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Lower bounded semi-Dirichlet forms associated with Lévy type operatorsAug 17 2011Aug 29 2012Let $k:E\times E\to [0,\infty)$ be a non-negative measurable function on some locally compact separable metric space $E$. We provide some simple conditions such that the quadratic form with jump kernel $k$ becomes a regular lower bounded (non-local, non-symmetric) ... More
Strong Feller Continuity of Feller Processes and SemigroupsJun 28 2010May 17 2011We study two equivalent characterizations of the strong Feller property for a Markov process and of the associated sub-Markovian semigroup. One is described in terms of locally uniform absolute continuity, whereas the other uses local Orlicz-ultracontractivity. ... More
On the Coupling Property of Lévy ProcessesJun 28 2010May 15 2011We give necessary and sufficient conditions guaranteeing that the coupling for L\'evy processes (with non-degenerate jump part) is successful. Our method relies on explicit formulae for the transition semigroup of a compound Poisson process and earlier ... More
Some Theorems on Feller Processes: Transience, Local Times and UltracontractivityAug 16 2011We present sufficient conditions for the transience and the existence of local times of a Feller process, and the ultracontractivity of the associated Feller semigroup; these conditions are sharp for L\'{e}vy processes. The proof uses a local symmetrization ... More
How does an external electrical field affect adsorption patterns of thiol and thiolate on the gold substrate ?Jan 06 2009The responsive behavior of methanethiol and methylthiolate molecules on the Au(111) surface with an applied electrical potential is studied, and it is shown how the sulfur adsorption site, the S-H bond orientation and the interacting energy change with ... More
Constructions of Coupling Processes for Lévy ProcessesSep 28 2010May 15 2011We construct optimal Markov couplings of L\'{e}vy processes, whose L\'evy (jump) measure has an absolutely continuous component. The construction is based on properties of subordinate Brownian motions and the coupling of Brownian motions by reflection. ... More
Interference Fragmentation Functions and Valence Quark Spin Distributions in the NucleonOct 31 1997Jan 23 1998We explore further applications of the twist-two quark interference fragmentation functions introduced earlier. We show that semi-inclusive production of two pions in the current fragmentation region in deep inelastic scattering of a longitudinally polarized ... More
Interference Fragmentation Functions and the Nucleon's TransversitySep 12 1997Jan 12 1998We introduce twist-two quark interference fragmentation functions in helicity density matrix formalism and study their physical implications. We show how the nucleon's transversity distribution can be probed through the final state interaction between ... More
Variable selection in nonparametric additive modelsOct 20 2010We consider a nonparametric additive model of a conditional mean function in which the number of variables and additive components may be larger than the sample size but the number of nonzero additive components is "small" relative to the sample size. ... More
Lower Bounds of the Hausdorff dimension for Feller processesJun 15 2014Nov 13 2014Let $(X_t)_{t\ge0}$ be a Feller process generated by a pseudo-differential operator whose symbol satisfies $\|p(\cdot,\xi)\|_\infty\le c(1+|\xi|^2)$ and $p(\cdot,0)\equiv0.$ We prove that, for a large class of examples, the Hausdorff dimension of the ... More
A Unified Approach to Coupling SDEs driven by Lévy Noise and Some ApplicationsNov 20 2018We present a general method to construct couplings of stochastic differential equations driven by L\'{e}vy noise in terms of coupling operators. This approach covers both coupling by reflection and refined basic coupling which are often discussed in the ... More
Asymptotic properties of bridge estimators in sparse high-dimensional regression modelsApr 04 2008We study the asymptotic properties of bridge estimators in sparse, high-dimensional, linear regression models when the number of covariates may increase to infinity with the sample size. We are particularly interested in the use of bridge estimators to ... More
On generating functions of Hausdorff moment sequencesJan 31 2014Nov 25 2014The class of generating functions for completely monotone sequences (moments of finite positive measures on $[0,1]$) has an elegant characterization as the class of Pick functions analytic and positive on $(-\infty,1)$. We establish this and another such ... More
