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Manufacturing and Testing of Accelerator Superconducting MagnetsJan 28 2015Manufacturing of superconducting magnet for accelerators is a quite complex process that is not yet fully industrialized. In this paper, after a short history of the evolution of the magnet design and construction, we review the main characteristics of ... More
Measure of Autocorrelation Times of Local Hybrid Monte Carlo Algorithm for Lattice QCDJun 16 1993We report on a study of the autocorrelation times of the local version of the Hybrid Monte Carlo (LHMC) algorithm for pure gauge $SU(3)$. We compare LHMC to standard multi-hit Metropolis and to the global version of the same HMC. For every algorithm we ... More
From Gaussian estimates for nonlinear evolution equations to the long time behavior of branching processesMar 08 2017We study solutions to the evolution equation $u_t=\Delta u-u +\sum_{k\geqslant 1}q_ku^k$, $t>0$, in $\mathbf{R}^d$. Here the coefficients $q_k\geqslant 0$ verify $ \sum_{k\geqslant 1}q_k=1< \sum_{k\geqslant 1}kq_k<\infty$. First, we deal with existence, ... More
Deformed Double Yangian StructuresMay 18 1999Scaling limits when q tends to 1 of the elliptic vertex algebras A_qp(sl(N)) are defined for any N, extending the previously known case of N=2. They realise deformed, centrally extended double Yangian structures DY_r(sl(N)). As in the quantum affine algebras ... More
Central extensions of classical and quantum q-Viraroso algebrasJun 11 1998We investigate the central extensions of the q-deformed (classical and quantum) Virasoro algebras constructed from the elliptic quantum algebra A_{q,p}[sl(N)_c]. After establishing the expressions of the cocycle conditions, we solve them, both in the ... More
Lower and upper bounds for the first eigenvalue of nonlocal diffusion problems in the whole spaceNov 17 2011We find lower and upper bounds for the first eigenvalue of a nonlocal diffusion operator of the form $ T(u) = - \int_{\rr^d} K(x,y) (u(y)-u(x)) \, dy$. Here we consider a kernel $K(x,y)=\psi (y-a(x))+\psi(x-a(y))$ where $\psi$ is a bounded, nonnegative ... More
High Luminosity Large Hadron Collider HL-LHCMay 24 2017HL-LHC federates the efforts and R&D of a large international community towards the ambitious HL- LHC objectives and contributes to establishing the European Research Area (ERA) as a focal point of global research cooperation and a leader in frontier ... More
Long-term drift laser frequency stabilization using purely optical referenceJun 16 2010We describe an apparatus for the stabilization of laser frequencies that prevents long term frequency drifts. A Fabry-Perot interferometer is thermostated by referencing it to a stabilized He-Ne laser (master), and its length is scanned over more than ... More
GRB follow-up and science with THESEUS/IRTFeb 05 2018The aim of the space mission concept \theseus~is to continue to collect and study the GRB events like \swift. It will allow us to study the early Universe. Moreover, it will offer us to study with unprecedented sensitivity GRB emission and to measure ... More
Nijenhuis operator in contact homology and descendant recursion in symplectic field theoryJan 05 2012Jul 02 2014In this paper we investigate the algebraic structure related to a new type of correlator associated to the moduli spaces of $S^1$-parametrized curves in contact homology and rational symplectic field theory. Such correlators are the natural generalization ... More
Invariant expectation values in the sampling of discrete frequency distributionsMay 02 2013The general relationship between an arbitrary frequency distribution and the expectation value of the frequency distributions of its samples is discussed. A wide set of measurable quantities ("invariant moments") whose expectation value does not in general ... More
On the defect of an analytic discApr 01 1996Although the concept of defect of an analytic disc attached to a generic manifold of $\C^{n}$ seems to play a merely technical role, it turns out to be a rather deep and fruitful notion for the extendability of CR functions defined on the manifold. In ... More
Coherent phenomena in semiconductorsNov 19 1997A review of coherent phenomena in photoexcited semiconductors is presented. In particular, two classes of phenomena are considered: On the one hand the role played by optically-induced phase coherence in the ultrafast spectroscopy of semiconductors; On ... More
