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Recurrence required to capture the dynamic computations of the human ventral visual streamMar 14 2019The visual system is an intricate network of brain regions that enables us to recognize the world around us. Despite its abundant lateral and feedback connections, human object processing is commonly viewed and studied as a feedforward process. Here, ... More
A Constraint Propagation Algorithm for Sums-of-Squares Formulas over the IntegersOct 11 2018Sums-of-squares formulas over the integers have been studied extensively using their equivalence to consistently signed intercalate matrices. This representation, combined with combinatorial arguments, has been used to produce sums-of-squares formulas ... More
Indiscernibles, EM-types, and Ramsey Classes of TreesAug 14 2012Jan 05 2014It was shown in \cite{sc12} that for a certain class of structures $\I$, $\I$-indexed indiscernible sets have the modeling property just in case the age of $\I$ is a Ramsey class. We expand this known class of structures from ordered structures in a finite ... More
Sums-of-Squares Formulas over Algebraically Closed FieldsOct 19 2015Oct 31 2016In this paper, we consider whether existence of a sums-of-squares formula depends on the base field. We reformulate the question of existence as a question in algebraic geometry. We show that, for large enough p, existence of sums-of-squares formulas ... More
Characterization of NIP theories by ordered graph-indiscerniblesJun 25 2011Jun 28 2011We generalize the Unstable Formula Theorem characterization of stable theories from \citep{sh78}: that a theory $T$ is stable just in case any infinite indiscernible sequence in a model of $T$ is an indiscernible set. We use a generalized form of indiscernibles ... More
Equivariant constrained Willmore tori in the 3-sphereNov 17 2012May 15 2014In this paper we study equivariant constrained Willmore tori in the 3-sphere. These tori admit a 1-parameter group of M\"obius symmetries and are critical points of the Willmore energy under conformal variations. We show that the associated spectral curve ... More
Ramsey Transfer to ReductsJun 17 2017Apr 12 2018We introduce a notion weaker than an infinitary interpretation which we call a semi-retraction. We say a countable structure has the Ramsey property if its age does. For a countable structure $B$ with the Ramsey property we show a countable semi-retraction ... More
Dirac ToriJan 29 2014We consider conformal immersions $f: T^2\rightarrow \mathbb{R}^3$ with the property that $H^2 f^*g_{\mathbb{R}^3}$ is a flat metric. These so called Dirac tori have the property that its Willmore energy is uniformly distributed over the surface and can ... More
Constrained Willmore and CMC tori in the 3-sphereDec 10 2012Constrained Willmore surfaces are critical points of the Willmore functional under conformal variations. As shown in [5] one can associate to any conformally immersed constrained Willmore torus f a compact Riemann surface \Sigma, such that f can be reconstructed ... More
Constrained Willmore Tori and Elastic Curves in 2-Dimensional Space FormsMar 06 2013May 15 2014In this paper we consider two special classes of constrained Willmore tori in the 3-sphere. The first class is given by the rotation of closed elastic curves in the upper half plane - viewed as the hyperbolic plane - around the x-axis. The second is given ... More
Yates's and Other Sums of SquaresSep 28 2016It is shown that the sum of squares by Yates's method of weighted squares of means is equivalent to numerator sums of squares formulated by other methods. These relations are established first for hypotheses about fixed effects in a general linear model, ... More
Censors' Delay in Blocking Circumvention ProxiesMay 27 2016Jul 20 2016Censors of the Internet must continually discover and block new circumvention proxy servers. We seek to understand this process; specifically, the length of the delay between when a proxy first becomes discoverable and when it is actually blocked. We ... More
A Formula for Type III Sums of SquaresMar 29 2018Type III methods were introduced by SAS to address difficulties in dummy-variable models for effects of multiple factors and covariates. They are widely used in practice; they are the default method in several statistical computing packages. Type III ... More
Spontaneously broken Standard Model (SM) symmetries and the Goldstone theorem protect the Higgs mass and ensure that it has no Higgs Fine Tuning Problem (HFTP)Jun 30 2011Aug 08 2012B.W.Lee/K.Symanzik proved that Ward-Takahashi identities and tadpole renormalization force all ultra-violet quadratic divergences (UV-QD) to be absorbed into the physical renormalized pseudo-scalar pion mass in O(4)LSM (linear sigma models) across the ... More
