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Deep Graph Convolutional Encoders for Structured Data to Text GenerationOct 23 2018Most previous work on neural text generation from graph-structured data relies on standard sequence-to-sequence methods. These approaches linearise the input graph to be fed to a recurrent neural network. In this paper, we propose an alternative encoder ... More
Analysing Data-To-Text Generation BenchmarksMay 10 2017Recently, several data-sets associating data to text have been created to train data-to-text surface realisers. It is unclear however to what extent the surface realisation task exercised by these data-sets is linguistically challenging. Do these data-sets ... More
Bootstrapping Generators from Noisy DataApr 17 2018Mar 18 2019A core step in statistical data-to-text generation concerns learning correspondences between structured data representations (e.g., facts in a database) and associated texts. In this paper we aim to bootstrap generators from large scale datasets where ... More
Bootstrapping Generators from Noisy DataApr 17 2018Apr 18 2018A core step in statistical data-to-text generation concerns learning correspondences between structured data representations (e.g., facts in a database) and associated texts. In this paper we aim to bootstrap generators from large scale datasets where ... More
Generating Summaries with Topic Templates and Structured Convolutional DecodersJun 11 2019Existing neural generation approaches create multi-sentence text as a single sequence. In this paper we propose a structured convolutional decoder that is guided by the content structure of target summaries. We compare our model with existing sequential ... More
On the nature of the transition disk around LkCa 15Jan 04 2012We present CARMA 1.3 mm continuum observations of the T Tauri star LkCa 15,which resolve the circumstellar dust continuum emission on angular scales between 0.2-3 arcsec, corresponding to 28-420 AU at the distance of the star. The observations resolve ... More
The BIDS Toolbox: A web service to manage brain imaging datasetsJun 24 2019Data sharing is a key factor for ensuring reproducibility and transparency of scientific experiments, and neuroimaging is no exception. The vast heterogeneity of data formats and imaging modalities utilised in the field makes it a very challenging problem. ... More
African Dust Influence on Atlantic Hurricane Activity and the Peculiar Behaviour of Category 5 HurricanesMar 24 2010We study the specific influence of African dust on each one of the categories of Atlantic hurricanes. By applying wavelet analysis, we find a strong decadal modulation of African dust on Category 5 hurricanes and an annual modulation on all other categories ... More
ExoMol Molecular linelists -- XXXIII. The spectrum of Titanium OxideMay 11 2019Jul 12 2019Accurate line lists are crucial for correctly modelling a variety of astrophysical phenomena, including stellar photospheres and the atmospheres of extra-solar planets. This paper presents a new line database Toto for the main isotopologues of titanium ... More
Aztarna, a footprinting tool for robotsDec 22 2018Industry 4.0 is changing the commonly held assumption that robots are to be deployed in closed and isolated networks. When analyzed from a security point of view, the global picture is disheartening: robotics industry has not seriously allocated effort ... More
Recent Results on T and CP Violation at BABARJul 10 2013CP-violation (CPV) and Time-reversal violation (TRV) are intimately related through the CPT theorem: if one of these discrete symmetries is violated the other one has to be violated in such a way to conserve CPT. Although CPV in the B0-B0 system has been ... More
Protoplanetary Disks in $ρ$ Ophiuchus as Seen From ALMANov 10 2017We present a high angular resolution ($\sim 0.2^{\prime\prime}$), high sensitivity ($\sigma \sim 0.2$ mJy) survey of the 870 $\mu$m continuum emission from the circumstellar material around 49 pre-main sequence stars in the $\rho$ Ophiuchus molecular ... More
The analytical subtraction approach for solving the forward problem in EEGJan 16 2019Objective: The subtraction approach is known for being a theoretically-rigorous and accurate technique for solving the forward problem in electroencephalography by means of the finite element method. One key aspect of this approach consists of computing ... More
Sudden violation of the CHSH inequality in a two qubits systemFeb 04 2010I study the dynamics of the violation of the CHSH inequality for two qubits interacting with a common zero-temperature non-Markovian environment. I demonstrate sudden violation of the inequality for two qubits initially prepared in a factorized state. ... More
Symbolic Computation and Automated Reasoning for Program AnalysisApr 11 2017This talk describes how a combination of symbolic computation techniques with first-order theorem proving can be used for solving some challenges of automating program analysis, in particular for generating and proving properties about the logically complex ... More
Variable structure control for parabolic evolution equationsJun 03 2005In this paper it is considered a class of infinite-dimensional control systems in a variational setting. By using a Faedo-Galerkin method, a sequence of approximating finite dimensional controlled differential equations is defined. On each of these systems ... More
Travelling wave solutions of the perturbed mKdV equation that represent traffic congestionAug 11 2016A well-known optimal velocity (OV) model describes vehicle motion along a single lane road, which reduces to a perturbed modified Korteweg-de Vries (mKdV) equation within the unstable regime. Steady travelling wave solutions to this equation are then ... More
KdV cnoidal waves in a traffic flow model with periodic boundariesJun 13 2016An optimal-velocity (OV) model describes car motion on a single lane road. In particular, near to the boundary signifying the onset of traffic jams, this model reduces to a perturbed Korteweg-de Vries (KdV) equation using asymptotic analysis. Previously, ... More
Heisenberg Hausdorff dimension of Besicovitch setsJun 05 2014We consider (bounded) Besicovitch sets in the Heisenberg group and prove that $L^p$ estimates for the Kakeya maximal function imply lower bounds for their Heisenberg Hausdorff dimension.
