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An Efficient Sufficient Dimension Reduction Method for Identifying Genetic Variants of Clinical SignificanceJan 15 2013Fast and cheaper next generation sequencing technologies will generate unprecedentedly massive and highly-dimensional genomic and epigenomic variation data. In the near future, a routine part of medical record will include the sequenced genomes. A fundamental ... More
Topological indexes in symmetry preserving dynamicsFeb 08 2018The quench dynamics of topological phases have received intensive investigations in recent years. In this work, we prove exactly that the topological invariants for both $\mathbb{Z}$ and $\mathbb{Z}_2$ indexes are independent of time in symmetry preserving ... More
Realization of Two-Dimensional Spin-orbit Coupling for Bose-Einstein CondensatesNov 24 2015Cold atoms with laser-induced spin-orbit (SO) interactions provide intriguing new platforms to explore novel quantum physics beyond natural conditions of solids. Recent experiments demonstrated the one-dimensional (1D) SO coupling for boson and fermion ... More
Total ionizing dose effects of domestic SiGe HBTs under different dose rateApr 03 2015Apr 29 2015The total ionizing radiation (TID) response of commercial NPN silicon germanium hetero-junction bipolar transistors (SiGe HBTs) produced domestic were investigated under the dose rate of 800mGy(Si)/s and 1.3mGy(Si)/s with Co-60 gamma irradiation source, ... More
Realization of a Josephson SwitchAug 27 2013Oct 02 2013It has been proposed that intermittent weak links between spontaneously broken symmetry systems can give rise to a novel type of time crystal. Here a practical construction is analyzed in greater detail. For a film-geometry Josephson junction, an applied ... More
Finite Groups Whose Character Graphs Associated with Codegrees Have No TrianglesAug 28 2015Motivated by the Problem $164$ proposed by Y. Berkovich and E. Zhmud' in their book "Characters of finite groups, Part $1$", we give a characterization of finite groups whose irreducible character codegrees are prime powers. This is based on a new kind ... More
On the possible wave-packet collapse induced by topological disconnectivity and experimental suggestionsJan 08 2008Sep 27 2008The purpose of this paper is to explore the possibility of a wave-packet collapse induced by topological disconnectivity, based on the discussions of the wave-corpuscle duality. Several experimental suggestions are proposed to test this sort of wave-packet ... More
New quantum gravity effect, dark energy, accelerating universe, black hole and experimental scheme using superfluid Helium and atom interferometerJan 03 2011Considerable attention has been focused on Verlinde's recent work, claiming that Newton's gravity is not a fundamental force. In a recent work (arXiv:1012.5858), we give further the logic basis and basic clues to derive the Newton's gravity, inertia law ... More
Imaginary Potential Induced Quantum Coherence for Bose-Einstein CondensatesDec 21 2009The role of complex potentials in single-body Schr\H{o}dinger equation has been studied intensively. We study the quantum coherence for degenerate Bose gases in complex potentials, when the exchange symmetry of identical bosons is considered. For initially ... More
Gauged Nambu-Jona-Lasinio model and axionic QCD stringDec 30 2014We propose an axionic QCD string scenario based on the original flux-tube model by Kogut and Susskind, and then incorporate it into a gauged Nambu-Jona-Lasinio (NJL) model. Axial anomaly is studied by a new topological coupling from the string side, and ... More
QCD Flux Tubes and Anomaly InflowFeb 28 2013Jul 17 2013We apply the Callan-Harvey anomaly inflow mechanism to the study of QCD (chromoelectric) flux tubes, quark (pair)-creation and chiral magnetic effect, using new variables from the Cho-Faddeev-Niemi decomposition of the gauge potential. A phenomenological ... More
Localized Asymmetric Atomic Matter Waves in Two-Component Bose-Einstein Condensates Coupled with Two Photon Microwave FieldMar 01 2007We investigate localized atomic matter waves in two-component Bose-Einstein condensates coupled by the two photon microwave field. Interestingly, the oscillations of localized atomic matter waves will gradually decay and finally become non-oscillating ... More
Distribution of zeta zeroes for abelian covers of algebraic curves over a finite fieldJan 30 2013For a function field $k$ over a finite field with $\mathbb{F}_q$ as the field of constant, and a finite abelian group $G$ whose exponent is divisible by $q-1$, we study the distribution of zeta zeroes for a random $G$-extension of $k$, ordered by the ... More
