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On the approximation of the probability density function of the randomized heat equationFeb 08 2018In this paper we study the randomized heat equation with homogeneous boundary conditions. The diffusion coeffcient is assumed to be a random variable and the initial condition is treated as a stochastic process. The solution of this randomized partial ... More
The Globular Cluster NGC 5286. II. Variable StarsNov 09 2009We present the results of a search for variable stars in the globular cluster NGC 5286, which has recently been suggested to be associated with the Canis Major dwarf spheroidal galaxy. 57 variable stars were detected, only 19 of which had previously been ... More
The CARMENES search for exoplanets around M dwarfs: Different roads to radii and masses of the target starsApr 05 2019We determine the radii and masses of 293 nearby, bright M dwarfs of the CARMENES survey. This is the first time that such a large and homogeneous high-resolution (R>80 000) spectroscopic survey has been used to derive these fundamental stellar parameters. ... More
Non-holonomic Lagrangian systems on Lie algebroidsDec 01 2005Apr 30 2008This paper presents a geometric description on Lie algebroids of Lagrangian systems subject to nonholonomic constraints. The Lie algebroid framework provides a natural generalization of classical tangent bundle geometry. We define the notion of nonholonomically ... More
Special Kaehler manifolds: a surveyDec 12 2001This is a survey of recent contributions to the area of special Kaehler geometry. It is based on lectures given at the 21st Winter School on Geometry and Physics held in Srni in January 2001.
Harnack inequalities and Hölder estimates for master equationsJun 26 2018We show parabolic interior and boundary Harnack inequalities and local H\"older continuity for solutions to master equations of the form $(\partial_t+L)^su=f$ in $\mathbb{R}\times\Omega$, where $L$ is a divergence form elliptic operator and $\Omega\subseteq\mathbb{R}^n$. ... More
Relativistic dust accretion onto a scale--dependent polytropic black holeOct 17 2018Oct 18 2018In this work we study steady and spherical relativistic dust accretion onto a static and spherically symmetric scale--dependent black hole. In particular we consider a polytropic scale--dependent black hole as a central object and obtain that the radial ... More
AutoParallel: A Python module for automatic parallelization and distributed execution of affine loop nestsOct 26 2018The last improvements in programming languages, programming models, and frameworks have focused on abstracting the users from many programming issues. Among others, recent programming frameworks include simpler syntax, automatic memory management and ... More
Tutorial on dynamic average consensus: the problem, its applications, and the algorithmsMar 13 2018Nov 24 2018This paper considers the problem of dynamic average consensus algorithm design for a group of communicating agents. This problem consists of designing a distributed algorithm that enables a group of agents with communication and computation capabilities ... More
Gravitational decoupling in $2+1$ dimensional space--times with cosmological termJan 02 2019In this work we implement the Minimal Geometric Deformation method to obtain the isotropic sector and the decoupler matter content of any anisotropic solution of the Einstein field equations with cosmological constant in $2+1$ dimensional space--times. ... More
Minimal Geometric Deformation: the inverse problemJul 09 2018Sep 14 2018In this paper we show that any static and spherically symmetric anisotropic solution of the Einstein field equations can be thought as a system sourced by certain deformed isotropic system in the context of Minimal Geometric Deformation-decoupling approach. ... More
Transient frequency control with regional cooperation for power networksSep 15 2018This paper proposes a centralized and a distributed sub-optimal control strategy to maintain in safe regions the real-time transient frequencies of a given collection of buses, and simultaneously preserve asymptotic stability of the entire network. In ... More
Identification of redundant and synergetic circuits in triplets of electrophysiological dataApr 27 2014Sep 10 2015Neural systems are comprised of interacting units, and relevant information regarding their function or malfunction can be inferred by analyzing the statistical dependencies between the activity of each unit. Whilst correlations and mutual information ... More