Green's Function Monte Carlo Calculations with Two- and Three-Nucleon Interactions from Chiral Effective Field TheorySep 17 2015I discuss our recent work on Green's function Monte Carlo (GFMC) calculations of light nuclei using local nucleon-nucleon interactions derived from chiral effective field theory (EFT) up to next-to-next-to-leading order (N$^2$LO). I present the natural ... More
Liquid Phases in SU(3) Chiral Perturbation Theory: Drops of Strange Chiral Nucleon Liquid & Ordinary Chiral Heavy Nuclear LiquidMay 12 2010Chiral SU(3) Perturbation Theory (SU3XPT) identifies hadrons as the building blocks of strongly interacting matter at low densities and temperatures. We show that it admits two co-existing chiral nucleon liquid phases at zero external pressure with well-defined ... More
Categorical Constructions and the Ramsey PropertyJun 02 2015Nov 24 2015It has become obvious in the recent development that the structural Ramsey property is a categorical property: it depends not only on the choice of objects, but also on the choice of morphisms involved. In this paper we explicitely put the Ramsey property ... More
Abelianization of Fuchsian Systems on a 4-punctured sphere and applicationsApr 30 2014Apr 06 2015In this paper we consider special linear Fuchsian systems of rank $2$ on a $4-$punctured sphere and the corresponding parabolic structures. Through an explicit abelianization procedure we obtain a $2-$to$-1$ correspondence between flat line bundle connections ... More
Spectral Brilliance of Channeling Radiation at the ASTA PhotoinjectorJul 22 2014Nov 19 2014We study channeling radiation from electron beams with energies under 100 MeV. We introduce a phenomenological model of dechanneling, correct non-radiative transition rates from thermal scattering, and discuss in detail the population dynamics in low ... More
Higher solutions of Hitchin's self-duality equationsJan 08 2018Mar 07 2018Solutions of Hitchin's self-duality equations corresponds to special real sections in the Deligne-Hitchin moduli space -- twistor lines. A question posed by Simpson in 1997 asks whether all real sections give rise to global solutions of the self-duality ... More
First Resolved Images of the Mira AB Symbiotic Binary at Centimeter WavelengthsDec 07 2005We report the first spatially resolved radio continuum measurements of the Mira AB symbiotic binary system, based on observations obtained with the Very Large Array (VLA). This is the first time that a symbiotic binary has been resolved unambiguously ... More
Neutron Studies of the Iron-based Family of High TC Magnetic SuperconductorsFeb 01 2009Feb 09 2009We review neutron scattering investigations of the crystal structures, magnetic structures, and spin dynamics of the iron-based RFe(As,P)O (R=La, Ce, Pr, Nd), (Ba,Sr,Ca)Fe2As2, and Fe1+x(Te-Se) systems. On cooling from room temperature all the undoped ... More
Radio Stars and Their Lives in the GalaxyJan 29 2013Feb 26 2013This paper summarizes the three-day international workshop "Radio Stars and Their Lives in the Galaxy", held at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Haystack Observatory on 2012 October 3-5. The workshop was organized to provide a forum for the presentation ... More
Towards a constrained Willmore conjectureMay 09 2017We give an overview of the constrained Willmore problem and address some conjectures arising from partial results and numerical experiments. Ramifications of these conjectures would lead to a deeper understanding of the Willmore functional over conformal ... More
Private Information Retrieval using Product-Matrix Minimum Storage Regenerating CodesMay 18 2018Private Information Retrieval (PIR) schemes allow a user to retrieve a record from the server without revealing any information on which record is being downloaded. In this paper, we consider PIR schemes where the database is stored using Minimum Storage ... More
Multi-Message Private Information Retrieval using Product-Matrix MSR and MBR CodesAug 06 2018Multi-message private information retrieval (MPIR) is an interesting variation of PIR which allows a user to download multiple messages from the database without revealing the identity of the desired messages. Obviously, the user can repeatly use a single-message ... More
Maximizing Influence in an Ising Network: A Mean-Field Optimal SolutionAug 24 2016The problem of influence maximization in social networks has typically been studied in the context of contagion models and irreversible processes. In this paper, we consider an alternate model that treats individual opinions as spins in an Ising network ... More
Optimally Influencing Complex Ising SystemsSep 29 2016In the study of social networks, a fundamental problem is that of influence maximization (IM): How can we maximize the collective opinion of individuals in a network given constrained marketing resources? Traditionally, the IM problem has been studied ... More
First explicit constrained Willmore minimizers of non-rectangular conformal classOct 02 2017Feb 25 2019We study immersed tori in $3$-space minimizing the Willmore energy in their respective conformal class. Within the rectangular conformal classes $\;(0,b)\;$ with $\;b \sim 1\;$ the homogenous tori $\;f^b\;$ are known to be the unique constrained Willmore ... More
