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New constructions of quaternary bent functionsSep 01 2013In this paper, a new construction of quaternary bent functions from quaternary quadratic forms over Galois rings of characteristic 4 is proposed. Based on this construction, several new classes of quaternary bent functions are obtained, and as a consequence, ... More
Complete permutation polynomials induced from complete permutations of subfieldsDec 19 2013We propose several techniques to construct complete permutation polynomials of finite fields by virtue of complete permutations of subfields. In some special cases, any complete permutation polynomials over a finite field can be used to construct complete ... More
Ground states of hard-core bosons in one dimensional periodic potentialsDec 21 2006Jan 16 2007With Girardeau's Fermi-Bose mapping, we find the exact ground states of hard-core bosons residing in a one dimensional periodic potential. The analysis of these ground states shows that when the number of bosons $N$ is commensurate with the number of ... More
The classification of $\bf Z$-graded modules of the intermediate series over the $q$-analog Virasoro-like algebraNov 08 2007In this paper, we complete the classification of the {\bf Z}-graded modules of the intermediate series over the $q$-analog Virasoro-like algebra $L$. We first construct four classes of irreducible {\bf Z}-graded $L$-modules of the intermediate series. ... More
Major Maintenance Schedule Optimization for Electric Multiple Unit Considering Passenger Transport DemandOct 31 2016It is an important objective pursued in a railway agency or company to reduce the major maintenance costs of electric multiple unit (EMU). The EMU major maintenance schedule decides when to undergo major maintenance or undertake transportation task for ... More
The existence and nonexistence of global solutions for a semilinear heat equation on graphsFeb 12 2017Let $G=(V,E)$ be a finite or locally finite connected weighted graph, $\Delta$ be the usual graph Laplacian. Using heat kernel estimate, we prove the existence and nonexistence of global solutions for the following semilinear heat equation on $G$ \begin{equation*} ... More
InversionNet: A Real-Time and Accurate Full Waveform Inversion with CNNs and continuous CRFsOct 26 2018Jan 05 2019Full-waveform inversion problems are usually formulated as optimization problems, where the forward-wave propagation operator $f$ maps the subsurface velocity structures to seismic signals. The existing computational methods for solving full-waveform ... More
Blow-up problems for nonlinear parabolic equations on locally finite graphsApr 19 2017Let $G=(V,E)$ be a locally finite connected weighted graph, $\Delta$ be the usual graph Laplacian. In this paper, we study the blow-up problems for the nonlinear parabolic equation $u_t=\Delta u + f(u)$ on $G$. The blow-up phenomenons of the equation ... More
On-diagonal lower estimate of heat kernel on graphsDec 27 2016The purpose of this paper is to establish a new continuous-time on-diagonal lower estimate of heat kernel for large time on graphs. To achieve the goal, we first give an upper bound of heat kernel in natural graph metric, and then use this bound and the ... More
On constructing complete permutation polynomials over finite fields of even characteristicOct 16 2013Oct 10 2014In this paper, a construction of complete permutation polynomials over finite fields of even characteristic proposed by Tu et al. recently is generalized in a recursive manner. Besides, several classes of complete permutation polynomials are derived by ... More
Privacy Preserving Controller Synthesis via Belief AbstractionFeb 27 2018Mar 05 2018Privacy is a crucial concern in many systems in addition to their given tasks. We consider a new notion of privacy based on beliefs of the system states, which is closely related to opacity in discrete event systems. To guarantee the privacy requirement, ... More
Quantum Zeno and anti-Zeno effects in quantum dissipative systemsJan 09 2017Apr 25 2017We investigate the quantum Zeno and anti-Zeno effects in quantum dissipative systems by employing a hierarchical equations of motion approach which is beyond the usual Markovian approximation, the rotating wave approximation, and the perturbative approximation. ... More
Conjugate-Computation Variational Inference : Converting Variational Inference in Non-Conjugate Models to Inferences in Conjugate ModelsMar 13 2017Apr 13 2017Variational inference is computationally challenging in models that contain both conjugate and non-conjugate terms. Methods specifically designed for conjugate models, even though computationally efficient, find it difficult to deal with non-conjugate ... More
HPILN: A feature learning framework for cross-modality person re-identificationJun 07 2019Most video surveillance systems use both RGB and infrared cameras, making it a vital technique to re-identify a person cross the RGB and infrared modalities. This task can be challenging due to both the cross-modality variations caused by heterogeneous ... More
