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Time-domain characterization and correction of on-chip distortion of control pulses in a quantum processorJul 10 2019We introduce Cryoscope, a method for sampling on-chip baseband pulses used to dynamically control qubit frequency in a quantum processor. We specifically use Cryoscope to measure the step response of the dedicated flux control lines of two-junction transmon ... More
Fermi edge singularities in transport through lateral GaAs quantum dotsFeb 03 2017We measure tunnelling currents through electrostatically defined quantum dots in a GaAs/AlGaAs heterostructure connected to two leads. For certain tunnelling barrier configurations and high sample bias we find a pronounced resonance associated with a ... More
Anisotropy of the superconducting fluctuations in multiband superconductors: the case of LiFeAsJul 08 2014Nov 14 2014Between the different families of pnictide multiband superconductors, LiFeAs is probably one of the less understood. Indeed, despite the large amount of experiments performed in the last few years on this material, no consensus has been reached yet on ... More
Gedanken Experiments involving Black HolesAug 20 1993Analysis of several gedanken experiments indicates that black hole complementarity cannot be ruled out on the basis of known physical principles. Experiments designed by outside observers to disprove the existence of a quantum-mechanical stretched horizon ... More
On the measure of Lagrangian invariant tori in nearly--integrable mechanical systems (draft)Mar 27 2015Consider a real--analytic nearly--integrable mechanical system with potential $f$, namely, a Hamiltonian system, having a real-analytic Hamiltonian $$ H(y,x)=\frac12 | y |^2 +\e f(x)\ , $$ $y,x$ being $n$--dimensional standard action--angle variables ... More
On the Evaluation and Comparison of Taggers: The Effect of Noise in Testing CorporaSep 28 1998This paper addresses the issue of {\sc pos} tagger evaluation. Such evaluation is usually performed by comparing the tagger output with a reference test corpus, which is assumed to be error-free. Currently used corpora contain noise which causes the obtained ... More
Poisson-Lie T-plurality of three-dimensional conformally invariant sigma models II: Nondiagonal metrics and dilaton puzzleAug 17 2004Sep 29 2005We look for 3-dimensional Poisson-Lie dualizable sigma models that satisfy the vanishing beta-function equations with constant dilaton field. Using the Poisson-Lie T-plurality we then construct 3-dimensional sigma models that correspond to various decompositions ... More
Classification of 6-dimensional real Manin triplesFeb 21 2002Mar 27 2002We present a complete list of 6-dimensional Manin triples or, equivalently, of 3-dimensional Lie bialgebras. We start from the well known classification of 3-dimensional real Lie algebras and assume the canonical bilinear form on the 6-dimensional Drinfeld ... More
Renormalizability of semiquantized fieldsOct 03 1994Sep 21 1995A definition is given, in the framework of stochastic quantization, for the dynamics of a system composed of classical and quantum degrees of freedom mutually interacting. It is found that the theory breaks reflection positivity, and hence it is unphysical. ... More
Leading order one-loop CP and P violating effective action in the Standard ModelFeb 11 2011The fermions of the Standard Model are integrated out to obtain the effective Lagrangian in the sector violating P and CP at zero temperature. We confirm that no contributions arise for operators of dimension six or less and show that the leading operators ... More
On a multidimentional Brownian motion with partly reflecting membrane on a hyperplaneOct 30 2012A multidimensional Brownian motion with partial reflection on a hyperplane $S$ in the direction $qN+\alpha $, where $N$ is the conormal vector to the hyperplane and $q\in [-1,1], \alpha \in S$ are given parametres, is constructed and this construction ... More
Quantum Bounded Symmetric DomainsMar 26 2008Oct 13 2010This is Leonid Vaksman's monograph "Quantum bounded symmetric domains" (in Russian), preceded with an English translation of the table of contents and (a part) of the introduction. Quantum bounded symmetric domains are interesting from several points ... More
