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CARMENES input catalogue of M dwarfs II. High-resolution imaging with FastCamAug 29 2016Aims: We search for low-mass companions of M dwarfs and characterize their multiplicity fraction with the purpose of helping in the selection of the most appropriate targets for the CARMENES exoplanet survey. Methods: We obtained high-resolution images ... More
On the approximation of the probability density function of the randomized non-autonomous complete linear differential equationFeb 08 2018In this paper we study the randomized non-autonomous complete linear differential equation. The diffusion coefficient and the source term in the differential equation are assumed to be stochastic processes and the initial condition is treated as a random ... More
The Colombeau Quaternion AlgebraJul 29 2008We introduce the Colombeau Quaternio Algebra and study its algebraic structure. We also study the dense ideal, dense in the algebraic sense, of the algebra of Colombeau generalized numbers and use this show the existence of a maximal ting of quotions ... More
Iterative bidding in electricity markets: rationality and robustnessFeb 21 2017This paper studies an electricity market consisting of an independent system operator (ISO) and a group of generators. The goal is to solve the DC optimal power flow (DC-OPF) problem: have the generators collectively meet the power demand while minimizing ... More
Distributed control of vehicle strings under finite-time and safety specificationsJan 13 2017Jul 13 2017This paper studies an optimal control problem for a string of vehicles with safety requirements and finite-time specifications on the approach time to a target region. Our problem formulation is motivated by scenarios involving autonomous vehicles circulating ... More
Distributed convergence to Nash equilibria in two-network zero-sum gamesApr 04 2012Dec 21 2012This paper considers a class of strategic scenarios in which two networks of agents have opposing objectives with regards to the optimization of a common objective function. In the resulting zero-sum game, individual agents collaborate with neighbors ... More
Distributed continuous-time convex optimization on weight-balanced digraphsApr 02 2012Dec 21 2012This paper studies the continuous-time distributed optimization of a sum of convex functions over directed graphs. Contrary to what is known in the consensus literature, where the same dynamics works for both undirected and directed scenarios, we show ... More
Ground States are generically a Periodic OrbitJul 01 2013Dec 29 2018We prove that for an expanding transformation the maximizing measures of a generic Lipschitz function are supported on a single periodic orbit.
Identification of redundant and synergetic circuits in triplets of electrophysiological dataApr 27 2014Sep 10 2015Neural systems are comprised of interacting units, and relevant information regarding their function or malfunction can be inferred by analyzing the statistical dependencies between the activity of each unit. Whilst correlations and mutual information ... More
Kinematics of M dwarfs in the CARMENES input catalogue: membership in young moving groupsOct 11 2015We present a detailed study of the kinematics of M dwarfs in the CARMENES (Calar Alto high-Resolution search for M dwarfs with Exoearths with Near-infrared and optical Echelle Spectrographs) input catalog. We have selected all M dwarfs with known parallactic ... More
Reaching the boundary between stellar kinematic groups and very wide binaries. III. Sixteen new stars and eight new wide systems in the beta Pictoris moving groupAug 27 2015Aims. We look for common proper motion companions to stars of the nearby young beta Pictoris moving group. Methods. First, we compiled a list of 185 beta Pictoris members and candidate members from 35 representative works. Next, we used the Aladin and ... More
Purification HamiltoniansMar 13 2019We study the Jaynes-Cummings interaction when initial mixed states, for the atom or the field, are considered. The evolved mixed field density matrix is purified to a wavefunction that describes the interaction between a quantised field and an artificial ... More