Reaching the boundary between stellar kinematic groups and very wide binaries. III. Sixteen new stars and eight new wide systems in the beta Pictoris moving groupAug 27 2015Aims. We look for common proper motion companions to stars of the nearby young beta Pictoris moving group. Methods. First, we compiled a list of 185 beta Pictoris members and candidate members from 35 representative works. Next, we used the Aladin and ... More
Model predictive control for transient frequency regulation of power networksJan 22 2019This paper introduces a control strategy to simultaneously achieve asymptotic stabilization and transient frequency regulation of power networks. The control command is generated by iteratively solving an open-loop control cost minimization problem with ... More
Double-layered distributed transient frequency control with regional coordination for power networksSep 27 2018This paper proposes a control strategy for power systems with a two-layer structure that achieves global stabilization and, at the same time, delimits the transient frequencies of targeted buses to a desired safe interval. The first layer is a model predictive ... More
Distributed transient frequency control in power networksSep 15 2018Modern power networks face increasing challenges in controlling their transient frequency behavior at acceptable levels due to low inertia and highly-dynamic units. This paper presents a distributed control strategy regulated on a subset of buses in a ... More
Distributed Transient Frequency Control for Power Networks with Stability and Performance GuaranteesSep 15 2018This paper proposes a distributed strategy regulated on a subset of individual buses in a power network described by the swing equations to achieve transient frequency control while preserving asymptotic stability. Transient frequency control refers to ... More
Characterization of Local Configuration Controllability for a Class of Mechanical SystemsSep 08 2000We investigate local configuration controllability for mechanical control systems within the affine connection formalism. Extending the work by Lewis for the single-input case, we are able to characterize local configuration controllability for systems ... More
Kinematics of M dwarfs in the CARMENES input catalogue: membership in young moving groupsOct 11 2015We present a detailed study of the kinematics of M dwarfs in the CARMENES (Calar Alto high-Resolution search for M dwarfs with Exoearths with Near-infrared and optical Echelle Spectrographs) input catalog. We have selected all M dwarfs with known parallactic ... More
The Impact of Assembly Bias on the Galaxy Content of Dark Matter HalosJun 23 2017We study the dependence of the galaxy content of dark matter halos on large-scale environment and halo formation time using semi-analytic galaxy models applied to the Millennium simulation. We analyze subsamples of halos at the extremes of these distributions ... More
Squeeze operators in classical scenariosJan 16 2019We analyse the paraxial field propagation in the realm of classical optics, showing that it can be written as the action of the fractional Fourier transform, followed by the squeeze operator applied to the initial field. Secondly, we show that a wavelet ... More
Radiative non-isothermal Bondi accretion onto a massive black holeJan 22 2019In this paper, we present a generalization of the classical Bondi accretion theory for the case of non-isothermal accretion processes onto a supermassive black hole (SMBH), including the effects of X-ray heating and the radiation force due to electron ... More
Neutrino Emissivity in the Quark-Hadron Mixed PhaseMay 11 2018In this work we investigate the effect a crystalline quark-hadron mixed phase can have on the neutrino emissivity from the cores of neutron stars. To this end we use relativistic mean-field equations of state to model hadronic matter and a nonlocal extension ... More
Stellar variability at the main-sequence turnoff of the intermediate-age LMC cluster NGC 1846Feb 22 2018Intermediate-age star clusters in the LMC present extended main sequence turnoffs (MSTO) that have been attributed to either multiple stellar populations or an effect of stellar rotation. Recently it has been proposed that these extended main sequences ... More
Discovery of > 200 RR Lyrae Variables in M62: An Oosterhoff I Globular Cluster with a Predominantly Blue HBMar 11 2005We report on the discovery of a large number of RR Lyrae variable stars in the moderately metal-rich Galactic globular cluster M62 (NGC 6266), which places it among the top three most RR Lyrae-rich globular clusters known. Likely members of the cluster ... More
