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The Role of Oligomeric Gold-Thiolate Units in Single Molecule Junc-tions of Thiol-Anchored MoleculesMar 20 2018Using the break junction (BJ) technique we show that Au(RS)2 units play a significant role in thiol-terminated molecular junctions formed on gold. We have studied a range of thiol-terminated compounds, either with the sulfur atoms in direct conjugation ... More
Heat dissipation in atomic-scale junctionsJul 31 2013Atomic and single-molecule junctions represent the ultimate limit to the miniaturization of electrical circuits. They are also ideal platforms to test quantum transport theories that are required to describe charge and energy transfer in novel functional ... More
Platinum atomic contacts: from tunneling to contactMar 29 2017We present a theoretical study of the electronic transport through Pt nanocontacts. We show that the analysis of the tunnelling regime requires a very careful treatment of the technical details. For instance, an insufficient size of the system can cause ... More
Electron scattering in atomic force microscopy experimentsOct 13 2005It has been shown that electron transitions, as measured in a scanning tunnelling microscope (STM), are related to chemical interactions in a tunnelling barrier. Here, we show that the shape and apparent height of subatomic features in an atomic force ... More
A simple descriptor for energetics at fcc-bcc metal interfacesFeb 08 2018We develop a new and user-friendly method for calculating interface energies from first-principles. Our approach avoids problems that derive from the numerical differences between bulk and slab calculations, such as the number of k-points along the direction ... More
A simple descriptor for energetics at fcc-bcc metal interfacesFeb 08 2018Feb 09 2018We have developed a new and user-friendly interface energy calculation method that avoids problems deriving from numerical differences between bulk and slab calculations, such as the number of k points along the direction perpendicular to the interface. ... More
Response of Selective Attention in Middle Temporal AreaApr 16 2019The primary visual cortex processes a large amount of visual information, however, due to its large receptive fields, when multiple stimuli fall within one receptive field, there are computational problems. To solve this problem, the visual system uses ... More
Black Hole and Galaxy Coevolution from Continuity Equation and Abundance MatchingJul 27 2015[abridged] We investigate the coevolution of galaxies and hosted supermassive black holes throughout the history of the Universe by a statistical approach based on the continuity equation and the abundance matching technique. Specifically, we present ... More
The Role of the Dust in Primeval Galaxies: A Simple Physical Model for Lyman Break Galaxies and Lyman Alpha EmittersNov 27 2006Jun 25 2007We explore the onset of star formation in the early Universe, exploiting the observations of high-redshift Lyman-break galaxies (LBGs) and Lyman alpha emitters (LAEs), in the framework of the galaxy formation scenario elaborated by Granato et al. (2004) ... More
A Molecular Platinum Cluster Junction: A Single-Molecule SwitchFeb 26 2013We present a theoretical study of the electronic transport through single-molecule junctions incorporating a Pt6 metal cluster bound within an organic framework. We show that the insertion of this molecule between a pair of electrodes leads to a fully ... More
Resonant transport and electrostatic effects in single-molecule electrical junctionsJun 03 2015In this contribution we demonstrate structural control over a transport resonance in HS(CH$_{2}$)$_{n}$[1,4 - C$_{6}$H$_{4}$](CH$_{2}$)$_{n}$SH (n = 1, 3, 4, 6) metal - molecule - metal junctions, fabricated and tested using the scanning tunnelling microscopy-based ... More
The Sunyaev-Zeldovich effect as a probe of the galaxy formation processJan 12 2004The Sunyaev-Zeldovich (SZ) effect has proven to be an extremely powerful tool to study the physical and evolutionary properties of rich clusters of galaxies. Upcoming SZ experiments, with their much improved sensitivity and angular resolution, will provide ... More
Exploring the relationship between black hole accretion and star formation with blind mid-/far-infrared spectroscopic surveysAug 14 2014Sep 10 2014We present new estimates of redshift-dependent luminosity functions of IR lines detectable by SPICA/SAFARI and excited both by star formation and by AGN activity. The new estimates improve over previous work by using updated evolutionary models and dealing ... More
Topological conjugations are not constructableMar 09 2013Jun 06 2013We construct two computable topologically conjugate functions for which no conjugacy is computable, or even hyperarithmetic, resolving an open question of Kennedy and Stockman.
