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Quantitative analysis of the interaction between a dc SQUID and an integrated micromechanical doubly clamped cantileverFeb 08 2019Based on the superconducting quantum interference device (SQUID) equations described by the resistively- and capacitively-shunted junction model coupled to the equation of motion of a damped harmonic oscillator, we provide simulations to quantitatively ... More
Overview of recent results from the STAR experimentDec 31 2015Feb 12 2016The Solenoidal Tracker at RHIC (STAR) experiment utilizes its excellent mid-rapidity tracking and particle identification capabilities to study the emergent properties of Quantum Chromodynamics (QCD). The STAR heavy-ion program at vanishingly small baryon ... More
Graphic Symbol Recognition using Graph Based Signature and Bayesian Network ClassifierApr 30 2010We present a new approach for recognition of complex graphic symbols in technical documents. Graphic symbol recognition is a well known challenge in the field of document image analysis and is at heart of most graphic recognition systems. Our method uses ... More
Scalar Casimir effect between two concentric D-dimensional spheresJul 19 2012The Casimir energy for a massless scalar field between the closely spaced two concentric D-dimensional (for D>3) spheres is calculated by using the mode summation with contour integration in the complex plane of eigenfrequencies and the generalized Abel-Plana ... More
Convergence of the homotopy analysis methodJun 23 2010The homotopy analysis method is studied in the present paper. The question of convergence of the homotopy analysis method is resolved. It is proven that under a special constraint the homotopy analysis method does converge to the exact solution of the ... More
Pseudoduality Between Symmetric Space Sigma ModelsApr 27 2009May 15 2009We study the pseudoduality transformation on the symmetric space sigma models. We switch the Lie group valued pseudoduality equations to Lie algebra valued ones, which leads to an infinite number of pseudoduality equations. We obtain an infinite number ... More
Energy of a Stringy Charged Black Hole in the Teleparallel GravityJul 04 2006Aug 22 2007This paper has been removed by arXiv administrators because it plagiarizes gr-qc/0212018, gr-qc/0501002, and gr-qc/9601044. This paper has excessive overlap with the following papers also written by the authors or their collaborators: gr-qc/0603108, gr-qc/0606022, ... More
Energy and Momentum Associated with Kasner-type UniversesJun 10 2005Jul 26 2007This paper has been removed by arXiv administrators because it plagiarizes gr-qc/0011027, "Viscous cosmologies in scalar-tensor theories for Kasner type metrics," by M. Cataldo, S. del Campo and P. Salgado; and gr-qc/0404108, "Energy and Momentum Densities ... More
The symplectic representation of the mapping class group is uniqueAug 16 2011Any nontrivial homomorphism from the mapping class group of an orientable surface of genus $g\geq 3$ to $\GL(2g,\C)$ is conjugate to the standard symplectic representation. It is also shown that the mapping class group has no faithful linear representation ... More
On endomorphisms of surface mapping class groupsApr 22 1999We prove that every endomorphism of the mapping class group of an orientable surface onto a subgroup of finite index is in fact an automorphism.
