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Mott physics beyond Brinkman-Rice scenarioJan 07 2017The main flaw of the well-known Brinkman-Rice description, obtained through the Gutzwiller approximation, of the paramagnetic Mott transition in the Hubbard model is in neglecting high-energy virtual processes that generate for instance the antiferromagnetic ... More
Surprises in the phase diagram of an Anderson impurity model for a single C$_{60}^{n-}$ moleculeJan 11 2005Sep 09 2005We find by Wilson numerical renormalization group and conformal field theory that a three-orbital Anderson impurity model for a C$_{60}^{n-}$ molecule has a very rich phase diagram which includes non-Fermi-liquid stable and unstable fixed points with ... More
Valley Jahn-Teller effect in twisted bilayer grapheneApr 12 2019Apr 16 2019The surprising insulating and superconducting states of narrow-band graphene twisted bilayers have been mostly discussed so far in terms of strong electron correlation, with little or no attention to phonons and electron-phonon effects. We found that, ... More
Ordered phases of XXZ-symmetric spin-1/2 zigzag ladderOct 31 2003Using bosonization approach, we derive an effective low-energy theory for XXZ-symmetric spin-1/2 zigzag ladders and discuss its phase diagram by a variational approach. A spin nematic phase emerges in a wide part of the phase diagram, either critical ... More
A phase field model for liquid-vapour phase transitionsDec 12 2010We propose a model describing the liquid-vapour phase transition according to a phase-field approach. The model takes up a setting proposed by the second author, where a phase field is introduced whose equilibrium values 0 and 1 are associated to the ... More
Spherical Skyrmion black holes as gravitational lensesMay 09 2018Aug 21 2018In this article, we extend the strong deflection limit to calculate the deflection angle for a class of geometries which are asymptotically locally flat. In particular, we study the deflection of light in the surroundings of spherical black holes in Einstein-Skyrme ... More
Detection of Tiny Mechanical Motion by Means of the Ratchet EffectJan 08 2009We propose a position detection scheme for a nanoelectromechanical resonator based on the ratchet effect. This scheme has an advantage of being a dc measurement. We consider a three-junction SQUID where a part of the superconducting loop can perform mechanical ... More
Three Dimensional Non-Isothermal Ginzburg-Landau Phase-Field Model for Shape Memory AlloysMar 21 2014In this paper, a macroscopic three dimensional non-isothermal model is proposed to describe hysteresis phenomena and phase transformations in shape memory alloys (SMAs). The model is of phase-field type and is based on the Ginzburg-Landau theory. The ... More
The KOH terms and classes of unimodal N-modular diagramsJan 07 2011Jun 22 2011We show how certain suitably modified N-modular diagrams of integer partitions provide a nice combinatorial interpretation for the general term of Zeilberger's KOH identity. This identity is the reformulation of O'Hara's famous proof of the unimodality ... More
Monodromy and normal formsJul 02 2015We discuss the history of the monodromy theorem, starting from Weierstra\ss, and the concept of monodromy group. From this viewpoint we compare then the Weierstra\ss , the Legendre and other normal forms for elliptic curves, explaining their geometric ... More
Extending the idea of compressed algebra to arbitrary socle-vectors, II: cases of non-existenceNov 24 2004This paper is the continuation of the previous work on generalized compressed algebras (GCA's). First we exhibit a new class of socle-vectors $s$ which admit a GCA (whose $h$-vector is lower than the upper-bound $H$ of Theorem A of the previous paper). ... More
