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Extended Chiral Quark Models in the Framework of Quantum Chromodynamic: Theory and their Applications in Hot and Dense MediumsJul 21 2017In this review article, we give overview on the extended chiral quark models. In particular, how these models are extended to include the higher-order interactions, quantized fields, logarithmic potential and the effect of these modifications on hadron ... More
Analytic Solution of Dirac Equation for Extended Cornell Potential Using the Nikiforov-Uvarov MethodJul 14 2015The extended Cornell potential which the harmonic oscillator potential is included in the original Cornell potential. The Dirac equation is solved by reducing the Dirac equation to the form of Schrodinger equation. The Nikiforov-Uvarov method is applied ... More
Magnetic Catalysis in the Higher-Order Quark Sigma ModelDec 07 2016The effect of the higher-order mesonic interactions is investigated on the chiral symmetry breaking in the presence of an external magnetic field. The effective of higher-order mesonic potential is employed and is numerically solved in the mean-field ... More
Quarkonium Masses in a hot QCD Medium Using Conformable Fractional of the Nikiforov-Uvarov MethodJul 13 2019By using conformable fractional of the Nikiforov-Uvarov (CF-NU) method, the radial Schrodinger equation is analytically solved. The energy eigenvalues and corresponding functions are obtained, in which the dependent temperature potential is employed. ... More
Nucleon Properties in the Quantized Linear Sigma Model at Finite Temperature and Chemical PotentialJul 08 2015Jul 25 2015The linear sigma model at finite temperature and chemical potential is systematically studied using the coherent-pair approximation, in which fully taking quantum of fields are included. The expectation value of the chiral Hamiltonian density is minimized ... More
Heavy-Light Mesons in the Non-Relativistic Quark Model Using Laplace Transformation MethodMar 08 2018An analytic solution of the N-dimensional radial Schr\"odinger equation with the mixture of vector and scalar potentials via the Laplace transformation method (LTM) is studied. The present potential is extended to include the spin hyperfine, spin-orbit ... More
Dissociation of Nucleon and Heavy-Baryon in an Anisotropic Hot and Dense QCD Media Using Nikiforov-Uvarov MethodJun 24 2019By using the Nikiforov-Uvarov method, the hyper-radial Schrodinger equation is analytically solved, in which the real modified potential is employed at finite temperature and baryon chemical potential. The eigenvalue of energy and corresponding wave function ... More
Inactivation cross section induced by heavy ions of different energies in Bacterial cells of E. coli: an analytical approachMar 27 2019An analytical inactivation cross section formula based on the analytical formula for calculating the radial dose distribution of Awad et al. (Awad et al., 2018) was proposed. The formula is a multi-hit model based on the track structure theory of Katz ... More
Analytic Solution of Multi-Dimensional Schrodinger in Hot and Dense QCD Media Using SUSYQM MethodMar 06 2019The N-radial Schr\"odinger equation is analytically solved by using SUSYQM method, in which the heavy quarkonia potential is introduced at finite temperature and baryon chemical potential. The energy eigenvalue is calculated in the N-dimensional space. ... More
Trigonometric Rosen-Morse Potential as the Quark-Antiquark Interaction Potential for Meson Properties in the Non-Relativistic Quark Model Using EAIMMay 14 2019Trigonometric Rosen-Morse potential is suggested as the quark-antiquark interaction potential for studying the thermodynamic properties and the masses of heavy and heavy-light mesons. For this purpose, N-radial Schrodinger equation is analytically solved ... More
