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Generating entangled photon pairs from a cavity-QED systemSep 22 2005Nov 20 2007We propose a scheme for the controlled generation of Einstein-Podosky-Rosen (EPR) entangled photon pairs from an atom coupled to a high Q optical cavity, extending the prototype system as a source for deterministic single photons. A thorough theoretical ... More
Spin Correlations in Quantum WiresNov 14 2014Dec 06 2014We consider theoretically spin correlations in an 1D quantum wire with Rashba-Dresselhaus spin-orbit interaction (RDI). The correlations of non-interacting electrons display electron-spin resonance at a frequency proportional to the RDI coupling. Interacting ... More
Magnetic properties of a long, thin-walled ferromagnetic nanotubeAug 28 2013We consider magnetic properties of a long, thin-walled ferromagnetic nanotube. We assume that the tube consists of isotropic homogeneous magnet whose spins interact via the exchange energy, the dipole-dipole interaction energy, and also interact with ... More
Two Dimensional Antiferromagnetic Chern Insulator NiRuCl6Jan 28 2016Jan 30 2016Based on DFT and Berry curvature calculations, we predict that quantum anomalous hall effect (QAHE) can be realized in two dimensional anti-ferromagnetic (AFM) NiRuCl6 with zero net magnetic moment. By tuning spin-orbits coupling (SOC), we find that the ... More
3d Transition Metal Adsorption Induced Vally-polarized Anomalous Hall Effect in GermaneneJul 13 2015Jul 22 2015Based on DFT+U and Berry curvature calculations, we study the electronic structures and topological properties of 3d transition metal (TM) atom (from Ti to Co) adsorbed germanene (TM-germanene). We find that valley-polarized anomalous hall effect (VAHE) ... More
Detection of a single-charge defect in a metal-oxide-semiconductor structure using vertically coupled Al and Si single-electron transistorsAug 18 2009An Al-AlO_x-Al single-electron transistor (SET) acting as the gate of a narrow (~ 100 nm) metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistor (MOSFET) can induce a vertically aligned Si SET at the Si/SiO_2 interface near the MOSFET channel conductance threshold. ... More
Large gap two dimensional topological insulators: bilayer triangular lattice TlM (M = N, P, As, Sb)Dec 28 2016Based on density functional theory and Berry curvature calculations, we predict that p-p band inversion type quantum spin Hall effect (QSHE) can be realized in a series of two dimensional (2D) bilayer honeycomb TlM (M = N, P, As, Sb), which can be effectively ... More
Entanglement between two fermionic atoms inside a cylindrical harmonic trapJan 18 2007We investigate quantum entanglement between two (spin-1/2) fermions inside a cylindrical harmonic trap, making use of the von Neumann entropy for the reduced single particle density matrix as the pure state entanglement measure. We explore the dependence ... More
Structure Function Studies for Turbulent Interstellar MediumFeb 08 2004We study structure functions of rotation measures in the Canadian Galactic Plane Survey (CGPS) region and the North Galactic Pole (NGP) to extract the interstellar medium (ISM) fluctuation information. The CGPS data are divided into three longitude intervals: ... More
Asymptotic linear stability of solitary water wavesSep 02 2010We prove an asymptotic stability result for the water wave equations linearized around small solitary waves. The equations we consider govern irrotational flow of a fluid with constant density bounded below by a rigid horizontal bottom and above by a ... More
Exact Dynamics of Quantum Dissipative System in Constant External FieldJun 23 1993The quantum dynamics of a simplest dissipative system, a particle moving in a constant external field , is exactly studied by taking into account its interaction with a bath of Ohmic spectral density. We apply the main idea and methods developed in our ... More
Second order quantum decoherence in the boson systemApr 09 2001Apr 22 2001The second order quantum decoherence (SOQDC)is proposed as a novel description for the loss of quantum coherence only reflected by second order quantum correlations. By calculating the two-time correlation function, the phenomenon of SOQDC is studied ... More
