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Type-II Weyl Fermions in SuperconductorsJun 13 2019Based on the first-principles calculations and consistent experimental measurements, we propose that the hexagonal phase of ternary transition metal pnictides TT'X (T=Zr, Hf; T'=Ru; X=P, As), which are well-known noncentrosymmetric superconductors with ... More
Reheating constraints to WIMPflationMay 14 2019Analyses of inflation models are usually conducted assuming a specific range---e.g., $N_k \simeq 50-60$--of the number $N_k$ of $e$-folds of inflation. However, the analysis can also be performed by taking into account constraints imposed by the physics ... More
TASI 2011: CalcHEP and PYTHIA TutorialsJul 31 2012This note summarizes a pedagogical tutorial on CalcHEP and PYTHIA that was given at TASI 2011 program.
On small univoque bases of real numbersFeb 19 2016May 23 2016Given a positive real number $x$, we consider the smallest base $q_s(x)\in(1,2)$ for which there exists a unique sequence $(d_i)$ of zeros and ones such that \[ x=\sum_{i=1}^\infty\frac{d_i}{(q_s(x))^i}. \] In this paper we give complete characterizations ... More
Statistical distributions of pyrosequencingNov 06 2014Pyrosequencing is emerging as one of the important next-generation sequencing technologies. We derive the statistical distributions of this technique in terms of nucleotide probabilities of the target sequences. We give exact distributions both for fixed ... More
Length distribution of sequencing by synthesis: fixed flow cycle modelNov 06 2014Sequencing by synthesis is the underlying technology for many next-generation DNA sequencing platforms. We developed a new model, the fixed flow cycle model, to derive the distributions of sequence length for a given number of flow cycles under the general ... More
Distributions of positive signals in pyrosequencingNov 06 2014Pyrosequencing is one of the important next-generation sequencing technologies. We derive the distribution of the number of positive signals in pyrograms of this sequencing technology as a function of flow cycle numbers and nucleotide probabilities of ... More
A degenerate elliptic system with variable exponentsOct 14 2018We study a degenerate elliptic system with variable exponents. Using the variational approach and some recent theory on weighted Lebesgue and Sobolev spaces with variable exponents, we prove the existence of at least two distinct nontrivial weak solutions ... More
Electronic structure and magnetism of equiatomic FeNApr 06 2000In order to investigate the phase stability of equiatomic FeN compounds and the structure-dependent magnetic properties, the electronic structure and total energy of FeN with NaCl, ZnS and CsCl structures and various magnetic configurations are calculated ... More
Generalization of the Correspondence about DTr-selfinjective algebrasApr 04 2012May 07 2012We give a correspondence between (n-1)-DTr-selfinjective algebras and algebras with dominant dimension and selinjective dimension being both n for any n bigger than 1 . Furthermore, we show the relation between the module categories of the two kinds of ... More
Some universal properties of Levin-Wen modelsNov 20 2012We review the key steps of the construction of Levin-Wen type of models on lattices with boundaries and defects of codimension 1,2,3 in a joint work with Alexei Kitaev. We emphasize some universal properties, such as boundary-bulk duality and duality-defect ... More
Ulam Sphere Size Analysis for Permutation and Multipermutation Codes Correcting Translocation ErrorsDec 11 2017Jan 08 2019Permutation and multipermutation codes in the Ulam metric have been suggested for use in non-volatile memory storage systems such as flash memory devices. In this paper we introduce a new method to calculate permutation sphere sizes in the Ulam metric ... More
Open-closed field algebrasOct 09 2006Aug 12 2007We introduce the notions of open-closed field algebra and open-closed field algebra over a vertex operator algebra V. In the case that V satisfies certain finiteness and reductivity conditions, we show that an open-closed field algebra over V canonically ... More
