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A convergent finite element approximation for the quasi-static Maxwell--Landau--Lifshitz--Gilbert equationsDec 13 2012We propose a $\theta$-linear scheme for the numerical solution of the quasi-static Maxwell-Landau-Lifshitz-Gilbert (MLLG) equations. Despite the strong nonlinearity of the Landau-Lifshitz-Gilbert equation, the proposed method results in a linear system ... More
A semidiscrete finite element approximation of a time-fractional Fokker-Planck equation with nonsmooth initial dataFeb 08 2019We present a new stability and convergence analysis for the spatial discretization of a time-fractional Fokker--Planck equation in a convex polyhedral domain, using continuous, piecewise-linear, finite elements. The forcing may depend on time as well ... More
Finite element approximation of a time-fractional diffusion problem in a non-convex polygonal domainJan 29 2016An initial-boundary value problem for the time-fractional diffusion equation is discretized in space using continuous piecewise-linear finite elements on a polygonal domain with a re-entrant corner. Known error bounds for the case of a convex polygon ... More
A finite element approximation for the stochastic Landau-Lifshitz-Gilbert equationAug 19 2013Feb 04 2015The stochastic Landau--Lifshitz--Gilbert (LLG) equation describes the behaviour of the magnetization under the influence of the effective field consisting of random fluctuations. We first reformulate the equation into an equation the unknown of which ... More
Numerical solution of the time-fractional Fokker-Planck equation with general forcingJul 21 2015We study two schemes for a time-fractional Fokker-Planck equation with space- and time-dependent forcing in one space dimension. The first scheme is continuous in time and is discretized in space using a piecewise-linear Galerkin finite element method. ... More
Existence of a unique solution and invariant measures for the stochastic Landau--Lifshitz--Bloch equationJan 10 2019The Landau--Lifshitz--Bloch equation perturbed by a space-dependent noise was proposed in Garanin 1991 as a model for evolution of spins in ferromagnatic materials at the full range of temperatures, including the temperatures higher than the Curie temperature. ... More
A finite element approximation for the stochastic Maxwell--Landau--Lifshitz--Gilbert systemFeb 10 2017The stochastic Landau--Lifshitz--Gilbert (LLG) equation coupled with the Maxwell equations (the so called stochastic MLLG system) describes the creation of domain walls and vortices (fundamental objects for the novel nanostructured magnetic memories). ... More
Existence, uniqueness and regularity of the solution of the time-fractional Fokker-Planck equation with general forcingFeb 07 2019A time-fractional Fokker-Planck initial-boundary value problem is considered, with differential operator $u_t-\nabla\cdot(\partial_t^{1-\alpha}\kappa_\alpha\nabla u-\textbf{F}\partial_t^{1-\alpha}u)$, where $0<\alpha <1$. The forcing function $\textbf{F} ... More
On a decoupled linear FEM integrator for Eddy-current-LLGJun 14 2013We propose a numerical integrator for the coupled system of the eddy-current equation with the nonlinear Landau-Lifshitz-Gilbert equation. The considered effective field contains a general field contribution, and we particularly cover exchange, anisotropy, ... More
The Positive Maximum Principle on Symmetric SpacesFeb 11 2019We investigate the Courr\`{e}ge theorem in the context of linear operators $A$ that satisfy the positive maximum principle on a space of continuous functions over a symmetric space. Applications are given to Feller--Markov processes. We also introduce ... More
The Positive Maximum Principle on Lie GroupsSep 13 2018Mar 05 2019We extend a classical theorem of Courr\`{e}ge to Lie groups in a global setting, thus characterising all linear operators on the space of smooth functions of compact support that satisfy the positive maximum principle. We show that these are L\'{e}vy ... More
The Positive Maximum Principle on Symmetric SpacesFeb 11 2019Mar 05 2019We investigate the Courr\`{e}ge theorem in the context of linear operators $A$ that satisfy the positive maximum principle on a space of continuous functions over a symmetric space. Applications are given to Feller--Markov processes. We also introduce ... More