Quasiprobability distribution functions from fractional Fourier transformsFeb 16 2019We show, in a formal way, how a class of complex quasiprobability distribution functions may be introduced by using the fractional Fourier transform. This leads to the Fresnel transform of a characteristic function instead of the usual Fourier transform. ... More
Squeeze operators in classical scenariosJan 16 2019We analyse the paraxial field propagation in the realm of classical optics, showing that it can be written as the action of the fractional Fourier transform, followed by the squeeze operator applied to the initial field. Secondly, we show that a wavelet ... More
Effective Field Theory of pure Gravity and the Renormalization GroupApr 15 1996Dec 11 1996The general structure of the renormalization group equations for the low energy effective field theory formulation of pure gravity is presented. The solution of these equations takes a particular simple form if the mass scale of the effective theory is ... More
Extended gravitational decoupling in $2+1$ dimensional space--timesFeb 25 2019Mar 05 2019In this work we extend the so--called Minimal Geometric Deformation method in $2+1$ dimensional space--times with cosmological constant. We obtain that the conditions for gravitational decoupling of two circularly symmetric sources coincides with those ... More
Extended gravitational decoupling in $2+1$ dimensional space--timesFeb 25 2019Feb 27 2019In this work we extend the so--called Minimal Geometric Deformation method in $2+1$ dimensional space--times with cosmological constant. We obtain that the conditions for gravitational decoupling of two circularly symmetric sources coincides with those ... More
Long-term Stellar Variability in the Galactic Centre RegionNov 05 2018We report the detection of variable stars within a 11.5' x 11.5' region near the Galactic centre (GC) that includes the Arches and Quintuplet clusters, as revealed by the VISTA Variables in the Via Lactea (VVV) survey. There are 353 sources that show ... More
On the nature of the brightest globular cluster in M81Sep 18 2013We analyse the photometric, chemical, star formation history and structural properties of the brightest globular cluster (GC) in M81, referred as GC1 in this work, with the intention of establishing its nature and origin. We find that it is a metal-rich ... More
α7 nicotinic acetylcholine receptor signaling modulates ovine fetal brain astrocytes transcriptome in response to endotoxin: comparison to microglia, implications for prenatal stress and development of autism spectrum disorderDec 17 2018Dec 31 2018Neuroinflammation in utero may result in lifelong neurological disabilities. Astrocytes play a pivotal role, but the mechanisms are poorly understood. No early postnatal treatment strategies exist to enhance neuroprotective potential of astrocytes. We ... More
Heterogeneity of Central Nodes Explains the Benefits of Time-Varying Control in Complex Dynamical NetworksNov 20 2016Dec 26 2018Despite extensive research and remarkable advancements in the control of complex dynamical networks, most studies and practical control methods limit their focus to time-invariant control schedules (TICS). This is both due to their simplicity and the ... More
Partial Actions on CategoriesJul 19 2011In this paper we introduce the definition of partial action on small $k$-categories generalizing the similar well known notion of partial actions on algebras. The point of view of partial action which we use in this paper is the one which was introduced ... More
Newton's Method Backpropagation for Complex-Valued Holomorphic Multilayer PerceptronsJun 20 2014The study of Newton's method in complex-valued neural networks faces many difficulties. In this paper, we derive Newton's method backpropagation algorithms for complex-valued holomorphic multilayer perceptrons, and investigate the convergence of the one-step ... More
Pulsation Models for Ultra-Low (Z=0.0004) Metallicity Classical CepheidsFeb 25 2010Classical Cepheids are primary distance indicators playing a fundamental role in the calibration of the extragalactic distance scale. The possible dependence of their characteristic Period-Luminosity (PL) relation on chemical composition is still debated ... More