batman: BAsic Transit Model cAlculatioN in PythonJul 29 2015Aug 19 2015I introduce batman, a Python package for modeling exoplanet transit light curves. The batman package supports calculation of light curves for any radially symmetric stellar limb darkening law, using a new integration algorithm for models that cannot be ... More
Measuring Supermassive Black Hole Spins in Active Galactic NucleiSep 24 2013Measuring the spins of supermassive black holes (SMBHs) in active galactic nuclei (AGN) can inform us about the relative role of gas accretion vs. mergers in recent epochs of the life of the host galaxy and its AGN. Recent advances in theory and observation ... More
Accuracy and validity of posterior distributions using the Cressie-Read empirical likelihoodsAug 02 2017Nov 02 2017The class of Cressie-Read empirical likelihoods are constructed with weights derived at a minimum distance from the empirical distribution in the Cressie-Read family of divergences indexed by $\gamma$ under the constraint of an unbiased set of $M$-estimating ... More
On the double EPW sextic associated to a Gushel-Mukai fourfoldSep 07 2017Nov 16 2018In analogy to the case of cubic fourfolds, we discuss the conditions under which the double cover $\tilde{Y}_A$ of the EPW sextic hypersurface associated to a Gushel-Mukai fourfold is birationally equivalent to a moduli space of (twisted) stable sheaves ... More
A note on regularity and failure of regularity for systems of conservation laws via Lagrangian formulationMay 04 2015The paper recalls two of the regularity results for Burgers' equation, and discusses what happens in the case of genuinely nonlinear, strictly hyperbolic systems of conservation laws. The first regularity result which is considered is Oleinik-Ambroso-De ... More
High Resolution 8 mm and 1 cm Polarization of IRAS 4A from the VLA Nascent Disk and Multiplicity (VANDAM) SurveyNov 02 2015Magnetic fields can regulate disk formation, accretion and jet launching. Until recently, it has been difficult to obtain high resolution observations of the magnetic fields of the youngest protostars in the critical region near the protostar. The VANDAM ... More
The properties of the inner disk around HL Tau: Multi-wavelength modeling of the dust emissionAug 10 2017We conducted a detailed radiative transfer modeling of the dust emission from the circumstellar disk around HL Tau. The goal of our study is to derive the surface density profile of the inner disk and its structure. In addition to the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter ... More
Robotics CTF (RCTF), a playground for robot hackingOct 01 2018Robots state of insecurity is onstage. There is an emerging concern about major robot vulnerabilities and their adverse consequences. However, there is still a considerable gap between robotics and cybersecurity domains. For the purpose of filling that ... More
The generating of Fractal Images Using MathCAD ProgramMar 24 2009This paper presents the graphic representation in the z-plane of the first three iterations of the algorithm that generates the Sierpinski Gasket. It analyzes the influence of the f(z) map when we represent fractal images.
