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PEARL: PrEference Appraisal Reinforcement Learning for Motion PlanningNov 30 2018Robot motion planning often requires finding trajectories that balance different user intents, or preferences. One of these preferences is usually arrival at the goal, while another might be obstacle avoidance. Here, we formalize these, and similar, tasks ... More
PRM-RL: Long-range Robotic Navigation Tasks by Combining Reinforcement Learning and Sampling-based PlanningOct 11 2017May 16 2018We present PRM-RL, a hierarchical method for long-range navigation task completion that combines sampling based path planning with reinforcement learning (RL). The RL agents learn short-range, point-to-point navigation policies that capture robot dynamics ... More
Measurements related to CKM angle alpha in BABARJul 28 2004The BABAR collaboration measurements of the B -> pipi, B -> rhopi and B -> rhorho decays are presented. New results, from a 113 fb-1 data sample, on the time-dependent CP asymmetries of the longitudinally polarized component of the B0 -> rho+rho- channel ... More
On the Nuclearity of Dual GroupsSep 18 2012We prove that the dual space of a locally convex nuclear $k_\omega$ vector space endowed with the compact--open topology is a locally convex nuclear vector space. An analogous result is shown for nuclear groups. As a consequence of this, we obtain that ... More
Particle simulations in causal set theoryNov 30 2009Models of particle propagation in causal set theory are investigated through simulations. For the swerves model the simulations are shown to agree with the expected continuum diffusion behaviour. Given the limitations on the simulated causal set size, ... More
Causal Set PhenomenologySep 08 2010Central to the development of any new theory is the investigation of the observable consequences of the theory. In the search for quantum gravity, research in phenomenology has been dominated by models violating Lorentz invariance (LI) -- despite there ... More
Resilient Computing with Reinforcement Learning on a Dynamical System: Case Study in SortingSep 25 2018Robots and autonomous agents often complete goal-based tasks with limited resources, relying on imperfect models and sensor measurements. In particular, reinforcement learning (RL) and feedback control can be used to help a robot achieve a goal. Taking ... More
Deep Neural Networks for Swept Volume Prediction Between ConfigurationsMay 29 2018Swept Volume (SV), the volume displaced by an object when it is moving along a trajectory, is considered a useful metric for motion planning. First, SV has been used to identify collisions along a trajectory, because it directly measures the amount of ... More
The number of tensor differential invariants of a Riemannian metricMar 12 2002We determine the number of functionally independent components of tensors involving higher-order derivatives of a Riemannian metric.
Mean Curvature Driven Ricci FlowMar 11 2009We obtain the evolution equations for the Riemann tensor, the Ricci tensor and the scalar curvature induced by the mean curvature flow. The evolution for the scalar curvature is similar to the Ricci flow, however, negative, rather than positive, curvature ... More
Invariant and polynomial identities for higher rank matricesJan 31 2007We exhibit explicit expressions, in terms of components, of discriminants, determinants, characteristic polynomials and polynomial identities for matrices of higher rank. We define permutation tensors and in term of them we construct discriminants and ... More
Polynomial identities for hypermatricesAug 06 2002Dec 13 2002We develop a method to construct algebraic invariants for hypermatrices. We then construct hyperdeterminants and exhibit a generalization of the Cayley-Hamilton theorem for hypermatrices.
Integrable Conformal Field Theory in Four Dimensions and Fourth-Rank GeometryMar 03 1993We consider the conformal properties of geometries described by higher-rank line elements. A crucial role is played by the conformal Killing equation (CKE). We introduce the concept of null-flat spaces in which the line element can be written as ${ds}^r=r!d\zeta_1\cdots ... More
Photonic Framework to Handle Physical and Chemical Processes: Quantum Entanglement, Coherence, De-coherence, Re-coherence and the Roles of Multipartite Base StatesJul 14 2014A quantum framework, according quantum theories of electromagnetic (EM)radiation to matter response, leads to a handy scheme addressed to examine both physical and chemical processes. Fundamental quantum effects such asentanglement, coherence, de-coherence ... More
Quantum mechanics of time-dependent systems. Construction of pure statesApr 03 1995For time-dependent systems the wavefunction depends explicitly on time and it is not a pure state of the Hamiltonian. We construct operators for which the above wavefunction is a pure state. The method is based on the introduction of conserved quantities ... More
Photonic Framework: Cues To Decode Quantum MechanicsOct 04 2017The photonic framework offers clues leading to a possible update of the foundations of quantum mechanics yet preserving its mathematical grounds. Reconsideration of quantum theoretic measurement theory warrants removal of ideological prejudices brought ... More
BlurRingMay 15 2018A code package, BlurRing, is developed as a method to allow for multi-dimensional likelihood visualisation. From the BlurRing visualisation additional information about the likelihood can be extracted. The spread in any direction of the overlaid likelihood ... More
Differential Invariants for Higher-Rank Tensors. A Progress ReportAug 03 2004We outline the construction of differential invariants for higher--rank tensors.
