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Global regular motions for compressible barotropic viscous fluids. StabilityAug 25 2015We consider viscous compressible barotropic motions in a bounded domain $\Omega \subset \mathbb{R}^3$ with the Dirichlet boundary conditions for velocity. We assume the existence of some special sufficiently regular solutions $v_s$ (velocity), $\varrho_s$ ... More
QCD versus Skyrme-Faddeev TheoryMay 17 2001Jul 18 2001We discuss the physical impacts of the ``Cho decomposition'' (or the ``Cho-Faddeev-Niemi-Shabanov decomposition'') of the non-Abelian gauge potential on QCD. We show how the decomposition makes a subtle but important modification on the non-Abelian dynamics, ... More
Electric-Magnetic Duality in QED Effective ActionNov 22 2000Recently we have obtained a non-perturbative but convergent series expression of the one loop effective action of QED, and discussed the renormalization of the effective action. In this paper we establish the electric-magnetic duality in the quantum effective ... More
On magnetic leaf-wise intersectionsNov 22 2011Feb 13 2014In this article we introduce the notion of a magnetic leaf-wise intersection point which is a generalization of the leaf-wise intersection point with magnetic effects. We also prove the existence of magnetic leaf-wise intersection points under certain ... More
Analytical expressions for the deprojected Sersic modelSep 23 2010The Sersic model has become the standard to parametrize the surface brightness distribution of early-type galaxies and bulges of spiral galaxies. A major problem is that the deprojection of the Sersic surface brightness profile to a luminosity density ... More
A certain vector-valued function space and its applications to multilinear operatorsMar 21 2019In this paper we present several (quasi-)norm equivalences involving $L^p(l^q)$ norm of a certain vector-valued functions and extend the equivalences to $p=\infty$ and $0<q<\infty$ in the scale of Triebel-Lizorkin spaces, motivated by Fraizer, Jawerth. ... More
Small amplitude limit of solitary waves for the Euler-Poisson systemMay 01 2018The one-dimensional Euler-Poisson system arises in the study of phenomena of plasma such as plasma solitons, plasma sheaths, and double layers. When the system is rescaled by the Gardner-Morikawa transformation, the rescaled system is known to be formally ... More
Ellipsoidal BGK model for polyatomic molecules near Maxwellians: A dichotomy in the dissipation estimateSep 27 2017Nov 07 2017We consider the global existence and asymptotic behavior of classical solutions to the ellipsoidal BGK model for polyatomic molecules when the initial data starts sufficiently close to a global polyatomic Maxwellian. We observe that the linearized relaxation ... More
An acceleration procedure for optimal first-order methodsJul 17 2012We introduce in this paper an optimal first-order method that allows an easy and cheap evaluation of the local Lipschitz constant of the objective's gradient. This constant must ideally be chosen at every iteration as small as possible, while serving ... More
Ellipsoidal BGK model near a global MaxwellianJul 12 2015The BGK model has been widely used in place of the Boltzmann equation because of the qualitatively satisfactory results it provides at relatively low computational cost. There is, however, a major drawback to the BGK model: The hydrodynamic limit at the ... More
Analytical expressions for the deprojected Sérsic model - II. General expressions in terms of the Fox H functionAug 08 2011The S\'ersic model is the de facto standard to describe the surface brightness distribution of hot stellar systems. An important inconvenience of this analytical model is that the corresponding luminosity density and associated properties cannot be expressed ... More
Dynamical models with a general anisotropy profileMay 28 2007Both numerical simulations and observational evidence indicate that the outer regions of galaxies and dark matter haloes are typically mildly to significantly radially anisotropic. The inner regions can be significantly non-isotropic, depending on the ... More
