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What Kind of Language Is Hard to Language-Model?Jun 11 2019How language-agnostic are current state-of-the-art NLP tools? Are there some types of language that are easier to model with current methods? In prior work (Cotterell et al., 2018) we attempted to address this question for language modeling, and observed ... More
Minimally Supervised Written-to-Spoken Text NormalizationSep 21 2016In speech-applications such as text-to-speech (TTS) or automatic speech recognition (ASR), \emph{text normalization} refers to the task of converting from a \emph{written} representation into a representation of how the text is to be \emph{spoken}. In ... More
Precipitation extremes under climate changeMar 25 2015The response of precipitation extremes to climate change is considered using results from theory, modeling, and observations, with a focus on the physical factors that control the response. Observations and simulations with climate models show that precipitation ... More
Understanding decreases in land relative humidity with global warming: conceptual model and GCM simulationsMay 02 2016Climate models simulate a strong land-ocean contrast in the response of near-surface relative humidity to global warming: relative humidity tends to increase slightly over oceans but decrease substantially over land. Surface energy balance arguments have ... More
A Contribution to the Theory Behind the M0 Capture-Recapture Model: An Improved EstimatorDec 10 2012Feb 17 2014We explore the use of a sufficient statistic based on the identified members that are obtained for samples that are selected under the $M_0$ capture-recapture closed population model (Schwarz and Seber, 1999). A Rao-Blackwellized version of the estimator ... More
Explicit Salem sets and applications to metrical Diophantine approximationApr 01 2016Let $Q$ be an infinite subset of $\mathbb{Z}$, let $\Psi: \mathbb{Z} \rightarrow [0,\infty)$ be positive on $Q$, and let $\theta \in \mathbb{R}$. Define $$ E(Q,\Psi,\theta) = \{ x \in \mathbb{R} : \| q x - \theta \| \leq \Psi(q) \text{ for infinitely ... More
Statistical Challenges for Searches for New Physics at the LHCNov 03 2005Jan 04 2006Because the emphasis of the LHC is on 5 sigma discoveries and the LHC environment induces high systematic errors, many of the common statistical procedures used in High Energy Physics are not adequate. I review the basic ingredients of LHC searches, the ... More
Real-Time Stochastic Predictive Control for Hybrid Vehicle Energy ManagementApr 23 2018This work presents three computational methods for real time energy management in a hybrid hydraulic vehicle (HHV) when driver behavior and vehicle route are not known in advance. These methods, implemented in a receding horizon control (aka model predictive ... More
A Generalization of Plexes of Latin SquaresAug 01 2010A $k$-plex of a latin square is a collection of cells representing each row, column, and symbol precisely $k$ times. The classic case of $k=1$ is more commonly known as a transversal. We introduce the concept of a $k$-weight, an integral weight function ... More
Conformal dimension and boundaries of planar domainsJul 16 2015Jun 14 2016Building off of techniques that were recently developed by M. Carrasco, S. Keith, and B. Kleiner to study the conformal dimension of boundaries of hyperbolic groups, we prove that uniformly perfect boundaries of John domains in the Riemann sphere have ... More
Lower bounds for codimension-1 measure in metric manifoldsFeb 20 2016We establish Euclidean-type lower bounds for the codimension-1 Hausdorff measure of sets that separate points in doubling and linearly locally contractible metric manifolds. This gives a quantitative topological isoperimetric inequality in the setting ... More
Complex Random Matrices have no Real EigenvaluesSep 24 2016Let $\zeta = \xi + i\xi'$ where $\xi, \xi'$ are iid copies of a mean zero, variance one, subgaussian random variable. Let $N_n$ be a $n \times n$ random matrix with iid entries $\zeta_{ij} = \zeta$. We prove that there exists a $c \in (0,1)$ such that ... More
Shortest Non-trivial Cycles in Directed and Undirected Surface GraphsNov 29 2011Sep 19 2012Let G be a graph embedded on a surface of genus g with b boundary cycles. We describe algorithms to compute multiple types of non-trivial cycles in G, using different techniques depending on whether or not G is an undirected graph. If G is undirected, ... More
