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Dilute stuffing in the pyrochlore iridate $Eu_2Ir_2O_7$May 04 2018The pyrochlore Eu$_2$Ir$_2$O$_7$ has recently attracted significant attention as a candidate Weyl semimetal. The previous reports on this compound unanimously show a thermally induced metal to insulator (MI) transition, concomitant with antiferromagnetic ... More
Anomalous lattice contraction and emergent electronic phases in Bi-doped Eu$_2$Ir$_2$O$_7$Feb 08 2019We study the pyrochlore series (Eu$_{1-x}$Bi$_x$)$_2$Ir$_2$O$_7$ for $ 0 \leq x \leq 1$. We show that for small $x$, the lattice undergoes an anomalous contraction but the all-in/all-out and metal-to-insulator transitions remain robust, and the resistivity ... More
Vacuum structure and effective potential at finite temperature: a variational approachNov 19 1996We compute the effective potential for $\phi^4$ theory with a squeezed coherent state type of construct for the ground state. The method essentially consists in optimising the basis at zero and finite temperatures. The gap equation becomes identical to ... More
Color superconductivity with determinant interaction in strange quark matterMay 21 2006Aug 28 2006We investigate the effect of six fermion determinant interaction on color superconductivity as well as on chiral symmetry breaking. Coupled mass gap equations and the superconducting gap equation are derived through the minimisation of the thermodynamic ... More
Chiral symmetry breaking, color superconductivity and gapless modes in 2SC+s quark matterAug 31 2004We investigate the chiral symmetry breaking and color superconductivity in color and electric charge neutral quark matter including strange quarks (2SC+s quark matter) in a Nambu-Jona-Lasinio model using a variational method. The methodology involves ... More
Color superconducting 2SC+s quark matter and gapless modes at finite temperaturesDec 15 2004We investigate the phase diagram of color superconducting quark matter with strange quarks (2SC+s quark matter) in beta equliibrium at zero as well as finite temperatures within a Nambu-Jona-Lasinio model. The variational method as used here allows us ... More
Chiral symmetry breaking, color superconductivity and color neutral quark matter: a variational approachJun 12 2003Nov 05 2003We investigate the vacuum realignment for chiral symmetry breaking and color superconductivity at finite density in Nambu-Jona-Lasinio model in a variational method. The treatment allows us to investigate simultaneous formation of condensates in quark ... More
Inventions on Drag and Drop in GUIApr 27 2014Drag and drop operation is one of the key capabilities of any Graphical User Interface. The user can do quite complex operations simply by visually dragging and dropping objects from one location to another. It saves user from remembering and typing a ... More
10 Inventions on Key Guides and Keyboard TemplatesOct 11 2013A keyboard has many function keys and each function key can have multiple functions when used with control, shift and alt keys, it is difficult for a user to remember the functionality of the function keys. We need a mechanism to indicate the operations ... More
Inventions on Tree Navigators used in Graphical User InterfaceApr 27 2014A tree view or tree navigator is used to display hierarchical data organized in the form of a tree. In a tree structure there are parent and child nodes. The child nodes may further have descendants to n levels. There are many methods to make the navigation ... More
Inventions on Adaptable Menu: A TRIZ based analysisApr 27 2014The menu is one of the most widely used elements of a graphical user interface. The objective of a menu system is to provide various commands and functions to the user in an easy way so that the user can just select the desired operation from a given ... More
10 Inventions on modular keyboards: A TRIZ based analysisOct 11 2013As a standard keyboard is quite spacious many inventions try to use the space of keyboard to use for various activities. A modular keyboard is designed in such a way that the components of the keyboard can be attached and detached as per the need. This ... More
Inventions on reducing keyboard size: A TRIZ based analysisOct 11 2013A conventional computer keyboard consists of as many as 101 keys. The keyboard has several sections, such as text entry section, navigation section, and numeric keypad etc. and each having several keys on the keyboard. The size of the keyboard is a major ... More
Finding Nearest Neighbors in graphs locallyFeb 14 2019Many distributed learning techniques have been motivated by the increasing size of datasets and their inability to fit into main memory on a single machine. We propose an algorithm that finds the nearest neighbor in a graph locally without the need of ... More
Charmed Meson Dalitz Plot Analyses at BaBarNov 09 2007We report recent results of the Dalitz plot analyses of D and D_S decays performed by the BaBar collaboration, and point out some of the important applications of these results.
