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Algorithmic Bidding for Virtual Trading in Electricity MarketsFeb 08 2018We consider the problem of optimal bidding for virtual trading in two-settlement electricity markets. A virtual trader aims to arbitrage on the differences between day-ahead and real-time market prices; both prices, however, are random and unknown to ... More
Renewables and Storage in Distribution Systems: Centralized vs. Decentralized IntegrationJan 11 2016The problem of integrating renewables and storage into a distribution network is considered under two integration models: (i) a centralized model involving a retail utility that owns the integration as part of its portfolio of energy resources, and (ii) ... More
Estimation after Parameter Selection: Performance Analysis and Estimation MethodsMar 01 2015In many practical parameter estimation problems, prescreening and parameter selection are performed prior to estimation. In this paper, we consider the problem of estimating a preselected unknown deterministic parameter chosen from a parameter set based ... More
Multi-Area Interchange Scheduling under UncertaintyNov 15 2016The problem of multi-area interchange scheduling under system uncertainty is considered. A new scheduling technique is proposed for a multi-proxy bus system based on stochastic optimization that captures uncertainty in renewable generation and stochastic ... More
Distributed Learning and Multiaccess of On-Off ChannelsNov 09 2012Feb 25 2013The problem of distributed access of a set of N on-off channels by K<N users is considered. The channels are slotted and modeled as independent but not necessarily identical alternating renewal processes. Each user decides to either observe or transmit ... More
Capacity of Cooperative Fusion in the Presence of Byzantine SensorsJul 14 2006The problem of cooperative fusion in the presence of Byzantine sensors is considered. An information theoretic formulation is used to characterize the Shannon capacity of sensor fusion. It is shown that when less than half of the sensors are Byzantine, ... More
Dynamic Pricing and Distributed Energy Management for Demand ResponseJan 11 2016Feb 29 2016The problem of dynamic pricing of electricity in a retail market is considered. A Stackelberg game is used to model interactions between a retailer and its customers; the retailer sets the day-ahead hourly price of electricity and consumers adjust real-time ... More
Variable-Rate Distributed Source Coding in the Presence of Byzantine SensorsMay 07 2007The distributed source coding problem is considered when the sensors, or encoders, are under Byzantine attack; that is, an unknown number of sensors have been reprogrammed by a malicious intruder to undermine the reconstruction at the fusion center. Three ... More
Distributed Source Coding in the Presence of Byzantine SensorsOct 25 2007The distributed source coding problem is considered when the sensors, or encoders, are under Byzantine attack; that is, an unknown group of sensors have been reprogrammed by a malicious intruder to undermine the reconstruction at the fusion center. Three ... More
Market Dynamics and Indirect Network Effects in Electric Vehicle DiffusionFeb 12 2015Jul 06 2015The diffusion of electric vehicles (EVs) is studied in a two-sided market framework consisting of EVs on the one side and EV charging stations (EVCSs) on the other. A sequential game is introduced as a model for the interactions between an EVCS investor ... More
Deadline Scheduling as Restless BanditsOct 03 2016The problem of stochastic deadline scheduling is considered. A constrained Markov decision process model is introduced in which jobs arrive randomly at a service center with stochastic job sizes, rewards, and completion deadlines.The service provider ... More
Delay Optimal Multichannel Opportunistic AccessJul 31 2011The problem of minimizing queueing delay of opportunistic access of multiple continuous time Markov channels is considered. A new access policy based on myopic sensing and adaptive transmission (MS-AT) is proposed. Under the framework of risk sensitive ... More
Maximum Likelihood Fusion of Stochastic MapsMar 25 2013The fusion of independently obtained stochastic maps by collaborating mobile agents is considered. The proposed approach includes two parts: matching of stochastic maps and maximum likelihood alignment. In particular, an affine invariant hypergraph is ... More
Probabilistic Forecast of Real-Time LMP and Network CongestionMar 20 2015Jun 25 2016The short-term forecasting of real-time locational marginal price (LMP) and network congestion is considered from a system operator perspective. A new probabilistic forecasting technique is proposed based on a multiparametric programming formulation that ... More
Stochastic Interchange Scheduling in the Real-Time Electricity MarketJan 10 2016The problem of multi-area interchange scheduling in the presence of stochastic generation and load is considered. A new interchange scheduling technique based on a two-stage stochastic minimization of overall expected operating cost is proposed. Because ... More