Upper Bounds for Maximally Greedy Binary Search TreesFeb 24 2011Apr 29 2011At SODA 2009, Demaine et al. presented a novel connection between binary search trees (BSTs) and subsets of points on the plane. This connection was independently discovered by Derryberry et al. As part of their results, Demaine et al. considered GreedyFuture, ... More
Practical Statistics for the LHCMar 26 2015This document is a pedagogical introduction to statistics for particle physics. Emphasis is placed on the terminology, concepts, and methods being used at the Large Hadron Collider. The document addresses both the statistical tests applied to a model ... More
$2^3$ Quantified Boolean Formula Games and Their ComplexitiesJan 15 2014Dec 29 2014Consider QBF, the Quantified Boolean Formula problem, as a combinatorial game ruleset. The problem is rephrased as determining the winner of the game where two opposing players take turns assigning values to boolean variables. In this paper, three common ... More
An ergodic algorithm for generating knots with a prescribed injectivity radiusMar 09 2016May 08 2017The first algorithm for sampling the space of thick equilateral knots, as a function of thickness, will be described. This algorithm is based on previous algorithms of applying random reflections. To prove the existence of the algorithm, we describe a ... More
The decomposability problem for torsion-free abelian groups is analytic completeNov 08 2013We discuss the decomposability of torsion-free abelian groups. We show that among computable groups of finite rank this property is $\Sigma^0_3$-complete. However, when we consider groups of infinite rank, it becomes $\Sigma^1_1$-complete, so it cannot ... More
Recent Advances on Estimating Population Size with Link-Tracing SamplingSep 22 2017A new approach to estimate population size based on a stratified link-tracing sampling design is presented. The method extends on the Frank and Snijders (1994) approach by allowing for heterogeneity in the initial sample selection procedure. Rao-Blackwell ... More
Primes from sums of two squares and missing digitsJun 07 2018Let $\mathcal{A}'$ be the set of integers missing any three fixed digits from their decimal expansion. We produce primes in a thin sequence by proving an asymptotic formula for counting primes of the form $p = m^2 + \ell^2$, with $\ell \in \mathcal{A}'$. ... More
Gallai MultigraphsJun 30 2007A complete edge-colored graph or multigraph is called Gallai if it lacks rainbow triangles. We give a construction of all finite Gallai multigraphs.
Quark Matter Induced Extensive Air ShowersNov 15 2010May 03 2011If the dark matter of our galaxy is composed of nuggets of quarks or antiquarks in a colour superconducting phase there will be a small but non-zero flux of these objects through the Earth's atmosphere. A nugget of quark matter will deposit only a small ... More
Generalised contact geometry as reduced generalised complex geometryAug 31 2017Mar 11 2018Generalised contact structures are studied from the point of view of reduced generalised complex structures, naturally incorporating non-coorientable structures as non-trivial fibering. The infinitesimal symmetries are described in detail, with a geometric ... More
A note on the Erdő-Straus ConjectureJun 03 2019In this paper I make a fundamental assertion about the Erd\H{o}s-Straus conjecture. Suppose that for some prime $p$ there exists $x,y,z \in \mathbb{N}$ with $x \leq y \leq z$ so that $$ \frac{4}{p} = \frac{1}{x} + \frac{1}{y} + \frac{1}{z}. $$ If $p \nmid ... More
Legendrian ribbons and strongly quasipositive links in an open bookOct 17 2017We show that a link in an open book can be realized as a strongly quasipositive braid if and only if it bounds a Legendrian ribbon with respect to the associated contact structure. This generalizes a result due to Baader and Ishikawa for links in the ... More
Rigidity for Quasi-Möbius Actions on Fractal Metric SpacesAug 02 2013Jan 15 2016In \cite{BK02}, M. Bonk and B. Kleiner proved a rigidity theorem for expanding quasi-M\"obius group actions on Ahlfors $n$-regular metric spaces with topological dimension $n$. This led naturally to a rigidity result for quasi-convex geometric actions ... More
Compact Toroidal Ion Trap Design and OptimizationJul 14 2010We present the design of a new type of compact toroidal, or "halo", ion trap. Such traps may be useful for mass spectrometry, studying small Coulomb cluster rings, quantum information applications, or other quantum simulations where a ring topology is ... More
