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A decade of skyrmionics: Writing, deleting, reading and processing magnetic skyrmions toward spintronic applicationsJun 11 2019Jun 12 2019The field of skyrmionics has been actively investigated across a wide range of topics during the last decade. In this topical review, we review and discuss key results and findings in skyrmionics since the first experimental observation of magnetic skyrmions ... More
Deterministic creation and deletion of a single magnetic skyrmion observed by direct time-resolved X-ray microscopyJun 21 2017Apr 06 2018Spintronic devices based on magnetic skyrmions are a promising candidate for next-generation memory applications due to their nanometre-size, topologically-protected stability and efficient current-driven dynamics. Since the recent discovery of room-temperature ... More
Turbulence from localized random expansion wavesFeb 03 2006Sep 22 2006In an attempt to determine the outer scale of turbulence driven by localized sources, such as supernova explosions in the interstellar medium, we consider a forcing function given by the gradient of gaussian profiles localized at random positions. Different ... More
Finitely Supported *-Simple Complete Ideals in a Regular Local RingAug 29 2013Jan 13 2014Let I be a finitely supported complete m-primary ideal of a regular local ring (R, m). A theorem of Lipman implies that I has a unique factorization as a *-product of special *-simple complete ideals with possibly negative exponents for some of the factors. ... More
Grothendieck rings of periplectic Lie superalgebrasJun 05 2019We describe explicitly the Grothendieck rings of finite-dimensional representations of the periplectic Lie superalgebras. In particular, the Grothendieck ring of the Lie supergroup $P(n)$ is isomorphic to the ring of symmetric polynomials in $x_1^{\pm ... More
The Eleven-Dimensional Five-BraneJun 19 1996We consider the action, in arbitrary curved background, of the eleven-dimensional five-brane to second order in the curvature of the worldvolume tensor field. We show that this action gives upon double dimensional reduction the action of the Dirichlet ... More
2D solar wind speeds from 6 to 26 solar radii in solar cycle 24 by using Fourier filteringJun 22 2018Measurement of the solar wind speed near the Sun is important for understanding the acceleration mechanism of the solar wind. In this study, we determine 2D solar wind speeds from 6 to 26 solar radii by applying Fourier motion filters to \textit{SOHO}/LASCO ... More
Directed Unions of Local Quadratic Transforms of a Regular Local RingDec 11 2015Jan 02 2016We consider the directed union S of an infinite sequence {(R_n, m_n)} of successive local quadratic transforms of a regular local ring (R, m). If dim R = 2, Abhyankar proves that S is a valuation ring. If dim R > 2, Shannon gives necessary and sufficient ... More
A decade of skyrmionics: Writing, deleting, reading and processing magnetic skyrmions roward spintronic applicationsJun 11 2019The field of skyrmionics has been actively investigated across a wide range of topics during the last decade. In this topical review, we review and discuss key results and findings in skyrmionics since the first experimental observation of magnetic skyrmions ... More
Optical properties of amorphous alumina dust in the envelopes around O-rich AGB starsJul 19 2016We investigate optical properties of amorphous alumina (Al_2O_3) dust grains in the envelopes around O-rich asymptotic giant branch (AGB) stars considering the laboratory measured optical data. We derive the optical constants of amorphous alumina in a ... More
Spin-orbit torque-driven skyrmion dynamics revealed by time-resolved X-ray microscopyMay 25 2017Magnetic skyrmions are topologically-protected spin textures with attractive properties suitable for high-density and low-power spintronic device applications. Much effort has been dedicated to understanding the dynamical behaviours of the magnetic skyrmions. ... More
Throat Finding Algorithms based on Throat TypesOct 28 2014The three-dimensional geometry and connectivity of pore space determines the flow of single-phase incompressible flow. Herein I report on new throat finding algorithms that contribute to finding the exact flow-relevant geometrical properties of the void ... More