Online Learning and Optimization of Markov Jump Affine ModelsMay 07 2016The problem of online learning and optimization of unknown Markov jump affine models is considered. An online learning policy, referred to as Markovian simultaneous perturbations stochastic approximation (MSPSA), is proposed for two different optimization ... More
An online learning approach to dynamic pricing for demand responseApr 04 2014In this paper, the problem of optimal dynamic pricing for retail electricity with an unknown demand model is considered. Under the day-ahead dynamic pricing (a.k.a. real time pricing) mechanism, a retailer obtains electricity in a twosettlement wholesale ... More
Detection of Gauss-Markov Random Fields with Nearest-Neighbor DependencyJun 11 2007Jun 08 2010The problem of hypothesis testing against independence for a Gauss-Markov random field (GMRF) is analyzed. Assuming an acyclic dependency graph, an expression for the log-likelihood ratio of detection is derived. Assuming random placement of nodes over ... More
Sensor Configuration and Activation for Field Detection in Large Sensor ArraysFeb 19 2005The problems of sensor configuration and activation for the detection of correlated random fields using large sensor arrays are considered. Using results that characterize the large-array performance of sensor networks in this application, the detection ... More
Large-scale Charging of Electric Vehicles: A Multi-Armed Bandit ApproachMay 24 2016The successful launch of electric vehicles (EVs) depends critically on the availability of convenient and economic charging facilities. The problem of scheduling of large-scale charging of EVs by a service provider is considered. A Markov decision process ... More
Probabilistic Forecasting and Simulation of Electricity Markets via Online Dictionary LearningJun 25 2016The problem of probabilistic forecasting and online simulation of real-time electricity market with stochastic generation and demand is considered. By exploiting the parametric structure of the direct current optimal power flow, a new technique based ... More
Polytope Codes Against Adversaries in NetworksDec 14 2011Network coding is studied when an adversary controls a subset of nodes in the network of limited quantity but unknown location. This problem is shown to be more difficult than when the adversary controls a given number of edges in the network, in that ... More
Anonymous Networking amidst EavesdroppersOct 25 2007The problem of security against timing based traffic analysis in wireless networks is considered in this work. An analytical measure of anonymity in eavesdropped networks is proposed using the information theoretic concept of equivocation. For a physical ... More
Optimal and Suboptimal Detection of Gaussian Signals in Noise: Asymptotic Relative EfficiencyJul 06 2005The performance of Bayesian detection of Gaussian signals using noisy observations is investigated via the error exponent for the average error probability. Under unknown signal correlation structure or limited processing capability it is reasonable to ... More
A Large Deviations Approach to Sensor Scheduling for Detection of Correlated Random FieldsJan 21 2005The problem of scheduling sensor transmissions for the detection of correlated random fields using spatially deployed sensors is considered. Using the large deviations principle, a closed-form expression for the error exponent of the miss probability ... More
Subspace Methods for Data Attack on State Estimation: A Data Driven ApproachJun 03 2014Data attacks on state estimation modify part of system measurements such that the tempered measurements cause incorrect system state estimates. Attack techniques proposed in the literature often require detailed knowledge of system parameters. Such information ... More
Neyman-Pearson Detection of Gauss-Markov Signals in Noise: Closed-Form Error Exponent and PropertiesJun 08 2005Jan 04 2006The performance of Neyman-Pearson detection of correlated stochastic signals using noisy observations is investigated via the error exponent for the miss probability with a fixed level. Using the state-space structure of the signal and observation model, ... More
Dynamic Scheduling for Charging Electric Vehicles: A Priority RuleFeb 01 2016We consider the scheduling of multiple tasks with pre-determined deadlines under random processing cost. This problem is motivated by the potential of large scale adoption of plug-in (hybrid) electric vehicles (PHEVs) in the near future. The charging ... More
Optimal Deadline Scheduling with CommitmentOct 06 2011We consider an online preemptive scheduling problem where jobs with deadlines arrive sporadically. A commitment requirement is imposed such that the scheduler has to either accept or decline a job immediately upon arrival. The scheduler's decision to ... More
Data Framing Attack on State EstimationOct 28 2013Apr 21 2014A new mechanism aimed at misleading a power system control center about the source of a data attack is proposed. As a man-in-the-middle state attack, a data framing attack is proposed to exploit the bad data detection and identification mechanisms currently ... More