Constraints on star formation theories from the Serpens molecular cloud and protoclusterJul 10 2002We have mapped the large-scale structure of the Serpens cloud core using moderately optically thick (13CO(1--0) and CS(2--1)) and optically thin tracers (C18O(1--0), C34S(2--1), and N2H+(1--0)), using the 16-element focal plane array operating at a wavelength ... More
Classification of Poisson-Lie T-dual models with two-dimensional targetsOct 16 2001Dec 20 2001Four-dimensional Manin triples and Drinfeld doubles are classified and corresponding two-dimensional Poisson-Lie T-dual sigma models on them are constructed. The simplest example of a Drinfeld double allowing decomposition into two nontrivially different ... More
Statistical Mechanics of Developable RibbonsFeb 24 2010Jun 11 2010We investigate the statistical mechanics of long developable ribbons of finite width and very small thickness. The constraint of isometric deformations in these ribbon-like structures that follows from the geometric separation of scales introduces a coupling ... More
A bracket polynomial for graphsAug 25 2008Jan 14 2009A knot diagram has an associated looped interlacement graph, obtained from the intersection graph of the Gauss diagram by attaching loops to the vertices that correspond to negative crossings. This construction suggests an extension of the Kauffman bracket ... More
Chapman-Enskog method and synchronization of globally coupled oscillatorsJun 12 2000Jul 10 2000The Chapman-Enskog method of kinetic theory is applied to two problems of synchronization of globally coupled phase oscillators. First, a modified Kuramoto model is obtained in the limit of small inertia from a more general model which includes ``inertial'' ... More
A Dynamical Cross-over Regime in the Transmission and Reflection Spectra of Evanescent Waves with 2D Arrays of Josephson JunctionsFeb 18 2013A dynamical cross-over regime is revealed when exposing a classical two-dimensional ordered Josephson junction (JJ) array to evanescent waves and tuning the incident microwave power. At the lowest possible temperature for these experiments, 1.1 K, and ... More
The invariant factor of the chiral determinantJul 10 2008The coupling of spin 0 and spin 1 external fields to Dirac fermions defines a theory which displays gauge chiral symmetry. Quantum mechanically, functional integration of the fermions yields the determinant of the Dirac operator, known as the chiral determinant. ... More
Derivative expansion for the effective action of chiral gauge fermions. The abnormal parity componentDec 19 2000Mar 01 2001Explicit exact formulas are presented, for the leading order term in a strict chiral covariant derivative expansion, for the abnormal parity component of the effective action of two- and four-dimensional Dirac fermions in presence of scalar, pseudo-scalar, ... More
Representation of Complex ProbabilitiesJul 19 1996Let a ``complex probability'' be a normalizable complex distribution $P(x)$ defined on $\R^D$. A real and positive probability distribution $p(z)$, defined on the complex plane $\C^D$, is said to be a positive representation of $P(x)$ if $\langle Q(x)\rangle_P ... More
Gibbs sampling of complex valued distributionsOct 30 2015Sep 26 2016A new technique is explored for the Monte Carlo sampling of complex-valued distributions. The method is based on a heat bath approach where the conditional probability is replaced by a positive representation of it on the complex plane. Efficient ways ... More
Existence of positive representations for complex weightsJun 29 2007The necessity of computing integrals with complex weights over manifolds with a large number of dimensions, e.g., in some field theoretical settings, poses a problem for the use of Monte Carlo techniques. Here it is shown that very general complex weight ... More
Derivative expansion for the effective action of chiral gauge fermions. The normal parity componentDec 19 2000Mar 01 2001Explicit exact formulas are presented, up to fourth order in a strict chiral covariant derivative expansion, for the normal parity component of the Euclidean effective action of even-dimensional Dirac fermions. The bosonic background fields considered ... More
Parity breaking in 2+1 dimensions and finite temperatureFeb 11 1998Mar 17 1999An expansion in the number of spatial covariant derivatives is carried out to compute the $\zeta$-function regularized effective action of 2+1-dimensional fermions at finite temperature in an arbitrary non-Abelian background. The real and imaginary parts ... More
