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A thermokinetic approach to radiative heat transfer at the nanoscaleJan 28 2013Feb 05 2013Radiative heat exchange at the nanoscale presents a challenge for several areas due to its scope and nature. Here, we provide a thermokinetic description of microscale radiative energy transfer including phonon-photon coupling manifested through a non-Debye ... More
Anomalous DiffusionMay 02 2008May 03 2008Recent investigations call attention to the dynamics of anomalous diffusion and its connection with basic principles of statistical mechanics. We present here a short review of those ideas and their implications.
Heat exchange between two interacting nanoparticles beyond the fluctuation-dissipation regimeJun 25 2009We show that the observed non-monotonic behavior of the thermal conductance between two nanoparticles when they are brought into contact is originated by an intricate phase space dynamics. Here it is assumed that this dynamics results from the thermally ... More
Heat transfer between nanoparticles: Thermal conductance for near-field interactionsJan 11 2008We analyze the heat transfer between two nanoparticles separated by a distance lying in the near-field domain in which energy interchange is due to Coulomb interactions. The thermal conductance is computed by assuming that the particles have charge distributions ... More
Nonresonant contributions to energy transfer through micron-size gaps between neighboring nanostructuresJun 21 2011Current theoretical approaches to the analysis of radiative heat exchange at the nanoscale are based on Rytov's stochastic electrodynamics. However, this approach falls short in the description of microscale energy transfer since it overlooks non-resonant ... More
Nonequilibrium Stefan-Boltzmann lawFeb 03 2010Feb 10 2010We study thermal radiation outside equilibrium. The situation considered consists of two bodies emitting photons at two different temperatures. We show that the system evolves to a stationary state characterized by an energy current which satisfies a ... More
Complexity perspectives: an anomalous diffusion approachAug 13 2009Aug 14 2009The science of complexity is far from being fully understood and even its foundations are not well established. On the other hand, during the last decade, the random motion of particles or waves - the so-called diffusion - has been known better. In this ... More
Khinchin theorem and anomalous diffusionOct 31 2008Dec 10 2008A recent paper [M. H. Lee, Phys. Rev. Lett. 98, 190601 (2007)] has called attention to the fact that irreversibility is a broader concept than ergodicity, and that therefore the Khinchin theorem [A. I. Khinchin, Mathematical Foundations of Statistical ... More
Near-field thermodynamics: Useful work, efficiency, and energy harvestingApr 08 2014We show that the maximum work that can be obtained from the thermal radiation emitted between two planar sources in the near-field regime is much larger than that corresponding to the blackbody limit. This quantity as well as an upper bound for the efficiency ... More
Anomalous law of coolingDec 15 2014Mar 04 2015We analyze the temperature relaxation phenomena of systems in contact with a thermal reservoir that undergo a non-Markovian diffusion process. From a generalized Langevin equation, we show that the temperature is governed by a law of cooling of the Newton's ... More
Near-field thermodynamics and nanoscale energy harvestingApr 28 2014We study the thermodynamics of near-field thermal radiation between two identical polar media at different temperatures. As an application, we consider an idealized energy harvesting process from sources at near room temperature at the nanoscale. We compute ... More
Anomalous diffusion: A basic mechanism for the evolution of inhomogeneous systemsFeb 08 2019In this article we review classical and recent results in anomalous diffusion and provide mechanisms useful for the study of the fundamentals of certain processes, mainly in condensed matter physics, chemistry and biology. Emphasis will be given to some ... More
Mixing, ergodicity and slow relaxation phenomenaOct 10 2006Oct 20 2006Investigations on diffusion in systems with memory [I.V.L. Costa, R. Morgado, M.V.B.T. Lima, F.A. Oliveira, Europhys. Lett. 63 (2003) 173] have established a hierarchical connection between mixing, ergodicity, and the fluctuation-dissipation theorem (FDT). ... More
A Katznelson-Tzafriri type theorem for Cesàro bounded operatorsJun 22 2015May 24 2016We extend the well-known Katznelson-Tzafriri theorem, originally posed for power-bounded operators, to the case of Ces\`aro bounded operators of any order $\alpha>0.$ For this purpose, we use a functional calculus between a new class of fractional Wiener ... More
