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Anomalous diffusion: A basic mechanism for the evolution of inhomogeneous systemsFeb 08 2019In this article we review classical and recent results in anomalous diffusion and provide mechanisms useful for the study of the fundamentals of certain processes, mainly in condensed matter physics, chemistry and biology. Emphasis will be given to some ... More
Equilibrium and Nonequilibrium Thermodynamics of a Photon Gas in the Near FieldNov 14 2018In this paper we study the near-field thermodynamics of a photon gas at equilibrium as well as out-of-equilibrium in the presence of dissipative effects. As a consequence of Heisenberg's uncertainty principle, we are able to eliminate the low-frequency ... More
A thermokinetic approach to radiative heat transfer at the nanoscaleJan 28 2013Feb 05 2013Radiative heat exchange at the nanoscale presents a challenge for several areas due to its scope and nature. Here, we provide a thermokinetic description of microscale radiative energy transfer including phonon-photon coupling manifested through a non-Debye ... More
Anomalous DiffusionMay 02 2008May 03 2008Recent investigations call attention to the dynamics of anomalous diffusion and its connection with basic principles of statistical mechanics. We present here a short review of those ideas and their implications.
Heat transfer between nanoparticles: Thermal conductance for near-field interactionsJan 11 2008We analyze the heat transfer between two nanoparticles separated by a distance lying in the near-field domain in which energy interchange is due to Coulomb interactions. The thermal conductance is computed by assuming that the particles have charge distributions ... More
Heat exchange between two interacting nanoparticles beyond the fluctuation-dissipation regimeJun 25 2009We show that the observed non-monotonic behavior of the thermal conductance between two nanoparticles when they are brought into contact is originated by an intricate phase space dynamics. Here it is assumed that this dynamics results from the thermally ... More
Complexity perspectives: an anomalous diffusion approachAug 13 2009Aug 14 2009The science of complexity is far from being fully understood and even its foundations are not well established. On the other hand, during the last decade, the random motion of particles or waves - the so-called diffusion - has been known better. In this ... More
Nonequilibrium Stefan-Boltzmann lawFeb 03 2010Feb 10 2010We study thermal radiation outside equilibrium. The situation considered consists of two bodies emitting photons at two different temperatures. We show that the system evolves to a stationary state characterized by an energy current which satisfies a ... More
Nonresonant contributions to energy transfer through micron-size gaps between neighboring nanostructuresJun 21 2011Current theoretical approaches to the analysis of radiative heat exchange at the nanoscale are based on Rytov's stochastic electrodynamics. However, this approach falls short in the description of microscale energy transfer since it overlooks non-resonant ... More
Khinchin theorem and anomalous diffusionOct 31 2008Dec 10 2008A recent paper [M. H. Lee, Phys. Rev. Lett. 98, 190601 (2007)] has called attention to the fact that irreversibility is a broader concept than ergodicity, and that therefore the Khinchin theorem [A. I. Khinchin, Mathematical Foundations of Statistical ... More
Near-field thermodynamics: Useful work, efficiency, and energy harvestingApr 08 2014We show that the maximum work that can be obtained from the thermal radiation emitted between two planar sources in the near-field regime is much larger than that corresponding to the blackbody limit. This quantity as well as an upper bound for the efficiency ... More
Anomalous law of coolingDec 15 2014Mar 04 2015We analyze the temperature relaxation phenomena of systems in contact with a thermal reservoir that undergo a non-Markovian diffusion process. From a generalized Langevin equation, we show that the temperature is governed by a law of cooling of the Newton's ... More
Near-field thermodynamics and nanoscale energy harvestingApr 28 2014We study the thermodynamics of near-field thermal radiation between two identical polar media at different temperatures. As an application, we consider an idealized energy harvesting process from sources at near room temperature at the nanoscale. We compute ... More
Mixing, ergodicity and slow relaxation phenomenaOct 10 2006Oct 20 2006Investigations on diffusion in systems with memory [I.V.L. Costa, R. Morgado, M.V.B.T. Lima, F.A. Oliveira, Europhys. Lett. 63 (2003) 173] have established a hierarchical connection between mixing, ergodicity, and the fluctuation-dissipation theorem (FDT). ... More
