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Sudden death and birth of entanglement beyond the Markovian approximationMar 25 2009Apr 19 2009We investigate the entanglement dynamics of two initially entangled qubits interacting independently with two uncorrelated reservoirs beyond the Markovian approximation. Quite different from the Markovian reservoirs [C. E. Lopez et al., Phys. Rev. Lett. ... More
Fast multi-orbital equation of motion impurity solver for dynamical mean field theoryAug 11 2011Aug 25 2011We propose a fast multi-orbital impurity solver for the dynamical mean field theory (DMFT). Our DMFT solver is based on the equations of motion (EOM) for local Green's functions and constructed by generalizing from the single-orbital case to the multi-orbital ... More
The Electronic Structure of CaCuO$_2$ From the B3LYP Hybrid FunctionalDec 24 2002The electronic structure of the infinite layer compound CaCuO$_2$ has been calculated with the B3LYP hybrid density functional. The mixing of the Hartree-Fock exchange in the exchange-correlation energy separated the bands crossing Fermi energy to form ... More
Stability of the dynamics of an asymmetric neural networkDec 01 2006We study the stability of the dynamics of a network of n neurons intercting linearly through a random gaussian matrix of excitatory and inhibitory type. Using the aproach developed in a previous paper we show some interesting properties of the dynamic ... More
Masses of doubly charmed baryons in the extended on-mass-shell renormalization schemeFeb 15 2016Feb 17 2016In this work, we investigate the mass corrections of the doubly charmed baryons up to $N^2LO$ in the extended-on-mass-shell (EOMS) renormalization scheme, comparing with the results of heavy baryon chiral perturbation theory. We find that the terms from ... More
Three dimensional cooling and detecting of a nanosphere with a single cavityJul 06 2010Dec 20 2010We propose an experimental scheme to cool and measure the three-dimensional (3D) motion of an optically trapped nanosphere in a cavity. Driven by three lasers on TEM00, TEM01, and TEM10 modes, a single cavity can cool a trapped nanosphere to the quantum ... More
On the Nevanlinna characteristic of f(z+η) and difference equations in the complex planeSep 12 2006May 09 2008We investigate the growth of the Nevanlinna Characteristic of f(z+\eta) for a fixed \eta in this paper. In particular, we obtain a precise asymptotic relation between T(r,f(z+\eta) and T(r,f), which is only true for finite order meromorphic functions. ... More
Supersymmetry and the Linear ColliderOct 29 2002We present a pedagogical introduction to supersymmetry and supersymmetric models and give an overview of the potential of the linear collider for studying them. If supersymmetry is found, its discovery will bring with it many more questions than answers. ... More
Survey on the attention based RNN model and its applications in computer visionJan 25 2016The recurrent neural networks (RNN) can be used to solve the sequence to sequence problem, where both the input and the output have sequential structures. Usually there are some implicit relations between the structures. However, it is hard for the common ... More
On the Critical Capacity of the Hopfield ModelDec 21 2000We estimate the critical capacity of the zero-temperature Hopfield model by using a novel and rigorous method. The probability of having a stable fixed point is one when $\alpha\le 0.113$ for a large number of neurons. This result is an advance on all ... More
Strong-Coupling Behavior of Two $t-J$ Chains with Interchain Single-Electron HoppingJan 12 1994Jan 13 1994Using the fermion-spin transformation to implement spin-charge separation of constrained electrons, a model of two $t-J$ chains with interchain single-electron hopping is studied by abelian bosonization. After spin-charge decoupling the charge dynamics ... More
Dynamical behavior of a large complex systemDec 01 2006Limit theorems for a linear dynamical system with random interactions are established. These theorems enable us to characterize the dynamics of a large complex system in details and assess whether a large complex system is stable or unstable, answering ... More
Strong-Coupling Behavior of Two $t-J$ Chains with Interchain Single Electron HoppingJan 29 1994Using the fermion-spin transformation to implement spin-charge separation of constrained electrons, a model of two $t-J$ chains with interchain single-electron hopping is studied by abelian bosonization. After spin-charge decoupling the charge dynamics ... More