The Boltzmann equation near a rotational local MaxwellianSep 30 2011In rotationally symmetric domains, the Boltzmann equation with specular reflection boundary condition has a special type of equilibrium states called the rotational local Maxwellian which, unlike the uniform Maxwellian, has an additional term related ... More
Stationary solutions for the ellipsoidal BGK model in a slabAug 07 2017Aug 08 2017We address the boundary value problem for the ellipsoidal BGK model of the Boltzmann equation posed in a bounded interval. The existence of a unique mild solution is established under the assumption that the inflow boundary data does not concentrate too ... More
Hierarchical octree and k-d tree grids for 3D radiative transfer simulationsNov 04 2013A crucial ingredient for numerically solving the 3D radiative transfer problem is the choice of the grid that discretizes the transfer medium. Many modern radiative transfer codes, whether using Monte Carlo or ray tracing techniques, are equipped with ... More
Phase-space consistency of stellar dynamical models determined by separable augmented densitiesJan 31 2012Assuming the separable augmented density, it is always possible to construct a distribution function of a spherical population with any given density and anisotropy. We consider under what conditions the distribution constructed as such is in fact non-negative ... More
Convergence of a semi-Lagrangian scheme for the ellipsoidal BGK model of the Boltzmann equationDec 20 2017Jul 27 2018The ellipsoidal BGK model is a generalized version of the original BGK model designed to reproduce the physical Prandtl number in the Navier-Stokes limit. In this paper, we propose a new implicit semi-Lagrangian scheme for the ellipsoidal BGK model, which, ... More
Cylindrical cloaking at oblique incidence with optimized finite multilayer parametersApr 15 2010We propose multilayer cylindrical invisibility cloaks that are optimized for oblique incidences through combination of analytic formalism of scattering and genetic optimization. We show that by using only four layers of homogeneous and anisotropic metamaterials ... More
Dielectric Resonator Method For Determining Gap Symmetry Of Superconductors Through Anisotropic Nonlinear Meissner EffectJan 25 2019We present a new measurement method which can be used to image gap nodal structure of superconductors whose pairing symmetry is under debate. This technique utilizes a high quality factor microwave resonance involving the sample of interest. While supporting ... More
Finite Energy Electroweak DyonOct 31 2002May 15 2003We present finite energy analytic monopole and dyon solutions whose size is fixed by the electroweak scale. We discuss two types of solutions. The first type is obtained by regularizing the recent solutions of Cho and Maison by modifying the coupling ... More
Transport properties of graphene with one-dimensional charge defectsAug 03 2010Apr 14 2011We study the effect of extended charge defects in electronic transport properties of graphene. Extended defects are ubiquitous in chemically and epitaxially grown graphene samples due to internal strains associated with the lattice mismatch. We show that ... More
Quantifying the Heating Sources for Mid-infrared Dust Emissions in Galaxies: The Case of M 81Oct 14 2014With the newly available SPIRE images at 250 and 500 micron from Herschel Space Observatory, we study quantitative correlations over a sub-kpc scale among three distinct emission components in the interstellar medium of the nearby spiral galaxy M 81 (NGC ... More
Herschel-SPIRE Imaging Spectroscopy of Molecular Gas in M82Apr 30 2012We present new Herschel-SPIRE imaging spectroscopy (194-671 microns) of the bright starburst galaxy M82. Covering the CO ladder from J=4-3 to J=13-12, spectra were obtained at multiple positions for a fully sampled ~ 3 x 3 arcminute map, including a longer ... More
Existence, uniqueness and stability of optimal portfolios of eligible assetsFeb 07 2017Dec 30 2017In a capital adequacy framework, risk measures are used to determine the minimal amount of capital that a financial institution has to raise and invest in a portfolio of pre-specified eligible assets in order to pass a given capital adequacy test. From ... More
