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Extraction of Generalized Parton Distribution Observables from Deeply Virtual Electron Proton Scattering ExperimentsMar 13 2019We provide the general expression of the cross section for exclusive deeply virtual photon electroproduction from a spin 1/2 target using current parameterizations of the off-forward correlation function in a nucleon for different beam and target polarization ... More
The Users' Perspective on the Privacy-Utility Trade-offs in Health Recommender SystemsApr 13 2018Privacy is a major good for users of personalized services such as recommender systems. When applied to the field of health informatics, privacy concerns of users may be amplified, but the possible utility of such services is also high. Despite availability ... More
Orthogonal Schurs for Classical Gauge GroupsSep 04 2013Finite N physics of half-BPS operators for gauge groups SO(N) and Sp(N) has recently been studied[1, 2]. Among other things they showed that, alike U(N), Schur operators (but in the square of their eigenvalues) diagonalize the free field two-point function ... More
Novel charges in CFT'sJun 30 2014In this paper we construct two infinite sets of self-adjoint commuting charges for a quite general CFT. They come out naturally by considering an infinite embedding chain of Lie algebras, an underlying structure that share all theories with gauge groups ... More
Causality and surrogate variable analysisApr 03 2017Gene expression depends on thousands of factors and we usually only have access to tens or hundreds of observations of gene expression levels meaning we are in a high-dimensional setting. Additionally we don't always observe or care about all the factors. ... More
A family of acyclic functorsJun 14 2007Nov 08 2007We determine a family of functors from a poset to abelian groups such that the higher direct limits vanish on them. This is done by first characterizing the projective functors. Then a spectral sequence arising from the grading of the poset is used. Also ... More
Análisis de cointegración con una aplicación al mercado de deuda en Estados Unidos, Canadá y MéxicoApr 03 2017Certain theoretical aspects of vector autoregression (VAR) as tools to model economic time series are revised, in particular their capacity to include both short term and long term information. The VAR model, in its error correction form, is derived and ... More
The motive of the Fano surface of linesFeb 20 2016The purpose of this note is to prove that the Chow motive of the Fano surface of lines on the smooth cubic threefold is finite-dimensional in the sense of Kimura. This gives an example of a smooth projective variety that is not dominated by a product ... More
Combined use of mixed and hybrid finite elements method with domain decomposition and spectral methods for a study of renormalization for the KPZ modelJan 10 2019The focus of this work is the numerical approximation of time-dependent partial differential equations associated to initial-boundary value problems. This master dissertation is mostly concerned with the actual computation of the solution to nonlinear ... More
Status of Sterile Neutrino fits with Global DataOct 12 2017Feb 20 2018A number of short baseline neutrino oscillation experiments have observed an anomalous excess of neutrinos in the low energy range. This may hint towards the existence of additional neutrino mass splittings. If true, additional sterile (non-interacting) ... More
On Random Operator-Valued Matrices: Operator-Valued Semicircular Mixtures and Central Limit TheoremOct 13 2014Motivated by a random matrix theory model from wireless communications, we define random operator-valued matrices as the elements of $L^{\infty-}(\Omega,{\mathcal F},{\mathbb P}) \otimes M_d({\mathcal A})$ where $(\Omega,{\mathcal F},{\mathbb P})$ is ... More
Online deforestation detectionApr 03 2017Deforestation detection using satellite images can make an important contribution to forest management. Current approaches can be broadly divided into those that compare two images taken at similar periods of the year and those that monitor changes by ... More
Sparse mean localization by information theoryApr 03 2017Sparse feature selection is necessary when we fit statistical models, we have access to a large group of features, don't know which are relevant, but assume that most are not. Alternatively, when the number of features is larger than the available data ... More
Tensor and Matrix models: a one-night stand or a lifetime romance?Mar 12 2018Mar 28 2018The spectra of energy eigenstates of free tensor and matrix models are organized by Kronecker coefficients and Littlewood-Richardson numbers, respectively. Exploiting recent results in combinatorics for Kronecker coefficients, we derive a formula that ... More
Pseudo-Query ReformulationJul 14 2015Automatic query reformulation refers to rewriting a user's original query in order to improve the ranking of retrieval results compared to the original query. We present a general framework for automatic query reformulation based on discrete optimization. ... More
A method for integral cohomology of posetsJun 14 2007We present a method to compute integral cohomology of posets. This toolbox is applicable as soon as the sub-posets under each object possess certain structure. This is the case for simplicial complexes and simplex-like posets. The method is based on homological ... More
Field Dependence of the Electron Spin Relaxation in Quantum DotsApr 18 2005Interaction of the electron spin with local elastic twists due to transverse phonons has been studied. Universal dependence of the spin relaxation rate on the strength and direction of the magnetic field has been obtained in terms of the electron gyromagnetic ... More
Magneto-elastic waves in crystals of magnetic moleculesMay 02 2007We study magneto-elastic effects in crystals of magnetic molecules. Coupled equations of motion for spins and sound are derived and the possibility of strong resonant magneto-acoustic coupling is demonstrated. Dispersion laws for interacting linear sound ... More
Lorentz and CPT violation in the Neutrino SectorJul 25 2013Searches for Lorentz and CPT violation using neutrino oscillations and the prospects for future tests using neutrino time-of-flight measurements and beta-decay experiments are presented.
