qubits by Photon Assisted CotunnelingSep 17 2014Jul 21 2015We investigate theoretically the long-distance coupling and spin exchange in an array of quantum dot spin qubits in the presence of microwaves. We find that photon assisted cotunneling is boosted at resonances between photon and energies of virtually ... More
On the C and N Abundances of 47 Tucanae Main Sequence StarsDec 11 2003Dec 15 2003We report the results of an analysis of CN and CH band strengths among a large sample of 47 Tucanae main-sequence and turn-off stars presented earlier by Harbeck et al. The resulting C and N abundances derived from synthetic spectra demonstrate: 1) A ... More
Extensions for Generalized Current AlgebrasOct 30 2015Given a complex semisimple Lie algebra ${\mathfrak g}$ and a commutative ${\mathbb C}$-algebra $A$, let ${\mathfrak g}[A] = {\mathfrak g} \otimes A$ be the corresponding generalized current algebra. In this paper we explore questions involving the computation ... More
Large annihilators in Cayley-Dickson algebrasNov 28 2005Cayley-Dickson algebras are an infinite sequence of non-associative algebras starting with the reals, complexes, quaternions, and octonions. We study the zero-divisors in the higher Cayley-Dickson algebras. In particular, we show that the annihilator ... More
NuSTAR observations of the young, energetic radio pulsar PSR B1509-58Jul 31 2015Dec 11 2015We report on Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope Array (NuSTAR) hard X-ray observations of the young rotation-powered radio pulsar PSR B1509$-$58 in the supernova remnant MSH 15$-$52. We confirm the previously reported curvature in the hard X-ray spectrum, ... More
Hybrid benchmarking of arbitrary quantum gatesJun 13 2016Jun 15 2016We present a protocol for Interleaved Randomized Benchmarking of arbitrary quantum gates using Monte Carlo sampling of quantum states. It is generally applicable, including non-Clifford gates while preserving key advantages of Randomized Benchmarking ... More
Rare meson decays into very light neutralinosMay 13 2009Aug 21 2009We investigate the bounds on the mass of the lightest neutralino from rare meson decays within the MSSM with and without minimal flavor violation. We present explicit formulae for the two-body decays of mesons into light neutralinos and perform the first ... More
The Boson peak in supercooled waterMay 19 2013We perform extensive molecular dynamics simulations of the TIP4P/2005 model of water to investigate the origin of the Boson peak reported in experiments on supercooled water in nanoconfined pores, and in hydration water around proteins. We find that the ... More
Band structure and giant Stark effect in two-dimensional transition-metal dichalcogenidesNov 09 2017We present a comprehensive study of the electronic structures of 192 configurations of 39 stable, layered, transition-metal dichalcogenides using density-functional theory. We show detailed investigations of their monolayer, bilayer, and trilayer structures' ... More
Single-electron soliton avalanches in tunnel junction arraysSep 29 2000Numerical modeling of correlated single-electron tunneling in uniform 2D arrays of small conducting islands separated by tunnel junctions shows the possiblility of soliton-antisoliton avalanches. Though the time duration of any avalanche, and the total ... More
Robust Charge-based Qubit EncodingDec 15 2004Sep 13 2005We propose a simple encoding of charge-based quantum dot qubits which protects against fluctuating electric fields by charge symmetry. We analyse the reduction of coupling to noise due to nearby charge traps and present single qubit gates. The relative ... More
A quasi-local measure of inter-scale transfer: An approach to understanding turbulenceDec 03 2003Many questions remain in turbulence research---and related fields---about the underlying physical processes that transfer scalar quantities, such as the kinetic energy, between different length scales. Measurement of an ensemble-averaged flux between ... More
Numerical simulation of blood with fluid-structure interactions using the lattice-Boltzmann methodOct 15 2010The fluid dynamics video presented here outlines recent advances in the simulation of multiphase cellular blood flow through the direct numerical simulations of deformable red blood cells (RBCs) demonstrated through several numerical experiments. Videos ... More