Geometric TransitionsDec 28 2004The purpose of this paper is to give, on one hand, a mathematical exposition of the main topological and geometrical properties of geometric transitions, on the other hand, a quick outline of their principal applications, both in mathematics and in physics. ... More
A CMOS dynamic random access architecture for radio-frequency readout of quantum devicesSep 11 2018Quantum computing technology is maturing at a relentless pace, yet individual quantum bits are wired one by one. As quantum processors become more complex, they require efficient interfaces to deliver signals for control and readout while keeping the ... More
Electron beam transfer line design for plasma driven Free Electron LasersMar 01 2018Plasma driven particle accelerators represent the future of compact accelerating machines and Free Electron Lasers are going to benefit from these new technologies. One of the main issue of this new approach to FEL machines is the design of the transfer ... More
Orbits of selected globular clusters in the Galactic bulgeApr 16 2018We present orbit analysis for a sample of 8 inner bulge globular clusters, together with one reference halo object. We used proper motion values derived from long time base CCD data. Orbits are integrated in both an axisymmetric model and a model including ... More
Deuteron photodisintegration within the Quark-Gluon Strings Model and QCD motivated nonlinear Regge trajectoriesJan 12 2001We investigate deuteron two-body photodisintegration within the framework of the Quark-Gluon Strings Model with nonlinear baryon Regge trajectories. Special attention is paid to the use of QCD motivated Regge trajectories of the logarithmic and square-root ... More
Conceptual design of 20 T dipoles for high-energy LHCAug 08 2011Availability of 20 T operational field dipole magnets would open the way for a 16.5 TeV beam energy accelerator in the LHC tunnel. Here we discuss the main issues related to the magnet design of this extremely challenging dipole: main constraints, superconductor ... More
Revisiting Role Discovery in Networks: From Node to Edge RolesOct 04 2016Nov 07 2016Previous work in network analysis has focused on modeling the mixed-memberships of node roles in the graph, but not the roles of edges. We introduce the edge role discovery problem and present a generalizable framework for learning and extracting edge ... More
Two-strain ecoepidemic systems: the obligated mutualism caseFeb 28 2014We present a model for obligated mutualistic associations, in which two transmissible diseases are allowed to infect just one population. As the general model proves too hard to be fully analytically investigated, some special cases are analysed. Among ... More
Integrability, Quantization and Moduli Spaces of CurvesMar 01 2017Jul 29 2017This paper has the purpose of presenting in an organic way a new approach to integrable (1+1)-dimensional field systems and their systematic quantization emerging from intersection theory of the moduli space of stable algebraic curves and, in particular, ... More
Measuring Large Scale Space Perception in Literary TextsMay 09 2006The center and radius of perception associated with a written text are defined, and algorithms for their computation are presented. Indicators for anisotropy in large scale space perception are introduced. The relevance of these notions for the analysis ... More
Embedding non-projective Mori Dream SpacesSep 07 2018Jan 29 2019This paper is devoted to extend some Hu-Keel results on Mori dream spaces (MDS) beyond the projective setup. Namely, $\Q$-factorial algebraic varieties with finitely generated class group and Cox ring, here called \emph{weak} Mori dream spaces (wMDS), ... More
Étale coverings in codimension 1 with applications to Mori Dream SpacesFeb 13 2019The present paper is devoted to developing relations between Galois \'etale coverings in codimension 1 and \'etale fundamental groups in codimension 1 of algebraic varieties, aimed to studying the topology of Mori dream spaces. In particular, the universal ... More
Supersymmetric Seesaw without Singlet Neutrinos: Neutrino Masses and Lepton-Flavour ViolationJul 01 2002Jul 08 2002We consider the supersymmetric seesaw mechanism induced by the exchange of heavy SU(2)_W triplet states, rather than `right-handed' neutrino singlets, to generate neutrino masses. We show that in this scenario the neutrino flavour structure tested at ... More
