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Near-field thermodynamics: Useful work, efficiency, and energy harvestingApr 08 2014We show that the maximum work that can be obtained from the thermal radiation emitted between two planar sources in the near-field regime is much larger than that corresponding to the blackbody limit. This quantity as well as an upper bound for the efficiency ... More
Mixing, ergodicity and slow relaxation phenomenaOct 10 2006Oct 20 2006Investigations on diffusion in systems with memory [I.V.L. Costa, R. Morgado, M.V.B.T. Lima, F.A. Oliveira, Europhys. Lett. 63 (2003) 173] have established a hierarchical connection between mixing, ergodicity, and the fluctuation-dissipation theorem (FDT). ... More
Anomalous diffusion: A basic mechanism for the evolution of inhomogeneous systemsFeb 08 2019In this article we review classical and recent results in anomalous diffusion and provide mechanisms useful for the study of the fundamentals of certain processes, mainly in condensed matter physics, chemistry and biology. Emphasis will be given to some ... More
Anomalous DiffusionMay 02 2008May 03 2008Recent investigations call attention to the dynamics of anomalous diffusion and its connection with basic principles of statistical mechanics. We present here a short review of those ideas and their implications.
A thermokinetic approach to radiative heat transfer at the nanoscaleJan 28 2013Feb 05 2013Radiative heat exchange at the nanoscale presents a challenge for several areas due to its scope and nature. Here, we provide a thermokinetic description of microscale radiative energy transfer including phonon-photon coupling manifested through a non-Debye ... More
Heat transfer between nanoparticles: Thermal conductance for near-field interactionsJan 11 2008We analyze the heat transfer between two nanoparticles separated by a distance lying in the near-field domain in which energy interchange is due to Coulomb interactions. The thermal conductance is computed by assuming that the particles have charge distributions ... More
Heat exchange between two interacting nanoparticles beyond the fluctuation-dissipation regimeJun 25 2009We show that the observed non-monotonic behavior of the thermal conductance between two nanoparticles when they are brought into contact is originated by an intricate phase space dynamics. Here it is assumed that this dynamics results from the thermally ... More
Nonresonant contributions to energy transfer through micron-size gaps between neighboring nanostructuresJun 21 2011Current theoretical approaches to the analysis of radiative heat exchange at the nanoscale are based on Rytov's stochastic electrodynamics. However, this approach falls short in the description of microscale energy transfer since it overlooks non-resonant ... More
Nonequilibrium Stefan-Boltzmann lawFeb 03 2010Feb 10 2010We study thermal radiation outside equilibrium. The situation considered consists of two bodies emitting photons at two different temperatures. We show that the system evolves to a stationary state characterized by an energy current which satisfies a ... More
Complexity perspectives: an anomalous diffusion approachAug 13 2009Aug 14 2009The science of complexity is far from being fully understood and even its foundations are not well established. On the other hand, during the last decade, the random motion of particles or waves - the so-called diffusion - has been known better. In this ... More
Khinchin theorem and anomalous diffusionOct 31 2008Dec 10 2008A recent paper [M. H. Lee, Phys. Rev. Lett. 98, 190601 (2007)] has called attention to the fact that irreversibility is a broader concept than ergodicity, and that therefore the Khinchin theorem [A. I. Khinchin, Mathematical Foundations of Statistical ... More
Anomalous law of coolingDec 15 2014Mar 04 2015We analyze the temperature relaxation phenomena of systems in contact with a thermal reservoir that undergo a non-Markovian diffusion process. From a generalized Langevin equation, we show that the temperature is governed by a law of cooling of the Newton's ... More
Near-field thermodynamics and nanoscale energy harvestingApr 28 2014We study the thermodynamics of near-field thermal radiation between two identical polar media at different temperatures. As an application, we consider an idealized energy harvesting process from sources at near room temperature at the nanoscale. We compute ... More
Skin optical attenuation coefficient modulation with arterial pulsationOct 27 2018Video plethysmographic (vPPG) signals arise from subtle color modulations in reflected light. vPPG signals can be used to monitor vital signs remotely in a noninvasive manner. We have used optical coherence tomography (OCT) imaging to find whether vPPG ... More
