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Interplay of insurance and financial risks in a discrete-time model with strongly regular variationJul 28 2015Consider an insurance company exposed to a stochastic economic environment that contains two kinds of risk. The first kind is the insurance risk caused by traditional insurance claims, and the second kind is the financial risk resulting from investments. ... More
lfda: An R Package for Local Fisher Discriminant Analysis and VisualizationDec 11 2016Local Fisher discriminant analysis is a localized variant of Fisher discriminant analysis and it is popular for supervised dimensionality reduction method. lfda is an R package for performing local Fisher discriminant analysis, including its variants ... More
Optimal Stochastic Control with Recursive Cost Functionals of Stochastic Differential Systems Reflected in a DomainFeb 07 2012Aug 23 2013In this paper we study the optimal stochastic control problem for stochastic differential systems reflected in a domain. The cost functional is a recursive one, which is defined via generalized backward stochastic differential equations developed by Pardoux ... More
Approximate Support Recovery of Atomic Line Spectral Estimation: A Tale of Resolution and PrecisionDec 05 2016Oct 23 2018This work investigates the parameter estimation performance of super-resolution line spectral estimation using atomic norm minimization. The focus is on analyzing the algorithm's accuracy of inferring the frequencies and complex magnitudes from noisy ... More
Biderivations of the twisted Heisenberg-Virasoro algebra and their applicationsMar 31 2017In this paper, the biderivations without the skew-symmetric condition of the twisted Heisenberg-Virasoro algebra are presented. We find some non-inner and non-skew-symmetric biderivations. As applications, the characterizations of the forms of linear ... More
Coded Caching for Networks with the Resolvability PropertyMay 04 2016Coded caching is a recently proposed technique for dealing with large scale content distribution over the Internet. As in conventional caching, it leverages the presence of local caches at the end users. However, it considers coding in the caches and/or ... More
Local Strict Comparison Theorem and Converse Comparison Theorems for Reflected Backward Stochastic Differential EquationsDec 31 2006A local strict comparison theorem and some converse comparison theorems are proved for reflected backward stochastic differential equations under suitable conditions.
Coded Caching Schemes with Reduced Subpacketization from Linear Block CodesMay 31 2017Feb 19 2018Coded caching is a technique that generalizes conventional caching and promises significant reductions in traffic over caching networks. However, the basic coded caching scheme requires that each file hosted in the server be partitioned into a large number ... More
Metrics On $S^2$ With Bounded $\|K_g\|_{L^1\log L^1}$ And Small $\|K_g-1\|_{L^1}$Dec 24 2017In this short paper, we will study the convergence of a metric sequence $g_k$ on $S^2$ with bounded $\int|K_{g_k}|\log(1+|K_{g_k}|)d\mu_{g_k}$ and small $\int|K(g_k)-1\|d\mu_{g_k}$. We will show that such a sequence is precompact.
A Systematic Construction of MDS Codes with Small Sub-packetization Level and Near Optimal Repair BandwidthJan 24 2019In the literature, all the known high-rate MDS codes with the optimal repair bandwidth possess a significantly large sub-packetization level, which may prevent the codes to be implemented in practical systems. To build MDS codes with small sub-packetization ... More
Coded Caching with Low Subpacketization LevelsJul 27 2016Caching is popular technique in content delivery networks that allows for reductions in transmission rates from the content-hosting server to the end users. Coded caching is a generalization of conventional caching that considers the possibility of coding ... More
Generalized metric $n$-Leibniz algebras and generalized orthogonal representation of metric Lie algebrasSep 03 2018We introduce the notion of a generalized metric n-Leibniz algebra and show that there is a one-to-one correspondence between generalized metric n-Leibniz algebras and faithful generalized orthogonal representations of metric Lie algebras (called Lie triple ... More
Optimal Surviving Strategy for Drifted Brownian Motions with AbsorptionDec 14 2015Aug 24 2017We study the 'Up the River' problem formulated by Aldous (2002), where a unit drift is distributed among a finite collection of Brownian particles on $ \mathbb{R}_+ $, which are annihilated once they reach the origin. Starting $ K $ particles at $ x=1 ... More
Discussions on Stability of DiquarksJan 07 2012Since the birth of the quark model, the diquark which is composed of two quarks has been considered as a substantial structure of color anti-triplet. This is not only a mathematical simplification for dealing with baryons, but also provides a physical ... More
