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Robust Image Segmentation Quality Assessment without Ground TruthMar 20 2019Deep learning based image segmentation methods have achieved great success, even having human-level accuracy in some applications. However, due to the black box nature of deep learning, the best method may fail in some situations. Thus predicting segmentation ... More
3-D Surface Segmentation Meets Conditional Random FieldsJun 11 2019Automated surface segmentation is important and challenging in many medical image analysis applications. Recent deep learning based methods have been developed for various object segmentation tasks. Most of them are a classification based approach, e.g. ... More
Trust but Verify: An Information-Theoretic Explanation for the Adversarial Fragility of Machine Learning Systems, and a General Defense against Adversarial AttacksMay 25 2019Deep-learning based classification algorithms have been shown to be susceptible to adversarial attacks: minor changes to the input of classifiers can dramatically change their outputs, while being imperceptible to humans. In this paper, we present a simple ... More
Two-dimensional nanoscale nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy enhanced by artificial intelligenceFeb 15 2019Two-dimensional Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) is essential to molecule structure determination. Nitrogen vacancy (NV) center in diamond has been proposed and developed as an outstanding quantum sensor to realize NMR in nanoscale. However, it is still ... More
Nonparametric specification for non-stationary time series regressionFeb 04 2014We investigate the behavior of the Generalized Likelihood Ratio Test (GLRT) (Fan, Zhang and Zhang [Ann. Statist. 29 (2001) 153-193]) for time varying coefficient models where the regressors and errors are non-stationary time series and can be cross correlated. ... More
Inference of weighted $V$-statistics for nonstationary time series and its applicationsJan 16 2014We investigate the behavior of Fourier transforms for a wide class of nonstationary nonlinear processes. Asymptotic central and noncentral limit theorems are established for a class of nondegenerate and degenerate weighted $V$-statistics through the angle ... More
Non-zero-sum stopping games in continuous timeAug 17 2015On a filtered probability space $(\Omega ,\mathcal{F}, (\mathcal{F}_t)_{t\in[0,\infty]}, \mathbb{P})$, we consider the two-player non-zero-sum stopping game $u^i := \mathbb{E}[U^i(\rho,\tau)],\ i=1,2$, where the first player choose a stopping strategy ... More
Multi-player stopping games in continuous timeSep 14 2015We consider multi-player stopping games in continuous time. Unlike Dynkin games, in our games the payoff of each player is revealed after all the players stop. Moreover, each player can adjust her own stopping strategy by observing other players' behaviors. ... More
Non-zero-sum stopping games in discrete timeAug 25 2015We consider two-player non-zero-sum stopping games in discrete time. Unlike Dynkin games, in our games the payoff of each player is revealed after both players stop. Moreover, each player can adjust her own stopping strategy according to the other player's ... More
Nonparametric inference of quantile curves for nonstationary time seriesOct 19 2010The paper considers nonparametric specification tests of quantile curves for a general class of nonstationary processes. Using Bahadur representation and Gaussian approximation results for nonstationary time series, simultaneous confidence bands and integrated ... More
Arbitrage, hedging and utility maximization using semi-static trading strategies with American optionsFeb 24 2015Feb 08 2016We consider a financial market where stocks are available for dynamic trading, and European and American options are available for static trading (semi-static trading strategies). We assume that the American options are infinitely divisible, and can only ... More
On controller-stopper problems with jumps and their applications to indifference pricing of American optionsDec 20 2012Nov 18 2013We consider controller-stopper problems in which the controlled processes can have jumps. The global filtration is represented by the Brownian filtration, enlarged by the filtration generated by the jump process. We assume that there exists a conditional ... More
Ground-State Entropy of the Random Vertex-Cover ProblemOct 03 2008Mar 17 2009Counting the number of ground states for a spin-glass or NP-complete combinatorial optimization problem is even more difficult than the already hard task of finding a single ground state. In this paper the entropy of minimum vertex-covers of random graphs ... More
On a Stopping Game in continuous timeSep 23 2014Jul 24 2015We consider a zero-sum continuous time stopping game in which the pay-off is revealed in the maximum of the two stopping times instead of the minimum, which is the case in Dynkin games.