Stanley's theorem on codimension 3 Gorenstein $h$-vectorsNov 10 2004Mar 04 2005In this note we supply an elementary proof of the following well-known theorem of R. Stanley: the $h$-vectors of Gorenstein algebras of codimension 3 are SI-sequences, i.e. are symmetric and the first difference of their first half is an $O$-sequence. ... More
Level algebras of type 2Nov 10 2004Mar 29 2005In this paper we study standard graded artinian level algebras, in particular those whose socle-vector has type 2. Our main results are: the characterization of the level $h$-vectors of the form $(1,r,...,r,2)$ for $r\leq 4$; the characterization of the ... More
Trecce, Mapping class group, fibrazioni di Lefschetz ed applicazioni al diffeomorfismo di superficie algebricheMay 14 2004Jul 25 2005Purpose of the Conference article, intended for a wider audience, is to introduce concepts and techniques used by Bronislaw Wajnryb and the author in order to show the diffeomorphism of certain elementary algebraic surfaces, called ABC surfaces, which ... More
Canonical surfaces of higher degreeFeb 04 2016We consider a family of surfaces of general type $S$ with $K_S$ ample, having $K^2_S = 24, p_g (S) = 6, q(S)=0$. We prove that for these surfaces the canonical system is base point free and yields an embedding $\Phi_1 : S \rightarrow \mathbb{P}^5$. This ... More
Topological methods in moduli theoryNov 12 2014Jul 02 2015One of the main themes of this long article is the study of projective varieties which are K(H,1)'s, i.e. classifying spaces BH for some discrete group H. After recalling the basic properties of such classifying spaces, an important class of such varieties ... More
Differentiable and deformation type of algebraic surfaces, real and symplectic structuresMay 10 2007Lecture 1: Projective and K\"ahler Manifolds, the Enriques classification, construction techniques. Lecture 2: Surfaces of general type and their Canonical models. Deformation equivalence and singularities. Lecture 3: Deformation and diffeomorphism, canonical ... More
Rational curves on genus one fibrationsSep 25 2018Mar 13 2019In this paper we look for necessary and sufficient conditions for a genus one fibration to have rational curves. We show that a projective variety with log terminal singularities that admits a relatively minimal genus one fibration $X\rightarrow B$ does ... More
Interval Conjectures for level Hilbert functionsMay 06 2007Sep 25 2007We conjecture that the set of all Hilbert functions of (artinian) level algebras enjoys a very natural form of regularity, which we call the {\em Interval Conjecture} (IC): If, for some positive integer $\alpha $, $(1,h_1,...,h_i,...,h_e)$ and $(1,h_1,...,h_i+\alpha ... More
Improving the bounds of the Multiplicity Conjecture: the codimension 3 level caseNov 11 2005Apr 30 2006The Multiplicity Conjecture (MC) of Huneke and Srinivasan provides upper and lower bounds for the multiplicity of a Cohen-Macaulay algebra $A$ in terms of the shifts appearing in the modules of the minimal free resolution (MFR) of $A$. All the examples ... More
Diagonal invariants and the refined multimahonian distributionMay 19 2008Jul 01 2008Combinatorial aspects of multivariate diagonal invariants of the symmetric group are studied. As a consequence it is proved the existence of a multivariate extension of the classical Robinson-Schensted correspondence. Further byproduct are a pure combinatorial ... More
Cyclic Symmetry on Complex Tori and Bagnera-De Franchis ManifoldsFeb 05 2019We describe the possible linear actions of a cyclic group $G = \mathbb{Z} /n$ on a complex torus, using the cyclotomic exact sequence for the group algebra $\mathbb{Z} [G]$. The main application is devoted to a structure theorem for Bagnera-De Franchis ... More
Semi-Classical Quantization of the Many-Anyon SystemJul 29 1992We discuss the problem of N anyons in harmonic well, and derive the semi-classical spectrum as an exactly solvable limit of the many-anyon Hamiltonian. The relevance of our result to the solution of the anyon-gas model is discussed.
