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Dark Matter Search Results from a One Tonne$\times$Year Exposure of XENON1TMay 31 2018Sep 13 2018We report on a search for Weakly Interacting Massive Particles (WIMPs) using 278.8 days of data collected with the XENON1T experiment at LNGS. XENON1T utilizes a liquid xenon time projection chamber with a fiducial mass of $(1.30 \pm 0.01)$ t, resulting ... More
First results on the scalar WIMP-pion coupling, using the XENON1T experimentNov 29 2018We present first results on the scalar WIMP-pion coupling from 1 t$\times$yr of exposure with the XENON1T experiment. This interaction is generated when the WIMP couples to a virtual pion exchanged between the nucleons in a nucleus. In contrast to most ... More
Search for Bosonic Super-WIMP Interactions with the XENON100 ExperimentSep 07 2017We present results of searches for vector and pseudo-scalar bosonic super-WIMPs, which are dark matter candidates with masses at the keV-scale, with the XENON100 experiment. XENON100 is a dual-phase xenon time projection chamber operated at the Laboratori ... More
Constraining the spin-dependent WIMP-nucleon cross sections with XENON1TFeb 08 2019We report the first experimental results on spin-dependent elastic WIMP-nucleon scattering from the XENON1T dark matter search experiment. The analysis uses the full tonne-year exposure of XENON1T to constrain the spin-dependent proton-only and neutron-only ... More
Supersymmetric domain wall x G/H solutions of IIB supergravityApr 23 20011-brane nonmaximally supersymmetric solutions of D=10 chiral supergravity are discussed. In the dual frame, their near brane geometry is the product of a 3-dimensional domain wall spacetime and a 7-dimensional homogeneous Einstein space G/H.
Hawking Radiation and Back-ReactionMar 20 1992The puzzles of black hole evaporation can be studied in the simplified context of 1+1 dimensional gravity. The semi-classical equations of Callan, Giddings, Harvey and Strominger provide a consistent description of the evaporation process which we describe ... More
Optical Doppler shift measurement using a rotating mirrorJul 24 2006Sep 22 2006Optical Doppler shift demonstration experiments are not a simple task since the light source cannot usually be moved in a sufficiently smooth and uniform manner to keep the level of noise well below of that of the signal. For that reason most demonstration ... More
Minimal surfaces bounded by elastic linesAug 02 2011May 30 2012In mathematics, the classical Plateau problem consists of finding the surface of least area that spans a given rigid boundary curve. A physical realization of the problem is obtained by dipping a stiff wire frame of some given shape in soapy water and ... More
Solution of a Yang-Baxter systemNov 04 1998Nov 05 1998Yang-Baxter system related to quantum doubles is introduced and large class of both continuous and discrete symmetries of the solution manifold are determined. Strategy for solution of the system based on the symmetries is suggested and accomplished in ... More
Chiral asymmetry of the spin-wave spectra in ultrathin magnetic filmsJan 19 2009We raise the possibility that the chiral degeneracy of the magnons in ultrathin films can be lifted due to the presence of Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interactions. By using simple symmetry arguments, we discuss under which conditions such a chiral asymmetry ... More
Does the complex Langevin method give unbiased results?Nov 19 2016We investigate whether the stationary solution of the Fokker-Planck equation of the complex Langevin algorithm reproduces the correct expectation values. When the complex Langevin algorithm for an action $S(x)$ is convergent, it produces an equivalent ... More
Comment on "Quantum back-reaction through the Bohmian particle"Feb 17 2003In this Comment I point out some limitations of the proposal of Prezhdo and Brooksby for coupling quantum and classical degrees of freedom (Phys.Rev.Lett.86(2001)3215) if it is pushed too far.
Generalized heat kernel coefficientsJul 16 2001Sep 26 2001Following Osipov and Hiller, a generalized heat kernel expansion is considered for the effective action of bosonic operators. In this generalization, the standard heat kernel expansion, which counts inverse powers of a c-number mass parameter, is extended ... More
Comment on ``A quantum-classical bracket that satisfies the Jacobi identity'' [J. Chem. Phys. 124, 201104 (2006)]Jan 10 2007It shown that the quantum-classical dynamical bracket recently proposed in J. Chem. Phys. 124, 201104 (2006) fails to satisfy the Jacobi identity.