Quarkonium Masses in the N-dimensional Space Using the Analytical Exact Iteration MethodDec 24 2016The N-dimensional radial Schrodinger equation with an extended Cornell potential is solved. The analytical exact iteration method is applied. The energy eigenvalues are calculated in the N-dimensional space. The charmonium meson, the bottomonium meson ... More
Exact Solution of the N-dimensional Radial Schrödinger Equation via Laplace Transformation Method with the Generalized Cornell PotentialFeb 06 2018The exact solution of N- dimensional radial Schr\"odinger equation with the generalized Cornell potential has been obtained using the Laplace transformation (LT) method. The energy eigenvalues and the corresponding wave functions for any state have been ... More
Hadron Properties in a Chiral Quark-Sigma ModelOct 12 2011Within a chiral quark sigma model in which quarks interact via the exchange of sigma and pi-mesons, hadron properties are investigated. This model of the nucleon and delta is based on the idea that strong QCD forces on very short distances (a small length ... More
The Limit Behavior Of The Trajectories of Dissipative Quadratic Stochastic Operators on Finite Dimensional SimplexDec 15 2011The limit behavior of trajectories of dissipative quadratic stochastic operators on a finite-dimensional simplex is fully studied. It is shown that any dissipative quadratic stochastic operator has either unique or infinitely many fixed points. If dissipative ... More
On Montel's theorem in several variablesOct 12 2013Jan 05 2014Recently, the first author of this paper, used the structure of finite dimensional translation invariant subspaces of C(R,C) to give a new proof of classical Montel's theorem, about continuous solutions of Fr\'{e}chet's functional equation $\Delta_h^mf=0$, ... More
Masses and Thermodynamics Properties of Heavy Mesons in the Non-Relativistic Quark Model Using Nikiforov-Uvarov MethodJan 02 2019Thermodynamics properties of heavy mesons are calculated within the framework of the N-dimensional radial Schrodinger equation. The Cornell potential is extended by including the quadratic potential plus the inverse of quadratic potential. The energy ... More
Effect of an External Magnetic Field on Some Statistical Properties of the 2+1 Dirac-Moshinsky OscillatorApr 20 2019The 2+1 Dirac-Moshinsky oscillator ( 2+1 DMO ) is mapped into the generalized Jaynes-Cummings model (GJCM), in which an external magnetic field is coupled to an external isospin field. The basic equations of model are analytically solved, where the coherent ... More
Mapping of the 2+1 Dirac-Moshinsky Oscillator Coupled to an External Isospin Field onto Jaynes-Cummings ModelDec 01 2018In this paper, the 2+1 Dirac-Moshinsky oscillator (2+1 DMO) coupled to an external isospin field is mapped onto the Jaynes-Cummings model (JCM), which describes the interaction between two two-level systems and a quantum single-mode field. The time-dependent ... More
Image-Adaptive GAN based ReconstructionJun 12 2019In the recent years, there has been a significant improvement in the quality of samples produced by (deep) generative models such as variational auto-encoders and generative adversarial networks. However, the representation capabilities of these methods ... More
Fabrication and Characterization of Fe100-xNix Nanoparticles in the Invar RegionNov 08 2017In this work, Fe100-xNix nanoparticle systems in the invar region (x = 29, 32, and 37) were prepared by the method of chemical co-precipitation. X-Ray Diffraction (XRD) patterns confirmed the coexistence of both bcc and fcc phases for x = 29 and 32. However, ... More
On disjoint unions of finitely many copies of the free monogenic semigroupMay 28 2012Jan 04 2013Every semigroup which is a finite disjoint union of copies of the free monogenic semigroup (natural numbers under addition) is finitely presented and residually finite.