Equilibrium and Nonequilibrium Thermodynamics of a Photon Gas in the Near FieldNov 14 2018In this paper we study the near-field thermodynamics of a photon gas at equilibrium as well as out-of-equilibrium in the presence of dissipative effects. As a consequence of Heisenberg's uncertainty principle, we are able to eliminate the low-frequency ... More
Controllability and lack of controllability with smooth controls in viscoelasticity via moment methodsSep 13 2017In this paper we study controllability of a linear equation with persistent memory when the control belongs to $ H^k_0(0,T;L^2(\ZOMq)) $. In the case the memory is zero, our equation is reduced to the wave equation and a result due to Everdoza and Zuazua ... More
Beyond the average: Detecting global singular nodes from local features in complex networksMar 16 2010Deviations from the average can provide valuable insights about the organization of natural systems. The present article extends this important principle to the systematic identification and analysis of singular motifs in complex networks. Six measurements ... More
Role of dimensionality in preferential attachment growth in the Bianconi-Barabási modelApr 28 2017Jul 28 2017Scale-free networks are quite popular nowadays since many systems are well represented by such structures. In order to study these systems, several models were proposed. However, most of them do not take into account the node-to-node Euclidean distance, ... More
Source Mechanism of Long Period events recorded by a high density seismic network during the 2008 eruption on Mt EtnaNov 04 2010129 Long Period (LP) events, divided into two families of similar events, were recorded by the 50 stations deployed on Mount Etna in the second half of June 2008. During this period lava was flowing from a lateral fracture after a summit strombolian eruption. ... More
Optimal market making under partial information with general intensitiesFeb 04 2019Starting from the Avellaneda--Stoikov framework, we consider a market maker who wants to optimally set bid/ask quotes over a finite time interval, to maximize her expected utility. The intensities of the orders she receives depend not only on the spreads ... More
Growth orders and ergodicity for absolutely Cesàro bounded operatorsOct 09 2017In this paper, we extend the concept of absolutely Ces\`aro boundedness to the fractional case. We construct a weighted shift operator belonging to this class of operators, and we prove that if $T$ is an absolutely Ces\`{a}ro bounded operator of order ... More
Lack of controllability of thermal systems with memoryApr 04 2013Heat equations with memory of Gurtin-Pipkin type have controllability properties which strongly resemble those of the wave equation. Instead, recent counterexamples show that when the laplacian appears also out of the memory term, the control properties ... More
Nontrivial solutions to Serrin's problem in annular domainsFeb 27 2019Mar 04 2019We construct nontrivial smooth bounded domains $\Omega \subseteq \mathbb{R}^n$ of the form $\Omega_0 \setminus \overline{\Omega}_1$, bifurcating from annuli, for which there exists a positive solution to the overdetermined boundary value problem \[ -\Delta ... More
Interaction Enabled Topological Crystalline PhasesSep 03 2014In this article we provide a general mechanism for generating interaction-enabled fermionic topological phases. We illustrate the mechanism with crystalline symmetry-protected topological phases in 1D and 2D. These non-trivial phases require interactions ... More
Multivariate utility maximization with proportional transaction costsNov 24 2008Apr 08 2009We present an optimal investment theorem for a currency exchange model with random and possibly discontinuous proportional transaction costs. The investor's preferences are represented by a multivariate utility function, allowing for simultaneous consumption ... More
Electromagnetic fields and charges in expanding universesMar 05 2019We analyze the properties of the electric and magnetic fields in different reference frames within a cosmological background space-time. First, we investigate the conformal properties of the electromagnetic fields and charge currents, discussing how the ... More
Modular Dynamics of Financial Market NetworksJan 21 2015Jul 28 2015The financial market is a complex dynamical system composed of a large variety of intricate relationships between several entities, such as banks, corporations and institutions. At the heart of the system lies the stock exchange mechanism, which establishes ... More
Generalized Cesàro operators, fractional finite differences and Gamma functionsApr 23 2017In this paper, we present a complete spectral research of generalized Ces\`aro operators on Sobolev-Lebesgue sequence spaces. The main idea is to subordinate such operators to suitable $C_0$-semigroups on these sequence spaces. We introduce that family ... More
Stochastic Dominance Under Independent NoiseJul 18 2018Nov 03 2018We ask the following question: Given two random variables, $X$ and $Y$, under what conditions is it possible to find a random variable $Z$, independent from $X$ and $Y$, so that $X+Z$ first-order stochastically dominates $Y+Z$ ? We show that such a $Z$ ... More