Effect of bath temperature on the decoherence of quantum dissipative systemsDec 16 2016Dec 21 2016We report an anomalous decoherence phenomenon of a quantum dissipative system in the framework of a stochastic decoupling scheme along with a hierarchical equations-of-motion formalism without the usual Born-Markov or weak coupling approximations. It ... More
Spin polarized Charge Trapping and Transfer at a HgTe Topological Insulator Quantum DotJul 20 2016Aug 23 2016This work presents theoretical demonstration of a carrier trap unit formed by dual topological insulator constrictions (TIC) on the HgTe/CdTe quantum well (QW) with inverted band structures. The sample of HgTe/CdTe QW is patterned into a Hall bar device ... More
Detecting the entanglement of vortices in ultracold bosons with artificial gauge fieldsOct 03 2018The entanglement of vortices in a two-dimensional Bose-Hubbard model with artificial gauge fields is investigated using the exact diagonalization techniques. We propose an effective Hamiltonian for the spin-spin interactions between vortices responsible ... More
A Clustering-based Location Privacy Protection Scheme for Pervasive ComputingNov 13 2010In pervasive computing environments, Location- Based Services (LBSs) are becoming increasingly important due to continuous advances in mobile networks and positioning technologies. Nevertheless, the wide deployment of LBSs can jeopardize the location ... More
A Group Key Management Protocol Based on Weight-Balanced 2-3 Tree for Wireless Sensor NetworksDec 30 2011Multicast in Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) is an attractive mechanism for delivering data to multiple receivers as it saves bandwidth. To guarantee the security of multicast, the group key is used to encrypt and decrypt the packages. However, providing ... More
Turán's problem and Ramsey numbers for treesOct 12 2011May 04 2015Let $T_n^1=(V,E_1)$ and $T_n^2=(V,E_2)$ be the trees on $n$ vertices with $V=\{v_0,v_1,\ldots,v_{n-1}\}$, $E_1=\{v_0v_1,\ldots,v_0v_{n-3},v_{n-4}v_{n-2},v_{n-3}v_{n-1}\}$, and $E_2=\{v_0v_1,\ldots,$ $v_0v_{n-3},v_{n-3}v_{n-2}, v_{n-3}v_{n-1}\}$. In this ... More
Keypoint Based Weakly Supervised Human ParsingSep 14 2018Fully convolutional networks (FCN) have achieved great success in human parsing in recent years. In conventional human parsing tasks, pixel-level labeling is required for guiding the training, which usually involves enormous human labeling efforts. To ... More
B-->KK decays with the soft-gluon correctionsDec 19 2002We analyze the B->KK decays with the soft-gluon corrections by using the QCD light-cone sum rules (LCSR). Although QCD factorization approach calculates the leading order factorization parts and the radiative corrections from hard- gluon exchanges at ... More
Active Learning for Regression Using Greedy SamplingAug 08 2018Regression problems are pervasive in real-world applications. Generally a substantial amount of labeled samples are needed to build a regression model with good generalization ability. However, many times it is relatively easy to collect a large number ... More
A parameter free similarity index based on clustering ability for link prediction in complex networksApr 04 2015Link prediction in complex network based on solely topological information is a challenging problem. In this paper, we propose a novel similarity index, which is efficient and parameter free, based on clustering ability. Here clustering ability is defined ... More
Equivalence of Two Approaches for Quantum-Classical Hybrid SystemsMar 28 2008We discuss two approaches that are used frequently to describe quantum-classical hybrid system. One is the well-known mean-field theory and the other adopts a set of hybrid brackets which is a mixture of quantum commutators and classical Poisson brackets. ... More
Permissive Supervisor Synthesis for Markov Decision Processes through LearningMar 21 2017This paper considers the permissive supervisor synthesis for probabilistic systems modeled as Markov Decision Processes (MDP). Such systems are prevalent in power grids, transportation networks, communication networks and robotics. Unlike centralized ... More
Counterexample-guided Abstraction Refinement for POMDPsJan 22 2017Mar 10 2017Partially Observable Markov Decision Process (POMDP) is widely used to model probabilistic behavior for complex systems. Compared with MDPs, POMDP models a system more accurate but solving a POMDP generally takes exponential time in the size of its state ... More
Order boundedness of weighted composition operators on weighted Dirichlet spaces and derivative Hardy spacesApr 12 2019In this paper, we completely characterize the order boundedness of weighted composition operators between different weighted Dirichlet spaces and different derivative Hardy spaces.