Spectral Inference under Complex Temporal DynamicsDec 19 2018Dec 31 2018We develop unified theory and methodology for the inference of evolutionary Fourier power spectra for a general class of locally stationary and possibly nonlinear processes. In particular, simultaneous confidence regions (SCR) with asymptotically correct ... More
On model-independent pricing/hedging using shortfall risk and quantilesJul 09 2013We consider the pricing and hedging of exotic options in a model-independent set-up using \emph{shortfall risk and quantiles}. We assume that the marginal distributions at certain times are given. This is tantamount to calibrating the model to call options ... More
On an Optimal Stopping Problem of an InsiderJan 14 2013Apr 06 2015We consider the optimal stopping problem $v^{(\eps)}:=\sup_{\tau\in\mathcal{T}_{0,T}}\mathbb{E}B_{(\tau-\eps)^+}$ posed by Shiryaev at the International Conference on Advanced Stochastic Optimization Problems organized by the Steklov Institute of Mathematics ... More
Atomic Scale Measurement of Polar EntropyJul 12 2018Jan 10 2019Entropy is a fundamental thermodynamic quantity that is a measure of the accessible microstates available to a system, with the stability of a system determined by the magnitude of the total entropy of the system. This is valid across truly mind boggling ... More
Channel Estimation for Millimeter Wave MIMO-OFDM Systems via Low-Rank Tensor DecompositionSep 12 2016In millimeter-wave (mmWave) MIMO systems, both the base stations (BS) and the mobile stations (MSs) employ large antenna arrays for directional beamforming. Acquiring channel knowledge for beamforming transmission is challenging due to the large number ... More
On Zero-sum Optimal Stopping GamesAug 16 2014May 08 2015On a filtered probability space $(\Omega,\mathcal{F},P,\mathbb{F}=(\mathcal{F}_t)_{t=0,\dotso,T})$, we consider stopper-stopper games $\overline V:=\inf_{\Rho\in\bT^{ii}}\sup_{\tau\in\T}\E[U(\Rho(\tau),\tau)]$ and $\underline V:=\sup_{\Tau\in\bT^i}\inf_{\rho\in\T}\E[U(\Rho(\tau),\tau)]$ ... More
On utility maximization with derivatives under model uncertaintyJul 18 2013We consider the robust utility maximization using a static holding in derivatives and a dynamic holding in the stock. There is no fixed model for the price of the stock but we consider a set of probability measures (models) which are not necessarily dominated ... More
No-arbitrage and hedging with liquid American optionsMay 04 2016May 27 2016Since most of the traded options on individual stocks is of American type it is of interest to generalize the results obtained in semi-static trading to the case when one is allowed to statically trade American options. However, this problem has proved ... More
Estimation and inference for precision matrices of non-stationary time seriesMar 03 2018Apr 18 2018In this paper, we consider the estimation and inference of precision matrices of a rich class of locally stationary and nonlinear time series assuming that only one realization of the time series is observed. Using a Cholesky decomposition technique, ... More
Estimation and inference for precision matrices of non-stationary time seriesMar 03 2018Mar 25 2019In this paper, we consider the estimation and inference of precision matrices of a rich class of locally stationary and nonlinear time series assuming that only one realization of the time series is observed. Using a Cholesky decomposition technique, ... More
MACE: Multiscale Abrupt Change Estimation Under Complex Temporal DynamicsSep 13 2019We consider the problem of detecting abrupt changes in an otherwise smoothly evolving trend whilst the covariance and higher-order structures of the system can experience both smooth and abrupt changes over time. The number of abrupt change points is ... More
Atomic Scale Measurement of Polar EntropyJul 12 2018Aug 09 2019Entropy is a fundamental thermodynamic quantity that is a measure of the accessible microstates available to a system, with the stability of a system determined by the magnitude of the total entropy of the system. This is valid across truly mind boggling ... More
A Comparative Study of STA on Large Scale Global OptimizationApr 25 2016State transition algorithm has been emerging as a new intelligent global optimization method in recent few years. The standard continuous STA has demonstrated powerful global search ability for global optimization problems whose dimension is no more than ... More
Inverse mean curvature flows in warped product manifoldsSep 30 2016We study inverse mean curvature flows of starshaped, mean convex hypersurfaces in warped product manifolds with a positive warping factor $h(r)$. If $h'(r)>0$ and $h"(r)\geq 0$, we show that these flows exist for all times, remain starshaped and mean ... More
On the free boundary min-max geodesicsApr 04 2015Given a Riemannian manifold and a closed submanifold, we find a geodesic segment with free boundary on the given submanifold. This is a corollary of the min-max theory which we develop in this article for the free boundary variational problem. In particular, ... More
Asymptotic Weights of Syzygies of Toric VarietiesJan 25 2015Jan 27 2015The purpose of the paper is to give a sharp asymptotic description of the weights that appear in the syzygies of a toric variety. We prove that as the positivity of the embedding increases, in any strand of syzygies, torus weights after normalization ... More
The Finsler surface with K=0 and J=0Sep 25 2012In this short note, we verify R. Bryant's claim: there does exist the singular Landsberg Finsler surface with a vanishing flag curvature which is not Berwaldian.
