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Lindblad equation and its semi-classical limit of the Anderson-Holstein modelApr 10 2017Jun 23 2017For multi-level open quantum system, the interaction between different levels could pose challenge to understand the quantum system both analytically and numerically. In this work, we study the approximation of the dynamics of the Anderson-Holstein model, ... More
Transition fronts of KPP-type lattice random equationsFeb 19 2019In this paper, we investigate the existence and stability of random transition fronts of KPP-type lattice equations in random media, and explore the influence of the media and randomness on the wave profiles and wave speeds of such solutions. We first ... More
Tensorization of the strong data processing inequality for quantum chi-square divergencesApr 13 2019Quantifying the contraction of classical and quantum states under noisy channels is an important topic in the information theory. Among various techniques, the strong data processing inequality, as a refinement of the well-known data processing inequality, ... More
Exponential decay of Rényi divergence under Fokker-Planck equationsMay 16 2018Nov 11 2018We prove the exponential convergence to the equilibrium, quantified by R\'enyi divergence, of the solution of the Fokker-Planck equation with drift given by the gradient of a strictly convex potential. This extends the classical exponential decay result ... More
The $B -> X_s gamma gamma$ decay in the standard model and the general two-Higgs-doublet modelMar 14 2001Based on the low-energy effective Hamiltonian, we calculate the new physics corrections to the branching ratio and the differential distributions of the rare decay $B \to X_s \gamma \gamma$ induced by the new gluonic and electroweak charged-Higgs penguin ... More
Some results on generalized strong external difference familiesSep 09 2017Nov 20 2017A generalized strong external difference family (briefly $(v, m; k_1,\dots,k_m; \lambda_1,\dots,\lambda_m)$-GSEDF) was introduced by Paterson and Stinson in 2016. In this paper, we construct some new GSEDFs for $m=2$ and use them to obtain some results ... More
CariGANs: Unpaired Photo-to-Caricature TranslationNov 01 2018Nov 02 2018Facial caricature is an art form of drawing faces in an exaggerated way to convey humor or sarcasm. In this paper, we propose the first Generative Adversarial Network (GAN) for unpaired photo-to-caricature translation, which we call "CariGANs". It explicitly ... More
A Comparison of Preconditioned Krylov Subspace Methods for Large-Scale Nonsymmetric Linear SystemsJul 01 2016Sep 01 2018Preconditioned Krylov subspace (KSP) methods are widely used for solving large-scale sparse linear systems arising from numerical solutions of partial differential equations (PDEs). These linear systems are often nonsymmetric due to the nature of the ... More
TeamPhone: Networking Smartphones for Disaster RecoveryJun 10 2016Mar 26 2017In this paper, we investigate how to network smartphones for providing communications in disaster recovery. By bridging the gaps among different kinds of wireless networks, we have designed and implemented a system called TeamPhone, which provides smartphones ... More
Learning Deterministic Policy with Target for Power Control in Wireless NetworksFeb 21 2019Inter-Cell Interference Coordination (ICIC) is a promising way to improve energy efficiency in wireless networks, especially where small base stations are densely deployed. However, traditional optimization based ICIC schemes suffer from severe performance ... More
Random Asynchronous Iterations in Distributed Coordination AlgorithmsApr 27 2018Distributed coordination algorithms (DCA) carry out information processing processes among a group of networked agents without centralized information fusion. Though it is well known that DCA characterized by an SIA (stochastic, indecomposable, aperiodic) ... More
Neutral top-pion and top-charm production in high energy $e^{+}e^{-}$ collisionsNov 08 2000We calculate the contributions of the neutral top-pion, predicted by topcolor-assisted technicolor (TC2) theory, to top-charm production via the processes $\gamma\gamma \longrightarrow\bar{t}c$ and $e^{+}e^{-}\longrightarrow \gamma\gamma\longrightarrow ... More
Nanoparticle enhanced evaporation of liquids: A case study of silicone oil and waterOct 23 2012Evaporation is a fundamental physical phenomenon, of which many challenging questions remain unanswered. Enhanced evaporation of liquids in some occasions is of enormous practical significance. Here we report the enhanced evaporation of the nearly permanently ... More