Chiral phase transition and QCD phase diagram from AdS/QCDOct 30 2018We study the chemical potential effects on the chiral phase transition in a simply improved soft-wall AdS/QCD model, which can realize consistently the properties of linear confinement and spontaneous chiral symmetry breaking. The $\mu-T$ phase diagrams ... More
A Low-Cost Ethics Shaping Approach for Designing Reinforcement Learning AgentsDec 12 2017Sep 10 2018This paper proposes a low-cost, easily realizable strategy to equip a reinforcement learning (RL) agent the capability of behaving ethically. Our model allows the designers of RL agents to solely focus on the task to achieve, without having to worry about ... More
Chiral phase transition and meson spectrum in improved soft-wall AdS/QCDApr 09 2016We investigate in detail the chiral thermal transition of QCD in an improved soft-wall AdS/QCD model with a simply modified 5D conformal mass of the bulk scalar field. We also present a calculation in this model for the light meson spectra and other low-energy ... More
The c-Functions of Noncommutative Yang-Mills Theory from HolographyMay 06 2000May 11 2000In this paper we study non-commutative Yang-Mills theory (NCYM) through its gravity dual. First it is shown that the gravity dual of an NCYM with self-dual $\theta$-parameters has a Lagrangian in the form of five-dimensional dilatonic gravity. Then we ... More
Near Optimal Adaptive Shortest Path Routing with Stochastic Links States under Adversarial AttackOct 11 2016We consider the shortest path routing (SPR) of a network with stochastically time varying link metrics under potential adversarial attacks. Due to potential denial of service attacks, the distributions of link states could be stochastic (benign) or adversarial ... More
Strict singularity of weighted composition operators on derivative Hardy spacesMar 25 2019Mar 26 2019We prove that the weighted composition operator $W_{\phi,\varphi}$ fixes an isomorphic copy of $\ell^p$ if the operator $W_{\phi,\varphi}$ is not compact on the derivative Hardy space $S^p$. In particular, this implies that the strict singularity of the ... More
Duistermaat-Heckman measure and the mixture of quantum statesOct 05 2018In this paper, we present a general framework to solve a fundamental problem in Random Matrix Theory (RMT), i.e., the problem of describing the joint distribution of eigenvalues of the sum $\boldsymbol{A}+\boldsymbol{B}$ of two independent random Hermitian ... More
Fast and Simple Natural-Gradient Variational Inference with Mixture of Exponential-family ApproximationsJun 07 2019Natural-gradient methods enable fast and simple algorithms for variational inference, but due to computational difficulties, their use is mostly limited to \emph{minimal} exponential-family (EF) approximations. In this paper, we extend their application ... More
Variational Message Passing with Structured Inference NetworksMar 15 2018Jun 14 2018Recent efforts on combining deep models with probabilistic graphical models are promising in providing flexible models that are also easy to interpret. We propose a variational message-passing algorithm for variational inference in such models. We make ... More
POMDP Model Learning for Human Robot CollaborationMar 30 2018Recent years have seen human robot collaboration (HRC) quickly emerged as a hot research area at the intersection of control, robotics, and psychology. While most of the existing work in HRC focused on either low-level human-aware motion planning or HRC ... More
Determining mean first-passage time on a class of treelike regular fractalsSep 15 2010Sep 30 2010Relatively general techniques for computing mean first-passage time (MFPT) of random walks on networks with a specific property are very useful, since a universal method for calculating MFPT on general graphs is not available because of their complexity ... More
Strict singularity of Volterra type operators on Hardy spacesMar 25 2019Mar 29 2019In this paper, we first characterize the boundedness and compactness of Volterra type operator $S_gf(z) = \int_0^z f'(\zeta)g(\zeta)d\zeta, \ z \in \mathbb{D},$ defined on Hardy spaces $H^p, \, 0< p <\infty$\,. The spectrum of $S_g$ is also obtained. ... More
