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Thin film limits for Ginzburg--Landau with strong applied magnetic fieldsJun 30 2009Nov 06 2009In this work, we study thin-film limits of the full three-dimensional Ginzburg-Landau model for a superconductor in an applied magnetic field oriented obliquely to the film surface. We obtain Gamma-convergence results in several regimes, determined by ... More
Vortex structure in p-wave superconductorsNov 13 2014Nov 17 2014We study vortices in p-wave superconductors in a Ginzburg-Landau setting. The state of the superconductor is described by a pair of complex wave functions, and the p-wave symmetric energy functional couples these in both the kinetic (gradient) and potential ... More
Weak Anchoring for a Two-Dimensional Liquid CrystalMay 13 2014Aug 15 2014We study the weak anchoring condition for nematic liquid crystals in the context of the Landau-De Gennes model. We restrict our attention to two dimensional samples and to nematic director fields lying in the plane, for which the Landau-De Gennes energy ... More
Minimizers of the Lawrence-Doniach Functional with Oblique Magnetic FieldsSep 08 2010We study minimizers of the Lawrence--Doniach energy, which describes equilibrium states of superconductors with layered structure, assuming Floquet-periodic boundary conditions. Specifically, we consider the effect of a constant magnetic field applied ... More
On compound vortices in a two-component Ginzburg-Landau functionalNov 24 2012We study the structure of vortex solutions in a Ginzburg-Landau system for two complex valued order parameters. We consider the Dirichlet problem in the disk in R^2 with symmetric, degree-one boundary condition, as well as the associated degree-one entire ... More
Minimizers of the Landau-de Gennes energy around a spherical colloid particleApr 02 2015May 04 2015We consider energy minimizing configurations of a nematic liquid crystal around a spherical colloid particle, in the context of the Landau-de Gennes model. The nematic is assumed to occupy the exterior of a ball of radius r_0, satisfy homeotropic weak ... More
Sharp interface limit of an energy modelling nanoparticle-polymer blendsAug 05 2015Jan 22 2016We identify the $\Gamma$-limit of a nanoparticle-polymer model as the number of particles goes to infinity and as the size of the particles and the phase transition thickness of the polymer phases approach zero. The limiting energy consists of two terms: ... More
Singular Limits for Thin Film Superconductors in Strong Magnetic Fields - Maan Field Model for Thin FilmsSep 17 2012We consider singular limits of the three-dimensional Ginzburg-Landau functional for a superconductor with thin-film geometry, in a constant external magnetic field. The superconducting domain has characteristic thickness on the scale $\eps>0$, and we ... More
Gamma-convergence of 2D Ginzburg-Landau functionals with vortex concentration along curvesJun 26 2009We study the variational convergence of a family of two-dimensional Ginzburg-Landau functionals arising in the study of superfluidity or thin-film superconductivity, as the Ginzburg-Landau parameter epsilon tends to 0. In this regime and for large enough ... More
Spherical particle in a nematic liquid crystal under an external field: the Saturn ring regimeOct 13 2017We consider a nematic liquid crystal occupying the exterior region in R^3 outside of a spherical particle, with radial strong anchoring. Within the context of the Landau-de Gennes theory, we study minimizers subject to a strong external field, modelled ... More
Thin Film Liquid Crystals with Oblique Anchoring and BoojumsJul 10 2019We study a two-dimensional variational problem which arises as a thin-film limit of the Landau-de Gennes energy of nematic liquid crystals. We impose an oblique angle condition for the nematic director on the boundary, via boundary penalization (weak ... More
Droplet phase in a nonlocal isoperimetric problem under confinementSep 12 2016Sep 23 2016We address small volume-fraction asymptotic properties of a nonlocal isoperimetric functional with a confinement term, derived as the sharp interface limit of a variational model for self-assembly of diblock copolymers under confinement by nanoparticle ... More