Spatial distribution and evolution of the stellar populations and candidate star clusters in the Blue Compact Dwarf I Zwicky 18Jun 28 2011The evolutionary properties and spatial distribution of I Zwicky 18 stellar populations are analyzed by means of HST/ACS deep and accurate photometry. The comparison of the resulting Colour- Magnitude diagrams with stellar evolution models indicates that ... More
Rapidity dependence of saturation in inclusive HERA data with the rcBK equationJan 27 2015Sep 06 2016The contribution of the different terms of the running-coupling Balistky-Kovchegov (rcBK) equation to the description of inclusive HERA data is discussed. Within this framework an alternative definition of the saturation scale is presented. The definition ... More
Submillimeter polarisation and magnetic field properties in the envelopes of proto-planetary nebulae CRL 618 and OH 231.8+4.2Dec 01 2013We have carried out continuum and line polarisation observations of two Proto-planetary nebulae (PPNe), CRL 618 and OH 231.8+4.2, using the Submillimeter Array (SMA) in its compact configuration. The frequency range of observations, 330-345 GHz, includes ... More
Environmental effects on galaxy evolution. II: quantifying the tidal features in NIR-images of the cluster Abell 85Sep 19 2017This work is part of a series of papers devoted to investigate the evolution of cluster galaxies during their infall. In the present article we imaged in NIR a selected sample of galaxies through- out the massive cluster Abell 85 (z = 0.055). We obtained ... More
Global bifurcation of vortex and dipole solutions in Bose-Einstein condensatesNov 21 2015Mar 05 2016The Gross-Pitaevskii equation for a Bose-Einstein condensate (BEC) with symmetric harmonic trap is given in (1). Periodic solutions of (1) play an important role in the understanding of the long term behavior of its solutions. In this note we prove the ... More
Deep Reactive Ion Etched Anti-Reflection Coatings for Sub-millimeter Silicon OpticsOct 24 2016Refractive optical elements are widely used in millimeter and sub-millimeter astronomical telescopes. High resistivity silicon is an excellent material for dielectric lenses given its low loss-tangent, high thermal conductivity and high index of refraction. ... More
Oscillations in the Sun with SONG: Setting the scale for asteroseismic investigationsFeb 27 2019Context. We present the first high-cadence multi-wavelength radial-velocity observations of the Sun-as-a-star, carried out during 57 consecutive days using the stellar \'echelle spectrograph at the Hertzsprung SONG Telescope operating at the Teide Observatory. ... More
Hamiltonian theory of constrained impulsive motionJan 27 2004This paper considers systems subject to nonholonomic constraints which are not uniform on the whole configuration manifold. When the constraints change, the system undergoes a transition in order to comply with the new imposed conditions. Building on ... More
On the detectability of transiting planets orbiting white dwarfs using LSSTOct 01 2018White dwarfs are one of the few types of stellar objects for which we know almost nothing about the possible existence of companion planets. Recent evidence for metal contaminated atmospheres, circumstellar debris disks and transiting planetary debris ... More
A Structural Analysis of Field/Circuit Coupled Problems Based on a Generalised Circuit ElementJan 22 2018Mar 05 2018In some applications there arises the need of a spatially distributed description of a physical quantity inside a device coupled to a circuit. Then, the in-space discretised system of partial differential equations is coupled to the system of equations ... More
Dynamic optimization and its relation to classical and quantum constrained systemsJul 05 2016We study the structure of a simple dynamic optimization problem consisting of one state and one control variable, from a physicist's point of view. By using an analogy to a physical model, we study this system in the classical and quantum frameworks. ... More
Coherent and incoherent $\mathrm{J/}ψ$ photonuclear production in an energy-dependent hot-spot modelNov 06 2017Feb 27 2018In a previous publication, we have presented a model for the photoproduction of $\mathrm{J/}\psi$ vector mesons off protons, where the proton structure in the impact-parameter plane is described by an energy-dependent hot-spot profile. Here we extend ... More