Minimum uncertainty for antisymmetric wave functionsJun 05 1997We study how the entropic uncertainty relation for position and momentum conjugate variables is minimized in the subspace of one-dimensional antisymmetric wave functions. Based partially on numerical evidence and partially on analytical results, a conjecture ... More
Stability of a Time-varying Fishing Model with DelayJan 19 2006We introduce a delay nonlinear differential equation model which describes how fish are harvested. In our previous studies we investigated the persistence of that equation and existence of a periodic solution for this equation. Here we study the stability ... More
Reply to Comment on "Statistical mechanics of developable ribbons"Nov 09 2011Starostin and van der Heijden [arXiv:1111.2029] question the validity of the results reported in our Letter [Phys. Rev. Lett. 104, 238104 (2010)] regarding the existence of spontaneous helical structure in finite-temperature developable ribbons. According ... More
Multistability of free spontaneously-curved anisotropic stripsApr 20 2011Dec 07 2011Multistable structures are objects with more than one stable conformation, exemplified by the simple switch. Continuum versions are often elastic composite plates or shells, such as the common measuring tape or the slap bracelet, both of which exhibit ... More
VZ Velorum: 116 years of a Mira starJun 01 2006Using the Harvard College Observatory Photographic Plate Collection and recent CCD observations by the ASAS project we have reconstructed the light variations of the southern pulsating red giant star VZ Velorum between 1890 and early 2006. Contrary to ... More
Results on D+-->lv and Ds+-->lv decays at Charm factoryMay 07 2013Jun 07 2013In this article, we reviewed the results on D+-->lv and Ds+-->lv decays at Charm factory.
Wireless Josephson Junction Arrays as Tunable Metamaterials: Inducing Discrete Frequency Steps with Microwave RadiationJan 23 2015We report low temperature, microwave transmission measurements on a new switchable and tunable class of nonlinear metamaterials. A wireless two dimensional array of Josephson junctions (JJ) is probed as a metamaterial where each plaquette in the array ... More
Classification of 6-dimensional real Drinfeld doublesFeb 21 2002Mar 27 2002Starting from the classification of real Manin triples done in a previous paper we look for those that are isomorphic as 6-dimensional Lie algebras with the ad-invariant form used for construction of the Manin triples. We use several invariants of the ... More
Poisson-Lie T-plurality of three-dimensional conformally invariant sigma modelsMar 16 2004May 18 2004Starting from the classification of 6-dimensional Drinfeld doubles and their decomposition into Manin triples we construct 3-dimensional Poisson-Lie T-dual or more precisely T-plural sigma models. Of special interest are those that are conformally invariant. ... More
Covariant derivative expansion of the heat kernelSep 14 2004Nov 02 2004Using the technique of labeled operators, compact explicit expressions are given for all traced heat kernel coefficients containing zero, two, four and six covariant derivatives, and for diagonal coefficients with zero, two and four derivatives. The results ... More
The method of covariant symbols in curved space-timeJun 08 2006Sep 11 2006Diagonal matrix elements of pseudodifferential operators are needed in order to compute effective Lagrangians and currents. For this purpose the method of symbols is often used, which however lacks manifest covariance. In this work the method of covariant ... More
On the cascade approach to the quantum multiscattering problemMay 17 2002Sep 04 2002The multiscattering problem is studied in the matrix density formalism. We study how to isolate the quasi-classical degrees of freedom in order to connect with a cascade approach. The different problems that arise, as well as their possible solutions, ... More
Temperature dependence of the anomalous effective action of fermions in two and four dimensionsJul 29 1998Oct 05 1998The temperature dependence of the anomalous sector of the effective action of fermions coupled to external gauge and pseudo-scalar fields is computed at leading order in an expansion in the number of Lorentz indices in two and four dimensions. The calculation ... More
Statistical Mechanics of Developable RibbonsFeb 24 2010Jun 11 2010We investigate the statistical mechanics of long developable ribbons of finite width and very small thickness. The constraint of isometric deformations in these ribbon-like structures that follows from the geometric separation of scales introduces a coupling ... More