Hadronic Vacuum Polarization Contribution to g-2 from the LatticeDec 21 2011We give a short description of the present situation of lattice QCD simulations. We then focus on the computation of the anomalous magnetic moment of the muon using lattice techniques. We demonstrate that by employing improved observables for the muon ... More
Observability of Earth-skimming Ultra-high Energy NeutrinosMay 08 2001Apr 19 2002Neutrinos with energies above 10^8 GeV are expected from cosmic ray interactions with the microwave background and are predicted in many speculative models. Such energetic neutrinos are difficult to detect, as they are shadowed by the Earth, but rarely ... More
Small Interplanetary Magnetic Flux RopeMar 26 2019Small interplanetary magnetic flux ropes (SIMFRs) are often detected by space satellites in the interplanetary space near 1 AU. These ropes can be fitted by a cylindrically symmetric magnetic model. The durations of SIMFRsare usually <12 h, and the diameters ... More
Alignment and Nonlinear Elasticity in Biopolymer GelsFeb 12 2014Oct 14 2014We present a Landau type theory for the non-linear elasticity of biopolymer gels with a part of the order parameter describing induced nematic order of fibers in the gel. We attribute the non-linear elastic behavior of these materials to fiber alignment ... More
TESTING SUPERSYMMETRY AT THE NEXT LINEAR COLLIDERFeb 09 1995Feb 09 1995Up to now, almost all discussion of supersymmetry at future colliders has been concerned with particle searches. However, if candidates for supersymmetric particles are found, there is much more that we will want to know about them. Supersymmetry predicts ... More
Remote-control spin filtering through a $T$-type structureOct 05 2006Mar 01 2007We propose a spin filter scheme using a $T$-stub waveguide. By applying a moderate magnetic field at the tip of the sidearm, this device can produce both large electric and spin current. The direction, polarization of the output spin current can be further ... More
Non-iterative recomputation of dense layers for performance improvement of DCNNSep 14 2018An iterative method of learning has become a paradigm for training deep convolutional neural networks (DCNN). However, utilizing a non-iterative learning strategy can accelerate the training process of the DCNN and surprisingly such approach has been ... More
Quantum interferometry with binary-outcome measurements in the presence of phase diffusionApr 04 2014Jul 09 2014Optimal measurement scheme with an efficient data processing is important in quantum-enhanced interferometry. Here we prove that for a general binary outcome measurement, the simplest data processing based on inverting the average signal can saturate ... More
Analysis of a Mixed Finite Element Method for a Cahn-Hilliard-Darcy-Stokes SystemDec 04 2013Dec 21 2013In this paper we devise and analyze a mixed finite element method for a modified Cahn-Hilliard equation coupled with a non-steady Darcy-Stokes flow that models phase separation and coupled fluid flow in immiscible binary fluids and diblock copolymer melts. ... More
Quantum-memory-assisted entropic uncertainty principle under noiseMar 15 2012The measurement outcomes of two incompatible observables on a particle can be precisely predicted when it is maximally entangled with a quantum memory, as quantified recently [Nature Phys. 6, 659 (2010)]. We explore the behavior of the uncertainty relation ... More
Dissipative dynamics of quantum discord under quantum chaotic environmentOct 19 2010We investigate the dissipative dynamics of quantum discord in a decoherence model with two initially entangled qubits in addition to a quantum kicked top. The two qubits are uncoupled during the period of our study and one of them interacts with the quantum ... More
Efficient generation of entangled photons by cavity QEDJul 14 2006A potential scheme is proposed to generate complete sets of entangled photons in the context of cavity quantum electrodynamics (QED). The scheme includes twice interactions of atoms with cavities, in which the first interaction is made in two-mode optical ... More