Ground-states for the liquid drop and TFDW models with long-range attractionJul 20 2017Sep 21 2017We prove that both the liquid drop model in $\mathbb{R}^3$ with an attractive background nucleus and the Thomas-Fermi-Dirac-von Weizs\"{a}cker (TFDW) model attain their ground-states \emph{for all} masses as long as the external potential $V(x)$ in these ... More
A Degenerate Isoperimetric Problem and Traveling Waves to a Bi-stable Hamiltonian SystemApr 02 2015Sep 12 2015We analyze a non-standard isoperimetric problem in the plane associated with a metric having degenerate conformal factor at two points. Under certain assumptions on the conformal factor, we establish the existence of curves of least length under a constraint ... More
Droplet phase in a nonlocal isoperimetric problem under confinementSep 12 2016Oct 23 2018We address small volume-fraction asymptotic properties of a nonlocal isoperimetric functional with a confinement term, derived as the sharp interface limit of a variational model for self-assembly of diblock copolymers under confinement by nanoparticle ... More
Domain walls in the coupled Gross-Pitaevskii equationsSep 05 2013A thorough study of domain wall solutions in coupled Gross-Pitaevskii equations on the real line is carried out including existence of these solutions; their spectral and nonlinear stability; their persistence and stability under a small localized potential. ... More
Droplet breakup in the liquid drop model with background potentialAug 14 2017Feb 19 2018We consider a variant of Gamow's liquid drop model, with a general repulsive Riesz kernel and a long-range attractive background potential with weight $Z$. The addition of the background potential acts as a regularization for the liquid drop model in ... More
Extending higher derivations to rings and modules of quotientsDec 20 2007May 03 2008A torsion theory is called differential (higher differential) if a derivation (higher derivation) can be extended from any module to the module of quotients corresponding to the torsion theory. We study conditions equivalent to higher differentiability ... More
Graded cancellation properties of graded rings, graded unit-regular Leavitt path algebras, and the LPA-Realization QuestionMay 26 2019We raise the following general question regarding a ring graded by a group: ``If $P$ is a ring-theoretic property, how does one define the graded version $P_{\operatorname{gr}}$ of the property $P$ in a meaningful way?''. Some properties of rings have ... More
Strongly semihereditary rings and rings with dimensionFeb 02 2013The existence of a well-behaved dimension of a finite von Neumann algebra (see [19]) has lead to the study of such a dimension of finite Baer *-rings (see [26]) that satisfy certain *-ring axioms (used in [9]). This dimension is closely related to the ... More
Torsion theories for finite von Neumann algebrasFeb 18 2007The study of modules over a finite von Neumann algebra ${\mathcal A}$ can be advanced by the use of torsion theories. In this work, some torsion theories for ${\mathcal A}$ are presented, compared and studied. In particular, we prove that the torsion ... More
Dimension and Torsion Theories for a Class of Baer *-RingsFeb 18 2007Many known results on finite von Neumann algebras are generalized, by purely algebraic proofs, to a certain class ${\mathcal C}$ of finite Baer *-rings. The results in this paper can also be viewed as a study of the properties of Baer *-rings in the class ... More
Extending ring derivations to right and symmetric rings and modules of quotientsDec 20 2007Feb 01 2009We define and study the symmetric version of differential torsion theories. We prove that the symmetric versions of some of the existing results on derivations on right modules of quotients hold for derivations on symmetric modules of quotients. In particular, ... More
Simplicial and dimension groups with group action and their realizationMay 19 2018We define simplicial and dimension $\Gamma$-groups, the generalizations of simplicial and dimension groups to the case when these groups have an action of an arbitrary group $\Gamma.$ We generalize classic results which correspond to the case when $\Gamma$ ... More
Semisimplicity and global dimension of a finite von Neumann algebraFeb 18 2007Oct 30 2007We prove that a finite von Neumann algebra ${\mathcal A}$ is semisimple if the algebra of affiliated operators ${\mathcal U}$ of ${\mathcal A}$ is semisimple. When ${\mathcal A}$ is not semisimple, we give the upper and lower bounds for the global dimensions ... More