On Optimizing Energy Efficiency in Multi-Radio Multi-Channel Wireless NetworksOct 07 2014Multi-radio multi-channel (MR-MC) networks contribute significant enhancement in the network throughput by exploiting multiple radio interfaces and non-overlapping channels. While throughput optimization is one of the main targets in allocating resource ... More
The possible candidates of tetraquark : $Z_b(10610)$ and $Z_b(10650)$Jun 12 2011Using the chromomagnetic interaction Hamiltonian with proper account for the SU(3) flavor symmetry breaking, we have performed a schematic study on the masses of $S-$wave heavy tetraquarks as $bq\bar{b}\bar{q}$ ($q$ denotes $u$, $d$, $s$ quark). It is ... More
Pairwise Body-Part Attention for Recognizing Human-Object InteractionsJul 28 2018In human-object interactions (HOI) recognition, conventional methods consider the human body as a whole and pay a uniform attention to the entire body region. They ignore the fact that normally, human interacts with an object by using some parts of the ... More
Hamiltonicity of edge-chromatic critical graphsAug 29 2017Given a graph $G$, denote by $\Delta$ and $\chi^\prime$ the maximum degree and the chromatic index of $G$, respectively. A simple graph $G$ is called {\it edge-$\Delta$-critical} if $\chi^\prime(G)=\Delta+1$ and $\chi^\prime(H)\le\Delta$ for every proper ... More
Multi-photon quantum communication in quantum networksMar 17 2015We propose and analyze a multiphoton-state coherent transport protocol in a coupled-resonator quantum network. A multiphoton swap gate between two antipodes can be achieved with neither external modulation nor coupling strength engineering. Moreover, ... More
Study on the rare radiative decay $B_c \to D_s^*γ$ in the standard model and multiscale walking technicolor modelSep 06 1996Applying the perturbative QCD ( PQCD ) method, we study the decay $B_c\rightarrow D_s^*\gamma$ in the standard model and multiscale walking technicolor model. In the SM, we find that the contribution of weak annihilation is more important than that of ... More
Understanding the Timed Distributed Trace of a Partially Synchronous System at RuntimeAug 01 2015It has gained broad attention to understand the timed distributed trace of a cyber-physical system at runtime, which is often achieved by verifying properties over the observed trace of system execution. However, this verification is facing severe challenges. ... More
A Novel Sub-Nyquist Multiband Signal Detection Algorithm for Cognitive RadioFeb 12 2018Wideband spectrum sensing (WSS) is an essential technology for cognitive radio. However, the sampling rate is still a bottleneck of WSS. Several sub-Nyquist sensing methods have been proposed. These technologies deteriorate in the low signal to noise ... More
A First Look at Emoji Usage on GitHub: An Empirical StudyDec 12 2018Emoji is becoming a ubiquitous language and gaining worldwide popularity in recent years including the field of software engineering (SE). As nonverbal cues, emojis are widely used in user understanding tasks such as sentiment analysis, but few work has ... More
Bottomonium states versus recent experimental observations in the QCD-inspired potential modelAug 05 2013In the QCD-inspired potential model where the quark-antiquark interaction consists of the usual one-gluon-exchange and the mixture of long-range scalar and vector linear confining potentials with the lowest order relativistic correction, we investigate ... More
Recent Progress of Face Image SynthesisJun 15 2017Face synthesis has been a fascinating yet challenging problem in computer vision and machine learning. Its main research effort is to design algorithms to generate photo-realistic face images via given semantic domain. It has been a crucial prepossessing ... More
Real-Time Misbehavior Detection in IEEE 802.11e Based WLANsSep 13 2014The Enhanced Distributed Channel Access (EDCA) specification in the IEEE 802.11e standard supports heterogeneous backoff parameters and arbitration inter-frame space (AIFS), which makes a selfish node easy to manipulate these parameters and misbehave. ... More
Almost Strong Consistency: "Good Enough" in Distributed Storage SystemsJul 07 2015Jul 15 2015A consistency/latency tradeoff arises as soon as a distributed storage system replicates data. For low latency, modern storage systems often settle for weak consistency conditions, which provide little, or even worse, no guarantee for data consistency. ... More
