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Super-Resolution Delay-Doppler Estimation for OFDM Passive RadarOct 13 2016In this paper, we consider the problem of joint delay-Doppler estimation of moving targets in a passive radar that makes use of orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing (OFDM) communication signals. A compressed sensing algorithm is proposed to achieve ... More
Maximum Path Information and Fokker-Planck EquationNov 16 2010We present in this paper a rigorous method to derive the nonlinear Fokker-Planck (FP) equation of anomalous diffusion directly from a generalization of the principle of least action of Maupertuis proposed by Wang for smooth or quasi-smooth irregular dynamics ... More
Spontaneous Formation of Stable Capillary Bridges for Firming Compact Colloidal Microstructures in Phase Separating Liquids: A Computational StudyNov 16 2011Computer modeling and simulations are performed to investigate capillary bridges spontaneously formed between closely packed colloidal particles in phase separating liquids. The simulations reveal a self-stabilization mechanism that operates through diffusive ... More
Sign-Error Adaptive Filtering Algorithms for Markovian ParametersDec 20 2012Motivated by reduction of computational complexity, this work develops sign-error adaptive filtering algorithms for estimating time-varying system parameters. Different from the previous work on sign-error algorithms, the parameters are time-varying and ... More
Sketch-based 3D Shape Retrieval using Convolutional Neural NetworksApr 14 2015Retrieving 3D models from 2D human sketches has received considerable attention in the areas of graphics, image retrieval, and computer vision. Almost always in state of the art approaches a large amount of "best views" are computed for 3D models, with ... More
Simulating non-small cell lung cancer with a multiscale agent-based modelJun 11 2007Background The epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) is frequently overexpressed in many cancers, including non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). In silcio modeling is considered to be an increasingly promising tool to add useful insights into the dynamics ... More
Dephasing-assisted parameter estimation in the presence of dynamical decouplingJun 04 2013We study the dephasing-assisted precision of parameter estimation (PPE) enhancement in atom interferometer under dynamical decoupling (DD) pulses. Through calculating spin squeezing (SS) and quantum Fisher information (QFI), we find that dephasing noise ... More
Light Drag Effect of Vacuum Tube Versus Light Propagation in Stationary Vacuum Tube with Moving Source and ReceiverMay 25 2016May 30 2016We presented a new way to examine the principle of relativity of Special Relativity. According to the principle of relativity, the light dragging by moving media and the light propagation in stationary media with moving source and receiver should be two ... More
Recurrent Coevolutionary Feature Embedding Processes for RecommendationSep 13 2016Nov 09 2016Recommender systems often use latent features to explain the behaviors of users and capture the properties of items. As users interact with different items over time, user and item features can influence each other, evolve and co-evolve over time. To ... More
A Stochastic Differential Equation Framework for Guiding Information DiffusionMar 30 2016Oct 18 2016The information content of a node in information networks is influenced by its neighbors in the networks. Recently there have been many works on modeling information diffusion, but few have integrated these models for online decision making. A framework ... More
Critical exponents and fastest convergence rates of distributed consensus with switching topologies and additive noisesOct 23 2015Conditions for convergence and convergence speed are crucial for distributed consensus algorithms of networked systems. Based on a basic first-order average-consensus protocol, this paper estimates its fastest convergence rate under unknown switching ... More
Demixing Sines and Spikes: Robust Spectral Super-resolution in the Presence of OutliersSep 08 2016We consider the problem of super-resolving the line spectrum of a multisinusoidal signal from a finite number of samples, some of which may be completely corrupted. Measurements of this form can be modeled as an additive mixture of a sinusoidal and a ... More