Perfect Symmetric Rings of QuotientsDec 20 2007Feb 01 2009Perfect Gabriel filters of right ideals and their corresponding right rings of quotients have the desirable feature that every module of quotients is determined solely by the right ring of quotients. On the other hand, symmetric rings of quotients have ... More
A simplification of Morita's construction of total right rings of quotients for a class of ringsFeb 18 2007The total right ring of quotients $Q_{\mathrm{tot}}^r(R),$ sometimes also called the maximal flat epimorphic right ring of quotients or right flat epimorphic hull, is usually obtained as a directed union of a certain family of extension of the base ring ... More
Differentiability of torsion theoriesFeb 18 2007Oct 30 2007We prove that every perfect torsion theory for a ring $R$ is differential (in the sense of [P. E. Bland, Differential torsion theory, Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra 204 (2006) 1 -- 8]). In this case, we construct the extension of a derivation of ... More
Canonical traces and directly finite Leavitt path algebrasFeb 14 2015Motivated by the study of traces on graph $C^*$-algebras, we consider traces (additive, central maps) on Leavitt path algebras, the algebraic counterparts of graph $C^*$-algebras. In particular, we consider traces which vanish on nonzero graded components ... More
X-ray Scattering Echoes and Ghost Halos from the Intergalactic Medium: Relation to the nature of AGN variabilityMar 04 2015X-ray bright quasars might be used to trace dust in the circumgalactic and intergalactic medium through the phenomenon of X-ray scattering, which is observed around Galactic objects whose light passes through a sufficient column of interstellar gas and ... More
Torsion theories for algebras of affiliated operators of finite von Neumann algebrasFeb 18 2007The dimension of any module over an algebra of affiliated operators ${\mathcal U}$ of a finite von Neumann algebra ${\mathcal A}$ is defined using a trace on ${\mathcal A}.$ All zero-dimensional ${\mathcal U}$-modules constitute the torsion class of torsion ... More
Graded chain conditions and Leavitt path algebras of no-exit graphsSep 20 2017We obtain a complete structural characterization of Cohn-Leavitt algebras over no-exit objects as graded involutive algebras. Corollaries of this result include graph-theoretic conditions characterizing when a Leavitt path algebra is a directed union ... More
Class of Baer *-rings Defined by a Relaxed Set of AxiomsFeb 18 2007We consider a class ${\mathcal C}$ of Baer *-rings (also treated in [S. K. Berberian, Baer *-rings, Die Grundlehren der mathematischen Wissenschaften 195, Springer-Verlag, Berlin-Heidelberg-New York, 1972.] and [L. Va\v{s}, Dimension and Torsion Theories ... More
New integrable semi-discretizations of the coupled nonlinear Schrodinger equationsMay 17 2017We have undertaken an algorithmic search for new integrable semi-discretizations of physically relevant nonlinear partial differential equations. The search is performed by using a compatibility condition for the discrete Lax operators and symbolic computations. ... More
Fast Pedestrian Detection based on T-CENTRISTFeb 17 2019Pedestrian detection is a research hotspot and a difficult issue in the computer vision such as the Intelligent Surveillance System (ISS), the Intelligent Transport System (ITS), robotics, and automotive safety. However, the human body's position, angle, ... More
Benchmarking unsupervised near-duplicate image detectionJul 03 2019Unsupervised near-duplicate detection has many practical applications ranging from social media analysis and web-scale retrieval, to digital image forensics. It entails running a threshold-limited query on a set of descriptors extracted from the images, ... More
A Parallel Tree-SPH code for Galaxy FormationDec 06 1999We describe a new implementation of a parallel Tree-SPH code with the aim to simulate Galaxy Formation and Evolution. The code has been parallelized using SHMEM, a Cray proprietary library to handle communications between the 256 processors of the Silicon ... More
Parallel TreeSPH: A Tool for Galaxy FormationApr 01 1999We describe a new implementation of a parallel Tree-SPH code with the aim to simulate Galaxy Formation and Evolution. The code has been parallelized using SHMEM, a Cray proprietary library to handle communications between the 256 processors of the Silicon ... More