Two dimensional disjoint minimal graphsAug 26 2011Nov 14 2011In this paper, under the assumption of Gauss curvature vanishing at infinity, we will prove Meeks' conjecture: the number of disjointly supported minimal graphs in $\mathbb{R}^3$ is at most two.
Gemini: Graph estimation with matrix variate normal instancesSep 23 2012May 23 2014Undirected graphs can be used to describe matrix variate distributions. In this paper, we develop new methods for estimating the graphical structures and underlying parameters, namely, the row and column covariance and inverse covariance matrices from ... More
Restricted Eigenvalue Conditions on Subgaussian Random MatricesDec 21 2009Dec 27 2009It is natural to ask: what kinds of matrices satisfy the Restricted Eigenvalue (RE) condition? In this paper, we associate the RE condition (Bickel-Ritov-Tsybakov 09) with the complexity of a subset of the sphere in $\R^p$, where $p$ is the dimensionality ... More
Softplus Regressions and Convex PolytopesAug 23 2016To construct flexible nonlinear predictive distributions, the paper introduces a family of softplus function based regression models that convolve, stack, or combine both operations by convolving countably infinite stacked gamma distributions, whose scales ... More
Generalized Negative Binomial Processes and the Representation of Cluster StructuresOct 07 2013The paper introduces the concept of a cluster structure to define a joint distribution of the sample size and its exchangeable random partitions. The cluster structure allows the probability distribution of the random partitions of a subset of the sample ... More
Beta-Negative Binomial Process and Exchangeable Random Partitions for Mixed-Membership ModelingOct 28 2014Dec 31 2014The beta-negative binomial process (BNBP), an integer-valued stochastic process, is employed to partition a count vector into a latent random count matrix. As the marginal probability distribution of the BNBP that governs the exchangeable random partitions ... More
Calculations of the Hirzebruch $χ_y$ genera of symmetric products by the holomorphic Lefschetz formulaOct 05 1999We calculate the Hirzebruch $\chi_y$ and $\hat{\chi}_y$-genera of symmetric products of closed complex manifolds by the holomorphic Lefschetz formula of Atiyah and Singer \cite{Ati-Sin}. Such calculation rederive some formulas proved in an earlier paper ... More
Hodge theory and $A_{\infty}$ structures on cohomologyMar 26 1999We use Hodge theory and a construction of Merkulov to construct $A_{\infty}$ structures on de Rham cohomology and Dolbeault cohomology.
Probing the $P$-wave charmonium decays of $B_c$ mesonDec 24 2017Motivated by the large number of $B_c$ meson decay modes observed recently by several detectors at the LHC, we present a detailed analysis of the $B_c$ meson decaying to the $P$-wave charmonium states and a light pseudoscalar ($P$) or vector ($V$) meson ... More
Relative Orbifold Donaldson-Thomas Theory and the Degeneration FormulaApr 09 2015Jun 01 2015We generalize the notion of expanded degenerations and pairs for a simple degeneration or smooth pair to the case of smooth Deligne-Mumford stacks. We then define stable quotients on the classifying stacks of expanded degenerations and pairs and prove ... More
Liouville integrability of the finite dimensional Hamiltonian systems derived from principal chiral fieldMay 15 2002For finite dimensional Hamiltonian systems derived from 1+1 dimensional integrable systems, if they have Lax representations, then the Lax operator creates a set of conserved integrals. When these conserved integrals are in involution, it is believed ... More
Rigidity of formal character of Lie algebras of type AFeb 20 2012Feb 22 2012For a complex simple Lie algebra of type $A$, given a family of elements $f_\lambda\in \mathbb Z[\Lambda],\lambda\in \Lambda^+,$ we show that $f_\lambda$ is just the formal character of the Weyl module $V(\lambda) $ if $f_\lambda$ satisfy two natural ... More
Solutions of the Yang-Mills-Higgs equations in 2+1 dimensional anti-de Sitter space-timeNov 11 2000The solutions of the Bogomolny equation in anti-de Sitter space-time are obtained by using Darboux transformations with both constant spectral parameters and variable "spectral parameters". These solutions give the Yang-Mills-Higgs fields in anti-de Sitter ... More
