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Proceedings Joint International Workshop on Linearity & Trends in Linear Logic and ApplicationsApr 12 2019This volume contains a selection of papers presented at Linearity/TLLA 2018: Joint Linearity and TLLA workshops (part of FLOC 2018) held on July 7-8, 2018 in Oxford. Linearity has been a key feature in several lines of research in both theoretical and ... More
Finite semantics of polymorphism, complexity and the power of type fixpointsFeb 01 2019Many applications of denotational semantics, such as higher-order model checking or the complexity of normalization, rely on finite semantics for monomorphic type systems. We present two constructions of finite semantics for second-order Multiplicative-Additive ... More
A semantic account of strong normalization in Linear LogicApr 24 2013Aug 26 2014We prove that given two cut free nets of linear logic, by means of their relational interpretations one can: 1) first determine whether or not the net obtained by cutting the two nets is strongly normalizable 2) then (in case it is strongly normalizable) ... More
The relational model is injective for Multiplicative Exponential Linear Logic (without weakenings)Feb 16 2010Feb 07 2011We show that for Multiplicative Exponential Linear Logic (without weakenings) the syntactical equivalence relation on proofs induced by cut-elimination coincides with the semantic equivalence relation on proofs induced by the multiset based relational ... More
Polynomial approximation of the Lense-Thirring rigid precession frequencyFeb 08 2018We propose a polynomial approximation of the global Lense-Thirring rigid precession frequency to study low frequency quasi-periodic oscillations around spinning black holes. This high-performing approximation allows to determine the expected frequencies ... More
Quantum Timing and Synchronization ProblemsApr 05 2005Feynman's model of a quantum computer provides an example of a continuous-time quantum walk. Its clocking mechanism is an excitation of a basically linear chain of spins with occasional controlled jumps which allow for motion on a planar graph. The spreading ... More
Lagrangian formulation of the general relativistic Poynting-Robertson effectMar 30 2018We propose the Lagrangian formulation for describing the motion of a test particle in a general relativistic, stationary, and axially symmetric spacetime. The test particle is also affected by a radiation field, modeled as a coherent flux of photons traveling ... More
Relational type-checking for MELL proof-structures. Part 1: MultiplicativesJun 01 2016Relational semantics for linear logic is a form of non-idempotent intersection type system, from which several informations on the execution of a proof-structure can be recovered. An element of the relational interpretation of a proof-structure R with ... More
An Abstract Approach to Stratification in Linear LogicJun 27 2012Feb 14 2013We study the notion of stratification, as used in subsystems of linear logic with low complexity bounds on the cut-elimination procedure (the so-called light logics), from an abstract point of view, introducing a logical system in which stratification ... More
Isogeometric Analysis Simulation of TESLA Cavities Under UncertaintyNov 06 2017In the design of electromagnetic devices the accurate representation of the geometry plays a crucial role in determining the device performance. For accelerator cavities, in particular, controlling the frequencies of the eigenmodes is important in order ... More
Isogeometric Simulation of Lorentz Detuning in Superconducting Accelerator CavitiesJun 27 2016Cavities in linear accelerators suffer from eigenfrequency shifts due to mechanical deformation caused by the electromagnetic radiation pressure, a phenomenon known as Lorentz detuning. Estimating the frequency shift up to the needed accuracy by means ... More
Light Cone ThermodynamicsJul 03 2017Mar 01 2018We show that null surfaces defined by the outgoing and infalling wave fronts emanating from and arriving at a sphere in Minkowski spacetime have thermodynamical properties that are in strict formal correspondence with those of black hole horizons in curved ... More