Adaptive Interface for Accommodating Colour-Blind Users by Using Ishihara TestDec 09 2017Imperative visual data frequently vanishes when color applications are seen by partially color blind users. A new method for adaptive interface for accommodating color blind users is presented. The method presented here has two sections: 1) test client ... More
Interface Development for the Nonlinear Degenerate Multidimensional Reaction-Diffusion EquationsJul 26 2019This paper presents a full classification of the short-time behavior of the interfaces in the Cauchy problem for the nonlinear second order degenerate parabolic PDE \[ u_t-\Delta u^m +b u^\beta=0, \ x\in \mathbb{R}^N, 0<t<T \] with nonnegative initial ... More
Fast Jacobian group operations for C_{3,4} curves over a large finite fieldOct 03 2006Aug 22 2007Let C be an arbitrary smooth algebraic curve of genus g over a large finite field K. We revisit fast addition algorithms in the Jacobian of C due to Khuri-Makdisi (math.NT/0409209, to appear in Math. Comp.). The algorithms, which reduce to linear algebra ... More
Continuous Spin Representations from Group ContractionOct 11 2004Mar 04 2005We consider how the continuous spin representation (CSR) of the Poincare group in four dimensions can be generated by dimensional reduction. The analysis uses the front-form little group in five dimensions, which must yield the Euclidean group E(2), the ... More
A metric on the space of finite sets of trajectories for evaluation of multi-target tracking algorithmsMay 04 2016Feb 22 2017In this paper, we propose a metric on the space of finite sets of trajectories for assessing multi-target tracking algorithms in a mathematically sound way. The metric can be used, e.g., to compare estimates from algorithms with the ground truth. It includes ... More
Software Agents Interaction Algorithms in Virtual Learning EnvironmentMar 23 2014Dec 07 2015This paper highlights the multi-agent learning virtual environment and agents communication algorithms. The researcher proposed three algorithms required software agents interaction in virtual learning information system environment. The first proposed ... More
Toward a Robust Sparse Data Representation for Wireless Sensor NetworksAug 02 2015Compressive sensing has been successfully used for optimized operations in wireless sensor networks. However, raw data collected by sensors may be neither originally sparse nor easily transformed into a sparse data representation. This paper addresses ... More
A description of odd mass Xe and Te isotopes in the Interacting Boson-Fermion ModelApr 16 2013Recent interest in spectroscopic factors for single-neutron transfer in low-spin states of the even-odd Xenon $^{125,127,129.131}$Xe and even-odd Tellurium, $^{123,125,127,129,131}$Te isotopes stimulated us to study these isotopes within the frame work ... More
Parallel tale of seniority isomers in 130Cd and 206Hg: Testing the robustness of magic numbersMay 27 2019The neutron-rich nuclei 130Cd and 206Hg, so important in the astrophysical processes, may also be useful in tracking the evolution of nuclear shell gaps as one traverses the neutron-rich region. The high spin 8+ isomer in 130Cd and the 10+ isomer in 206Hg ... More
Connective eccentric index of some graph operationsJun 02 2014The connective eccentric index of a graph is a topological index involving degrees and eccentricities of vertices of the graph. In this paper, we have studied the connective eccentric index for double graph and double cover. Also we give the connective ... More
Generalized optimal sub-pattern assignment metricJan 21 2016Sep 12 2018This paper presents the generalized optimal sub-pattern assignment (GOSPA) metric on the space of finite sets of targets. Compared to the well-established optimal sub-pattern assignment (OSPA) metric, GOSPA is unnormalized as a function of the cardinality ... More
Pion condensation during the hadronization of the quark-gluon plasma in ultra-relativistic heavy-ion collisions.Feb 10 1995Feb 13 1995Using a simple kinetic model we study whether a pion condensate can be formed during the hadronization of the quark-gluon plasma in ultrarelativistic heavy-ion collisions. If hadronization proceeds fast and the pion effective mass is close to zero, some ... More
Perennial life-histories and demographic advantages may play contradictory roles in the evolution of plant mating systemsApr 21 2016When predicting the fate and consequences of recurring deleterious mutations in self-fertilising populations most models developed make the assumption that populations have discrete non-overlapping generations. This makes them biologically irrelevant ... More