Viscosity Solutions to Path-Dependent HJB Equation and ApplicationsNov 17 2016In this article, the notion of viscosity solution is introduced for the path-dependent Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman (PHJB) equations associated with the optimal control problems for path-dependent stochastic differential equations. We identify the value functional ... More
Curve shortening flows in warped product manifoldsNov 24 2015We study curve shortening flows in two types of warped product manifolds. These manifolds are $S^1\times N$ with two types of warped metrics where $S^1$ is the unit circle in $R^2$ and $N$ is a closed Riemannian manifold. If the initial curve is a graph ... More
Cloud Computing framework for Computer Vision Research:An IntroductionFeb 06 2013Cloud computing offers the potential to help scientists to process massive number of computing resources often required in machine learning application such as computer vision problems. This proposal would like to show that which benefits can be obtained ... More
Efficient programs of NPC problems should be length upper-bounded, and a thought experiment to search for them by machine enumerationApr 25 2012Oct 06 2012This paper proposes a thought experiment to search for efficient bounded algorithms of NPC problems by machine enumeration. The key contributions are: -- On Universal Turing Machines, a program's time complexity should be characterized as: execution time(n) ... More
Property of one-dimensional Coulomb interaction and its possible contribution to strongly correlated systemsAug 21 2011The unique property of Coulomb interaction in strict one-dimensional (1D) system is revealed that the Coulomb repulsion energy of paired electrons is divergent. As consequences, electrons in 1D system can not doubly occupy the same spatial orbital and ... More
Spectral Structure of Electromagnetic Scattering on Arbitrarily Shaped DielectricNov 24 2009Jul 03 2015Spectral analysis is performed on the Born equation, a strongly singular integral equation modeling the interactions between electromagnetic waves and arbitrarily shaped dielectric scatterers. Compact and Hilbert--Schmidt operator polynomials are constructed ... More
Withdraw a paper entitled "On the growth rate of solutions for 2D incompressible Euler equations"Dec 04 2008Dec 23 2008This paper has been withdrawn by the author due to a crucial definition error of Triebel space.
Optical theorem and cutting rulesAug 24 2005Apr 17 2007This manuscript has been withdrawn at 17 April, 2007.
A New Renormalization Scheme of Fermion Fields in Electroweak Standard ModelDec 30 2001Jan 04 2002This paper has been withdrawn by the author,due a immature idea.
Boson's field renormalization prescriptionMay 16 2005We discuss the problem of the present boson's field renormalization prescription induced by the imaginary parts of the unstable boson's propagation amplitudes and how to resolve it.
Renormalization of the Cabibbo-Kobayashi-Maskawa Quark Mixing MatrixNov 18 2002Jan 24 2003We have investigated the present renormalization prescriptions of Cabibbo-Kobayashi-Maskawa (CKM) matrix. When considering the prescription which is formulated with reference to the case of zero mixing we find it doesn't satisfy the unitary condition ... More
Small-time Sampling Behaviour of a Fleming-Viot ProcessJul 02 2013Mar 15 2016The Fleming-Viot process with parent-independent mutation process is one particular neutral population genetic model. As time goes by, some initial species are replaced by mutated ones gradually. Once the population mutation rate is high, mutated species ... More
Localizations on Moduli Spaces and Free Field Realizations of Feynman RulesOct 18 2003We prove Iqbal's conjecture on the relationship between the free energy of closed string theory in local toric geometry and the Wess-Zumino-Witten model. This is achieved by first reformulating the calculations of the free energy by localization techniques ... More
A bound on the genus of a curve with Cartier operator of small rankOct 03 2017Ekedahl showed that the genus of a curve in characteristic $p>0$ with zero Cartier operator is bounded by $p(p-1)/2$. We show the bound $p+p(p-1)/2$ in case the rank of the Cartier operator is 1, improving a result of Re.
