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Topological and magnetic phase transition in silicene-like zigzag nanoribbonsMar 08 2018Spin-orbital interactions (SOI) in silicene results in the quantum spin Hall effect, while the Hubbard-induced Coulomb interaction in zigzag nanoribbons often generates a band gap with the anti-ferromagnetic (AF) spin orders on two edges. In this paper ... More
Iterative Learning Economic Model Predictive ControlJan 09 2018Feb 10 2018An iterative learning based economic model predictive controller (ILEMPC) is proposed for repetitive tasks in this paper. Compared with existing works, the initial feasible trajectory of the proposed ILEMPC is not restricted to be convergent to an equilibrium ... More
Barnes-Hut Approximation for Point SetGeodesic ShootingJul 10 2019Geodesic shooting has been successfully applied to diffeo-morphic registration of point sets. Exact computation of the geodesicshooting between point sets, however, requiresO(N2) calculations each time step on the number of points in the point set. We ... More
Evolution of interactions and cooperation in the spatial prisoner's dilemma gameDec 29 2011We study the evolution of cooperation in the spatial prisoner's dilemma game where players are allowed to establish new interactions with others. By employing a simple coevolutionary rule entailing only two crucial parameters, we find that different selection ... More
Radiative Neutrino Mass with $Z_3$ Dark matter: From Relic Density to LHC SignaturesJan 24 2016In this work we give a comprehensive analysis on the phenomenology of a specific $\mathbb{Z}_3$ dark matter (DM) model in which neutrino mass is induced at two loops by interactions with a DM particle that can be a complex scalar or a Dirac fermion. Both ... More
Conductance of Ferro- and Antiferro-magnetic single-atom contacts: A first-principles studyJun 14 2013We present a first-principles study on the spin denpendent conductance of five single-atom magnetic junctions consisting of a magnetic tip and an adatom adsorbed on a magnetic surface, i.e., the Co-Co/Co(001) and Ni-X/Ni(001) (X=Fe, Co, Ni, Cu) junctions. ... More
Exploiting Entity BIO Tag Embeddings and Multi-task Learning for Relation Extraction with Imbalanced DataJun 21 2019In practical scenario, relation extraction needs to first identify entity pairs that have relation and then assign a correct relation class. However, the number of non-relation entity pairs in context (negative instances) usually far exceeds the others ... More
Spot size measurement of flash-radiography source utilizing the pinhole imaging methodNov 12 2015The spot size of the x-ray source is a key parameter of a flash-radiography facility, which is usually quoted as an evaluation of the resolving power. The pinhole imaging technique is applied to measure the spot size of the Dragon-I linear induction accelerator, ... More
Different reactions to adverse neighborhoods in games of cooperationMay 07 2012In social dilemmas, cooperation among randomly interacting individuals is often difficult to achieve. The situation changes if interactions take place in a network where the network structure jointly evolves with the behavioral strategies of the interacting ... More
SERENADE: A Parallel Randomized Algorithm Suite for Crossbar Scheduling in Input-Queued SwitchesOct 19 2017Mar 18 2019Most of today's high-speed switches and routers adopt an input-queued crossbar switch architecture. Such a switch needs to compute a matching (crossbar schedule) between the input ports and output ports during each switching cycle (time slot). A key research ... More
Classical Treatment of Nonadiabatic Dynamics Based on Angular Momentum Mapping HamiltonianNov 01 2018The classical treatment based on the angular momentum mapping Hamiltonian (CAMH) was employed to describe the nonadiabatic dynamics. Here the site-exciton models were selected as typical examples, and the performance of the CAMH dynamical results were ... More
