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Exploring the capability and limits of the feedback mechanismMay 01 2003Feedback is a most important concept in control systems, its main purpose is to deal with internal and/or external uncertainties in dynamical systems, by using the on-line observed information. Thus, a fundamental problem in control theory is to understand ... More
Necessary Optimality Conditions for Optimal Control Problems with Equilibrium ConstraintsApr 30 2016This paper introduces and studies the optimal control problem with equilibrium constraints (OCPEC). The OCPEC is an optimal control problem with a mixed state and control equilibrium constraint formulated as a complementarity constraint and it can be ... More
Virtual Full-Duplex Wireless Communication via Rapid On-Off-Division DuplexOct 13 2010This paper introduces a novel paradigm for design- ing the physical and medium access control (MAC) layers of mobile ad hoc or peer-to-peer networks formed by half-duplex radios. A node equipped with such a radio cannot simultaneously transmit and receive ... More
Sterile Neutrinos as the Warm Dark Matter in the Type II Seesaw ModelSep 11 2007In the framework of type II seesaw mechanism we discuss the number of sterile right-handed Majorana neutrinos being the warm dark matter (WDM). When the type II seesaw mass term $M_\nu ^{II}$ is far less than the type I seesaw mass term $M_\nu ^{I}$, ... More
Necessary Optimality Conditions and Exact Penalization for Non-Lipschitz Nonlinear ProgramsJan 15 2017When the objective function is not locally Lipschitz, constraint qualifications are no longer sufficient for Karush-Kuhn-Tucker (KKT) conditions to hold at a local minimizer, let alone ensuring an exact penalization. In this paper, we extend quasi-normality ... More
A generalized definition of Caputo derivatives and its application to fractional ODEsDec 06 2016Jun 23 2018We extend in this paper the definition of Caputo derivatives of order in $(0,1)$ to a certain class of locally integrable functions using a convolution group. Our strategy is to define a fractional calculus for a certain class of distributions using the ... More
Some compactness criteria for weak solutions of time fractional PDEsAug 28 2017Jul 04 2018The Aubin-Lions lemma and its variants play crucial roles for the existence of weak solutions of nonlinear evolutionary PDEs. In this paper, we aim to develop some compactness criteria that are analogies of the Aubin--Lions lemma for the existence of ... More
Large time behaviors of upwind schemes by jump processesJul 23 2018We revisit the traditional upwind schemes for linear conservation laws in the viewpoint of jump processes, allowing studying upwind schemes using probabilistic tools. In particular, for Fokker-Planck equations on $\mathbb{R}$, in the case of weak confinement, ... More
Constraints on Dark Matter Annihilation Cross Section in Scenarios of Brane-World and QuintessenceApr 16 2009Jul 02 2009We investigate the dark matter annihilation in the brane-world and quintessence scenarios, in which the modified cosmological expansion rate can enhance the thermal relic density of dark matter. According to the observed dark matter abundance, we constrain ... More
A discretization of Caputo derivatives with application to time fractional SDEs and gradient flowsJan 10 2019We consider a discretization of Caputo derivatives resulted from deconvolving a scheme for the corresponding Volterra integral. Some important properties of this discretization are proved by its linkage to Volterra integrals with completely monotone kernels. ... More
Exploiting Syntactic Features in a Parsed Tree to Improve End-to-End TTSApr 09 2019The end-to-end TTS, which can predict speech directly from a given sequence of graphemes or phonemes, has shown improved performance over the conventional TTS. However, its predicting capability is still limited by the acoustic/phonetic coverage of the ... More
Random batch methods (RBM) for interacting particle systemsDec 26 2018We develop random batch methods for interacting particle systems with large number of particles. These methods use small but random batches for particle interactions, thus the computational cost is reduced from $O(N^2)$ per time step to $O(N)$, for a ... More