A Katznelson-Tzafriri type theorem for Cesàro bounded operatorsJun 22 2015May 24 2016We extend the well-known Katznelson-Tzafriri theorem, originally posed for power-bounded operators, to the case of Ces\`aro bounded operators of any order $\alpha>0.$ For this purpose, we use a functional calculus between a new class of fractional Wiener ... More
Joint identification via deconvolution of the flux and energy relaxation kernels of the Gurtin-Pipkin model in thermodynamics with memoryOct 19 2017In this paper we present a linear method for the identification of both the energy and flux relaxation kernels in the equation of thermodynamics with memory proposed by M.E. Gurtin and A.G. Pipkin. The method reduces the identification of the two kernels ... More
Controllability properties for equations with memory of fractional typeApr 08 2019We study a general class of control systems with memory, which in particular includes systems with fractional derivatives and integrals and also the standard heat equation. We prove that the approximate controllability property of the heat equation is ... More
Identification of a space varying coefficient of a linear viscoelastic string of Maxwell-Boltzman typeFeb 22 2017In this paper we solve the problem of the identification of a coefficient which appears in the model of a distributed system with persistent memory encountered in linear viscoelasticity (and in diffusion processes with memory). The additional data used ... More
Scaling properties of d-dimensional complex networksOct 03 2018Jan 03 2019The area of networks is very interdisciplinary and exhibits many applications in several fields of science. Nevertheless, there are few studies focusing on geographically located $d$-dimensional networks. In this paper, we study scaling properties of ... More
An Inverse Optimization Approach to Measuring Clinical Pathway ConcordanceJun 06 2019Clinical pathways outline standardized processes in the delivery of care for a specific disease. Patient journeys through the healthcare system, though, can deviate substantially from recommended or reference pathways. Given the positive benefits of clinical ... More
Neural-Symbolic Computing: An Effective Methodology for Principled Integration of Machine Learning and ReasoningMay 15 2019Current advances in Artificial Intelligence and machine learning in general, and deep learning in particular have reached unprecedented impact not only across research communities, but also over popular media channels. However, concerns about interpretability ... More
Interaction Enabled Topological Crystalline PhasesSep 03 2014In this article we provide a general mechanism for generating interaction-enabled fermionic topological phases. We illustrate the mechanism with crystalline symmetry-protected topological phases in 1D and 2D. These non-trivial phases require interactions ... More
Selfextensional logics with a distributive nearlattice termApr 19 2017Feb 11 2018We define when a ternary term $m$ of an algebraic language $\mathcal{L}$ is called a \textit{distributive nearlattice term} (DN-term) of a sentential logic $\mathcal{S}$. Distributive nearlattices are ternary algebras generalising Tarski algebras and ... More
A characterization of the canonical extension of Boolean homomorphismsFeb 21 2017Jun 01 2018This article aims to obtain a characterization of the canonical extension of Boolean homomorphisms through the Stone-\v{C}ech compactification. Then, we will show that one-to-one homomorphisms and onto homomorphisms extend to one-to-one homomorphisms ... More
$N$-player games and mean field games with absorptionDec 12 2016Sep 26 2017We introduce a simple class of mean field games with absorbing boundary over a finite time horizon. In the corresponding $N$-player games, the evolution of players' states is described by a system of weakly interacting It\^o equations with absorption ... More
Magnetization reversal in Py/Gd heterostructuresMar 24 2017Using a combination of magnetometry and magnetotransport techniques, we studied temperature and magnetic field behavior of magnetization in Py/Gd heterostructures. It was shown quantitatively that proximity with Py enhances magnetic order of Gd. Micromagnetic ... More
Electromagnetic fields and charges in expanding universesMar 05 2019We analyze the properties of the electric and magnetic fields in different reference frames within a cosmological background space-time. First, we investigate the conformal properties of the electromagnetic fields and charge currents, discussing how the ... More
Maximum principles at infinity and the Ahlfors-Khas'minskii duality: an overviewJan 16 2018This note is meant to introduce the reader to a duality principle for nonlinear equations that recently appeared in the literature. Motivations come from the desire to give a unifying potential-theoretic framework for various maximum principles at infinity ... More