Efficient generation of an isolated single-cycle attosecond pulseSep 18 2007A new method for efficiently generating an isolated single-cycle attosecond pulse is proposed. It is shown that the ultraviolet (UV) attosecond pulse can be utilized as a robust tool to control the dynamics of electron wave packets (EWPs). By adding a ... More
Isolated sub-100-attosecond pulse generation via controlling electron dynamicsApr 26 2007Jul 10 2008A new method to coherently control the electron dynamics is proposed using a few-cycle laser pulse in combination with a controlling field. It is shown that this method not only broadens the attosecond pulse bandwidth, but also reduces the chirp, then ... More
Body Joint guided 3D Deep Convolutional Descriptors for Action RecognitionApr 24 2017Apr 25 2017Three dimensional convolutional neural networks (3D CNNs) have been established as a powerful tool to simultaneously learn features from both spatial and temporal dimensions, which is suitable to be applied to video-based action recognition. In this work, ... More
TasselNet: Counting maize tassels in the wild via local counts regression networkJul 07 2017Accurately counting maize tassels is important for monitoring the growth status of maize plants. This tedious task, however, is still mainly done by manual efforts. In the context of modern plant phenotyping, automating this task is required to meet the ... More
Multiscale Technicolor and $b \to s γ$Sep 07 1996Correction to the $b\rightarrow s\gamma$ branching ratio in the multiscale walking technicolor model (MWTCM) is examined. For the original MWTCM, the correction is too large to explain the recent CLEO data. We show that if topcolor is further introduced, ... More
YoTube: Searching Action Proposal via Recurrent and Static Regression NetworksJun 26 2017In this paper, we present YoTube-a novel network fusion framework for searching action proposals in untrimmed videos, where each action proposal corresponds to a spatialtemporal video tube that potentially locates one human action. Our method consists ... More
Deep RNN Framework for Visual Sequential ApplicationsNov 25 2018Nov 28 2018Extracting temporal and representation features efficiently plays a pivotal role in understanding visual sequence information. To deal with this, we propose a new recurrent neural framework that can be stacked deep effectively. There are mainly two novel ... More
Checking Behavioral Consistency Constraints for Pervasive Context in Asynchronous EnvironmentsNov 01 2009Context consistency checking, the checking of specified constraint on properties of contexts, is essential to context-aware applications. In order to delineate and adapt to dynamic changes in the pervasive computing environment, context-aware applications ... More
Linearized Wenger graphsNov 30 2014Motivated by recent extensive studies on Wenger graphs, we introduce a new infinite class of bipartite graphs of the similar type, called linearized Wenger graphs. The spectrum, diameter and girth of these linearized Wenger graphs are determined.
MemexQA: Visual Memex Question AnsweringAug 04 2017This paper proposes a new task, MemexQA: given a collection of photos or videos from a user, the goal is to automatically answer questions that help users recover their memory about events captured in the collection. Towards solving the task, we 1) present ... More
Enhanced Interfacial Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya Interaction in annealed Pt/Co/MgO structuresFeb 08 2019The interfacial Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction (iDMI) is attracting great interests for spintronics. An iDMI constant larger than 3 mJ/m^2 is expected to minimize the size of skyrmions and to optimize the DW dynamics. In this study, we experimentally ... More
Partial entropy in finite-temperature phase transitionsMay 18 2006Nov 28 2007It is shown that the von Neumann entropy, a measure of quantum entanglement, does have its classical counterpart in thermodynamic systems, which we call partial entropy. Close to the critical temperature the partial entropy shows perfect finite-size scaling ... More
An Ontology-Based Artificial Intelligence Model for Medicine Side-Effect Prediction: Taking Traditional Chinese Medicine as An ExampleSep 12 2018In this work, an ontology-based model for AI-assisted medicine side-effect (SE) prediction is developed, where three main components, including the drug model, the treatment model, and the AI-assisted prediction model, of proposed model are presented. ... More