Absence of classical and quantum mixingSep 15 1995It is shown, under mild assumptions, that classical degrees of freedom dynamically coupled to quantum ones do not inherit their quantum fluctuations. It is further shown that, if the assumptions are strengthen by imposing the existence of a canonical ... More
An alternative approach to the static spherically symmetric vacuum global solution to the Einstein's equationsJun 19 2018Sep 12 2018We propose an alternative description of the Schwarzschild black hole based on the requirement that the solution be static not only outside the horizon but also inside it. As a consequence of this assumption, we are led to a change of signature implying ... More
Population Models With Delay in Dynamic EnvironmentJan 05 2006Mar 15 2006We study the combined effects of periodically varying carrying capacity and survival rates on the fish population in the ocean (sea). We introduce the Getz type delay differential equation model with a control parameter which describes how fish are harvested. ... More
Optical Calibration For Jefferson Lab HKS SpectrometerNov 04 2005In order to accept very forward angle scattering particles, Jefferson Lab HKS experiment uses an on-target zero degree dipole magnet. The usual spectrometer optics calibration procedure has to be modified due to this on-target field. This paper describes ... More
Skew braces and the Yang-Baxter equationNov 10 2015Mar 16 2016Braces were introduced by Rump to study non-degenerate involutive set-theoretic solutions of the Yang-Baxter equation. We generalize Rump's braces to the non-commutative setting and use this new structure to study not necessarily involutive non-degenerate ... More
On compositions of d.c. functions and mappingsJun 05 2007A d.c. (delta-convex) function on a normed linear space is a function representable as a difference of two continuous convex functions. We show that an infinite dimensional analogue of Hartman's theorem on stability of d.c. functions under compositions ... More
Bounds on the Quenched Pressure and Main Eigenvalue of the Ruelle Operator for Brownian Type PotentialsMar 02 2016Jun 23 2016In this paper we consider a random potential derived from the Brownian motion. We obtain upper and lower bounds for the expected value of the main eigenvalue of the associated Ruelle operator and for its quenched topological pressure. We also exhibit ... More
Fermion Scattering off a CP-violating Bubble Wall in the Background of a Uniform Magnetic FieldSep 03 2004In the scenario of the electroweak baryogenesis we consider the dynamics of fermions with a spatially varying mass in presence of a CP-violating bubble wall and a uniform magnetic field perpendicular to the wall. The relevant quantity for baryogenesis, ... More
Scanning Gate Spectroscopy on NanoclustersDec 09 1999A gated probe for scanning tunnelling microscopy (STM) has been developed. The probe extends normal STM operations by means of an additional electrode fabricated next to the tunnelling tip. The extra electrode does not make contact with the sample and ... More
Langevin spin dynamics based on ab initio calculations: numerical schemes and applicationsJan 30 2014May 22 2014A method is proposed to study the finite-temperature behaviour of small magnetic clusters based on solving the stochastic Landau-Lifshitz-Gilbert equations, where the effective magnetic field is calculated directly during the solution of the dynamical ... More
A first look at blazars with BeppoSAXApr 09 1998I describe a general framework that could allow to understand the broad band spectra of blazars and lead to a unified picture of the emission from relativistic jets, in BL Lac objects as well as in flat spectrum, radio loud Quasars. The scheme serves ... More
Polar optical phonon states and their dispersive spectra of a wurtzite nitride superlattice with complex bases: transfer-matrix methodJun 25 2011Based on the dielectric continuum model and transfer-matrix method, the completing polar optical phonon states in a wurtzite GaN-based superlattice (SLs) with arbitrary-layer complex bases are investigated. It is proved that $2^n$ types of phonon modes ... More
Comment on "Weak value amplification is suboptimal for estimation and detection"Feb 02 2014The assumptions of Ferrie and Combes are irrelevant for realistic experimental situations. This undermines their conclusions.