On mean field limit for Brownian particles with Coulomb interaction in 3DNov 19 2018In this paper, we consider the mean field limit of Brownian particles with Coulomb interaction in 3D space. In particular, using a symmetrization technique, we show that the limit measure almost surely is a weak solution to the limiting nonlinear Fokker-Planck ... More
Quantum message authentication based on classical NP-complete problemOct 12 2003This note presents a method to authenticate a quantum message based on classical SN-S authentication code and the computations between different quantum registers. If the pre-coding generator matrix in SN-S code is public, the quantum scheme is a public-key ... More
On the Capability of Measurement-Based Quantum FeedbackNov 13 2010As a key method in dealing with uncertainties, feedback has been understood fairly well in classical control theory. But for quantum control systems, the capability of measurement-based feedback control (MFC) has not been investigated systematically. ... More
Energy issues for construction of 10 nm sized electrostatic traps in salineNov 27 2014Oct 30 2015In addition to optical tweezers, magnetic tweezers and dielectrophoresis technique, trapping and manipulating micro or nano particles with electrostatic tweezers attracted attention in recent years. Here we present a simulation study on the contributions ... More
Applications of shuffle product to restricted decomposition formulas for multiple zeta valuesJan 29 2014In this paper we obtain a recursive formula for the shuffle product and apply it to derive two restricted decomposition formulas for multiple zeta values (MZVs). The first formula generalizes the decomposition formula of Euler and is similar to the restricted ... More
Families of weighted sum formulas for multiple zeta valuesJan 24 2014Jan 28 2014Euler's sum formula and its multi-variable and weighted generalizations form a large class of the identities of multiple zeta values. In this paper we prove a family of identities involving Bernoulli numbers and apply them to obtain infinitely many weighted ... More
A New GAN-based End-to-End TTS Training AlgorithmApr 09 2019End-to-end, autoregressive model-based TTS has shown significant performance improvements over the conventional one. However, the autoregressive module training is affected by the exposure bias, or the mismatch between the different distributions of real ... More
Semi-groups of stochastic gradient descent and online principal component analysis: properties and diffusion approximationsDec 18 2017Jan 15 2018We study the Markov semigroups for two important algorithms from machine learning: stochastic gradient descent (SGD) and online principal component analysis (PCA). We investigate the effects of small jumps on the properties of the semi-groups. Properties ... More
Patched peakon weak solutions of the modified Camassa-Holm equationMar 21 2017In this paper, we study traveling wave solutions and peakon weak solutions of the modified Camassa-Holm (mCH) equation with dispersive term $2ku_x$ for $k\in\mathbb{R}$. We study traveling wave solutions through a Hamiltonian system obtained from the ... More
Memory effect of the online user preferenceSep 13 2014The mechanism of the online user preference evolution is of great significance for understanding the online user behaviors and improving the quality of online services. Since users are allowed to rate on objects in many online systems, ratings can well ... More
A Novel Artificial Fish Swarm Algorithm for Pattern Recognition with Convex OptimizationDec 01 2016Dec 07 2016Image pattern recognition is an important area in digital image processing. An efficient pattern recognition algorithm should be able to provide correct recognition at a reduced computational time. Off late amongst the machine learning pattern recognition ... More
The real singlet scalar dark matter modelJun 13 2010Nov 16 2010We present an undated comprehensive analysis for the simplest dark matter model in which a real singlet scalar with a $Z_2$ symmetry is introduced to extend the standard model. According to the observed dark matter abundance, we predict the dark matter ... More
Rephasing Invariants of CP and T Violation in the Four-Neutrino Mixing ModelsDec 08 2001Feb 22 2002We calculate the rephasing invariants of CP and T violation in a favorable parametrization of the 4x4 lepton flavor mixing matrix. Their relations with the CP- and T-violating asymmetries in neutrino oscillations are derived, and the matter effects are ... More
