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Berry phase in a composite systemSep 05 2003Apr 25 2004The Berry phase in a composite system with only one subsystem being driven has been studied in this Letter. We choose two spin-$\frac 1 2 $ systems with spin-spin couplings as the composite system, one of the subsystems is driven by a time-dependent magnetic ... More
Reply to 'comment on Berry phase in a composite system'Sep 26 2007In this reply, we show that the adiabatic theorem would break down in the weak coupling limit, and the definition for the subsystem geometric phase is well defined.
Precision Measurement of the Neutron Spin Asymmetries and Spin-dependent Structure Functions in the Valence Quark RegionMay 12 2004Feb 01 2005We report on measurements of the neutron spin asymmetries $A_{1,2}^n$ and polarized structure functions $g_{1,2}^n$ at three kinematics in the deep inelastic region, with $x=0.33$, 0.47 and 0.60 and $Q^2=2.7$, 3.5 and 4.8 (GeV/c)$^2$, respectively. These ... More
Precision Measurement of the Neutron Spin Asymmetry $A_1^n$ and Spin-Flavor Decomposition in the Valence Quark RegionAug 13 2003Jan 07 2004We have measured the neutron spin asymmetry $A_1^n$ with high precision at three kinematics in the deep inelastic region at $x=0.33$, 0.47 and 0.60, and $Q^2=2.7$, 3.5 and 4.8 (GeV/c)$^2$, respectively. Our results unambiguously show, for the first time, ... More
Coordinated Multicell Multicast Beamforming Based on Manifold OptimizationJul 12 2017Multicast beamforming is a key technology for next-generation wireless cellular networks to support high-rate content distribution services. In this paper, the coordinated downlink multicast beamforming design in multicell networks is considered. The ... More
The short-time behaviour of a kinetic Ashkin-Teller model on the critical lineMay 22 1997We simulate the kinetic Ashkin-Teller model with both ordered and disordered initial states, evolving in contact with a heat-bath at the critical temperature. The power law scaling behaviour for the magnetic order and electric order are observed in the ... More
Pole Analysis of Unitarized One Loop $χ$PT Amplitudes - A Triple Channel StudyJun 24 2012In a previous paper (Commun. Theor. Phys. 57 (2012) 841), we proposed a method to distinguish poles of different dynamical origin, in a unitarized amplitude of $\pi\pi\, K\bar K$ system. That is based on the observation that `A Breit-Wigner resonance ... More
Pole analysis on unitarized $SU(3)\times SU(3)$ one loop $χ$PT amplitudesAug 06 2011We analyze $\pi\pi-K\bar{K}$ and $\pi\eta-K\bar{K}$ couple channel [1,1] matrix Pad\'e amplitudes of $SU(3)\times SU(3)$ chiral perturbation theory. By fitting phase shift and inelasticity data, we determine pole positions in different channels ($f_0(980)$, ... More
Finite temperature excitations of an inhomogneous trapped Bose gas with Feshbach resonancesMar 05 2000We derive and discuss the temperature dependance of the condensate and noncondensate density profile of a Bose-Einstein condensate gas with Feshbach resonance in a parabolic trap. These quantities are calculated self-consistently using the generalized ... More
Cooper Pairs in Alternating Layers of Light and Heavy AtomsJul 10 2000The Hamiltonian and trial function in the BCS theory are improved to test the limit of this theory. The Cooper pairs arise from standing electron waves, ready to move with atoms, giving high Tc. The Hamiltonian is derived from alternating layers of light ... More
Spin-singlet superconductivity with multiple gaps in PrO0.89F0.11FeAsJun 02 2008Since the discovery of high transition-temperature (Tc) superconductivity in copper oxides two decades ago, continuous efforts have been devoted to searching for similar phenomenon in other compounds. With the exception of MgB2 (Tc =39 K), however, Tc ... More
BCS Theory for Binary Systems with 2D ElectronsJul 31 2001MgB_2 is considered as a binary system with 2D electrons. The classic BCS theory is applied to this system. The transition temperature is found to be relatively high, because 2D electrons are more capable of moving with the atoms, on top of other features ... More
Do Globular Clusters Harbor Black Holes?Jun 22 2001It has been firmly established that there exists a tight correlation between the central black hole mass and velocity dispersion (or luminosity) of elliptical galaxies, ``pseudobulges'' and bulges of galaxies, although the nature of this correlation still ... More