A Study On ID-based Authentication Schemes for Telecare Medical Information SystemNov 01 2013Feb 04 2014The smart card based authentication schemes are designed and developed to ensure secure and authorized communication between remote user and the server. In recent times, many smart card based authentication schemes for the telecare medical information ... More
Cryptanalysis of Multi-Server Authenticated Key Agreement Scheme Based on Trust Computing Using Smart Cards and BiometricsJan 20 2014Advancement in communication technology provides a scalable platform for various services where a remote user can access the server from anywhere without moving from its place. It has provided a unique opportunity for online services, such that the user ... More
A New Algorithm for Updating and Querying Sub-arrays of Multidimensional ArraysNov 24 2013Aug 03 2016Given a $d$-dimensional array $A$, an update operation adds a given constant $C$ to each element within a continuous sub-array of $A$. A query operation computes the sum of all the elements within a continuous sub-array of $A$. The one-dimensional update ... More
A quantum mechanical relation connecting time, temperature, and cosmological constant of the universe: Gamow's relation revisited as a special caseMar 16 2007Jun 13 2007Considering our expanding universe as made up of gravitationally interacting particles which describe particles of luminous matter and dark matter and dark energy which is described by a repulsive harmonic potential among the points in the flat 3-space, ... More
A machine learning framework for data driven acceleration of computations of differential equationsJul 25 2018We propose a machine learning framework to accelerate numerical computations of time-dependent ODEs and PDEs. Our method is based on recasting (generalizations of) existing numerical methods as artificial neural networks, with a set of trainable parameters. ... More
Neutrino mass observables and non-Hermitian version of Type-I seesaw modelJun 16 2018We study the non-Hermitian extension of the Lagrangian of the Standard Model extended by singlet right-handed heavy neutrinos. The neutrino mass eigenvalues are calculated for three generation case. Using experimental data available for neutrino mass ... More
Lower bound for class number of certain real quadratic fieldsJun 24 2019Jul 12 2019Let $d$ be a square-free positive integer and $h(d)$ the class number of the real quadratic field $\mathbb{Q}{(\sqrt{d})}.$ In this paper we give an explicit lower bound for $h(n^2+r)$, where $r=1,4$, and also establish an equivalent criteria to attain ... More
LOFF and breached pairing with cold atomsNov 02 2006Jan 12 2009We investigate here the Cooper pairing of fermionic atoms with mismatched fermi surfaces using a variational construct for the ground state. We determine the state for different values of the mismatch of chemical potential for weak as well as strong coupling ... More
Signs of self dual depth zero supercuspidal representationsOct 13 2016Let $G$ be an unramified connected reductive group with connected center, defined over a non-archimedean local field $F$ and let $\pi$ be a generic self dual depth zero regular supercuspidal representation. We show that the Frobenius-Schur indicator of ... More
Inventions on Using Colors in Graphical User InterfacesApr 27 2014Color is an important aspect of any graphical user interface (GUI). Color is used to make a GUI attractive and meaningful. But there are difficulties in using colors too. Improper use of color can result in adverse effects. Wrong colors at wrong place ... More
Inventions on using sound and speech in GUIApr 27 2014Voice Recognition (VR) facilitates a human interaction with the machine. VR may be used to replace the manual task of pushing buttons on a wireless telephone keypad. This is particularly useful when the hands of the user are busy with other activities ... More
Finding and Solving Contradictions of False Positives in Virus ScanningJun 19 2013False positives are equally dangerous as false negatives. Ideally the false positive rate should remain 0 or very close to 0. Even a slightest increase in false positive rate is considered as undesirable. Although the specific methods provide very accurate ... More
Inventions on Menu and Toolbar CoordinationApr 27 2014Both toolbar and dropdown menu are used popularly in a graphical user interface with a similar objective of providing easy access to the internal functions. Often the same functions are provided through both menu and toolbar. Both toolbar and dropdown ... More
10 Inventions on laptop keyboards -A study based on US patentsOct 11 2013A desktop keyboard has several sections like character key section, navigation key section, numeric key section, and function key section etc. each consisting of several number of keys. However, a laptop computer does not have so much of space to accommodate ... More