Juggling with lightApr 06 2018Jan 17 2019We discovered that when a pair of small particles is optically levitated, the particles execute a dance whose motion resembles the orbits of balls being juggled. This motion lies in a plane perpendicular to the polarization of the incident light. We ascribe ... More
Stationary solutions to the boundary value problem for relativistic BGK model in a slabJan 25 2018Jan 26 2018In this paper, we are concerned with the boundary value problem in a slab for the stationary relativistic BGK model of Marle type, which is a relaxation model of the relativistic Boltzmann equation. In the case of fixed inflow boundary conditions, we ... More
Entropy production estimates for the polyatomic ellipsoidal BGK modelAug 02 2017Aug 16 2017We study the entropy production estimate for the polyatomic ellipsoidal BGK model, which is a relaxation type kinetic model describing the time evolution of polyatomic particle systems. An interesting dichotomy is observed between $0<\theta\leq 1$ and ... More
Average Values of $L$-series for Real Characters in Function FieldsOct 24 2016We establish asymptotic formulae for the first and second moments of quadratic Dirichlet $L$--functions, at the centre of the critical strip, associated to the real quadratic function field $k(\sqrt{P})$ and inert imaginary quadratic function field $k(\sqrt{\gamma ... More
Steric effects of CO2 binding to transition metal-benzene complexes: a first-principles studyJun 02 2016Using density functional theory (DFT) calculations, we investigated the adsorption of CO2 molecules on 3d transition metal (TM)-benzene complexes. Our calculations show that the maximum number of CO2 molecules adsorbable on Sc or Ti atoms is three, but ... More
Modular Constraints on Conformal Field Theories with CurrentsAug 29 2017Nov 02 2018We study constraints coming from the modular invariance of the partition function of two-dimensional conformal field theories. We constrain the spectrum of CFTs in the presence of holomorphic and anti-holomorphic currents using the semi-definite programming. ... More
DNS-aided explicitly filtered LESFeb 07 2019The equations for LES are formally derived by low-pass filtering the NS equations with the effect of the small scales on the larger ones captured by a SGS model. However, it is known that the LES equations usually employed in practical applications are ... More
Quantum teleportation between a single-rail single-photon qubit and a coherent state qubit using hybrid entanglement under decoherence effectsOct 29 2015We study quantum teleportation between two different types of optical qubits using hybrid entanglement as a quantum channel under decoherence effects. One type of qubit employs the vacuum and single photon states for the basis, called a single-rail single-photon ... More
Prandtl-Meyer Reflection for Supersonic Flow past a Solid RampDec 31 2011We present our recent results on the Prandtl-Meyer reflection for supersonic potential flow past a solid ramp. When a steady supersonic flow passes a solid ramp, there are two possible configurations: the weak shock solution and the strong shock solution. ... More
Lateral Shift Makes a Ground-Plane Cloak DetectableApr 15 2010Jun 15 2010We examine the effectiveness of the ground-plane invisibility cloak generated from quasiconformal mapping of electromagnetic space. This cloak without anisotropy will generally lead to a lateral shift of the scattered wave, whose value is comparable to ... More
On a Positive decomposition of entropy production functional for the polyatomic BGK modelAug 16 2017In this paper, we show that the entropy production functional for the polyatomic ellipsoidal BGK model can be decomposed into two non-negative parts. Two applications of this property: the $H$-theorem for the polyatomic BGK model and the weak compactness ... More
Convergence of a Semi-Lagrangian Scheme for the BGK Model of the Boltzmann EquationJul 16 2010Recently, a new class of semi-Lagrangian methods for the BGK model of the Boltzmann equation has been introduced [8, 17, 18]. These methods work in a satisfactory way either in rarefied or fluid regime. Moreover, because of the semi-Lagrangian feature, ... More