Multifrequency and IUE Campaigns on BlazarsMay 01 1998The IUE contribution to the understanding of the blazar phenomenon has been of fundamental importance. Here I review the progress obtained with the latest multifrequency campaigns performed with IUE on two prototype objects, the BL Lac PKS 2155-304 and ... More
Stability Properties Of The Plethysm: A Combinatorial ApproachMay 14 2015An important family of structural constants in the theory of symmetric functions and in the representation theory of symmetric groups and general linear groups are the plethysm coefficients. In 1950, Foulkes observed that they have some stability properties: ... More
Why a NESSiE-like experiment at SBL is needed?Apr 22 2015The NESSiE experiment is designed to perform an accurate measurement of muon-neutrino disappearance at small L/E, in order to severely constrain models with more than three-standard neutrinos, or even determine for the first time the presence of a new ... More
Form factors and correlation functions in N = 4 super Yang-Mills theory from twistor spaceDec 20 2017In this PhD thesis we extend the twistor formalism to encompass (partially) off-shell quantities. We describe all gauge-invariant local composite operators in twistor space and show that they immediately generate all tree-level form factors of the MHV ... More
Hadrons in NucleiNov 29 2017A review on the state-of-the-art of heavy hadrons in nuclei is presented. In particular, the properties of mesons with strangeness and charm in matter are discussed, paying a special attention to the formation of exotic bound states in nuclei.
The charming beauty of the strong interactionDec 21 2017Charmed and beauty hadrons in matter are discussed within a unitarized coupled-channel model consistent with heavy-quark spin symmetry. We analyse the formation of D-mesic states as well as the propagation of charmed and beauty hadrons in heavy-ion collisions ... More
Density Forecasts in Panel Data Models: A Semiparametric Bayesian PerspectiveMay 10 2018This paper constructs individual-specific density forecasts for a panel of firms or households using a dynamic linear model with common and heterogeneous coefficients and cross-sectional heteroskedasticity. The panel considered in this paper features ... More
Quantum theory is not only about informationJun 13 2018In his recent book Bananaworld. Quantum mechanics for primates, Jeff Bub revives and provides a mature version of his influential information theoretic interpretation of Quantum Theory (QT). In this paper, I test Bub s conjecture that QT should be interpreted ... More
Problème de Plateau, équations fuchsiennes et problème de Riemann-HilbertMar 04 2010Mar 31 2011This dissertation is devoted to the resolution of the Plateau problem in the case of polygonal boundary curves in three-dimensional Euclidean space. It relies on the method developed by Ren\'e Garnier and published in 1928 in a paper which seems today ... More
Brief Introduction to Flavor PhysicsNov 11 2009We consider the standard model (SM) quark flavor sector. We study its structure in a spurionic, symmetry oriented approach. The SM picture of flavor and CP violation is now experimentally verified, hence strong bounds on beyond the SM flavor structure ... More
Statistics of jamming in the discharge of a 2-D SiloMay 12 2007Jamming and avalanche statistics are studied in a simulation of the discharge of a polydisperse ensemble of disks from a 2-D silo. Exponential distributions are found for the avalanche sizes for all sizes of the exit opening, in agreement with reported ... More
t \bar{t} Cross-Section and Forward-Backward Asymmetry at CLICJan 14 2003A top-quark reconstruction method for CLIC is described. The reconstructed events are used to measure the e+ e- -> t \bar{t} cross-section as well as the forward-backward asymmetry. The results suggest that the relative measurement accuracy for the cross-section ... More
Derivation of Radiation from a Dipole immersed in a Homogenous Magnetized PlasmaAug 02 2012Feb 13 2013We are considering a dipole antenna immersed in cold plasma and investigate its radiation patterns. We are solving Maxwell's equations using (1) analytic solutions for the case when the antenna is parallel to the magnetic field $B_0$ and (2) numerical ... More
The intertwiner spaces of non-easy group-theoretical quantum groupsAug 23 2018Sep 07 2018In 2015, Raum and Weber gave a definition of group-theoretical quantum groups, a class of compact matrix quantum groups with a certain presentation as semi-direct product quantum groups, and studied the case of easy quantum groups. In this article we ... More
Multilevel Monte Carlo on a high-dimensional parameter space for transmission problems with geometric uncertaintiesJun 25 2017In the framework of uncertainty quantification, we consider a quantity of interest which depends non-smoothly on the high-dimensional parameter representing the uncertainty. We show that, in this situation, the multilevel Monte Carlo algorithm is a valid ... More
Linear vertex-kernels for several dense ranking r-CSPsMar 16 2012Oct 25 2012A Ranking r-Constraint Satisfaction Problem (ranking r-CSP) consists of a ground set of vertices V, an arity r >= 2, a parameter k and a constraint system c, where c is a function which maps rankings of r-sized subsets of V to {0,1}. The objective is ... More