Recurrent Coevolutionary Feature Embedding Processes for RecommendationSep 13 2016Recommender systems often use latent features to explain the behaviors of users and capture the properties of items. As users interact with different items over time, user and item features can influence each other, evolve and co-evolve over time. To ... More
Supervised Anomaly Detection in Uncertain Pseudoperiodic Data StreamsJul 20 2016Uncertain data streams have been widely generated in many Web applications. The uncertainty in data streams makes anomaly detection from sensor data streams far more challenging. In this paper, we present a novel framework that supports anomaly detection ... More
On Clutter Ranks of Frequency Diverse Radar WaveformsMar 27 2016Frequency diverse (FD) radar waveforms are attractive in radar research and practice. By combining two typical FD waveforms, the frequency diverse array (FDA) and the stepped-frequency (SF) pulse train, we propose a general FD waveform model, termed the ... More
Shear-free radiating collapse and conformal flatnessJan 07 2004Sep 12 2005Here we study some general properties of spherical shear-free collapse. Its general solution when imposing conformal flatness is reobtained [1,2] and matched to the outgoing Vaidya spacetime. We propose a simple model satisfying these conditions and study ... More
Influence of gas pressure on high-order harmonic generation of Ar and NeJul 29 2011We study the effect of gas pressure on the generation of high-order harmonics where harmonics due to individual atoms are calculated using the recently developed quantitative rescattering theory, and the propagation of the laser and harmonics in the medium ... More
A Stochastic Differential Equation Framework for Guiding Information DiffusionMar 30 2016May 24 2016The information content of a node in information networks is influenced by its neighbors in the networks. Recently there has been much work on modeling information diffusion, but few has integrated these models for online decision making. A framework ... More
Virtualization of Multi-Cell 802.11 Networks: Association and Airtime ControlAug 14 2015This paper investigates the virtualization and optimization of a multi-cell WLAN. We consider the station (STA)-access point (AP) association and airtime control for virtualized 802.11 networks to provide service customization and fairness across multiple ... More
The Gate Voltage Control of Long DNA Coherent Transport on Insulator SurfaceJun 26 2015We investigate the coherent transport properties of a DNA chain on a substrate which is subjected to a uniform electric field perpendicular to the surface. On the basis of the effective tight-binding model which simulates charge transport through DNA, ... More
Simulating Brain Tumor Heterogeneity with a Multiscale Agent-Based Model: Linking Molecular Signatures, Phenotypes and Expansion RateDec 18 2006Jul 16 2007We have extended our previously developed 3D multi-scale agent-based brain tumor model to simulate cancer heterogeneity and to analyze its impact across the scales of interest. While our algorithm continues to employ an epidermal growth factor receptor ... More
Pilot Contamination Mitigation for Wideband Massive MMO: Number of Cells Vs MultipathSep 17 2015This paper proposes novel joint channel estimation and beamforming approach for multicell wideband massive multiple input multiple output (MIMO) systems. Using our channel estimation and beamforming approach, we determine the number of cells $N_c$ that ... More
Explicit Conditions on Existence and Uniqueness of Load-Flow Solutions in Distribution NetworksFeb 26 2016We present explicit sufficient conditions that guarantee the existence and uniqueness of the feasible load-flow solution for distribution networks with a generic topology (radial or meshed) modeled with positive sequence equivalents. In the problem, we ... More
Fast and Simple Optimization for Poisson Likelihood ModelsAug 03 2016Poisson likelihood models have been prevalently used in imaging, social networks, and time series analysis. We propose fast, simple, theoretically-grounded, and versatile, optimization algorithms for Poisson likelihood modeling. The Poisson log-likelihood ... More