Quantum decoherence effect and neutrino oscillationAug 15 1998In the view of the quantum dynamic theory of measurement developed from the Hepp-Colemen (HC) model (K. Hepp, Hev.Phys.Acta, {\bf 45}, 237 (1972)), the quantum decoherence in neutrino flavor oscillation caused by an environment surrounding neutrinos is ... More
Reconstructing the galaxy redshift distribution from angular cross power spectraDec 02 2015The control of photometric redshift (photo-$z$) errors is a crucial and challenging task for precision weak lensing cosmology. The spacial cross-correlations (equivalently, the angular cross power spectra) of galaxies between tomographic photo-$z$ bins ... More
Likelihood of the Power Spectrum in Cosmological Parameter EstimationJun 21 2013Sep 17 2013The likelihood function is a crucial element of parameter estimation. In analyses of galaxy overdensities and weak lensing shear, one often approximates the likelihood of the power spectrum with a Gaussian distribution. The posterior probability derived ... More
Effective Magnetic Fields in Graphene SuperlatticesJun 04 2010We demonstrate that the electronic spectrum of graphene in a one-dimensional periodic potential will develop a Landau level spectrum when the potential magnitude varies slowly in space. The effect is related to extra Dirac points generated by the potential ... More
On models of nonlinear evolution paths in adiabatic quantum algorithmsJan 07 2013In this paper, we study two different nonlinear interpolating paths in adiabatic evolution algorithms for solving a particular class of quantum search problems where both the initial and final Hamiltonian are one-dimensional projector Hamiltonians on ... More
Identities on Factorial Grothendieck PolynomialsDec 11 2018Gustafson and Milne proved an identity on the Schur function indexed by a partition of the form $(\lambda_1-n+k,\lambda_2-n+k,\ldots,\lambda_k-n+k)$. On the other hand, Feh\'{e}r, N\'{e}methi and Rim\'{a}nyi found an identity on the Schur function indexed ... More
Decoherence of collective atomic spin states due to inhomogeneous couplingMar 15 2002We investigate the decoherence of a superposition of symmetric collective internal states of an atomic ensemble due to inhomogeneous coupling to external control fields. For asymptotically large system, we find the characteristic decoherence rate scales ... More
Estimating a Signal from a Magnitude Spectrogram via Convex OptimizationSep 10 2012The problem of recovering a signal from the magnitude of its short-time Fourier transform (STFT) is a longstanding one in audio signal processing. Existing approaches rely on heuristics that often perform poorly because of the nonconvexity of the problem. ... More
A Bayesian Semiparametric Factor Analysis Model for Subtype IdentificationSep 10 2016Sep 26 2016Disease subtype identification (clustering) is an important problem in biomedical research. Gene expression profiles are commonly utilized to infer disease subtypes, which often lead to biologically meaningful insights into disease. Despite many successes, ... More
Genus Distributions of cubic series-parallel graphsJul 30 2014We derive a quadratic-time algorithm for the genus distribution of any 3-regular, biconnected series-parallel graph, which we extend to any biconnected series-parallel graph of maximum degree at most 3. Since the biconnected components of every graph ... More
Anisotropic spin fluctuations and multiple superconducting gaps in hole-doped Ba_0.7K_0.3Fe_2As_2: NMR in a single crystalMar 29 2009Aug 18 2009We report the first ^{75}As-NMR study on a single crystal of the hole-doped iron-pnictide superconductor Ba_{0.7}K_{0.3}Fe_2As_{2} (T_c = 31.5 K). We find that the Fe antiferromagnetic spin fluctuations are anisotropic and are weaker compared to underdoped ... More
Proximity and anomalous field-effect characteristics in double-wall carbon nanotubesMar 22 2006Proximity effect on field-effect characteristic (FEC) in double-wall carbon nanotubes (DWCNTs) is investigated. In a semiconductor-metal (S-M) DWCNT, the penetration of electron wavefunctions in the metallic shell to the semiconducting shell turns the ... More
Exact post-selection inference, with application to the lassoNov 25 2013May 03 2016We develop a general approach to valid inference after model selection. At the core of our framework is a result that characterizes the distribution of a post-selection estimator conditioned on the selection event. We specialize the approach to model ... More
