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Causality and Conjugate Points in General Plane WavesNov 26 2002Jun 23 2003Let $M = M_0 \times \R^2$ be a pp--wave type spacetime endowed with the metric $<\cdot,\cdot>_z = <\cdot,\cdot>_x + 2 du dv + H(x,u) du^2$, where $(M_0, <\cdot,\cdot>_x) $ is any Riemannian manifold and $H(x,u)$ an arbitrary function. We show that the ... More
Persistent currents in diffusive metallic cavities: Large values and anomalous scaling with disorderAug 01 2001The effect of disorder on confined metallic cavities with an Aharonov-Bohm flux line is addressed. We find that, even deep in the diffusive regime, large values of persistent currents may arise for a wide variety of geometries. We present numerical results ... More
Finite size effects and localization properties of disordered quantum wires with chiral symmetryMar 04 2003Finite size effects in the localization properties of disordered quantum wires are analyzed through conductance calculations. Disorder is induced by introducing vacancies at random positions in the wire and thus preserving the chiral symmetry. For quasi ... More
Semiclassical density of degeneracies in quantum regular systemsAug 13 1999The spectrum of eigenenergies of a quantum integrable system whose hamiltonian depends on a single parameter shows degeneracies (crossings) when the parameter varies. We derive a semiclassical expression for the density of crossings in the plane energy-parameter, ... More
Decay of the Sinai Well in D dimensionsNov 30 1994We study the decay law of the Sinai Well in $D$ dimensions and relate the behavior of the decay law to internal distributions that characterize the dynamics of the system. We show that the long time tail of the decay is algebraic ($1/t$), irrespective ... More
Complete intersection for equivariant modelsDec 22 2015Phylogenetic varieties related to equivariant substitution models have been studied largely in the last years. One of the main objectives has been finding a set of generators of the ideal of these varieties, but this has not yet been achieved in some ... More
Symmetry breaking in nonuniform noncommutative $λφ^4$ theory at finite temperatureDec 31 2012May 23 2013We consider the 2PI Cornwall-Jackiw-Tomboulis effective action at finite temperature for a noncommutative real scalar field theory in 4 dimensions, with noncommutativity among space and time variables. By means of a Rayleig-Ritz variation, we study the ... More
Heuristic Classification of Physical Theories based on Quantum CorrelationsMar 16 2013Taking quantum formalism as a point of reference and connection, we explore the various possibilities that arise in the construction of physical theories. Analyzing the distinct physical phenomena that each of them may describe, we introduce the different ... More
Magnetic flux induced spin polarization in semiconductor multichannel rings with Rashba spin orbit couplingMay 16 2005We show that a finite magnetic flux threading a multichannel semiconductor ring induces spin accumulation at the borders of the sample when the Rashba spin-orbit interaction is taken into account even in the absence of external electric fields.
Simulating Posterior Distributions for Zero-Inflated Automobile Insurance DataNov 16 2015Generalized linear models (GLMs) using a regression procedure to fit relationships between predictor and target variables are widely used in automobile insurance data. Here, in the process of ratemaking and in order to compute the premiums to be charged ... More
Anisotropic profiles in the spin polarization of multichannel semiconductor rings with Rashba spin orbit couplingNov 25 2008We investigate the spin accumulation effect in eccentric semiconductor multichannel rings with Rashba spin-orbit interaction and threaded by a magnetic flux. Due to the finite eccentricity, the spin polarization induced at the borders of the sample is ... More
Regular and chaotic transport of discrete solitons in asymmetric potentialsNov 21 2010Ratchet dynamics of topological solitons of the forced and damped discrete double sine-Gordon system are studied. Directed transport occurring both in regular and in chaotic regions of the phase space and its dependence on damping, amplitude and frequency ... More
Cable equation for general geometryJan 24 2017The cable equation describes the voltage in a straight cylindrical cable, this model has been employed to model electrical potential in dendrites and axons. However, sometimes this equation might give incorrect predictions for some realistic geometries, ... More
Anomalous Gauge Boson Couplings in the e^+ e^- -> ZZ ProcessDec 18 1998Jan 12 2000We discuss experimental aspects related to the $\mathrm{e^+ e^-} \to \mathrm{Z}\mathrm{Z}$ process and to the search for anomalous ZZV couplings (V$= \mathrm{Z}, \gamma$) at LEP2 and future $\mathrm{e^+ e^-}$ colliders. We present two possible approaches ... More
Sunspot latitudes during the Maunder Minimum: a machine-readable catalogue from previous studiesJan 24 2015The Maunder Minimum (1645-1715 approximately) was a period of very low solar activity and a strong hemispheric asymmetry, with most of sunspots in the southern hemisphere. In this paper, two data sets of sunspot latitudes during the Maunder minimum have ... More
Evidence for a White-light Flare on 10 September 1886Jan 20 2017We present evidence for the occurrence of a white-light flare on 10 September 1886. It represents the third of such rare events reported in the history of astronomy. The flare was mentioned by Valderrama (1886, L'Astronomie 5, 388). In this article we ... More
Second-order symmetric Lorentzian manifolds II: structure and global propertiesJan 18 2011We give a summary of recent results on the explicit local form of the second-order symmetric Lorentzian manifolds in arbitrary dimension, and its global version. These spacetimes turn out to be essentially a specific subclass of plane waves.