A bracket polynomial for graphsAug 25 2008Jan 14 2009A knot diagram has an associated looped interlacement graph, obtained from the intersection graph of the Gauss diagram by attaching loops to the vertices that correspond to negative crossings. This construction suggests an extension of the Kauffman bracket ... More
Chapman-Enskog method and synchronization of globally coupled oscillatorsJun 12 2000Jul 10 2000The Chapman-Enskog method of kinetic theory is applied to two problems of synchronization of globally coupled phase oscillators. First, a modified Kuramoto model is obtained in the limit of small inertia from a more general model which includes ``inertial'' ... More
A Dynamical Cross-over Regime in the Transmission and Reflection Spectra of Evanescent Waves with 2D Arrays of Josephson JunctionsFeb 18 2013A dynamical cross-over regime is revealed when exposing a classical two-dimensional ordered Josephson junction (JJ) array to evanescent waves and tuning the incident microwave power. At the lowest possible temperature for these experiments, 1.1 K, and ... More
On compositions of d.c. functions and mappingsJun 05 2007A d.c. (delta-convex) function on a normed linear space is a function representable as a difference of two continuous convex functions. We show that an infinite dimensional analogue of Hartman's theorem on stability of d.c. functions under compositions ... More
Constraints on star formation theories from the Serpens molecular cloud and protoclusterJul 10 2002We have mapped the large-scale structure of the Serpens cloud core using moderately optically thick (13CO(1--0) and CS(2--1)) and optically thin tracers (C18O(1--0), C34S(2--1), and N2H+(1--0)), using the 16-element focal plane array operating at a wavelength ... More
Skew braces and the Yang-Baxter equationNov 10 2015Mar 16 2016Braces were introduced by Rump to study non-degenerate involutive set-theoretic solutions of the Yang-Baxter equation. We generalize Rump's braces to the non-commutative setting and use this new structure to study not necessarily involutive non-degenerate ... More
Optical Calibration For Jefferson Lab HKS SpectrometerNov 04 2005In order to accept very forward angle scattering particles, Jefferson Lab HKS experiment uses an on-target zero degree dipole magnet. The usual spectrometer optics calibration procedure has to be modified due to this on-target field. This paper describes ... More
Classification of Poisson-Lie T-dual models with two-dimensional targetsOct 16 2001Dec 20 2001Four-dimensional Manin triples and Drinfeld doubles are classified and corresponding two-dimensional Poisson-Lie T-dual sigma models on them are constructed. The simplest example of a Drinfeld double allowing decomposition into two nontrivially different ... More
The invariant factor of the chiral determinantJul 10 2008The coupling of spin 0 and spin 1 external fields to Dirac fermions defines a theory which displays gauge chiral symmetry. Quantum mechanically, functional integration of the fermions yields the determinant of the Dirac operator, known as the chiral determinant. ... More
Derivative expansion for the effective action of chiral gauge fermions. The abnormal parity componentDec 19 2000Mar 01 2001Explicit exact formulas are presented, for the leading order term in a strict chiral covariant derivative expansion, for the abnormal parity component of the effective action of two- and four-dimensional Dirac fermions in presence of scalar, pseudo-scalar, ... More
Representation of Complex ProbabilitiesJul 19 1996Let a ``complex probability'' be a normalizable complex distribution $P(x)$ defined on $\R^D$. A real and positive probability distribution $p(z)$, defined on the complex plane $\C^D$, is said to be a positive representation of $P(x)$ if $\langle Q(x)\rangle_P ... More
Gibbs sampling of complex valued distributionsOct 30 2015Sep 26 2016A new technique is explored for the Monte Carlo sampling of complex-valued distributions. The method is based on a heat bath approach where the conditional probability is replaced by a positive representation of it on the complex plane. Efficient ways ... More
Existence of positive representations for complex weightsJun 29 2007The necessity of computing integrals with complex weights over manifolds with a large number of dimensions, e.g., in some field theoretical settings, poses a problem for the use of Monte Carlo techniques. Here it is shown that very general complex weight ... More
Derivative expansion for the effective action of chiral gauge fermions. The normal parity componentDec 19 2000Mar 01 2001Explicit exact formulas are presented, up to fourth order in a strict chiral covariant derivative expansion, for the normal parity component of the Euclidean effective action of even-dimensional Dirac fermions. The bosonic background fields considered ... More