Astrophysical Effects of nu+gamma-->nu+gamma+gamma and Its Crossed ProcessesJul 09 1997Recently, Dicus and Repko computed nu gamma --> nu gamma gamma for energies below the threshold for e^{+}e^{-} pair production. They found across section on the order of 10^{-52} omega ^{gamma} with gamma =10, where omega is the CMS energy of one of the ... More
Hydrogen Storage on Platinum-Decorated Carbon Nanotubes with Boron, Nitrogen Dopants or Sidewall VacanciesApr 15 2011The interaction between hydrogen molecules and platinum (Pt)-decorated carbon nanotubes (CNTs) with boron (B)-, nitrogen (N)-dopants or sidewall vacancies is discussed from first-principle calculations. The adsorption patterns of hydrogen molecules on ... More
A Markov jump process modelling animal group size statisticsJan 03 2019We translate a coagulation-framentation model, describing the dynamics of animal group size distributions, into a model for the population distribution and associate the \blue{nonlinear} evolution equation with a Markov jump process of a type introduced ... More
Well-posedness and derivative blow-up for a dispersionless regularized shallow water systemOct 14 2018We study local-time well-posedness and breakdown for solutions of regularized Saint-Venant equations (regularized classical shallow water equations) recently introduced by Clamond and Dutykh. The system is linearly non-dispersive, and smooth solutions ... More
NormFace: L2 Hypersphere Embedding for Face VerificationApr 21 2017Jul 26 2017Thanks to the recent developments of Convolutional Neural Networks, the performance of face verification methods has increased rapidly. In a typical face verification method, feature normalization is a critical step for boosting performance. This motivates ... More
Grain-Boundary Kinetics: A Unified ApproachMar 08 2018Grain boundaries (GBs) are central defects for describing polycrystalline materials, and playing major role in a wide-range of physical properties of polycrystals. Control over GB kinetics provides effective means to tailor polycrystal properties through ... More
The CH3SH molecule deposited on Cu(111) and deprotonationDec 06 2007We demonstrate for the first time that when a methanethiol adsorbed on the regular Cu(111) surface, the dissociative structure is thermodynamically more stable than the intact one. The computational results show that at low temperature the methanethiol ... More
Headgroup dimerization in methanethiol monolayers on the Au(111) surface: a density functional theory studyJul 02 2007A long-standing controversy related to the dimer pattern formed by S atoms in methanethiol ($CH_{3}SH$) on the Au(111) surface has been resolved using density functional theory. For the first time, dimerization of methanethiol adsorbates on the Au(111) ... More
Least action principles for incompressible flows and geodesics between shapesApr 12 2016Jun 07 2018As V. I. Arnold observed in the 1960s, the Euler equations of incompressible fluid flow correspond formally to geodesic equations in a group of volume-preserving diffeomorphisms. Working in an Eulerian framework, we study incompressible flows of shapes ... More
Well-posedness and derivative blow-up for a dispersionless regularized shallow water systemOct 14 2018May 07 2019We study local-time well-posedness and breakdown for solutions of regularized Saint-Venant equations (regularized classical shallow water equations) recently introduced by Clamond and Dutykh. The system is linearly non-dispersive, and smooth solutions ... More
Light-induced long-ranged disorder effect in ultra-dilute two-dimensional holes in GaAs heterojunction-insulated-gate field-effect-transistorsJun 26 2013Comparing the results of transport measurements of strongly correlated two-dimensional holes in a GaAs heterojunction-insulated-gate field-effect-transistor obtained before and after a brief photo-illumination, the light-induced disorder is found to cause ... More
Electronic States in Two-Dimensional Triangular Cobalt Oxides: Role of Electronic CorrelationJul 23 2003Jul 24 2003We obtain the electronic states and structures of two-dimensional cobalt oxides, Na$_{x}$CoO$_{2}$ (x=0, 0.35, 0.5 and 0.75) by utilizing the full-potential linear muffin-tin orbitals (FP-LMTO) methods, from which some essential electronic interaction ... More
