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Action of the gravitational field on the dynamical Casimir effectSep 22 2008In this paper we analyze the action of the gravitational field on the dynamical Casimir effect. We consider a massless scalar field confined in a cuboid cavity placed in a gravitational field described by a static and diagonal metric. With one of the ... More
The sudden change phenomenon of quantum discordOct 10 2016Even if the parameters determining a system's state are varied smoothly, the behavior of quantum correlations alike to quantum discord, and of its classical counterparts, can be very peculiar, with the appearance of non-analyticities in its rate of change. ... More
The sudden change phenomenon of quantum discordOct 10 2016Jul 04 2017Even if the parameters determining a system's state are varied smoothly, the behavior of quantum correlations alike to quantum discord, and of its classical counterparts, can be very peculiar, with the appearance of non-analyticities in its rate of change. ... More
Coherent measurements in quantum metrologySep 12 2012Feb 19 2015It is well known that a quantum correlated probe can yield better precision in estimating an unknown parameter than classically possible. However, how such a quantum probe should be measured remains somewhat elusive. We examine the role of measurements ... More
Dynamical Casimir effect for a massless scalar field between two concentric spherical shells with mixed boundary condictionsApr 23 2009We analyze the dynamical Casimir effect for a massless scalar field confined between two concentric spherical shells which impose on the field mixed boundary conditions. We thus complement a previous result [Phys. Rev. A \textbf{78}, 032521 (2008)], where ... More
Long-range quantum discord in critical spin systemsDec 29 2010Apr 10 2012We show that quantum correlations as quantified by quantum discord can characterize quantum phase transitions by exhibiting nontrivial long-range decay as a function of distance in spin systems. This is rather different from the behavior of pairwise entanglement, ... More
Switching off the reservoir through nonstationary quantum systemsSep 26 2006Apr 09 2007In this paper we demonstrate that the inevitable action of the environment can be substantially weakened when considering appropriate nonstationary quantum systems. Beyond protecting quantum states against decoherence, an oscillating frequency can be ... More
Experimental determination of multipartite entanglement with incomplete informationDec 07 2014Sep 25 2015Multipartite entanglement is very poorly understood despite all the theoretical and experimental advances of the last decades. Preparation, manipulation and identification of this resource is crucial for both practical and fundamental reasons. However, ... More
Dynamical Casimir effect for a massless scalar field between two concentric spherical shellsApr 09 2008Sep 20 2008In this work we consider the dynamical Casimir effect for a massless scalar field -- under Dirichlet boundary conditions -- between two concentric spherical shells. We obtain a general expression for the average number of particle creation, for an arbitrary ... More
Experimental investigation of linear-optics-based quantum target detectionApr 12 2019The development of new techniques to improve measurements is crucial for all sciences. By employing quantum systems as sensors to probe some physical property of interest allows the application of quantum resources, such as coherent superpositions and ... More
Canonical field quantization in momentum space and quantum space-timeDec 14 2017Jul 11 2018We propose a way to encode acceleration directly into quantum fields, establishing a new class of fields. Accelerated quantum fields, as we have named them, have some very interesting properties. The most important is that they provide a mathematically ... More
Wave-particle duality in an environment with arbitrary white noiseAug 03 2012Sep 01 2012The development of quantum technologies depends on investigating of the behavior of quantum systems in noisy environments, since complete isolation from its environment is impossible to achieve. In this paper we show that a wave-particle duality experiment ... More
On the quantumness of correlations in nuclear magnetic resonanceFeb 08 2012Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) was successfully employed to test several protocols and ideas in Quantum Information Science. In most of these implementations the existence of entanglement was ruled out. This fact introduced concerns and questions about ... More