A Harnack-Type Inequality for a Prescribing Curvature equation on a Domain with BoundarySep 04 2013In this paper we consider a class of prescribing curvature type equations on half Euclidean balls. Under suitable assumptions on the scalar curvature function and boundary mean curvature function we prove a min-max type inequality and the corresponding ... More
Learning Theory of Distributed Regression with Bias Corrected Regularization Kernel NetworkAug 07 2017Distributed learning is an effective way to analyze big data. In distributed regression, a typical approach is to divide the big data into multiple blocks, apply a base regression algorithm on each of them, and then simply average the output functions ... More
Neighbor Discovery for Wireless Networks via Compressed SensingDec 05 2010May 22 2012This paper studies the problem of neighbor discovery in wireless networks, namely, each node wishes to discover and identify the network interface addresses (NIAs) of those nodes within a single hop. A novel paradigm, called compressed neighbor discovery ... More
Asymptotic Analysis of Transport Equation in AnnulusApr 04 2016May 05 2016We consider the diffusive limit of a steady neutron transport equation with one-speed velocity in a two-dimensional annulus. A classical theorem states that the solution can be approximated in $L^{\infty}$ by the leading order interior solution plus the ... More
Learning to Count Objects with Few Exemplar AnnotationsMay 20 2019In this paper, we study the problem of object counting with incomplete annotations. Based on the observation that in many object counting problems the target objects are normally repeated and highly similar to each other, we are particularly interested ... More
The Mass Difference of $F-\bar{F}$ with SO(3) Family Gauge SymmetryDec 30 2011Jul 18 2012As a simple extension, a non-Abelian family gauge symmetry SO(3), as well as three family Majorana neutrinos, was introduced to explain the tri-bimaximal mixing matrix of neutrinos. We discuss the effect of the possible SO(3) family gauge interaction ... More
Proximal-Like Incremental Aggregated Gradient Method with Linear Convergence under Bregman Distance Growth ConditionsNov 03 2017Apr 23 2019We introduce a unified algorithmic framework, called proximal-like incremental aggregated gradient (PLIAG) method, for minimizing the sum of a convex function that consists of additive relatively smooth convex components and a proper lower semi-continuous ... More
Simplified scheme for entanglement preparation with Rydberg pumping via dissipationJun 04 2015Jul 26 2015Inspired by recent work [A. W. Carr and M. Saffman, Phys. Rev. Lett. 111, 033607 (2013)], we propose a simplified scheme to prepare the two-atom maximally entangled states via dissipative Rydberg pumping. Compared with the former scheme, the simplified ... More
Phase transitions of the q-state Potts model on multiply-laced Sierpinski gasketsMar 07 2013Apr 11 2013We present an exact solution of the q-state Potts model on a class of generalized Sierpinski fractal lattices. The model is shown to possess an ordered phase at low temperatures and a continuous transition to the high temperature disordered phase at any ... More
Continuous and discrete one dimensional autonomous fractional ODEsMar 07 2017Jul 20 2017In this paper, we study 1D autonomous fractional ODEs $D_c^{\gamma}u=f(u), 0< \gamma <1$, where $u: [0,\infty)\mapsto\mathbb{R}$ is the unknown function and $D_c^{\gamma}$ is the generalized Caputo derivative introduced by Li and Liu ( arXiv:1612.05103). ... More
Cauchy problems for Keller-Segel type time-space fractional diffusion equationDec 06 2017Mar 27 2018This paper investigates Cauchy problems for nonlinear fractional time-space generalized Keller-Segel equation $^c_0D_t^\beta\rho+(-\triangle)^{\frac{\alpha}{2}}\rho+\nabla\cdot(\rho B(\rho))=0$, where Caputo derivative $^c_0D_t^\beta\rho$ models memory ... More
Effect of chromatic dispersion induced chirp on the temporal coherence property of individual beam from spontaneous four wave mixingMay 08 2011May 18 2011Temporal coherence of individual signal or idler beam, determined by the spectral correlation property of photon pairs, is important for realizing quantum interference among independent sources. To understand the effect of chirp on the temporal coherence ... More
Electrical contacts to monolayer black Phosphorus: a first principles investigationApr 29 2014We report first principles theoretical investigations of possible metal contacts to monolayer black phosphorus (BP). By analyzing lattice geometry, five metal surfaces are found to have minimal lattice mismatch with BP: Cu(111), Zn(0001), In(110), Ta(110) ... More