Black hole shadow of a rotating polytropic black hole by the Newman--Janis algorithm without complexificationMay 27 2019May 31 2019In this work, starting from a spherically symmetric polytropic black hole, a rotating solution is obtained by following the Newman--Janis algorithm without complexification. Besides studying the horizon, the static conditions and causality issues of the ... More
New ultracool subdwarfs identified in large-scale surveys using Virtual Observatory tools: II. SDSS DR7 vs UKIDSS LAS DR6, SDSS DR7 vs UKIDSS LAS DR8, SDSS DR9 vs UKIDSS LAS DR10, and SDSS DR7 vs 2MASSSep 27 2016We aim at developing an efficient method to search for late-type subdwarfs (metal-depleted dwarfs with spectral types >M5) to improve the current statistics. Our objectives are: improve our knowledge of metal-poor low-mass dwarfs, bridge the gap between ... More
Interferometric mapping of magnetic fields: The ALMA view of the massive star forming clump W43-MM1May 25 2016Here we present the first results from ALMA observations of 1 mm polarized dust emission towards the W43-MM1 high mass star forming clump. We have detected a highly fragmented filament with source masses ranging from 14Msun to 312Msun, where the largest ... More
Quantum maximum power transfer theoremApr 18 2019We discover the quantum analog of the well-known classical maximum power transfer theorem. Our theoretical framework considers the continuous steady-state problem of coherent energy transfer through an N-node bosonic network coupled to an external dissipative ... More
Far-Infrared Dust Temperatures and Column Densities of the MALT90 Molecular Clump SampleNov 03 2015We present dust column densities and dust temperatures for $\sim3000$ young high-mass molecular clumps from the Millimetre Astronomy Legacy Team 90 GHz (MALT90) survey, derived from adjusting single temperature dust emission models to the far-infrared ... More
Complete colorings of planar graphsJun 09 2017Apr 06 2018In this paper, we study the achromatic and the pseudoachromatic numbers of planar and outerplanar graphs as well as planar graphs of girth 4 and graphs embedded on a surface. We give asymptotically tight results and lower bounds for maximal embedded graphs. ... More
C2 densely the 2-sphere has an elliptic closed geodesicNov 29 2003We prove that a riemannian metric on the 2-sphere or the projective plane can be C2-approximated by a smooth metric whose geodesic flow has an elliptic closed geodesic.
Bulge RR Lyrae stars in the VVV tile $\textit{b201}$Jan 05 2015The VISTA Variables in the V\'ia L\'actea (VVV) Survey is one of the six ESO public surveys currently ongoing at the VISTA telescope on Cerro Paranal, Chile. VVV uses near-IR ($ZYJHK_{\rm s}$) filters that at present provide photometry to a depth of $K_{\rm ... More
RMATE: A device to test radiation-induced effects under controlled magnetic field and temperatureMay 28 2019This study shows the development and performance assessment of a novel set-up that enables the research of structural materials for fusion reactors, by making possible simultaneous application of temperature (up to 450$^{\circ}$C) and magnetic field (close ... More
Proper motions in the VVV Survey: Results for more than 15 million stars across NGC 6544Sep 22 2017Context: In the last six years, the VVV survey mapped 562 sq. deg. across the bulge and southern disk of the Galaxy. However, a detailed study of these regions, which includes $\sim 36$ globular clusters (GCs) and thousands of open clusters is by no means ... More
Saddle-point dynamics: conditions for asymptotic stability of saddle pointsOct 07 2015Nov 02 2016This paper considers continuously differentiable functions of two vector variables that have (possibly a continuum of) min-max saddle points. We study the asymptotic convergence properties of the associated saddle-point dynamics (gradient-descent in the ... More
Scheduled-Asynchronous Distributed Algorithm for Optimal Power FlowOct 08 2017Optimal power flow (OPF) problems are non-convex and large-scale optimization problems with important applications in power networks. This paper proposes the scheduled-asynchronous algorithm to solve a distributed semidefinite programming (SDP) formulation ... More
Skinner-Rusk approach to time-dependent mechanicsMar 22 2002The geometric approach to autonomous classical mechanical systems in terms of a canonical first-order system on the Whitney sum of the tangent and cotangent bundle, developed by R. Skinner and R. Rusk, is extended to the time-dependent framework.