Magnetophoresis of ferrofluid in microchannel system and its nonlinear effectNov 14 2006We have studied the magnetophoretic particle separation and its nonlinear behavior of ferrofluids in microchannel which is proposed by Furlani. The magnetic gradient force is caused by an bias field and the polarized magnets and is found to be spatially ... More
Self-similar spreading in a merging-splitting model of animal group sizeMar 24 2019In a recent study of certain merging-splitting models of animal-group size (Degond et al., J. Nonl. Sci. 27 (2017) 379), it was shown that an initial size distribution with infinite first moment leads to convergence to zero in weak sense, corresponding ... More
Asymmetry in crystal facet dynamics of homoepitaxy by a continuum modelMar 12 2017Oct 22 2017In the absence of external material deposition, crystal surfaces usually relax to become flat by decreasing their free energy. We study an asymmetry in the relaxation of macroscopic plateaus, facets, of a periodic surface corrugation in 1+1 dimensions ... More
One dimensional zone center phonons in $O_{h}$ space groupMar 04 2014Motivated by experiments, we performed a systematic study on the one dimensional zone center phonons in $O_{h}$ space groups. All the one dimensional phonon modes for different Wyckoff positions are tabulated. We show that at least four (inequivalent) ... More
Decomposition of direct product at an arbitrary Brillouin zone point: $D^{(\bigstar{R})(m)}$ $\otimes$ $D^{(\bigstar{-R})(m)}$Mar 04 2014A general rule is presented for the decomposition of the direct product of irreducible representation at arbitrary Brillouin zone point $\bf{R}$ with its negative: the number of the appearences of the zone center representation equals the dimensionality ... More
Optical selection rules in topological insulators Bi$_2$Sb$_3$, Bi$_2$Se$_3$, Bi$_2$Te$_3$ and Sb$_2$Te$_3$Apr 13 2012May 02 2012We performed group theoretical investigation of symmetries of excitations in topological insulators \ce{Bi2Sb3}, \ce{Bi2Te3}, \ce{Bi2Se3} and \ce{Sb2Te3}, focusing on selection rules for optical processes. Electronic transitions of bulk states to bulk ... More
Divorcing pressure from viscosity in incompressible Navier-Stokes dynamicsFeb 26 2005We show that in bounded domains with no-slip boundary conditions, the Navier-Stokes pressure can be determined in a such way that it is strictly dominated by viscosity. As a consequence, in a general domain we can treat the Navier-Stokes equations as ... More
Coagulation-fragmentation model for animal group-size statisticsOct 20 2015We study coagulation-fragmentation equations inspired by a simple model proposed in fisheries science to explain data for the size distribution of schools of pelagic fish. Although the equations lack detailed balance and admit no $H$-theorem, we are able ... More
Analysis of a continuum theory for broken bond crystal surface models with evaporation and deposition effectsMay 01 2019May 02 2019We study a $4$th order PDE with a $2$nd order correction that is a modification of one suggested by Peter Smereka using the tools of Krug et al (Z. Phys. B., 1994). First, we provide a non-rigorous derivation of the full model derived with a quadratic ... More
Analysis of a continuum theory for broken bond crystal surface models with evaporation and deposition effectsMay 01 2019We study a $4$th order PDE with a $2$nd order correction that is a modification of one suggested by Peter Smereka using the tools of Krug et al (Z. Phys. B., 1994). First, we provide a non-rigorous derivation of the full model derived with a quadratic ... More
On Incompressible Navier-Stokes Dynamics: A New Approach for Analysis and ComputationMar 11 2005We show that in bounded domains with no-slip boundary conditions, the Navier-Stokes pressure can be determined in a such way that it is strictly dominated by viscosity. As a consequence, in a general domain we can treat the Navier-Stokes equations as ... More
Thioglycolic acid on the gold (111) surface and Raman vibrational spectraFeb 05 2010The interaction of thioglycolic acid with the Au(111) surface is investigaged, and it is found that at the low coverage the molecule lies down on the substrate. If the mercaptan-hydrogen atom is eliminated, the resulting SCH_2COOH molecule is randomly ... More
Soft Supersymmetry Breaking, Scalar Top-Charm Mixing and Higgs SignaturesMar 15 2001Feb 05 2002The squark mass-matrix from the soft supersymmetry (SUSY) breaking sector contains a rich flavor-mixing structure that allows O(1) mixings among top- and charm-squarks while being consistent with all the existing theoretical and experimental bounds. We ... More