First-principles studies of the Optical anisotropy of R3(No.146) space group chalcogenides crystal AX2MQ6Sep 27 2016The birefringence values of $R3$(No.146) space group crystals \ce{AX2MQ6} have been calculated. Their Electron Localization Function(ELF) was calculated to show that the acentricity of the bonds on $sp^3$ hybridization \ce{Q^2-} ions is the main origin ... More
All-derivable points in nest algebrasAug 09 2010Sep 20 2010Suppose that $\mathscr{A}$ is an operator algebra on a Hilbert space $H$. An element $V$ in $\mathscr{A}$ is called an all-derivable point of $\mathscr{A}$ for the strong operator topology if every strong operator topology continuous derivable mapping ... More
Near-Horizon Virasoro Symmetry and the Entropy of de Sitter Space in Any DimensionJan 27 1999Feb 08 1999De Sitter spacetime is known to have a cosmological horizon that enjoys thermodynamic-like properties similar to those of a black hole horizon. In this note we show that a universal argument can be given for the entropy of de Sitter spacetime in arbitrary ... More
Anelastic Approximation of the Gross-Pitaevskii equation for General Initial DataDec 01 2015We perform a rigorous analysis of the anelastic approximation for the Gross-Pitaevskii equation with $x$-dependent chemical potential. For general initial data and periodic boundary condition, we show that as $\eps\to 0$, equivalently the Planck constant ... More
Cycle-Consistent Deep Generative Hashing for Cross-Modal RetrievalApr 30 2018Oct 29 2018In this paper, we propose a novel deep generative approach to cross-modal retrieval to learn hash functions in the absence of paired training samples through the cycle consistency loss. Our proposed approach employs adversarial training scheme to lean ... More
Domain-of-Attraction Estimation for Uncertain Non-polynomial SystemsMar 03 2013In this paper, we consider the problem of computing estimates of the domain-of-attraction for non-polynomial systems. A polynomial approximation technique, based on multivariate polynomial interpolation and error analysis for remaining functions, is applied ... More
Assessing the Health of Richibucto Estuary with the Latent Health Factor IndexAug 27 2012Jun 24 2013The ability to quantitatively assess the health of an ecosystem is often of great interest to those tasked with monitoring and conserving ecosystems. For decades, research in this area has relied upon multimetric indices of various forms. Although indices ... More
An Adaptive Oversampling Learning Method for Class-Imbalanced Fault Diagnostics and PrognosticsNov 19 2018Data-driven fault diagnostics and prognostics suffers from class-imbalance problem in industrial systems and it raises challenges to common machine learning algorithms as it becomes difficult to learn the features of the minority class samples. Synthetic ... More
Synthesis of Insertion Functions to Enforce Decentralized and Joint Opacity Properties of Discrete-event SystemsFeb 15 2018Opacity is a confidentiality property that characterizes the non-disclosure of specified secret information of a system to an outside observer. In this paper, we consider the enforcement of opacity within the discrete-event system formalism in the presence ... More
Remoteness and distance eigenvalues of a graphJul 25 2015Let $G$ be a connected graph of order $n$ with diameter $d$. Remoteness $\rho$ of $G$ is the maximum average distance from a vertex to all others and $\partial_1\geq\cdots\geq \partial_n$ are the distance eigenvalues of $G$. In \cite{AH}, Aouchiche and ... More
Chiral Phase Transition with 2+1 quark flavors in an improved soft-wall AdS/QCD ModelMay 14 2018We study the chiral phase transition with 2 + 1 quark flavors in an improved soft-wall AdS/QCD model, which can produce the light meson spectrum and many other low-energy quantities consistent with experiments in the two-flavor case. The chiral transition ... More
Exploiting Massive D2D Collaboration for Energy-Efficient Mobile Edge ComputingMar 30 2017In this article we propose a novel Device-to-Device (D2D) Crowd framework for 5G mobile edge computing, where a massive crowd of devices at the network edge leverage the network-assisted D2D collaboration for computation and communication resource sharing ... More