Phenomenological analysis of the Two Higgs Doublet ModelDec 16 2002Apr 28 2003The Two Higgs Doublet model and its phenomenological implications are discussed. A brief survey on the present status of this model is given. In particular, we concentrate on the Two Higgs Doublet Model with Flavor Changing Neutral Currents. First, we ... More
Stop Decays with R-Parity Violation and the Neutrino MassNov 08 1999The atmospheric and solar neutrino problems can be explained in a supersymmetric scenario where R-parity is broken bilinearly. Within this context we explore the decays of the top squark. We find that the Rp violating decay $\tilde t_1 -> b \tau$ can ... More
Gauge and Yukawa Unification in SUSY with Bilinearly Broken R-ParitySep 21 1999In a supersymmetric model where R-Parity and lepton number are violated bilinearly in the superpotential, which can explain the solar and atmospheric neutrino problems, we study the unification of gauge and Yukawa couplings at the GUT scale. We show that ... More
Renormalizing Coupled Scalars with a Momentum Dependent Mixing Angle in the MSSMAug 18 1994The renormalization of a system of coupled scalars fields is analyzed. By introducing a momentum dependent mixing angle we diagonalize the inverse propagator matrix at any momentum $p^2$. The zeros of the inverse propagator matrix, \ie, the physical masses, ... More
Closing the Light Gluino Window in Supersymmetric Grand Unified ModelsApr 07 1994Jun 01 1994We study the light gluino scenario giving special attention to constraints from the masses of the light CP-even neutral Higgs $m_h$, the lightest chargino $m_{\chi^{\pm}_1}$, and the second lightest neutralino $m_{\chi^0_2}$, and from the $b\rightarrow ... More
Diagonalization of Coupled Scalars and its Application to the Supersymmetric Neutral Higgs SectorMay 30 1997We introduce a momentum dependent mixing angle $\alpha(p^2)$ which allow us to diagonalize at any external momentum $p$ the one-loop corrected inverse propagator matrix of two coupled scalar fields while keeping the full momentum dependence in the self ... More
Multi-line Doppler imaging of MR Ser in high-stateNov 05 2008Doppler images in Balmer, HeI, HeII and CII lines, and simultaneous I-band photometry of the polar MR Ser are presented and analyzed. The Balmer and Helium Doppler tomograms of this bright polar at high mass transfer state show the emission from the accretion ... More
Homological Quantum Field TheorySep 22 2005Jun 23 2008We show that the space of chains of smooth maps from spheres into a fixed compact oriented manifold has a natural structure of a transversal $d$-algebra. We construct a structure of transversal 1-category on the space of chains of maps from a suspension ... More
K-Essential Phantom Energy: Doomsday around the corner?Dec 22 2003In spite of its rather weird properties which include violation of the dominant-energy condition, the requirement of superluminal sound speed and increasing vacuum-energy density, phantom energy has recently attracted a lot of scientific and popular interests. ... More
Homological Algebra on Graded PosetsFeb 23 2010We describe the projectives in the category of functors from a graded poset to abelian groups. Based on this description we define a related condition, pseudo-projectivity, and we prove that this condition is enough for the vanishing of the derived direct ... More
Polyakov formulas for GJMS operators from AdS/CFTMar 04 2008Apr 15 2008We argue that the AdS/CFT calculational prescription for double-trace deformations leads to a holographic derivation of the conformal anomaly, and its conformal primitive, associated to the whole family of conformally covariant powers of the Laplacian ... More