Key Reconciliation with Low-Density Parity-Check Codes for Long-Distance Quantum CryptographyFeb 24 2017Apr 17 2017The speed at which two remote parties can exchange secret keys over a fixed-length fiber-optic cable in continuous-variable quantum key distribution (CV-QKD) is currently limited by the computational complexity of post-processing algorithms for key reconciliation. ... More
Matrix Product Representation of Locality Preserving UnitariesApr 06 2017The matrix product representation provides a useful formalism to study not only entangled states, but also entangled operators in one dimension. In this paper, we focus on unitary transformations and show that matrix product operators that are unitary ... More
A new method to measure the virial factors in the reverberation mapping of AGNsDec 08 2015Nov 20 2016Based on the gravitational redshift, one prediction of Einstein's general relativity theory, of broad optical emission lines in active galactic nuclei (AGNs), a new method is proposed to estimate the virial factors $f$ in measuring black hole masses $M_{\rm{RM}}$ ... More
Influences of Radiation Pressures on Mass Estimates of Supermassive Black Holes in AGNsMay 12 2015Oct 06 2015In this paper, we investigate the influences of two continuum radiation pressures of the central engines on the black hole mass estimates for 40 active galactic nuclei (AGNs) with high accretion rates. The two continuum radiation pressure forces, usually ... More
Percolation-induced exponential scaling in the large current tails of random resistor networksSep 12 2012Sep 25 2013There is a renewed surge in percolation-induced transport properties of diverse nano-particle composites (cf. RSC Nanoscience & Nanotechnology Series, Paul O'Brien Editor-in-Chief). We note in particular a broad interest in nano-composites exhibiting ... More
Black hole in a superconducting plasmaMar 19 2019The generalized vortical formalism provides an electrodynamic description for superconducting states---in the generalized vortical formalism, a superconducting state may be defined by the vanishing of an appropriate generalized vorticity and characterized ... More
Nonlinear elasticity of disordered fiber networksJul 27 2015Disordered biopolymer gels have striking mechanical properties including strong nonlinearities. In the case of athermal gels (such as collagen-I) the nonlinearity has long been associated with a crossover from a bending dominated to a stretching dominated ... More
Rotating Solutions in Critical Lovelock GravitiesSep 28 2016For appropriate choices of the coupling constants, the equations of motion of Lovelock gravities up to order n in the Riemann tensor can be factorized such that the theories admits a single (A)dS vacuum. In this paper we construct two classes of exact ... More
High-precision evaluation of Wigner's d-matrix by exact diagonalizationJul 16 2015Oct 05 2015The precise calculations of the Wigner's d-matrix are important in various research fields. Due to the presence of large numbers, direct calculations of the matrix using the Wigner's formula suffer from loss of precision. We present a simple method to ... More
Pseudogap effects on the charge dynamics in the underdoped copper oxide materialsMay 13 2002Within the t-J model, the charge dynamics of copper oxide materials in the underdoped regime is studied based on the fermion-spin theory. It is shown that both in-plane charge dynamics and c-axis charge dynamics are mainly governed by the scattering from ... More
Normal-state pseudogap and electron flat dispersion in copper oxide materialsJun 06 2000The anomalous momentum and doping dependence of the electron spectral function and electron dispersion for copper oxide materials in the underdoped regime are studied within the t-J model. It is shown that the electron spectrum is changed with dopings, ... More
Effect of the additional second neighbor hopping on the charge dynamics in the t-J modelMar 17 2002The effect of the additional second neighbor hopping t' on the charge dynamics of the t-J model in the underdoped regime is studied within the fermion-spin theory. The conductivity spectrum of the t-t'-J model shows the low-energy peak and unusual midinfrared ... More
Chebyshev-type cubature formulas for doubling weights on spheres, balls and simplexesMay 13 2017Jul 13 2017This paper proves that given a doubling weight $w$ on the unit sphere $\mathbb{S}^{d-1}$ of $\mathbb{R}^d$, there exists a positive constant $K_w$ such that for each positive integer $n$ and each integer $N\geq \max_{x\in \mathbb{S}^{d-1}} \frac {K_w} ... More