New Superconductivity Dome in LaFeAsO$_{1-x}$F$_{x}$ Accompanied by Structural TransitionJul 07 2015Sep 18 2015High temperature superconductivity is often found in the vicinity of antiferromagnetism. This is also true in LaFeAsO$_{1-x}$F$_{x}$ ($x \leq$ 0.2) and many other iron-based superconductors, which leads to proposals that superconductivity is mediated ... More
Research of Mechanical Properties of Ni-Ti-Nb Alloyson Low Temperature and Restriction BehaviorMay 07 2009May 13 2009Mechanical Properties of Ni-Ti-Nb alloys with these conditions of cold-drawing, non-vacuum heat treatment and vacuum heat treatment were measured at low temperature, and Mechanical Properties of Ni47Ti44Nb9 alloys of restricting recover was compared with ... More
Studies on $π^+π^-$ phase motion in the $Ψ'\to J/Ψπ^+ π^-$ processMay 19 2008We propose a measurement on the elastic $\pi\pi$ scattering phase shift difference $\delta^0_0-\delta^2_0$ through $\Psi'\to J/\Psi \pi^+ \pi^-$ process in future high statistics BES-III experiment. The decay amplitude is constructed with seven Lorentz ... More
Unconventional superconductivity of NdFeAsO0.82F0.18 indicated by the low temperature dependence of the lower critical field Hc1Aug 25 2008We measured the initial M-H curves for a sample of the newly discovered superconductor NdFeAsO0.82Fe0.18, which had a critical temperature, Tc, of 51 K, and was fabricated at the high pressure of 6 GPa. The lower critical field, Hc1, was extracted from ... More
Raman spectroscopic determination of the length, strength, compressibility, Debye temperature, elasticity, and force constant of the C-C bond in grapheneSep 19 2011From the perspective of bond relaxation and vibration, we have reconciled the Raman shifts of graphene under the stimuli of the number-of-layer, uni-axial-strain, pressure, and temperature in terms of the response of the length and strength of the representative ... More
Breakdown of single spin-fluid model in heavily hole-doped superconductor CsFe2As2May 28 2017Although Fe-based superconductors are multiorbital correlated electronic systems, previous nuclei magnetic resonance (NMR) measurement suggests that a single spin-fluid model is sufficient to describe its spin behavior. Here, we firstly observed the breakdown ... More
On the nature of the lightest scalar resonancesNov 29 2004We briefly review the recent progresses in the new unitarization approach being developed by us. Especially we discuss the large $N_c$ $\pi\pi$ scatterings by making use of the partial wave $S$ matrix parametrization form. We find that the $\sigma$ pole ... More
Unconventional charge-density wave in Sr3Ir4Sn13 cubic superconductor revealed by optical spectroscopy studyJun 27 2014Sr3Ir4Sn13 is an interesting compound showing a coexistence of structural phase transition and superconductivity. The structural phase transition at 147 K leads to the formation of a superlattice. We performed optical spectroscopy measurements across ... More
Superconducting state in the non-centrosymmetric Mg_{9.3}Ir_{19}B_{16.7} and Mg_{10.5}Ir_{19}B_{17.1} revealed by NMRAug 20 2009We report ^{11}B NMR measurements in non-centrosymmetric superconductors Mg_{9.3}Ir_{19}B_{16.7} (T_c=5.8 K) and Mg_{10.5}Ir_{19}B_{17.1} (T_c=4.8 K). The spin lattice relaxation rate and the Knight shift indicate that the Cooper pairs are predominantly ... More
Environmental, Thermal, and Electrical Susceptibility of Black Phosphorus Field Effect TransistorsJul 15 2015Atomic layers of black phosphorus (P) isolated from its layered bulk make a new two-dimensional (2D) semiconducting crystal with sizable direct bandgap, high carrier mobility, and promises for 2D electronics and optoelectronics. However, the integrity ... More
Trigonometric Parallaxes of Massive Star Forming Regions: V. G23.01-0.41 and G23.44-0.18Nov 05 2008We report trigonometric parallaxes for the massive star-forming regions G23.01-0.41 and G23.44-0.18, corresponding to distances of 4.59 [+0.38/-0.33] kpc and 5.88 [+1.37/-0.93] kpc, respectively. The distance to G23.01-0.41 is smaller than its near kinematic ... More
Trigonometric Parallaxes of Massive Star Forming Regions: I. S 252 & G232.6+1.0Nov 04 2008We are conducting a large program with the NRAO Very Long Baseline Array (VLBA) to measure trigonometric parallaxes of massive star-forming regions across the Milky Way. Here we report measurement of the parallax and proper motion of methanol masers in ... More