Basket, flat plumbing and flat plumbing basket numbers of linksJul 04 2006Nov 10 2012We define the basket number, the flat plumbing number and the flat plumbing basket number of a link. Then we provide some upperbounds for these plumbing numbers by using Seifert's algorithm. We study the relation between these plumbing numbers and the ... More
A wrapped Fukaya category of knot complementJan 08 2019Mar 13 2019This is the first of a series of two articles where we construct a version of wrapped Fukaya category $\mathcal W\mathcal F(M\setminus K;H_{g_0})$ of the cotangent bundle $T^*(M \setminus K)$ of the knot complement $M \setminus K$ of a compact 3-manifold ... More
Modular Constraints on Superconformal Field TheoriesNov 02 2018We constrain the spectrum of $\mathcal{N}=(1, 1)$ and $\mathcal{N}=(2, 2)$ superconformal field theories in two-dimensions by requiring the NS-NS sector partition function to be invariant under the $\Gamma_\theta$ congruence subgroup of the full modular ... More
Living Inside the Horizon of the D3-BraneDec 22 2000Mar 31 2001We consider a brane world residing in the interior region inside the horizon of the D3-brane. The horizon size then can be interpreted as the compactification size. The macroscopically large size of extra dimensions can be derived from the underlying ... More
Analytical shear and flexion of Einasto dark matter haloesJul 18 2012Aug 13 2012N-body simulations predict that dark matter haloes are described by specific density profiles on both galactic- and cluster-sized scales. Weak gravitational lensing through the measurements of their first and second order properties, shear and flexion, ... More
LABOCA and MAMBO-2 imaging of the dust ring of the Sombrero galaxy (NGC 4594)May 30 2008The Sombrero galaxy (NGC 4594) is an Sa galaxy with a symmetric dust ring. We have used the Large APEX BOlometer CAmera (LABOCA) at 870 micron and the MAx-Planck Millimeter BOlometer (MAMBO-2) at 1.2 mm to detect the dust ring for the first time at submillimetre ... More
Mass models from high-resolution HI data of the dwarf galaxy NGC 1560Apr 20 2010We present HI observations performed at the GMRT of the nearby dwarf galaxy NGC 1560. This Sd galaxy is well-known for a distinct "wiggle" in its rotation curve. Our new observations have twice the resolution of the previously published HI data. We derived ... More
Rank of Experts: Detection Network EnsembleDec 01 2017The recent advances of convolutional detectors show impressive performance improvement for large scale object detection. However, in general, the detection performance usually decreases as the object classes to be detected increases, and it is a practically ... More
Multiple-Retrapping Process in High-$T_c$ Intrinsic Josephson JunctionsJul 24 2008We report measurements of switching-current distribution (SWCD) from a phase-diffusion branch to a quasiparticle-tunneling branch as a function of temperature in a cuprate-based intrinsic Josephson junction. Contrary to the thermal-activation model, the ... More
Preserving Measurements for Optimal State Discrimination over Quantum ChannelsNov 19 2018In this work, we consider optimal state discrimination for a quantum system that interacts with an environment, i.e., states evolve under a quantum channel. We show the conditions on a quantum channel and an ensemble of states such that a measurement ... More
Studying the spectral properties of Active Galactic Nuclei in the JWST eraAug 06 2009The James Webb Space Telescope (JWST), due to launch in 2014, shall provide an unprecedented wealth of information in the near and mid-infrared wavelengths, thanks to its high-sensitivity instruments and its 6.5 m primary mirror, the largest ever launched ... More
Checking the optimality of entanglement witnesses: an application to structural physical approximationsApr 07 2013May 26 2014In 2008, the conjecture that structural physical approximations to optimal entanglement witnesses are separable states (in general unnormalized) was posed. In an attempt to disprove it, in [K.-C. Ha and S.-H. Kye, Separable states with unique decompositions, ... More
CMB Spectral $μ$-Distortion of Multiple Inflation ScenarioDec 13 2017May 07 2018In multiple inflation scenario having two inflations with an intermediate matter-dominated phase, the power spectrum is estimated to be enhanced on scales smaller than the horizon size at the beginning of the second inflation, $k > k_{\rm b}$. We require ... More