Complete classification of second-order symmetric spacetimesJan 20 2010As a difference with the positive-definite Riemannian case, in the Lorentzian case there exists proper second-order symmetric spacetimes, i.e., those with vanishing second covariant derivative of the Riemannian tensor ($R_{\lambda\mu\nu\rho;\alpha;\beta}=0$) ... More
Power Counting in Peripheral Partial Waves: The Singlet ChannelsNov 30 2016We analyze the power counting of the peripheral singlet partial waves in nucleon-nucleon scattering. In agreement with conventional wisdom, we find that pion exchanges are perturbative in the peripheral singlets. We quantify from the effective field theory ... More
Structure of second-order symmetric Lorentzian manifoldsJan 28 2011Jul 06 2011Second-order symmetric Lorentzian spaces, that is to say, Lorentzian manifolds with vanishing second derivative of the curvature tensor R, are characterized by several geometric properties, and explicitly presented. Locally, they are a product M=M_1 x ... More
Interaction-induced chaos in a two-electron quantum-dot systemSep 06 2000A quasi-one-dimensional quantum dot containing two interacting electrons is analyzed in search of signatures of chaos. The two-electron energy spectrum is obtained by diagonalization of the Hamiltonian including the exact Coulomb interaction. We find ... More
Linear maps between C*-algebras that are *-homomorphisms at a fixed pointSep 25 2016Let $A$ and $B$ be C$^*$-algebras. A linear map $T:A\to B$ is said to be a $^*$-homomorphism at an element $z\in A$ if $a b^*=z$ in $A$ implies $T (a b^*) =T (a) T (b)^* =T(z)$, and $ c^* d=z$ in $A$ gives $T (c^* d) =T (c)^* T (d) =T(z).$ Assuming that ... More
Enhancement of persistent currents due to confinement in metallic samplesFeb 25 2000Confinement and surface roughness (SR) effects on the magnitude of the persistent current are analized for ballistic bidimensional metallic samples. Depending on the particular geometry, localized border states can show up at half filling. These border ... More
s-s*-d-wave superconductor on a square lattice and its BCs phase diagramJan 12 1998We study an extended Hubbard model with on-site repulsion and nearest neighbors attraction which tries to mimic some of the experimental features of doped cuprates in the superconducting state. We draw and discuss the phase diagram as a function of the ... More
Persistent currents in mesoscopic cavities with surface roughnessNov 01 1999We consider a bidimensional discrete annular cavity with surface roughness (SR) threaded by a magnetic flux. In the ballistic regime and at half filling, localized border-states show up. These border states contribute coherentely to the persistent current ... More
The Two-Nucleon 1S0 Amplitude Zero in Chiral Effective Field TheoryApr 27 2017We present a new rearrangement of short-range interactions in the $^1S_0$ nucleon-nucleon channel within Chiral Effective Field Theory. This is intended to reproduce the amplitude zero (scattering momentum $\simeq$ 340 MeV) at leading order, and it includes ... More
The distribution function of a probability measure on a linearly ordered topological spaceApr 11 2019In this paper we describe a theory of a cumulative distribution function on a space with an order from a probability measure defined in this space. This distribution function plays a similar role to that played in the classical case. Moreover, we define ... More
Asymmetric driven dynamics of Dzyaloshinskii domain walls in ultrathin ferromagnetic strips with perpendicular magnetic anisotropyJul 30 2015Sep 28 2015The dynamics of domain walls in ultrathin ferromagnetic strips with perpendicular magnetic anisotropy is studied from both numerical and analytical micromagnetics. The influence of the interfacial Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction associated to a bi-layer ... More
Kinematical and Physical properties of a 700 pc large bubble in NGC 6946Jul 09 2009The galaxy NGC 6946 contains a gas-star complex of 700 pc in diameter which appears populated by tens of young stellar clusters, and a Super Star Cluster (SSC) as massive as 10$^6$ M$\odot$. The ionized gas, as drawn by the H$\alpha$ emission, delineates ... More