Small Values of Coefficients of a Half Lerch SumMay 31 2016Jun 03 2016Andrews, Dyson and Hickerson proved many interesting properties of coefficients for a Ramanujan's $q$-hypergeometric series by relating it to real quadratic field $\Q(\sqrt{6})$ and using the arithmetic of $\Q(\sqrt{6})$, hence solved a conjecture of ... More
Abnormal Quantum Gravity Effect: Experimental Scheme with Superfluid Helium Sphere and Applications to Accelerating UniverseJan 25 2011May 25 2011From the general assumption that gravity originates from the coupling and thermal equilibrium between matter and vacuum, after a derivation of Newton's law of gravitation and an interpretation of the attractive gravity force between two classical objects, ... More
On the quantitative interpretation of dark energy by quantum effect of gravity and experimental scheme with atom interferometerJan 06 2011Jan 10 2011From the general principle that gravity originates from the coupling and thermal equilibrium between matter and vacuum background, we give two simple equations to calculate the quantum effect of gravity. From these two equations, we calculate the ratio ... More
Personalized Optimization for Computer Experiments with Environmental InputsJul 06 2016Optimization problems with both control variables and environmental variables arise in many fields. This paper introduces a framework of personalized optimization to han- dle such problems. Unlike traditional robust optimization, personalized optimization ... More
Better subset regressionDec 04 2012Mar 19 2013To find efficient screening methods for high dimensional linear regression models, this paper studies the relationship between model fitting and screening performance. Under a sparsity assumption, we show that a subset that includes the true submodel ... More
Congruences modulo powers of 5 for three-colored Frobenius partitionsFeb 27 2010Apr 27 2010Motivated by a question of Lovejoy \cite{lovejoy}, we show that three-colored Frobenius partition function $\c3$ and related arithmetic fuction $\cc3$ vanish modulo some powers of 5 in certain arithmetic progressions.
A short proof of an identity for cubic partitionsApr 30 2010In this note, we will give a short proof of an identity for cubic partitions.
A positivity conjecture related first positive rank and crank moments for overpartitionsMay 30 2016Recently, Andrews, Chan, Kim and Osburn introduced a $q$-series $h(q)$ for the study of the first positive rank and crank moments for overpartitions. They conjectured that for all integers $m \geq 3$, \begin{equation*}\label{hqcon} \frac{1}{(q)_{\infty}} ... More
Vibration Induced Non-adiabatic Geometric Phase and Energy Uncertainty of Fermions in GrapheneDec 29 2007We investigate geometric phase of fermion states under relative vibrations of two sublattices in graphene by solving time-dependent Sch\"{o}dinger equation using Floquet scheme. In a period of vibration the fermions acquire different geometric phases ... More
On positive proportion of rank zero twists of elliptic curves over QNov 20 2013Extending the idea of \cite{dab2} and using the 2-descent method, we provide three general families of elliptic curves over Q such that a positive proportion of prime-twists of such elliptic curves have rank zero simultaneously.
A de-gauging approach to physics beyond the Standard ModelJun 06 2016By studying the t-J model for superconductivity, the Pati-Salam model and the Haplon model for particle unifications, we extract their common feature which is the spin-charge separation of fermions. This becomes a de-gauging process for charged fermions ... More
Phase of Quark Condensate and Topological Current in QCDOct 31 2013We propose a new topological charge term in QCD based on flux-tube models. It couples a superflow of the phase of the quark condensate to the Chern-Simons current. The usual $\theta$-parameter is replaced by the phase of the quark condensate, which becomes ... More
Dark fermions from the Standard Model via spin-charge separationMay 31 2016We study a new composite scenario of the lepton sector in the Standard Model by a de-gauging procedure called spin-charge separation and propose that leptons are bound states of some neutral fermions and Higgs bosons. Continuing this procedure we may ... More
Remark on Quantum Nambu BracketMar 31 2000We give an explicit realization of quantum Nambu bracket via matrix of multi-index, which reduces in the continunm limit to the classical Nambu bracket.