Unravelling the mystery of the M31 barMay 03 2006May 17 2006The inclination of M31 is too close to edge-on for a bar component to be easily recognised and is not sufficiently edge-on for a boxy/peanut bulge to protrude clearly out of the equatorial plane. Nevertheless, a sufficient number of clues allow us to ... More
Expectations in Incremental Discourse ProcessingAug 05 1997The way in which discourse features express connections back to the previous discourse has been described in the literature in terms of adjoining at the right frontier of discourse structure. But this does not allow for discourse features that express ... More
Candidates for non-rectangular constrained Willmore minimizersFeb 25 2019For every $\;b \sim 1,$$b \neq1\;$ fixed, we explicitly construct a $1$-dimensional family of putative constrained Willmore minimizers parametrized by their conformal class $\;(a,b) \sim (0,1).\;$ Indeed we show in \cite{HelNdi1} that these candidates ... More
Revisiting the Diffusion Problem in a Capillary Tube GeometryJul 05 2012Mar 12 2013The present work revisits the problem of modeling diffusion above a stagnant liquid interface in a capillary tube geometry. In this revisitation we elucidate a misconception found in the classical model proposed by Bird et. al. Furthermore, we propose ... More
First explicit constrained Willmore minimizers of non-rectangular conformal classOct 02 2017Feb 21 2018We study immersed tori in $3$-space minimizing the Willmore energy in their respective conformal class. Within the rectangular conformal classes $\;(0,b)\;$ with $\;b \sim 1\;$ the homogenous tori $\;f^b\;$ are known to be the unique constrained Willmore ... More
VLA Observations of HI in the Circumstellar Envelopes of AGB StarsDec 18 2006We present the results of a VLA search for HI emission in the circumstellar envelopes of five nearby AGB stars: RS Cnc, IRC+10216, EP Aqr, R Cas, and R Aqr. We have detected emission coincident in both position and velocity with RS Cnc, implying that ... More
Clues on the Structure and Composition of Galactic Disks from Studies of "Superthin" Spirals: the Case of UGC3697Dec 15 2004We summarize results from an HI+optical imaging study of the ``Integral Sign'' galaxy, UGC3697. UGC3697 is a low-mass, Sd spiral that exhibits a ``superthin'' disk morphology despite a prounced gasous and stellar warp. Our new observations show evidence ... More
B and V CCD Photometry of Southern, Extreme Late-Type Spiral GalaxiesSep 15 1997We present B and V CCD aperture photometry for a morphologically-selected sample of forty-nine southern, extreme late-type spiral galaxies. All objects are moderate-to-low surface brightness Local Supercluster field galaxies that were detected previously ... More
Global $SU(3)_C x SU(2)_L x U(1)_Y$ linear sigma model with Standard Model quarks and leptons, and Dirac neutrinos: axial-vector Ward Takahashi identities and decoupling of certain heavy particles due to the Goldstone theoremSep 21 2015Aug 14 2016This work is dedicated to the memory of R. Stora. In the Linear Sigma Model (LSM), towers of Ward-Takahashi Identities (WTI) relate both 1-Scalar-Particle-Irreducible Green's functions and I-SP-Reducible T-Matrix elements for external scalars (a doublet ... More
Real-Space Imaginary-Time Propagators for Non-Local Nucleon-Nucleon PotentialsMay 31 2012Jul 26 2012Nuclear structure quantum Monte Carlo methods such as Green's function or auxiliary field diffusion Monte Carlo have used phenomenological local real-space potentials containing as few derivatives as possible, such as the Argonne-Urbana family of interactions, ... More
From Curves to Tropical Jacobians and BackJan 12 2017Given a curve defined over an algebraically closed field which is complete with respect to a nontrivial valuation, we study its tropical Jacobian. This is done by first tropicalizing the curve, and then computing the Jacobian of the resulting weighted ... More
Bounded gaps between primes in special sequencesJul 07 2014We use Maynard's methods to show that there are bounded gaps between primes in the sequence $\{\lfloor n\alpha\rfloor\}$, where $\alpha$ is an irrational number of finite type. In addition, given a superlinear function $f$ satisfying some properties described ... More
Navigating the Space of Symmetric CMC SurfacesJan 08 2015Jan 08 2018In this paper we introduce a flow on the spectral data for symmetric CMC surfaces in the $3$-sphere. The flow is designed in such a way that it changes the topology but fixes the intrinsic (metric) and certain extrinsic (periods) closing conditions of ... More
Exploring the space of compact symmetric CMC surfacesMar 26 2015We map out the moduli space of Lawson symmetric constant mean curvature surfaces in the 3-sphere of genus $g>1$ by flowing numerically from Delaunay tori with even lobe count via the generalized Whitham flow.