The nature of [S III]λλ9096, 9532 emitters at z = 1.34 and 1.23Feb 14 2014A study of [S III]$\lambda\lambda9096,9532$ emitters at $z$ = 1.34 and 1.23 is presented using our deep narrow-band $H_2S1$ (centered at 2.13 $\mu$m) imaging survey of the Extended Chandra Deep Field South (ECDFS). We combine our data with multi-wavelength ... More
Resolving and Tuning Mechanical Anisotropy in Black Phosphorus via Nanomechanical Multimode Resonance SpectromicroscopySep 25 2016Black phosphorus (P) has emerged as a layered semiconductor with a unique crystal structure featuring corrugated atomic layers and strong in-plane anisotropy in its physical properties. Here, we demonstrate that the crystal orientation and mechanical ... More
Model dependent analyses on the $N_c$ dependence of the $σ$ pole trajectoryMar 19 2005We explore the nature of the$\sigma$ or $f_0(600)$ meson using large $N_c$ technique, assuming that the $\sigma$ pole dominates low energy physics in the IJ=00 channel. We trace the $N_c$ dependence of the $\sigma$ pole position using [1,1] Pad\'e approximation ... More
Orbital Order and Spin Nematicity in the Tetragonal Phase of Electron-doped Iron-Pnictides NaFe$_{1-x}$Co$_{x}$AsJan 20 2016In copper-oxide and iron-based high temperature (high-$T_{\rm c}$) superconductors, many physical properties exhibit in-plane anisotropy, which is believed to be caused by a rotational symmetry-breaking nematic order, whose origin and its relationship ... More
Trigonometric Parallaxes of Massive Star Forming Regions: II. Cep A & NGC 7538Nov 05 2008We report trigonometric parallaxes for the sources NGC 7538 and Cep A, corresponding to distances of 2.65 [+0.12/-0.11] kpc and 0.70 [+0.04/-0.04] kpc, respectively. The distance to NGC 7538 is considerably smaller than its kinematic distance and places ... More
Flux pinning mechanism in NdFeAsO0.82F0.18 superconductor: Thermally activated flux flow and charge carrier mean free path fluctuation pinningJun 08 2008The flux pinning mechanism of NdO0.82F0.18FeAs superconductor made under high pressure, with a critical temperature, Tc, of 51 K, has been investigated in detail in this work. The field dependence of the magnetization and the temperature dependence of ... More
Theoretical studies of the local structures and EPR parameters for Cu$^{2+}$ center in Cd$_{2}$(NH$_{4}$)$_{2}$(SO$_{4}$)$_{3}$ single crystalDec 24 2015The electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) parameters ($g$ factors $g_{i}$ and the hyperfine structure constants ${{A}}_{{i}}$, ${i} = {x}, {y}, {z}$) are interpreted by using the perturbation formulae for a $3{d}^{9}$ ion in rhombically ({D}$_{2h}$) elongated ... More
An HST Surface Photometric Study of Ultraluminous Infrared GalaxiesFeb 24 1999We study the surface photometry for 13 single-nucleus ultraluminous IRAS galaxies (ULIRGs), selected from a parent sample of 58 galaxies obtained in a Hubble Space Telescope snapshot survey. We find that these galaxies can be classified into three classes ... More
Investigations on the Property of $f_0(600)$ and $f_0(980)$ Resonances in $γγ\to ππ$ ProcessOct 02 2009Using dispersion relation technique and experimental data, a coupled channel analysis on $\gamma\gamma\to\pi\pi$ process is made. Di-photon coupling of $f_0(600)$ and $f_0(980)$ resonances are extracted and their dynamical properties are discussed. Especially ... More
Trigonometric Parallaxes of Massive Star Forming Regions: III. G59.7+0.1 and W 51 IRS2Nov 05 2008We report trigonometric parallaxes for G59.7+0.1 and W 51 IRS2, corresponding to distances of 2.16^{+0.10}_{-0.09} kpc and 5.1^{+2.9}_{-1.4} kpc, respectively. The distance to G59.7+0.1 is smaller than its near kinematic distance and places it between ... More
VLBA Imaging of the OH Maser in IIIZw35Jul 01 1997We present a parsec-scale image of the OH maser in the nucleus of the active galaxy IIIZw35, made using the Very Long Baseline Array at a wavelength of 18 cm. We detected two distinct components, with a projected separation of 50 pc (for D=110 Mpc) and ... More
Possible high temperature superconductivity in Ti-doped A-Sc-Fe-As-O (A= Ca, Sr) systemMar 30 2009Sep 17 2009We report a systematic study on the effect of partial substitution of Sc$^{3+}$ by Ti$^{4+}$ in Sr$_{2}$ScFeAsO$_{3}$, Ca$_{2}$ScFeAsO$_{3}$ and Sr$_{3}$Sc$_{2}$Fe$_{2}$As$_{2}$O$_{5}$ on their electrical properties. High level of doping results in an ... More
Prospects to attain room temperature superconductivityMay 03 2019With a generic model for the electron-phonon spectral density, two simple expressions are derived to estimate the transition temperature and gap-to-temperature ratio in conventional superconductors. They entail that on average the numerical value of the ... More