The cost of informationDec 11 2018Feb 04 2019We develop an axiomatic theory of information acquisition that captures the idea of constant marginal costs in information production: the cost of generating two independent signals is the sum of their costs, and generating a signal with probability half ... More
Reasoning with Justifiable Exceptions in Contextual Hierarchies (Appendix)Aug 06 2018This paper is an appendix to the paper "Reasoning with Justifiable Exceptions in Contextual Hierarchies" by Bozzato, Serafini and Eiter, 2018. It provides further details on the language, the complexity results and the datalog translation introduced in ... More
Construction of a surface integral under local Malliavin assumption and integration by parts formulaeAug 12 2016In this paper, we consider convex sets $K_r = \{g \ge r\}$ in an infinite dimensional Hilbert space, where $g$ is suitably related to a reference Gaussian measure $\mu$ in $H$. We first show how to define a surface measure on the level sets $\{g = r\}$ ... More
Action growth for black holes in modified gravityOct 16 2017Jan 16 2018The general form of the action growth for a large class of static black hole solutions in modified gravity which includes $F(R)$-gravity models is computed. The cases of black hole solutions with non vanishing Ricci curvature are also considered, generalizing ... More
Linear Operator Inequality and Null Controllability with Vanishing Energy for unbounded control systemsAug 30 2011Dec 30 2012We consider linear systems on a separable Hilbert space $H$, which are null controllable at some time $T_0>0$ under the action of a point or boundary control. Parabolic and hyperbolic control systems usually studied in applications are special cases. ... More
Spectral radius, index estimates for Schrodinger operators and geometric applicationsMar 30 2010In this paper we study the existence of a first zero and the oscillatory behavior of solutions of the ordinary differential equation $(vz')'+Avz = 0$, where $A,v$ are functions arising from geometry. In particular, we introduce a new technique to estimate ... More
On circular-arc graphs having a model with no three arcs covering the circleFeb 11 2014An interval graph is the intersection graph of a finite set of intervals on a line and a circular-arc graph is the intersection graph of a finite set of arcs on a circle. While a forbidden induced subgraph characterization of interval graphs was found ... More
Identifying the starting point of a spreading process in complex networksMar 16 2010Jul 22 2016When dealing with the dissemination of epidemics, one important question that can be asked is the location where the contamination began. In this paper, we analyze three spreading schemes and propose and validate an effective methodology for the identification ... More
Last giant impact on the Neptunian system. Constraints on oligarchic masses in the trans-Saturnian regionApr 04 2011Stochastic impacts by large bodies are, at present, the usually accepted mechanisms able to account for the obliquity of the ice giants. We attempt to set constraints on giant impacts as the cause of Neptune's current obliquity in the framework of modern ... More
On the propagation of gravitational waves in a $Λ$CDM universeNov 22 2017We study here how the presence of non-zero matter density and a cosmological constant could affect the observation of gravitational waves in Pulsar Timing Arrays. Conventionally, the effect of matter and cosmological constant is included by considering ... More
When Did the Remnant of GW170817 Collapse to a Black Hole?Jan 14 2019Apr 10 2019The main hard pulse of prompt gamma-ray emission in GRB$\,$170817A had a duration of $\sim0.5\,{\rm s}$ and its onset was delayed with respect to the gravitational-wave chirp signal by $t_{\rm del} \approx 1.74\,{\rm s}$. Detailed follow-up of the subsequent ... More
Magnetically inspired explosive outflows from neutron-star mergersDec 11 2018Binary neutron star mergers have long been associated with short-duration gamma-ray bursts (GRBs). This connection was confirmed with the first coincident detection of gravitational waves together with electromagnetic radiation from GW170817. The basic ... More
Increasing loyalty using predictive modeling in Business-to-Business TelecommunicationJun 10 2015Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a key element of modern marketing strategies. One of the most practical way to build useful knowledge on customers in a CRM system to produce scores to forecast churn behavior, propensity to subscribe to a new ... More
On the geometry of curves and conformal geodesics in the Mobius spaceMar 30 2010This paper deals with the study of some properties of immersed curves in the conformal sphere $\mathds{Q}_n$, viewed as a homogeneous space under the action of the M\"obius group. After an overview on general well-known facts, we briefly focus on the ... More