Film Coating Process Research and Characterization of TiN Coated Racetrack-type Ceramic PipeJan 12 2015TiN film was coated on the internal face of racetrack-type ceramic pipe by three different methods: radio-frequency sputtering, DC sputtering and DC magnetron sputtering. The deposition rates of TiN film under different coating methods were compared. ... More
Control and controllability of nonlinear dynamical networks: a geometrical approachSep 23 2015In spite of the recent interest and advances in linear controllability of complex networks, controlling nonlinear network dynamics remains to be an outstanding problem. We develop an experimentally feasible control framework for nonlinear dynamical networks ... More
Possible canonical distributions for finite systems with nonadditive energyNov 12 2008It is shown that a small system in thermodynamic equilibrium with a finite thermostat can have a q-exponential probability distribution which closely depends on the energy nonextensivity and the particle number of the thermostat. The distribution function ... More
Quantum algorithm for association rules miningDec 08 2015Jan 26 2016Association rules mining is one of the most important problems in knowledge discovery and data mining. The goal of it is to acquire consumption habits of customers by discovering the relationships between items from a transaction database that has a large ... More
Anonymous and Adaptively Secure Revocable IBE with Constant Size Public ParametersOct 24 2012In Identity-Based Encryption (IBE) systems, key revocation is non-trivial. This is because a user's identity is itself a public key. Moreover, the private key corresponding to the identity needs to be obtained from a trusted key authority through an authenticated ... More
Fully discrete needlet approximation on the sphereFeb 20 2015Jul 06 2016Spherical needlets are highly localized radial polynomials on the sphere $\mathbb{S}^{d}\subset \mathbb{R}^{d+1}$, $d\ge 2$, with centers at the nodes of a suitable cubature rule. The original semidiscrete spherical needlet approximation of Narcowich, ... More
Cryogenic Sapphire Oscillator using a low-vibration design pulse-tube cryocooler: First resultsApr 04 2010A Cryogenic Sapphire Oscillator has been implemented at 11.2 GHz using a low-vibration design pulse-tube cryocooler. Compared with a state-of-the-art liquid helium cooled CSO in the same laboratory, the square root Allan variance of their combined fractional ... More
Entanglement-enhanced two-photon delocalization in a coupled-cavity arrayNov 30 2014We study transport properties of two entangled photons which are initially injected into two nearest-neighbor coupling cavities in a one-dimensional coupled-cavity array (CCA). It is found that photonic transport dynamics in the two-photon CCA exhibits ... More
A mathematical structure for the generalization of the conventional algebraMar 11 2008An abstract mathematical framework is presented in this paper as a unification of several deformed or generalized algebra proposed recently in the context of generalized statistical theories intended to treat certain complex thermodynamic or statistical ... More
Inherent correlations between thermodynamics and statistic physics in extensive and nonextensive systemsOct 24 2008With the help of a general expression of the entropies in extensive and nonextensive systems, some important relations between thermodynamics and statistical mechanics are revealed through the views of thermodynamics and statistic physics. These relations ... More
Hadronic Rapidity Spectra in Heavy Ion Collisions at SPS and AGS energies in a Quark Combination ModelMay 03 2011The quark combination mechanism of hadron production is applied to nucleus-nucleus collisions at the CERN Super Proton Synchrotron (SPS) and BNL Alternating Gradient Synchrotron (AGS). The rapidity spectra of identified hadrons and their spectrum widths ... More
Deep Fried ConvnetsDec 22 2014Jul 17 2015The fully connected layers of a deep convolutional neural network typically contain over 90% of the network parameters, and consume the majority of the memory required to store the network parameters. Reducing the number of parameters while preserving ... More
Stochastic action principle and maximum entropyApr 06 2007A stochastic action principle for stochastic dynamics is revisited. We present first numerical diffusion experiments showing that the diffusion path probability depend exponentially on average Lagrangian action. This result is then used to derive an uncertainty ... More