Exact solutions to the nonlinear Schrödinger equationAug 19 2009A review of a recent method is presented to construct certain exact solutions to the focusing nonlinear Schr\"odinger equation on the line with a cubic nonlinearity. With motivation by the inverse scattering transform and help from the state-space method, ... More
Can the thermal instability drive turbulence?Apr 11 2006Jan 17 2007The thermal instability with a piecewise power law cooling function is investigated using one- and three-dimensional simulations with periodic and shearing-periodic boundary conditions in the presence of constant thermal diffusion and kinematic viscosity ... More
Simulating field-aligned diffusion of a cosmic ray gasJul 07 2005Oct 03 2006The macroscopic behaviour of cosmic rays in turbulent magnetic fields is discussed. An implementation of anisotropic diffusion of cosmic rays with respect to the magnetic field in a non-conservative, high-order, finite-difference magnetohydrodynamic code ... More
The Super D9-Brane and its TruncationsJan 13 1999Mar 24 1999We consider two inequivalent truncations of the super D9--brane: the ``Heterotic'' and the ``Type I'' truncation. Both of them lead to an N=1 nonlinear supersymmetrization of the D=10 cosmological constant. The propagating degrees of freedom in the Heterotic ... More
Scattering data computation for the Zakharov-Shabat systemFeb 16 2015A numerical method to solve the direct scattering problem for the Zakharov-Shabat system associated to the initial value problem for the nonlinear Schroedinger equation is proposed. The method involves the numerical solution of Volterra integral systems ... More
On the module structure of the center of hyperelliptic Krichever-Novikov algebras IIDec 02 2018Let $R := R_{2}(p)=\mathbb{C}[t^{\pm 1}, u : u^2 = t(t-\alpha_1)\cdots (t-\alpha_{2n})] $ be the coordinate ring of a nonsingular hyperelliptic curve and let $\mathfrak{g}\otimes R$ be the corresponding current Lie algebra. \color{black} Here $\mathfrak ... More
Emerging problems in approximation theory for the numerical solution of nonlinear PDEs of integrable typeDec 19 2013In this paper we present some open problems pertaining to the approximation theory involved in the solution of the important class of Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations (NPDEs) of integrable type. For this class of NPDEs, any Initial Value Problem ... More
Abelian Chern-Simons field theory and anyon equation on a cylinderJan 26 1994We present the anyon equation on a cylinder and in an infinite potential wall from the abelian Chern-Simons theory coupled to non-relativistic matter field by obtaining the effective hamiltonian through the canonical transformation method used for the ... More
Physical condition and spin-resolved exchange correlation kernels in an inhomogeneous many electron systemJul 07 2006We first exploit the spin symmetry relation $f^{\rm xc}_{s\bar s} (\zeta)=f^{\rm xc}_{\bar s s}(-\zeta)$ for the exact exchange correlation kernel $f^{\rm xc}_{s\bar s}(\zeta)$ in an inhomogeneous many electron system with arbitrary spin polarization ... More
Honeycomb lattice solvable modelsMar 10 1993We construct solvable models on the honeycomb lattice by combining three faces of the square lattice solvable models into a hexagon face. These models contain two independent, anisotropy controlling, spectral parameters and their transfer matrices with ... More
Spin-transfer-torque efficiency enhanced by edge-damage of perpendicular magnetic random access memoriesJul 19 2015We numerically investigate the effect of magnetic and electrical damages at the edge of a perpendicular magnetic random access memory (MRAM) cell on the spin-transfer-torque (STT) efficiency that is defined by the ratio of thermal stability factor to ... More
Pseudogap and photoemission spectra in the attractive Hubbard modelAug 11 1998Feb 17 1999Angle-resolved photoemission spectra are calculated microscopically for the two-dimensional attractive Hubbard model. A system of self-consistent T-matrix equations are solved numerically in the real-time domain. The single-particle spectral function ... More