Generating the surface mapping class group by two elementsSep 18 2003Oct 13 2003Wajnryb proved that the mapping class group of an orientable surface is generated by two elements. We prove that one of these generators can be taken as a Dehn twist. We also prove that the extended mapping class group is generated by two elements, again ... More
The Bubble Skein Element and ApplicationsDec 10 2012Apr 24 2014We study a certain skein element in the relative Kauffman bracket skein module of the disk with some marked points, and expand this element in terms linearly independent elements of this module. This expansion is used to compute and study the head and ... More
On the correlation energies for two interacting electrons in a parabolic quantum dotJul 09 2001Jul 10 2001The correlation energies for two interacting electrons in a parabolic quantum dot are studied via a pseudo-perturbation recipe. It is shown that the central spike term, ($m^2-1/4)/r^2$, plays a distinctive role in determining the spectral properties of ... More
(1+1)-Dirac bound states in one-dimension; position-dependent Fermi velocity and massSep 29 2012Jan 28 2013We extend Panella and Roy's [13] work on one-dimensional heterostructure for massless Dirac particles with position-dependent (PD) velocity. We consider Dirac particles where both the mass and velocity are position-dependent. Bound states in the continuum ... More
Solutions to recursive distributional equations for the mean-field TSP and related problemsMay 06 2014For several combinatorial optimization problems over random structures, the theory of local weak convergence from probability and the cavity method from statistical physics can be used to deduce a recursive equation for the distribution of a quantity ... More
Pseudoduality in Supersymmetric Sigma ModelsApr 28 2009May 15 2009We study the pseudoduality transformation in supersymmetric sigma models. We generalize the classical construction of pseudoduality transformation to supersymmetric case. We perform this both by component expansion method on manifold M and by orthonormal ... More
Different Approaches to the Einstein Energy Associated with the de Sitter C-Space-timeSep 07 2005Aug 22 2007This paper has been removed by arXiv administrators because it plagiarizes gr-qc/0404108, gr-qc/0306101, hep-th/0301046, and gr-qc/0303034.
Scalar Casimir effect between two concentric spheresJul 17 2012The Casimir effect giving rise to an attractive force between the closely spaced two concentric spheres that confine the massless scalar field is calculated by using a direct mode summation with contour integration in the complex plane of eigenfrequencies. ... More
On a question of Brendle and BensonJul 10 2003Jul 11 2003In this note we prove that there is no constant $C$, depending on the genus of the surface, such that every element in the mapping class group can be written as a product of at most $C$ torsion elements, answering a question of T. E. Brendle and B. Farb ... More
Low-dimensional homology groups of mapping class groups: a surveyJul 09 2003In this survey paper, we give a complete list of known results on the first and the second homology groups of surface mapping class groups. Some known results on higher (co)homology are also mentioned.
Deformations of Scalar-Flat Anti-Self-Dual metrics and Quotients of Enriques SurfacesNov 25 2006Jun 17 2012In this article, we prove that a quotient of a K3 surface by a free Z_2+Z_2 action does not admit any metric of positive scalar curvature. This shows that the scalar flat anti self-dual metrics (SF-ASD) on this manifold can not be obtained from a family ... More
The tail of a quantum spin networkAug 11 2013Sep 01 2014The tail of a sequence $\{P_n(q)\}_{n \in \mathbb{N}}$ of formal power series in $\mathbb{Z}[[q]]$ is the formal power series whose first $n$ coefficients agree up to a common sign with the first $n$ coefficients of $P_n$. This paper studies the tail ... More
Position-dependent mass harmonic oscillator: classical-quantum mechanical correspondence and ordering-ambiguityAug 10 2012Feb 22 2013We recycle Cruz et al.'s (Phys. Lett. A 369 (2007) 400) work on the classical and quantum position-dependent mass (PDM) oscillators. To elaborate on the ordering ambiguity, we properly amend some of the results reported in their work and discuss the classical ... More
Radial power-law position-dependent mass; Cylindrical coordinates, separability, and spectral signaturesApr 07 2011We discuss the separability of the position-dependent mass Hamiltonian in cylindrical coordinates in the framework of a radial power-law position-dependent mass. We consider two particular radial mass settings; a harmonic oscillator type, and a Coulombic ... More
On the ro-vibrational energies for the lithium dimer; maximum-possible rotational levelsJul 04 2014Mar 02 2015The Deng-Fan potential is used to discuss the reliability of the improved Greene-Aldrich approximation and the factorization recipe of Badawi et al.'s [17] for the central attractive/repulsive core. The factorization recipe is shown to be a more reliable ... More
Reply to the Comment 'On large-N expansion'Dec 13 2002Fernandez Comment [1] on our pseudo-perturbative shifted-l expansion technique [2,3] is either unfounded or ambiguous.