Study on the Energy Dependence of the Radii of Jets by the HBT Correlation Method in e+e- collisionsFeb 19 2013The energy dependence of the radii size of jets are studied in detail by the HBT correlation method using Monte Carlo Simulation generator Jetset7.4 to produce 40,000,000 events of e$^+$e$^-$ collisions at $\sqrt s =30$, 50, 70, 91.2, 110, 130, 150 and ... More
Multiple Round Quantum Dense Coding And Its Implementation Using Nuclear Magnetic ResonanceJul 14 2004A multiple round quantum dense coding (MRQDC) scheme based on the quantum phase estimation algorithm is proposed. Using an $m+1$ qubit system, Bob can transmit $2^{m+1}$ messages to Alice, through manipulating only one qubit and exchanging it between ... More
Diffeomorphic Medial ModelingFeb 06 2019Feb 28 2019Deformable shape modeling approaches that describe objects in terms of their medial axis geometry (e.g., m-reps [Pizer et al., 2003]) yield rich geometrical features that can be useful for analyzing the shape of sheet-like biological structures, such ... More
The $D\to ρ$ transition form factors within the QCD light-cone sum rules and the $D$-meson semileptonic decays $D^0 \to ρ^- e^+ ν_e$ and $D^+ \to ρ^0 e^+ ν_e$Aug 20 2018Sep 17 2018The branching ratio of the $D$-meson semileptonic decay $D \to \rho e^+ \nu_e$ measured at the CLEO-c detector based on $0.82~{\rm fb^{-1}}$ data taken at the peak of the $\psi(3770)$ resonance disagrees with the traditional SVZ QCD sum rules analysis ... More
Long lifetime and high-fidelity quantum memory of photonic polarization qubit by lifting Zeeman degeneracyJun 18 2013Aug 08 2013Long-lived and high-fidelity memory for photonic polarization qubit (PPQ) is crucial for constructing quantum networks. Here we present an EIT-based millisecond storage system in which a moderate magnetic field is applied on a cold-atom cloud to lift ... More
Miura-ori tube metamaterial with tunable dynamic propertyNov 30 2018Structures and/or materials with engineered functionality, capable of achieving targeted mechanical responses reacting to changes in external excitation, have various potential engineering applications, e.g. aerospace, oceanographic engineering, soft ... More
Electron scattering in tantalum monoarsenideFeb 04 2017We report comprehensive studies of the single crystal growth and electrical transport properties for various samples of TaAs, the first experimentally confirmed inversion symmetry-breaking Weyl semimetal. The transport parameters for different samples ... More
$\rm ^3_ΛH$ and $\rm ^3_{\overline Λ}\overline H$ production and characterization in Cu+Cu collisions at $\sqrt{s_{\rm{NN}}}=200$GeVDec 11 2018Production of the (anti)hypertriton nuclei $\rm ^3_{\Lambda}H$ and $\rm ^3_{\overline \Lambda}\overline H$ in Cu+Cu interactions at $\sqrt{s_{\rm{NN}}}=200$GeV is studied at three centrality bins of 0-10\%, 10-30\% and 30-60\% using the dynamically constrained ... More
A theoretical framework of the scaled Gaussian stochastic process in prediction and calibrationJul 10 2018The Gaussian stochastic process (GaSP) is a useful technique for predicting nonlinear outcomes. The estimated mean function in a GaSP, however, can be far from the reality in terms of the $L_2$ distance. This problem was widely observed in calibrating ... More
Storage of Gold Nanoclusters in Muscle Leads to their Biphasic in Vivo ClearanceNov 18 2014Ultrasmall gold nanoclusters show great potential in biomedical applications. Long term biodistribution, retention, toxicity, and pharmacokinetics profiles are prerequisites in their potential clinical applications. Here we systematically investigated ... More
Up-conversion single-photon detectors based on integrated periodically poled lithium niobate waveguidesFeb 18 2019We demonstrate up-conversion single-photon detectors based on integrated periodically poled lithium niobate waveguides, which incorporate two mode filters and a directional coupler. The two mode filters are optimized for the fiber-waveguide coupling efficiencies ... More