Transition Densities and Traces for Invariant Feller Processes on Compact Symmetric SpacesMar 01 2017Jun 02 2017We find necessary and sufficient conditions for a finite $K$-bi-invariant measure on a compact Gelfand pair $(G, K)$ to have a square-integrable density. For convolution semigroups, this is equivalent to having a continuous density in positive time. When ... More
Attentive Neural Network for Named Entity Recognition in VietnameseOct 31 2018We propose an attentive neural network for the task of named entity recognition in Vietnamese. The proposed attentive neural model makes use of character-based language models and word embeddings to encode words as vector representations. A neural network ... More
Modules de cycles et classes non ramifiées sur un espace classifiantNov 01 2012Jan 31 2015Let G be a finite group of exponent m and let k be a field of characteristic prime to m, containing the m-th roots of unity. For any Rost cycle module M over k, we construct exact sequences detecting the unramified elements in Serre's group of invariants ... More
Deep Recurrent Level Set for Segmenting Brain TumorsOct 10 2018Variational Level Set (VLS) has been a widely used method in medical segmentation. However, segmentation accuracy in the VLS method dramatically decreases when dealing with intervening factors such as lighting, shadows, colors, etc. Additionally, results ... More
Weak solutions of the Landau--Lifshitz--Bloch equationMay 16 2016The Landau--Lifshitz--Bloch (LLB) equation is a formulation of dynamic micromagnetics valid at all temperatures, treating both the transverse and longitudinal relaxation components important for high-temperature applications. We study LLB equation in ... More
Deep Contextual Recurrent Residual Networks for Scene LabelingApr 12 2017Designed as extremely deep architectures, deep residual networks which provide a rich visual representation and offer robust convergence behaviors have recently achieved exceptional performance in numerous computer vision problems. Being directly applied ... More
Automated Mutual Explicit Induction Proof in Separation LogicSep 04 2016Sep 06 2016We present a sequent-based deductive system for automatically proving entailments in separation logic by using mathematical induction. Our technique, called mutual explicit induction proof, is an instance of Noetherian induction. Specifically, we propose ... More
Non-Volume Preserving-based Feature Fusion Approach to Group-Level Expression Recognition on Crowd VideosNov 28 2018Group-level emotion recognition (ER) is a growing research area as the demands for assessing crowds of all sizes is becoming an interest in both the security arena and social media. This work investigates group-level expression recognition on crowd videos ... More
MobiFace: A Lightweight Deep Learning Face Recognition on Mobile DevicesNov 27 2018Apr 17 2019Deep neural networks have been widely used in numerous computer vision applications, particularly in face recognition. However, deploying deep neural network face recognition on mobile devices has recently become a trend but still limited since most high-accuracy ... More
Temporal Non-Volume Preserving Approach to Facial Age-Progression and Age-Invariant Face RecognitionMar 24 2017Modeling the long-term facial aging process is extremely challenging due to the presence of large and non-linear variations during the face development stages. In order to efficiently address the problem, this work first decomposes the aging process into ... More
Automated Lemma Synthesis in Symbolic-Heap Separation LogicOct 26 2017Nov 08 2017The symbolic-heap fragment of separation logic has been actively developed and advocated for verifying the memory-safety property of computer programs. At present, one of its biggest challenges is to effectively prove entailments containing inductive ... More
MobiFace: A Lightweight Deep Learning Face Recognition on Mobile DevicesNov 27 2018Deep neural networks have been widely used in numerous computer vision applications, particularly in face recognition. However, deploying deep neural network face recognition on mobile devices is still limited since most high-accuracy deep models are ... More
Reformulating Level Sets as Deep Recurrent Neural Network Approach to Semantic SegmentationApr 12 2017Variational Level Set (LS) has been a widely used method in medical segmentation. However, it is limited when dealing with multi-instance objects in the real world. In addition, its segmentation results are quite sensitive to initial settings and highly ... More