Simulation of Probabilistic Sequential SystemsFeb 25 2007Feb 28 2007In this paper we introduce the idea of probability in the definition of Sequential Dynamical Systems, thus obtaining a new concept, Probabilistic Sequential System. The introduction of a probabilistic structure on Sequential Dynamical Systems is an important ... More
Proper isometric actionsNov 04 2008We prove the following to results: (1) A subgroup G of the isometry group of a Riemannian manifold M acts properly on M if and only if G is closed in the isometry group of M. (2) The orbits of an isometric action are closed if and only if the action is ... More
Limit points of lines of minima in Thurston's boundary of Teichmueller spaceMar 09 2003Given two measured laminations mu and nu in a hyperbolic surface which fill up the surface, Kerckhoff [Lines of Minima in Teichmueller space, Duke Math J. 65 (1992) 187-213] defines an associated line of minima along which convex combinations of the length ... More
Overview of Lorentz Violation in NeutrinosSep 21 2011A general introduction to Lorentz and CPT violation is presented. The observable effects of the breakdown of such fundamental symmetries in neutrinos are outlined and different experimental searches of some of the key signals of Lorentz violation are ... More
Analytical Solution for Wave Propagation in Stratified Poroelastic Medium. Part II: the 3D CaseJul 25 2008We are interested in the modeling of wave propagation in poroelastic media. We consider the biphasic Biot's model in an infinite bilayered medium with a plane interface. We adopt the Cagniard-De Hoop's technique. This report is devoted to the calculation ... More
Two-dimensional Hawking radiation from the AdS/CFT correspondenceApr 04 2008The AdS/CFT correspondence has been tested through the reproduction of standard results. Following this approach, we use the correspondence to obtain the Hawking temperature of a black hole in 1+1 dimensions. Using an auxiliary Liouville field, the holographic ... More
Charged Higgs Sector with and without R--ParityOct 03 1997The simplest way of studying systematically R-parity violating phenomena is by introducing a bilinear term in the superpotential of the type $\epsilon\hat L\hat H_2$, which violates R-parity and lepton number but keep barion number conserved. In its simplest ... More
The Effect of Supersymmetric Particles on b -> s γDecay in Supergravity ModelsSep 20 1993The effect of loops involving charginos with up-type squarks, and gluinos with down-type squarks, on the inclusive decay mode $b\rightarrow s\gamma$ is studied in the context of minimal $N=1$ Supergravity models with a radiatively broken electroweak symmetry ... More
Neutrinos in SupersymmetryJul 04 2005We briefly review the neutrino mass generation mechanism in supersymmetry with Bilinear R-Parity Violation in Minimal Supergravity and Anomaly Mediated Supersymmetry Breaking.
The Decay b -> s gamma, the Higgs Boson Mass, and Yukawa Unification without R-ParityMay 20 1999We review some properties of Bilinear R-Parity Violating models: simple extensions of the Minimal Supersymmetric Standard Model motivated by spontaneous breaking of R-Parity. We concentrate on the relaxation of the bounds on the charged Higgs mass imposed ... More
Constraints on Supergravity in the Light Gluino ScenarioJun 10 1994Minimal $N=1$ supergravity with a radiatively broken electroweak symmetry group is studied in the light gluino scenario. Constraints from the $b\rightarrow s\gamma$ decay and from the masses of the light CP-even neutral Higgs $m_h$, the lightest chargino ... More
An identity in Rota-Baxter algebrasDec 07 2006Jan 06 2016We give explicit formulae and study the combinatorics of an identity holding in all Rota-Baxter algebras. We describe the specialization of this identity for a couple of examples of Rota-Baxter algebras.