The "Life Potential": a new complex algorithm to assess "Heart Rate Variability" from Holter records for cognitive and diagnostic aims. Preliminary experimental results showing its dependence on age, gender and health conditionsOct 27 2013Nov 06 2013Although HRV (Heart Rate Variability) analyses have been carried out for several decades, several limiting factors still make these analyses useless from a clinical point of view. The present paper aims at overcoming some of these limits by introducing ... More
Gravitational energy and radiation of a charged black holeAug 16 2017We analyze the energy configuration of a charged black hole in the Teleparallel Framework of General Relativity. We obtain the energy-momentum tensor of the gravitational field in a stationary frame, and we calculate its contribution to the total energy ... More
Spin Vortex Resonance in Non-planar Ferromagnetic DotsJan 13 2016In planar structures, the vortex resonance frequency changes little as a function of an in-plane magnetic field as long as the vortex state persists. Altering the topography of the element leads to a vastly different dynamic response that arises due to ... More
Economic Development and Inequality: a complex system analysisMay 10 2016By borrowing methods from complex system analysis, in this paper we analyze the features of the complex relationship that links the development and the industrialization of a country to economic inequality. In order to do this, we identify industrialization ... More
Gravitational collapse to a Kerr-Newman black holeMar 09 2017We present the first systematic study of the gravitational collapse of rotating and magnetised neutron stars to charged and rotating (Kerr-Newman) black holes. In particular, we consider the collapse of magnetised and rotating neutron stars assuming that ... More
Myocardial Contractions and the Ventricular Pressure--Volume RelationshipMay 28 2010We present a reduced-order heart model with the aim of introducing a novel point of view in the interpretation of the pressure-volume loops. The novelty of the approach is based on the definition of active contraction as opposed to that of active stress. ... More
$N$-player games and mean-field games with smooth dependence on past absorptionsFeb 07 2019Mean-field games with absorption is a class of games, that have been introduced in Campi and Fischer [7] and that can be viewed as natural limits of symmetric stochastic differential games with a large number of players who, interacting through a mean-field, ... More
Realization of critical eigenvalues for scalar and symmetric linear delay-differential equationsJan 18 2008This paper studies the link between the number of critical eigenvalues and the number of delays in certain classes of delay-differential equations. There are two main results. The first states that for k purely imaginary numbers which are linearly independent ... More
Electromagnetic emission from blitzars and its impact on non-repeating fast radio burstsJan 17 2018Sep 07 2018It has been suggested that a non-repeating fast radio burst (FRB) represents the final signal of a magnetized neutron star collapsing to a black hole. In this model, a supramassive neutron star supported by rapid rotation, will collapse to a black hole ... More
Scaling and correlations in the dynamics of forest-fire occurrenceMay 18 2007Forest-fire waiting times, defined as the time between successive events above a certain size in a given region, are calculated for Italy. The probability densities of the waiting times are found to verify a scaling law, despite that fact that the distribution ... More
Keller--Osserman conditions for diffusion-type operators on Riemannian ManifoldsApr 29 2009In this paper we obtain generalized Keller-Osserman conditions for wide classes of differential inequalities on weighted Riemannian manifolds of the form $L u\geq b(x) f(u) \ell(|\nabla u|)$ and $L u\geq b(x) f(u) \ell(|\nabla u|) - g(u) h(|\nabla u|)$, ... More
Dynamical ejecta and nucleosynthetic yields from eccentric binary neutron-star mergersJul 10 2018Dec 05 2018With the recent advent of multi-messenger gravitational-wave astronomy and in anticipation of more sensitive, next-generation gravitational-wave detectors, we investigate the dynamics, gravitational-wave emission, and nucleosynthetic yields of numerous ... More
Coupling for some partial differential equations driven by white noiseOct 20 2004We prove, using coupling arguments, exponential convergence to equilibrium for reaction--diffusion and Burgers equations driven by space-time white noise. We use a coupling by reflection.