Accumulation of Microswimmers due to Their Collisions with a SurfaceDec 22 2008In this letter we propose a kinematic model to show how collisions with a surface and rotational Brownian motion give rise to the accumulation of micro-swimmers near a surface. In this model, an elongated microswimmer invariably travels parallel to the ... More
When reputation enforces evolutionary cooperation in unreliable MANETsNov 02 2014In self-organized mobile ad hoc networks (MANETs), network functions rely on cooperation of self-interested nodes, where a challenge is to enforce their mutual cooperation. In this paper, we study cooperative packet forwarding in a one-hop unreliable ... More
Comparing the dark matter models, modified Newtonian dynamics and modified gravity in accounting for the galaxy rotation curvesMar 18 2017We compare six models (including the baryonic model, two dark matter models, two modified Newtonian dynamics models and one modified gravity model) in accounting for the galaxy rotation curves. For the dark matter models, we assume NFW profile and core-modified ... More
Testing the anisotropy of the Universe with the distance duality relationJul 03 2017Nov 19 2018The distance duality relation (DDR) is valid in Riemannian spacetime. The astronomical data hint that the universe may have certain preferred direction. If the universe is described by anisotropic cosmological models based on Riemannian spacetime, then ... More
Testing the variation of the fine structure constant with strongly lensed gravitational wavesSep 03 2018The possible variation of the electromagnetic fine structure constant $\alpha_e$ on cosmological scales arouses great interests in recent years. The strongly lensed gravitational waves and the electromagnetic counterparts could be used to test this variation. ... More
Introducing Memory and Association Mechanism into a Biologically Inspired Visual ModelJul 04 2013A famous biologically inspired hierarchical model firstly proposed by Riesenhuber and Poggio has been successfully applied to multiple visual recognition tasks. The model is able to achieve a set of position- and scale-tolerant recognition, which is a ... More
Better Approximations of High Dimensional Smooth Functions by Deep Neural Networks with Rectified Power UnitsMar 14 2019Mar 28 2019Deep neural networks with rectified linear units (ReLU) are getting more and more popular due to its universal representation power and successful applications. Some theoretical progresses on deep ReLU network approximation power for functions in Sobolev ... More
Better Approximations of High Dimensional Smooth Functions by Deep Neural Networks with Rectified Power UnitsMar 14 2019Deep neural networks with rectified linear units (ReLU) get very popular recently due to its universal representation power and successful applications. In this paper, we show that deep networks with rectified power units (RePU) can give better approximations ... More
Gröbner-Shirshov bases for some Lie algebrasMay 15 2013We give Gr\"obner-Shirshov bases for Drinfeld-Kohno Lie algebra $\textbf{L}_{n}$ in \cite{[Et]} and Kukin Lie algebra $A_P$ in \cite{Kukin}, where $P$ is a semigroup. As applications, we show that as $\mathbb{Z}$-module $\textbf{L}_{n}$ is free and a ... More
An approximation result for a class of stochastic heat equations with colored noiseNov 21 2016We show that a large class of stochastic heat equations can be approximated by systems of interacting stochastic differential equations. As a consequence, we prove various comparison principles extending earlier results. Among other things, our results ... More
Probing Direct and Indirect Unitarity Violation in Future Accelerator Neutrino FacilitiesAug 16 2017The possible existence of light and heavy sterile neutrinos may give rise to direct and indirect unitarity violation of the $3\times3$ lepton mixing matrix respectively. In the current work we study the potential of future accelerator neutrino facilities ... More
Geometry of Factored Nuclear Norm RegularizationApr 05 2017This work investigates the geometry of a nonconvex reformulation of minimizing a general convex loss function $f(X)$ regularized by the matrix nuclear norm $\|X\|_*$. Nuclear-norm regularized matrix inverse problems are at the heart of many applications ... More
$C^{3}LES$: Codes for Coded Computation that Leverage StragglersSep 17 2018In distributed computing systems, it is well recognized that worker nodes that are slow (called stragglers) tend to dominate the overall job execution time. Coded computation utilizes concepts from erasure coding to mitigate the effect of stragglers by ... More
Parallel in time algorithm with spectral-subdomain enhancement for Volterra integral equationsMay 13 2013This paper proposes a parallel in time (called also time parareal) method to solve Volterra integral equations of the second kind. The parallel in time approach follows the same spirit as the domain decomposition that consists of breaking the domain of ... More
