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Supraferromagnetic correlations in clusters of magnetic nanoflowersJul 05 2019Magnetic nanoflowers are densely packed aggregates of superferromagnetically coupled iron oxide nanocrystallites, which excel during magnetic hyperthermia experiments. Here, we investigate the nature of the moment coupling within a powder of such nanoflowers ... More
Probing the stability and magnetic properties of magnetosome chains in freeze-dried magnetotactic bacteriaApr 24 2019\textit{Magnetospirillum gryphiswaldense} contain typically 15-30 magnetite nanoparticles, i.e. magnetosomes, with diameters of around 40\,nm. They are arranged in linear chains inside the bacteria, which makes them a paradigm of 1D magnetic nanostructures. ... More
Dipolar-coupled moment correlations in clusters of magnetic nanoparticlesMar 05 2018Oct 30 2018Here, we investigate the nature of the moment coupling between 10-nm DMSA-coated magnetic nanoparticles, in both colloidal dispersion and in powder form. The individual iron oxide cores were composed of > 95% maghemite and agglomerated to clusters. At ... More
The magnetic structure factor of correlated nanoparticle moments in small-angle neutron scatteringApr 12 2019Here, we derive expressions for the magnetic small-angle neutron scattering (SANS) cross section of magnetic nanoparticle ensembles under consideration of a magnetic structure factor. We show that for structurally disordered ensembles with correlated ... More
Controllability properties for some semilinear parabolic PDE with a quadratic gradient termFeb 03 2012We study several controllability properties for some semilinear parabolic PDE with a quadratic gradient term. For internal distributed controls, it is shown that the system is approximately and null controllable. The proof relies on the Cole-Hopf transformation. ... More
Non-commutative Courant algebroids and Quiver algebrasMay 11 2017In this paper, we develop a differential-graded symplectic (Batalin-Vilkovisky) version of the framework of Crawley-Boevey, Etingof and Ginzburg on noncommutative differential geometry based on double derivations to construct non-commutative analogues ... More
La Emancipación Conceptual de Número Real de la Idea de Magnitud: Una Mirada GermánicaMay 05 2019In the present article we study the decisive contributions of three members of the German mathematical school to the separation of the concept of number from the physical concept of magnitude, during the second half of the XIXth century. Besides we analyze ... More
The $dδ$--lemma for weakly Lefschetz symplectic manifoldsJan 17 2005For a symplectic manifold $(M,\omega)$, not necessarily hard Lefschetz, we prove a version of the Merkulov $d\delta$--lemma. We also study the $d\delta$--lemma and related cohomologies for compact symplectic solvmanifolds.
Contact 5-manifolds with SU(2)-structureJun 04 2007Jun 20 2008We consider 5-manifolds with a contact form arising from a hypo structure, which we call \emph{hypo-contact}. We provide conditions which imply that there exists such a structure on an oriented hypersurface of a 6-manifold with a half-flat SU(3)-structure. ... More
Optimal Average Satisfaction and Extended Justified Representation in Polynomial TimeApr 02 2017In this short note, we describe an approval-based committee selection rule that admits a polynomial-time algorithm and satisfies the Extended Justified Representation (EJR) axiom. This rule is based on approximately maximizing the PAV score, by means ... More
Electronic properties of transition metal atoms on Cu$_2$N/Cu(100)Jun 16 2015We study the nature of spin excitations of individual transition metal atoms (Ti, V, Cr, Mn, Fe, Co and Ni) deposited on a Cu$_2$N/Cu(100) surface using both spin-polarized density functional theory (DFT) and exact diagonalization of an Anderson model ... More
A new class of metric f-manifoldsDec 21 2016Aug 02 2017We introduce a new general class of metric f-manifolds which we call (nearly) trans-S-manifolds and includes S- manifolds, C-manifolds, s-th Sasakian manifolds and generalized Kenmotsu manifold studied previously. We prove their main properties and we ... More