Energy-time uncertainty principle and lower bounds on sojourn timeJul 23 2015Jan 20 2016One manifestation of quantum resonances is a large sojourn time, or autocorrelation, for states which are initially localized. We elaborate on Lavine's time-energy uncertainty principle and give an estimate on the sojourn time. For the case of perturbed ... More
Event-triggered stabilization over digital channels of linear systems with disturbancesMay 05 2018Sep 16 2018In the same way that subsequent pauses in spoken language are used to convey information, it is also possible to transmit information in communication systems not only by message content (data payload), but also with its timing. This paper presents an ... More
CARMENES input catalogue of M dwarfs. I. Low-resolution spectroscopy with CAFOSFeb 26 2015Context. CARMENES is a stabilised, high-resolution, double-channel spectrograph at the 3.5 m Calar Alto telescope. It is optimally designed for radial-velocity surveys of M dwarfs with potentially habitable Earth-mass planets. Aims. We prepare a list ... More
Ellipsoidal impulse responses in fractured mediaDec 16 2018Multiple vertical fracture sets, combined with horizontal fine layering produce an equivalent medium of orthorhombic or monoclinic symmetry. This is particularly important in fracture reservoir characterization. Fractured reservoirs are azimuthal anisotropic ... More
Performance of multifractal detrended fluctuation analysis on short time seriesNov 10 2013The performance of the multifractal detrended analysis on short time series is evaluated for synthetic samples of several mono- and multifractal models. The reconstruction of the generalized Hurst exponents is used to determine the range of applicability ... More
Extended analytic QCD model with perturbative QCD behavior at high momentaMar 30 2012Jul 03 2012In contrast to perturbative QCD, the analytic QCD models have running coupling whose analytic properties correctly mirror those of spacelike observables. The discontinuity (spectral) function of such running coupling is expected to agree with the perturbative ... More
Parabolic equations involving Bessel operators and singular integralsFeb 16 2017In this paper we consider the evolution equation $\partial_t u=\Delta_\mu u+f$ and the corresponding Cauchy problem, where $\Delta_\mu$ represents the Bessel operator $\partial_x^2+(\frac{1}{4}-\mu^2)x^{-2}$, for every $\mu>-1$. We establish weighted ... More
Computational problems for vector-valued quadratic formsApr 05 2002Given two real vector spaces $U$ and $V$, and a symmetric bilinear map $B: U\times U\to V$, let $Q_B$ be its associated quadratic map $Q_B$. The problems we consider are as follows: (i) are there necessary and sufficient conditions, checkable in polynomial-time, ... More
Reduced Order Modelling for the Simulation of Quenches in Superconducting MagnetsOct 13 2017This contributions discusses the simulation of magnetothermal effects in superconducting magnets as used in particle accelerators. An iterative coupling scheme using reduced order models between a magnetothermal partial differential model and an electrical ... More
A population of eruptive variable protostars in VVVFeb 19 2016We present the results of a search for high amplitude infrared variable stars in 119 sq. deg of the Galactic midplane covered by the VVV survey. We find 816 variables with $\Delta K_{\rm s}>1$mag in the 2010-2012 data, almost all of which are new discoveries. ... More
PSN: Portfolio Social NetworkDec 06 2013In this paper we present a web-based information system which is a portfolio social network (PSN) that provides solutions to recruiters and job seekers. The proposed system enables users to create portfolios so that he/she can add his specializations ... More
Interferometric mapping of Magnetic fields: G30.79 FIR 10Jul 15 2006We present polarization maps of G30.79 FIR 10 (in W43) from thermal dust emission at 1.3 mm and from CO J=$2 \to 1$ line emission. The observations were obtained using the Berkeley-Illinois-Maryland Association array in the period 2002-2004. The G30.79 ... More
Constraints from Neutrino Decay on Superluminal VelocitiesOct 03 2011The splitting of neutrinos, a viable reaction for superluminal neutrinos, is shown to have phenomenologically relevant consequences if one accepts the recent OPERA results for the velocity of neutrinos. Neutrino splitting can be used to put strong constraints ... More