Superfluidity and vortices: A Ginzburg-Landau modelMay 30 2008The paper deals with the study of superfluidity by a Ginzburg-Landau model that investigates the material by a second order phase transition, in which any particle has simultaneouly a normal and superfluid motion. This pattern is able to describe the ... More
The Out-of-Equilibrium Time-Dependent Gutzwiller ApproximationApr 10 2012We review the recently proposed extension of the Gutzwiller approximation, M. Schiro' and M. Fabrizio, Phys. Rev. Lett. 105, 076401 (2010), designed to describe the out-of-equilibrium time-evolution of a Gutzwiller-type variational wave function for correlated ... More
Misiurewicz parameters and dynamical stability of polynomial-like maps of large topological degreeDec 08 2016Given a family of polynomial-like maps of large topological degree, we relate the presence of Misiurewicz parameters to a growth condition of the postcritical volume. This allows us to generalize to this setting the theory of stability and bifurcation ... More
Deformation types of real and complex manifoldsNov 22 2001Jan 30 2002The Leit-Faden of the article (which is partially a survey) is a negative answer to the question whether, for a compact complex manifold which is a $K(\pi, 1)$ the diffeomorphism type determines the deformation type. We show that a deformation in the ... More
Tuning of a skyrmion cluster in magnetoelectric Cu$_2$OSeO$_3$ by electric fieldOct 10 2018Chiral magnetic textures with non-trivial topology are known as skyrmions, and due to their unique properties they are promising in novel magnetic storage applications. While the electric manipulation of either isolated skyrmions or a whole skyrmion lattice ... More
In situ Electric Field Skyrmion Creation in Magnetoelectric Cu$_2$OSeO$_3$Oct 25 2017Magnetic skyrmions are localized nanometric spin textures with quantized winding numbers as the topological invariant. Rapidly increasing attention has been paid to the investigations of skyrmions since their experimental discovery in 2009, due both to ... More
Enhanced magnetic fluctuations in doped spin-Peierls systems: a single-chain model analysisMar 11 1997Mar 19 1997We analyze by means of real space Renormalization Group (RG) as well as by exact diagonalizations the properties of a single-chain model of a doped spin-Peierls system, where a major role is played by the localized moments created by the impurities. We ... More
Coexistence of antiferromagnetism and dimerization in a disordered spin-Peierls model: exact resultsJan 21 1997A model of disordered spin-Peierls system is considered, where domain walls are randomly distributed as a telegraph noise. For this realization of the disorder in an XX spin chain, we calculate exactly the density of states as well as several thermodynamic ... More
Spin-Charge separation in a model of two coupled chainsOct 19 1992A model of interacting electrons living on two chains coupled by a transverse hopping $t_\perp$, is solved exactly by bosonization technique. It is shown that $t_\perp$ does modify the shape of the Fermi surface also in presence of interaction, although ... More
A single chain analysis of doped quasi one dimensional spin 1 compounds: paramagnetic versus spin 1/2 dopingJun 16 1997We present a numerical study of single chain models of doped spin 1 compounds. We use low energy effective one-dimensional models for both the cases of paramagnetic and spin-1/2 doping. In the case of paramagnetic doping, the effective model is equivalent ... More
Long-distance entanglement and quantum teleportation in coupled cavity arraysJun 15 2009Oct 22 2009We introduce quantum spin models whose ground states allow for sizeable entanglement between distant spins. We discuss how spin models with global end-to-end entanglement realize quantum teleportation channels with optimal compromise between scalability ... More
Characterization of separability and entanglement in $(2\times{D})$- and $(3\times{D})$-dimensional systems by single-qubit and single-qutrit unitary transformationsJun 11 2007Aug 03 2007We investigate the geometric characterization of pure state bipartite entanglement of $(2\times{D})$- and $(3\times{D})$-dimensional composite quantum systems. To this aim, we analyze the relationship between states and their images under the action of ... More