Generalized measurement of uncertainty and the maximizable entropyOct 24 2008For a random variable we can define a variational relationship with practical physical meaning as dI=dbar(x)-bar(dx), where I is called as uncertainty measurement. With the help of a generalized definition of expectation, bar(x)=sum_(i)g(p_i)x_i, and ... More
Manipulation of tripartite-to-bipartite entanglement localization under quantum noises and its application to entanglement distributionFeb 09 2014Jan 16 2015This paper is to investigate the effects of quantum noises on entanglement localization by taking an example of reducing a three-qubit Greenberger-Horne-Zeilinger (GHZ) state to a two-qubit entangled state. We consider, respectively, two types of quantum ... More
Quantum-discord-induced superradiance and subradiance in a system of two separated atomsDec 03 2013We investigate collective radiant properties of two separated atoms in X-type quantum states. We show that quantum correlations measured by quantum discord (QD) can induce and enhance superradiance and subradiance in the two-atom system even though in ... More
Unsupervised Category Discovery via Looped Deep Pseudo-Task Optimization Using a Large Scale Radiology Image DatabaseMar 25 2016Obtaining semantic labels on a large scale radiology image database (215,786 key images from 61,845 unique patients) is a prerequisite yet bottleneck to train highly effective deep convolutional neural network (CNN) models for image recognition. Nevertheless, ... More
Plasmon scattering from holes: from single hole scattering to Young's experimentJan 09 2014In this article, the scattering of surface plasmon polaritons (SPPs) into photons at holes is investigated. A local, electrically excited source of SPPs using a scanning tunnelling microscope (STM) produces an outgoing circular plasmon wave on a thick ... More
Deep convolutional networks for automated detection of posterior-element fractures on spine CTJan 29 2016Injuries of the spine, and its posterior elements in particular, are a common occurrence in trauma patients, with potentially devastating consequences. Computer-aided detection (CADe) could assist in the detection and classification of spine fractures. ... More
Exploiting Insurance Telematics for Fun and ProfitSep 08 2016Nowadays, auto insurance companies set personalized insurance rate based on data gathered directly from their customers' cars. In this paper, we show such a personalized insurance mechanism -- wildly adopted by many auto insurance companies -- is vulnerable ... More
Semantic Context Forests for Learning-Based Knee Cartilage Segmentation in 3D MR ImagesJul 11 2013Apr 22 2014The automatic segmentation of human knee cartilage from 3D MR images is a useful yet challenging task due to the thin sheet structure of the cartilage with diffuse boundaries and inhomogeneous intensities. In this paper, we present an iterative multi-class ... More
Large solar energetic particle event that occurred on 2012 March 7 and its VDA analysisApr 18 2016On 2012 March 7, the STEREO Ahead and Behind spacecraft, along with the near-earth spacecraft (e.g. SOHO, Wind) situated between the two STEREO spacecraft, observed an extremely large global solar energetic particle (SEP) event in Solar Cycle 24. Two ... More
Photonic two-qubit parity gate with tiny cross-Kerr nonlinearityDec 28 2011May 30 2012The cross-Kerr nonlinearity (XKNL) effect can induce efficient photon interactions in principle with which photonic multiqubit gates can be performed using far fewer physical resources than linear optical schemes. Unfortunately, it is extremely challenging ... More
Deposition and characterization of TiZrV-Pd thin films by dc magnetron sputteringMar 31 2015TiZrV film is mainly applied in the ultra-high vacuum pipe of storage ring. Thin film coatings of palladium which was added onto the TiZrV film to increase the service life of nonevaporable getters and enhance pumping speed for H2, was deposited on the ... More
Tunable THz Surface Plasmon Polariton based on Topological Insulator-Layered Superconductor Hybrid StructureMar 05 2014We theoretically investigate the surface plasmon polariton (SPP) at the interface between 3D strong topological insulator (TI) and layered superconductor-magnetic insulator structure. The tunability of SPP through electronic doping can be enhanced when ... More
