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Distributing and Obfuscating Firewalls via Oblivious Bloom Filter EvaluationOct 03 2018Firewalls have long been in use to protect local networks from threats of the larger Internet. Although firewalls are effective in preventing attacks initiated from outside, they are vulnerable to insider threats, e.g., malicious insiders may access and ... More
Verifying Multipartite Entangled GHZ States via Multiple Quantum CoherencesMay 14 2019The ability to generate and verify multipartite entanglement is an important benchmark for near-term quantum devices devices. We develop a scalable entanglement metric based on multiple quantum coherences, and demonstrate experimentally on a 20-qubit ... More
Exploring Localization in Nuclear Spin ChainsDec 15 2016Characterizing out-of-equilibrium many-body dynamics is a complex but crucial task for quantum applications and the understanding of fundamental phenomena. A central question is the role of localization in quenching quantum thermalization, and whether ... More
Failure of Smooth Pasting Principle and Nonexistence of Equilibrium Stopping Rules under Time-InconsistencyJul 04 2018This paper considers a time-inconsistent stopping problem in which the inconsistency arises from non-constant time preference rates. We show that the smooth pasting principle, the main approach that has been used to construct explicit solutions for conventional ... More
Failure of Smooth Pasting Principle and Nonexistence of Equilibrium Stopping Rules under Time-InconsistencyJul 04 2018Mar 18 2019This paper considers a time-inconsistent stopping problem in which the inconsistency arises from non-constant time preference rates. We show that the smooth pasting principle, the main approach that has been used to construct explicit solutions for conventional ... More
Manifestations of topological band crossings in bulk entanglement spectrum: An analytical study for integer quantum Hall statesJun 02 2015We consider integer quantum Hall states and calculate bulk entanglement spectrum by formulating the correlation matrix in guiding center representation. Our analytical approach is based on the projection operator with redefining the inner product of states ... More
Discovery of Two Types of X-ray Dips in Cyg X-1Dec 06 2001We observed Cyg X-1 with {\em RXTE} contiguously over its 5.6-day binary orbit. The source was found to be in the hard state throughout the observation. Many intensity dips were detected in the X-ray light curves. We found that the dips fell into two ... More
Modulating the phase structure of black D6 branes in canonical ensembleJan 09 2013Apr 15 2013There exists a dramatic difference in phase structure between charged black Dp-branes with $p < 5$ and charged black D5 or D6 branes. In [1], we found that the phase structure of charged black D5 system can be changed qualitatively to that of charged ... More
The superheated Melting of Grain BoundaryJun 08 2005Based on a model of the melting of Grain Boundary (GB), we discuss the possibility of the existence of superheated GB state. A Molecular Dynamics simulation presented here shows that the superheated GB state can realized in the high symmetric tilt GB. ... More
High-efficiency single-photon Fock state production by transitionless quantum drivingSep 12 2013Dec 12 2014Single photon source is one of the key devices for optical quantum information processing. Differing from the usual stimulated Raman adiabatic passage to obtain single-photon radiation, here we propose an approach to produce optical Fock state on demand ... More
The phase structure of black D1/D5 (F/NS5) system in canonical ensembleOct 02 2012Dec 06 2012In this paper, we explore means which can be used to change qualitatively the phase structure of charged black systems. For this, we consider a system of black D1/D5 (or its S-dual F/NS5). We find that the delocalized charged black D-strings (F-strings) ... More
A Novel VLSI Technology to Manufacture High-Density Thermoelectric Cooling DevicesJan 07 2008This paper describes a novel integrated circuit technology to manufacture high-density thermoelectric devices on a semiconductor wafer. With no moving parts, a thermoelectric cooler operates quietly, allows cooling below ambient temperature, and may be ... More