Learning from Multi-View Multi-Way Data via Structural Factorization MachinesApr 10 2017Feb 15 2018Real-world relations among entities can often be observed and determined by different perspectives/views. For example, the decision made by a user on whether to adopt an item relies on multiple aspects such as the contextual information of the decision, ... More
Molecular rotation movie filmed with high-harmonic generationFeb 15 2019Direct imaging of molecular dynamics is a long-standing goal in physics and chemistry. As an emerging tool, high-harmonic spectroscopy (HHS) enables accessing molecular dynamics on femtosecond to attosecond time scales. However, decoding information from ... More
A Statistical Study of the Magnetic Imprints of X-Class Flares using SDO/HMI Vector MagnetogramsMar 22 2018Magnetic imprints, the rapid and irreversible evolution of photospheric magnetic fields as a feedback from flares in the corona, have been confirmed by many previous studies. These studies showed that the horizontal field will permanently increase near ... More
DeepCenterline: a Multi-task Fully Convolutional Network for Centerline ExtractionMar 25 2019A novel centerline extraction framework is reported which combines an end-to-end trainable multi-task fully convolutional network (FCN) with a minimal path extractor. The FCN simultaneously computes centerline distance maps and detects branch endpoints. ... More
Superfluid density and Berezinskii-Kosterlitz-Thouless transition of a spin-orbit coupled Fulde-Ferrell superfluidOct 03 2014We theoretically investigate the superfluid density and Berezinskii-Kosterlitz-Thouless (BKT) transition of a two-dimensional Rashba spin-orbit coupled atomic Fermi gas with both in-plane and out-of-plane Zeeman fields. It was recently predicted that, ... More
Spatial Interference: From Coherent To IncoherentAug 17 2008It is well known that direct observation of interference and diffraction pattern in the intensity distribution requires a spatially coherent source. Optical waves emitted from portions beyond the coherence area possess statistically independent phases, ... More
Joint Optimization of Scheduling and Power Control in Wireless Networks: Multi-Dimensional Modeling and DecompositionJan 23 2017Jun 07 2017The energy efficiency of future networks is becoming a significant and urgent issue, calling for greener network designs. At the same time, rapid development of wireless networks shows a trend of increasing complexity in network structure and resource ... More
Entanglement-assisted quantum MDS codes from constacyclic codes with large minimum distanceMar 12 2018The entanglement-assisted (EA) formalism allows arbitrary classical linear codes to transform into entanglement-assisted quantum error correcting codes (EAQECCs) by using pre-shared entanglement between the sender and the receiver. In this work, we propose ... More
Superconductivity in a layered cobalt oxyhydrate Na$_{0.31}$CoO$_{2}\cdot$1.3H$_{2}$OMay 21 2003May 26 2003We report the electrical, magnetic and thermal measurements on a layered cobalt oxyhydrate Na$_{0.31}$CoO$_{2}\cdot$1.3H$_{2}$O. Bulk superconductivity at 4.3 K has been confirmed, however, the measured superconducting fraction is relatively low probably ... More
Halftone Image Watermarking by Content Aware Double-sided Embedding Error DiffusionJul 18 2017In this paper, we carry out a performance analysis from a probabilistic perspective to introduce the EDHVW methods' expected performances and limitations. Then, we propose a new general error diffusion based halftone visual watermarking (EDHVW) method, ... More
Complementarity in a macroscopic observationJan 30 2007Complementarity is usually considered as a phenomenon of microscopic systems. In this paper we report an experimental observation of complementarity in the correlated double-slit interference with a pseudothermal light source. The thermal light beam is ... More
Evaluation of imaging protocol for ECT based on CS image reconstruction algorithmJun 27 2013SPECT (Single-photon Emission Computerized Tomography) and PET (Positron Emission Tomography) are essential medical imaging tools, for which the sampling angle number, scan time should be chosen carefully to compromise between image quality and the radiopharmaceutical ... More