A Generic Transformation to Enable Optimal Repair in MDS Codes for Distributed Storage SystemsApr 26 2016Aug 23 2018We propose a generic transformation that can convert any nonbinary $(n=k+r,k)$ maximum distance separable (MDS) code into another $(n,k)$ MDS code over the same field such that 1) some arbitrarily chosen $r$ nodes have the optimal repair bandwidth and ... More
The stability and rapid exponential stabilization of heat equation in non-cylindrical domainDec 18 2017This paper is devoted to the study of the stability and stabilizability of heat equation in non-cylindrical domain. The interesting thing is that there is a class of initial values such that the system is no longer exponentially stable. The system is ... More
Leveraging tagging and rating for recommendation: RMF meets weighted diffusion on tripartite graphsNov 01 2016Recommender systems (RSs) have been a widely exploited approach to solving the information overload problem. However, the performance is still limited due to the extreme sparsity of the rating data. With the popularity of Web 2.0, the social tagging system ... More
Tune-out wavelengths for potassiumFeb 26 2013The five longest tune-out wavelengths for the potassium atom are determined using a relativistic structure model which treats the atom as consisting of a single valence electron moving outside a closed shell core. The importance of various terms in the ... More
The Non-convex Geometry of Low-rank Matrix OptimizationNov 09 2016Feb 21 2019This work considers two popular minimization problems: (i) the minimization of a general convex function $f(\mathbf{X})$ with the domain being positive semi-definite matrices; (ii) the minimization of a general convex function $f(\mathbf{X})$ regularized ... More
A Simplified Dynamical Model for Tuned Wireless Power Transfer SystemsMar 22 2019Dynamical models of wireless power transfer (WPT) systems are of primary importance for the dynamical behavior studies and controller design. However, the existing dynamical models usually suffer from high orders and complicated forms due to the complex ... More
A Chaotic Cipher Mmohocc and Its Security AnalysisJun 06 2006In this paper we introduce a new chaotic stream cipher Mmohocc which utilizes the fundamental chaos characteristics. The designs of the major components of the cipher are given. Its cryptographic properties of period, auto- and cross-correlations, and ... More
General Greenberger-Horne-Zeilinger theorem of cluster statesDec 29 2008In this paper, we show that there are eight distinct forms of the Greenberger-Horne-Zeilinger (GHZ) argument for the four-qubit cluster state $|\phi_4>$ and forty eight distinct forms for the five-qubit cluster state $|\phi_5>$ in the case of the one-dimensional ... More
Lagrangian Mechanics and Reduction on Fibered ManifoldsOct 31 2015Mar 22 2017This paper develops a generalized formulation of Lagrangian mechanics on fibered manifolds, together with a reduction theory for symmetries corresponding to Lie groupoid actions. As special cases, this theory includes not only Lagrangian reduction (including ... More
Lambda polarization in pp -> pΛK^+ π^+π^-π^+π^-May 21 2000We show that there is a correlation between the invariant mass of the produced \Lambda K^+, \Lambda K^+\pi^+\pi^- or \Lambda K^+ \pi^+\pi^-\pi^+\pi^- system in the exclusive reaction pp\to p\Lambda K^+\pi^+\pi^-\pi^+\pi^- and the longitudinal or transverse ... More
New Repair strategy of Hadamard Minimum Storage Regenerating Code for Distributed Storage SystemDec 18 2013The newly presented $(k+2,k)$ Hadamard minimum storage regenerating (MSR) code is the first class of high rate storage code with optimal repair property for all single node failures. In this paper, we propose a new simple repair strategy, which can considerably ... More
Bayesian Multiple Testing Under Sparsity for Polynomial-Tailed DistributionsSep 27 2015Jul 28 2016This paper considers Bayesian multiple testing under sparsity for polynomial-tailed distributions satisfying a monotone likelihood ratio property. Included in this class of distributions are the Student's t, the Pareto, and many other distributions. We ... More
Addressing Components' Evolvement and Execution Behavior to Measure Component-Based Software ReliabilityMar 05 2007Software reliability is an important quality attrib-ute, often evaluated as either a function of time or of system structures. The goal of this study is to have this metric cover both for component-based software, be-cause its reliability strongly depends ... More
A Chaotic Cipher Mmohocc and Its Randomness EvaluationMay 15 2006May 30 2006After a brief introduction to a new chaotic stream cipher Mmohocc which utilizes the fundamental chaos characteristics of mixing, unpredictability, and sensitivity to initial conditions, we conducted the randomness statistical tests against the keystreams ... More