Slowly Breaking Waves: The Longevity of Tidally Induced Spiral StructureFeb 23 2011May 13 2011We have discovered long-lived waves in two sets of numerical models of fast (marginally bound or unbound) flyby galaxy collisions, carried out independently with two different codes. In neither simulation set are the spirals the result of a collision-induced ... More
Predictive Hierarchical Clustering: Learning clusters of CPT codes for improving surgical outcomesApr 24 2016Aug 01 2017We develop a novel algorithm, Predictive Hierarchical Clustering (PHC), for agglomerative hierarchical clustering of current procedural terminology (CPT) codes. Our predictive hierarchical clustering aims to cluster subgroups, not individual observations, ... More
Ferromagnetic resonance study of polycrystalline Fe_{1-x}V_x alloy thin filmsOct 15 2007Oct 17 2007Ferromagnetic resonance has been used to study the magnetic properties and magnetization dynamics of polycrystalline Fe$_{1-x}$V$_{x}$ alloy films with $0\leq x < 0.7$. Films were produced by co-sputtering from separate Fe and V targets, leading to a ... More
Detection of quantum phases via out-of-time-order correlatorsFeb 13 2019Mar 30 2019We elucidate the relation between out-of-time-order correlators (OTOCs) and the phase transitions via analytically studying the OTOC dynamics in degenerate spectrum. Our method points to key ingredients to dynamically detect quantum phases as well as ... More
Biaxial nematic phases in ultracold dipolar Fermi gasesFeb 04 2009Mar 25 2009Ultracold dipolar Fermi gases represent relatively unexplored, strongly correlated systems arising from long-range and anisotropic interactions. We demonstrate the possibility of a spontaneous symmetry breaking biaxial phase in these systems, which may ... More
Quantum computation based on d-level cluster statesApr 08 2003Jul 08 2003The concept of qudit (a d-level system) cluster state is proposed by generalizing the qubit cluster state (Phys. Rev. Lett. \textbf{86}, 910 (2001)) according to the finite dimensional representations of quantum plane algebra. We demonstrate their quantum ... More
Quantum teleportation using cluster statesApr 25 2003A protocol of quantum communication is proposed in terms of the multi-qubit quantum teleportation through cluster states (Phys. Rev. Lett. \textbf{86}, 910 (2001)). Extending the cluster state based quantum teleportation on the basic unit of three qubits ... More
Spin-orbit coupled fermions in ladder-like optical lattices at half-fillingJul 05 2013We study the ground-state phase diagram of two-component fermions loaded in a ladder-like lattice at half filling in the presence of spin-orbit coupling. For repulsive fermions with unidirectional spin-orbit coupling along the legs we identify a N\'{e}el ... More
Exploring spin-orbital models with dipolar fermions in zig-zag optical latticesDec 21 2011Jan 11 2012Ultra-cold dipolar spinor fermions in zig-zag type optical lattices can mimic spin-orbital models relevant in solid-state systems, as transition-metal oxides with partially filled d-levels, with the interesting advantage of reviving the quantum nature ... More
Evaluation of Born and local effective charges in unoriented materials from vibrational spectraApr 21 2009Jul 14 2009We present an application of the Lorentz model in which fits to vibrational spectra or a Kramers Kronig analysis are employed along with several useful formalisms to quantify microscopic charge in unoriented (powdered) materials. The conditions under ... More
Coulomb blockade in a Si channel gated by an Al single-electron transistorAug 12 2007Oct 05 2007We incorporate an Al-AlO_x-Al single-electron transistor as the gate of a narrow (~100 nm) metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistor (MOSFET). Near the MOSFET channel conductance threshold, we observe oscillations in the conductance associated ... More
Non-Markovian Quantum Jump with Generalized Lindblad Master EquationOct 14 2008The Monte Carlo wave function method or the quantum trajectory/jump approach is a powerful tool to study dissipative dynamics governed by the Markovian master equation, in particular for high-dimensional systems and when it is difficult to simulate directly. ... More
On quantum optical properties of single-walled carbon nanotubeApr 15 2009Apr 30 2009We study quantum optical properties of the single-walled carbon nanotube (SWCNT) by introducing the effective interaction between the quantized electromagnetic field and the confined electrons in the SWCNT. Our purpose is to explore the quantum natures ... More