Parity breaking in 2+1 dimensions and finite temperatureFeb 11 1998Mar 17 1999An expansion in the number of spatial covariant derivatives is carried out to compute the $\zeta$-function regularized effective action of 2+1-dimensional fermions at finite temperature in an arbitrary non-Abelian background. The real and imaginary parts ... More
Absence of classical and quantum mixingSep 15 1995It is shown, under mild assumptions, that classical degrees of freedom dynamically coupled to quantum ones do not inherit their quantum fluctuations. It is further shown that, if the assumptions are strengthen by imposing the existence of a canonical ... More
Population Models With Delay in Dynamic EnvironmentJan 05 2006Mar 15 2006We study the combined effects of periodically varying carrying capacity and survival rates on the fish population in the ocean (sea). We introduce the Getz type delay differential equation model with a control parameter which describes how fish are harvested. ... More
Bounds on the Quenched Pressure and Main Eigenvalue of the Ruelle Operator for Brownian Type PotentialsMar 02 2016Jun 23 2016In this paper we consider a random potential derived from the Brownian motion. We obtain upper and lower bounds for the expected value of the main eigenvalue of the associated Ruelle operator and for its quenched topological pressure. We also exhibit ... More
Non-collinear Magnetic Configurations at Finite Temperature in Thin FilmsDec 11 2014The finite-temperature magnetism of a monolayer on a bcc (110) surface was examined using a model Hamiltonian containing ferromagnetic or antiferromagnetic exchange interactions, Dzyaloshinsky-Moriya interactions and easy-axis on-site anisotropy. We examined ... More
Principal models on a solvable group with nonconstant metricJun 12 2000Field equations for generalized principle models with nonconstant metric are derived and ansatz for their Lax pairs is given. Equations that define the Lax pairs are solved for the simplest solvable group. The solution is dependent on one free variable ... More
Towards the Lax formulation of SU(2) principal models with nonconstant metricAug 18 1999The equations that define the Lax pairs for generalized principal chiral models can be solved for any constant nondegenerate bilinear form on SU(2). Necessary conditions for the nonconstant metric on SU(2) that define the integrable models are given.
Open Spin Chains and Quadratic AlgebrasDec 15 1993Algebraic framework for construction of a commuting set of operators that can be interpreted as integrals of motion of the open spin chain with boundary conditions and nearest neighbour interaction is investigated.
The Meaning of Elements of Reality and Quantum Counterfactuals -- Reply to KastnerMar 30 1999This paper is the answer to the paper by Kastner [Found. Phys., to be published, quant-ph/9807037] in which she continued the criticism of the counterfactual usage of the Aharonov-Bergman-Lebowitz rule in the framework of the time-symmetrized quantum ... More
IS THERE A CLASSICAL ANALOG OF A QUANTUM TIME-TRANSLATION MACHINE?Feb 05 1995In a recent article [D. Suter, Phys. Rev. {\bf A 51}, 45 (1995)] Suter has claimed to present an optical implementation of the quantum time-translation machine which ``shows all the features that the general concept predicts and also allows, besides the ... More
Tests of Bell InequalitiesJul 10 2001According to recent reports, the last loopholes in testing Bell's inequality are closed. It is argued that the really important task in this field has not been tackled yet and that the leading experiments claiming to close locality and detection efficiency ... More
The Paradoxes of the Interaction-Free MeasurementFeb 09 2001Interaction-free measurements introduced by Elitzur and Vaidman [Found. Phys. 23, 987 (1993)] allow finding infinitely fragile objects without destroying them. Paradoxical features of these and related measurements are discussed. The resolution of the ... More
Variations on the Theme of the Greenberger-Horne-Zeilinger ProofAug 13 1998Three arguments based on the Greenberger-Horne-Zeilinger (GHZ) proof of the nonexistence of local hidden variables are presented. The first is a description of a simple game which a team that uses the GHZ method will always win. The second uses counterfactuals ... More
NONLOCALITY OF A SINGLE PHOTON REVISITED AGAINJan 04 1995Comment on L. Hardy, Phys. Rev. Lett. {\bf 73}, 2279 (1994). It is argued that the experiment proposed by Hardy should not be considered as a single photon experiment.