The Reality in Bohmian Quantum Mechanics or Can You Kill with an Empty Wave Bullet?Dec 31 2003Several situations, in which an empty wave causes an observable effect, are reviewed. They include an experiment showing ``surrealistic trajectories'' proposed by Englert et al. and protective measurement of the density of the quantum state. Conditions ... More
Teleportation: Dream or Reality?Oct 29 1998Since its discovery in 1993, we witness an intensive theoretical and experimental effort centered on teleportation. Very recently it was claimed in the press that ``quantum teleportation has been achieved in the laboratory'' (T. Sudbery, Nature, 390, ... More
Holomorphic extension from the sphere to the ballNov 13 2009Real analytic functions on the boundary of the sphere which have separate holomorphic extension along the complex lines through a boundary point have holomorphic extension to the ball. This was proved in a previous preprint by an argument of CR geometry. ... More
Extensions of set-theoretic solutions of the Yang-Baxter equation and a conjecture of Gateva-IvanovaFeb 03 2015Oct 16 2015We develop a theory of extensions for involutive and nondegenerate solutions of the set-theoretic Yang-Baxter equation and use it to produce new families of solutions. As an application we construct an infinite family of counterexamples to a conjecture ... More
Flow Phase Diagram for the Helium SuperfluidsFeb 11 2004The flow phase diagram for He II and $^3$He-B is established and discussed based on available experimental data and the theory of Volovik [JETP Letters {\bf{78}} (2003) 553]. The effective temperature - dependent but scale - independent Reynolds number ... More
Cosmology with Gamma-Ray BurstsAug 10 2009Gamma-Ray Bursts (GRBs) are the brightest sources in the universe, emit mostly in the hard X-ray energy band and have been detected at redshifts up to ~8.1. Thus, they are in principle very powerful probes for cosmology. I shortly review the researches ... More
Swift GRBs and the Ep,i - Eiso correlationNov 06 2006Jan 22 2007The Ep,i - Eiso correlation is one of the most intriguing and debated observational evidences in Gamma-Ray Bursts (GRB) astrophysics. Swift, with its high sensitivity and fast pointing capabilities, is reducing a lot the impact of selection effects in ... More
A low density of the Extragalactic Background Light revealed by the H.E.S.S. spectra of the BLLac objects 1ES 1101-232 and H 2356-309Dec 23 2006The unexpectedly hard spectra measured by HESS for the BLLacs 1ES 1101-232 and H 2356-309 has allowed an upper limit on the Extragalactic Background Light (EBL) to be derived in the optical/near-infrared range, which is very close to the lower limit given ... More
The oscillating behavior of the pair correlation function in galaxiesJan 28 2014The pair correlation function (PCF) for galaxies presents typical oscillations in the range 20-200 Mpc/h which are named baryon acoustic oscillation (BAO). We first review and test the oscillations of the PCF when the 2D/3D vertexes of the Poissonian ... More
A classical and a relativistic law of motion for spherical supernovaeOct 20 2014In this paper we derive some first order differential equations which model the classical and the relativistic thin layer approximations. The circumstellar medium is assumed to follow a density profile of Plummer type, or of Lane--Emden ($n=5$) type, ... More
The relativistic three dimensional evolution of SN 1987AMay 27 2014The high velocities observed in supernovae require a relativistic treatment for the equation of motion in the presence of gradients in the density of the interstellar medium. The adopted theory is that of the thin layer approximation. The chosen medium ... More
Padé Approximant and Minimax Rational Approximation in Standard CosmologyFeb 20 2016The luminosity distance in the standard cosmology as given by $\Lambda$CDM and consequently the distance modulus for supernovae can be defined by the Pad\'e approximant. A comparison with a known analytical solution shows that the Pad\'e approximant for ... More
The instanton contributions to Yang-Mills theory on the torus: localization, Wilson loops and the perturbative expansionNov 05 1998The instanton contributions to the partition function and to homologically trivial Wilson loops for a U(N) Yang-Mills theory on a torus $T^2$ are analyzed. An exact expression for the partition function is obtained as a sum of contributions localized ... More
Optimal sequence for Parrondo gamesSep 23 2014An algorithm based on backward induction is devised in order to compute the optimal sequence of games to be played in Parrondo games. The algorithm can be used to find the optimal sequence for any finite number of turns or in the steady state, showing ... More
On the Meaning of General Covariance and the Relevance of Observers in General RelativityNov 29 2011Feb 17 2012Since the appearance of General Relativity, its intrinsec general covariance has been very often misinterpreted as implying that physically meaningful quantitities (and conclusions extracted from the theory) have to be absolutely independent on observers. ... More
Constant Dilaton Vacua and Kinks in 2D (Super-)GravitySep 23 2005Dec 06 20052D dilaton (super-)gravity contains a special class of solutions with constant dilaton, a kink-like solution connecting two of them was recently found in a specific model that corresponds to the KK reduced 3D Chern-Simons term. Here we develop the systematics ... More
Quantum dilaton supergravity in 2D with non-minimally coupled matterAug 30 2004General N=(1,1) dilaton supergravity in two dimensions allows a background independent exact quantization of the geometric part, if these theories are formulated as specific graded Poisson-sigma models. In this work the extension of earlier results to ... More
Generalized transformation optics from triple spacetime metamaterialsJul 01 2008Oct 27 2008In this paper various extensions of the design strategy of transformation media are proposed. We show that it is possible to assign different transformed spaces to the field strength tensor (electric field and magnetic induction) and to the excitation ... More
Dynamics of Glue-Balls in N=1 SYM TheoryOct 06 2003The extension of the Veneziano-Yankielowicz effective Lagrangian with terms including covariant derivatives is discussed. This extension is important to understand glue-ball dynamics of the theory. Though the superpotential remains unchanged, the physical ... More
Unveiling the hidden AGN in the merging starburst system ARP 299 (IC694 + NGC 3690)Dec 18 2002As part of a research of elusive AGN in a well defined sample of infrared selected galaxies (using BeppoSAX, Chandra, XMM-Newton and INTEGRAL data) we have observed with BeppoSAX the merging starburst system Arp 299. The broad-band (0.1-40 keV) coverage ... More
String Theory and the Principle of Black Hole ComplementarityJul 27 1993String theory provides an example of the kind of apparent inconsistency that the {\it Principle of Black Hole Complementarity\/} deals with. To a freely infalling observer a string falling through a black hole horizon appears to be a Planck size object. ... More
OCD factorization for the pion diffractive dissociation into two jetsSep 10 2001We present main ideas and obtained results of our recent calculations of Coulomb and QCD contribution to the pion diffractive dissociation into two jets.