Complex short pulse and coupled complex short pulse equationsDec 22 2013Feb 13 2015In the present paper, we propose a complex short pulse equation and a coupled complex short equation to describe ultra-short pulse propagation in optical fibers. They are shown to be integrable due to the existence of Lax pairs and infinite number of ... More
Next-to-leading-order QCD corrections to gluon fragmentation into ${}^1S_0^{(1,8)}$ quarkoniaOct 09 2018Within the NRQCD factorization framework, we compute the next-to-leading-order QCD corrections to the gluon fragmentation into the ${}^1S_0^{(1,8)}$ Fock components of a quarkonium, at the lowest order in velocity expansion. We follow the operator definition ... More
Quantum mechanical NMR implementation of DNA algorithm for satisfiability problemFeb 02 2008DNA computation could in principle solve the satisfiability (SAT) problem due to the operations in parallel on extremely large numbers of strands. We demonstrate some quantum gates corresponding to the DNA ones, based on which an implementation of DNA ... More
Dissipation in Single-Crystal 3C-SiC Ultra-High Frequency Nanomechanical ResonatorsJun 28 2006The energy dissipation 1/Q (where Q is the quality factor) and resonance frequency characteristics of single-crystal 3C-SiC ultrahigh frequency (UHF) nanomechanical resonators are measured, for a family of UHF resonators with resonance frequencies of ... More
Stress relaxation in F-actin solutions by severingMay 20 2019Networks of filamentous actin (F-actin) are important for the mechanics of most animal cells. These cytoskeletal networks are highly dynamic, with a variety of actin-associated proteins that control cross-linking, polymerization and force generation in ... More
Measurement of neutron total cross-sections of 209Bi at the Pohang Neutron FacilityJun 06 2014Measurements of neutron total cross-sections of natural bismuth in the neutron energy region from 0.1 eV to 100 eV have been performed by using the time-of-flight method at the Pohang Neutron Facility, which consists of an electron linear accelerator, ... More
Single spin detection by qubit SWAP to a molecular nanomagnetDec 10 2004Mar 03 2005Spin state detection is a key but very challenging step for any spin-based solid-state quantum computing technology. In fullerene based quantum computer technologies, we here propose to detect the single spin inside a fullerene by transferring the quantum ... More
Readout scheme of the fullerene-based quantum computer by a single electron transistorJan 26 2004Aug 04 2004The readout of the quantum spin state is a challenge for any spin-based quantum computing implementation. We propose a scheme, based on the achieved technique of single electron transistor (SET), to implement the readout of electronic spin state inside ... More
Structural relaxation effects on interface and transport properties of Fe/MgO(001) tunnel junctionsNov 12 2008The interface structure of Fe/MgO(100) magnetic tunnel junctions predicted by density functional theory (DFT) depends significantly on the choice of exchange and correlation functional. Bader analysis reveals that structures obtained by relaxing the cell ... More
Determination of the Boltzmann Constant Using the Differential - Cylindrical ProcedureJan 12 2015We report in this paper the progresses on the determination of the Boltzmann constant using the acoustic gas thermometer (AGT) of fixed-length cylindrical cavities. First, we present the comparison of the molar masses of pure argon gases through comparing ... More
Isolated Galaxies versus Interacting Pairs with MaNGAOct 28 2015We present preliminary results of the spectral analysis on the radial distributions of the star formation history in both, a galaxy merger and a spiral isolated galaxy observed with MaNGA. We find that the central part of the isolated galaxy is composed ... More
Electronic properties in a quantum well structure of Weyl semimetalSep 29 2016We investigate the confined states and transport of three-dimensional Weyl electrons around a one-dimensional external rectangular electrostatic potential. Confined states with finite transverse wave vector exist at energies higher than the half well ... More