Experimental analysis of the quantum complementarity principleJan 28 2012One of the milestones of quantum mechanics is Bohr's complementarity principle. It states that a single quantum can exhibit a particle-like \emph{or} a wave-like behaviour, but never both at the same time. These are mutually exclusive and complementary ... More
Quantum uncertainty in critical systems with three spins interactionJan 20 2015In this article we consider two spin$-1/2$ chains described, respectively, by the thermodynamic limit of the $XY$ model with the usual two site interaction, and an extension of this model (without taking the thermodynamics limit), called $XYT$, were a ... More
Spin and localization of relativistic fermions and uncertainty relationsJul 01 2016Dec 19 2016We discuss relations between several relativistic spin observables and derive a Lorentz-invariant characteristic of a reduced spin density matrix.A relativistic position operator that satisfies all the properties of its nonrelativistic analog does not ... More
Equivalence between Redfield and master equation approaches for a time-dependent quantum system and coherence controlApr 04 2011Jun 28 2011We present a derivation of the Redfield formalism for treating the dissipative dynamics of a time-dependent quantum system coupled to a classical environment. We compare such a formalism with the master equation approach where the environments are treated ... More
Experimental quantum thermodynamics with linear opticsMay 07 2019The study of non-equilibrium physics from the perspective of the quantum limits of thermodynamics and fluctuation relations can be experimentally addressed with linear optical systems. We discuss recent experimental investigations in this scenario and ... More
Experimental study of quantum thermodynamics using optical vorticesMay 08 2017Nov 10 2017Non-equilibrium thermodynamics and quantum information theory are interrelated research fields witnessing an increasing interest, both theoretical and experimental. This is manly due to the broadness of these theories, which found applications in many ... More
Geometric lower bound for a quantum coherence measureJan 21 2015Apr 23 2015Nowadays, geometric tools are being used to treat a huge class of problems of quantum information science. By understanding the interplay between the geometry of the state space and information-theoretic quantities, it is possible to obtain less trivial ... More
Kolmogorov-Sinai entropy and dissipation in driven classical Hamiltonian systemsMay 13 2018Oct 07 2018A central concept in the connection between physics and information theory is entropy, which represents the amount of information extracted from the system by the observer performing measurements in an experiment. Indeed, Jaynes' principle of maximum ... More
Spin, localization and uncertainty of relativistic fermionsJul 01 2016We describe relations between several relativistic spin observables and derive a Lorentz-invariant characteristic of a reduced spin density matrix. A relativistic position operator that satisfies all the properties of its non-relativistic analogue does ... More
Theoretical and experimental aspects of quantum discord and related measuresJul 18 2011Correlations are a very important tool in the study of multipartite systems, both for classical and quantum ones. The discussion about the quantum nature of correlations permeates Physics since Einstein, Podolski and Rosen published their famous article ... More
Fragile states are better for quantum metrologyAug 04 2016In quantum metrology, quantum probe states are capable of estimating unknown physical parameters to precisions beyond classical limits. What qualities do such states possess? Here we relate the performance of a probe state at estimating a parameter $\phi$ ... More
Generalized Geometric Quantum Speed LimitsJul 21 2015Jun 06 2016The attempt to gain a theoretical understanding of the concept of time in quantum mechanics has triggered significant progress towards the search for faster and more efficient quantum technologies. One of such advances consists in the interpretation of ... More
The role of quantum coherence in non-equilibrium entropy productionJul 27 2017Mar 03 2019Thermodynamic irreversibility is well characterized by the entropy production arising from non-equilibrium quantum processes. We show that the entropy production of a quantum system undergoing open-system dynamics can be formally split into a term that ... More
Spin-phase-space-entropy productionJun 12 2018Quantifying the degree of irreversibility of an open system dynamics represents a problem of both fundamental and applied relevance. Even though a well-known framework exists for thermal baths, the results give diverging results in the limit of zero temperature ... More