Family of intersecting totally real manifolds of $(\Bbb C^n,0)$ and CR-singularitiesJun 02 2005Jun 02 2005The first part of this article is devoted to the study families of totally real intersecting $n$-submanifolds of $(\Bbb C^n,0)$. We give some conditions which allow to straighten holomorphically the family. If this is not possible to do it formally, we ... More
A KAM phenomenon for singular holomorphic vector fieldsMar 31 2005Apr 01 2005Let $X$ be a germ of holomorphic vector field at the origin of ${\bf C}^n$ and vanishing there. We assume that $X$ is a "nondegenerate" good perturbation of a singular completely integrable system. The latter is associated to a family of linear diagonal ... More
Phenomenology of next-leading BFKLMay 13 2005We propose a phenomenological study of the Balitsky-Fadin-Kuraev-Lipatov (BFKL) approach applied to the data on the proton structure function $F_2$ measured at HERA in the small-$x_{Bj}$ region ($x_{Bj}<0.01$) and $Q^2$ in the range 5 to 120 GeV$^2$. ... More
Combined CDF and D0 upper limits on MSSM Higgs boson production in proton-antiproton collisions at the TevatronOct 10 2011We present combined results on the search for neutral supersymmetric Higgs bosons with data collected at the CDF and D0 experiments. Data were collected in proton-antiproton collisions at sqrt(s) = 1.96 TeV during Run II of the Tevatron. The searches ... More
Time inhomogeneous Fokker-Plank equation for wave distributions in the Abelian sandpile modelFeb 02 2000Jan 18 2001The time and size distribution of the waves of topplings in the Abelian sandpile model are expressed as the first arrival at the origin distribution for a scale invariant, time inhomogeneous Fokker-Planck equation. Assuming a linear conjecture for the ... More
Decoherence - Fluctuation Relation and Measurement NoiseMar 22 1999We discuss fluctuations in the measurement process and how these fluctuations are related to the dissipational parameter characterising quantum damping or decoherence. On the example of the measuring current of the variable-barrier or QPC problem we show ... More
Features of Fast Neutrons in Dark Matter SearchesSep 20 2010Jun 21 2011Diffractive scattering of "fast" or "high energy" neutrons, can give low energy nuclear recoils in the signal region for dark matter searches. We present a discussion using the 'black disc' model. This permits a simple and general, although approximate, ... More
Anomalous Effects of "Guest" Charges Immersed in Electrolyte: Exact 2D ResultsMar 09 2005We study physical situations when one or two "guest" arbitrarily-charged particles are immersed in the bulk of a classical electrolyte modelled by a Coulomb gas of positive/negative unit point-like charges, the whole system being in thermal equilibrium. ... More
A Generalization of the Stillinger-Lovett Sum Rules for the Two-Dimensional JelliumMay 10 2007In the equilibrium statistical mechanics of classical Coulomb fluids, the long-range tail of the Coulomb potential gives rise to the Stillinger-Lovett sum rules for the charge correlation functions. For the jellium model of mobile particles of charge ... More
Evolution of quantum systems with a scaling type of time-dependent HamiltoniansDec 12 2002We introduce a new class of quantum models with time-dependent Hamiltonians of a special scaling form. By using a couple of time-dependent unitary transformations, the time evolution of these models is expressed in terms of related systems with time-independent ... More
Proton elastic impact factors for two, three, and four gluonsAug 15 2008In this talk we report on recent calculation of high energy baryon scattering amplitudes in QCD. Elastic baryon impact factors for two, three and four gluons are presented and their energy evolution is described that incorporates unitarity corrections. ... More
Recurrence on the average on treesJun 10 2002In this paper we show that all infinite trees which have bounded coordination and whose surface is negligible with respect to the volume in the limit of large distances (so that they can be embedded in a finite-dimensional euclidean space) are recurrent ... More
Extended Self-Similarity in the Two-Dimensional Metal-Insulator TransitionMay 05 2003We show that extended self-similarity, a scaling phenomenon firstly observed in classical turbulent flows, holds for a two-dimensional metal-insulator transition that belongs to the universality class of random Dirac fermions. Deviations from multifractality, ... More