Evolution and spatial distribution of Brillouin backscattering associated to hybrid acoustic modes in sub-wavelength silica microfibersJul 08 2018The spectral evolution and spatial distribution of backscattered Brillouin signals is experimentally investigated in sub-wavelength silica microfibers. The Brillouin spectrum evolution reveals the different dynamics of the various peaks, offering evidence ... More
Stochastic dynamical low-rank approximation methodMar 01 2018Jun 25 2018In this paper, we extend the dynamical low-rank approximation method to the space of finite signed measures. Under this framework, we derive stochastic low-rank dynamics for stochastic differential equations (SDEs) coming from classical stochastic dynamics ... More
Quantum correlations near the exceptional pointMar 26 2019Recent advances in non-Hermitian physical systems have led to numerous novel optical phenomena and applications. However, most realizations are limited to classical systems and quantum fluctuations of light is unexplored. For the first time, we report ... More
Verifying PRAM Consistency over Read/Write Traces of Data ReplicasFeb 21 2013Nov 29 2013Data replication technologies enable efficient and highly-available data access, thus gaining more and more interests in both the academia and the industry. However, data replication introduces the problem of data consistency. Modern commercial data replication ... More
When Unsupervised Domain Adaptation Meets Tensor RepresentationsJul 19 2017Domain adaption (DA) allows machine learning methods trained on data sampled from one distribution to be applied to data sampled from another. It is thus of great practical importance to the application of such methods. Despite the fact that tensor representations ... More
Terahertz-frequency magnon-phonon-polaritons in the strong coupling regimeNov 06 2016Feb 11 2018Strong coupling between light and matter occurs when the two interact strongly enough to form new hybrid modes called polaritons. Here we report on the strong coupling of both the electric and magnetic degrees of freedom to an ultrafast terahertz (THz) ... More
Decays of Majorana or Andreev oscillations induced by steplike spin-orbit couplingNov 15 2018Apr 16 2019The Majorana zero mode in the semiconductor-superconductor nanowire is one of the promising candidates for topological quantum computing. Recently, in islands of nanowires, subgap-state energies have been experimentally observed to oscillate as a function ... More
Neural Encoding and Decoding with Deep Learning for Dynamic Natural VisionAug 11 2016Nov 14 2017Convolutional neural network (CNN) driven by image recognition has been shown to be able to explain cortical responses to static pictures at ventral-stream areas. Here, we further showed that such CNN could reliably predict and decode functional magnetic ... More
An ultra-sensitive balanced detector with low noise for continuous-variable quantum key distributionJun 09 2018A well-balanced detector with high sensitivity and low noise is presented in this paper. The two-stage amplification structure is used to increase electronic gain while keeping an effective bandwidth of about 70 MHz. In order to further reduce electronic ... More
Deep attention-based classification network for robust depth predictionJul 11 2018In this paper, we present our deep attention-based classification (DABC) network for robust single image depth prediction, in the context of the Robust Vision Challenge 2018 (ROB 2018). Unlike conventional depth prediction, our goal is to design a model ... More
Variance-based uncertainty relations for incompatible observablesAug 22 2016We formulate uncertainty relations for arbitrary finite number of incompatible observables. Based on the sum of variances of the observables, both Heisenberg-type and Schr\"{o}dinger-type uncertainty relations are provided. These new lower bounds are ... More
Electron Doping Evolution of Magnetic Excitations and Spin-Orbit Excitons in (Sr$_{1-x}$La$_x$)$_3$Ir$_2$O$_7$Aug 22 2016We use resonant inelastic X-ray scattering at the Ir-$L_3$ edge to study the magnetic excitations and the spin-orbit excitons in the bilayer iridate (Sr$_{1-x}$La$_{x}$)$_3$Ir$_2$O$_7$ ($0 \leq x \leq 0.065$). With increasing doping $x$, the three-dimensional ... More
Spontaneous $\mathcal{T}$-symmetry breaking and exceptional points in cavity quantum electrodynamics systemsJul 31 2018Spontaneous symmetry breaking has revolutionized the understanding in numerous fields of modern physics. Here, we theoretically demonstrate the spontaneous time-reversal symmetry breaking in a cavity quantum electrodynamics system in which an atomic ensemble ... More
