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The Top-Antitop Threshold at Muon CollidersDec 22 1997Muon colliders are expected to naturally have a small spread in beam energy making them an ideal place to study the excitation curve. We present the parameter determinations that are possible from measuring the total cross section near threshold at a ... More
Indirect Leptoquark Searches at Polarized Lepton CollidersSep 30 1996We examine the utility of employing polarized lepton (electron and muon) beams to perform indirect searches for scalar leptoquarks. We find that polarization can extend the reach in excluding leptoquark masses for both $e^+e^-$ and $\mu^+\mu^-$ machines. ... More
Lorentz Violation in Supersymmetric Field TheoriesDec 22 2004Broken spacetime symmetries might emerge from a fundamental physical theory. The effective low-energy theory might be expected to exhibit violations of supersymmetry and Lorentz invariance. Some illustrative models which combine supersymmetry and Lorentz ... More
Muon Collider Physics at Very High EnergiesJan 03 2000Muon colliders might greatly extend the energy frontier of collider physics. One can contemplate circular colliders with center-of-mass energies in excess of 10 TeV. Some physics issues that might be relevant at such a machine are discussed.
Precision W-Boson and Higgs Boson Mass Determinations at Muon CollidersDec 22 1997Precise determinations of the masses of the $W$ boson and of the top quark could stringently test the radiative structure of the Standard Model (SM) or provide evidence for new physics. We analyze the excellent prospects at a muon collider for measuring ... More
The ttbar threshold at a muon colliderAug 01 1995Aug 03 1995The beam energy spread is a major issue in future attempts to study the $t\overline{t}$ threshold at $e^+e^-$ colliders. Muon colliders are expected to naturally have narrow band beams making them an ideal place to study the excitation curve. We present ... More
The $W$ Boson Loop Background to H -> ZZ at Photon-photon CollidersJul 13 1993We have performed a complete one-loop calculation of $\gamma \gamma \rightarrow ZZ$ in the Standard Model, including both gauge bosons and fermions in the loop. We confirm the large irreducible continuum background from the $W$-boson loop found by Jikia. ... More
Test of an Equivalence Theorem at One-LoopJul 30 1992We show that the equivalence theorem approximating one-loop gauge sector diagrams by including only Goldstone bosons in the loop gives a remarkably poor approximation to the amplitude for the decay $H\rightarrow \gamma \gamma $ and for the process $\gamma ... More
Lorentz and CPT Violation in Heavy Quark PhysicsJul 24 2016Violations of the Lorentz and CPT symmetries can appear as observable effects in the direct production of top quarks and their subsequent decays. Earlier results for the $q\bar{q}$ production process for $t\bar{t}$ pairs have been extended to include ... More
Higgs Bosons at Muon CollidersOct 30 2001We review the role of a muon collider in the study of Higgs bosons via production in the s-channel. Very precise measurements of a Standard Model-like Higgs boson mass and total width can be performed, and may lead to a discrimination between a Standard ... More
Higgs Sector Radiative Corrections and s-Channel ProductionMay 14 2001Aug 22 2001Higgs boson mass sum rules of supersymmetric models offer attractive targets for precision tests at future muon colliders. These sum rules involve the gauge boson masses as well as the masses of the Higgs boson states which can be precisely measured in ... More
Ising Dynamics with DampingAug 28 2007We show for the Ising model that is possible construct a discrete time stochastic model analogous to the Langevin equation that incorporates an arbitrary amount of damping. It is shown to give the correct equilibrium statistics and is then used to investigate ... More
Small x nonlinear evolution with impact parameter and the structure function dataJun 28 2011Oct 28 2011The nonlinear Balitsky-Kovchegov equation at small x is solved numerically, incorporating impact parameter dependence. Confinement is modeled by including effective gluon mass in the dipole evolution kernel, which regulates the splitting of dipoles with ... More