10 Inventions on special type of keyboards -A study based on US patentsOct 11 2013A keyboard is the most important input device for a computer. It is used with various types and sizes of computer. But the same standard keyboard will not work efficiently with different types of computers at different environments. There is a need to ... More
Keyboard for inputting Chinese languageOct 11 2013As the structure of Chinese characters are very different, it is very difficult to input Chinese characters into computer quickly and conveniently. The conventional keyboard does not support the pictorial characters in Chinese language. There are 3000 ... More
Inventions on Keyboard Illumination - A TRIZ Based AnalysisJul 24 2013The conventional computers are not usable in dark, as the user cannot see the keyboard to operate properly. But there are many situations where the user may like to work on his computer under low light conditions, such as, during nights, while traveling ... More
How do Viruses Attack Anti-Virus ProgramsJul 20 2013As the anti-viruses run in a trusted kernel level any loophole in the anti-virus program can enable attackers to take full control over the computer system and steal data or do serious damages. Hence the anti-virus engines must be developed with proper ... More
Methods of Repairing Virus Infected Files, A TRIZ based AnalysisJun 19 2013Most viruses are capable of fixing up the first few bytes and repair the original program because they have to return the control back to the infected program. This fact is used by a heuristic cleaner to clean the infected file. As the virus knows how ... More
Contradictions in Improving Speed of Virus ScanningJun 19 2013Although everything in computing industry moves faster including the processor, memory speed, memory size, storage space etc. there is no improvement in virus scanning time. Although the processing speed has substantially increased, a typical full scanning ... More
Lower bound for class number and a proof of Chowla and Yokoi's conjectureJun 24 2019Let $d$ be a square-free positive integer and $h(d)$ the class number of the real quadratic field $\mathbb{Q}{(\sqrt{d})}.$ In this paper we give an explicit lower bound for $h(n^2+r)$, where $r=1,4$, and also establish an equivalent criteria to attain ... More
Signs of self-dual depth-zero supercuspidal representationsOct 13 2016Nov 08 2016Let $G$ be a quasi-split tamely ramified connected reductive group defined over a $p$-adic field $F$. We show that if $-1$ is in the $F$-points of the absolute Weyl group of $G$, then self-dual supercuspidal representations of $G(F)$ exist. Now assume ... More
Bernstein center of supercuspidal blocksJul 04 2015Feb 04 2016Let $\bf{ G}$ be a tamely ramified connected reductive group defined over a non-archimedean local field $k$. We show that the Bernstein center of a tame supercuspidal block of $\bf{ G}(k)$ is isomorphic to the Bernstein center of a depth zero supercuspidal ... More
A Novel comprehensive method for real time Video Motion Detection SurveillanceSep 30 2011This article describes a comprehensive system for surveillance and monitoring applications. The development of an efficient real time video motion detection system is motivated by their potential for deployment in the areas where security is the main ... More
Proper Weak Regular Splitting and its Application to Convergence of Alternating IterationsFeb 05 2016Aug 22 2016The theory of matrix splitting is a useful tool for finding solution of rectangular linear system of equations, iteratively. The purpose of this paper is two-fold. Firstly, we revisit theory of weak regular splittings for rectangular matrices. Secondly, ... More
Vacuum structure in QCD and Correlation functionsMar 09 2000We discuss here a model of QCD vacuum in terms of quark antiquark and gluon condensates alongwith their fluctuations. The correlation functions of hadronic currents in such a vacuum are evaluated to extract hadron properties. The presence of fluctuations ... More
Inventions on GUI for Eye Cursor Controls SystemsApr 27 2014Operating a GUI through eyeball is a complex mechanism and not used as often as mouse or trackball. But there are situations where eye-mouse devices can play a tremendous role especially where the hands of the user are not available or busy to perform ... More
Protecting Anti-virus Programs From Viral AttacksJul 24 2013During a fight between viruses and anti-viruses it is not always predictable that the anti-virus is going to win. There are many malicious viruses which target to attack and paralyze the anti-viruses. It is necessary for an anti-virus to detect and destroy ... More