Long-wave magnons in a ferromagnetic filmOct 15 2017An asymptotically exact theory of spectrum and transverse distribution of magnetization in long-wave magnons is presented. It is based on exact analytical solution of linearized Landau-Lifshitz equation in a film. The quantization of the transverse wave ... More
Mosaic spin models with topological orderAug 06 2007Nov 02 2007We study a class of two-dimensional spin models with the Kitaev-type couplings in mosaic structure lattices to implement topological orders. We show that they are exactly solvable by reducing them to some free Majorana fermion models with gauge symmetries. ... More
Quantum theory for spatial motion of polaritons in inhomogeneous fieldsJun 23 2007Feb 18 2008Polaritons are the collective excitations of many atoms dressed by resonant photons, which can be used to explain the slow light propagation with the mechanism of electromagnetically induced transparency. As quasi-particles, these collective excitations ... More
Idealization Second Quantization of Composite ParticlesDec 16 2000A practical method is developed to deal with the second quantization of the many-body system containing the composite particles. In our treatment, the modes associated with composite particles are regarded approximately as independent ones compared with ... More
Magnetic helicity and eruptivity in active region 12673Jul 15 2019Context. In September 2017 the largest X-class flare of Solar Cycle 24 occurred from the most active region (AR) of this cycle, AR 12673. The AR attracted much interest because of its unique morphological and evolution characteristics. Among the parameters ... More
Non-filamentary memristive switching in Pt/CuOx/Si/Pt systemsApr 15 2013We report a memristive switching effect in the Pt/CuOx/Si/Pt devices prepared by rf sputtering technique at room temperature. Different from other Cu-based switching systems, the devices show a non-filamentary switching effect. A gradual electroforming ... More
Nonhomogeneous Boundary-Value Problems for One-Dimensional Nonlinear Schrödinger EquationsFeb 28 2015This paper is concerned with initial-boundary-value problems (IBVPs) for a class of nonlinear Schr\"odinger equations posed either on a half line $\mathbb{R}^+$ or on a bounded interval $(0, L)$ with nonhomogeneous boundary conditions. For any $s$ with ... More
Coronal magnetic topology and the production of solar impulsive energetic electronsJul 17 2013We investigate two candidate solar sources or active regions (ARs) in association with a solar impulsive energetic electron (SIEE) event on 2002 October 20. The solar particle release (SPR) times of SIEEs are derived by using their velocity dispersion ... More
Coupled dynamics of an atom and an optomechanical cavityJul 17 2008Jun 11 2009We consider the motion of the end mirror of a cavity inside which a two-level atom trapped. The fast vibrating mirror induces nonlinear couplings between the cavity field and the atom. We analyze this optical effect by showing the population of the atom ... More
Using radio jets of PKS J0334-3900 to probe the intra-cluster medium in A3135Dec 30 2014We present a multi-wavelength study of the radio galaxy PKS J0334-3900, which resides at the centre of Abell 3135. Using Australia Telescope Compact Array (ATCA) observations at 1.4, 2.5, 4.6 & 8.6 GHz, we performed a detailed analysis of PKS J0334-3900. ... More
Singlet-triplet relaxation in multivalley silicon single quantum dotsFeb 25 2010May 08 2010We investigate the singlet-triplet relaxation due to the spin-orbit coupling together with the electron-phonon scattering in two-electron multivalley silicon single quantum dots, using the exact diagonalization method and the Fermi golden rule. The electron-electron ... More
Understanding destruction of nth-order quantum coherence in terms of multi-path interferenceMar 18 2002The classic example of the destruction of interference fringes in a ``which-way'' experiment, caused by an environmental interaction, may be viewed as the destruction of first-order coherence as defined by Glauber many years ago (Glauber). However, the ... More