Cognitive Coexistence between Infrastructure and Ad-hoc SystemsDec 07 2008The rapid proliferation of wireless systems makes interference management more and more important. This paper presents a novel cognitive coexistence framework, which enables an infrastructure system to reduce interference to ad-hoc or peer-to-peer communication ... More
On the possible wind nebula of magnetar Swift J1834.9-0846: a magnetism-powered synchrotron nebulaMay 02 2016May 18 2016Recently, the magnetar Swift J1834.9$-$0846 is reported to have a possible wind nebula. It is shown that both the magnetar and its wind nebula are understandable in the wind braking scenario. The magnetar's rotational energy loss rate is not enough to ... More
A note on the puzzling spindown behavior of the Galactic center magnetar SGR J1745-2900Mar 31 2014Jan 30 2015SGR J1745$-$2900 is a magnetar near the Galactic center. X-ray observations of this source found a decreasing X-ray luminosity accompanied by an enhanced spindown rate. This negative correlation between X-ray luminosity and spindown rate is hard to understand. ... More
Eventual Wait-Free SynchronizationDec 27 2015Eventually linearizable objects are novel shared memory programming constructs introduced as an analogy to eventual consistency in message-passing systems. However, their behaviors in shared memory systems are so mysterious that very little general theoretical ... More
Multicategory vertex discriminant analysis for high-dimensional dataJan 05 2011In response to the challenges of data mining, discriminant analysis continues to evolve as a vital branch of statistics. Our recently introduced method of vertex discriminant analysis (VDA) is ideally suited to handle multiple categories and an excess ... More
Coordinate descent algorithms for lasso penalized regressionMar 27 2008Imposition of a lasso penalty shrinks parameter estimates toward zero and performs continuous model selection. Lasso penalized regression is capable of handling linear regression problems where the number of predictors far exceeds the number of cases. ... More
Necessity of numerical smoothnessJul 12 2012Numerical solutions of differential equations are usually not smooth functions. However, they should resemble the smoothness of the corresponding real solutions in one way or another. In two of our recent papers, a kind of spacial smoothness indicators ... More
Relations among Out-degree, Controllability and Observability of a Networked SystemOct 07 2016Some novel sufficient conditions are derived respectively for the controllability and observability of a networked system, as well as some necessary conditions. These conditions depends only separately on parameters of each subsystem and its out-degree. ... More
On the Equivalence among Three Controllability Problems for a Networked SystemOct 11 2016A new proof is given for the mathematical equivalence among three $k$-sparse controllability problems of a networked system, which plays key roles in Olshevsky,2014, in the establishment of the NP-hardness of the associated minimal controllability problems ... More
NS5-Branes, T-Duality and Worldsheet InstantonsApr 23 2002Jun 30 2003The equivalence of NS5-branes and ALF spaces under T-duality is well known. However, a naive application of T-duality transforms the ALF space into a smeared NS5-brane, de-localized on the dual, transverse, circle. In this paper we re-examine this duality, ... More
Monopoles in the Higgs PhaseJul 31 2003Aug 14 2003We describe new solutions of Yang-Mills-Higgs theories consisting of magnetic monopoles in a phase with fully broken gauge symmetry. Rather than spreading out radially, the magnetic field lines form flux tubes. The solution is topologically stable and, ... More
Etude locale des torseurs sous une courbe elliptiqueMay 04 2010This article concerns the geometry of torsors under an elliptic curve. Let $\OO_K$ be a complete discrete valuation ring with algebraically closed residue field and function field $K$. Let $\pi$ be a generator of the maximal ideal of $\OO_K$, and $S=\mathrm{Spec}(\OO_K)$. ... More
Ultraluminous X-ray pulsar: accreting magnetar?Aug 13 2015Magnetars are a special kind of neutron stars. There may also be accreting magnetars. From the studies of isolated magnetars, it is known that a neutron star with a strong dipole field only is not a magnetar. Super-slow X-ray pulsars may just be accreting ... More
Perfect Memory Context Trees in time series modelingOct 17 2016The Stochastic Context Tree (SCOT) is a useful tool for studying infinite random sequences generated by an m-Markov Chain (m-MC). It captures the phenomenon that the probability distribution of the next state sometimes depends on less than m of the preceding ... More
Asymptotic Behavior of the Pseudo-Covariance Matrix of a Robust State Estimator with Intermittent MeasurementsJan 16 2014Ergodic properties and asymptotic stationarity are investigated in this paper for the pseudo-covariance matrix (PCM) of a recursive state estimator which is robust against parametric uncertainties and is based on plant output measurements that may be ... More
