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First results on the scalar WIMP-pion coupling, using the XENON1T experimentNov 29 2018We present first results on the scalar WIMP-pion coupling from 1 t$\times$yr of exposure with the XENON1T experiment. This interaction is generated when the WIMP couples to a virtual pion exchanged between the nucleons in a nucleus. In contrast to most ... More
The XENON1T Data Acquisition SystemJun 03 2019The XENON1T liquid xenon time projection chamber is the most sensitive detector built to date for the measurement of direct interactions of weakly interacting massive particles with normal matter. The data acquisition system (DAQ) is constructed from ... More
Search for Bosonic Super-WIMP Interactions with the XENON100 ExperimentSep 07 2017We present results of searches for vector and pseudo-scalar bosonic super-WIMPs, which are dark matter candidates with masses at the keV-scale, with the XENON100 experiment. XENON100 is a dual-phase xenon time projection chamber operated at the Laboratori ... More
Theory of charge fluctuations and domain relocation times in semiconductor superlatticesDec 07 2004Shot noise affects differently the nonlinear electron transport in semiconductor superlattices depending on the strength of the coupling among the superlattice quantum wells. Strongly coupled superlattices can be described by a miniband Boltzmann-Langevin ... More
New AdS(3) x G/H compactifications of chiral IIB supergravityMar 13 2000May 30 2000We present a new class of solutions of D=10, N=2 chiral supergravity. A nonvanishing background for the field strength G_{MNR} of the complex two-form triggers AdS_3 x M_7 compactifications, where M_7 is a 7-dimensional compact manifold. When M_7 is a ... More
Detailed analysis of quantum phase transitions within the $u(2)$ algebraOct 13 2009We analyze in detail the quantum phase transitions that arise in models based on the $u(2)$ algebraic description for bosonic systems with two types of scalar bosons. First we discuss the quantum phase transition that occurs in hamiltonians that admix ... More
Recent Results on $\psip$ Decays at BesMay 16 2005Recent results on $\psip$ decays, including 10 Vector + Pseudoscalar (VP) modes and $p\bar{p}\pi^0(\eta)$, are reported with $14\times10^6$ $\psip$ events collected with the BESII detector. Cross sections and form factors for $e^+e^- \to \wpi$, $\rho\eta$, ... More
Statistical consistency of quantum-classical hybridsJan 20 2012After formulating a no-go theorem for perfect quantum-classical hybrid systems, a new consistency requirement based on standard statistical considerations is noted. It is shown that such requirement is not fulfilled by the mean-field approach, nor by ... More
Derivative expansion of the heat kernel in curved spaceJun 13 2007Jul 02 2007The heat kernel in curved space-time is computed to fourth order in a strict expansion in the number of covariant derivatives. The computation is made for arbitrary non abelian gauge and scalar fields and for the Riemann connection in the coordinate sector. ... More
Phase space localization of antisymmetric functionsNov 05 2002Upper and lower bounds are written down for the minimum information entropy in phase space of an antisymmetric wave function in any number of dimensions. Similar bounds are given when the wave function is restricted to belong to any of the proper subspaces ... More
On the uniqueness of the expected stress-energy tensor in renormalizable field theoriesMar 15 1999Sep 17 1999It is argued that the ambiguity introduced by the renormalization in the effective action of a four-dimensional renormalizable quantum field theory is at most a local polynomial action of canonical dimension four. The allowed ambiguity in the expected ... More
Direct construction of the effective action of chiral gauge fermions in the anomalous sectorApr 14 2008Jul 25 2008The anomaly implies an obstruction to a fully chiral covariant calculation of the effective action in the abnormal parity sector of chiral theories. The standard approach then is to reconstruct the anomalous effective action from its covariant current. ... More
The induced Chern-Simons term at finite temperatureJan 09 2002It is argued that the derivative expansion is a suitable method to deal with finite temperature field theory, if it is restricted to spatial derivatives only. Using this method, a simple and direct calculation is presented for the radiatively induced ... More
On the active Ornstein-Uhlenbeck particlesMay 13 2019Active Ornstein-Uhlenbeck particles (AOUPs) are overdamped particles in an interaction potential subject to external Ornstein-Uhlenbeck noises. They can be transformed into a system of underdamped particles under additional velocity dependent forces and ... More
Expansion of a Bose-Einstein Condensate in an atomic waveguideNov 15 2001The expansion of a Bose-Einstein condensate in an atomic waveguide is analyzed. We study different regimes of expansion, and identify a transient regime between one-dimensional and three-dimensional dynamics, in which the properties of the condensate ... More