Magneto-Optical Detection of the Spin Hall Effect in Pt and W Thin FilmsApr 21 2017Jun 27 2017Here we report the measurement of the interfacial spin accumulation induced by the spin Hall effect in Pt and W thin films using magneto-optical Kerr microscopy. We show that the Kerr rotation has opposite sign in Pt and W and scales linearly with current ... More
Fermi liquid breakdown and evidence for superconductivity in YFe$_2$Ge$_2$Nov 01 2013Sep 26 2014In the d-electron system YFe$_2$Ge$_2$, an unusually high and temperature dependent Sommerfeld ratio of the specific heat capacity $C/T \sim 100~\mathrm{mJ/(molK^2)}$ and an anomalous power law temperature dependence of the electrical resistivity $\rho ... More
Are Antiprotons Forever?Jun 29 1995Oct 12 1995Up to one million antiprotons from a single LEAR spill have been captured in a large Penning trap. Surprisingly, when the antiprotons are cooled to energies significantly below 1 eV, the annihilation rate falls below background. Thus, very long storage ... More
Effect of crystallographic dislocations on the reverse performance of 4H-SiC p-n diodesOct 04 2010A quantitative study was performed to investigate the impact of crystallographic dislocation defects, 21 including screw dislocation, basal plane dislocation, and threading edge dislocation, and their locations in 22 active and JTE region, on the reverse ... More
Semantic Regularisation for Recurrent Image AnnotationNov 16 2016The "CNN-RNN" design pattern is increasingly widely applied in a variety of image annotation tasks including multi-label classification and captioning. Existing models use the weakly semantic CNN hidden layer or its transform as the image embedding that ... More
Forecasts for the WFIRST High Latitude Survey using the BlueTides SimulationMay 18 2016May 19 2016We use the BlueTides simulation to predict the properties of the high-$z$ galaxy and active galactic nuclei (AGN) populations for the planned 2200deg$^2$ Wide-Field Infrared Survey Telescope's (WFIRST)-AFTA High Latitude Survey (HLS). BlueTides is a cosmological ... More
Revisiting Correlations Between Broad-Line and Jet Emission Variations for AGNs: 3C 120 and 3C 273Dec 30 2014Mar 17 2015We restudy the issue of cross-correlations between broad-line and jet emission variations, and aim to locate the position of radio (and gamma-ray) emitting region in jet of active galactic nuclei (AGNs). Considering the radial profiles of the radius and ... More
The properties of the first galaxies in the BLUETIDES simulationApr 04 2017We employ the very large cosmological hydrodynamical simulation BLUETIDES to investigate the predicted properties of the galaxy population during the epoch of reionisation ($z>8$). BLUETIDES has a resolution and volume ($(400/h\approx 577)^{3}\,{\rm cMpc^3}$) ... More
Superdiffusion of 2D Yukawa liquids due to a perpendicular magnetic fieldNov 27 2013Jul 08 2014Stochastic transport of a two-dimensional (2D) dusty plasma liquid with a perpendicular magnetic field is studied. Superdiffusion, which is a type of non-Fickian transport, is found to occur especially at higher magnetic fields with $\beta$ of order unity. ... More
The Generation of Super-Resolving Single-Photon Path-Entangled StateOct 21 2013In this paper, we propose two protocols for generating super-resolving \textit{single-photon} path-entangled states from general maximally path-entangled N00N states. We also show that both protocols generate the desired state with different probabilities ... More
Perfect spin-fillter and spin-valve in carbon atomic chainsNov 01 2009We report ab initio calculations of spin-dependent transport in single atomic carbon chains bridging two zigzag graphene nanoribbon electrodes. Our calculations show that carbon atomic chains coupled to graphene electrodes are perfect spin-filters with ... More
Rapid 3D Reconstruction of Indoor Environments to Generate Virtual Reality Serious Games ScenariosDec 04 2018Virtual Reality (VR) for Serious Games (SGs) is attracting increasing attention for training applications due to its potential to provide significantly enhanced learning to users. Some examples of the application of VR for SGs are complex training evacuation ... More
Correlation between local structure and dynamic heterogeneity in a metallic glass-forming liquidOct 15 2015Dynamic heterogeneity as one of the most important properties in supercooled liquids has been found for several decades. However, its structural origin remains open for many systems. Here, we propose a new structural parameter to characterize local atomic ... More