Towards a Deep Learning Framework for Unconstrained Face DetectionDec 16 2016Jan 02 2017Robust face detection is one of the most important pre-processing steps to support facial expression analysis, facial landmarking, face recognition, pose estimation, building of 3D facial models, etc. Although this topic has been intensely studied for ... More
On comparison principle and strict positivity of solutions to the nonlinear stochastic fractional heat equationsOct 02 2014In this paper, we prove a sample-path comparison principle for the nonlinear stochastic fractional heat equation on $\mathbb{R}$ with measure-valued initial data. We give quantitative estimates about how close to zero the solution can be. These results ... More
Nonlinear stochastic heat equation driven by spatially colored noise: moments and intermittencyOct 20 2015In this paper, we study the stochastic heat equation in the spatial domain $\mathbb{R}^d$ subject to a Gaussian noise which is white in time and colored in space. The spatial correlation can be any symmetric, nonnegative and nonnegative-definite function ... More
Learning from Longitudinal Face Demonstration - Where Tractable Deep Modeling Meets Inverse Reinforcement LearningNov 28 2017Feb 02 2019This paper presents a novel Subject-dependent Deep Aging Path (SDAP), which inherits the merits of both Generative Probabilistic Modeling and Inverse Reinforcement Learning to model the facial structures and the longitudinal face aging process of a given ... More
Automatic Face Aging in Videos via Deep Reinforcement LearningNov 27 2018This paper presents a novel approach for synthesizing automatically age-progressed facial images in video sequences using Deep Reinforcement Learning. The proposed method models facial structures and the longitudinal face-aging process of given subjects ... More
Scalar decay in a three-dimensional chaotic flowJan 31 2011Mar 15 2011The decay of a passive scalar in a three-dimensional chaotic flow is studied using high-resolution numerical simulations. The (volume-preserving) flow considered is a three-dimensional extension of the randomised alternating sine flow employed extensively ... More
Probing the elastic limit of DNA bendingMay 02 2014Many structures inside the cell such as nucleosomes and protein-mediated DNA loops contain sharply bent double-stranded (ds) DNA. Therefore, the energetics of strong dsDNA bending constitutes an essential part of cellular thermodynamics. Although the ... More
Decorrelation of total mass via energyOct 23 2014The main result of this small note is a quantified version of the assertion that if u and v solve two nonlinear stochastic heat equations, and if the mutual energy between the initial states of the two stochastic PDEs is small, then the total masses of ... More
A Boundedness Trichotomy for the Stochastic Heat EquationOct 15 2015We consider the stochastic heat equation with a multiplicative white noise forcing term under standard "intermitency conditions." The main finding of this paper is that, under mild regularity hypotheses, the a.s.-boundedness of the solution $x\mapsto ... More
Hybrid Video Signal Coding Technologies: Past, Current and FutureJul 20 2016The growing needs for high-quality video applications have resulted in a lot of studies and developments in video signal coding. This chapter presents some advanced techniques in enhancing the rate-distortion performance of the block-based hybrid video ... More
The Positive Maximum Principle on Lie GroupsSep 13 2018Jan 31 2019We extend a classical theorem of Courr\`{e}ge to Lie groups in a global setting, thus characterising all linear operators on the space of smooth functions of compact support that satisfy the positive maximum principle. We show that these are L\'{e}vy ... More
LED Selection and MAP Detection for Generalized LED Index ModulationMay 01 2018In this paper, we propose light-emitting diode (LED) selection that can be applied not only to the conventional Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (MIMO) case, but also to a larger MIMO configuration of generalized LED index modulation (GLIM) system with ... More
Phenomenology of the simple 3-3-1 model with inert scalarsDec 30 2015The simple 3-3-1 model that contains the minimal lepton and minimal scalar content is detailedly studied. The impact of the inert scalars, which provides dark matter candidates, on the model is discussed. All the interactions of the model are derived, ... More
Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Forensic Investigation Process: Dji Phantom 3 Drone As A Case StudyApr 23 2018Drones (also known as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, UAVs) is a potential source of evidence in a digital investigation, partly due to their increasing popularity in our society. However, existing UAV/drone forensics generally rely on conventional digital ... More
Dissipation and high disorderNov 24 2014Given a field $\{B(x)\}_{x\in\mathbf{Z}^d}$ of independent standard Brownian motions, indexed by $\mathbf{Z}^d$, the generator of a suitable Markov process on $\mathbf{Z}^d,\,\,\mathcal{G},$ and sufficiently nice function $\sigma:[0,\infty)\to[0,\infty),$ ... More
Dense blowup for parabolic SPDEsFeb 27 2017The main result of this paper is that there are examples of stochastic partial differential equations [hereforth, SPDEs] of the type $$ \partial_t u=\frac12\Delta u +\sigma(u)\eta \qquad\text{on $(0\,,\infty)\times\mathbb{R}^3$}$$ such that the solution ... More
Spin-wave contributions to current-induced domain wall dynamicsDec 22 2008We examine theoretically the role of spin-waves on current-induced domain wall dynamics in a ferromagnetic wire. At room temperature, we find that an interaction between the domain wall and the spin waves appears when there is a finite difference between ... More
Smoothing splines on Riemannian manifolds, with applications to 3D shape spaceJan 15 2018There has been increasing interest in statistical analysis of data lying in manifolds. This paper generalizes a smoothing spline fitting method to Riemannian manifold data based on the technique of unrolling and unwrapping originally proposed in Jupp ... More
The MBHBM* Project -- I: Measurement of the Central Black Hole Mass in Dwarf Galaxy NGC 3504 Using Molecular Gas KinematicsFeb 11 2019We present the first measurement of the mass of a supermassive black hole (SMBH) in the nearby double-barred spiral galaxy NGC 3504 as part of the Measuring Black Holes Below the Milky Way ($M_{\star}$) mass galaxies (MBHBM$_{\star}$) Project. Our analysis ... More
Simple 3-3-1 model and implication for dark matterJul 14 2014Oct 06 2014We propose a new and realistic 3-3-1 model with the minimal lepton and scalar contents, named the simple 3-3-1 model. The scalar sector contains two new heavy Higgs bosons, one neutral H and another singly-charged H^\pm, besides the standard model Higgs ... More
Social Behavior Analysis in Visual Human Monitoring System : A Survey and PerspectiveJul 21 2016A social behavior analysis is used to study how a group of people interacts with another group. The analysis helps to understand how social behavior leads to its consequences such as what business decision is made after a businessmen's meeting. In this ... More
A Perceptually Weighted Rank Correlation Indicator for Objective Image Quality AssessmentMay 15 2017In the field of objective image quality assessment (IQA), the Spearman's $\rho$ and Kendall's $\tau$ are two most popular rank correlation indicators, which straightforwardly assign uniform weight to all quality levels and assume each pair of images are ... More
Wide bandwidth phase-locked diode laser with an intra-cavity electro-optic modulatorSep 22 2008Two extended cavity laser diodes are phase-locked, thanks to an intra-cavity electro-optical modulator. The phase-locked loop bandwidth is on the order of 10 MHz, which is about twice larger than when the feedback correction is applied on the laser current. ... More
Standards-Based Worldwide Semantic Interoperability for IoTAug 01 2018Global IoT services (GIoTS) are combining locally available IoT resources with Cloud-based services. They are targeting world-wide services. GIoTS require interoperability between the locally installed heterogeneous IoT systems. Semantic processing is ... More
FixMiner: Mining Relevant Fix Patterns for Automated Program RepairOct 03 2018Code comprehension is critical in software maintenance. Towards providing tools and approaches to support maintenance tasks, researchers have investigated various research lines related to how software code can be described in an abstract form. So far, ... More
Watch out for This Commit! A Study of Influential Software ChangesJun 10 2016One single code change can significantly influence a wide range of software systems and their users. For example, 1) adding a new feature can spread defects in several modules, while 2) changing an API method can improve the performance of all client ... More