Hodge Integrals and Integrable HierarchiesOct 26 2003We show that the generating series of some Hodge integrals involving one or two partitions are tau-functions of the KP hierarchy or the 2-Toda hierarchy respectively. We also formulate a conjecture on the connection between relative invariants and integrable ... More
Efficient entanglement concentration for arbitrary less-entangled N-atom stateOct 23 2012A recent paper (Phys. Rev. A 86, 034305 (2012)) proposed an entanglement concentration protocol (ECP) for less-entangled $N$-atom GHZ state with the help of the photonic Faraday rotation. It is shown that the maximally entangled atom state can be distilled ... More
The localisation of low-temperature interfaces in $d$ dimensional Ising modelJan 17 2019We study the Ising model in a box $\Lambda$ in $\mathbb{Z}^d$ (not necessarily parallel to the directions of the lattice) with Dobrushin boundary conditions at low temperature. We couple the spin configuration with the configurations under $+$ and $-$ ... More
Can One Design a Series of Brains for Neuromorphic Computing to solve complex inverse problemsFeb 02 2019In this position paper, we present a discussion on neuromorphic computing and especially the learning/training algorithm to design a series of brains with different memristive values to solve complex ill-posed inverse problems based on a Finite Element(FE) ... More
On computations of Hurwitz-Hodge integralsOct 09 2007We describe a method to compute Hurwitz-Hodge integrals.
Searches for $p_{\rm T}$ dependent fluctuations of flow angle and magnitude in Pb--Pb and p--Pb collisionsJul 29 2014Anisotropic azimuthal correlations are used to probe the properties and the evolution of the system created in heavy-ion collisions. Two-particle azimuthal correlations were used in the searches of $p_{\rm T}$ dependent fluctuations of flow angle and ... More
Exponential Convergence to the Maxwell Distribution For Spatially Inhomogenous Boltzmann EquationsMar 21 2016Apr 07 2017We consider the rate of convergence of solutions of spatially inhomogenous Boltzmann equations, with hard sphere potentials, to some equilibriums, called Maxwellians. Maxwellians are spatially homogenous static Maxwell velocity distributions with different ... More
Eigenvalue Computation from the Optimization Perspective: On Jacobi-Davidson, IIGD, RQI, and Newton UpdatesFeb 10 2004We discuss the close connection between eigenvalue computation and optimization using the Newton method and subspace methods. From the connection we derive a new class of Newton updates. The new update formulation is similar to the well-known Jacobi-Davidson ... More
Stepping-stone model with circular Brownian migrationSep 16 2005In this paper we consider a stepping-stone model on a circle with circular Brownian migration. We first point out a connection between Arratia flow and the marginal distribution of this model. We then give a new representation for the stepping-stone model ... More
An abstract infinite dimensional KAM theorem with application to nonlinear higher dimensional Schrodinger equation systemsJan 20 2017In this paper we consider nonlinear Schrodinger systems with periodic boundary condition in high dimension. We establish an abstract infinite dimensional KAM theorem and apply it to the nonlinear Schrodinger equation systems with real Fourier Multiplier. ... More
Primes in higher-order progressions on averageApr 06 2017Mar 10 2018In this paper, we establish some theorems on the distribution of primes in higher-order progressions on average.