Monomer-dimer model in two-dimensional rectangular lattices with fixed dimer densityOct 25 2006The classical monomer-dimer model in two-dimensional lattices has been shown to belong to the \emph{``#P-complete''} class, which indicates the problem is computationally ``intractable''. We use exact computational method to investigate the number of ... More
Logarithmic corrections in the free energy of monomer-dimer model on plane lattices with free boundariesJan 25 2006Using exact computations we study the classical hard-core monomer-dimer models on m x n plane lattice strips with free boundaries. For an arbitrary number v of monomers (or vacancies), we found a logarithmic correction term in the finite-size correction ... More
Anyon condensation and tensor categoriesJul 31 2013Jul 14 2014Instead of constructing anyon condensation in various concrete models, we take a bootstrap approach by considering an abstract situation, in which an anyon condensation happens in a 2-d topological phase with anyonic excitations given by a modular tensor ... More
Conformal field theory and a new geometryJul 19 2011This paper is a review of open-closed rational conformal field theory (CFT) via the theory of vertex operator algebras (VOAs), together with a proposal of a new geometry based on CFTs and D-branes. We will start with an outline of the idea of the new ... More
On the self similarity of generalized Cantor setsJul 16 2012May 23 2013We consider the self-similar structure of the class of generalized Cantor sets $$\Gamma_{\mathcal{D}}=\Big\{\sum_{n=1}^\infty d_n\beta^{n}: d_n\in D_n, n\ge 1\Big\},$$ where $0<\beta<1$ and $D_n, n\ge 1,$ are nonempty and finite subsets of $\mathbb{Z}$. ... More
Full field algebras, operads and tensor categoriesMar 03 2006Oct 16 2006We study the operadic and categorical formulations of (conformal) full field algebras. In particular, we show that a grading-restricted $\R\times \R$-graded full field algebra is equivalent to an algebra over a partial operad constructed from spheres ... More
Cardy condition for open-closed field algebrasDec 10 2006Feb 04 2009Let $V$ be a vertex operator algebra satisfying certain reductivity and finiteness conditions such that $\mathcal{C}_V$, the category of V-modules, is a modular tensor category. We study open-closed field algebras over V equipped with nondegenerate invariant ... More
Spectroscopic study of blue compact galaxies IV. Star formation rates and gas depletion timescalesOct 29 2004This is the fourth paper in a series studying star formation rates, stellar components, metallicities, and star formation histories of a blue compact galaxy (BCG) sample. Using Ha, [OII]3727, IR, radio (1.4GHz) luminosities and neutral hydrogen gas masses, ... More
Measuring Properties of Dark Matter at the LHCSep 26 2013We review various theoretical methods for measuring dark matter properties at the Large Hadron Collider.
Exact asymptotics of monomer-dimer model on rectangular semi-infinite latticesNov 17 2006By using the asymptotic theory of Pemantle and Wilson, exact asymptotic expansions of the free energy of the monomer-dimer model on rectangular $n \times \infty$ lattices in terms of dimer density are obtained for small values of $n$, at both high and ... More
Packing dimers on $(2p + 1) \times (2q + 1) $ latticesOct 29 2014We use computational method to investigate the number of ways to pack dimers on \emph{odd-by-odd} lattices. In this case, there is always a single vacancy in the lattices. We show that the dimer configuration numbers on $(2k+1) \times (2k+1)$ \emph{odd} ... More
Measurement of R Between 2-5 GeVMar 29 1999We have obtained measurements of the total cross section for e+e- annihilation into hadronic final states for 6 energy points (2.6, 3.2, 2.4, 3.55, 4.6, and 5.0 GeV) with the upgraded Beijing Spectrometer (BESII). We report preliminary values from this ... More
Science Driven Innovations Powering Mobile Product: Cloud AI vs. Device AI Solutions on Smart DeviceNov 20 2017Recent years have witnessed the increasing popularity of mobile devices (such as iphone) due to the convenience that it brings to human lives. On one hand, rich user profiling and behavior data (including per-app level, app-interaction level and system-interaction ... More