10 Inventions on keyboard attachments-A TRIZ based analysisJul 20 2013Although the primary objective of the keyboard to input data into the computer, the advanced keyboards keep various other things in mind, such as, how to use the same keyboard for various other purposes, or how to use the same keyboard efficiently by ... More
10 Inventions on improving keyboard efficiency: A TRIZ based analysisJul 20 2013A keyboard is the most important input device for a computer. With the development of technology a basic keyboard does not want to remain confined within the basic functionalities of a keyboard, rather it wants to go beyond. There are several inventions ... More
10 Inventions on Keyboard key layout: A TRIZ based analysisJul 20 2013The standard QWERTY keyboard was developed in the late 1800s for the typewriters. As people were acquainted with that the same layout was retained for the computer keyboards. Many people feel that the QWERTY layout is not very efficient layout and there ... More
How to Build an RSS Feed using ASPJul 02 2013RSS is a XML based format. The Current popular version of RSS is RSS version 2.0. The purpose of adding an RSS feed to your site is to show if anything new is added to the site. For example, if a new article or blog or news item is added to your site ... More
Inventions on Displaying and Resizing WindowsApr 27 2014Windows are used quite frequently in a GUI environment. The greatest advantage of using windows is that each window creates a virtual screen space. Hence, although the physical screen space is limited to a few inches, use of windows can create unlimited ... More
Inventions on selecting GUI elementsApr 27 2014Selecting an object or element is a fundamental operation in any graphic user interface. It is necessary to select an object before doing any operation (such as, dragging, copying, opening, deleting etc.) on that object. The GUI may provide features to ... More
Inventions on GUI AestheticsApr 27 2014Aesthetics or "look and feel" is one of the most important features of any graphical user interface. Better aesthetics makes the interface user-friendlier and more popular. Better aesthetics helps the user to understand the meaning of various components ... More
Inventions on presenting textual items in Graphical User InterfaceApr 27 2014Although a GUI largely replaces textual descriptions by graphical icons, the textual items are not completely removed. The textual items are inevitably used in window titles, message boxes, help items, menu items and popup items. Textual items are necessary ... More
10 Inventions on Command Buttons in a Graphical User InterfaceApr 27 2014A command button may contain a textual label or a graphic image or both. It may be static or animated. There can be many different features to make a command button attractive and effective. As command button is a typical GUI element, most improvement ... More
10 Inventions on collapsible keyboards: A TRIZ based analysisOct 11 2013Although a bigger keyboard is often comfortable to work with, they cannot be fit into laptop and small size computer boxes. The portable and handheld computers need small size keyboards. So there is a need to reduce the size of the keyboard to fit into ... More
Multiplicity result for the fractional Kirchhoff type equations with critical nonlinearityJul 05 2016We study the following convex-concave type problem with sign changing nonlinearity \begin{equation*} M\left(\int_\Omega|(-\Delta)^{\frac{1}{4}}u|^2dx\right)(-\Delta)^{\frac{1}{2}} u= \lambda f(x)|u|^{q-2}u+|u|^2u\;\, \text{in}\, \Omega,\;u=0\;\textrm{in}\;\mathbb ... More
An approach towards debiasing user ratingsMar 14 2016With increasing importance of e-commerce, many websites have emerged where users can express their opinions about products, such as movies, books, songs, etc. Such interactions can be modeled as bipartite graphs where the weight of the directed edge from ... More
The Cryptanalysis of Lee's Chaotic Maps-Based Authentication and Key Agreement Scheme using Smart card for Telecare Medicine Information SystemsOct 22 2013The Telecare medicine information system (TMIS) is developed to provide Telecare services to the remote user. A user can access remote medical servers using internet without moving from his place. Although remote user and server exchange their messages/data ... More
Cryptanalysis of Sun and Cao's Remote Authentication Scheme with User AnonymityOct 23 2013Apr 13 2014Dynamic ID-based remote user authentication schemes ensure efficient and anonymous mutual authentication between entities. In 2013, Khan et al. proposed an improved dynamic ID-based authentication scheme to overcome the security flaws of Wang et al.'s ... More
Almost Automorphy and Riccati EquationJun 23 2014In this paper we first consider a linear time invariant systems with almost periodic forcing term. We propose a new deterministic quadratic control problem, motivated by Da-Prato. With the help of associated degenerate Riccati equation we study the existence ... More