On the Mobile-to-Mobile Linear Time-Variant Shallow-Water Acoustic Channel ResponseMay 19 2016Apr 25 2017We expose some concepts concerning the channel impulse response (CIR) of linear time-varying (LTV) channels to give a proper characterization of the mobile-to-mobile underwater channel. We find different connections between the linear time-invariant (LTI) ... More
Probing the stability and magnetic properties of magnetosome chains in freeze-dried magnetotactic bacteriaApr 24 2019Jul 01 2019\textit{Magnetospirillum gryphiswaldense} biosynthesize high quality magnetite nanoparticles, called magnetosomes, and arrange them into a chain that behaves like a magnetic compass. Here we perform magnetometry and polarized small-angle neutron scattering ... More
Non-Kaehler Heterotic String Compactifications with non-zero fluxes and constant dilatonApr 10 2008Jun 17 2008We construct new explicit compact supersymmetric valid solutions with non-zero field strength, non-flat instanton and constant dilaton to the heterotic equations of motion in dimension six. We present balanced Hermitian structures on compact nilmanifolds ... More
Symplectic half-flat solvmanifoldsNov 17 2011Jul 24 2012We classify solvable Lie groups admitting left invariant symplectic half-flat structure. When the Lie group has a compact quotient by a lattice, we show that these structures provide solutions of supersymmetric equations of type IIA.
Nearly hypo structures and compact Nearly Kähler 6-manifolds with conical singularitiesFeb 08 2006May 26 2008We prove that any totally geodesic hypersurface $N^5$ of a 6-dimensional nearly K\"ahler manifold $M^6$ is a Sasaki-Einstein manifold, and so it has a hypo structure in the sense of \cite{ConS}. We show that any Sasaki-Einstein 5-manifold defines a nearly ... More
Balanced Hermitian metrics from SU(2)-structuresAug 08 2008We study the intrinsic geometrical structure of hypersurfaces in 6-manifolds carrying a balanced Hermitian SU(3)-structure, which we call {\em balanced} SU(2)-{\em structures}. We provide conditions which imply that such a 5-manifold can be isometrically ... More
Quaternionic Kaehler and Spin(7) metrics arising from quaternionic contact Einstein structuresSep 14 2010We construct left invariant quaternionic contact (qc) structures on Lie groups with zero and non-zero torsion and with non-vanishing quaternionic contact conformal curvature tensor, thus showing the existence of non-flat quaternionic contact manifolds. ... More
On inequalities for convex functionsOct 14 2017Oct 17 2017We study some properties convex functions fulfill. Among the conclusions we obtain from such result, we are able to prove some nontrivial inequalities among real numbers, and we give an improvement of the reverse triangle inequality in the particular ... More
Proportional Justified RepresentationNov 29 2016The goal of multi-winner elections is to choose a fixed-size committee based on voters' preferences. An important concern in this setting is representation: large groups of voters with cohesive preferences should be adequately represented by the election ... More
Higher Order Statistics in Switched Diversity SystemsJul 20 2015We analyze the level crossing rate (LCR) and the average fade duration of the output signal-to-noise-ratio (SNR) in generalized switched diversity systems. By using a common approach, we study these higher order statistics for two different kinds of configurations: ... More
Multiple monopolar outflows driven by massive protostars in IRAS 18162-2048Oct 03 2013Oct 04 2013In this paper we present Combined Array for Research in Millimeter-wave Astronomy (CARMA) 3.5 mm observations and SubMillimeter Array (SMA) 870 microns observations toward the high-mass star-forming region IRAS 1816-2048, the core of the HH 80/81/80N ... More
Dynamic analysis in Greenberg's traffic modelMay 26 2017Based on the classical traffic model by Greenberg, a linear differential equation, we analyze it by means of varying the critical velocity $v_o$ that appears in it as a parameter. In order to make such analysis we have obtained a solution for such a model ... More