Probing the Electron States and Metal-Insulator Transition Mechanisms in Atomically Thin MoS2 Based on Vertical HeterostructuresJul 21 2014The metal-insulator transition (MIT) is one of the remarkable electrical transport properties of atomically thin molybdenum disulphide (MoS2). Although the theory of electron-electron interactions has been used in modeling the MIT phenomena in MoS2, the ... More
Magnetic extraction of energy from accretion disc around a rotating black holeMay 05 2004May 07 2004An analytical expression for the disc power is derived based on an equivalent circuit in black hole (BH) magnetosphere with a mapping relation between the radial coordinate of the disc and that of unknown astrophysical load. It turns out that this disc ... More
On the uniqueness of conical Kähler-Einstein metricsFeb 17 2014The purpose of this paper is to prove the uniqueness of conical K\"ahler-Einstein metrics, under the condition that the twisted $Ding$-functional is proper. This is a generalization of the author's previous work, and we shall first investigate the uniqueness ... More
Forbidding intersection patterns between layers of the cubeNov 22 2013Mar 20 2015A family ${\mathcal A} \subset {\mathcal P} [n]$ is said to be an antichain if $A \not \subset B$ for all distinct $A,B \in {\mathcal A}$. A classic result of Sperner shows that such families satisfy $|{\mathcal A}| \leq \binom {n}{\lfloor n/2\rfloor}$, ... More
Estimates at or beyond endpoint in harmonic analysis: Bochner-Riesz means and spherical meansMar 03 2011We introduce some new functions spaces to investigate some problems at or beyond endpoint. First, we prove that Bochner-Riesz means $B_R^\lambda$ are bounded from some subspaces of $L^p_{|x|^\alpha}$ to $L^p_{|x|^\alpha}$ for $ \frac{n-1}{2(n+1)}<\lambda ... More
Improved Results on Robust Stability of Multivariable Interval Control SystemsNov 01 2002For interval polynomial matrices, we identify the minimal testing set, whose stability can guarantee that of the whole uncertain set. Our results improve the conclusions given by Kamal and Dahleh.
H-infinity Performance of Interval SystemsNov 01 2002In this paper, we study $H^{\infty}$ performance of interval systems. We prove that, for an interval system, the maximal $H^{\infty}$ norm of its sensitivity function is achieved at twelve (out of sixteen) Kharitonov vertices.
A Recipe for Construction of the Critical Vertices for Left-Sector Stability of Interval PolynomialsFeb 23 2002For the left-sector stability of interval polynomials, it suffices to check a subset of its vertex polynomials. This paper provides a recipe for construction of these critical vertices. Illustrative examples are presented.
Multigrid Methods for Constrained Minimization Problems and Application to Saddle Point ProblemsJan 15 2016The first order condition of the constrained minimization problem leads to a saddle point problem. A multigrid method using a multiplicative Schwarz smoother for saddle point problems can thus be interpreted as a successive subspace optimization method ... More
Semiclassical Cauchy Estimates and ApplicationsFeb 21 2013In this note, we study solutions to semiclassical Schrodinger equations on a real analytic manifold with a real analytic potential and prove the semiclassical version of Cauchy estimates on derivatives. As an application, we use Donnelly and Fefferman's ... More
Large unavoidable subtournamentsFeb 18 2015Mar 11 2016Let $D_k$ denote the tournament on $3k$ vertices consisting of three disjoint vertex classes $V_1, V_2$ and $V_3$ of size $k$, each of which is oriented as a transitive subtournament, and with edges directed from $V_1$ to $V_2$, from $V_2$ to $V_3$ and ... More
Finite index subgroups of the modular group and their modular formsJul 23 2007Classically, congruence subgroups of the modular group, which can be described by congruence relations, play important roles in group theory and modular forms. In reality, the majority of finite index subgroups of the modular group are noncongruence. ... More
Edge Theorem for Multivariable SystemsNov 01 2002This paper studies robustness of multivariable systems with parametric uncertainties, and establishes a multivariable version of Edge Theorem. An illustrative example is presented.