Directional Enhanced Probe for Side-Illumination Tip Enhanced SpectroscopyNov 12 2015We demonstrate a high-performance apertureless near-field probe made of a tapered metal tip with a set of periodic shallow grooves near the apex. The spontaneous emission from a single emitter near the tip is investigated systematically for the side-illumination ... More
Spontaneous PT symmetry breaking in non-Hermitian coupled cavities arrayNov 14 2018We study the effects of the position of the passive and active cavities on the spontaneous parity-time (PT) symmetry breaking behavior in non-Hermitian coupled cavities array model. We analyze and discuss the energy eigenvalue spectrums and PT symmetry ... More
Gradient flow structure and exponential decay of the sandwiched Rényi divergence for primitive Lindblad equations with GNS-detailed balanceOct 01 2018Apr 08 2019We study the entropy production of the sandwiched R\'enyi divergence under the primitive Lindblad equation with GNS-detailed balance. We prove that the Lindblad equation can be identified as the gradient flow of the sandwiched R\'enyi divergence of any ... More
Gradient flow structure and exponential decay of the sandwiched Rényi divergence for primitive Lindblad equations with GNS-detailed balanceOct 01 2018We study the entropy production of the sandwiched R\'enyi divergence under a primitive Lindblad equation with GNS-detailed balance. We prove that the Lindblad equation can be identified as the gradient flow of the sandwiched R\'enyi divergence for any ... More
Surrogate Supervision for Medical Image Analysis: Effective Deep Learning From Limited Quantities of Labeled DataJan 25 2019We investigate the effectiveness of a simple solution to the common problem of deep learning in medical image analysis with limited quantities of labeled training data. The underlying idea is to assign artificial labels to abundantly available unlabeled ... More
Astronomical Observing Conditions at Xinglong Observatory from 2007 to 2014Jan 29 2016Xinglong Observatory of the National Astronomical Observatories, Chinese Academy of Sciences (NAOC), is one of the major optical observatories in China, which hosts nine optical telescopes including the Large Sky Area Multi-Object Fiber Spectroscopic ... More
Rabi oscillation induced $π$-phase flip in an unbalanced Ramsey atom interferometerApr 06 2016Jul 04 2016We present an observation of zero to $\pi$ phase flips induced by Rabi oscillation in an unbalanced Ramsey atom interferometer. The phase shift and visibility are experimentally investigated by modulating either the polarization or duration of Raman lasers, ... More
Collaborative Alerts Ranking for Anomaly DetectionDec 22 2016Feb 13 2018Given a large number of low-level heterogeneous categorical alerts from an anomaly detection system, how to characterize complex relationships between different alerts, filter out false positives, and deliver trustworthy rankings and suggestions to end ... More
Far-Field Tunable Nano-focusing Based on Metallic Slits Surrounded with Nonlinear-Variant Widths and Linear-Variant Depths of Circular Dielectric GratingJan 11 2013In this work, we design a new tunable nanofocusing lens by the linear-variant depths and nonlinear-variant widths of circular grating for far field practical applications. The constructively interference of cylindrical surface plasmon launched by the ... More
Transport and Capacitance properties of Charge Density Wave in few layer 2H-TaS2 DevicesJul 10 2014We carefully investigated the transport and capacitance properties of few layer charge density wave (CDW) 2H-TaS2 devices. The CDW transition temperature and the threshold voltage vary from device to device, which is attributed to the interlayer interaction ... More
Multiparametric Amplification and Qubit Measurement with a Kerr-free Josephson Ring ModulatorMar 05 2019Josephson-junction based parametric amplifiers have become a ubiquitous component in superconducting quantum machines. Although parametric amplifiers regularly achieve near-quantum limited performance, they have many limitations, including low saturation ... More
Survey of Cognitive Radio Techniques in Wireless NetworkApr 29 2011In this report, I surveyed the cognitive radio technique in wireless networks. Researched several kinds of cognitive techniques about their advantages and disadvantages.