Engineering the optoelectronic properties of MoS2 photodetectors through reversible noncovalent functionalizationNov 15 2016We present an easy drop-casting based functionalization of MoS2-based photodetectors that results in an enhancement of the photoresponse of about four orders of magnitude, reaching responsivities up to 100 A/W. The functionalization is technologically ... More
Activity of (2060) Chiron possibly caused by impacts?Jan 16 2018The centaur 95P/(2060) Chiron is showing comet-like activity since its discovery, but the mass-loss mechanisms triggering its activity remained unexplained. Although the collision rates in the centaur region are expected to be very low, and impacts are ... More
Advances in the Biomedical Applications of the EELA ProjectDec 17 2010In the last years an increasing demand for Grid Infrastructures has resulted in several international collaborations. This is the case of the EELA Project, which has brought together collaborating groups of Latin America and Europe. One year ago we presented ... More
The Spiral Modes of the Standing Accretion Shock InstabilityMar 08 2010Oct 11 2010A stalled spherical accretion shock, such as that arising in core-collapse supernovae, is unstable to non-spherical perturbations. In three dimensions, this Standing Accretion Shock Instability (SASI) can develop spiral modes that spin-up the protoneutron ... More
Hydrodynamics of Core-Collapse Supernovae at the Transition to Explosion. I. Spherical SymmetryNov 02 2011Feb 15 2012We study the transition to runaway expansion of an initially stalled core-collapse supernova shock. The neutrino luminosity, mass accretion rate, and neutrinospheric radius are all treated as free parameters. In spherical symmetry, this transition is ... More
Equidistribution and coprimalityOct 14 2013This paper is devoted to the study of equidistributional properties of \textit{totient points} in $\mathbb{N}^r$, that is, of coprime $r$-tuples of integers, with particular emphasis on some relevant sets of totient points fulfilling extra divisibility ... More
Proceedings Ninth International Workshop on Reduction Strategies in Rewriting and ProgrammingJan 26 2010This volume contains selected papers presented at the 9th International Workshop on Reduction Strategies in Rewriting and Programming, WRS2009, which was held in Brasilia on the 28th June 2009, associated to RTA 2009 (the 20th International Conference ... More
A moduli approach to quadratic Q-curves realizing projective mod p Galois representationsJun 03 2005For a fixed odd prime p and a representation \rho of the absolute Galois group of Q into the projective group PGL(2,p), we provide the twisted modular curves whose rational points supply the quadratic Q-curves of degree N prime to p that realize \rho ... More
A General Axiomatization for the logics of the Hierarchy ${\mathbb{I}}^n {\mathbb{P}}^k$Dec 03 2018In this paper, the logics of the family ${\mathbb{I}}^n {\mathbb{P}}^k$:=$\{{ I^n P^k}\}_{(n,k) \in \omega^2}$ are formally defined by means of finite matrices, as a simultaneous generalization of the weakly-intuitionistic logic $I^1$ and of the paraconsistent ... More
Three-Dimensional Simulations of SASI- and Convection-Dominated Core-Collapse SupernovaeApr 29 2015Jul 01 2015We investigate the effect of dimensionality on the transition to explosion in neutrino-driven core-collapse supernovae. Using parameterized hydrodynamic simulations of the stalled supernova shock in one-, two- (2D), and three spatial dimensions (3D), ... More
The Kontsevich-Rosenberg principle for bi-symplectic formsAug 08 2017In this expository note, we explain the so-called Van den Bergh functor, which enables the formalization of the Kontsevich-Rosenberg principle, whereby a structure on an associative algebra has geometric meaning if it induces standard geometric structures ... More
Random index of codivisibilityOct 17 2013The index of codivisibility of a set of integers is the size of its largest subset with a common prime divisor. For large random samples of integers, the index of codivisibility is approximately normal.
On the probability distribution of the gcd and lcm of $r$-tuples of integersMay 02 2013This paper is devoted to the study of statistical properties of the greatest common divisor and the least common multiple of random samples of positive integers.