Infrared and ultraviolet cutoffs of quantum field theoryDec 05 2000Sep 21 2001Quantum gravity arguments and the entropy bound for effective field theories proposed in PRL 82, 4971 (1999) lead to consider two correlated scales which parametrize departures from relativistic quantum field theory at low and high energies. A simple ... More
Probing type Ia supernova properties using bolometric light curves from the Carnegie Supernova Project and the CfA Supernova GroupNov 21 2018We present bolometric light curves constructed from multi-wavelength photometry of Type Ia supernovae (SNe Ia) from the Carnegie Supernova Project and the CfA Supernova Group, using near-infrared observations to provide robust constraints on host galaxy ... More
Measurement of the Quantum Efficiency of Hamamatsu R8520 Photomultipliers at Liquid Xenon TemperatureJul 23 2012Vacuum ultraviolet light sensitive photomultiplier tubes directly coupled to liquid xenon are being used to efficiently detect the 178 nm scintillation light in a variety of liquid xenon based particle detectors. Good knowledge of the performance of these ... More
Anyons as spinning particlesMay 18 1995Nov 02 1995A model-independent formulation of anyons as spinning particles is presented. The general properties of the classical theory of (2+1)-dimensional relativistic fractional spin particles and some properties of their quantum theory are investigated. The ... More
Linear Differential Equations for a Fractional Spin FieldMay 31 1994The vector system of linear differential equations for a field with arbitrary fractional spin is proposed using infinite-dimensional half-bounded unitary representations of the $\overline{SL(2,R)}$ group. In the case of $(2j+1)$-dimensional nonunitary ... More
Departures from special relativity beyond effective field theoriesJan 04 2006The possibility to have a deviation from relativistic quantum field theory requiring to go beyond effective field theories is discussed. A few recent attempts to go in this direction both at the theoretical and phenomenological levels are briefly reviewed. ... More
Creation of a group on particle accelerator science and technology in MexicoAug 25 2016The story-line of the activities that have produced the first group of scientists in Mexico working on particle accelerator science and technology is briefly presented.
Completing the Census of (Bright) Variable Stars in Galactic Globular ClustersSep 21 2005We present a long-term project aimed at completing the census of (bright) variable stars in Galactic globular clusters. While our main aim is to obtain a reliable assessment of the populations of RR Lyrae and type II Cepheid stars in the Galactic globular ... More
The CARMENES search for exoplanets around M dwarfs. Period search in H$α$, Na I D, and Ca II IRT linesJan 16 2019We use spectra from CARMENES, the Calar Alto high-Resolution search for M dwarfs with Exo-earths with Near-infrared and optical Echelle Spectrographs, to search for periods in chromospheric indices in 16 M0 to M2 dwarfs. We measure spectral indices in ... More
Synergy and redundancy in the Granger causal analysis of dynamical networksMar 20 2014Jul 31 2014We analyze by means of Granger causality the effect of synergy and redundancy in the inference (from time series data) of the information flow between subsystems of a complex network. Whilst we show that fully conditioned Granger causality is not affected ... More
Testing Lorentz invariance violations in the tritium beta-decay anomalyJul 06 2000Oct 24 2000We consider a Lorentz non-invariant dispersion relation for the neutrino, which would produce unexpected effects with neutrinos of few eV, exactly where the tritium beta-decay anomaly is found. We use this anomaly to put bounds on the violation of Lorentz ... More
On the approximation of the probability density function of the randomized heat equationFeb 08 2018In this paper we study the randomized heat equation with homogeneous boundary conditions. The diffusion coeffcient is assumed to be a random variable and the initial condition is treated as a stochastic process. The solution of this randomized partial ... More