On the equivalence of stochastic completeness, Liouville and Khas'minskii condition in linear and nonlinear settingJun 07 2011Jan 14 2012Set in Riemannian enviroment, the aim of this paper is to present and discuss some equivalent characterizations of the Liouville property relative to special operators, in some sense modeled after the p-Laplacian with potential. In particular, we discuss ... More
Fast radio bursts: the last sign of supramassive neutron starsJul 04 2013Jan 21 2014Several fast radio bursts have been discovered recently, showing a bright, highly dispersed millisecond radio pulse. The pulses do not repeat and are not associated with a known pulsar or gamma-ray burst. The high dispersion suggests sources at cosmological ... More
Maps from Riemannian manifolds into non-degenerate Euclidean conesMar 30 2010Sep 02 2010Let $M$ be a connected, non-compact $m$-dimensional Riemannian manifold. In this paper we consider smooth maps $\phi: M \to \mathbb{R}^n$ with images inside a non-degenerate cone. Under quite general assumptions on $M$, we provide a lower bound for the ... More
Towards a Simple, and Yet Accurate, Transistor Equivalent Circuit and Its Application to the Analysis and Design of Discrete and Integrated Electronic CircuitsFeb 07 2018Transistors are the cornerstone of modern electronics. Yet, their relatively complex characteristics, allied with often observed great parameter variation, remain a challenge for discrete and integrated electronics. Much of transistor research and applications ... More
Selfextensional logics with a distributive nearlattice termApr 19 2017Feb 11 2018We define when a ternary term $m$ of an algebraic language $\mathcal{L}$ is called a \textit{distributive nearlattice term} (DN-term) of a sentential logic $\mathcal{S}$. Distributive nearlattices are ternary algebras generalising Tarski algebras and ... More
Lack of controllability of thermal systems with memoryApr 04 2013Heat equations with memory of Gurtin-Pipkin type have controllability properties which strongly resemble those of the wave equation. Instead, recent counterexamples show that when the laplacian appears also out of the memory term, the control properties ... More
Optimal market making under partial information with general intensitiesFeb 04 2019Starting from the Avellaneda--Stoikov framework, we consider a market maker who wants to optimally set bid/ask quotes over a finite time interval, to maximize her expected utility. The intensities of the orders she receives depend not only on the spreads ... More
Interaction Enabled Topological Crystalline PhasesSep 03 2014In this article we provide a general mechanism for generating interaction-enabled fermionic topological phases. We illustrate the mechanism with crystalline symmetry-protected topological phases in 1D and 2D. These non-trivial phases require interactions ... More
Duality between Ahlfors-Liouville and Khas'minskii properties for nonlinear equationsMar 30 2016Apr 23 2018In this paper, we investigate under which conditions a differential inequality F on a manifold X satisfies a Liouville-type property. This question, arising in nonlinear potential theory, is related to the validity of an appropriate maximum principle ... More
Is Teleparallel Gravity really equivalent to General Relativity?Aug 15 2017An axiomatization of the so-called Teleparallel Equivalent to General Relativity is presented. A set of formal and semantic postulates are elaborated from where the physical meaning of various key concepts of the theory are clarified. These concepts include ... More
Strong electromagnetically induced transparency in atomic media with large residual Doppler broadeningNov 30 2006Electromagnetically induced transparency and coherent population trapping were observed in a hot (1000 K) calcium vapor embedded into an electrical gas discharge. Unexpectedly large transparencies (of up to 70%) were observed under very unfavorable conditions: ... More
Modular Dynamics of Financial Market NetworksJan 21 2015Jul 28 2015The financial market is a complex dynamical system composed of a large variety of intricate relationships between several entities, such as banks, corporations and institutions. At the heart of the system lies the stock exchange mechanism, which establishes ... More
Spin Vortex Resonance in Non-planar Ferromagnetic DotsJan 13 2016In planar structures, the vortex resonance frequency changes little as a function of an in-plane magnetic field as long as the vortex state persists. Altering the topography of the element leads to a vastly different dynamic response that arises due to ... More
Some generalizations of Calabi compactness theoremDec 16 2011In this paper we obtain generalized Calabi-type compactness criteria for complete Riemannian manifolds that allow the presence of negative amounts of Ricci curvature. These, in turn, can be rephrased as new conditions for the positivity, for the existence ... More
Scale-invariant inflation with 1-loop quantum correctionsFeb 12 2019Feb 13 2019We study quantum corrections to an inflationary model, which has the attractive feature of being classically scale-invariant. In this model, quadratic gravity plays along a scalar field in such a way that inflation begins near the unstable point of the ... More