A new method for protein structure reconstruction from NOESY distancesMay 29 2018Sep 20 2018Protein structure reconstruction from Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) experiments largely relies on computational algorithms. Recently, some effective low-rank matrix completion (MC) methods, such as ASD and ScaledASD, have been successfully applied ... More
The s-s(bar) asymmetry in nucleon and "NuTeV anomaly"Oct 26 2007The $s$-$\bar{s}$ asymmetry in nucleon sea is an important observable for understanding nucleon structure and strong interaction. There have been many theoretical attempts on this subject and recently on its relation to the "NuTeV anomaly". Calculations ... More
Data Unfolding with Wiener-SVD MethodMay 09 2017Sep 30 2017Data unfolding is a common analysis technique used in HEP data analysis. Inspired by the deconvolution technique in the digital signal processing, a new unfolding technique based on the SVD technique and the well-known Wiener filter is introduced. The ... More
Partial Observability and its Consistency for PDEsJan 01 2014In this paper, a quantitative measure of partial observability is defined for PDEs. The quantity is proved to be consistent if the PDE is approximated using well-posed approximation schemes. A first order approximation of an unobservability index using ... More
Single spin asymmetry and five-quark components of the protonJul 15 2008We examine the single-spin asymmetry (SSA) caused by the five-quark components of the proton for semi-inclusive electroproduction of charged pions in deep-inelastic scattering on a transversely polarized hydrogen target. The large SSA is considered to ... More
Quantum computation with moving quantum dots generated by surface acoustic wavesFeb 15 2011Motivated by the recent experimental observations [M. Kataoka et al., Phys. Rev. Lett. {\bf102}, 156801 (2009)], we propose here an theoretical approach to implement quantum computation with bound states of electrons in moving quantum dots generated by ... More
Quantifying How Density Gradients and Front Curvature Affect Carbon Detonation Strength During Type Ia SupernovaeJun 20 2018Accurately reproducing the physics behind the detonations of Type Ia supernovae and the resultant nucleosynthetic yields is important for interpreting observations of spectra and remnants. The scales of the processes involved span orders of magnitudes, ... More
Unsupervised Inductive Whole-Graph Embedding by Preserving Graph ProximityApr 01 2019We introduce a novel approach to graph-level representation learning, which is to embed an entire graph into a vector space where the embeddings of two graphs preserve their graph-graph proximity. Our approach, UGRAPHEMB, is a general framework that provides ... More
Emergent perturbation independent decay of the Loschmidt echo in a many-spin system studied through scaled dipolar dynamicsFeb 18 2019Evaluating the role of perturbations versus the intrinsic coherent dynamics in driving to equilibrium is of fundamental interest to understand quantum many-body thermalization, in the quest to build ever complex quantum devices. Here we introduce a protocol ... More
Emergent prethermalization signatures in out-of-time ordered correlationsDec 12 2018How a many-body quantum system thermalizes --or fails to do so-- under its own interaction is a fundamental yet elusive concept. Here we demonstrate nuclear magnetic resonance observation of the emergence of prethermalization by measuring out-of-time ... More
Bubble Diagnosis and Prediction of the 2005-2007 and 2008-2009 Chinese stock market bubblesSep 07 2009Oct 21 2009By combining (i) the economic theory of rational expectation bubbles, (ii) behavioral finance on imitation and herding of investors and traders and (iii) the mathematical and statistical physics of bifurcations and phase transitions, the log-periodic ... More
Parametric Optomechanical Oscillations in Two-Dimensional Slot-Type High-Q Photonic Crystal CavitiesMay 05 2012We experimentally demonstrate an optomechanical cavity based on an air-slot photonic crystal cavity with optical quality factor Qo=4.2\times10^4 and a small modal volume of 0.05 cubic wavelengths. The optical mode is coupled with the in-plane mechanical ... More