Spin Foam Models for Quantum GravityJan 27 2003Feb 14 2003In this article we review the present status of the spin foam formulation of non-perturbative (background independent) quantum gravity. The article is divided in two parts. In the first part we present a general introduction to the main ideas emphasizing ... More
Finiteness of a spinfoam model for euclidean quantum general relativityNov 16 2000We prove that a certain spinfoam model for euclidean quantum general relativity, recently defined, is finite: all its all Feynman diagrams converge. The model is a variant of the Barrett-Crane model, and is defined in terms of a field theory over SO(4) ... More
Robotics CTF (RCTF), a playground for robot hackingOct 01 2018Sep 12 2019Robots state of insecurity is onstage. There is an emerging concern about major robot vulnerabilities and their adverse consequences. However, there is still a considerable gap between robotics and cybersecurity domains. For the purpose of filling that ... More
A note on eigenvector error bounds for polynomial eigenvalue problemsAug 12 2018Aug 14 2018The standard approach for finding eigenvalues and eigenvectors of matrix polynomials starts by embedding the coefficients of the polynomial into a matrix pencil, known as linearization. Building on the pioneering work of Nakatsukasa and Tisseur, we present ... More
The XENON10 WIMP Search Experiment at the Gran Sasso Underground LaboratoryMar 08 2007XENON10 is a new direct dark matter detection experiment using liquid xenon as target for weakly interacting, massive particles (WIMPs). A two-phase (liquid/gas) time projection chamber with 15 kg fiducial mass has been installed in a low-background shield ... More
Underground Searches for Cold Relics of the Early UniverseMar 24 2005We have strong evidence on all cosmic scales, from galaxies to the largest structures ever observed, that there is more matter in the universe than we can see. Galaxies and clusters would fly apart unless they would be held together by material which ... More
Iteration at the boundary of the space of rational mapsMar 03 2004Dec 21 2004Let $Rat_d$ denote the space of holomorphic self-maps of ${\bf P}^1$ of degree $d\geq 2$, and $\mu_f$ the measure of maximal entropy for $f\in Rat_d$. The map of measures $f\mapsto\mu_f$ is known to be continuous on $Rat_d$, and it is shown here to extend ... More
It's a Matter of Principle. Scientific Explanation in Information-Theoretic Reconstructions of Quantum TheoryJun 13 2018The aim of this paper is to explore the ways in which Axiomatic Reconstructions of Quantum Theory in terms of Information-Theoretic principles (ARQITs) can contribute to explaining and understanding quantum phenomena, as well as to study their explanatory ... More
Exoplanet Atmosphere Measurements from Transmission Spectroscopy and other Planet-Star Combined Light ObservationsSep 18 2017Jun 13 2018It is possible to learn a great deal about exoplanet atmospheres even when we cannot spatially resolve the planets from their host stars. In this chapter, we overview the basic techniques used to characterize transiting exoplanets - transmission spectroscopy, ... More
A new approach to the symplectic isotopy problemSep 08 2017Jul 15 2019The symplectic isotopy conjecture states that every smooth symplectic surface in $CP^2$ is symplectically isotopic to a complex algebraic curve. Progress began with Gromov's pseudoholomorphic curves [Gro85], and progressed further culminating in Siebert ... More
Medium modification of strange hadronic resonances at SIS, RHIC and LHC energiesOct 10 2017The properties of strange pseudoscalar and vectors mesons as well as strange baryon resonances in dense matter are reviewed. Some open questions on the properties of strange hadrons in medium are addressed, such as the experimental signatures of in-medium ... More
Dialog state tracking, a machine reading approach using a memory-enhanced neural networkJun 13 2016Jun 29 2016In an end-to-end dialog system, the aim of dialog state tracking is to accurately estimate a compact representation of the current dialog status from a sequence of noisy observations produced by the speech recognition and the natural language understanding ... More
Implementation of the histogram method for equilibrium statistical models using moments of a distributionJun 20 2005This paper shows a simple implementation of the Histogram Method for extrapolations in Monte Carlo simulations, using the moments of the operators that define the energy, instead of their histogram. This implementation is suitable for extrapolation over ... More
Lepton Masses and Mixing in a Left-Right Symmetric Model with a TeV-scale GravityAug 10 2002Nov 10 2002We construct a left-right symmetric (LRS) model in five dimensions which accounts naturally for the lepton flavor parameters. The fifth dimension is described by an orbifold, S_1/Z_2 times Z'_2, with a typical size of order TeV^{-1}. The fundamental scale ... More
A marvelous contribution from Michel Henon to globular cluster's study : the isochrone clusterNov 17 2014A survey of Michel Henon contributions to the study of globular cluster systems.