Discreteness Criteria and the Hyperbolic Geometry of PalindromsAug 26 2008We consider non-elementary representations of two generator free groups in $PSL(2,\mathbb{C})$, not necessarily discrete or free, $G = < A, B >$. A word in $A$ and $B$, $W(A,B)$, is a palindrome if it reads the same forwards and backwards. A word in a ... More
Enumerating Palindromes and Primitives in Rank Two Free GroupsFeb 19 2008Feb 12 2011Let $F= < a,b>$ be a rank two free group. A word $W(a,b)$ in $F$ is {\sl primitive} if it, along with another group element, generates the group. It is a {\sl palindrome} (with respect to $a$ and $b$) if it reads the same forwards and backwards. It is ... More
Weakly 2-randoms and 1-generics in Scott setsNov 01 2017Let $S$ be a Scott set, or even an $\omega$-model of $\mathsf{WWKL}$. Then for each $A\in S$, either there is $X \in S$ that is weakly 2-random relative to $A$, or there is $X\in S$ that is 1-generic relative to $A$. It follows that if $A_1,\dots, A_n ... More
Automatic segmentation of MR brain images with a convolutional neural networkApr 11 2017Automatic segmentation in MR brain images is important for quantitative analysis in large-scale studies with images acquired at all ages. This paper presents a method for the automatic segmentation of MR brain images into a number of tissue classes using ... More
Cutting Sequences and PalindromesMar 03 2008Jun 11 2008We give a unified geometric approach to some theorems about primitive elements and palindromes in free groups of rank 2. The geometric treatment gives new proofs of the theorems. Dedicated to Bill Harvey on his 65th birthday.
Mappings between real submanifolds in complex spaceApr 02 2003In this paper I survey some recent results on finite determination, convergence, and approximation of formal mappings between real submanifolds in complex spaces. A number of conjectures are also given.
Canonical Hexagons and the PSL(2,C) Discreteness ProblemAug 02 2015Oct 21 2016The discreteness problem, that is, the problem of determining whether or not a given finitely generated group G of orientation preserving isometries of hyperbolic three-space is discrete as a subgroup of the whole isometry group of hyperbolic three space, ... More
Line Profiles of Intermediate Redshift Type Ia SupernovaeMar 13 2011Mar 18 2011We present the temporal evolution of line profiles ranging from near ultraviolet to optical wavelengths by analyzing 59 Subaru telescope spectra of normal Type Ia Supernovae (SNe Ia) in the intermediate redshift range (0.05 < z < 0.4) discovered by the ... More
Carbon-fiber tips for scanning probe microscopes and molecular electronics experimentsMay 24 2012We fabricate and characterize carbon-fiber tips for their use in combined scanning tunneling and force microscopy based on piezoelectric quartz tuning fork force sensors. An electrochemical fabrication procedure to etch the tips is used to yield reproducible ... More
Carbon tips as electrodes for single-molecule junctionsSep 09 2011Nov 03 2011We study electron transport through single-molecule junctions formed by an octanethiol molecule bonded with the thiol anchoring group to a gold electrode and the opposing methyl endgroup to a carbon tip. Using the scanning tunneling microscope based break ... More
Understanding the Strain-Dependent Dielectric Behavior of Carbon Black Reinforced Natural Rubber: An interfacial or bulk phenomenon?Sep 29 2016Filler-polymer interactions are one of the keys to understanding the physical properties of polymer composites. These interactions give rise to an interface with specific properties that may have a nontrivial effect on the macroscopic properties of composites. ... More
Modeling Tripartite Entanglement in Quantum Protocols using Evolving Entangled HypergraphsNov 20 2018The notion of entanglement is the most well-known nonclassical correlation in quantum mechanics and a fundamental resource in quantum information and computation. This correlation, which is displayed by certain classes of quantum states, is of utmost ... More
A Cross-validated Ensemble Approach to Robust Hypothesis Testing of Continuous Nonlinear Interactions: Application to Nutrition-Environment StudiesApr 24 2019Gene-environment and nutrition-environment studies often involve testing of high-dimensional interactions between two sets of variables, each having potentially complex nonlinear main effects on an outcome. Construction of a valid and powerful hypothesis ... More
Overcoming the absorption limit in high-harmonic generation from crystalsMay 07 2019Since the new millennium coherent extreme ultra-violet and soft x-ray radiation has revolutionized the understanding of dynamical physical, chemical and biological systems at the electron's natural timescale. Unfortunately, coherent laser-based upconversion ... More