Quantum work for sudden quenches in Gaussian random HamiltoniansFeb 28 2018Jun 27 2018In the context of nonequilibrium quantum thermodynamics, variables like work behave stochastically. A particular definition of the work probability density function (pdf) for coherent quantum processes allows the verification of the quantum version of ... More
Enhancing the charging power of quantum batteriesDec 15 2016Apr 19 2017Can collective quantum effects make a difference in a meaningful thermodynamic operation? Focusing on energy storage and batteries, we demonstrate that quantum mechanics can lead to an enhancement in the amount of work deposited per unit time, i.e., the ... More
Unruh effect as a result of quantization of spacetimeApr 24 2018A way to encode acceleration directly into fields has recently being proposed, thus establishing a new kind of fields, the accelerated fields. The definition of accelerated fields points to the quantization of space and time, analogously to the way quantities ... More
Experimental demonstration of information to energy conversion in a quantum system at the Landauer LimitDec 19 2014Mar 14 2016Landauer's principle sets fundamental thermodynamical constraints for classical and quantum information processing, thus affecting not only various branches of physics, but also of computer science and engineering. Despite its importance, this principle ... More
Donor Electron Wave Functions for Phosphorus in Silicon: Beyond Effective Mass TheoryApr 06 2005We calculate the electronic wave-function for a phosphorus donor in silicon by numerical diagonalisation of the donor Hamiltonian in the basis of the pure crystal Bloch functions. The Hamiltonian is calculated at discrete points localised around the conduction ... More
Zero-Temperature Phase Transitions of Antiferromagnetic Ising Model of General Spin on a Triangular LatticeAug 31 1996Jul 28 1997We map the ground-state ensemble of antiferromagnetic Ising model of spin-S on a triangular lattice to an interface model whose entropic fluctuations are proposed to be described by an effective Gaussian free energy, which enables us to calculate the ... More
Contrarian compulsions produce time dependent flocking of active particlesMar 06 2018Jan 17 2019Animals having a trend to align their velocities to an average of their neighbors' may flock as illustrated by the Vicsek model and its variants. If, in addition, they feel a systematic contrarian trend, the result may be a time periodic adjustment of ... More
Similarity solutions of Reaction-Diffusion equation with space- and time-dependent diffusion and reaction termsAug 01 2015We consider solvability of the generalized reaction-diffusion equation with both space- and time-dependent diffusion and reaction terms by means of the similarity method. By introducing the similarity variable, the reaction-diffusion equation is reduced ... More
Stochastic Noise as a Source of Decoherence in a Solid State Quantum ComputerApr 11 2001We examine a stochastic noise process that has a decohering effect on the average evolution of qubits in the quantum register of the solid state quantum computer proposed by Kane. We consider the effects of this process on the single qubit operations ... More
Complete spin structure of the pion-nucleon-loop delta self-energyMar 17 1997May 21 1997The complete spin structure of the pion-nucleon-loop contribution to the delta self-energy and dressed propagator is calculated in vacuum, with the most general form of the pion-nucleon-delta vertex. The imaginary parts of the ten Lorentz-scalar coefficients ... More
Will recently proposed experiments be able to demonstrate quantum behavior of entire living organisms?Dec 12 2009Recently proposed experiments consider creating and observing the quantum superposition of small living organisms. Those proposed experiments are examined here for feasibility on the basis of results of earlier studies identifying a boundary separating ... More
On the spectra of the quantized action-variables of the compactified Ruijsenaars-Schneider systemMar 13 2012A simple derivation of the spectra of the action-variables of the quantized compactified Ruijsenaars-Schneider system is presented. The spectra are obtained by combining Kahler quantization with the identification of the classical action-variables as ... More
Composite fermions traversing a potential barrierMay 31 1995Using a composite fermion picture, we study the lateral transport between two two-dimensional electron gases, at filling factor 1/2, separated by a potential barrier. In the mean field approximation, composite fermions far from the barrier do not feel ... More
Automated classification of variable stars for ASAS dataOct 03 2001With the advent of surveys generating multi-epoch photometry and their discoveries of large numbers of variable stars, the classification of the obtained times series has to be automated. We have developed a classification algorithm for the periodic variable ... More