Robust Performance of A Class of Control SystemsFeb 23 2002Some Kharitonov-like robust Hurwitz stability criteria are established for a class of complex polynomial families with nonlinearly correlated perturbations. These results are extended to the polynomial matrix case and non-interval D-stability case. Applications ... More
Neutrino Factory R&DOct 17 2005Elegant experiments are being carried out, or are in preparation, to improve the precision with which the solar and atmospheric neutrino-oscillation parameters are known, and to attempt to make a first measurement of the small mixing angle $\theta_{13}$. ... More
Search for Lorentz Violation using Short-Range Tests of GravityJul 24 2016Experimental tests of the newtonian inverse square law at short range, one at Indiana University and the other at the Huazhong University of Science and Technology, have been used to set limits on Lorentz violation in the pure gravity sector of the nonminimal ... More
Higher Spin Entanglement EntropyAug 06 2014Dec 04 2014In this paper, we develop a perturbation formulation to calculate the single interval higher spin R$\acute{e}$nyi and entanglement entropy for two dimensional conformal field theory with $\mathcal{W}_{\infty}(\lambda)$ symmetry. The system is at finite ... More
Renormalization and power counting of chiral nuclear forcesJul 02 2013I discuss the progress we have made on modifying Weinberg's prescription for chiral nuclear forces, using renormalization group invariance as the guideline. Some of the published results are presented.
Pion-nucleon scattering around the delta resonanceNov 22 2009We develop a generalized version of heavy-baryon chiral perturbation theory to describe pion-nucleon scattering in a kinematic domain that extends continuously from threshold to the delta-isobar peak. The $P$-wave phase shifts are used to illustrate this ... More
On the Spectrum of weighted Laplacian operator and its application to uniqueness of Kähler Einstein metricsOct 31 2013Nov 08 2013The purpose of this paper is to provide a new proof of Bando-Mabuchi's uniqueness theorem of K\"ahler Einstein metrics on Fano manifolds, based on Chen's weak C^{1,1} geodesic without using any further regularities. Unlike the smooth case, the lack of ... More
The 90/10 phenomenon in directed signed social networksApr 14 2016We empirical study the signs' property in the directed signed social networks of Slashdot and Epinions by using an reshuffled approach. Through calculating the entropy $S_{out}$ and the giant component $G$, we find an interesting 90/10 phenomenon: each ... More
Polarized 3He(e,e'n) Asymmetries in Three Orthogonal MeasurementsSep 12 2012Asymmetry measurements were conducted in Jefferson Lab's experimental Hall A through electron scattering from a polarized $^3$He target in the quasi-elastic $^3\mathrm{He}(e,e'n)$ reaction. Measurements were made with the target polarized in the longitudinal ... More
Some extensions of Hardy's integral inequalities to Hardy type spacesMar 07 2011In this paper some extensions of Hardy's integral inequalities to $0<p\leq 1$ are established.
