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Chromospheric Plasma Ejections in a Light Bridge of a SunspotJan 24 2017It is well-known that light bridges inside a sunspot produce small-scale plasma ejections and transient brightenings in the chromosphere, but the nature and origin of such phenomena are still unclear. Utilizing the high-spatial and high temporal resolution ... More
The regular semisimple locus of the affine quotient of the cotangent bundle of the Grothendieck-Springer resolutionJul 08 2016Let $\mathfrak{b}$ be the Lie algebra of $B$, where $B$ is the set of invertible upper triangular matrices in $GL_n(\mathbb{C})$. For $\mu:T^*(\mathfrak{b}\times \mathbb{C}^n)\rightarrow \mathfrak{b}^*$ where $\mathfrak{b}^*=\mathfrak{g}/\mathfrak{n}$ ... More
Semi-invariants of filtered quiver representations with at most two pathwaysSep 02 2014A pathway from one vertex of a quiver to another is a reduced path. We modify the classical definition of quiver representations and we prove that semi-invariant polynomials for filtered quiver representations come from diagonal entries if and only if ... More
The widths of quarkonia in quark gluon plasmaApr 28 2007Sep 07 2007Recent lattice calculations showed that the quarkonia will survive beyond the phase transition temperature, and will dissolve at different temperatures depending on the type of the quarkonium. In this work, we calculate the thermal width of the quarkonium ... More
Oscillatory Response of the Solar Chromosphere to a Strong Downflow above a SunspotApr 08 2016We report three-minute oscillations in the solar chromosphere driven by a strong downflow event in a sunspot. We used the Fast Imaging Solar Spectrograph of the 1.6 m New Solar Telescope and the Interface Region Imaging Spectrograph (IRIS). The strong ... More
Observations of a Series of Flares and Associated Jet-like Eruptions Driven by the Emergence of Twisted Magnetic FieldsDec 04 2015We studied temporal changes of morphological and magnetic properties of a succession of four confined flares followed by an eruptive flare using the high-resolution New Solar Telescope (NST) operating at the Big Bear Solar Observatory (BBSO), Helioseismic ... More
Families of orthogonal Laurent polynomials, hyperelliptic Lie algebras and elliptic integralsAug 03 2015We describe a family of polynomials discovered via a particular recursion relation, which have connections to Chebyshev polynomials of the first and the second kind, and the polynomial version of Pell's equation. Many of their properties are listed in ... More
Magnetic field dependent impact ionization in InSbJun 06 2012Carrier generation by impact ionization and subsequent recombination under the influence of magnetic field has been studied for InSb slab. A simple analytic expression for threshold electric field as a function of magnetic field is proposed. Impact ionization ... More
Three-minute Sunspot Oscillations Driven by Magnetic Reconnection in a Light BridgeNov 17 2017We report a different type of three-minute chromospheric oscillations above a sunspot in association with a small-scale impulsive event in a light bridge. During our observations, we found a transient brightening in the light bridge. The brightening was ... More
Magnetic skyrmion artificial synapse for neuromorphic computingJul 01 2019Since the discovery of magnetic skyrmions achieved one decade ago, there have been significant efforts to bring the virtual particles into fully functional devices, inspired by their fascinating physical and topological properties suitable for future ... More
Finitely Supported *-Simple Complete Ideals in a Regular Local RingAug 29 2013Jan 13 2014Let I be a finitely supported complete m-primary ideal of a regular local ring (R, m). A theorem of Lipman implies that I has a unique factorization as a *-product of special *-simple complete ideals with possibly negative exponents for some of the factors. ... More
Directed Unions of Local Quadratic Transforms of a Regular Local RingDec 11 2015Jan 02 2016We consider the directed union S of an infinite sequence {(R_n, m_n)} of successive local quadratic transforms of a regular local ring (R, m). If dim R = 2, Abhyankar proves that S is a valuation ring. If dim R > 2, Shannon gives necessary and sufficient ... More