Spectral properties of a two-orbital Anderson impurity model across a non-Fermi liquid fixed pointFeb 04 2004Feb 09 2004We study by NRG the spectral properties of a two-orbital Anderson impurity model in the presence of an exchange splitting which follows either regular or inverted Hund's rules. The phase diagram contains a non-Fermi liquid fixed point separating a screened ... More
A Unified Perspective on Parity- and Syndrome-Based Binary Data Compression Using Off-the-Shelf Turbo CodecsFeb 03 2009Aug 02 2010We consider the problem of compressing memoryless binary data with or without side information at the decoder. We review the parity- and the syndrome-based approaches and discuss their theoretical limits, assuming that there exists a virtual binary symmetric ... More
The I/O complexity of Strassen's matrix multiplication with recomputationMay 07 2016A tight $\Omega((n/\sqrt{M})^{\log_2 7}M)$ lower bound is derived on the \io complexity of Strassen's algorithm to multiply two $n \times n$ matrices, in a two-level storage hierarchy with $M$ words of fast memory. A proof technique is introduced, which ... More
Critical exponents of the two dimensional Coulomb gas at the Berezinskii-Kosterlitz-Thouless transitionNov 10 2013Nov 25 2013The two dimensional Coulomb gas is the prototypical model of statistical mechanics displaying a special kind of phase transition, named after Berezinskii, Kosterlitz and Thouless. Physicists and mathematicians proposed several predictions about this system. ... More
Isogeometric Mortar Coupling for Electromagnetic ProblemsDec 27 2018This paper discusses and analyses two domain decomposition approaches for electromagnetic problems that allow the combination of domains discretised by either N\'ed\'elec-type polynomial finite elements or spline-based isogeometric analysis. The first ... More
Pioneer 10 and 11 orbit determination analysis shows no discrepancy with Newton-Einstein's laws of gravityNov 20 2013The present work describes the investigation of the navigation anomaly of Pioneer 10 and 11 probes which became known as the Pioneer Anomaly. It appeared as a linear drift in the Doppler data received by the spacecraft, which has been ascribed to an approximately ... More
The three-dimensional general relativistic Poynting-Robertson effect I: radial radiation fieldJan 11 2019In this paper we investigate the three-dimensional (3D) motion of a test particle in a stationary, axially symmetric spacetime around a central compact object, under the influence of a radiation field. To this aim we extend the two-dimensional (2D) version ... More
An algorithm to describe the solution set of any tropical linear system $A\odot x=B\odot x$Jul 29 2010Jan 21 2011An algorithm to give an explicit description of all the solutions to any tropical linear system $A\odot x=B\odot x$ is presented. The given system is converted into a finite (rather small) number $p$ of pairs $(S,T)$ of classical linear systems: a system ... More
Detection of the 2175ÅExtinction Feature at z=0.83Apr 08 2002We determine the extinction curve in the z_l=0.83 lens galaxy of the gravitational lens SBS0909+532 from the wavelength dependence of the flux ratio between the lensed quasar images (z_s=1.38) from 3400 to 9200\AA. It is the first measurement of an extinction ... More
Conjugate two-dimensional electric potential mapsNov 13 2018Two dimensional electric potential maps based on voltage detection in conducting paper are common practice in many physics courses in college. Most frequently, students work on `capacitor-like' geometries with current flowing between two opposite electrodes. ... More
Power spectrum of gravitational waves from unbound compact binariesSep 18 2012Unbound interacting compact binaries emit gravitational radiation in a wide frequency range. Since short burst-like signals are expected in future detectors, such as LISA or advanced LIGO, it is interesting to study their energy spectrum and the position ... More
Non-singular rotating black hole with a time delay in the centerOct 29 2015Feb 02 2016As proposed by Bambi and Modesto, rotating non-singular black holes can be constructed via the Newman-Janis algorithm. Here we show that if one starts with a modified Hayward black hole with a time delay in the centre, the algorithm succeeds in producing ... More
Tiered Sampling: An Efficient Method for Approximate Counting Sparse Motifs in Massive Graph StreamsOct 05 2017We introduce Tiered Sampling, a novel technique for approximate counting sparse motifs in massive graphs whose edges are observed in a stream. Our technique requires only a single pass on the data and uses a memory of fixed size $M$, which can be magnitudes ... More