Corrugated velocity patterns in the spiral galaxies: NGC 278, NGC 1058, NGC 2500 \& UGC 3574Sep 23 2015We address the study of the \Ha\ vertical velocity field in a sample of four nearly face-on galaxies using long slit spectroscopy taken with the ISIS spectrograph attached to the WHT at the Roque de los Muchachos Observatory (Spain). The spatial structure ... More
Hydrodynamic limits for kinetic flocking models of Cucker-Smale typeJan 30 2019We analyse the asymptotic behavior for kinetic models describing the collective behavior of animal populations. We focus on models for self-propelled individuals, whose velocity relaxes toward the mean orientation of the neighbors. The self-propelling ... More
Screening of electron-phonon coupling in graphene on Ir(111)Oct 24 2013Oct 29 2013The phonon dispersion of graphene on Ir(111) has been determined by means of angle-resolved inelastic electron scattering and density functional calculations. Kohn anomalies of the highest optical-phonon branches are observed at the $\Gamma$ and K point ... More
SDSS-IV MaNGA PyMorph Photometric and Deep Learning Morphological Catalogs and implications for bulge properties and stellar angular momentumNov 06 2018Dec 11 2018We describe the SDSS-IV MaNGA PyMorph Photometric (MPP-VAC) and MaNGA Deep Learning Morphology (MDLM-VAC) Value Added Catalogs. The MPP-VAC provides photometric parameters from S\'ersic and S\'ersic+Exponential fits to the 2D surface brightness profiles ... More
Apéry sets and Feng-Rao numbers over telescopic numerical semigroupsMar 30 2016In this manuscript we show that the second Feng-Rao number of any telescopic numerical semigroup agrees with the multiplicity of the semigroup. To achieve this result we first study the behavior of Ap\'ery sets under gluings of numerical semigroups.
Characterization of Landau-Zener Transitions in Systems with Complex SpectraAug 14 1996This paper is concerned with the study of one-body dissipation effects in idealized models resembling a nucleus. In particular, we study the quantum mechanics of a free particle that collides elastically with the slowly moving walls of a Bunimovich stadium ... More
Fractional cable equation for general geometry, a model of axons with swellings and anomalous diffusionSep 07 2017Different experimental studies have reported anomalous diffusion in brain tissues and notably this anomalous diffusion is expressed through fractional derivatives. Axons are important to understand neurodegenerative diseases such as multiple sclerosis, ... More
Split Lie-Rinehart algebrasJun 21 2017We introduce the class of split Lie-Rinehart algebras as the natural extension of the one of split Lie algebras. We show that if $L$ is a tight split Lie-Rinehart algebra over an associative and commutative algebra $A,$ then $L$ and $A$ decompose as the ... More
Complex interpolation and twisted twisted Hilbert spacesJun 25 2014We show that Rochberg's generalizared interpolation spaces $\mathscr Z^{(n)}$ arising from analytic families of Banach spaces form exact sequences $0\to \mathscr Z^{(n)} \to \mathscr Z^{(n+k)} \to \mathscr Z^{(k)} \to 0$. We study some structural properties ... More
Dreaming machine learning: Lipschitz extensions for reinforcement learning on financial marketsJul 09 2019We develop a new topological structure for the construction of a reinforcement learning model in the framework of financial markets. It is based on Lipschitz type extension of reward functions defined in metric spaces. Using some known states of a dynamical ... More
On the shape of attractors of discrete dynamical systemsNov 20 2015Let $M$ be a manifold or (more generally) a locally compact, metrizable ANR. If $K$ is an attractor for a flow in $M$, with basin of attraction $\mathcal{A}(K)$, it is well known that the inclusion $i : K \subseteq \mathcal{A}(K)$ is always a shape equivalence. ... More
On the set of wild points of attracting surfaces in $\mathbb{R}^3$Mar 18 2016Suppose that a closed surface $S \subseteq \mathbb{R}^3$ is an attractor, not necessarily global, for a discrete dynamical system. Assuming that its set of wild points $W$ is totally disconnected, we prove that (up to an ambient homeomorphism) it has ... More