A decade of skyrmionics: Writing, deleting, reading and processing magnetic skyrmions toward spintronic applicationsJun 11 2019Jun 12 2019The field of skyrmionics has been actively investigated across a wide range of topics during the last decade. In this topical review, we review and discuss key results and findings in skyrmionics since the first experimental observation of magnetic skyrmions ... More
A decade of skyrmionics: Writing, deleting, reading and processing magnetic skyrmions roward spintronic applicationsJun 11 2019The field of skyrmionics has been actively investigated across a wide range of topics during the last decade. In this topical review, we review and discuss key results and findings in skyrmionics since the first experimental observation of magnetic skyrmions ... More
2D solar wind speeds from 6 to 26 solar radii in solar cycle 24 by using Fourier filteringJun 22 2018Measurement of the solar wind speed near the Sun is important for understanding the acceleration mechanism of the solar wind. In this study, we determine 2D solar wind speeds from 6 to 26 solar radii by applying Fourier motion filters to \textit{SOHO}/LASCO ... More
Noncommutative $L_p$-space and operator systemApr 03 2009Jun 28 2009We show that noncommutative $L_p$-spaces satisfy the axioms of the (nonunital) operator system with a dominating constant $2^{1 \over p}$. Therefore, noncommutative $L_p$-spaces can be embedded into $B(H)$ $2^{1 \over p}$-completely isomorphically and ... More
On maximal tensor products and quotient maps of operator systemsOct 03 2010Jun 06 2011We introduce quotient maps in the category of operator systems and show that the maximal tensor product is projective with respect to them. Whereas, the maximal tensor product is not injective, which makes the $({\rm el},\max)-nuclearity distinguish a ... More
Optical properties of amorphous alumina dust in the envelopes around O-rich AGB starsJul 19 2016We investigate optical properties of amorphous alumina (Al_2O_3) dust grains in the envelopes around O-rich asymptotic giant branch (AGB) stars considering the laboratory measured optical data. We derive the optical constants of amorphous alumina in a ... More
Spin-orbit torque-driven skyrmion dynamics revealed by time-resolved X-ray microscopyMay 25 2017Magnetic skyrmions are topologically-protected spin textures with attractive properties suitable for high-density and low-power spintronic device applications. Much effort has been dedicated to understanding the dynamical behaviours of the magnetic skyrmions. ... More
Throat Finding Algorithms based on Throat TypesOct 28 2014The three-dimensional geometry and connectivity of pore space determines the flow of single-phase incompressible flow. Herein I report on new throat finding algorithms that contribute to finding the exact flow-relevant geometrical properties of the void ... More
A Kirchberg type tensor theorem for operator systemsSep 04 2014Jul 15 2015We construct operator systems $\mathfrak C_I$ that are universal in the sense that all operator systems can be realized as their quotients. They satisfy the operator system lifting property. Without relying on the theorem by Kirchberg, we prove the Kirchberg ... More
Video-based surgical skill assessment using 3D convolutional neural networksMar 06 2019Purpose: A profound education of novice surgeons is crucial to ensure that surgical interventions are effective and safe. One important aspect is the teaching of technical skills for minimally invasive or robot-assisted procedures. This includes the objective ... More
Deterministic creation and deletion of a single magnetic skyrmion observed by direct time-resolved X-ray microscopyJun 21 2017Apr 06 2018Spintronic devices based on magnetic skyrmions are a promising candidate for next-generation memory applications due to their nanometre-size, topologically-protected stability and efficient current-driven dynamics. Since the recent discovery of room-temperature ... More
Thermoelectric Signal Enhancement by Reconciling the Spin Seebeck and Anomalous Nernst Effects in Ferromagnet/Non-magnet MultilayersApr 02 2015The utilization of ferromagnetic (FM) materials in thermoelectric devices allows one to have a simpler structure and/or independent control of electric and thermal conductivities, which may further remove obstacles for this technology to be realized. ... More