Low-Power Neuromorphic Hardware for Signal Processing ApplicationsJan 11 2019Aug 05 2019Machine learning has emerged as the dominant tool for implementing complex cognitive tasks that require supervised, unsupervised, and reinforcement learning. While the resulting machines have demonstrated in some cases even super-human performance, their ... More
Evolution of nuclear structure in and around Z=50 closed shell: Generalized Seniority in Cd, Sn and Te isotopesAug 14 2019We study the quadrupole moments and the B(E2; $2^+ \rightarrow 0^+$) values for the ${11/2}^-$ states and the first $2^+$ states, respectively, by using a multi-j generalized seniority approach in the Cd (Z = 48), Sn (Z = 50) and Te (Z = 52) isotopic ... More
F-Index of Some Graph OperationsNov 20 2015The F-index of a graph is defined as the sum of cubes of the vertex degrees of the graph. This was introduced in 1972, in the same paper where the first and second Zagreb indices were introduced to study the structure-dependency of total $\pi$-electron ... More
Shrinkage estimation with a matrix loss functionJan 18 2011Consider estimating the n by p matrix of means of an n by p matrix of independent normally distributed observations with constant variance, where the performance of an estimator is judged using a p by p matrix quadratic error loss function. A matrix version ... More
cSeiz: An Edge-Device for Accurate Seizure Detection and Control for Smart HealthcareAug 21 2019Epilepsy is one of the most common neurological disorders affecting up to 1% of the world's population and approximately 2.5 million people in the United States. Seizures in more than 30% of epilepsy patients are refractory to anti-epileptic drugs. An ... More
A reliable numerical method for solving a certain class of singular initial value problems using reproducing kernel algorithmApr 22 2017The aim of this study is to present a good modernistic strategy for solving some well-known classes of Lane-Emden type singular differential equations. The proposed approach is based on the reproducing kernel Hilbert space (RKHS) and introducing the reproducing ... More
The role of light ellipticity in ionization of atoms by intense few-cycles laser pulsesApr 22 2010We provide theoretical investigations of the response of the Ar and H atoms to an intense elliptically polarized few-cycle laser pulse, as a function of light ellipticity. The time-dependent Schr{\"o}dinger equation describing the least-bound electron ... More
On solutions of $f(x)+f(a_1x)+...+f(a_Nx)=0$ and related equationsNov 02 2011Feb 20 2012We study some properties of the solutions of the functional equation $$f(x)+f(a_1x)+...+f(a_Nx)=0,$$ which was introduced in the literature by Mora, Cherruault and Ziadi in 1999, for the case $a_k=k+1$, $k=1,2,...,N$ and studied by Mora in 2008 and Mora ... More
A p-adic Montel theorem and locally polynomial functionsFeb 17 2013We prove a version of both Jacobi's and Montel's Theorems for the case of continuous functions defined over the field $\mathbb{Q}_p$ of $p$-adic numbers. In particular, we prove that, if \[ \Delta_{h_0}^{m+1}f(x)=0 \ \ \text{for all} x\in\mathbb{Q}_p, ... More
Theory of strong-field ionization of aligned CO2Jun 04 2009Jun 17 2009A theoretical framework for studying strong-field ionization of aligned molecules is presented, and alignment-dependent ionization yields are computed for CO2. Our calculations are in unprecedented agreement with recent experiments. We find that the ionization ... More
A note on monomialsMar 14 2012We study discontinuous solutions of the monomial equation $\frac{1}{n!}\Delta_h^nf(x)=f(h)$. In particular, we characterize the closure of their graph, $\bar{G(f)}^{\mathbb{R}^2}$, and we use the properties of these functions to present a new proof of ... More
Los teoremas de Fréchet, Montel y Popoviciu y los grafos de los polinomios discontinuosFeb 10 2015This paper is an introduction to the regularity theory of functional equations, motivated by the study of Fr\'{e}chet's functional equation. Another main goal is to honor the work in functional equations of the Romanian mathematician Tiberiu Popoviciu. ... More
A note on invariant subspaces and the solution of some classical functional equationsOct 29 2013We study the continuous solutions of several classical functional equations by using the properties of the spaces of continuous functions which are invariant under some elementary linear trans-formations. Concretely, we use that the sets of continuous ... More
A qualitative description of graphs of discontinuous polynomial functionsJan 14 2014Jan 19 2014We prove that, if f:R^n\to R satisfies Fr\'echet's functional equation and f(x_1,...,x_n) is not an ordinary algebraic polynomial in the variables x_1,...,x_n, then f is unbounded on all non-empty open set U of R^n. Furthermore, the closure of its graph ... More