Compact all-fiber polarization-independent up-conversion single-photon detectorMar 14 2019We demonstrate a compact all-fiber polarization-independent up-conversion single-photon detector based on integrated reverse proton exchanged periodically poled lithium niobate waveguides. The horizontally and vertically polarized components of randomly ... More
The fundamental theorem of affine geometry in $(L^0)^n$Dec 20 2018Let $L^0$ be the algebra of equivalence classes of real valued random variables on a probability space. For each integer $n\geq 2$, we consider $(L^0)^n$--the $n$-ary Cartesian power of $L^0$--as a free $L^0$-module and establish the fundamental theorem ... More
Optimizing the linearity in high-speed photodiodesAug 13 2018Analog photonic links require high-fidelity, high-speed optical-to-electrical conversion for applications such as radio-over-fiber, synchronization at kilometer-scale facilities, and low-noise electronic signal generation. Photodetector nonlinearity is ... More
Observation of Quantum Griffiths Singularity and Ferromagnetism at Superconducting LaAlO3/SrTiO3(110) InterfaceMar 03 2016Jun 07 2016Diverse phenomena emerge at the interface between band insulators LaAlO3 and SrTiO3, such as superconductivity and ferromagnetism, showing an opportunity for potential applications as well as bringing fundamental research interests. Particularly, the ... More
A Multigrid Method for the Ground State Solution of Bose-Einstein CondensatesAug 27 2014Sep 06 2014A multigrid method is proposed to compute the ground state solution of Bose-Einstein condensations by the finite element method based on the multilevel correction for eigenvalue problems and the multigrid method for linear boundary value problems. In ... More
Sequential detection of low-rank changes using extreme eigenvaluesJun 15 2017We study the problem of detecting an abrupt change to the signal covariance matrix. In particular, the covariance changes from a "white" identity matrix to an unknown spiked or low-rank matrix. Two sequential change-point detection procedures are presented, ... More
Computable Error Estimates for Ground State Solution of Bose-Einstein CondensatesApr 18 2016In this paper, we propose a computable error estimate of the Gross-Pitaevskii equation for ground state solution of Bose-Einstein condensates by general conforming finite element methods on general meshes. Based on the proposed error estimate, asymptotic ... More
On the uniqueness of conical Kähler-Einstein metricsFeb 17 2014The purpose of this paper is to prove the uniqueness of conical K\"ahler-Einstein metrics, under the condition that the twisted $Ding$-functional is proper. This is a generalization of the author's previous work, and we shall first investigate the uniqueness ... More
Extremes of multifractional Brownian motionNov 15 2017Let $B_{H}(t), t\geq [0,T], T\in(0,\infty)$ be the standard Multifractional Brownian Motion(mBm), in this contribution we are concerned with the exact asymptotics of \begin{eqnarray*} \mathbb{P}\left\{\sup_{t\in[0,T]}B_{H}(t)>u\right\} \end{eqnarray*} ... More
Simultaneous approximation for scheduling problemsApr 15 2013Motivated by the problem to approximate all feasible schedules by one schedule in a given scheduling environment, we introduce in this paper the concepts of strong simultaneous approximation ratio (SAR) and weak simultaneous approximation ratio (WAR). ... More
The effective dynamics of loop quantum $R^2$ cosmologyNov 20 2018The effective dynamics of loop quantum $f (R)$ cosmology in Jordan frame is considered by using the dynamical system method and numerical method. To make the analyze in detail, we focus on $R^2$ model since it is simple and favored from observations. ... More
Robust Strictly Positive Real Synthesis for Polynomial Families of Arbitrary OrderNov 01 2002For any two $n$-$th$ order polynomials $a(s)$ and $b(s),$ the Hurwitz stability of their convex combination is necessary and sufficient for the existence of a polynomial $c(s)$ such that $c(s)/a(s)$ and $c(s)/b(s)$ are both strictly positive real.