Leptogenesis and Low-energy ObservablesSep 28 2001Jan 21 2002We relate leptogenesis in a class of theories to low-energy experimental observables: quark and lepton masses and mixings. With reasonable assumptions motivated by grand unification, one can show that the CP-asymmetry parameter takes a universal form. ... More
Anomaly-Free Flavor Symmetry and Neutrino AnarchyOct 20 2000We show that one can describe the quark and lepton masses with a single anomaly-free U(1) flavor symmetry provided a single order one parameter is enhanced by roughly 4-5. The flavor symmetry can be seen to arise from inside the $E_6$ symmetry group in ... More
Longitudinal parity-violating asymmetry in hadronic decays of weak bosons in polarized proton collisionsOct 01 2008Nov 10 2008We investigate the possible measurement of parity-violating spin asymmetries in jet pair production in proton-proton collisions at the Brookhaven Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider (RHIC), with the goal to constrain longitudinally polarized quark and antiquark ... More
Timelike Compton scattering: exclusive photoproduction of lepton pairsOct 04 2001We investigate the exclusive photoproduction of a heavy timelike photon which decays into a lepton pair, gamma p -> l+ l- p. This can be seen as the analog of deeply virtual Compton scattering, and we argue that the two processes are complementary for ... More
Probing generalized parton distributions in pi N -> l+ l- NOct 05 2001We study the exclusive reactions pi- p -> l+ l- n and pi+ n -> l+ l- p$ in view of possible future experiments with high-intensity pion beams. For large invariant mass of the lepton pair l+ l- and small squared momentum transfer to the nucleon these are ... More
Top quark physics at muon and other future collidersFeb 10 1998The top quark will be extensively studied at future muon colliders. The threshold cross section can be measured precisely, and the small beam energy spread is especially effective at making the measurement useful. We report on all the activities of the ... More
The Supersymmetric Particle SpectrumNov 11 1993We examine the spectrum of supersymmetric particles predicted by grand unified theoretical (GUT) models where the electroweak symmetry breaking is accomplished radiatively. We evolve the soft supersymmetry breaking parameters according to the renormalization ... More
Modified traces for quasi-Hopf algebrasDec 26 2018Let H be a finite-dimensional unimodular pivotal quasi-Hopf algebra over a field k, and let H-mod be the pivotal tensor category of finite-dimensional H-modules. We give a bijection between left (resp. right) modified traces on the tensor ideal H-pmod ... More
Chargino mass determination at a muon colliderJan 26 1998We analyze the prospects at a muon collider for measuring chargino masses in the $\mu^+\mu^-\to \tilde{\chi}^+\tilde{\chi}^-$ process in the threshold region. We find that for the lighter chargino of a mass $100-200$ GeV, a measurement better than $50-300$ ... More
Supergravity Solutions in the Low-$\tanβ$ $ λ_t$ Fixed Point RegionMay 02 1994There has been much discussion in the literature about applying the radiative electroweak symmetry breaking (EWSB) requirement to GUT models with supergravity. We motivate and discuss the application of the EWSB requirement to the low $\tan\beta$ fixed-point ... More
General Issues in the Evolution of Fermion Masses and MixingsMay 11 1993General issues in the renormalization group evolution of fermion masses and mixings is discussed. An effective fixed point in the top quark Yukawa coupling can strongly constrain its value at the electroweak scale. Predictions following from Yukawa coupling ... More
The evaluation of directionally writhing polymersApr 28 2010We discuss the appropriate techniques for modelling the geometry of open ended elastic polymer molecules. The molecule is assumed to have fixed endpoints on a boundary surface. In particular we discuss the concept of the winding number, a directional ... More
Supersymmetry and Lorentz ViolationDec 27 2001Supersymmetric field theories can be constructed that violate Lorentz and CPT symmetry. We illustrate this with some simple examples related to the original Wess-Zumino model.
Supersymmetric Unification: a mini-review of recent developmentsSep 16 1994Some recent results in supersymmetric grand unified theories are reviewed.