On circular-arc graphs having a model with no three arcs covering the circleFeb 11 2014An interval graph is the intersection graph of a finite set of intervals on a line and a circular-arc graph is the intersection graph of a finite set of arcs on a circle. While a forbidden induced subgraph characterization of interval graphs was found ... More
Development of TES-based detectors array for the X-ray Integral Field Unit (X-IFU) on the future x-ray observatory ATHENAApr 02 2016We are developing transition-edge sensor (TES)-based microcalorimeters for the X-ray Integral Field Unit (XIFU) of the future European X-Ray Observatory Athena. The microcalorimeters are based on TiAu TESs coupled to 250{\mu}m squared, AuBi absorbers. ... More
Are Quantitative Features of Lung Nodules Reproducible at Different CT Acquisition and Reconstruction Parameters?Aug 14 2019Consistency and duplicability in Computed Tomography (CT) output is essential to quantitative imaging for lung cancer detection and monitoring. This study of CT-detected lung nodules investigated the reproducibility of volume-, density-, and texture-based ... More
Kolmogorov equation associated to the stochastic reflection problem on a smooth convex set of a Hilbert spaceAug 28 2009We consider the stochastic reflection problem associated with a self-adjoint operator $A$ and a cylindrical Wiener process on a convex set $K$ with nonempty interior and regular boundary $\Sigma$ in a Hilbert space $H$. We prove the existence and uniqueness ... More
Operator inequalities I. Models and ergodicityAug 14 2019We discuss when an operator, subject to an inequality in heridatary form, admits a unitarily equivalent functional model of Agler type in the reproducing kernel Hilbert space associated to the inequality. To the contrary to the previous work, the kernel ... More
Remarks on mean curvature flow solitons in warped productsNov 27 2018Nov 28 2018We study some properties of mean curvature flow solitons in general Riemannian manifolds and in warped products, with emphasis on constant curvature and Schwarzschild type spaces. We focus on splitting and rigidity results under various geometric conditions, ... More
Entropy, non-ergodicity and non-Gaussian behaviour in ballistic transportJan 30 2007Ballistic transportation introduces new challenges in the thermodynamic properties of a gas of particles. For example, violation of mixing, ergodicity and of the fluctuation-dissipation theorem may occur, since all these processes are connected. In this ... More
Sharp extensions and algebraic properties for solution families of vector-valued differential equationsMay 12 2015In this paper we show the unexpected property that extension from local to global without loss of regularity holds for the solutions of a wide class of vector-valued differential equations, in particular for the class of fractional abstract Cauchy problems ... More
Growth-Driven Percolations: The Dynamics of Community Formation in Neuronal SystemsNov 02 2004The quintessential property of neuronal systems is their intensive patterns of selective synaptic connections. The current work describes a physics-based approach to neuronal shape modeling and synthesis and its consideration for the simulation of neuronal ... More
Quadrature rules for $L^1$-weighted norms of orthogonal polynomialsJul 09 2014In this paper we obtain $L^1$-weighted norms of classical orthogonal polynomials (Hermite, Laguerre and Jacobi polynomials) in terms of the zeros of these orthogonal polynomials; these expressions are usually known as quadrature rules. In particular these ... More
Measuring $H_0$ in PTA with gravitational wavesAug 22 2019Pulsar Timing Arrays have yet to find convincing evidence of gravitational waves. Some time ago it was pointed out by one of the authors that a dramatic enhancement of the signal would take place for particular values of the angle subtended by the source ... More
Relativistic Radiative Transfer for Spherical FlowsJun 18 1994We present a new complete set of Lagrangian relativistic hydrodynamical equations describing the transfer of energy and momentum between a standard fluid and a radiation fluid in a general non-stationary spherical flow. The new set of equations has been ... More
Further insights into the interareal connectivity of a cortical networkNov 03 2014Over the past years, network science has proven invaluable as a means to better understand many of the processes taking place in the brain. Recently, interareal connectivity data of the macaque cortex was made available with great richness of detail. ... More
Cesáro sums and algebra homomorphisms of bounded operatorsApr 06 2015Let $X$ be a complex Banach space. The connection between algebra homomorphisms defined on subalgebras of the Banach algebra $\ell^{1}(\mathbb{N}_0)$ and the algebraic structure of Ces\`{a}ro sums of a linear operator $T\in \mathcal{B}(X)$ is established. ... More
How the Taxonomy of Products Drives the Economic Development of CountriesAug 09 2014We introduce an algorithm able to reconstruct the relevant network structure on which the time evolution of country-product bipartite networks takes place. The significant links are obtained by selecting the largest values of the projected matrix. We ... More