Experiment summaryNov 13 2015The measurement of the production of particles coming from hard scattering processes covers a fundamental role in the characterization of the system formed in heavy-ion collisions, allowing to probe the microscopic processes underlying the interaction ... More
Gromov-Witten theory of orbicurves, the space of tri-polynomials and Symplectic Field Theory of Seifert fibrationsAug 19 2008Sep 18 2008We compute, with Symplectic Field Theory techniques, the Gromov-Witten theory of the complex projective line with orbifold points. A natural subclass of these orbifolds, the ones with polynomial quantum cohomology, gives rise to a family of (polynomial) ... More
On sampling and parametrization of discrete frequency distributionsOct 04 2012The general relationship between an arbitrary frequency distribution and the expectation value of the frequency distributions of its samples is esablished. A set of combinations of expectation values whose value does not in general depend on the size ... More
On a remark by Y. NamikawaJul 25 2008Aug 28 2014The aim of the present paper is on the one hand to produce examples supporting the conclusion of Y. Namikawa in Remark 2.8 of \cite{N} and improving considerations of Example 1.11 of the same paper. On the other hand, it is intended to give a geometric ... More
Weighted paths between partitionsSep 06 2015Dec 10 2016How to quantify the distance between any two partitions of a finite set is an important issue in statistical classification, whenever different clustering results need to be compared. Developing from the traditional Hamming distance between subsets or ... More
A small and non-simple geometric transitionNov 16 2012Mar 31 2017Following notation introduced in the recent paper \cite{Rdef}, this paper is aimed to present in detail an example of a "small" geometric transition which is not a "simple" one i.e. a deformation of a conifold transition. This is realized by means of ... More
Analytic equivalence of geometric transitionsJul 25 2008Aug 28 2014In this paper \emph{analytic equivalence} of geometric transition is defined in such a way that equivalence classes of geometric transitions turn out to be the \emph{arrows} of the \cy web. Then it seems natural and useful, both from the mathematical ... More
The stability of the MSW solution to the solar neutrino problem with respect to random matter density perturbationsMay 28 1996We present a generalization of the resonant neutrino conversion in matter, including a random component in the matter density profile. The study is focused on the effect of such matter perturbations upon both large and small mixing angle MSW solutions ... More
The Freidlin-Gartner formula for general reaction termsMar 31 2015May 18 2016We devise a new geometric approach to study the propagation of disturbance - compactly supported data - in reaction diffusion equations. The method builds a bridge between the propagation of disturbance and of almost planar solutions. It applies to very ... More
Graphlet Decomposition: Framework, Algorithms, and ApplicationsJun 13 2015Feb 15 2016From social science to biology, numerous applications often rely on graphlets for intuitive and meaningful characterization of networks at both the global macro-level as well as the local micro-level. While graphlets have witnessed a tremendous success ... More
Quantum Fermi's Golden RuleFeb 26 2007We shall revisit the conventional adiabatic or Markov approximation, showing its intrinsic failure in describing the proper quantum-mechanical evolution of a generic subsystem interacting with its environment. In particular, we shall show that -contrary ... More
Bloch oscillations and Wannier-Stark localization in semiconductor superlatticesNov 19 1997The theoretical analysis of the ultrafast energy relaxation and transport phenomena in semiconductor superlattices is reviewed. In particular, we discuss the two equivalent quantum-mechanical pictures of Bloch oscillations and Wannier-Stark localization. ... More
Deforming Geometric TransitionsApr 05 2013Jan 28 2015After a quick review of the wild structure of the complex moduli space of Calabi-Yau threefolds and the role of geometric transitions in this context (the Calabi-Yau web) the concept of "deformation equivalence" for geometric transitions is introduced ... More