Convexity, translation invariance and subadditivity for $g$-expectations and related risk measuresJan 22 2008Under the continuous assumption on the generator $g$, Briand et al. [Electron. Comm. Probab. 5 (2000) 101--117] showed some connections between $g$ and the conditional $g$-expectation $({\mathcal{E}}_g[\cdot|{\mathcal{F}}_t])_{t\in[0,T]}$ and Rosazza ... More
Correlation function of modular HamiltoniansJul 01 2019We investigate varies correlation functions of modular Hamiltonians defined with respect to spatial regions in quantum field theories. These correlation functions are divergent in general. We extract finite correlators by removing divergent terms for ... More
Differentiation of IntegralsJul 08 2014No functions class for general measurable sets classes are known whose functions have the property of differentiability of integrals associated to such sets classes. In this paper,we give some subspaces of $L^s$ with $1<s<\infty$, whose functions are ... More
Estimates at or beyond endpoint in harmonic analysis: Bochner-Riesz means and spherical meansMar 03 2011We introduce some new functions spaces to investigate some problems at or beyond endpoint. First, we prove that Bochner-Riesz means $B_R^\lambda$ are bounded from some subspaces of $L^p_{|x|^\alpha}$ to $L^p_{|x|^\alpha}$ for $ \frac{n-1}{2(n+1)}<\lambda ... More
Extremes of multifractional Brownian motionNov 15 2017Mar 30 2019Let $B_{H}(t), t\geq [0,T], T\in(0,\infty)$ be the standard Multifractional Brownian Motion(mBm), in this contribution we are concerned with the exact asymptotics of \begin{eqnarray*} \mathbb{P}\left\{\sup_{t\in[0,T]}B_{H}(t)>u\right\} \end{eqnarray*} ... More
Estimation of Change-point ModelsMay 01 2018May 08 2018We consider the testing and estimation of change-points, locations where the distribution abruptly changes, in a sequence of observations. Motivated by this problem, in this contribution we first investigate the extremes of Gaussian fields with trend ... More
Parisian ruin of Brownian motion risk model over an infinite-time horizonFeb 20 2017Let $B(t), t\in \mathbb{R}$ be a standard Brownian motion. In this paper, we derive the exact asymptotics of the probability of Parisian ruin on infinite time horizon for the following risk process \begin{align}\label{Rudef} R_u^{\delta}(t)=e^{\delta ... More
Extremes of $α(t)$-Locally stationary Gaussian processes with non-constant variancesJun 22 2016Aug 21 2016With motivation from K. D\c{e}bicki and P. Kisowski (2007), in this paper we derive the exact tail asymptotics of $\alpha(t)$-locally stationary Gaussian processes with non-constant variance functions. We show that some certain variance functions lead ... More
On Atkin and Swinnerton-Dyer congruence relations (3)Jan 10 2007In the previous two papers with the same title ([LLY05] by W.C. Li, L. Long, Z. Yang and [ALL05] by A.O.L. Atkin, W.C. Li, L. Long), the authors have studied special families of cuspforms for noncongruence arithmetic subgroups. It was found that the Fourier ... More
Scalar-Invariant Test for High-Dimensional Regression CoefficientsFeb 16 2015This article is concerned with simultaneous tests on linear regression coefficients in high-dimensional settings. When the dimensionality is larger than the sample size, the classic $F$-test is not applicable since the sample covariance matrix is not ... More
A note on the Brown--Erdős--Sós conjecture in groupsFeb 20 2019Apr 09 2019We show that a dense subset of a sufficiently large group multiplication table contains either a large part of the addition table of the integers modulo some $k$, or the entire multiplication table of a certain large abelian group, as a subgrid. As a ... More
Multigrid Methods for Constrained Minimization Problems and Application to Saddle Point ProblemsJan 15 2016The first order condition of the constrained minimization problem leads to a saddle point problem. A multigrid method using a multiplicative Schwarz smoother for saddle point problems can thus be interpreted as a successive subspace optimization method ... More
Search for Lorentz Violation using Short-Range Tests of GravityJul 24 2016Experimental tests of the newtonian inverse square law at short range, one at Indiana University and the other at the Huazhong University of Science and Technology, have been used to set limits on Lorentz violation in the pure gravity sector of the nonminimal ... More
Higher Spin Entanglement EntropyAug 06 2014Dec 04 2014In this paper, we develop a perturbation formulation to calculate the single interval higher spin R$\acute{e}$nyi and entanglement entropy for two dimensional conformal field theory with $\mathcal{W}_{\infty}(\lambda)$ symmetry. The system is at finite ... More