Visible lattice points in random walksDec 15 2015We consider the possible visits to visible points of a random walker moving up and right in the integer lattice (with probability $\alpha$ and $1-\alpha$, respectively) and starting from the origin. We show that, almost surely, the asymptotic proportion ... More
Uniqueness Properties for Discrete equations and Carleman estimatesSep 28 2015Using Carleman estimates, we give a lower bound for solutions to the discrete Schr\"odinger equation in both dynamic and stationary settings that allows us to prove uniqueness results, under some assumptions on the decay of the solutions.
Angular momentum redistribution by SASI spiral modes and consequences for neutron star spinsOct 09 2013Apr 23 2014In the collapsing core of massive stars, the standing accretion shock instability (SASI) can drive spiral modes that efficiently redistribute angular momentum. This process can impart a spin to the forming neutron star even when the progenitor star is ... More
Stable ordered union ultrafilters and $\mathrm{cov}(\mathcal{M})<\mathfrak c$Oct 19 2018Apr 23 2019A union ultrafilter is an ultrafilter over the finite subsets of $\omega$ that has a base of sets of the form $\mathrm{FU}(X)$, where $X$ is an infinite pairwise disjoint family and $\mathrm{FU}(X)=\{\bigcup F\big|F\in[X]^{<\omega}\setminus\{\varnothing\}\}$. ... More
Formality of Donaldson submanifoldsNov 01 2002May 21 2007We introduce the concept of s-formal minimal model as an extension of formality. We prove that any orientable compact manifold M, of dimension 2n or (2n-1), is formal if and only if M is (n-1)-formal. The formality and the hard Lefschetz property are ... More
Local quasinilpotence and common invariant subspacesSep 04 2006In this article we obtain some positive results about the existence of a common nontrivial invariant subspace for $N$-tuples of not necessarily commuting operators on Banach spaces with a Schauder basis. The concept of joint quasinilpotence plays a basic ... More
Vacuum polarization of the quantized massive scalar field in the global monopole spacetime I: the field fluctuationApr 04 2019We study the vacuum polarization of a massive scalar field $\phi$ with arbitrary coupling to gravity in pointlike global monopole spacetime. Using Schwinger-DeWitt proper time formalism, we calculate the vacuum expectation value $<\phi^{2}>$, when the ... More
Fractional ideals and integration with respect to the generalised Euler characteristicJun 29 2011Let $b$ be a fractional ideal of a one-dimensional Cohen-Macaulay local ring $O$ containing a perfect field $k$. This paper is devoted to the study some $O$-modules associated with $b$. In addition, different motivic Poincar\'e series are introduced by ... More
Functions and differentials on the non-split Cartan modular curve of level 11Nov 24 2014The genus $4$ modular curve $X_{ns}(11)$ attached to a non-split Cartan group of level $11$ admits a model defined over $\mathbb{Q}$. We compute generators for its function field in terms of Siegel modular functions. We also show that its Jacobian is ... More
Poincaré series for plane curve singularities and their behaviour under projectionsJul 06 2011Our purpose is to investigate all defined Poincar\'e series associated with multi-index filtrations and value semigroups of curve singularities---not necessarily complex---with regard to the property of forgetting variables, i.e., by making variables ... More
On the coefficients of the Stöhr Zeta FunctionJun 29 2011Let $O$ be a one-dimensional Cohen-Macaulay local ring having a finite field as a coefficient field. The aim of this work is to extend the explicit computations of the St\"ohr Zeta Function of $O$ for one and two branches to an arbitrary number of them, ... More
The Milnor-Moore theorem for $L_\infty$ algebras in rational homotopy theoryApr 29 2019We give a construction of the universal enveloping $A_\infty$ algebra of a given $L_\infty$ algebra, alternative to the already existing versions. As applications, we derive a higher homotopy algebras version of the classical Milnor-Moore theorem, proposing ... More
Pile-up corrections in laser-driven pulsed x-ray sourcesNov 22 2016May 31 2018A formalism for treating the pile-up produced in solid-state detectors by laser-driven pulsed x-ray sources has been developed. It allows the direct use of x-ray spectroscopy without artificially decreasing the number of counts in the detector, assuming ... More
Bezier developable surfacesFeb 09 2017In this paper we address the issue of designing developable surfaces with Bezier patches. We show that developable surfaces with a polynomial edge of regression are the set of developable surfaces which can be constructed with Aumann's algorithm. We also ... More
Best proximity points for proximal contractionsJul 18 2012In this paper we improve and extend some best proximity point results concerning the so-called proximal contractions. Specifically, compactness assumptions under the sets A and B are removed to consider completeness conditions instead.