Grain Boundary Shear Coupling is Not a Grain Boundary PropertyOct 10 2018Shear coupling implies that all grain boundary (GB) migration necessarily creates mechanical stresses/strains and is a key component to the evolution of all polycrystalline microstructures. We present MD simulation data and theoretical analyses that demonstrate ... More
Verification of real-time WSA-ENLIL+Cone simulations of CME arrival-time at the CCMC from 2010-2016Jan 24 2018The Wang-Sheeley-Arge (WSA)-ENLIL+Cone model is used extensively in space weather operations world-wide to model CME propagation. As such, it is important to assess its performance. We present validation results of the WSA-ENLIL+Cone model installed at ... More
Smoothed weighted empirical likelihood ratio confidence intervals for quantilesOct 23 2008Thus far, likelihood-based interval estimates for quantiles have not been studied in the literature on interval censored case 2 data and partly interval censored data, and, in this context, the use of smoothing has not been considered for any type of ... More
Weighted empirical likelihood in some two-sample semiparametric models with various types of censored dataMar 12 2008In this article, the weighted empirical likelihood is applied to a general setting of two-sample semiparametric models, which includes biased sampling models and case-control logistic regression models as special cases. For various types of censored data, ... More
Oscillatory Magneto-Thermopower and Resonant Phonon Drag in a High-Mobility 2D Electron GasOct 11 2003Experimental and theoretical evidence is presented for new low-magnetic-field ($B<5$ kG) 1/B-oscillations in the thermoelectric power of a high-mobility GaAs/AlGaAs two-dimensional (2D) electron gas. The oscillations result from inter-Landau-Level resonances ... More
Measure-Independent Freezing of Quantum CoherenceMar 03 2016Jun 14 2016We find that all measures of coherence are frozen for an initial state in a strictly incoherent channel if and only if the relative entropy of coherence is frozen for the state. Our finding reveals the existence of measure-independent freezing of coherence, ... More
Magnetophoresis of nonmagnetic particles in ferrofluidsNov 15 2006Mar 24 2008Ferrofluids containing nonmagnetic particles are called inverse ferrofluids. On the basis of the Ewald-Kornfeld formulation and the Maxwell-Garnett theory, we theoretically investigate the magnetophoretic force exerting on the nonmagnetic particles in ... More
Stochastic Acceleration in the Western Hotspot of Pictor ANov 29 2007Dec 19 2007Chandra's high resolution observations of radio galaxies require a revisit of the relevant electron acceleration processes. Although the diffusive shock particle acceleration model may explain spectra of spatially unresolved sources, it encounters difficulties ... More
Topological Electromagnetic Responses of Bosonic Quantum Hall, Topological Insulator, and Chiral Semi-Metal phases in All DimensionsNov 10 2016Dec 04 2016We calculate the topological part of the electromagnetic response of Bosonic Integer Quantum Hall (BIQH) phases in odd (spacetime) dimensions, and Bosonic Topological Insulator (BTI) and Bosonic chiral semi-metal (BCSM) phases in even dimensions. To do ... More
The pre-perihelion activity of dynamically new comet C/2013 A1 (Siding Spring) and its close encounter with MarsFeb 25 2015We used the UltraViolet-Optical Telescope on board Swift to systematically follow the dynamically new comet C/2013 A1 (Siding Spring) on its approach to the Sun. The comet was observed from a heliocentric distance of 4.5 AU pre-perihelion to its perihelion ... More
A Network Object Method to Uncover Hidden Disorder-Related Brain ConnectomeSep 01 2016Jan 12 2017Neuropsychiatric disorders impact functional connectivity of the brain at the network level. The identification and statistical testing of disorder-related networks remains challenging. We propose novel methods to streamline the detection and testing ... More
Terahertz multi-heterodyne spectroscopy using laser frequency combsApr 04 2016Frequency combs based on terahertz quantum cascade lasers feature broadband coverage and high output powers in a compact package, making them an attractive option for broadband spectroscopy. Here, we demonstrate the first multi-heterodyne spectroscopy ... More