Comparing many-body localization lengths via non-perturbative construction of local integrals of motionDec 31 2018Many-body localization (MBL), characterized by the absence of thermalization and the violation of conventional thermodynamics, has elicited much interest both as a fundamental physical phenomenon and for practical applications in quantum information. ... More
OFF-ApexNet on Micro-expression Recognition SystemMay 10 2018When a person attempts to conceal an emotion, the genuine emotion is manifest as a micro-expression. Exploration of automatic facial micro-expression recognition systems is relatively new in the computer vision domain. This is due to the difficulty in ... More
Peierls Instability Induced Ferromagnetic Insulator at Orbital Order TransitionNov 13 2008Jan 11 2010The origin of ferromagnetic insulating state of La$_{7/8}$Sr$_{1/8}$MnO$_3$ is investigated. Based on the tight-binding model, it is shown that this state can be attributed to the Peierls instability arisen from the interplay of spin and orbital ordering. ... More
Measuring Hawking Radiation of a Kerr-Newman Black Hole in a Superconducting Transmission LineJan 15 2014Mar 21 2014Applying a dimensional reduction technique and a coordinates transformation approach, we deduce the Kerr-Newman space-time into a Painlev\'{e}-like form, and obtain its corresponding event horizon and the Hawking radiation temperature. We find that, the ... More
Bell-state preparation for fullerene based electron spins in distant peapod nanotubesSep 18 2008We propose a potentially practical scheme, in combination with the Bell-state analyzer [Zhang et al., Phys. Rev. A 73, 014301 (2006)], to generate Bell states for two electron spins confined, respectively, in two distant fullerenes. To this end, we consider ... More
Epitaxially strained SnTiO$_{3}$ at finite temperaturesSep 04 2017Sep 01 2018Combining effective Hamiltonian and direct $ab$ $initio$ computation, we obtain the phase diagram of SnTiO$_{3}$ with respect to epitaxial strain and temperature, demonstrating the complex features of the phase diagram and providing insight into the epitaxially ... More
Quasars around the Seyfert Galaxy NGC3516Dec 02 1997We report redshift measurements of 5 X-ray emitting blue stellar objects (BSO's) located less than 12 arc min from the X-ray Seyfert galaxy, NGC 3516. We find these quasars to be distributed along the minor axis of the galaxy and to show a very good correlation ... More
Thermal transport due to quantum interference in magnetic tunnel junctionsAug 21 2013We study the thermal transport in magnetic tunnel junctions. Thermal gradients across the tunneling barrier appear around the Fowler-Nordheim tunneling regime, due to the current-induced heat caused by quantum interference. Both thermovoltage and thermal ... More
Spectroscopic and Photometric Observations of Unidentified Ultraviolate Variable Objects in GUVV-2 CatalogMar 30 2011An NUV-optical diagram made for sources from the secend Galaxy Evolution Explorer (GALEX) Ultraviolet Variability (GUVV-2) Catalog provide us a method to tentatively classify the unknown GUVV2 sources by their NUV-optical magnitudes. On the purpose of ... More
Stark-chirped rapid adiabatic passage in the presence of dissipation for quantum computationApr 16 2013Nov 25 2014Stark-chirped rapid adiabatic passage (SCRAP) is an important technique used for coherent quantum controls. In this paper we investigate how the practically-existing dissipation of the system influences on the efficiency of the passage, and thus the fidelities ... More
Klein bottle entropy of compactified boson conformal field theoryMay 03 2018Mar 05 2019We extend the scope of the Klein bottle entropy, originally introduced by [Tu, Phys. Rev. Lett. 119, 261603 (2017)] in the rational conformal field theory (CFT), to the compactified boson CFT, which are relevant to the studies of Luttinger liquids. We ... More