Exploring cosmic origins with CORE: gravitational lensing of the CMBJul 07 2017Lensing of the CMB is now a well-developed probe of large-scale clustering over a broad range of redshifts. By exploiting the non-Gaussian imprints of lensing in the polarization of the CMB, the CORE mission can produce a clean map of the lensing deflections ... More
Non-Scanning Fiber-Optic Near-Infrared Beam Led to Two-Photon Optogenetic Stimulation In-VivoFeb 25 2016Stimulation of specific neurons expressing opsins in a targeted region to manipulate brain function has proved to be a powerful tool in neuroscience. However, the use of visible light for optogenetic stimulation is invasive due to low penetration depth ... More
Models for the Evolution of the Spectral Energy Distribution of Elliptical Galaxies from UV to Far--IR WavelengthsOct 29 1993We have worked out evolutionary synthesis models of the broad-band spectral energy distribution of elliptical galaxies over the whole frequency range from UV to far--IR. Internal extinction and far--IR re--emission by interstellar dust have been taken ... More
Relativistic reflection from accretion disks in the population of Active Galactic Nuclei at z=0.5-4Jul 27 2018We report the detection of relativistically broadened iron K alpha emission in the X-ray spectra of AGN detected in the 4Ms CDF-S. Using the Bayesian X-ray analysis (BXA) package, we fit 199 hard band (2-7 keV) selected sources in the redshift range z=0.5--4 ... More
Bounded Geometry and Characterization of post-singularly Finite $(p,q)$-Exponential MapsSep 26 2012Sep 14 2013In this paper we define a topological class of branched covering maps of the plane called {\em topological exponential maps of type $(p,q)$} and denoted by $\TE_{p,q}$, where $p\geq 0$ and $q\geq 1$. We follow the framework given in \cite{Ji} to study ... More
Gaussian variational approximation with sparse precision matrixMay 18 2016Nov 16 2016We consider the problem of learning a Gaussian variational approximation to the posterior distribution for a high-dimensional parameter, where we impose sparsity in the precision matrix to reflect appropriate conditional independence structure in the ... More
Supersoft SUSY Models and the 750 GeV Diphoton Excess, Beyond Effective OperatorsDec 18 2015Mar 16 2016We propose that the sbino, the scalar partner of a Dirac bino can explain the 750 GeV diphoton excess observed by ATLAS and CMS . We analyze a model in which the sbino couples to pairs of Standard Model (SM) gauge bosons. We analyze an effective operator ... More
Exploring Cosmic Origins with CORE: InflationDec 25 2016Apr 05 2017We forecast the scientific capabilities to improve our understanding of cosmic inflation of CORE, a proposed CMB space satellite submitted in response to the ESA fifth call for a medium-size mission opportunity. The CORE satellite will map the CMB anisotropies ... More
K-classes of Brill-Noether loci and a determinantal formulaMay 08 2017Jun 25 2017We prove a determinantal formula for the K-theory class of certain degeneracy loci, and apply it to compute the Euler characteristic of the structure sheaf of the Brill-Noether locus of linear series with special vanishing at marked points. When the Brill-Noether ... More
Probing sub-GeV Dark Matter-Baryon Scattering with Cosmological ObservablesFeb 19 2018Mar 23 2018We derive new limits on the elastic scattering cross-section between baryons and dark matter using Cosmic Microwave Background data from the Planck satellite and measurements of the Lyman-alpha forest flux power spectrum from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey. ... More
Optimal Design of Fuzzy Based Power System Stabilizer Self Tuned by Robust Search AlgorithmDec 20 2009Dec 23 2009In the interconnected power system network, instability problems are caused mainly by the low frequency oscillations of 0.2 to 2.5 Hz. The supplementary control signal in addition with AVR and high gain excitation systems are provided by means of Power ... More
A Formal Approach to Open Multiparty InteractionsJul 09 2018Jan 21 2019We present a process algebra aimed at describing interactions that are multiparty, i.e. that may involve more than two processes and that are open, i.e. the number of the processes they involve is not fixed or known a priori. Here we focus on the theory ... More
Pointed trees of projective spacesMay 14 2005Dec 05 2006We introduce a smooth projective variety $T_{d,n}$ which compactifies the space of configurations of $n$ distinct points on affine $d$-space modulo translation and homothety. The points in the boundary correspond to $n$-pointed stable rooted trees of ... More
Separators for Planar Graphs that are Almost TreesAug 08 2018We prove that a connected planar graph with $n$ vertices and $n+\mu$ edges has a vertex separator of size $O( \sqrt{\mu} + 1)$, and this separator can be computed in linear time.