K-theory Classification of Graded Ultramatricial Algebras with InvolutionApr 26 2016We consider a generalization $K_0^{gr}(R)$ of the standard Grothendieck group $K_0(R)$ of a graded ring $R$ with involution. If $\Gamma$ is an abelian group, we show that $K_0^{gr}$ completely classifies graded ultramatricial $*$-algebras over a $\Gamma$-graded ... More
Baer and Baer *-ring characterizations of Leavitt path algebrasJun 17 2016We characterize Leavitt path algebras which are Rickart, Baer, and Baer $*$-rings in terms of the properties of the underlying graph. In order to treat non-unital Leavitt path algebras as well, we generalize these annihilator-related properties to locally ... More
Comparing and Combining Lexicase Selection and Novelty SearchMay 22 2019Jul 03 2019Lexicase selection and novelty search, two parent selection methods used in evolutionary computation, emphasize exploring widely in the search space more than traditional methods such as tournament selection. However, lexicase selection is not explicitly ... More
A note on $(α, β)$-higher derivations and their extensions to modules of quotientsSep 11 2010We extend some recent results on the differentiability of torsion theories. In particular, we generalize the concept of $(\alpha, \beta)$-derivation to $(\alpha, \beta)$-higher derivation and demonstrate that a filter of a hereditary torsion theory that ... More
The Dust Scattering Halo of Cygnus X-3Nov 21 2013Aug 04 2015Dust grains scatter X-ray light through small angles, producing a diffuse halo image around bright X-ray point sources situated behind a large amount of interstellar material. We present analytic solutions to the integral for the dust scattering intensity, ... More
Ultra fast outflows, and their connection to accretion and ejection processes in AGNsAug 02 2018The growing evidence for energy-conserving outflows in powerful and luminous AGN supports the idea that high-velocity winds launched from the accretion disc evolve systematically after undergoing a shock with the ambient medium and that they are capable ... More
Cosmological X-ray Scattering from Intergalactic DustMar 06 2012May 10 2012High resolution X-ray imaging offers a unique opportunity to probe the nature of dust in the z ~< 2 universe. Dust grains 0.1- 1 um in size will scatter soft X-rays, producing a diffuse "halo" image around an X-ray point source, with a brightness ~ few ... More
Comparing and Combining Lexicase Selection and Novelty SearchMay 22 2019Lexicase selection and novelty search, two parent selection methods used in evolutionary computation, emphasize exploring widely in the search space more than traditional methods such as tournament selection. However, lexicase selection is not explicitly ... More
On the formation and evolution of the globular cluster Omega CentauriMar 24 2000By means of N-body/hydrodynamical simulations we model the evolution of a primordial 10^{8} solar masses density peak which ends up in an object closely resembling the present day globular cluster Omega Centauri. We succeed to reproduce the main features ... More
Planification par fusions incrémentales de graphesOct 19 2018In this paper, we introduce a generic and fresh model for distributed planning called "Distributed Planning Through Graph Merging" ({\sf DPGM}). This model unifies the different steps of the distributed planning process into a single step. Our approach ... More
Traces on Semigroup Rings and Leavitt Path AlgebrasFeb 12 2015The trace on matrix rings, along with the augmentation map and Kaplansky trace on group rings, are some of the many examples of linear functions on algebras that vanish on all commutators. We generalize and unify these examples by studying traces on (contracted) ... More
Classes of almost clean ringsMay 09 2013A ring is clean (almost clean) if each of its elements is the sum of a unit (regular element) and an idempotent. A module is clean (almost clean) if its endomorphism ring is clean (almost clean). We show that every quasi-continuous and nonsingular module ... More
Noetherian Leavitt path algebras and their regular algebrasNov 05 2013In the past, it has been shown that the Leavitt path algebra $L(E)=L_K(E)$ of a graph $E$ over a field $K$ is left and right noetherian if and only if the graph $E$ is finite and no cycle of $E$ has an exit. If $Q(E)=Q_K(E)$ denotes the regular algebra ... More