An efficient magic state approach to small angle rotationsMar 14 2016Oct 14 2016Standard error correction techniques only provide a quantum memory and need extra gadgets to perform computation. Central to quantum algorithms are small angle rotations, which can be fault-tolerantly implemented given a supply of an unconventional species ... More
Stable Adiabatic Times For A Continuous Evolution Of Markov ChainsJul 22 2015This paper continues the discussion on the stability of time-inhomogeneous Markov chains. In particular, this paper defines a time-inhomogeneous, discrete-time Markov chain governed by a continuous evolution in the appropriate martrix space. This matrix ... More
Digital Arroyos: An Examination of State Policy and Regulated Market Boundaries in Constructing Rural Internet AccessSep 25 2001This focused study on state-level policy and access patterns contributes to a fuller understanding of how these invisible barriers work to structure access and define rural communities. Combining both quantitative and qualitative data, this study examines ... More
Generic fibrations around multiple fibersMay 25 2014Aug 18 2014Given some type of fibration on a 4-manifold $X$ with a torus regular fiber $T$, we may produce a new 4-manifold $X_T$ by performing torus surgery on $T$. There is a natural way to extend the fibration to $X_T$, but a multiple fiber (non-generic) singularity ... More
Surgery on tori in the 4-sphereFeb 24 2015Aug 13 2016We investigate the operation of torus surgery on tori embedded in $S^4$. Key questions include which 4-manifolds can be obtained in this way, and the uniqueness of such descriptions. As an application we construct embeddings of 3-manifolds into 4-manifolds ... More
A sufficient condition for finiteness of Frobenius test exponentsSep 26 2018Nov 05 2018The Frobenius test exponent $\operatorname{Fte}(R)$ of a local ring $(R,\mathfrak{m})$ of prime characteristic $p > 0$ is the smallest $e_0 \in \mathbb{N}$ such that for every ideal $\mathfrak{q}$ generated by a (full) system of parameters, the Frobenius ... More
"Cosmic Rays" from Quark MatterJun 04 2010Nov 30 2010I describe a dark matter candidate based in qcd physics in which the dark matter is composed of macroscopically large "nuggets" of quark and anti-quark matter. These objects may have a sufficiently massive low number density to avoid constraints from ... More
Quasipositive links and Stein surfacesMar 29 2017Apr 28 2017We study the generalization of quasipositive links from the three-sphere to arbitrary closed, orientable three-manifolds. As in the classical case, we see that this generalization of quasipositivity is intimately connected to contact and complex geometry. ... More
Discreteness and Large Scale SurjectionsAug 12 2015We study the concept of coarse disjointness and large scale $n$-to-$1$ functions. As a byproduct, we obtain an Ostrand-type characterization of asymptotic dimension for coarse structures. It is shown that properties like finite asymptotic dimension, coarse ... More
Moment Independent Expansion for Fourth-Order Corrections in Lattice Boltzmann MethodsOct 30 2017Jan 17 2018A expansion to fourth-order for lattice Boltzmann methods is presented. This expansion provides an easy model for finding fourth-order corrections to lattice Boltzmann methods for various physical systems. The fourth-order terms can give rise to improved ... More
Upward and Downward Runs on Partially Ordered SetsOct 13 2008Apr 06 2010We consider Markov chains on partially ordered sets that generalize the success-runs and remaining life chains in reliability theory. We find conditions for recurrence and transience and give simple expressions for the invariant distributions. We study ... More
Complex Random Matrices have no Real EigenvaluesSep 24 2016Oct 08 2017Let $\zeta = \xi + i\xi'$ where $\xi, \xi'$ are iid copies of a mean zero, variance one, subgaussian random variable. Let $N_n$ be a $n \times n$ random matrix with entries that are iid copies of $\zeta$. We prove that there exists a $c \in (0,1)$ such ... More
Loewner chains and Hölder geometryOct 21 2014Feb 22 2016The Loewner equation provides a correspondence between continuous real-valued functions $\lambda_t$ and certain increasing families of half-plane hulls $K_t$. In this paper we study the deterministic relationship between specific analytic properties of ... More
A sufficient condition for finiteness of Frobenius test exponentsSep 26 2018Apr 18 2019The Frobenius test exponent $\operatorname{Fte}(R)$ of a local ring $(R,\mathfrak{m})$ of prime characteristic $p > 0$ is the smallest $e_0 \in \mathbb{N}$ such that for every ideal $\mathfrak{q}$ generated by a (full) system of parameters, the Frobenius ... More