Cavity-enhanced Raman emission from a single color center in a solidApr 18 2018Aug 21 2018We demonstrate cavity-enhanced Raman emission from a single atomic defect in a solid. Our platform is a single silicon-vacancy center in diamond coupled with a monolithic diamond photonic crystal cavity. The cavity enables an unprecedented frequency tuning ... More
Exploring Cosmic Origins with CORE: Cosmological ParametersNov 30 2016Apr 05 2017We forecast the main cosmological parameter constraints achievable with the CORE space mission which is dedicated to mapping the polarisation of the Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB). CORE was recently submitted in response to ESA's fifth call for medium-sized ... More
Strongly Cavity-Enhanced Spontaneous Emission from Silicon-Vacancy Centers in DiamondAug 18 2017Dec 06 2017Quantum emitters are an integral component for a broad range of quantum technologies including quantum communication, quantum repeaters, and linear optical quantum computation. Solid-state color centers are promising candidates for scalable quantum optics ... More
Nanodiamond integration with photonic devicesOct 11 2016Mar 06 2019We discuss the progress in integration of nanodiamonds with photonic devices for quantum optics applications. Experimental results in GaP, SiO2 and SiC-nanodiamond platforms show that various regimes of light and matter interaction can be achieved by ... More
Hybrid Group IV Nanophotonic Structures Incorporating Diamond Silicon-Vacancy Color CentersSep 04 2015Oct 26 2015We demonstrate a new approach for engineering group IV semiconductor-based quantum photonic structures containing negatively charged silicon-vacancy (SiV$^-$) color centers in diamond as quantum emitters. Hybrid SiC/diamond structures are realized by ... More
Star Formation Histories of the LEGUS Spiral Galaxies. I. The flocculent spiral NGC 7793Apr 30 2019We present a detailed study of the flocculent spiral galaxy NGC 7793, part of the Sculptor group. By analyzing the resolved stellar populations of the galaxy, located at a distance of ~3.7 Mpc, we infer for the first time its radial star formation history ... More
Failure of hydrogenation in protecting polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons from fragmentationOct 27 2015A recent study of soft X-ray absorption in native and hydrogenated coronene cations, C$_{24}$H$_{12+m}^+$ $m=0-7$, led to the conclusion that additional hydrogen atoms protect (interstellar) Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon (PAH) molecules from fragmentation ... More
Supermassive black holes in the Sbc spiral galaxies NGC 3310, NGC 4303 and NGC 4258Mar 07 2007We present new Space Telescope Imaging Spectrograph (STIS) observations of three spiral galaxies, NGC 4303, NGC 3310 and NGC 4258. The bright optical emission lines H$\alpha$ $\lambda$ $6564 \AA$, [NII] $\lambda$$\lambda$ $6549,6585 \AA$ and [SII] $\lambda$$\lambda$ ... More
Single-molecule conductance of a chemically modified, π-extended tetrathiafulvalene and its charge-transfer complex with F4TCNQJun 25 2015We describe the synthesis and single molecule electrical transport properties of a molecular wire containing a ${\pi}$-extended tetrathiafulvalene (exTTF) group and its charge-transfer complex with F4TCNQ. We form single molecule junctions using the in-situ ... More
Low Complexity Modem Structure for OFDM-based Orthogonal Time Frequency Space ModulationOct 02 2017Orthogonal time frequency space (OTFS) modulation is a two-dimensional signaling technique that has recently emerged in the literature to tackle the time-varying (TV) wireless channels. OTFS deploys the Doppler-delay plane to multiplex the transmit data ... More
Topic-adjusted visibility metric for scientific articlesFeb 25 2015Oct 16 2015Measuring the impact of scientific articles is important for evaluating the research output of individual scientists, academic institutions and journals. While citations are raw data for constructing impact measures, there exist biases and potential issues ... More