Evidence for Majorana bound state in an iron-based superconductorJun 19 2017Mar 19 2018The search for Majorana bound state (MBS) has recently emerged as one of the most active research areas in condensed matter physics, fueled by the prospect of using its non-Abelian statistics for robust quantum computation. A highly sought-after platform ... More
A new Majorana platform in an Fe-As bilayer superconductorJul 01 2019Recently, iron-chalcogenide superconductors have emerged as a new and promising platform for studying and manipulating Majorana zero mode (MZM). By combining topological band structure and superconductivity in a multiband material, they provide significant ... More
Observation of half-integer level shift of vortex bound states in an iron-based superconductorJan 08 2019Vortices in topological superconductors host Majorana zero modes (MZMs), which are proposed to be building blocks of fault-tolerant topological quantum computers. Recently, a new single-material platform for realizing MZM has been discovered in iron-based ... More
Observation of bulk nodal lines in topological semimetal ZrSiSDec 03 2017ZrSiS is the most intensively studied topological nodal-line semimetal candidate, which is proposed to host multiple nodal lines in its bulk electronic structure. However, previous angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy (ARPES) experiments with vacuum ... More
Observation of Majorana conductance plateau by scanning tunneling spectroscopyApr 12 2019Majorana zero-modes (MZMs) are spatially-localized zero-energy fractional quasiparticles with non-Abelian braiding statistics that hold great promise for topological quantum computing. Due to its particle-antiparticle equivalence, an MZM exhibits perfect ... More
XMM-Newton observation of the X-ray point source population of the starburst galaxy IC342Aug 06 2003We present the results of an XMM-Newton observation of the starburst galaxy IC342. Thirty-seven X-ray point sources were detected down to a luminosity limit of $\sim 10^{37}$ \lum. Most of the sources are located near the spiral arms. The X-ray point ... More
Btrim: A fast, lightweight adapter and quality trimming program for next-generation sequencing technologiesOct 23 2014Btrim is a fast and lightweight software to trim adapters and low quality regions in reads from ultra high-throughput next-generation sequencing machines. It also can reliably identify barcodes and assign the reads to the original samples. Based on a ... More
Calculating complexity of large randomized librariesOct 21 2014Randomized libraries are increasingly popular in protein engineering and other biomedical research fields. Statistics of the libraries are useful to guide and evaluate randomized library construction. Previous works only give the mean of the number of ... More
Convergence Analysis of the Dynamics of a Special Kind of Two-Layered Neural Networks with $\ell_1$ and $\ell_2$ RegularizationNov 19 2017In this paper, we made an extension to the convergence analysis of the dynamics of two-layered bias-free networks with one $ReLU$ output. We took into consideration two popular regularization terms: the $\ell_1$ and $\ell_2$ norm of the parameter vector ... More
Parallel memory-efficient all-at-once algorithms for the sparse matrix triple products in multigrid methodsMay 21 2019Multilevel/multigrid methods is one of the most popular approaches for solving a large sparse linear system of equations, typically, arising from the discretization of partial differential equations. One critical step in the multilevel/multigrid methods ... More
User mode selection of NOMA based D2D communication for maximum sum-revenueJun 10 2019Device to Device (D2D) communication underlying cellular communication can improve the utilization efficiency of resources, and the cellular user equipment (C-UE) can utilize the rental resources for D2D user equipment (D-UE) to obtain revenue. In 5g ... More
Natural Language Understanding Based on Semantic Relations between SentencesDec 19 2012In this paper, we define event expression over sentences of natural language and semantic relations between events. Based on this definition, we formally consider text understanding process having events as basic unit.