Multiple Scaled Contaminated Normal Distribution and Its Application in ClusteringOct 21 2018The multivariate contaminated normal (MCN) distribution represents a simple heavy-tailed generalization of the multivariate normal (MN) distribution to model elliptical contoured scatters in the presence of mild outliers, referred to as "bad" points. ... More
A note on Engel elements in the first Grigorchuk groupFeb 25 2018Let $\Gamma$ be the first Grigorchuk group. According to a result of Bartholdi, the only left Engel elements of $\Gamma$ are the involutions. This implies that the set of left Engel elements of $\Gamma$ is not a subgroup. Of particular interest is to ... More
From XML Schema to JSON Schema: Translation with CHRJun 09 2014Despite its rising popularity as data format especially for web services, the software ecosystem around the JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) is not as widely distributed as that of XML. For both data formats there exist schema languages to specify the ... More
Measurement of work in single-molecule experimentsMay 26 2009A main goal of single-molecule experiments is to evaluate equilibrium free energy differences by applying fluctuation relations to repeated work measurements along irreversible processes. We quantify the error that is made in a free energy estimate by ... More
Security Issues in Language-based Sofware EcosystemsMar 06 2019Language-based ecosystems (LBE), i.e., software ecosystems based on a single programming language, are very common. Examples include the npm ecosystem for JavaScript, and PyPI for Python. These environments encourage code reuse between packages, and incorporate ... More
Differentially Private Generative Adversarial Networks for Time Series, Continuous, and Discrete Open DataJan 08 2019Mar 06 2019Open data plays a fundamental role in the 21th century by stimulating economic growth and by enabling more transparent and inclusive societies. However, it is always difficult to create new high-quality datasets with the required privacy guarantees for ... More
Recent Advances of Isogeometric Analysis in Computational ElectromagneticsSep 18 2017In this communication the advantages and drawbacks of the isogeometric analysis (IGA) are reviewed in the context of electromagnetic simulations. IGA extends the set of polynomial basis functions, commonly employed by the classical Finite Element Method ... More
Measurement of the slope parameter αfor the η\to 3π^0 decay at KLOEJul 27 2007We report a preliminary measurement of the slope parameter $\alpha$ for the $\eta\to 3\piz$ decay carried out with KLOE at DA$\Phi$NE; where $\alpha$ is the parameter describing the energy dependence of the square of the matrix element for this decay. ... More
Ferromagnetic Kondo Effect at NanocontactsFeb 02 2009Magnetic impurities bridging nanocontacts and break junctions of nearly magnetic metals may lead to permanent moments, analogous to the giant moments well known in the bulk case. A numerical renormalization group (NRG) study shows that, contrary to mean ... More
eta Physics and phi Radiative Decays at KloeMay 23 2007May 24 2007Here we present KLOE results on the phi meson decays in pi0 pi0 gamma, pi+ pi- gamma and eta pi0 gamma, the measurement of the ratio Br(phi to eta' gamma)/Br(phi to eta gamma) with the estimate of the eta' gluonium content and the measurement of the eta ... More
Study of the process e+e- -> omega p0 with the KLOE detectorJul 27 2007May 16 2008Using ~600 pb-1 collected with the KLOE detector at DAPhiNE, we have studied the production cross section of pi+ pi- pi0 pi0 and p0p0 gamma final states in e+e- collisions at center of mass energies between 1000 and 1030 MeV. By fitting the observed interference ... More
Machine Learning based photometric redshifts for the KiDS ESO DR2 galaxiesJul 02 2015Jul 30 2015We estimated photometric redshifts (zphot) for more than 1.1 million galaxies of the ESO Public Kilo-Degree Survey (KiDS) Data Release 2. KiDS is an optical wide-field imaging survey carried out with the VLT Survey Telescope (VST) and the OmegaCAM camera, ... More
Multilinear Cryptography using Nilpotent GroupsFeb 23 2019In this paper we develop a novel idea of multilinear cryptosystem using nilpotent group identities.