Low degree morphisms of E(5,10)-generalized verma modulesMar 27 2019In this paper we face the study of the representations of the exceptional Lie superalgebra E(5,10). We recall the construction of generalized Verma modules and give a combinatorial description of the restriction to sl_5 of the Verma module induced by ... More
Warnaar's bijection and colored partition identities, IDec 12 2011Jun 28 2012We provide a general and unified combinatorial framework for a number of colored partition identities, which include the five, recently proved analytically by B. Berndt, that correspond to the exceptional modular equations of prime degree due to H. Schroeter, ... More
On a quasilinear mean field equation with exponential nonlinearityOct 24 2014The mean field equation involving the $N$-Laplace operator and an exponential nonlinearity is considered in dimension $N\geq2$ on bounded domains with homogenoeus Dirichlet boundary condition. By a detailed asymptotic analysis we derive a quantization ... More
Toulouse limit for the overscreened four-channel Kondo problemJul 26 1994We show that the spin dynamics of the 4--channel Kondo model is equivalent to the one of a model with a spin 1/2 impurity coupled to spin 1 conduction electrons. By abelian bosonization of the latter model we find a kind of Toulouse limit analogous to ... More
Interacting one dimensional electron gas with open boundariesApr 04 1995We discuss the properties of interacting electrons on a finite chain with open boundary conditions. We extend the Haldane Luttinger liquid description to these systems and study how the presence of the boundaries modifies various correlation functions. ... More
Interplay of charge and spin dynamics after an interaction quench in the Hubbard modelNov 06 2017We investigate the unitary dynamics following a sudden increase $\Delta U>0$ of repulsion in the paramagnetic sector of the half-filled Hubbard model on a Bethe lattice, by means of a variational approach that combines a Gutzwiller wavefunction with a ... More
A Comparative Evaluation of Log-Based Process Performance Analysis TechniquesApr 11 2018Process mining has gained traction over the past decade and an impressive body of research has resulted in the introduction of a variety of process mining approaches measuring process performance. Having this set of techniques available, organizations ... More
Many-body breakdown of indirect gap in topological Kondo insulatorsMay 28 2016Sep 01 2016We show that the inclusion of nonlocal correlation effects in a variational wave function for the ground state of a topological Anderson lattice Hamiltonian is capable of describing both topologically trivial insulating phases and nontrivial ones characterized ... More
Long-distance entanglement in many-body atomic and optical systemsSep 30 2009Nov 21 2009We discuss the phenomenon of long-distance entanglement in the ground state of quantum spin models, its use in high-fidelity and robust quantum communication, and its realization in many-body systems of ultracold atoms in optical lattices and in arrays ... More
Reflection confocal nanoscopy using a super-oscillatory lensMar 21 2019A Superoscillatory lens (SOL) is known to produce a sub-diffraction hotspot which is useful for high-resolution imaging. However, high-energy rings called sidelobes coexist with the central hotspot. Additionally, SOLs have not yet been directly used to ... More
On the evolution of cooling cores in X-ray galaxy clustersFeb 02 2008(Abridged) To define a framework for the formation and evolution of the cooling cores in X-ray galaxy clusters, we study how the physical properties change as function of the cosmic time in the inner regions of a 4 keV and 8 keV galaxy cluster under the ... More
Eigenvalues of the Laplacian under the Ricci FlowFeb 25 2007We derive, under a technical assumption, the first variation formula for the eigenvalues of the Laplacian on a closed manifold evolving by the Ricci flow and give some applications.