The Lelong number, the Monge-Ampère mass and the Schwarz symmetrization of plurisubharmonic functionsMay 25 2019The aim of this paper is to study the Lelong number, the integrability index and the Monge-Amp\`ere mass at the origin of an $S^1$-invariant plurisubharmonic function on a balanced domain in $\mathbb{C}^n$ under the Schwarz symmetrization. We prove that ... More
A prescription for projectors to compute helicity amplitudes in D dimensionsApr 01 2019Apr 08 2019This article discusses a prescription to get polarized dimensionally regularized amplitudes, providing a recipe for constructing simple and general polarized amplitude projectors in D dimensions that avoids conventional Lorentz tensor decomposition and ... More
Exponential decay and symmetry of solitary waves to the Degasperis-Procesi equationJan 20 2019Jan 24 2019We prove that solitary waves to the steady Degasperis-Procesi equation, if they exist, decay as $e^{-|x|}$ for large $|x|$ and are symmetric with respect to the unique symmetry axis located at the only crest (although only peaked solitary waves are allowed). ... More
A Review of Tree-based Approaches to solve Forward-Backward Stochastic Differential EquationsSep 02 2018Jun 25 2019In this work, we study solving (decoupled) forward-backward stochastic differential equations (FBSDEs) numerically using the regression trees. Based on the general theta-discretization for the time-integrands, we show how to efficiently use regression ... More
Extremes of $L^p$-norm of Vector-valued Gaussian processes with TrendJun 26 2017Jun 01 2018Let $\boldsymbol{X}(t)=(X_1(t),\ldots,X_d(t))$ be a Gaussian vector process and $g(t)$ be a continuous function. The asymptotics of distribution of $\left\|\boldsymbol{X}(t)\right\|_p$, the $L^p$ norm for Gaussian finite-dimensional vector, have been ... More
Robust Performance of A Class of Control SystemsFeb 23 2002Some Kharitonov-like robust Hurwitz stability criteria are established for a class of complex polynomial families with nonlinearly correlated perturbations. These results are extended to the polynomial matrix case and non-interval D-stability case. Applications ... More
Pre-heating of the intergalactic medium by gravitational collapse and ultraviolet backgroundSep 03 2017The preheating of intergalactic medium(IGM) by structure collapsing and ultraviolet background(UVB) are investigated in cosmological hydrodynamical simulations. When gravitational collapsing is the sole heating mechanism, we find that (1) $60\%, 45\%$ ... More
Regularity of many-body Schrödinger evolution equation and its application to numerical analysisMar 06 2018May 10 2019A decade ago, the mixed regularity of stationary many-body Schr\"o\-dinger equation has been studied by Harry Yserentant through the Pauli Principle and the Hardy inequality (Uncertainty Principle). In this article, we prove that the many-body evolution ... More
Some Numeric Hypergeometric SupercongruencesDec 18 2018Apr 18 2019In this article, we list a few hypergeometric supercongruence conjectures based on two evaluation formulas of Whipple and numeric data computed using Magma and Sagemath.
Long paths and cycles in subgraphs of the cubeJun 15 2010Mar 20 2015Let $Q_n$ denote the graph of the $n$-dimensional cube with vertex set $\{0,1\}^n$ in which two vertices are adjacent if they differ in exactly one coordinate. Suppose $G$ is a subgraph of $Q_n$ with average degree at least $d$. How long a path can we ... More
On co-dimension two defect operatorsNov 08 2016Conformal symmetry is broken by a flat or spherical defect operator $\mathcal{D}$. We show that this defect operator, may be identified as a pair of twist operators which are inserted at the tips of its causal diamond. Any $k-$point correlation function ... More
Initial Ideals of Pfaffian IdealsOct 20 2016We resolve a conjecture about a class of binomial initial ideals of $I_{2,n}$, the ideal of the Grassmannian, Gr$(2,\mathbb{C}^n$), which are associated to phylogenetic trees. For a weight vector $\omega$ in the tropical Grassmannian, $in_\omega(I_{2,n}) ... More
Convergence of Fourier series at or beyond endpointMar 03 2011We consider several problems at or beyond endpoint in harmonic analysis. The solutions of these problems are related to the estimates of some classes of sublinear operators. To do this, we introduce some new functions spaces $RL^{p,s}_{|x|^{\alpha}}({\bf ... More
Index iteration theory for symplectic paths with applications to nonlinear Hamiltonian systemsApr 18 2003In recent years, we have established the iteration theory of the index for symplectic matrix paths and applied it to periodic solution problems of nonlinear Hamiltonian systems. This paper is a survey on these results.