Anti-correlation and subsector structure in financial systemsJan 31 2012With the random matrix theory, we study the spatial structure of the Chinese stock market, American stock market and global market indices. After taking into account the signs of the components in the eigenvectors of the cross-correlation matrix, we detect ... More
Thomson scattering from high-temperature high-density plasmas revisitedJan 04 2009The theory of Thomson scattering from high-temperature high-density plasmas is revisited from the view point of plasma fluctuation theory. Three subtle effects are addressed with a unified theory. The first is the correction of the first order of $v/c$, ... More
A Comment on "Memory Effects in an Interacting Magnetic Nanoparticle System"Mar 15 2004Recently, Sun et al reported that striking memory effects had been clearly observed in their new experiments on an interacting nanoparticle system [1]. They claimed that the phenomena evidenced the existence of a spin-glass-like phase and supported the ... More
Graphene doping to enhance flux pinning and supercurrent carrying ability in magnesium diboride superconductorJan 28 2010It has been shown that graphene doping is sufficient to lead to an improvement in the critical current density - field performance (Jc(B)), with little change in the transition temperature in MgB2. At 3.7 at% graphene doping of MgB2 an optimal enhancement ... More
Strong Light Confinement in Rod-Connected Diamond Photonic CrystalsOct 20 2018We show that it is possible to confine light in a volume of order 10^-3 cubic wavelengths using only dielectric material. Low-index (air) cavities are simulated in high index rod-connected diamond (RCD) photonic crystals. These cavities show long storage ... More
The Properties of Hα Emission-Line Galaxies at z = 2.24Feb 14 2014Mar 26 2014Using deep narrow-band $H_2S1$ and $K_{s}$-band imaging data obtained with CFHT/WIRCam, we identify a sample of 56 H$\alpha$ emission-line galaxies (ELGs) at $z=2.24$ with the 5$\sigma$ depths of $H_2S1=22.8$ and $K_{s}=24.8$ (AB) over 383 arcmin$^{2}$ ... More
Transport and anisotropy in single-crystalline SrFe$_2$As$_2$ and $A_{0.6}$K$_{0.4}$Fe$_2$As$_2$ ($A$ = Sr, Ba) superconductorsJun 16 2008Nov 21 2008We have successfully grown high quality single crystals of SrFe$_2$As$_2$ and A$_{0.6}$K$_{0.4}$Fe$_2$As$_2$(A=Sr, Ba) using flux method. The resistivity, specific heat and Hall coefficient have been measured. For parent compound SrFe$_2$As$_2$, an anisotropic ... More
Disruption of the accidental Dirac semimetal state in ZrTe$_{5}$ under hydrostatic pressureJan 12 2017We study the effect of hydrostatic pressure on the magnetotransport properties of the zirconium pentatelluride. The magnitude of resistivity anomaly gets enhanced with increasing pressure, but the transition temperature $T^{\ast}$ is almost independent ... More
Direct observation of local K variation and its correlation to electronic inhomogeneity in (Ba1-xKx)Fe2As2 PnictideApr 04 2011May 18 2011Local fluctuations in the distribution of dopant atoms are a suspected cause of nanoscale electronic disorder or phase separation observed within the pnictide superconductors. Atom probe tomography results present the first direct observations of dopant ... More
Revealing multiple density wave orders in non-superconducting titanium oxypnictide Na$_2$Ti$_2$As$_2$OJan 30 2014We report an optical spectroscopy study on the single crystal of Na$_2$Ti$_2$As$_2$O, a sister compound of superconductor BaTi$_2$Sb$_2$O. The study reveals unexpectedly two density wave phase transitions. The first transition at 320 K results in the ... More
Ab initio simulations of the kinetic properties of the hydrogen monomer on grapheneJul 07 2010Nov 18 2010The understanding of the kinetic properties of hydrogen (isotopes) adatoms on graphene is important in many fields. The kinetic properties of hydrogen-isotope (H, D and T) monomers were simulated using a composite method consisting of density functional ... More
β-Ga2O3 NEMS Oscillator for Real-Time Middle Ultraviolet (MUV) Light DetectionJun 30 2018We report on the first beta gallium oxide (\beta-Ga2O3) crystal feedback oscillator built by employing a vibrating \beta-Ga2O3 nanoresonator as the frequency reference for real-time middle ultraviolet (MUV) light detection. We fabricate suspended \beta-Ga2O3 ... More