Anchoring a Lexicalized Tree-Adjoining Grammar for DiscourseJun 24 1998We here explore a ``fully'' lexicalized Tree-Adjoining Grammar for discourse that takes the basic elements of a (monologic) discourse to be not simply clauses, but larger structures that are anchored on variously realized discourse cues. This link with ... More
Schottky Algorithms: Classical meets TropicalJul 26 2017We present a new perspective on the Schottky problem that links numerical computing with tropical geometry. The task is to decide whether a symmetric matrix defines a Jacobian, and, if so, to compute the curve and its canonical embedding. We offer solutions ... More
Nuclides as a liquid phase of $SU(2)_L \times SU(2)_R$ chiral perturbation theory I: emergence of pion-less SU(2) $χ$ PTNov 27 2018The Standard Model of particle physics, augmented with neutrino mixing, is at least very nearly the complete theory of interactions of known particles at energies accessible to Nature on Earth. Candidate effective theories of nuclear structure must therefore ... More
Operator splitting schemes for the two-asset Merton jump-diffusion modelJan 12 2019This paper deals with the numerical solution of the two-dimensional time-dependent Merton partial integro-differential equation (PIDE) for the values of rainbow options under the two-asset Merton jump-diffusion model. Key features of this well-known equation ... More
Schottky Algorithms: Classical meets TropicalJul 26 2017Sep 30 2018We present a new perspective on the Schottky problem that links numerical computing with tropical geometry. The task is to decide whether a symmetric matrix defines a Jacobian, and, if so, to compute the curve and its canonical embedding. We offer solutions ... More
The spectral curve theory for $(k,l)-$symmetric CMC surfacesMar 03 2015Mar 17 2015Constant mean curvature surfaces in $S^3$ can be studied via their associated family of flat connections. In the case of tori this approach has led to a deep understanding of the moduli space of all CMC tori. For compact CMC surfaces of higher genus the ... More
Entropy, stability, and harmonic map flowJun 24 2015Inspired by work of Colding-Minicozzi on mean curvature flow, Zhang introduced a notion of entropy stability for harmonic map flow. We build further upon this work in several directions. First we prove the equivalence of entropy stability with a more ... More
Maximal LELM Distinguishability of Qubit and Qutrit Bell States Using Projective and Non-Projective MeasurementsMar 06 2019Numerous quantum information protocols make use of maximally entangled two-particle states, or Bell states, in which information is stored in the correlations between the two particles rather than their individual properties. Retrieving information stored ... More
Tree indiscernibilities, revisitedNov 03 2011Dec 15 2013We give definitions that distinguish between two notions of indiscernibility for a set $\{a_\eta \mid \eta \in \W\}$ that saw original use in \cite{sh90}, which we name \textit{$\s$-} and \textit{$\n$-indiscernibility}. Using these definitions and detailed ... More
Exploring the space of compact symmetric CMC surfacesMar 26 2015Feb 14 2017We map out the moduli space of Lawson symmetric constant mean curvature surfaces in the 3-sphere of genus $g>1$ by flowing numerically from Delaunay tori with even lobe count via the generalized Whitham flow.