Polyaromatic disordered carbon grains as carriers of the UV bump: FUV to mid-infrared spectroscopy of laboratory analogsNov 16 2017A multiwavelength study of laboratory carbons with varying degrees of hydrogenation and sp$^2$ hybridization is required to characterize the structure of the carbonaceous carriers of interstellar and circumstellar extinction. Analogs to carbonaceous interstellar ... More
Safety-margin-based design and redesign considering mixed epistemic model uncertainty and aleatory parameter uncertaintyApr 18 2019At the initial design stage engineers often rely on low-fidelity models that have high epistemic uncertainty. Traditional safety-margin-based deterministic design resorts to testing (e.g. prototype experiment, evaluation of high-fidelity simulation, etc.) ... More
Unsupervised Category Discovery via Looped Deep Pseudo-Task Optimization Using a Large Scale Radiology Image DatabaseMar 25 2016Obtaining semantic labels on a large scale radiology image database (215,786 key images from 61,845 unique patients) is a prerequisite yet bottleneck to train highly effective deep convolutional neural network (CNN) models for image recognition. Nevertheless, ... More
Interleaved Text/Image Deep Mining on a Large-Scale Radiology Database for Automated Image InterpretationMay 04 2015Despite tremendous progress in computer vision, there has not been an attempt for machine learning on very large-scale medical image databases. We present an interleaved text/image deep learning system to extract and mine the semantic interactions of ... More
Semantic Context Forests for Learning-Based Knee Cartilage Segmentation in 3D MR ImagesJul 11 2013Apr 22 2014The automatic segmentation of human knee cartilage from 3D MR images is a useful yet challenging task due to the thin sheet structure of the cartilage with diffuse boundaries and inhomogeneous intensities. In this paper, we present an iterative multi-class ... More
Medium Resolution Near-Infrared Spectra of the Host Galaxies of Nearby QuasarsMay 20 2014Jun 09 2014We present medium resolution near-infrared host galaxy spectra of low redshift quasars, PG 0844 + 349 (z=0.064), PG 1226 + 023 (z=0.158), and PG 1426+015 (z=0.086). The observations were done by using the Infrared Camera and Spectrograph (IRCS) at the ... More
Impact of Tool Support in Patch ConstructionDec 18 2018In this work, we investigate the practice of patch construction in the Linux kernel development, focusing on the differences between three patching processes: (1) patches crafted entirely manually to fix bugs, (2) those that are derived from warnings ... More
Principal nested shape space analysis of molecular dynamics dataMar 22 2019Molecular dynamics simulations produce huge datasets of temporal sequences of molecules. It is of interest to summarize the shape evolution of the molecules in a succinct, low-dimensional representation. However, Euclidean techniques such as principal ... More
Large-Scale Conformal Growth of Atomic-Thick MoS2 for Highly Efficient Photocurrent GenerationJul 27 2018Controlling the interconnection of neighboring seeds (nanoflakes) to full coverage of the textured substrate is the main challenge for the large-scale conformal growth of atomic-thick transition metal dichalcogenides by chemical vapor deposition. Herein, ... More
You Cannot Fix What You Cannot Find! An Investigation of Fault Localization Bias in Benchmarking Automated Program Repair SystemsDec 18 2018Feb 15 2019Properly benchmarking Automated Program Repair (APR) systems should contribute to the development and adoption of the research outputs by practitioners. To that end, the research community must ensure that it reaches significant milestones by reliably ... More
You Cannot Fix What You Cannot Find! An Investigation of Fault Localization Bias in Benchmarking Automated Program Repair SystemsDec 18 2018Properly benchmarking Automated Program Repair (APR) systems should contribute to the development and adoption of the research outputs by practitioners. To that end, the research community must ensure that it reaches significant milestones by reliably ... More