Entropy, non-ergodicity and non-Gaussian behaviour in ballistic transportJan 30 2007Ballistic transportation introduces new challenges in the thermodynamic properties of a gas of particles. For example, violation of mixing, ergodicity and of the fluctuation-dissipation theorem may occur, since all these processes are connected. In this ... More
Relativistic Radiative Transfer for Spherical FlowsJun 18 1994We present a new complete set of Lagrangian relativistic hydrodynamical equations describing the transfer of energy and momentum between a standard fluid and a radiation fluid in a general non-stationary spherical flow. The new set of equations has been ... More
Further insights into the interareal connectivity of a cortical networkNov 03 2014Over the past years, network science has proven invaluable as a means to better understand many of the processes taking place in the brain. Recently, interareal connectivity data of the macaque cortex was made available with great richness of detail. ... More
Light Virtual Reality systems for the training of conditionally automated vehicle driversMar 13 2018In conditionally automated vehicles, drivers can engage in secondary activities while traveling to their destination. However, drivers are required to appropriately respond, in a limited amount of time, to a take-over request when the system reaches its ... More
Existence and convergence results for infinite dimensional nonlinear stochastic equations with multiplicative noiseOct 16 2012The solution $X_n$ to a nonlinear stochastic differential equation of the form $dX_n(t)+A_n(t)X_n(t)\,dt-\tfrac12\sum_{j=1}^N(B_j^n(t))^2X_n(t)\,dt=\sum_{j=1}^N B_j^n(t)X_n(t)d\beta_j^n(t)+f_n(t)\,dt$, $X_n(0)=x$, where $\beta_j^n$ is a regular approximation ... More
A note on the parity anomaly from the Hamiltonian point of viewMar 15 2019We review the parity anomaly of the massless Dirac fermion in $2+1$ dimensions from the Hamiltonian, as opposed to the path integral, point of view. We have two main goals for this note. First, we hope to make the parity anomaly more accessible to condensed ... More
Emotions, Demographics and Sociability in Twitter InteractionsOct 24 2015Mar 10 2016The social connections people form online affect the quality of information they receive and their online experience. Although a host of socioeconomic and cognitive factors were implicated in the formation of offline social ties, few of them have been ... More
Impact of high spins on the ejection of mass in GW170817Apr 08 2019Following the detection of GW170817 and the accompanying kilonova AT2017gfo, it has become crucial to model and understand the various channels through which mass is ejected in neutron-star binary mergers. We discuss the impact that high stellar spins ... More
Observational Properties of SNe Ia Progenitors Close to the ExplosionDec 28 2017We determine the expected signal in various observational bands of Supernovae Ia progenitors just before the explosion by assuming the rotating Double Degenerate scenario. Our results are valid also for all the evolutionary scenarios invoking rotation ... More
A Pattern Recognition Approach to Transistor Array Parameter VarianceAug 01 2017The properties of bipolar junction transistors (BJTs) are known to vary in terms of their parameters. In this work, an experimental approach, including pattern recognition concepts and methods such as principal component analysis (PCA) and linear discriminant ... More
Negative Feedback, Linearity and Parameter Invariance in Linear ElectronicsNov 19 2016Negative feedback is a powerful approach capable of improving several aspects of a system. In linear electronics, it has been critical for allowing invariance to device properties. Negative feedback is also known to enhance linearity in amplification, ... More
Geography of Emotion: Where in a City are People Happier?Jul 28 2015Location-sharing services were built upon people's desire to share their activities and locations with others. By "checking-in" to a place, such as a restaurant, a park, gym, or train station, people disclose where they are, thereby providing valuable ... More
Forbidden Induced Subgraphs of Normal Helly Circular-Arc Graphs: Characterization and DetectionMay 02 2014A normal Helly circular-arc graph is the intersection graph of arcs on a circle of which no three or less arcs cover the whole circle. Lin, Soulignac, and Szwarcfiter [Discrete Appl. Math. 2013] characterized circular-arc graphs that are not normal Helly ... More
What are the Best Hierarchical Descriptors for Complex Networks?May 29 2007This work reviews several hierarchical measurements of the topology of complex networks and then applies feature selection concepts and methods in order to quantify the relative importance of each measurement with respect to the discrimination between ... More