Navigating the Space of Symmetric CMC SurfacesJan 08 2015Jan 26 2015In this paper we introduce a flow on the spectral data for symmetric CMC surfaces in the $3$-sphere. The flow is designed in such a way that it changes the topology but fixes the intrinsic (metric) and certain extrinsic (periods) closing conditions of ... More
HI Imaging Observations of Superthin Galaxies. II. IC2233 and the Blue Compact Dwarf NGC2537Sep 26 2007We have used the VLA to image the HI 21-cm line emission in the edge-on Sd galaxy IC2233 and the blue compact dwarf NGC2537. We also present new optical B,R, and H alpha imaging of IC2233 obtained with the WIYN telescope. Despite evidence of localized ... More
Functional repair codes: a view from projective geometrySep 21 2018Storage codes are used to ensure reliable storage of data in distributed systems. Here we consider functional repair codes, where individual storage nodes that fail may be repaired efficiently and the ability to recover original data and to further repair ... More
Characterizing Model-Theoretic Dividing Lines via Collapse of Generalized IndiscerniblesNov 23 2015We use the notion of collapse of generalized indiscernible sequences to classify various model theoretic dividing lines. In particular, we use collapse of n-multi-order indiscernibles to characterize op-dimension n; collapse of function-space indiscernibles ... More
Detecting Censor DetectionSep 25 2017Our goal is to empirically discover how censors react to the introduction of new proxy servers that can be used to circumvent their information controls. We examine a specific case, that of obfuscated Tor bridges, and conduct experiments designed to discover ... More
Rectangular constrained Willmore minimizers and the Willmore conjectureJan 17 2019Feb 05 2019We show that the well-known family of $2$-lobed Delaunay tori $\;f^b\;$ in $\;S^3,\;$ parametrized by $\;b \in \mathbb R_{\geq1},\;$ uniquely minimizes the Willmore energy among all immersions from tori into $3$-space of conformal class $\;(a, b)\;$. ... More
Development of non-equilibrium Green's functions for use with full interaction in complex systemsNov 09 2015Feb 05 2016We present an ongoing development of an existing code for calculating ground-state, steady-state, and transient properties of many-particle systems. The development involves the addition of the full four-index two electron integrals, which allows for ... More
VLA Observations of HI in the Circumstellar Envelopes of Asymptotic Giant Branch StarsJan 09 2007(Abridged) We have used the VLA to search for neutral atomic hydrogen in the circumstellar envelopes of five AGB stars. We have detected HI 21-cm emission coincident in both position and velocity with the semi-regular variable RS Cnc. The emission comprises ... More
Theoretical Evaluations of the Fission Cross Section of the 77 eV Isomer of 235-USep 14 2002We have developed models of the fission barrier (barrier heights and transition state spectra) that reproduce reasonably well the measured fission cross section of $^{235}$U from neutron energy of 1 keV to 2 MeV. From these models we have calculated the ... More
Global $SU(3)_C\times SU(2)_L\times U(1)_Y$ linear sigma model: axial-vector Ward Takahashi identities, and decoupling of certain heavy BSM particles due to the Goldstone theoremSep 21 2015Jul 15 2017Dedicated to the memory of Raymond Stora (1930-2015). In the $SU(2)_L\times SU(2)_R$ Linear Sigma Model with PCAC, towers of Ward-Takahashi Identities (WTI) have long been known to give relations among 1-Scalar-Particle-Irreducible Green's functions, ... More
Global $U(1)_Y$xBRST symmetry and the LSS theorem: Ward-Takahashi identities governing Green's functions, on-shell T-Matrix elements, and the effective potential, in the spontaneously broken extended Abelian Higgs modelSep 21 2015Jan 08 2018The weak-scale U(1) Abelian Higgs Model (AHM) is the simplest spontaneous symmetry breaking (SSB) gauge theory. The extended AHM (E-AHM) adds certain heavy scalars $\Phi$ and fermions $\psi$. In Lorenz gauge, these theories have a global U(1) conserved ... More