Cosmic web alignments with the shape, angular momentum and peculiar velocities of dark matter haloesJun 02 2014Jul 02 2014We study the alignment of dark matter haloes with the cosmic web characterized by the tidal and velocity shear fields. We focus on the alignment of their shape, angular momentum and peculiar velocities. We use a cosmological N-body simulation that allows ... More
Robots Racialized in the Likeness of Marginalized Social Identities are Subject to Greater Dehumanization than those racialized as WhiteAug 01 2018The emergence and spread of humanlike robots into increasingly public domains has revealed a concerning phenomenon: people's unabashed dehumanization of robots, particularly those gendered as female. Here we examined this phenomenon further towards understanding ... More
The CARMENES search for exoplanets around M dwarfs. Activity indicators at visible and near-infrared wavelengthsJan 25 2019The CARMENES survey is searching for Earth-like planets orbiting M dwarfs using the radial velocity method. Studying the stellar activity of the target stars is important to avoid false planet detections and to improve our understanding of the atmospheres ... More
Carnegie Supernova Project-II: Using Near-Infrared Spectroscopy to determine the location of the outer $^{56}$Ni in Type Ia SupernovaeFeb 26 2019We present the $H$-band wavelength region of thirty post-maximum light near-infrared (NIR) spectra of fourteen transitional and sub-luminous type Ia supernovae (SNe Ia), extending from $+$5d to +20d relative to the epoch of $B$-band maximum. We introduce ... More
The CARMENES search for exoplanets around M dwarfs - Photospheric parameters of target stars from high-resolution spectroscopyFeb 08 2018The new CARMENES instrument comprises two high-resolution and high-stability spectrographs that are used to search for habitable planets around M dwarfs in the visible and near-infrared regime via the Doppler technique. Characterising our target sample ... More
Synthesis of the Morphological Description of Cometary Dust at Comet 67PFeb 27 2019Before Rosetta, the space missions Giotto and Stardust shaped our view on cometary dust, supported by plentiful data from Earth based observations and interplanetary dust particles collected in the Earth's atmosphere. The Rosetta mission at comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko ... More
The Globular Cluster NGC 5286. II. Variable StarsNov 09 2009We present the results of a search for variable stars in the globular cluster NGC 5286, which has recently been suggested to be associated with the Canis Major dwarf spheroidal galaxy. 57 variable stars were detected, only 19 of which had previously been ... More
Chiral Symmetry restoration from the hadronic regimeNov 22 2016We discuss recent advances on QCD chiral symmetry restoration at finite temperature, within the theoretical framework of Effective Theories. $U(3)$ Ward Identities are derived between pseudoscalar susceptibilities and quark condensates, allowing to explain ... More
Reply to the claim by van Dokkum et al. for a galaxy not containing dark matterMay 13 2018May 15 2018The following is a short comment on the recent claim made by van Dokkum and collaborators about the existence of a low surface brightness galaxy, NGC1052-DF2, not containing dark matter. A discovery used by the authors to both reject proposals of a failure ... More
On linearly related sequences of difference derivatives of discrete orthogonal polynomialsFeb 04 2014Jul 01 2014Let D_v the difference operator and q-difference operators defined by D_\omega p(x) = \frac{p(x+\omega)-p(x)}{\omega} and D_q p(x) = \frac{p(qx)-p(x)}{(q-1)x}, respectively. Let U and V be two moment regular linear functionals and let (P_n)_n and Q_n)_n ... More
CARMENES input catalogue of M dwarfs IV. New rotation periods from photometric time seriesOct 08 2018Aims. The main goal of this work is to measure rotation periods of the M-type dwarf stars being observed by the CARMENES exoplanet survey to help distinguish radial-velocity signals produced by magnetic activity from those produced by exoplanets. Rotation ... More
A characterization of orthogonal convergence in simply connected domainsJun 18 2018Let $\mathbb D$ be the unit disc in $\mathbb C$ and let $f:\mathbb D \to \mathbb C$ be a Riemann map, $\Delta=f(\mathbb D)$. We give a necessary and sufficient condition in terms of hyperbolic distance and horocycles which assures that a compactly divergent ... More