A Constructive Demostration of the Uniqueness of the Christoffel SymbolJan 12 2001In this note we exhibit a constructive demonstration of the uniqueness of the Christoffel symbol.
RL-RRT: Kinodynamic Motion Planning via Learning Reachability Estimators from RL PoliciesJul 10 2019Jul 12 2019This paper addresses two challenges facing sampling-based kinodynamic motion planning: a way to identify good candidate states for local transitions and the subsequent computationally intractable steering between these candidate states. Through the combination ... More
RL-RRT: Kinodynamic Motion Planning via Learning Reachability Estimators from RL PoliciesJul 10 2019This paper addresses two challenges facing sampling-based kinodynamic motion planning: a way to identify good candidate states for local transitions and the subsequent computationally intractable steering between these candidate states. Through the combination ... More
Future-complete null hypersurfaces, interior gluings, and the Trautman-Bondi massDec 13 2016We present the argument that the past limit of the Trautman-Bondi mass is the ADM mass under weak hypotheses on the decay of the metric towards spatial infinity, without any smallness conditions on the initial data, assuming well defined energy, momentum, ... More
Universal field equations for metric-affine theories of gravityMay 25 2006May 30 2006We show that almost all metric--affine theories of gravity yield Einstein equations with a non--null cosmological constant $\Lambda$. Under certain circumstances and for any dimension, it is also possible to incorporate a Weyl vector field $W_\mu$ and ... More
A New Approach to Lower Dimensional Gauge TheoriesJun 11 1992We apply the method of differential renormalization to two and three dimensional abelian gauge theories. The method is especially well suited for these theories as the problems of defining the antisymmetric tensor are avoided and the calculus involved ... More
Azimuthal angle correlations in hadron-nucleus scattering: enhanced diagramsJun 28 2014In this paper we calculate the contribution to rapidity and angular correlations of the first Pomeron loop diagram in the dense partonic environment. This diagram is expected to give the largest contribution to the density variation mechanism of the angular ... More
Prospects for $φ$ meson production in pp collisions at the ALICE experimentJan 08 2008The ALICE experiment at the CERN Large Hadron Collider (LHC) will allow the study of resonance production in nucleus-nucleus and proton-proton collisions. This paper presents results based on physics performance studies to discuss prospects in ALICE for ... More
Geometric description of chemical reactionsJan 02 2013We use the formalism of Geometrothermodynamics to describe chemical reactions in the context of equilibrium thermodynamics. Any chemical reaction in a closed system is shown to be described by a geodesic in a $2-$dimensional manifold that can be interpreted ... More
A thermostat algorithm generating target ensemblesOct 14 2015Dec 22 2015We present a deterministic algorithm called contact density dynamics that generates any prescribed target distribution in the physical phase space. Akin to the famous model of Nos\'e-Hoover, our algorithm is based on a non-Hamiltonian system in an extended ... More
First LHC results on coherent J/psi photoproduction in ultra-peripheral Pb-Pb collisions at sqrt{s_NN} = 2.76 TeVJan 23 2013The first LHC measurement on ultra-peripheral heavy-ion collisions was carried out with the ALICE experiment. In this paper, ALICE results on exclusive J/psi studies in Pb-Pb collisions at sqrt(s_NN) = 2.76 TeV, in the rapidity region -3.6 < y < -2.6, ... More
Liouville's Theorem and the canonical measure for nonconservative systems from contact geometryNov 28 2014May 30 2015Standard statistical mechanics of conservative systems relies on the symplectic geometry of the phase space. This is exploited to derive Hamilton's equations, Liouville's theorem and to find the canonical invariant measure. In this work we analyze the ... More
Gluon saturation: survival probability for leading neutrons in DISApr 03 2012In this paper we discuss the example of one rapidity gap process: the inclusive cross sections of the leading neutrons in deep inelastic scattering with protons (DIS). The equations for this process are proposed and solved, giving the example of theoretical ... More
Resource Letter on geometrical results for Embeddings and BranesOct 11 2000Feb 21 2001Due to the recent renewal in the interest for embedded surfaces we provide a list of commented references of interest.