The Goldstone theorem protects naturalness, and the absence of Brout-Englert-Higgs fine-tuning, in spontaneously broken SO(2)Jun 24 2013Nov 11 2014The Gell-Mann-Levy (GML), Schwinger and Standard Models were previously shown to lack a Brout-Englert-Higgs (BEH) fine-tuning problem due to quadratic divergences, with finite Euclidean cut-off \Lambda, because of the symmetries obeyed by all O(\Lambda^2) ... More
Hidden $U(1)_Y$ Ward-Takahashi identities in the spontaneously brokenAbelian Higgs model and the decoupling of certain heavy particles in its simple extensionsSep 22 2015Aug 14 2016This work is dedicated to the memory of R. Stora. The spontaneously broken (SSB) $U(1)_Y$ Abelian Higgs model (AHM) (the gauge theory of a scalar $\phi \propto (H+i\pi)= {\tilde H}e^{i{\tilde \pi}/<H>}$ and a transverse vector A) has a massless pseudo-scalar ... More
Science with an ngVLA: Evolved StarsOct 15 2018This chapter reviews some of the expected contributions of the ngVLA to the understanding of the late evolutionary stages of low-to-intermediate mass stars, including asymptotic giant branch (AGB) stars, post-AGB stars, and pre-planetary nebulae. Such ... More
Psi-Epistemic Theories: The Role of SymmetryMar 12 2013Jul 20 2013Formalizing an old desire of Einstein, "psi-epistemic theories" try to reproduce the predictions of quantum mechanics, while viewing quantum states as ordinary probability distributions over underlying objects called "ontic states." Regardless of one's ... More
Strategies for Real-Time Position Control of a Single Atom in Cavity QEDJul 07 2005Recent realizations of single-atom trapping and tracking in cavity QED open the door for feedback schemes which actively stabilize the motion of a single atom in real time. We present feedback algorithms for cooling the radial component of motion for ... More
Spin Dynamics of the Magnetoresistive Pyrochlore Tl_2Mn_2O_7May 11 1998Neutron scattering has been used to study the magnetic order and spin dynamics of the colossal magnetoresistive pyrochlore Tl_2Mn_2O_7. On cooling from the paramagnetic state, magnetic correlations develop and appear to diverge at T_C (123 K). In the ... More
Fabrication of High Aspect Ratio Micro-Penning-Malmberg Gold Plated Silicon Trap ArraysJul 09 2013Acquiring a portable high density charged particles trap might consist of an array of micro-Penning-Malmberg traps (microtraps) with substantially lower end barriers potential than conventional Penning-Malmberg traps [1]. We report on the progress of ... More
Gram SpectrahedraJul 31 2016Representations of nonnegative polynomials as sums of squares are central to real algebraic geometry and the subject of active research. The sum-of-squares representations of a given polynomial are parametrized by the convex body of positive semidefinite ... More
Global $SU(2)_L \otimes$BRST symmetry and its LSS theorem: Ward-Takahashi identities governing Green's functions, on-shell T-Matrix elements, and $V_{eff}$, in the scalar-sector of certain spontaneously broken non-Abelian gauge theoriesNov 16 2017Apr 17 2018This work is dedicated to the memory of Raymond Stora (1930-2015). $SU(2)_L$ is the simplest spontaneous symmetry breaking (SSB) non-Abelian gauge theory: a complex scalar doublet $\phi=\frac{1}{\sqrt{2}}\begin{bmatrix}H+i\pi_3-\pi_2 +i\pi_1\end{bmatrix}\equiv\frac{1}{\sqrt{2}}\tilde{H}e^{2i\tilde{t}\cdot\tilde{\vec{\pi}}/<H>}\begin{bmatrix}10\end{bmatrix}$ ... More
Astro2020: Molecular Masers as Probes of the Dynamic Atmospheres of Dying StarsMar 13 2019More than half of the dust and heavy element enrichment in galaxies originates from the winds and outflows of evolved, low-to-intermediate mass stars on the asymptotic giant branch (AGB). However, numerous details of the physics of late-stage stellar ... More
Hidden $U(1)_Y$ Ward-Takahashi identities for off-shell Green's functions and on-shell T-Matrix elements in the scalar-sector of the extended Abelian Higgs modelSep 21 2015Jul 29 2016The weak-scale $U(1)_Y$-hypercharge Abelian Higgs Model (AHM) is the gauge theory of a complex scalar $\phi = \frac{1}{\sqrt 2}(H+i\pi)$ and a vector $A^\mu$. When the $U(1)_Y$ is spontaneously broken (SSB) the theory is in its Goldstone mode and $\phi\equiv ... More