The MSW solution to the solar neutrino problem in the presence of random solar matter density perturbationsFeb 23 1996We present the evolution equation describing MSW conversion, derived in the framework of the Schr\"odinger approach, in the presence of matter density fluctuations. Then we analyse the effect of such fluctuations in the MSW scenario as a solution to the ... More
Lepton Flavour Violation in Supersymmetric ModelsNov 25 2003We present two recent developments on lepton flavour violation in the MSSM. 1) The supersymmetric seesaw mechanism can be realized through the exchange of heavy SU(2)_W-triplet states, rather than `right-handed' neutrinos. In this scenario the ratio of ... More
The GRB Variability/Peak Luminosity Correlation: new resultsJul 25 2005We report test results of the correlation between time variability and peak luminosity of Gamma-Ray Bursts (GRBs), using a larger sample (32) of GRBs with known redshift than that available to Reichart et al. (2001), and using as variability measure that ... More
Studies of Transverse Momentum Dependent Parton Distributions and Bessel WeightingSep 01 2014Feb 27 2015In this paper we present a new technique for analysis of transverse momentum dependent parton distribution functions, based on the Bessel weighting formalism. The procedure is applied to studies of the double longitudinal spin asymmetry in semi-inclusive ... More
Strong spin-lattice coupling and negative thermal expansion in a magnetically frustrated spinelDec 14 2018We report on high magnetic field dilatometry measurements of the frustrated spinel CdCr$_2$O$_4$, and discover a distinct negative thermal expansion in the high-field fractional magnetization state. By precisely mapping the phase diagram, and comparing ... More
Learning Role-based Graph EmbeddingsFeb 07 2018Jul 02 2018Random walks are at the heart of many existing network embedding methods. However, such algorithms have many limitations that arise from the use of random walks, e.g., the features resulting from these methods are unable to transfer to new nodes and graphs ... More
Inductive Representation Learning in Large Attributed GraphsOct 25 2017Nov 22 2017Graphs (networks) are ubiquitous and allow us to model entities (nodes) and the dependencies (edges) between them. Learning a useful feature representation from graph data lies at the heart and success of many machine learning tasks such as classification, ... More
Minimal free resolution of a finitely generated module over a regular local ringApr 28 2008Nov 05 2009Numerical invariants of a minimal free resolution of a module $M$ over a regular local ring $(R,\n)$ can be studied by taking advantage of the rich literature on the graded case. The key is to fix suitable $\n$-stable filtrations ${\mathbb M} $ of $M ... More
A Framework for Generalizing Graph-based Representation Learning MethodsSep 14 2017Random walks are at the heart of many existing deep learning algorithms for graph data. However, such algorithms have many limitations that arise from the use of random walks, e.g., the features resulting from these methods are unable to transfer to new ... More
High-resolution abundance analysis of four red giants in the globular cluster NGC 6558Oct 27 2018NGC 6558 is a bulge globular cluster with a blue horizontal branch (BHB), combined with a metallicity of [Fe/H]~-1.0. It is similar to HP 1 and NGC 6522, which could be among the oldest objects in the Galaxy. Element abundances in these clusters could ... More
Coupling of Laser-Generated Electrons with Conventional Accelerator DevicesDec 15 2011Laser-based electron acceleration is attracting strong interest from the conventional accelerator community due to its outstanding characteristics in terms of high initial energy, low emittance and high beam current. Unfortunately, such beams are currently ... More
String, dilaton and divisor equation in Symplectic Field TheoryJan 18 2010Apr 30 2011Infinite dimensional Hamiltonian systems appear naturally in the rich algebraic structure of Symplectic Field Theory. Carefully defining a generalization of gravitational descendants and adding them to the picture, one can produce an infinite number of ... More