Erasure coding for distributed matrix multiplication for matrices with bounded entriesNov 06 2018Nov 07 2018Distributed matrix multiplication is widely used in several scientific domains. It is well recognized that computation times on distributed clusters are often dominated by the slowest workers (called stragglers). Recent work has demonstrated that straggler ... More
Compressive-Sensing Data Reconstruction for Structural Health Monitoring: A Machine-Learning ApproachJan 07 2019Mar 22 2019Compressive sensing (CS) has been studied and applied in structural health monitoring for wireless data acquisition and transmission, structural modal identification, and spare damage identification. The key issue in CS is finding the optimal solution ... More
Image Based Camera Localization: an OverviewOct 12 2016May 03 2018Recently, virtual reality, augmented reality, robotics, autonomous driving et al attract much attention of both academic and industrial community, in which image based camera localization is a key task. However, there has not been a complete review on ... More
A three-loop radiative neutrino mass model with dark matterJan 09 2015We present a model that generates small neutrino masses at three-loop level due to the existence of Majorana fermionic dark matter, which is stabilized by a Z2 symmetry. The model predicts that the lightest neutrino is massless. We show a prototypical ... More
Better Approximations of High Dimensional Smooth Functions by Deep Neural Networks with Rectified Power UnitsMar 14 2019Apr 01 2019Deep neural networks with rectified linear units (ReLU) are getting more and more popular due to its universal representation power and successful applications. Some theoretical progresses on deep ReLU network approximation power for functions in Sobolev ... More
Towards Distribution-Free Multi-Armed Bandits with Combinatorial StrategiesJul 20 2013Oct 05 2014In this paper we study a generalized version of classical multi-armed bandits (MABs) problem by allowing for arbitrary constraints on constituent bandits at each decision point. The motivation of this study comes from many situations that involve repeatedly ... More
Universally Decodable Matrices for Distributed Matrix-Vector MultiplicationJan 30 2019Coded computation is an emerging research area that leverages concepts from erasure coding to mitigate the effect of stragglers (slow nodes) in distributed computation clusters, especially for matrix computation problems. In this work, we present a class ... More
Missing author address information in Web of Science-An explorative studyJul 26 2018Bibliometric analysis is increasingly used to evaluate and compare research performance across geographical regions. However, the problem of missing information from author addresses has not attracted sufficient attention from scholars and practitioners. ... More
A phylogenetic scan test on Dirichlet-tree multinomial model for microbiome dataOct 27 2016Mar 17 2017In this paper we introduce the phylogenetic scan test (PhyloScan) for investigating cross-group differences in microbiome compositions using the Dirichlet-tree multinomial (DTM) model. DTM models the microbiome data through a cascade of independent local ... More
Funding acknowledgment analysis:Queries and CaveatsJan 03 2016Thomson Reuters' Web of Science (WoS) began systematically collecting acknowledgment information in August 2008. Since then, bibliometric analysis of funding acknowledgment (FA) has been growing and has aroused intense interest and attention from both ... More
Atomic Norm Denoising for Complex Exponentials with Unknown Waveform ModulationsFeb 14 2019Non-stationary blind super-resolution is an extension of the traditional super-resolution problem, which deals with the problem of recovering fine details from coarse measurements. The non-stationary blind super-resolution problem appears in many applications ... More
Unsupervised Disentangled Representation Learning with Analogical RelationsApr 25 2018Learning the disentangled representation of interpretable generative factors of data is one of the foundations to allow artificial intelligence to think like people. In this paper, we propose the analogical training strategy for the unsupervised disentangled ... More
An image compression and encryption scheme based on deep learningAug 16 2016Oct 09 2016Stacked Auto-Encoder (SAE) is a kind of deep learning algorithm for unsupervised learning. Which has multi layers that project the vector representation of input data into a lower vector space. These projection vectors are dense representations of the ... More
Optimal Ternary Cyclic Codes with Minimum Distance Four and FiveSep 05 2013Cyclic codes are an important subclass of linear codes and have wide applications in data storage systems, communication systems and consumer electronics. In this paper, two families of optimal ternary cyclic codes are presented. The first family of cyclic ... More
Heterogeneity-aware Gradient Coding for Straggler ToleranceJan 27 2019Gradient descent algorithms are widely used in machine learning. In order to deal with huge volume of data, we consider the implementation of gradient descent algorithms in a distributed computing setting where multiple workers compute the gradient over ... More