Globular cluster candidates in the Galactic bulge: Gaia and VVV view of the latest discoveriesApr 24 2019Thanks to the recent wide-area photometric surveys, the number of star cluster candidates have risen exponentially in the last few years. Most detections, however, are based only on the presence of an overdensity of stars in a given region, or an overdensity ... More
Remote sensing of forests using discrete return airborne LiDARJul 17 2017Airborne discrete return light detection and ranging (LiDAR) point clouds covering forested areas can be processed to segment individual trees and retrieve their morphological attributes. Segmenting individual trees in natural deciduous forests however ... More
Mapping the outer bulge with RRab stars from the VVV SurveyApr 05 2016The VISTA Variables in the V\'ia L\'actea (VVV) is a near-IR time-domain survey of the Galactic bulge and southern plane. One of the main goals of this survey is to reveal the 3D structure of the Milky Way through their variable stars. Particularly the ... More
New type II Cepheids from VVV data towards the Galactic centerApr 26 2019The Galactic center (GC) is the densest region of the Milky Way. Variability surveys towards the GC potentially provide the largest number of variable stars per square degree within the Galaxy. However, high stellar density is also a drawback due to blending. ... More
Environmental effects on galaxy evolution. II: quantifying the tidal features in NIR-images of the cluster Abell 85Sep 19 2017This work is part of a series of papers devoted to investigate the evolution of cluster galaxies during their infall. In the present article we imaged in NIR a selected sample of galaxies through- out the massive cluster Abell 85 (z = 0.055). We obtained ... More
When does $C(K,X)$ contain a complemented copy of $c_0(Γ)$ iff $X$ does?Sep 04 2017Let $K$ be a compact Hausdorff space with weight w$(K)$, $\tau$ an infinite cardinal with cofinality cf$(\tau)$ and $X$ a Banach space. In contrast with a classical theorem of Cembranos and Freniche it is shown that if cf$(\tau)>$ w$(K)$ then the space ... More
Nearly Parallel Vortex Filaments in the 3D Ginzburg-Landau EquationsJun 02 2016Sep 06 2017We introduce a framework to study the occurrence of vortex filament concentration in $3D$ Ginzburg-Landau theory. We derive a functional that describes the free-energy of a collection of nearly-parallel quantized vortex filaments in a cylindrical $3$-dimensional ... More
Time-monitoring Observations of the Ro-Vibrational Overtone CO bands in Young StarsJun 11 2013We present near-IR spectra of a sample of T Tauri, Herbig Ae/Be, and FU Ori objects. Using the FSPEC instrument on the Bok 90-inch telescope, we obtained K-band spectra with a resolution of ~3500. Here we present spectra of the v=2->0 and v=3->1 bandheads ... More
Plasmonic nanoprobes for stimulated emission depletion microscopyOct 05 2016Plasmonic nanoparticles influence the absorption and emission processes of nearby emitters due to local enhancements of the illuminating radiation and the photonic density of states. Here, we use the plasmon resonance of metal nanoparticles in order to ... More
Deep Reactive Ion Etched Anti-Reflection Coatings for Sub-millimeter Silicon OpticsOct 24 2016Refractive optical elements are widely used in millimeter and sub-millimeter astronomical telescopes. High resistivity silicon is an excellent material for dielectric lenses given its low loss-tangent, high thermal conductivity and high index of refraction. ... More
Hamiltonian theory of constrained impulsive motionJan 27 2004This paper considers systems subject to nonholonomic constraints which are not uniform on the whole configuration manifold. When the constraints change, the system undergoes a transition in order to comply with the new imposed conditions. Building on ... More
Weak solutions of the Hamilton-Jacobi equation for time periodic lagrangiansJul 01 2013In this work we prove the existence of Fathi's weak KAM solutions for periodic Lagrangians and give a construction of all of them.
