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A non-intrusive reduced basis EKI for time-fractional diffusion inverse problemsFeb 24 2019In this study, we consider an ensemble Kalman inversion (EKI) for the numerical solution of time-fractional diffusion inverse problems (TFDIPs). Computational challenges in the EKI arise from the need for repeated evaluations of the forward model. We ... More
Local-global principle for certain biquadratic normic bundlesJan 02 2013Let $X$ be a proper smooth variety having an affine open subset defined by the normic equation $N_{k(\sqrt{a},\sqrt{b})/k}({x})=Q(t_{1},...,t_{m})^{2}$ over a number field $k$. We prove that : (1) the failure of the local-global principle for zero-cycles ... More
Analysis of the optimal exercise boundary of American put option with delivery lagsMay 08 2018We show that an American put option with delivery lags can be decomposed as a European put option and another American-style derivative. The latter is an option for which the investor receives the Greek Theta of the corresponding European option as the ... More
All modules have Gorenstein flat precoversSep 19 2014It is known that every $R$-module has a flat precover. We show in the paper that every $R$-module has a Gorenstein flat precover.
Anomalous Crystal Symmetry Fractionalization on the Surface of Topological Crystalline InsulatorsMay 22 2015Dec 05 2015The surface of a three-dimensional topological electron system often hosts symmetry-protected gapless surface states. With the effect of electron interactions, these surface states can be gapped out without symmetry breaking by a surface topological order, ... More
Musielak-Orlicz Campanato Spaces and ApplicationsJan 29 2013Jan 29 2014Let $\varphi: \mathbb R^n\times [0,\infty)\to[0,\infty)$ be such that $\varphi(x,\cdot)$ is an Orlicz function and $\varphi(\cdot,t)$ is a Muckenhoupt $A_\infty(\mathbb R^n)$ weight uniformly in $t$. In this article, the authors introduce the Musielak-Orlicz ... More
Directional Congestion in Data Envelopment AnalysisOct 25 2015Nov 11 2015First, this paper proposes the definition of directional congestion in certain input and output directions in the framework of data envelopment analysis (DEA). Second, two methods from different viewpoints are also proposed to estimate the directional ... More
Detecting crystal symmetry fractionalization from the ground state: Application to $\mathbb Z_2$ spin liquids on the kagome latticeDec 30 2014Mar 03 2015In quantum spin liquid states, the fractionalized spinon excitations can carry fractional crystal symmetry quantum numbers, and this symmetry fractionalization distinguishes different topologically ordered spin liquid states. In this work we propose a ... More
The $C^1$ density of nonuniform hyperbolicity in $C^{ r}$ conservative diffeomorphismsAug 27 2015Let $\Diff^{ r}_m(M)$ be the set of $C^{ r}$ volume-preserving diffeomorphisms on a compact Riemannian manifold $M$ ($\dim M\geq 2$). In this paper, we prove that the diffeomorphisms without zero Lyapunov exponents on a set of positive volume are $C^1$ ... More
Opinion percolation in structured populationApr 20 2015In a recent work [Shao $et$ $al$ 2009 Phys. Rev. Lett. \textbf{108} 018701], a nonconsensus opinion (NCO) model was proposed, where two opinions can stably coexist by forming clusters of agents holding the same opinion. The NCO model on lattices and several ... More
Generation of pure, ionic entangled states via linear opticsDec 30 2003Dec 12 2005In this paper, we propose a novel scheme to generate two-ion maximally entangled states from either pure product states or mixed states using linear optics. Our new scheme is mainly based on the ionic interference. Because the proposed scheme can generate ... More
Entanglement distillation for W class statesJul 17 2003In this paper, we first propose a general entanglement distillation protocol for three-particle W class state, which can concentrate the state (non-maximally entangled W state). The general protocol is mainly based on the unitary transformations on the ... More
Generation of atomic entangled states using linear opticsNov 13 2003In this paper, we propose a novel scheme that can generate two-atom maximally entangled states from pure product states and mixed states using linear optics. Because the scheme can generate pure maximally entangled states from mixed states, we denote ... More
Geographical effects on cascading breakdowns of scale-free networksMar 17 2005Cascading breakdowns of real networks are severe accidents in recent years, such as the blackouts of the power transportation networks in North America. In this paper, we study the effects of geographical structure on the cascading phenomena of load-carried ... More
Scheme for preparation of W state via cavity QEDJul 24 2003In this paper, we presented a physical scheme to generate the multi-cavity maximally entangled W state via cavity QED. All the operations needed in this scheme are to modulate the interaction time only once.