Inventions on GUI for Touch Sensitive ScreensApr 27 2014A touch sensitive screen displays the information on the screen and also receives the input by sensing a user's touch on the same screen. This mechanism facilitates system interaction directly through the screen without needing a mouse or keyboard. This ... More
Inventions on dialog boxes used in GUIApr 27 2014The dialog boxes are useful in case of displaying warnings, errors, confirmations etc. in special situations. A typical dialog box is displayed in a small window with some text message along with a few options for the user to select. However, there are ... More
Inventions on Soft Keyboards -- A TRIZ Based AnalysisJul 24 2013The soft keyboards are onscreen representation of physical keyboard having alphanumeric characters and other controls. The user operates the soft keyboard with the mouse, a stylus or other pointing device. The soft keys dont have any mechanical component. ... More
10 Inventions on scrolling and scrollbars in Graphical User InterfaceApr 27 2014Scrolling mechanism is used to display and edit large documents in a limited screen space or window. The scrolling mechanism may include a vertical scroll bar or a horizontal scroll bar or both to move the contents of the documents up and down or left ... More
10 inventions on Improving Toolbars: A TRIZ based analysisApr 27 2014Toolbar is one among the popular elements of a graphical user interface. The other popular elements of graphical user interface are buttons, menu, scrollbar, dialog box etc., all of which provide easy access to various functions of a GUI System. A toolbar ... More
Incentive Schemes for Mobile Peer-to-Peer Systems and Free Riding Problem: A SurveyJun 23 2016Mobile peer-to-peer networks are quite prevalent and popular now days due to advent of business scenarios where all the services are going mobile like whether it's to find good restaurants, healthy diet books making friends, job-hunting, real state info ... More
Structure of the Unramified L-packetDec 06 2012Oct 26 2013Let $\boldsymbol{G}$ be an unramified connected reductive group defined over a non-archemedian local field $k$ and let $\boldsymbol{T}$ be a maximal torus in $\boldsymbol{G}.$ Let $\lambda$ be an unramified character of $\boldsymbol{T}.$ Then the conjugacy ... More
Generic representations in L-packetsOct 01 2015We give the details of the construction of a map to restate a conjectural expression about adjoint group action on generic representations in L-packets. We give an application of the construction to give another proof of the classification of the Knapp-Stein ... More
A Galois side analogue of a theorem of BernsteinJul 04 2015Let $G$ be a connected reductive group defined over a non archimedean local field $k$. A theorem of Bernstein states that for any compact open subgroup $K$ of $G(k)$, there are, up to unramified twists, only finitely many $K$-spherical supercuspidal representations ... More
Inventions on expressing emotions In Graphical User InterfaceApr 27 2014The conventional GUI is more mechanical and does not recognize or communicate emotions. The modern GUIs are trying to infer the likely emotional state and personality of the user and communicate through a corresponding emotional state. Emotions are expressed ... More
Keyboards for inputting Japanese language -A study based on US patentsOct 11 2013The most commonly used Japanese alphabets are Kanji, Hiragana and Katakana. The Kanji alphabet includes pictographs or ideographic characters that were adopted from the Chinese alphabet. Hiragana is used to spell words of Japanese origin, while Katakana ... More
10 Inventions on Keyboard Key Switch MechanismOct 11 2013The key switches of the keyboard of a computer system are generally comprised of a key cap having a plunger, conductive rubber disposed above a membrane circuit and compressed by the plunger to trigger the membrane circuit causing it to produce an electric ... More
How to Implement Access Rights in an MIS ProjectSep 13 2013The MIS data is critical to an organization and should be protected from misuse by wrong persons. Although The MIS data is typically meant for the senior managers each MIS report may not be required by every manager. The access to MIS data is determined ... More
Introduction to Management Information systemAug 08 2013Aug 16 2013A Management Information System (MIS) is a systematic organization and presentation of information that is generally required by the management of an organization for taking better decisions for the organization. The MIS data may be derived from various ... More