On the Multiplicity One Conjecture in Min-max theoryJan 04 2019Feb 05 2019We prove that in a closed manifold of dimension between 3 and 7 with a bumpy metric, the min-max minimal hypersurfaces associated with the volume spectrum introduced by Gromov, Guth, Marques-Neves, are two-sided and have multiplicity one. This confirms ... More
Weighted Composition Operators between different Bloch-type Spaces in PolydiskMar 27 2005May 06 2005Let $\phi(z)=(\phi_1(z), ...,\phi_n(z))$ be a holomorphic self-map of $U^n$ and $\psi(z)$ a holomorphic function on $U^n,$ where $U^n$ is the unit polydisk of ${\Bbb C}^n.$ Let $p\geq 0,$ $q\geq 0$, this paper gives some necessary and sufficient conditions ... More
Deformation Quantization and Quantum Field Theory on Curved Spaces: the Case of Two-SphereOct 29 2001We study the scalar quantum field theory on a generic noncommutative two-sphere as a special case of noncommutative curved space, which is described by the deformation quantization algebra obtained from symplectic reduction and parametrized by $H^2(S^2, ... More
On Ricci flat SupermanifoldsOct 05 2004Oct 07 2004We study the Ricci flatness condition on generic supermanifolds. It has been found recently that when the fermionic complex dimension of the supermanifold is one the vanishing of the super-Ricci curvature implies the bosonic submanifold has vanishing ... More
Anisotropic Moser-Trudinger inequality involving $L^n$ normApr 17 2019The paper is concerned about a sharp form of Anisotropic Moser-Trudinger inequality which involves $L^{n}$ norm. Let \begin{equation*} \lambda_{1}(\Omega) = \inf_{u\in W_0^{1,n}(\Omega),u\not\equiv 0} ||F(\nabla u)||_{L^n(\Omega)}^n / ||u||_{L^n(\Omega)}^n ... More
The Moduli Space of Hyperbolic Cone StructuresMay 28 1998Let $\Sigma$ be a hyperbolic link with $m$ components in a 3-dimensional manifold $X$. In this paper, we will show that the moduli space of marked hyperbolic cone structures on the pair $(X, \Sigma)$ with all cone angle less than $2\pi /3$ is an $m$-dimensional ... More
On the Fenchel Duality between Strong Convexity and Lipschitz Continuous GradientMar 17 2018We provide a simple proof for the Fenchel duality between strong convexity and Lipschitz continuous gradient. To this end, we first establish equivalent conditions of convexity for a general function that may not be differentiable. By utilizing these ... More
Twisted Polytope Sheaves and Coherent-Constructible Correspondence for Toric VarietiesJan 03 2017Given a smooth projective toric variety $X_\Sigma$ of complex dimension $n$, Fang-Liu-Treumann-Zaslow \cite{FLTZ} showed that there is a quasi-embedding of the differential graded (dg) derived category of coherent sheaves $Coh(X_\Sigma)$ into the dg derived ... More
The boundary behavior of domains with complete translating, minimal and CMC graphs in $N^2\times \mathbb{R}$Sep 10 2017In this note we discuss graphs over a domain $\Omega\subset N^2$ in the product manifold $N^2\times \mathbb{R}$. Here $N^2$ is a complete Riemannian surface and $\Omega$ has peice-wise smooth boundary. Let $\gamma \subset\partial\Omega$ be a smooth connected ... More
Polynomial Structure of Topological String Partition FunctionsJan 02 2015Sep 07 2015We review the polynomial structure of the topological string partition functions as solutions to the holomorphic anomaly equations. We also explain the connection between the ring of propagators defined from special K\"ahler geometry and the ring of almost-holomorphic ... More
Some algebraic and arithmetic properties of Feynman diagramsJan 17 2018Apr 28 2018This article reports on some recent progresses in Bessel moments, which represent a class of Feynman diagrams in 2-dimensional quantum field theory. Many challenging mathematical problems on these Bessel moments have been formulated as a vast set of conjectures, ... More
Integral representation of probabilities in Kingman coalescentAug 05 2019Aug 14 2019Kingman Coalescent was first proposed by Kingman [7] in population genetics to describe population's genealogical structure. Now it becomes a bench-mark model for coalescent process. Extensive studies have been conducted on Kingman coalescent. In particular, ... More
Entanglement detection under coherent noise: Greenberger-Horne-Zeilinger-like statesJul 26 2019Entanglement is an essential resource in many quantum information tasks and entanglement witness is a widely used tool for its detection. In experiments the prepared state generally deviates from the target state due to some noise. Normally the white ... More
A Set Theoretic Approach for Knowledge Representation: the Representation PartMar 11 2016In this paper, we propose a set theoretic approach for knowledge representation. While the syntax of an application domain is captured by set theoretic constructs including individuals, concepts and operators, knowledge is formalized by equality assertions. ... More
Review of anisotropic flow correlations in ultrarelativistic heavy-ion collisionsJul 19 2016Anisotropic flow phenomena is a key probe of the existence of Quark-Gluon Plasma. Several new observable associated with correlations between anisotropic flow harmonics are developed, which are expected to be sensitive to the initial fluctuations and ... More