Can the thermal instability drive turbulence?Apr 11 2006Jan 17 2007The thermal instability with a piecewise power law cooling function is investigated using one- and three-dimensional simulations with periodic and shearing-periodic boundary conditions in the presence of constant thermal diffusion and kinematic viscosity ... More
Can dual gravity be reconciled with E11?Mar 25 2009Apr 27 2009We extend a recently proposed formulation of dual gravity to the case of eleven-dimensional supergravity. The supersymmetric action corresponding to this alternative formulation is given, and it is shown that it leads to a set of first-order duality relations ... More
Multitype branching process with nonhomogeneous Poisson and generalized Polya immigrationSep 09 2019In a multitype branching process, it is assumed that immigrants arrive according to a non-homogeneous Poisson or a generalized Polya process (both processes are formulated as a non-homogeneous birth process with an appropriate choice of transition intensities). ... More
Spin-transfer-torque efficiency enhanced by edge-damage of perpendicular magnetic random access memoriesJul 19 2015We numerically investigate the effect of magnetic and electrical damages at the edge of a perpendicular magnetic random access memory (MRAM) cell on the spin-transfer-torque (STT) efficiency that is defined by the ratio of thermal stability factor to ... More
Pseudogap and photoemission spectra in the attractive Hubbard modelAug 11 1998Feb 17 1999Angle-resolved photoemission spectra are calculated microscopically for the two-dimensional attractive Hubbard model. A system of self-consistent T-matrix equations are solved numerically in the real-time domain. The single-particle spectral function ... More
Secure Ad-hoc Routing SchemeJun 08 2015This paper investigates on the problem of combining routing scheme and physical layer security in multihop wireless networks with cooperative diversity. We propose an ad-hoc natured hop-by-hop best secure relay selection in a multihop network with several ... More
Greedy Subspace Pursuit for Joint Sparse RecoveryJan 26 2016In this paper, we address the sparse multiple measurement vector (MMV) problem where the objective is to recover a set of sparse nonzero row vectors or indices of a signal matrix from incomplete measurements. Ideally, regardless of the number of columns ... More
On the Development of Low Power MAC Protocol for WBANsNov 08 2009Jul 27 2010Current advances in wireless communication, microelectronics, semiconductor technologies, and intelligent sensors have contributed to the development of unobtrusive WBANs. These networks provide long term health monitoring of patients without any constraint ... More
On dimension folding of matrix- or array-valued statistical objectsFeb 25 2010We consider dimension reduction for regression or classification in which the predictors are matrix- or array-valued. This type of predictor arises when measurements are obtained for each combination of two or more underlying variables--for example, the ... More
Estimates of Dirichlet heat kernel for symmetric Markov processesDec 09 2015We consider a large class of symmetric pure jump Markov processes dominated by isotropic unimodal L\'evy processes with weak scaling conditions. We first establish sharp two-sided heat kernel estimates for these processes in $C^{1,\rho}$ open sets, $\rho\in ... More
An approximation theorem for nuclear operator systemsSep 14 2010May 05 2011We prove that an operator system $\mathcal S$ is nuclear in the category of operator systems if and only if there exist nets of unital completely positive maps $\phi_\lambda : \cl S \to M_{n_\lambda}$ and $\psi_\lambda : M_{n_\lambda} \to \cl S$ such ... More
Super-replicable functions ${\cal N}(j_{1,N})$ and periodically vanishing propertyNov 06 2004We find the super-replication formulae which would be a generalization of replication formulae. And we apply the formulae to derive periodically vanishing property in the Fourier coefficients of the Hauptmodul ${\cal N}(j_{1,12})$ as a super-replicable ... More
A note on traces of singular moduliJul 14 2010Oct 16 2010We will generalize Osburn's work about a congruence for traces defined in terms of Hauptmodul associated to certain genus zero groups of higher levels.