Long paths and cycles in subgraphs of the cubeJun 15 2010Mar 20 2015Let $Q_n$ denote the graph of the $n$-dimensional cube with vertex set $\{0,1\}^n$ in which two vertices are adjacent if they differ in exactly one coordinate. Suppose $G$ is a subgraph of $Q_n$ with average degree at least $d$. How long a path can we ... More
Initial Ideals of Pfaffian IdealsOct 20 2016We resolve a conjecture about a class of binomial initial ideals of $I_{2,n}$, the ideal of the Grassmannian, Gr$(2,\mathbb{C}^n$), which are associated to phylogenetic trees. For a weight vector $\omega$ in the tropical Grassmannian, $in_\omega(I_{2,n}) ... More
On co-dimension two defect operatorsNov 08 2016Conformal symmetry is broken by a flat or spherical defect operator $\mathcal{D}$. We show that this defect operator, may be identified as a pair of twist operators which are inserted at the tips of its causal diamond. Any $k-$point correlation function ... More
Wave function of string and membrane and spacetime geometryNov 04 2002Nov 18 2002A first-quantized string (and membrane) theory is developed here by using a general wave function of the string (and membrane), analogously to the first-quantized quantum theory of a point particle. From the general wave function of the string (and membrane), ... More
A Liouville theorem for solutions of degenerate Monge-Ampère equationsNov 27 2012In this paper, we give a new proof of a celebrated theorem of J\"orgens which states that every classical convex solution of \[ \det\nabla^2 u (x)=1\quad {in} \mathbb{R}^2 \] has to be a second order polynomial. Our arguments do not use complex analysis, ... More
Cookie Monster Plays GamesJul 06 2014We research a combinatorial game based on the Cookie Monster problem called the Cookie Monster game that generalizes the games of Nim and Wythoff. We also propose several combinatorial games that are in between the Cookie Monster game and Nim. We discuss ... More
A sharp Sobolev trace inequality involving the mean curvature on Riemannian manifoldsSep 19 2013In this paper, we examine the boundary $L^2$ term of the sharp Sobolev trace inequality $\|u\|_{L^{q}(\pa M)}^2\leq S \|\nabla_g u\|_{L^2(M)}^2 +A(M,g)\|u\|^2_{L^2(\pa M)}$ on Riemannian manifolds $(M,g)$ with boundaries $\pa M$, where $q=\frac{2(n-1)}{n-2}$, ... More
A Harnack inequality for fractional Laplace equations with lower order termsDec 29 2010We establish a Harnack inequality of fractional Laplace equations without imposing sign condition on the coefficient of zero order term via the Moser's iteration and John-Nirenberg inequality.
Charm Production at RHICMay 28 2004Jul 13 2004The latest results for open charm and $J/\psi$ production in p-p, d-Au and Au-Au from the PHENIX and STAR experiments at $\sqrt{s_{NN}}=200$ GeV at RHIC are presented. The preliminary data show open charm production follows binary scaling in d-Au and ... More
Quasi Distribution Amplitude of Heavy QuarkoniaNov 13 2015The recently-proposed quasi distributions point out a promising direction for lattice QCD to investigate the light-cone correlators, such as parton distribution functions (PDF) and distribution amplitudes (DA), directly in the $x$-space. Owing to its ... More
A Novel Statistical Method Based on Dynamic Models for ClassificationOct 26 2014Realizations of stochastic process are often observed temporal data or functional data. There are growing interests in classification of dynamic or functional data. The basic feature of functional data is that the functional data have infinite dimensions ... More
Schauder estimates for solutions of linear parabolic integro-differential equationsMay 05 2014Oct 04 2014We prove optimal pointwise Schauder estimates in the spatial variables for solutions of linear parabolic integro-differential equations. Optimal H\"older estimates in space-time for those spatial derivatives are also obtained.
Approximate McKean-Vlasov Representations for a class of SPDEsOct 31 2005The solution $\vartheta =(\vartheta_{t})_{t\geq 0}$ of a class of linear stochastic partial differential equations is approximated using Clark's robust representation approach (\cite{c}, \cite{cc}). The ensuing approximations are shown to coincide with ... More
Large deviations for locally monotone stochastic partial differential equations driven by Levy noiseMay 21 2016In this paper, we establish a large deviation principle for a type of stochastic partial differential equations (SPDEs) with locally monotone coefficients driven by L\'evy noise. The weak convergence method plays an important role.