Delta Hedged Option Valuation with Underlying Non-Gaussian ReturnsFeb 08 2006The standard Black-Scholes theory of option pricing is extended to cope with underlying return fluctuations described by general probability distributions. A Langevin process and its related Fokker-Planck equation are devised to model the market stochastic ... More
Limits on the validity of the semiclassical theoryMay 20 1995For want of a more natural proposal, it is generally assumed that the back-reaction of a quantised matter field on a classical metric is given by the expectation value of its energy-momentum tensor, evaluated in a specified state. This proposal can be ... More
Issues on magnon reflectionJul 23 2008Two questions related to reflections of magnons in AdS/CFT are discussed: namely the problem of explaining the (physical) poles of the reflection amplitudes using Landau type diagrams and the generalization of the Ghoshal-Zamolodchikov boundary state ... More
Overview of the European Underground FacilitiesFeb 01 2011Deep underground laboratories are the only places where the extremely low background radiation level required for most experiments looking for rare events in physics and astroparticle physics can be achieved. Underground sites are also the most suitable ... More
Sharp Weight Hardy-Sobolev inequalities for Grand Lebesgue SpacesAug 10 2016We give in this short paper the exact value for norms of two operators of Hardy-Sobolev type acting between two weight Grand Lebesgue Space (GLS) based on the whole multidimensional Euclidean space.
Spontaneous symmetry breaking in light front field theoryJul 14 2002Jan 28 2008A semiclassical picture of spontaneous symmetry breaking in light front field theory is formulated. It is based on a finite-volume quantization of self-interacting scalar fields obeying antiperiodic boundary conditions. This choice avoids a necessity ... More
Foreground Contributions to 0.2-2 Degree CMB AnisotropiesOct 12 1994We examine the extent to which galactic and extragalactic foregrounds can hamper the detection of primordial Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) anisotropies. We limit our discussion to intermediate angular scales, $10^{\prime}\lsim \theta \lsim 2^{\circ}$, ... More
Uncertanties in Air-showers from Small-x pQCD Mini-JetsOct 28 2005Jan 30 2006To investigate uncertainties in air shower simulations caused by the small-x regime, a model including leading-twist hard pQCD plus soft processes was built, which are separated by an energy dependent transverse momentum cut-off. We provide a fit of the ... More
Simulation of Reactors for Antineutrino Experiments Using DRAGONSep 29 2011Sep 30 2011From the discovery of the neutrino to the precision neutrino oscillation measurements in KamLAND, nuclear reactors have proven to be an important source of antineutrinos. As their power and our knowledge of neutrino physics has increased, more sensitive ... More
Spin 1/2 as propagation on a lattice with symmetries modulo gauge transformationsOct 31 2001Relativistic spin 1/2, as represented by Susskind's 1977 discretization of the Dirac equation on a spatial lattice, is shown to follow from basic, not typically relativistic but essentially quantum theoretic assumptions: that position eigenstates propagate ... More
Quantization via hopping amplitudes: Schroedinger equation and free QEDJul 30 1999Mar 03 2000Schroedinger's equation with scalar and vector potentials is shown to describe "nothing but" hopping of a quantum particle on a lattice; any spatial variation of the hopping amplitudes acts like an external electric and/or magnetic field. The main point ... More
B + L Non-Conservation as a Semi-Classical ProcessNov 08 1993I discuss the problem of computing B + L violation at high energies as that of solving classical differential equations. These equations involve boundary conditions at initial and a final times which are anti-Feynman, and involve solving non-linear differential ... More
Real CP violation in a simple extension of the standard modelSep 07 1999I present a simple three-Higgs-doublet extension of the standard model in which real CP violation takes place. The strong CP problem is attenuated by this model.