A maximum-mean-discrepancy goodness-of-fit test for censored dataOct 09 2018We introduce a kernel-based goodness-of-fit test for censored data, where observations may be missing in random time intervals: a common occurrence in clinical trials and industrial life-testing. The test statistic is straightforward to compute, as is ... More
A note on the computation of the Frobenius number of a numerical semigroupJul 06 2011Feb 09 2014In this note we observe that the Frobenius number and therefore the conductor of a numerical semigroup can be obtained from the maximal socle degree of the quotient of the corresponding semigroup algebra by the ideal generated by the biggest generator ... More
Bounded superposition operators between weighted Banach spaces of analytic functionsMar 27 2012Sep 28 2012We characterize all entire functions that transform a weighted Banach spaces of analytic functions $\mathcal{H}^{\infty}_{\mu_1}$ into another space of the same kind $\mathcal{H}^{\infty}_{\mu_2}$ by superposition for very general weights $\mu_1$ and ... More
On multi-index filtrations associated to Weierstrass semigroupsDec 19 2013The aim of this paper is to review the main techniques in the computation of Weierstra\ss semigroup at several points of curves defined over perfect fields, with special emphasis on the case of two points. Some hints about the usage of some packages of ... More
An estinatiion for the essential norm of Compositiion operators acting on Bloch-type spacesJan 13 2013Let \mu be any weight function defined on the unit disk $\Bbb D$ and let $\phi$ be an analytic self-map of $\Bbb D$. In the present paper we show that the essential norm of composition operator $C_\phi$ mapping from the $\alpha$-Bloch space, with $\alpha ... More
The TP3-WFS: a new guy in townNov 14 2018The TP3-WFS (Two Pupil Plane Positions Wavefront Sensor) is, to the best of the authors' knowledge, the first physical implementation of the geometrical wavefront reconstruction algorithm that has been tested in a telescope as part of an actual AO-enabled ... More
On the quasi-ordinary cuspidal foliations in (C^3,0)Mar 03 2005We study a class of holomorphic foliations in (C^3,0) that can be desingularized following the same desingularization chain that a certain quasi-ordinary surface. This intends to be a generalization to the dimension three of the cuspodal foliations in ... More
Characteristic cycles and Gevrey series solutions of $A$-hypergeometric systemsFeb 12 2019We compute the $L$-characteristic cycle of an $A$-hypergeometric system and higher Euler-Koszul homology modules of the toric ring. We also prove upper semicontinuity results about the multiplicities in these cycles and apply our results to analyze the ... More
The Hahn-Banach Theorem: a proof of the equivalence between the analitic and geometric versionsDec 21 2018We present here a simple and direct proof of the classic geometric version of Hahn-Banach Theorem from its analitic version, in the real case. The reciprocal implication, and the direct proofs of both versions, are already well kown, but they are also ... More
An extension problem related to the fractional LaplacianAug 25 2006Feb 13 2007The operator square root of the Laplacian $(-\lap)^{1/2}$ can be obtained from the harmonic extension problem to the upper half space as the operator that maps the Dirichlet boundary condition to the Neumann condition. In this paper we obtain similar ... More
Regularity results for nonlocal equations by approximationFeb 23 2009Mar 30 2010In this paper we prove a nonlocal version of the Cordes-Niremberg estimates. We use it to extend our previous regularity results for fully nonlinear integro-differential equations to the variable coefficient case and several other settings where the equation ... More
Regularity theory for fully nonlinear integro-differential equationsSep 28 2007Apr 26 2008We consider nonlinear integro-differential equations, like the ones that arise from stochastic control problems with purely jump L\`evy processes. We obtain a nonlocal version of the ABP estimate, Harnack inequality, and interior $C^{1,\alpha}$ regularity ... More