Fractional powers of the parabolic Hermite operator. Regularity propertiesAug 09 2017Let $\mathcal{L}= \partial_t- \Delta_x+|x|^2$. Consider its Poisson semigroup $e^{-y\sqrt{\mathcal{L}}}$. For $\alpha >0$ define the Parabolic Hermite-Zygmund spaces $$ \Lambda^\alpha_{\mathcal{L}}=\left\{f: \:f\in L^\infty(\mathbb{R}^{n+1})\:\; {\rm ... More
Lipschitz spaces adapted to Schrödinger operators and regularity propertiesJan 21 2019It is well known that the class of measurable functions which satisfy $$ \sup_{|z|>0}\frac{\|f(\cdot+z)+f(\cdot-z)-2f(\cdot)\|_\infty}{|z|^\alpha}<\infty $$ coincides with the class of Lipschitz functions for $0<\alpha<1$, with the Zygmund class if $\alpha=1$ ... More
Relative Frobenius algebras are groupoidsDec 06 2011Apr 01 2012We functorially characterize groupoids as special dagger Frobenius algebras in the category of sets and relations. This is then generalized to a non-unital setting, by establishing an adjunction between H*-algebras in the category of sets and relations, ... More
Light and color curve properties of type Ia supernovae: Theory vs. ObservationsJul 17 2017Aug 08 2017We study optical light curve(LC) relations of type Ia supernovae(SNe~Ia) for their use in cosmology using high-quality photometry published by the Carnegie-Supernovae-Project (CSP-I). We revisit the classical luminosity-decline-rate ($\Delta m_{15}$) ... More
Non-local Operators, Non-Archimedean Parabolic-type Equations with Variable Coefficients and Markov ProcessesMay 13 2014In this article, we introduce a new class of parabolic-type pseudo differential equations with variable coefficients over the p-adics. We establish the existence and uniqueness of solutions for the Cauchy problem associated with these equations. The fundamental ... More
Vertical stratification of forest canopy for segmentation of under-story trees within small-footprint airborne LiDAR point cloudsDec 31 2016Jul 15 2017Airborne LiDAR point cloud representing a forest contains 3D data, from which vertical stand structure even of understory layers can be derived. This paper presents a tree segmentation approach for multi-story stands that stratifies the point cloud to ... More
Coherent and incoherent $\mathrm{J/}ψ$ photonuclear production in an energy-dependent hot-spot modelNov 06 2017Feb 27 2018In a previous publication, we have presented a model for the photoproduction of $\mathrm{J/}\psi$ vector mesons off protons, where the proton structure in the impact-parameter plane is described by an energy-dependent hot-spot profile. Here we extend ... More
On the detectability of transiting planets orbiting white dwarfs using LSSTOct 01 2018White dwarfs are one of the few types of stellar objects for which we know almost nothing about the possible existence of companion planets. Recent evidence for metal contaminated atmospheres, circumstellar debris disks and transiting planetary debris ... More
Constraints on direction-dependent cosmic birefringence from Planck polarization dataMay 18 2017Feb 06 2018Cosmic birefringence is the process that rotates the plane of polarization by an amount, $\alpha$, as photons propagate through free space. Such an effect arises in parity-violating extensions to the electromagnetic sector, such as the Chern-Simons term ... More
Determining the recurrence timescale of long-lasting YSO outburstsApr 08 2019We have determined the rate of large accretion events in class I and II young stellar objects (YSOs) by comparing the all-sky digitised photographic plate surveys provided by SuperCOSMOS with the latest data release from Gaia (DR2). The long mean baseline ... More
Spatial dynamics of flower organ formationJan 29 2018Understanding the emergence of biological structures and their changes is a complex problem. On a biochemical level, it is based on gene regulatory networks (GRN) consisting on interactions between the genes responsible for cell differentiation and coupled ... More
Does a relativistic metric generalization of Newtonian gravity exist in 2+1 dimensions?Jul 18 2002Dec 16 2002It is shown that, contrary to previous claims, a scalar tensor theory of Brans-Dicke type provides a relativistic generalization of Newtonian gravity in 2+1 dimensions. The theory is metric and test particles follow the space-time geodesics. The static ... More