Equilibrium of stellar dynamical systems in the context of the Vlasov-Poisson modelJun 14 2007This short review is devoted to the problem of the equilibrium of stellar dynamical systems in the context of the Vlasov-Poisson model. In a first part we will review some classical problems posed by the application of the Vlasov-Poisson model to the ... More
Vlavov and Poisson equations in the context of self-gravitating systemsFeb 20 2004We present Vlasov's equation and its association with Poisson's equation in the context of modelling self-gravitating systems such as Globular Clusters or Galaxies. We first review the classical hypotheses of the model. We continue with a presentation ... More
Basic deformation theory of smooth formal schemesJan 18 2008We provide the main results of a deformation theory of smooth formal schemes. First we deal with the case of global lifting of smooth morphisms. We prove that the obstruction to the existence of a global lifting lies in a Ext^1 group. Then we study uniqueness ... More
The UV emission of elliptical galaxiesNov 09 1998Recent observational and theoretical developments concerning the origin of the ultraviolet emission from ellipticals are reviewed and discussed,with particular, reference to the extensive set of predictions contained in Greggio and Renzini (1990). Strong ... More
Activating optomechanical entanglementDec 20 2011We propose an optomechanical setup where the activation of entanglement through the pre-availability of non-classical correlations can be demonstrated experimentally. We analyse the conditions under which the scheme is successful and relate them to the ... More
A comparison of Euclidean and Heisenberg Hausdorff measuresMay 11 2017We prove some geometric properties of sets in the first Heisenberg group whose Heisenberg Hausdorff dimension is the minimal or maximal possible in relation to their Euclidean one and the corresponding Hausdorff measures are positive and finite. In the ... More
Voevodsky's conjecture for cubic fourfolds and Gushel-Mukai fourfolds via noncommutative K3 surfacesMar 31 2017Jan 08 2018In the first part of this paper we will prove the Voevodsky's nilpotence conjecture for smooth cubic fourfolds and ordinary generic Gushel-Mukai fourfolds. Then, making use of noncommutative motives, we will prove the Voevodsky's nilpotence conjecture ... More
Enumerating the basins of infinity of cubic polynomialsAug 12 2009We study the dynamics of cubic polynomials restricted to their basins of infinity, and we enumerate topological conjugacy classes with given combinatorics.
The Evolution of Dusty Debris Disks Around Solar Type StarsNov 23 2013We used chromospheric activity to determine the ages of 2,820 field stars.. We searched these stars for excess emission at 22 um with the Wide-Field Infrared Survey Explorer. Such excess emission is indicative of a dusty debris disk around a star. We ... More
Direct Dark Matter Searches with CDMS and XENONNov 03 2006Nov 09 2006The Cryogenic Dark Matter Search (CDMS) and XENON experiments aim to directly detect dark matter in the form of weakly interacting massive particles (WIMPs) via their elastic scattering on the target nuclei. The experiments use different techniques to ... More
Phenomenology of MOND and gravitational polarizationMar 24 2014The phenomenology of MOND (flat rotation curves of galaxies, baryonic Tully-Fisher relation, etc.) is a basic set of phenomena relevant to galaxy dynamics and dark matter distribution at galaxy scales. Still unexplained today, it enjoys a remarkable property, ... More
Supernova progenitors and iron density evolution from SN rate evolution measurementsMar 26 2008Mar 28 2008Using an extensive compilation of literature supernova rate data we study to which extent its evolution constrains the star formation history, the distribution of the type Ia supernova (SNIa) progenitor's lifetime, the mass range of core-collapse supernova ... More
The Frölicher spectral sequence can be arbitrarily non degenerateSep 04 2007Nov 21 2013The Fr\"olicher spectral sequence of a compact complex manifold $X$ measures the difference between Dolbeault cohomology and de Rham cohomology. We construct for $n\geq 2$ nilmanifolds with left-invariant complex structure $X_n$ such that the $n$-th differential ... More
Optimal Reliability for Components under Thermomechanical Cyclic LoadingJan 04 2016We consider the existence of optimal shapes in the context of the thermomechanical system of partial differential equations (PDE) using the recent approach based on elliptic regularity theory. We give an extended and improved definition of the set of ... More