Test of the Dimopouos-Hall-Raby Ansatz for Fermion Mass MatricesMar 26 1992By evolution of fermion mass matrices of the Fritzsch and the Georgi-Jarlskog forms from the supersymmetric grand unified scale, DHR obtained predictions for the quark masses and mixings. Using Monte Carlo methods we test these predictions against the ... More
Rejoinder to Article by Berger, Bernardo, and SunApr 27 2015Rejoinder to Overall Objective Priors by James O. Berger, Jose M. Bernardo, Dongchu Sun [arXiv:1504.02689]
Overall Objective PriorsApr 10 2015In multi-parameter models, reference priors typically depend on the parameter or quantity of interest, and it is well known that this is necessary to produce objective posterior distributions with optimal properties. There are, however, many situations ... More
Objective Bayes testing of Poisson versus inflated Poisson modelsMay 21 2008The Poisson distribution is often used as a standard model for count data. Quite often, however, such data sets are not well fit by a Poisson model because they have more zeros than are compatible with this model. For these situations, a zero-inflated ... More
Efficient Online Relative Comparison Kernel LearningJan 06 2015Jan 12 2015Learning a kernel matrix from relative comparison human feedback is an important problem with applications in collaborative filtering, object retrieval, and search. For learning a kernel over a large number of objects, existing methods face significant ... More
Particle Physics Opportunities at $μ^+μ^-$ CollidersApr 16 1996We discuss the capabilities of future muon colliders to resolve important particle physics questions. A collider with c.m. energy $\sqrt s = 100$ to 500~GeV offers the unique opportunity to produce Higgs bosons in the $s$-channel and thereby measure the ... More
Precision W-boson and top-quark mass determinations at a muon colliderFeb 14 1997Precise determinations of the masses of the $W$ boson and of the top quark could stringently test the radiative structure of the Standard Model (SM) or provide evidence for new physics. We analyze the excellent prospects at a muon collider for measuring ... More
The Physics Capabilities of mu^+ mu^- CollidersApr 10 1997We summarize the potential of muon colliders to probe fundamental physics. $W^+W^-$, \bar tt, and $Zh$ threshold measurements could determine masses to precisions $\Delta M_W = 6$ MeV, $\Delta m_t = 70$ MeV, and $\Delta m_h = 45$ MeV, to test electroweak ... More
Precision Higgs boson mass determination at lepton collidersDec 06 1996We demonstrate that a measurement of the Bjorken process $e^+e^-, \mu^+\mu^-\to ZH$ in the threshold region can yield a precise determination of the Higgs boson mass. With an integrated luminosity of $100 fb^{-1}$, it is possible to measure the Higgs ... More
Thresholds in $α_s$ evolution and the $p_T$ dependence of jetsDec 15 1995We point out that high-mass thresholds in the evolution of the strong-interaction coupling parameter $\alpha_s$, due to gluinos, squarks and possible new heavy quarks, could introduce appreciable corrections to the transverse momentum dependence of jet ... More
Path-complete $p$-dominant switching linear systemsAug 29 2018The notion of path-complete $p$-dominance for switching linear systems (in short, path-dominance) is introduced as a way to generalize the notion of dominant/slow modes for LTI systems. Path-dominance is characterized by the contraction property of a ... More
De Rham representations and universal normsSep 11 2003We compute the module of universal norms for a de Rham p-adic representation. The computation uses the theory of (phi,Gamma)-modules (Cherbonnier-Colmez's reciprocity formula) and the differential equation attached to a de Rham representation.