Abelian Chern-Simons field theory and anyon equation on a torusDec 29 1993We quantize the abelian Chern-Simons theory coupled to non-relativistic matter field on a torus without invoking the flux quantization. Through a series of canonical transformations which is equivalent to solving the Gauss constraint, we obtain an effective ... More
Two-sided estimates for the transition densities of symmetric Markov processes dominated by stable-like processes in $C^{1,η}$ open setsFeb 19 2014In this paper, we study sharp Dirichlet heat kernel estimates for a large class of symmetric Markov processes in $C^{1,\eta}$ open sets. The processes are symmetric pure jump Markov processes with jumping intensity $\kappa(x,y) \psi_1 (|x-y|)^{-1} |x-y|^{-d-\alpha}$, ... More
Dynamic Large Spatial Covariance Matrix Estimation in Application to Semiparametric Model Construction via Variable Clustering: the SCE approachJun 20 2011Jun 23 2011To better understand the spatial structure of large panels of economic and financial time series and provide a guideline for constructing semiparametric models, this paper first considers estimating a large spatial covariance matrix of the generalized ... More
Effective Generation of Closed-form Soliton Solutions of the Continuous Classical Heisenberg Ferromagnet EquationJul 29 2015Apr 05 2018The non-topological, stationary and propagating, soliton solutions of the classical continuous Heisenberg ferromagnet equation are investigated. A general, rigorous formulation of the Inverse Scattering Transform for this equation is presented, under ... More
Secure Ad-hoc Routing SchemeJun 08 2015This paper investigates on the problem of combining routing scheme and physical layer security in multihop wireless networks with cooperative diversity. We propose an ad-hoc natured hop-by-hop best secure relay selection in a multihop network with several ... More
Testing the fermionic terms in the non-abelian D-brane effective action through order $α'{}^3$Jul 01 2002Recently the construction of the non-abelian effective D-brane action was performed through order $\alpha'{}^3$ including the terms quadratic in the gauginos. This result can be tested by calculating the spectrum in the presence of constant magnetic background ... More
Fan-out in Gene Regulatory NetworksSep 28 2010In synthetic biology, gene regulatory circuits are often constructed by combining smaller circuit components. Connections between components are achieved by transcription factors acting on promoters. If the individual components behave as true modules ... More
The role of phases in detecting three qubit entanglementOct 21 2016We propose separability criteria for three qubit states in terms of diagonal and anti-diagonal entries to detect entanglement with positive partial transposes. We report here that the phases of anti-diagonal entries play a crucial role. In some cases, ... More
A hierarchical Dirichlet process mixture model for haplotype reconstruction from multi-population dataDec 26 2008Aug 20 2009The perennial problem of "how many clusters?" remains an issue of substantial interest in data mining and machine learning communities, and becomes particularly salient in large data sets such as populational genomic data where the number of clusters ... More
Singular values of principal moduliFeb 06 2011Mar 20 2011Let $g$ be a principal modulus with rational Fourier coefficients for a discrete subgroup of $\mathrm{SL}_2(\mathbb{R})$ between $\Gamma(N)$ or $\Gamma_0(N)^\dag$ for a positive integer $N$. Let $K$ be an imaginary quadratic field. We give a simple proof ... More
Generators of the ring of weakly holomorphic modular functions for $Γ_1(N)$Apr 28 2015For a positive integer $N$ divisible by $4,5,6,7$ or $9$, let $\mathcal{O}_{1,N}(\mathbb{Q})$ be the ring of weakly holomorphic modular functions for the congruence subgroup $\Gamma_1(N)$ with rational Fourier coefficients. We present explicit generators ... More
A note on traces of singular moduliJul 14 2010Oct 16 2010We will generalize Osburn's work about a congruence for traces defined in terms of Hauptmodul associated to certain genus zero groups of higher levels.