The Effect of Weak Gravitational Lensing on the Angular Distribution of Gamma-Ray BurstsJun 10 1996If Gamma-Ray Bursts (GRBs) are cosmologically distributed standard candles and are associated with the luminous galaxies, then the observed angular distribution of all GRBs is altered due to weak gravitational lensing of bursts by density inhomogeneities. ... More
Dark Matter Search Results from a One Tonne$\times$Year Exposure of XENON1TMay 31 2018Sep 13 2018We report on a search for Weakly Interacting Massive Particles (WIMPs) using 278.8 days of data collected with the XENON1T experiment at LNGS. XENON1T utilizes a liquid xenon time projection chamber with a fiducial mass of $(1.30 \pm 0.01)$ t, resulting ... More
Constraining the spin-dependent WIMP-nucleon cross sections with XENON1TFeb 08 2019We report the first experimental results on spin-dependent elastic WIMP-nucleon scattering from the XENON1T dark matter search experiment. The analysis uses the full tonne-year exposure of XENON1T to constrain the spin-dependent proton-only and neutron-only ... More
Constraining the Spin-Dependent WIMP-Nucleon Cross Sections with XENON1TFeb 08 2019Apr 30 2019We report the first experimental results on spin-dependent elastic weakly interacting massive particle (WIMP) nucleon scattering from the XENON1T dark matter search experiment. The analysis uses the full ton year exposure of XENON1T to constrain the spin-dependent ... More
XENON1T Dark Matter Data Analysis: Signal Reconstruction, Calibration and Event SelectionJun 11 2019The XENON1T experiment at the Laboratori Nazionali del Gran Sasso is the most sensitive direct detection experiment for dark matter in the form of weakly interacting particles (WIMPs) with masses above $6\,$GeV/$c^2$ scattering off nuclei. The detector ... More
XENON1T Dark Matter Data Analysis: Signal \& Background Models, and Statistical InferenceFeb 28 2019The XENON1T experiment searches for dark matter particles through their scattering off xenon atoms in a 2 tonne liquid xenon target. The detector is a dual-phase time projection chamber, which measures simultaneously the scintillation and ionization signals ... More
XENON1T Dark Matter Data Analysis: Signal & Background Models, and Statistical InferenceFeb 28 2019Mar 01 2019The XENON1T experiment searches for dark matter particles through their scattering off xenon atoms in a 2 tonne liquid xenon target. The detector is a dual-phase time projection chamber, which measures simultaneously the scintillation and ionization signals ... More
First results on the scalar WIMP-pion coupling, using the XENON1T experimentNov 29 2018Feb 22 2019We present first results on the scalar WIMP-pion coupling from 1 t$\times$yr of exposure with the XENON1T experiment. This interaction is generated when the WIMP couples to a virtual pion exchanged between the nucleons in a nucleus. In contrast to most ... More
The XENON1T Data Acquisition SystemJun 03 2019Aug 07 2019The XENON1T liquid xenon time projection chamber is the most sensitive detector built to date for the measurement of direct interactions of weakly interacting massive particles with normal matter. The data acquisition system (DAQ) is constructed from ... More
Anisotropy of the superconducting fluctuations in multiband superconductors: the case of LiFeAsJul 08 2014Nov 14 2014Between the different families of pnictide multiband superconductors, LiFeAs is probably one of the less understood. Indeed, despite the large amount of experiments performed in the last few years on this material, no consensus has been reached yet on ... More
Gedanken Experiments involving Black HolesAug 20 1993Analysis of several gedanken experiments indicates that black hole complementarity cannot be ruled out on the basis of known physical principles. Experiments designed by outside observers to disprove the existence of a quantum-mechanical stretched horizon ... More
On the measure of Lagrangian invariant tori in nearly--integrable mechanical systems (draft)Mar 27 2015Consider a real--analytic nearly--integrable mechanical system with potential $f$, namely, a Hamiltonian system, having a real-analytic Hamiltonian $$ H(y,x)=\frac12 | y |^2 +\e f(x)\ , $$ $y,x$ being $n$--dimensional standard action--angle variables ... More
On the Evaluation and Comparison of Taggers: The Effect of Noise in Testing CorporaSep 28 1998This paper addresses the issue of {\sc pos} tagger evaluation. Such evaluation is usually performed by comparing the tagger output with a reference test corpus, which is assumed to be error-free. Currently used corpora contain noise which causes the obtained ... More
Poisson-Lie T-plurality of three-dimensional conformally invariant sigma models II: Nondiagonal metrics and dilaton puzzleAug 17 2004Sep 29 2005We look for 3-dimensional Poisson-Lie dualizable sigma models that satisfy the vanishing beta-function equations with constant dilaton field. Using the Poisson-Lie T-plurality we then construct 3-dimensional sigma models that correspond to various decompositions ... More