Locally conformally flat and self-dual structures on simple 4-manifoldsJan 28 2013Mar 17 2014This is a survey article on the existence of locally conformally flat(LCF) and self-dual(SD) metrics on various basic 4-manifolds like simply-connected ones or product types
Fabrication and characterization of pH responsive nanoprobes based on ion current rectificationFeb 08 2018In this study, we investigated the ionic current rectification of glass nanopipettes modified with bovine serum albumin - glutaraldehyde (BSA-GA) artificial membrane using solutions with various pHs. Ionic current rectification is a phenomenon that is ... More
Belief propagation for minimum weight many-to-one matchings in the random complete graphMay 06 2014In a complete bipartite graph with vertex sets of cardinalities $n$ and $m$, assign random weights from exponential distribution with mean 1, independently to each edge. We show that, as $n\rightarrow\infty$, with $m = \lceil n/\alpha\rceil$ for any fixed ... More
Scalar Curvature and Connected Sums Of Self-Dual 4-ManifoldsNov 25 2006Jun 04 2008Under a vanishing hypothesis, Donaldson and Friedman proved that the connected sum of two self-dual Riemannian 4-Manifolds is again self-dual. Here we prove that the same result can be extended over to the positive scalar curvature case.
Euclidean Pseudoduality and Boundary Conditions in Sigma ModelsMay 01 2012Nov 21 2012We discuss pseudoduality transformations in two dimensional conformally invariant classical sigma models, and extend our analysis to a given boundaries of world-sheet, which gives rise to an appropriate framework for the discussion of the pseudoduality ... More
Preparation of Cobalt Thin Films by Sputtering Systems and Its Magnetic CharacterizationOct 28 2009Different thicknesses of cobalt thin films were growth by magnetron sputtering deposition techniques. The films thicknesses were determinated with X ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (XPS) and Quartz Crystal Monitoring (QCM). XPS is also used to determinate ... More
Different Approaches for Moller's Energy in the Kasner-type Space-timeMay 16 2005Jul 26 2007This paper has been removed by arXiv administrators because it plagiarizes gr-qc/0011027, "Viscous cosmologies in scalar-tensor theories for Kasner type metrics," by M. Cataldo, S. del Campo and P. Salgado; Phys. Rev. D 41, 1086 (1990), "Energy associated ... More
On the Path Components of Composition Operators on H^2(D)Mar 03 2005Aug 10 2007This paper has been withdrawn by the author, due to a recent article by Kriete and Moorhouse (Linear relations in the Calkin algebra for composition operators, Trans. AMS, 359 (2007), 2915-2944) which includes more general results.
On Dirac equation for a Coulomb scalar, vector, and tensor interactionAug 30 2011In their recent paper (Inter. J. Mod. Phys. A 26 (2011) 1011), Zarrinkamar and coauthors have considered the radial Dirac equation for a Coulomb scalar, vector and tensor interaction. The exact solutions for the energy eigenvalues they have reported for ... More
On the nonlinear dynamics of a position-dependent mass-driven Duffing-type oscillator: Lagrange and Newton equations' equivalenceApr 19 2013Using a generalized coordinate along with a proper invertible coordinate transformation, we show that the Euler-Lagrange equation used by Bagchi et al. 16 is in clear violation of the Hamilton's principle. We also show that Newton's equation of motion ... More
Auxiliary quantization constraints on the von Roos ordering-ambiguity at zero binding energies; azimuthally symmetrized cylindrical coordinatesAug 29 2011Aug 01 2012Using azimuthally symmetrized cylindrical coordinates, we report the consequences of zero-energy quantal states on the von Roos Hamiltonian. A position-dependent mass M({\rho},\phi,z)=bz^{j}{\rho}^{2\u{psion}+1}/2 is used. We show that the zero-energy ... More
Perturbed Coulombic potentials in Dirac and Klein-Gordon equationsJul 10 2003Feb 17 2004A relativistic extension of our pseudo-shifted $\ell$-expansion technique is presented to solve for the eigenvalues of Dirac and Klein-Gordon equations. Once more we show the numerical usefulness of its results via comparison with available numerical ... More
Free immersions and panelled web 4-manifoldsOct 21 2018We show that if a compact, oriented 4-manifold admits a coassociative-free immersion into the Euclidean 7-space then its Euler characteristic and signature vanish. Moreover, in the spin case the Gauss map is contractible, so that the immersed manifold ... More
Pseudoduality and Complex Geometry in Sigma ModelsDec 28 2010Dec 28 2012We study the pseudoduality transformations in two dimensional N = (2, 2) sigma models on K\"ahler manifolds. We show that structures on the target space can be transformed into the pseudodual manifolds by means of (anti)holomorphic preserving mapping. ... More
Pseudoduality and Conserved Currents in Sigma ModelsApr 26 2007Jan 27 2009We discuss the current conservation laws in sigma models based on a compact Lie groups of the same dimensionality and connected to each other via pseudoduality transformations in two dimensions. We show that pseudoduality transformations induce an infinite ... More
Teleparallel Gravitational Energy in the Gamma MetricJan 31 2006Aug 22 2007This paper has been removed by arXiv administrators because it plagiarizes gr-qc/0303034 and gr-qc/0212018.