Entanglement distillation for atomic states via cavity QEDJul 24 2003In this paper, we proposed a physical scheme to concentrate the non-maximally entangled atomic pure states via cavity QED by using atomic collision in a far-off-resonant cavity. The most distinctive advantage of our scheme is that there is no excitation ... More
Quantum Information Processing using coherent states in cavity QEDMar 04 2005Using the highly detuned interaction between three-level $\Lambda$-type atoms and coherent optical fields, we can realize the C-NOT gates from atoms to atoms, optical fields to optical fields, atoms to optical fields and optical fields to atoms. Based ... More
Scheme for deterministic Bell-state-measurement-free quantum teleportationNov 29 2004A deterministic teleportation scheme for unknown atomic states is proposed in cavity QED. The Bell state measurement is not needed in the teleportation process, and the success probability can reach 1.0. In addition, the current scheme is insensitive ... More
Entanglement distillation for three-particle W class statesOct 20 2003In this paper, we propose two general entanglement distillation protocols, which can concentrate the non-maximally entangled pure W class state. The general protocols are mainly based on the unitary transformation on the auxiliary particle and one of ... More
Space-time random tensor networks and holographic dualityJan 16 2018In this paper we propose a space-time random tensor network approach for understanding holographic duality. Using tensor networks with random link projections, we define boundary theories with interesting holographic properties, such as the Renyi entropies ... More
Quantum Information Processing Without Joint MeasurementMay 22 2005We propose a linear optical scheme for the teleportation of unknown ionic states, the entanglement concentration for nonmaximally entangled states for ions via entanglement swapping and the remote preparation for ionic entangled states. The unique advantage ... More
Butterfly velocity and bulk causal structureMay 04 2017The butterfly velocity was recently proposed as a characteristic velocity of chaos propagation in a local system. Compared to the Lieb-Robinson velocity that bounds the propagation speed of all perturbations, the butterfly velocity, studied in thermal ... More
Enhancing Robustness and Immunization in geographical networksMar 17 2005Sep 14 2007We find that different geographical structures of networks lead to varied percolation thresholds, although these networks may have similar abstract topological structures. Thus, the strategies for enhancing robustness and immunization of a geographical ... More
The leptophilic dark matter in the Sun: the minimum testable massFeb 03 2018Oct 11 2018The physics of the solar dark matter (DM) that are captured and thermalise through the DM-nucleon interaction has been extensively studied. In this work, we consider the leptophilic DM scenario where the DM particles interact exclusively with the electrons ... More
SIFT Meets CNN: A Decade Survey of Instance RetrievalAug 05 2016The Bag-of-Words (BoW) model has been predominantly viewed as the state of the art in Content-Based Image Retrieval (CBIR) systems since 2003. The past 13 years has seen its advance based on the SIFT descriptor due to its advantages in dealing with image ... More
SIFT Meets CNN: A Decade Survey of Instance RetrievalAug 05 2016May 23 2017In the early days, content-based image retrieval (CBIR) was studied with global features. Since 2003, image retrieval based on local descriptors (de facto SIFT) has been extensively studied for over a decade due to the advantage of SIFT in dealing with ... More
Promoting collective motion of self-propelled agents by distance-based influenceFeb 28 2015We propose a dynamic model for a system consisting of self-propelled agents in which the influence of an agent on another agent is weighted by geographical distance. A parameter $\alpha$ is introduced to adjust the influence: the smaller value of $\alpha$ ... More
Ground state degeneracy in quantum spin systems protected by crystal symmetriesMay 25 2017Aug 03 2017We develop a no-go theorem for two-dimensional bosonic systems with crystal symmetries: if there is a half-integer spin at a rotation center, where the point-group symmetry is $\mathbb D_{2,4,6}$, such a system must have a ground-state degeneracy protected ... More