Medical ApplicationsJan 20 2016The use of a ccelerators for medical applications has evolved from initial experimentation to turn-key devices commonly operating in hospitals. New applications are continuously being developed around the world, and the hadrontherapy facilities of the ... More
Some Comments on sampling of ergodic process, an Ergodic theorem and turbulent pressure fluctuationsApr 14 2010Jul 02 2012We present a new proof of an Ergodic theorem for Wide-Sense Stationary Random Processes added with a new canonical sampling theorem of mine for finite time duration signals in the frequency domain (periodograms) which is free from the Nyquist interval ... More
On the Ergodic Theorem for non-linear wave propagationDec 01 2009Jul 02 2012We present a complete study of the ergodic theorem for the difficult problem of non-linear wave propagations through cylindrical measures /path integrals and the famous Ruelle-Amrein-Geogerscu-Enss (R.A.G.E.) theorem on the caracterization of continuous ... More
A comment about the existence of a weak solution for a non linear wave equation damped propagationAug 31 2009Jul 02 2012We give a proof for the existence of a weak solution on the initial-value problem of a non-linear damped propagation
A feynman path integral representation for elastic wave scattering by anisotropic weakly perturbationsAug 01 2009Jul 02 2012We write a space-time Feynman path integral representation for scattered elastic wave fields from a weakly compact supported anisotropic non-homogeneity.Replacement by a new version where We (I!) propose a new tomographic inversion methodology based solely ... More
3D spectroscopy as a tool for investigation of the BLR of lensed QSOsDec 23 2005Selective amplification of the line and continuum source by microlensing in a lensed quasar can lead to changes of continuum spectral slopes and line shapes in the spectra of the quasar components. Comparing the spectra of different components of the ... More
Balmer Lines as Diagnostics of Physical Conditions in AGN Broad Emission Line RegionsApr 22 2003Using a well known method for laboratory plasma diagnostic, the Boltzmann-plot, we discuss the physical properties in Broad Line Region (BLR) of Active Galactic Nuclei (AGN). We apply the Boltzmann-plot method to Balmer lines on a sample of 14 AGN, finding ... More
On An Application Of The Suslin Monic Polynomial Theorem (I)Sep 30 2014Oct 04 2014In this paper our main theorem states the following, Main Theorem : Let B denote the polynomial ring D[x1,.... ,xn] , in the commuting indeterminates x i over a division ring D . Let M be a finitely generated B-module . Let B m denote the polynomial subring ... More
Resonant Tunneling between quantum Hall states at filling ν= 1 and ν= 1/3Sep 01 1998We study the problem of resonant tunneling between a Fermi liquid and the edge of a $\nu=1/3$ fractional quantum Hall state. In the limit of weak coupling, the system is adequately described within the sequential tunneling approximation. At low temperatures, ... More
A Note On Noeherian RingsAug 30 2016In this paper we introduce the definition of a noetherian disjoint ring and that of a noetherian non-disjoint ring . For a noetherian ring R , with nilradical N if P and Q represent the semiprime ideals of R called as the right and the left krull-homogenous ... More
Lagrangian dynamics and statistical geometric structure of turbulenceJun 10 2006Oct 26 2006The local statistical and geometric structure of three-dimensional turbulent flow can be described by properties of the velocity gradient tensor. A stochastic model is developed for the Lagrangian time evolution of this tensor, in which the exact nonlinear ... More
The Swift satellite lives up to its name, revealing cosmic explosions as they happenOct 20 2008Gamma-ray Bursts are the most powerful objects in the Universe. Discovered in the 1960's as brief flashes of gamma-radiation, we now know they emit across the entire electromagnetic spectrum, are located in distant galaxies and comprise two distinct populations, ... More
Quantum Walk in Periodic Potential on a Line and a Model of Interacting OpinionsDec 09 2016Two subjects are discussed in this work: localisation and recurrence in a model of quantum walk in a periodic potential, and a model of opinion dynamics with multiple choices of opinions.
Similarity solutions of Fokker-Planck equation with moving boundariesMay 03 2012In this work we present new exact similarity solutions with moving boundaries of the Fokker-Planck equation having both time-dependent drift and diffusion coefficients.