Performance Analysis of a Scalable DC Microgrid Offering Solar Power Based Energy Access and Efficient Control for Domestic LoadsJan 03 2018DC microgrids conform to distributed control of renewable energy sources which ratifies efficacious instantaneous power sharing and sustenance of energy access among different domestic Power Management Units (PMUs) along with maintaining stability of ... More
ADBSCAN: Adaptive Density-Based Spatial Clustering of Applications with Noise for Identifying Clusters with Varying DensitiesSep 17 2018Nov 29 2018Density-based spatial clustering of applications with noise (DBSCAN) is a data clustering algorithm which has the high-performance rate for dataset where clusters have the constant density of data points. One of the significant attributes of this algorithm ... More
Efficient Data Compression with Error Bound Guarantee in Wireless Sensor NetworksAug 13 2014We present a data compression and dimensionality reduction scheme for data fusion and aggregation applications to prevent data congestion and reduce energy consumption at network connecting points such as cluster heads and gateways. Our in-network approach ... More
Study and Observation of the Variation of Accuracies of KNN, SVM, LMNN, ENN Algorithms on Eleven Different Datasets from UCI Machine Learning RepositorySep 17 2018Nov 29 2018Machine learning qualifies computers to assimilate with data, without being solely programmed [1, 2]. Machine learning can be classified as supervised and unsupervised learning. In supervised learning, computers learn an objective that portrays an input ... More
5 Parallel Prism: A topology for pipelined implementations of convolutional neural networks using computational memoryJun 08 2019In-memory computing is an emerging computing paradigm that could enable deeplearning inference at significantly higher energy efficiency and reduced latency. The essential idea is to map the synaptic weights corresponding to each layer to one or more ... More
Post-selection free, integrated optical source of non-degenerate, polarization entangled photon pairsJul 30 2013We present an integrated source of polarization entangled photon pairs in the telecom regime, which is based on type II-phasematched parametric down-conversion (PDC) in a Ti-indiffused waveguide in periodically poled lithium niobate. The domain grating ... More
Security Features of an Asymmetric Cryptosystem based on the Diophantine Equation Hard ProblemMar 23 2011Dec 22 2011The Diophantine Equation Hard Problem (DEHP) is a potential cryptographic problem on the Diophantine equation $U=\sum \limits_{i=1}^n {V_i x_{i}}$. A proper implementation of DEHP would render an attacker to search for private parameters amongst the exponentially ... More
A New Efficient Asymmetric Cryptosystem Based on the Square Root ProblemJul 05 2012Nov 14 2012The square root modulo problem is a known primitive in designing an asymmetric cryptosystem. It was first attempted by Rabin. Decryption failure of the Rabin cryptosystem caused by the 4-to-1 decryption output is overcome efficiently in this work. The ... More
Continuous Spin Representations of the Poincaré and Super-Poincaré GroupsMay 15 2002We construct Wigner's continuous spin representations of the Poincar\'e algebra for massless particles in higher dimensions. The states are labeled both by the length of a space-like translation vector and the Dynkin indices of the {\it short little group} ... More
Genealogy tree: understanding academic lineage of authors via algorithmic and visual analysisMar 06 2018Ancestry and genealogy tree are proven tools to determine the lineage of any person and establish dependencies among individuals. Genealogy tree can be exploited further to gain information about the researcher and his scholastic lineage which is of paramount ... More
Augmented Reality Meets Computer Vision : Efficient Data Generation for Urban Driving ScenesAug 04 2017The success of deep learning in computer vision is based on availability of large annotated datasets. To lower the need for hand labeled images, virtually rendered 3D worlds have recently gained popularity. Creating realistic 3D content is challenging ... More
A Study of Lagrangean Decompositions and Dual Ascent Solvers for Graph MatchingDec 16 2016Jan 12 2017We study the quadratic assignment problem, in computer vision also known as graph matching. Two leading solvers for this problem optimize the Lagrange decomposition duals with sub-gradient and dual ascent (also known as message passing) updates. We explore ... More