Unlabeled Samples Generated by GAN Improve the Person Re-identification Baseline in vitroJan 26 2017Aug 22 2017The main contribution of this paper is a simple semi-supervised pipeline that only uses the original training set without collecting extra data. It is challenging in 1) how to obtain more training data only from the training set and 2) how to use the ... More
High-frequency rectification via chiral Bloch electronsDec 19 2018Dec 20 2018Rectification is a process that converts electromagnetic fields into a DC current. Such a process underlies a wide range of technologies such as wireless communication, wireless charging, energy harvesting, and infrared detection. Existing rectifiers ... More
Splitting and successively solving augmented Lagrangian method for optimization with semicontinuous variables and cardinality constraintJun 15 2015We propose a new splitting and successively solving augmented Lagrangian (SSAL) method for solving an optimization problem with both semicontinuous variables and a cardinality constraint. This optimization problem arises in several contexts such as the ... More
Quantum computation with quantum-dot spin qubits inside a cavityDec 19 2007Universal set of quantum gates are realized from the conduction-band electron spin qubits of quantum dots embedded in a microcavity via two-channel Raman interaction. All of the gate operations are independent of the cavity mode states, \emph{i.e.}, insensitive ... More
Entanglement purification for arbitrary unknown ionic states via linear opticsDec 10 2003Jan 15 2005An entanglement purification scheme for arbitrary unknown(mixed and pure non-maximally) entangled ionic states is proposed by using linear optical elements. The main advantage of the scheme is that not only two-ion maximally entangled pairs but also four-ion ... More
Dark Periods in Rabi Oscillations of Superconducting Phase Qubit Coupled to a Microscopic Two-Level SystemJun 24 2009Sep 11 2009We proposed a scheme to demonstrate macroscopic quantum jumps in a superconducting phase qubit coupled to a microscopic two-level system in the Josephson tunnel junction. Irradiated with suitable microwaves, the Rabi oscillations of the qubit exhibit ... More
Lyapunov exponents of partially hyperbolic volume-preserving maps with 2-dimensional center bundleApr 20 2016Feb 02 2018We consider the set of partially hyperbolic symplectic diffeomorphisms which are accessible, have 2-dimensional center bundle and satisfy some pinching and bunching conditions. In this set, we prove that the non-uniformly hyperbolic maps are $C^r$ open ... More
Weighted estimation of the dependence function for an extreme-value distributionMar 20 2013Bivariate extreme-value distributions have been used in modeling extremes in environmental sciences and risk management. An important issue is estimating the dependence function, such as the Pickands dependence function. Some estimators for the Pickands ... More
Products of Functions in ${\mathop\mathrm{BMO}}({\mathcal X})$ and $H^1_{\rm at}({\mathcal X})$ via Wavelets over Spaces of Homogeneous TypeJun 19 2015Sep 15 2015Let $({\mathcal X},d,\mu)$ be a metric measure space of homogeneous type in the sense of R. R. Coifman and G. Weiss and $H^1_{\rm at}({\mathcal X})$ be the atomic Hardy space. Via orthonormal bases of regular wavelets and spline functions recently constructed ... More
Joint Design of Convolutional Code and CRC under Serial List Viterbi DecodingNov 29 2018This paper studies the joint design of optimal convolutional codes (CCs) and CRC codes when serial list Viterbi algorithm (S-LVA) is employed in order to achieve the target frame error rate (FER). We first analyze the S-LVA performance with respect to ... More
Cooperative Ambient Backscatter Communications for Green Internet-of-ThingsJan 04 2018Ambient backscatter communication (AmBC) enables a passive backscatter device to transmit information to a reader using ambient RF signals, and has emerged as a promising solution to green Internet-of-Things (IoT). Conventional AmBC receivers are interested ... More