New limits on the generation of magnetic fieldNov 30 2003Magnetic fields are generated in ionized objects rotating with respect to a radiation background. Based on conservation of canonical ion momentum, it has been previously suggested that even if the radiation intensity is unrestricted the maximum field ... More
Kurucz's codes under GNU-LinuxSep 13 2005We report on the latest version of our GNU-Linux port of the ATLAS - SYNTHE - WIDTH suite of codes for the stellar atmosphere modeling. The latest version (8.1 at the time of the workshop) of the Intel Fortran Compiler allowed for a significantly better ... More
UVES detailed chemical abundances in the Sgr dSph and the CMa overdensityOct 29 2004We present detailed Chemical abundances for 12 stars in the Sagittarius Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxy (Sgr dSph) and 3 in the Canis Mayor Overdensity (CMa), based on UVES spectra. Sgr dSph stars present high metallicity ([Fe/H] between -1 and 0) low [alpha/Fe] ... More
Domain decomposition finite element/finite difference method for the conductivity reconstruction in a hyperbolic equationSep 04 2015We present domain decomposition finite element/finite difference method for the solution of hyperbolic equation. The domain decomposition is performed such that finite elements and finite differences are used in different subdomains of the computational ... More
Degeneracy breakdown as a source of supernovae IaSep 09 2016We pursue the investigation of a model for sub-Chandrasekhar supernovae Ia explosions (SNIa) in which the energy stored in the Pauli tower is released to trigger a nuclear deflagration. The simplest physical model for such a degeneracy breakdown is a ... More
Probability distribution of the number of distinct sites visited by a random walk on the finite-size fully-connected latticeSep 12 2014The probability distribution of the number $s$ of distinct sites visited up to time $t$ by a random walk on the fully-connected lattice with $N$ sites is first obtained by solving the eigenvalue problem associated with the discrete master equation. Then, ... More
Microwave Coupling to ECR and Alternative Heating MethodsNov 03 2014The Electron Cyclotron Resonance Ion Source (ECRIS) is nowadays the most effective device that can feed particle accelerators in a continuous and reliable way, providing high-current beams of low- and medium-charge-state ions and relatively intense currents ... More
Tomography of the Solar InteriorMar 27 2008Solar oscillations consist of a rich spectrum of internal acoustic waves and surface gravity waves, stochastically excited by turbulent convection. They have been monitored almost continuously over the last ten years with high-precision Doppler images ... More
Neutrino Cross SectionsDec 01 2012The next generation of neutrino oscillation experiments aims to answer many interesting questions, such as whether there is CP violation in the neutrino sector and whether sterile neutrinos exist. These experiments will require high precision cross section ... More
Separate holomorphic extension along lines and holomorphic extension from the sphere to the ballMar 24 2010Dec 31 2010We give positive answer to a conjecture by Agranovsky. A continuous function on the sphere which has separate holomorphic extension along the set of complex lines passing through three non aligned interior points, is the trace of a holomorphic function ... More
The Ep,i - Eiso correlation and Fermi Gamma-Ray BurstsFeb 10 2010The Ep,i - Eiso correlation is one of the most intriguing properties of GRBs, with significant implications for the understanding of the physics and geometry of the prompt emission, the identification and investigation of different classes of GRBs, the ... More
Anisotropy in the Hubble constant as modeled by density gradientsSep 29 2014The all-sky maps of the observed variation of the Hubble constant can be reproduced from a theoretical point of view by introducing an intergalactic plasma with a variable number density of electrons. The observed averaged value and variance of the Hubble ... More
Recent Results from KTeVJun 07 2005The implications of the published KTeV $K^0_L \to \pi^0\mu^+\mu^-$ result for interpreting recent $\Sigma^+ \to p\mu^+\mu^-$ results are discussed. The status of the KTeV $\Xi^0 \to \Sigma^+\mu^-\nu$ analysis is given. The KTeV $|V_{us}|$ result is also ... More
Universal crossing probability in anisotropic systemsJul 15 2002Scale-invariant universal crossing probabilities are studied for critical anisotropic systems in two dimensions. For weakly anisotropic standard percolation in a rectangular-shaped system, Cardy's exact formula is generalized using a length-rescaling ... More
Statistics of nested spiral self-avoiding loops: exact results on the square and triangular latticesJun 28 2001The statistics of nested spiral self-avoiding loops, which is closely related to the partition of integers into decreasing parts, is studied on the square and triangular lattices.