The Herschel Virgo Cluster Survey. XX. Dust and gas in the foreground Galactic cirrusSep 19 2016We study the correlation between far-infared/submm dust emission and atomic gas column density in order to derive the properties of the high Galactic latitude, low density, Milky Way cirrus in the foreground of the Virgo cluster of galaxies. Dust emission ... More
ALMA observations of lensed Herschel sources : Testing the dark-matter halo paradigmJan 22 2018With the advent of wide-area submillimeter surveys, a large number of high-redshift gravitationally lensed dusty star-forming galaxies (DSFGs) has been revealed. Due to the simplicity of the selection criteria for candidate lensed sources in such surveys, ... More
A highly structured disk around the planet host PDS 70 revealed by high-angular resolution observations with ALMAFeb 20 2019PDS 70b is the most robustly detected young planet imaged in the gap of a transition disk so far, found at a separation of ~195 mas (~22 au) from its host star and at a position angle of about 155 deg. This system is therefore a unique laboratory to characterize ... More
The relationship between polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon emission and far-infrared dust emission from NGC 2403 and M83Dec 23 2014We examine the relation between polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH) emission at 8 microns and far-infrared emission from hot dust grains at 24 microns and from large dust grains at 160 and 250 microns in the nearby spiral galaxies NGC 2403 and M83 using ... More
A Particle Model of Our Spacetime: Origin of GravityMay 18 2016May 30 2016We build a model of our spacetime by assuming new particles called "space quanta." In the ambient or bulk spacetime ${\cal S}^{D_{\rm amb}}$ ($D_{\rm amb} \ge 4$), a multitude of space quanta form a nearly three-dimensional object, whose continuum approximation ... More
An overtwisted disk in a virtual contact structure and the Weinstein conjectureFeb 17 2014Hofer proved the Weinstein conjecture for a closed contact 3-manifold with an overtwisted disk. In this article we extend it to the virtual contact structure and provide a new explicit example of the virtual contact structure with an overtwisted disk ... More
DNA Steganalysis Using Deep Recurrent Neural NetworksApr 27 2017Oct 05 2018Recent advances in next-generation sequencing technologies have facilitated the use of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) as a novel covert channels in steganography. There are various methods that exist in other domains to detect hidden messages in conventional ... More
PixelSteganalysis: Pixel-wise Hidden Information Removal with Low Visual DegradationFeb 28 2019It is difficult to detect and remove secret images that are hidden in natural images using deep-learning algorithms. Our technique is the first work to effectively disable covert communications and transactions that use deep-learning steganography. We ... More
Dust emission profiles of DustPedia galaxiesNov 21 2018Most radiative transfer models assume that dust in spiral galaxies is distributed exponentially. In this paper our goal is to verify this assumption by analysing the two-dimensional large-scale distribution of dust in galaxies from the DustPedia sample. ... More
DustPedia: Multiwavelength Photometry and Imagery of 875 Nearby Galaxies in 42 Ultraviolet--Microwave BandsAug 17 2017The DustPedia project is capitalising on the legacy of the Herschel Space Observatory, using cutting-edge modelling techniques to study dust in the 875 DustPedia galaxies - representing the vast majority of extended galaxies within 3000 km s$^{-1}$ that ... More
e^+ e^- --> {tilde t}_1 {tilde t}_1^* (H_1) in the MSSM with explicit CP violationsMar 31 2000Aug 01 2000The author considers the effects of the CP-violating phases, e. g. arg(A_t) and arg(mu) on the e^+ e^- --> {tilde t}_1 {tilde t}_1^* (H_1) processes. The third generation squark trilinear terms give significant contributions to the Higgs potential at ... More