Vortices with antiferromagnetic cores in the SO(5) theory of high temperature superconductivityDec 16 1998Apr 16 1999We consider the problem of superconducting Ginzburg-Landau (G-L) vortices with antiferromagnetic cores which arise in Zhang's SO(5) model of antiferromagnetism (AF) and high temperature superconductivity (SC). This problem was previously considered by ... More
Solving Schrodinger Equation for Three-Electron Quantum Systems by the Use of The Hyperspherical Function MethodOct 16 2007Oct 20 2007A new mathematical model for the description of three electron quantum dots in 2D space is created, and ground states of this system in external magnetic field is investigated. The Schrodinger equation for three two-dimensional electrons is solved by ... More
Star formation and chemical evolution in SPH simulations: a statistical approachNov 05 2001In Smoothed Particles Hydrodynamics (SPH) codes with a large number of particles, star formation as well as gas and metal restitution from dying stars can be treated statistically. This approach allows to include detailed chemical evolution and gas re-ejection ... More
Coupling Chemical Evolution with SPHOct 01 2001We present a new statistical algorithm of Chemical Evolution implemented into the Tree-SPH code developed by Lia & Carraro (2000 MNRAS 314, 145).
Erratum: Star formation and chemical evolution in SPH simulations: a statistical approachJun 20 2002Errata for MNRAS 330, 821 (2002, astro-ph/0111084). A notation error in Eq. 7 and some typos in Table 3 corrected.
Structure Formation Inside Triaxial Dark Matter Halos: Galactic Disks, Bulges and BarsJun 26 2007Sep 28 2007We investigate the formation and evolution of galactic disks immersed in assembling live DM halos. Disk/halo components have been evolved from the cosmological initial conditions and represent the collapse of an isolated density perturbation. The baryons ... More
The Dark and Luminous Matter coupling in the formation of spheroids: a SPH investigationJun 01 2000Using N-body/hydrodynamical simulations which include prescriptions for Star Formation, Feed-Back and Chemical Evolution, we explore the interaction between baryons and Dark Matter at galactic scale. The N-body simulations are performed using a Tree-SPH ... More
Galaxy Formation and Evolution: I. The Padua TreeSPH code (PD-SPH)Dec 23 1997In this paper we report on PD-SPH the new tree-sph code developed in Padua. The main features of the code are described and the results of a new and independent series of 1-D and 3-D tests are shown. The paper is mainly dedicated to the presentation of ... More
Induced Nested Galactic Bars Inside Assembling Dark Matter HalosOct 13 2006Jun 26 2007We investigate the formation and evolution of nested bar systems in disk galaxies in a cosmological setting by following the development of an isolated dark matter (DM) and baryon density perturbation. The disks form within the assembling triaxial DM ... More
Hydrodynamical Response of a Circumbinary Gas Disk to Black Hole Recoil and Mass LossSep 30 2009Finding electromagnetic (EM) counterparts of future gravitational wave (GW) sources would bring rich scientific benefits. A promising possibility, in the case of the coalescence of a super-massive black hole binary (SMBHB), is that prompt emission from ... More
On the last exit times for spectrally negative Lévy processesJun 15 2016Using a new approach, for spectrally negative L\'evy processes we find joint Laplace transforms involving the last exit time (from a semi-infinite interval), the value of the process at the last exit time and the associated occupation time, which generalizes ... More
NBODY/SPH simulations of individual galaxiesFeb 04 1998We present preliminary results on galactic Dark Matter (DM), halo structure, and galaxy evolution. We show how during the first Gyr of the evolution of a $10^{10} M_{\odot}$ dwarf elliptica feed-back from stars (SN\ae~ and stellar winds) leads to an extended ... More
Kinematic Rotations of N-particle Hyperspherical BasisJul 31 2006The kinematical rotations of N-partical Hyperspherical basis are considered. The recurrence relation method of determination of transformation coefficients for arbitrary N-values is demonstrated.