High order quantum decoherence via multi-particle amplitude for boson systemMay 24 2001In this paper we depict the high order quantum coherence of a boson system by using the multi-particle wave amplitude, whose norm square is just the high order correlation function. This multi-time amplitude can be shown to be a superposition of several ... More
Decoherence in a single trapped ion due to engineered reservoirApr 18 2000The decoherence in trapped ion induced by coupling the ion to the engineered reservoir is studied in this paper. The engineered reservoir is simulated by random variations in the trap frequency, and the trapped ion is treated as a two-level system driven ... More
Quark and Nucleon Self-Energy in Dense MatterApr 19 2002In a recent work we introduced a nonlocal version of the Nambu--Jona-Lasinio(NJL) model that was designed to generate a quark self-energy in Euclidean space that was similar to that obtained in lattice simulations of QCD. In the present work we carry ... More
The Bivariate Rogers-Szegö PolynomialsDec 15 2006May 11 2007We present an operator approach to deriving Mehler's formula and the Rogers formula for the bivariate Rogers-Szeg\"{o} polynomials $h_n(x,y|q)$. The proof of Mehler's formula can be considered as a new approach to the nonsymmetric Poisson kernel formula ... More
Effects of microscopic strain distribution on Ga(1-x)In(x)As quantum wires grown by strain-induced lateral orderingDec 28 1999Dec 31 1999Band Structures and optical matrix elements of quantum wires(QWR's) made of short-period superlattices(SPS) with strain-induced lateral ordering(SILO) are investigated theoretically via an effective bond-orbital model(EBOM) combined with a valence-force ... More
A Millikelvin Scanned Probe for Measurement of NanostructuresNov 10 2003We demonstrate a scanning force microscope, based upon a quartz tuning fork, that operates below 100 mK and in magnetic fields up to 6 T. The microscope has a conducting tip for electrical probing of nanostructures of interest, and it incorporates a low ... More
Open Type Nodal line Topological Semimetal in Two Dimensional B2COct 14 2017Topological semimetals, including Dirac semimetals, Weyl semimetals, and nodal line semimetals, receive enormous research interest due to their intrinsic topological nature and fascinating properties. In present work, with the help of density functional ... More
Second Quantization of Cini Model for High Order Quantum Decoherence in Quantum MeasurementJun 02 2001By making the second quantization for the Cini Model of quantum measurement without wave function collapse [M. Cini, Nuovo Cimento, B73 27(1983)], the second order quantum decoherence (SOQD) is studied with a two mode boson system interacting with an ... More
Nonadiabatic effects of atomic motion inside a high Q optical cavityJan 04 2004We revisit the topic of atomic center of mass motion of a three level atom Raman coupled strongly to an external laser field and the quantum field of a high Q optical cavity. We focus on the motion related nonadiabatic effects of the atomic internal dynamics ... More
On the single mode approximation in spinor-1 atomic condensateJan 11 2002Apr 24 2002We investigate the validity conditions of the single mode approximation (SMA) in spinor-1 atomic condensate when effects due to residual magnetic fields are negligible. For atomic interactions of the ferromagnetic type, the SMA is shown to be exact, with ... More
Out-of-time-order correlators at infinite temperature: Scrambling, Order and Topological Phase TransitionsJun 12 2019We report a numerical observation where the infinite-temperature out-of-time-order correlators (OTOCs) directly probe quantum phase transitions at zero temperature. This is in direct contrast to common intuition where quantum effects are washed away by ... More
Analysis of Density Matrix reconstruction in NMR Quantum ComputingDec 12 2000Dec 26 2001Reconstruction of density matrices is important in NMR quantum computing. An analysis is made for a 2-qubit system by using the error matrix method. It is found that the state tomography method determines well the parameters that are necessary for reconstructing ... More
Experimental Realization of Brüschweiler's exponentially fast search algorithm in a homo-nuclear systemDec 26 2001Aug 12 2002Compared with classical search algorithms, Grover quantum algorithm [ Phys. Rev. Lett., 79, 325(1997)] achieves quadratic speedup and Bruschweiler hybrid quantum algorithm [Phys. Rev. Lett., 85, 4815(2000)] achieves an exponential speedup. In this paper, ... More