Blocks in ASEP with step-Bernoulli initial conditionMay 28 2019This paper extends work by Tracy and Widom on blocks in the asymmetric simple exclusion process (ASEP) to the case of step-Bernoulli initial condition. We consider the probability that a particle at site $x$ is the beginning of a block of $L$ consecutive ... More
Jif: Language-based Information-flow Security in JavaDec 30 2014In this report, we examine Jif, a Java extension which augments the language with features related to security. Jif adds support for security labels to Java's type system such that the developer can specify confidentiality and integrity policies to the ... More
An ergodic algorithm for generating knots with a prescribed injectivity radiusMar 09 2016The first algorithm for sampling the space of thick equilateral knots, as a function of thickness, will be described. This algorithm is based on previous algorithms of applying random reflections. To prove the existence of the algorithm, we describe a ... More
A Contribution to the Theory Behind the Capture-Recapture M0 Model: An Improved EstimatorNov 21 2012Feb 17 2014We explore the use of a sufficient statistic based on the data of samples that are selected under the M_0 capture-recapture closed population model (Schwarz and Seber, 1999). A Rao-Blackwellized version of the estimator based on a sufficient statistic ... More
Explicit Salem Sets in $\mathbb{R}^2$May 26 2016Sep 30 2016We construct explicit (i.e., non-random) examples of Salem sets in $\mathbb{R}^2$ of dimension $s$ for every $0 \leq s \leq 2$. In particular, we give the first explicit examples of Salem sets in $\mathbb{R}^2$ of dimension $0 < s < 1$. This extends a ... More
Loop-Erased Random SurfacesNov 16 2015Jul 13 2016Loop-erased random walk and it's scaling limit, Schramm--Loewner evolution, have found numerous applications in mathematics and physics. We present a 2 dimensional analogue of LERW, the loop erased random surface. We do this by defining a 2 dimensional ... More
Estimating Forces of Robotic Pouring Using a LSTM RNNApr 21 2019In machine learning, it is very important for a robot to be able to estimate dynamics from sequences of input data. This problem can be solved using a recurrent neural network. In this paper, we will discuss the preprocessing of 10 states of the dataset, ... More
Equivariant Solutions to a System of Nonlinear Wave Equations with Ginzburg-Landau Type PotentialJan 11 2016It is known that there exist solutions with interfaces to various scalar nonlinear wave equations. In this paper, we look for solutions of a two-component system of nonlinear wave equations where one of the components has an interface and and where the ... More
A Language for Function Signature RepresentationsMar 31 2018Apr 18 2018Recent work by (Richardson and Kuhn, 2017a,b; Richardson et al., 2018) looks at semantic parser induction and question answering in the domain of source code libraries and APIs. In this brief note, we formalize the representations being learned in these ... More
Lie Algebroid Gauging of Non-linear Sigma ModelsMay 02 2019This paper examines a proposal for gauging non-linear sigma models with respect to a Lie algebroid action. The general conditions for gauging a non-linear sigma model with a set of involutive vector fields are given. We show that it is always possible ... More
Products of all elements in a loop and a framework for non-associative analogues of the Hall-Paige conjectureAug 04 2010For a finite loop $Q$, let $P (Q)$ be the set of elements that can be represented as a product containing each element of $Q$ precisely once. Motivated by the recent proof of the Hall-Paige conjecture, we prove several universal implications between the ... More
Constant Rate Distributions on Partially Ordered SetsOct 13 2008Apr 06 2010We consider probability distributions with constant rate on partially ordered sets, generalizing distributions in the usual reliability setting that have constant failure rate. In spite of the minimal algebraic structure, there is a surprisingly rich ... More
Lower bounds for codimension-1 measure in metric manifoldsFeb 20 2016Oct 21 2016We establish Euclidean-type lower bounds for the codimension-1 Hausdorff measure of sets that separate points in doubling and linearly locally contractible metric manifolds. This gives a quantitative topological isoperimetric inequality in the setting ... More