Statistical distributions of sequencing by synthesis with probabilistic nucleotide incorporationNov 06 2014Sequencing by synthesis is used in many next-generation DNA sequencing technologies. Some of the technologies, especially those exploring the principle of single-molecule sequencing, allow incomplete nucleotide incorporation in each cycle. We derive statistical ... More
Empirical Population Synthesis for 74 Blue Compact GalaxiesOct 17 2002We have observed the largest optical spectra sample of 74 blue compact galaxies. Stellar population properties of them were derived by comparing the equivalent widths of strong absorption features and continuum colors, using a method of empirical population ... More
Optical emission of the black hole X-ray transient MAXI J1659-152 during quiescenceOct 24 2012We report on the optical detection of the black hole X-ray transient MAXI J1659-152 during its quiescent state. By using the Canada France Hawaii Telescope (CFHT), we observed MAXI J1659-152 about 7 months after the end of an X-ray outburst. The optical ... More
Quantum Spacetime Pictures and Dynamics from a Relativity PerspectiveSep 12 2018Based on an identified quantum relativity symmetry the contraction of which gives the Newtonian approximation of Galilean relativity, a quantum model of the physical space can be formulated with the Newtonian space seen in a way as the classical approximation. ... More
An Information Theoretic Framework For Designing Information Elicitation Mechanisms That Reward Truth-tellingMay 03 2016Jan 17 2018In the setting where information cannot be verified, we propose a simple yet powerful information theoretical framework---the Mutual Information Paradigm---for information elicitation mechanisms. Our framework pays every agent a measure of mutual information ... More
An adaptive composite quantile approach to dimension reductionAug 14 2014Sufficient dimension reduction [J. Amer. Statist. Assoc. 86 (1991) 316-342] has long been a prominent issue in multivariate nonparametric regression analysis. To uncover the central dimension reduction space, we propose in this paper an adaptive composite ... More
Take it in your stride: Do we need striding in CNNs?Dec 07 2017Since their inception, CNNs have utilized some type of striding operator to reduce the overlap of receptive fields and spatial dimensions. Although having clear heuristic motivations (i.e. lowering the number of parameters to learn) the mathematical role ... More
Recurrent Scene Parsing with Perspective Understanding in the LoopMay 20 2017Dec 06 2017Objects may appear at arbitrary scales in perspective images of a scene, posing a challenge for recognition systems that process images at a fixed resolution. We propose a depth-aware gating module that adaptively selects the pooling field size in a convolutional ... More
Image Reconstruction with Predictive Filter FlowNov 28 2018We propose a simple, interpretable framework for solving a wide range of image reconstruction problems such as denoising and deconvolution. Given a corrupted input image, the model synthesizes a spatially varying linear filter which, when applied to the ... More
The Light, the Heavy and the Superheavy --- a Nonabelian Flavor Symmetry for the Full HierarchyJul 15 1995Jul 17 1995We give a preliminary report of a new quark mass matrix model basing on a $SU(5)\otimes SU(5)\otimes Q_{12}$ symmetry embedding into a fully gauged $SU(5)\otimes SU(5)\otimes SU(2)$.~\cite{fk} The two $SU(5)$'s contain the standard SUSY $SU(5)$ as a diagonal ... More
Black Hole Entropy Prediction without Immirzi ParameterMar 17 2010In our earlier paper "Corrections to the Bekenstein-Hawking entropy and the Hawking radiation spectrum", arXiv:0910.2755, we provided two concrete numerical evidences for the new area spectrum based on the Einstein-Kaufman pseudo tensor as opposed to ... More
Quantile tomography: using quantiles with multivariate dataMay 01 2008Nov 26 2013The use of quantiles to obtain insights about multivariate data is addressed. It is argued that incisive insights can be obtained by considering directional quantiles, the quantiles of projections. Directional quantile envelopes are proposed as a way ... More