A braid model for the particle X(3872)Nov 06 2014Nov 10 2014The Model of Quark Exchange (MQE) describes the particle X(3872) as a meson molecule. We asked whether braids influence the meson potential in the MQE. We used the Burau representation that parameterized braids with a variable $t$. The present result ... More
Least-action filteringJan 22 2013This paper presents an approach to estimating a hidden process in a continuous-time setting, where the hidden process is a diffusion. The approach is simply to minimize the negative log-likelihood of the hidden path, where the likelihood is expressed ... More
The spectral Dirichlet-Neumann map for Laplace's equation in a convex polygonSep 07 2012Sep 10 2012We provide a new approach to studying the Dirichlet-Neumann map for Laplace's equation on a convex polygon using Fokas' unified method for boundary value problems. By exploiting the complex analytic structure inherent in the unified method, we provide ... More
Driver Choice Compared to Controlled Diversion for a Freeway Double On-RampApr 30 2008Two diversion schemes that apportion demand between two on-ramps to reduce congestion and improve throughput on a freeway are analyzed. In the first scheme, drivers choose to merge or to divert to a downstream on-ramp based on information about average ... More
Realizing Wardrop Equilbria with Real-Time Traffic InformationMay 08 2009A Wardrop equilibrium for multiple routes requires equal travel time on each path used. With real-time traffic data regarding travel times, it is important to analyze how to use the information provided. In particular, can a Wardrop equilibrium be realized? ... More
Effect of adaptive cruise control systems on mixed traffic flow near an on-rampJun 16 2005Mixed traffic flow consisting of vehicles equipped with adaptive cruise control (ACC) and manually driven vehicles is analyzed using car-following simulations. Unlike simulations that show suppression of jams due to increased string stability, simulations ... More
Crossover between parabolic and hyperbolic scaling, oscillatory modes and resonances near flockingNov 15 2018Dec 08 2018A stability and bifurcation analysis of a kinetic equation indicates that the flocking bifurcation of the two-dimensional Vicsek model exhibits an interplay between parabolic and hyperbolic behavior. For box sizes smaller than a certain large value, flocking ... More
Nonequilibrium dynamics of polariton entanglement in a cluster of coupled trapsOct 30 2008We study in detail the generation and relaxation of quantum coherences (entanglement) in a system of coupled polariton traps. By exploiting a Lie algebraic based super-operator technique we provide an analytical exact solution for the Markovian dissipative ... More
Pauli susceptibility of nonadiabatic Fermi liquidsApr 12 1999Jul 12 1999The nonadiabatic regime of the electron-phonon interaction leads to behaviors of some physical measurable quantities qualitatively different from those expected from the Migdal-Eliashberg theory. Here we identify in the Pauli paramagnetic susceptibility ... More
SKA Key science project: Radio observations of cosmic reionization and first lightFeb 12 2008I update the SKA key science program (KSP) on first light and cosmic reionization. The KSP has two themes: (i) Using the 21cm line of neutral hydrogen as the most direct probe into the evolution of the neutral intergalactic medium during cosmic reionization. ... More
HI 21cm probes of reionization, and beyondSep 02 2005I review the potential for observing cosmic reionization using the HI 21cm line of neutral hydrogren. Studies include observations of the evolution of large scale structure of the IGM (density, excitation temperature, and neutral fraction), through HI ... More
Radio astronomical probes of cosmic reionization and the first luminous sources: probing the 'twilight zone'Feb 17 2005The epoch of reionization (EoR) corresponds to a 'cosmic phase transition', when the neutral intergalactic medium (IGM) becomes ionized by the first stars and/or AGN. While the discoveries of Gunn-Peterson (GP) absorption troughs in the spectra of the ... More
Radio Observations of High Redshift Star Forming GalaxiesNov 09 2000Nov 11 2000I summarize recent results from radio observations of high redshift star forming galaxies, discuss radio continuum emission as a measure of star formation rate, and consider future capabilities at cm to IR wavelengths.
Spin Physics at RHICDec 05 2002The physics goals that will be addressed by colliding polarized protons at the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider (RHIC) are described. The RHIC spin program provides a new generation of experiments that will unfold the quark, anti-quark and gluon contributions ... More
A Random Surface Wave Equation forBosonic QCD(SU(infinite))Oct 31 2009Jul 02 2012We propose a quantum surface wave functional describing the interaction between a colored membrane and a quantized Yang Mills. Additionally, we deduce its associated wave equation in the t'Hooft Nc-infinite limit. We show that it reproduces the Yang Mills ... More