Iterated extensions and relative Lubin-Tate groupsNov 25 2014Oct 14 2015Let K be a finite extension of Q_p with residue field F_q and let P(T) = T^d + a_{d-1}T^{d-1} + ... +a_1 T, where d is a power of q and a_i is in the maximal ideal of K for all i. Let u_0 be a uniformizer of O_K and let {u_n}_{n \geq 0} be a sequence ... More
Lubin's conjecture for full $p$-adic dynamical systemsMar 11 2016Oct 13 2016We give a short proof of a conjecture of Lubin concerning certain families of $p$-adic power series that commute under composition. We prove that if the family is full (large enough), there exists a Lubin-Tate formal group such that all the power series ... More
Lifting the field of normsJul 01 2013Apr 21 2014Let K be a finite extension of Q_p. The field of norms of a p-adic Lie extension K_infty/K is a local field of characteristic p which comes equipped with an action of Gal(K_infty/K). When can we lift this action to characteristic 0, along with a compatible ... More
Most linear flows on $\mathbb{R}^d$ are BenfordJan 21 2015A necessary and sufficient condition ("exponential nonresonance") is established for every signal obtained from a linear flow on $\mathbb{R}^d$ by means of a linear observable to either vanish identically or else exhibit a strong form of Benford's Law ... More
From coinductive proofs to exact real arithmetic: theory and applicationsJan 11 2011Apr 23 2012Based on a new coinductive characterization of continuous functions we extract certified programs for exact real number computation from constructive proofs. The extracted programs construct and combine exact real number algorithms with respect to the ... More
Supercurrent fluctuations in short filamentsSep 11 2011We evaluate the average and the standard deviation of the supercurrent in superconducting nanobridges, as functions of the temperature and the phase difference, in an equilibrium situation. We also evaluate the autocorrelation of the supercurrent as a ... More
Derivation of the Langevin equation from the principle of detailed balanceSep 03 2009Jun 03 2010For a system at given temperature, with energy known as a function of a set of variables, we obtain the thermal fluctuation of the evolution of the variables by replacing the phase-space with a lattice and invoking the principle of detailed balance. Besides ... More
Influence of Thermal Fluctuations on Uniform and Nonuniform Superconducting Rings according to the Ginzburg--Landau and the Kramer--Watts-Tobin ModelsApr 14 2009Jun 12 2010We evaluate the influence of thermal fluctuations on superconducting rings that enclose a magnetic flux, using the time-dependent Ginzburg--Landau (TDGL) or the Kramer--Watts-Tobin (KWT) model, while thermal fluctuations are accounted for by means of ... More
Noise rectification by a superconducting loop with two weak linksMay 07 2003Jul 14 2004We consider a superconducting loop with two weak links that encloses a magnetic flux. The weak links are unequal and are treated as Josephson junctions with non-sinusoidal phase dependence. We devise a model that takes into account the fluctuation of ... More
Extension of the de Broglie-Bohm theory to the Ginzburg-Landau equationSep 19 2003The de Broglie-Bohm approach permits to assign well defined trajectories to particles that obey the Schroedinger equation. We extend this approach to electron pairs in a superconductor. In the stationary regime this extension is completely natural; in ... More
Influence of the boundary conditions on the current flow pattern along a superconducting wireJan 26 2015We study the patterns at which the current flow stabilizes in a 1D superconducting wire, for various experimentally reasonable boundary conditions, for small fixed current densities and temperatures close to $T_c$. We pay special attention to the possible ... More
Sampling bipartite graphs with given vertex degrees and fixed edges and non-edgesAug 10 2016We consider the problem of sampling a bipartite graph with given vertex degrees whereas a set $F$ of edges and non-edges which need to be contained is predefined. Our general result shows that the repeated swap of edges and non-edges in alternating cycles ... More