Entropy, non-ergodicity and non-Gaussian behaviour in ballistic transportJan 30 2007Ballistic transportation introduces new challenges in the thermodynamic properties of a gas of particles. For example, violation of mixing, ergodicity and of the fluctuation-dissipation theorem may occur, since all these processes are connected. In this ... More
Stochastic differential equations with variable structure driven by multiplicative Gaussian noise and sliding mode dynamicApr 24 2015This work is concerned with existence of weak solutions to discon- tinuous stochastic differential equations driven by multiplicative Gaus- sian noise and sliding mode control dynamics generated by stochastic differential equations with variable structure, ... More
Action growth for black holes in modified gravityOct 16 2017Jan 16 2018The general form of the action growth for a large class of static black hole solutions in modified gravity which includes $F(R)$-gravity models is computed. The cases of black hole solutions with non vanishing Ricci curvature are also considered, generalizing ... More
Kolmogorov equation associated to the stochastic reflection problem on a smooth convex set of a Hilbert spaceAug 28 2009We consider the stochastic reflection problem associated with a self-adjoint operator $A$ and a cylindrical Wiener process on a convex set $K$ with nonempty interior and regular boundary $\Sigma$ in a Hilbert space $H$. We prove the existence and uniqueness ... More
Sharp extensions and algebraic properties for solution families of vector-valued differential equationsMay 12 2015In this paper we show the unexpected property that extension from local to global without loss of regularity holds for the solutions of a wide class of vector-valued differential equations, in particular for the class of fractional abstract Cauchy problems ... More
A hybrid approach to black hole perturbations from extended matter sourcesJun 13 2006We present a new method for the calculation of black hole perturbations induced by extended sources in which the solution of the nonlinear hydrodynamics equations is coupled to a perturbative method based on Regge-Wheeler/Zerilli and Bardeen-Press-Teukolsky ... More
Strength Distribution in Derivative NetworksJan 11 2005This article describes a complex network model whose weights are proportional to the difference between uniformly distributed ``fitness'' values assigned to the nodes. It is shown both analytically and experimentally that the strength density (i.e. the ... More
Gravitational decoupled anisotropies in compact starsFeb 22 2018Simple generic extensions of isotropic Durgapal--Fuloria stars to the anisotropic domain are presented. These anisotropic solutions are obtained by guided minimal deformations over a self gravitating isotropic system. When the isotropic and the anisotropic ... More
On circular-arc graphs having a model with no three arcs covering the circleFeb 11 2014An interval graph is the intersection graph of a finite set of intervals on a line and a circular-arc graph is the intersection graph of a finite set of arcs on a circle. While a forbidden induced subgraph characterization of interval graphs was found ... More
Spectral radius, index estimates for Schrodinger operators and geometric applicationsMar 30 2010In this paper we study the existence of a first zero and the oscillatory behavior of solutions of the ordinary differential equation $(vz')'+Avz = 0$, where $A,v$ are functions arising from geometry. In particular, we introduce a new technique to estimate ... More
Heuristic derivation of the Casimir effect from Generalized Uncertainty PrincipleFeb 06 2019After a short introduction to the generalized uncertainty principle (GUP), we discuss heuristic derivations of the Casimir effect, first from the usual Heisenberg uncertainty principle (HUP), and then from GUP. Results are compared with those obtained ... More
Further insights into the interareal connectivity of a cortical networkNov 03 2014Over the past years, network science has proven invaluable as a means to better understand many of the processes taking place in the brain. Recently, interareal connectivity data of the macaque cortex was made available with great richness of detail. ... More
Relativistic Radiative Transfer for Spherical FlowsJun 18 1994We present a new complete set of Lagrangian relativistic hydrodynamical equations describing the transfer of energy and momentum between a standard fluid and a radiation fluid in a general non-stationary spherical flow. The new set of equations has been ... More
Concentric network symmetry grasps authors' styles in word adjacency networksApr 09 2015Jun 18 2015Several characteristics of written texts have been inferred from statistical analysis derived from networked models. Even though many network measurements have been adapted to study textual properties at several levels of complexity, some textual aspects ... More