Labelled Lambda-calculi with Explicit Copy and EraseMar 29 2010We present two rewriting systems that define labelled explicit substitution lambda-calculi. Our work is motivated by the close correspondence between Levy's labelled lambda-calculus and paths in proof-nets, which played an important role in the understanding ... More
Graph Creation, Visualisation and TransformationMar 23 2010We describe a tool to create, edit, visualise and compute with interaction nets - a form of graph rewriting systems. The editor, called GraphPaper, allows users to create and edit graphs and their transformation rules using an intuitive user interface. ... More
Symplectic nilmanifolds with a symplectic non-free $Z_3$-actionJun 22 2005Dec 12 2006This paper expands some of the issues of the paper math.SG/0506449. We introduce a new technique to produce symplectic manifolds, by taking a symplectic non-free action of a finite group on a symplectic manifold and resolving symplectically the singularities ... More
Quantization of massive spinor fields around global monopolesApr 27 2019The renormalized quantum stress energy tensor $\left<T_{\mu}^{\nu}\right>_{ren}$ for a massive spinor field around global monopoles is constructed within the framework of Schwinger-DeWitt approximation, valid whenever the Compton length of the quantum ... More
Harmonic Oscillator SUSY Partners and Evolution LoopsMay 28 2012Jul 11 2012Supersymmetric quantum mechanics is a powerful tool for generating exactly solvable potentials departing from a given initial one. If applied to the harmonic oscillator, a family of Hamiltonians ruled by polynomial Heisenberg algebras is obtained. In ... More
Behavior of Friedmann-Lemaitre-Robertson-Walker SingularitiesMar 09 2016A regularization procedure has been recently suggested for regularizing Big Bang singularities in Friedmann-Lemaitre-Robertson-Walker (FLRW) spacetimes. We argue that this procedure is only appliable to one case of Big Bang singularities and does not ... More
On Levi-flat hypersurfaces tangent to holomorphic websSep 08 2011Sep 12 2011We investigate germs of real analytic Levi-flat hypersurfaces tangent to germs of codimension one holomorphic webs. We introduce the notion of first integrals for local webs. In particular, we prove that a $k$-web with finitely many invariant analytic ... More
On Normal Forms for Levi-flat hypersurfaces with an Isolated Line SingularityApr 09 2013Jan 27 2014We prove the existence of normal forms for some local real-analytic Levi-flat hypersurfaces with an isolated line singularity. We also give sufficient conditions for that a Levi-flat hypersurface with a complex line as singularity to be a pullback of ... More
Every strongly summable ultrafilter on $\bigoplus\mathbb Z_2$ is sparseFeb 22 2013Mar 25 2013We investigate the possibility of the existence of nonsparse strongly summable ultrafilters on certain abelian groups. In particular, we show that every strongly summable ultrafilter on the countably infinite Boolean group is sparse. This answers a question ... More
Cyclic $A_{\infty}$-algebras and double Poisson algebrasFeb 02 2019In this article we prove that there exists an explicit bijection between nice $d$-pre-Calabi-Yau algebras and $d$-double Poisson differential graded algebras, where $d \in \mathbb{Z}$, extending a result proved by N. Iyudu and M. Kontsevich. We also show ... More
Geometry of the moduli of parabolic bundles on elliptic curvesNov 16 2016The goal of this paper is the study of simple rank 2 parabolic vector bundles over a $2$-punctured elliptic curve $C$. We show that the moduli space of these bundles is a non-separated gluing of two charts isomorphic to $\mathbb{P}^1 \times \mathbb{P}^1$. ... More
On the absolute divergence of Fourier series in the infinite dimensional torusJun 05 2019We present some simple counterexamples, based on quadratic forms in infinitely many variables, showing that the implication $f\in C^{(\infty}(\mathbb{T}^\omega)\Longrightarrow\sum_{\bar{p}\in\mathbb{Z}^\infty}|\widehat{f}(\bar{p})|<\infty$ is false. There ... More