The MM Alternative to EMApr 12 2011The EM algorithm is a special case of a more general algorithm called the MM algorithm. Specific MM algorithms often have nothing to do with missing data. The first M step of an MM algorithm creates a surrogate function that is optimized in the second ... More
A note on lattices in semi-stable representationsSep 28 2007Let p>2 be a prime, K a finite extension over Q_p and G :=Gal(\bar K/K). We extend Kisin's theory on \phi-modules of finite E(u)-height to give a new classification of G-stable Z_p-lattices in semi-stable representations
Potentially Good Reduction of Barsotti-Tate GroupsApr 27 2006Let R be a complete discrete valuation ring of mixed characteristic (0, p) with perfect residue field, K the fraction field of R. Suppose G is a Barsotti-Tate group (p-divisible group) defined over K which acquires good reduction over a finite extension ... More
Pulsar braking: magnetodipole vs. windJun 15 2015Jan 13 2016Pulsars are good clocks in the universe. One fundamental question is that why they are good clocks? This is related to the braking mechanism of pulsars. Nowadays pulsar timing is done with unprecedented accuracy. More pulsars have braking indices measured. ... More
Anti-glitch of magnetar 1E 2259+586 in the wind braking scenarioJun 11 2013Jan 20 2014The anti-glitch of magnetar 1E 2259+586 is analyzed theoretically. An enhanced particle wind during the observational interval will taken away additional rotational energy of the neutron star. This will result in a net spin-down of the magnetar, i.e., ... More
Robust Recursive State Estimation with Random Measurements DroppingsJan 16 2014A recursive state estimation procedure is derived for a linear time varying system with both parametric uncertainties and stochastic measurement droppings. This estimator has a similar form as that of the Kalman filter with intermittent observations, ... More
Coordinated Multi-area Economic Dispatch via Critical Region ProjectionJun 13 2016A coordinated economic dispatch method for multi-area power systems is proposed. Choosing boundary phase angles as coupling variables, the proposed method exploits the structure of critical regions in local problems defined by active and inactive constraints. ... More
PMU based Detection of Imbalance in Three-Phase Power SystemsSep 19 2014The problem of imbalance detection in a three-phase power system using a phasor measurement unit (PMU) is considered. A general model for the zero, positive, and negative sequences from a PMU measurement at off-nominal frequencies is presented and a hypothesis ... More
A Subspace Technique for The Identification of Switched Affine ModelsSep 13 2013The problem of estimating parameters of switched affine systems with noisy input-output observations is considered. The switched affine models is transformed into a switched linear one by removing its intersection subspace, which is estimated from observations. ... More
Spectral Clustering on Subspace for Parameter Estimation of Jump Linear ModelsJul 01 2013The problem of estimating parameters of a deterministic jump or piecewise linear model is considered. A subspace technique referred to as spectral clustering on subspace (SCS) algorithm is proposed to estimate a set of linear model parameters, the model ... More
The Embedding Capacity of Information Flows Under Renewal TrafficMar 12 2011Mar 15 2011Given two independent point processes and a certain rule for matching points between them, what is the fraction of matched points over infinitely long streams? In many application contexts, e.g., secure networking, a meaningful matching rule is that of ... More
Energy Scaling Laws for Distributed Inference in Random Fusion NetworksSep 03 2008Jun 08 2010The energy scaling laws of multihop data fusion networks for distributed inference are considered. The fusion network consists of randomly located sensors distributed i.i.d. according to a general spatial distribution in an expanding region. Among the ... More
Impact of Data Quality on Real-Time Locational Marginal PriceDec 29 2012Aug 30 2013The problem of characterizing impacts of data quality on real-time locational marginal price (LMP) is considered. Because the real-time LMP is computed from the estimated network topology and system state, bad data that cause errors in topology processing ... More
On the image of the Galois representation associated to a non-CM Hida familySep 30 2014Fix a prime $p > 2$. Let $\rho : \text{Gal}(\overline{\mathbb{Q}}/\mathbb{Q}) \to \text{GL}_2(\mathbb{I})$ be the Galois representation coming from a non-CM irreducible component $\mathbb{I}$ of Hida's $p$-ordinary Hecke algebra. Assume the residual representation ... More
A note on total and list edge-colouring of graphs of tree-width 3Apr 20 2015Jul 29 2015It is shown that Halin graphs are $\Delta$-edge-choosable and that graphs of tree-width 3 are $(\Delta+1)$-edge-choosable and $(\Delta +2)$-total-colourable.