An image compression and encryption scheme based on deep learningAug 16 2016Stacked Auto-Encoder (SAE) is a kind of deep learning algorithm for unsupervised learning. Which has multi layers that project the vector representation of input data into a lower vector space. These projection vectors are dense representations of the ... More
Mesoscale modeling of phase transition dynamics of thermoresponsive polymersApr 27 2015We present a non-isothermal mesoscopic model for investigation of the phase transition dynamics of thermoresponsive polymers. Since this model conserves energy in the simulations, it is able to correctly capture not only the transient behavior of polymer ... More
Deep Residual Networks with a Fully Connected Recon-struction Layer for Single Image Super-ResolutionMay 24 2018Recently, deep neural networks have achieved impressive performance in terms of both reconstruction accuracy and efficiency for single image super-resolution (SISR). However, the network model of these methods is a fully convolutional neural network, ... More
A Survey on Spark Ecosystem for Big Data ProcessingNov 18 2018With the explosive increase of big data in industry and academic fields, it is necessary to apply large-scale data processing systems to analysis Big Data. Arguably, Spark is state of the art in large-scale data computing systems nowadays, due to its ... More
Long live the scientists: Tracking the scientific fame of great minds in physicsAug 25 2018This study utilizes global digitalized books and articles to examine the scientific fame of the most influential physicists. Our research reveals that the greatest minds are gone but not forgotten. Their scientific impacts on human history have persisted ... More
SVM-Based Sea-Surface Small Target Detection: A False-Alarm-Rate-Controllable ApproachNov 13 2018In this letter, we consider the varying detection environments to address the problem of detecting small targets within sea clutter. We first extract three simple yet practically discriminative features from the returned signals in the time and frequency ... More
Distinguishing multipartite orthogonal product states by LOCC with entanglement as a resourceJul 29 2018Recently using entanglement as resource to distinguish orthogonal product states by local operations and classical communication (LOCC) has been studied intensively. Zhang. et al. presented protocols to use entanglement to distinguish certain classes ... More
Illumination-aware Faster R-CNN for Robust Multispectral Pedestrian DetectionMar 14 2018Aug 14 2018Multispectral images of color-thermal pairs have shown more effective than a single color channel for pedestrian detection, especially under challenging illumination conditions. However, there is still a lack of studies on how to fuse the two modalities ... More
From nothing to something: discrete integrable systemsJan 28 2012Jul 27 2014Chinese ancient sage Laozi said that everything comes from `nothing'. Einstein believes the principle of nature is simple. Quantum physics proves that the world is discrete. And computer science takes continuous systems as discrete ones. This report is ... More
Revisiting Spatial-Temporal Similarity: A Deep Learning Framework for Traffic PredictionMar 03 2018Nov 03 2018Traffic prediction has drawn increasing attention in AI research field due to the increasing availability of large-scale traffic data and its importance in the real world. For example, an accurate taxi demand prediction can assist taxi companies in pre-allocating ... More
Optical vector analysis with attometer resolution, 90-dB dynamic range and THz bandwidthFeb 16 2019Optical vector analysis (OVA) having the capability to achieve magnitude and phase responses is essential for fabrication and application of emerging optical devices. However, the conventional OVA often have to make compromises among resolution, dynamic ... More
Learning from Noisy Web Data with Category-level SupervisionMar 10 2018May 24 2018As tons of photos are being uploaded to public websites (e.g., Flickr, Bing, and Google) every day, learning from web data has become an increasingly popular research direction because of freely available web resources, which is also referred to as webly ... More
Coronal EUV, QFP, and kink waves simultaneously launched during the course of jet-loop interactionJul 25 2018We present the observations of an extreme ultraviolet (EUV) wave, a quasi-periodic fast-propagating (QFP) magnetosonic wave, and a kink wave that were simultaneously associated with the impingement of a coronal jet upon a group of coronal loops. After ... More
Quantifying Dark GasMar 09 2015A growing body of evidence has been supporting the existence of so-called "dark molecular gas" (DMG), which is invisible in the most common tracer of molecular gas, i.e., CO rotational emission. DMG is believed to be the main gas component of the intermediate ... More