Method of Successive Projections for Nonnegative Inverse Singular Value problems with Prescribed StructureDec 10 2013The study of solving inverse singular value problems for nonnegative matrices has been around for decades. It is clear that an inverse singular problem is trivial if the desirable matrix is not restricted to a certain structure. Provided with singular ... More
Measurement of anisotropic radial flow in relativistic heavy ion collisionsOct 05 2012We suggest the azimuthal distribution of mean transverse (radial) rapidity of the final state particles as a more direct measure of the transverse motion of the source than the standard azimuthal multiplicity distribution. Using a sample generated by ... More
Quantum measurement in two-dimensional conformal field theories: Application to quantum energy teleportationAug 31 2017Jun 20 2018We construct a set of quasi-local measurement operators in 2D CFT, and then use them to proceed the quantum energy teleportation (QET) protocol and show it is viable. These measurement operators are constructed out of the projectors constructed from shadow ... More
Non-relativistic Holography and Singular Black HoleOct 01 2008Jul 06 2009We provide a framework for non-relativistic holography so that a covariant action principle ensuring the Galilean symmetry for dual conformal field theory is given. This framework is based on the Bargmann lift of the Newton-Cartan gravity to the one-dimensional ... More
Holographic QCD with Topologically Charged Domain-Wall/MembranesMay 19 2008Aug 20 2008We study the thermodynamical phase structures of holographic QCD with nontrivial topologically charged domain-wall/membranes which are originally related to the multiple $\theta$-vacua in the large $N_c$ limit. We realize the topologically charged membranes ... More
Embeddings of Riemannian Manifolds with Finite Eigenvector Fields of Connection LaplacianApr 19 2016Nov 13 2017We study the problem asking if one can embed manifolds into finite dimensional Euclidean spaces by taking finite number of eigenvector fields of the connection Laplacian. This problem is essential for the dimension reduction problem in massive data analysis. ... More
Exact Safety Verification of Interval Hybrid Systems Based on Symbolic-Numeric ComputationFeb 25 2013In this paper, we address the problem of safety verification of interval hybrid systems in which the coefficients are intervals instead of explicit numbers. A hybrid symbolic-numeric method, based on SOS relaxation and interval arithmetic certification, ... More
Optimal Dividend and reinsurance strategy of a Property Insurance Company under Catastrophe RiskSep 07 2010We consider an optimal control problem of a property insurance company with proportional reinsurance strategy. The insurance business brings in catastrophe risk, such as earthquake and flood. The catastrophe risk could be partly reduced by reinsurance. ... More
The Saturation of Several Universal Inequalities in Information-ProcessingSep 25 2012Mar 26 2015In this paper, we characterize the saturation of four universal inequalities in quantum information theory, including a variant version of strong subadditivity inequality for von Neumann entropy, the coherent information inequality, the Holevo quantity ... More
Universal upper bound for the Holevo information induced by a quantum operationOct 27 2011Oct 25 2012Let $\cH_A\ot \cH_B$ be a bipartite system and $\rho_{AB}$ a quantum state on $\cH_A\ot \cH_B$, $\rho_A = \Ptr{B}{\rho_{AB}}$, $\rho_B = \Ptr{A}{\rho_{AB}}$. Then each quantum operation $\Phi_B$ on the quantum system $\cH_B$ can induce a quantum ensemble ... More
A consistent analysis on QCD phase diagram and meson spectra in the improved soft-wall AdS/QCDApr 09 2019Apr 10 2019We present a consistent analysis on QCD phase diagram and meson spectra based on the improved soft-wall AdS/QCD. The equations of motion for the octet pseudoscalar, vector and axial-vector mesons with $2+1$ flavors are derived to calculate the octet meson ... More