On the Energy-Momentum in Closed UniversesNov 16 2005Jul 26 2007This paper has been removed by arXiv administrators because it plagiarizes gr-qc/0011027, "Viscous cosmologies in scalar-tensor theories for Kasner type metrics," by M. Cataldo, S. del Campo and P. Salgado; gr-qc/0301022, "A generalisation of the Heckmann-Schucking ... More
Green's function for a n-dimensional closed, static universe and with a spherical boundaryJun 26 2001We construct the Hadamard Green's function by using the eigenfunction, which are obtained by solving the wave equation for the massless conformal scalar field on the S^n-1 of a n-dimensional closed, static universe. We also consider the half space case ... More
Pseudoduality in Supersymmetric Sigma Models on Symmetric SpacesApr 29 2009May 15 2009We discuss the target space pseudoduality in supersymmetric sigma models on symmetric spaces using two different methods, orthonormal coframe and component expansion. These two methods yield similar results to the classical cases with the exception that ... More
Proof of the Most Informative Boolean Function ConjectureNov 05 2015Nov 08 2015Suppose $\XX{N}$ is a uniformly distributed $N$-dimensional binary vector and $\YY{N}$ is obtained by passing $\XX{N}$ through a binary symmetric channel with crossover probability $\alpha$. Recently, Courtade and Kumar postulates that $I(f(\XX{N});\YY{N})\leq ... More
Low-dimensional linear representations of mapping class groupsApr 25 2011Aug 02 2011Recently, John Franks and Michael Handel proved that, for $g\geq 3$ and $n\leq 2g-4$, every homomorphism from the mapping class group of an orientable surface of genus $g$ to $\GL (n,\C)$ is trivial. We extend this result to $n\leq 2g-1$, also covering ... More
Geometric Invariant Theory and Einstein-Weyl GeometryNov 24 2006Aug 15 2011In this article, we give a survey of Geometric Invariant Theory for Toric Varieties, and present an application to the Einstein-Weyl Geometry. We compute the image of the Minitwistor space of the Honda metrics as a categorical quotient according to the ... More
Position-dependent-mass; Cylindrical coordinates, separability, exact solvability, and PT-symmetryJul 13 2010Jul 20 2010The kinetic energy operator with position-dependent-mass in cylindrical coordinates is obtained. The separability of the corresponding Schr\"odinger equation is discussed within radial cylindrical mass settings. Azimuthal symmetry is assumed and spectral ... More
Energy-levels crossing and radial Dirac equation: Supersymmetry and quasi-parity spectral signaturesMar 09 2007Aug 20 2007The (3+1)-dimensional Dirac equation with position dependent mass in 4-vector electromagnetic fields is considered. Using two over-simplified examples (the Dirac-Coulomb and Dirac-oscillator fields), we report energy-levels crossing as a spectral property ... More
A new deformed Schioberg-type potential and ro-vibrational energies for some diatomic moleculesSep 24 2014Apr 24 2015We suggest a new deformed Schioberg-type potential for diatomic molecules. We show that it is equivalent to Tietz-Hua oscillator potential. We discuss how to relate our deformed Schi\"oberg potential to Morse, to Deng-Fan , to the improved Manning-Rosen, ... More
Dirac and Klein-Gordon particles in complex Coulombic fields; a similarity transformationJan 14 2003Mar 06 2003The observation that the existance of the amazing reality and discreteness of the spectrum need not be attributed to the Hermiticity of the Hamiltonian is reemphasized in the context of the non-Hermitian Dirac and Klein-Gordon Hamiltonians. Complex Coulombic ... More
On the linearity of certain mapping class groupsOct 27 2000S. Bigelow proved that the braid groups are linear. That is, there is a faithful representation of the braid group into the general linear group of some field. Using this, we deduce from previously known results that the mapping class group of a sphere ... More
Unidirectional reflectionlessness and invisibility in the TE and TM modes of a PT-symmetric slab systemDec 05 2016Unidirectional invisibility of a PT-symmetric optical system is of great interest, but challenging as well since it is infeasible to fulfill it through wide optical frequency ranges in all angular directions. Accordingly we study reflectionless and invisible ... More