Secret key distillation from shielded two-qubit statesMar 03 2008Sep 22 2010The quantum states corresponding to a secret key are characterized using the so-called private states, where the key part consisting of a secret key is shielded by the additional systems. Based on the construction, it was shown that a secret key can be ... More
Multimodal Sensor-Based Semantic 3D Mapping for a Large-Scale EnvironmentFeb 28 2018Semantic 3D mapping is one of the most important fields in robotics, and has been used in many applications, such as robot navigation, surveillance, and virtual reality. In general, semantic 3D mapping is mainly composed of 3D reconstruction and semantic ... More
Review on rationality problems of algebraic k-toriDec 12 2018Rationality problems of algebraic k-tori are closely related to rationality problems of the invariant field, also known as Noether's Problem. We describe how a function field of algebraic k-tori can be identified as an invariant field under a group action ... More
Bar Fraction in Early- and Late-type SpiralsJan 16 2019Bar fractions depend on the properties of the host galaxies, which are closely related to the formation and evolution of bars. However, observational studies do not provide consistent results. We investigate the bar fraction and its dependence on the ... More
Josephson-vortex-flow terahertz emission in layered high-$T_c$ superconducting single crystalsOct 12 2006We report on the successful terahertz emission (0.6$\sim$1 THz) that is continuous and tunable in its frequency and power, by driving Josephson vortices in resonance with the collective standing Josephson plasma modes excited in stacked Bi$_2$Sr$_2$CaCu$_2$O$_{8+x}$ ... More
Incremental Learning with Maximum Entropy Regularization: Rethinking Forgetting and IntransigenceFeb 03 2019Incremental learning suffers from two challenging problems; forgetting of old knowledge and intransigence on learning new knowledge. Prediction by the model incrementally learned with a subset of the dataset are thus uncertain and the uncertainty accumulates ... More
Old and young stellar populations in DustPedia galaxies and their role in dust heatingMar 14 2019Within the framework of the DustPedia project we investigate the properties of cosmic dust and its interaction with the stellar radiation (originating from different stellar populations) for 814 galaxies in the nearby Universe, all observed by the Herschel ... More
Coloring link diagrams by Alexander quandlesMay 18 2011In this paper, we study the colorability of link diagrams by the Alexander quandles. We show that if the reduced Alexander polynomial $\Delta_{L}(t)$ is vanishing, then $L$ admits a non-trivial coloring by any non-trivial Alexander quandle $Q$, and that ... More
Outflow kinematics manifested by the H-alpha line: gas outflows in Type 2 AGNs. IVJul 18 2017Energetic ionized gas outflows driven by active galactic nuclei (AGN) have been studied as a key phenomenon related to AGN feedback. To probe the kinematics of the gas in the narrow line region, [O III] ${\lambda}$5007 has been utilized in a number of ... More
Universal causality of energy-containing eddies in wall turbulenceFeb 23 2019Mar 20 2019Turbulent flows in the presence of bounding surfaces, such as those occurring in many oceanic and atmospheric currents, around vehicles, or inside pipes, may be apprehended as a collection of whirls, or eddies, whose sizes differ by many orders of magnitude. ... More
Copycat: A High Precision Real Time NAND SimulatorDec 12 2016In this paper, we describe the design and implementation of a high precision real time NAND simulator called Copycat that runs on a commodity multi-core desktop environment. This NAND simulator facilitates the development of embedded flash memory management ... More
PixelSteganalysis: Destroying Hidden Information with a Low Degree of Visual DegradationJan 30 2019Mar 02 2019Steganography is the science of unnoticeably concealing a secret message within a certain image, called a cover image. The cover image with the secret message is called a stego image. Steganography is commonly used for illegal purposes such as terrorist ... More