Unstable attractors in manifoldsMay 12 2008Let $M$ be a locally compact metric space endowed with a continuous flow $\phi : M \times \mathbb{R} \longrightarrow M$. Frequently an attractor $K$ for $\phi$ exists which is of interest, not only in itself but also the dynamics in its basin of attraction ... More
Charge disproportionation in YNiO$_{3}$ : ESR and susceptibility studyNov 28 2002We present a study of the magnetic properties of YNiO$_{3}$ in the paramagnetic range, above and below the metal-insulator (MI) transition. The dc susceptibility, $\chi_{dc}$ (measured up to 1000 K) is a decreasing function of T for $T >$150 K (the N\'{e}el ... More
Exploiting symmetry in complex network analysisMar 10 2018Jul 09 2018Virtually all network analyses involve structural measures or metrics between pairs of vertices, or of the vertices themselves. The large amount of redundancy present in real-world complex networks is inherited by such measures, and this has practical ... More
Spin- and time-resolved photoemission studies of thin Co2FeSi Heusler alloy filmsMay 31 2006We have studied the possibly half metallic Co2FeSi full Heusler alloy by means of spin- and time-resolved photoemission spectroscopy. For excitation, the second and fourth harmonic of femtosecond Ti:sapphire lasers were used, with photon energies of 3.1 ... More
On the intersection of homoclinic classes in intransitive sectional-Anosov flowsApr 06 2017We show that if X is a Venice mask (i.e. nontransitive sectional-Anosov flow with dense periodic orbits) supported on a compact 3-manifold, then the omega-limit set of every non-recurrent point in the unstable manifold of some singularity is a closed ... More
Towards a full Heusler alloy showing room temperature half-metallicity at the surfaceSep 20 2006In this article we investigate the surface spin polarization in a 100 nm Co2Cr0.6Fe0.4Al (CCFA) film grown ex situ epitaxially on MgO(100) with a 10 nm Fe buffer layer by means of spin resolved photoemission. We show that a careful in situ preparation ... More
Sky Quality Meter measurements in a colour changing worldJan 18 2017The Sky Quality Meter (SQM) has become the most common device to track the evolution of the brightness of the sky from polluted regions to first class astronomical observatories. A vast database of SQM measurements already exists for many places in the ... More
Structural Parameters of Dwarf Galaxies in the Coma Cluster: On the Origin of dS0 GalaxiesApr 25 2005In this paper we analyze the structural parameters of the dwarf galaxies in the Coma cluster with $-18 \le M_{B} \le -16$ and classify them in two types: those with surface brightness profiles well fitted by a single Sersic law were called dwarf ellipticals ... More
The Luminosity Function of Galaxies in the Hercules ClusterApr 19 2004We have imaged $\sim$ 1 deg$^{2}$ in the V-band in the direction of the Hercules Cluster (Abell 2151). The data are used to compute for the first time the luminosity function (LF) of galaxies in the cluster down to the dwarf regime (M$_{lim}$ $\sim$ -13.85). ... More
The V-band luminosity function of galaxies in A2151Jan 19 2005We present a wide field $V$-band imaging survey of approximately 1 deg$^2$ ($\sim7.2 h^{-2}_{75}$ Mpc$^{2}$) in the direction of the nearby cluster of galaxies Abell 2151 (the Hercules Cluster). The data are used to construct the luminosity function (LF) ... More
The γγ\to φ_iφ_j processes in the type-III two-Higgs-doublet modelAug 19 2011Nov 30 2011We discuss the implications of assuming a four-zero Yukawa texture and a general Higgs potential for the production of neutral Higgs boson pairs at \gamma \gamma colliders through the \gamma \gamma \to \phi_i\phi_j (\phi_i = h, H, A) reaction within the ... More
Anisotropic cosmology in Sáez-Ballester theory: classical and quantum solutionsJul 19 2010We use the S\'aez-Ballester theory on anisotropic Bianchi I cosmological model, with barotropic fluid and cosmological constant. We obtain the classical solution by using the Hamilton-Jacobi approach. Also the quantum regime is constructed and exact solutions ... More