On measures that improve $L^q$ dimension under convolutionDec 13 2018The $L^q$ dimensions, for $1<q<\infty$, quantify the degree of smoothness of a measure. We study the following problem on the real line: when does the $L^q$ dimension improve under convolution? This can be seen as a variant of the well-known $L^p$-improving ... More
Smart Grids Data Analysis: A Systematic Mapping StudyJul 31 2018Data analytics and data science play a significant role in nowadays society. In the context of Smart Grids (SG), the collection of vast amounts of data has seen the emergence of a plethora of data analysis approaches. In this paper, we conduct a Systematic ... More
Macroscopic Forces driven by Resonant Neutrino ConversionOct 25 1999May 10 2000We show that neutrino oscillations in matter are always accompanied by collective forces on the medium. This effect may produce interesting consequences for the background and the neutrino oscillations themselves. The force is maximal in the case of resonant ... More
Acceleration with Self-Injection for an All-Optical Radiation Source at LNFDec 29 2012We discuss a new compact gamma-ray source aiming at high spectral density, up to two orders of magnitude higher than currently available bremsstrahlung sources, and conceptually similar to Compton Sources based on conventional linear accelerators. This ... More
Stability for Borell-Brascamp-Lieb inequalitiesJul 19 2016We study stability issues for the so-called Borell-Brascamp-Lieb inequalities, proving that when near equality is realized, the involved functions must be $L^1$-close to be $p$-concave and to coincide up to homotheties of their graphs.
Recursion relations for Double Ramification HierarchiesNov 25 2014Nov 05 2015In this paper we study various properties of the double ramification hierarchy, an integrable hierarchy of hamiltonian PDEs introduced in [Bur15] using intersection theory of the double ramification cycle in the moduli space of stable curves. In particular, ... More
Comment on A. Patrascioiu and E. Seiler's paper ``Nonuniformity of the $1/N$ Expansion for Two-Dimensional $O(N)$ Models''Jul 14 1994We remind that the non-uniformity in the temperature of the $1/N$ expansion for dimensionful quantities pointed out in Patrascioiu and Seiler's paper is not only compatible with but is predicted by asymptotic freedom, and it is present in the continuum ... More
Propagation phenomena for time heterogeneous KPP reaction-diffusion equationsApr 19 2011May 02 2011We investigate in this paper propagation phenomena for the heterogeneous reaction-diffusion equation $\partial_t u -\Delta u = f(t,u)$, $x\in R^N$, $t\in\R$, where f=f(t,u) is a KPP monostable nonlinearity which depends in a general way on t. A typical ... More
Limits on the Non-Standard Interactions of Neutrinos from $e^+ e^-$ CollidersNov 12 2001Apr 17 2002We provide an effective Lagrangian analysis of contact non-standard interactions of neutrinos with electrons, which can be effectively mediated by extra particles, and examine the associated experimental limits. At present, such interactions are strongly ... More
Flavour non-conservation in goldstino interactionsJun 03 2000Aug 28 2000We point out that the interactions of goldstinos with matter supermultiplets are a potential source of flavour violation, if fermion and sfermion mass matrices are not aligned and supersymmetry is spontaneously broken at a low scale. We study the impact ... More
Master Wilson loop operators in large-N lattice QCD$_2$Dec 20 1994An explicit solution is found for the most general independent correlation functions in lattice QCD$_2$ with Wilson action. The large-$N$ limit of these correlations may be used to reconstruct the eigenvalue distributions of Wilson loop operators for ... More
Finite size scaling in CP(N-1) modelsJan 18 1993Finite size effects in Euclidean ${\rm CP}^{N-1}$ models with periodic boundary conditions are investigated by means of the $1/N$ expansion and by Monte Carlo simulations. Analytic and numerical results for magnetic susceptibility and correlation length ... More
$1/N$ Expansion of Two-Dimensional Models in the Scaling RegionOct 08 1992The main technical and conceptual features of the lattice $1/N$ expansion in the scaling region are discussed in the context of a two-parameter two-dimensional spin model interpolating between $CP^{N-1}$ and $O(2N)$ $\sigma$ models, with standard and ... More