Red vs Blue: Early observations of thermonuclear supernovae reveal two distinct populations?Jul 19 2018Aug 30 2018We examine the early phase intrinsic $(B-V)_{0}$ color evolution of a dozen Type~Ia supernovae discovered within three days of the inferred time of first light ($t_{first}$) and have $(B-V)_0$ color information beginning within 5 days of $t_{first}$. ... More
A monoidal representation for linearized gravityDec 16 2016Jan 30 2017We propose an alternative representation for linear quantum gravity. It is based on the use of a structure that bears some resemblance to the Abelian loop representation used in electromagnetism but with the difference that space of extended object on ... More
Effective geometries and generalized uncertainty principle corrections to the Bekenstein-Hawking entropyJun 23 2016In this work we construct several black hole metrics which are consistent with the generalized uncertainty principle logarithmic correction to the Bekenstein-Hawking entropy formula. After preserving the event horizon at the usual position, a singularity ... More
Geometric Representation of the generator of duality in massless and massive $p-$form field theoriesMay 20 2010We study the invariance under duality transformations in massless and massive $p-$form field theories and obtain the Noether generators of the infinitesimal transformations that correspond to this symmetry. These generators are realized in geometrical ... More
Hyperwalk Formulae for Even and Odd Laplacians in Finite CW-HypergraphsAug 26 2017In this note we provide a combinatorial interpretation for the powers of the hypergraph Laplacians. Our motivation comes from the discrete formulation of quantum mechanics and thermodynamics in the case of finite graphs, which suggest a natural extension ... More
On finite quotient Aubry set for generic geodesic flowsSep 14 2018Sep 18 2018We study the structure of the Mather and Aubry sets for the family of lagrangians given by the kinetic energy associated to a riemannian metric $ g$ on a closed manifold $ M$. In this case the Euler-Lagrange flow is the geodesic flow of $(M,g)$. We prove ... More
A new framework for Euclidean summary statistics in the neural spike train spaceJun 10 2015Nov 05 2015Statistical analysis and inference on spike trains is one of the central topics in the neural coding. It is of great interest to understand the underlying structure of given neural data. Based on the metric distances between spike trains, recent investigations ... More
Prospects for Observations of Pulsars and Pulsar Wind Nebulae with CTASep 03 2012The last few years have seen a revolution in very-high gamma-ray astronomy (VHE; E>100 GeV) driven largely by a new generation of Cherenkov telescopes (namely the H.E.S.S. telescope array, the MAGIC and MAGIC-II large telescopes and the VERITAS telescope ... More
Ellipsoidal impulse responses in fractured mediaDec 16 2018Multiple vertical fracture sets, combined with horizontal fine layering produce an equivalent medium of orthorhombic or monoclinic symmetry. This is particularly important in fracture reservoir characterization. Fractured reservoirs are azimuthal anisotropic ... More
CARMENES input catalogue of M dwarfs. I. Low-resolution spectroscopy with CAFOSFeb 26 2015Context. CARMENES is a stabilised, high-resolution, double-channel spectrograph at the 3.5 m Calar Alto telescope. It is optimally designed for radial-velocity surveys of M dwarfs with potentially habitable Earth-mass planets. Aims. We prepare a list ... More
Systems of Differential Algebraic Equations in Computational ElectromagneticsFeb 19 2018Nov 02 2018Starting from space-discretisation of Maxwell's equations, various classical formulations are proposed for the simulation of electromagnetic fields. They differ in the phenomena considered as well as in the variables chosen for discretisation. This contribution ... More
Sliding Motions on SO(3), Sliding SubgroupsMay 14 2019We propose a sliding surface for systems on the Lie group $SO(3)\times \mathbb{R}^3$ . The sliding surface is shown to be a Lie subgroup. The reduced-order dynamics along the sliding subgroup have an almost globally asymptotically stable equilibrium. ... More