Quantized Memory-Augmented Neural NetworksNov 10 2017Memory-augmented neural networks (MANNs) refer to a class of neural network models equipped with external memory (such as neural Turing machines and memory networks). These neural networks outperform conventional recurrent neural networks (RNNs) in terms ... More
The fraction of bolometric luminosity absorbed by dust in DustPedia galaxiesOct 02 2018We study the fraction of stellar radiation absorbed by dust, f_abs, in 814 galaxies of different morphological types. The targets constitute the vast majority (93%) of the DustPedia sample, including almost all large (optical diameter larger than 1'), ... More
Radial distribution of dust, stars, gas, and star-formation rate in DustPedia face-on galaxiesJun 16 2017The purpose of this work is the characterization of the radial distribution of dust, stars, gas, and star-formation rate (SFR) in a sub-sample of 18 face-on spiral galaxies extracted from the DustPedia sample. This study is performed by exploiting the ... More
A systematic metallicity study of DustPedia galaxies reveals evolution in the dust-to-metal ratiosJan 25 2019Observations of evolution in the dust-to-metal ratio allow us to constrain the dominant dust processing mechanisms. In this work, we present a study of the dust-to-metal and dust-to-gas ratios in a sub-sample of ~500 DustPedia galaxies. Using literature ... More
Exact potential-density pairs for flattened dark haloesOct 30 2008Cosmological simulations suggest that dark matter haloes are not spherical, but typically moderately to strongly triaxial systems. We investigate methods to convert spherical potential-density pairs into axisymmetric ones, in which the basic characteristics ... More
Black hole mass measurements using ionized gas discs: systematic dust effectsSep 08 2008Using detailed Monte Carlo radiative transfer simulations in realistic models for galactic nuclei, we investigate the influence of interstellar dust in ionized gas discs on the rotation curves and the resulting black hole mass measurements. We find that ... More
Designing Quantum Information Processing via Structural Physical ApproximationJul 09 2017In quantum information processing it may be possible to have efficient computation and secure communication beyond the limitations of classical systems. In a fundamental point of view, however, evolution of quantum systems by the laws of quantum mechanics ... More
Distinguishability, Ensemble Steering, and the No-Signaling PrincipleOct 11 2012Dec 31 2014We consider a fundamental operational task, distinguishing systems in different states, in the framework of generalized probabilistic theories and provide a general formalism of minimum-error discrimination of states in convex optimization. With the formalism ... More
Structure of minimum-error quantum state discriminationOct 10 2012Jul 19 2013Distinguishing different quantum states is a fundamental task having practical applications for information processing. Despite the efforts devoted so far, however, strategies for optimal discrimination are known only for specific examples. We here consider ... More
Elementary bounds on Poincare and log-Sobolev constants for decomposable Markov chainsMar 24 2005We consider finite-state Markov chains that can be naturally decomposed into smaller ``projection'' and ``restriction'' chains. Possibly this decomposition will be inductive, in that the restriction chains will be smaller copies of the initial chain. ... More
Regularity for fully nonlinear equations driven by spatial-inhomogeneous nonlocal operatorsMay 08 2014May 09 2014In this paper we consider a large class of fully nonlinear integro-differential equations. The class of our nonlocal operators we consider is not spatial homogeneous and we put mild assumptions on its kernel near zero. We prove the H\"older regularity ... More
Lower semi-continuity of the Waldschmidt constantsFeb 27 2018Oct 01 2018In this paper, we study the Waldschmidt constant of a generalized fat point subscheme $Z=m_1p_1+\cdots+m_rp_r$ of $\mathbb{P}^2$, where $p_1,\cdots,p_r$ are essentially distinct points on $\mathbb{P}^2$, satisfying the proximity inequalities. Furthermore, ... More
Stability Of contact discontinuity for steady Euler System in infinite ductMar 23 2011Mar 11 2012In this paper, we prove structural stability of contact discontinuities for full Euler system.