Modified Jacobi forms of index zero (II)Jun 14 2010Aug 03 2010For a negative integer $k$ let $J_k$ be the space of modified Jacobi forms of weight $k$ and index 0 on $\mathrm{SL}_2(\mathbb{Z})$. For each positive integer $m$ we consider certain subspace $J_k^{m}$ of $J_k$ which satisfies $J_k=\cup_{m=1}^\infty J_k^m$. ... More
Optimum Tag Reading Efficiency of Multi-Packet Reception Capable RFID ReadersNov 29 2013Maximizing the tag reading rate of a reader is one of the most important design objectives in RFID systems as the tag reading rate is inversely proportional to the time required to completely read all the tags within the reader's radio field. To this ... More
MIMO Cluster Cooperative Assignment Cross Layer Scheme for Hybrid Wireless Sensor NetworksNov 08 2009Aug 06 2010The dual-cross scenario of the hybrid wireless sensor networks (WSNs) is studied and a novel MIMO Cluster Cooperative Assignment Cross Layer Scheduling Scheme (MCCA-CLSS) is proposed in this paper. The comparison and the predominance of the proposed scheme ... More
Time-Space Complexity of Quantum Search Algorithms in Symmetric CryptanalysisMay 15 2018Performance of cryptanalytic quantum search algorithms is mainly inferred from query complexity which hides overhead induced by an implementation. To shed light on quantitative complexity analysis removing hidden factors, we provide a framework for estimating ... More
A generalization of Alternating Sign MatricesSep 04 2013In alternating sign matrices the first and last nonzero entry in each row and column is specified to be +1. Such matrices always exist. We investigate a generalization by specifying independently the sign of the first and last nonzero entry in each row ... More
Stochastic Control Analysis for Biochemical Reaction SystemsApr 20 2009Aug 21 2009In this paper, we investigate how stochastic reaction processes are affected by external perturbations. We describe an extension of the deterministic metabolic control analysis (MCA) to the stochastic regime. We introduce stochastic sensitivities for ... More
DeepWiTraffic: Low Cost WiFi-Based Traffic Monitoring System Using Deep LearningDec 19 2018A traffic monitoring system (TMS) is an integral part of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) for traffic analysis and planning. This paper addresses the endemic cost issue of deploying a large number of TMSs to cover huge miles of two-lane rural ... More
On the convex cones arising from classifications of partial entanglement in the three qubit systemMay 19 2019In order to classify partial entanglement of multi-partite states, it is natural to consider the convex hulls, intersections and differences of basic convex cones obtained from partially separable states with respect to partitions of systems. In this ... More
On the Diophantine equation $pq=x^2+ny^2$Apr 03 2014Apr 17 2014Let $n$ be a positive integer. We discuss pairs of distinct odd primes $p$ and $q$ not dividing $n$ for which the Diophantine equations $pq=x^2+ny^2$ have integer solutions in $x$ and $y$. As its examples we classify all such pairs of $p$ and $q$ when ... More
Dielectric response functions of multi-component hot carrier plasmasJul 24 2014Dielectric responses of a multi-component plasma are investigated at finite temperature considering the case of optically generated carriers in a wurtzite GaN. The effective dielectric function and polarizability functions $\Pi_c (q,\omega)$ are determined ... More
Phonon spectral functions of photo-generated hot carrier plasmas: effects of carrier screening and plasmon-phonon couplingMay 19 2016May 29 2016We investigate spectral behavior of phonon spectral functions in an interacting multi-component hot carrier plasma. Dielectric polarization functions are formulated so that they satisfy Dyson equations of the effective interactions among plasma components. ... More
The effects of the carrier interaction and electric fields on subband structures of selectively--doped semiconductor quantum wellsAug 30 1994Dec 06 1994We investigate the ground--state electronic properties of the symmetrically-- doped semiconductor quantum well in the presence of a homogeneous electric field. In this paper we examined the effect of the electric field and carrier interaction on the subband ... More
Unknotting number and genus of 3-braid knotsMay 15 2013Jan 27 2014Let $u(K)$ and $g(K)$ denote the unknotting number and the genus of a knot $K$, respectively. For a 3-braid knot $K$, we show that $u(K)\le g(K)$ holds, and that if $u(K)=g(K)$ then $K$ is either a 2-braid knot, a connected sum of two 2-braid knots, the ... More