Mining Fix Patterns for FindBugs ViolationsDec 08 2017Oct 09 2018In this paper, we first collect and track a large number of fixed and unfixed violations across revisions of software. The empirical analyses reveal that there are discrepancies in the distributions of violations that are detected and those that are fixed, ... More
D&C: A Divide-and-Conquer Approach to IR-based Bug LocalizationFeb 07 2019Many automated tasks in software maintenance rely on information retrieval techniques to identify specific information within unstructured data. Bug localization is such a typical task, where text in a bug report is analyzed to identify file locations ... More
Machine Learning for Vehicular NetworksDec 19 2017Feb 26 2018The emerging vehicular networks are expected to make everyday vehicular operation safer, greener, and more efficient, and pave the path to autonomous driving in the advent of the fifth generation (5G) cellular system. Machine learning, as a major branch ... More
Optical Characterization of PtSi/Si by Spectroscopic EllipsometryJun 12 2016We report optical characterization of PtSi films for thermoelectric device applications by nondestructive spectroscopic ellipsometry (SE). Pt monolayer and Pt-Si multilayer which consists of 3 pairs of Pt and Si layers were deposited on p-doped-silicon ... More
Raman scattering from Higgs mode oscillations in the two-dimensional antiferromagnet Ca$_2$RuO$_4$Apr 17 2017Jul 11 2017We present and analyze Raman spectra of the Mott insulator Ca$_2$RuO$_4$, whose quasi-two-dimensional antiferromagnetic order has been described as a condensate of low-lying spin-orbit excitons with angular momentum $J_{eff}=1$. In the $A_g$ polarization ... More
Improving Computer-aided Detection using Convolutional Neural Networks and Random View AggregationMay 12 2015Sep 15 2015Automated computer-aided detection (CADe) in medical imaging has been an important tool in clinical practice and research. State-of-the-art methods often show high sensitivities but at the cost of high false-positives (FP) per patient rates. We design ... More
Unsupervised Joint Mining of Deep Features and Image Labels for Large-scale Radiology Image Categorization and Scene RecognitionJan 23 2017Dec 27 2017The recent rapid and tremendous success of deep convolutional neural networks (CNN) on many challenging computer vision tasks largely derives from the accessibility of the well-annotated ImageNet and PASCAL VOC datasets. Nevertheless, unsupervised image ... More
Large-Area and Transferred High-Quality Three-Dimensional Topological Insulator Bi2-xSbxTe3-ySey Ultrathin Film by Catalyst-Free Physical Vapor DepositionJan 25 2016Apr 14 2017Uniform and large area synthesis of bulk insulating ultrathin films is an important subject toward applications of a surface of three dimensional topological insulators (3D-TIs) in various electronic devices. Here we report epitaxial growth of bulk insulating ... More
Anatomy-specific classification of medical images using deep convolutional netsApr 15 2015Automated classification of human anatomy is an important prerequisite for many computer-aided diagnosis systems. The spatial complexity and variability of anatomy throughout the human body makes classification difficult. "Deep learning" methods such ... More
Survey of Promising Technologies for 5G NetworksDec 21 2016As an enhancement of cellular networks, the future-generation 5G network can be considered an ultra-high-speed technology. The proposed 5G network might include all types of advanced dominant technologies to provide remarkable services. Consequently, ... More
Sparkle: Optimizing Spark for Large Memory Machines and AnalyticsAug 18 2017Spark is an in-memory analytics platform that targets commodity server environments today. It relies on the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) to persist intermediate checkpoint states and final processing results. In Spark, immutable data are used ... More
Limits to the sensitivity of a low noise compact atomic gravimeterJan 08 2008A detailed analysis of the most relevant sources of phase noise in an atomic interferometer is carried out, both theoretically and experimentally. Even a short interrogation time of 100 ms allows our cold atom gravimeter to reach an excellent short term ... More
Influence of lasers propagation delay on the sensitivity of atom interferometersJan 02 2007In atom interferometers based on two photon transitions, the delay induced by the difference of the laser beams paths makes the interferometer sensitive to the fluctuations of the frequency of the lasers. We first study, in the general case, how the laser ... More