A high throughput (>90%), large compensation range, single-prism femtosecond pulse compressorJun 20 2013We demonstrate a high throughput, large compensation range, single-prism femtosecond pulse compressor, using a single prism and two roof mirrors. The compressor has zero angular dispersion, zero spatial dispersion, zero pulse-front tilt, and unity magnification. ... More
On the complexity of the set of codings for self-similar sets and a variation on the construction of ChampernowneOct 16 2018Let $F=\{\mathbf{p}_0,\ldots,\mathbf{p}_n\}$ be a collection of points in $\mathbb{R}^d.$ The set $F$ naturally gives rise to a family of iterated function systems consisting of contractions of the form $$S_i(\mathbf{x})=\lambda \mathbf{x} +(1-\lambda)\mathbf{p}_i,$$ ... More
Numbers with simply normal $β$-expansionsJul 04 2017In [Bak] the first author proved that for any $\beta\in (1,\beta_{KL})$ every $x\in(0,\frac{1}{\beta-1})$ has a simply normal $\beta$-expansion, where $\beta_{KL}\approx 1.78723$ is the Komornik-Loreti constant. This result is complemented by an observation ... More
Human Action Recognition and Prediction: A SurveyJun 28 2018Jul 02 2018Derived from rapid advances in computer vision and machine learning, video analysis tasks have been moving from inferring the present state to predicting the future state. Vision-based action recognition and prediction from videos are such tasks, where ... More
Positive Stationary Solutions and Spreading Speeds of KPP Equations in Locally Spatially Inhomogeneous MediaFeb 08 2012The current paper is concerned with positive stationary solutions and spatial spreading speeds of KPP type evolution equations with random or nonlocal or discrete dispersal in locally spatially inhomogeneous media. It is shown that such an equation has ... More
Liouville Type Property and Spreading Speeds of KPP Equations in Periodic Media with Localized Spatial InhomogeneityAug 02 2013Feb 04 2014The current paper is devoted to the study of semilinear dispersal evolution equations of the form $$ u_t(t,x)=(\mathcal{A}u)(t,x)+u(t,x)f(t,x,u(t,x)),\quad x\in\mathcal{H}, $$ where $\mathcal{H}=\RR^N$ or $\ZZ^N$, $\mathcal{A}$ is a random dispersal operator ... More
One generator $(1+u)$-quasi twisted codes over $F_2+uF_2$Jun 30 2013This paper gives the minimum generating sets of three types of one generator $(1+u)$-quasi twisted (QT) codes over $F_2+uF_2$, $u^2=0$. Moreover, it discusses the generating sets and the lower bounds on the minimum Lee distance of a special class of $A_2$ ... More
Spectrum Estimation from SamplesJan 30 2016May 27 2016We consider the problem of approximating the set of eigenvalues of the covariance matrix of a multivariate distribution (equivalently, the problem of approximating the "population spectrum"), given access to samples drawn from the distribution. The eigenvalues ... More
Spectrum Estimation from SamplesJan 30 2016Nov 15 2016We consider the problem of approximating the set of eigenvalues of the covariance matrix of a multivariate distribution (equivalently, the problem of approximating the "population spectrum"), given access to samples drawn from the distribution. The eigenvalues ... More
The center functor is fully faithfulJul 02 2015Oct 12 2016We prove that the notion of Drinfeld center defines a functor from the category of indecomposable multi-tensor categories with morphisms given by bimodules to that of braided tensor categories with morphisms given by monoidal bimodules. Moreover, we apply ... More
Monitoring Variable X-ray Sources in Nearby GalaxiesFeb 16 2011Feb 19 2011In the last decade, it has been possible to monitor variable X-ray sources in nearby galaxies. In particular, since the launch of Chandra, M31 has been regularly observed. It is perhaps the only nearby galaxy which is observed by an X-ray telescope regularly ... More
Lattice vibrations and structural instability in Cesium near the cubic to tetragonal transitionSep 19 2000Under pressure cesium undergoes a transition from a high-pressure fcc phase (Cs-II) to a collapsed fcc phase (Cs-III) near 4.2GPa. At 4.4GPa there follows a transition to the tetragonal Cs-IV phase. In order to investigate the lattice vibrations in the ... More
Resource Allocation Algorithm for V2X communications based on SCMAApr 10 2018In this paper, we propose a resource allocation algorithm for V2X communications based on Sparse Code Multiple Access(SCMA). By analyzing the interference model in the V2X scenario, we formulate the problem which deals with resource allocation to maximize ... More