Vortical Motions of Baryonic Gas in the Cosmic Web: Growth History and Scaling RelationAug 27 2015The vortical motions of the baryonic gas residing in large scale structures are investigated by cosmological hydrodynamic simulations. Proceeding in the formation of the cosmic web, the vortical motions of baryonic matter are pumped up by baroclinity ... More
Evolution of mass and velocity filed in comic web: comparison between baryonic and dark matterFeb 22 2017We investigate the evolution of cosmic web since $z=5$ in grid based cosmological hydrodynamical simulations, focusing on the mass and velocity field of both baryonic and cold dark matter. The tidal tensor of density is used as the main method for web ... More
Semiclassical Cauchy Estimates and ApplicationsFeb 21 2013In this note, we study solutions to semiclassical Schrodinger equations on a real analytic manifold with a real analytic potential and prove the semiclassical version of Cauchy estimates on derivatives. As an application, we use Donnelly and Fefferman's ... More
Phylogenetic trees and homomorphismsJan 02 2018In Chapter 1 we fully characterise pairs of finite graphs which form a gap in the full homomorphism order. This leads to a simple proof of the existence of generalised duality pairs. We also discuss how such results can be carried to relational structures ... More
Power Comparison between High Dimensional t-Test, Sign, and Signed Rank TestsDec 27 2018In this paper, we propose a power comparison between high dimensional t-test, sign and signed rank test for the one sample mean test. We show that the high dimensional signed rank test is superior to a high dimensional t test, but inferior to a high dimensional ... More
High Dimensional Spatial Rank Test for Two-Sample Location ProblemJun 27 2015This article concerns tests for the two-sample location problem when the dimension is larger than the sample size. The traditional multivariate-rank-based procedures cannot be used in high dimensional settings because the sample scatter matrix is not ... More
Programming of Finite Element Methods in MATLABApr 14 2018We discuss how to implement the linear finite element method for solving the Poisson equation. We begin with the data structure to represent the triangulation and boundary conditions, introduce the sparse matrix, and then discuss the assembling process. ... More
Large unavoidable subtournamentsFeb 18 2015Mar 11 2016Let $D_k$ denote the tournament on $3k$ vertices consisting of three disjoint vertex classes $V_1, V_2$ and $V_3$ of size $k$, each of which is oriented as a transitive subtournament, and with edges directed from $V_1$ to $V_2$, from $V_2$ to $V_3$ and ... More
Finite index subgroups of the modular group and their modular formsJul 23 2007Classically, congruence subgroups of the modular group, which can be described by congruence relations, play important roles in group theory and modular forms. In reality, the majority of finite index subgroups of the modular group are noncongruence. ... More
Direct optical detection of Weyl fermion chirality in a topological semimetalMay 01 2017A Weyl semimetal (WSM) is a novel topological phase of matter, in which Weyl fermions (WFs) arise as pseudo-magnetic monopoles in its momentum space. The chirality of the WFs, given by the sign of the monopole charge, is central to the Weyl physics, since ... More
Spatial Phase and Amplitude Structuring of Beams Using a Combination of Multiple Orthogonal Spatial Functions with Complex CoefficientsMay 28 2016Analogous to time signals that can be composed of multiple frequency functions, we use uniquely structured orthogonal spatial modes to create different beam shapes. We tailor the spatial structure by judiciously choosing a weighted combination of multiple ... More
Orbital Angular Momentum-based Space Division Multiplexing for High-capacity Underwater Optical CommunicationsApr 23 2016To increase system capacity of underwater optical communications, we employ the spatial domain to simultaneously transmit multiple orthogonal spatial beams, each carrying an independent data channel. In this paper, we multiplex and transmit four green ... More
Using a Complex Optical Orbital-Angular-Momentum Spectrum to Measure Object Parameters: A Spatial Domain ApproachMay 25 2017Light beams can be characterized by their complex spatial profiles in both intensity and phase. Analogous to time signals, which can be decomposed into multiple orthogonal frequency functions, a light beam can also be decomposed into a set of spatial ... More
Evolutionary game dynamics with three strategies in finite populationsJan 29 2007We propose a model for evolutionary game dynamics with three strategies $A$, $B$ and $C$ in the framework of Moran process in finite populations. The model can be described as a stochastic process which can be numerically computed from a system of linear ... More