Heterotic String Compactification and New Vector BundlesDec 26 2014We propose a construction of K\"ahler and non-K\"ahler Calabi-Yau manifolds by branched double covers of twistor spaces. In this construction we use the twistor spaces of four-manifolds with self-dual conformal structures, with the examples of connected ... More
A Learning Based Optimal Human Robot Collaboration with Linear Temporal Logic ConstraintsMay 31 2017This paper considers an optimal task allocation problem for human robot collaboration in human robot systems with persistent tasks. Such human robot systems consist of human operators and intelligent robots collaborating with each other to accomplish ... More
Supervisor Synthesis of POMDP based on Automata LearningMar 24 2017As a general and thus popular model for autonomous systems, partially observable Markov decision process (POMDP) can capture uncertainties from different sources like sensing noises, actuation errors, and uncertain environments. However, its comprehensiveness ... More
Vaccination dilemma on an evolving social networkFeb 05 2019Vaccination is crucial for the control of epidemics. Yet it is a social dilemma since non-vaccinators can benefit from the herd immunity created by the vaccinators. Thus the optimum vaccination level is not reached via voluntary vaccination at times. ... More
Traveling wave solutions for a predator-prey system with Sigmoidal response functionMay 19 2011We study the existence of traveling wave solutions for a diffusive predator-prey system. The system considered in this paper is governed by a Sigmoidal response function which is more general than those studied previously. Our method is an improvement ... More
Volterra type operators on weighted Dirichlet spacesApr 02 2019Apr 08 2019The Carleson measures for weighted Dirichlet spaces had been characterized by Girela and Pel\'{a}ez, who also characterized the boundedness of Volterra type operators between weighted Dirichlet spaces. However, their characterizations for the boundedness ... More
Electron tunneling through a single magnetic barrier in HgTe topological insulatorJul 20 2016Electron tunneling through a single magnetic barrier in a HgTe topological insulator has been theoretically investigated. We find that the perpendicular magnetic field would not lead to spin-flip of the edge states due to the conservation of the angular ... More
A Tag Identification Approach Based On Fragile WatermarkNov 25 2014This paper proposes a tag identify approach based on fragile Watermark that based on Least significant bit of the replacement that we first use a special way to initialize the cover to ensure that we can use random positions to embed the information of ... More
Azimuthal distributions of radial momentum and velocity in relativistic heavy ion collisionsJan 04 2012Azimuthal distributions of radial (transverse) momentum, mean radial momentum, and mean radial velocity of final state particles are suggested for relativistic heavy ion collisions. Using transport model AMPT with string melting, these distributions for ... More
Exact Safety Verification of Hybrid Systems Based on Bilinear SOS RepresentationJan 20 2012Sep 25 2012In this paper, we address the problem of safety verification of nonlinear hybrid systems. A hybrid symbolic-numeric method is presented to compute exact inequality invariants of hybrid systems efficiently. Some numerical invariants of a hybrid system ... More
Re-examining the role of curvature in the slowing down acceleration scenarioJan 24 2013Feb 26 2013By incorporating the curvature $\Omega_k$ as a free parameter, it has been found that the tension between the high redshift CMB shift parameter $R(z^{\ast})$ data and the low redshift SNIa and BAO data from the combination of SDSS and 2dFGRS can be ameliorated, ... More
Boundedness of Commutators on Hardy Spaces over Metric Measure Spaces of Non-homogeneous TypeSep 18 2015Let $(\mathcal{X},d,\mu)$ be a metric measure space satisfying the so-called upper doubling condition and the geometrically doubling condition. Let $T$ be a Calder\'{o}n-Zygmund operator with kernel satisfying only the size condition and some H\"ormander-type ... More