The Connection between the Number of Realizations for Degree Sequences and MajorizationDec 21 2012Jul 01 2014The \emph{graph realization problem} is to find for given nonnegative integers $a_1,\dots,a_n$ a simple graph (no loops or multiple edges) such that each vertex $v_i$ has degree $a_i.$ Given pairs of nonnegative integers $(a_1,b_1),\dots,(a_n,b_n),$ (i) ... More
On some modular representations of the Borel subgroup of GL_2(Q_p)Oct 28 2008May 16 2009Colmez has given a recipe to associate a smooth modular representation Omega(W) of the Borel subgroup of GL_2(Q_p) to a F_p^bar-representation W of Gal(Qp^bar/Qp) by using Fontaine's theory of (phi,Gamma)-modules. We compute Omega(W) explicitly and we ... More
Non-Standard Analysis, Multiplication of Schwartz Distributions and Delta-Like Solution of Hopf's EquationSep 25 2008Oct 10 2008We construct an algebra of generalized functions $^*\mathcal{E}(\mathbb{R}^d)$. We also construct an embedding of the space of Schwartz distributions $\mathcal{D}^\prime(\mathbb{R}^d)$ into $^*\mathcal{E}(\mathbb{R}^d)$ and thus present a solution of ... More
Elliptic curves with bounded ranks in function field towersMay 30 2011Let $k$ denote an algebraically closed field. We revisit a construction of the author of families of elliptic curves over the rational function field $k(t)$. Combining a combinatorial analysis with a rank formula of Ulmer we prove that, for all but finitely ... More
Oddness of residually reducible Galois representationsNov 28 2016We show that suitable congruences between polarized automorphic forms over a CM field always produce elements in the Selmer group for exactly the +/--Asai (aka tensor induction) representation that is critical in the sense of Deligne. For this we relate ... More
Strong renewal theorems and local large deviations for multivariate random walks and renewalsJul 10 2018We study a random walk $\mathbf{S}_n$ on $\mathbb{Z}^d$ ($d\geq 1$), in the domain of attraction of an operator-stable distribution with index $\boldsymbol{\alpha}=(\alpha_1,\ldots,\alpha_d) \in (0,2]^d$: in particular, we allow the scalings to be different ... More
Notes on Random Walks in the Cauchy Domain of AttractionJun 24 2017Nov 13 2018The goal of these notes is to fill some gaps in the literature about random walks in the Cauchy domain of attraction, which has been in many cases left aside because of its additional technical difficulties. We prove here several results in that case: ... More
Ginzburg-Landau equations with consistent Langevin terms for nonuniform wiresMay 03 2006Apr 04 2007Many analyses based on the time-dependent Ginzburg--Landau model are not consistent with statistical mechanics, because thermal fluctuations are not taken correctly into account. We use the fluctuation-dissipation theorem in order to establish the appropriate ... More
Nonlinearity of the field induced by a rotating superconducting shellApr 06 2004For a thin superconducting shell with cylindrical symmetry, the magnetic field generated by its rotation is easily evaluated in the Ginzburg-Landau framework. We compare this field with the result that is obtained by using the London theory.
Flux transitions in a superconducting ringJun 17 2002Dec 11 2002We perform a numeric study of the flux transitions in a superconducting ring at fixed temperature, while the applied field is swept at an ideally slow rate. The current around the ring and its free energy are evaluated. We partially explain some of the ... More
A Module For Boosted Dark Matter Event Generation in GENIEDec 13 2018Models that produce a flux of semi-relativistic or relativistic boosted dark matter at large neutrino detectors are well-motivated extensions beyond the minimal weakly interacting massive particle (WIMP) paradigm. Current and upcoming liquid argon time ... More
Trianguline representationsNov 15 2010Apr 07 2011Trianguline representations are a certain class of p-adic representations of Gal(Qp^alg/Qp) like the crystalline, semistable and de Rham representations of Fontaine. Their definition involves the theory of (phi,Gamma)-modules. In this survey, we explain ... More