A population of eruptive variable protostars in VVVFeb 19 2016We present the results of a search for high amplitude infrared variable stars in 119 sq. deg of the Galactic midplane covered by the VVV survey. We find 816 variables with $\Delta K_{\rm s}>1$mag in the 2010-2012 data, almost all of which are new discoveries. ... More
CARMENES input catalogue of M dwarfs II. High-resolution imaging with FastCamAug 29 2016Aims: We search for low-mass companions of M dwarfs and characterize their multiplicity fraction with the purpose of helping in the selection of the most appropriate targets for the CARMENES exoplanet survey. Methods: We obtained high-resolution images ... More
Characterization of gradient control systemsMar 29 2003We investigate necessary and sufficient conditions under which a general nonlinear affine control system with outputs can be written as a gradient control system corresponding to some pseudo-Riemannian metric defined on the state space. The results rely ... More
Event-triggered stabilization of disturbed linear systems over digital channelsJan 26 2018We present an event-triggered control strategy for stabilizing a scalar, continuous-time, time-invariant, linear system over a digital communication channel having bounded delay, and in the presence of bounded system disturbance. We propose an encoding-decoding ... More
Reduced Order Modelling for the Simulation of Quenches in Superconducting MagnetsOct 13 2017This contributions discusses the simulation of magnetothermal effects in superconducting magnets as used in particle accelerators. An iterative coupling scheme using reduced order models between a magnetothermal partial differential model and an electrical ... More
The 6-GHz multibeam maser survey III: comparison between the MMB and HOPSNov 21 2017We have compared the occurrence of 6.7-GHz and 12.2-GHz methanol masers with 22-GHz water masers and 6035-MHz excited-state OH masers in the 100 square degree region of the southern Galactic plane common to the Methanol Multibeam (MMB) and H2O southern ... More
Interferometric mapping of Magnetic fields: G30.79 FIR 10Jul 15 2006We present polarization maps of G30.79 FIR 10 (in W43) from thermal dust emission at 1.3 mm and from CO J=$2 \to 1$ line emission. The observations were obtained using the Berkeley-Illinois-Maryland Association array in the period 2002-2004. The G30.79 ... More
PSN: Portfolio Social NetworkDec 06 2013In this paper we present a web-based information system which is a portfolio social network (PSN) that provides solutions to recruiters and job seekers. The proposed system enables users to create portfolios so that he/she can add his specializations ... More
Constraints from Neutrino Decay on Superluminal VelocitiesOct 03 2011The splitting of neutrinos, a viable reaction for superluminal neutrinos, is shown to have phenomenologically relevant consequences if one accepts the recent OPERA results for the velocity of neutrinos. Neutrino splitting can be used to put strong constraints ... More
Infrared and ultraviolet cutoffs of quantum field theoryDec 05 2000Sep 21 2001Quantum gravity arguments and the entropy bound for effective field theories proposed in PRL 82, 4971 (1999) lead to consider two correlated scales which parametrize departures from relativistic quantum field theory at low and high energies. A simple ... More
Anyons as spinning particlesMay 18 1995Nov 02 1995A model-independent formulation of anyons as spinning particles is presented. The general properties of the classical theory of (2+1)-dimensional relativistic fractional spin particles and some properties of their quantum theory are investigated. The ... More
On the approximation of the probability density function of the randomized non-autonomous complete linear differential equationFeb 08 2018In this paper we study the randomized non-autonomous complete linear differential equation. The diffusion coefficient and the source term in the differential equation are assumed to be stochastic processes and the initial condition is treated as a random ... More
Creation of a group on particle accelerator science and technology in MexicoAug 25 2016The story-line of the activities that have produced the first group of scientists in Mexico working on particle accelerator science and technology is briefly presented.