An ALMA Dynamical Mass Estimate of the Proposed Planetary-mass Companion FW Tau CAug 27 2017Dynamical mass estimates down to the planet-mass regime can help to understand planet formation. We present Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) 1.3 mm observations of FW Tau C, a proposed ~10 $M_{\rm Jup}$ planet-mass companion at ~330 ... More
Comment on "Convergence of macrostates under reproducible processes" [Phys. Lett. A 374: 3715-3717 (2010)]Oct 17 2012May 30 2013In this Letter, two counterexamples show that the superadditivity inequality of relative entropy is not true even for the full-ranked quantum states. Thus, an inequality of quantum channels and complementary channels is not also true. Finally, a conjecture ... More
ThiNet: A Filter Level Pruning Method for Deep Neural Network CompressionJul 20 2017We propose an efficient and unified framework, namely ThiNet, to simultaneously accelerate and compress CNN models in both training and inference stages. We focus on the filter level pruning, i.e., the whole filter would be discarded if it is less important. ... More
Essential Tensor Learning for Multi-view Spectral ClusteringJul 10 2018May 06 2019Multi-view clustering attracts much attention recently, which aims to take advantage of multi-view information to improve the performance of clustering. However, most recent work mainly focus on self-representation based subspace clustering, which is ... More
Memory-constrained Vectorization and Scheduling of Dataflow Graphs for Hybrid CPU-GPU PlatformsNov 29 2017The increasing use of heterogeneous embedded systems with multi-core CPUs and Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) presents important challenges in effectively exploiting pipeline, task and data-level parallelism to meet throughput requirements of digital ... More
Counting spanning trees in a small-world Farey graphJan 20 2012The problem of spanning trees is closely related to various interesting problems in the area of statistical physics, but determining the number of spanning trees in general networks is computationally intractable. In this paper, we perform a study on ... More
Parameter and Insertion Function Co-synthesis for Opacity Enhancement in Parametric Stochastic Discrete Event SystemsFeb 13 2018Opacity is a property that characterizes the system's capability to keep its "secret" from being inferred by an intruder that partially observes the system's behavior. In this paper, we are concerned with enhancing the opacity using insertion functions, ... More
Diffusion limit of kinetic equations for multiple species charged particlesJun 13 2013Jul 08 2014In ionic solutions, there are multi-species charged particles (ions) with different properties like mass, charge etc. Macroscopic continuum models like the Poisson-Nernst-Planck (PNP) systems have been extensively used to describe the transport and distribution ... More
Probing QCD critical fluctuations from intermittency analysis in relativistic heavy-ion collisionsJan 31 2019It is shown that intermittency, a self-similar correlation with respect to the size of the phase space volume, is sensitive to critical density fluctuations of baryon numbers in a system belonging to the three-dimensional (3D) Ising universality class. ... More
Novel Magnetic Quantization of sp$^{3}$ Bonding in Monolayer TineneDec 07 2015A generalized tight-binding model, which is based on the subenvelope functions of the different sublattices, is developed to explore the novel magnetic quantization in monolayer gray tin. The effects due to the $sp^{3}$ bonding, the spin-orbital coupling, ... More
Configuration- and concentration-dependent electronic properties of hydrogenated grapheneOct 08 2015The electronic properties of hydrogenated graphenes are investigated with the first-principles calculations. Geometric structures, energy bands, charge distributions, and density of states (DOS) strongly depend on the different configurations and concentrations ... More
Unusual Electronic excitations in ABA trilayer grapheneMar 28 2018The tight-binding model is closely associated with the modified random-phase approximation to thoroughly explore the electron-electron interactions in trilayer AB-stacked graphene. The intralayer and interlayer atomic/Coulomb interactions dominate the ... More