On the list chromatic index of graphs of tree-width 3 and maximum degree at least 7Apr 08 2015Among other results, it is shown that 3-trees are $\Delta$-edge-choosable and that graphs of tree-width 3 and maximum degree at least 7 are $\Delta$-edge-choosable.
unWISE: unblurred coadds of the WISE imagingMay 01 2014The Wide-Field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE; Wright et al. 2010) satellite observed the full sky in four mid-infrared bands in the 2.8 to 28 micron range. The primary mission was completed in 2010. The WISE team have done a superb job of producing a ... More
The field Q(2cos(pi/n)), its Galois group and length ratios in the regular n-gonOct 03 2012The normal field extension Q(rho(n)), with the algebraic number rho(n) = 2 cos(pi/n) for natural n, is related to ratios of the lengths between diagonals and the side of a regular n-gon. This has been considered in a paper by P. Steinbach. These ratios ... More
Reduce and Solve Boltzmann Equation on a Global Lie GroupDec 13 2010Aug 11 2011This paper has been withdrawn by the author due to a crucial sign error in equation 2.23 and a wrong author added.
Simplification of Boltzmann Equation on S^{3}(1)Mar 28 2011Aug 11 2011Simple form of Boltzmann equation will be proposed after introducing a three-dimensional closed Lie group to simplify its collision term.
Notes on Some Geometric and Algebraic Problems Solved by OrigamiSep 14 2014Details for known solutions of some geometric and algebraic problems with the help of origami are presented: two theorems of Haga, the general cubic equation, especially the heptagon equation, doubling the cube as well as the trisection of angles $\alpha$, ... More
Separation of variables for local symmetrical flowsAug 11 2011Jan 09 2016Separation of variables is effective method for solving ordinary and partial differential equations. We examine some topological manifolds in flows and get a conclusion that it can be applied in separating variables of differential equations. Then we ... More
On Collatz' Words, Sequences and TreesApr 10 2014Motivated by a recent work of Tr\"umper we consider the general Collatz word (up-down pattern) and the sequences following this pattern. The recurrences for the first and last sequence entries are given, obtained from repeated application of the general ... More
Harmonic Tropical CurvesJan 28 2015Oct 14 2015Harmonic amoebas are generalizations of amoebas of algebraic curves embedded in complex tori. Introduced in \cite{Kri}, the consideration of such objects suggests to enlarge the scope of classical tropical geometry of curves. In the present paper, we ... More
Learning Pairwise Graphical Models with Nonlinear Sufficient StatisticsNov 21 2013Nov 22 2013We investigate a generic problem of learning pairwise exponential family graphical models with pairwise sufficient statistics defined by a global mapping function, e.g., Mercer kernels. This subclass of pairwise graphical models allow us to flexibly capture ... More
Throughput Analysis for Full-Duplex Wireless Networks with Imperfect Self-interference CancellationFeb 25 2015This paper investigates the throughput for wireless network with full-duplex radios using stochastic geometry. Full-duplex (FD) radios can exchange data simultaneously with each other. On the other hand, the downside of FD transmission is that it will ... More
Simple classical groups of Lie type are determined by their character degreesMay 21 2011Feb 22 2012In this paper, we will show that nonabelian simple classical groups of Lie type are uniquely determined by the structure of their complex group algebras.