Rota-Baxter CategoriesJun 07 2007Feb 03 2009We introduce Rota-Baxter categories and construct examples of such structures.
On tachyon and sub-quantum phantom cosmologiesAug 30 2004This paper deals with dark and phantom energy in the tachyon and sub-quantum models for dark energy. We obtain that the simplest condition for such a regime to occur in these scenarios is that the scalar field be Wick rotated to imaginary values which ... More
Dark energy without dark energyAug 29 2006It is proposed that the current acceleration of the universe is not originated by the existence of a mysterious dark energy fluid nor by the action of extra terms in the gravity Lagrangian, but just from the sub-quantum potential associated with the CMB ... More
Some notes on the Big TripJul 20 2006The big trip is a cosmological process thought to occur in the future by which the entire universe would be engulfed inside a gigantic wormhole and might travel through it along space and time. In this paper we discuss different arguments that have been ... More
Tensorial perturbations in the bulk of inflating brane worldsAug 21 2003In this paper we consider the stability of some inflating brane-world models in quantum cosmology. It is shown that whereas the singular model based on the construction of inflating branes from Euclidean five-dimensional anti-de Sitter space is unstable ... More
Absence of decoherence in the complex potential approach to nuclear scatteringMay 01 2010Time-dependent density-matrix propagation is used to demonstrate, in a schematic model of an open quantum system, that the complex potential approach and the Lindblad dissipative dynamics are \emph{not} equivalent. While the former preserves coherence, ... More
A universal alphabet and rewrite systemSep 23 2002We present two ways in which an infinite universal alphabet may be generated using a novel rewrite system that conserves zero (a special character of the alphabet and the symbol for that character) at every step. The recursive method delivers the entire ... More
Polya Theory for Orbiquotient SetsJun 30 2005Dec 18 2011Replacing the usual notion of quotient sets by the notion of orbiquotient sets we obtain a generalization of P\'olya theory. The key ingredient of our extended theory is the definition of the orbicycle index polynomial which we compute in several examples. ... More
Dirichlet to Neumann operator for abelian Yang-Mills gauge fieldsAug 03 2015Jun 30 2017We consider the Dirichlet to Neumann operator for abelian Yang- Mills boundary conditions. We treat the case for space-time manifolds with general smooth boundary components. The aim is constructing a complex structure for the symplectic space of boundary ... More
The Chow ring of a cubic hypersurfaceJul 21 2018We study the product structure on the Chow ring (with rational coefficients) of a cubic hypersurface in projective space and prove that the image of the product map is as small as possible.
The Chow group mod $\ell$ for a product of elliptic curvesJul 01 2017Generalizing work of Schoen, we prove that the Chow group modulo $\ell$ of a product of $3$ or more very general complex elliptic curves is infinite.
Neutrinos as probes of Lorentz invarianceJun 26 2014Neutrinos can be used to search for deviations from exact Lorentz invariance. The worldwide experimental program in neutrino physics makes these particles a remarkable tool to search for a variety of signals that could reveal minute relativity violations. ... More
Astroparticles and tests of Lorentz invarianceAug 30 2016Searches for violations of Lorentz invariance using cosmic rays, gamma rays, and astrophysical neutrinos and the prospects for future tests using cosmic-ray showers are presented.