Noncomplex smooth 4-manifolds with Lefschetz fibrationsMar 22 2001For every integer g greater than or equal to 2, there exist infinitely many pairwise nonhomeomorphic smooth 4-manifolds that admit genus-g Lefschetz fibrations over S^2 but do not carry any complex structure with either orientation. This extends a recent ... More
A method for designing involute trajectory timelike ruled surfaces in Minkowski 3-spaceSep 04 2014The aim of this paper is to present a new perspective on the generation of developable trajectory ruled surfaces in Minkowski 3-space. Involute trajectory ruled surfaces generated by the Frenet trihedron, moving along spacelike involutes of a given timelike ... More
Energy Associated with Bianchi Type V10 Universe in Teleparallel GravityJul 26 2006Aug 22 2007This paper has been removed by arXiv administrators because it plagiarizes gr-qc/0011087, gr-qc/0205028, gr-qc/0404108, gr-qc/0212018, and gr-qc/0011027.
Energy-Momentum in the Viscous Kasner-type Universe in Teleparallel GravityAug 04 2005Jul 26 2007This paper has been removed by arXiv administrators because it plagiarizes gr-qc/0011027, "Viscous cosmologies in scalar-tensor theories for Kasner type metrics," by M. Cataldo, S. del Campo and P. Salgado; and gr-qc/0303034, "The energy of the universe ... More
Near Horizon Geometry of Extreme Black Holes and Colliding WavesOct 17 2002The correspondence between black holes and colliding waves extends to cover the near horizon geometry of rotating black holes and colliding waves with cross polarization. Extreme Kerr and Kerr-Newman geometries are given as examples.
Rigidity of Analytic Functions at the BoundaryApr 30 2006May 26 2006A new elementary proof for a theorem of D. Burns and S. Krantz on the rigidity of the analytic self maps of the unit disc was recently discovered by L. Baracco, D. Zaitsev, and G. Zampieri. We use their argument to generalize Burns-Krantz theorems on ... More
On cofinite subgroups of mapping class groupsJul 09 2003For any positive integer $n$, we exhibit a cofinite subgroup $\Gamma_n$ of the mapping class group of a surface of genus at most two such that $\Gamma_n$ admits an epimorphism onto a free group of rank $n$. We conclude that $H^1(\Gamma_n;\Z)$ has rank ... More
Lefschetz fibrations and an invariant of finitely presented groupsMar 07 2007Every finitely presented group is the fundamental group of the total space of a Lefschetz fibration. This follows from results of Gompf and Donaldson, and was also proved by Amoros-Bogomolov-Katzarkov-Pantev. We give another proof by providing the monodromy ... More
The colored Kauffman skein relation and the head and tail of the colored Jones polynomialJan 18 2014Oct 07 2016Using the colored Kauffman skein relation, we study the highest and lowest $4n$ coefficients of the $n^{th}$ unreduced colored Jones polynomial of alternating links. This gives a natural extension of a result by Kauffman in regard with the Jones polynomial ... More
On spectroscopic structure of two interacting electrons in a quantum dotFeb 07 2001Mar 12 2003The shifted 1/N expansion technique, used by El-Said (Phys. Rev. B 61, 13026 (2000)), to study the relative Hamiltonian of two interacting electrons confined in a quantum dot, is investigated. El-Said's results from SLNT are revised and results from an ... More
Position-dependent mass Lagrangians: nonlocal transformations, Euler-Lagrange invariance and exact solvabilityNov 17 2014May 08 2015A general non-local point transformation for position-dependent mass Lagrangians and their mapping into a "constant unit-mass" Lagrangians in the generalized coordinates is introduced. The conditions on the invariance of the related Euler-Lagrange equations ... More
Spherical-separablility of non-Hermitian Dirac Hamiltonians and pseudo-PT-symmetryNov 25 2007Jan 24 2008A non-Hermitian P$_{\phi}$T$_{\phi}$-symmetrized spherically-separable Dirac Hamiltonian is considered. It is observed that the descendant Hamiltonians H$_{r}$, H$_{\theta}$, and H$_{\phi}$ play essential roles and offer some user-feriendly options as ... More
On the quasi - exact solvability of a singular potential in D - dimensions; confined and unconfinedJan 27 2001Oct 10 2001The D -dimensional quasi - exact solutions for the singular even - power anharmonic potential $V(q)=aq^2+bq^{-4}+cq^{-6}$ are reported. We show that whilst Dong and Ma's [5] quasi - exact ground - state solution (in D=2) is beyond doubt, their solution ... More