The geometry of the space of branched Rough PathsOct 29 2018Nov 05 2018We construct an explicit transitive free action of a Banach space of H\"older functions on the space of branched rough paths, which yields in particular a bijection between theses two spaces. This endows the space of branched rough paths with the structure ... More
Linear topologies on $\Z$ are not Mackey topologiesJul 13 2011Sep 01 2011In this article it is shown that to every non-discrete Hausdorff linear topology on $\Z$ other metrizable locally quasi-convex group topologies can be associated which are strictly finer than the linear topology and such that the character groups coincide. ... More
The Electromagnetic Christodoulou Memory Effect and its Application to Neutron Star Binary MergersOct 03 2011Apr 09 2012Gravitational waves are predicted by the general theory of relativity. It has been shown that gravitational waves have a nonlinear memory, displacing test masses permanently. This is called the Christodoulou memory. We proved that the electromagnetic ... More
The Electromagnetic Christodoulou Memory Effect in Neutron Star Binary MergersMay 30 2011Jun 08 2011Gravitational waves are predicted by the general theory of relativity. In [6] D. Christodoulou showed that gravitational waves have a nonlinear memory. We proved in [3] that the electromagnetic field contributes at highest order to the nonlinear memory ... More
Quasitriangular (G-cograded) multiplier Hopf algebrasAug 17 2004We put the known results on the antipode of a usual quasitriangular Hopf algebra into the framework of multiplier Hopf algebras. We illustrate with examples which can not be obtained using classical Hopf Algebras. The focus of the present paper lies on ... More
The Slow Winds of A-Type SupergiantsSep 27 2010The line driven- and rotation modulated-wind theory predicts an alternative slow solution, besides from the standard m-CAK solution, when the rotational velocity is close to the critical velocity. We study the behaviour of the winds of A-type supergiants ... More
Randomized Physics-based Motion Planning for Grasping in Cluttered and Uncertain EnvironmentsNov 27 2017Planning motions to grasp an object in cluttered and uncertain environments is a challenging task, particularly when a collision-free trajectory does not exist and objects obstructing the way are required to be carefully grasped and moved out. This paper ... More
Strong Products of Hypergraphs: Unique Prime Factorization Theorems and AlgorithmsMay 08 2013It is well-known that all finite connected graphs have a unique prime factor decomposition (PFD) with respect to the strong graph product which can be computed in polynomial time. Essential for the PFD computation is the construction of the so-called ... More
Tweeting the Mind and Instagramming the Heart: Exploring Differentiated Content Sharing on Social MediaMar 08 2016Understanding the usage of multiple OSNs (Online Social Networks) has been of significant research interest as it helps in identifying the unique and distinguishing trait in each social media platform that contributes to its continued existence. The comparison ... More
Analyzing User Activities, Demographics, Social Network Structure and User-Generated Content on InstagramOct 29 2014Instagram is a relatively new form of communication where users can instantly share their current status by taking pictures and tweaking them using filters. It has seen a rapid growth in the number of users as well as uploads since it was launched in ... More
$e$PCA: High Dimensional Exponential Family PCANov 17 2016Many applications involve large collections of high-dimensional datapoints with noisy entries from exponential family distributions. It is of interest to estimate the covariance and principal components of the noiseless distribution. In photon-limited ... More
Bicrossproducts of multiplier Hopf algebrasMar 17 2009In this paper, we generalize Majid's bicrossproduct construction. We start with a pair (A,B) of two regular multiplier Hopf algebras. We assume that B is a right A-module algebra and that A is a left B-comodule coalgebra. We recall and discuss the two ... More
Characterizing the Topography of Multi-dimensional Energy LandscapesFeb 02 2014A basic issue in optimization, inverse theory,neural networks, computational chemistry and many other problems is the geometrical characterization of high dimensional functions. In inverse calculations one aims to characterize the set of models that fit ... More