Spacetime positive mass theorems for initial data sets with noncompact boundaryJul 03 2019Jul 08 2019In this paper, we define an energy-momentum vector at the spatial infinity of either asymptotically flat or asymptotically hyperbolic initial data sets carrying a noncompact boundary. Under suitable dominant energy conditions imposed both on the interior ... More
Interdisciplinary Relationships Between Biological and Physical SciencesMay 08 2019Several interdisciplinary areas have appeared at the interface between biological and physical sciences. In this work, we suggest a complex network-based methodology for analyzing the interrelationships between some of these interdisciplinary areas, including ... More
Prediction for two spatially modulated superfluids: $^4$He on fluorographene and on hexagonal BNFeb 27 2019We have derived the adsorption potential of $^4$He atoms on fluorographene (GF), on graphane and on hexagonal boron nitride (hBN) by a recently developed ab initio method that incorporates the van der Waals interaction. The $^4$He monolayer on GF and ... More
Seeking Maximum Linearity of Transfer FunctionsAug 13 2016Linearity is an important and frequently sought property in electronics and instrumentation. Here, we report a method capable of, given a transfer function, identifying the respective most linear region of operation with a fixed width. This methodology, ... More
A note on the parity anomaly from the Hamiltonian point of viewMar 15 2019We review the parity anomaly of the massless Dirac fermion in $2+1$ dimensions from the Hamiltonian, as opposed to the path integral, point of view. We have two main goals for this note. First, we hope to make the parity anomaly more accessible to condensed ... More
Carbon-Oxygen White Dwarfs Accreting CO-Rich Matter I: A Comparison Between Rotating and Non-Rotating ModelsOct 29 2002We investigate the lifting effect of rotation on the thermal evolution of CO WDs accreting CO-rich matter. We find that rotation induces the cooling of the accreting star so that the delivered gravitational energy causes a greater expansion with respect ... More
Comparison between GFDM and VOFDMJul 24 2015This document provides a comparison of the transmission techniques used in Generalized Frequency Division Multiplexing (GFDM) and Vector-OFDM (VOFDM). Within the document both systems are coarsely described and common and distinct properties are highlighted. ... More
The complex dynamics of products and its asymptotic propertiesOct 02 2016May 24 2017We analyse global export data within the Economic Complexity framework. We couple the new economic dimension Complexity, which captures how sophisticated products are, with an index called logPRODY, a measure of the income of the respective exporters. ... More
Forbidden Induced Subgraphs of Normal Helly Circular-Arc Graphs: Characterization and DetectionMay 02 2014A normal Helly circular-arc graph is the intersection graph of arcs on a circle of which no three or less arcs cover the whole circle. Lin, Soulignac, and Szwarcfiter [Discrete Appl. Math. 2013] characterized circular-arc graphs that are not normal Helly ... More
Accurate numerical simulations of inspiralling binary neutron stars and their comparison with effective-one-body analytical modelsMar 20 2011Oct 12 2011Binary neutron-star systems represent one of the most promising sources of gravitational waves. In order to be able to extract important information, notably about the equation of state of matter at nuclear density, it is necessary to have in hands an ... More
Concentric Characterization and Classification of Complex Network Nodes: Theory and Application to Institutional CollaborationOct 09 2007Differently from theoretical scale-free networks, most of real networks present multi-scale behavior with nodes structured in different types of functional groups and communities. While the majority of approaches for classification of nodes in a complex ... More
Key features of Turing systems are determined purely by network topologyAug 31 2017Turing's theory of pattern formation is a universal model for self-organization, applicable to many systems in physics, chemistry and biology. Essential properties of a Turing system, such as the conditions for the existence of patterns and the mechanisms ... More
Malleability of complex networksOct 22 2018Most complex networks are not static, but evolve along time. Given a specific configuration of one such changing network, it becomes a particularly interesting issue to quantify the diversity of possible unfoldings of its topology. In this work, we suggest ... More
On the interplay among maximum principles, compact support principles and Keller-Osserman conditions on manifoldsJan 06 2018This paper is about the influence of Geometry on the qualitative behaviour of solutions of quasilinear PDEs on Riemannian manifolds. Motivated by examples arising, among others, from the theory of submanifolds, in particular by the study of entire graphs ... More