Factorizations into idempotent factors of matrices over Prüfer domainsOct 01 2018A classical problem, that goes back to the 1960's, is to characterize the integral domains R satisfying the property (IDn): "every singular nxn matrix over R is a product of idempotent matrices". Significant results, which describe this property in the ... More
Non-existence of reflectionless measures for the s-Riesz transform when 0<s<1Feb 05 2015Apr 15 2015A measure $\mu$ on $\mathbb{R}^d$ is called reflectionless for the $s$-Riesz transform if the singular integral $R^s\mu(x)=\int \frac{y-x}{|y-x|^{s+1}}\,d\mu(y)$ is constant on the support of $\mu$ in some weak sense and, moreover, the operator defined ... More
Multipoint flux mixed finite element methods for slightly compressible flow in porous mediaNov 06 2018In this paper, we consider multipoint flux mixed finite element discretizations for slightly compressible Darcy flow in porous media. The methods are formulated on general meshes composed of triangles, quadrilaterals, tetrahedra or hexahedra. An inexact ... More
Quantum Accelerator Modes near Higher-Order ResonancesMay 14 2008Jul 30 2008Quantum Accelerator Modes have been experimentally observed, and theoretically explained, in the dynamics of kicked cold atoms in the presence of gravity, when the kicking period is close to a half-integer multiple of the Talbot time. We generalize the ... More
Discussion of "Spatial accessibility of pediatric primary healthcare: Measurement and inference"Jan 16 2015Discussion of "Spatial accessibility of pediatric primary healthcare: Measurement and inference" by Mallory Nobles, Nicoleta Serban and Julie Swann [arXiv:1501.03626].
On mathematical and physical principles of transformations of the coherent radar backscatter matrixAug 29 2013The congruential rule advanced by Graves for polarization basis transformation of the radar backscatter matrix is now often misinterpreted as an example of consimilarity transformation. However, consimilarity transformations imply a physically unrealistic ... More
Helicity-0 spinning particlesJun 15 2015We show that a self-consistent classical theory of the spin, based on a very general Lagrangian extending the Newtonian dynamics, does predict the special case of helicity-0 particles, which at the same time are endowed with nonzero spin and zero intrinsic ... More
On the complexity of Temporal Equilibrium LogicFeb 28 2015Temporal Equilibrium Logic (TEL) is a promising framework that extends the knowledge representation and reasoning capabilities of Answer Set Programming with temporal operators in the style of LTL. To our knowledge it is the first nonmonotonic logic that ... More
On univalence of equivariant Riemann domains over the complexification of a non-compact, Riemannian symmetric spaceDec 06 2006Dec 22 2006Let G/K be a non-compact, rank-one, Riemannian symmetric space and let G^C be the universal complexification of G. We prove that a holomorphically separable, G-equivariant Riemann domain over G^C / K^C is necessarily univalent, provided that G is not ... More
Dynamic subtrees queries revisited: the Depth First Tour TreeFeb 18 2015Sep 22 2015In the dynamic tree problem the goal is the maintenance of an arbitrary n-vertex forest, where the trees are subject to joining and splitting by, respectively, adding and removing edges. Depending on the application, information can be associated to nodes ... More
Colloidal dynamics in polymer solutions: Optical two-point microrheology measurementsMay 15 2002Dec 04 2002We present an extension of the two-point optical microrheology technique introduced by Crocker \textit{et al.} [Phys. Rev. Lett. \textbf{85}, 888 (2000)] to high frequencies. The correlated fluctuations of two probe spheres held by a pair of optical tweezers ... More
A dedicated codec for compression of Gravitational Waves SoundJun 04 2018A dedicated codec for compression of gravitational waves sound with high quality recovery is proposed. The performance is tested on the available set of gravitational sound signals that has been theoretically generated at the Massachusetts Institute of ... More
On the Equivalence of Generative and Discriminative Formulations of the Sequential Dependence ModelMay 01 2018The sequential dependence model (SDM) is a popular retrieval model which is based on the theory of probabilistic graphical models. While it was originally introduced by Metzler and Croft as a Markov Random Field (aka discriminative probabilistic model), ... More