Subset Sum Problems With Digraph ConstraintsSep 05 2016We introduce and study four optimization problems that generalize the well-known subset sum problem. Given a node-weighted digraph, select a subset of vertices whose total weight does not exceed a given budget. Some additional constraints need to be satisfied. ... More
Bicrossproducts of algebraic quantum groupsFeb 03 2012Let $A$ and $B$ be two algebraic quantum groups (i.e. multiplier Hopf algebras with integrals). Assume that $B$ is a right $A$-module algebra and that $A$ is a left $B$-comodule coalgebra. If the action and coaction are matched, it is possible to define ... More
Square Property, Equitable Partitions, and Product-like GraphsJan 29 2013Sep 02 2013Equivalence relations on the edge set of a graph $G$ that satisfy restrictive conditions on chordless squares play a crucial role in the theory of Cartesian graph products and graph bundles. We show here that such relations in a natural way induce equitable ... More
Asymptotic properties of solutions of the Maxwell Klein Gordon equation with small dataAug 11 2014Oct 03 2014We prove peeling estimates for the small data solutions of the Maxwell Klein Gordon equations with non-zero charge and with a non-compactly supported scalar field, in $(3+1)$ dimensions. We obtain the same decay rates as in an earlier work by Lindblad ... More
Evolution of Galactic Field be StarsSep 07 2005Galactic field Be stars were studied by taking into account the effects induced by the fast rotation on their fundamental parameters. Fractional ages $\tau/\tau\_{\rm MS}$ ($\tau\_{\rm MS}$ = time spent in the MS) against stellar mass reveal that: a) ... More
Convective overshooting and penetration in a Boussinesq spherical shellOct 15 2018We study the dynamics associated with the extension of turbulent convective motions from a convection zone (CZ) into a stable region (RZ) that lies below the latter. For that purpose, we have run a series of three-dimensional direct numerical simulations ... More
$e$PCA: High Dimensional Exponential Family PCANov 17 2016Mar 06 2017Many applications, such as photon-limited imaging and genomics, involve large datasets with noisy entries from exponential family distributions. It is of interest to estimate the covariance structure and principal components of the noiseless distribution. ... More
Bayesian Inference of Arrival Rate and Substitution Behavior from Sales Transaction Data with StockoutsFeb 14 2015Jan 14 2016When an item goes out of stock, sales transaction data no longer reflect the original customer demand, since some customers leave with no purchase while others substitute alternative products for the one that was out of stock. Here we develop a Bayesian ... More
Intelligence-based Cybersecurity Awareness Training- an Exploratory ProjectDec 11 2018Cybersecurity training should be adaptable to evolving the cyber threat landscape, cost effective and integrated well with other enterprise management components. Unfortunately, very few cybersecurity training platforms can satisfy such requirements. ... More
Outflowing disk winds in B[e] SupergiantsOct 24 2005The effects of rapid rotation and bi--stability upon the density contrast between the equatorial and polar directions of a B[e] supergiant are investigated. Based on a new slow solution for different high rotational radiation--driven winds and the fact ... More
Gravitational wave memory in de Sitter spacetimeSep 03 2015We examine gravitational wave memory in the case where sources and detector are in an expanding cosmology. For simplicity, we treat the case where the cosmology is de Sitter spacetime, and discuss the possibility of generalizing our results to the case ... More
Null Asymptotics of Solutions of the Einstein-Maxwell Equations in General Relativity and Gravitational RadiationNov 10 2010Dec 14 2010We prove that for spacetimes solving the Einstein-Maxwell (EM) equations, the electromagnetic field contributes at highest order to the nonlinear memory effect of gravitational waves. In [5] D. Christodoulou showed that gravitational waves have a nonlinear ... More
Steerable $e$PCADec 20 2018In photon-limited imaging, the pixel intensities are affected by photon count noise. Many applications, such as 3-D reconstruction using correlation analysis in X-ray free electron laser (XFEL) single molecule imaging, require an accurate estimation of ... More
Weakly non-Boussinesq convection in a gaseous spherical shellApr 03 2017Jul 07 2017We examine the dynamics associated with weakly compressible convection in a spherical shell by running 3D direct numerical simulations using the Boussinesq formalism [1]. Motivated by problems in astrophysics, we assume the existence of a finite adiabatic ... More