Classification of 6-dimensional real Manin triplesFeb 21 2002Mar 27 2002We present a complete list of 6-dimensional Manin triples or, equivalently, of 3-dimensional Lie bialgebras. We start from the well known classification of 3-dimensional real Lie algebras and assume the canonical bilinear form on the 6-dimensional Drinfeld ... More
Renormalizability of semiquantized fieldsOct 03 1994Sep 21 1995A definition is given, in the framework of stochastic quantization, for the dynamics of a system composed of classical and quantum degrees of freedom mutually interacting. It is found that the theory breaks reflection positivity, and hence it is unphysical. ... More
Leading order one-loop CP and P violating effective action in the Standard ModelFeb 11 2011The fermions of the Standard Model are integrated out to obtain the effective Lagrangian in the sector violating P and CP at zero temperature. We confirm that no contributions arise for operators of dimension six or less and show that the leading operators ... More
Quantum Bounded Symmetric DomainsMar 26 2008Oct 13 2010This is Leonid Vaksman's monograph "Quantum bounded symmetric domains" (in Russian), preceded with an English translation of the table of contents and (a part) of the introduction. Quantum bounded symmetric domains are interesting from several points ... More
Active Ornstein-Uhlenbeck particlesMay 13 2019Aug 08 2019Active Ornstein-Uhlenbeck particles (AOUPs) are overdamped particles in an interaction potential subject to external Ornstein-Uhlenbeck noises. They can be transformed into a system of underdamped particles under additional velocity dependent forces and ... More
On a multidimentional Brownian motion with partly reflecting membrane on a hyperplaneOct 30 2012A multidimensional Brownian motion with partial reflection on a hyperplane $S$ in the direction $qN+\alpha $, where $N$ is the conormal vector to the hyperplane and $q\in [-1,1], \alpha \in S$ are given parametres, is constructed and this construction ... More
A Search for Light Dark Matter Interactions Enhanced by the Migdal effect or Bremsstrahlung in XENON1TJul 30 2019Direct dark matter detection experiments based on a liquid xenon target are leading the search for dark matter particles with masses above $\sim$5 GeV/c$^2$, but have limited sensitivity to lighter masses because of the small momentum transfer in dark ... More
First observation of two-neutrino double electron capture in $^{124}$Xe with XENON1TApr 24 2019Two-neutrino double electron capture ($2\nu$ECEC) is a second-order Weak process with predicted half-lives that surpass the age of the Universe by many orders of magnitude. Until now, indications for $2\nu$ECEC decays have only been seen for two isotopes, ... More
Light Dark Matter Search with Ionization Signals in XENON1TJul 26 2019We report constraints on light dark matter (DM) models using ionization signals in the XENON1T experiment. We mitigate backgrounds with strong event selections, rather than requiring a scintillation signal, leaving an effective exposure of $(22 \pm 3)$ ... More
Constraints on star formation theories from the Serpens molecular cloud and protoclusterJul 10 2002We have mapped the large-scale structure of the Serpens cloud core using moderately optically thick (13CO(1--0) and CS(2--1)) and optically thin tracers (C18O(1--0), C34S(2--1), and N2H+(1--0)), using the 16-element focal plane array operating at a wavelength ... More
Classification of Poisson-Lie T-dual models with two-dimensional targetsOct 16 2001Dec 20 2001Four-dimensional Manin triples and Drinfeld doubles are classified and corresponding two-dimensional Poisson-Lie T-dual sigma models on them are constructed. The simplest example of a Drinfeld double allowing decomposition into two nontrivially different ... More
Statistical Mechanics of Developable RibbonsFeb 24 2010Jun 11 2010We investigate the statistical mechanics of long developable ribbons of finite width and very small thickness. The constraint of isometric deformations in these ribbon-like structures that follows from the geometric separation of scales introduces a coupling ... More
A bracket polynomial for graphsAug 25 2008Jan 14 2009A knot diagram has an associated looped interlacement graph, obtained from the intersection graph of the Gauss diagram by attaching loops to the vertices that correspond to negative crossings. This construction suggests an extension of the Kauffman bracket ... More
Chapman-Enskog method and synchronization of globally coupled oscillatorsJun 12 2000Jul 10 2000The Chapman-Enskog method of kinetic theory is applied to two problems of synchronization of globally coupled phase oscillators. First, a modified Kuramoto model is obtained in the limit of small inertia from a more general model which includes ``inertial'' ... More
A Dynamical Cross-over Regime in the Transmission and Reflection Spectra of Evanescent Waves with 2D Arrays of Josephson JunctionsFeb 18 2013A dynamical cross-over regime is revealed when exposing a classical two-dimensional ordered Josephson junction (JJ) array to evanescent waves and tuning the incident microwave power. At the lowest possible temperature for these experiments, 1.1 K, and ... More