MS-Celeb-1M: A Dataset and Benchmark for Large-Scale Face RecognitionJul 27 2016In this paper, we design a benchmark task and provide the associated datasets for recognizing face images and link them to corresponding entity keys in a knowledge base. More specifically, we propose a benchmark task to recognize one million celebrities ... More
Approaching Single-Hop Performance in Multi-Hop Networks: End-To-End Known-Interference Cancellation (E2E-KIC)Sep 26 2015To improve the efficiency of wireless data communications, new physical-layer transmission methods based on known-interference cancellation (KIC) have been developed. These methods share the common idea that the interference can be cancelled when the ... More
Constellation Mapping for Physical-Layer Network Coding with M-QAM ModulationDec 04 2011May 11 2013The denoise-and-forward (DNF) method of physical-layer network coding (PNC) is a promising approach for wireless relaying networks. In this paper, we consider DNF-based PNC with M-ary quadrature amplitude modulation (M-QAM) and propose a mapping scheme ... More
Direct detection and solar capture of dark matter with momentum and velocity dependent elastic scatteringMay 04 2013Dec 19 2013We explore the momentum and velocity dependent elastic scattering between the dark matter (DM) particles and the nuclei in detectors and the Sun. In terms of the non-relativistic effective theory, we phenomenologically discuss ten kinds of momentum and ... More
Application of Multi-channel 3D-cube Successive Convolution Network for Convective Storm NowcastingFeb 15 2017Mar 02 2017Convective storm nowcasting has attracted substantial attention in various fields. Existing methods under a deep learning framework rely primarily on radar data. Although they perform nowcast storm advection well, it is still challenging to nowcast storm ... More
Dynamical evolution of an effective two-level system with PT symmetryMar 09 2018We investigate the dynamics of parity- and time-reversal (PT ) symmetric two-energy-level atoms in the presence of two optical and a radio-frequency (rf) fields. The strength and relative phase of fields can drive the system from unbroken to broken PT ... More
Study of Semi-supervised Approaches to Improving English-Mandarin Code-Switching Speech RecognitionJun 16 2018In this paper, we present our overall efforts to improve the performance of a code-switching speech recognition system using semi-supervised training methods from lexicon learning to acoustic modeling, on the South East Asian Mandarin-English (SEAME) ... More
Face Synthesis for Eyeglass-Robust Face RecognitionJun 04 2018In the application of face recognition, eyeglasses could significantly degrade the recognition accuracy. A feasible method is to collect large-scale face images with eyeglasses for training deep learning methods. However, it is difficult to collect the ... More
Superconductivity and phase instability of NH3-free Na-intercalated FeSe1-zSzOct 23 2014The discovery of ThCr2Si2-type AxFe2-ySe2 (A = K, Rb, Cs and Tl) with Tc ~ 30K make much progress in iron-based superconducting field, but their multiple-phase separations are disadvantageous for understanding the origin. On the other hand, for small ... More
Individual and Group Dynamics in Purchasing ActivityOct 19 2010Oct 22 2010As a major part of the daily operation in an enterprise, purchasing frequency is of constant change. Recent approaches on the human dynamics can provide some new insights into the economic behaviors of companies in the supply chain. This paper captures ... More
Realizing data features by deep netsJan 01 2019This paper considers the power of deep neural networks (deep nets for short) in realizing data features. Based on refined covering number estimates, we find that, to realize some complex data features, deep nets can improve the performances of shallow ... More
Multiview Cauchy Estimator Feature Embedding for Depth and Inertial Sensor-Based Human Action RecognitionAug 07 2016Sep 04 2016The ever-growing popularity of Kinect and inertial sensors has prompted intensive research efforts on human action recognition. Since human actions can be characterized by multiple feature representations extracted from Kinect and inertial sensors, multiview ... More
