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A Stochastic Approach to Eulerian NumbersFeb 08 2019We examine the aggregate behavior of one-dimensional random walks in a model known as (one-dimensional) Internal Diffusion Limited Aggregation. In this model, a sequence of $n$ particles perform random walks on the integers, beginning at the origin. Each ... More
Stopping Rules for Bag-of-Words Image Search and Its Application in Appearance-Based LocalizationDec 28 2013We propose a technique to improve the search efficiency of the bag-of-words (BoW) method for image retrieval. We introduce a notion of difficulty for the image matching problems and propose methods that reduce the amount of computations required for the ... More
An Efficient Index for Visual Search in Appearance-based SLAMSep 27 2013Vector-quantization can be a computationally expensive step in visual bag-of-words (BoW) search when the vocabulary is large. A BoW-based appearance SLAM needs to tackle this problem for an efficient real-time operation. We propose an effective method ... More
MESA and NuGrid simulations of classical novae: CO and ONe nova nucleosynthesisMar 25 2013May 20 2014Classical novae are the result of thermonuclear flashes of hydrogen accreted by CO or ONe white dwarfs, leading eventually to the dynamic ejection of the surface layers. These are observationally known to be enriched in heavy elements, such as C, O and ... More
30S RI Beam Production and X-ray BurstsApr 14 2009The present work reports the results of 30S radioactive beam development for a future experiment directly measuring data to extrapolate the 30S(alpha,p) stellar reaction rate in Type I X-ray bursts, a phenomena where nuclear explosions occur repeatedly ... More
Particle identification studies with a full-size 4-GEM prototype for the ALICE TPC upgradeMay 08 2018Jun 17 2018A large Time Projection Chamber is the main device for tracking and charged-particle identification in the ALICE experiment at the CERN LHC. After the second long shutdown in 2019/20, the LHC will deliver Pb beams colliding at an interaction rate of about ... More