Linking little rip cosmologies with regular early universesAug 20 2018Dec 04 2018Cosmological fluids with a Generalized Equation of State (GEoS) are here considered, whose corresponding EoS parameter $\omega$ describes a fluid with phantom behavior, namely $\omega<-1$, but leading to universes free of singularities at any past or ... More
Algebraic and qualitative remarks about the family $yy'= (α x^{m+k-1} + βx^{m-k-1})y + γx^{2m-2k-1}$Jul 10 2018Sep 26 2018The aim of this paper is the analysis, from algebraic and qualitative point of view, of the 5-parametric family of differential equations \begin{equation*}\label{folpz} yy'=(\alpha x^{m+k-1}+\beta x^{m-k-1})y+\gamma x^{2m-2k-1}, \quad y'=\frac{dy}{dx} ... More
On solvability of integro-differential equationsSep 18 2018A class of (possibly) degenerate integro-differential equations of parabolic type is considered, which includes the Kolmogorov equations for jump diffusions. Existence and uniqueness of the solutions are established in Bessel potential spaces and in Sobolev-Slobodeckij ... More
CARMENES input catalogue of M dwarfs: III. Rotation and activity from high-resolution spectroscopic observationsFeb 06 2018CARMENES is a spectrograph for radial velocity surveys of M dwarfs with the aim of detecting Earth-mass planets orbiting in the habitable zones of their host stars. To ensure an optimal use of the CARMENES Guaranteed Time Observations, in this paper we ... More
The first 48: Discovery and progenitor constraints on the Type Ia supernova 2013gySep 05 2018We present an early-phase $g$-band light curve and visual-wavelength spectra of the normal Type Ia supernova (SN) 2013gy. The light curve is constructed by determining the appropriate S-corrections to transform KAIT natural-system $B$- and $V$-band photometry ... More
The CARMENES search for exoplanets around M dwarfs. Chromospheric modeling of M2-3 V stars with PHOENIXFeb 11 2019Chromospheric modeling of observed differences in stellar activity lines is imperative to fully understand the upper atmospheres of late-type stars. We present one-dimensional parametrized chromosphere models computed with the atmosphere code PHOENIX ... More
SSDSS IV MaNGA - Properties of AGN host galaxiesSep 16 2017Feb 20 2018We present here the characterization of the main properties of a sample of 98 AGN host galaxies, both type-II and type-I, in comparison with those of about 2700 non-active galaxies observed by the MaNGA survey. We found that AGN hosts are morphologically ... More
The CARMENES search for exoplanets around M dwarfs: Nine new double-line spectroscopic binary starsAug 21 2018Context. The CARMENES spectrograph is surveying ~300 M dwarf stars in search for exoplanets. Among the target stars, spectroscopic binary systems have been discovered, which can be used to measure fundamental properties of stars. Aims. Using spectroscopic ... More
The Carnegie Supernova Project: Absolute Calibration and the Hubble ConstantSep 17 2018Sep 19 2018We present an analysis of the final data release of the Carnegie Supernova Project I, focusing on the absolute calibration of the luminosity-decline-rate relation for Type Ia supernovae (SNeIa) using new intrinsic color relations with respect to the color-stretch ... More
Beyond Special Relativity at second orderSep 05 2016The study of generic, non-linear, deformations of Special Relativity parametrized by a high-energy scale $M$, which was carried out at first order in $M$ in Phys.Rev. D86, 084032 (2012), is extended to second order. This can be done systematically through ... More
Relativistic kinematics beyond Special RelativityJun 26 2012Sep 28 2012In the context of departures from Special Relativity written as a momentum power expansion in the inverse of an ultraviolet energy scale M, we derive the constraints that the relativity principle imposes between coefficients of a deformed composition ... More
Noncommutativity as a mapping of pathsFeb 26 2009A reinterpretation of noncommutativity as a mapping of paths is proposed at the level of quantum mechanics.
Interpretation of neutrino oscillations based on new physics in the infraredSep 14 2007Jun 04 2008An interpretation of neutrino oscillations based on a modification of relativistic quantum field theory at low energies, without the need to introduce a neutrino mass, is seen to be compatible with all observations.