Towards a census of super-compact massive galaxies in the Kilo Degree SurveyJul 02 2015Feb 03 2016The abundance of compact, massive, early-type galaxies (ETGs) provides important constraints to galaxy formation scenarios. Thanks to the area covered, depth, excellent spatial resolution and seeing, the ESO Public optical Kilo Degree Survey (KiDS), carried ... More
An algorithm for the normal bundle of rational monomial curvesDec 22 2015We give an algorithm for calculating the splitting type of the normal bundle of any rational monomial curve. The algorithm is obtained by reducing the calculus to a combinatorial problem and then by solving this problem.
On varieties of groups satisfying an Engel type identityMar 25 2015Let m, n be positive integers, v a multilinear commutator word and w = v^m. Denote by v(G) and w(G) the verbal subgroups of a group G corresponding to v and w, respectively. We prove that the class of all groups G in which the w-values are n-Engel and ... More
An Engel condition for orderable groupsFeb 21 2014Let m,n be positive integers, v a multilinear commutator word and w=v^m. We prove that if G is an orderable group in which all w-values are n-Engel, then the verbal subgroup v(G) is locally nilpotent. We also show that in the particular case where v=x ... More
The Age-Mass-Metallicity-Activity relation of solar-type stars: Comparisons with asteroseismology and the NGC 188 open clusterSep 25 2016The Mount Wilson Ca II index log$(R'_{\rm HK})$ is the accepted standard metric of calibration for the chromospheric activity versus age relation of FGK stars. Recent results claim its inability to discern activity levels, and thus ages, for stars older ... More
Deconstructing double-barred galaxies in 2D and 3D. I. Classical nature of the dominant bulgesJan 09 2019We present here a thorough photometric analysis of double-barred galaxies, consisting of i) two-dimensional photometric decompositions including a bulge, inner bar, outer bar, and (truncated) disc; and ii) three-dimensional statistical deprojections to ... More
The tilt of the velocity ellipsoid in the Milky Way with Gaia DR2Feb 14 2019The velocity distribution of stars is a sensitive probe of the gravitational potential of the Galaxy, and hence of its dark matter distribution. In particular, the shape of the dark halo (e.g. spherical, oblate, prolate) determines velocity correlations, ... More
Topological features of vector vortex beams perturbed with uniformly polarized lightSep 18 2016Jan 17 2017Optical singularities manifesting at the center of vector vortex beams are unstable, since their topological charge is higher than the lowest value permitted by Maxwell's equations. Inspired by conceptually similar phenomena occurring in the polarization ... More
Model-independent limits and constraints on extended theories of gravity from cosmic reconstruction techniquesAug 12 2016Dec 18 2016The onset of dark energy domination depends on the particular gravitational theory driving the cosmic evolution. Model independent techniques are crucial to test both the present $\Lambda$CDM cosmological paradigm and alternative theories, making the ... More
The Binary Nucleus in VCC 128: A Candidate Supermassive Black Hole in a Dwarf Elliptical GalaxySep 28 2006{\it Hubble Space Telescope} (\hst) Wide Field Planetary Camera 2 ({\it WFPC2}) images of the Virgo Cluster dwarf elliptical galaxy VCC 128 reveal an apparently double nucleus. The two components, which are separated by $\sim 32$ pc in projection, have ... More
AI Pipeline - bringing AI to you. End-to-end integration of data, algorithms and deployment toolsJan 15 2019Next generation of embedded Information and Communication Technology (ICT) systems are interconnected collaborative intelligent systems able to perform autonomous tasks. Training and deployment of such systems on Edge devices however require a fine-grained ... More
Reconfigurable photoinduced metamaterials in the microwave regimeSep 15 2014We investigate optically reconfigurable dielectric metamaterials at gigahertz frequencies. More precisely, we study the microwave response of a subwavelength grating optically imprinted into a semiconductor slab. In the homogenized regime, we analytically ... More