Sparse bounds for pseudodifferential operatorsNov 07 2017Mar 22 2018We prove sparse bounds for pseudodifferential operators associated to H\"ormander symbol classes. Our sparse bounds are sharp up to the endpoint and rely on a single scale analysis. As a consequence, we deduce a range of weighted estimates for pseudodifferential ... More
The adapted hyper-Kähler structure on the crown domainNov 05 2017Let $\,\Xi\,$ be the crown domain associated with a non-compact irreducible hermitian symmetric space $\,G/K$. We give an explicit description of the unique $\,G$-invariant adapted hyper-K\"ahler structure on $\,\Xi$,$\ $i.$\,$e.$\ $compatible with the ... More
The effect of gene flow on coalescent-based species-tree inferenceOct 10 2017Most current methods for inferring species-level phylogenies under the coalescent model assume that no gene flow occurs following speciation. While some studies have examined the impact of gene flow on estimation accuracy for certain methods, limited ... More
Discontinuity of a degenerating escape rateOct 04 2017Feb 09 2018We look at degenerating meromorphic families of rational maps on $\mathbb{P}^1$ -- holomorphically parameterized by a punctured disk -- and we provide examples where the bifurcation current fails to have a bounded potential in a neighborhood of the puncture. ... More
Weyl closure of hypergeometric systemsJul 08 2007Jan 19 2009We show that A-hypergeometric systems and Horn hypergeometric systems are Weyl closed for very generic parameters.
Upper triangular matrices and operations in odd primary connective K-theoryApr 18 2012We prove analogues for odd primes of results of Snaith and Barker-Snaith. Let l denote the p-complete connective Adams summand and consider the group of left l-module automorphisms of l smash l in the stable homotopy category which induce the identity ... More
Sketching Word Vectors Through HashingMay 11 2017Aug 30 2018We propose a new fast word embedding technique using hash functions. The method is a derandomization of a new type of random projections: By disregarding the classic constraint used in designing random projections (i.e., preserving pairwise distances ... More
Improved accuracy for time-splitting methods for the numerical solution of parabolic equationsAug 31 2016In this work, we study time-splitting strategies for the numerical approximation of evolutionary reaction-diffusion problems. In particular, we formulate a family of domain decomposition splitting methods that overcomes some typical limitations of classical ... More
Reducing quadrangulations of the sphere and the projective planeJun 24 2016Mar 13 2017We show that every quadrangulation of the sphere can be transformed into a $4$-cycle by deletions of degree-$2$ vertices and by $t$-contractions at degree-$3$ vertices. A $t$-contraction simultaneously contracts all incident edges at a vertex with stable ... More
New bounds for $ψ(x)$Oct 23 2013In this article we provide new explicit Chebyshev's bounds for the prime counting function $\psi(x)$. The proof relies on two new arguments: smoothing the prime counting function which allows to generalize the previous approaches, and a new explicit zero ... More
A moving grid finite element method applied to a mechanobiochemical model for 3D cell migrationMar 22 2019This work presents the development, analysis and numerical simulations of a biophysical model for 3D cell deformation and movement, which couples biochemical reactions and biomechanical forces. We propose a mechanobiochemical model which considers the ... More
The Millimeter Continuum Size-Frequency Relationship in the UZ Tau E DiskMay 16 2018We present high spatial resolution observations of the continuum emission from the young multiple star system UZ Tau at frequencies from 6 to 340 GHz. To quantify the spatial variation of dust emission in the UZ Tau E circumbinary disk, the observed interferometric ... More
Generalizations of Han's Hook Length IdentitiesMay 01 2008May 01 2008Han recently discovered new hook length identities for binary trees. In this paper, we extend Han's identities to binomial families of trees. Moreover, we present a bijective proof of one of the identities for the family of ordered trees.
``Non chiral'' primary superfields in the AdS_{d+1}/CFT_d correspondenceJul 20 1998Oct 23 1998We consider some long multiplets describing bulk massive excitations of M-theory two-branes and IIB string three-branes which correspond to ``non chiral'' primary operators of the boundary OSp(8/4) and SU(2,2/4) superconformal field theories. Examples ... More