The invariant factor of the chiral determinantJul 10 2008The coupling of spin 0 and spin 1 external fields to Dirac fermions defines a theory which displays gauge chiral symmetry. Quantum mechanically, functional integration of the fermions yields the determinant of the Dirac operator, known as the chiral determinant. ... More
Derivative expansion for the effective action of chiral gauge fermions. The abnormal parity componentDec 19 2000Mar 01 2001Explicit exact formulas are presented, for the leading order term in a strict chiral covariant derivative expansion, for the abnormal parity component of the effective action of two- and four-dimensional Dirac fermions in presence of scalar, pseudo-scalar, ... More
Representation of Complex ProbabilitiesJul 19 1996Let a ``complex probability'' be a normalizable complex distribution $P(x)$ defined on $\R^D$. A real and positive probability distribution $p(z)$, defined on the complex plane $\C^D$, is said to be a positive representation of $P(x)$ if $\langle Q(x)\rangle_P ... More
Gibbs sampling of complex valued distributionsOct 30 2015Sep 26 2016A new technique is explored for the Monte Carlo sampling of complex-valued distributions. The method is based on a heat bath approach where the conditional probability is replaced by a positive representation of it on the complex plane. Efficient ways ... More
Existence of positive representations for complex weightsJun 29 2007The necessity of computing integrals with complex weights over manifolds with a large number of dimensions, e.g., in some field theoretical settings, poses a problem for the use of Monte Carlo techniques. Here it is shown that very general complex weight ... More
Derivative expansion for the effective action of chiral gauge fermions. The normal parity componentDec 19 2000Mar 01 2001Explicit exact formulas are presented, up to fourth order in a strict chiral covariant derivative expansion, for the normal parity component of the Euclidean effective action of even-dimensional Dirac fermions. The bosonic background fields considered ... More
Parity breaking in 2+1 dimensions and finite temperatureFeb 11 1998Mar 17 1999An expansion in the number of spatial covariant derivatives is carried out to compute the $\zeta$-function regularized effective action of 2+1-dimensional fermions at finite temperature in an arbitrary non-Abelian background. The real and imaginary parts ... More
Absence of classical and quantum mixingSep 15 1995It is shown, under mild assumptions, that classical degrees of freedom dynamically coupled to quantum ones do not inherit their quantum fluctuations. It is further shown that, if the assumptions are strengthen by imposing the existence of a canonical ... More
An alternative approach to the static spherically symmetric vacuum global solution to the Einstein's equationsJun 19 2018Sep 12 2018We propose an alternative description of the Schwarzschild black hole based on the requirement that the solution be static not only outside the horizon but also inside it. As a consequence of this assumption, we are led to a change of signature implying ... More
Optical Calibration For Jefferson Lab HKS SpectrometerNov 04 2005In order to accept very forward angle scattering particles, Jefferson Lab HKS experiment uses an on-target zero degree dipole magnet. The usual spectrometer optics calibration procedure has to be modified due to this on-target field. This paper describes ... More
Population Models With Delay in Dynamic EnvironmentJan 05 2006Mar 15 2006We study the combined effects of periodically varying carrying capacity and survival rates on the fish population in the ocean (sea). We introduce the Getz type delay differential equation model with a control parameter which describes how fish are harvested. ... More
Skew braces and the Yang-Baxter equationNov 10 2015Mar 16 2016Braces were introduced by Rump to study non-degenerate involutive set-theoretic solutions of the Yang-Baxter equation. We generalize Rump's braces to the non-commutative setting and use this new structure to study not necessarily involutive non-degenerate ... More
Bounds on the Quenched Pressure and Main Eigenvalue of the Ruelle Operator for Brownian Type PotentialsMar 02 2016Jun 23 2016In this paper we consider a random potential derived from the Brownian motion. We obtain upper and lower bounds for the expected value of the main eigenvalue of the associated Ruelle operator and for its quenched topological pressure. We also exhibit ... More
On compositions of d.c. functions and mappingsJun 05 2007A d.c. (delta-convex) function on a normed linear space is a function representable as a difference of two continuous convex functions. We show that an infinite dimensional analogue of Hartman's theorem on stability of d.c. functions under compositions ... More
Supersymmetric domain wall x G/H solutions of IIB supergravityApr 23 20011-brane nonmaximally supersymmetric solutions of D=10 chiral supergravity are discussed. In the dual frame, their near brane geometry is the product of a 3-dimensional domain wall spacetime and a 7-dimensional homogeneous Einstein space G/H.