Non-decimated Complex Wavelet Spectral Tools with ApplicationsFeb 04 2019In this paper we propose spectral tools based on non-decimated complex wavelet transforms implemented by their matrix formulation. This non-decimated complex wavelet spectra utilizes both real and imaginary parts of complex-valued wavelet coefficients ... More
forgeNet: A graph deep neural network model using tree-based ensemble classifiers for feature extractionMay 23 2019A unique challenge in predictive model building for omics data has been the small number of samples $(n)$ versus the large amount of features $(p)$. This "$n\ll p$" property brings difficulties for disease outcome classification using deep learning techniques. ... More
A Distribution Similarity Based Regularizer for Learning Bayesian NetworksAug 20 2018Probabilistic graphical models compactly represent joint distributions by decomposing them into factors over subsets of random variables. In Bayesian networks, the factors are conditional probability distributions. For many problems, common information ... More
Estimating Learnability in the Sublinear Data RegimeMay 04 2018Mar 25 2019We consider the problem of estimating how well a model class is capable of fitting a distribution of labeled data. We show that it is often possible to accurately estimate this "learnability" even when given an amount of data that is too small to reliably ... More
Drinfeld center of enriched monoidal categoriesApr 05 2017Nov 08 2017We define the Drinfeld center of a monoidal category enriched over a braided monoidal category, and show that every modular tensor category can be realized in a canonical way as the Drinfeld center of a self-enriched monoidal category. We also give a ... More
The performance of the quantum adiabatic algorithm on spike HamiltoniansNov 22 2015Perturbed Hamming weight problems serve as examples of optimization instances for which the adiabatic algorithm provably out performs classical simulated annealing. In this work we study the efficiency of the adiabatic algorithm for solving the "the Hamming ... More
Study of Classical and Quantum Open SystemsAug 03 2010This thesis covers various aspects of open systems in classical and quantum mechanics. In the first part, we deal with classical systems. The bath-of-oscillators formalism is used to describe an open system, and the phenomenological Langevin equation ... More
Discussion of "Multivariate quantiles and multiple-output regression quantiles: From $L_1$ optimization to halfspace depth"Feb 24 2010Discussion of "Multivariate quantiles and multiple-output regression quantiles: From $L_1$ optimization to halfspace depth" by M. Hallin, D. Paindaveine and M. Siman [arXiv:1002.4486]
Critical base for the unique codings of fat Sierpinski gasketDec 03 2018Given $\beta\in(1,2)$ the fat Sierpinski gasket $\mathcal S_\beta$ is the self-similar set in $\mathbb R^2$ generated by the iterated function system (IFS) \[ f_{\beta,d}(x)=\frac{x+d}{\beta},\quad d\in\mathcal A:=\{(0, 0), (1,0), (0,1)\}. \] Then for ... More
Black hole entropy predictions without the Immirzi parameter and Hawking radiation of a single-partition black holeOct 15 2009Mar 14 2016By pointing out an error in the previous derivation of the area spectrum based on Ashtekar's variables, we suggest a new area spectrum; instead of the norm of Ashtekar's gravitational electric field, we show that the norm of our "new" gravitational electric ... More
Data-Driven Approximate Abstraction for Black-Box Piecewise Affine SystemsJan 28 2018Jan 30 2018How to effectively and reliably guarantee the correct functioning of safety-critical cyber-physical systems in uncertain conditions is a challenging problem. This paper presents a data-driven algorithm to derive approximate abstractions for piecewise ... More
Correct-by-Construction Approach for Self-Evolvable RobotsFeb 13 2017The paper presents a new formal way of modeling and designing reconfigurable robots, in which case the robots are allowed to reconfigure not only structurally but also functionally. We call such kind of robots "self-evolvable", which have the potential ... More