Self-Interacting Dark Matter from a Non-Abelian Hidden SectorFeb 15 2014Jul 10 2015There is strong evidence in favor of the idea that dark matter is self interacting, with the cross section-to-mass ratio $\sigma / m \sim 1\,\mathrm{cm^2/g} \sim 1\,\mathrm{barn/GeV}$. We show that viable models of dark matter with this large cross section ... More
A novel shear flow instability triggered by a chemical reaction in the absence of inertiaNov 12 2006We present an experimental investigation of a novel low Reynolds number shear flow instability triggered by a chemical reaction. An acid-base reaction taking place at the interface between a Newtonian fluid and Carbopol-940 solution leads to a strong ... More
Doping and Temperature Dependence of Raman Scattering of NdFeAsO1-xFx (x=0.0, 0.1, 0.2) SuperconductorSep 09 2008Raman spectra of polycrystalline NdFeAsO1-xFx (x=0.0, 0.1, 0.2) compound have been systematically investigated as functions of temperature and fluorine concentration. Scanning electron microscopic and Raman microscopic characterization demonstrates that ... More
Multi-ion Mach-Zehnder interferometer with artificial nonlinear interactionsMay 03 2012We show how to implement a Mach-Zehnder interferometry based upon a string of trapped ions with artificial nonlinear interactions. By adiabatically sweeping down/up the coupling strength between two involved internal states of the ions, we could achieve ... More
High-fidelity quantum memory using nitrogen-vacancy center ensemble for hybrid quantum computationJun 15 2011We study a hybrid quantum computing system using nitrogen-vacancy center ensemble (NVE) as quantum memory, current-biased Josephson junction (CBJJ) superconducting qubit fabricated in a transmission line resonator (TLR) as quantum computing processor ... More
Spin polarized current in a junction of zigzag carbon nanotubeSep 11 2007We investigated spin-resolved electronic transport through a junction composed of a nonmagnetic metal electrode and a zigzag carbon nanotube by means of self-consistent Green's function method in the tight binding approximation and the unrestricted Hartree-Fock ... More
iVQA: Inverse Visual Question AnsweringOct 10 2017Mar 16 2018We propose the inverse problem of Visual question answering (iVQA), and explore its suitability as a benchmark for visuo-linguistic understanding. The iVQA task is to generate a question that corresponds to a given image and answer pair. Since the answers ... More
Solution of the Nuclear Shell Model by Symmetry-Dictated TruncationOct 08 1995The dynamical symmetries of the Fermion Dynamical Symmetry Model are used as a principle of truncation for the spherical shell model. Utilizing the usual principle of energy-dictated truncation to select a valence space, and symmetry-dictated truncation ... More
Uniform Information Exchange in Multi-channel Wireless Ad Hoc NetworksMar 30 2015In the information exchange problem, k packets that are initially maintained by k nodes need to be disseminated to the whole network as quickly as possible. We consider this problem in single-hop multi- channel networks of n nodes, and propose a uniform ... More
Complete long-term corrosion protection with chemical vapor deposited grapheneMay 14 2018Despite the numerous reports on the topic, examples of chemical vapor deposited (CVD) graphene-based anticorrosive coatings able to provide long-term protection (i.e., several months) of metals are still unavailable. Here, we finally present a polymer-graphene ... More
Finite-time Stabilization of Circular Formations using Bearing-only MeasurementsMar 11 2013This paper studies decentralized formation control of multiple vehicles when each vehicle can only measure the local bearings of their neighbors by using bearing-only sensors. Since the inter-vehicle distance cannot be measured, the target formation involves ... More
Imaging of Single La Vacancies in LaMnO$_{3}$Nov 16 2017We report an approach for three-dimensional imaging of single vacancies using high precision quantitative high-angle annular dark-field Z-contrast scanning transmission electron microscopy (STEM). Vacancies are identified by both the reduction in scattered ... More