In-memory hyperdimensional computingJun 04 2019Hyperdimensional computing (HDC) is an emerging computing framework that takes inspiration from attributes of neuronal circuits such as hyperdimensionality, fully distributed holographic representation, and (pseudo)randomness. When employed for machine ... More
Mobile Big Data Analytics Using Deep Learning and Apache SparkFeb 23 2016The proliferation of mobile devices, such as smartphones and Internet of Things (IoT) gadgets, results in the recent mobile big data (MBD) era. Collecting MBD is unprofitable unless suitable analytics and learning methods are utilized for extracting meaningful ... More
Fast Adaptation of Activity Sensing Policies in Mobile DevicesNov 10 2016With the proliferation of sensors, such as accelerometers, in mobile devices, activity and motion tracking has become a viable technology to understand and create an engaging user experience. This paper proposes a fast adaptation and learning scheme of ... More
Towards Orientation Learning and Adaptation in Cartesian SpaceJul 09 2019As a promising branch in robotics, imitation learning emerges as an important way to transfer human skills to robots, where human demonstrations represented in Cartesian or joint spaces are utilized to estimate task/skill models that can be subsequently ... More
Study and Observation of the Variations of Accuracies for Handwritten Digits Recognition with Various Hidden Layers and Epochs using Convolutional Neural NetworkSep 17 2018Nov 29 2018Nowadays, deep learning can be employed to a wide ranges of fields including medicine, engineering, etc. In deep learning, Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) is extensively used in the pattern and sequence recognition, video analysis, natural language ... More
On the Bohr inequalityDec 02 2016The Bohr inequality, first introduced by Harald Bohr in 1914, deals with finding the largest radius $r$, $0<r<1$, such that $\sum_{n=0}^\infty |a_n|r^n \leq 1$ holds whenever $|\sum_{n=0}^\infty a_nz^n|\leq 1$ in the unit disk $\mathbb{D}$ of the complex ... More
An innovative platform to improve the performance of exact string matching algorithmsFeb 11 2010Exact String Matching is an essential issue in many computer science applications. Unfortunately, the performance of Exact String Matching algorithms, namely, executing time, does not address the needs of these applications. This paper proposes a general ... More
Neutron radii and neutron skin of neutron-rich nuclei deduced from proton-nucleus total reaction cross sectionsJan 12 2019A new method is proposed to deduce the neutron radii of neutron-rich nuclei. This method requires measuring the reaction cross sections of both the neutron-rich nucleus and its stable isotope at the same energy on a proton target. Using this method and ... More
The Characteristics of the Factors That Govern the Preferred Force in the Social Force Model of Pedestrian MovementAug 01 2010The social force model which belongs to the microscopic pedestrian studies has been considered as the supremacy by many researchers and due to the main feature of reproducing the self-organized phenomena resulted from pedestrian dynamic. The Preferred ... More
The spherical metric and univalent harmonic mappingsJul 16 2018Let $f=h+\overline{g}$ be a harmonic univalent map in the unit disk $\mathbb{D}$, where $h $ and $g$ are analytic. We obtain an improved estimate for the second coefficient of $h$. This indeed is the first qualitative improvement after the appearance ... More
Identification and Recognition of Rice Diseases and Pests Using Convolutional Neural NetworksDec 03 2018May 14 2019An accurate and timely detection of diseases and pests in rice plants can help farmers in applying timely treatment on the plants and thereby can reduce the economic losses substantially. Recent developments in deep learning based convolutional neural ... More
A Constructive Algorithm for Feedforward Neural Networks for Medical Diagnostic ReasoningSep 23 2010This research is to search for alternatives to the resolution of complex medical diagnosis where human knowledge should be apprehended in a general fashion. Successful application examples show that human diagnostic capabilities are significantly worse ... More
Ionization of oriented targets by intense circularly polarized laser pulses: Imprints of orbital angular nodes in the 2D momentum distributionApr 09 2010We solve the three-dimensional time-dependent Schr\"{o}dinger equation for a few-cycle circularly polarized femtosecond laser pulse interacting with an oriented target exemplified by an Argon atom, initially in a $3\text{p}_{x}$ or $3\text{p}_{y}$ state. ... More