Index-energy estimates for Yang-Mills connections and Einstein metricsJan 14 2019We prove a conformally invariant estimate for the index of Schr\"odinger operators acting on vector bundles over four-manifolds, related to the classical Cwikel-Lieb-Rozenblum estimate. Applied to Yang-Mills connections we obtain a bound for the index ... More
A Combinatorial Model of Interference in Frequency Hopping SchemesAug 11 2015Jul 26 2018In a frequency hopping (FH) scheme users communicate simultaneously using FH sequences defined on the same set of frequency channels. An FH sequence specifies the frequency channel to be used as communication progresses. Much of the research on the performance ... More
$U(1)\otimes BRST$ symmetry, of on-shell T-matrix elements and (1-$φ$-I) Green's functions, determines the vacuum state of the Abelian Higgs Model from symmetry alone: minimization of the scalar-sector effective potential is unnecessaryJan 20 2017Apr 16 2018The weak-scale $U(1)_{Y}$ Abelian Higgs Model (AHM) is the spontaneous-symmetry-breaking gauge theory of a complex scalar $\phi = \frac{1}{\sqrt{2}}(H + i \pi)$ and a vector $A_{\mu}$. Global $U(1)_{Y}\otimes BRST$ symmetry emerges: when it is realized ... More
Feasibility of an Infrared Parallax Program Using the Fan Mountain Tinsley ReflectorOct 07 2009Apr 07 2010Despite the continuing importance of ground-based parallax measurements, few active programs remain. Because new members of the solar neighborhood tend towards later spectral types, infrared parallax programs are particularly desirable. Consequently, ... More
Polygonal equalities and virtual degeneracy in $L_{p}$-spacesMar 26 2012Sep 23 2014Suppose $0 < p \leq 2$ and that $(\Omega, \mu)$ is a measure space for which $L_{p}(\Omega, \mu)$ is at least two-dimensional. The central results of this paper provide a complete description of the subsets of $L_{p}(\Omega, \mu)$ that have strict $p$-negative ... More
Private reputation retrieval in public - a privacy-aware announcement scheme for VANETsJun 11 2015May 18 2016An announcement scheme is a system that facilitates vehicles to broadcast road-related information in vehicular ad hoc networks (VANETs) in order to improve road safety and efficiency. Here we propose a new cryptographic primitive for public updating ... More
NEW INSIGHTS INTO NON-RADIATIVE HEATING IN LATE-A STAR CHROMOSPHERESJan 19 1995Using new and archival spectra from the Goddard High Resolution Spectrograph, we have searched for evidence of chromospheric and transition region emission in six stars of mid- to late-A spectral type. Two of the stars, alpha Aql (A7 IV-V) and alpha Cep ... More
Estimating the Energetic State of Malignant Cells from RNA Transcription and Protein Interaction Network DataFeb 24 2014May 31 2015Gene expression data, or transcription data, are surrogates for actual protein concentrations in the cells. In addition protein-protein interactions are static diagrams of all the protein-protein interactions in the cell. These interactions may consist ... More
Dark matter dominance at all radii in the superthin galaxy UGC 7321Jun 01 2009We model the shape and density profile of the dark matter halo of the low surface brightness, superthin galaxy UGC 7321, using the observed rotation curve and the HI scale height data as simultaneous constraints. We treat the galaxy as a gravitationally ... More
Short Range Correlations and the EMC Effect in Effective Field TheoryJul 11 2016We show that the empirical linear relation between the magnitude of the EMC effect in deep inelastic scattering on nuclei and the short range correlation scaling factor $a_2$ extracted from high-energy quasi-elastic scattering at $x\ge 1$ is a natural ... More
Controlling a Telescope Chopping Secondary Mirror Assembly Using a Signal Deconvolution TechniqueNov 18 2003We describe a technique for improving the response of a telescope chopping secondary mirror assembly by using a signal processing method based on the Lucy deconvolution technique. This technique is general and could be used for any systems, linear or ... More
A Combinatorial Model of Interference in Frequency Hopping SchemesAug 11 2015In a frequency hopping multiple access (FHMA) system a set of users communicate simultaneously using frequency hopping sequences defined on the same set of frequency channels. A frequency hopping sequence specifies which channels to use as communication ... More