Detecting continuous gravitational waves with superfluid $^4$HeJun 15 2016Direct detection of gravitational waves is opening a new window onto our universe. Here, we study the sensitivity to continuous-wave strain fields of a kg-scale optomechanical system formed by the acoustic motion of superfluid helium-4 parametrically ... More
A discrete chemo-dynamical model of the dwarf spheroidal galaxy Sculptor: mass profile, velocity anisotropy and internal rotationAug 29 2016We present a new discrete chemo-dynamical axisymmetric modeling technique, which we apply to the dwarf spheroidal galaxy Sculptor. The major improvement over previous Jeans models is that realistic chemical distributions are included directly in the dynamical ... More
Towards Least Privilege Containers with CimplifierFeb 26 2016Application containers, such as Docker containers, have recently gained popularity as a solution for agile and seamless deployment of applications. These light-weight virtualization environments run applications that are packed together with their resources ... More
Getting into Shape: Efficient Cooling Scheme for Fermionic Atoms in Optical LatticesFeb 02 2009Jun 09 2009We propose an experimental procedure to cool fermionic atoms loaded into an optical lattice. The central idea is to spatially divide the system into entropy-rich and -poor regions by shaping the confining potential profile. Atoms in regions of high entropy ... More
The age-mass-metallicity-activity relation for solar-type stars: Comparisons with asteroseismology and the NGC 188 open clusterSep 25 2016Oct 03 2016The Mount Wilson Ca II index log$(R'_{\rm HK})$ is the accepted standard metric of calibration for the chromospheric activity versus age relation of FGK stars. Recent results claim its inability to discern activity levels, and thus ages, for stars older ... More
Achieving Vanishing Rate Loss in Decentralized Network MIMOJan 21 2019In this paper, we analyze a Network MIMO channel with 2 Transmitters (TXs) jointly serving 2 users, where each TX has a different multi-user Channel State Information (CSI), potentially with a different accuracy. Recently it was shown the surprising result ... More
Dynamical moments reveal a topological quantum transition in a photonic quantum walkJul 07 2015Many phenomena in solid-state physics can be understood in terms of their topological properties. Recently, controlled protocols of quantum walks are proving to be effective simulators of such phenomena. Here we report the realization of a photonic quantum ... More
Impedance matching in photonic crystal microcavities for Second Harmonic GenerationDec 07 2005By numerically integrating the three-dimensional Maxwell equations in the time domain with reference to a dispersive quadratically nonlinear material, we study second harmonic generation in planar photonic crystal microresonators. The proposed scheme ... More
Tunneling mediated by conical waves in a 1D latticeSep 13 2007The nonlinear propagation of 3D wave-packets in a 1D Bragg-induced band-gap system, shows that tranverse effects (free space diffraction) affect the interplay of periodicity and nonlinearity, leading to the spontaneous formation of fast and slow conical ... More
Principal bundle structure of matrix manifoldsMay 11 2017In this paper, we introduce a new geometric description of the manifolds of matrices of fixed rank. The starting point is a geometric description of the Grassmann manifold $\mathbb{G}_r(\mathbb{R}^k)$ of linear subspaces of dimension $r<k$ in $\mathbb{R}^k$ ... More
How dielectric screening in two-dimensional crystals affects the convergence of excited-state calculations: Monolayer MoS$_2$Nov 06 2013Jan 13 2014We present first-principles many-body calculations of the dielectric constant, quasiparticle band structure, and optical absorption spectrum of monolayer MoS$_2$ using a supercell approach. As the separation between the periodically repeated layers is ... More
Central dark matter trends in early-type galaxies from strong lensing, dynamics and stellar populationsJul 22 2010Aug 25 2010We analyze the correlations between central dark matter (DM) content of early-type galaxies and their sizes and ages, using a sample of intermediate-redshift (z ~ 0.2) gravitational lenses from the SLACS survey, and by comparing them to a larger sample ... More