Hawking Radiation and Back-ReactionMar 20 1992The puzzles of black hole evaporation can be studied in the simplified context of 1+1 dimensional gravity. The semi-classical equations of Callan, Giddings, Harvey and Strominger provide a consistent description of the evaporation process which we describe ... More
Minimal surfaces bounded by elastic linesAug 02 2011May 30 2012In mathematics, the classical Plateau problem consists of finding the surface of least area that spans a given rigid boundary curve. A physical realization of the problem is obtained by dipping a stiff wire frame of some given shape in soapy water and ... More
Solution of a Yang-Baxter systemNov 04 1998Nov 05 1998Yang-Baxter system related to quantum doubles is introduced and large class of both continuous and discrete symmetries of the solution manifold are determined. Strategy for solution of the system based on the symmetries is suggested and accomplished in ... More
Does the complex Langevin method give unbiased results?Nov 19 2016We investigate whether the stationary solution of the Fokker-Planck equation of the complex Langevin algorithm reproduces the correct expectation values. When the complex Langevin algorithm for an action $S(x)$ is convergent, it produces an equivalent ... More
Comment on "Quantum back-reaction through the Bohmian particle"Feb 17 2003In this Comment I point out some limitations of the proposal of Prezhdo and Brooksby for coupling quantum and classical degrees of freedom (Phys.Rev.Lett.86(2001)3215) if it is pushed too far.
Generalized heat kernel coefficientsJul 16 2001Sep 26 2001Following Osipov and Hiller, a generalized heat kernel expansion is considered for the effective action of bosonic operators. In this generalization, the standard heat kernel expansion, which counts inverse powers of a c-number mass parameter, is extended ... More
Comment on ``A quantum-classical bracket that satisfies the Jacobi identity'' [J. Chem. Phys. 124, 201104 (2006)]Jan 10 2007It shown that the quantum-classical dynamical bracket recently proposed in J. Chem. Phys. 124, 201104 (2006) fails to satisfy the Jacobi identity.
Minimum uncertainty for antisymmetric wave functionsJun 05 1997We study how the entropic uncertainty relation for position and momentum conjugate variables is minimized in the subspace of one-dimensional antisymmetric wave functions. Based partially on numerical evidence and partially on analytical results, a conjecture ... More
Chiral asymmetry of the spin-wave spectra in ultrathin magnetic filmsJan 19 2009We raise the possibility that the chiral degeneracy of the magnons in ultrathin films can be lifted due to the presence of Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interactions. By using simple symmetry arguments, we discuss under which conditions such a chiral asymmetry ... More
Optical Doppler shift measurement using a rotating mirrorJul 24 2006Sep 22 2006Optical Doppler shift demonstration experiments are not a simple task since the light source cannot usually be moved in a sufficiently smooth and uniform manner to keep the level of noise well below of that of the signal. For that reason most demonstration ... More
Positive representations of complex distributions on groupsMay 04 2018Oct 29 2018A normalizable complex distribution $P(x)$ on a manifold $\mathcal{M}$ can be regarded as a complex weight, thereby allowing to define expectation values of observables $A(x)$ defined on $\mathcal{M}$. Straightforward importance sampling, $x\sim P$, is ... More
Stability of a Time-varying Fishing Model with DelayJan 19 2006We introduce a delay nonlinear differential equation model which describes how fish are harvested. In our previous studies we investigated the persistence of that equation and existence of a periodic solution for this equation. Here we study the stability ... More
Gravitation and quantummechanical localization of macroobjectsNov 30 2014We propose nonlinear Schr\"odinger equation with gravitational self-interacting term. The separability conditions of Bialynicki-Birula are satisfied in asymptotic sense. Solitonlike solutions were found.