Spectrum Structure and Behaviors of the Vlasov-Maxwell-Boltzmann SystemsOct 13 2014The spectrum structures and behaviors of the Vlasov-Maxwell-Boltzmann (VMB) systems for both two species and one species are studied in this paper. The analysis shows the effect of the Lorentz force induced by the electro-magnetic field leads to some ... More
Purification of multipartite entanglement by local operationsApr 15 2009Multipartite entanglement purification is revisited by using the Local operations and classical communications(LOCCs). We demonstrate our idea by considering the tripartite case, i.e. the purification of tripartite entanglement. We express the general ... More
Comparison of projection domain, image domain, and comprehensive deep learning for sparse-view X-ray CT image reconstructionApr 12 2018May 28 2019X-ray Computed Tomography (CT) imaging has been widely used in clinical diagnosis, non-destructive examination, and public safety inspection. Sparse-view (sparse view) CT has great potential in radiation dose reduction and scan acceleration. However, ... More
Indifference Pricing and Hedging in a Multiple-Priors Model with Trading ConstraintsMar 31 2015This paper considers utility indifference valuation of derivatives under model uncertainty and trading constraints, where the utility is formulated as an additive stochastic differential utility of both intertemporal consumption and terminal wealth, and ... More
Weighted Endpoint Estimates for Commutators of Calderón-Zygmund OperatorsOct 20 2015Let $\delta\in(0,1]$ and $T$ be a $\delta$-Calder\'on-Zygmund operator. Let $w$ be in the Muckenhoupt class $A_{1+\delta/n}({\mathbb R}^n)$ satisfying $\int_{{\mathbb R}^n}\frac {w(x)}{1+|x|^n}\,dx<\infty$. When $b\in{\rm BMO}(\mathbb R^n)$, it is well ... More
$C^1$-openness of non-uniform hyperbolic diffeomorphisms with bounded $C^2$ normAug 12 2018Dec 04 2018We study the $C^1$-topological properties of the subset of non-uniform hyperbolic diffeomorphisms in a certain class of $C^2$ partially hyperbolic symplectic systems which have bounded $C^2$ distance to the identity. In this set, we prove the stability ... More
Intelligent Reflecting Surface Assisted Non-Orthogonal Multiple AccessJul 06 2019Intelligent reflecting surface (IRS) which consists of a large number of low-cost passive reflecting elements and can digitally manipulating electromagnetic waves, is a new and disruptive technology to achieve spectrum- and energy-efficient as well as ... More
Dynamic Resource Coordination and Interference Management for Femtocell NetworksDec 02 2010Femtocell is emerging as a key technology to secure the coverage and capacity in indoor environments. However the deployment of a new femtocell layer may originate undesired interference to the whole system. This paper investigates spectrum resource coordination ... More
Person Re-identification: Past, Present and FutureOct 10 2016Person re-identification (re-ID) has become increasingly popular in the community due to its application and research significance. It aims at spotting a person of interest in other cameras. In the early days, hand-crafted algorithms and small-scale evaluation ... More
Unsupervised Person Re-identification: Clustering and Fine-tuningMay 30 2017Jun 29 2017The superiority of deeply learned pedestrian representations has been reported in very recent literature of person re-identification (re-ID). In this paper, we consider the more pragmatic issue of learning a deep feature with no or only a few labels. ... More
Breaking the Beam Search Curse: A Study of (Re-)Scoring Methods and Stopping Criteria for Neural Machine TranslationAug 28 2018Oct 27 2018Beam search is widely used in neural machine translation, and usually improves translation quality compared to greedy search. It has been widely observed that, however, beam sizes larger than 5 hurt translation quality. We explain why this happens, and ... More
Spectrum analysis and optimal decay rates of the bipolar Vlasov-Poisson-Boltzmann equationsNov 20 2014In the present paper, we consider the initial value problem for the bipolar Vlasov-Poisson-Boltzmann (bVPB) system and its corresponding modified Vlasov-Poisson-Boltzmann (mVPB). We give the spectrum analysis on the linearized bVPB and mVPB systems around ... More