Supersingular representations of GL_2(Q_p) and (phi,Gamma)-modulesSep 02 2008The purpose of this note is to give a direct proof of the fact that if one applies Colmez' functor to a two dimensional irreducible F_p^bar-representation of Gal(Q_p^bar/Q_p), one gets the restriction to the Borel subgroup of GL_2(Q_p) of a supersingular ... More
On the Bloch-Kato conjecture for the Asai L-functionJul 02 2015Nov 28 2016Following Ribet's seminal 1976 paper there have been many results employing congruences between stable cuspforms and lifted forms to construct non-split extensions of Galois representations. We show how this strategy can be extended to construct elements ... More
Linear independence of trigonometric numbersApr 24 2015Given any two rational numbers $r_1$ and $r_2$, a necessary and sufficient condition is established for the three numbers $1$, $\cos (\pi r_1)$, and $\cos (\pi r_2)$ to be rationally independent. Extending a classical fact sometimes attributed to I. Niven, ... More
An Eisenstein ideal for imaginary quadratic fields and the Bloch-Kato conjecture for Hecke charactersJan 05 2007For certain algebraic Hecke characters chi of an imaginary quadratic field F we define an Eisenstein ideal in a p-adic Hecke algebra acting on cuspidal automorphic forms of GL_2/F. By finding congruences between Eisenstein cohomology classes (in the sense ... More
The Maximum Length of $k$-bounded, $t$-avoiding Zero-sum Sequences over $\mathbb Z$Aug 14 2016Let $\mathcal S$ be a multiset of integers. We say $\mathcal S$ is a $\textit{zero-sum sequence}$ if the sum of its elements is 0. We study zero-sum sequences whose elements lie in the interval $[-k,k]$ such that no subsequence of length $t$ is also zero-sum. ... More
Koszul calculus for N-homogeneous algebrasOct 04 2016We extend the Koszul calculus defined on quadratic algebras by Berger, Lambre and Solotar, to N-homogeneous algebras. When N>2, the Koszul cup and cap products are defined by specific expressions, and they are compatible with the Koszul differentials, ... More
Presque $\mathbf{C}_p$-représentations et $(φ,Γ)$-modulesFeb 25 2008We associate two almost $C_p$-representations to a $(\phi,\Gamma)$-module, and we compute their dimensions and heights. As a corollary, we get a full faithfulness result for $B_e$-representations.
B-pairs and (phi,Gamma)-modulesApr 09 2007Aug 26 2007Main change from v1 : theorem C has been modified, see remark 3.1.7 (2). We study the category of B-pairs (W_e,W_dR^+) where W_e is a free B_cris^{phi=1}-module with a semilinear and continuous action of G_K and where W_dR^+ is a G_K-stable B_dR^+ -lattice ... More
A p-adic family of dihedral (phi,Gamma)-modulesMar 12 2009The goal of this article is to construct explicitly a p-adic family of representations (which are dihedral representations), to construct their associated (phi,Gamma)-modules by writing down explicit matrices for phi and for the action of Gamma, and finally ... More
A Note on the Characterization of Digraph SequencesDec 06 2011Sep 17 2013We consider the following fundamental realization problem of directed graphs. Given a sequence $S:={a_1 \choose b_1},\dots,{a_n \choose b_n}$ with $a_i,b_i\in \mathbb{Z}_0^+.$ Does there exist a digraph (no loops and no parallel arcs are allowed)$G=(V,A)$ ... More
Central Limit Theorems for Moving Average Random Fields with Non-Random and Random Sampling On LatticesFeb 04 2019For a L\'evy basis $L$ on $\mathbb{R}^d$ and a suitable kernel function $f:\mathbb{R}^d \to \mathbb{R}$, consider the continuous spatial moving average field $X=(X_t)_{t\in \mathbb{R}^d}$ defined by $X_t = \int_{\mathbb{R}^d} f(t-s) \, dL(s)$. Based on ... More
Rejection Odds and Rejection Ratios: A Proposal for Statistical Practice in Testing HypothesesDec 28 2015Much of science is (rightly or wrongly) driven by hypothesis testing. Even in situations where the hypothesis testing paradigm is correct, the common practice of basing inferences solely on p-values has been under intense criticism for over 50 years. ... More
Magnetospectroscopy of epitaxial few-layer grapheneApr 04 2007The inter-Landau level transitions observed in far-infrared transmission experiments on few-layer graphene samples show a behaviour characteristic of the linear dispersion expected in graphene. This behaviour persists in relatively thick samples, and ... More