An Alternative Approach to Elliptical MotionMar 25 2015Apr 17 2015Elliptical rotation is the motion of a point on an ellipse through some angle about a vector. The purpose of this paper is to examine the generation of elliptical rotations and to interpret the motion of a point on an elipsoid using elliptic inner product ... More
Stable commutator length of a Dehn twistDec 18 2000Jul 09 2003It is proved that the stable commutator length of a Dehn twist in the mapping class group is positive and the tenth power of a Dehn twist about a nonseparating simple closed curve is a product of two commutators. As an application a new proof of the fact ... More
Employing fuzzy intervals and loop-based methodology for designing structural signature: an application to symbol recognitionApr 30 2010Motivation of our work is to present a new methodology for symbol recognition. We support structural methods for representing visual associations in graphic documents. The proposed method employs a structural approach for symbol representation and a statistical ... More
A study of charm quark correlations in ultra-relativistic $p$ + $p$ collisions with PYTHIAJul 02 2015Measurements of heavy flavor quark (charm and bottom) correlations in heavy ion collisions are instrumental to understand the flavor dependence of energy loss mechanisms in hot and dense QCD media. Experimental measurements of these correlations in baseline ... More
Throughput Analysis of Buffer-Constrained Wireless Systems in the Finite Blocklength RegimeSep 15 2010In this paper, wireless systems operating under queueing constraints in the form of limitations on the buffer violation probabilities are considered. The throughput under such constraints is captured by the effective capacity formulation. It is assumed ... More
Energy of a Charged WormholeNov 06 2005Aug 22 2007This paper has been removed by arXiv administrators because it overlaps gr-qc/0102077 and others. This paper also has excessive overlap with the following papers also written by the authors or their collaborators: gr-qc/0603027, gr-qc/0606022, gr-qc/0512080, ... More
Photon in Teleparallel Gravity in the Bianchi-type I Space-timeOct 10 2005Aug 22 2007This paper has been removed by arXiv administrators because it plagiarizes gr-qc/0105122. This paper also has excessive overlap with the following paper also written by the authors or their collaborators: gr-qc/0502059, gr-qc/0502061, gr-qc/0510038, gr-qc/0502032, ... More
Interval peak-to-peak observers for continuous- and discrete-time systems with persistent inputs and delaysNov 24 2015Jul 29 2016While the design of optimal peak-to-peak controllers/observers for linear systems is known to be a difficult problem, this problem becomes interestingly much easier in the context of interval observers because of the positive nature of the error dynamics. ... More
A Fuzzy AHP Approach for Supplier Selection Problem: A Case Study in a Gear Motor CompanyOct 09 2013Suuplier selection is one of the most important functions of a purchasing department. Since by deciding the best supplier, companies can save material costs and increase competitive advantage.However this decision becomes compilcated in case of multiple ... More
Integral population control of a quadratic dimerization processJul 24 2013Aug 13 2013Moment control of a simple quadratic reaction network describing a dimerization process is addressed. It is shown that the moment closure problem can be circumvented without invoking any moment closure technique. Local stabilization and convergence of ... More
Energy Density Associated with the Bianchi Type-II Space-TimeJan 30 2006Aug 22 2007This paper has been removed by arXiv administrators because of overlap with gr-qc/9910015 and hep-th/0308070. It also has excessive overlap with the following papers also written by the authors or their collaborators: gr-qc/0509047, gr-qc/0607110, gr-qc/0602012, ... More
Automorphisms of the Hatcher-Thurston complexSep 02 2004Nov 10 2004Let S be a compact, connected, orientable surface of positive genus. Let HT(S) be the Hatcher-Thurston complex of S. We prove that Aut(HT(S)) is isomorphic to the extended mapping class group of S modulo its center.