Hierarchical Model of Human Guidance Performance Based on Interaction Patterns in BehaviorNov 14 2013This paper describes a framework for the investigation and modeling of human spatial guidance behavior in complex environments. The model is derived from the concept of interaction patterns, which represent the invariances or symmetries inherent in the ... More
Multipermutation Ulam Sphere Analysis Toward Characterizing Maximal Code SizeJan 14 2017Permutation codes, in the form of rank modulation, have shown promise for applications such as flash memory. One of the metrics recently suggested as appropriate for rank modulation is the Ulam metric, which measures the minimum translocation distance ... More
Two universal extra dimensions and spinless photons at the ILCNov 26 2007Mar 11 2008We study the ILC phenomenology of (1,0) Kaluza-Klein (KK) modes along two universal extra dimensions compactified on the chiral square. We compute production cross sections of various (1,0) particles at the ILC with sqrt(s)=1 TeV, focusing on decays of ... More
The signless Laplacian spectral radius of subgraphs of regular graphsOct 27 2016Let $q(H)$ be the signless Laplacian spectral radius of a graph $H$. In this paper, we prove that \\1. Let $H$ be a proper subgraph of a $\Delta$-regular graph $G$ with $n$ vertices and diameter $D$. Then $$2\Delta - q(H)>\frac{1}{n(D-\frac{1}{4})}.$$ ... More
On a problem of countable expansionsMar 25 2015Aug 01 2015For a real number $q\in(1,2)$ and $x\in[0,1/(q-1)]$, the infinite sequence $(d_i)$ is called a \emph{$q$-expansion} of $x$ if $$ x=\sum_{i=1}^\infty\frac{d_i}{q^i},\quad d_i\in\{0,1\}\quad\textrm{for all}~ i\ge 1. $$ For $m=1, 2, \cdots$ or $\aleph_0$ ... More
Typical points of univoque setsJul 05 2015Nov 05 2015Given a positive integer $M$ and a real number $q>1$, we consider the univoque set $\mathcal{U}_q$ of reals which have a unique $q$-expansion over the alphabet $\set{0,1,\cdots,M}$. In this paper we show that for any $x\in\mathcal{U}_q$ and all sufficiently ... More
Generating Adversarial Fragments with Adversarial Networks for Physical-world ImplementationJul 09 2019Although deep neural networks have been widely applied in many application domains, they are found to be vulnerable to adversarial attacks. A recent promising set of attacking techniques have been proposed, which mainly focus on generating adversarial ... More
Algebraic Structures in Euclidean and Minkowskian Two-Dimensional Conformal Field TheoryFeb 22 2009We review how modular categories, and commutative and non-commutative Frobenius algebras arise in rational conformal field theory. For Euclidean CFT we use an approach based on sewing of surfaces, and in the Minkowskian case we describe CFT by a net of ... More
Morita classes of algebras in modular tensor categoriesAug 14 2007Jul 29 2008We consider algebras in a modular tensor category C. If the trace pairing of an algebra A in C is non-degenerate we associate to A a commutative algebra Z(A), called the full centre, in a doubled version of the category C. We prove that two simple algebras ... More
Complete weight enumerators of a class of linear codes with two or three weightsJan 22 2019We construct a class of linear codes by choosing a proper defining set and determine their complete weight enumerators and weight enumerators. The results show that they are at most three-weight codes and they are suitable for applications in secret sharing ... More
Collective magnetic splitting in single-photon superradianceJun 09 2016Jul 22 2016In an ensemble of identical atoms, cooperative effects like sub- or superradiance may alter the decay rates and the energy of specific transitions may be shifted from the single-atom value by the so-called collective Lamb shift. While such effects in ... More
The thickness of amalgamations of graphsJan 31 2012The thickness $\theta(G)$ of a graph $G$ is the minimum number of planar spanning subgraphs into which the graph $G$ can be decomposed. As a topological invariant of a graph, it is a measurement of the closeness to planarity of a graph, and it also has ... More
Left-symmetric Superalgebra Structures on the Super-Virasoro AlgebrasJan 18 2008In this paper, we classify the compatible left-symmetric superalgebra structures on the super-Virasoro algebras satisfying certain natural conditions.