Evidence for an unfolded border-collision bifurcation in paced cardiac tissueJul 13 2006We investigate, both experimentally and theoretically, the bifurcation to alternans in heart tissue. Previously, this phenomenon has been modeled either as a smooth or as border-collision period-doubling bifurcation. Using a new experimental technique, ... More
Visibility of dichalcogenide nanolayersJun 05 2010Dichalcogenides with the common formula MX2 are layered materials with electrical properties that range from semiconducting to superconducting. Here, we describe optimal imaging conditions for optical detection of ultrathin, two-dimensional dichalcogenide ... More
Refined masses and distance of the young binary Haro 1-14 CJan 18 2014We aim to refine the dynamical masses of the individual component of the low-mass pre-main sequence binary Haro 1-14 C. We combine the data of the preliminary orbit presented previously with new interferometric observations obtained with the four 8m telescopes ... More
A Radio Survey of Type Ib and Ic Supernovae: Searching for Engine Driven SupernovaeJul 10 2003The association of gamma-ray bursts (GRBs) and core-collapse supernovae (SNe) of Type Ib and Ic was motivated by the detection of SN 1998bw in the error box of GRB 980425 and the now-secure identification of a SN 1998bw-like event in the cosmological ... More
An integrated optics beam combiner for the second generation VLTI instrumentsFeb 14 2009Mar 02 2009The very recent years have seen a promising start in scientific publications making use of images produced by near-infrared long-baseline interferometry. The technique has reached, at last, a technical maturity level that opens new avenues for numerous ... More
Calculation of prompt diphoton production cross sections at Tevatron and LHC energiesApr 02 2007Jul 24 2007A fully differential calculation in perturbative quantum chromodynamics is presented for the production of massive photon pairs at hadron colliders. All next-to-leading order perturbative contributions from quark-antiquark, gluon-(anti)quark, and gluon-gluon ... More
Light Gluino Constituents of Hadrons and a Global Analysis of Hadron Scattering DataJun 12 2004Light strongly interacting supersymmetric particles may be treated as partonic constituents of nucleons in high energy scattering processes. We construct parton distribution functions for protons in which a light gluino is included along with standard ... More
Spacetime Symmetry ViolationDec 22 2004Supersymmetric models with Lorentz violation can be formulated in superspace. Two theories based on the Wess-Zumino model are discussed. A compactification of superspace can be employed to understand the chiral superfield that arises in the models.
Lorentz Violation in Top-Quark PhysicsJul 31 2013Lorentz and CPT violation can affect the rates for $t$-$\ol t$ production and decay. The Lorentz-violating coefficients in the Standard-Model Extension responsible for modifying the top-quark events have recently been bounded by the D0 Collaboration. ... More
Lorentz Violation and Spacetime SupersymmetryDec 24 2002Supersymmetry and Lorentz invariance are closely related as both are spacetime symmetries. Terms can be added to Lagrangians that explicitly break either supersymmetry or Lorentz invariance. It is possible to include terms which violate Lorentz invariance ... More
SUSY Thresholds at a Muon ColliderMar 14 2000One of the useful features of muon colliders is the naturally narrow spread in beam energies. Measurements of threshold cross sections then become a prime candidate for precision measurements of particle masses, widths, and couplings as well as determining ... More
Slowing hot carrier relaxation in graphene using a magnetic fieldJun 05 2009Dec 11 2009A degenerate pump--probe technique is used to investigate the non equilibrium carrier dynamics in multi--layer graphene. Two distinctly different dynamics of the carrier relaxation are observed. A fast relaxation ($\sim 50$ fs) of the carriers after the ... More