COEVOLVE: A Joint Point Process Model for Information Diffusion and Network Co-evolutionJul 08 2015Apr 01 2016Information diffusion in online social networks is affected by the underlying network topology, but it also has the power to change it. Online users are constantly creating new links when exposed to new information sources, and in turn these links are ... More
Many-to-one remote information concentration for qudits and multipartite entanglementFeb 04 2013Jul 21 2013Telecloning and its reverse process, referred to as remote information concentration(RIC), have attracted considerable interest because of their potential applications in quantum-information processing. We here present a general scheme for RIC in d-level ... More
Nonmaximally entangled states can be better for quantum correlation distribution and storageSep 16 2013Sep 20 2013For carrying out many quantum information protocols entanglement must be established in advance between two distant parties. Practically, inevitable interaction of entangled subsystems with their environments during distribution and storage will result ... More
On an extension of Lesche stabilityOct 21 2008In this paper, we give a new method for proving the Lesche stability of several functionals(Incomplete entropy, Tsallis entropy, \kappa - entropy, Quantum-Group entropy). We prove also that the Incomplete q - expectation value and Renyi entropy for (0 ... More
A Prototype of Upgrading Bepc Control SystemNov 13 2001Dec 13 2001We will use EPICS toolkit [1] to build a prototype for upgrading BEPC control system. The purposes are for the following three aspects: (1) Setup a network based distributed control system with EPICS. (2) Study some front-end control technology. (3) Merge ... More
Maximizable informational entropy as measure of probabilistic uncertaintyMar 21 2008In this work, we consider a recently proposed entropy S (called varentropy) defined by a variational relationship dI=beta*(d<x>-<dx>) as a measure of uncertainty of random variable x. By definition, varentropy underlies a generalized virtual work principle ... More
Quantum algorithm for association rules miningMay 24 2016Aug 16 2016Association rules mining (ARM) is one of the most important problems in knowledge discovery and data mining. Given a transaction database that has a large number of transactions and items, the task of ARM is to acquire consumption habits of customers ... More
Online VNF Scaling in DatacentersApr 05 2016Network Function Virtualization (NFV) is a promising technology that promises to significantly reduce the operational costs of network services by deploying virtualized network functions (VNFs) to commodity servers in place of dedicated hardware middleboxes. ... More
Control System of the BepciiNov 21 2001Recently the Chinese Academy of Sciences has chosen BEPCII as the future development of the BEPC, i.e. upgrade of both the machine and detector. The luminosity of the machine is expected to increase to 1.0x1033cm-2s-1. The project will be started at the ... More
Abelian and Non-Abelian States in $ν=2/3$ Bilayer Fractional Quantum Hall SystemsFeb 09 2015Jul 08 2015There are several possible theoretically allowed non-Abelian fractional quantum Hall (FQH) states that could potentially be realized in one- and two- component FQH systems at total filling fraction $\nu = n+ 2/3$, for integer $n$. Some of these states ... More
A nonextensive approach to Bose-Einstein condensation of trapped interacting boson gasFeb 09 2008In the Bose-Einstein condensation of interacting atoms or molecules such as 87Rb, 23Na and 7Li, the theoretical understanding of the transition temperature is not always obvious due to the interactions or zero point energy which cannot be exactly taken ... More
Oxygen vacancy induced room temperature metal-insulator transition in nickelates films and its potential application in photovoltaicsFeb 10 2016Oxygen vacancy is intrinsically coupled with magnetic, electronic and transport properties of transition-metal oxide materials and directly determines their multifunctionality. Here, we demonstrate reversible control of oxygen content by post-annealing ... More
The transition from amorphous to crystalline in Al/Zr multilayersNov 27 2012The amorphous-to-crystalline transition in Al(1.0%wtSi)/Zr and Al(Pure)/Zr multilayers grown by direct-current magnetron sputtering system has been characterized over a range of Al layer thicknesses (1.0-5.0 nm) by using a series of complementary measurements ... More