The moduli space of Keum-Naie surfacesSep 09 2009Feb 14 2011Using a new description of Keum Naie surfaces and their fundamental group, we prove the following main result: Let S be a smooth complex projective surface which is homotopically equivalent to a Keum - Naie surface. Then S is a Keum - Naie surface. The ... More
Double Kodaira fibrationsNov 14 2006The existence of a Kodaira fibration, i.e., of a fibration of a compact complex surface $S$ onto a complex curve $B$ which is a differentiable but not a holomorphic bundle, forces the geographical slope $ \nu(S) = c_1^2 (S) / c_2 (S)$ to lie in the interval ... More
A characterization of surfaces whose universal cover is the bidiskMar 20 2008Mar 26 2008We show that the universal cover of a compact complex surface $X$ is the bidisk $\HH \times \HH$, or $X$ is biholomorphic to $\PP^1 \times \PP^1$, if and only if $K_X^2 > 0$ and there exists an invertible sheaf $\eta$ such that $\eta^2\cong \hol_X$ and ... More
Enriques' classification in characteristic $ p >0$ : the $P_{12}$-TheoremMar 01 2017Mar 22 2017The main goal of this paper is to show that Castelnuovo- Enriques' $P_{12}$-theorem also holds for algebraic surfaces $S$ defined over an algebraically closed field $k$ of positive characteristic ($char(k) = p > 0$). The $P_{12}$-theorem is a precise ... More
Peak algebras, paths in the Bruhat graph and Kazhdan-Lusztig polynomialsJun 30 2014We give a new characterization of the peak subalgebra of the algebra of quasisymmetric functions and use this to construct a new basis for this subalgebra. As an application of these results we obtain a combinatorial formula for the Kazhdan-Lusztig polynomials ... More
Vector bundles on curves coming from Variation of Hodge StructuresMay 19 2015May 10 2016Fujita's second theorem for K\"ahler fibre spaces over a curve asserts that the direct image $V$ of the relative dualizing sheaf splits as the direct sum $ V = A \oplus Q$, where $A$ is ample and $Q$ is unitary flat. We focus on our negative answer (\cite{cd}) ... More
Warnaar's bijection and colored partition identities, IIFeb 04 2012Jan 17 2013In our previous paper, we determined a unified combinatorial framework to look at a large number of colored partition identities, and studied the five identities corresponding to the exceptional modular equations of prime degree of the Schroeter, Russell ... More
Holomorphic motion for Julia sets of holomorphic families of endomorphisms of CP(k)Jan 14 2015We build measurable holomorphic motions for Julia sets of holomorphic families of endomorphisms of CP(k) under various equivalent notions of stability.
Merging Multiparty Protocols in Multiparty ChoreographiesFeb 26 2013Choreography-based programming is a powerful paradigm for defining communication-based systems from a global viewpoint. A choreography can be checked against multiparty protocol specifications, given as behavioural types, that may be instantiated indefinitely ... More
Can the periodic spectral modulations of the 236 SETI candidate Sloane Survey stars be due to Dark Matter effects?Nov 08 2016The search for dark matter (DM) is one of the most active and challenging areas of current research. Among the several effects of DM expected to be observable in astrophysics, very rapid stellar oscillations are expected to occur when certain types of ... More
Error Probabilities for Halfspace DepthMay 13 2016Data depth functions are a generalization of one-dimensional order statistics and medians to real spaces of dimension greater than one; in particular, a data depth function quantifies the centrality of a point with respect to a data set or a probability ... More
Stanley's nonunimodal Gorenstein h-vector is optimalDec 04 2015We classify all possible $h$-vectors of graded artinian Gorenstein algebras in socle degree 4 and codimension $\leq 17$, and in socle degree 5 and codimension $\leq 25$. We obtain as a consequence that the least number of variables allowing the existence ... More
Two unfortunate properties of pure f-vectorsNov 15 2012Aug 21 2013The set of f-vectors of pure simplicial complexes is an important but little understood object in combinatorics and combinatorial commutative algebra. Unfortunately, its explicit characterization appears to be a virtually intractable problem, and its ... More
Valley Jahn-Teller effect in twisted bilayer grapheneApr 12 2019The surprising insulating and superconducting states of narrow-band graphene twisted bilayers have been mostly discussed so far in terms of strong electron correlation, with little or no attention to phonons and electron-phonon effects. We found that, ... More
Direct Transition Between a Singlet Mott Insulator and a SuperconductorJan 26 2001May 15 2001We argue that a normal Fermi liquid and a singlet, spin gapped Mott insulator cannot be continuously connected, and that some intermediate phase must intrude between them. By explicitly working out a case study where the singlet insulator is stabilized ... More
Random Mass Dirac Fermions in Doped Spin-Peierls and Spin-Ladder systems: One-Particle Properties and Boundary EffectsJun 10 1997Quasi-one-dimensional spin-Peierls and spin-ladder systems are characterized by a gap in the spin-excitation spectrum, which can be modeled at low energies by that of Dirac fermions with a mass. In the presence of disorder these systems can still be described ... More
Unimodality of partitions with distinct parts inside Ferrers shapesMay 27 2013Mar 21 2015We investigate the rank-generating function $F_{\lambda}$ of the poset of partitions contained inside a given shifted Ferrers shape $\lambda$. When $\lambda $ has four parts, we show that $F_{\lambda}$ is unimodal when $\lambda =\langle n,n-1,n-2,n-3 ... More
A Survey on Small-Area Planar Graph DrawingOct 04 2014We survey algorithms and bounds for constructing planar drawings of graphs in small area.