Multigrid Neural ArchitecturesNov 23 2016May 11 2017We propose a multigrid extension of convolutional neural networks (CNNs). Rather than manipulating representations living on a single spatial grid, our network layers operate across scale space, on a pyramid of grids. They consume multigrid inputs and ... More
Neural MultigridNov 23 2016We propose a multigrid extension of convolutional neural networks (CNNs). Rather than manipulating representations living on a single spatial grid, our network layers operate across scale space, on a pyramid of tensors. They consume multigrid inputs and ... More
Variability of Broad and Blueshifted Component of [OIII]$λ$5007 in IZWIApr 04 2005Although the existence of asymmetrical profile of [OIII]$\lambda$5007 has been discovered for ages, its filiation and physics are poorly understood. Two new spectra of I ZWI taken on Nov 16, 2001 and on Dec 3, 2002 were compared with the spectra taken ... More
Quantum computation with two-level trapped cold ions beyond Lamb-Dicke limitMay 14 2002We propose a simple scheme for implementing quantum logic gates with a string of two-level trapped cold ions outside the Lamb-Dicke limit. Two internal states of each ion are used as one computational qubit (CQ) and the collective vibration of ions acts ... More
Transient heat generation in a quantum dot under a step-like pulse biasJun 18 2012We study the transient heat generation in a quantum dot system driven by a step-like or a square-shaped pulse bias. We find that a periodically oscillating heat generation arises after adding the sudden bias. One particularly surprising result is that ... More
Quantum state engineering with flux-biased Josephson phase qubits by Stark-chirped rapid adiabatic passagesJul 01 2010Jul 12 2010In this paper, the scheme of quantum computing based on Stark chirped rapid adiabatic passage (SCRAP) technique [L. F. Wei et al., Phys. Rev. Lett. 100, 113601 (2008)] is extensively applied to implement the quantum-state manipulations in the flux-biased ... More
Electronic and Magnetic Structures of Chain Structured Iron Selenide CompoundsFeb 17 2012Electronic and magnetic structures of iron selenide compounds Ce2O2FeSe2 (2212\ast) and BaFe2Se3(123\ast) are studied by the first-principles calculations. We find that while all these compounds are composed of one-dimensional (1D) Fe chain (or ladder) ... More
Intrinsic Tunneling Spectra of Bi$_2$Sr$_2$CaCu$_2$O$_{8+δ}$ near Optimal DopingMar 07 2007Mar 13 2007We report tunneling spectra of near optimally doped Bi$_2$Sr$_2$CaCu$_2$O$_{8+\delta}$ intrinsic Josephson junctions with area of 0.09 $\mu$m$^2$, which avoid some fundamental difficulties in the previous tunneling experiments and allow a stable temperature-dependent ... More
Interaction between two non-threshold bound statesFeb 10 2009Mar 18 2009A general non-threshold BPS (F, D$_p$) (or (D$_{p - 2}$, D$_p$)) bound state can be described by a boundary state with a quantized world-volume electric (or magnetic) flux and is characterized by a pair of integers $(m, n)$. With this, we calculate explicitly ... More
Effects of magnetic dopants in (Li$_{0.8}$M$_{0.2}$OH)FeSe (M = Fe, Mn, Co): a density-functional theory study using band unfolding techniqueNov 18 2017Dec 15 2017The effects of Fe dopants in (Li$_{0.8}$Fe$_{0.2}$OH)FeSe on the electronic band structure are investigated by band unfolding ($k$-projection) technique based on first-principles supercell calculations. Doping 20\% Fe into the LiOH layers has significant ... More
A Sample of IRAS Infrared-Selected Seyfert 1.5 Galaxies: Infrared-Color $α(60,25)$ Dominated Eigenvector 1Oct 19 2005The well-documented E1 relationships are first extended to infrared color $\alpha(60,25)$ and flux ratio [OIII]/H$\beta_{\rm{n}}$ by comparing emission line properties to continuum properties in infrared wavelength. Both direct correlations and a principle ... More
Variability of Optical \ion{Fe}{ii} Complex in Narrow-Line Seyfert 1 Galaxy NGC 4051Apr 05 2005The variability of optical FeII blends in NGC 4051 is examined from spectra extracted from the AGN Watch program.In our analysis, the FeII complex are subtracted and measured with the following results. Firstly, the FeII variations were detected in NGC ... More