Dynamic phase transition properties for the mixed spin-(1/2, 1) Ising model in an oscillating magnetic fieldJul 11 2014We study the dynamic phase transition properties for the mixed spin-(1/2, 1) Ising model on a square lattice under a time-dependent magnetic field by means the effective-field theory (EFT) based on the Glauber dynamics. We present the dynamic phase diagrams ... More
Dynamic phase diagrams of the Blume-Capel model in an oscillating field by the path probability methodFeb 27 2013We calculate the dynamic phase transition (DPT) temperatures and present the dynamic phase diagrams in the Blume-Capel model under the presence of a time-dependent oscillating external magnetic field by using the path probability method. We study the ... More
On the ideal triangulation graph of a punctured surfaceOct 12 2009We study the ideal triangulation graph $T(S)$ of a punctured surface $S$ of finite type. We show that if $S$ is not the sphere with at most three punctures or the torus with one puncture, then the natural map from the extended mapping class group of $S$ ... More
Spectra of 2D H-donors in magnetic field and their Zeeman splittingJan 30 2001Jan 05 2003The pseudoperturbative shifted - $l$ expansion technique PSLET is employed to study the spectra of 2D H-donors in magnetic field. The Zeeman effect is investigated and results are found to be excellent compared to those in ref.[14].
Exact energy eigenvalues of the generalized Dirac-Coulomb equation via a modified similarity transformationOct 19 1999With the aid of a modified similarity transformation we obtained exact energy eigenvalues of the generalized Dirac-Coulomb equation. This equation consists of the time component of the Lorentz 4-vector potential V_v(r)=-A_1/r, and a Lorentz scalar potential ... More
On the oscillatory integration of some ordinary differential equationsJan 14 2008Conditions are given for a class of nonlinear ordinary differential equations x''(t)+a(t)w(x)=0, t>=1, which includes the linear equation to possess solutions x(t) with prescribed oblique asymptote that have an oscillatory pseudo-wronskian x'(t)-x(t)/t. ... More
Basis Reduction, and the Complexity of Branch-and-BoundJul 15 2009Jul 27 2009The classical branch-and-bound algorithm for the integer feasibility problem has exponential worst case complexity. We prove that it is surprisingly efficient on reformulated problems, in which the columns of the constraint matrix are short, and near ... More
The Effect of Sources on the Inner Horizon of Black HolesOct 31 2000Aug 20 2001Single pulse of null dust and colliding null dusts both transform a regular horizon into a space-like singularity in the space of colliding waves. The local isometry between such space-times and black holes extrapolates these results to the realm of black ... More
Effect of NUT parameter on the analytic extension of the Cauchy horizon that develop in colliding wave spacetimesJul 13 2007Dec 16 2008The Cauchy horizon forming colliding wave solution due to Chandrasekhar and Xanthopoulos (CX) has been generalized by inclusion of the NUT (Newman - Unti - Tamburino) parameter. This is done by transforming the part of the inner horizon region of a Kerr-Newman-NUT ... More
Multi-layer Mechanism for Multicast Routing in Multihop Cognitive Radio NetworksMay 27 2016Multicast routing is considered as one of the most important process in Mobile Ad hoc Networks (MANETs) to enable video sharing and data dissemination. Multicast routing can be used without any difficulties if a medium can be accessed by any transmitter ... More