Singular rational curves in P^n via semigroupsNov 26 2015We study singular rational curves in projective space, deducing conditions on their parametrizations from the value semigroups S of their singularities. In particular, we prove that a natural heuristic for the codimension of the space of nondegenerate ... More
Automated, context-free assignment of asymmetric rotor microwave spectraDec 15 2018We present a new algorithm, Robust Automated Assignment of Rigid Rotors (RAARR), for assigning rotational spectra of asymmetric tops. The RAARR algorithm can automatically assign experimental spectra under a broad range of conditions, including spectra ... More
Curves with more than one inner Galois pointFeb 26 2019Mar 15 2019Let $\mathcal{C}$ be an irreducible plane curve in $P^2(\mathbb{K})$ where $\mathbb{K}$ an algebraically closed field of characteristic $p\geq 0$. A point $Q\in \mathcal{C}$ is an inner Galois point for $\mathcal{C}$ if the projection $\pi_Q$ from $Q$ ... More
Cygnus X-3: Its Little Friend's Counterpart, the Distance to Cygnus X-3, and Outflows/JetsOct 06 2016Chandra observations have revealed a feature,within 16" of Cygnus X-3 which varied in phase with Cygnus X-3. This feature was shown to be a Bok globule which is along the line of sight to Cygnus X-3. We report on observations made with Submillimeter Array ... More
A Machine-Learning Phase Classification Scheme for Anomaly Detection in Signals with Periodic CharacteristicsNov 29 2018Mar 27 2019In this paper we propose a novel machine-learning method for anomaly detection applicable to data with periodic characteristics where randomly varying period lengths are explicitly allowed. A multi-dimensional time series analysis is conducted by training ... More
Analysis of the Relation between Artificial Intelligence and the Internet from the Perspective of Brain ScienceJan 02 2018Artificial intelligence (AI) like deep learning, cloud AI computation has been advancing at a rapid pace since 2014. There is no doubt that the prosperity of AI is inseparable with the development of the Internet. However, there has been little attention ... More
Dimension counts for singular rational curves via semigroupsNov 26 2015Mar 05 2018We study singular rational curves in projective space, deducing conditions on their parametrizations from the value semigroups $\sss$ of their singularities. In particular, we prove that a natural heuristic for the codimension of the space of nondegenerate ... More
Security modeling and efficient computation offloading for service workflow in mobile edge computingJul 04 2019It is a big challenge for resource-limited mobile devices (MDs) to execute various complex and energy-consumed mobile applications. Fortunately, as a novel computing paradigm, edge computing (MEC) can provide abundant computing resources to execute all ... More
Dwarf Elliptical Galaxies: Structure, Star Formation, and Color-Magnitude DiagramsMay 02 2001The aim of this paper is to cast light on the formation and evolution of elliptical galaxies by means of N-body/hydro-dynamical simulations that include star formation, feed-back and chemical evolution. Particular attention is paid to the case of dwarf ... More
The Impact of Accurate Extinction Measurements for X-ray Spectral ModelsFeb 25 2016Interstellar extinction includes both absorption and scattering of photons from interstellar gas and dust grains, and it has the effect of altering a source's spectrum and its total observed intensity. However, while multiple absorption models exist, ... More
An AI-driven Malfunction Detection Concept for NFV Instances in 5GApr 16 2018Efficient network management is one of the key challenges of the constantly growing and increasingly complex wide area networks (WAN). The paradigm shift towards virtualized (NFV) and software defined networks (SDN) in the next generation of mobile networks ... More
Predicting Blood Glucose with an LSTM and Bi-LSTM Based Deep Neural NetworkSep 11 2018A deep learning network was used to predict future blood glucose levels, as this can permit diabetes patients to take action before imminent hyperglycaemia and hypoglycaemia. A sequential model with one long-short-term memory (LSTM) layer, one bidirectional ... More