Coarse-grained Modeling of DNA CurvatureApr 30 2014Modeling of DNA-protein interactions is a complex process involving many important time and length scales. This can be facilitated through the use of coarse-grained models which reduce the number of degrees of freedom and allow efficient exploration of ... More
Relaxation dynamics of the toric code in contact with a thermal reservoir: Finite-size scaling in a low temperature regimeMay 09 2014Dec 04 2014We present an analysis of the relaxation dynamics of finite-size topological qubits in contact with a thermal bath. Using a continuous-time Monte Carlo method, we explicitly compute the low-temperature nonequilibrium dynamics of the toric code on finite ... More
pwv_kpno: A Python Package for Modeling the Atmospheric Transmission Function due to Precipitable Water VaporJun 25 2018Oct 30 2018We present a Python package, pwv_kpno, that provides models for the atmospheric transmission due to precipitable water vapor (PWV) at user specified sites. Using the package, ground-based photometric observations taken between $3,000$ and $12,000$ $\AA$ ... More
An efficient deterministic perturbation theory for selected configuration interaction methodsAug 06 2018The interplay between advances in stochastic and deterministic algorithms has recently led to development of interesting new selected configuration interaction (SCI) methods for solving the many body Schr\"{o}dinger equation. The performance of these ... More
Impact of aerosols and adverse atmospheric conditions on the data quality for spectral analysis of the H.E.S.S. telescopesOct 06 2013The Earth's atmosphere is an integral part of the detector in ground-based imaging atmospheric Cherenkov telescope (IACT) experiments and has to be taken into account in the calibration. Atmospheric and hardware-related deviations from simulated conditions ... More
Data quality monitoring in the presence of aerosols and other adverse atmospheric conditions with H.E.S.SFeb 04 2015Cherenkov telescope experiments, such as H.E.S.S., have been very successful in astronomical observations in the very-high-energy (VHE; E $>$ 100 GeV) regime. As an integral part of the detector, such experiments use Earth's atmosphere as a calorimeter. ... More
The high temperature CP-restoring phase transition at theta = piMay 28 2009Jul 09 2009The CP-restoring phase transition at theta = pi and high temperature is investigated using two related models that aim to describe the low-energy phenomenology of QCD, the NJL model and the linear sigma model coupled to quarks. Despite many similarities ... More
Spontaneous CP-violation in the strong interaction at theta = piJun 10 2008Sep 26 2008Spontaneous CP-violation in the strong interaction is analyzed at theta = pi within the framework of the two-flavor NJL model. It is found that the occurrence of spontaneous CP-violation at theta = pi depends on the strength of the 't Hooft determinant ... More
Holographic plasma and anyonic fluidsOct 09 2013Oct 20 2013We use alternative quantisation of the $D3/D5$ system to explore properties of a strongly coupled charged plasma and strongly coupled anyonic fluids. The $S$-transform of the $D3/D5$ system is used as a model for charged matter interacting with a U(1) ... More
Drag phenomena from holographic massive gravityApr 28 2015We consider the motion of point particles in a strongly coupled field theory with broken translation invariance. We obtain the energy and momentum loss rates and drag coefficients for a class of such particles by solving for the motion of classical strings ... More
Support varieties for Hecke algebrasDec 07 2017Feb 03 2018Let ${\mathcal H}_{q}(d)$ be the Iwahori-Hecke algebra for the symmetric group, where $q$ is a primitive $l$th root of unity. In this paper we develop a theory of support varieties which detects natural homological properties such as the complexity of ... More
Yet another construction of the central extension of the loop groupJan 31 2001We give a characterisation of central extensions of a Lie group G by the non-zero complex numbers in terms of a differential two-form on G and a differential one-form on GxG. This is applied to the case of the central extension of the loop group.