Fractional quantum Hall effect in the absence of Landau levelsFeb 14 2011It has been well-known that topological phenomena with fractional excitations, i.e., the fractional quantum Hall effect (FQHE) \cite{Tsui1982} will emerge when electrons move in Landau levels. In this letter, we report the discovery of the FQHE in the ... More
Ferromagnetic spin-orbital liquid of dipolar fermions in zigzag latticesAug 26 2013Two-component dipolar fermions in zigzag optical lattices allow for the engineering of spin-orbital models. We show that dipolar lattice fermions permit the exploration of a regime typically unavailable in solid-state compounds that is characterized by ... More
Density-Dependent Synthetic Gauge Fields Using Periodically Modulated InteractionsNov 13 2013Nov 19 2014We show that density-dependent synthetic gauge fields may be engineered by combining periodically modu- lated interactions and Raman-assisted hopping in spin-dependent optical lattices. These fields lead to a density- dependent shift of the momentum distribution, ... More
Electric-field-dependent spectroscopy of charge motion using a single-electron transistorJan 24 2006May 26 2006We present observations of background charge fluctuators near an Al-AlO_x-Al single-electron transistor on an oxidized Si substrate. The transistor design incorporates a heavily doped substrate and top gate, which allow for independent control of the ... More
Spin entanglement induced by spin-orbit interactions in coupled quantum dotsMar 14 2006Mar 17 2006We theoretically explore the possibility of creating spin quantum entanglement in a system of two electrons confined respectively in two vertically coupled quantum dots in the presence of Rashba type spin-orbit coupling. We find that the system can be ... More
The angular momentum of a magnetically trapped atomic condensateNov 14 2006Jan 19 2007For an atomic condensate in an axially symmetric magnetic trap, the sum of the axial components of the orbital angular momentum and the hyperfine spin is conserved. Inside an Ioffe-Pritchard trap (IPT) whose magnetic field (B-field) is not axially symmetric, ... More
Localization of Relative-Position of Two Atoms Induced by Spontaneous EmissionJan 16 2005We revisit the back-action of emitted photons on the motion of the relative position of two cold atoms. We show that photon recoil resulting from the spontaneous emission can induce the localization of the relative position of the two atoms through the ... More
Self-energy effects and electron-phonon coupling in Fe-As superconductorsAug 29 2009We report on Raman scattering experiments of the undoped SrFe2As2 and superconducting Sr0.85K0.15Fe2As2 (Tc=28K) and Ba0.72K0.28Fe2As2 (Tc=32K) single crystals. The frequency and linewidth of the B1g mode at 210 cm-1 exhibits an appreciable temperature ... More
Enumeration of Corners in Tree-like Tableaux and a Conjectural (a,b)-analogueNov 17 2015Jan 06 2016In this paper, we confirm a conjecture of Laborde-Zubieta on the enumeration of corners in tree-like tableaux. Our proof is based on Aval, Boussicault and Nadeau's bijection between tree-like tableaux and permutation tableaux, and Corteel and Nadeau's ... More
Enumeration of Corners in Tree-like TableauxNov 17 2015Nov 24 2016In this paper, we confirm conjectures of Laborde-Zubieta on the enumeration of corners in tree-like tableaux and in symmetric tree-like tableaux. In the process, we also enumerate corners in (type $B$) permutation tableaux and (symmetric) alternative ... More
The correlation function of galaxy clusters and detection of baryon acoustic oscillationsFeb 03 2012We calculate the correlation function of 13,904 galaxy clusters of z \leq 0.4 selected from the cluster catalog of Wen, Han & Liu. The correlation function can be fitted with a power-law model \xi(r)=(r/R_0)^{\gamma} on the scales of 10h^(-1)Mpc \leq ... More
The extraneous eclipses on binary light curves: KIC 5255552, KIC 10091110, and KIC 11495766Oct 30 2017Aims. We aim to find more eclipsing multiple systems and obtain their parameters, thus increasing our understanding of multiple systems. Methods. The extraneous eclipses on the \textit{kepler} binary light curves indicating extraneous bodies were searched. ... More