Homology and manifolds with cornersNov 27 2006Nov 29 2006We define a model for the homology of manifolds and use it to describe the intersection product on the homology of compact oriented manifolds and to define homological quantum field theories which generalizes the notions of string topology introduced ... More
Life originated during accelerating expansion in the multiverseAug 22 2009It is argued that all notions associated with the origin of life should be related with the participatory anthropic principle of Wheeler and must be extended into the realm of the multiverse. Also discussed is the notion that life can only be possible ... More
Axion Phantom EnergyJan 13 2004The existence of phantom energy in a universe which evolves to eventually show a big rip doomsday is a possibility which is not excluded by present observational constraints. In this letter it is argued that the field theory associated with a simple quintessence ... More
Wormholes and Ringholes in a Dark-Energy UniverseAug 21 2003The effects that the present accelerating expansion of the universe has on the size and shape of Lorentzian wormholes and ringholes are considered. It is shown that, quite similarly to how it occurs for inflating wormholes, relative to the initial embedding-space ... More
Achronal cosmic futureApr 02 2004Jun 21 2004The spherically symmetric accretion of dark and phantom energy onto Morris-Thorne wormholes is considered. It is obtained that the accretion of phantom energy leads to a gradual increase of the wormhole throat radius which eventually overtakes the super-accelerated ... More
Sub-Quantum Dark EnergyNov 11 2003Mar 04 2004A procedure is considered which upgrades the Lagrangian description of quantum relativistic particles to the Lagrangian of a proper field theory in the case that the Klein-Gordon wave equation is classically interpreted in terms of a relativistic sub-quantum ... More
Gravity-induced phase-shift of light: outline of an interferometric test of the Equivalence PrincipleJul 18 2013Aug 20 2013I analyze the change of the interference pattern in an optical interferometer when it passes from rest to free fall. It is shown that the "disconnection" of the gravitational field causes a jump in the phase difference that could be measured with the ... More
New Physics and novel Higgs signalsJan 17 2003We review some of the results of our recent work dealing with the novel type of Higgs signals that arise when one considers extensions of the standard model. We discuss first possible deviations on the Higgs couplings due to heavy particles, in the context ... More
From the Higgs to the top: Couplings and Rare DecaysMay 04 2015Within the Standard Model the Higgs couplings to fermions and gauge bosons, as function of the particle mass, are predicted to lay on a single line. However, new patterns appear in multi-Higgs models that employ the Froggart-Nielsen mechanism, where the ... More
The Minimal Supersymmetric Standard Model with a Bilinear R--Parity Violating TermNov 24 1997Some aspects of bilinear R-Parity violation, the simplest extension of the MSSM which does not conserve R-Parity, are reviewed in comparison with the MSSM. We put special emphasis on the effect of quantum corrections.
Bilinear R-Parity ViolationFeb 24 1998We review some of the main features of Bilinear R-Parity Violation (BRpV), defined by a quadratic term in the superpotential which mixes lepton and Higgs superfields and is proportional to a mass parameter epsilon. We show how large values of epsilon ... More
Indirect Influences in International TradeNov 27 2014We address the problem of gauging the influence exerted by a given country on the global trade market from the viewpoint of complex networks. In particular, we apply the PWP method for computing indirect influences on the world trade network.
Where have all the large Representations gone?May 28 2017Gauge theories describe the interactions of the fundamental building blocks of nature with great success. The Standard Model achieves a partial unification of the electromagnetic and weak interactions, and it also acomodates the strong interactions. The ... More
Theory of competition between fusion and quasi-fission in a heavy fusing systemJan 16 2006Apr 05 2006A theory of the competition between fusion and quasi-fission in a heavy fusing system is proposed, which is based on a master equation and the two-center shell model. Fusion and quasi-fission arise from a diffusion process in an ensemble of nuclear shapes, ... More
Shell corrections for finite depth potentials with bound states onlyMay 07 2004A new method of calculating unique values of ground-state shell corrections for finite depth potentials is shown, which makes use of bound states only. It is based on (i) a general formulation of extracting the smooth part from any fluctuating quantity ... More
Hydrodynamic equilibrium of a static star in the presence of a cosmological constant in 2 + 1 dimensionsDec 17 2014Under the hydrodynamic equilibrium Buchdahl's conditions on the behavior of the density and the pressure, for regular fluid static circularly symmetric star in (2 + 1) dimensions in the presence of a cosmological constant, is established that there are ... More
Molecular Signatures from Gene Expression DataJan 30 2004Oct 08 2004Motivation: ``Molecular signatures'' or ``gene-expression signatures'' are used to predict patients' characteristics using data from coexpressed genes. Signatures can enhance understanding about biological mechanisms and have diagnostic use. However, ... More
Compositional Bernoulli numbersAug 06 2007Apr 04 2008We define and study the combinatorial properties of compositional Bernoulli numbers and polynomials within the framework of rational combinatorics.