Few layer graphene on SiC, pyrolitic graphite and graphene: a Raman scattering studySep 17 2007Dec 07 2007The results of micro-Raman scattering measurements performed on three different ``graphitic'' materials: micro-structured disks of highly oriented pyrolytic graphite, graphene multi-layers thermally decomposed from carbon terminated surface of 4H-SiC ... More
Cardiac Alternans Arising from an Unfolded Border-Collision BifurcationDec 20 2007Following an electrical stimulus, the transmembrane voltage of cardiac tissue rises rapidly and remains at a constant value before returning to the resting value, a phenomenon known as an action potential. When the pacing rate of a periodic train of stimuli ... More
Temperature dependence of the superconducting gap anisotropy in Bi$_{2}$Sr$_{2}$Ca$_{1}$Cu$_{2}$O$_{8+x}$Apr 18 1994We present the first detailed data of the momentum-resolved, temperature dependence of the superconducting gap of $Bi_{2}Sr_{2}Ca_{1}Cu_{2}O_{8+x}$, complemented by similar data on the intensity of the photoemission superconducting condensate spectral ... More
Doping dependence of the electronic Raman spectra in cupratesOct 21 2001We report electronic Raman scattering measurements on Bi$_2$Sr$_2$(Y$_{1-x}$Ca$_x$)Cu$_2$O$_{8+\delta}$ single crystals at different doping levels. The dependence of the spectra on doping and on incoming photon energy is analyzed for different polarization ... More
Renormalization group evolution of R-parity-violating Yukawa couplingsNov 30 1995We study the evolution of $R$-parity-violating (RPV) couplings in the minimum supersymmetric standard model, between the electroweak and grand unification scales, assuming a family hierarchy for these coupling strengths. Particular attention is given ... More
RGE Results for Supersymmetric GUTSNov 09 1993The scaling behavior of gauge couplings and fermion Yukawa couplings in the minimal supersymmetric model is discussed. The relevance of the top quark Yukawa coupling fixed point in establishing the top quark mass is described. The evolution of mixing ... More
Phenomenological Implications of the $m_t$ RGE Fixed Point for SUSY Higgs Boson SearchesApr 23 1993In minimal SUSY-GUT models with $M_{SUSY}\ltap 1$ TeV, the renormalization group equations have a solution dominated by the infrared fixed point of the top Yukawa coupling. This fixed point predicts $m_t=(200\; {\rm GeV})\sin \beta $; combined with the ... More
Microwave-Induced Amplitude and Phase Tunable Qubit-Resonator Coupling in Circuit Quantum ElectrodynamicsFeb 12 2015In the circuit quantum electrodynamics architecture, both the resonance frequency and the coupling of superconducting qubits to microwave field modes can be controlled via external electric and magnetic fields to explore qubit -- photon dynamics in a ... More
Degree Distribution of Competition-Induced Preferential Attachment GraphsFeb 08 2005Feb 08 2005We introduce a family of one-dimensional geometric growth models, constructed iteratively by locally optimizing the tradeoffs between two competing metrics, and show that this family is equivalent to a family of preferential attachment random graph models ... More
Odderon and photon exchange in electroproduction of pseudoscalar mesonsJan 21 1999We investigate the reaction $e p \to e PS X$ where PS denotes a pseudoscalar meson $\pi^0, \eta, \eta'$, or $\eta_c$ and X either a proton or resonance or continuum states into which the proton can go by diffractive excitation. At high energies photon ... More
Entropy-scaling search of massive biological dataMar 19 2015Sep 21 2015Many datasets exhibit a well-defined structure that can be exploited to design faster search tools, but it is not always clear when such acceleration is possible. Here, we introduce a framework for similarity search based on characterizing a dataset's ... More
Discovery of very high-energy gamma-ray emission from the LBL object BL LacertaeSep 14 2007The low-frequency peaked BL Lac (LBL) object BL Lacertae was observed with the MAGIC telescope from 2005 August to December (22.2 hr), and from 2006 July to September (26.0 hr). A very high energy (VHE) gamma-ray signal was discovered with a 5.1 sigma ... More