A generalization of a 1998 unimodality conjecture of Reiner and StantonNov 27 2017Jun 28 2018An interesting, and still wide open, conjecture of Reiner and Stanton predicts that certain "strange" symmetric differences of $q$-binomial coefficients are always nonnegative and unimodal. We extend their conjecture to a broader, and perhaps more natural, ... More
On the density of the odd values of the partition function, II: An infinite conjectural frameworkOct 27 2017Feb 13 2018We continue our study of a basic but seemingly intractable problem in integer partition theory, namely the conjecture that $p(n)$ is odd exactly $50\%$ of the time. Here, we greatly extend on our previous paper by providing a doubly-indexed, infinite ... More
That's Enough: Asynchrony with Standard Choreography PrimitivesNov 23 2017Nov 27 2017Choreographies are widely used for the specification of concurrent and distributed software architectures. Since asynchronous communications are ubiquitous in real-world systems, previous works have proposed different approaches for the formal modelling ... More
Entropy Evolution in Galaxy Groups and Clusters; A Comparison of External and Internal HeatingJan 29 2001X-ray observations of hot gas in galaxy groups indicate higher entropies than can be achieved in the accretion shocks as it fell into the dark halos. It has been proposed that this entropy excess results from some universal external heating process in ... More
Creation of the X-ray Cavity Jet and its Radio Lobe in M87/Virgo with Cosmic Rays; Relevance to Relic Radio SourcesNov 27 2007Dec 06 2007Young cavities in the X-ray emitting hot gas in galaxy clusters are often filled with radio synchrotron emission and it is widely thought that the cavities are inflated by these cosmic rays. At a later stage of its evolution, when the cavity becomes buoyant, ... More
Heated Cooling FlowsMar 22 2002In conventional models of galactic and cluster cooling flows widespread cooling (mass dropout) is assumed to avoid accumulation of unacceptably large central masses. However, recent XMM observations have failed to find spectral evidence for locally cooling ... More
Where Do Cooling Flows Cool?Feb 21 2000Although only about 5 percent of the total baryonic mass in luminous elliptical galaxies is in the form of cooled interstellar gas, it is concentrated within the optical effective radius r_e where it influences the local dynamical mass. The mass of cooled ... More
Chandra Detection of Massive Black Holes in Galactic Cooling FlowsOct 31 1999Anticipating forthcoming observations with the Chandra X-ray telescope, we describe the continuation of interstellar cooling flows deep into the cores of elliptical galaxies. Interstellar gas within about r = 50 parsecs from the massive black hole is ... More
The Catalan case of Armstrong's conjecture on simultaneous core partitionsDec 16 2013Dec 23 2014A beautiful recent conjecture of D. Armstrong predicts the average size of a partition that is simultaneously an $s$-core and a $t$-core, where $s$ and $t$ are coprime. Our goal is to prove this conjecture when $t=s+1$. These simultaneous $(s,s+1)$-core ... More
Authentication as a service: Shamir Secret Sharing with byzantine componentsJun 19 2018We present a practical methodology for securing the password-based authentication scheme. We propose a solution based on the well-known (k,n) threshold scheme of Shamir for sharing a secret, where in our case the secret is the password itself and (k,n) ... More
Increasing d-wave superconductivity by on site repulsionOct 08 2002May 08 2003We study by Variational Monte Carlo an extended Hubbard model away from half filled band density which contains two competing nearest-neighbor interactions: a superexchange $J$ favoring d-wave superconductivity and a repulsion $V$ opposing against it. ... More
Quantum localization and bound state formation in Bose-Einstein condensatesJul 14 2010Nov 18 2010We discuss the possibility of exponential quantum localization in systems of ultracold bosonic atoms with repulsive interactions in open optical lattices without disorder. We show that exponential localization occurs in the maximally excited state of ... More