On Razzaboni Transformation of Surfaces in Minkowski 3-SpaceMar 22 2015In this paper, we investigate the surfaces generated by binormal motion of Bertrand curves, which is called Razzaboni surface, in Minkowski 3-space. We discussed the geometric properties of these surfaces in M^3 according to the character of Bertrand ... More
Sensitivity analysis for multiscale stochastic reaction networks using hybrid approximationsJan 15 2018Sep 29 2018We consider the problem of estimating parameter sensitivities for stochastic models of multiscale reaction networks. These sensitivity values are important for model analysis, and, the methods that currently exist for sensitivity estimation mostly rely ... More
The Geometric Invariants of Null Cartan Curves Under The Similarity TransformationsApr 07 2015In this paper, we study the differential geometry of null Cartan curves under the similarity transformations in the Minkowski space-time. Besides, we extend the fundamental theorem for a null Cartan curve according to a similarity motion. We find the ... More
Lasing Threshold Condition for Oblique TE and TM Modes, Spectral Singularities, and Coherent Perfect AbsorptionJan 27 2015We study spectral singularities and their application in determining the threshold gain coefficient $g^{(E/M)}$ for oblique transverse electric/magnetic (TE/TM) modes of an infinite planar slab of homogenous optically active material. We show that $g^{(E)}$ ... More
Approximate solutions for mhd squeezing fluid flow by reproducing kernel Hilbert space methodSep 20 2013In this paper, a steady axisymmetric MHD flow of two dimensional in- compressible fluids has been investigated. Reproducing Kernel Hilbert Space Method (RKHSM) is implemented to obtain solution of reduced fourth order nonlinear boundary value problem. ... More
Spectral Singularities and Whispering Gallery Modes of a Cylindrical Gain MediumMay 31 2013Complex scattering potentials can admit scattering states that behave exactly like a zero-width resonance. Their energy is what mathematicians call a spectral singularity. This phenomenon admits optical realizations in the form of lasing at the threshold ... More
The Impact of Hard-Decision Detection on the Energy Efficiency of Phase and Frequency ModulationDec 20 2007Jun 24 2009The central design challenge in next generation wireless systems is to have these systems operate at high bandwidths and provide high data rates while being cognizant of the energy consumption levels especially in mobile applications. Since communicating ... More
The Momentum 4-Vector in Bulk Viscous Bianchi Type-V Space-timeJun 07 2006Jul 26 2007This paper has been removed by arXiv administrators because it plagiarizes gr-qc/0611031, "Generation of Bianchi type V bulk viscous cosmological models with time dependent Lambda-term," by A. Pradhan, K. Jotania and A. Rai; Phys. Rev. D 41, 1086 (1990), ... More
Error Exponents and Cutoff Rate for Noncoherent Rician Fading ChannelsMay 19 2006In this paper, random coding error exponents and cutoff rate are studied for noncoherent Rician fading channels, where neither the receiver nor the transmitter has channel side information. First, it is assumed that the input is subject only to an average ... More
Energy Distribution in Reissner-Nordstrom anti-de Sitter black holes in Moller PrescriptionMar 28 2006Aug 22 2007This paper has been removed by arXiv administrators because it plagiarizes gr-qc/0010068, gr-qc/9911018, gr-qc/0303034, and gr-qc/0212018.
The Runge-Kutta Method in Geometric Multiplicative CalculusNov 24 2013Jan 21 2015This paper illuminates the derivation, the applicability, and the efficiency of the Multiplicative Runge-Kutta Method, derived in the frame- work of geometric multiplicative calculus. The removal of the restrictions of geometric multiplicative calculus ... More