Feature-rich electronic properties of aluminum-doped graphenesJun 06 2016The electronic properties of aluminum-doped graphenes enriched by multi-orbital hybridizations are investigated using first-principles calculations. The feature-rich electronic structures exhibit the quasi-rigid red shifts of the carbon-created energy ... More
Optimization on fixed low latency implementation of GBT protocol in FPGAAug 29 2016Sep 16 2016For accelerator physics experiment, the Front-End (FE) electronics components are subjected to a radiation background. GigaBit Transceiver (GBT) architecture is a protocol developed by CERN, to provide high-speed (4.8 Gbps) radiation hard optical link ... More
Spectrally pure states at telecommunications wavelengths from periodically poled $M$TiO$X$O$_4$ ($M$ = K, Rb, Cs; $X$ = P, As) crystalsDec 30 2016Significant successes have recently been reported in the study of the generation of spectrally pure state in group-velocity-matched (GVM) nonlinear crystals. However, the GVM condition can only be realized in limited kinds of crystals and at limited wavelengths. ... More
Rényi entropy at large energy density in 2D CFTDec 31 2018Mar 01 2019We investigate the R\'enyi entropy and entanglement entropy of an interval with an arbitrary length in the canonical ensemble, microcanonical ensemble and primary excited states at large energy density in the thermodynamic limit of a large central charge ... More
Non-geometric States in a Holographic Conformal Field TheoryJun 20 2018May 28 2019In the AdS$_3$/CFT$_2$ correspondence, we find some conformal field theory (CFT) states that have no bulk description by the Ba\~nados geometry. We elaborate the constraints for a CFT state to be geometric, i.e., having a dual Ba\~nados metric, by comparing ... More
Influence of initial size on higher cumulant ratios of net-proton number fluctuationsMar 01 2013With the help of AMPT default model, we study the influence of initial size (centrality of collisions) on higher cumulant ratios of net-proton distributions. If the centrality is presented by impact parameter, there is a strong centrality dependent, in ... More
A Fault-Tolerant Emergency-Aware Access Control Scheme for Cyber-Physical SystemsDec 31 2011Access control is an issue of paramount importance in cyber-physical systems (CPS). In this paper, an access control scheme, namely FEAC, is presented for CPS. FEAC can not only provide the ability to control access to data in normal situations, but also ... More
Encoding qubits into harmonic-oscillator modes via quantum walks in phase spaceAug 27 2018Nov 29 2018We propose linear optical schemes for encoding arbitrary logical states of a quantum bit (qubit) into a harmonic oscillator mode, which was originally put forward by Gottesman, Kitaev, and Preskill (GKP) [Phys. Rev. A {\bf 64}, 012310 (2001)]. Starting ... More
A Heat-Map-based Algorithm for Recognizing Group Activities in VideosFeb 21 2015In this paper, a new heat-map-based (HMB) algorithm is proposed for group activity recognition. The proposed algorithm first models human trajectories as series of "heat sources" and then applies a thermal diffusion process to create a heat map (HM) for ... More
Impacts of suppressing guide on information spreadingNov 24 2015It is quite common that guides are introduced to suppress the information spreading in modern society for different purposes. In this paper, an agent-based model is established to quantitatively analyze the impacts of suppressing guides on information ... More
Sparseness of 4-cycle systemsSep 20 2012An avoidance problem of configurations in 4-cycle systems is investigated by generalizing the notion of sparseness, which is originally from Erd\H{o}s' r-sparse conjecture on Steiner triple systems. A 4-cycle system of order v, 4CS(v), is said to be r-sparse ... More
Electrically tunable plasma excitations in AA-stacking multilayer grapheneApr 10 2014We use a tight-binding model and the random-phase approximation to study the Coulomb excitations in simple-hexagonal-stacking multilayer graphene and discuss the field effects. The calculation results include the energy bands, the response functions, ... More