Imaging the formation of high-energy dispersion anomalies in the actinide UCoGa$_5$Jun 06 2012Oct 10 2012We use angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy (ARPES) to image the emergence of substaintial dispersion anomalies in the electronic renormalization of the actinide compound UCoGa$_5$ which was presumed to belong to a conventional Fermi liquid family. ... More
General theory of decoy-state quantum cryptography with source errorsFeb 21 2008Apr 30 2008The existing theory of decoy-state quantum cryptography assumes the exact control of each states from Alice's source. Such exact control is impossible in practice. We develop the theory of decoy-state method so that it is unconditionally secure even there ... More
Kondo-induced hybrid topological insulator in two-dimensional electron system with a quadratic band crossing pointFeb 10 2016We investigate the Kondo effect in the two-dimensional electron system with a non-trivial quadratic energy band crossing point. We show that the Kondo effect can induce a new hybrid topological insulator phase which is a coexistence state of the quantum ... More
A novel two-mode squeezed light based on double-pump phase-matchingFeb 27 2019May 16 2019A novel two-mode non-degenerate squeezed light is generated based on a four-wave mixing (4WM) process driven by two pump fields crossing at a small angle. By exchanging the roles of the pump beams and the probe and conjugate beams, we have demonstrated ... More
Resistance Fluctuations in Composite Fermion State near Landau Level Filling Factor $ν= 1/2$ in A Square Quantum WellAug 29 2008We have studied the magnetotransport near Landau level filling factor $\nu = 1/2$ in a GaAs-Al0.3Ga0.7As square quantum well (width 35 nm) in magnetic field up to 42 T and in a temperature range between 50 mK and 1.5 K. In low temperatures T < 200 mK, ... More
Optical performance of prototype horn-coupled TES bolometer arrays for SAFARIAug 24 2016The SAFARI Detector Test Facility is an ultra-low background optical testbed for characterizing ultra-sensitive prototype horn-coupled TES bolmeters for SAFARI, the grating spectrometer on board the proposed SPICA satellite. The testbed contains internal ... More
Quantum-oscillation-modulated angular dependences of the positive longitudinal magnetoconductivity and planar Hall effect in Weyl semimetalsJan 29 2019We study the positive longitudinal magnetoconductivity (LMC) and planar Hall effect as emergent effects of the chiral anomaly in Weyl semimetals, following a recent-developed theory by integrating the Landau quantization with Boltzmann equation. It is ... More
Four-wave mixing with a new phase-matching geometryFeb 27 2019A nondegenerate intensity-squeezed twin beams has been produced with a four-wave mixing (4WM) process driven by two pump fields cross a small angle [Jia \emph{et al.}, Opt. Lett. 42, 4024 (2017)]. We theoretically study this 4WM process and find that ... More
Disappearance of the metal-like behavior in GaAs two-dimensional holes below 30 mKDec 19 2007The zero-field temperature-dependence of the resistivity of two-dimensional holes are observed to exhibit two qualitatively different characteristics for a fixed carrier density for which only the metallic behavior of the so-called metal-insulator transition ... More
Stochastic Electron Acceleration in Shell-Type Supernova RemnantsMay 16 2008Jul 14 2008We study the stochastic electron acceleration by fast mode waves in the turbulent downstream of weakly magnetized collisionless astrophysical shocks. The acceleration is most efficient in a dissipative layer, and the model characteristics are determined ... More
First principles investigation of nanopore sequencing using variable voltage bias on graphene-based nanoribbonsSep 09 2018In this study, we examine the mechanism of nanopore-based DNA sequencing using a voltage bias across a graphene nanoribbon. Using density functional theory and a non-equilibrium Green's function approach, we determine the transmission spectra and current ... More
Estimating coherence measures from limited experimental data availableJul 10 2017Apr 30 2018Quantifying coherence has received increasing attention, and considerable work has been directed towards finding coherence measures. While various coherence measures have been proposed in theory, an important issue following is how to estimate these coherence ... More
Neuromimetic Circuits with Synaptic Devices based on Strongly Correlated Electron SystemsNov 15 2014Strongly correlated electron systems such as the rare-earth nickelates (RNiO3, R = rare-earth element) can exhibit synapse-like continuous long term potentiation and depression when gated with ionic liquids; exploiting the extreme sensitivity of coupled ... More