The growth sequence of symplectomorphisms on symplectically hyperbolic manifoldsNov 12 2012Feb 13 2014We study the growth rate of a sequence which measures the uniform norm of the differential under the iterates of maps. On symplectically hyperbolic manifolds, we show that this sequence has at least linear growth for every non-identical symplectomorphisms ... More
Prandtl-Meyer Reflection Configurations, Transonic Shocks, and Free Boundary ProblemsJan 17 2019We are concerned with the Prandtl-Meyer reflection configurations of unsteady global solutions for supersonic flow impinging onto a solid wedge. Prandtl (1936) first employed the shock polar analysis to show that there are two steady configurations: the ... More
Smart detectors for Monte Carlo radiative transferSep 11 2008Many optimization techniques have been invented to reduce the noise that is inherent in Monte Carlo radiative transfer simulations. As the typical detectors used in Monte Carlo simulations do not take into account all the information contained in the ... More
Discrimination of two-qubit unitaries via local operations and classical communicationJan 27 2016Distinguishability is a fundamental and operational task generally connected to information applications. In quantum information theory, from the postulates of quantum mechanics it often has an intrinsic limitation, which then dictates and also characterises ... More
Extraordinary surface voltage effect in the invisibility cloak with an active device insideOct 19 2007Feb 17 2008The electromagnetic field solution for a spherical invisibility cloak with an active device inside is established. Extraordinary electric and magnetic surface voltages are induced at the inner boundary of a spherical cloak, which prevent electromagnetic ... More
Performance analysis of a direct-absorption parabolic trough solar collectorOct 20 2018A parabolic trough solar collector is a dominant technology for high-temperature industrial applications, but efficient use of a conventional surface-based parabolic trough solar collector (SBPTSC) is limited by its high radiation loss due to the high ... More
Spectral Decomposition of Missing Transverse Energy at Hadron CollidersJun 14 2017Jan 05 2018We propose a spectral decomposition to systematically extract information of dark matter at hadron colliders. The differential cross section of events with missing transverse energy (MET) can be expressed by a linear combination of basis functions. In ... More
Collective Josephson vortex dynamics in a finite number of intrinsic Josephson junctionsOct 12 2006We report the experimental confirmation of the collective transverse plasma modes excited by the Josephson vortex lattice in stacks of intrinsic Josephson junctions in Bi$_{2}$Sr$_{2}$CaCu$_{2}$O$_{8+x}$ single crystals. The excitation was confirmed by ... More
Carbon Monoxide in the Cold Debris of Supernova 1987AJul 24 2013We report spectroscopic and imaging observations of rotational transitions of cold CO and SiO in the ejecta of SN1987A, the first such emission detected in a supernova remnant. In addition to line luminosities for the CO J=1-0, 2-1, 6-5, and 7-6 transitions, ... More
Key distillation from Gaussian states by Gaussian operationsMay 11 2004May 20 2004We study the secrecy properties of Gaussian states under Gaussian operations. Although such operations are useless for quantum distillation, we prove that it is possible to distill a secret key secure against any attack from sufficiently entangled Gaussian ... More
The Herschel Virgo cluster survey: V. Star-forming dwarf galaxies - dust in metal-poor environmentsMay 17 2010We present the dust properties of a small sample of Virgo cluster dwarf galaxies drawn from the science demonstration phase data set of the Herschel Virgo Cluster Survey. These galaxies have low metallicities (7.8 < 12 + log(O/H) < 8.3) and star-formation ... More
The far-infrared view of M87 as seen by the Herschel Space ObservatoryOct 05 2010The origin of the far-infrared emission from the nearby radio galaxy M87 remains a matter of debate. Some studies find evidence of a far-infrared excess due to thermal dust emission, whereas others propose that the far-infrared emission can be explained ... More
The Herschel Virgo Cluster Survey: III. A constraint on dust grain lifetime in early-type galaxiesMay 17 2010Passive early-type galaxies (ETGs) provide an ideal laboratory for studying the interplay between dust formation around evolved stars and its subsequent destruction in a hot gas. Using Spitzer-IRS and Herschel data we compare the dust production rate ... More
The Herschel Virgo Cluster Survey: I. Luminosity functionsMay 17 2010We describe the Herschel Virgo Cluster Survey (HeViCS) and the first data obtained as part of the Science Demonstration Phase (SDP). The data cover a central 4x4 sq deg region of the cluster. We use SPIRE and PACS photometry data to produce 100, 160, ... More
The Herschel Virgo Cluster Survey: II. Truncated dust disks in HI-deficient spiralsMay 17 2010By combining Herschel-SPIRE observations obtained as part of the Herschel Virgo Cluster Survey with 21 cm HI data from the literature, we investigate the role of the cluster environment on the dust content of Virgo spiral galaxies.We show for the first ... More