On the time dependence of the $h$-indexJul 15 2012The time dependence of the $h$-index is analyzed by considering the average behaviour of $h$ as a function of the academic age $A_A$ for about 1400 Italian physicists, with career lengths spanning from 3 to 46 years. The individual $h$-index is strongly ... More
Well-posedness of IBVP for 1D scalar non-local conservation lawsNov 22 2018We consider the initial boundary value problem (IBVP) for a non-local scalar conservation laws in one space dimension. The non-local operator in the flux function is not a mere convolution product, but it is assumed to be aware of boundaries. Introducing ... More
Topological recursion relations in the symplectic field theory of mapping tori and local symplectic field theorySep 05 2011Sep 13 2012Based on the localization result for descendants in rational SFT moduli spaces from our last joint paper, we prove topological recursion relations for the Hamiltonian in SFT of symplectic mapping tori and in local SFT. Combined with the dilaton equation ... More
On the correlation between nodal and boundary lengths for random spherical harmonicsFeb 15 2019We study the correlation between the nodal length of random spherical harmonics and the measure of the boundary for excursion sets at any non-zero level. We show that the correlation is asymptotically zero, while the partial correlation after controlling ... More
Quantum diffusion due to scattering non-locality in nanoscale semiconductorsOct 16 2013Feb 12 2014In view of its local character, the semiclassical or Boltzmann theory is intrinsically unable to describe transport phenomena on ultrashort space and time scales, and to this purpose genuine quantum-transport approaches are imperative. By employing a ... More
Scattering nonlocality in quantum charge transport: Application to semiconductor nanostructuresFeb 21 2014Jun 25 2014Our primary goal is to provide a rigorous treatment of scattering nonlocality in semiconductor nanostructures. On the one hand, starting from the conventional density-matrix formulation and employing as ideal instrument for the study of the semiclassical ... More
Gauge-Invariant Formulation of Fermi's Golden Rule: Application to High-Field Transport in SemiconductorsMay 25 2001A gauge-invariant formulation of Fermi's Golden rule is proposed. We shall rivisit the conventional description of carrier-phonon scattering in the presence of high electric fields by means of a gauge-invariant density-matrix approach. We show that the ... More
Singular vanishing-viscosity limits of gradient flows: the finite-dimensional caseNov 24 2016In this note we study the singular vanishing-viscosity limit of a gradient flow set in a finite-dimensional Hilbert space and driven by a smooth, but possibly non convex, time-dependent energy functional. We resort to ideas and techniques from the variational ... More
On measures that improve $L^q$ dimension under convolutionDec 13 2018Mar 19 2019The $L^q$ dimensions, for $1<q<\infty$, quantify the degree of smoothness of a measure. We study the following problem on the real line: when does the $L^q$ dimension improve under convolution? This can be seen as a variant of the well-known $L^p$-improving ... More
Hölder coverings of sets of small dimensionFeb 03 2017Feb 06 2018We show that a set of small box counting dimension can be covered by a H\"older graph from all but a small set of directions, and give sharp bounds for the dimension of the exceptional set, improving a result of B. Hunt and V. Kaloshin. We observe that, ... More
A $\mathbb{Q}$--factorial complete toric variety with Picard number 2 is projectiveApr 15 2015Nov 09 2017This paper is devoted to settle two still open problems, connected with the existence of ample and nef divisors on a Q-factorial complete toric variety. The first problem is about the existence of ample divisors when the Picard number is 2: we give a ... More
Principal bundles with groupoid structure: local vs. global theory and nonabelian ucech cohomologyApr 25 2004The aim of this paper is to review and discuss in detail local aspects of principal bundles with groupoid structure. Many results, in particular from the second and third section, are already known to some extents, but, due to the lack of a ``unified'' ... More