Modified Unruh effect from Generalized Uncertainty PrincipleApr 14 2018We consider a generalized uncertainty principle (GUP) corresponding to a deformation of the fundamental commutator obtained by adding a term quadratic in the momentum. From this GUP, we compute corrections to the Unruh effect and related Unruh temperature, ... More
Malleability of complex networksOct 22 2018Most complex networks are not static, but evolve along time. Given a specific configuration of one such changing network, it becomes a particularly interesting issue to quantify the diversity of possible unfoldings of its topology. In this work, we suggest ... More
A framework for evaluating complex networks measurementsDec 23 2014Jul 23 2016A good deal of current research in complex networks involves the characterization and/or classification of the topological properties of given structures, which has motivated several respective measurements. This letter proposes a framework for evaluating ... More
A diffusion-based approach to obtaining the borders of urban areasOct 21 2015Jul 23 2016The access to an ever increasing amount of information in the modern world gave rise to the development of many quantitative indicators about urban regions in the globe. Therefore, there is a growing need for a precise definition of how to delimit urban ... More
Key features of Turing systems are determined purely by network topologyAug 31 2017Turing's theory of pattern formation is a universal model for self-organization, applicable to many systems in physics, chemistry and biology. Essential properties of a Turing system, such as the conditions for the existence of patterns and the mechanisms ... More
Observation-based modelling of magnetised Coronal Mass Ejections with EUHFORIAApr 15 2019Coronal Mass Ejections (CMEs) are the primary source of strong space weather disturbances at Earth. Their geoeffectiveness is largely determined by their dynamic pressure and internal magnetic fields, for which reliable predictions at Earth are not possible ... More
Computations of primordial black hole formationDec 13 2004Jan 31 2005Results are presented from general relativistic numerical computations of primordial black-hole formation during the radiation-dominated era of the universe. Growing-mode perturbations are specified within the linear regime and their subsequent evolution ... More
The Event Horizon General Relativistic Magnetohydrodynamic Code Comparison ProjectApr 09 2019Recent developments in compact object astrophysics, especially the discovery of merging neutron stars by LIGO, the imaging of the black hole in M87 by the Event Horizon Telescope (EHT) and high precision astrometry of the Galactic Center at close to the ... More
Canonical quantization of nonlinear sigma models with theta term, with applications to symmetry-protected topological phasesApr 03 2017We canonically quantize $O(D+2)$ nonlinear sigma models (NLSMs) with theta term on arbitrary smooth, closed, connected, oriented $D$-dimensional spatial manifolds $\mathcal{M}$, with the goal of proving the suitability of these models for describing symmetry-protected ... More
Solar system dynamics in general relativityJul 21 2016Recent work in the literature has advocated using the Earth-Moon-planetoid Lagrangian points as observables, in order to test general relativity and effective field theories of gravity in the solar system. However, since the three-body problem of classical ... More
Type Ia Supernovae keep memory of their progenitor metallicityJan 23 2017The ultimate understanding of Type Ia Supernovae diversity is one of the most urgent issues to exploit thermonuclear explosions of accreted White Dwarfs (WDs) as cosmological yardsticks. In particular, we investigate the impact of the progenitor system ... More
Partial characterization of graphs having a single large Laplacian eigenvalueOct 04 2017The parameter $\sigma(G)$ of a graph $G$ stands for the number of Laplacian eigenvalues greater than or equal to the average degree of $G$. In this work, we address the problem of characterizing those graphs $G$ having $\sigma(G)=1$. Our conjecture is ... More
Swimming at Low Reynolds Number in Fluids with Odd (Hall) ViscosityOct 23 2013We apply the geometric theory of swimming at low Reynolds number to the study of nearly circular swimmers in two-dimensional fluids with non-vanishing Hall, or "odd", viscosity. The Hall viscosity gives an off-diagonal contribution to the fluid stress-tensor, ... More
Obstruction to lagrangian transversalityFeb 10 2007We give a necessary and sufficient condition for lagrangians in a symplectic vector bundle to be deformed stably into transversal lagrangians. In the case of three lagrangians, we show that the associated Grothendieck group can be identified with a Hermitian ... More
Apollonian networksJun 12 2004We introduce a new family of networks, the Apollonian networks, that are simultaneously scale-free, small world, Euclidean, space-filling and matching graphs. These networks have a wide range of applications ranging from the description of force chains ... More