Scalar Speed Limits and Cosmology: Acceleration from D-ccelerationOct 23 2003Jul 20 2004Causality on the gravity side of the AdS/CFT correspondence restricts motion on the moduli space of the N=4 super Yang Mills theory by imposing a speed limit on how fast the scalar field may roll. This effect can be traced to higher derivative operators ... More
Section Extension from Hyperbolic Geometry of Punctured Disk and Holomorphic Family of Flat BundlesApr 13 2011Jul 07 2011The construction of sections of bundles with prescribed jet values plays a fundamental role in problems of algebraic and complex geometry. When the jet values are prescribed on a positive dimensional subvariety, it is handled by theorems of Ohsawa-Takegoshi ... More
Supporting Soft Real-Time Sporadic Task Systems on Heterogeneous Multiprocessors with No Utilization LossMay 28 2014Heterogeneous multicore architectures are becoming increasingly popular due to their potential of achieving high performance and energy efficiency compared to the homogeneous multicore architectures. In such systems, the real-time scheduling problem becomes ... More
Feature Matching in Time Series ModelingApr 15 2011Jan 05 2012Using a time series model to mimic an observed time series has a long history. However, with regard to this objective, conventional estimation methods for discrete-time dynamical models are frequently found to be wanting. In fact, they are characteristically ... More
A quantile regression estimator for censored dataFeb 01 2013We propose a censored quantile regression estimator motivated by unbiased estimating equations. Under the usual conditional independence assumption of the survival time and the censoring time given the covariates, we show that the proposed estimator is ... More
An Ehrenfeucht-Fraïssé Game for $L_{ω_1ω}$Dec 01 2012Ehrenfeucht-Fraisse games are very useful in studying separation and equivalence results in logic. The standard finite Ehrenfeucht-Fraisse game characterizes equivalence in first order logic. The standard Ehrenfeucht-Fraisse game in infinitary logic characterizes ... More
Singlet Dark Matter in Type II Two Higgs Doublet ModelAug 24 2013Inspired by the dark matter searches in the low mass region, we study the Type II two Higgs doublet model with a light gauge singlet WIMP stabilized by a Z_2 symmetry. The real singlet is required to only couple to the non-Standard Model Higgs. We investigate ... More
Relic gravitational waves in the frame of slow-roll inflation with a power-law potential and the detectionJan 27 2013Feb 22 2013We obtained the analytic solutions of relic gravitational waves (RGWs) for the slow-roll inflation with a power-law form potential of the scalar field, $V=\lambda\phi^n$. Based on a reasonable range of $n$ constrained by cosmic microwave background (CMB) ... More
New MDS or near MDS self-dual codes over finite fieldsSep 15 2016The study of MDS self-dual codes has attracted lots of attention in recent years. There are many papers on determining existence of $q-$ary MDS self-dual codes for various lengths. There are not existence of $q-$ary MDS self-dual codes of some lengths, ... More
Post-Newtonian Approximation for Spinning ParticlesMar 25 1997Using an energy-momentum tensor for spinning particles due to Dixon and Bailey-Israel, we develop the post-Newtonian approximation for N spinning particles in a self-contained manner. The equations of motion are derived directly from this energy-momentum ... More
Intersecting Branes, Domain Walls and Superpotentials in 3d Gauge TheoriesMay 20 2014Jun 04 2014We revisit the Hanany-Witten brane construction of 3d gauge theories with N=2 supersymmetry. Instantons are known to generate a superpotential on the Coulomb branch of the theory. We show that this superpotential can be viewed as arising from the classical ... More
Dark matter properties implied by gamma ray interstellar emission modelsSep 01 2016We infer dark matter properties from gamma ray residuals extracted using eight different interstellar emission scenarios proposed by the Fermi-LAT Collaboration to explain the Galactic Center gamma ray excess. Adopting the most plausible simplified ansatz, ... More
A Concurrent Multiscale Micromorphic Molecular Dynamics. Part I. Theoretical FormulationMar 09 2014Mar 12 2014Based on a novel concept of multiplicative multiscale decomposition, we have derived a multiscale micromorphic molecular dynamics (MMMD)to extent the (Andersen)-Parrinello-Rahman molecular dynamics to mesoscale and macroscale. The multiscale micromorphic ... More
Fibonacci Numbers and IdentitiesMar 21 2013Apr 02 2013By investigating a recurrence relation about functions, we first give alternative proofs of various identities on Fibonacci numbers and Lucas numbers, and then, make certain well known identities visible via certain trivalent graph associated to the recurrence ... More
Finite Generation of Canonical Ring by Analytic MethodMar 17 2008In the 80th birthday conference for Professor LU Qikeng in June 2006 I gave a talk on the analytic approach to the finite generation of the canonical ring for a compact complex algebraic manifold of general type. This article is my contribution to the ... More
Additional Explanatory Notes on the Analytic Proof of the Finite Generation of the Canonical RingApr 16 2007This set of notes provides some additional explanatory material on the analytic proof of the finite generation of the canonical ring for a compact complex algebraic manifold of general type.