Quantum network of superconducting qubits through opto-mechanical interfaceJul 18 2014Jan 08 2015We propose a scheme to realize quantum networking of superconducting qubits based on the opto-mechanical interface. The superconducting qubits interact with the microwave photons, which then couple to the optical photons through the opto-mechanical interface. ... More
A low-energy sensitive compact gamma-ray detector based on LaBr3 and SiPM for GECAMMar 21 2018Sep 14 2018The Gravitational wave high-energy Electromagnetic Counterpart All-sky Monitor (GECAM) project is the planned Chinese space telescope for detecting the X and gamma-ray counterpart. It consists of two micro-satellites in low earth orbit with the advantages ... More
Femtosecond Demagnetization and Hot Hole Relaxation in Ferromagnetic GaMnAsApr 02 2008We have studied ultrafast photoinduced demagnetization in GaMnAs via two-color time-resolved magneto-optical Kerr spectroscopy. Below-bandgap midinfrared pump pulses strongly excite the valence band, while near-infrared probe pulses reveal sub-picosecond ... More
Room temperature one-dimensional polariton condensate in a ZnO microwireJul 27 2010A cavity-polariton, formed due to the strong coupling between exciton and cavity mode, is one of the most promising composite bosons for realizing macroscopic spontaneous coherence at high temperature. Up to date, most of polariton quantum degeneracy ... More
A Sino-German 6cm polarization survey of the Galactic plane VII. Small supernova remnantsOct 05 2011We study the spectral and polarization properties of supernova remnants (SNRs) based on our 6cm survey data. The observations were taken from the Sino-German 6cm polarization survey of the Galactic plane. By using the integrated flux densities at 6cm ... More
Ultrafast Quenching of Ferromagnetism in InMnAs Induced by Intense Laser IrradiationApr 25 2005Aug 18 2005Time-resolved magneto-optical Kerr spectroscopy of ferromagnetic InMnAs reveals two distinct {\em demagnetization} processes -- fast ($<1$ ps) and slow ($\sim$100 ps). Both components diminish with increasing temperature and are absent above the Curie ... More
Gold on WSe2 Single Crystal Film as a Substrate for Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering (SERS) SensingAug 26 2014Nov 26 2014Synthesis and characterization of high-quality single-crystal WSe2 films on highly-insulating substrate is presented. We demonstrate for the first time that the presence of gold nanoparticles in the basal plane of a WSe2 film can enhance its Raman scattering ... More
Encoding a logical qubit into physical qubitsNov 17 2004Nov 19 2004We propose two protocols to encode a logical qubit into physical qubits relying on common types of qubit-qubit interactions in as simple forms as possible. We comment on its experimental implementation in several quantum computing architectures, e.g. ... More
Do Ultrahigh Energy Cosmic Rays Come from Active Galactic Nuclei and Fermi $γ$-ray Sources?Apr 12 2010Aug 18 2010We study possible correlations between ultrahigh energy cosmic rays (UHECRs), observed by Auger, AGASA and Yakutsk, and nearby active galactic nuclei (AGNs) and $Fermi$ sources. We consider the deflection effects by a Galactic magnetic field (GMF) model ... More
A Sino-German $λ$6\ cm polarization survey of the Galactic plane. V. Large supernova remnantsFeb 22 2011Mar 23 2011Observations of large supernova remnants (SNRs) at high frequencies are rare, but provide valuable information about their physical properties. The total intensity and polarization properties of 16 large SNRs in the Galactic plane were investigated based ... More
A Sino-German 6cm polarisation survey of the Galactic plane - VIII. Small-diameter sourcesNov 15 2013Information of small-diameter sources is extracted from the Sino-German 6cm polarisation survey of the Galactic plane carried out with the Urumqi 25-m telescope. We performed two-dimensional elliptical Gaussian fits to the 6cm maps to obtain a list of ... More
Suppression of Dick Effect in the Ramsey-CPT atomic clock by Interleaving LockJul 06 2017For most passive atomic clocks, the Dick effect is one of the main limits to reach its frequency stability limitation due to quantum projection noise. In this paper, we demonstrate that the minimization of the Dick effect for the Ramsey-CPT atomic clock ... More
Spin-singlet superconductivity with multiple gaps in PrO0.89F0.11FeAsJun 02 2008Since the discovery of high transition-temperature (Tc) superconductivity in copper oxides two decades ago, continuous efforts have been devoted to searching for similar phenomenon in other compounds. With the exception of MgB2 (Tc =39 K), however, Tc ... More