Insights Into AGN and Host Galaxy Co-evolution From Hard X-ray EmissionMar 22 2013We study the AGN-host co-evolution issue here by focusing on the correlation between the hard X-ray emission from central AGNs and the stellar populations of the host galaxies. By focusing on the galaxies with strong H$\alpha$ line emission (EW(H$\alpha)>5$\AA), ... More
Quantum computation with surface-state electrons by rapid population passagesSep 15 2012Quantum computation requires coherently controlling the evolutions of qubits. Usually, these manipulations are implemented by precisely designing the durations (such as the $\pi$-pulses) of the Rabi oscillations and tunable interbit coupling. Relaxing ... More
Study of light detection and sensitivity for a ton-scale liquid xenon dark matter detectorMay 11 2014Ton-scale liquid xenon detectors operated in two-phase mode are proposed and being constructed recently to explore the favored parameter space for the Weakly Interacting Massive Particles (WIMPs) dark matter. To achieve a better light collection eff ciency ... More
Elementary operations for quantum logic with a single trapped two-level cold ion beyond Lamb-Dicke limitMay 18 2002A simple alternative scheme for implementing quantum gates with a single trapped cold two-level ion beyond the Lamb-Dicke (LD) limit is proposed. Basing on the quantum dynamics for the laser-ion interaction described by a generalized Jaynes-Cummings model, ... More
Novel Structural Motifs in Oxidized GrapheneDec 31 2009The structural and electronic properties of oxidized graphene are investigated on the basis of the genetic algorithm and density functional theory calculations. We find two new low energy semiconducting phases of the fully oxidized graphene (C1O). In ... More
Giant tunnel magnetoresistance with a single magnetic phase-transition electrodeSep 03 2017Mar 06 2018Magnetic phase transition tunnel magnetoresistance (MPT-TMR) effect with a single magnetic electrode has been investigated by first-principles calculations. The calculations show that the MPT-TMR of FeRh/MgO/Cu tunnel junction can be as high as hundreds ... More
``Integrating in'' and exact superpotentials in 4dJul 18 1994We discuss integrating out matter fields and integrating in matter fields in four dimensional supersymmetric gauge theories. Highly nontrivial exact superpotentials can be easily obtained by starting from a known theory and integrating in matter.
Can Kozai-Lidov cycles explain Kepler-78b?Jan 14 2015Feb 24 2015Kepler-78b is one of a growing sample of planets similar, in composition and size, to the Earth. It was first detected with NASA's \emph{Kepler} spacecraft and then characterised in more detail using radial velocity follow-up observations. Not only is ... More
Crossover from Fermi to Non-Fermi Liquid in Two-Dimensional Interacting FermionsJun 12 1998Self-energy at zero temperature is investigated up to the third-order of interaction using one-patch model in two dimensions, whose interaction process corresponds to $g_4$-process of $g$-ology model in one dimension. The self-energy $\Sigma^R({\mib k},\epsilon)$ ... More
The classification of convex orders on affine root systemsDec 02 1999May 26 2000We classify all total orders having a certain convex property on the positive root system of an arbitrary untwisted affine Lie algebra ${\frak g}$. Such total orders are called convex orders and are used to construct convex bases of Poincar\'e-Birkhoff-Witt ... More
Gauge-independent Thermal $β$ Function In Yang-Mills Theory via the Pinch TechniqueDec 27 1995Jan 12 1996It is proposed to use the pinch technique (PT) to obtain the gauge-independent thermal $\beta$ function $\beta_T$ in a hot Yang-Mills gas. Calculations of the thermal $\beta$ function are performed at one-loop level in four different gauges, (i) the background ... More
Demons and Abelian Projection QCD: Action and CrossoverMar 03 1995I evaluate S_{APQCD}, the exact action of Abelian projection QCD, using the microcanonical demon method. Starting with a trial action consisting of L=1, L=2, & L=3 LxL plaquettes plus a Smit-van-der-Sijs magnetic monopole ``mass'' operator, I show that ... More