On a class of constacyclic codes over the non-principal ideal ring $\mathbb{Z}_{p^s}+u\mathbb{Z}_{p^s}$Mar 02 2017$(1+pw)$-constacyclic codes of arbitrary length over the non-principal ideal ring $\mathbb{Z}_{p^s} +u\mathbb{Z}_{p^s}$ are studied, where $p$ is a prime, $w\in \mathbb{Z}_{p^s}^{\times}$ and $s$ an integer satisfying $s\geq 2$. First, the structure of ... More
On the integrated squared error of the linear wavelet density estimatorOct 29 2012Linear wavelet density estimators are wavelet projections of the empirical measure based on independent, identically distributed observations. We study here the law of the iterated logarithm (LIL) and a Berry-Esseen type theorem. These results are proved ... More
The Gray image of constacyclic codes over the finite chain ring $F_{p^m}[u]/\langle u^k\rangle$Oct 05 2016Let $\mathbb{F}_{p^m}$ be a finite field of cardinality $p^m$, where $p$ is a prime, and $k, N$ be any positive integers. We denote $R_k=F_{p^m}[u]/\langle u^k\rangle =F_{p^m}+uF_{p^m}+\ldots+u^{k-1}F_{p^m}$ ($u^k=0$) and $\lambda=a_0+a_1u+\ldots+a_{k-1}u^{k-1}$ ... More
On Shor's Factoring Algorithm with More Registers and the Problem to Certify Quantum ComputersSep 10 2014Shor's factoring algorithm uses two quantum registers. By introducing more registers we show that the measured numbers in these registers which are of the same pre-measurement state, should be equal if the original Shor's complexity argument is sound. ... More
Mn-doping induced ferromagnetism and enhanced superconductivity in Bi_4-x Mn_x O_4 S_3 (0.075 < = x < = 0.15)Aug 15 2016We demonstrate that Mn-doping in the layered sulfides Bi_4O_4S_3 leads to stable Bi_4-x Mn_x O_4 S_3 compounds that exhibit both long-range ferromagnetism and enhanced superconductivity for 0.075 < = x < = 0.15, with a possible record superconducting ... More
Multiple values and uniqueness problem of meromorphic mappings sharing hypersurfacesJun 15 2013Feb 23 2017The purpose of this article is to deal with the multiple values and uniqueness problem of meromorphic mappings from $\mathbb{C}^{m}$ into the complex projective space $\mathbb{P}^{n}(\mathbb{C})$ sharing fixed and moving hypersurfaces. We obtain several ... More
Negacyclic codes over the local ring $\mathbb{Z}_4[v]/\langle v^2+2v\rangle$ of oddly even length and their Gray imagesFeb 28 2018Let $R=\mathbb{Z}_{4}[v]/\langle v^2+2v\rangle=\mathbb{Z}_{4}+v\mathbb{Z}_{4}$ ($v^2=2v$) and $n$ be an odd positive integer. Then $R$ is a local non-principal ideal ring of $16$ elements and there is a $\mathbb{Z}_{4}$-linear Gray map from $R$ onto $\mathbb{Z}_{4}^2$ ... More
ALMA Observation of NGC5135: The Circumnuclear CO(6-5) and Dust Continuum Emission at 45 Parsec Resolution[$\star$]Sep 17 2018We present high-resolution (0.17\arcsec $\times$ 0.14\arcsec) Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) observations of the CO\,(6-5) line, and 435\um\ dust continuum emission within a $\sim$9\arcsec $\times$ 9\arcsec\ area centered on the nucleus ... More
TeamPhone: Networking Smartphones for Disaster RecoveryJun 10 2016In this paper, we investigate how to network smartphones for providing communications in disaster recovery. By bridging the gaps among different kinds of wireless networks, we have designed and implemented a system called TeamPhone, which provides smartphones ... More
ALMA Maps of Dust and Warm Dense Gas Emission in the Starburst Galaxy IC 5179$^\star$Jul 14 2017We present our high-resolution ($0^{\prime\prime}.15\times0^{\prime\prime}.13$, $\sim$34 pc) observations of the CO(6-5) line emission, which probes the warm and dense molecular gas, and the 434 $\mu$m dust continuum emission in the nuclear region of ... More
Dark state cooling of a trapped ion using microwave couplingJul 09 2015We propose a new dark-state cooling method of trapped ion systems in the Lamb-Dicke limit. With application of microwave dressing the ion, we can obtain two electromagnetically induced transparency structures. The heating effects caused by the carrier ... More
Positioning of Transparent Targets Using Defocusing Method in a Laser Proton AcceleratorApr 27 2018We report a positioning method for transparent targets with an accuracy of \SI{2}{\mu m} for a compact laser proton accelerator. The positioning system consists of two light-emitting diodes (LED), a long working distance objective and two charge coupled ... More