Minimal braid representatives of quasipositive linksMay 05 2016We show that every quasipositive link has a quasipositive minimal braid representative, partially resolving a question posed by Orevkov. These quasipositive minimal braids are used to show that the maximal self-linking number of a quasipositive link is ... More
Cross-sections of unknotted ribbon disks and algebraic curvesJan 16 2018Feb 28 2018We resolve parts (A) and (B) of Problem 1.100 from Kirby's list by showing that many nontrivial links arise as cross-sections of unknotted holomorphic disks in the four-ball. The techniques can be used to produce unknotted ribbon surfaces with prescribed ... More
Investigation of the Vertical Movement of an Isothermal Line at the Density Maximum in H2O and D2OMar 05 2008We studied the cooling of a column of water, primarily in a freezer, and analyzed the development and movement of an isothermal line at ~4 degC in H2O and ~11 degC in D2O. Our experiments show that the vertical velocity of the symmetrical isothermal line ... More
Charge-qubit operation of an isolated double quantum dotApr 18 2005Aug 02 2005We have investigated coherent time evolution of pseudo-molecular states of an isolated (leadless) silicon double quantum-dot, where operations are carried out via capacitively-coupled elements. Manipulation is performed by short pulses applied to a nearby ... More
Experimental Study of a Lorentz Actuated OrbitMay 21 2008This experimental study investigates a new technique to keep a satellite in orbit utilizing electrodynamics. The technique consists of establishing a charge on a satellite such that the body's motion through a planetary magnetic field induces acceleration ... More
The Gender Balance of the Australian Space Research Community: A Snapshot from the 16th ASRC, 2016Aug 13 2017In recent years, there has been significant debate and discussion about the glaring gender disparity in the physical sciences. To better understand and address this within the Australian Space Research Community, in 2015 we began the process of keeping ... More
Fighting dephasing noise with robust optimal controlMay 28 2010We address the experimentally relevant problem of robust mitigation of dephasing noise acting on a qubit. We first present an extension of a method for representing $1/\omega^{\alpha}$ noise developed by Kuopanportti et al. to the efficient representation ... More
Universal Scaling in the Aging of the Strong Glass Former SiO$_2$Mar 20 2016We show that the aging dynamics of a strong glass former displays a strikingly simple scaling behavior, connecting the average dynamics with its fluctuations, namely the dynamical heterogeneities. We perform molecular dynamics simulations of SiO$_2$ with ... More
Quantum information processing with trapped electrons and superconducting electronicsApr 17 2013We describe a parametric frequency conversion scheme for trapped charged particles which enables a coherent interface between atomic and solid-state quantum systems. The scheme uses geometric non-linearities of the potential of a coupling electrode near ... More
A Geometric Consideration of the Erdős-Straus ConjectureNov 13 2014Dec 08 2014In this paper we will explore the solutions to the diophantine equation in the Erd\H{o}s-Straus conjecture. For a prime $p$ we are discussing the relationship between the values $x,y,z \in \mathbb{N}$ so that $$ \frac{4}{p} = \frac{1}{x} + \frac{1}{y} ... More
Spontaneous supersymmetry breaking in the two-dimensional N=1 Wess-Zumino modelOct 24 2014We study the phase diagram of the two-dimensional N=1 Wess-Zumino model on the lattice using Wilson fermions and the fermion loop formulation. We give a complete nonperturbative determination of the ground state structure in the continuum and infinite ... More
RECAST: Extending the Impact of Existing AnalysesOct 12 2010Searches for new physics by experimental collaborations represent a significant investment in time and resources. Often these searches are sensitive to a broader class of models than they were originally designed to test. We aim to extend the impact of ... More
Frequentist Hypothesis Testing with Background UncertaintyOct 22 2003We consider the standard Neyman-Pearson hypothesis test of a signal-plus-background hypothesis and background-only hypothesis in the presence of uncertainty on the background-only prediction. Surprisingly, this problem has not been addressed in the recent ... More
Knot concordance and homology sphere groupsMay 25 2016We study two homomorphisms to the rational homology sphere group. If $\beta$ denotes the homomorphism from the knot concordance group $\mathcal{C}$ defined by taking double branched covers of knots, we show that the kernel of $\beta$ is infinitely generated ... More