*-Regular Leavitt path algebras of arbitrary graphsFeb 02 2013If $K$ is a field with involution and $E$ an arbitrary graph, the involution from $K$ naturally induces an involution of the Leavitt path algebra $L_K(E).$ We show that the involution on $L_K(E)$ is proper if the involution on $K$ is positive definite, ... More
Quantifying uncertainty in thermal properties of walls by means of Bayesian inversionOct 09 2017Quantifying the uncertainty from simulations of the energy performance in buildings is crucial for the development of effective policy making aimed at reducing carbon emissions from the built environment. One of the main sources of uncertainty in energy ... More
Si K Edge Structure and Variability in Galactic X-Ray BinariesMay 16 2016We survey the Si K edge structure in various absorbed Galactic low-mass X-ray binaries (LMXBs) to study states of silicon in the inter- and circum-stellar medium. The bulk of these LMXBs lie toward the Galactic bulge region and all have column densities ... More
Active galactic nuclei flicker: an observational estimate of the duration of black hole growth phases of ~1e5 yearsMay 25 2015We present an observational constraint for the typical active galactic nucleus (AGN) phase lifetime. The argument is based on the time lag between an AGN central engine switching on and becoming visible in X-rays, and the time the AGN then requires to ... More
Max Noether's Theorem for Integral CurvesMar 17 2014We generalize, for integral curves, a celebrated result of Max Noether on global sections of the n-dualizing sheaf of a smooth nonhyperelliptic curve. This is our main result. We also obtain an embedding of a non-Gorenstein curve in a way that we can ... More
The X-ray variable sky as seen by MAXI: the future of dust echo tomography with bright Galactic X-ray burstsMar 20 2019Bright, short duration X-ray flares from accreting compact objects produce thin, dust scattering rings that enable dust echo tomography: high precision distance measurements and mapping of the line-of-sight distribution of dust. This work looks to the ... More
*-Clean Rings; Some Clean and Almost Clean Baer *-rings and von Neumann AlgebrasMar 20 2011A ring is clean (resp. almost clean) if each of its elements is the sum of a unit (resp. regular element) and an idempotent. In this paper we define the analogous notion for *-rings: a *-ring is *-clean (resp. almost *-clean) if its every element is the ... More
Dust in the Circumgalactic Medium of Low-Redshift GalaxiesNov 12 2014Using spectroscopically selected galaxies from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey we present a detection of reddening due to dust in the circumgalactic medium of galaxies. We detect the mean change in the colors of "standard crayons" correlated with the presence ... More
Evolution of network architecture in a granular material under compressionMar 27 2016Mar 29 2016As a granular material is compressed, the particles and forces within the system arrange to form complex heterogeneous structures. Force chains are a prime example and are thought to constrain bulk properties such as mechanical stability and acoustic ... More
Time is of the Essence: Machine Learning-based Intrusion Detection in Industrial Time Series DataSep 20 2018The Industrial Internet of Things drastically increases connectivity of devices in industrial applications. In addition to the benefits in efficiency, scalability and ease of use, this creates novel attack surfaces. Historically, industrial networks and ... More
FERO (Finding Extreme Relativistic Objects): relativistic Iron K alpha lines in type 1 AGNDec 09 2009The observational evidence for AGN relativistic Iron lines is very much debated. To address this topic, the FERO project makes use of the largest sample of X-ray spectra of radio quiet Type 1 AGN available in the XMM-Newton archive. We perform a systematic ... More
A new parallel TreeSPH codeJan 14 1998In this report we describe a parallel implementation of a Tree-SPH code realized using the SHMEM libraries in the Cray T3E supercomputer at CINECA. We show the result of a 3D test to check the code performances against its scalar version. Finally we compare ... More