Unitary representations with non-zero Dirac cohomology for some real exceptional groupsSep 17 2018Nov 16 2018Up to equivalence, this paper classifies all the irreducible unitary representations with non-zero Dirac cohomology for the following real reductive exceptional Lie groups: ${\rm EI}=E_{6(6)}, {\rm EIV}=E_{6(-26)}, {\rm FI}=F_{4(4)}, {\rm FII}=F_{4(-20)}$. ... More
Entanglement swapping without joint MeasurementAug 27 2004Apr 02 2005We propose an entanglement swapping scheme in cavity QED. In the scheme, the previously used joint measurement is not needed. The entanglement swapping in our proposal is a non-post-selection one, i.e., after the swapping is done, the swapped entanglement ... More
Clothing Co-Parsing by Joint Image Segmentation and LabelingFeb 03 2015This paper aims at developing an integrated system of clothing co-parsing, in order to jointly parse a set of clothing images (unsegmented but annotated with tags) into semantic configurations. We propose a data-driven framework consisting of two phases ... More
Constrained portfolio-consumption strategies with uncertain parameters and borrowing costsNov 08 2017Dec 05 2018This paper studies the properties of the optimal portfolio-consumption strategies in a {finite horizon} robust utility maximization framework with different borrowing and lending rates. In particular, we allow for constraints on both investment and consumption ... More
Some results on perturbations to Lyapunov exponentsNov 24 2010In this paper, we study two properties of the Lyapunov exponents under small perturbations: one is when we can remove zero Lyapunov exponents and the other is when we can distinguish all the Lyapunov exponents. The first result shows that we can perturb ... More
Physical Layer Security of Generalised Pre-coded Spatial Modulation with Antenna ScramblingJun 08 2017We now advocate a novel physical layer security solution that is unique to our previously proposed GPSM scheme with the aid of the proposed antenna scrambling. The novelty and contribution of our paper lies in three aspects: 1/ principle: we introduce ... More
Generalised Precoded Spatial Modulation for Integrated Wireless Information and Power TransferMay 31 2017Conventional wireless information transfer by modulating the amplitude, phase or frequency leads to an inevitable Rate-Energy (RE) trade-off in the presence of simultaneous Wireless Power Transfer (WPT). In echoing Varshney's seminal concept of jointly ... More
Loops, sign structures and emergent Fermi statistics in three-dimensional quantum dimer modelsOct 06 2013Feb 27 2014We introduce and study three-dimensional quantum dimer models with positive resonance terms. We demonstrate that their ground state wave functions exhibit a nonlocal sign structure that can be exactly formulated in terms of loops, and as a direct consequence, ... More
Optimal Resource Allocation in Full-Duplex Ambient Backscatter Communication Networks for Green IoTMay 03 2018Ambient backscatter communication (AmBC) enables wireless-powered backscatter devices (BDs) to transmit information over ambient radio-frequency (RF) carriers without using an RF transmitter, and thus has emerged as a promising technology for green Internet-of-Things. ... More
A Discriminatively Learned CNN Embedding for Person Re-identificationNov 17 2016Feb 03 2017We revisit two popular convolutional neural networks (CNN) in person re-identification (re-ID), i.e, verification and classification models. The two models have their respective advantages and limitations due to different loss functions. In this paper, ... More
Adversarial Neural Network Inversion via Auxiliary Knowledge AlignmentFeb 22 2019The rise of deep learning technique has raised new privacy concerns about the training data and test data. In this work, we investigate the model inversion problem in the adversarial settings, where the adversary aims at inferring information about the ... More
Optimal reconstruction of states in qutrits systemJan 04 2010Oct 10 2010Based on mutually unbiased measurements, an optimal tomographic scheme for the multiqutrit states is presented explicitly. Because the reconstruction process of states based on mutually unbiased states is free of information waste, we refer to our scheme ... More