Commentary to "LARES successfully launched in orbit: Satellite and mission description" by A. Paolozzi and I. CiufoliniNov 27 2013We comment on some statements in a recent paper by Paolozzi and Ciufolini concerning certain remarks raised by us on the realistic accuracy obtainable in testing the general relativistic Lense-Thirring effect in the gravitational field of the Earth with ... More
The lingering anomalous secular increase of the eccentricity of the orbit of the Moon: further attempts of explanation of cosmological originApr 26 2014A new analysis of extended data records collected with the Lunar Laser Ranging (LLR) technique performed with improved tidal models was not able to resolve the issue of the anomalous rate $\dot e$ of the eccentricity $e$ of the orbit of the Moon, which ... More
A flyby anomaly for Juno? Not from standard physicsNov 17 2013Jun 19 2014An empirical formula recently appeared in the literature to explain the observed anomalies of about $\Delta\dot\rho\approx 1-10$ mm s$^{-1}$ in the geocentric range-rates $\dot\rho$ of the Galileo, NEAR and Rosetta spacecraft at some of their past perigee ... More
The space of signed points and the Self Dual ModelJun 14 2002We study a generalization of the group of loops based on sets of signed points, instead of paths or loops. This geometrical setting incorporates the kinematical constraints of the Sigma Model, inasmuch as the the group of loops does with the Bianchi identities ... More
Perspectives on effectively constraining the location of a massive trans-Plutonian object with the New Horizons spacecraft: a sensitivity analysisJan 16 2013Jan 29 2016The radio tracking apparatus of the New Horizons spacecraft, currently traveling to the Pluto system where its arrival is scheduled for July 2015, should be able to reach an accuracy of 10 m (range) and 0.1 mm s^-1 (range-rate) over distances up to 50 ... More
What's wrong with the Platonic ideal of space and time?Sep 28 2016This is a chapter for an upcoming book, "Space, Time, and the Limits of Human Understanding", edited by Shyam Wuppuluri and Giancarlo Ghirardi. I first present the classical picture of flat space and ever-flowing time, as generally accepted until about ... More
Improved QFT algorithm for power-of-two FFTJan 04 2013This paper shows that it is possible to improve the computational cost, the memory requirements and the accuracy of Quick Fourier Transform (QFT) algorithm for power-of-two FFT (Fast Fourier Transform) just introducing a slight modification in this algorithm. ... More
On the linear algebra of local complementationJan 06 2011Jun 26 2011We explore the connections between the linear algebra of symmetric matrices over GF(2) and the circuit theory of 4-regular graphs. In particular, we show that the equivalence relation on simple graphs generated by local complementation can also be generated ... More
Relationship Between the Uncompensated Price-Elasticity and the Income-Elasticity of Demand Under Conditions of Additive PreferencesFeb 27 2016Mar 28 2016Income- and price-elasticity of demand quantify the responsiveness of markets to changes in income, and in prices, respectively. Under the assumptions of utility maximization and preference-independence (additive preferences), mathematical relationships ... More
Generalized connected sum construction for scalar flat metricsNov 25 2006In this paper we will show that the generalized connected sum construction for constant scalar curvature metrics can be extended to the zero scalar curvature case. In particular we want to construct solutions to the Yamabe equation on the generalized ... More
Critical probabilities and convergence time of Percolation Probabilistic Cellular AutomataDec 25 2013Nov 26 2014This paper considers a class of probabilistic cellular automata undergoing a phase transition with an absorbing state. Denoting by ${\mathcal{U}}(x)$ the neighbourhood of site $x$, the transition probability is $T(\eta_x = 1 | \eta_{{\mathcal{U}}(x)}) ... More
Space-time decay of Navier-Stokes flows invariant under rotationsApr 28 2003We show that the solutions to the non-stationary Navier-Stokes equations in $R^d$, $d=2,3$ which are left invariant under the action of discrete subgroups of the orthogonal group $O(d)$ decay much faster as $|x|\to\infty$ or $ t \to\infty$ than in the ... More