Heliospheric Observations of STEREO-Directed Coronal Mass Ejections in 2008--2010: Lessons for Future Observations of Earth-Directed CMEsMay 11 2012We present a study of coronal mass ejections (CMEs) which impacted one of the STEREO spacecraft between January 2008 and early 2010. We focus our study on 20 CMEs which were observed remotely by the Heliospheric Imagers (HIs) onboard the other STEREO ... More
Optical codeword demodulation with error rates below standard quantum limit using a conditional nulling receiverNov 17 2011Nov 25 2011The quantum states of two laser pulses---coherent states---are never mutually orthogonal, making perfect discrimination impossible. Even so, coherent states can achieve the ultimate quantum limit for capacity of a classical channel, the Holevo capacity. ... More
A new coherence measure based on fidelityJun 24 2017Jul 05 2017Quantifying coherence is an essential endeavor for both quantum foundations and quantum technologies. In this paper, we put forward a quantitative measure of coherence by following the axiomatic definition of coherence measures introduced in [T. Baumgratz, ... More
Hadronic production of $W$ and $Z$ bosons at large transverse momentumMar 30 2015Jun 05 2015We introduce a modified factorization formalism in quantum chromodynamics for hadronic production of $W$ and $Z$ bosons at large transverse momentum $p_T$. When $p_T$ is much larger than the invariant mass $Q$ of the vector boson, this new factorization ... More
Interaction effects in the transport of two-dimensional holes in GaAsOct 11 2006The power-law increase of the conductivity with temperature in the nominally insulating regime, recently reported for the dilute two-dimensional holes [cond-mat/0603053], is found to systematically vary with the carrier density. Based on the results from ... More
Non-activated transport of strongly interacting two-dimensional holes in GaAsMar 02 2006Oct 11 2006We report on the transport measurements of two-dimensional holes in GaAs field effect transistors with record low densities down to 7*10^8 cm^{-2}. Remarkably, such a dilute system (with Fermi wavelength approaching 1 micrometer) exhibits a non-activated ... More
Ricci flow and birational surgeryApr 09 2013We study the formation of finite time singularities of the Kahler-Ricci flow in relation to high codimensional birational surgery in algebraic geometry. We show that the Kahler-Ricci flow on an n-dimensionl Kahler manifold contracts a complex submanifold ... More
Some Type I solutions of Ricci flow with rotational symmetryMar 13 2012We prove that the Ricci flow on CP^n blown-up at one point starting with any rotationally symmetric Kahler metric must develop Type I singularities. In particular, if the total volume does not go to zero at the singular time, the parabolic blow-up limit ... More
On a conjecture of Candelas and de la OssaJan 20 2012We prove that the metric completion of a canonical Ricci-flat Kahler metric on the nonsingular part of a projective Calabi-Yau variety $X$ with ordinary double point singularities, is a compact metric length space homeomorphic to the projective variety ... More
Finite time extinction of the Kahler-Ricci flowMay 07 2009We investigate the limiting behavior of the unnormalized Kahler-Ricci flow on a Kahler manifold with a polarized initial Kahler metric. We prove that the Kahler-Ricci flow becomes extinct in finite time if and only if the manifold has positive first Chern ... More
Positivity in convergence of the inverse $σ_{n-1}$-flowOct 29 2016We study positivity in the conjecture proposed by Lejmi and Sz\'{e}kelyhidi on finding effective necessary and sufficient conditions for solvability of the inverse $\sigma_k$ equation, or equivalently, for convergence of the inverse $\sigma_k$-flow. In ... More
Hodge-index type inequalities, hyperbolic polynomials and complex Hessian equationsOct 10 2018It is noted that using complex Hessian equations and the concavity inequalities for elementary symmetric polynomials implies a generalized form of Hodge index inequality. Inspired by this result, using G{\aa}rding's theory for hyperbolic polynomials, ... More
A C++ library for Multimodal Deep LearningDec 22 2015Apr 12 2016MDL, Multimodal Deep Learning Library, is a deep learning framework that supports multiple models, and this document explains its philosophy and functionality. MDL runs on Linux, Mac, and Unix platforms. It depends on OpenCV.