Chaos detection tools: application to a self-consistent triaxial modelDec 13 2012Together with the variational indicators of chaos, the spectral analysis methods have also achieved great popularity in the field of chaos detection. The former are based on the concept of local exponential divergence. The latter are based on the numerical ... More
Large Peg-Army ManeuversMar 02 2016May 13 2016Despite its long history, the classical game of peg solitaire continues to attract the attention of the scientific community. In this paper, we consider two problems with an algorithmic flavour which are related with this game, namely Solitaire-Reachability ... More
Correlation induced second plasmon in an electron liquidSep 28 2016We predict the existence of a second, low but finite frequency plasmon in a strongly coupled electron liquid. This excitation is maintained by the out-of-phase oscillations of the spin-up and spin-down densities of the electron liquid, but governed solely ... More
The trumpet solution from spherical gravitational collapse with puncture gaugesDec 16 2010Mar 25 2011We investigate the stationary end-state obtained by evolving a collapsing spherical star with the gauges routinely adopted to study puncture black holes. We compare the end-state of the collapse with the trumpet solution found in the evolution of a single ... More
Experimental confirmation of long-memory correlations in star-wander dataJun 30 2014In this letter we have analyzed the temporal correlations of the angle-of-arrival fluctuations of stellar images. Experimentally measured data were carefully examined by implementing multifractal detrended fluctuation analysis. This algorithm is able ... More
Gene regulatory and signalling networks exhibit distinct topological distributions of motifsDec 19 2017Apr 12 2018The biological processes of cellular decision making and differentiation involve a plethora of signalling pathways and gene regulatory circuits. These networks, in their turn, exhibit a multitude of motifs playing crucial parts in regulating network activity. ... More
Embracing ambivalence in studying technology acceptance: A qualitative study on automated visual software for live music performanceJul 30 2018Feb 06 2019Although the live music entertainment sector does not directly fuel the current debate on automation, it might harbor positions that resonate with it. In this paper we study a prototype software application helping DJs and VJs to accurately manage and ... More
Dynamic Fracture Model for Acoustic EmissionJul 17 2002We study the acoustic emission produced by micro-cracks using a two-dimensional disordered lattice model of dynamic fracture, which allows to relate the acoustic response to the internal damage of the sample. We find that the distributions of acoustic ... More
On the detectability of dual jets from binary black holesSep 06 2011Apr 03 2012We revisit the suggestion that dual jets can be produced during the inspiral and merger of supermassive black holes when these are immersed in a force-free plasma threaded by a uniform magnetic field. By performing independent calculations and by computing ... More
Black-hole horizons as probes of black-hole dynamics I: post-merger recoil in head-on collisionsJul 30 2011May 05 2012The understanding of strong-field dynamics near black-hole horizons is a long-standing and challenging prob- lem in general relativity. Recent advances in numerical relativity and in the geometric characterization of black- hole horizons open new avenues ... More
Sliding states of a soft-colloid cluster crystal: Cluster versus single-particle hoppingApr 13 2018May 15 2018We study a two-dimensional model for interacting colloidal particles which displays spontaneous clustering. Within this model we investigate the competition between the pinning to a periodic corrugation potential, and a sideways constant pulling force ... More
Keller-Osserman type conditions for differential inequalities with gradient terms on the Heisenberg groupMar 30 2010The aim of this paper is to study the qualitative behaviour of non-negative entire solutions of certain differential inequalities involving gradient terms on the Heisenberg group. We focus our investigation on the two classes of inequalities of the form ... More
Periodic Orbits of Oval Billiards on Surfaces of Constant CurvatureNov 02 2014Jun 11 2016In this paper we define and study the billiard problem on bounded regions on surfaces of constant curvature. We show that this problem defines a 2-dimensional conservative and reversible dynamical system, defined by a Twist diffeomorphism, if the boundary ... More
Characterizing Time Series via Complexity-Entropy CurvesMay 13 2017The search for patterns in time series is a very common task when dealing with complex systems. This is usually accomplished by employing a complexity measure such as entropies and fractal dimensions. However, such measures usually only capture a single ... More