Dictionary Learning with Few Samples and Matrix ConcentrationMar 30 2015Let $A$ be an $n \times n$ matrix, $X$ be an $n \times p$ matrix and $Y = AX$. A challenging and important problem in data analysis, motivated by dictionary learning and other practical problems, is to recover both $A$ and $X$, given $Y$. Under normal ... More
Estimating the size and distribution of networked populations with snowball samplingFeb 18 2014Jul 26 2017A new strategy is introduced for estimating population size and networked population characteristics. Sample selection is based on the one-wave snowball sampling design. A generalized stochastic block model is posited for the population's network graph. ... More
Acceleration due to buoyancy and mass renormalizationJan 03 2019The acceleration of a light buoyant object in a fluid is analyzed. Misconceptions about the magnitude of that acceleration are briefly described and refuted. The notion of the added mass is explained and the added mass is computed for an ellipsoid of ... More
Groupoid Models of $C^*$-algebras and Gelfand DualityApr 03 2018Aug 10 2018We construct a large class of morphisms, which we call partial morphisms, of groupoids that induce $*$-morphisms of maximal and minimal groupoid $C^*$-algebras. We show that the association of a groupoid to its maximal (minimal) groupoid $C^*$-algebra ... More
Trackability with Imprecise LocalizationDec 19 2013Imagine a tracking agent $P$ who wants to follow a moving target $Q$ in $d$-dimensional Euclidean space. The tracker has access to a noisy location sensor that reports an estimate $\tilde{Q}(t)$ of the target's true location $Q(t)$ at time $t$, where ... More
Enhancing Infrastructure Security in Real EstateNov 30 2015As a result of the increased dependency on obtaining information and connecting each computer together for ease of access or communication, organizations risk being attacked and losing private information through breaches or insecure business activities. ... More
A Search Game on a Hypergraph with Booby TrapsMar 28 2019A set of n boxes, located on the vertices of a hypergraph G, contain known but different rewards. A Searcher opens all the boxes in some hyperedge of G with the objective of collecting the maximum possible total reward. Some of the boxes, however, are ... More
Function Assistant: A Tool for NL Querying of APIsJun 01 2017Sep 15 2017In this paper, we describe Function Assistant, a lightweight Python-based toolkit for querying and exploring source code repositories using natural language. The toolkit is designed to help end-users of a target API quickly find information about functions ... More
511 keV Line Emission from Nearby Spherical Dwarf GalaxiesNov 17 2016The observed galactic 511 keV line has been interpreted in a number of papers as a possible signal of dark matter annihilation within the galactic bulge. If this is the case then we should expect a similar spectral feature associated with nearby dwarf ... More
Enriched $P$-partitions and peak algebras (extended abstract)Dec 15 2005We generalize Stembridge's enriched $P$-partitions and use this theory to outline the structure of peak algebras for the symmetric group and the hyperoctahedral group. Whereas Stembridge's enriched $P$-partitions are related to quasisymmetric functions ... More
Cyclic descents and P-partitionsMay 25 2004May 10 2005Louis Solomon showed that the group algebra of the symmetric group $\mathfrak{S}_{n}$ has a subalgebra called the descent algebra, generated by sums of permutations with a given descent set. In fact, he showed that every Coxeter group has something that ... More
An Explicit Formulation of the Earth Movers Distance with Continuous Road Map DistancesSep 27 2013Oct 14 2013The Earth movers distance (EMD) is a measure of distance between probability distributions which is at the heart of mass transportation theory. Recent research has shown that the EMD plays a crucial role in studying the potential impact of Demand-Responsive ... More
Oscillation theory and semibounded canonical systemsNov 17 2018Oscillation theory locates the spectrum of a differential equation by counting the zeros of its solutions. We present a version of this theory for canonical systems $Ju'=-zHu$ and then use it to discuss semibounded operators from this point of view. Our ... More
On the sharpness of Mockenhaupt's restriction theoremNov 26 2012Jun 08 2013We prove that the range of exponents in Mockenhaupt's restriction theorem for Salem sets, with the endpoint estimate due to Bak and Seeger, is optimal.