Security Analysis of Near-Field Communication (NFC) PaymentsApr 24 2019Near-Field Communication (NFC) is a modern technology for short range communication with a variety of applications ranging from physical access control to contactless payments. These applications are often heralded as being more secure, as they require ... More
VALES V: A kinematic analysis of the molecular gas content in $H$-ATLAS galaxies at $z\sim0.03-0.35$ using ALMASep 27 2018We present Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) resolved observations of molecular gas in galaxies up to $z=0.35$ to characterise the role of global galactic dynamics on the global interstellar medium (ISM) properties. These observations ... More
Controlled Islanding via Weak SubmodularityMar 13 2018Cascading failures typically occur following a large disturbance in power systems, such as tripping of a generating unit or a transmission line. Such failures can propagate and destabilize the entire power system, potentially leading to widespread outages. ... More
Defining and Surveying Wireless Link Virtualization and Wireless Network VirtualizationMay 10 2017Jul 04 2018Virtualization is a topic of great interest in the area of mobile and wireless communication systems. However the term virtualization is used in an inexact manner which makes it difficult to compare and contrast work that has been carried out to date. ... More
Verifying Quantum Programs: From Quipper to QPMCAug 21 2017In this paper we present a translation from the quantum programming language Quipper to the QPMC model checker, with the main aim of verifying Quipper programs. Quipper is an embedded functional programming language for quantum computation. It is above ... More
Equivalences of real submanifolds in complex spaceFeb 22 2000We show that for any real-analytic submanifold M in C^N there is a proper real-analytic subvariety V contained in M such that for any point p in M\V, any real-analytic submanifold M' in C^N, and any point p' in M', the germs of the submanifolds M and ... More
Rational dependence of smooth and analytic CR mappings on their jetsNov 17 1998We consider CR submersive mappings between generic submanifolds in complex space. We show that, under suitable conditions on the manifolds, there is an integer k such that any jet of the CR mapping at a given point is a rational function of its k-jet ... More
Secure Control under Partial Observability with Temporal Logic ConstraintsMar 16 2019This paper studies the synthesis of control policies for an agent that has to satisfy a temporal logic specification in a partially observable environment, in the presence of an adversary. The interaction of the agent (defender) with the adversary is ... More
Local error estimates for adaptive simulation of the Reaction-Diffusion Master Equation via operator splittingMay 15 2013The efficiency of exact simulation methods for the reaction-diffusion master equation (RDME) is severely limited by the large number of diffusion events if the mesh is fine or if diffusion constants are large. Furthermore, inherent properties of exact ... More
Heat dissipation and its relation to thermopower in single-molecule junctionsJul 31 2013Motivated by recent experiments [Lee et al. Nature 498, 209 (2013)], we present here a detailed theoretical analysis of the Joule heating in current-carrying single-molecule junctions. By combining the Landauer approach for quantum transport with ab initio ... More
Sunyaev-Zel'dovich Effects from Quasars in Galaxies and GroupsSep 26 2003Oct 09 2003The energy fed by active galactic nuclei to the surrounding diffuse baryons changes their amount, temperature, and distribution; so in groups and in member galaxies it affects the X-ray luminosity and also the Sunyaev-Zel'dovich effect. Here we compute ... More
The Herschel Bright Sources (HerBS): Sample definition and SCUBA-2 observationsSep 05 2017We present the Herschel Bright Sources (HerBS) sample, a sample of bright, high-redshift Herschel sources detected in the 616.4 square degree H-ATLAS survey. The HerBS sample contains 209 galaxies, selected with a 500 {\mu}m flux density greater than ... More