The excitation functions of 187Re(n,2n)186m,gRe ReactionsAug 27 2015A new value for the emission probability of 137.144keV g-ray of 186gRe decay are re-recommended to be 9.47+-0.03 (%). From this new g-ray emission probability, the measured cross sections for 187Re(n,2n)186mRe and 187Re(n,2n)186gRe reactions around 14MeV ... More
The second-order interference of two independent single-mode He-Ne lasersOct 08 2014The second-order spatial and temporal interference patterns with two independent single-mode He-Ne lasers are observed in a Hong-Ou-Mandel interferometer. Two-photon interference in Feynman's path integral theory is employed to interpret the experimental ... More
X-ray fluorescence induced by standing waves in the grazing-incidence and grazing-exit modes: study of the Mg--Co--Zr systemNov 05 2015We present the characterization of Mg-Co-Zr tri-layer stacks by using x-ray fluorescence induced by x-ray standing waves, both in the grazing incidence (GI) and grazing exit (GE) modes. The introduction of a slit in the direction of the detector improves ... More
Direct Experimental Evidence for Differing Reactivity Alterations of Minerals following Irradiation: The Case of Calcite and QuartzSep 05 2015Concrete, a mixture formed by mixing cement, water, and fine and coarse mineral aggregates is used in the construction of nuclear power plants (NPPs), e.g., to construct the reactor cavity concrete that encases the reactor pressure vessel, etc. In such ... More
Interface observation of heat-treated Co/Mo2C multilayersJan 29 2015We study the interface evolution of a series of periodic Co/Mo2C multilayers as a function of the annealing temperature up to 600{\textdegree}C. Different complementary techniques are implemented to get information on the phenomenon taking place at the ... More
Broken Dynamic Symmetry and Phase Transition PrecursorFeb 22 2013Symmetry breaking is a central concept of Landau phase transition theory, which, however, only considers time-averaged static symmetry of crystal lattice while neglects dynamic symmetry of lattice vibrations thus fails to explain the ubiquitous transformation ... More
A Beam Monitor Using Silicon Pixel Sensors for Hadron TherapyNov 22 2016We report the design and test results of a beam monitor developed for online monitoring in hadron therapy. The beam monitor uses eight silicon pixel sensors, \textit{Topmetal-${II}^-$}, as the anode array. \textit{Topmetal-${II}^-$} is a charge sensor ... More
Development of a highly pixelated direct charge sensor, Topmetal-I, for ionizing radiation imagingJul 14 2014Using industrial standard 0.35{\mu}m CMOS Integrated Circuit process, we realized a highly pixelated sensor that directly collects charge via metal nodes placed on the top of each pixel and forms two dimensional images of charge cloud distribution. The ... More
Oxygen-Vacancy-Induced Antiferromagnetism to Ferromagnetism Transformation in Multiferroic Thin FilmsApr 01 2013Apr 14 2013Oxygen vacancies (VOs) effects on magnetic ordering in Eu0.5Ba0.5TiO3-{\delta} (EBTO3-{\delta}) thin films have been investigated using a combination of experimental measurements and first-principles density-functional calculations. Two kinds of EBTO3-{\delta}thin ... More
Riemannian Median and Its EstimationNov 18 2009In this paper, we define the geometric median of a probability measure on a Riemannian manifold, give its characterization and a natural condition to ensure its uniqueness. In order to calculate the median in practical cases, we also propose a subgradient ... More
Local and Global Existence of Strong Solutions to Large Cross Diffusion SystemsAug 22 2016We study the solvability of a general class of cross diffusion systems and establish the local and global existence of their strong solutions under the weakest assumption that they are VMO. This work simplifies the setting in our previous work [16] and ... More
Regular Decomposition of Ordinarity in Generic Exponential SumsAug 22 2012Dec 24 2012In papers published in 1993 and 2004 Wan establishes a decomposition theory for the generic Newton polygon associated to a family of $L$-functions of $n$-dimensional exponential sums over finite fields. In this work we generalize the star, parallel hyperplane ... More