Utility indifference pricing and hedging for structured contracts in energy marketsJul 29 2014Feb 20 2016In this paper we study the pricing and hedging of structured products in energy markets, such as swing and virtual gas storage, using the exponential utility indifference pricing approach in a general incomplete multivariate market model driven by finitely ... More
On the interplay among maximum principles, compact support principles and Keller-Osserman conditions on manifoldsJan 06 2018This paper is about the influence of Geometry on the qualitative behaviour of solutions of quasilinear PDEs on Riemannian manifolds. Motivated by examples arising, among others, from the theory of submanifolds, in particular by the study of entire graphs ... More
Sample variance in N--body simulations and impact on tomographic shear predictionsJun 20 2014Oct 18 2015We study the effects of sample variance in N--body simulations, as a function of the size of the simulation box, namely in connection with predictions on tomographic shear spectra. We make use of a set of 8 $\Lambda$CDM simulations in boxes of 128, 256, ... More
Dynamical Dark Energy simulations: high accuracy Power Spectra at high redshiftOct 01 2008Mar 10 2009Accurate predictions on non--linear power spectra, at various redshift z, will be a basic tool to interpret cosmological data from next generation mass probes, so obtaining key information on Dark Energy nature. This calls for high precision simulations, ... More
Emotions, Demographics and Sociability in Twitter InteractionsOct 24 2015Mar 10 2016The social connections people form online affect the quality of information they receive and their online experience. Although a host of socioeconomic and cognitive factors were implicated in the formation of offline social ties, few of them have been ... More
A note on geodesics in inhomogeneous expanding spacetimesJan 28 2019There are several solutions of Einstein field equations that describe an inhomogeneity in an expanding universe. Among these solutions, the McVittie metric and its generalizations have been investigated through decades, though a full understanding of ... More
Analyzing Trails in Complex NetworksSep 09 2006Aug 22 2007Even more interesting than the intricate organization of complex networks are the dynamical behavior of systems which such structures underly. Among the many types of dynamics, one particularly interesting category involves the evolution of trails left ... More
Comparison between GFDM and VOFDMJul 24 2015This document provides a comparison of the transmission techniques used in Generalized Frequency Division Multiplexing (GFDM) and Vector-OFDM (VOFDM). Within the document both systems are coarsely described and common and distinct properties are highlighted. ... More
Forbidden Induced Subgraphs of Normal Helly Circular-Arc Graphs: Characterization and DetectionMay 02 2014A normal Helly circular-arc graph is the intersection graph of arcs on a circle of which no three or less arcs cover the whole circle. Lin, Soulignac, and Szwarcfiter [Discrete Appl. Math. 2013] characterized circular-arc graphs that are not normal Helly ... More
Turbulence-induced persistence in laser beam wanderingJul 06 2015We have experimentally confirmed the presence of long-memory correlations in the wandering of a thin Gaussian laser beam over a screen after propagating through a turbulent medium. A laboratory-controlled experiment was conducted in which coordinate fluctuations ... More
Computations of primordial black hole formationDec 13 2004Jan 31 2005Results are presented from general relativistic numerical computations of primordial black-hole formation during the radiation-dominated era of the universe. Growing-mode perturbations are specified within the linear regime and their subsequent evolution ... More
Qiskit Backend Specifications for OpenQASM and OpenPulse ExperimentsSep 10 2018As interest in quantum computing grows, there is a pressing need for standardized API's so that algorithm designers, circuit designers, and physicists can be provided a common reference frame for designing, executing, and optimizing experiments. There ... More
Obstruction to lagrangian transversalityFeb 10 2007We give a necessary and sufficient condition for lagrangians in a symplectic vector bundle to be deformed stably into transversal lagrangians. In the case of three lagrangians, we show that the associated Grothendieck group can be identified with a Hermitian ... More
Swimming at Low Reynolds Number in Fluids with Odd (Hall) ViscosityOct 23 2013We apply the geometric theory of swimming at low Reynolds number to the study of nearly circular swimmers in two-dimensional fluids with non-vanishing Hall, or "odd", viscosity. The Hall viscosity gives an off-diagonal contribution to the fluid stress-tensor, ... More