A Normalized Sunspot-Area Series Starting in 1832: an UpdateJun 14 2016A new normalized sunspot-area series has been reconstructed from the series obtained by the Royal Greenwich Observatory and other contemporary institutions for the period 1874 - 2008 and the area series compiled by De la Rue, Stewart, and Loewy from 1832 ... More
Electric dipole moments of charged leptons at one loop in presence of massive neutrinosOct 21 2016Violation of $CP$ invariance is a quite relevant phenomenon that is found in the Standard Model, though in small amount. This has been an incentive to look for high-energy descriptions in which $CP$ violation is increased, thus enhancing effects that ... More
The JCMT Nearby Galaxies Legacy Survey VII: Hα imaging and massive star formation propertiesFeb 29 2012We present H\alpha{} fluxes, star formation rates (SFRs) and equivalent widths (EWs) for a sample of 156 nearby galaxies observed in the 12CO J=3-2 line as part of the James Clerk Maxwell Telescope Nearby Galaxies Legacy Survey. These are derived from ... More
Dissecting the morphological and spectroscopic properties of galaxies in the local Universe: I. Elliptical galaxiesJan 11 2012We revisit the scaling relations and star-forming histories of local elliptical galaxies using a novel selection method applied to the Sloan Digital Sky Survey DR7. We combine two probability-based automated spectroscopic and morphological classifications ... More
Census of HII regions in NGC 6754 derived with MUSE: Constraints on the metal mixing scaleNov 18 2014We present a study of the HII regions in the galaxy NGC 6754 from a two pointing mosaic comprising 197,637 individual spectra, using Integral Field Spectrocopy (IFS) recently acquired with the MUSE instrument during its Science Verification program. The ... More
Search for Gamma-Ray Lines towards Galaxy Clusters with the Fermi-LATOct 30 2015Feb 04 2016We report on a search for monochromatic $\gamma$-ray features in the spectra of galaxy clusters observed by the \emph{Fermi} Large Area Telescope. Galaxy clusters are the largest structures in the Universe that are bound by dark matter (DM), making them ... More
Survey of intermediate/high-mass star-forming regions at centimeter and millimeter wavelengthsFeb 21 2008We present the results of millimeter and centimeter continuum observations, made with the IRAM 30m telescope and the VLA, toward a sample of 11 luminous IRAS sources classified as high-mass protostellar object candidates. We find 1.2 mm emission for all ... More
The black hole binary V404 Cygni: an obscured AGN analogueJul 08 2016Typical black hole binaries in outburst show spectral states and transitions, characterized by a clear connection between the inflow onto the black hole and outflow from its vicinity. The transient stellar mass black hole binary V404 Cyg apparently does ... More
Deformed W-algebras as Symmetries of Generalized Integrable HierarchiesDec 15 1995A unified description of the relationship between the Hamiltonian structure of a large class of integrable hierarchies of equations and W-algebras is discussed. The main result is an explicit formula showing that the former can be understood as a deformation ... More
Probing individual layers in functional oxide multilayers by wavelength-dependent Raman scatteringMay 15 2012Jul 17 2012Integration of functional oxides on silicon requires the use of complex heterostructures involving oxides of which the structure and properties strongly depend on the strain state and strain-mediated interface coupling. The experimental observation of ... More
CCQE, 2p2h excitations and ν-energy reconstructionApr 03 2013We analyze the MiniBooNE muon neutrino CCQE-like d\sigma/dT_\mu/dcos\theta_\mu data using a theoretical model that, among other nuclear effects, includes RPA correlations and 2p2h (multinucleon) mechanisms. These corrections turn out to be essential for ... More
Warm CO in evolved stars from the THROES catalogue. II. Herschel/PACS spectroscopy of C-rich envelopesDec 19 2018This is the second paper of a series making use of Herschel/PACS spectroscopy of evolved stars in the THROES catalogue to study the inner regions of their circumstellar envelopes (CSEs). We analyze the CO emission spectra, including a large number of ... More