Steinitz class of Mordell groups of elliptic curves with complex multiplicationSep 03 1998Let E be an elliptic curve having Complex Multiplication by the full ring O_K of integers of K=Q(\sqrt{-D}), let H=K(j(E)) be the Hilbert class field of K. Then the Mordell-Weil group E(H) is an O_K-module, and its structure denpends on its Steinitz class ... More
Some Bounds for ramification of $p^n$-torsion semi-stable representationsMay 27 2008Jul 09 2008Let p be an odd prime, K a finite extension of Q_p, G=Gal(\bar K/K) the Galois group and e=e(K/Q_p) the ramification index. Suppose T is a p^n torsion representation such that T is isomorphic to a quotient of two G-stable Z_p-lattices in a semi-stable ... More
Dirac Quasi-Normal Modes in Schwarzschild Black Hole SpacetimesMar 20 2003We evaluate both the massless and the massive Dirac quasi-normal mode frequencies in the Schwarzschild black hole spacetime using the WKB approximation. For the massless case, we find that, similar to those for the integral spin fields, the real parts ... More
von Neumann entropy and localization properties of two interacting particles in one-dimensional nonuniform systemsOct 13 2007With the help of von Neumann entropy, we study numerically the localization properties of two interacting particles (TIP) with on-site interactions in one-dimensional disordered, quasiperiodic, and slowly varying potential systems, respectively. We find ... More
Instantons, Three Dimensional Gauge Theories and Monopole Moduli SpacesOct 12 1997Dec 12 1997We calculate instanton corrections to three dimensional gauge theories with N=4 and N=8 supersymmetry and SU(n) gauge groups. The N=4 results give new information about the moduli space of n BPS SU(2) monopoles, including the leading order non-pairwise ... More
A NOT operation on Majorana qubits with mobilizable solitons in an extended Su-Schrieffer-Heeger modelJun 21 2014Coupling Majorana qubits with other qubits is an absolute essential in storing, manipulating and transferring informations for topological quantum computing. We theoretically propose a manner to coupling Majorana qubits with solitons, another kind of ... More
Neyman-Pearson classification, convexity and stochastic constraintsFeb 28 2011Motivated by problems of anomaly detection, this paper implements the Neyman-Pearson paradigm to deal with asymmetric errors in binary classification with a convex loss. Given a finite collection of classifiers, we combine them and obtain a new classifier ... More
Neutrino Masses, Dark Matter and B-L Symmetry at the LHCApr 02 2010Oct 18 2010We establish a hybrid seesaw mechanism to explain small neutrino masses and predict cold dark matter candidate in the context of the B-L gauge symmetry extension of the Standard Model. In this model a new scalar doublet and two new fermion singlets are ... More
Some recent transcendental techniques in algebraic and complex geometryDec 01 2002This article discusses the recent transcendental techniques used in the proofs of the following three conjectures. (1)~The plurigenera of a compact projective algebraic manifold are invariant under holomorphic deformation. (2)~There exists no smooth Leviflat ... More
Quantum Dynamics of Supergravity on R^3 x S^1Aug 14 2014Oct 15 2014We study the quantum dynamics of N=1 supergravity in four dimensions with a compact spatial circle. Supersymmetry ensures that the perturbative contributions to the Casimir energy on the circle cancel. However, instanton contributions remain. These render ... More
Techniques for the Analytic Proof of the Finite Generation of the Canonical RingNov 07 2008This article is written for the Proceedings of the Conference on Current Developments in Mathematics in Harvard University, November 16-17, 2007. It is an exposition of the analytic proof of the finite generation of the canonical ring for a compact complex ... More
Effective Termination of Kohn's Algorithm for Subelliptic MultipliersJun 27 2007Aug 27 2008This note discusses the problem of the effective termination of Kohn's algorithm for subelliptic multipliers for bounded smooth weakly pseudoconvex domains of finite type. We give a complete proof for the case of special domains of finite type and indicate ... More