Soul Theorem for 4-dimensional Topologically Regular Open Nonnegatively Curved Alexandrov SpacesOct 09 2010In this paper, we study the topology of topologically regular 4-dimensional open non-negatively curved Alexandrov spaces. These spaces occur naturally as the blow-up limits of compact Riemannian manifolds with lower curvature bound. These manifolds have ... More
Game-theoretic Modeling of Players' Ambiguities on External FactorsOct 23 2015Apr 02 2017We propose a game-theoretic framework that incorporates both incomplete information and general ambiguity attitudes on factors external to all players. Our starting point is players' preferences on payoff-distribution vectors, essentially mappings from ... More
On Topological 1D Gravity. IDec 04 2014In topological 1D gravity, the genus zero one-point function combined with the gradient of the action function leads to a spectral curve and its special deformation. After quantization, the partition function is identified as an element in the bosonic ... More
Some integrality properties in local mirror symmetryMay 18 2010Aug 16 2010We prove some integrality properties of the open-closed mirror maps, inverse open-closed mirror maps and mirror curves of some local Calabi-Yau geometries.
Crepant Resolutions, Quivers and GW/NCDT DualityJul 01 2009We propose a conjecture that relates some local Gromov-Witten invariants of some crepant resolutions of Calabi-Yau 3-folds with isolated singularities with some Donaldson-Thomas type invariants of the moduli spaces of representations of some quivers with ... More
Regularity of Leray-Hopf solutions to Navier-Stokes equationsDec 19 2007Dec 29 2007Limit behaviors of blow up solutions for impressible Navier-Stokes equations are obtained.
Hermitian One-Matrix Model and KP HierarchySep 21 2018The partition functions of Hermitian one-matrix models are known to be tau-functions of the KP hierarchy. In this paper we explicitly compute the elements in Sato grassmannian these tau-functions correspond to, and use them to compute the $n$-point functions ... More
The evolution of the small x gluon TMDMar 24 2016We study the evolution of the small $x$ gluon transverse momentum dependent(TMD) distribution in the dilute limit. The calculation has been carried out in the Ji-Ma-Yuan scheme using a simple quark target model. As expected, we find that the resulting ... More
A note on the scale dependence of the Burkardt sum ruleJul 10 2015In this short note, we argue that the Burkardt sum rule for the Sivers functions can be used to check the consistency of evolution equations of three-parton correlators.