Which Partial Sums of the Taylor Series for $e$ are Convergents to $e$? (and a Link to the Primes 2, 5, 13, 37, 463), IISep 05 2007Nov 07 2009This is an expanded version of our earlier paper. Let the $n$th partial sum of the Taylor series $e = \sum_{r=0}^{\infty} 1/r!$ be $A_n/n!$, and let $p_k/q_k$ be the $k$th convergent of the simple continued fraction for $e$. Using a recent measure of ... More
Radio Galaxy Zoo: host galaxies and radio morphologies for large surveys from visual inspectionMar 08 2016We present early results from Radio Galaxy Zoo, a web-based citizen science project for visual inspection and classification of images from all-sky radio surveys. The goals of the project are to classify individual radio sources (particularly galaxies ... More
Application of the dual-kinetic-balance sets in the relativistic many-body problem of atomic structureOct 16 2007The dual-kinetic-balance (DKB) finite basis set method for solving the Dirac equation for hydrogen-like ions [V. M. Shabaev et al., Phys. Rev. Lett. 93, 130405 (2004)] is extended to problems with a non-local spherically-symmetric Dirac-Hartree-Fock potential. ... More
On the homotopy of Q(3) and Q(5) at the prime 2Nov 01 2012Aug 16 2016We study modular approximations Q(l), l = 3,5, of the K(2)-local sphere at the prime 2 that arise from l-power degree isogenies of elliptic curves. We develop Hopf algebroid level tools for working with Q(l) and record Hill, Hopkins, and Ravenel's computation ... More
Optimal Execution with Dynamic Order Flow ImbalanceSep 09 2014Oct 18 2014We examine optimal execution models that take into account both market microstructure impact and informational costs. Informational footprint is related to order flow and is represented by the trader's influence on the flow imbalance process, while microstructure ... More
Kernel Estimation in High-Energy PhysicsNov 17 2000Kernel Estimation provides an unbinned and non-parametric estimate of the probability density function from which a set of data is drawn. In the first section, after a brief discussion on parametric and non-parametric methods, the theory of Kernel Estimation ... More
Multivariate Analysis from a Statistical Point of ViewOct 22 2003Dec 05 2003Multivariate Analysis is an increasingly common tool in experimental high energy physics; however, many of the common approaches were borrowed from other fields. We clarify what the goal of a multivariate algorithm should be for the search for a new particle ... More
Characterizing the AB Doradus Moving Group Via High Resolution Spectroscopy and Kinematic TracebackJul 03 2014We present a detailed analysis of 10 proposed F and G members of the nearby, young moving group AB Doradus (ABD). Our sample was obtained using the 2.7m telescope at the McDonald Observatory with the coude echelle spectrograph, achieving R $\sim$ 60,000 ... More
Exact adaptive confidence intervals for small areasSep 24 2018In the analysis of survey data it is of interest to estimate and quantify uncertainty about means or totals for each of several non-overlapping subpopulations, or areas. When the sample size for a given area is small, standard confidence intervals based ... More
Optimal Patrol on a PerimeterMay 06 2019A defender dispatches patrollers to circumambulate a perimeter to guard against potential attacks. The defender decides on the time points to dispatch patrollers and each patroller's direction and speed, as long as the long-run rate patrollers are dispatched ... More
Deep neural networks for direct, featureless learning through observation: the case of 2d spin modelsJun 29 2017Mar 16 2018We demonstrate the capability of a convolutional deep neural network in predicting the nearest-neighbor energy of the 4x4 Ising model. Using its success at this task, we motivate the study of the larger 8x8 Ising model, showing that the deep neural network ... More
A variant of the Bombieri-Vinogradov theorem with explicit constants and applicationsSep 11 2013Dec 04 2013We give an effective version with explicit constants of a mean value theorem of Vaughan related to the values of \psi(y, \chi), the twisted summatory function associated to the von Mangoldt function \Lambda and a Dirichlet character \chi. As a consequence ... More
An iteration based on prime and composite factorsAug 23 2016A discrete map based on the sum of an integer's distinct primes factors and the sum of its other factors is defined and its iteration is studied.
Penetration of Rotating ConvectionNov 11 2018A simplified model for stellar and planetary convection is derived for the magnitude of the rms velocity, degree of superadiabaticity, and characteristic length scale with Rossby number as well as with thermal and viscous diffusivities. Integrating the ... More
Dynamic Consistency Checking in Goal-Directed Answer Set ProgrammingMay 14 2014In answer set programming, inconsistencies arise when the constraints placed on a program become unsatisfiable. In this paper, we introduce a technique for dynamic consistency checking for our goal-directed method for computing answer sets, under which ... More
Learning Semantic Correspondences in Technical DocumentationMay 13 2017We consider the problem of translating high-level textual descriptions to formal representations in technical documentation as part of an effort to model the meaning of such documentation. We focus specifically on the problem of learning translational ... More
Linear independence in the rational homology cobordism groupMar 21 2018We give simple homological conditions for a rational homology 3-sphere Y to have infinite order in the rational homology cobordism group, and for a collection of rational homology spheres to be linearly independent. These translate immediately to statements ... More
k-Nearest Neighbor Optimization via Randomized Hyperstructure Convex HullJun 11 2019In the k-nearest neighbor algorithm (k-NN), the determination of classes for test instances is usually performed via a majority vote system, which may ignore the similarities among data. In this research, the researcher proposes an approach to fine-tune ... More