Explaining the DAMPE data with scalar dark matter and gauged $U(1)_{L_e-L_μ}$ interactionDec 04 2017Jun 04 2018Inspired by the peak structure observed by recent DAMPE experiment in $e^+e^-$ cosmic-ray spectrum, we consider a scalar dark matter (DM) model with gauged $U(1)_{L_e-L_\mu}$ symmetry, which is the most economical anomaly-free theory to potentially explain ... More
Recovering the spectral and spatial information of an object behind a scattering mediaFeb 01 2019Light passing through scattering media will be strongly scattered and diffused into complex speckle pattern, which contains almost all the spatial information and spectral information of the objects. Although various methods have been proposed to recover ... More
Extraction of $t$-slopes from experimental $γp\rightarrow K^+Λ$ and $γp\rightarrow K^+Σ_0$ cross section dataSep 13 2016We analyze recent $K^+$ meson photoproduction data from the CLAS collaboration for the reactions $\gamma p\rightarrow K^+\Lambda$ and $\gamma p\rightarrow K^+\Sigma_0$, fitting measured forward-angle differential cross sections to the form $Ae^{Bt}$. ... More
Memory Matters: Convolutional Recurrent Neural Network for Scene Text RecognitionJan 06 2016Text recognition in natural scene is a challenging problem due to the many factors affecting text appearance. In this paper, we presents a method that directly transcribes scene text images to text without needing of sophisticated character segmentation. ... More
Neutrino Masses, Lepton Flavor Mixing and Leptogenesis in the Minimal Seesaw ModelDec 05 2006We present a review of neutrino phenomenology in the minimal seesaw model (MSM), an economical and intriguing extension of the Standard Model with only two heavy right-handed Majorana neutrinos. Given current neutrino oscillation data, the MSM can predict ... More
Exploration of decaying dark matter in a left-right symmetric modelJan 03 2010$SU(2)_L$ triplet scalars appear in models motivated for the left-right symmetry, neutrino masses and dark matter (DM), etc.. If the triplets are the main decay products of the DM particle, and carry nonzero lepton numbers, they may decay dominantly into ... More
Characterizing Code Clones in the Ethereum Smart Contract EcosystemMay 01 2019In this paper, we present the first large-scale and systematic study to characterize the code reuse practice in the Ethereum smart contract ecosystem. We first performed a detailed similarity comparison study on a dataset of 10 million contracts we had ... More
End-to-End Known-Interference Cancellation (E2E-KIC) with Multi-Hop InterferenceMay 25 2016Recently, end-to-end known-interference cancellation (E2E-KIC) has been proposed as a promising technique for wireless networks. It sequentially cancels out the known interferences at each node so that wireless multi-hop transmission can achieve a similar ... More
$HZ$ associated production with decay in the Alternative Left-Right Model at CEPC and future linear collidersJun 25 2018Sep 17 2018In this study, Higgs and Z boson associated production with subsequent decay is attempted in the framework of alternative left-right model, which is motivated by superstring-inspired $E_6$ model at CEPC and future linear colliders. We systematically analyze ... More
Dynamical evolutions in non-Hermitian triple-well system with complex potentialMar 09 2018We investigate the dynamical properties for non-Hermitian triple-well system with a loss in the middle well. When chemical potentials in two end wells are uniform and nonlinear interactions are neglected, there always exists a dark state, whose eigenenergy ... More
A note on one-dimensional time fractional ODEsDec 24 2017Apr 01 2018In this note, we prove or re-prove several important results regarding one dimensional time fractional ODEs following our previous work \cite{fllx17}. Here we use the definition of Caputo derivative proposed in \cite{liliu17frac1,liliu2017} based on a ... More
Utilizing Complex-valued Network for Learning to Compare Image PatchesNov 29 2018Mar 25 2019At present, the great achievements of convolutional neural network(CNN) in feature and metric learning have attracted many researchers. However, the vast majority of deep network architectures have been used to represent based on real values. The research ... More
Characterizing heralded single photons with an all-fiber source of photon pairsFeb 22 2011Based on the signal and idler photon pairs produced in a piece of high nonlinear fiber by a pulsed pump, we characterize the heralded single photon source from both the theoretical and experimental aspects. In the theory model, started from the derived ... More