Balanced triangulations on few vertices and an implementation of cross-flipsNov 26 2018A $d$-dimensional simplicial complex is balanced if the underlying graph is $(d+1)$-colorable. We present an implementation of cross-flips, a set of local moves introduced by Izmestiev, Klee and Novik which connect any two PL-homeomorphic balanced combinatorial ... More
Integration by parts on the law of the reflecting Brownian motionApr 27 2004We prove an integration by parts formula on the law of the reflecting Brownian motion $X:=|B|$ in the positive half line, where $B$ is a standard Brownian motion. In other terms, we consider a perturbation of $X$ of the form $X^\epsilon = X+\epsilon h$ ... More
Valuation of asset and volatility derivatives using decoupled time-changed Lévy processesOct 19 2012Jan 31 2015In this paper we propose a general derivative pricing framework which employs decoupled time-changed (DTC) L\'evy processes to model the underlying asset of contingent claims. A DTC L\'evy process is a generalized time-changed L\'evy process whose continuous ... More
Kinetic equations: computationNov 28 2013Kinetic equations bridge the gap between a microscopic description and a macroscopic description of the physical reality. Due to the high dimensionality the construction of numerical methods represents a challenge and requires a careful balance between ... More
Non-trivial translation-invariant valuations on $L^\infty$May 01 2015Translation-invariant valuations on the space $L^\infty(\mathbb{R}^n)$ are examined. We prove that such functionals vanish on functions with compact support. Moreover a rich family of non-trivial translation-invariant valuations on $L^\infty(\mathbb{R}^n)$ ... More
Deformation theory of nearly Kähler manifoldsJan 18 2016Nearly K\"ahler manifolds are the Riemannian 6-manifolds admitting real Killing spinors. Equivalently, the Riemannian cone over a nearly K\"ahler manifold has holonomy contained in G2. In this paper we study the deformation theory of nearly K\"ahler manifolds, ... More
On the primitivity of PRESENT and other lightweight ciphersNov 04 2016Jun 08 2017We provide two sufficient conditions to guarantee that the round functions of a translation based cipher generate a primitive group. Furthermore, under the same hypotheses, and assuming that a round of the cipher is strongly proper and consists of m-bit ... More
Post-Newtonian direct and mixed orbital effects due to the oblateness of the central bodyFeb 22 2014Jun 15 2015The orbital dynamics of a test particle moving in the non-spherically symmetric field of a rotating oblate primary is impacted also by certain indirect, mixed effects arising from the interplay of the different Newtonian and post-Newtonian accelerations ... More
On the effects of the Dvali-Gabadadze-Porrati braneworld gravity on the orbital motion of a test particleApr 12 2005Aug 20 2005In this paper we explicitly work out the secular perturbations induced on all the Keplerian orbital elements of a test body to order O(e^2) in the eccentricity e by the weak-field long-range modifications of the usual Newton-Einstein gravity due to the ... More
Electromagnetism and multiple-valued loop-dependent wave functionalsOct 14 2009We quantize the Maxwell theory in the presence of a electric charge in a "dual" Loop Representation, i.e. a geometric representation of magnetic Faraday's lines. It is found that the theory can be seen as a theory without sources, except by the fact that ... More
Maxwell Chern Simons Theory in a Geometric RepresentationAug 04 2000We quantize the Maxwell Chern Simons theory in a geometric representation that generalizes the Abelian Loop Representation of Maxwell theory. We find that in the physical sector, the model can be seen as the theory of a massles scalar field with a topological ... More
All-order results for soft and collinear gluonsJun 20 2008I briefly review some general features and some recent developments concerning the resummation of long-distance singularities in QCD and in more general non-abelian gauge theories. I emphasize the field-theoretical tools of the trade, and focus mostly ... More
On power corrections to event shapesNov 01 2002Recent work on the theme of power corrections in perturbative QCD is briefly reviewed, with an emphasis on event shapes in e+ e- annihilation. The factorization of soft gluon effects is the main tool: it leads to resummation, and thus highlights the limitations ... More