Graph distances for determining entities relationships: a topological approach to fraud detectionMay 03 2019Given a set $\Omega$ and a proximity function $\phi: \Omega \times \Omega \to \mathbb R^+$, we define a new metric for $\Omega$ by considering a path distance in $\Omega$, that is considered as a complete graph. We analyze the properties of such a distance, ... More
The Standard Model with one universal extra dimensionAug 15 2011Apr 21 2012Effects of universal extra dimensions on Standard Model observables first arise at the one-loop level. The quantization of this class of theories is therefore essential in order to perform predictions. A comprehensive study of the Standard Model defined ... More
The Two-Dimensional Stringy Black-Hole: A New Approach and a PathologyApr 01 1993Apr 17 1993The string propagation in the two-dimensional stringy black-hole is investigated from a new approach. We completely solve the classical and quantum string dynamics in the lorentzian and euclidean regimes. In the lorentzian case all the physics reduces ... More
CLASSICAL SPLITTING OF FUNDAMENTAL STRINGSFeb 07 1995We find exact solutions of the string equations of motion and constraints describing the {\em classical}\ splitting of a string into two. We show that for the same Cauchy data, the strings that split have {\bf smaller} action than the string without splitting. ... More
Binarity and Accretion in AGB Stars: HST/STIS Observations of UV Flickering in Y GemMay 08 2018Binarity is believed to dramatically affect the history and geometry of mass loss in AGB and post-AGB stars, but observational evidence of binarity is sorely lacking. As part of a project to search for hot binary companions to cool AGB stars using the ... More
The General Solution of the 2-D Sigma Model Stringy Black Hole and the Massless Complex Sine-Gordon ModelDec 10 1993Dec 23 1993The exact general solution for a sigma model having the $2-d$ stringy black hole (SBH) as internal manifold is found in closed form. We also give the exact solution for the massless complex Sine-Gordon (MCSG) model. Both, models and their solutions are ... More
Revisiting the Hubble sequence in the SDSS DR7 spectroscopic sample: a publicly available bayesian automated classificationOct 14 2010Oct 29 2010We present an automated morphological classification in 4 types (E,S0,Sab,Scd) of ~700.000 galaxies from the SDSS DR7 spectroscopic sample based on support vector machines. The main new property of the classification is that we associate to each galaxy ... More
Improving galaxy morphologies for SDSS with Deep LearningNov 15 2017Feb 07 2018We present a morphological catalogue for $\sim$ 670,000 galaxies in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey in two flavours: T-Type, related to the Hubble sequence, and Galaxy Zoo 2 (GZ2 hereafter) classification scheme. By combining accurate existing visual classification ... More
Hierarchical Bayesian approach for estimating physical properties in spiral galaxies: Age Maps for M74Oct 08 2015One of the fundamental goals of modern Astronomy is to estimate the physical parameters of galaxies from images in different spectral bands. We present a hierarchical Bayesian model for obtaining age maps from images in the \Ha\ line (taken with Taurus ... More
Yang-Mills theories with an arbitrary number of compactified extra dimensionsFeb 24 2014Feb 03 2015The well-known Yang-Mills theory with one $ S^{1} / Z_{2}$ universal extra dimension (UED) is generalized to an arbitrary number of spatial extra dimensions through a novel compactification scheme. In this paper, the Riemannian flat based manifold under ... More
Hidden symmetries induced by a canonical transformation and gauge structure of compactified Yang-Mills theoriesFeb 13 2013Oct 31 2013Compactified Yang-Mills theories with one universal extra dimension were found [arXiv:1008.4638] to exhibit two types of gauge invariances: the standard gauge transformations (SGTs) and the nonstandard gauge transformations (NSGTs). In the present work ... More