Neuromorphometric characterization with shape functionalsJul 23 2003This work presents a procedure to extract morphological information from neuronal cells based on the variation of shape functionals as the cell geometry undergoes a dilation through a wide interval of spatial scales. The targeted shapes are alpha and ... More
How Many Nodes are Effectively Accessed in Complex Networks?Jan 27 2011Oct 01 2011The measurement called accessibility has been proposed as a means to quantify the efficiency of the communication between nodes in complex networks. This article reports important results regarding the properties of the accessibility, including its relationship ... More
Semi-classical wave packet dynamics in non-uniform electric fieldsDec 26 2018We study the semi-classical theory of wave packet dynamics in crystalline solids extended to include the effects of a non-uniform electric field. In particular, we derive a correction to the semi-classical equations of motion (EOMs) for the dynamics of ... More
Comparing Trajectories on the Size and Shape SpaceOct 02 2015In this paper we show that trajectory shape analysis should be performed only after obtaining a proper representation before applying ordination methods. In fact, studying the shape of a trajectory means studying how the deformation changes along each ... More
Saturn's deep atmospheric flows revealed by the Cassini Grand Finale gravity measurementsFeb 12 2019How deep do Saturn's zonal winds penetrate below the cloud-level has been a decades-long question, with important implications not only for the atmospheric dynamics, but also for the interior density structure, composition, magnetic field and core mass. ... More
Discovery of a new PG1159 (GW Vir) PulsatorMay 20 2014We report the discovery of pulsations in the spectroscopic PG 1159 type pre-white dwarf SDSS J075415.12+085232.18. Analysis of the spectrum by Werner, Rauch and Kepler (2014) indicated Teff=120 000+/-10 000 K, log g=7.0+/-0.3, mass M=0.52+/-0.02 Msun, ... More
The final spin from the coalescence of aligned-spin black-hole binariesOct 17 2007Feb 02 2008Determining the final spin of a black-hole (BH) binary is a question of key importance in astrophysics. Modelling this quantity in general is made difficult by the fact that it depends on the 7-dimensional space of parameters characterizing the two initial ... More
Note: Distance-Based Network PartitioningFeb 01 2018A new method for identifying soft communities in networks is proposed. Reference nodes, either selected using a priori information about the network or according to relevant node measurements, are obtained. Distance vectors between each network node and ... More
Strong-Field Scattering of Two Black Holes: Numerics Versus AnalyticsFeb 28 2014We probe the gravitational interaction of two black holes in the strong-field regime by computing the scattering angle $\chi$ of hyperbolic-like, close binary-black-hole encounters as a function of the impact parameter. The fully general-relativistic ... More
A new and stable estimation method of country economic fitness and product complexityJul 23 2018Oct 12 2018We present a new metric estimating fitness of countries and complexity of products by exploiting a non-linear non-homogeneous map applied to the publicly available information on the goods exported by a country. The non homogeneous terms guarantee both ... More
KnowNER: Incremental Multilingual Knowledge in Named Entity RecognitionSep 11 2017KnowNER is a multilingual Named Entity Recognition (NER) system that leverages different degrees of external knowledge. A novel modular framework divides the knowledge into four categories according to the depth of knowledge they convey. Each category ... More
Star Formation Rate Distribution in the Galaxy NGC 1232May 24 2018NGC 1232 is a face-on spiral galaxy and a great laboratory for the study of star-formation due to its proximity. We obtained high spatial resolution H{\alpha} images of this galaxy, with adaptive optics, using the SAM instrument at the SOAR telescope, ... More
Accurate Simulations of Binary Black-Hole Mergers in Force-Free ElectrodynamicsApr 10 2012Jul 08 2012We provide additional information on our recent study of the electromagnetic emission produced during the inspiral and merger of supermassive black holes when these are immersed in a force-free plasma threaded by a uniform magnetic field. As anticipated ... More
GFDM - A Framework for Virtual PHY Services in 5G NetworksJul 16 2015The next generation of wireless networks will face different challenges from new scenarios. The main contribution of this paper is to show that Generalized Frequency Division Multiplexing (GFDM), as a baseline of flexible circular filtered multicarrier ... More
Knowledge Acquisition: A Complex Networks ApproachMar 09 2017Complex networks have been found to provide a good representation of the structure of knowledge, as understood in terms of discoverable concepts and their relationships. In this context, the discovery process can be modeled as agents walking in a knowledge ... More