A Note on Cross Correlation Distribution of Ternary m-SequencesAug 27 2014Sep 03 2014In this note, we prove a conjecture proposed by Tao Zhang, Shuxing Li, Tao Feng and Gennian Ge, IEEE Transaction on Information Theory, vol. 60, no. 5, May 2014. This conjecture is about the cross correlation distribution of ternary $m$-sequences.
Density-density correlation and interference mechanism for two initially independent Bose-Einstein condensatesDec 06 2006Jan 08 2008In an exciting experiment by MIT's group (Science 275, 637 (1997)), clear interference fringes were observed for two initially independent Bose condensates in dilute gas. Presently, there are two different theories (measurement-induced interference theory ... More
Privacy-Preserving English Auction Protocol with Round EfficiencyOct 27 2010A privacy-preserving English auction protocol with round efficiency based on a modified ring signature has been proposed in this paper. The proposed protocol has three appealing characteristic: First, it offers conditional privacy-preservation: on the ... More
Stability of capillary hypersurfaces in a Euclidean ballAug 09 2014We study the stability of capillary hypersurfaces in a unit Euclidean ball. It is proved that if the mass center of the generalized body enclosed by the immersed capillary hypersurface and the wetted part of the sphere is located at the origin, then the ... More
The rate of increase of mean values of functions in weighted Hardy spacesJun 17 2011Let $0<p<\infty$ and $0\leq q<\infty$. For each $f$ in the weighted Hardy space $H_{p, q}$,\ we show that $d\|f_r\|_{p,q}^p/dr$ grows at most like $o(1/1- r)$ as $r\rightarrow 1$.
Linear mappings of local preserving-majorization on matrix algebrasJan 09 2013Jan 10 2013Let $\M_{n\times n}$ be the algebra of all $n\times n$ matrices. For $x,y\in {R}^{n}$ it is said that $x$ is majorized by $y$ if there is a double stochastic matrix $A\in {M}_{n\times n}$ such that $x=Ay$ (denoted by $x\prec y$). Suppose that $\Phi$ is ... More
Fully Automated Myocardial Infarction Classification using Ordinary Differential EquationsOct 26 2014Portable, Wearable and Wireless electrocardiogram (ECG) Systems have the potential to be used as point-of-care for cardiovascular disease diagnostic systems. Such wearable and wireless ECG systems require automatic detection of cardiovascular disease. ... More
A computable branching process for the Wigner quantum dynamicsMar 01 2016A branching process treatment for the nonlocal Wigner pseudo-differential operator and its numerical applications in quantum dynamics is proposed and analyzed. We start from the discussion on two typical truncations of the nonlocal term, i.e., the $k$-truncated ... More
Optimal cyclic codes with generalized Niho type zeroes and the weight distributionFeb 14 2015In this paper we extend the works \cite{gegeng2,XLZD} further in two directions and compute the weight distribution of these cyclic codes under more relaxed conditions. It is interesting to note that many cyclic codes in the family are optimal and have ... More
Compactness of conformal metrics with constant $Q$-curvature. IJun 02 2015Jun 17 2015We establish compactness for nonnegative solutions of the fourth order constant $Q$-curvature equations on smooth compact Riemannian manifolds of dimension $\ge 5$. If the $Q$-curvature equals $-1$, we prove that all solutions are universally bounded. ... More
Schauder estimates for nonlocal fully nonlinear equationsMay 05 2014Nov 04 2014In this paper, we establish pointwise Schauder estimates for solutions of nonlocal fully nonlinear elliptic equations by perturbative arguments. A key ingredient is a recursive Evans-Krylov theorem for nonlocal fully nonlinear translation invariant equations. ... More
A fractional Yamabe flow and some applicationsOct 25 2011Nov 27 2012We introduce a fractional Yamabe flow involving nonlocal conformally invariant operators on the conformal infinity of asymptotically hyperbolic manifolds, and show that on the conformal spheres $(\Sn, [g_{\Sn}])$, it converges to the standard sphere up ... More