Current-driven dynamics and inhibition of the skyrmion Hall effect of ferrimagnetic skyrmions in GdFeCo filmsMar 30 2017Jan 30 2018Magnetic skyrmions are swirling magnetic textures with novel characteristics suitable for future spintronic and topological applications. Recent studies confirmed the room-temperature stabilization of skyrmions in ultrathin ferromagnets. However, such ... More
Observation of magnetic skyrmion crystals in a van der Waals ferromagnet Fe3GeTe2Jul 02 2019Since the discovery of long-range magnetic orders in the two-dimensional (2D) van der Waals (vdW) crystals, significant interest on such 2D magnets has emerged, inspired by their appealing physical properties and integration with other 2D family for unique ... More
Magnetization dynamics driven by angle-dependent spin-orbit spin transfer torqueAug 17 2015Aug 18 2015Spin-orbit spin transfer torque allows an efficient control of magnetization by an in-plane current. Recent experiments found that the spin-orbit torque has strong dependence on the magnetization angle [Garello et al., Nature Nanotechnol. 8, 587 (2013); ... More
Estimates of Dirichlet heat kernel for symmetric Markov processesDec 09 2015Mar 02 2019We consider a large class of symmetric pure jump Markov processes dominated by isotropic unimodal L\'evy processes with weak scaling conditions. First, we establish sharp two-sided heat kernel estimates for these processes in $C^{1,1}$ open sets. As corollaries ... More
Active Learning using Deep Bayesian Networks for Surgical Workflow AnalysisNov 08 2018Apr 02 2019For many applications in the field of computer assisted surgery, such as providing the position of a tumor, specifying the most probable tool required next by the surgeon or determining the remaining duration of surgery, methods for surgical workflow ... More
Density-Induced Breaking of Pairs in the Attractive Hubbard ModelFeb 23 1998A conserving T-matrix approximation is applied to the two-dimensional attractive Hubbard model in the low-density regime. A set of self-consistent equations is solved in the real-frequency domain to avoid the analytic continuation procedure. By tuning ... More
Asymptotic Correlation Structure of Discounted Incurred But Not Reported Claims under Fractional Poisson Arrival ProcessJan 15 2018Dec 07 2018This paper studies the joint moments of a compound discounted renewal process observed at different times with each arrival removed from the system after a random delay. This process can be used to describe the aggregate (discounted) Incurred But Not ... More
SU(3) Topology of Magnon-Phonon Hybridization in 2D AntiferromagnetsSep 17 2019Magnon-phonon hybrid excitations are studied theoretically in a two-dimensional antiferromagnet with an easy axis normal to the plane. We show that two magnon bands and one phonon band are intertwined by the magnetoelastic coupling through a nontrivial ... More
Semantics, Abstract Interpretation, and Reasoning about Programs: Essays Dedicated to David A. Schmidt on the Occasion of his Sixtieth BirthdaySep 18 2013This Liber Amicorum is a collection of essays ranging from personal memories to technical contributions. It is a tribute to Dave Schmidt and his career, and was composed at the occasion of his sixtieth birthday.