Relativistic Fluids and the Physics of Gravitational CollapseSep 18 2009Dec 01 2011We present a discussion on some physical aspects of gravitational collapse which is based on a list of questions related to relevant issues in the study of that phenomenon. Providing answers to those questions we bring out the role played by different ... More
Generalized complex geometry and the Poisson Sigma ModelSep 27 2004Apr 22 2005The supersymmetric Poisson Sigma model is studied as a possible worldsheet realization of generalized complex geometry. Generalized complex structures alone do not guarantee non-manifest N=(2,1) or N=(2,2) supersymmetry, but a certain relation among the ... More
Quantum matrix ball: the Cauchi-Szegö kernel and the Shilov boundaryJan 22 2001Feb 27 2001This work produces a q-analogue of the Cauchi-Szeg\"o integral representation that retrieves a holomorphic function in the matrix ball from its values on the Shilov boundary. Besides that, the Shilov boundary of the quantum matrix ball is described and ... More
Multifrequency Radiation of Extragalactic Large-Scale JetsOct 28 2003Feb 22 2004Large-scale extragalactic jets, observed to extend from a few to a few hundred kiloparsecs from active galactic nuclei, are now studied over many decades in frequency of electromagnetic spectrum, from radio until (possibly) TeV gamma rays. For hundreds ... More
Future Probes of the Primordial Scalar and Tensor Perturbation Spectra: Prospects from the CMB, Cosmic Shear and High-Volume Redshift SurveysApr 21 2003Apr 30 2003Detailed study of the scalar and tensor perturbation spectra can provide much information about the primordial fluctuation-generator, be it inflation or something else. The tensor perturbation spectrum may be observable through its influence on CMB polarization, ... More
Large-Scale Structure from Galaxy and Cluster SurveysJul 12 2002I review the status of large-scale structure studies based on redshift surveys of galaxies and clusters of galaxies. In particular, I compare recent results on the power spectrum and two-point correlation correlation function from the 2dF and REFLEX surveys, ... More
Recent Advances in Large-Scale Structure and Galaxy Formation StudiesApr 04 2002I review at the non-specialist level recent progress in the study of the large-scale structure of the Universe, covering the following areas: (1) Results from recently completed or ongoing redshift surveys of galaxies and X-ray clusters; (2) Measurements ... More
Matrix Theory Black Holes and the Gross Witten TransitionMay 19 1998Large N gauge theories have so called Gross-Witten phase transitions which typically can occur in finite volume systems. In this paper we relate these transitions in supersymmetric gauge theories to transitions that take place between black hole solutions ... More
The Quantum Hall Fluid and Non-Commutative Chern Simons TheoryJan 04 2001Jan 14 2001The first part of this paper is a review of the author's work with S. Bahcall which gave an elementary derivation of the Chern Simons description of the Quantum Hall effect for filling fraction $1/n$. The notation has been modernized to conform with standard ... More
The World as a HologramSep 15 1994Sep 28 1994According to 't Hooft the combination of quantum mechanics and gravity requires the three dimensional world to be an image of data that can be stored on a two dimensional projection much like a holographic image. The two dimensional description only requires ... More
From Diphoton GDAs and Photon GPDs to the chiral odd Photon DAJul 02 2009The photon is a very interesting object for QCD studies since it has both a pointlike coupling to quarks, which yields a perturbative part of photon's wave function, and a non-perturbative coupling related to the magnetic susceptibility of the QCD vacuum ... More
On p-Adic Convergence of Perturbative Invariants of Some Rational Homology SpheresJan 17 1996Feb 19 1996R.~Lawrence has conjectured that for rational homology spheres, the series of Ohtsuki's invariants converges p-adicly to the SO(3) Witten-Reshetikhin-Turaev invariant. We prove this conjecture for Seifert rational homology spheres. We also derive it for ... More
Residue Formulas for the Large k Asymptotics of Witten's Invariants of Seifert Manifolds. The Case of SU(2)Dec 09 1994We derive the large k asymptotics of the surgery formula for SU(2) Witten's invariants of general Seifert manifolds. The contributions of connected components of the moduli space of flat connections are identified. The contributions of irreducible connections ... More
A universal U(1)-RCC invariant of links and rationality conjectureJan 15 2002We define a graph algebra version of the stationary phase integration over the coadjoint orbits in the Reshetikhin formula for the colored Jones-HOMFLY polynomial. As a result, we obtain a `universal' U(1)-RCC invariant of links in rational homology spheres, ... More
AdS_3/CFT_2 on torus in the sum over geometriesSep 10 2004We investigate the AdS$_3$/CFT$_2$ correspondence for the Euclidean AdS$_3$ space compactified on a solid torus with the CFT field on the regularizing boundary surface in the bulk. Correlation functions corresponding to the bulk theory at finite temperature ... More
Integrable deformations of systems on graphs with loopsMay 15 2002We find necessary and sufficient conditions for an operator of the fourth order on a graph with loops to admit the (L,A,B)-triple Krichever-Novikov deformation of one energy level.