High-order harmonic generation from polyatomic molecules including nuclear motion and a nuclear modes analysisJan 27 2010Mar 26 2010We present a generic approach for treating the effect of nuclear motion in the high-order harmonic generation from polyatomic molecules. Our procedure relies on a separation of nuclear and electron dynamics where we account for the electronic part using ... More
Introduction to Effective Field Theories in QCDMay 21 2002We present a simple introduction to the techniques of effective field theory (EFT) and their application to QCD. For problems with more than one energy scale, the EFT approach is a useful alternative to more traditional model-building strategies. The ... More
Symmetries in the time-averaged dynamics of networks: reducing unnecessary complexity through minimal network modelsOct 15 2017Dec 22 2018Complex networks are the subject of fundamental interest from the scientific community at large. Several metrics have been introduced to characterize the structure of these networks, such as the degree distribution, degree correlation, path length, clustering ... More
Analysis of Bohr formula of momentum of inertia for even-even atomic nucleiAug 06 2019The moment of inertia of even-even deformed nuclei which are derived on the basis of hydrodynamical model yield values that are too small compared with the experimental [Davidson 1965] ones. We expect that these contradictions come from the consideration ... More
Exploration of the High Entropy Alloy Space as a Constraint Satisfaction ProblemDec 06 2017Feb 25 2018High Entropy Alloys (HEAs), Multi-principal Component Alloys (MCA), or Compositionally Complex Alloys (CCAs) are alloys that contain multiple principal alloying elements. While many HEAs have been shown to have unique properties, their discovery has been ... More
Accurate deep neural network inference using computational phase-change memoryJun 07 2019In-memory computing is a promising non-von Neumann approach where certain computational tasks are performed within memory units by exploiting the physical attributes of memory devices. For instance, crossbar arrays of resistive memory devices can be used ... More
Analysis of large-scale anisotropy of ultra-high energy cosmic rays in HiRes dataFeb 07 2010Stereo data collected by the HiRes experiment over a six year period are examined for large-scale anisotropy related to the inhomogeneous distribution of matter in the nearby Universe. We consider the generic case of small cosmic-ray deflections and a ... More
Centering and symmetry breaking in confined contracting actomyosin networksJul 24 2019Centering and decentering of cellular components is essential for internal organization of cells and their ability to perform basic cellular functions such as division and motility. How cells achieve proper localization of their components is still not ... More
Self-organization of stress patterns drives state transitions in actin corticesMar 24 2016Biological functions rely on ordered structures and intricately controlled collective dynamics. In contrast to systems in thermodynamic equilibrium, order is typically established and sustained in stationary states by continuous dissipation of energy. ... More
A dynamic closure modeling framework for model order reduction of geophysical flowsFeb 20 2019In this paper, a dynamic closure modeling approach has been derived to stabilize the projection-based reduced order models in the long-term evolution of forced-dissipative dynamical systems. To simplify our derivation without losing generalizability, ... More
Comparative Evaluation and Analysis of IAX and RSWJan 13 2010Voice over IP (VoIP) is a technology to transport media over IP networks such as the Internet. VoIP has the capability of connecting people over packet switched networks instead of traditional circuit switched networks. Recently, the InterAsterisk Exchange ... More
Design and Development of a Heart Rate Measuring Device using FingertipApr 09 2013In this paper, we presented the design and development of a new integrated device for measuring heart rate using fingertip to improve estimating the heart rate. As heart related diseases are increasing day by day, the need for an accurate and affordable ... More
First time determination of the microscopic structure of a stripe phase: Low temperature NMR in La2NiO4.17Dec 04 2001The experimental observations of stripes in superconducting cuprates and insulating nickelates clearly show the modulation in charge and spin density. However, these have proven to be rather insensitive to the harmonic structure and (site or bond) ordering. ... More
Nuclear dependence of the coherent eta photoproduction reaction in a relativistic approachOct 01 1997We study the nuclear (or A) dependence of the coherent eta photoproduction reaction in a relativistic impulse approximation approach. We use a standard relativistic parameterization of the elementary amplitude, based on a set of four Lorentz- and gauge-invariant ... More