Numerical Methods for the Nonlocal Wave Equation of the PeridynamicsJul 31 2018Nov 19 2018In this paper we will consider the peridynamic equation of motion which is described by a second order in time partial integro-differential equation. This equation has recently received great attention in several fields of Engineering because seems to ... More
Predicting the connectivity of primate cortical networks from topological and spatial node propertiesApr 26 2007The organization of the connectivity between mammalian cortical areas has become a major subject of study, because of its important role in scaffolding the macroscopic aspects of animal behavior and intelligence. In this study we present a computational ... More
On the Efficiency of Data Representation on the Modeling and Characterization of Complex NetworksMay 21 2010Specific choices about how to represent complex networks can have a substantial effect on the execution time required for the respective construction and analysis of those structures. In this work we report a comparison of the effects of representing ... More
A complex network approach to cloud computingApr 10 2015Cloud computing has become an important means to speed up computing. One problem influencing heavily the performance of such systems is the choice of nodes as servers responsible for executing the users' tasks. In this article we report how complex networks ... More
Design Consideration on a Polarized Gas Target for the LHCJan 18 2019Since 2017, the LHCSpin study group is investigating the installation of a HERMES-type polarized gas target (PGT) in front of the LHCb detector in order to perform Single-Spin Transverse Asymmetry (SSTA) measurements. In cooperation with LHC experts, ... More
Spin Diagrams for Equal-Mass Black-Hole Binaries with Aligned SpinsAug 29 2007Feb 23 2008Binary black-hole systems with spins aligned with the orbital angular momentum are of special interest as they may be the preferred end-state of the inspiral of generic supermassive binary black-hole systems. In view of this, we have computed the inspiral ... More
Characterization of Time Series Via Rényi Complexity-Entropy CurvesJan 17 2018One of the most useful tools for distinguishing between chaotic and stochastic time series is the so-called complexity-entropy causality plane. This diagram involves two complexity measures: the Shannon entropy and the statistical complexity. Recently, ... More
On the "Calligraphy" of BooksMay 29 2017Authorship attribution is a natural language processing task that has been widely studied, often by considering small order statistics. In this paper, we explore a complex network approach to assign the authorship of texts based on their mesoscopic representation, ... More
Musical Genres: Beating to the Rhythms of Different DrumsNov 19 2009Online music databases have increased signicantly as a consequence of the rapid growth of the Internet and digital audio, requiring the development of faster and more efficient tools for music content analysis. Musical genres are widely used to organize ... More
A Generalized Approach to Complex NetworksAug 03 2004Sep 29 2005This work describes how the formalization of complex network concepts in terms of discrete mathematics, especially mathematical morphology, allows a series of generalizations and important results ranging from new measurements of the network topology ... More
Mesoscopic representation of texts as complex networksJun 30 2016Texts are complex structures emerging from an intricate system consisting of syntactical constraints and semantical relationships. While the complete modeling of such structures is impractical owing to the high level of complexity inherent to linguistic ... More
The Interior of SaturnSep 20 2016We review our current understanding of the interior structure and thermal evolution of Saturn, with a focus on recent results in the Cassini era. There has been important progress in understanding physical inputs, including equations of state of planetary ... More
Cyclotron resonant scattering feature simulations. I. Thermally averaged cyclotron scattering cross sections, mean free photon-path tables, and electron momentum samplingSep 16 2016Electron cyclotron resonant scattering features (CRSFs) are observed as absorption-like lines in the spectra of X-ray pulsars. A significant fraction of the computing time for Monte Carlo simulations of these quantum mechanical features is spent on the ... More
Connecting Network Science and Information TheoryApr 11 2017May 21 2017A framework integrating information theory and network science is proposed, giving rise to a potentially new area. By incorporating and integrating concepts such as complexity, coding, topological projections and network dynamics, the proposed network-based ... More