Short-time critical dynamicsJul 05 2000An introductory review to short-time critical dynamics is given. From the scaling relation valid already in the early stage of the evolution of a system at or near the critical point, one derives power law behaviour for various quantities. By a numerical ... More
A Survey for Young Spectroscopic Binary K7-M4 Stars in OphiuchusNov 20 2006This paper describes a high-resolution, infrared spectroscopic survey of young, low-mass stars designed to identify and characterize pre-main-sequence spectroscopic binaries. This is the first large infrared radial velocity survey of very young stars ... More
Summary of Expermental Electroweak PhysicsApr 12 1999Progress continues on many fronts of experimental testing of electroweak symmetry breaking. Updates were presented on LEP, SLC, Brookhaven g-2 ring, Tevatron Collider, HERA, CESR and Tevatron neutrino experiments. Perhaps most exciting is the Higgs search ... More
The Expectation Value of S(1).S(2)-Wave Functions Don't MatterAug 29 2016Sep 12 2016We consider the expectation value of the quantity [3+ \sigma (1).\sigma (2)]/4 . This has a value +1 for 2 nucleons with spin S=1and zero for S=0. We show that for the jj coupling 2 particle configuration [j(1) j(2)]^{J} the expectation value has the ... More
Gauging Geometry: A Didactic LectureMay 25 2016Local inertial frame invariance is taken as the fundamental principle of physical geometry, where a local inertial frame is represented by a verbein. Invariance of the vierbein with respect to local Lorentz transformations then expresses local inertial ... More
Dilatons in curved backgrounds by the Poisson--Lie transformationJan 23 2006Transformations between group coordinates of three--dimensional conformal sigma models in the flat background and their flat, i.e. Riemannian coordinates enable to find general dilaton fields for three-dimensional flat sigma models. By the Poisson-Lie ... More
Yang-Baxter systems, solutions and applicationsNov 28 1997Two types of Yang-Baxter systems play roles in the theoretical physics -- constant and colour dependent. The constant systems are used mainly for construction of special Hopf algebra while the colour or spectral dependent for construction of quantum integrable ... More
Algebraic Framework for Quantization of Nonultralocal ModelsDec 16 1994Jan 10 1995Extension of the braid relations to the multiple braided tensor product of algebras that can be used for quantization of nonultralocal models is presented. The Yang--Baxter--type consistency conditions as well as conditions for the existence of the multiple ... More
On the stable configuration of ultra-relativistic material spheres. The solution for the extremely hot gasAug 26 2008Aug 17 2009During the last stage of collapse of a compact object into the horizon of events, the potential energy of its surface layer decreases to a negative value below all limits. The energy-conservation law requires an appearance of a positive-valued energy ... More
Some statistical issues regarding the estimation of $\fnl$ in CMB non-GaussianityOct 05 2006We consider the problem of estimating the parameter $\fnl$ in the standard local model of primordial CMB non-Gaussianity. We determine the properties of maximum likelihood (ML) estimates and show that the problem is not the typical ML estimation problem ... More
Ghost and singularity free theories of gravityOct 27 2016Oct 28 2016Albert Einstein's General Relativity (GR) from 1916 has become the widely accepted theory of gravity and been tested observationally to a very high precision at different scales of energy and distance. At the same time, there still remain important questions ... More
Time-Symmetrized Counterfactuals in Quantum TheoryJul 27 1998Recently, several authors have criticized the time-symmetrized quantum theory originated by the work of Aharonov et al. (1964). The core of this criticism was a proof, appearing in various forms, which showed that the counterfactual interpretation of ... More
Time-Symmetrized Counterfactuals in Quantum TheoryFeb 15 1998Feb 19 1998Counterfactuals in quantum theory are briefly reviewed and it is argued that they are very different from counterfactuals considered in the general philosophical literature. The issue of time symmetry of quantum counterfactuals is considered and a novel ... More
Simulation of neutrino and charged particle production and propagation in the atmosphereJul 27 2006A precise evaluation of the secondary particle production and propagation in the atmosphere is very important for the atmospheric neutrino oscillation studies. The issue is addressed with the extension of a previously developed full 3-Dimensional Monte-Carlo ... More