Membrane TopologyDec 08 2006Aug 08 2007We construct membrane homology groups $\h(M)$ associated with each compact connected oriented smooth manifold, and show that $\h(M)$ is matrix graded algebra.
Representations of Hecke algebras on quotients of path algebrasSep 08 2015Let $(W,S)$ be a Coxeter system. A $W$-graph encodes a representation of the Hecke algebra $\mathcal{H}$ of $W$. We construct universal representations of multi-parameter Hecke algebras on certain quotients of path algebras, and study their relationships ... More
The reverse engineering problem with probabilities and sequential behavior: Probabilistic Sequential NetworksAug 10 2007The reverse engineering problem with probabilities and sequential behavior is introducing here, using the expression of an algorithm. The solution is partially founded, because we solve the problem only if we have a Probabilistic Sequential Network. Therefore ... More
Hochschild cohomology of Jacobian algebras from unpunctured surfaces: A geometric computationDec 02 2015There are several examples in which algebraic properties of Jacobian algebras from (unpunctured) Riemann surfaces can be computed from the geometry of the Riemann surface. In this work, we compute the dimension of the Hochschild cohomology groups of any ... More
Asymptotic behavior of grafting raysSep 05 2007Sep 20 2007In this paper we study the convergence behavior of grafting rays to the Thurston boundary of Teichmuller space. When the grafting is done along a weighted system of simple closed curves or along a maximal uniquely ergodic lamination this behavior is the ... More
Galois descent for higher Brauer groupsFeb 24 2018Aug 02 2018For $X$ a smooth projective variety over a field $k$, we consider the problem of Galois descent for higher Brauer groups. More precisely, we extend a finiteness result of Colliot-Th\'el\`ene and Skorobogatov to higher Brauer groups.
Probabilistic Gene Regulatory Networks, isomorphisms of Markov ChainsMar 13 2006In this paper we study homomorphisms of Probabilistic Regulatory Gene Networks(PRN) introduced in arXiv:math.DS/0603289 v1 13 Mar 2006. The model PRN is a natural generalization of the Probabilistic Boolean Networks (PBN), introduced by I. Shmulevich, ... More
Special homomorphisms between Probabilistic Gene Regulatory NetworksMar 13 2006In this paper we study finite dynamical systems with $n$ functions acting on the same set $X$, and probabilities assigned to these functions, that it is called Probabilistic Regulatory Gene Networks (PRN. his concept is the same or a natural generalization ... More
Homological matricesOct 20 2005Nov 09 2006We define homological matrices, construct examples of one-dimension restricted homological quantum field theories, and show a relationship between the two theories.
Correspondence between nonstandard interactions and CPT violation in neutrino oscillationsJun 05 2015Jul 01 2015The experimental signatures of nonstandard neutrino interactions are shown to be equivalent to CPT violation in neutrino oscillations. This result leads to a correspondence in the study of these two descriptions that can be used to constrain the relevant ... More
The Effect of Drag from the Galactic Hot Halo on the Magellanic Stream and Leading ArmMar 05 2011We study the effect of drag induced by the Galactic hot halo on the two neutral hydrogen (HI) cloud complexes associated with the Large and Small Magellanic Clouds: the Magellanic Stream (MS) and the Leading Arm (LA). In particular, we adopt the numerical ... More
Generalized Nariai Solutions for Yang-type MonopolesApr 03 2007Jun 01 2007A detailed study of the geometries that emerge by a gravitating generalized Yang monopole in even dimensions is carried out. In particular, those which present black hole and cosmological horizons. This two-horizon system is thermally unstable. The process ... More
One-Loop Radiative Corrections to Chargino Pair ProductionOct 22 1999We report on the effect that one-loop radiative corrections to the chargino pair production cross section has on the determination of the fundamental parameters of the theory. We work in the context of electron-positron colliders with sqrt(s)=500 GeV. ... More
R--Parity Breaking in Minimal SupergravityDec 01 1997Dec 02 1997We consider the Minimal Supergravity Model with universality of scalar and gaugino masses plus an extra bilinear term in the superpotential which breaks R-Parity and lepton number. We explicitly check the consistency of this model with the radiative breaking ... More
The b -> s gamma decay in supergravity with radiatively electroweak breakingNov 05 1993It is analyzed the branching ratio $B(b\rightarrow s\gamma)$ in the context of minimal $N=1$ supergravity with radiatively broken electroweak symmetry group. There is a strong dependence on supersymetric parameters, but constraints on the charged Higgs ... More
Max-Cut and Max-Bisection are NP-hard on unit disk graphsSep 22 2006We prove that the Max-Cut and Max-Bisection problems are NP-hard on unit disk graphs. We also show that $\lambda$-precision graphs are planar for $\lambda$ > 1 / \sqrt{2}$.