Existence of Strong and Nontrivial Solutions to Strongly Coupled Elliptic SystemsMar 17 2016We establish the existence of strong solutions to a class of nonlinear strongly coupled and uniform elliptic systems consisting of more than two equations. The existence of of nontrivial and non constant solutions (or pattern formations) will also be ... More
Some properties of Fréchet medians in Riemannian manifoldsOct 18 2011Dec 03 2011The consistency of Fr\'echet medians is proved for probability measures in proper metric spaces. In the context of Riemannian manifolds, assuming that the probability measure has more than a half mass lying in a convex ball and verifies some concentration ... More
The intersection of a hyperplane with a lightcone in the Minkowski spacetimeJan 07 2016Klainerman, Luk and Rodnianski derived an anisotropic criterion for formation of trapped surfaces in vacuum, extending the original trapped surface formation theorem of Christodoulou. The effort to understand their result led us to study the intersection ... More
Cluster Structures on Higher Teichmuller Spaces for Classical GroupsMar 11 2016Let $S$ be a surface, $G$ a simply-connected classical group, and $G'$ the associated adjoint form of the group. We show that the spaces of moduli spaces of framed local systems $\X_{G',S}$ and $\A_{G,S}$, which were constructed by Fock and Goncharov ... More
String spectral sequenceSep 30 2004Jan 06 2005We define shriek map for a finite codimensionnal embedding of fibration. We study the morphisms induced by shriek maps in the Leray-Serre spectral sequence. As a byproduct, we get two multiplicative spectral sequences of algebra wich converge to the Chas ... More
Overview of the T2K long baseline neutrino oscillation experimentOct 22 2009Neutrino oscillations were discovered by atmospheric and solar neutrino experiments, and have been confirmed by experiments using neutrinos from accelerators and nuclear reactors. It has been found that there are large mixing angles in the $\nu_e \to ... More
Nonlinear stochastic time-fractional diffusion equations on $\mathbb{R}$: moments, Hölder regularity and intermittencyOct 07 2014We study the nonlinear stochastic time-fractional diffusion equations in the spatial domain $\mathbb{R}$, driven by multiplicative space-time white noise. The fractional index $\beta$ varies continuously from $0$ to $2$. The case $\beta=1$ (resp. $\beta=2$) ... More
An Approach to to Cluster Structures on Moduli of Local Systems for General GroupsJun 03 2016Let $S$ be a surface, $G$ a simply-connected classical group, and $G'$ the associated adjoint form of the group. In \cite{FG1}, it was shown that the moduli spaces of framed local systems $\X_{G',S}$ and $\A_{G,S}$ have the structure of cluster varieties, ... More
Relatively Hyperbolic Coxeter Groups with maximal Flats of codimension 1Jun 04 2015We study relatively hyperbolic Coxeter groups of type $HM$ with maximal Euclidean Coxeter subgroups of codimension 1. Our main result in this paper is that the dimension of these groups is bounded above.
Supercharacters and pattern subgroups in the upper triangular groupsAug 13 2010Aug 05 2013Let $U_n(q)$ denote the upper triangular group of degree $n$ over the finite field $\F_q$ with $q$ elements. It is known that irreducible constituents of supercharacters partition the set of all irreducible characters $\Irr(U_n(q)).$ In this paper we ... More
The commutants of certain Toeplitz operators on weighted Bergman spacesFeb 26 2008For $\alpha>-1$, let $A^2_{\alpha}$ be the corresponding weighted Bergman space of the unit ball in $\mathbb{C}^n$. For a bounded measurable function $f$, let $T_f$ be the Toeplitz operator with symbol $f$ on $A^2_{\alpha}$. This paper describes all the ... More
The zero-product problem for Toeplitz operators with radial symbolsDec 02 2007For any bounded measurable function $f$ on the unit ball $B_n$, let $T_f$ be the Toeplitz operator with symbol $f$ acting on the Bergman space $A^2(B_n)$. The Zero-Product Problem asks: if $f_1,..., f_N$ are bounded measurable functions such that $T_{f_1}... ... More
Counting irreducible representations of large degree of the upper triangular groupsDec 02 2009Aug 06 2013Let $U_n(q)$ be the upper triangular group of degree $n$ over the finite field $\F_q$ with $q$ elements. In this paper, we present constructions of large degree ordinary irreducible representations of $U_n(q)$ where $n\geq 7$, and then determine the number ... More