The implicit fairness criterion of unconstrained learningAug 29 2018Jan 25 2019We clarify what fairness guarantees we can and cannot expect to follow from unconstrained machine learning. Specifically, we characterize when unconstrained learning on its own implies group calibration, that is, the outcome variable is conditionally ... More
Efficient Private Algorithms for Learning HalfspacesFeb 24 2019We present new differentially private algorithms for learning a large-margin halfspace. In contrast to previous algorithms, which are based on either differentially private simulations of the statistical query model or on private convex optimization, ... More
Some remarks on the first Hardy-Littlewood conjectureApr 04 2019Starting from the first Hardy-Littlewood conjecture some topics will be covered: an empirical approach to the distribution of the twin primes in classes mod(10) and a simplified proof of the Bruns theorem . Finally, it will be explored an approach based ... More
Energy-momentum diffusion from spacetime discretenessOct 31 2008Nov 25 2009We study potentially observable consequences of spatiotemporal discreteness for the motion of massive and massless particles. First we describe some simple intrinsic models for the motion of a massive point particle in a fixed causal set background. At ... More
Limb-Darkened Radiation-Driven Winds from Massive StarsJul 25 2012We calculated the influence of the limb-darkened finite disk correction factor in the theory of radiation-driven winds from massive stars. We solved the 1-D m-CAK hydrodynamical equation of rotating radiation-driven winds for all three known solutions, ... More
Gravitational Waves and Their MathematicsOct 09 2017This is an overview article of the mathematics of gravitational waves. We explain the mathematics and physics of these waves in general relativity theory, discuss the gravitational wave experiment aLIGO and their detection of gravitational waves as well ... More
Single-cell analysis of growth in budding yeast and bacteria reveals a common size regulation strategyOct 17 2014Feb 09 2016To maintain a constant cell size, dividing cells have to coordinate cell cycle events with cell growth. This coordination has for long been supposed to rely on the existence of size thresholds determining cell cycle progression [1]. In budding yeast, ... More
Bounded Policy Synthesis for POMDPs with Safe-Reachability ObjectivesJan 29 2018May 09 2018Planning robust executions under uncertainty is a fundamental challenge for building autonomous robots. Partially Observable Markov Decision Processes (POMDPs) provide a standard framework for modeling uncertainty in many applications. In this work, we ... More
Energy distributions for ionization in ion-atom collisionsJan 22 2016In this paper we discuss how through the process of applying the Fourier transform to solutions of the Schr\"odinger equation in the Close Coupling approach, good results for the ionization differential cross section in energy for electrons ejected in ... More
Limits on the Mass of the Lightest SUSY HiggsMay 20 1998We study the limits on the mass of the lightest Higgs in supersymmetric models extended with a gauge singlet when perturbative unification is required. We find that when maximum intermediate matter is added, the different evolution of the gauge couplings ... More
Aligning Spatial Frames Through Quantum ChannelsMay 19 2005We review the optimal protocols for aligning spatial frames using quantum systems. The communication problem addressed here concerns a type of information that cannot be digitalized. Asher Peres referred to it as "unspeakable information". We comment ... More
Exploring CP-Violating heavy neutrino oscillations in rare tau decays at Belle IIJun 22 2019Jun 25 2019In this work, we study the lepton number violating tau decays via two intermediate on-shell Majorana neutrinos $N_j$ into two charged pions, and a charged lepton $\tau^{\pm} \to \pi^{\pm} N_j \to \pi^{\pm} \pi^{\pm} \ell^{\mp}$. We consider the scenario ... More
Magneto- and Baro- Caloric Responses in Magnetovolumic SystemsApr 14 2015By means of a mean-field model extended to include magnetovolumic effects we study the effect of external fields on the thermal response characterized either by the isothermal entropy change and/or the adiabatic temperature change. The model includes ... More
Some remarks on the first Hardy-Littlewood conjectureApr 04 2019Apr 18 2019Starting from the first Hardy-Littlewood conjecture some topics will be covered: an empirical approach to the distribution of the twin primes in classes mod(10) and a simplified proof of the Bruns theorem . Finally, it will be explored an approach based ... More