The bright galaxy population of five medium redshift clusters. I. Color-Magnitude Relation, Blue Fractions and Visual MorphologyMay 28 2008May 29 2008Using data of five clusters of galaxies within the redshift range 0.15 $\leq$ z $\leq$ 0.25, imaged with the Nordic Optical Telescope (NOT) in the central $\approx$ 1 Mpc$^2$ in very good seeing conditions, we have performed an exhaustive inspection of ... More
Integrable Systems and W-AlgebrasMay 19 1995The basic concepts underlying our analysis of {\it W-algebras} as extended symmetries of integrable systems are summarized. The construction starts from the second hamiltonian structure of ``Generalized Drinfel'd-Sokolov'' hierarchies, and its correspondence ... More
On $p$-Dunford integrable functions with values in Banach spacesNov 24 2016Let $(\Omega,\Sigma,\mu)$ be a complete probability space, $X$ a Banach space and $1\leq p<\infty$. In this paper we discuss several aspects of $p$-Dunford integrable functions $f:\Omega \to X$. Special attention is paid to the compactness of the Dunford ... More
Pipe3D, a pipeline to analyze Integral Field Spectroscopy data: I. New fitting phylosophy of FIT3DSep 29 2015Dec 08 2015We present an improved version of FIT3D, a fitting tool for the analysis of the spectroscopic properties of the stellar populations and the ionized gas derived from moderate resolution spectra of galaxies. FIT3D is a tool developed to analyze Integral ... More
An evla and carma study of dusty disks and torii with large grains in dying starsJun 21 2011We report the results of a pilot multiwavelength survey in the radio continuum (X, Ka and Q bands, i.e., from 3.6 cm to 7 mm) carried out with the EVLA in order to confirm the presence of very large dust grains in dusty disks and torii around the central ... More
The CALIFA survey: Status ReportDec 09 2014We present here a brief summary of the status of the on-going CALIFA survey with an em- phasis on the results that have been recently published. In particular, we make a summary of the most relevant results found regarding the properties of Hii regions ... More
Self-consistent scattering description of transport in normal-superconductor structuresOct 23 1996We present a scattering description of transport in several normal-superconductor structures. We show that the related requirements of self-consistency and current conservation introduce qualitative changes in the transport behavior when the current in ... More
The UV to FIR spectral energy distribution of star-forming galaxies in the redshift desertJul 03 2013Dec 23 2013We analyse the rest-frame UV-to-NIR spectral energy distribution (SED) of Lyman break galaxies (LBGs), star-forming (SF) BzK (sBzK), and UV-selected galaxies at 1.5 < z < 2.5 in the COSMOS, GOODS-N, and GOODS-S fields. Additionally, we complement the ... More
Transport in normal-superconductor-normal structures with local conservation of currentMay 05 1997We study the transport properties of a NSN structure with an insulating barrier at each NS interface. Coherent quasiparticle scattering is assumed and self-consistency is implemented exactly to guarantee local charge conservation. The presence of a finite ... More
SELFCONSISTENT CURRENT-VOLTAGE CHARACTERISTICS OF NORMAL-SUPERCONDUCTOR INTERFACESApr 27 1995We study the nonlinear transport properties of NS (normal-superconductor) and NSN structures by means of a self-consistent microscopic description. A nonzero superfluid velocity causes the various quasiparticle channels within S to open at different voltages. ... More
Observation of antiphase coherent phonons in the warped Dirac cone of Bi$_2$Te$_3$Oct 11 2016In this Rapid Communication we investigate the coupling between excited electrons and phonons in the highly anisotropic electronic structure of the prototypical topological insulator Bi$_2$Te$_3$. Using time- and angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy ... More
Redshift inference from the combination of galaxy colors and clustering in a hierarchical Bayesian modelJul 31 2018Nov 08 2018Powerful current and future cosmological constraints using high precision measurements of the large-scale structure of galaxies and its weak gravitational lensing effects rely on accurate characterization of the redshift distributions of the galaxy samples ... More