Entire functions polynomially bounded in several variablesJul 01 2019In this paper we show that if an entire function $f(z_1,z_2)$ of two (or more) complex variables verifies $\norm{f(z_1,z_2)}\leq K(\norm{P(z_1,z_2)})$, where $P(z_1,z_2)$ is a polynomial that is not a power in $\CC[[z_1,z_2]]$, and $K$ is any positive-valued ... More
On the rationality and holomorphy of Langlands-Shahidi L-functions over function fieldsMay 22 2015Sep 01 2015We prove three main results: all Langlands-Shahidi automorphic $L$-functions over function fields are rational; after twists by highly ramified characters our automorphic $L$-functions become polynomials; and, if $\pi$ is a globally generic cuspidal automorphic ... More
Anomalous massless modesDec 04 2014Some years ago Anton Yu. Alekseev et al. conjectured the existence of massless modes in the spectrum of excitations ("anomalous massless modes") building upon certain similarities between a spontaneous symmetry breaking and the interplay of axial and ... More
The Lagrangian cobordism group of $T^2$Oct 30 2013Nov 25 2014We compute the Lagrangian cobordism group of the standard symplectic 2-torus and prove that it is isomorphic to the Grothendieck group of its derived Fukaya category. The proofs use homological mirror symmetry for the 2-torus.
Leptogenesis in a prompt decay scenarioOct 20 2002Dec 15 2003Leptogenesis is studied within the seesaw neutrino mass model in a regime where all sterile neutrinos have prompt rather than delayed decays. It is shown that during neutrino thermal production lepton asymmetries are generated in both active lepton and ... More
The double obstacle problem on non divergence formSep 20 2017We study the regularity of the solution of the double obstacle problem form for fully non linear parabolic and elliptic operators. We show that when the obstacles are sufficiently regular the solution is $C^{1,\alpha}$ in the interior for both the parabolic ... More
Upper bounds for parabolic equations and the Landau equationNov 10 2015Aug 22 2016We consider a parabolic equation in nondivergence form, defined in the full space $[0,\infty) \times \mathbb R^d$, with a power nonlinearity as the right hand side. We obtain an upper bound for the solution in terms of a weighted control in $L^p$. This ... More
On the question of embedding a semigroup into an idempotent generated oneMay 15 2012In this paper we present a new embedding of a semigroup into a semiband (idempotent-generated semigroup) of depth 4 (every element is the product of 4 idempotents) using a semidirect product construction. Our embedding does not assume that S is a monoid ... More
A family of varieties of pseudosemilatticesSep 27 2013In [3], a basis of identities {u_n = v_n | n\geq 2} for the variety SPS of all strict pseudosemilattices was determined. Each one of these identities u_n = v_n has a peculiar 2-content D_n. In this paper we study the varieties of pseudosemilattices defined ... More
Oscillation properties of scalar conservation lawsAug 10 2017Jun 09 2018We obtain several new regularity results for solutions of scalar conservation laws satisfying the genuine nonlinearity condition. We prove that the solutions are continuous outside of the jump set, which is codimension one rectifiable. We show that the ... More
Spectral methods for orthogonal rational functionsApr 25 2007An operator theoretic approach to orthogonal rational functions on the unit circle with poles in its exterior is presented in this paper. This approach is based on the identification of a suitable matrix representation of the multiplication operator associated ... More
A Bayesian Statistical Approach for Inference on Static Origin-Destination MatricesDec 05 2010Nov 30 2011We address the problem of static OD matrix estimation from a formal statistical viewpoint. We adopt a novel Bayesian framework to develop a class of models that explicitly cast trip configurations in the study region as random variables. As a consequence, ... More