Chandra X-ray Sources in the LALA Cetus FieldJul 22 2007The 174 ks Chandra Advanced CCD Imaging Spectrometer exposure of the Large Area Lyman Alpha Survey (LALA) Cetus field is the second of the two deep Chandra images on LALA fields. In this paper we present the Chandra X-ray sources detected in the Cetus ... More
Harmonics Effect on Ion-Bulk Waves in CH PlasmasSep 08 2016The harmonics effect on ion-bulk (IBk) waves has been researched by Vlasov simulation. The condition of excitation of a large-amplitude IBk waves is given to explain the phenomenon of strong short-wavelength electrostatic activity in solar wind. When ... More
The Single-degenerate Binary Origin of Tycho's Supernova as Traced by the Stripped Envelope of the CompanionFeb 18 2011We propose that a non-thermal X-ray arc inside the remnant of Tycho's supernova (SN) represents the interaction between the SN ejecta and the companion star's envelope lost in the impact of the explosion. The X-ray emission of the remnant further shows ... More
Trigonometric Parallaxes of Massive Star Forming Regions: VIII. G12.89+0.49, G15.03-0.68 (M17) and G27.36-0.16Mar 16 2011We report trigonometric parallaxes for three massive star forming regions, corresponding to distances of $2.34^{+0.13}_{-0.11}$ kpc for G12.89+0.49 (also known as IRAS 18089-1732),$1.98^{+0.14}_{-0.12}$ kpc for G15.03-0.68 (in the M17 region), and $8.0^{+4.0}_{-2.0}$ ... More
Trigonometric Parallaxes of Massive Star Forming Regions: IV. G35.20-0.74 and G35.20-1.74Nov 05 2008We report trigonometric parallaxes for the high-mass star forming regions G35.20-0.74 and G35.20-1.74, corresponding to distances of 2.19 (+0.24 -0.20) kpc and 3.27 (+0.56 -0.42) kpc, respectively. The distances to both sources are close to their near ... More
Studies of relative gain and timing response of fine-mesh photomultiplier tubes in high magnetic fieldsJan 08 2016We investigated the use of Hamamatsu fine-mesh photomultiplier tube assemblies H6152-70 and H6614-70 with regards to their gain and timing resolution in magnetic fields up to 1.9 T. Our results show that the H6614-70 assembly can operate reliably in magnetic ... More
Enhanced Ferromagnetic Ordering in GdBaCo$_{2}$O$_{5.5+δ}$ Films on SrTiO3 (001) SubstrateJan 10 2009The authors investigated the structure and properties of GdBaCo$_{2}$O$_{5.5+\delta}$ thin films epitaxially grown on SrTiO$_{3}$ (001) single crystal substrates. The thin films were found to have a notable remnant magnetization above room temperature, ... More
Anti-Stokes scattering and Stokes scattering of stimulated Brillouin scattering cascade in high-intensity laser-plasmas interactionJan 17 2017The anti-Stokes scattering and Stokes scattering in stimulated Brillouin scattering (SBS) cascade have been researched by the Vlasov-Maxwell simulation. In the high-intensity laser-plasmas interaction, the stimulated anti-Stokes Brillouin scattering (SABS) ... More
Trigonometric Parallaxes of Massive Star-Forming Regions. IX. The Outer Arm in the First QuadrantOct 19 2011We report a trigonometric parallax measurement with the Very Long Baseline Array for the water maser in the distant high-mass star-forming region G75.30+1.32. This source has a heliocentric distance of 9.25+-0.45 kpc, which places it in the Outer arm ... More
Ultrawide Band Gap β-Ga2O3 Nanomechanical Resonators with Spatially Visualized Multimode MotionJul 01 2018Beta gallium oxide (\beta-Ga2O3) is an emerging ultrawide band gap (4.5 - 4.9 eV) semiconductor with attractive properties for future power electronics, optoelectronics, and sensors for detecting gases and ultraviolet radiation. \beta-Ga2O3 thin films ... More
Revealing the hidden order in BaTi2As2O via nuclear magnetic resonanceJun 29 2018In low-dimensional metallic systems, lattice distortion is usually coupled to a density-wave-like electronic instability due to Fermi surface nesting (FSN) and strong electron-phonon coupling. However, the ordering of other electronic degrees of freedom ... More
Optical study on doped polyaniline composite filmsApr 27 2004Localization driven by disorder has a strong influence on the conducting property of conducting polymer. A class of authors hold the opinion that disorder in the material is homogeneous and conducting polymer is disordered metal close to Anderson-Mott ... More
Stimulated Brillouin scattering behaviors in different species ignition hohlraum plasmas in high-temperature and high-density regionApr 05 2017The presence of multiple ion species can add additional branches to the IAW dispersion relation and change the Landau damping significantly. Different IAW modes excited by stimulated Brillouin scattering (SBS) and different SBS behaviors in several typical ... More