Complex Networks: Time-Dependent Connections and Silent NodesOct 17 2007We studied, both analytically and numerically, complex excitable networks, in which connections are time dependent and some of the nodes remain silent at each time step. More specifically, (a) there is a heterogenous distribution of connection weights ... More
Instability of attractors in autoassociative networks with bioinspired fast synaptic noiseApr 16 2006We studied autoassociative networks in which synapses are noisy on a time scale much shorter that the one for the neuron dynamics. In our model a presynaptic noise causes postsynaptic depression as recently observed in neurobiological systems. This results ... More
Control of neural chaos by synaptic noiseOct 01 2005We studied neural automata -or neurobiologically inspired cellular automata- which exhibits chaotic itinerancy among the different stored patterns or memories. This is a consequence of activity-dependent synaptic fluctuations, which continuously destabilize ... More
Transforming triangulations on non planar-surfacesNov 13 2003May 21 2010We consider whether any two triangulations of a polygon or a point set on a non-planar surface with a given metric can be transformed into each other by a sequence of edge flips. The answer is negative in general with some remarkable exceptions, such ... More
Properties of protons in nuclear medium with AdS/QCD model with a quadratic modified dilatonDec 03 2018A modified version of the usual soft wall quadratic dilaton, a dilaton which catches the variation of the proton mass inside nucleons in the nuclear medium is used. With this dilaton, called nuclear dilaton, we have calculated the electromagnetic form ... More
The WiggleZ Dark Energy Survey: Star-formation in UV-luminous galaxies from their luminosity functionsJun 17 2013We present the ultraviolet (UV) luminosity function of galaxies from the GALEX Medium Imaging Survey with measured spectroscopic redshifts from the first data release of the WiggleZ Dark Energy Survey. This sample selects galaxies with high star formation ... More
MONDian dynamical modeling of NGC 288 with $β\neq 0$Sep 27 2016NGC 288 is a diffuse Galactic globular cluster, it is remarkable in that its low density results in internal accelerations being below the critical MOND $a_{0}$ acceleration throughout. This makes it an ideal testing ground for MONDian gravity, as the ... More
GTC long-slit spectroscopy of compact stellar clusters in M81Mar 26 2011We here present the ages of four compact stellar clusters (CSCs) in the nearby spiral galaxy M81, using long-slit optical spectra obtained with the 10.4-m Gran Telescopio Canarias (GTC). All the four CSCs, including the brightest in this galaxy, are found ... More
Uncertainties in Constraints from Pair Production on Superluminal NeutrinosMar 12 2012Sep 28 2012The use of the vacuum lepton pair production process ($\nu \to \nu e^- e^+ $), a viable reaction for superluminal neutrinos, to put constraints on Lorentz violations requires a dynamical framework. Different choices of dynamical matrix elements and modified ... More
Note on islands in path-length sequences of binary treesSep 12 2014An earlier characterization of topologically ordered (lexicographic) path-length sequences of binary trees is reformulated in terms of an integrality condition on a scaled Kraft sum of certain subsequences (full segments, or islands). The scaled Kraft ... More
Non-holonomic Lagrangian systems on Lie algebroidsDec 01 2005Apr 30 2008This paper presents a geometric description on Lie algebroids of Lagrangian systems subject to nonholonomic constraints. The Lie algebroid framework provides a natural generalization of classical tangent bundle geometry. We define the notion of nonholonomically ... More
Modeling Nonequilibrium Phase Transitions and Critical Behavior in Complex SystemsSep 13 2002We comment on some recent, yet unpublished results concerning instabilities in complex systems and their applications. In particular, we briefly describe main observations during extensive computer simulations of two lattice nonequilibrium models. One ... More
Performance Evaluation of Block Diagonal Preconditioners for Divergence-Conforming B-Spline Discretization of Stokes EquationsSep 19 2013The recently introduced divergence-conforming B-spline discretizations allow the construction of smooth discrete velocity-pressure pairs for viscous incompressible flows that are at the same time inf-sup stable and divergence-free. When applied to discretize ... More
Spacetime from locality of interactions in deformations of special relativity: the example of $κ$-Poincaré Hopf algebraNov 22 2017A new proposal for the notion of spacetime in a relativistic generalization of special relativity based on a modification of the composition law of momenta is presented. Locality of interactions is the principle which defines the spacetime structure for ... More