The Relaxed Square PropertyJul 11 2014Graph products are characterized by the existence of non-trivial equivalence relations on the edge set of a graph that satisfy a so-called square property. We investigate here a generalization, termed RSP-relations. The class of graphs with non-trivial ... More
Security-Performance Tradeoffs of Inheritance based Key Predistribution for Wireless Sensor NetworksMay 10 2004Jun 21 2004Key predistribution is a well-known technique for ensuring secure communication via encryption among sensors deployed in an ad-hoc manner to form a sensor network. In this paper, we propose a novel 2-Phase technique for key predistribution based on a ... More
On the Motion of a Self-Gravitating Incompressible Fluid with Free Boundary and Constant Vorticity: An AppendixNov 23 2015In a recent work [1] the authors studied the dynamics of the interface separating a vacuum from an inviscid incompressible fluid, subject to the self-gravitational force and neglecting surface tension, in two space dimensions. The fluid is additionally ... More
Radiation driven winds with rotation: The oblate finite disc correction factorSep 27 2010We have incorporated the oblate distortion of the shape of the star due to the stellar rotation, which modifies the finite disk correction factor (f_D) in the m-CAK hydrodynamical model. We implement a simplified version for the f_D allowing us to solve ... More
On the Local Minima of the Empirical RiskMar 25 2018Oct 17 2018Population risk is always of primary interest in machine learning; however, learning algorithms only have access to the empirical risk. Even for applications with nonconvex nonsmooth losses (such as modern deep networks), the population risk is generally ... More
Locally minimal topological groupsDec 15 2009Dec 16 2009A Hausdorff topological group $(G,\tau)$ is called locally minimal if there exists a neighborhood $U$ of 0 in $\tau$ such that $U$ fails to be a neighborhood of zero in any Hausdorff group topology on $G$ which is strictly coarser than $\tau.$ Examples ... More
Contact Hamiltonian MechanicsApr 27 2016In this work we introduce contact Hamiltonian mechanics, an extension of symplectic Hamiltonian mechanics, and show that it is a natural candidate for a geometric description of non-dissipative and dissipative systems. For this purpose we review in detail ... More
Optimal scheme for estimating a pure qubit state via local measurementsMay 06 2002Nov 05 2002We present the optimal scheme for estimating a pure qubit state by means of local measurements on N identical copies. We give explicit examples for low N. For large N, we show that the fidelity saturates the collective measurement bound up to order 1/N. ... More
Ab-initio theory of magnetic ordering and pairwise and multi-site interactions among fluctuating local moments: The magnetism of Mn$_3$A materials classDec 20 2018We present an ab-initio disordered local moment theory for the Gibbs free energy of a magnetic material. Two central objects are calculated: the lattice Fourier transform of the local moment pair correlation functions in the paramagnetic state and local ... More
Theory of magnetic ordering in the heavy rare earths: ab-initio electronic origin of pair- and four- spin interactionsOct 26 2016We describe an ab-initio disordered local moment theory for long period magnetic phases and investigate the temperature and magnetic field dependence of the magnetic states in the heavy rare earth elements (HRE), namely paramagnetic, conical and helical ... More
Exploring CP-Violating heavy neutrino oscillations in rare tau decays at Belle IIJun 22 2019In this work, we study the lepton number violating tau decays via two intermediate on-shell Majorana neutrinos $N_j$ into two charged pions, and a charged lepton $\tau^{\pm} \to \pi^{\pm} N_j \to \pi^{\pm} \pi^{\pm} \ell^{\mp}$. We consider the scenario ... More
Multicriticality in the Blume-Capel model under a continuous-field probability distributionOct 16 2009The multicritical behavior of the Blume-Capel model with infinite-range interactions is investigated by introducing quenched disorder in the crystal field $\Delta_{i}$, which is represented by a superposition of two Gaussian distributions with the same ... More
Identifying Quantum Structures in the Ellsberg ParadoxFeb 15 2013Dec 24 2013Empirical evidence has confirmed that quantum effects occur frequently also outside the microscopic domain, while quantum structures satisfactorily model various situations in several areas of science, including biological, cognitive and social processes. ... More