Classical Nambu-Goldstone fieldsAug 30 1999It is shown that a true Nambu-Goldstone (NG) boson develops a coherent long-range field whenever the charge associated with it that is carried by the other particles is not conserved in a macroscopic scale. The source of a NG field is the time rate of ... More
Supernova neutrino oscillations: Adiabaticity improvement by Majoron fieldsJun 18 1998Nov 10 1998If the lepton numbers are associated with global symmetries spontaneously broken at a scale below 1 TeV, neutrino oscillations in supernovae produce classic Majoron fields that perturb the neutrino propagation itself and may change the oscillation patterns ... More
Neutrino Oscillations: a source of Goldstone fields and consequences for SupernovaeNov 10 1998Jan 23 1999It is shown that true Nambu-Goldstone (NG) bosons develop coherent fields whenever the associated charges of the matter particles are not conserved in a macroscopic scale. The sources of the NG fields are the time rates of quantum number violation. If ... More
On the global dynamics of periodic triangular mapsMay 31 2016This paper is an extension of an earlier paper that dealt with global dynamics in autonomous triangular maps. In the current paper, we extend the results on global dynamics of autonomous triangular maps to periodic non-autonomous triangular maps. We show ... More
Nonclassical states from the joint statistics of simultaneous measurementsJun 25 2015Nonclassicality cannot be a single-observable property since the statistics of any quantum observable is compatible with classical physics. We develop a general procedure to reveal nonclassical behavior from the joint measurement of multiple observables. ... More
Modular congruences, Q-curves, and the diophantine equation x^4 + y^4 = z^pApr 27 2003We prove two results concerning the generalized Fermat equation $x^4+y^4=z^p$. In particular we prove that the First Case is true if $p \neq 7$.
Measuring the Demand Effects of Formal and Informal Communication : Evidence from Online Markets for Illicit DrugsFeb 24 2018I present evidence that communication between marketplace participants is an important influence on market demand. I find that consumer demand is approximately equally influenced by communication on both formal and informal networks- namely, product reviews ... More
Irreducible Coxeter groupsDec 10 2004Jul 05 2005We prove that a non-spherical irreducible Coxeter group is (directly) indecomposable and that a non-spherical and non-affine Coxeter group is strongly indecomposable in the sense that all its finite index subgroups are (directly) indecomposable. We prove ... More
Uniform behavior of families of Galois representations on Siegel modular forms and the Endoscopy ConjectureApr 27 2003Apr 30 2007We prove the following uniformity principle: if one of the Galois representations in the family attached to a genus two Siegel cusp form of weight $k>3$, "semistable" and with multiplicity one, is reducible (for an odd prime $p$),then all the representations ... More
Nilpotent Types and Fracture Squares in Homotopy Type TheoryMar 08 2019We develop the basic theory of nilpotent types and their localizations away from sets of numbers in Homotopy Type Theory. For this, general results about the classifying spaces of fibrations with fiber an Eilenberg-Mac Lane space are proven. We also construct ... More
Higher-order port-graph rewritingNov 17 2012The biologically inspired framework of port-graphs has been successfully used to specify complex systems. It is the basis of the PORGY modelling tool. To facilitate the specification of proof normalisation procedures via graph rewriting, in this paper ... More
Vacuum polarization of the quantized massive scalar field in the global monopole spacetime II: the renormalized quantum stress energy tensorApr 19 2019This paper is devoted to the construction of the renormalized quantum stress energy tensor $\left<T_{\mu}^{\nu}\right>_{ren}$ for a massive scalar field with arbitrary coupling to the gravitational field of a pointlike global monopole, using the Schwinger-DeWitt ... More