Symmetry and Variation of Hodge StructuresOct 10 2003Feb 26 2004The main problem addressed in the paper is the Torelli problem for n-dimensional varieties of general type, more specifically for varieties with ample canonical bundle. It asks under which geometrical condition for a variety the period map for the Hodge ... More
AptaTRACE: Elucidating Sequence-Structure Binding Motifs by Uncovering Selection Trends in HT-SELEX ExperimentsApr 05 2016Aptamers, short synthetic RNA/DNA molecules binding specific targets with high affinity and specificity, are utilized in an increasing spectrum of bio-medical applications. Aptamers are identified in vitro via the Systematic Evolution of Ligands by Exponential ... More
Multiple Andreev reflections in a quantum dot coupled to superconductors: Effects of spin-orbit couplingApr 03 2008Oct 22 2008We study the out-of-equilibrium current through a multilevel quantum dot contacted to two superconducting leads and in the presence of Rashba and Dresselhaus spin-orbit couplings, in the regime of strong dot-lead coupling. The multiple Andreev reflection ... More
A note on the asymptotics of the number of O-sequences of given lengthOct 17 2018Apr 01 2019We look at the number $L(n)$ of $O$-sequences of length $n$. Recall that an $O$-sequence can be defined algebraically as the Hilbert function of a standard graded $k$-algebra, or combinatorially as the $f$-vector of a multicomplex. The sequence $L(n)$ ... More
On Asynchrony and ChoreographiesNov 30 2017Choreographic Programming is a paradigm for the development of concurrent software, where deadlocks are prevented syntactically. However, choreography languages are typically synchronous, whereas many real-world systems have asynchronous communications. ... More
Design and Implementation of an Inertial Navigation System for Pedestrians Based on a Low-Cost MEMS IMUMar 07 2015Inertial navigation systems for pedestrians are infrastructure-less and can achieve sub-meter accuracy in the short/medium period. However, when low-cost inertial measurement units (IMU) are employed for their implementation, they suffer from a slowly ... More
Phase separation in quasi incompressible fluids: Cahn-Hilliard model in the Cattaneo-Maxwell frameworkJun 03 2013In this paper we propose a mathematical model of phase separation for a quasi-incompressible binary mixture where the spinodal decomposition is induced by an heat flux governed by the Cattaneo-Maxwell equation. As usual, the phase separation is considered ... More
Some new surfaces with $p_g = q = 0$Oct 10 2003Dec 12 2003Motivated by a question by D. Mumford : can a computer classify all surfaces with $p_g = 0$ ? we try to show the complexity of the problem. We restrict it to the classification of the minimal surfaces of general type with $p_g = 0, K^2 = 8$ which are ... More
Test results of a prototype device to calibrate the Large Size Telescope camera proposed for the Cherenkov Telescope ArrayAug 30 2017Sep 19 2017A Large Size air Cherenkov Telescope (LST) prototype, proposed for the Cherenkov Telescope Array (CTA), is under construction at the Canary Island of La Palma (Spain) this year. The LST camera, which comprises an array of about 500 photomultipliers (PMTs), ... More
Electron-phonon coupling close to a metal-insulator transition in one dimensionJul 18 1995We consider a one-dimensional system of electrons interacting via a short-range repulsion and coupled to phonons close to the metal-insulator transition at half filling. We argue that the metal-insulator transition can be described as a standard one dimensional ... More
Phase diagram of doped spin-Peierls systemsJul 06 1998Feb 15 1999The phase diagram of a model describing doped CuGeO$_3$ is derived. The model emphasizes the role of local moments released by the impurities and randomly distributed inside the gaped singlet background. The phase diagram is investigated by two methods: ... More