Dual presentation and linear basis of the Temperley-Lieb algebrasMar 25 2004Apr 23 2006The braid group $B_n$ maps homomorphically into the Temperley-Lieb algebra $\TL_n$. It was shown by Zinno that the homomorphic images of simple elements arising from the dual presentation of the braid group $B_n$ form a basis for the vector space underlying ... More
Current-driven dynamics and inhibition of the skyrmion Hall effect of ferrimagnetic skyrmions in GdFeCo filmsMar 30 2017Jan 30 2018Magnetic skyrmions are swirling magnetic textures with novel characteristics suitable for future spintronic and topological applications. Recent studies confirmed the room-temperature stabilization of skyrmions in ultrathin ferromagnets. However, such ... More
Current-induced synchronized switching of magnetizationAug 15 2012We investigate current-induced magnetization switching for a multilayer structure that allows a reduced switching current while maintaining high thermal stability of the magnetization. The structure consists of a perpendicular polarizer, a perpendicular ... More
Enhanced Modulation Technique for Molecular Communication: OOMoSKNov 12 2014Molecular communication in nanonetworks is an emerging communication paradigm where molecules are used as information carriers. Concentration Shift Keying (CSK) and Molecule Shift Keying (MoSK) are being studied extensively for the short and medium range ... More
On Maximal Ratio Diversity with Weighting Errors for Physical Layer SecurityNov 07 2013Nov 09 2013In this letter, we introduce the performance of maximal ratio combining (MRC) with weighting errors for physical layer security. We assume both legitimate user and eavesdropper each equipped with multiple antennas employ non ideal MRC. The non ideal MRC ... More
An Overview of IEEE 802.15.6 StandardFeb 20 2011Wireless Body Area Networks (WBAN) has emerged as a key technology to provide real-time health monitoring of a patient and diagnose many life threatening diseases. WBAN operates in close vicinity to, on, or inside a human body and supports a variety of ... More
A Study of IEEE 802.15.4 Security Framework for Wireless Body Area NetworkFeb 03 2011A Wireless Body Area Network (WBAN) is a collection of low-power and lightweight wireless sensor nodes that are used to monitor the human body functions and the surrounding environment. It supports a number of innovative and interesting applications, ... More
On the Development of Low Power MAC Protocol for WBANsNov 08 2009Oct 25 2018Current advances in wireless communication, microelectronics, semiconductor technologies, and intelligent sensors have contributed to the development of unobtrusive WBANs. These networks provide long term health monitoring of patients without any constraint ... More
Secure Ad-hoc Routing SchemeJun 08 2015Jul 19 2018This paper investigates on the problem of combining routing scheme and physical layer security in multihop wireless networks with cooperative diversity. We propose an ad-hoc natured hop-by-hop best secure relay selection in a multihop network with several ... More
Robust Modulation Technique for Diffusion-based Molecular Communication in NanonetworksJan 16 2014Jan 17 2014Diffusion-based molecular communication over nanonetworks is an emerging communication paradigm that enables nanomachines to communicate by using molecules as the information carrier. For such a communication paradigm, Concentration Shift Keying (CSK) ... More
Estimation in Dirichlet random effects modelsFeb 25 2010We develop a new Gibbs sampler for a linear mixed model with a Dirichlet process random effect term, which is easily extended to a generalized linear mixed model with a probit link function. Our Gibbs sampler exploits the properties of the multinomial ... More
Extracting Structural Information of a Heteropolymer from Force-Extension CurvesDec 15 2004We present a theory for the reverse analysis on the sequence information of a single H/P two-letter random hetero-polymer (RHP) from its force-extension(f-z) curves during quasi static stretching. Upon stretching of a self-assembled RHP, it undergoes ... More
Estimates of Dirichlet heat kernel for symmetric Markov processesDec 09 2015Mar 02 2019We consider a large class of symmetric pure jump Markov processes dominated by isotropic unimodal L\'evy processes with weak scaling conditions. First, we establish sharp two-sided heat kernel estimates for these processes in $C^{1,1}$ open sets. As corollaries ... More