A fast synthetic iterative scheme for the stationary phonon Boltzmann transport equationDec 16 2018In this paper, a fast synthetic iterative scheme is developed to accelerate convergence for the implicit DOM based on the stationary phonon BTE. The key innovative point of the present scheme is the introduction of the macroscopic synthetic diffusion ... More
One-loop QCD and electroweak corrections to $t\bar{t}Z^0$ production at an $e^+e^-$ linear colliderOct 24 2008Dec 27 2009We study the impact of the full ${\cal O}(\alpha_{s})$ QCD and ${\cal O}(\alpha_{ew})$ electroweak (EW) radiative corrections to the $e^+e^- \to t \bar t Z^0$ process in the standard model (SM), and investigate the dependence of the lowest-order(LO), ... More
Electric control of spin in monolayer WSe2 field effect transistorsOct 07 2013We report a first principles theoretical investigation of quantum transport in monolayer WSe2 field effect transistor (FET). Due to a strong spin-orbit interaction (SOI) and the atomic structure of the two-dimensional (2D) lattice, monolayer WSe2 has ... More
Stability of similarity measurements for bipartite networksNov 30 2015Similarity is a fundamental measure in network analyses and machine learning algorithms, with wide applications ranging from personalized recommendation to socio-economic dynamics. We argue that an effective similarity measurement should guarantee the ... More
$WWZ/γ$ production in large extra dimensions model at LHC and ILCSep 28 2012Nov 06 2012We investigate the effect induced by the Kaluza-Klein (KK) graviton in the $W^+W^-\gamma/Z$ production in the framework of the large extra dimensions (LED) model at both the CERN Large Hadron Collider (LHC) and the International Linear Collider (ILC). ... More
Numerical confirmation of universality of transmission micro-symmetry relations in a four-probe quantum dotAug 30 1996We study the crossover behavior of the Hall resistance between the integer quantum Hall regime and a regime dominated by the Aharonov-Bohm oscillations, in a system of 4-probe quantum dot with an artificial impurity confined inside. In a previous study ... More
QCD NLO predictions to $W$-pair production in association with a massive (anti)bottom-jet at the LHCJun 15 2011Jul 08 2011The $W$-pair production in association with a massive (anti)bottom jet is not only an important background to a number of interesting processes, such as the single top production associated with a W boson, but also a potential background to new physics ... More
Detecting electron neutrinos from solar dark matter annihilation by JUNONov 16 2015Jan 27 2016We explore the electron neutrino signals from light dark matter (DM) annihilation in the Sun for the large liquid scintillator detector JUNO. In terms of the spectrum features of three typical DM annihilation channels $\chi \chi \rightarrow \nu \bar{\nu},\tau^+ ... More
A stochastic version of Stein Variational Gradient Descent for efficient samplingFeb 09 2019Apr 11 2019We propose in this work RBM-SVGD, a stochastic version of Stein Variational Gradient Descent (SVGD) method for efficiently sampling from a given probability measure and thus useful for Bayesian inference. The method is to apply the Random Batch Method ... More
A comparative study of discrete velocity methods for rarefied gas flowsDec 20 2016In the study of rarefied gas dynamics, the discrete velocity method (DVM) has been widely employed to solve the gas kinetic equations. Although various versions of DVM have been developed, their performance, in terms of accuracy and computational efficiency, ... More
On Finite Time Singularity and Global Regularity of an Axisymmetric Model for the 3D Euler EquationsMar 14 2012Nov 22 2013We investigate the large time behavior of an axisymmetric model for the 3D Euler equations. In \cite{HL09}, Hou and Lei proposed a 3D model for the axisymmetric incompressible Euler and Navier-Stokes equations with swirl. This model shares many properties ... More
Preferred magnetic excitations in Sr$_{1-x}$Na$_x$Fe$_2$As$_2$Jul 12 2018We have used inelastic neutron scattering to determine magnetic excitations in a single-crystal sample of Sr$_{1-x}$Na$_x$Fe$_2$As$_2$. The material's two magnetic phases, which differ in their orthorhombic and tetragonal lattice symmetries, share very ... More