Helicity asymmetries in double pion photoproduction on the protonJul 16 2004Nov 11 2004Based on a prior model on double pion photoproduction on the proton, successfully tested in total cross sections and invariant mass distributions, we make a theoretical study of the angular dependence of helicity asymmetries from the interaction of circularly ... More
Strings and Supersymmetry as Tools for Perturbative QCDJul 04 1995We review techniques simplifying the analytic calculation of one-loop QCD amplitudes with many external legs, for use in next-to-leading-order corrections to multi-jet processes. We explain how a supersymmetry-inspired organization works well in conjunction ... More
The Color-Magnitude Diagram of composite stellar populationsNov 13 2001The theoretical relation between the number of post main sequence stars from stellar populations and their total mass in investigated. This is used to derive some basic relations between the stellar number counts of stellar populations with an age spread ... More
New formula for a resonant scattering near an inelastic thresholdApr 22 2008We show that the Flatte formula is not adequate to interpret precision data on a resonance production near an inelastic threshold. A unitary parameterization, satisfying generalized Watson's theorem for the production amplitudes, is proposed to replace ... More
Phenomenology of Scalar MesonsJul 29 1998A separable potential model of three coupled channels (pion-pion, kaon-antikaon and an effective four pion) has been constructed and applied in the analysis of the isoscalar S-wave pion-pion and kaon-antikaon phase shifts and inelasticities .A relatively ... More
TOV or OV?, the whole storyNov 19 2016In a recent manuscript published in the Arxives (arXiv:1610.03049v1), it is claimed that it should be more appropriate to refer to the equation of hydrostatic equilibrium in a static spherically symmetric spacetime, supported by an isotropic perfect fluid, ... More
A High Statistics Lattice Calculation of Quark Masses with a Non-Perturbative Renormalization ProcedureAug 26 1997Oct 03 1997We present results of a high statistics study (O(2000) configurations) of the quark masses in the MS-bar scheme from Lattice QCD in the quenched approximation at beta=6.0, beta=6.2 and beta=6.4 using both the Wilson and the tree-level improved SW-Clover ... More
Polynomial procedure of avoiding multiqubit errors arising due to qubit-qubit interactionNov 01 2000Recently proposed implementations of quantum computer suffer from unavoidable interaction between quantum bits depending upon data being written in them. Novel procedure of avoiding multiqubit errors arising due to uncontrollable qubit-qubit interaction ... More
Limiting Laws of Linear Eigenvalue Statistics for Unitary Invariant Matrix ModelsAug 29 2006We study the variance and the Laplace transform of the probability law of linear eigenvalue statistics of unitary invariant Matrix Models of n-dimentional Hermitian matrices as n tends to infinity. Assuming that the test function of statistics is smooth ... More
Enhancing Monte Carlo methods by using a generalized fluctuation theoryDec 29 2006According to the recently obtained thermodynamic uncertainty relation, the microcanonical regions with a negative heat capacity can be accessed within a canonical-like description by using a thermostat with a fluctuating inverse temperature. This far-reaching ... More
Quantum Vacuum Energy in Graphs and BilliardsJan 03 2011The vacuum (Casimir) energy in quantum field theory is a problem relevant both to new nanotechnology devices and to dark energy in cosmology. The crucial question is the dependence of the energy on the system geometry under study. Despite much progress ... More
Brownian Motion Model of Quantization Ambiguity and Universality in Chaotic SystemsJul 22 2005We examine spectral equilibration of quantum chaotic spectra to universal statistics, in the context of the Brownian motion model. Two competing time scales, proportional and inversely proportional to the classical relaxation time, jointly govern the ... More
Scar and Antiscar Quantum Effects in Open Chaotic SystemsSep 12 1998We predict and numerically observe strong periodic orbit effects in the properties of open quantum systems with a chaotic classical limit. Antiscars lead to a large number of exponentially narrow resonances when the opening is located on a short unstable ... More
Periodic orbit effects on conductance peak heights in a chaotic quantum dotMar 06 2000We study the effects of short-time classical dynamics on the distribution of Coulomb blockade peak heights in a chaotic quantum dot. The location of one or both leads relative to the short unstable orbits, as well as relative to the symmetry lines, can ... More