K-Theory of Hilbert Schemes as a Formal Quantum Field TheoryMar 16 2018We define a notion of formal quantum field theory and associate a formal quantum field theory to K-theoretical intersection theories on Hilbert schemes of points on algebraic surfaces. This enables us to find an effective way to compute K-theoretical ... More
Transverse single spin asymmetry in Drell-Yan production in polarized pA collisionsFeb 09 2015We study the transverse single spin asymmetry in Drell-Yan production in pA collisions with incoming protons being transversely polarized. We carry out the calculation using a newly developed hybrid approach. The polarized cross section computed in the ... More
A generalization of the line translation theoremApr 27 2011Through the method of brick decomposition and the operations on essential topological lines, we generalize the line translation theorem of Beguin, Crovisier, Le Roux [BCL] in the case where the property of preserving a finite measure with total support ... More
Some properties of Hamiltonian homeomorphisms on closed aspherical surfacesFeb 07 2016Oct 21 2016On closed symplectically aspherical manifolds, Schwarz proved a classical result that the action function of a nontrivial Hamiltonian diffeomorphism is not constant by using Floer homology. In this article, we generalize Schwarz's theorem to the $C^0$-case ... More
The α-Invariant on Toric Fano ManifoldsJul 22 2003The global holomorphic \alpha-invariant introduced by Tian is closely related with the study in the existence of Kahler-Einstein metric. We apply the result of Tian, Lu and Zelditch on polarized Kahler metrics to approximate plurisubharmonic functions ... More
Degeneration of Kahler-Einstein manifolds of negative scalar curvatureJun 05 2017Let $\pi: \mathcal{X}^* \rightarrow B^*$ be an algebraic family of compact K\"ahler manifolds of complex dimension $n$ with negative first Chern class over a punctured disc $B^*\in \mathbb{C}$. Let $g_t$ be the unique K\"ahler-Einstein metric on $\mathcal{X}_t= ... More
On a class of stochastic partial differential equationsMar 23 2015Jan 28 2016In this paper, we study the stochastic partial differential equation with multiplicative noise $\frac{\partial u}{\partial t} =\mathcal L u+u\dot W$, where $\mathcal L$ is the generator of a symmetric L\'evy process $X$ and $\dot W$ is a Gaussian noise. ... More
Riemannian geometry of Kahler-Einstein currents II: an analytic proof of Kawamata's base point free theoremSep 30 2014It is proved by Kawamata that the canonical bundle of a projective manifold is semi-ample if it is big and nef. We give an analytic proof using the Ricci flow, degeneration of Riemannian manifolds and $L^2$-theory. Combined with our earlier results, we ... More
On a deformed topological vertexApr 22 2005We introduce a deformed topological vertex and use it to define deformations of the topological string partition functions of some local Calabi-Yau geometries. We also work out some examples for which such deformations satisfy a deformed Gopakumar-Vafa ... More
A remark on the convergence of inverse $σ_k$-flowMay 19 2015We study the positivity of related cohomology classes concerning the convergence problem of inverse $\sigma_k$-flow in the conjecture proposed by Lejmi and Sz\'{e}kelyhidi.
Asymptotics of cover times via Gaussian free fields: Bounded-degree graphs and general treesMar 22 2011Feb 25 2014In this paper we show that on bounded degree graphs and general trees, the cover time of the simple random walk is asymptotically equal to the product of the number of edges and the square of the expected supremum of the Gaussian free field on the graph, ... More
Regularity of Leray-Hopf solutions to Navier-Stokes equations (II)-Blow up rate with small L^2(R^3) dataNov 30 2006Sep 07 2007An upper bound of blow up rate for the Navier-Stokes equations with small data in L^2(R^3) is obtained.
Localization of mixing property via Furstenberg familiesSep 30 2014This paper is devoted to studying the localization of mixing property via Furstenberg families. It is shown that there exists some $\mathscr{F}_{pubd}$-mixing set in every dynamical system with positive entropy, and some $\mathscr{F}_{ps}$-mixing set ... More
Dynamical characterization of C-sets and its applicationOct 25 2011Jan 10 2012In this paper, we set up a general correspondence between the algebra properties of $\bN$ and the sets defined by dynamical properties. In particular, we obtain a dynamical characterization of C-sets, where C-sets are the sets satisfying the strong Central ... More
Open String Invariants and Mirror Curve of the Resolved ConifoldJan 04 2010For the resolved conifold with one outer D-brane in arbitrary framing, we present some results for the open string partition functions obtained by some operator manipulations. We prove some conjectures by Aganagic-Vafa and Aganagic-Klemm-Vafa that relates ... More