Efficient Neural Network CompressionNov 30 2018Apr 12 2019Network compression reduces the computational complexity and memory consumption of deep neural networks by reducing the number of parameters. In SVD-based network compression, the right rank needs to be decided for every layer of the network. In this ... More
Holographic Micro Thermofield Geometries of BTZ Black HolesApr 04 2017Aug 01 2017We find general deformations of BTZ spacetime and identify the corresponding thermofield initial states of the dual CFT. We deform the geometry by introducing bulk fields dual to primary operators and find the back-reacted gravity solutions to the quadratic ... More
J/psi hadron interaction in vacuum and in QGPJan 16 2007Motivated by the recent lattice data that $J/\psi$ will survive up to 1.6$T_c$, we calculate the thermal width of $J/\psi$ at finite temperature in perturbative QCD. The inputs of the calculation are the parton quarkonium dissociation cross sections at ... More
One loop quantum fluctuations to the energy of the non-topological soliton in Friedberg-Lee modelJul 06 2016I have used a practical method to calculate the one-loop quantum correction to the energy of the non-topological soliton in Friedberg-Lee model. The quantum effects which come from the quarks of the Dirac sea scattering with the soliton bag are calculated ... More
Solvability of Dirichlet problem with Nonlinear Integro-differential OperatorFeb 19 2016Oct 26 2016This paper studies the solvability of a class of Dirichlet problem associated with non-linear integro-differential operator. The main ingredient is the probabilistic construction of continuous supersolution via the identification of the continuity set ... More
Locally accessible information from multipartite ensemblesNov 18 2007Nov 25 2007We present a universal Holevo-like upper bound on the locally accessible information for arbitrary multipartite ensembles. This bound allows us to analyze the indistinguishability of a set of orthogonal states under LOCC. We also derive the upper bound ... More
Lower bounds on the squashed entanglement for multi-party systemsDec 03 2007Aug 04 2009Squashed entanglement is a promising entanglement measure that can be generalized to multipartite case, and it has all of the desirable properties for a good entanglement measure. In this paper we present computable lower bounds to evaluate the multipartite ... More
Quark Spin and Orbital Angular Momentum in the BaryonOct 29 1999Aug 11 2000The spin and orbital angular momentum carried by different quark flavors in the nucleon are calculated in the SU(3) chiral quark model with symmetry-breaking. The model is extended to all octet and decuplet baryons. In this model, the reduction of the ... More
New Relations and Constraints on Quark Spin-flavor Contents in Symmetry-breaking Chiral Quark ModelDec 11 1997New relations between the quark spin-flavor contents of the nucleon and axial weak coupling constants are obtained in the chiral quark model with both SU(3) and U(1)-breaking effects. Using the nonsinglet spin combinations, $\Delta_3$ and $\Delta_8$, ... More
$L^p$ Solutions of Backward Stochastic Differential Equations with JumpsJul 13 2010Jul 01 2016Given $p \in (1, 2)$, we study $L^p$-solutions of a multi-dimensional backward stochastic differential equation with jumps (BSDEJ) whose generator may not be Lipschitz continuous in $(y,z,u)$. We show that such a BSDEJ with a p-integrable terminal data ... More
Characteristic Polynomial of Certain Hyperplane Arrangements through Graph TheoryJan 25 2017Jan 26 2017We give a formula for computing the characteristic polynomial for certain hyperplane arrangements in terms of the number of bipartite graphs of given rank and cardinality.
The $α$-Invariant on $CP^2#2\bar{CP^2}$May 06 2002In this paper, we apply the Tian-Yau-Zelditch expansion of the Bergman kernel on polarized K\"ahler metrics to approximate plurisubharmonic functions and compute the $\alpha$-invariant of $CP^2#2\bar{CP^2}$, which is exactly 1/3. In addition we prove ... More
A Uniform-in-$P$ Edgeworth Expansion under Weak Cramér ConditionsJun 04 2018This paper provides a finite sample bound for the error term in the Edgeworth expansion for a sum of independent, potentially discrete, nonlattice random vectors, using a uniform-in-$P$ version of the weaker Cram\'{e}r condition in Angst and Poly(2017). ... More
Real-Time Video Highlights for Yahoo EsportsNov 27 2016Esports has gained global popularity in recent years and several companies have started offering live streaming videos of esports games and events. This creates opportunities to develop large scale video understanding systems for new product features ... More
On the Independent Set and Common Subgraph Problems in Random GraphsAug 07 2013In this paper, we develop efficient exact and approximate algorithms for computing a maximum independent set in random graphs. In a random graph $G$, each pair of vertices are joined by an edge with a probability $p$, where $p$ is a constant between $0$ ... More
Uniqueness of the representation for $G$-martingales with finite variationDec 09 2010Dec 31 2010Our purpose is to prove the uniqueness of the representation for $G$-martingales with finite variation.