Spectral analysis on a phonon spectral function of a solid-state plasma in a doped semiconductorOct 18 2014We report an analysis on a phonon spectral function of a solid-state plasma formed in a doped semiconductor. Real and imaginary parts of phonon propagators are evaluated including carrier screening effects within a random phase approximation, and finite-temperature ... More
Charge and Spin Response of the Spin--Polarized Electron GasJul 25 1996The charge and spin response of a spin--polarized electron gas is investigated including terms beyond the random phase approximation. We evaluate the charge response, the longitudinal and transverse spin response, and the mixed spin--charge response self--consistently ... More
Modified Jacobi forms of index zeroJun 08 2010Jul 14 2010By modifying a slash operator of index zero we define \textit{modified Jacobi forms} of \textit{index zero}. Such forms play a role of generating nearly holomorphic modular forms of integral weight. Furthermore, by observing a relation between the coefficients ... More
Noncrossing partitions for periodic braidsAug 21 2016May 03 2017An element in Artin's braid group $B_n$ is called periodic if it has a power which lies in the center of $B_n$. The conjugacy problem for periodic braids can be reduced to the following: given a divisor $1\le d<n-1$ of $n-1$ and an element $\alpha$ in ... More
Some power of an element in a Garside group is conjugate to a periodically geodesic elementApr 06 2006Jun 18 2009We show that for each element $g$ of a Garside group, there exists a positive integer $m$ such that $g^m$ is conjugate to a periodically geodesic element $h$, an element with $|h^n|_\D=|n|\cdot|h|_\D$ for all integers $n$, where $|g|_\D$ denotes the shortest ... More
Towards Power Efficient MAC Protocol for In-Body and On-Body Sensor NetworksNov 08 2009Feb 02 2010This paper presents an empirical discussion on the design and implementation of a power-efficient Medium Access Control (MAC) protocol for in-body and on-body sensor networks. We analyze the performance of a beacon-enabled IEEE 802.15.4, PB-TDMA, and ... More
Embeddability of right-angled Artin groups on complements of treesJun 30 2017Jul 02 2018For a finite simplicial graph $\Gamma$, let $A(\Gamma)$ denote the right-angled Artin group on $\Gamma$. Recently Kim and Koberda introduced the extension graph $\Gamma^e$ for $\Gamma$, and established the Extension Graph Theorem: for finite simplicial ... More
Density-Induced Breaking of Pairs in the Attractive Hubbard ModelFeb 23 1998A conserving T-matrix approximation is applied to the two-dimensional attractive Hubbard model in the low-density regime. A set of self-consistent equations is solved in the real-frequency domain to avoid the analytic continuation procedure. By tuning ... More
Applicability of Telemedicine in Bangladesh: Current Status and Future ProspectsNov 08 2009Telemedicine refers to the use of information and communication technology to provide and support health care mainly for the purpose of providing consultation. It is also a way to provide medical procedures or examinations to remote locations. It has ... More
On a problem of Hasse and RamachandraAug 24 2016Aug 04 2017Let $K$ be an imaginary quadratic field, and let $\mathfrak{f}$ be a nontrivial integral ideal of $K$. Hasse and Ramachandra asked whether the ray class field of $K$ modulo $\mathfrak{f}$ can be generated by a single value of the Weber function. We completely ... More
Generation of class fields by using the Weber functionAug 25 2014Oct 12 2014Let $K$ be an imaginary quadratic field and $\mathcal{O}_K$ be its ring of integers. Let $h_E$ be the Weber function on certain elliptic curve $E$ with complex multiplication by $\mathcal{O}_K$. We show that if $N$ ($>1$) is an integer prime to $6$, then ... More
Some applications of eta-quotientsJan 17 2014We show that every modular form on $\Gamma_0(2^n)$ ($n\geq2$) can be expressed as a sum of eta-quotients. Furthermore, we construct a primitive generator of the ring class field of the order of conductor $4N$ ($N\geq1$) in an imaginary quadratic field ... More