Signatures of quark-hadron phase transitions in general-relativistic neutron-star mergersJul 10 2018Feb 19 2019Merging binaries of neutron stars are not only strong sources of gravitational waves, but also have the potential of revealing states of matter at densities and temperatures not accessible in laboratories. A crucial and long-standing question in this ... More
CATERPILLAR: A Business Process Execution Engine on the Ethereum BlockchainJul 10 2018Dec 06 2018Blockchain platforms, such as Ethereum, allow a set of actors to maintain a ledger of transactions without relying on a central authority and to deploy scripts, called smart contracts, that are executed whenever certain transactions occur. These features ... More
On the "Calligraphy" of BooksMay 29 2017Authorship attribution is a natural language processing task that has been widely studied, often by considering small order statistics. In this paper, we explore a complex network approach to assign the authorship of texts based on their mesoscopic representation, ... More
The relationship between structure and function in locally observed complex networksMay 18 2012Jul 22 2016Recently, some studies started to unveil the wealthy of interactions that occur between groups of nodes when looking at the small scale of interactions taking place in complex networks. Such findings claim for a new systematic methodology to quantify, ... More
Random walks in directed modular networksFeb 18 2012Jul 22 2016Because diffusion typically involves symmetric interactions, scant attention has been focused on studying asymmetric cases. However, important networked systems underlain by diffusion (e.g. cortical networks and WWW) are inherently directed. In the case ... More
Face Landmark-based Speaker-Independent Audio-Visual Speech Enhancement in Multi-Talker EnvironmentsNov 06 2018Feb 19 2019In this paper, we address the problem of enhancing the speech of a speaker of interest in a cocktail party scenario when visual information of the speaker of interest is available. Contrary to most previous studies, we do not learn visual features on ... More
Computing Fast and Reliable Gravitational Waveforms of Binary Neutron Star Merger RemnantsNov 27 2018Gravitational waves have been detected from the inspiral of a binary neutron-star, GW170817, which allowed constraints to be placed on the neutron star equation of state. The equation of state can be further constrained if gravitational waves from a post-merger ... More
Smoothed GMM for quantile modelsJul 11 2017Feb 27 2018This paper develops theory for feasible estimators of finite-dimensional parameters identified by general conditional quantile restrictions, under much weaker assumptions than previously seen in the literature. This includes instrumental variables nonlinear ... More
Paragraph-based complex networks: application to document classification and authenticity verificationJun 22 2018With the increasing number of texts made available on the Internet, many applications have relied on text mining tools to tackle a diversity of problems. A relevant model to represent texts is the so-called word adjacency (co-occurrence) representation, ... More
Intelligent Complex NetworksSep 24 2018Oct 30 2018The present work addresses the issue of using complex networks as artificial intelligence mechanisms. More specifically, we consider the situation in which puzzles, represented as complex networks of varied types, are to be assembled by complex network ... More
Minimal paths between communities induced by geographical networksJan 12 2015Oct 19 2015In this work we investigate the betweenness centrality in geographical networks and its relationship with network communities. We show that vertices with large betweenness define what we call characteristic betweenness paths in both modeled and real-world ... More
Note: Distance-Based Network PartitioningFeb 01 2018A new method for identifying soft communities in networks is proposed. Reference nodes, either selected using a priori information about the network or according to relevant node measurements, are obtained. Distance vectors between each network node and ... More
Measuring Masking Fault-ToleranceNov 13 2018Nov 20 2018In this paper we introduce a notion of fault-tolerance distance between labeled transition systems. Intuitively, this notion of distance measures the degree of fault-tolerance exhibited by a candidate system. In practice, there are different kinds of ... More
Musical Genres: Beating to the Rhythms of Different DrumsNov 19 2009Online music databases have increased signicantly as a consequence of the rapid growth of the Internet and digital audio, requiring the development of faster and more efficient tools for music content analysis. Musical genres are widely used to organize ... More