Phonetic-attention scoring for deep speaker features in speaker verificationNov 08 2018Recent studies have shown that frame-level deep speaker features can be derived from a deep neural network with the training target set to discriminate speakers by a short speech segment. By pooling the frame-level features, utterance-level representations, ... More
CNN Based Adversarial Embedding with Minimum Alteration for Image SteganographyMar 24 2018Historically, steganographic schemes were designed in a way to preserve image statistics or steganalytic features. Since most of the state-of-the-art steganalytic methods employ a machine learning (ML) based classifier, it is reasonable to consider countering ... More
ALiPy: Active Learning in PythonJan 12 2019Supervised machine learning methods usually require a large set of labeled examples for model training. However, in many real applications, there are plentiful unlabeled data but limited labeled data; and the acquisition of labels is costly. Active learning ... More
Less is More: Learning Prominent and Diverse Topics for Data SummarizationNov 29 2016Dec 01 2016Statistical topic models efficiently facilitate the exploration of large-scale data sets. Many models have been developed and broadly used to summarize the semantic structure in news, science, social media, and digital humanities. However, a common and ... More
Volume Phase Transition of Polyelectrolyte Gels: Effects of Ionic SizeSep 10 2013Although the volume transition of the polyelectrolyte gel has been studied for decades, little research on the effects of size of the mobile ions has been conducted. In the present paper, Tanaka classical theory of polyelectrolyte gel is extended to the ... More
Entangling two distant nanocavities via a waveguideMar 21 2011In this paper, we investigate the generation of continuous variable entanglement between two spatially-separate nanocavities mediated by a coupled resonator optical waveguide in photonic crystals. By solving the exact dynamics of the cavity system coupled ... More
Tree-structured Kronecker Convolutional Network for Semantic SegmentationDec 12 2018Dec 15 2018Most existing semantic segmentation methods employ atrous convolution to enlarge the receptive field of filters, but neglect partial information. To tackle this issue, we firstly propose a novel Kronecker convolution which adopts Kronecker product to ... More
Attenuation of transcriptional bursting in mRNA transportJul 23 2009Due to the stochastic nature of biochemical processes, the copy number of any given type of molecule inside a living cell often exhibits large temporal fluctuations. Here, we develop analytic methods to investigate how the noise arising from a bursting ... More
The Global Optimization Geometry of Low-Rank Matrix OptimizationMar 03 2017Jan 04 2018This paper considers general rank-constrained optimization problems that minimize a general objective function $f(X)$ over the set of rectangular $n\times m$ matrices that have rank at most $r$. To tackle the rank constraint and also to reduce the computational ... More
A Super-Resolution Framework for Tensor DecompositionFeb 27 2016Mar 08 2019This work considers a super-resolution framework for overcomplete tensor decomposition. Specifically, we view tensor decomposition as a super-resolution problem of recovering a sum of Dirac measures on the sphere and solve it by minimizing a continuous ... More
Global Optimality in Low-rank Matrix OptimizationFeb 25 2017Mar 02 2018This paper considers the minimization of a general objective function $f(X)$ over the set of rectangular $n\times m$ matrices that have rank at most $r$. To reduce the computational burden, we factorize the variable $X$ into a product of two smaller matrices ... More
Comprehensive proof of the Greenberger-Horne-Zeilinger Theorem for the four-qubit systemSep 22 2005Greenberger-Horne-Zeilinger (GHZ) theorem asserts that there is a set of mutually commuting nonlocal observables with a common eigenstate on which those observables assume values that refute the attempt to assign values only required to have them by the ... More
Probing vorticity structure in heavy-ion collisions by local $Λ$ polarizationMar 02 2018Aug 01 2018We study the local structure of the vorticity field and the $\Lambda$ polarization in Au+Au collisions in the energy range $\sqrt{s_{\mathrm{NN}}}=7.7$--$200$ GeV and Pb+Pb collisions at $\sqrt{s_{\mathrm{NN}}}=2760$ GeV using A Multi-Phase Transport ... More
Attributes Guided Feature Learning for Vehicle Re-identificationMay 22 2019Vehicle Re-ID has recently attracted enthusiastic attention due to its potential applications in smart city and urban surveillance. However, it suffers from large intra-class variation caused by view variations and illumination changes, and inter-class ... More
Rational spectral methods for PDEs involving fractional Laplacian in unbounded domainsMay 07 2019Many PDEs involving fractional Laplacian are naturally set in unbounded domains with underlying solutions decay very slowly, subject to certain power laws. Their numerical solutions are under-explored. This paper aims at developing accurate spectral methods ... More