Unified web for expansions of amplitudesAug 27 2019In this paper, we demonstrate that using differential operators one can construct the complete unified web for expansions of amplitudes for a wide range of theories. We first re-derive the expansion of multi-trace Einstein-Yang-Mills amplitudes to Kleiss-Kuijf ... More
The General Solution to Vlasov Equation and Linear Landau DampingOct 14 2015A general solution to linearized Vlasov equation for an electron electrostatic wave in a homogeneous unmagnetized plasma is derived. The quasi-linear diffusion coefficient resulting from this solution is a continuous function of omega in contrast to that ... More
Unitary graphsMar 24 2015Unitary graphs are arc-transitive graphs with vertices the flags of Hermitian unitals and edges defined by certain elements of the underlying finite fields. They played a significant role in a recent classification of a class of arc-transitive graphs ... More
Probing non-linearity of higher order anisotropic flow in Pb--Pb collisionsApr 24 2017The second and the third order anisotropic flow, $V_{2}$ and $V_3$, are determined by the corresponding initial spatial anisotropy coefficients, $\varepsilon_{2}$ and $\varepsilon_{3}$, in the initial density distribution. On the contrary, the higher ... More
Topology and Subsystem Parameter Based Verification for the Controllability/Observability of a Networked Dynamic SystemFeb 12 2019Aug 09 2019This paper extends some recent results on the controllability/observability of networked dynamic systems (NDS) to a system in which the system matrices of each subsystem are described by a linear fractional transformation (LFT). A connection has been ... More
Entanglement Entropy of Local Operators in Quantum Lifshitz TheoryJul 28 2016We study the growth of entanglement entropy(EE) of local operator excitation in the quantum Lifshitz model which has dynamic exponent z = 2. Specifically, we act a local vertex operator on the groundstate at a distance $l$ to the entanglement cut and ... More
Joint User Association and Power Control for Load Balancing in Downlink Heterogeneous Cellular NetworksJul 04 2016Instead of achievable rate in the conventional association, we utilize the effective rate to design two association schemes for load balancing in heterogeneous cellular networks (HCNs), which are both formulated as such problems with maximizing the sum ... More
Asymptotic Behavior of the Pseudo-Covariance Matrix of a Robust State Estimator with Intermittent MeasurementsJan 16 2014Ergodic properties and asymptotic stationarity are investigated in this paper for the pseudo-covariance matrix (PCM) of a recursive state estimator which is robust against parametric uncertainties and is based on plant output measurements that may be ... More
Unambiguous discrimination between two unknown qudit statesMay 16 2011Nov 15 2011We consider the unambiguous discrimination between two unknown qudit states in $n$-dimensional ($n\geqslant2$) Hilbert space. By equivalence of unknown pure states to known mixed states and with the Jordan-basis method, we demonstrate that the optimal ... More
Cavity implementation of quantum interference in a $Λ$-type atomMar 20 2000Mar 24 2000A scheme for engineering quantum interference in a $\Lambda$-type atom coupled to a frequency-tunable, single-mode cavity field with a pre-selected polarization at finite temperature is proposed. Interference-assisted population trapping, population inversions ... More
Spin rotation invariant spin triplet superconducting liquidsFeb 19 2002Mar 26 2002Spin ordering and its effect on the low energy quasiparticles in a p-wave superconducting fluid are investigated. We study the properties of a new 2D quantum spin triplet superconducting liquid where the ground state is spin rotation invariant. In quantum ... More
A novel superconducting glass state in disordered thin films in Clogston limitJun 16 1999A theory of mesoscopic fluctuations in disordered thin superconducting films in a parallel magnetic field is developed. At zero temperature, the superconducting state undergoes a phase transition into a state characterized by superfluid densities of random ... More
Topological spin pumps INov 26 2003Jul 08 2004We have established a semiclassical kinetic approach for various spin correlated pumping phenomena incorporating spin rotation in wave functions into transport equations. We employ this technique to study topological pumps and illustrate spin pumping ... More
Total perfect codes in Cayley graphsJan 14 2016Apr 08 2018A total perfect code in a graph $\Gamma$ is a subset $C$ of $V(\Gamma)$ such that every vertex of $\Gamma$ is adjacent to exactly one vertex in $C$. We give necessary and sufficient conditions for a conjugation-closed subset of a group to be a total perfect ... More
On sum of powers of Laplacian eigenvalues and Laplacian Estrada index of graphsFeb 06 2011Let $G$ be a simple graph and $\alpha$ a real number. The quantity $s_{\alpha}(G)$ defined as the sum of the $\alpha$-th power of the non-zero Laplacian eigenvalues of $G$ generalizes several concepts in the literature. The Laplacian Estrada index is ... More
How and in What Sense Can the Entropy Be Measured?Aug 13 2002In this paper, a method of measuring the entropy is presented. Problems related to the entropy and the heat are also discussed.