Moderate Deviation Principle for a Class of SPDEsSep 07 2014We establish the moderate deviation principle for the solutions of a class of stochastic partial differential equations with non-Lipschitz continuous coefficients. As an application, we derive the moderate deviation principle for two important population ... More
Nim FractalsMay 23 2014We enumerate P-positions in the game of Nim in two different ways. In one series of sequences we enumerate them by the maximum number of counters in a pile. In another series of sequences we enumerate them by the total number of counters. We show that ... More
Annealed asymptotics for Brownian motion of renormalized potential in mobile random mediumMay 05 2014Motivated by the study of the directed polymer model with mobile Poissonian traps or catalysts and the stochastic parabolic Anderson model with time dependent potential, we investigate the asymptotic behavior of \[\mathbb{E}\otimes\mathbb{E}_0\exp\left\{\pm\theta\int^t_0\bar{V}(s,B_s)ds\right\}\qquad ... More
Large Deviation Principle for Some Measure-Valued ProcessesApr 16 2012May 10 2012We establish a large deviation principle for the solutions of a class of stochastic partial differential equations with non-Lipschitz continuous coefficients. As an application, the large deviation principle is derived for super-Brownian motion and Fleming-Viot ... More
Sharp constants in weighted trace inequalities on Riemannian manifoldsMar 05 2012We establish some sharp weighted trace inequalities $W^{1,2}(\rho^{1-2\sigma}, M)\hookrightarrow L^{\frac{2n}{n-2\sigma}}(\pa M)$ on $n+1$ dimensional compact smooth manifolds with smooth boundaries, where $\rho$ is a defining function of $M$ and $\sigma\in ... More
On a question of Babadi and TarokhJul 14 2013In a recent remarkable paper, Babadi and Tarokh proved the "randomness" of sequences arising from binary linear block codes in the sense of spectral distribution, provided that their dual distances are sufficiently large. However, numerical experiments ... More
On circle averages of Gaussian free fields and Liouville quantum gravityJan 04 2016Jul 06 2016Given a measure $\nu$ on a regular plane domain $D$, the Gaussian multiplicative chaos measure or quantum version of $\nu$ is the random measure ${\widetilde \nu}$ obtained as the limit of the $\gamma$-parameter circle averages of the Gaussian free field ... More
Attention-Based Deep Distance Metric Learning for Aspect-Phrase GroupingApr 29 2016Aspect phrase grouping is an important task for aspect finding in aspect-level sentiment analysis and it is a challenging problem due to polysemy and its context dependency. In this paper we propose an Attention-based Deep Distance Metric Learning (ADDML) ... More
Congruences for an arithmetic function from 3-colored Frobenius partitionsMar 02 2010Apr 27 2010Let $a(n)$ defined by $\sum_{n=1}^{\infty}a(n)q^n := \prod_{n=1}^{\infty}\frac{1}{(1-q^{3n})(1-q^n)^3}.$ In this note, we prove that for every non-negative integer $n$, a(15n+6) \equiv 0\pmod{5}, a(15n+12) \equiv 0\pmod{5}. As a corollary, we obtained ... More
Solutions of some Monge-Ampère equations with isolated and line singularitiesDec 18 2012Jun 03 2013In this paper, we study existence, regularity, classification, and asymptotical behaviors of solutions of some Monge-Amp\`ere equations with isolated and line singularities. We classify all solutions of $\det \nabla^2 u=1$ in $\R^n$ with one puncture ... More
Comparison between cohering power and de-cohering powerApr 22 2016In this paper, we list the results about cohering power and de-cohering power and make a comparison between them. Moreover, we use the results about the cohering power to show that there is no monotone for $l_1$ norm of coherence under maximally incoherent ... More
AdS_5 Supersymmetry in N=1 SuperspaceMay 24 2011Aug 21 2011We use N=1 superspace to construct the supersymmetric matter couplings of vector and hyper multiplets in a five-dimensional anti-de Sitter spacetime background. For hypermultiplets, we find that AdS_5 supersymmetry requires the scalar fields to lie on ... More