Abrupt climate transition of icy worlds from snowball to moist or runaway greenhouseSep 05 2018Ongoing and future space missions aim to identify potentially habitable planets in our Solar System and beyond. Planetary habitability is determined not only by a planet's current stellar insolation and atmospheric properties, but also by the evolutionary ... More
Semidefinite programming relaxations for linear semi-infinite polynomial programmingSep 21 2015Oct 14 2015This paper studies a class of so-called linear semi-infinite polynomial programming (LSIPP) problems. It is a subclass of linear semi-infinite programming problems whose constraint functions are polynomials in parameters and index sets are basic semialgebraic ... More
Recent progress in applying lattice QCD to kaon physicsNov 15 2017Standard lattice calculations in kaon physics are based on the evaluation of matrix elements of local operators between two single-hadron states or a single-hadron state and the vacuum. Recent progress in lattice QCD has gone beyond these standard observables. ... More
Graphical retrieval method for orthorhombic anisotropic materialsJul 22 2010We apply the equivalent theory to orthorhombic anisotropic materials and provide a general unit-cell design criterion for achieving a length-independent retrieval of the effective material parameters from a single layer of unit cells. We introduce a graphical ... More
Large deviations associated with Poisson--Dirichlet distribution and Ewens sampling formulaOct 30 2007Several results of large deviations are obtained for distributions that are associated with the Poisson--Dirichlet distribution and the Ewens sampling formula when the parameter $\theta$ approaches infinity. The motivation for these results comes from ... More
Bayesian Cooperative Localization Using Received Signal Strength With Unknown Path Loss Exponent: Message Passing ApproachesApr 01 2019We propose a Bayesian framework for the received-signal-strength-based cooperative localization problem with unknown path loss exponent. Our purpose is to infer the marginal posterior of each unknown parameter: the position or the path loss exponent. ... More
Preservation of quantum correlation between separated nitrogen-vacancy centers embedded in photonic crystal cavitiesJan 31 2013Feb 16 2013We investigate the non-Markovian dynamics of quantum correlation between two initially entangled nitrogen-vacancy centers (NVC) embedded in photonic crystal cavities (PCC). We find that a finite quantum correlation is preserved even asymptotically when ... More
Observation of density-dependent gauge fields in a Bose-Einstein condensate based on micromotion control in a shaken two-dimensional latticeJan 30 2018May 27 2018We demonstrate a density-dependent gauge field, induced by atomic interactions, for quantum gases. The gauge field results from the synchronous coupling between the interactions and micromotion of the atoms in a modulated two-dimensional optical lattice. ... More
Parity symmetry and parity breaking in the quantum Rabi model with addition of Ising interactionApr 28 2014We explore the possibility to generate new parity symmetry in the quantum Rabi model after a bias is introduced. In contrast to a mathematical treatment in a previous publication [J. Phys. A 46, 265302 (2013)], we consider a physically realistic method ... More
EmotioNet Challenge: Recognition of facial expressions of emotion in the wildMar 03 2017This paper details the methodology and results of the EmotioNet challenge. This challenge is the first to test the ability of computer vision algorithms in the automatic analysis of a large number of images of facial expressions of emotion in the wild. ... More
Electromagnetic form factors of spin 1/2 doubly charmed baryonsJul 03 2018We study the electromagnetic form factors of the doubly charmed baryons, using covariant chiral perturbation theory within the extended on-mass-shell (EOMS) scheme. Vector-meson contributions are also taken into account. We present results for the baryon ... More
Inverse Visual Question Answering: A New Benchmark and VQA Diagnosis ToolMar 16 2018In recent years, visual question answering (VQA) has become topical. The premise of VQA's significance as a benchmark in AI, is that both the image and textual question need to be well understood and mutually grounded in order to infer the correct answer. ... More