Linear Differential Equations for a Fractional Spin FieldMay 31 1994The vector system of linear differential equations for a field with arbitrary fractional spin is proposed using infinite-dimensional half-bounded unitary representations of the $\overline{SL(2,R)}$ group. In the case of $(2j+1)$-dimensional nonunitary ... More
Departures from special relativity beyond effective field theoriesJan 04 2006The possibility to have a deviation from relativistic quantum field theory requiring to go beyond effective field theories is discussed. A few recent attempts to go in this direction both at the theoretical and phenomenological levels are briefly reviewed. ... More
New constraints on the evolution of the stellar-to-dark matter connection: a combined analysis of galaxy-galaxy lensing, clustering, and stellar mass functions from z=0.2 to z=1Apr 05 2011Using data from the COSMOS survey, we perform the first joint analysis of galaxy-galaxy weak lensing, galaxy spatial clustering, and galaxy number densities. Carefully accounting for sample variance and for scatter between stellar and halo mass, we model ... More
Young Stellar Clusters Containing Massive Young Stellar Objects in the VVV SurveyOct 26 2016The purpose of this research is to study the connection of global properties of eight young stellar clusters projected in the Vista Variables in the Via Lactea (VVV) ESO Large Public Survey disk area and their young stellar object population. The analysis ... More
A numerical calculation of the electronic specific heat for the compound Sr$_2$RuO$_4$ below its superconducting transition temperatureDec 16 2018In this work, a numerical study of the superconducting specific heat of the unconventional multiband superconductor Strontium Ruthenate is performed. Two band gaps models are employed, and the results rendered for each of them are compared. One of the ... More
Non-local fractional derivatives. Discrete and continuousMay 23 2016We prove maximum and comparison principles for fractional discrete derivatives in the integers. Regularity results when the space is a mesh of length $h$, and approximation theorems to the continuous fractional derivatives are shown. When the functions ... More
Determination of $α_s$ from Gross-Llewellyn Smith sum rule by accounting for infrared renormalonSep 12 2002We recapitulate the method which resums the truncated perturbation series of a physical observable in a way which takes into account the structure of the leading infrared renormalon. We apply the method to the Gross-Llewellyn Smith (GLS) sum rule. By ... More
The Divide-and-Conquer Framework: A Suitable Setting for the DDM of the FutureJan 02 2019This paper was prompted by numerical experiments we performed, in which algorithms already available in the literature (DVS-BDDM) yielded accelerations (or speedups) many times larger (more than seventy in some examples already treated, but probably often ... More
Robots Racialized in the Likeness of Marginalized Social Identities are Subject to Greater Dehumanization than those racialized as WhiteAug 01 2018The emergence and spread of humanlike robots into increasingly public domains has revealed a concerning phenomenon: people's unabashed dehumanization of robots, particularly those gendered as female. Here we examined this phenomenon further towards understanding ... More
Relevance of the fluorescence radiation in VHE gamma-ray observations with the Cherenkov techniqueJun 12 2018Dec 05 2018Atmospheric fluorescence is usually neglected in the reconstruction of the signals registered by Cherenkov telescopes, both IACTs and wide-angle detector arrays. In this paper we quantify the fluorescence contribution to the total light recorded in typical ... More
New variable stars in NGC 6652 and its background Sagittarius streamDec 10 2018We conducted a variable star search on the metal-rich Galactic globular cluster NGC 6652 using archival Gemini-S/GMOS data. We report the discovery of nine new variable stars in the NGC 6652 field, of which we classify six as eclipsing binaries and one ... More