Lifetimes of Doubly Charmed BaryonsSep 19 2018Nov 27 2018The lifetimes of doubly charmed hadrons are analyzed within the framework of the heavy quark expansion (HQE). Lifetime differences arise from spectator effects such as $W$-exchange and Pauli interference. The $\Xi_{cc}^{++}$ baryon is longest-lived in ... More
Design Challenges and Misconceptions in Neural Sequence LabelingJun 12 2018Jul 12 2018We investigate the design challenges of constructing effective and efficient neural sequence labeling systems, by reproducing twelve neural sequence labeling models, which include most of the state-of-the-art structures, and conduct a systematic model ... More
Intrinsic Square Function Characterizations of Hardy Spaces with Variable ExponentsNov 20 2014Let $p(\cdot):\ \mathbb R^n\to(0,\infty)$ be a measurable function satisfying some decay condition and some locally log-H\"older continuity. In this article, via first establishing characterizations of the variable exponent Hardy space $H^{p(\cdot)}(\mathbb ... More
Arithmetic purity of strong approximation for homogeneous spacesJan 25 2017May 20 2018We prove that any open subset $U$ of a semi-simple simply connected quasi-split linear algebraic group $G$ with ${codim} (G\setminus U, G)\geq 2$ over a number field satisfies strong approximation by establishing a fibration of $G$ over a toric variety. ... More
Evaluation of Two-Level Load Balancing Framework in Cloud EnvironmentMay 12 2015With technological advancements and constant changes of Internet, cloud computing has been today's trend. With the lower cost and convenience of cloud computing services, users have increasingly put their Web resources and information in the cloud environment. ... More
Bidirectional holographic codes and sub-AdS localityOct 13 2015Tensor networks implementing quantum error correcting codes have recently been used to construct toy models of holographic duality explicitly realizing some of the more puzzling features of the AdS/CFT correspondence. These models reproduce the Ryu-Takayanagi ... More
Pedestrian Alignment Network for Large-scale Person Re-identificationJul 03 2017Person re-identification (person re-ID) is mostly viewed as an image retrieval problem. This task aims to search a query person in a large image pool. In practice, person re-ID usually adopts automatic detectors to obtain cropped pedestrian images. However, ... More
3D Graph Embedding Learning with a Structure-aware Loss Function for Point Cloud Semantic Instance SegmentationFeb 14 2019This paper introduces a novel approach for 3D semantic instance segmentation on point clouds. A 3D convolutional neural network called submanifold sparse convolutional network is used to generate semantic predictions and instance embeddings simultaneously. ... More
Vanishing Mean Oscillation Spaces Associated with Operators Satisfying Davies-Gaffney EstimatesJul 22 2011Let $(\mathcal{X}, d, \mu)$ be a metric measure space, $L$ a linear operator which has a bounded $H_\infty$ functional calculus and satisfies the Davies-Gaffney estimate, $\Phi$ a concave function on $(0,\infty)$ of critical lower type $p_\Phi^-\in(0,1]$ ... More
Purifying entanglement of noisy two-qubit states via entanglement swappingJun 19 2013Dec 02 2013Two qubits in pure entangled states going through separate paths and interacting with their own individual environments will gradually lose their entanglement. Here we show that the entanglement change of a two-qubit state due to amplitude damping noises ... More
Discrete quantum Fourier transform in coupled semiconductor double quantum dot moleculesApr 17 2007Nov 28 2008In this Letter, we present a physical scheme for implementing the discrete quantum Fourier transform in a coupled semiconductor double quantum dot system. The main controlled-R gate operation can be decomposed into many simple and feasible unitary transformations. ... More
Probabilistic implementation of universal Hadamard and Unitary gatesApr 25 2004Sep 02 2004We show that the Hadamard and Unitary gates could be implemented by a unitary evolution together with a measurement for any unknown state chosen from a set $A = {{| {\Psi_i} > ,| {\bar {\Psi}_i} >}}({i = 1,2})$ if and only if $| {\Psi_1} > ,| {\Psi_2} ... More