Ray class invariants over imaginary quadratic fieldsJul 14 2010Jan 27 2011Let $K$ be an imaginary quadratic field of discriminant less than or equal to -7 and $K_{(N)}$ be its ray class field modulo $N$ for an integer $N$ greater than 1. We prove that singular values of certain Siegel functions generate $K_{(N)}$ over $K$ by ... More
Normal bases of ray class fields over imaginary quadratic fieldsJul 14 2010Jan 15 2011We develop a criterion for a normal basis, and prove that the singular values of certain Siegel functions form normal bases of ray class fields over imaginary quadratic fields other than $\mathbb{Q}(\sqrt{-1})$ and $\mathbb{Q}(\sqrt{-3})$. This result ... More
Separability criterion for three-qubit states with a four dimensional normMay 16 2017Jul 31 2017We give a separability criterion for three qubit states in terms of diagonal and anti-diagonal entries. This gives us a complete characterization of separability when all the entries are zero except for diagonal and anti-diagonals. The criterion is expressed ... More
Residual interactions and correlations among Laughlin quasiparticles: Novel hierarchy statesFeb 12 2004The residual interactions between Laughlin quasiparticles can be obtained from exact numerical diagonalization studies of small systems. The pseudopotentials V_QP(R)$ describing the energy of interaction of QE's (or QH's) as a function of their "relative ... More
Energy spectra and photoluminescence of fractional quantum Hall systems containing a valence-band holeNov 13 2000The energy spectrum of a two-dimensional electron gas (2DEG) interacting with a valence-band hole is studied in the high magnetic field limit as a function of the filling factor nu and the separation d between the electron and hole layers. For d smaller ... More
Algebraic integers as special values of modular unitsAug 03 2010Aug 08 2010Let $\varphi(\tau)=\eta((\tau+1)/2)^2/\sqrt{2\pi}e^\frac{\pi i}{4}\eta(\tau+1)$ where $\eta(\tau)$ is the Dedekind eta-function. We show that if $\tau_0$ is an imaginary quadratic number with $\mathrm{Im}(\tau_0)>0$ and $m$ is an odd integer, then $\sqrt{m}\varphi(m\tau_0)/\varphi(\tau_0)$ ... More
Siegel families with application to class fieldsJan 04 2016Apr 08 2016We investigate certain families of meromorphic Siegel modular functions on which Galois groups act in a natural way. By using Shimura's reciprocity law we construct some algebraic numbers in the ray class fields of CM-fields in terms of special values ... More
A modularity criterion for Klein forms, with an application to modular forms of level $13$Jun 08 2010Aug 03 2010We find some modularity criterion for a product of Klein forms of the congruence subgroup $\Gamma_1(N)$ and, as its application, construct a basis of the space of modular forms for $\Gamma_1(13)$ of weight $2$. In the process we face with an interesting ... More
Resolution of Unidentified Words in Machine TranslationNov 09 2009Jul 28 2010This paper presents a mechanism of resolving unidentified lexical units in Text-based Machine Translation (TBMT). In a Machine Translation (MT) system it is unlikely to have a complete lexicon and hence there is intense need of a new mechanism to handle ... More
A Study of Implanted and Wearable Body Sensor NetworksNov 08 2009Oct 30 2018Recent advances in intelligent sensors, microelectronics and integrated circuit, system-on-chip design and low power wireless communication introduced the development of miniaturised and autonomous sensor nodes. These tiny sensor nodes can be deployed ... More
The Observational Evidence for the Internal Excitation of Sunspot Oscillations Inferred from the Fe I 5435 A LineJun 05 2019The umbral oscillations of velocity are commonly observed in the chromosphere of a sunspot. Their sources are considered to be either the external p-mode driving or the internal excitation by magnetoconvection. Even though the possibility of the p-mode ... More
Supersymmetric D-branes in Type IIB Plane Wave BackgroundOct 20 2003Mar 25 2004We systematically analyze supersymmetric D-branes in the type IIB plane wave background using Green-Schwarz superstring theory. We find several new supersymmetric oblique and curved D-branes. The supersymmetries preserved by various configurations of ... More
dS/CFT correspondence from the Brick Wall methodJul 22 2002Jul 30 2002We research the entropy of a black hole in curved space-times by 't Hooft`s approach, so-called the brick wall method. One of these space-time, a asymptotically dS space-time has two physical horizons; one is a black hole horizon and the other is a cosmological ... More