Multi-View Treelet TransformJun 02 2016Jun 17 2016Current multi-view factorization methods make assumptions that are not acceptable for many kinds of data, and in particular, for graphical data with hierarchical structure. At the same time, current hierarchical methods work only in the single-view setting. ... More
Hierarchical star formation across the grand design spiral NGC1566Feb 20 2017We investigate how star formation is spatially organized in the grand-design spiral NGC 1566 from deep HST photometry with the Legacy ExtraGalactic UV Survey (LEGUS). Our contour-based clustering analysis reveals 890 distinct stellar conglomerations at ... More
A CANDELS - 3D-HST Synergy: Resolved Star Formation Patterns at 0.7 < z < 1.5Oct 21 2013We analyze the resolved stellar populations of 473 massive star-forming galaxies at 0.7 < z < 1.5, with multi-wavelength broad-band imaging from CANDELS and Halpha surface brightness profiles at the same kiloparsec resolution from 3D-HST. Together, this ... More
The evolutionary connection between QSOs and SMGs: molecular gas in far-infrared luminous QSOs at z ~ 2.5Jun 20 2012We present IRAM Plateau de Bure Interferometer observations of the 12CO(3-2) emission from two far-infrared luminous QSOs at z ~ 2.5 selected from the Herschel-ATLAS survey. These far-infrared bright QSOs were selected to have supermassive black holes ... More
Comparing approximate methods for mock catalogues and covariance matrices II: Power spectrum multipolesJun 25 2018Feb 18 2019We study the accuracy of several approximate methods for gravitational dynamics in terms of halo power spectrum multipoles and their estimated covariance matrix. We propagate the differences in covariances into parameter constrains related to growth rate ... More
Comparing approximate methods for mock catalogues and covariance matrices I: correlation functionJun 25 2018May 13 2019This paper is the first in a set that analyses the covariance matrices of clustering statistics obtained from several approximate methods for gravitational structure formation. We focus here on the covariance matrices of anisotropic two-point correlation ... More
NaSt1: A Wolf-Rayet star cloaked by an eta Car--like nebula?Mar 26 1999We present a study of the peculiar Galactic emission line object NaSt1 (WR122, IRAS 18497+0056) which has previously been classified as a Wolf-Rayet (WR) star. Our spectroscopic dataset comprises Keck I-HIRES, WHT-ISIS and UKIRT-CGS4 observations which ... More
A relativistic jetted outburst from a massive black hole fed by a tidally disrupted starApr 16 2011While gas accretion onto some massive black holes (MBHs) at the centers of galaxies actively powers luminous emission, the vast majority of MBHs are considered dormant. Occasionally, a star passing too near a MBH is torn apart by gravitational forces, ... More
Bulge Growth and Quenching since z = 2.5 in CANDELS/3D-HSTFeb 04 2014Apr 17 2014Exploiting the deep high-resolution imaging of all 5 CANDELS fields, and accurate redshift information provided by 3D-HST, we investigate the relation between structure and stellar populations for a mass-selected sample of 6764 galaxies above 10^10 Msun, ... More
Probing the Physics of Narrow Line Regions in Active Galaxies III: Accretion and Cocoon Shocks in the LINER NGC1052Jan 11 2015We present Wide Field Spectrograph (WiFeS) integral field spectroscopy and HST FOS spectroscopy for the LINER galaxy NGC 1052. We infer the presence of a turbulent accretion flow forming a small-scale accretion disk. We find a large-scale outflow and ... More
Dust energy balance study of two edge-on spiral galaxies in the Herschel-ATLAS surveyMay 18 2015Interstellar dust in galaxies can be traced either through its extinction effects on the star light, or through its thermal emission at infrared wavelengths. Recent radiative transfer studies of several nearby edge-on galaxies have found an apparent inconsistency ... More
Herschel-ATLAS: The link between accretion luminosity and star formation in quasar host galaxiesMar 21 2011Mar 31 2011We use the science demonstration field data of the Herschel-ATLAS to study how star formation, traced by the far-infrared Herschel data, is related to both the accretion luminosity and redshift of quasars selected from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey and ... More