Learning and Inference on Generative Adversarial Quantum CircuitsAug 10 2018Quantum mechanics is inherently probabilistic in light of Born's rule. Using quantum circuits as probabilistic generative models for classical data exploits their superior expressibility and efficient direct sampling ability. However, training of quantum ... More
Search for $Z'$ via $ZH$ associated production at LHCMay 07 2013Many new physics models predict the existence of extra neutral gauge bosons ($Z'$). Inspired by the recent development on Higgs search, we study the properties of $Z'$ via the Higgs and $Z$ boson associated production. The couplings of $Z'$ to quarks ... More
$CP$ violation for $B^{0}\rightarrow ρ^{0}(ω)ρ^{0}(ω) \rightarrow π^+π^-π^+π^-$ in QCD factorizationMay 22 2014In the QCD factorization (QCDF) approach we study the direct $CP$ violation in $\bar{B}^{0}\rightarrow\rho^0(\omega)\rho^0(\omega)\rightarrow\pi^+\pi^-\pi^+\pi^-$ via the $\rho-\omega$ mixing mechanism. We find that the $CP$ violation can be enhanced ... More
Deep Active Learning for Anchor User PredictionJun 18 2019Jun 25 2019Predicting pairs of anchor users plays an important role in the cross-network analysis. Due to the expensive costs of labeling anchor users for training prediction models, we consider in this paper the problem of minimizing the number of user pairs across ... More
Heavy quarkonium production through the top quark rare decays via the channels involving flavor changing neutral currentsAug 02 2018In the paper, we discuss the possibility of observation of heavy quarkoniums via the processes involving flavor changing neutral currents (FCNC). More explicitly, we systematically calculate the production of heavy charmonium and $(c\bar{b})$-quarkonium ... More
Explicit three dimensional topology optimization via Moving Morphable Void (MMV) approachApr 20 2017Three dimensional (3D) topology optimization problems always involve huge numbers of Degrees of Freedom (DOFs) in finite element analysis (FEA) and design variables in numerical optimization, respectively. This will inevitably lead to large computational ... More
Identify Charged Higgs Boson in $W^\pm H^\mp$ Associated Production at LHCDec 01 2011We investigate the possibility to discover the charged Higgs via $pp\to W^{\pm}H^{\mp}\to l+\met+b\bar{b}jj$ process at LHC, which suffers from large QCD backgrounds. We optimize the kinematic cuts to suppress the backgrounds, so that the reconstruction ... More
Extraction of $t$-slopes from experimental $γp\rightarrow K^+Λ$ and $γp\rightarrow K^+Σ_0$ cross section dataSep 13 2016Jul 20 2017We analyze recent $K^+$ meson photoproduction data from the CLAS collaboration for the reactions $\gamma p\rightarrow K^+\Lambda$ and $\gamma p\rightarrow K^+\Sigma_0$, fitting measured forward-angle differential cross sections to the form $Ae^{Bt}$. ... More
Revisiting the large extra dimension effects on $W$-pair production at the LHC in NLO QCDDec 21 2011Feb 14 2012In the framework of the large extra dimensions (LED) model, we investigate the effects induced by the Kaluza-Klein (KK) gravitons up to the QCD next-to-leading order (NLO) on the $W$-pair production followed by a subsequential $W$-decay at the CERN LHC. ... More
Critical polymer-polymer phase separation in ternary solutionsJul 26 2005We study polymer-polymer phase separation in a common good solvent by means of Monte Carlo simulations of the bond-fluctuation model. Below a critical, chain-length dependent concentration, no phase separation occurs. For higher concentrations, the critical ... More
Geometric Correction in Diffusive Limit of Neutron Transport Equation in 2D Convex DomainsMay 08 2016Consider the steady neutron transport equation with diffusive boundary condition. In [Wu and Guo(2015) Comm. Math. Phys.] and [Wu and Yang and Guo(2016) Preprint], it was discovered that geometric correction is necessary for the Milne problem of Knudsen-layer ... More
Nijenhuis algebras, NS algebras and N-dendriform algebrasOct 05 2012In this paper we study (associative) Nijenhuis algebras, with emphasis on the relationship between the category of Nijenhuis algebras and the categories of NS algebras. This is in analogy to the well-known theory of the adjoint functor from the category ... More
Energy estimates for a class of semilinear elliptic equations on half Euclidean ballsSep 19 2013Nov 04 2013For a class of semi-linear elliptic equations with critical Sobolev exponents and boundary conditions, we prove point-wise estimates for blowup solutions and energy estimates. A special case of this class of equations is a locally defined prescribing ... More