New Real-Variable Characterizations of Musielak-Orlicz Hardy SpacesJan 19 2012May 24 2012Let $\varphi: {\mathbb R^n}\times [0,\infty)\to[0,\infty)$ be such that $\varphi(x,\cdot)$ is an Orlicz function and $\varphi(\cdot,t)$ is a Muckenhoupt $A_\infty({\mathbb R^n})$ weight. The Musielak-Orlicz Hardy space $H^{\varphi}(\mathbb R^n)$ is defined ... More
Riding on the Primary: A New Spectrum Sharing Paradigm for Wireless-Powered IoT DevicesJan 20 2018In this paper, a new spectrum sharing model referred to as riding on the primary (ROP) is proposed for wireless-powered IoT devices with ambient backscatter communication capabilities. The key idea of ROP is that the secondary transmitter harvests energy ... More
Subword Encoding in Lattice LSTM for Chinese Word SegmentationOct 30 2018We investigate a lattice LSTM network for Chinese word segmentation (CWS) to utilize words or subwords. It integrates the character sequence features with all subsequences information matched from a lexicon. The matched subsequences serve as information ... More
Entanglement evolution of a two-qubit system with decay beyond rotating-wave approximationDec 11 2008Two noninteracting atoms, initially entangled in Bell states, are coupled to a one-mode cavity. Based on the reduced non-perturbative quantum master equation, the entanglement evolution of the two atoms with decay is investigated beyond rotating-wave ... More
Unsupervised Learning Layers for Video AnalysisMay 24 2017This paper presents two unsupervised learning layers (UL layers) for label-free video analysis: one for fully connected layers, and the other for convolutional ones. The proposed UL layers can play two roles: they can be the cost function layer for providing ... More
Approximate quantum state reconstruction without a quantum channelOct 06 2017Dec 12 2018We investigate the optimal quantum state reconstruction from cloud to many spatially separated users by measure-broadcast-prepare scheme without the availability of quantum channel. The quantum state equally distributed from cloud to arbitrary number ... More
Self-Learning Monte Carlo MethodOct 11 2016Dec 20 2016Monte Carlo simulation is an unbiased numerical tool for studying classical and quantum many-body systems. One of its bottlenecks is the lack of general and efficient update algorithm for large size systems close to phase transition or with strong frustrations, ... More
Interdependence of dynamical signals and topology: Detecting the influential nodes in networksMay 10 2005By studying varies dynamical processes, including coupled maps, cellular automata and coupled differential equations, on five different kinds of known networks, we found a positive relation between signal correlation and node's degree. Thus a method of ... More
Multipartite nonlocality swappingOct 02 2011Nonlocality swapping of bipartite binary correlated boxes can be realized by a \emph{coupler} ($\chi$) in nonsignaling models. By studying the swapping process we find that the previous bipartite coupler can be applied to the swapping of two multipartite ... More
First-principle study on the electronic and optical properties of cavities occupancy of SI methane hydratesFeb 28 2019The electronic density of state and optical properties of the SI methane hydrates with three different configurations are calculated by first-principle, including (abbreviated as cI, similarly hereinafter), each cage is fully filled with only one methane ... More
Prolific interaction structures and shape-changing collisions in an erbium-doped fiber systemJan 13 2016Jan 20 2016Prolific interactions of nonlinear waves on a plane-wave background in an erbium-doped fiber system are unveiled, based on explicit coexistence conditions extracting from the general higher-order solution of a coupled nonlinear Schr\"odinger and the Maxwell-Bloch ... More
Thick Brane Split Caused by Spacetime TorsionFeb 01 2012Aug 02 2012In this paper we apply the five-dimensional $f(T)$ gravity with $f(T)=T+k T^n$ to brane scenario to explore the solutions under a given warp factor, and we find that the analytic domain wall solution will be a double-kink solution when the geometric effect ... More
On the evaporation of solar dark matter: spin-independent effective operatorsJun 07 2016Sep 18 2016As a part of the effort to investigate the implications of dark matter (DM)-nucleon effective interactions on the solar DM detection, in this paper we focus on the evaporation of the solar DM for a set of the DM-nucleon spin-independent (SI) effective ... More