Fluid nonlinear frequency shift of nonlinear ion acoustic waves in multi-ion species plasmas in small wave number regionAug 12 2016The properties of the nonlinear frequency shift (NFS) especially the fluid NFS from the harmonic generation of the ion-acoustic wave (IAW) in multi-ion species plasmas have been researched by Vlasov simulation. The pictures of the nonlinear frequency ... More
A spin-orbital-intertwined nematic state in FeSeMar 14 2019Spin-orbit coupling (SOC) due to the relativistic motion of electrons is a fundamental interaction to intertwine spin and orbital degrees of freedom in solids. Recently, the fingerprint of SOC on the low-energy electronic structure has been observed in ... More
Revisiting LS I +61 303 with VLBI astrometryNov 21 2017We conducted multi-epoch VLBA phase reference observations of LS I +61 303 in order to study its precessing radio jet. Compared to similar observations in 2006, we find that the observed elliptical trajectory of emission at 8.4 GHz repeats after the 9-year ... More
Suppression of Stimulated Raman Scattering and Hot Electrons Generation due to Langmuir Decay Instability Cascade and Langmuir CollapseDec 05 2016Backward stimulated Raman scattering (BSRS) with Langmuir decay instability (LDI) and Langmuir collapse has been researched by Vlasov simulation for the first time. The decay productions of LDI cascade and their evolution with time is clearly demonstrated, ... More
Trigonometric Parallaxes of Massive Star-Forming Regions: VII. G9.62+0.20 and the Expanding 3 KPC-ARMSep 21 2009We report a trigonometric parallax of 12 GHz methanol masers associated with the massive star forming region G9.62+0.20, corresponding to a distance of 5.2+-0.6 kpc. With a local standard of rest velocity of about 2 km/s, the region's kinematic distances ... More
A GRB Follow-up System at the Xinglong Observatory and Detection of the High-Redshift GRB 060927Jun 16 2009A gamma-ray burst (GRB) optical photometric follow-up system at the Xinglong Observatory of National Astronomical Observatories of China (NAOC) has been constructed. It uses the 0.8-m Tsinghua-NAOC Telescope (TNT) and the 1-m EST telescope, and can automatically ... More
X-ray properties of the z ~ 4.5 Lyman-alpha Emitters in the Chandra Deep Field South RegionMay 20 2010May 25 2010We report the first X-ray detection of 113 Lyman-alpha emitters at redshift z ~ 4.5. Only one source (J033127.2-274247) is detected in the Extended Chandra Deep Field South (ECDF-S) X-ray data, and has been spectroscopically confirmed as a z = 4.48 quasar ... More
Ultraluminous IRAS galaxy 10026+4347Nov 11 1998We study optical and X-ray properties of the ultraluminous IRAS galaxy 10026+4347. This galaxy is a narrow-line QSO with very strong FeII emission. Three optical spectra were taken over two years. The full widths at half maximum (FWHMs) of the emission ... More
Valence Neutron-Proton Orientation in Atomic NucleiMay 12 2019It is shown that the renormalized nuclear deformations in different mass regions can be globally scaled by two probability partition factors of Boltzmann-like distribution, which are derived from the competing valence $np$ and like-nucleon interactions. ... More
Thermal strain-induced enhancement of electromagnetic properties in SiC-MgB2 compositesAug 07 2008Strain engineering has been used to modify materials properties in ferroelectric, superconducting, and ferromagnetic thin films. The advantage of strain engineering is that it can achieve unexpected enhancement in certain properties, such as an increase ... More
Generating sub-TeV quasi-monoenergetic proton beam by an ultra-relativistically intense laser in the snowplow regimeJan 12 2011Jan 17 2011Snowplow ion acceleration is presented, using an ultra-relativistically intense laser pulse irradi- ating on a combination target, where the relativistic proton beam generated by radiation pressure acceleration can be trapped and accelerated by the laser ... More
Black Phosphorus Nanoelectromechanical Resonators Vibrating at Very High FrequenciesApr 04 2015We report on experimental demonstration of a new type of nanoelectromechanical resonators based on black phosphorus crystals. Facilitated by a highly efficient dry transfer technique, crystalline black phosphorus flakes are harnessed to enable drumhead ... More