String theory in Embeddings ManifoldsFeb 17 2009Jul 02 2012We consider the problem of infrared divergences in string theory in embeddings manifolds by means of the Nash theorem of Riemann metrics pametrized by immersions
A Comparative Study of the Depth of Maximum of Simulated Air Shower Longitudinal ProfilesMar 29 2000Apr 06 2000A comparative study of simulated air shower longitudinal profiles is presented. An appropriate thinning level for the calculations is first determined empirically. High statistics results are then provided, over a wide energy range, (10^14.0 to 10^20.5 ... More
On A Certain Krull Symmetry Of a Noetherian RingOct 14 2011Dec 06 2011In this note we show that if a noetherian ring R is left and right Krull-homogenous and if: \Lambda ={P\textexclamdown {\epsilon} spec.R/ |R/P\textexclamdown|_r =|R|_r} and v ={Qj {\epsilon} spec.R| |R/Qj|l=|R|l} and P =\cap P\textexclamdown{\epsilon} ... More
Origin of the long-wavelength magnetic modulation in Ca3Co2O6Nov 13 2008The origin of the long-wavelength incommensurate magnetic structure of Ca3Co2O6 is discussed considering possible inter-chains super-superexchange paths. The experimental value of the propagation vector k=(0,0,$\Delta$) with $\Delta$ $>$ 1 can be reproduced ... More
Constraining Primordial Magnetic Fields with Future Cosmic Shear SurveysSep 27 2012The origin of astrophysical magnetic fields observed in galaxies and clusters of galaxies is still unclear. One possibility is that primordial magnetic fields generated in the early Universe provide seeds that grow through compression and turbulence during ... More
On the Severi varieties of surfaces in P^3Feb 02 1998The Severi variety V_{n,d} of a smooth projective surface S is defined as the subvariety of the linear system |O_S(n)|, which parametrizes curves with d nodes. We show that, for a general surface S of degree k in P^3 and for all n>k-1, d=0,...,dim(|O_S(n)|), ... More
Effects of consistent and inconsistent isobar coupling in the nuclear mediumDec 19 2011We investigate effects of consistent (conserving the number of degrees of freedom) and inconsistent pion-nucleon-isobar couplings on the isobar propagator in vacuum and in nuclear medium. Using the consistent coupling in conjunction with a convenient ... More
Effects of the disconnected flavor singlet corrections on the hyperfine splitting in charmoniumOct 05 2007Experimentally the charmonium hyperfine splitting is $M_{J/\psi}-M_{\eta_c}=117$ MeV and current lattice results are generally below this value. The difference could be due to the effects of the disconnected flavor singlet diagrams which have not been ... More
Strong spectral evolution during the prompt emission of GRB 070616Jan 04 2008Swift has revealed features in GRB early light curves, such as steep decays and X-ray flares, whose properties are consistent with an internal origin though they are far from understood. The steep X-ray decay is often explained using the curvature effect; ... More
On the constants for some Sobolev imbeddingsNov 20 2000We consider the imbedding inequality || f ||_{L^r(R^d)} <= S_{r,n,d} || f ||_{H^{n}(R^d)}; H^{n}(R^d) is the Sobolev space (or Bessel potential space) of L^2 type and (integer or fractional) order n. We write down upper bounds for the constants S_{r, ... More
Effects of Rescattering in (e,e'p) Reactions within a Semiclassical ModelSep 16 2004Oct 19 2004The contribution of rescattering to final state interactions in (e,e'p) cross sections is studied for medium and high missing energies using a semiclassical model. This approach considers two-step processes that lead to the emission of both nucleons. ... More
Investigating the nature of narrow-line Seyfert 1 galaxies with high-energy spectral complexityFeb 07 2006(abridged) With the commissioning of XMM came the discovery of 2.5-10 keV spectral complexity in some narrow-line Seyfert 1 galaxies (NLS1). In this work, we define two samples of NLS1: a complex sample whose members exhibit high-energy complexity (C-sample), ... More
Fractal Dimensions of Confined Clusters in Two-Dimensional Directed PercolationAug 24 1994Sep 08 1997The fractal structure of directed percolation clusters, grown at the percolation threshold inside parabolic-like systems, is studied in two dimensions via Monte Carlo simulations. With a free surface at y=\pm Cx^k and a dynamical exponent z, the surface ... More
Parallel surfaces in affine 4-spaceOct 25 2002We study affine immersions as introduced by Nomizu and Pinkall. We classify those affine immersions of a surface in 4-space which are degenerate and have vanishing cubic form (i.e. parallel second fundamental form). This completes the classification of ... More
The Impact of the Prior Density on a Minimum Relative Entropy Density: A Case Study with SPX Option DataJan 12 2012Sep 11 2013We study the problem of finding probability densities that match given European call option prices. To allow prior information about such a density to be taken into account, we generalise the algorithm presented in Neri and Schneider (2011) to find the ... More