Anapole Dark Matter Interactions as Soft Hidden PhotonsJan 09 2019Feb 19 2019We propose a model where the anapole appears as a hidden photon that is coupled to visible matter through a kinetic mixing. For low momentum $|{\bf p}| \ll M$ where $M$ is the cutoff the model (soft hidden photons limit) is reduced to the Ho-Scherrer ... More
Thermodynamic equilibrium conditions of graphene films on SiCApr 29 2013First-principles surface phase diagrams reveal that epitaxial monolayer graphene films on the Si side of 3C-SiC(111) can exist as thermodynamically stable phases in a narrow range of experimentally controllable conditions, defining a path to the highest-quality ... More
Interpreting CP Asymmetries in B->pi+ pi- DecaysJul 01 2003We discuss methods used to interpret the measurements of CP-asymmetry in B->pi+pi- within the framework of the Standard Model. Interpretations using various theoretical inputs are given, ranging from the rather general, yet unpredictive, properties based ... More
Locally Minimal Topological Groups 2Jun 28 2010We continue in this paper the study of locally minimal groups started in \cite{LocMin}. The minimality criterion for dense subgroups of compact groups is extended to local minimality. Using this criterion we characterize the compact abelian groups containing ... More
Hair loss in parity violating gravityDec 13 2018May 13 2019The recent detection of gravitational waves by the LIGO/VIRGO collaboration has allowed for the first tests of Einstein's theory in the extreme gravity regime, where the gravitational interaction is simultaneously strong, non-linear and dynamical. One ... More
Associativity and non-associativity of some hypergraph productsNov 23 2015Several variants of hypergraph products have been introduced as generalizations of the strong and direct products of graphs. Here we show that only some of them are associative. In addition to the Cartesian product, these are the minimal rank preserving ... More
On the Motion of a Self-Gravitating Incompressible Fluid with Free BoundaryNov 03 2015We consider the motion of the interface separating a vacuum from an inviscid, incompressible, and irrotational fluid, subject to the self-gravitational force and neglecting surface tension, in two space dimensions. The fluid motion is described by the ... More
Cicero: Multi-Turn, Contextual Argumentation for Accurate CrowdsourcingOct 25 2018Traditional approaches for ensuring high quality crowdwork have failed to achieve high-accuracy on difficult problems. Aggregating redundant answers often fails on the hardest problems when the majority is confused. Argumentation has been shown to be ... More
Differential Game Model of Dispersed Material DryingMay 19 2017Continuous and discrete game-theoretic models of dispersed material drying process are formalized and studied in the paper. The existence of optimal drying strategies is shown through application of results from the theory of differential games and dynamic ... More
Competing Bandits in Matching MarketsJun 12 2019Stable matching, a classical model for two-sided markets, has long been studied with little consideration for how each side's preferences are learned. With the advent of massive online markets powered by data-driven matching platforms, it has become necessary ... More
Minimal measurements of the gate fidelity of a qudit mapJul 26 2002We obtain a simple formula for the average gate fidelity of a linear map acting on qudits. It is given in terms of minimal sets of pure state preparations alone, which may be interesting from the experimental point of view. These preparations can be seen ... More
Communication of Spin Directions with Product States and Finite MeasurementsDec 11 2000Apr 25 2001Total spin eigenstates can be used to intrinsically encode a direction, which can later be decoded by means of a quantum measurement. We study the optimal strategy that can be adopted if, as is likely in practical applications, only product states of ... More
Aligning Reference Frames Using Quantum StatesJun 04 2001We analyze the problem of sending, in a single transmission, the information required to specify an orthogonal trihedron or reference frame through a quantum channel made out of N elementary spins. We analytically obtain the optimal strategy, i.e., the ... More
Light Gluinos in Four-Jet Events at LEPSep 09 1993The light gluino hypothesis can explain the apparent incompatibility between the measurements of $\as$ at low- and high-energy. Such gluinos are produced directlyin four-jet events, for which we perform a detailed analysis. Because the jet energies are ... More