Phase Transition Dynamics and Its Alpha' CorrectionsAug 17 2007Oct 22 2007We study the dynamics of the first order phase transition in the holographic hard wall model, namely, Polchinski-Strassler's model and come to the conclusion that the phase transition is incomplete in large N limit with the natural boundary condition. ... More
Characterizations of processes with stationary and independent increments under $G$-expectationSep 01 2010Sep 08 2011Our purpose is to investigate properties for processes with stationary and independent increments under $G$-expectation. As applications, we prove the martingale characterization to $G$-Brownian motion and present a decomposition for generalized $G$-Brownian ... More
The effects of Zn Impurity on the Properties of Doped Cuprates in the Normal StateMay 14 2004We study the interplay of quantum impurity, and collective spinon and holon dynamics in Zn doped high-T$_c$ cuprates in the normal state. The two-dimensional t-t$^{\prime}$-J models with one and a small amount of Zn impurity are investigated within a ... More
Generative Model-Based Ischemic Stroke Lesion SegmentationJun 06 2019CT perfusion (CTP) has been used to triage ischemic stroke patients in the early stage, because of its speed, availability, and lack of contraindications. Perfusion parameters including cerebral blood volume (CBV), cerebral blood flow (CBF), mean transit ... More
Large deviations for functionals of Gaussian processesFeb 12 2018Dec 03 2018We prove large deviation principles for $\int_0^t \gamma(X_s)ds$, where $X$ is a $d$-dimensional Gaussian process and $\gamma(x)$ takes the form of the Dirac delta function $\delta(x)$, $|x|^{-\beta}$ with $\beta\in (0,d)$, or $\prod_{i=1}^d |x_i|^{-\beta_i}$ ... More
The braidings in the mapping class groups of surfacesMay 08 2012The disjoint union of mapping class groups of surfaces forms a braided monoidal category $\mathcal M$, as the disjoint union of the braid groups $\mathcal B$ does. We give a concrete, and geometric meaning of the braiding $\beta_{r,s}$ in $\M$. Moreover, ... More
Strichartz inequalities for the Schrödinger equation with the full Laplacian on H-type groupsFeb 18 2014Mar 02 2017In this paper, we prove the dispersive estimates and Strichartz inequalities for the solution of the Schr\"{o}dinger equation related to the full Laplacian on H-type groups. This extends the results obtained by G. Furioli and A. Veneruso [Studia Math., ... More
Normal Approximation by Stein's Method under Sublinear ExpectationsNov 15 2017Peng (2008)(\cite{P08b}) proved the Central Limit Theorem under a sublinear expectation: \textit{Let $(X_i)_{i\ge 1}$ be a sequence of i.i.d random variables under a sublinear expectation $\hat{\mathbf{E}}$ with $\hat{\mathbf{E}}[X_1]=\hat{\mathbf{E}}[-X_1]=0$ ... More
Embeddedness of least area minimal hypersurfacesNov 09 2015E. Calabi and J. Cao showed that a closed geodesic of least length in a two-sphere with nonnegative curvature is always simple. Using min-max theory, we prove that for some higher dimensions, this result holds without assumptions on the curvature. More ... More
Charm Antiquark and Charm Quark in the NucleonNov 11 2001Apr 15 2002We estimate the intrinsic charm contributions to the quark flavor and spin observables of the nucleon in the SU(4) quark meson fluctuation model. In this model, the charm or anticharm reside in the charmed mesons created by the nonperturbative quantum ... More
Intrinsic Charm in the NucleonOct 27 1999Oct 28 1999The quark spin and flavor structure of the nucleon is discussed in the SU(4) symmetry breaking chiral quark model. The spin and flavor contents for charm quarks and anti-charm quarks are predicted and compared with the results given by other models. The ... More
Polarized structure function $g_2$ in the CM bag modelApr 08 1996The spin-dependent structure functions $g_1(x)$, $g_2(x)$, ${g}_2^{WW}(x)$ and ${\bar g}_2(x)$ and their moments are studied in the CM bag model. The results show that (i) $\int_0^1g_2(x)dx=0$, i.e. the Burkhardt-Cottingham sum rule holds, hence $g_2(x)$ ... More
On the singularities of effective loci of line bundlesMay 10 2013Sep 27 2014We prove that every irreducible component of semi-regular loci of effective line bundles in the Picard scheme of a smooth projective variety has at worst rational singularities. This generalizes Kempf's result on rational singularities of $W^0_d$ for ... More