A tiny host galaxy for the first giant black hole: $z= 7.5$ quasar in BlueTidesJun 01 2018The most distant known quasar recently discovered by Ba\~nados et al. (2018) is at $z=7.5$ (690 Myr after the Big Bang), at the dawn of galaxy formation. We explore the host galaxy of the brightest quasar in the large volume cosmological hydrodynamic ... More
Dust Obscured Star Forming Galaxies in the Early UniverseOct 05 2017Motivated by recent observational constraints on dust reprocessed emission in star forming galaxies at $z\sim 6$ and above we use the very-large cosmological hydrodynamical simulation \bluetides\ to explore predictions for the amount of dust obscured ... More
Nuclear Shell Model Calculations with Fundamental Nucleon-Nucleon InteractionsMay 16 1995Some fundamental Nucleon-Nucleon interactions and their applications to finite nuclei are reviewed. Results for the few-body systems and from Shell-Model calculations are discussed and compared to point out the advantages and disadvantages of the different ... More
The fermion dynamical symmetry model for the even--even and even--odd nuclei in the Xe--Ba regionOct 08 1995The even--even and even--odd nuclei $^{126}$Xe-$^{132}$Xe and $^{131}$Ba-$^{137}$Ba are shown to have a well-realized $SO_8 \supset SO_6 \supset SO_3$ fermion dynamical symmetry. Their low-lying energy levels can be described by a unified analytical expression ... More
Spatially Resolved Thermometry of Resistive Memory DevicesJun 07 2017The operation of resistive and phase-change memory (RRAM and PCM) is controlled by highly localized self-heating effects, yet detailed studies of their temperature are rare due to challenges of nanoscale thermometry. Here we show that the combination ... More
Rigid Graph Compression: Motif-based rigidity analysis for disordered fiber networksNov 15 2017Using particle-scale models to accurately describe property enhancements and phase transitions in macroscopic behavior is a major engineering challenge in composite materials science. To address some of these challenges, we use the graph theoretic property ... More
Timescale Analysis of Spectral LagsJul 21 2004A technique for timescale analysis of spectral lags performed directly in the time domain is developed. Simulation studies are made to compare the time domain technique with the Fourier frequency analysis for spectral time lags. The time domain technique ... More
Distributed Control of Angle-constrained Circular Formations using Bearing-only MeasurementsOct 28 2012Oct 30 2012This paper studies distributed formation control of multiple agents in the plane using bearing-only measurements. It is assumed that each agent only measures the local bearings of their neighbor agents. The target formation considered in this paper is ... More
Dynamics and Synchrony from Oscillatory Data via Dimension ReductionSep 18 2008Complex, oscillatory data arises from a large variety of biological, physical, and social systems. However, the inherent oscillation and ubiquitous noise pose great challenges to current methodology such as linear and nonlinear time series analysis. We ... More
Google Map Aided Visual Navigation for UAVs in GPS-denied EnvironmentMar 29 2017We propose a framework for Google Map aided UAV navigation in GPS-denied environment. Geo-referenced navigation provides drift-free localization and does not require loop closures. The UAV position is initialized via correlation, which is simple and efficient. ... More
Observing momentum disturbance in double-slit "which-way" measurementsMay 05 2018Making a "which-way" measurement (WWM) to identify which slit a particle goes through in a double-slit apparatus will reduce the visibility of interference fringes. There has been a long-standing controversy over whether this can be attributed to an uncontrollable ... More
Stable charge density wave phase in a 1T-TiSe$_2$ monolayerFeb 27 2017Jun 29 2017Charge density wave (CDW) phases are symmetry-reduced states of matter in which a periodic modulation of the electronic charge frequently leads to drastic changes of the electronic spectrum, including the emergence of energy gaps. We analyze the CDW state ... More
An Energy Stable Finite-Difference Scheme for Functionalized Cahn-Hilliard Equation and its Convergence AnalysisOct 08 2016We present and analyze an unconditionally energy stable and convergent finite difference scheme for the Functionalized Cahn-Hilliard equation. One key difficulty associated with the energy stability is based on the fact that one nonlinear energy functional ... More