Evidence for relativistic features in the X-ray spectrum of Mrk 335Sep 14 2006We present an analysis of hard X-ray features in the spectrum of the bright Sy 1 galaxy Mrk 335 observed by the XMM-Newton satellite. Our analysis confi rms the presence of a broad, ionised iron Kalpha emission line in the spectrum, first found by Gondoin ... More
Macroscopic Center-of-mass Cooling using Whispering Gallery Mode ResonancesAug 25 2015We demonstrate simultaneous center-of-mass cooling of two coupled oscillators, consisting of a microsphere-cantilever and a tapered optical fiber. Excitation of a whispering gallery mode (WGM) of the microsphere, via the evanescent field of the taper, ... More
Galaxy Formation and Evolution. II. Energy Balance, Star Formation and Feed-backSep 13 1999In this paper we present a critical discussion of the algorithms commonly used in N-body simulations of Galaxy Formation to deal with the energy equation governing heating and cooling, to model star formation and the star formation rate, and to account ... More
GRay2: A General Purpose Geodesic Integrator for Kerr SpacetimesJun 21 2017Fast and accurate integration of geodesics in Kerr spacetimes is an important tool in modeling the orbits of stars and the transport of radiation in the vicinities of black holes. Most existing integration algorithms employ Boyer-Lindquist coordinates, ... More
Quantifying uncertainty in thermal properties of walls by means of Bayesian inversionOct 09 2017Aug 15 2018We introduce a computational framework to statistically infer thermophysical properties of any given wall from in-situ measurements of air temperature and surface heat fluxes. The proposed framework uses these measurements, within a Bayesian calibration ... More
A giant bar induced by a merger event at z=0.4?Dec 08 2008(Aims) We present a physical model of the formation of J033239.72-275154.7, a galaxy observed at z=0.41 and characterized by a big young bar of size 6 kpc. The study of this system is particularly interesting for understanding the connection between mergers ... More
Implementation of the code for the simulation of the response of a triple-GEM tracker and its comparison to the experimental dataJul 03 2018In the framework of detector development, Monte Carlo simulations play a key role in the evaluation of the expected performance and the full understanding of the behavior in beam conditions. In particular, a software which simulates the response of the ... More
An $\mathbb{F}_{p^2}$-maximal Wiman's sextic and its automorphismsMay 15 2018In 1895 Wiman introduced a Riemann surface $\mathcal{W}$ of genus $6$ over the complex field $\mathbb{C}$ defined by the homogeneous equation $\mathcal{W}:X^6+Y^6+Z^6+(X^2+Y^2+Z^2)(X^4+Y^4+Z^4)-12X^2 Y^2 Z^2=0$, and showed that its full automorphism group ... More
Vortex Structures for an SO(5) Model of High-T_C Superconductivity and AntiferromagnetismMar 22 1999Mar 24 1999We study the structure of symmetric vortices in a Ginzburg-Landau model based on S. C. Zhang's SO(5) theory of high temperature superconductivity and antiferromagnetism. We consider both a full Ginzburg-Landau theory (with Ginzburg-Landau scaling parameter ... More
Minimizers of the Lawrence-Doniach energy in the small-coupling limit: finite width samples in a parallel fieldOct 11 2000In this paper we study the Lawrence-Doniach model for layered superconductors, for a sample with finite width subjected to a magnetic field parallel to the superconducting layers. We provide a rigorous analysis of the energy minimizers in the limit as ... More
Periodic vortex lattices for the Lawrence-Doniach model of layered superconductors in a parallel fieldOct 11 2000We consider the Lawrence-Doniach model for layered superconductors, in which stacks of parallel superconducting planes are coupled via the Josephson effect. We assume that the superconductor is placed in an external magnetic field oriented parallel to ... More
GRMHD simulations of visibility amplitude variability for Event Horizon Telescope images of Sgr A*Jan 25 2016Jan 27 2016Synthesis imaging of the black hole in the center of the Milky Way, Sgr A*, with the Event Horizon Telescope (EHT) rests on the assumption of a stationary image. We explore the limitations of this assumption using high-cadence GRMHD simulations of Sgr ... More