Oscillating planar Hall response from the surface electrons in bulk crystal Sn doped Bi1.1Sb0.9Te2SApr 12 2018We report the low-temperature magneto-transport in the bulk-insulating single crystal of topological insulator Sn doped Bi1.1Sb0.9Te2S. The Shubnikov-de Haas oscillations appear with their reciprocal frequency proportional to cos/theta , demonstrating ... More
Photoelectron holographic interferometry to probe the longitudinal momentum offset at the tunnel exitApr 21 2019Laser-induced electron tunneling underlies numerous emerging spectroscopic techniques to probe attosecond electron dynamics in atoms and molecules. The improvement of those techniques requires an accurate knowledge of the exit momentum for the tunneling ... More
On Synergy effect of Ohkawa Current Drive of Electron Cyclotron Waves and Lower Hybrid Current Drive: A New MechanismJul 31 2018A new synergy mechanism between Ohkawa current drive (OKCD) of electron cyclotron (EC) waves and lower hybrid current drive (LHCD) is discovered and discussed. And the methodology to achieve this synergy effect is also introduced. Improvement of OKCD ... More
Further results on the Hamilton-Waterloo problemMay 03 2016In this paper, we almost completely solve the existence of an almost resolvable cycle system with odd cycle length. We also use almost resolvable cycle systems as well as other combinatorial structures to give some new solutions to the Hamilton-Waterloo ... More
Ultrafast transmission electron microscopy on dynamic process of a CDW transition in 1T-TaSe2May 20 2015Four-dimensional ultrafast transmission electron microscopy (4D-UTEM) measurements reveal a rich variety of structural dynamic phenomena at a phase transition in the charge-density-wave (CDW) 1T-TaSe2. Through the photoexcitation, remarkable changes on ... More
Tunneling spectroscopy of Na$_{x}$CoO$_2$ and Na$_{x}$CoO$_2$$\cdot$ yH$_2$ONov 25 2003The single electron tunneling spectroscopy on superconductor Na$_{x}$CoO$_2$$\cdot$ yH$_2$O and its starting compound Na$_{x}$CoO$_2$ has been studied with point-contact method. The spectra of Na$_{x}$CoO$_2$ have two types of distinct shapes at different ... More
On-Line Cluster Reconstruction Of GEM Detector Based On FPGA TechnologyMar 24 2017In this work, a serial on-line cluster reconstruction technique based on FPGA technology was developed to compress experiment data and reduce the dead time of data transmission and storage. At the same time, X-ray imaging experiment based on a two-dimensional ... More
Kondo behavior and metamagnetic phase transition in a heavy fermion compound CeBi2Feb 14 2018Heavy fermions represent an archetypal example of strongly correlated electron systems which, due to entanglement among different interactions, often exhibit exotic and fascinating physics involving Kondo screening, magnetism and unconventional superconductivity. ... More
Host galaxy properties of mergers of stellar binary black holes and their implications for advanced LIGO gravitational wave sourcesNov 25 2017Understanding the host galaxy properties of stellar binary black hole (SBBH) mergers is important for revealing the origin of the SBBH gravitational-wave sources detected by advanced LIGO and helpful for identifying their electromagnetic counterparts. ... More
Charmonium states in QCD-inspired quark potential model using Gaussian expansion methodJun 14 2012Oct 15 2012We investigate the mass spectrum and electromagnetic processes of charmonium system with the nonperturbative treatment for the spin-dependent potentials, comparing the pure scalar and scalar-vector mixing linear confining potentials. It is revealed that ... More
OPINS: An Orthogonally Projected Implicit Null-space Method for Singular and Nonsingular Saddle-point SystemsNov 21 2015Saddle-point systems appear in many scientific and engineering applications. The systems can be sparse, symmetric or nonsymmetric, and possibly singular. In many of these applications, the number of constraints is relatively small compared to the number ... More
Strong and Tunable Spin-Orbit Coupling of One-Dimensional Holes in Ge/Si Core/Shell NanowiresAug 11 2010We investigate the low-temperature magneto-transport properties of individual Ge/Si core/shell nanowires. Negative magneto-conductance was observed, which is a signature of one-dimensional weak antilocalization of holes in the presence of strong spin-orbit ... More