Symmetric and asymmetric optical multi-peak solitons on a continuous wave background in the femtosecond regimeMar 15 2016We study symmetric and asymmetric optical multi-peak solitons on a continuous wave background in the femtosecond regime of a single-mode fiber. Key characteristics of such multi-peak solitons, as the formation mechanism, propagation stability, and shape-changing ... More
Occlusion Aware Unsupervised Learning of Optical FlowNov 16 2017Apr 04 2018It has been recently shown that a convolutional neural network can learn optical flow estimation with unsupervised learning. However, the performance of the unsupervised methods still has a relatively large gap compared to its supervised counterpart. ... More
Mesh2Fab: Reforming Shapes for Material-specific FabricationNov 13 2014As humans, we regularly associate shape of an object with its built material. In the context of geometric modeling, however, this interrelation between form and material is rarely explored. In this work, we propose a novel data-driven reforming (i.e., ... More
Inference Aided Reinforcement Learning for Incentive Mechanism Design in CrowdsourcingJun 01 2018Incentive mechanisms for crowdsourcing are designed to incentivize financially self-interested workers to generate and report high-quality labels. Existing mechanisms are often developed as one-shot static solutions, assuming a certain level of knowledge ... More
Coexistence of antiferromagnetism and topological superconductivity on honeycomb lattice Hubbard modelSep 24 2017Motivated by the recent numerical simulations for doped $t$-$J$ model on honeycomb lattice, we study superconductivity of singlet and triplet pairing on honeycomb lattice Hubbard model. We show that a superconducting state with coexisting spin-singlet ... More
Dynamic Resource Allocation for Multiple-Antenna Wireless Power TransferNov 17 2013We consider a point-to-point multiple-input-single-output (MISO) system where a receiver harvests energy from a wireless power transmitter to power itself for various applications. The transmitter performs energy beamforming by using an instantaneous ... More
PatchShuffle RegularizationJul 22 2017This paper focuses on regularizing the training of the convolutional neural network (CNN). We propose a new regularization approach named ``PatchShuffle`` that can be adopted in any classification-oriented CNN models. It is easy to implement: in each ... More
Unsupervised Learning of Geometry with Edge-aware Depth-Normal ConsistencyNov 10 2017Learning to reconstruct depths in a single image by watching unlabeled videos via deep convolutional network (DCN) is attracting significant attention in recent years. In this paper, we introduce a surface normal representation for unsupervised depth ... More
Ensemble Sequence Level Training for Multimodal MT: OSU-Baidu WMT18 Multimodal Machine Translation System ReportAug 31 2018This paper describes multimodal machine translation systems developed jointly by Oregon State University and Baidu Research for WMT 2018 Shared Task on multimodal translation. In this paper, we introduce a simple approach to incorporate image information ... More
Kernel Change-point Detection with Auxiliary Deep Generative ModelsJan 18 2019Detecting the emergence of abrupt property changes in time series is a challenging problem. Kernel two-sample test has been studied for this task which makes fewer assumptions on the distributions than traditional parametric approaches. However, selecting ... More
CIRL: Controllable Imitative Reinforcement Learning for Vision-based Self-drivingJul 10 2018Autonomous urban driving navigation with complex multi-agent dynamics is under-explored due to the difficulty of learning an optimal driving policy. The traditional modular pipeline heavily relies on hand-designed rules and the pre-processing perception ... More
Face Parsing via Recurrent PropagationAug 06 2017Face parsing is an important problem in computer vision that finds numerous applications including recognition and editing. Recently, deep convolutional neural networks (CNNs) have been applied to image parsing and segmentation with the state-of-the-art ... More