Depth Pooling Based Large-scale 3D Action Recognition with Convolutional Neural NetworksMar 17 2018Apr 17 2018This paper proposes three simple, compact yet effective representations of depth sequences, referred to respectively as Dynamic Depth Images (DDI), Dynamic Depth Normal Images (DDNI) and Dynamic Depth Motion Normal Images (DDMNI), for both isolated and ... More
Gaussian-Constrained training for speaker verificationNov 08 2018Feb 17 2019Neural models, in particular the d-vector and x-vector architectures, have produced state-of-the-art performance on many speaker verification tasks. However, two potential problems of these neural models deserve more investigation. Firstly, both models ... More
Limits to single photon transduction by a single atom: Non-Markov theoryMay 19 2017Sep 27 2017Single atoms form a model system for understanding the limits of single photon detection. Here, we develop a non-Markov theory of single-photon absorption by a two-level atom to place limits on the absorption (transduction) time. We show the existence ... More
Optomechanical coupling in photonic crystal supported nanomechanical waveguidesJun 02 2009We report enhanced optomechanical coupling by embedding a nano-mechanical beam resonator within an optical race-track resonator. Precise control of the mechanical resonator is achieved by clamping the beam between two low-loss photonic crystal waveguide ... More
Tunable bipolar optical interactions between guided lightwavesMar 30 2009The optical binding forces between guided lightwaves in dielectric waveguides can be either repulsive or attractive. So far only attractive force has been observed. Here we experimentally demonstrate a bipolar optical force between coupled nanomechanical ... More
Deformations and their controlling cohomologies of $\mathcal{O}$-operatorsMar 25 2018$\mathcal{O}$-operators are important in broad areas in mathematics and physics, such as integrable systems, the classical Yang-Baxter equation, pre-Lie algebras and splitting of operads. In this paper, a deformation theory of $\mathcal{O}$-operators ... More
Skewless Network Clock SynchronizationAug 28 2012Aug 19 2013This paper examines synchronization of computer clocks connected via a data network and proposes a skewless algorithm to synchronize them. Unlike existing solutions, which either estimate and compensate the frequency difference (skew) among clocks or ... More
Spatial-Aware Non-Local Attention for Fashion Landmark DetectionMar 11 2019Fashion landmark detection is a challenging task even using the current deep learning techniques, due to the large variation and non-rigid deformation of clothes. In order to tackle these problems, we propose Spatial-Aware Non-Local (SANL) block, an attentive ... More
A Low-Complexity Encoding of Quasi-Cyclic Codes Based on Galois Fourier TransformJan 15 2013The encoding complexity of a general (en,ek) quasi-cyclic code is O[(e^2)(n-k)k]. This paper presents a novel low-complexity encoding algorithm for quasi-cyclic (QC) codes based on matrix transformation. First, a message vector is encoded into a transformed ... More
Breaking the Curse of Horizon: Infinite-Horizon Off-Policy EstimationOct 29 2018We consider the off-policy estimation problem of estimating the expected reward of a target policy using samples collected by a different behavior policy. Importance sampling (IS) has been a key technique to derive (nearly) unbiased estimators, but is ... More
Bounded perturbation resilience of extragradient-type methods and their applicationsNov 02 2017Nov 16 2017In this paper we study the bounded perturbation resilience of the extragradient and the subgradient extragradient methods for solving variational inequality (VI) problem in real Hilbert spaces. This is an important property of algorithms which guarantees ... More
Scheduling Computation Graphs of Deep Learning Models on Manycore CPUsJul 16 2018For a deep learning model, efficient execution of its computation graph is key to achieving high performance. Previous work has focused on improving the performance for individual nodes of the computation graph, while ignoring the parallelization of the ... More
Authenticated Key-Value Stores with Hardware EnclavesApr 26 2019Authenticated data storage on an untrusted platform is an important computing paradigm for cloud applications ranging from big-data outsourcing, to cryptocurrency and certificate transparency log. These modern applications increasingly feature update-intensive ... More
SJTU-NLP at SemEval-2018 Task 9: Neural Hypernym Discovery with Term EmbeddingsMay 26 2018This paper describes a hypernym discovery system for our participation in the SemEval-2018 Task 9, which aims to discover the best (set of) candidate hypernyms for input concepts or entities, given the search space of a pre-defined vocabulary. We introduce ... More