Analysis of temporal properties of wind extremesAug 27 2018The 10-minute average wind speed series recorded at 132 stations distributed rather homogeneously in the territory of Switzerland are investigated. Wind extremes are defined on the base of run theory: fixing a percentile-based threshold of the wind speed ... More
Magnetic field amplification by the r-mode instabilityDec 26 2017We discuss magnetic field enhancement by unstable r-modes (driven by the gravitational radiation reaction force) in rotating stars. In the absence of a magnetic field, gravitational radiation exponentially increases the r-mode amplitude $\alpha$, and ... More
On the Existence of Shadow PricesNov 28 2011Jan 08 2013For utility maximization problems under proportional transaction costs, it has been observed that the original market with transaction costs can sometimes be replaced by a frictionless "shadow market" that yields the same optimal strategy and utility. ... More
Hidden symmetry in a Kuramoto-Sivashinsky initial-boundary value problemDec 15 2016We investigate the bifurcation structure of the Kuramoto-Sivashinsky equation with homogeneous Dirichlet boundary conditions. Using hidden symmetry principles, based on an extended problem with periodic boundary conditions and $\Otwo$ symmetry, we show ... More
A note on geodesics in inhomogeneous expanding spacetimesJan 28 2019There are several solutions of Einstein field equations that describe an inhomogeneity in an expanding universe. Among these solutions, the McVittie metric and its generalizations have been investigated through decades, though a full understanding of ... More
Fisher-Shannon complexity analysis of high-frequency urban wind speed time seriesDec 03 20181Hz wind time series recorded at different levels (from 1.5 to 25.5 meters) in an urban area are investigated by using the Fisher-Shannon (FS) analysis. FS analysis is a well known method to get insight of the complex behavior of nonlinear systems, by ... More
Community detection analysis in wind speed-monitoring systems using mutual information-based complex networkSep 03 2018A mutual information-based weighted network representation of a wide wind speed monitoring system in Switzerland was analysed in order to detect communities. Two communities have been revealed, corresponding to two clusters of sensors situated respectively ... More
Computations of primordial black hole formationDec 13 2004Jan 31 2005Results are presented from general relativistic numerical computations of primordial black-hole formation during the radiation-dominated era of the universe. Growing-mode perturbations are specified within the linear regime and their subsequent evolution ... More
Qiskit Backend Specifications for OpenQASM and OpenPulse ExperimentsSep 10 2018As interest in quantum computing grows, there is a pressing need for standardized API's so that algorithm designers, circuit designers, and physicists can be provided a common reference frame for designing, executing, and optimizing experiments. There ... More
The VISCACHA survey - I. Overview and First ResultsFeb 05 2019The VISCACHA (VIsible Soar photometry of star Clusters in tApii and Coxi HuguA) Survey is an ongoing project based on deep photometric observations of Magellanic Cloud star clusters, collected using the SOuthern Astrophysical Research (SOAR) telescope ... More
Canonical quantization of nonlinear sigma models with theta term, with applications to symmetry-protected topological phasesApr 03 2017We canonically quantize $O(D+2)$ nonlinear sigma models (NLSMs) with theta term on arbitrary smooth, closed, connected, oriented $D$-dimensional spatial manifolds $\mathcal{M}$, with the goal of proving the suitability of these models for describing symmetry-protected ... More
Anomaly indicators for topological orders with $U(1)$ and time-reversal symmetryMay 01 2019We study anomalies in time-reversal ($\mathbb{Z}_2^T$) and $U(1)$ symmetric topological orders. In this context, an anomalous topological order is one that cannot be realized in a strictly $(2+1)$-D system but can be realized on the surface of a $(3+1)$-D ... More
Swimming at Low Reynolds Number in Fluids with Odd (Hall) ViscosityOct 23 2013We apply the geometric theory of swimming at low Reynolds number to the study of nearly circular swimmers in two-dimensional fluids with non-vanishing Hall, or "odd", viscosity. The Hall viscosity gives an off-diagonal contribution to the fluid stress-tensor, ... More
How Integrated are Theoretical and Applied Physics?Dec 20 2017How well integrated are more theoretically and application oriented works in Physics currently? This interesting question, which has several relevant implications, has been approached mostly in a more subjective way. Recent concepts and methods from network ... More
Saturn's deep atmospheric flows revealed by the Cassini Grand Finale gravity measurementsFeb 12 2019How deep do Saturn's zonal winds penetrate below the cloud-level has been a decades-long question, with important implications not only for the atmospheric dynamics, but also for the interior density structure, composition, magnetic field and core mass. ... More