Inventions on reducing number of keys on a Computer Keyboard -- A TRIZ based analysisJul 24 2013A computer keyboard consists of several sections and each section consists of several numbers of keys. The text entry section contains the standard character keys, navigation section contains cursor movement and page control keys, numeric keypad contains ... More
Ethical, Legal and Social aspects of Information and Communication TechnologyJul 30 2015In this era of computers and communication technology where computers and internet have made their ways to every sphere of life from offices to residences, reservation counters to banks to post offices, small retail shops to big organizations, health ... More
Hybrid Virtual network Embedding Algorithm with K-core Decomposition using Path SplittingMar 20 2014Nov 13 2014Network virtualization is an efficient approach of solving the ossification problem of the Internet. It has become a promising way of supporting lots of heterogeneous network onto substrate physical network. A major challenge in network virtualization ... More
Light vector meson masses in strange hadronic matter -- a QCD sum rule approachMay 14 2014We study the properties of the light vector mesons ($\rho$, $\omega$ and $\phi$) in strange hadronic matter using the QCD sum rule approach. The in-medium masses of the vector mesons are calculated from the modifications of the light quark condensates ... More
Distributed Processes and Scalability in Sub-networks of Large-Scale NetworksFeb 14 2019Performance of standard processes over large distributed networks typically scales with the size of the network. For example, in planar topologies where nodes communicate with their natural neighbors, the scaling factor is $O(n)$, where $n$ is the number ... More
On 3-super bridge knotsSep 14 2012It is known that there are only finitely many knots with super bridge index 3. Jin and Jeon have provided a list of possible such candidates. However, they conjectured that the only knots with super bridge index 3 are trefoil and the figure eight knot. ... More
Langlands parameters associated to special maximal parahoric spherical representationsDec 03 2012Oct 26 2013We describe the image, under the local Langlands correspondence for tori, of the characters of a torus which are trivial on its Iwahori subgroup. Let $k$ be a non-archimedian local field. Let $\boldsymbol{G}$ be a connected reductive group defined over ... More
A quantum mechanical derivation of the Schwarzschild radius and its quantum correction using a model density distribution: Skin of a black holeMar 16 2007Using a single particle density distribution for a system of self-gravitating particles which ultimately forms a black hole, we from a condensed matter point of view derive the Schwarzschild radius and by including the quantum mechanical exchange energy ... More
Examining the Presence of Gender Bias in Customer Reviews Using Word EmbeddingFeb 01 2019Humans have entered the age of algorithms. Each minute, algorithms shape countless preferences from suggesting a product to a potential life partner. In the marketplace algorithms are trained to learn consumer preferences from customer reviews because ... More
Vacuum structure and chiral symmetry breaking in strong magnetic fields for hot and dense quark matterJan 03 2011May 30 2011We investigate chiral symmetry breaking in strong magnetic fields at finite temperature and densities in a 3 flavor Nambu Jona Lasinio (NJL) model including the Kobayashi Maskawa t-Hooft (KMT) determinant term, using an explicit structure for the ground ... More
Chiral symmety breaking in 3-flavor Nambu-Jona Lasinio model in magnetic backgroundFeb 04 2011Effect of magnetic field on chiral symmetry breaking in a 3-flavor Nambu Jona Lasinio (NJL) model at finite temperature and densities is considered here using an explicit structure of ground state in terms of quark and antiquark condensates. While at ... More
Confinement, Quark Matter Equation of State and Hybrid StarsOct 24 1995We consider here quark matter equation of state in a relativistic harmonic confinement model at zero temperature. The same is considered to study phase transition of neutron matter to quark matter at high densities. This, along with a phenomenological ... More
Digital Image Data Hiding Techniques: A Comparative StudyAug 15 2014With the advancements in the field of digital image processing during the last decade, digital image data hiding techniques such as watermarking, Steganography have gained wide popularity. Digital image watermarking techniques hide a small amount of data ... More
Gluon Condensates at Finite Baryon Densities and TemperatureMar 06 1993We derive here the equation of state for quark matter with a nontrivial vacuum structure in QCD at finite temperature and baryon density. Using thermofield dynamics, the parameters of thermal vacuum and the gluon condensate function are determined through ... More