Enhanced List-Based Group-Wise Overloaded Receiver with Application to Satellite ReceptionApr 17 2014The market trends towards the use of smaller dish antennas for TV satellite receivers, as well as the growing density of broadcasting satellites in orbit require the application of robust adjacent satellite interference (ASI) cancellation algorithms at ... More
Spin dynamics and ordering of a cuprate stripe-antiferromagnetJul 04 2000Jul 07 2000In La1.48Nd0.4Sr0.12CuO4 the 139La and 63Cu NQR relaxation rates and signal wipe-out upon lowering temperature are shown to be due to purely magnetic fluctuations. They follow the same renormalized classical behavior as seen in neutron data, when the ... More
Interference Mitigating Satellite Broadcast Receiver using Reduced Complexity List-Based Detection in Correlated NoiseApr 25 2014The recent commercial trends towards using smaller dish antennas for satellite receivers, and the growing density of broadcasting satellites, necessitate the application of robust adjacent satellite interference (ASI) cancellation schemes. This orbital ... More
Medical diagnosis using neural networkSep 23 2010This research is to search for alternatives to the resolution of complex medical diagnosis where human knowledge should be apprehended in a general fashion. Successful application examples show that human diagnostic capabilities are significantly worse ... More
Enhanced Position Verification for VANETs using Subjective LogicMar 30 2017Mar 31 2017The integrity of messages in vehicular ad-hoc networks has been extensively studied by the research community, resulting in the IEEE~1609.2 standard, which provides typical integrity guarantees. However, the correctness of message contents is still one ... More
Ionization of oriented carbonyl-sulfide molecules by intense circularly polarized laser pulsesJul 15 2010Mar 24 2011We present combined experimental and theoretical results on strong-field ionization of oriented carbonyl-sulphide molecules by circularly-polarized laser pulses. The obtained molecular frame photoelectron angular distributions show pronounced asymmetries ... More
Modelling Noise and Pulse Width Modulation Interference in Indoor Visible Light Communication ChannelsFeb 19 2019Visible light communication (VLC) has the potential to supplement the growing demand for wireless connectivity. In order to realise the full potential of VLC, channel models are required Discrete channel models based on semi-hidden Markov models (Fritchman ... More
Similarity of slow stripe fluctations between Sr-doped cuprates and oxygen-doped nickelatesJun 21 1999Stripe fluctuations in La2NiO4.17 have been studied by 139La NMR using the field and temperature dependence of the linewidth and relaxation rates. In the formation process of the stripes the NMR line intensity is maximal below 230K, starts to diminish ... More
On the Complexity of Multi-Parameterized Cluster EditingNov 30 2015The Cluster Editing problem seeks a transformation of a given undirected graph into a disjoint union of cliques via a minimum number of edge additions or deletions. A multi-parameterized version of the problem is studied, featuring a number of input parameters ... More
Proportionate gradient updates with PercentDeltaAug 24 2017Deep Neural Networks are generally trained using iterative gradient updates. Magnitudes of gradients are affected by many factors, including choice of activation functions and initialization. More importantly, gradient magnitudes can greatly differ across ... More
An Approximation Algorithm for the Euclidean Bottleneck Steiner Tree ProblemDec 07 2010Given two sets of points in the plane, $P$ of $n$ terminals and $S$ of $m$ Steiner points, a Steiner tree of $P$ is a tree spanning all points of $P$ and some (or none or all) points of $S$. A Steiner tree with length of longest edge minimized is called ... More
1.5 billion words Arabic CorpusNov 12 2016This study is an attempt to build a contemporary linguistic corpus for Arabic language. The corpus produced, is a text corpus includes more than five million newspaper articles. It contains over a billion and a half words in total, out of which, there ... More
Applying Vector Space Model (VSM) Techniques in Information Retrieval for Arabic LanguageJan 11 2018Jan 15 2018Information Retrieval (IR) allows the storage, management, processing and retrieval of information, documents, websites, etc. Building an IR system for any language is imperative. This is evident through the massive conducted efforts to build IR systems ... More