Current-driven domain wall motion with spin Hall effect: Reduction of threshold current densityMar 26 2013We theoretically study the current-driven domain wall motion in the presence of both the spin Hall effect and an extrinsic pinning potential. The spin Hall effect mainly affects the damping ratio of the domain wall precession in the pinning potential. ... More
On some arithmetic properties of Siegel functions (II)Jul 14 2010Let $K$ be an imaginary quadratic field with discriminant $d_K\leq-7$. We deal with problems of constructing normal bases between abelian extensions of $K$ by making use of singular values of Siegel functions. First, we show that a criterion achieved ... More
Backfitting and smooth backfitting for additive quantile modelsNov 11 2010Jan 31 2013In this paper, we study the ordinary backfitting and smooth backfitting as methods of fitting additive quantile models. We show that these backfitting quantile estimators are asymptotically equivalent to the corresponding backfitting estimators of the ... More
Generation of ring class fields by eta-quotientsApr 12 2014Jan 24 2017We generate ring class fields of imaginary quadratic fields in terms of the special values of certain eta-quotients, which are related to the relative norms of Siegel-Ramachandra invariants. These give us minimal polynomials with relatively small coefficients ... More
Ring class invariants over imaginary quadratic fieldsJul 14 2010Feb 01 2011We show by adopting Schertz's argument with the Siegel-Ramachandra invariant that singular values of certain quotients of the $\Delta$-function generate ring class fields over imaginary quadratic fields.
Quasi two-dimensional electron-hole systems in a perpendicular magnetic fieldNov 07 2003The electronic properties of quasi two-dimensional multicomponent systems are investigated in the presence of a perpendicular magnetic field. The effects of the presence of a few valence band holes on the properties of quantum Hall systems are examined ... More
Pairing of Composite Fermions, Laughlin Correlations, and the Fractional Quantum Hall HierarchyApr 05 2003A novel hierarchy of fractional quantum Hall (FQH) states in the lowest Landau level (LL) is proposed to explain recently observed FQH fractions such as nu=5/13, 3/8, or 4/11. Based on the analysis of their interaction pseudopotentials, it is argued that ... More
Output feedback based event-triggered sliding mode control for delta operator systemsFeb 07 2019In this paper, we present an output feedback based design of event-triggered sliding mode control for delta operator systems. For discrete-time systems, multi-rate output sampling based state estimation technique is very useful if the output information ... More
On some extension of Gauss' work and applicationsMay 28 2019Let $K$ be an imaginary quadratic field of discriminant $d_K$, and let $\mathfrak{n}$ be a nontrivial integral ideal of $K$ in which $N$ is the smallest positive integer. Let $\mathcal{Q}_N(d_K)$ be the set of primitive positive definite binary quadratic ... More
Mechanism of the Fano resonance in a planar metamaterials: Analysis from the coupled two-oscillator modelMay 03 2016Mechanism of the Fano resonances in planar metamaterials demonstrate based on the coupled two-oscillator model. We have described the optical spectrums like reflectance and transmittance near the resonances of bright mode (continuum mode) and dark mode ... More
Convection in porous media with dispersionMar 04 2018We investigate the effect of dispersion on convection in porous media by performing direct numerical simulations (DNS) in a two-dimensional Rayleigh-Darcy domain. Scaling analysis of the governing equations shows that the dynamics of this system are not ... More
Collider and Dark Matter Searches in Models with Mixed Modulus-Anomaly Mediated SUSY BreakingApr 27 2006Aug 01 2006We investigate the phenomenology of supersymmetric models where moduli fields and the Weyl anomaly make comparable contributions to SUSY breaking effects in the observable sector of fields. This mixed modulus-anomaly mediated supersymmetry breaking (MM-AMSB) ... More
Measuring Modular Weights in Mirage Unification Models at the LHC and ILCJul 07 2006String compactification with fluxes yields MSSM soft SUSY breaking terms that receive comparable contributions from modulus and anomaly mediation whose relative strength is governed by a phenomenological parameter $\alpha$. Gaugino and first/second generation ... More