IDNet: Smartphone-based Gait Recognition with Convolutional Neural NetworksJun 10 2016Jun 15 2016Here, we present IDNet, an original user authentication framework from smartphone-acquired motion signals. Its goal is to recognize a target user from her/his way of walking, using the accelerometer and gyroscope (inertial) signals provided by a commercial ... More
Theoretical Considerations on the Computation of Generalized Time-Periodic WavesMay 20 2011We present both, theory and an algorithm for solving time-harmonic wave problems in a general setting. The time-harmonic solutions will be achieved by computing time-periodic solutions of the original wave equations. Thus, an exact controllability technique ... More
Optimization of semiconductor quantum devices by evolutionary searchNov 23 2000A novel simulation strategy is proposed to search for semiconductor quantum devices which are optimized with respect to required performances. Based on evolutionary programming, a tecnique implementing the paradigm of genetic algorithms to more complex ... More
Quantum Information in Semiconductors: Noiseless Encoding in a Quantum-Dot ArrayApr 06 1998Nov 20 1998A potential implementation of quantum-computation schemes in semiconductor-based structures is proposed. In particular, an array of quantum dots is shown to be an ideal quantum register for a noiseless information encoding. In addition to the suppression ... More
Stein-Malliavin Approximations for Nonlinear Functionals of Random Eigenfunctions on ${\mathbb{S}}^{d}$May 14 2014We investigate Stein-Malliavin approximations for nonlinear functionals of geometric interest of Gaussian random eigenfunctions on the unit $d$ -dimensional sphere ${\mathbb{S}}^{d},$ $d\geq 2.$ All our results are established in the high energy limit, ... More
A numerical ampleness criterion via Gale dualityApr 27 2015Nov 16 2016The main object of the present paper is a numerical criterion determining when a Weil divisor of a $\Q$--factorial complete toric variety admits a positive multiple Cartier divisor which is either numerically effective (nef) or ample. It is a consequence ... More
Weighted Projective Spaces from the toric point of view with computational applicationsDec 07 2011Feb 12 2013The purpose of the present paper is threefold. First: giving a treatise on weighted projective spaces by the toric point of view. Second: providing characterizations of fans and polytopes giving weighted projective spaces, with particular focus on a kind ... More
Hybrid spherical approximationApr 05 2014In this paper a local approximation method on the sphere is presented. As interpolation scheme we consider a partition of unity method, such as the modified spherical Shepard's method, which uses zonal basis functions (ZBFs) plus spherical harmonics as ... More
Flavour structure, flavour symmetry and supersymmetryJul 05 2001We discuss the role played by the horizontal flavour symmetry in supersymmetric theories. In particular, we consider the horizontal symmetry $SU(3)_H$ between the three fermion families and show how this concept can help in explaining the fermion mass ... More
Grand unified textures for neutrino and quark mixingsNov 23 1998Dec 23 1998The atmospheric neutrino data imply large mixing between the $\nu_\mu$ and $\nu_\tau$ states, $\theta_{23} = (45\pm 12)^\circ$, while the MSW solution to the solar neutrino problem needs very small mixing angle $\theta_{12} = (2\pm 1)^\circ$. In the quark ... More
Predictive Grand Unified Textures for Quark and Neutrino Masses and MixingsMar 09 2000Nov 27 2000We propose new textures for the fermion Yukawa matrices which are generalizations of the so-called Stech ansatz. We discuss how these textures can be realized in supersymmetric grand unified models with horizontal symmetry SU(3)_H among the fermion generations. ... More
Towards a grand unified picture for neutrino and quark mixingsJul 16 1999The comparison of the CKM mixing angles with the leptonic mixings implied by the recent atmospheric and solar neutrino data exhibits an interesting complementarity. This pattern can be understood in the context of the SU(5) grand unification, assuming ... More
Stability for Borell-Brascamp-Lieb inequalitiesJul 19 2016Jan 30 2017We study stability issues for the so-called Borell-Brascamp-Lieb inequalities, proving that when near equality is realized, the involved functions must be $L^1$-close to be $p$-concave and to coincide up to homotheties of their graphs.