Electric and Magnetic Excitation of Coherent Magnetic Plasmon Waves in a One-dimensional Meta-chainJan 04 2011A one-dimensional diatomic meta-chain with equal-size holes and different-length slits is designed. Broadband coherent magnetic plasmon waves (MPW) are formed in such a system, excited by both the electric resonance in the slits and the magnetic resonance ... More
Polaron Coherence Condensation as the Mechanism for Colossal Magnetoresistance in Layered ManganitesNov 12 2007Angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy data for the bilayer manganite La1.2Sr1.8Mn2O7 show that, upon lowering the temperature below the Curie point, a coherent polaronic metallic groundstate emerges very rapidly with well defined quasiparticles which ... More
Laser-driven collimated tens-GeV monoenergetic protons from mass-limited target plus preformed channelDec 08 2011Proton acceleration by ultra-intense laser pulse irradiating a target with cross-section smaller than the laser spot size and connected to a parabolic density channel is investigated. The target splits the laser into two parallel propagating parts, which ... More
On Synergy effect of Ohkawa Current Drive of Electron Cyclotron Waves and Lower Hybrid Current Drive: A New MechanismJul 31 2018A new synergy mechanism between Ohkawa current drive (OKCD) of electron cyclotron (EC) waves and lower hybrid current drive (LHCD) is discovered and discussed. And the methodology to achieve this synergy effect is also introduced. Improvement of OKCD ... More
An iron(III) phosphonate cluster containing a nonanuclear ringJun 16 2006This communication reports the first example of cyclic ferric clusters with an odd number of iron atoms capped by phosphonate ligands, namely, [Fe9(m-OH)7(m-O)2(O3PC6H9)8-(py)12]. The magnetic studies support a S = 1/2 ground state with an exchange coupling ... More
High-quality proton bunch from laser interaction with a gas-filled cone targetJun 20 2011Generation of high-energy proton bunch from interaction of an intense short circularly polarized(CP) laser pulse with a gas-filled cone target(GCT) is investigated using two-dimensional particle-in-cell simulation. The GCT target consists of a hollow ... More
Young Galaxy Candidates in the Hubble Frontier Fields IV. MACS J1149.5+2223Jan 30 2017Feb 14 2017We search for high-redshift dropout galaxies behind the Hubble Frontier Fields (HFF) galaxy cluster MACS J1149.5+2223, a powerful cosmic lens that has revealed a number of unique objects in its field. Using the deep images from the Hubble and Spitzer ... More
Kinetic temperature of massive star-forming molecular clumps measured with formaldehyde. III. The Orion Molecular Cloud 1Sep 22 2017We mapped the kinetic temperature structure of the Orion molecular cloud 1 with para-H2CO(303-202, 322-221, and 321-220) using the APEX 12m telescope. This is compared with the temperatures derived from the ratio of the NH3(2,2)/(1,1) inversion lines ... More
Collisionless electrostatic shock formation and ion acceleration in intense laser interactions with near critical density plasmasNov 21 2016Laser-driven collisonless electrostatic shock formation and the subsequent ion acceleration have been studied in near critical density plasmas. Particle-in-cell simulations show that both the speed of laser-driven collisionless electrostatic shock and ... More
Anomalous Hall Effect in Variable Range Hopping Regime: Unusual Scaling Law and Sign Reversal with TemperatureJun 22 2014Anomalous Hall effect (AHE) is important for understanding the topological properties of electronic states, and provides insight into the spin-polarized carriers of magnetic materials. AHE has been extensively studied in metallic, but not variable-range-hopping ... More
Infrared spectrum and its implications for the electronic structure of the semiconducting iron selenide K$_{0.83}$Fe$_{1.53}$Se$_2$Jan 03 2011Jun 16 2011We report an infrared spectroscopy study on K$_{0.83}$Fe$_{1.53}$Se$_2$, a semiconducting parent compound of the new iron-selenide system. The major spectral features are found to be distinctly different from all other Fe-based superconducting systems. ... More
Effect of magnetization process on levitation force between a superconducting disk and a permanent magnetDec 13 2003The levitation forces between a permanent magnet and a coaxial superconducting disk after different magnetization processes are measured. Significant effect of the magnetization process on the levitation force is observed. Theoretical calculations of ... More