Acoustic Bessel-like beam formation by an axisymmetric gratingJan 27 2014We report Bessel-like beam formation of acoustic waves by means of an axisymmetric grating of rigid tori. The results show that the generated beam pattern is similar to that of Bessel beams, characterized by elongated non-diffracting focal spots. A multiple ... More
FIR-detected Lyman break galaxies at z ~ 3: Dust attenuation and dust correction factors at high redshiftApr 11 2013Lyman break galaxies (LBGs) represent one of the kinds of star-forming galaxies that are found in the high-redshift universe. The detection of LBGs in the FIR domain can provide very important clues on their dust attenuation and total SFR, allowing a ... More
Evolution of the infrared Tully-Fisher relation up to z=1.4May 10 2010The Tully-Fisher relation (TFR) represents a connection between fundamental galaxy parameters, such as its total mass and the mass locked in stars. Therefore, the study of the evolution of this relation in the optical and infrared bands can provide valuable ... More
Nonlinear subsets of function spaces and spaceabilityJan 23 2014Sep 03 2014In this paper, we study the existence of infinite dimensional closed linear subspaces of a rearrangement invariant space on [0,1] every nonzero element of which does not belong to any included rearrangement invariant space of the same class such that ... More
Self-consistent theory of transport in superconducting wiresJul 16 1999We study superconducting transport in homogeneous wires in the cases of both equilibrium and nonequilibrium quasiparticle populations, using the quasiclassical Green's function technique. We consider superconductors with arbitrary current densities and ... More
Conductances in normal and normal-superconductor structuresNov 23 1998Jan 19 1999We study theoretically electronic transport through a normal metal-- superconductor (NS) interface and show that more than one conductance may be defined, depending on the pair of chemical potentials whose difference one chooses to relate linearly to ... More
Thermal effects and switching kinetics in silver/manganite memristive systems: Probing oxygen vacancies diffusionMay 07 2014We investigate the switching kinetics of oxygen vacancies (Ov) diffusion in LPCMO-Ag memristive interfaces by performing experiments on the temperature dependence of the high resistance (HR) state under thermal cycling. Experimental results are well reproduced ... More
Supersymmetric $U(1)_{Y^{\prime}}\otimes U(1)_{B-L}$ extension of the standard modelSep 26 2016Oct 27 2016We build a supersymmetric version with $SU(3)_C\otimes SU(2)_L\otimes U(1)_{Y^\prime}\otimes U(1)_{B-L}$ gauge symmetry, where $Y^\prime$ is a new charge and $B$ and $L$ are the usual baryonic and leptonic numbers. The model has three right-handed neutrinos ... More
The second Feng-Rao number for codes coming from telescopic semigroupsMar 30 2016Jan 03 2017In this manuscript we show that the second Feng-Rao number of any telescopic numerical semigroup agrees with the multiplicity of the semigroup. To achieve this result we first study the behavior of Ap\'ery sets under gluings of numerical semigroups. These ... More
Variation Of The Tully-Fisher Relation As A Function Of The Magnitude Interval Of A Sample Of GalaxiesSep 27 2016In this paper we carry out a preliminary study of the dependence of the Tully-Fisher Relation (TFR) with the width and intensity level of the absolute magnitude interval of a limited sample of 2411 galaxies taken from Mathewson \& Ford (1996). The galaxies ... More
Evolutionary Games defined at the Network Mesoscale: The Public Goods gameNov 04 2010The evolutionary dynamics of the Public Goods game addresses the emergence of cooperation within groups of individuals. However, the Public Goods game on large populations of interconnected individuals has been usually modeled without any knowledge about ... More
A synchrotron jet from a post-AGB starAug 27 2013(Abridged) The evolution of low- and intermediate-initial-mass stars beyond the asymptotic giant branch (AGB) remains poorly understood. High-velocity outflows launched shortly after the AGB phase are thought to be the primary shaping mechanism of bipolar ... More