Herschel-ATLAS: deep HST/WFC3 imaging of strongly lensed submillimeter galaxiesNov 22 2013We report on deep near-infrared observations obtained with the Wide Field Camera 3 (WFC3) onboard the Hubble Space Telescope (HST) of the first five confirmed gravitational lensing events discovered by the Herschel Astrophysical Terahertz Large Area Survey ... More
Millimeter mapping at z~1: dust-obscured bulge building and disk growthJan 08 2018A randomly chosen star in today's Universe is most likely to live in a galaxy with a stellar mass between that of the Milky Way and Andromeda. Yet it remains uncertain how the structural evolution of these bulge-disk systems proceeded. Most of the unobscured ... More
Where stars form: inside-out growth and coherent star formation from HST Halpha maps of 2676 galaxies across the main sequence at z~1Jul 14 2015We present Ha maps at 1kpc spatial resolution for star-forming galaxies at z~1, made possible by the WFC3 grism on HST. Employing this capability over all five 3D-HST/CANDELS fields provides a sample of 2676 galaxies. By creating deep stacked Halpha (Ha) ... More
Network analysis of synthesizable materials discoveryJun 14 2018May 02 2019Assessing the synthesizability of inorganic materials is a grand challenge for accelerating their discovery using computations. Synthesis of a material is a complex process that depends not only on its thermodynamic stability with respect to others, but ... More
The Active Assembly of the Virgo Cluster: Indications for Recent Group Infall From Early-Type Dwarf GalaxiesAug 14 2018Virgo is a dynamically young galaxy cluster with substructure in its spatial and kinematic distribution. Here, we simultaneously study the phase-space distribution and the main characteristics of Virgo's galaxies, particularly its most abundant galaxy ... More
Gas and dust in a submillimeter galaxy at z = 4.24 from the Herschel ATLASJul 14 2011We report ground-based follow-up observations of the exceptional source, ID141, one the brightest sources detected so far in the H-ATLAS cosmological survey. ID141 was observed using the IRAM 30-meter telescope and Plateau de Bure interferometer (PdBI), ... More
Time Reversal with Post-Equalization for OFDM without CP in Massive MIMOJul 19 2016This paper studies the possibility of eliminating the redundant cyclic prefix (CP) of orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) in massive multiple-input multiple-output systems. The absence of CP increases the bandwidth efficiency in expense ... More
Video to Fully Automatic 3D Hair ModelSep 13 2018Imagine taking a selfie video with your mobile phone and getting as output a 3D model of your head (face and 3D hair strands) that can be later used in VR, AR, and any other domain. State of the art hair reconstruction methods allow either a single photo ... More
Molecular Beam Epitaxy Growth of Antiferromagnetic Kagome Metal FeSnMay 30 2019FeSn is a room-temperature antiferromagnet expected to host Dirac fermions in its electronic structure. The interplay of magnetic degree of freedom and the Dirac fermions makes FeSn an attractive platform for spintronics and electronic devices. While ... More
The determined property of Baire in reverse mathSep 11 2018Sep 15 2018We define the notion of a determined Borel code in reverse math, and consider the principle $DPB$, which states that every determined Borel set has the property of Baire. We show that this principle is strictly weaker than $ATR$. Any $\omega$-model of ... More
Physics departments should discuss sexual harassment -- But consider this firstJun 06 2019Jun 07 2019In April 2019, Aycock et al. published "Sexual harassment reported by undergraduate female physicists" in Phys. Rev. PER. Their main finding is that 3/4 of undergraduate women in physics in the U.S. report experiencing sexual harassment. Gender minorities ... More