Anderson-Yuval approach to the multichannel Kondo problemDec 28 1994We analyze the structure of the perturbation expansion of the general multichannel Kondo model with channel anisotropic exchange couplings and in the presence of an external magnetic field, generalizing to this case the Anderson-Yuval technique. For two ... More
Probing Quantum Frustrated Systems via Factorization of the Ground StateJun 24 2009May 20 2010The existence of definite orders in frustrated quantum systems is related rigorously to the occurrence of fully factorized ground states below a threshold value of the frustration. Ground-state separability thus provides a natural measure of frustration: ... More
Geometric characterization of separability and entanglement in pure Gaussian states by single-mode unitary operationsJul 23 2007Oct 03 2007We present a geometric approach to the characterization of separability and entanglement in pure Gaussian states of an arbitrary number of modes. The analysis is performed adapting to continuous variables a formalism based on single subsystem unitary ... More
A New Approach to Equations with MemoryJan 26 2009In this work, we present a novel approach to the mathematical analysis of equations with memory based on the notion of a state, namely, the initial configuration of the system which can be unambiguously determined by the knowledge of the future dynamics. ... More
Probabilistic Temporal Logic over Finite Traces (Technical Report)Mar 12 2019Temporal logics over finite traces have recently gained attention due to their use in real-world applications, in particular in business process modelling and planning. In real life, processes contain some degree of uncertainty that is impossible to handle ... More
Modular EntanglementAug 04 2010Nov 28 2010We introduce and discuss the concept of modular entanglement. This is the entanglement that is established between the end points of modular systems composed by sets of interacting moduli of arbitrarily fixed size. We show that end-to-end modular entanglement ... More
Theory of warm ionized gases: equation of state and kinetic Schottky anomalyMar 21 2013Oct 22 2013Based on accurate Lennard-Jones type interaction potentials, we derive a closed set of state equations for the description of warm atomic gases in the presence of ionization processes. The specific heat is predicted to exhibit peaks in correspondence ... More
The Carina Project. VI. The helium burning variable starsJul 15 2013Aug 29 2013We present new optical (BVI) time-series data for the evolved variable stars in the Carina dwarf spheroidal galaxy. The quality of the data and the observing strategy allowed us to identify 14 new variable stars. Eight out of the 14 are RR Lyrae (RRL) ... More
The Leo IV dwarf spheroidal galaxy: color-magnitude diagram and pulsating starsJun 03 2009We present the first V, B-V color-magnitude diagram of the Leo IV dwarf spheroidal galaxy, a faint Milky Way satellite recently discovered by the Sloan Digital Sky Survey. We have obtained B,V time-series photometry reaching about half a magnitude below ... More
The White Mountain Polarimeter Telescope and an Upper Limit on CMB PolarizationApr 23 2008The White Mountain Polarimeter (WMPol) is a dedicated ground-based microwave telescope and receiver system for observing polarization of the Cosmic Microwave Background. WMPol is located at an altitude of 3880 meters on a plateau in the White Mountains ... More
Theory of the Metal-Paramagnetic Mott-Jahn-Teller Insulator Transition in A_4C_{60}May 12 1999We study the unconventional insulating state in A_4C_{60} with a variety of approaches, including density functional calculations and dynamical mean-field theory. While the former predicts a metallic state, in disagreement with experiment, the latter ... More
Extended Gutzwiller wavefunction for the Hubbard-Holstein modelJun 28 2006Jul 24 2007We introduce a new type of Gutzwiller variational wavefunction for correlated electrons coupled to phonons, able to treat on equal footing electronic and lattice degrees of freedom. We benchmark the wavefunction in the infinite-$U$ Hubbard-Holstein model ... More