A Generalized Approach to Complex NetworksAug 03 2004Sep 29 2005This work describes how the formalization of complex network concepts in terms of discrete mathematics, especially mathematical morphology, allows a series of generalizations and important results ranging from new measurements of the network topology ... More
Role of gaseous giants in the dynamical evolution of terrestrial planets and water delivery in the habitable zoneAug 27 2018In the present research, we study the effects of a single giant planet in the dynamical evolution of water-rich embryos and planetesimals, located beyond the snow line of systems around Sun-like stars, in order to determine what kind of terrestrial-like ... More
Predicting the connectivity of primate cortical networks from topological and spatial node propertiesApr 26 2007The organization of the connectivity between mammalian cortical areas has become a major subject of study, because of its important role in scaffolding the macroscopic aspects of animal behavior and intelligence. In this study we present a computational ... More
Hall viscosity and geometric response in the Chern-Simons matrix model of the Laughlin statesFeb 27 2018May 14 2018We study geometric aspects of the Laughlin fractional quantum Hall (FQH) states using a description of these states in terms of a matrix quantum mechanics model known as the Chern-Simons matrix model (CSMM). This model was proposed by Polychronakos as ... More
Semi-classical wave packet dynamics in non-uniform electric fieldsDec 26 2018We study the semi-classical theory of wave packet dynamics in crystalline solids extended to include the effects of a non-uniform electric field. In particular, we derive a correction to the semi-classical equations of motion (EOMs) for the dynamics of ... More
Perturbative and global anomalies in bosonic analogues of integer quantum Hall and topological insulator phasesJun 26 2017Sep 08 2017We study perturbative and global anomalies at the boundaries of bosonic analogues of integer quantum Hall (BIQH) and topological insulator (BTI) phases using a description of the boundaries of these phases in terms of a nonlinear sigma model (NLSM) with ... More
Semi-classical wave packet dynamics in non-uniform electric fieldsDec 26 2018Mar 12 2019We study the semi-classical theory of wave packet dynamics in crystalline solids extended to include the effects of a non-uniform electric field. In particular, we derive a correction to the semi-classical equations of motion (EOMs) for the dynamics of ... More
Arctic Curves in path models from the Tangent MethodNov 08 2017Recently, Colomo and Sportiello introduced a powerful method, known as the \emph{Tangent Method}, for computing the arctic curve in statistical models which have a (non- or weakly-) intersecting lattice path formulation. We apply the Tangent Method to ... More
Cyclotron resonant scattering feature simulations. I. Thermally averaged cyclotron scattering cross sections, mean free photon-path tables, and electron momentum samplingSep 16 2016Electron cyclotron resonant scattering features (CRSFs) are observed as absorption-like lines in the spectra of X-ray pulsars. A significant fraction of the computing time for Monte Carlo simulations of these quantum mechanical features is spent on the ... More
Source geometry from exceptionally high resolution long period event observations at Mt Etna during the 2008 eruptionJan 17 2010During the second half of June, 2008, 50 broadband seismic stations were deployed on Mt Etna volcano in close proximity to the summit, allowing us to observe seismic activity with exceptionally high resolution. 129 long period events (LP) with dominant ... More
Complex systems: features, similarity and connectivityJun 17 2016The increasing interest in complex networks research has been a consequence of several intrinsic features of this area, such as the generality of the approach to represent and model virtually any discrete system, and the incorporation of concepts and ... More
An Image Analysis Approach to the Calligraphy of BooksAug 24 2017Text network analysis has received increasing attention as a consequence of its wide range of applications. In this work, we extend a previous work founded on the study of topological features of mesoscopic networks. Here, the geometrical properties of ... More
The New Wedge-Shaped Hubble Diagram of 398 SCP Supernovae According to the Expansion Center ModelJun 10 2010Jun 17 2010Following the successful dipole test on 53 SCP SNe Ia presented at SAIt2004 in Milan, this 9th contribution to the ECM series beginning in 1999 in Naples (43th SAIt meeting: "Revolutions in Astronomy") deals with the construction of the new wedge-shaped ... More
Concluding Remarks: the Scientist that Lived Three TimesJul 05 2014The highlights of the conference: The Legacy of Bruno Pontecorvo: the Scientist and the Man, held in Roma, Universit\`a La Sapienza, 11-12 September, 2013, are summarised and illustrated.