Analytic resummation and power corrections for DIS and Drell--YanSep 19 2001Dimensional continuation is applied to resummed expressions for the DIS and Drell-Yan partonic cross sections, to regularize the Landau pole. Simple analytic expression are obtained, encoding information about nonperturbative power--suppressed effects. ... More
The Ep,i - Eiso correlation in GRBs: updated observational status, re-analysis and main implicationsJan 24 2006Jul 20 2006The correlation between the cosmological rest-frame nuFnu spectrum peak energy, Ep,i, and the isotropic equivalent radiated energy, Eiso, discovered by Amati et al. in 2002 and confirmed/extended by subsequent osbervations, is one of the most intriguing ... More
Does the Newton's gravitational constant vary sinusoidally with time? Orbital motions say noApr 27 2015Dec 16 2015A sinusoidally time-varying pattern of the values of the Newton's constant of gravitation $G$ measured in Earth-based laboratories over the latest decades has been recently reported in the literature. We put to the test the hypothesis that the aforementioned ... More
On rationalizing divisorsNov 12 2015Rational pairs generalize the notion of rational singularities to reduced pairs $(X,D)$. In this paper we deal with the problem of determining whether a normal variety $X$ has a rationalizing divisor, i.e. a reduced divisor $D$ such that $(X, D)$ is a ... More
Funding Value Adjustment and Incomplete MarketsSep 22 2014Value adjustment of uncollateralized trades is determined within a risk-neutral pricing framework. When hedging such trades, investors cannot freely trade protection on their own name, thus facing an incomplete market. This fact is reflected in the non-uniqueness ... More
Gravitational Anomalies in the Solar System?Dec 21 2014Mar 16 2015Mindful of the anomalous perihelion precession of Mercury discovered by U. Le Verrier in the second half of the nineteenth century and its successful explanation by A. Einstein with his General Theory of Relativity in the early years of the twentieth ... More
The transition matroid of a 4-regular graph: an introductionJul 30 2013Mar 11 2015Given a 4-regular graph $F$, we introduce a binary matroid $M_{\tau}(F)$ on the set of transitions of $F$. Parametrized versions of the Tutte polynomial of $M_{\tau}(F)$ yield several well-known graph and knot polynomials, including the Martin polynomial, ... More
Minimal Z' models and the 125 GeV Higgs bosonMar 05 2013Jan 29 2014The 1-loop renormalization group equations for the minimal Z' models encompassing a type-I seesaw mechanism are studied in the light of the 125 GeV Higgs boson discovery. This model is taken as a benchmark for the general case of singlet extensions of ... More
Fluctuations for a conservative interface model on a wallNov 05 2007We consider an effective interface model on a hard wall in (1+1) dimensions, with conservation of the area between the interface and the wall. We prove that the equilibrium fluctuations of the height variable converge in law to the solution of a SPDE ... More
Planet X revamped after the discovery of the Sedna-like object 2012 VP$_{113}$?Mar 31 2014Jul 17 2014The recent discovery of the Sedna-like dwarf planet 2012 VP$_{\rm 113}$ by Trujillo and Sheppard has revamped the old-fashioned hypothesis that a still unseen trans-Plutonian object of planetary size, variously dubbed over the years as Planet X, Tyche, ... More
A Simple Geometric Representative for $μ$ of a PointJan 12 1995Jul 09 2018For $SU(2)$ (or $SO(3)$) Donaldson theory on a 4-manifold $X$, we construct a simple geometric representative for $\mu$ of a point. Let $p$ be a generic point in $X$. Then the set $\{ [A] | F_A^-(p) $ is reducible $\}$, with coefficient -1/4 and appropriate ... More
ALF gravitational instantons and collapsing Ricci-flat metrics on the K3 surfaceMar 21 2016Apr 27 2017We construct large families of new collapsing hyperk\"ahler metrics on the K3 surface. The limit space is the quotient of a flat 3-torus by an involution. Away from finitely many exceptional points the collapse occurs with bounded curvature. There are ... More
Revisiting CP-violation in Minimal Flavour ViolationMar 26 2009After a brief review of the minimal flavour violation hypothesis and its implementation in the MSSM, the most general parametrisation of the soft supersymmetry-breaking terms by means of the charged lepton and neutrino spurions is constructed. Thereby ... More