Subfactors of free products of rescalings of a II_1-factorMar 20 2002Let Q be any II_1-factor. It is shown that any standard lattice G can be realized as the standard invariant of a free product of (several) rescalings of Q. In particular, if Q has fundamental group equal to the positive reals and if P is the free product ... More
Observation of Kinetic Isotope Effect in Electrocatalysis with Fully Deuterated Ultrapure ElectrolytesApr 26 2019Kinetic isotope effect (KIE) is a common physicochemical effect to elucidate complicated microscopic reaction mechanism in biological, chemical and physical systems. Especially, the exchange of hydrogen to deuterium is a standard approach to investigate ... More
The spectrum of basic Dirac operatorsAug 31 2009This is a survey article on a known generalization of Dirac-type operators to transverse operators called basic Dirac operators on Riemannian foliations, which are smooth foliations that have a transverse geometric structure. Construction of these operators ... More
Syntactic and Semantic Distribution in Quantum MeasurementDec 06 2005The nondistributivity of compound quantum mechanical propositions leads to a theorem that rules out the possibility of microscopic deterministic hidden variables, the Logical No-Go Theorem. We observe that there appear in fact two distinct nondistributivity ... More
A Question of Self-consistent SemifactualityDec 06 2005Dec 07 2005This article is intended as a compendium and guide to the variety of Bell Inequality derivations that have appeared in the literature in recent years, classifying them into six broad categories, revealing the underlying, often hidden, assumption common ... More
Desingularizing compact Lie group actionsAug 31 2009This note surveys the well-known structure of G-manifolds and summarizes parts of two papers that have not yet appeared in print: one with joint with J. Bruning and F. W. Kamber, and another with I. Prokhorenkov. In particular, from a given manifold on ... More
A Splitting Criterion for Galois Representations Associated to Exceptional Modular Forms (mod p)Mar 14 2002Apr 16 2002This paper continues the study of certain two-dimensional Galois representations attached to modular forms (mod p) via a construction due to Deligne. In particular, we prove a criterion for determining when the representation is split when restricted ... More
Universal Boundary Entropies in Conformal Field Theory: A Quantum Monte Carlo StudyAug 14 2017Sep 21 2017Recently, entropy corrections on nonorientable manifolds such as the Klein bottle are proposed as a universal characterization of critical systems with an emergent conformal field theory (CFT). We show that entropy correction on the Klein bottle can be ... More
Denotational Semantics of the Simplified Lambda-Mu Calculus and a New Deduction System of Classical Type TheoryJun 21 2016Classical (or Boolean) type theory is the type theory that allows the type inference $\sigma \to \bot) \to \bot => \sigma$ (the type counterpart of double-negation elimination), where $\sigma$ is any type and $\bot$ is absurdity type. This paper first ... More
Chaotic Monte Carlo computation: a dynamical effect of random-number generationsDec 10 1998Mar 02 1999It is shown that superefficient Monte Carlo computations can be carried out by using chaotic dynamical systems as non-uniform random-number generators. Here superefficiency means that the expectation value of the square of the error decreases to 0 as ... More
Singularity analysis towards nonintegrability of nonhomogeneous nonlinear latticesApr 16 1997We show non-integrability of the nonlinear lattice of Fermi-Pasta-Ulam type via the singularity analysis(Picard-Vessiot theory) of normal variational equations of Lam\'e type.
Interpolated free group factorsNov 28 1992The interpolated free group factors L(F_r), 1 < r <= \infty, are defined and proofs of their properties with respect to compression by projections and taking free products are proved. Hence it follows that all the free group factor are isomorphic to each ... More
Consistency Management of Normal Logic Program by Top-down Abductive Proof ProcedureMar 05 2000This paper presents a method of computing a revision of a function-free normal logic program. If an added rule is inconsistent with a program, that is, if it leads to a situation such that no stable model exists for a new program, then deletion and addition ... More