Proton-Proton Scattering Lengths from Effective Field TheoryNov 20 1998Mar 27 1999Using a recently developed effective field theory for the interactions of nucleons at non-relativistic energies, we calculate the Coulomb corrections to proton-proton scattering. Including the dimension-eight derivative interaction in PDS regularization ... More
Non-Relativistic Pion Interactions and the Pionium LifetimeMay 18 1998Jun 08 1998We construct an effective Lagrangian for interacting pions with non-relativistic energies. The coupling constants can be expressed in terms of the different scattering lengths and slopes. When used in the calculation of the pionium decay rate, the scattering ... More
The center functor is fully faithfulJul 02 2015We prove that the notion of Drinfeld center defines a functor from the category of indecomposable rigid k-linear monoidal categories with mor- phisms given by bimodules to that of braided rigid k-linear monoidal categories with morphisms given by monoidal ... More
Coherent Magneto-Optical Effects in Topological Insulators: Excitation Near the Absorption EdgeMay 08 2016May 13 2016We study coherent optics in topological insulator surface states with broken time-reversal symmetry and develop a theory for the dynamical Hall effect driven by intense electromagnetic field. The influence of optical Stark effect enters as nonlinear dependence ... More
Low-rank Bilinear Pooling for Fine-Grained ClassificationNov 16 2016Pooling second-order local feature statistics to form a high-dimensional bilinear feature has been shown to achieve state-of-the-art performance on a variety of fine-grained classification tasks. To address the computational demands of high feature dimensionality, ... More
Quantile Estimation of A general Single-Index ModelMar 17 2008Sep 24 2008The single-index model is one of the most popular semiparametric models in Econometrics. In this paper, we define a quantile regression single-index model, which includes the single-index structure for conditional mean and for conditional variance.
A Framework For Designing Information Elicitation Mechanisms That Reward Truth-tellingMay 03 2016Information elicitation mechanisms, such as Peer Prediction [Miller 2005] and Bayesian Truth Serum [Prelec 2004], are designed to reward agents for honestly reporting their private information, even when this information cannot be directly verified. Information ... More
X-ray Localization of the Globular Cluster G1 with XMM-NewtonMar 26 2007We present an accurate X-ray position of the massive globular cluster G1 by using XMM-Newton and the Hubble Space Telescope (HST). The X-ray emission of G1 has been detected recently with XMM-Newton. There are two possibilities for the origin of the X-ray ... More
A Bayesian Method for Joint Clustering of Vectorial Data and Network DataOct 24 2017We present a new model-based integrative method for clustering objects given both vectorial data, which describes the feature of each object, and network data, which indicates the similarity of connected objects. The proposed general model is able to ... More
A graph-embedded deep feedforward network for disease outcome classification and feature selection using gene expression dataJan 18 2018Feb 12 2018Gene expression data represents a unique challenge in predictive model building, because of the small number of samples $(n)$ compared to the huge amount of features $(p)$. This "$n<<p$" property has hampered application of deep learning techniques for ... More
Saliency Based Control in Random Feature NetworksMar 21 2014Aug 07 2014The ability to rapidly focus attention and react to salient environmental features enables animals to move agiley through their habitats. To replicate this kind of high-performance control of movement in synthetic systems, we propose a new approach to ... More
Generative Adversarial Networks with Inverse Transformation UnitSep 27 2017In this paper we introduce a new structure to Generative Adversarial Networks by adding an inverse transformation unit behind the generator. We present two theorems to claim the convergence of the model, and two conjectures to nonideal situations when ... More