Dynamic Approach to Weak First Order Phase TransitionsMar 09 2000A short-time dynamic approach to weak first order phase transitions is proposed. Taking the 2-dimensional Potts models as examples, from short-time behaviour of non-equilibrium relaxational processes starting from high temperature and zero temperature ... More
Developing de Broglie WaveAug 27 2006The electromagnetic component waves, comprising together with their generating oscillatory massless charge a material particle, will be Doppler shifted when the charge hence particle is in motion, with a velocity $v$, as a mere mechanical consequence ... More
Inference of Schrödinger's Equation from Classical-Mechanical SolutionNov 15 2004May 21 2007We set up the classical wave equation for a particle formed of an oscillatory zero-rest-mass charge together with its resulting electromagnetic waves, traveling in a potential field $V$ in a susceptible vacuum. The waves are Doppler-displaced upon the ... More
Relativistic Outflows in two quasars in the Chandra Deep Field SouthJul 29 2008In this paper, we provide new 1 Ms $Chandra$ ACIS spectra of two quasars in the Chandra Deep Field South (CDF-S), which were previously reported to show strong and extremely blueshifted X-ray emission/absorption line features in previous 1 Ms spectra, ... More
Origin of Mass. Mass and Mass-Energy Equation from Classical-Mechanics SolutionJan 07 2005Jan 23 2006We establish the classical wave equation for a particle formed of a massless oscillatory elementary charge generally also traveling, and the resulting electromagnetic waves, of a generally Doppler-effected angular frequency $\w$, in the vacuum in three ... More
Efficient Test Selection in Active Diagnosis via Entropy ApproximationJul 04 2012We consider the problem of diagnosing faults in a system represented by a Bayesian network, where diagnosis corresponds to recovering the most likely state of unobserved nodes given the outcomes of tests (observed nodes). Finding an optimal subset of ... More
Charge Transfer Effects in Naturally Occurring van der Waals Heterostructures (PbSe)1.16(TiSe2)m (m=1, 2)Mar 10 2018Van der Waals heterostructures (VDWHs) exhibit rich properties and thus has potential for applications, and charge transfer between different layers in a heterostructure often dominates its properties and device performance. It is thus critical to reveal ... More
The short-time Dynamics of the Critical Potts ModelApr 18 1995Apr 19 1995The universal behaviour of the short-time dynamics of the three state Potts model in two dimensions at criticality is investigated with Monte Carlo methods. The initial increase of the order is observed. The new dynamic exponent $\theta$ as well as exponent ... More
Theoretical studies of the optical and EPR spectra for VO$^{2+}$ in Na$_{3}$C$_{6}$H$_{5}$O$_{7}\cdot 2$H$_{2}$O single crystalJun 12 2015On the basis of the perturbation formulas for a $d^{1}$ configuration ion in a tetragonal crystal field, the three optical absorption bands and electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) parameters ($g$ factors $g_{i}$ and hyperfine structure constants $A_{i}$ ... More
Probing Asymmetric Structures in the Outskirts of GalaxiesApr 08 2014Upcoming large imaging surveys will allow detailed studies of the structure and morphology of galaxies aimed at addressing how galaxies form and evolve. Computational approaches are needed to characterize their morphologies over large samples. We introduce ... More
Determination of the Critical Point and Exponents from short-time DynamicsOct 19 1995The dynamic process for the two dimensional three state Potts model in the critical domain is simulated by the Monte Carlo method. It is shown that the critical point can rigorously be located from the universal short-time behaviour. This makes it possible ... More
Monte Carlo Measurement of the Global Persistence ExponentMay 22 1997The scaling behaviour of the persistence probability in the critical dynamics is investigated with both the heat-bath and the Metropolis algorithm for the two-dimensional Ising model and Potts model. Special attention is drawn to the dependence on the ... More
Resource Allocation Strategies for Secure WPCN Multiantenna Multicasting SystemsJun 06 2017This paper investigates a secure wireless-powered multiantenna multicasting system, where multiple power beacons (PBs) supply power to a transmitter in order to establish a reliable communication link with multiple legitimate users in the presence of ... More