On the universal family of Hilbert schemes of points on a surfaceJul 21 2014Sep 24 2015For a smooth quasi-projective surface $X$ and an integer $n\ge 3$, we show that the universal family $Z^n$ over the Hilbert scheme $\text{Hilb}^{n}(X)$ of $n$ points has non $\mathbb{Q}$-Gorenstein, rational singularities, and that the Samuel multiplicity ... More
Feynman Algorithm Implementation for Comparison with Euler in a Uniform Elastic Two-Layer 2D and 3D Object Dynamic Deformation Framework in OpenGL with GUIJun 17 2009We implement for comparative purposes the Feynman algorithm within a C++-based framework for two-layer uniform facet elastic object for real-time softbody simulation based on physics modeling methods. To facilitate the comparison, we implement initial ... More
Dynamic Deformation of Uniform Elastic Two-Layer ObjectsJul 24 2009Jul 25 2009This thesis presents a two-layer uniform facet elastic object for real-time simulation based on physics modeling method. It describes the elastic object procedural modeling algorithm with particle system from the simplest one-dimensional object, to more ... More
The global sections of the chiral de Rham complex on a Kummer surfaceDec 28 2013Jul 09 2014The chiral de Rham complex is a sheaf of vertex algebras {\Omega}^ch_M on any nonsingular algebraic variety or complex manifold M, which contains the ordinary de Rham complex as the weight zero subspace. We show that when M is a Kummer surface, the algebra ... More
Chiral Hodge cohomology and Mathieu moonshinMay 11 2017Dec 07 2018We construct a filtration of chiral Hodge cohomolgy of a K3 surface $X$, such that its associated graded object is a unitary representation of the N=4 vertex algebra with central charge $6$ and its subspace of primitive vectors has the property: its equivariant ... More
DFT-based calculation of Coulomb blockade in molecular junctionOct 02 2007Quantum transport through single molecules is very sensitive to the strength of the molecule-electrode contact. When a molecular junction weakly coupled to external electrodes, charging effects do play an important role (Coulomb blockade regime). In this ... More
A Link Representation for Gravity AmplitudesJul 17 2012We derive a link representation for all tree amplitudes in N=8 supergravity, from a recent conjecture by Cachazo and Skinner. The new formula explicitly writes amplitudes as contour integrals over constrained link variables, with an integrand naturally ... More
Charmonia formation in quark-gluon plasmaFeb 14 2014Using the color evaporation model, the cross section for charmonium production in p+p collision is calculated in quark-gluon plasma. The threshold energy for open charms is given by the free energy potential from lattice calculations, the initial charm ... More
Martingale representation processes and applications in the market viability with information flow expansionMay 04 2015Mar 17 2016When the \textit{martingale representation property} holds, we call any local martingale which realizes the representation a \textit{representation process}. There are two properties of the \textit{representation process} which can greatly facilitate ... More
Hall universal group has ample generic automorphismsMar 20 2017Oct 20 2017We show that the automorphism group of Philip Hall's universal locally finite group has ample generics,that is, it admits comeager diagonal conjugacy classes in all dimensions.Consequently, it has the small index property, is not the union of a countable ... More
Testing conditional independence via Rosenblatt transformsNov 19 2009This paper proposes new tests of conditional independence of two random variables given a single-index involving an unknown finite-dimensional parameter. The tests employ Rosenblatt transforms and are shown to be distribution-free while retaining computational ... More
Morawetz estimates as well as spacetime bounds based on pseudoconformal conservation law and interaction Morawetz estimates for a quasilinear Schrödinger equationApr 22 2019In this paper, we consider the Cauchy problem of the quasilinear Sch\"{o}dinger equation \begin{equation*} \left\{ \begin{array}{lll} iu_t = \Delta u+2uh'(|u|^2)\Delta h(|u|^2)+V(x)u+F(|u|^2)u+(W*|u|^2)u,\ x\in \mathbb{R}^N,\ t>0\\ u(x,0) = u_0(x),\quad ... More