Neutrino Mixing and Leptogenesis in Type II Seesaw MechanismJun 24 2004Aug 22 2004In the framework of type II seesaw mechanism we propose two simple but instructive ansatze for neutrino mixing and leptogenesis. In each ansatz, the effective Majorana neutrino mass matrix is composed of two parts -- the part with Z_2 symmetry arises ... More
Superconductivity in alkaline earth metal-filled skutterudites BaxIr4X12 (X = As, P)Aug 17 2017We report superconductive iridium pnictides BaxIr4X12 (X = As and P) with a filled skutterudite structure, demonstrating that Ba filling dramatically alters their electronic properties and induces a nonmetal-to-metal transition with increasing the Ba ... More
Imposing Label-Relational Inductive Bias for Extremely Fine-Grained Entity TypingMar 06 2019Existing entity typing systems usually exploit the type hierarchy provided by knowledge base (KB) schema to model label correlations and thus improve the overall performance. Such techniques, however, are not directly applicable to more open and practical ... More
Brillouin scattering induced transparency and non-reciprocal light storageAug 12 2014Stimulated Brillouin scattering (SBS) is a very fundamental interaction between light and travelling acoustic waves, which is mainly attributed to the electrostriction and photoelastic effects with the interaction strength being orders of magnitude larger ... More
AdaDNNs: Adaptive Ensemble of Deep Neural Networks for Scene Text RecognitionOct 10 2017Recognizing text in the wild is a really challenging task because of complex backgrounds, various illuminations and diverse distortions, even with deep neural networks (convolutional neural networks and recurrent neural networks). In the end-to-end training ... More
Uniform-in-Time Weak Error Analysis for Stochastic Gradient Descent Algorithms via Diffusion ApproximationFeb 02 2019Diffusion approximation provides weak approximation for stochastic gradient descent algorithms in a finite time horizon. In this paper, we introduce new tools motivated by the backward error analysis of numerical stochastic differential equations into ... More
Geometric Correction for Diffusive Expansion of Steady Neutron Transport EquationApr 09 2014We revisit the diffusive limit of a steady neutron transport equation in a $2$-D unit disk with one-speed velocity. We show the classical result in [4] with Milne expansion is incorrect in $L^{\infty}$ and we give the right answer in studying the $\epsilon$-Milne ... More
NLO supersymmetric QCD corrections to the $t \bar b H^-$ associated production at hadron collidersJan 10 2006We present the next-to-leading order QCD corrected total cross sections and the distributions of the transverse momenta of the final anti-bottom-quark, top-quark and charged Higgs-boson for the processes of $p\bar p/pp \to t\bar b H^-+X$ in the minimal ... More
NLO QCD + EW corrections to $ZZZ$ production with subsequent leptonic decays at LHCOct 19 2016In this paper we present the NLO QCD + NLO EW corrections to the $ZZZ$ production with subsequent $Z$-boson leptonic decays at the LHC by adopting the improved narrow width approximation, which takes into account off-shell contributions and spin correlations. ... More
Revisit Multinomial Logistic Regression in Deep Learning: Data Dependent Model Initialization for Image RecognitionSep 17 2018We study in this paper how to initialize the parameters of multinomial logistic regression (a fully connected layer followed with softmax and cross entropy loss), which is widely used in deep neural network (DNN) models for classification problems. As ... More
Search for Majorana Neutrino Signal in $B_c$ Meson Rare DecayAug 25 2012Mar 27 2013We study the $B_C$ meson rare decay in order to search for the Majorana neutrino signal. It is found that the the corresponding decay rate is sensitive to the Majorana neutrino mass and mixing angles. The signal of $B_C^\pm\to l_1^\pm l_2^\pm M^\mp $ ... More
Phonon induced spin squeezing based on geometric phaseFeb 16 2015A scheme to achieve spin squeezing using a geometric phase induced by a single mechanical mode is proposed. The analytical and numerical results show that the ultimate degree of spin squeezing depends on the parameter $\frac{n_{th}+1/2}{Q\sqrt{N}}$, which ... More