GFDM Transceiver using Precoded Data and Low-complexity Multiplication in Time DomainJun 10 2015Future wireless communication systems are demanding a more flexible physical layer. GFDM is a block filtered multicarrier modulation scheme proposed to add multiple degrees of freedom and cover other waveforms in a single framework. In this paper, GFDM ... More
Topology and Dynamics in Complex Networks: The Role of Edge ReciprocityNov 23 2017A key issue in complex systems regards the relationship between topology and dynamics. In this work, we use a recently introduced network property known as steering coefficient as a means to approach this issue with respect to different directed complex ... More
Topological characterization of world citiesSep 24 2017Oct 13 2017The topological organization of several world cities are studied according to respective representations by complex networks. As a first step, the city maps are processed by a recently developed methodology that allows the most significant urban region ... More
Can Spatiality Promote Diversity?Sep 03 2018Real-world dynamics running on networks can be characterized in terms of their respective diversity, or heterogeneity of state values. Spatial networks can be understood as networks exhibiting limited small world characteristics. In the present work we ... More
Opinion Diversity and Social Bubbles in Adaptive Sznajd NetworksMay 02 2019Aug 02 2019Among the several approaches that have been attempted at studying opinion dynamics, the Sznajd model provides some particularly interesting features, such as its simplicity and ability to represent some of the mechanisms believed to be involved in opinion ... More
Hand range of motion evaluation for Rheumatoid Arthritis patientsMar 16 2019We introduce a framework for dynamic evaluation of the fingers movements: flexion, extension, abduction and adduction. This framework estimates angle measurements from joints computed by a hand pose estimation algorithm using a depth sensor (Realsense ... More
Complex networks analysis of language complexityFeb 19 2013Methods from statistical physics, such as those involving complex networks, have been increasingly used in quantitative analysis of linguistic phenomena. In this paper, we represented pieces of text with different levels of simplification in co-occurrence ... More
An approach to Decision Making based on Dynamic Argumentation SystemsMar 05 2019In this paper, we introduce a formalism for single-agent decision making that is based on Dynamic Argumentation Frameworks. The formalism can be used to justify a choice, which is based on the current situation the agent is involved. Taking advantage ... More
Obstruction to lagrangian transversalityFeb 10 2007We give a necessary and sufficient condition for lagrangians in a symplectic vector bundle to be deformed stably into transversal lagrangians. In the case of three lagrangians, we show that the associated Grothendieck group can be identified with a Hermitian ... More
Musical Genres: Beating to the Rhythms of Different DrumsNov 19 2009Online music databases have increased signicantly as a consequence of the rapid growth of the Internet and digital audio, requiring the development of faster and more efficient tools for music content analysis. Musical genres are widely used to organize ... More
A Generalized Approach to Complex NetworksAug 03 2004Sep 29 2005This work describes how the formalization of complex network concepts in terms of discrete mathematics, especially mathematical morphology, allows a series of generalizations and important results ranging from new measurements of the network topology ... More
Role of gaseous giants in the dynamical evolution of terrestrial planets and water delivery in the habitable zoneAug 27 2018In the present research, we study the effects of a single giant planet in the dynamical evolution of water-rich embryos and planetesimals, located beyond the snow line of systems around Sun-like stars, in order to determine what kind of terrestrial-like ... More
Strong-Field Scattering of Two Black Holes: Numerics Versus AnalyticsFeb 28 2014We probe the gravitational interaction of two black holes in the strong-field regime by computing the scattering angle $\chi$ of hyperbolic-like, close binary-black-hole encounters as a function of the impact parameter. The fully general-relativistic ... More
Note: Distance-Based Network PartitioningFeb 01 2018A new method for identifying soft communities in networks is proposed. Reference nodes, either selected using a priori information about the network or according to relevant node measurements, are obtained. Distance vectors between each network node and ... More
Intelligent Complex NetworksSep 24 2018Oct 30 2018The present work addresses the issue of using complex networks as artificial intelligence mechanisms. More specifically, we consider the situation in which puzzles, represented as complex networks of varied types, are to be assembled by complex network ... More