AdS_3/CFT_2 correspondence at finite temperatureMar 24 1999The AdS/CFT correspondence is established for the AdS_3 space compactified on a solid torus with the CFT field on the boundary. Correlation functions that correspond to the bulk theory at finite temperature are obtained in the regularization a'la Gubser, ... More
Spectral problem on graphs and L-functionsNov 16 1999The scattering process on multiloop infinite p+1-valent graphs (generalized trees) is studied. These graphs are discrete spaces being quotients of the uniform tree over free acting discrete subgroups of the projective group $PGL(2, {\bf Q}_p)$. As the ... More
Presence On Earth of Non-Identical ParticlesOct 15 2002Oct 09 2003We speculate on some novel consequences possibly associated with a change of elementary particle constants with time. These concern the question as to whether particles reaching the earth from distant parts of the universe reflect their properties at ... More
Is the Two-Dimensional One-Component Plasma Exactly Solvable?Feb 02 2004The model under consideration is the two-dimensional (2D) one-component plasma of pointlike charged particles in a uniform neutralizing background, interacting through the logarithmic Coulomb interaction. Classical equilibrium statistical mechanics is ... More
The statistical mechanics of the classical two-dimensional Coulomb gas is exactly solvedDec 16 2002The model under consideration is a classical 2D Coulomb gas of pointlike positive and negative unit charges, interacting via a logarithmic potential. In the whole stability range of temperatures, the equilibrium statistical mechanics of this fluid is ... More
Universal Finite-Size Effects in the Two-Dimensional Asymmetric Coulomb Gas on a SphereApr 19 2001We consider an asymmetric version of a two-dimensional Coulomb gas, made up of two species of pointlike particles with positive $+1$ and negative -1/Q $(Q = 1, 2, ...)$ charges; Q=1 corresponds to the symmetric two-component plasma and the limiting case ... More
No superradiance for the scalar field in the BTZ black hole with reflexive boundary conditionsOct 12 2011Jul 24 2012We show that there is no superradiance in the rotating BTZ black hole for vanishing boundary conditions at infinity for the real scalar field
Hawking temperature in the eternal BTZ black hole: an example of Holography in AdS spacetimeOct 20 2011Jun 21 2013We review the relation between AdS spacetime in 1+2 dimensions and the BTZ black hole. Later we show that a ground state in AdS spacetime becomes a thermal state in the BTZ black hole. We show that this is true in the bulk and in the boundary of AdS spacetime. ... More
Variétés rationnellement connexes sur un corps algébriquement closJun 18 2008Sep 28 2010These are lectures notes on rationally connected varieties, written for the "Etats de la Recherche" of the French Mathematical Society held in Strasbourg (May 2008). We focus on geometric aspects. These notes have been written in order that a wide audience ... More
Search for the critical point of strongly interacting matter at the CERN SPS NA61/SHINE experimentJun 15 2015The NA61/SHINE experiment performs a detailed study of the onset of deconfinement and search for critical point of hadronic matter by colliding nuclei of different sizes at various beam momenta from 13A to 158A GeV/c. Experimental setup and results on ... More
The critical behavior of hadronic matter: Comparison of lattice and bootstrap model calculationsFeb 12 2015Statistical bootstrap model and the related concept of the limiting temperature begun the discussion about phase transitions in the hadronic matter. This was also the origin of the quark-gluon plazma concept. We discuss here to which extend lattice studies ... More
Relativistic hydrodynamics with strangeness productionOct 25 2007Nov 29 2007The relativistic hydrodynamic approach is used to describe production of strangeness and/or heavy quarks in ultrarelativistic heavy ion reactions. Production processes are important ingredients of dissipative effects in the hadronic liquid. Beyond viscosity ... More
Neutrino telescopes under the ocean: The case for ANTARESSep 18 1998Neutrino telescopes offer an alternative way to explore the Universe. Several projects are in operation or under construction. A detector under the ocean is very promising because of the very accurate angular resolution that it provides. The ANTARES project ... More