Non-Gaussian errors of baryonic acoustic oscillationsJun 28 2011Jan 11 2012We revisit the uncertainty in baryon acoustic oscillation (BAO) forecasts and data analyses. In particular, we study how much the uncertainties on both the measured mean dilation scale and the associated error bar are affected by the non-Gaussianity of ... More
Phenomenology of the SU(3)_C \otimes SU(2)_L \otimes SU(3)_R \otimes U(1)_X gauge modelSep 12 2016We study the left-right asymmetric model based on SU(3)_C\otimes SU(2)_L \otimes SU(3)_R\otimes U(1)_X gauge group, which improves the theoretical and phenomenological aspects of the known left-right symmetric model. This new gauge symmetry yields that ... More
The Impact of Galactic Disc Environment on Star-Forming CloudsDec 04 2017We explore the effect of different galactic disc environments on the properties of star-forming clouds through variations in the background potential in a set of isolated galaxy simulations. Rising, falling and flat rotation curves expected in halo dominated, ... More
Outlier Detection In Large-scale Traffic Data By Naïve Bayes Method and Gaussian Mixture Model MethodDec 28 2015It is meaningful to detect outliers in traffic data for traffic management. However, this is a massive task for people from large-scale database to distinguish outliers. In this paper, we present two methods: Kernel Smoothing Na\"ive Bayes (NB) method ... More
Automatic Incident Classification for Big Traffic Data by Adaptive Boosting SVMDec 14 2015Dec 28 2015Modern cities experience heavy traffic flows and congestions regularly across space and time. Monitoring traffic situations becomes an important challenge for the Traffic Control and Surveillance Systems (TCSS). In advanced TCSS, it is helpful to automatically ... More
Simulating tidal streams in a high resolution dark matter haloNov 13 2014Apr 20 2015We simulate tidal streams in the presence and absence of substructures inside the zero redshift snapshot of the Via Lactea II (VL-2) simulation. A halo finder is used to remove and isolate the subhalos found inside the high resolution dark matter halo ... More
Probing neutrino and Higgs sectors in $SU(2)_1 \times SU(2)_2 \times U(1)_Y$ model with lepton-flavor non-universalityNov 21 2016May 25 2017The neutrino and Higgs sectors in the $\mbox{SU(2)}_1 \times \mbox{SU(2)}_2 \times \mbox{U(1)}_Y $ model with lepton-flavor non-universality are discussed. We show that active neutrinos can get Majorana masses from radiative corrections, after adding ... More
Preliminary DIMM and MASS Nighttime Seeing Measurements at PEARL, in the Canadian High ArcticMay 24 2013Results of deploying a Differential Image Motion Monitor (DIMM) and a DIMM combined with a Multi-Aperture Scintillation Sensor (MASS/DIMM) are reported for campaigns in 2011 and 2012 on the roof of the Polar Environment Atmospheric Research Laboratory ... More
3D Facial Expression Reconstruction using Cascaded RegressionDec 10 2017Aug 17 2018This paper proposes a novel model fitting algorithm for 3D facial expression reconstruction from a single image. Face expression reconstruction from a single image is a challenging task in computer vision. Most state-of-the-art methods fit the input image ... More
Energy network: towards an interconnected energy infrastructure for the futureApr 17 2017Aug 18 2017The fundamental theory of energy networks in different energy forms is established following an in-depth analysis of the nature of energy for comprehensive energy utilization. The definition of an energy network is given. Combining the generalized balance ... More
Hierarchy Neighborhood Discriminative Hashing for An Unified View of Single-Label and Multi-Label Image retrievalJan 10 2019Jan 11 2019Recently, deep supervised hashing methods have become popular for large-scale image retrieval task. To preserve the semantic similarity notion between examples, they typically utilize the pairwise supervision or the triplet supervised information for ... More
Application of machine learning algorithms to the study of noise artifacts in gravitational-wave dataMar 27 2013The sensitivity of searches for astrophysical transients in data from the LIGO is generally limited by the presence of transient, non-Gaussian noise artifacts, which occur at a high-enough rate such that accidental coincidence across multiple detectors ... More