Implied Constraint Satisfaction in Power System Optimization: The Impacts of Load VariationsApr 03 2019In many power system optimization problems, we observe that only a small fraction of the line flow constraints ever become active at the optimal solution, despite variations in the load profile and generation costs. This observation has far-reaching implications ... More
On good (p,r)-filtrations for rational G-modulesMar 27 2014Dec 28 2014In this paper we investigate Donkin's $(p,r)$-Filtration Conjecture, and present two proofs of the "if" direction of the statement when $p\geq 2h-2$. One proof involves the investigation of when the tensor product between the Steinberg module and a simple ... More
Bundle gerbes: stable isomorphism and local theoryAug 26 1999We consider the notion of stable isomorphism of bundle gerbes. It has the consequence that the stable isomorphism classes of bundle gerbes over a manifold M are in bijective correspondence with H^3(M, Z). Stable isomorphism sheds light on the local theory ... More
Small scale structure of homogeneous turbulent shear flowApr 22 2004The structure of homogeneous turbulent shear flow is studied using data generated by Direct Numerical Simulations (DNS) and a linear analysis for both compressible and incompressible cases. At large values of the mean shear rate, the Rapid Distortion ... More
Non-premixed Flame-Turbulence Interaction in Compressible Turbulent FlowMar 13 2002Nonpremixed turbulent reacting flows are intrinsically difficult to model due to the strong coupling between turbulent motions and reaction. The large amount of heat released by a typical hydrocarbon flame leads to significant modifications of the thermodynamic ... More
Compressibility effects on the scalar mixing in reacting homogeneous turbulenceSep 13 2002The compressibility and heat of reaction influence on the scalar mixing in decaying isotropic turbulence and homogeneous shear flow are examined via data generated by direct numerical simulations (DNS). The reaction is modeled as one-step, exothermic, ... More
The influence of strong magnetic fields and instantons on the phase structure of the two-flavor NJL modelNov 11 2009Mar 01 2010Both in heavy-ion collisions as in magnetars very strong magnetic fields are produced, which has its influence on the phases of matter involved. In this paper we investigate the effect of strong magnetic fields (B = 5 m_pi^2 /e = 1.7 x 10^19 G) on the ... More
Current source density reconstruction from incomplete dataMar 13 2009We propose two ways of estimating the current source density (CSD) from measurements of voltage on a Cartesian grid with missing recording points using the inverse CSD method. The simplest approach is to substitute local averages (LA) in place of missing ... More
Moment/Sum-of-Squares Hierarchy for Complex Polynomial OptimizationAug 09 2015Sep 30 2016We consider the problem of finding the global optimum of a real-valued complex polynomial on a compact set defined by real-valued complex polynomial inequalities. It reduces to solving a sequence of complex semidefinite programming relaxations that grow ... More
Qubit noise spectroscopy using a continuous driving fieldAug 28 2013Jan 21 2014The optimization of dynamical decoupling and quantum error correction for a particular qubit realization is based on a detailed knowledge of the noise properties. Spectroscopy of single-axis noise using dynamical decoupling pulse sequences has garnered ... More
The Anomaly Structure of Regularized SupergravityOct 22 2014On-shell Pauli-Villars regularization of the one-loop divergences of supergravity theories is used to study the anomaly structure of supergravity and the cancellation of field theory anomalies under a $U(1)$ gauge transformation and under the T-duality ... More
Solutions of the sDiff(2)Toda equation with SU(2) SymmetryJan 11 2010We present the general solution to the Plebanski equation for an H-space that admits Killing vectors for an entire SU(2) of symmetries, which is therefore also the general solution of the sDiff(2)Toda equation that allows these symmetries. Desiring these ... More
Spontaneous CP violation in the NJL model at theta = piDec 16 2008As is well-known, spontaneous CP-violation in the strong interaction is possible at theta = pi, which is commonly referred to as Dashen's phenomenon. This phenomenon has been studied extensively using chiral Lagrangians. Here the two-flavor NJL model ... More
On the size of certain subsets of invariant Banach sequence spacesApr 30 2015Aug 09 2015The essence of the notion of lineability and spaceability is to find linear structures in somewhat chaotic environments. The existing methods, in general, use \textit{ad hoc} arguments and few general techniques are known. Motivated by the search of general ... More
Bilinear and Quadratic Forms on Rational Modules of Split Reductive GroupsJan 29 2015The representation theory of semisimple algebraic groups over the complex numbers (equivalently, semisimple complex Lie algebras or Lie groups, or real compact Lie groups) and the question of whether a given representation is symplectic or orthogonal ... More