Baryon number segregation at the end of the cosmological quark-hadron transitionOct 02 1996One of the most interesting questions regarding a possible first order cosmological quark--hadron phase transition concerns the final fate of the baryon number contained within the disconnected quark regions at the end of the transition. We here present ... More
A Warning on the GeV-TeV Connection in BlazarsAug 03 2012Fermi-LAT spectra at high energies (HE, 0.1-100 GeV) are often extrapolated to very high energies (VHE, >100 GeV) and considered either a good estimate or an upper limit for the blazars intrinsic VHE spectrum. This assumption seems not well justified, ... More
On the correct intrinsic VHE properties of the BL Lac H 2356-309Aug 03 2012The high-energy-peaked BL Lac H 2356-309 (z=0.165) was detected by HESS at very high energies (VHE, >100 GeV) with relatively high significance in the years 2004-2007, allowing a good determination of its gamma-ray spectrum. After correction for the interaction ... More
Comment on: "Mode repulsion and mode coupling in random lasers" by Cao et al. Phys. Rev. B {\bf 67}, 161101 (R) (2003)Jun 18 2003In recent paper Cao et al. [Phys. Rev. B {\bf 67}, 161101 (R) (2003)] reported an observation of what is the first genuine multi-mode behavior in random lasers. They observed a splitting of a single lasing line into two lines with close frequencies when ... More
The mass of a bit of information and the Brillouin's principleMar 18 2014Based on the Brillouin (negentropic) principle, we answer to the question: Does information have mass ? The obtained answer is affirmative and the mass associated to a bit of information (which is always a positive definite quantity) is explicitely calculated. ... More
Patterns of variability in gamma-ray blazarsJul 14 2008Jan 01 2009Preliminary results of a systematic study on the simultaneous optical-to-X-rays variability in blazars are presented. Data from Swift observations of four bright gamma-ray blazars (3C 279, ON+231, S5 0716+71, PKS 2155-304) have been analyzed, compared, ... More
Recent NA48 results on semileptonic and rare kaon decays. Measurement of VusJan 19 2005The new results of investigation of K^0_Le3 and K^{\pm}e3 decays performed by NA48 Collaboration are presented. The measured branching fractions are used to extract Vus. The values of Ke3 form-factors and radiative K^0_Le3\gamma branching ratio are reported. ... More
A classical and a relativistic law of motion for SN1987ASep 08 2016In this paper we derive some first order differential equations which model the classical and the relativistic thin layer approximations in the presence of a circumstellar medium with a density which is decreasing in the distance $z$ from the equatorial ... More
On the number of galaxies at high redshiftSep 04 2015The number of galaxies at a given flux as a function of the redshift, $z$, is derived when the $z$-distance relation is non-standard. In order to compare different models, the same formalism is also applied to the standard cosmology. The observed luminosity ... More
Electromagnetic fields and boundary conditions at the interface of generalized transformation mediaMar 10 2009Dec 14 2009In this paper the interface between two transformation media or between a transformation medium and vacuum is studied. Strictly from the transformation optics point of view the consequences of the boundary conditions at such interfaces are addressed in ... More
Dynamical Symmetry Breaking in SYM Theories as a Non-Semiclassical EffectFeb 01 2001May 22 2002We study supersymmetry breaking effects in N=1 SYM from the point of view of quantum effective actions. Restrictions on the geometry of the effective potential from superspace are known to be problematic in quantum effective actions, where explicit supersymmetry ... More
Review: progress in NLTE calculations and their application to large data-setsJun 27 2013One of the major tasks in interpretation of data from large-scale stellar surveys is to determine the fundamental atmospheric parameters such as effective temperature, surface gravity, and metallicity. In most on-going and upcoming projects, they are ... More
Optical Properties of Deep Ice at the South Pole - AbsorptionJan 30 1997We discuss recent measurements of the wavelength-dependent absorption coefficients in deep South Pole ice. The method uses transit time distributions of pulses from a variable-frequency laser sent between emitters and receivers embedded in the ice. At ... More
Some Practical Applications of Dark Matter ResearchOct 24 2008Two practical spin-offs from the development of cryogenic dark matter detectors are presented. One in materials research, the other in biology.