Iron pnictides: Single crystal growth and effect of doping on structural, transport and magnetic propertiesJan 18 2009Apr 01 2009We demonstrate the preparation of large, free standing iron pnictide single crystals with a size up to 20 x 10 x 1 mm3 using solvents in zirconia crucibles under argon atmosphere. Transport and magnetic properties are investigated to study the effect ... More
First-principles study of native point defects in Bi2Se3Jun 30 2012Using first-principles method within the framework of the density functional theory, we study the influence of native point defect on the structural and electronic properties of Bi$_2$Se$_3$. Se vacancy in Bi$_2$Se$_3$ is a double donor, and Bi vacancy ... More
A Sino-German $λ$6\ cm polarization survey of the Galactic plane VI. Discovery of supernova remnants G178.2-4.2 and G25.1-2.3Jul 04 2011Supernova remnants (SNRs) were often discovered in radio surveys of the Galactic plane. Because of the surface-brightness limit of previous surveys, more faint or confused SNRs await discovery. The Sino-German $\lambda$6\ cm Galactic plane survey is a ... More
Transfer-matrix renormalization group study of the spin ladders with cyclic four-spin interactionsJan 11 2007The temperature dependence of the specific heat and spin susceptibility of the spin ladders with cyclic four-spin interactions in the rung-singlet phase is explored by making use of the transfer-matrix renormalization group method. The values of spin ... More
A near-infrared VISTA of the Small Magellanic CloudOct 02 2018VISTA observed the Small Magellanic Cloud (SMC), as part of the VISTA survey of the Magellanic Clouds system (VMC), for six years (2010-2016). The acquired multi-epoch YJKs images have allowed us to probe the stellar populations to an exceptional level ... More
Model dependent analyses on the $N_c$ dependence of the $σ$ pole trajectoryMar 19 2005We explore the nature of the$\sigma$ or $f_0(600)$ meson using large $N_c$ technique, assuming that the $\sigma$ pole dominates low energy physics in the IJ=00 channel. We trace the $N_c$ dependence of the $\sigma$ pole position using [1,1] Pad\'e approximation ... More
Phonons and elasticity in critically coordinated latticesMar 04 2015Much of our understanding of vibrational excitations and elasticity is based upon analysis of frames consisting of sites connected by bonds occupied by central-force springs, the stability of which depends on the average number of neighbors per site $z$. ... More
Modeling Magnetic Field Structure of a Solar Active Region Corona using Nonlinear Force-Free Fields in Spherical GeometryOct 03 2012We test a nonlinear force-free field (NLFFF) optimization code in spherical geometry using an analytical solution from Low and Lou. Several tests are run, ranging from idealized cases where exact vector field data are provided on all boundaries, to cases ... More
Generalized isobaric multiplet mass equation and its application to the Nolen-Schiffer anomalyDec 25 2017Feb 02 2018The Wigner Isobaric Multiplet Mass Equation (IMME) is the most fundamental prediction in nuclear physics with the concept of isospin. However, it was deduced based on the Wigner-Eckart theorem with the assumption that all charge-violating interactions ... More
Insulator-metal transition in deep Sr-vacant spin-orbit Mott insulator Sr2IrO4Oct 30 2016Sr2IrO4 exhibits a novel insulating state assisted by spin-orbit interactions. A series of polycrystalline samples of Sr2-xIrO4 have been synthesized. It is found that deep Sr-vacancies of Sr2-xIrO4 greatly reduce the rotation of IrO6 octahedral, and ... More
Structure, stability and electronic properties of tricycle type graphaneApr 30 2012We propose a new allotrope of graphane, named as tricycle graphane,with a 4up/2down UUUDUD hydrogenation in each hexagonal carbon ring,which is different from previously proposed allotropes with UUDUUD(boat-1) and UUUUDD (boat-2) types of hydrogenation. ... More
Four superhard carbon allotropes: First-principle studyMar 27 2012Apr 19 2012Using a generalized genetic algorithm, we propose four new sp3 carbon allotropes with 5-6-7 (5-6-7-type Z-ACA and Z-CACB) or 4-6-8(4-6-8-type Z4-A3B1 and A4-A2B2) carbon rings. Their stability, mechanical and electronic properties are systematically studied ... More