Spin-valve effect and magnetoresistivity in single crystalline Ca3Ru2O7Feb 05 2008The laminar perovskite Ca3Ru2O7 naturally forms ferromagnetic double-layers of alternating moment directions, as in the spin-valve superlattices. The mechanism of huge magnetoresistive effect in the material has been controversial due to a lack of clear ... More
Discriminating sample groups with multi-way dataJun 26 2016High-dimensional linear classifiers, such as the support vector machine (SVM) and distance weighted discrimination (DWD), are commonly used in biomedical research to distinguish groups of subjects based on a large number of features. However, their use ... More
Macro Dark MatterOct 08 2014Jul 03 2015Dark matter is a vital component of the current best model of our universe, $\Lambda$CDM. There are leading candidates for what the dark matter could be (e.g. weakly-interacting massive particles, or axions), but no compelling observational or experimental ... More
An Image Dataset of Text Patches in Everyday ScenesOct 20 2016This paper describes a dataset containing small images of text from everyday scenes. The purpose of the dataset is to support the development of new automated systems that can detect and analyze text. Although much research has been devoted to text detection ... More
Strongly non embeddable metric spacesSep 24 2011Enflo constructed a countable metric space that may not be uniformly embedded into any metric space of positive generalized roundness. Dranishnikov, Gong, Lafforgue and Yu modified Enflo's example to construct a locally finite metric space that may not ... More
Proof of a conjecture of Guy on class numbersJul 11 2014Aug 06 2014It is well known that for any prime $p\equiv 3$ (mod $4$), the class numbers of the quadratic fields $\mathbb{Q}(\sqrt{p})$ and $\mathbb{Q}(\sqrt{-p})$, $h(p)$ and $h(-p)$ respectively, are odd. It is natural to ask whether there is a formula for $h(p)/h(-p)$ ... More
Entanglement-secured single-qubit quantum secret-sharingSep 09 2011In single-qubit quantum secret sharing, a secret is shared between N parties via manipulation and measurement of one qubit at a time. Each qubit is sent to all N parties in sequence; the secret is encoded in the first participant's preparation of the ... More
Detections of CO in Late-Type, Low Surface Brightness Spiral GalaxiesJan 17 2005Feb 08 2005Using the IRAM 30-m telescope, we have obtained 12CO J=1-0 and 2-1 spectral line observations toward the nuclear regions of 15 edge-on, low surface brightness (LSB) spiral galaxies. Our sample comprises extreme late-type LSB spirals with disk-dominated ... More
Quantum Monte Carlo Methods in Nuclear Physics: Recent AdvancesJan 15 2019In recent years, the combination of precise quantum Monte Carlo (QMC) methods with realistic nuclear interactions and consistent electroweak currents, in particular those constructed within effective field theories (EFTs), has lead to new insights in ... More
Small Bits of Cold Dense MatterDec 29 2017The behavior of QCD at high baryon density and low temperature is crucial to understanding the properties of neutron stars and gravitational waves emitted during their mergers. In this paper we study small systems of baryons in periodic boundary conditions ... More
Gram SpectrahedraJul 31 2016May 02 2018Representations of nonnegative polynomials as sums of squares are central to real algebraic geometry and the subject of active research. The sum-of-squares representations of a given polynomial are parametrized by the convex body of positive semidefinite ... More
QCD Scales in Finite NucleiDec 06 1995The role of QCD scales and chiral symmetry in finite nuclei is examined. The Dirac-Hartree mean-field coupling constants of Nikolaus, Hoch, and Madland (NHM) are scaled in accordance with the QCD-based prescription of Manohar and Georgi. Whereas the nine ... More
Input Fast-Forwarding for Better Deep LearningMay 23 2017This paper introduces a new architectural framework, known as input fast-forwarding, that can enhance the performance of deep networks. The main idea is to incorporate a parallel path that sends representations of input values forward to deeper network ... More