Effective Potentials in QCD and Chiral Symmetry BreakingNov 22 1992We consider chiral symmetry breaking through nontrivial vacuum structure with an explicit construct for the vacuum with quark antiquark condensates in QCD with Coulomb gauge for different phenomenological potentials. The dimensional parameter for the ... More
The Homotopy Program in Complete IntersectionsOct 24 2016Oct 27 2016Let $A$ be a regular ring over an infinite field $k$, with $1/2\in k$ and dimension $d$. Assume $A$ is essentially smooth over $k$ or $k$ is perfect. We discuss the Homotopy Conjecture of Madhav V. Nori, in the complete intersection case (meaning when ... More
Three Dimensional Visualization of Qutrit StatesNov 08 2016The qutrit comes next in complexity after qubit as a resource for quantum information processing. The qubit density matrix can be easily visualized using Bloch sphere representation of its states. In contrast, this simplicity is in general unavailable ... More
The Monoid Structure on Homotopy ObstructionsDec 02 2016In [MM], we establish a natural group structure on Homotopy obstructions in the free module case (or complete intersection case). This article can be viewed as a Projective module version of the same. Suppose $A$ is a regular ring continuing a field $k$, ... More
Effect of temperature gradient on heavy quark anti-quark potential using gravity dual modelJun 03 2016Nov 13 2017The quark-gluon plasma (QGP) is an expanding fireball, with finite dimensions. Given the finite dimensions, the temperature would be highest at the center, and close to the critical temperature, $T_c$, at the boundary, giving rise to a temperature gradient ... More
Giant exciton-phonon coupling and zero-point renormalization in hexagonal monolayer boron nitrideNov 05 2018Mar 12 2019We report here a giant zero-point energy renormalization of 273 meV in the direct band-gap at $\textbf{K}$ and a 571 meV of blue-shifting in the position of the doubly-degenerate brightest excitonic peak in monolayer hexagonal boron nitride. The non-radiative ... More
Learning formation energy of inorganic compounds using matrix variate deep Gaussian processDec 22 2018Future advancement of engineering applications is dependent on design of novel materials with desired properties. Enormous size of known chemical space necessitates use of automated high throughput screening to search the desired material. The high throughput ... More
Chiral symmetry breaking, color superconductivity, and the equation of state for magnetized strange quark matterOct 19 2018We investigate the vacuum structure of dense quark matter in strong magnetic fields at finite temperature and densities in a 3 flavor Nambu Jona Lasinio (NJL) model including the Kobayashi-Maskawa-t'Hooft (KMT) determinant term using a variational method. ... More
A DIKW Paradigm to Cognitive EngineeringFeb 23 2017Though the word cognitive has a wide range of meanings we define cognitive engineering as learning from brain to bolster engineering solutions. However, giving an achievable framework to the process towards this has been a difficult task. In this work ... More
D mesons in asymmetric nuclear matter at finite temperaturesDec 13 2009We study the in-medium properties of $D$ and $\bar{D}$ mesons in isospin-asymmetric nuclear matter at finite temperatures using an effective chiral SU(4) model. The interactions of $D$ and $\bar{D}$ mesons with nucleons, scalar isoscalar meson $\sigma$, ... More
Spin-Charge Decoupling and Orthofermi Quantum StatisticsMay 01 2001Currently Gutzwiller projection technique and nested Bethe ansatz are two main methods used to handle electronic systems in the $U$ infinity limit. We demonstrate that these two approaches describe two distinct physical systems. In the nested Bethe ansatz ... More
Application Specific Instrumentation (ASIN): A Bio-inspired Paradigm to Instrumentation using recognition before detectionOct 31 2016In this paper we present a new scheme for instrumentation, which has been inspired by the way small mammals sense their environment. We call this scheme Application Specific Instrumentation (ASIN). A conventional instrumentation system focuses on gathering ... More
D-mesons and charmonium states in hot isospin asymmetric strange hadronic matterFeb 23 2011Dec 07 2011We study the properties of $D$ and $\bar{D}$ mesons in hot isospin asymmetric strange hadronic matter, arising due to their interactions with the hadrons in the hyperonic medium. The interactions of $D$ and $\bar{D}$ mesons with these light hadrons are ... More
D mesons in isospin asymmetric strange hadronic matterOct 03 2010We study the in-medium properties of $D$ and $\bar{D}$ mesons in isospin asymmetric hyperonic matter arising due to their interactions with the light hadrons. The interactions of $D$ and $\bar{D}$ mesons with these light hadrons are derived by generalizing ... More