Lasserre hierarchy for large scale polynomial optimization in real and complex variablesSep 13 2017May 22 2018We propose general notions to deal with large scale polynomial optimization problems and demonstrate their efficiency on a key industrial problem of the twenty first century, namely the optimal power flow problem. These notions enable us to find global ... More
Anomaly Structure of Supergravity and Anomaly CancellationJun 18 2009Aug 09 2009We display the full anomaly structure of supergravity, including new D-term contributions to the conformal anomaly. This expression has the super-Weyl and chiral U(1)_K transformation properties that are required for implementation of the Green-Schwarz ... More
The Axion Mass in Modular Invariant SupergravityFeb 10 2005When supersymmetry is broken by condensates with a single condensing gauge group, there is a nonanomalous R-symmetry that prevents the universal axion from acquiring a mass. It has been argued that, in the context of supergravity, higher dimension operators ... More
Inferring coupling strength from event-related dynamicsMay 05 2008Nov 27 2008We propose an approach for inferring strength of coupling between two systems from their transient dynamics. This is of vital importance in cases where most information is carried by the transients, for instance in evoked potentials measured commonly ... More
Spatiotemporal chaos: the microscopic perspectiveJan 10 2012Extended nonequilibrium systems can be studied in the framework of field theory or from dynamical systems perspective. Here we report numerical evidence that the sum of a well-defined number of instantaneous Lyapunov exponents for the complex Ginzburg-Landau ... More
Modelling non-paradoxical loss of information in black hole evaporationJul 19 2016We give general overview of a novel approach, recently developed by us, to address the issue black hole information paradox. This alternative viewpoint is based on theories involving modifications of standard quantum theory, known as "spontaneous dynamical ... More
A Low-Depth Monotone Function that is not an Approximate JuntaJun 27 2012Jun 14 2013We provide an example of a monotone Boolean function on the hypercube given by a low depth decision tree that is not well approximated by any k-junta for small k.
Two-point correlation function in systems with van der Waals type interactionMay 14 2001Jun 28 2001The behavior of the bulk two-point correlation function $G({\bf r};T|d)$ in $d$-dimensional system with van der Waals type interactions is investigated and its consequences on the finite-size scaling properties of the susceptibility in such finite systems ... More
On the Crossing Number of Complete Graphs with an Uncrossed Hamiltonian CycleSep 11 2013We prove new lower bounds on the crossing number of a complete graphs assuming that it is drawn in such a way that it contains a Hamiltonian cycle with no crossings.
Remote Homology Detection in Proteins Using Graphical ModelsApr 24 2013Given the amino acid sequence of a protein, researchers often infer its structure and function by finding homologous, or evolutionarily-related, proteins of known structure and function. Since structure is typically more conserved than sequence over long ... More
On the multilinear extensions of the concept of absolutely summing operatorsAug 14 2003Oct 09 2003In this paper we investigate the connections between the several different extensions of the concept of absolutely summing operators.
Unbiased simulation of structural transitions in calmodulinFeb 28 2003We introduce an approach for performing "very long" computer simulations of the dynamics of simplified, folded proteins. Using an alpha-carbon protein model and a fine grid to mimic continuum computations at increased speed, we perform unbiased simulations ... More
On existence of canonical $G$-basesDec 06 2014We describe a general method for expanding a truncated G-iterative Hasse-Schmidt derivation, where G is an algebraic group. We give examples of algebraic groups for which our method works.
Muon Colliders, Neutrino Factories, and Results from the MICE ExperimentOct 24 2018Muon colliders and neutrino factories are attractive options for future facilities aimed at achieving the highest lepton-antilepton collision energies and precision measurements of parameters of the Higgs boson and the neutrino mixing matrix. The performance ... More
Muon Cooling and Future Muon FacilitiesNov 03 2006Nov 24 2006Muon colliders and neutrino factories are attractive options for achieving the highest lepton-antilepton collision energies and the most precise measurements of the parameters of the neutrino mixing matrix. The performance and cost of these future facilities ... More
Prospects for Low-Energy Antiproton Physics at FermilabJul 02 2005Fermilab has long had the world's most intense antiproton source. Despite this, opportunities for low-energy antiproton physics at Fermilab have in the past been limited and--with the antiproton source now exclusively dedicated to serving the needs of ... More