On the ruin problem in the renewal risk processes perturbed by diffusionMar 06 2008In this paper, we consider the perturbed renewal risk process. Systems of integro-differential equations for the Gerber-Shiu functions at ruin caused by a claim and oscillation are established, respectively. The explicit Laplase transforms of Gerber-Shiu ... More
Dark Energy and ConsciousnessJan 22 2017Jul 16 2018One of the most important concepts in logic and the foundations of mathematics may be useful in providing an explanation for the cosmological constant problem. A connection between self-reference and consciousness has been previously discussed due to ... More
Immeasurability of Zero-point Energy in the Cosmological Constant problemMar 14 2007Mar 21 2008A huge discrepancy between the zero-point energy calculated from quantum theory and the observed quantity in the Universe has been one of the most illusive problems in physics. In order to examine the measurability of zero-point energy, we construct reference ... More
Semantics of InformationNov 07 2016Aug 03 2017Due to the self-referencing aspect, consciousness is placed in a unique non-computable position among natural phenomena. Non-computable consciousness was previously analyzed on the basis of self-referential cyclical time. This paper extends the cyclical ... More
Negative Entropy and Black Hole InformationJan 28 2013Dec 08 2013Based on negative entropy in entanglement, it is shown that a single-system Copenhagen measurement protocol is equivalent to the two-system von Neumann scheme with the memory filling up the system with negative information similar to the Dirac sea of ... More
Secure Key Distribution by Swapping Quantum EntanglementMay 28 2003Jan 01 2004We report two key distribution schemes achieved by swapping quantum entanglement. Using two Bell states, two bits of secret key can be shared between two distant parties that play symmetric and equal roles. We also address eavesdropping attacks against ... More
Automorphic Forms, Bundles and Yang-Mills EquationsMay 13 1997Nov 22 2001The paper has been withdrawn by the author.
Solvable Potentials from Supersymmetric Quantum MechanicsJul 27 1995A recurrence relation of Riccati-type differential equations known in supersymmetric quantum mechanics is investigated to find exactly solvable potentials. Taking some simple {\it ans\"atze}, we find new classes of solvable potentials as well as reproducing ... More
A Discourse-based Approach in Text-based Machine TranslationNov 08 2009Jul 28 2010This paper presents a theoretical research based approach to ellipsis resolution in machine translation. The formula of discourse is applied in order to resolve ellipses. The validity of the discourse formula is analyzed by applying it to the real world ... More
Stability of Localized Integral Operators on Weighted $L^p$ spacesJul 09 2011In this paper, we consider localized integral operators whose kernels have mild singularity near the diagonal and certain Holder regularity and decay off the diagonal. Our model example is the Bessel potential operator ${\mathcal J}_\gamma, \gamma>0$. ... More
Regularizing a linearized EIT reconstruction method using a sensitivity based factorization methodNov 19 2018For electrical impedance tomography (EIT), most practical reconstruction methods are based on linearizing the underlying non-linear inverse problem. Recently, it has been shown that the linearized problem still contains the exact shape information. However, ... More
Incompatibility between Self-Observing Consciousness and the Axioms of Quantum theoryJun 28 2007Based on the standard axioms of quantum theory, we provide a counter-example which invalidates the full compatibility between consciousness and quantum theory. In particular, we present an example of a natural phenomenon in which an observer's the mental ... More
Quantum Theory, Consciousness, and BeingMar 05 2007Sep 29 2008In [NeuroQuantology 6, 46 (2008): arXiv:0706.4180], a certain natural phenomenon of self-observing consciousness was shown to be incompatible with the standard axioms of quantum theory. In order to consider a possibility of removing this inconsistency, ... More