C2P2: A Collective Cryptocurrency Up/Down Price Prediction EngineJun 03 2019We study the problem of predicting whether the price of the 21 most popular cryptocurrencies (according to will go up or down on day d, using data up to day d-1. Our C2P2 algorithm is the first algorithm to consider the fact that the ... More
A survey of electron Bernstein wave heating and current drive potential for spherical tokamaksMar 23 2011Jul 13 2011The electron Bernstein wave (EBW) is typically the only wave in the electron cyclotron (EC) range that can be applied in spherical tokamaks for heating and current drive (H&CD). Spherical tokamaks (STs) operate generally in high-beta regimes, in which ... More
Double Bars, Inner Disks, and Nuclear Rings in Barred GalaxiesJul 07 2001We present results of a high-resolution imaging survey of barred S0--Sa galaxies which demonstrate that the central regions of these galaxies are surprisingly complex. We see many inner bars --- small, secondary bars (typically less than a kiloparsec ... More
Numerical Ranges of 4-by-4 Nilpotent Matrices: Flat Portions on the BoundaryNov 28 2015In their 2008 paper Gau and Wu conjectured that the numerical range of a 4-by-4 nilpotent matrix has at most two flat portions on its boundary. We prove this conjecture, establishing along the way some additional facts of independent interest. In particular, ... More
A physical model for the evolving UV luminosity function of high redshift galaxies and their contribution to the cosmic reionizationMar 01 2014Mar 27 2014[Abridged] We present a physical model for the evolution of the ultraviolet (UV) luminosity function (LF) of high-z galaxies taking into account in a self-consistent way their chemical evolution and the associated evolution of dust extinction. The model ... More
Observational tests of the evolution of spheroidal galaxies and predictions for SIRTF/Spitzer cosmological surveysMar 06 2004Granato et al(2004) have elaborated a physically grounded model exploiting the mutual feedback between star-forming spheroidal galaxies and the active nuclei growing in their cores to overcome, within the hierarchical clustering scenario for galaxy formation, ... More
Gravitational lensing: effects of cosmology and of lens and source profilesJan 24 2001We present detailed calculations of the magnification distribution, including both weak and strong lensing, using very recent solutions of the Dyer-Roeder (1973) equation for light propagation in a inhomogeneous universe with a cosmological constant and ... More
Super-massive Black Hole Demography: the Match between the Local and Accreted Mass FunctionsMay 28 2004Aug 02 2004We have performed a detailed analysis of the local super-massive black-hole (SMBH) mass function based on both kinematic and photometric data and derived an accurate analytical fit in the range 10^6 <= (M_BH/M_sun) <= 5*10^9. We find a total SMBH mass ... More
A Physical Model for the Co-evolution of QSOs and of their Spheroidal HostsJul 10 2003Sep 16 2003We present a physically motivated model for the early co-evolution of massive spheroidal galaxies and active nuclei at their centers. Within dark matter halos, forming at the rate predicted by the canonical hierarchical clustering scenario, the gas evolution ... More
H2O emission in high-z ultra-luminous infrared galaxiesJan 28 2013Using IRAM PdBI we report the detection of H2O in six new lensed ultra-luminous starburst galaxies at high redshift, discovered in the Herschel H-ATLAS survey. The sources are detected either in the 2_{02}-1_{11} or 2_{11}-2_{02} H_2O emission lines with ... More
The cataclysmic variable QZ Lib: a period bouncerSep 06 2018Sep 28 2018While highly evolved cataclysmic variables (CVs) with brown dwarf donors, often called "period bouncers", are predicted to make up $\simeq40-70$ % of the Galactic CV population, only a handful of such systems are currently known. The identification and ... More
Convexity-Increasing Morphs of Planar GraphsFeb 19 2018Jan 28 2019We study the problem of convexifying drawings of planar graphs. Given any planar straight-line drawing of an internally 3-connected graph, we show how to morph the drawing to one with strictly convex faces while maintaining planarity at all times. Our ... More