Topological entropy of some automorphisms of reduced amalgamated free product C*-algebrasNov 02 1999Certain classes of automorphisms of recued amalgamated free products of C*-algebras are shown to have Brown-Voiculescu topological entropy zero. Also, for automorphisms of exact C*-algebras, the Connes-Narnhofer-Thirring entropy is shown to be bounded ... More
Quantum States as Ordinary InformationMar 08 2014Despite various parallels between quantum states and ordinary information, quantum no-go-theorems have convinced many that there is no realistic framework that might underly quantum theory, no reality that quantum states can represent knowledge *about*. ... More
Time-symmetric boundary conditions and quantum foundationsMar 22 2010Mar 17 2011Despite the widely-held premise that initial boundary conditions (BCs) corresponding to measurements/interactions can fully specify a physical subsystem, a literal reading of Hamilton's principle would imply that both initial and final BCs are required ... More
Abelian Action for Quark Confinement: A Direct EvaluationJul 27 1994Aug 25 1994We evaluate S_{APQCD}, the Abelian projection QCD(APQCD) action nonperturbatively on the lattice. For SU(2), we find S_{APQCD} at strong coupling is essentially the compact QED(CQED) action. At weaker coupling, we find S_{APQCD} mutates: it gains additional ... More
Decoupling of Photon Propagator in Compact QEDNov 11 1992Nov 13 1992In compact QED$_{2+1}$ quantum monopole fluctuations induce confinement by expelling electric flux in a dual Meissner effect. Guided by Landau-Ginzburg theory, one might guess that the inverse London penetration depth $\lambda^{-1}$---the only physical ... More
Gauge Dependence of Effective Quark Mass and Matrix Elements in Gaugefixed Large $N$ Strong Coupling Lattice QCDJul 03 1992In conjunction with recent numerical \hbox{$\lambda~\partial_0 A_0 + \nabla\cdot\vec{A} =0$} ``$\lambda$-gauge'' results reported in a companion paper, we construct an $N\to\infty$ Wilson loop picture of $\lambda$-gaugefixing in which (I)the $\lambda$-gauge ... More
Monopoles and Quark Confinement: Introduction and OverviewMay 02 1994Jun 20 1994We (try to) pedagogically explain how monopoles arise in QCD, why maximal Abelian(MA) gauge is ``special'' for monopole study, the Abelian projection in MA gauge, its resultant degrees of freedom(photons, monopoles and charged matter fields), and the ... More
First-class constraints and the BV formalismDec 14 2016Employing the Batalin-Vilkovisky (BV) formalism, we present a systematic and simple prescription to derive (first-class) constraints including the Hamiltonian constraint (a.k.a. flow equation), which plays pivotal role in holographic computation of Weyl ... More
Quantum Proton Tunneling in Multi-electron/-proton Transfer Electrode ProcessesApr 11 2019Quantum proton tunneling (QPT) in the two representative multi-electron/-proton transfer electrode processes, i.e. hydrogen evolution reaction (HER) and oxygen reduction reaction (ORR), was investigated by using polycrystalline platinum (pcPt) and gold ... More
Vanishing viscosity limits for axisymmetric flows with boundaryJun 13 2018Jan 05 2019We construct global weak solutions of the Euler equations in an infinite cylinder $\Pi=\{x\in \mathbb{R}^{3}\ |\ x_h=(x_1,x_2),\ r=|x_h|<1\}$ for axisymmetric initial data without swirl when initial vorticity $\omega_{0}=\omega^{\theta}_{0}e_{\theta}$ ... More
The vorticity equations in a half plane with measures as initial dataApr 08 2019We consider the two-dimensional Navier-Stokes equations subject to the Dirichlet boundary condition in a half plane for initial vorticity with finite measures. We study local well-posedness of the associated vorticity equations for measures with a small ... More
The Navier-Stokes equations with the Neumann boundary condition in an infinite cylinderJun 13 2018Jan 05 2019We prove unique existence of local-in-time smooth solutions of the Navier-Stokes equations for initial data in $L^{p}$ and $p \in [3, \infty)$ in an infinite cylinder, subject to the Neumann boundary condition.