Performance Metrics and Design Parameters for a Free-space Communication Link Based on Multiplexing of Multiple Orbital-Angular-Momentum BeamsAug 28 2014We study the design parameters for an orbital angular momentum (OAM) multiplexed free-space data link. Power loss, channel crosstalk and power penalty of the link are analyzed in the case of misalignment between the transmitter and receiver (lateral displacement, ... More
Metabolizable Bi2Se3 Nanoplates: Biodistribution, Toxicity, and Uses for Cancer Radiation Therapy and ImagingDec 06 2013Bi, a high atom number element, has a high photoelectric absorption coefficient, and Se element has anticancer activity. Hence, their compound chalcogenide (Bi2Se3) deserves a thorough investigation for biomedical applications. This study reveals that ... More
80-Gbit/s 100-m Free-Space Optical Data Transmission Link via a Flying UAV Using Multiplexing of Orbital-Angular-Momentum BeamsAug 09 2017We explore the use of orbital-angular-momentum (OAM)-multiplexing to increase the capacity of free-space data transmission to moving platforms, with an added potential benefit of decreasing the probability of data intercept. Specifically, we experimentally ... More
Study of $J/ψ$ Production in $\sqrt{s_{NN}} = 200$ GeV $p+p$ and $d+Au$ Collisions in PHENIXOct 06 2005$J/\psi$ measurements in $p+p$ and $d+Au$ collisions serve as crucial references to understand the $J/\psi$ production in $Au+Au$ collisions at RHIC where quark gluon plasma (QGP) is expected to be formed. They also provide important clues to study various ... More
Talk&Learn: Improving Conversation Experience and Creating Opportunities for Foreign Language LearningApr 28 2016Existing Real-Time Translation Interfaces (RTTI) do not provide experience as natural and efficient as monolingual communication. Also, such systems do not provide functions supporting language learning. This results in the waste of both time and potential ... More
Quasiisometries of negatively curved homogeneous manifolds associated with Heisenberg groupsAug 14 2013We study quasiisometries between negatively curved homogeneous manifolds associated with diagonalizable derivations on Heisenberg algebras. We classify these manifolds up to quasiisometry, and show that all quasiisometries between such manifolds (except ... More
Mostow rigidity for Fuchsian buildingsJul 23 2004We show that if a homeomorphism between the ideal boundaries of two Fuchsian buildings preserves the combinatorial cross ratio almost everywhere, then it extends to an isomorphism between the Fuchsian buildings. It follows that Mostow rigidity holds for ... More
Grothendieck-Witt groups of quadricsJan 25 2016Let k be a commutative ring containing 1/2. In this paper, we construct certain homotopy fibration sequences for Grothendieck-Witt spectra of smooth quadric hypersurfaces over k. As an application, we compute Witt groups of smooth quadric hypersurfaces ... More
A Full Multigrid Method for Eigenvalue ProblemsSep 28 2014In this paper, a full (nested) multigrid scheme is proposed to solve eigenvalue problems. The idea here is to use the multilevel correction method to transform the solution of eigenvalue problem to a series of solutions of the corresponding boundary value ... More
Neural Text Generation: A Practical GuideNov 27 2017Deep learning methods have recently achieved great empirical success on machine translation, dialogue response generation, summarization, and other text generation tasks. At a high level, the technique has been to train end-to-end neural network models ... More
Conjectures P1-P15 for Coxeter groups with complete graphFeb 28 2019We prove Lusztig's conjectures P1-P15 for Coxeter groups with complete graph, using deceasing induction on $ \mathbf{a} $-values and a kind of decomposition formula of Kazhdan-Lusztig basis elements. As a byproduct, we give a description of the left, ... More
Avoid Internal Loops in Steady State Flux Space SamplingOct 18 2012As a widely used method in metabolic network studies, Monte-Carlo sampling in the steady state flux space is known for its flexibility and convenience of carrying out different purposes, simply by alternating constraints or objective functions, or appending ... More
Rigidity of quasiconformal maps on Carnot groupsAug 14 2013We show that quasiconformal maps on many Carnot groups must be biLipschitz. In particular, this is the case for 2-step Carnot groups with reducible first layer. These results have implications for the rigidity of quasiisometries between negatively curved ... More
1-Quasiconformal maps on Carnot groups with reducible first layerDec 29 2013Sep 24 2014For the result on 1-quasiconformal maps, see the paper by Cowling and Ottazzi. The result on quasiconformal maps on Carnot groups with reducible first layer will appear in a forthcoming paper by Enrico Le Donne and Xiangdong Xie.