A traffic flow model with non-smooth metric interaction: well-posedness and micro-macro limitOct 15 2015We prove existence and uniqueness of solutions to a transport equation modelling vehicular traffic in which the velocity field depends non-locally on the downstream traffic density via a discontinuous anisotropic kernel. The result is obtained recasting ... More
Reconstructing the initial mass function of disc-bulge Galactic globular clusters from N-body simulationsOct 08 2014We propose an evolutionary model to describe the dynamical evolution of star cluster systems in tidal fields, in which we calibrated the parametric equations defining the model by running direct N-body simulations of star clusters with a wide range of ... More
Study of solid 4He in two dimensions. The issue of zero-point defects and study of confined crystalMar 21 2012Defects are believed to play a fundamental role in the supersolid state of 4He. We report on studies by exact Quantum Monte Carlo (QMC) simulations at zero temperature of the properties of solid 4He in presence of many vacancies, up to 30 in two dimensions ... More
Leptonic decay constants fK, fD and fDs with Nf = 2+1+1 twisted-mass lattice QCDNov 28 2014Feb 25 2015We present a lattice QCD calculation of the pseudoscalar decay constants fK, fD and fDs performed using the gauge configurations produced by the European Twisted Mass Collaboration with Nf = 2 + 1 + 1 dynamical quarks, which include in the sea, besides ... More
Bose Einstein Condensation in solid 4HeMar 17 2005We have computed the one--body density matrix rho_1 in solid 4He at T=0 K using the Shadow Wave Function (SWF) variational technique. The accuracy of the SWF has been tested with an exact projector method. We find that off-diagonal long range order is ... More
A muon source based on plasma acceleratorsNov 16 2017Nov 18 2017The conceptual design of a compact source of GeV-class muons is presented, based on a plasma based electron-gamma collider. Evaluations of muon flux, spectra and brilliance are presented, carried out with ad-hoc montecarlo simulations of the electron-gamma ... More
GRB 141221A: gone is the windFeb 29 2016GRB 141221A was observed from infrared to soft gamma-ray bands. Here, we investigate its properties, in light of the standard model. We find that the optical light curve of the afterglow of this burst presents an unusual steep/quick rise. The broad band ... More
Design and advancement status of the Beam Expander Testing X-ray facility (BEaTriX)Oct 28 2016The BEaTriX (Beam Expander Testing X-ray facility) project is an X-ray apparatus under construction at INAF/OAB to generate a broad (200 x 60 mm2), uniform and low-divergent X-ray beam within a small lab (6 x 15 m2). BEaTriX will consist of an X-ray source ... More
Topological susceptibility in full QCD with Ginsparg-Wilson fermionsFeb 23 2004We show that, if the formula for the topological charge density operator suggested by fermions obeying the Ginsparg-Wilson relation is employed, it is possible to give a precise and unambiguous definition of the topological susceptibility in full QCD, ... More
Plasma boosted electron beams for driving Free Electron LasersFeb 19 2018In this paper, we report results of simulations, in the framework of both EuPRAXIA \cite{Walk2017} and EuPRAXIA@SPARC\_LAB \cite{Ferr2017} projects, aimed at delivering a high brightness electron bunch for driving a Free Electron Laser (FEL) by employing ... More
Strongly coupled slow-light polaritons in one-dimensional disordered localized statesJun 09 2013Cavity quantum electrodynamics advances the coherent control of a single quantum emitter with a quantized radiation field mode, typically piecewise engineered for the highest finesse and confinement in the cavity field. This enables the possibility of ... More