Temperature-Dependent Interplay of Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya Interaction and Single-Ion Anisotropy in Multiferroic BiFeO$_3$Aug 13 2014Sep 12 2014Low-energy magnon excitations in multiferroic BiFeO$_3$ were measured in detail as a function of temperature around several Brillouin zone centers by inelastic neutron scattering experiments on single crystals. Unique features around 1 meV are directly ... More
Compressed DiffusionJan 31 2019Diffusion maps are a commonly used kernel-based method for manifold learning, which can reveal intrinsic structures in data and embed them in low dimensions. However, as with most kernel methods, its implementation requires a heavy computational load, ... More
Successive spin-flop transitions of Neel-type antiferromagnet Li$_2$MnO$_3$ single crystal with honeycomb-latticeSep 03 2014We have carried out high magnetic field studies of single-crystalline Li$_2$MnO$_3$, a honeycomb lattice antiferromagnet. Its magnetic phase diagram was mapped out using magnetization measurements at applied fields up to 35 T. Our results show that it ... More
Comparative Assembly Hubs: Web Accessible Browsers for Comparative GenomicsNov 05 2013We introduce a pipeline to easily generate collections of web accessible UCSC genome browsers interrelated by an alignment. Using the alignment, all annotations and the alignment itself can be efficiently viewed with reference to any genome in the collection, ... More
MVF-Net: Multi-View 3D Face Morphable Model RegressionApr 09 2019We address the problem of recovering the 3D geometry of a human face from a set of facial images in multiple views. While recent studies have shown impressive progress in 3D Morphable Model (3DMM) based facial reconstruction, the settings are mostly restricted ... More
Power-laws and the Conservation of Information in discrete token systems: Part 2 The role of defectSep 07 2012In a matching paper (arXiv:1207.5027), I proved that Conservation of Size and Information in a discrete token based system is overwhelmingly likely to lead to a power-law component size distribution with respect to the size of its unique alphabet. This ... More
A proof of the Kazdan-Warner identity via the Minkowski spacetimeFeb 05 2016Any 2-dim Riemannian manifold with spherical topology can be embedded isometrically into a lightcone of the Minkowski spacetime. We apply this fact to give a proof of the Kazdan-Warner identity.
A diffusion process associated with Fréchet meansOct 23 2015This paper studies rescaled images, under $\exp^{-1}_{\mu}$, of the sample Fr\'{e}chet means of i.i.d. random variables $\{X_k\vert k\geq 1\}$ with Fr\'{e}chet mean $\mu$ on a Riemannian manifold. We show that, with appropriate scaling, these images converge ... More
Multiplicity one for wildly ramified representationsAug 15 2017Let $F$ be a totally real field in which $p$ is unramified. Let $\overline{r}: G_F \rightarrow \mathrm{GL}_2(\overline{\mathbb{F}}_p)$ be a modular Galois representation which satisfies the Taylor-Wiles hypotheses and is generic at a place $v$ above $p$. ... More
Lattices in the cohomology of $U(3)$ arithmetic manifoldsJul 16 2015Oct 12 2017Under hypotheses required for the Taylor-Wiles method, we prove for forms of $U(3)$ which are compact at infinity that the lattice structure on upper alcove algebraic vectors or on principal series types given by the $\lambda$-isotypic part of completed ... More
Global Existence and Regularity Results for Large Cross Diffusion Models on Planar DomainsApr 29 2016The global existence of classical solutions to cross diffusion systems of more than 2 equations given on a planar domain is established. The results can apply to generalized Shigesada-Kawasaki-Teramoto (SKT) and food pyramid models whose diffusion and ... More
The action dimension of Artin groupsAug 29 2016Sep 29 2016The \emph{action dimension} of a discrete group $G$ is the minimum dimension of a contractible manifold, which admits a proper $G$-action. In this paper, we study the action dimension of general Artin groups. The main result is that the action dimension ... More
On the existence and instability of solitary water waves with a finite dipoleDec 08 2018This paper considers the existence and stability properties of two-dimensional solitary waves traversing an infinitely deep body of water. We assume that above the water is vacuum, and that the waves are acted upon by gravity with surface tension effects ... More