Quasiconformal maps on model Filiform groupsAug 14 2013We describe all quasiconformal maps on the higher (real and complex) model Filiform groups equipped with the Carnot metric, including non-smooth ones. These maps have very special forms. In particular, they are all biLipschitz and preserve multiple foliations. ... More
Toric surfaces over an arbitrary fieldOct 20 2016We study toric varieties over an arbitrary field in the Merkurjev-Panin motivic category. In 1997, Merkurjev and Panin showed that a smooth projective toric variety $X$ is always a direct summand of a separable algebra in the motivic category and it is ... More
Rigorous Results in Existence and Selection of Saffman-Taylor Fingers by Kinetic UndercoolingOct 01 2016The selection of Saffman-Taylor fingers by surface tension has been extensively investigated. Here in this paper we are concerned about existence and selection of steadily translating symmetric finger solutions in a Hele-Shaw cell by small but non-zero ... More
Measurements of open charm hadron production in Au+Au Collisions at $\sqrt{s_{\rm{NN}}}$ = 200 GeV at STARDec 23 2018We report on the measurements of production of various charmed hadrons in Au+Au collisions at $\sqrt{s_{\rm{NN}}}$ = 200 GeV (including $D^{0}(\overline{D^{0}})$ and $\Lambda_{c}^{\pm}$) obtained via topological reconstruction, utilizing the Heavy Flavor ... More
Two-Dimensional Attosecond Electron Wave Packet InterferometryDec 19 2014We propose a two-dimensional interferometry based on electron wave packet interference with a cycle-shaped orthogonally polarized two-color laser field. With such method, sub-cycle and inter-cycle interferences can be disentangled into different direction ... More
Quasimobius maps preserve uniform domainsJul 05 2006We show that if a domain D in a geodesic metric space is quasimobius to a uniform domain in some metric space, then D is also uniform.
Groups acting on CAT(0) square complexesMar 10 2003We study groups acting on CAT(0) square complexes. In particular we show if Y is a nonpositively curved (in the sense of A. D. Alexandrov) finite square complex and the vertex links of Y contain no simple loop consisting of five edges, then any subgroup ... More
Rigorous Results in Existence and Selection of Saffman-Taylor Fingers by Kinetic UndercoolingOct 01 2016Jan 03 2018The selection of Saffman-Taylor fingers by surface tension has been extensively investigated. In this paper we are concerned with the existence and selection of steadily translating symmetric finger solutions in a Hele-Shaw cell by small but non-zero ... More
Foldable cubical complexes of nonpositive curvatureSep 05 2004We study finite foldable cubical complexes of nonpositive curvature (in the sense of A.D. Alexandrov). We show that such a complex X admits a graph of spaces decomposition. It is also shown that when dim X=3, X contains a closed rank one geodesic in the ... More
On $2\times 2$ Tropical Commuting MatricesJun 10 2019Jun 25 2019This paper investigates the geometric properties of a special case of the two-sided system given by $2 \times 2$ tropical commuting constraints. Given a finite matrix $A \in \mathbb{R}^{2\times 2}$, the paper studies the extreme vertices of the tropical ... More