On the connection between sliding friction and phonon lifetimes: Thermostat induced thermolubricity effects in molecular dynamics simulationsApr 04 2019A typical nanotribology simulation setup is the semi-infinite substrate, featuring a sliding bead on top, and with the lower substrate layers thermostatted to control temperature. A challenge is dealing with phonons that backreflect from the substrate ... More
Collections of Fluid Loaded Plates: A Nonlocal ApproachAug 12 2009We consider the motion of a collection of fluid loaded elastic plates, situated horizontally in an infinitely long channel. We use a new, unified approach to boundary value problems, introduced by A.S. Fokas in the late 1990s, and show the problem is ... More
Optimal merging from an on-ramp into a high-speed lane dedicated to connected autonomous vehiclesSep 04 2018In the future, High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lanes or other dedicated lanes might be restricted to autonomous vehicles, e.g. wirelessly connected vehicles with longitudinal motion control. These vehicles would likely travel at high speeds in platoons. ... More
Poisson-Lie interpretation of trigonometric Ruijsenaars dualityJun 23 2009Jun 24 2010A geometric interpretation of the duality between two real forms of the complex trigonometric Ruijsenaars-Schneider system is presented. The phase spaces of the systems in duality are viewed as two different models of the same reduced phase space arising ... More
ACM bundles on general hypersurfaces in ${\bf P}^5$ of low degreeSep 02 2004In this paper we show that on a general hypersurface of degree $r=3,4,5,6$ in ${\bf P}^5$ a rank 2 vector bundle $E$ splits if and only if $h^1 E(n)=h^2 E(n)=0$ for all $n \in \bf Z$.
Conservation Laws and Non-Lie SymmetriesAug 28 2008Oct 05 2008We introduce a method to construct conservation laws for a large class of linear partial differential equations. In contrast to the classical result of Noether, the conserved currents are generated by any symmetry of the operator, including those of the ... More
Midiendo la calidad de la informacion gestionada: algunas reflexiones conceptuales-metodologicasJun 20 2014The study, based on a documental classic analysis, presents conceptual and methodological guidelines concerning the design of methodologies that help to measure the quality of information that is managed in organizations. It is described the process of ... More
Scanning magnetic field microscope with a diamond single-spin sensorMay 08 2008Sep 23 2008We describe a scanning device where a single spin is used as an ultrasensitive, nanoscale magnetic field sensor. As this "probe spin" we consider a single nitrogen-vacancy defect center in a diamond nanocrystal, attached to the tip of the scanning device. ... More
Intensity mapping of molecular gas during cosmic reionizationFeb 03 2011Feb 18 2011I present a simple calculation of the expected mean CO brightness temperature from the large scale distribution of galaxies during cosmic reionization. The calculation is based on the cosmic star formation rate density required to reionize, and keep ionized, ... More
ALMA: Galaxies and AGNDec 16 2004With the ability to see into optically obscured regions with more than an order of magnitude better sensitivity and spatial resolution relative to current (sub)mm telescopes, ALMA will provide a unique look into the physics of galaxy formation and active ... More
Spin Physics with the STAR detectorFeb 24 2000The STAR detector will bring unique capabilities to the study of $\vec{p}+\vec{p}$ collisions up to total center of mass energies of 500 GeV at RHIC. The large acceptance of the time projection chamber and the electromagnetic calorimeter enable STAR to ... More
Geometric scaling in diffractive deep inelastic scatteringJun 07 2006Jul 17 2006The geometric scaling property observed in the HERA data at small x, that the deep inelastic scattering (DIS) total cross-section is a function of only the variable Q^2*x^\lambda, has been argued to be a manifestation of the saturation regime of QCD and ... More
On the Banach-Stone Theorem and the Manifold Topological ClassificationJul 01 2009Jul 02 2012We present a simple set-theoretic proof of the Banach-Stone Theorem .We thus apply this Topological classification theorem to the still unsolved problem of topological classification of euclidean manifolds through two conjectures and additionally we give ... More
Critical String wave equations and the QCD(U(Nc)) string (some comments)May 03 2009Jul 02 2012We present a simple proof that self-avoiding fermionic strings solve formally (in a quantum mechanical sense) the QCD(U(Nc)) Loop Wave Equation written in terms of random loops
Connection between Fermionic Strings and Quantum Gravity States -- A loop space approachFeb 19 2009Jul 02 2012We present physical arguments based on loop space representations for Dirac/Klein gordon determinants that some suitable Fermionic String Ising models at the critical point and defined on the space-time base manifold are formal quantum states of the gravitational ... More