Photoionized gas in hydrostatic equilibrium: the role of gravityJan 18 2010We present a method to include the effects of gravity in the plasma physics code Cloudy. More precisely, a term is added to the desired gas pressure in order to enforce hydrostatic equilibrium, accounting for both the self-gravity of the gas and the presence ... More
Coupled-channels density-matrix approach to low-energy nuclear collision dynamics: A technique for quantifying quantum decoherence effects on reaction observablesOct 18 2010The coupled-channels density-matrix technique for nuclear reaction dynamics, which is based on the Liouville-von Neumann equation with Lindblad dissipative terms, is developed with the inclusion of full angular momentum couplings. It allows a quantitative ... More
Modelling incomplete fusion dynamics of weakly-bound nuclei at near-barrier energiesMar 29 2010The classical dynamical model for reactions induced by weakly-bound nuclei at near-barrier energies is developed further. It allows a quantitative study of the role and importance of incomplete fusion dynamics in asymptotic observables, such as the population ... More
Modelling of compound nucleus formation in fusion of heavy nucleiNov 26 2003A new model that includes the time-dependent dynamics of the single-particle (s.p.) motion in conjunction with the macroscopic evolution of the system is proposed for describing the compound nucleus (CN) formation in fusion of heavy nuclei. The diabaticity ... More
HR Del remnant anatomy using 2-D spectral data and 3-D photoionization shell modelsSep 25 2009Oct 15 2009The HR Del nova remnant was observed with the IFU-GMOS at Gemini North. The spatially resolved spectral data cube was used in the kinematic, morphological and abundance analysis of the ejecta. The line maps show a very clumpy shell with two main symmetric ... More
Free software, Open source software, licenses. A short presentation including a procedure for research software and data disseminationSep 09 2014Sep 11 2014The main goal of this document is to help the research community to understand the basic concepts of software distribution: Free software, Open source software, licenses. This document also includes a procedure for research software and data dissemination. ... More
$A^{N}_{\infty}$-algebrasDec 21 2006We study higher depth algebras. We introduce several examples of such structures starting from the notion of $N$-differential graded algebras and build up to the concept of $A_{\infty}^N$-algebras.
Collision, explosion and collapse of homoclinic classesMay 04 2012Homoclinic classes of generic $C^1$-diffeomorphisms are maximal transitive sets and pairwise disjoint. We here present a model explaining how two different homoclinic classes may intersect, failing to be disjoint. For that we construct a one-parameter ... More
Splitting the Automorphism Group of an Abelian p-GroupMar 31 2006Let G be an abelian p-group sum of finite homocyclic groups Gi. Here, we determine in which cases the automorphism group of G splits over ker(h), where h: Aut(G)-->Xi Aut(Gi/pGi) is the natural epimorphism.
Distributions on symmetric cones II: Beta-Riesz distributionJan 19 2013Jun 16 2015This article derives several properties of the Riesz distributions, such as their corresponding Bartlett decompositions, the inverse Riesz distributions and the distribution of the generalised variance for real normed division algebras. In addition, introduce ... More
Lorentz and CPT violation in neutrino oscillationsAug 02 2010Neutrino oscillations in the presence of Lorentz violation can present novel observable signals in both long- and short-baseline experiments. In this talk we describe the theory and its different regimes depending on properties of the experiments. CPT ... More