Stable Model of X_0(125)Mar 09 2004In this paper we determine the components in the stable model of X_0(125) over C_5 by constructing in rigid-analytic terminology an explicit semi-stable covering. We then offer empirical data regarding the placement of certain CM j-invariants in the supersingular ... More
Distribution of the partition function modulo mAug 17 2000Ramanujan (and others) proved that the partition function satisfies a number of striking congruences modulo powers of 5, 7 and 11. A number of further congruences were shown by the works of Atkin, O'Brien, and Newman. In this paper we prove that there ... More
Multilinear function series and transforms in free probability theoryApr 18 2005Jun 05 2005The algebra Mul[[B]] of formal multilinear function series over an algebra B and its quotient SymMul[[B]] are introduced, as well as corresponding operations of formal composition. In the setting of Mul[[B]], the unsymmetrized R- and T-transforms of random ... More
Pentaquark SearchesFeb 28 2007Mar 14 2007Current evidence does not favor the existence of the \thplus pentaquark, which was reported by several groups in the years after 2002. The question naturally arises: how could many groups could have seen fluctuations in their data at the level of 3-5 ... More
Traces of heat operators on Riemannian foliationsOct 05 2007Apr 02 2009We consider the basic heat operator on functions on a Riemannian foliation of a compact, Riemannian manifold, and we show that the trace of this operator has a particular short time asymptotic expansion. The coefficients in this expansion are obtainable ... More
Does Sub-millisecond Pulsar XTE J1739-285 Contain a Low Magnetic Neutron Star or Quark Star ?Aug 27 2007Sep 11 2007With the possible detection of the fastest spinning nuclear-powered pulsar XTE J1739-285 of frequency 1122 Hz (0.8913 ms), it arouses us to constrain the mass and radius of its central compact object and to imply the stellar matter compositions: neutrons ... More
Evolution of Iron K$_α$ Line Emission in the Black Hole Candidate GX 339-4Jan 25 2001GX 339-4 was regularly monitored with RXTE during a period (in 1999) when its X-ray flux decreased significantly (from 4.2$\times 10^{-10}$ erg cm$^{-2} s^{-1}$ to 7.6$\times 10^{-12}$ erg cm$^{-2}$s$^{-1}$ in the 3--20 keV band), as the source settled ... More
Experimental realization of noise-induced adiabaticity in nuclear magnetic resonanceFeb 05 2018The adiabatic evolution is the dynamics of an instantaneous eigenstate of a slowly varing Hamiltonian. Recently, an interesting phenomenon shows up that white noises can enhance and even induce adiabaticity, which is in contrast to previous perception ... More
Improvement of SNR with Chaotic Spreading Sequences for CDMAFeb 26 1999Mar 08 1999We show that chaotic spreading sequences generated by ergodic mappings of Chebyshev orthogonal polynomials have better correlation properties for CDMA(code division multiple access) than the optimal binary sequences (Gold sequences) in the sense of ensemble ... More
Exact Lyapunov exponents of the generalized Boole transformationsOct 29 2015Jan 07 2016The generalized Boole transformations have rich behavior ranging from the \textit{mixing} phase with the Cauchy invariant measure to the \textit{dissipative} phase through the \textit{infinite ergodic} phase with the Lebesgue measure. In this Letter, ... More
A Robust Approximation to a Lambert-Type FunctionApr 08 2015The function $y = g(x) = \mathrm{log}\big(W(e^x)\big)$, where $W()$ denotes the Lambert W function, is the solution to the equation $y + e^y = x$. It appears in various problem situations, for instance the calculation of current-voltage curves for solar ... More
Global well-posedness of the two-dimensional exterior Navier-Stokes equations for non-decaying dataAug 23 2016We prove global well-posedness of the two-dimensional exterior Navier-Stokes equations for bounded initial data with a finite Dirichlet integral, subject to the non-slip boundary condition. As an application, we construct global solutions for asymptotically ... More
Reality, No Matter How You Slice ItOct 30 2013In order to reject the notion that information is always about something, the "It from Bit" idea relies on the nonexistence of a realistic framework that might underly quantum theory. This essay develops the case that there is a plausible underlying reality: ... More
Establishing a direct connection between detrended fluctuation analysis and Fourier analysisAug 10 2015Nov 02 2015To understand methodological features of the detrended fluctuation analysis (DFA) using a higher-order polynomial fitting, we establish the direct connection between DFA and Fourier analysis. Based on an exact calculation of the single-frequency response ... More
Lazy Transformation-Based LearningJun 03 1998We introduce a significant improvement for a relatively new machine learning method called Transformation-Based Learning. By applying a Monte Carlo strategy to randomly sample from the space of rules, rather than exhaustively analyzing all possible rules, ... More