On a Class of Ideals of the Toeplitz Algebra on the Bergman Space of the Unit BallMay 07 2007Let $\mathfrak{T}$ denote the full Toeplitz algebra on the Bergman space of the unit ball $\mathbb{B}_n.$ For each subset $G$ of $L^{\infty},$ let $\mathfrak{CI}(G)$ denote the closed two-sided ideal of $\mathfrak{T}$ generated by all $T_fT_g-T_gT_f$ ... More
The third moment for the parabolic Anderson modelSep 05 2016In this paper, we study the {\it parabolic Anderson model} starting from the Dirac delta initial data: \[ \left(\frac{\partial}{\partial t} -\frac{\nu}{2}\frac{\partial^2}{\partial x^2} \right) u(t,x) = \lambda u(t,x) \dot{W}(t,x), \qquad u(0,x)=\delta_0(x), ... More
Global Existence and Regularity Results for Strongly Coupled Nonregular Parabolic Systems via Iterative MethodsSep 16 2014The global existence of classical solutions to strongly coupled parabolic systems is shown to be equivalent to the availability of an iterative scheme producing a sequence of solutions with uniform continuity in the BMO norms. Amann's results on global ... More
Power-Laws and the Conservation of Information in discrete token systems: Part 1 General TheoryJul 20 2012The Conservation of Energy plays a pivotal part in the development of the physical sciences. With the growth of computation and the study of other discrete token based systems such as the genome, it is useful to ask if there are conservation principles ... More
Growth of homology torsion in finite coverings and hyperbolic volumeDec 24 2014May 22 2016We give an upper bound for the growth of homology torsions of finite coverings of irreducible 3-manifolds with tori boundary in terms of hyperbolic volume.
Boundedness and compactness of composition operators on Segal-Bargmann spacesNov 30 2011For $E$ a Hilbert space, let $\mathcal{H}(E)$ denote the Segal-Bargmann space (also known as the Fock space) over $E$, which is a reproducing kernel Hilbert space with kernel $K(x,y)=\exp(< x,y>)$ for $x,y$ in $E$. If $\phi$ is a mapping on $E$, the composition ... More
Toeplitz operators on generalized harmonic Bergman spacesApr 06 2010We study Toeplitz operators with uniformly continuous symbols on generalized harmonic Bergman spaces of the unit ball in $\mathbb{R}^n$. We describe their essential spectra and establish a short exact sequence associated with the $C^{*}$-algebra generated ... More
A refined Luecking's theorem and finite-rank products of Toeplitz operatorsFeb 26 2008For any function $f$ in $L^{\infty}(\mathbb{D})$, let $T_f$ denote the corresponding Toeplitz operator the Bergman space $A^2(\mathbb{D})$. A recent result of D. Luecking shows that if $T_f$ has finite rank then $f$ must be the zero function. Using a ... More
Coalescence times for the continuous time Bienaymé-Galton-Watson processMay 08 2014We investigate the distribution of the coalescence time (most recent common ancestor) for two individuals picked at random (uniformly) in the current generation of a continuous time Bienaym\'e-Galton-Watson process founded $t$ units of time ago. We also ... More
Global Existence and Global Attractors of Cross Diffusion Systems on Planar DomainsMay 17 2016May 18 2016Global existence of strong solutions and the existence of global and atrractors are established for generalized Shigesada-Kawasaki-Teramoto models on planar domains. The cross diffusion and reaction can have polynomial growth of any order.
Power-laws and the Conservation of Information in discrete token systems: Part 2 The role of defectSep 07 2012In a matching paper (arXiv:1207.5027), I proved that Conservation of Size and Information in a discrete token based system is overwhelmingly likely to lead to a power-law component size distribution with respect to the size of its unique alphabet. This ... More
A proof of the Kazdan-Warner identity via the Minkowski spacetimeFeb 05 2016Any 2-dim Riemannian manifold with spherical topology can be embedded isometrically into a lightcone of the Minkowski spacetime. We apply this fact to give a proof of the Kazdan-Warner identity.
A diffusion process associated with Fréchet meansOct 23 2015This paper studies rescaled images, under $\exp^{-1}_{\mu}$, of the sample Fr\'{e}chet means of i.i.d. random variables $\{X_k\vert k\geq 1\}$ with Fr\'{e}chet mean $\mu$ on a Riemannian manifold. We show that, with appropriate scaling, these images converge ... More