Anomalous fermion bunching in density-density correlationJan 19 2007We consider theoretically density-density correlation of identical Fermi system by including the finite resolution of a detector and delta-function term omitted in the ordinary method. We find an anomalous fermion bunching effect, which is a quantum effect ... More
Interference effects between two initially independent Bose-condensed gasesJul 22 2005When two initially independent Bose-condensed gases are allowed to overlap, we investigate the density expectation value of the whole system by using the second quantization method. In the presence of interatomic interaction, based on the exact expression ... More
Hadron production in the forward and backward rapidities in dAu collisions at RHICMar 24 2004Apr 13 2004We have developed new techniques to detect hadrons with the PHENIX muon spectrometers. This allows us to study the centrality dependent nuclear modification factor $R_{CP}$ with high $p_{T}$ hadrons in both forward (d direction) and backward (Au direction) ... More
QCD corrections to polarization of J/ψand Υat Fermilab Tevatron and CERN LHCMay 16 2008Sep 29 2008In this work, we present more detail of the calculation on the NLO QCD corrections to polarization of direct J/psi production via color singlet at Tevatron and LHC, as well as the results for Upsilon for the first time. Our results show that the J/psi ... More
QCD corrections to J/psi polarization of hadronproduction at Tevatron and LHCFeb 26 2008The next to leading order (NLO) QCD corrections to J/psi polarization of hadronproduction at Tevatron and LHC are calculated. The results show that the J/psi polarization is extremely changed from more transversal polarization at leading order (LO) into ... More
B-meson dileptonic decays enhanced by supersymmetry with large $\tanβ$May 25 2001Oct 20 2001We examined the rare decays $B\to X_s\ell^+\ell^-$ and $B_s\to\ell^+\ell^-\gamma$ in the minimal supersymmetric model with large $\tan\beta$. Taking into account the gluino-loop and neutralino-loop effects, we found that for a large $\tan\beta$ the neutral ... More
Fantasia of a Superfluid Universe -- In memory of Kerson HuangNov 30 2016This article introduces Kerson Huang's theory on superfluid universe in these aspects: I. choose the asymptotically free Halpern-Huang scalar field(s) to drive inflation; II. use quantum turbulence to create matter; III. consider dark energy as the energy ... More
Wealth share analysis with "fundamentalist/chartist" heterogeneous agentsMay 23 2014We build a multiassets heterogeneous agents model with fundamentalists and chartists, who make investment decisions by maximizing the constant relative risk aversion utility function. We verify that the model can reproduce the main stylized facts in real ... More
Anomaly Inflow and Membranes in QCD VacuumDec 26 2012We study the membrane-like structure of topological charge density and its fluctuations in the QCD vacuum. Quark zero modes are localized on the membranes and the resultant gauge anomaly is cancelled by the gauge variation of a Chern-Simons type effective ... More
Topological Field Theory Interpretations and LG Representation of c=1 String TheoryMay 23 1995May 29 1995We analyze the topological nature of $c=1$ string theory at the self--dual radius. We find that it admits two distinct topological field theory structures characterized by two different puncture operators. We show it first in the unperturbed theory in ... More
The (N,M)-th KdV hierarchy and the associated W algebraNov 11 1993We discuss a differential integrable hierarchy, which we call the (N, M)$--th KdV hierarchy, whose Lax operator is obtained by properly adding $M$ pseudo--differential terms to the Lax operator of the N--th KdV hierarchy. This new hierarchy contains both ... More
Multi-matrix models without continuum limitDec 10 1992Jun 22 1993We derive the discrete linear systems associated to multi--matrix models, the corresponding discrete hierarchies and the appropriate coupling conditions. We also obtain the $W_{1+\infty}$ constraints on the partition function. We then apply to multi--matrix ... More