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Direct probing of the cluster structure in ${}^{12}$Be via $α$-knockout reactionFeb 08 2019Feb 14 2019Background: Recent theoretical and experimental researches using proton-induced $\alpha$-knockout reactions provide direct manifestation of $\alpha$-cluster formation in nuclei. In recent and future experiments, $\alpha$-knockout data are available for ... More
Applicability of the continuum-discretized coupled-channels method to the deuteron breakup at low energiesJul 18 2016Aug 19 2016We re-examine the deuteron elastic breakup cross sections on 12C and 10Be at low incident energies, for which a serious discrepancy between the continuum-discretized coupled-channels method (CDCC) and the Faddeev-Alt-Grassberger-Sandhas theory (FAGS) ... More
Strong Koszulness of the toric ring associated to a cut idealOct 02 2014Oct 17 2014A cut ideal of a graph was introduced by Sturmfels and Sullivant. In this paper, we give a necessary and sufficient condition for toric rings associated to the cut ideal to be Strongly Koszul.
Tachyonic Kink and Lump-like Solutions in Superstring Field TheoryApr 26 2001Apr 30 2001We construct a kink solution on a non-BPS D-brane using Berkovits' formulation of superstring field theory in the level truncation scheme. The tension of the kink reproduces 95% of the expected BPS D-brane tension. We also find a lump-like solution which ... More
Hopf Maps, Lowest Landau Level, and Fuzzy SpheresSep 07 2010Oct 12 2010This paper is a review of monopoles, lowest Landau level, fuzzy spheres, and their mutual relations. The Hopf maps of division algebras provide a prototype relation between monopoles and fuzzy spheres. Generalization of complex numbers to Clifford algebra ... More
Unification of Laughlin and Moore-Read States in SUSY Quantum Hall EffectMay 31 2007May 07 2008Based on the recently proposed SUSY quantum Hall effect, we show that Laughlin and Moore-Read states are related by a hidden SUSY transformation. Regarding the SUSY Laughlin wavefunction as a master wavefunction, Laughlin and Moore-Read states appear ... More
Quantum Hall Liquid on a Noncommutative SuperplaneMar 22 2005Feb 17 2006Supersymmetric quantum Hall liquids are constructed on a noncommutative superplane. We explore a supersymmetric formalism of the Landau problem. In the lowest Landau level, there appear spin-less bosonic states and spin-1/2 down fermionic states, which ... More
The Split-Algebras and Non-compact Hopf MapsMay 18 2009May 25 2010We develop a noncompact version of the Hopf maps based on the split algebras. The split algebras consist of three species: split-complex numbers, split quaternions, and split octonions. They correspond to three noncompact Hopf maps that represent topological ... More
Geometrical Construction of Supertwistor TheoryMay 18 2008Supertwistor theory is geometrically constructed based on the SUSY Hopf map. We derive a new incidence relation for the geometrical supertwistor theory. The present supertwistor exhibits remarkable properties: Minkowski space need not be complexified ... More
Supersymmetric Chern-Simons Theory and Supersymmetric Quantum Hall LiquidJun 01 2006Aug 27 2006We develop a supersymmetric extension of Chern-Simons theory and Chern-Simons-Landau-Ginzburg theory for supersymmetric quantum Hall liquid. Supersymmetric counterparts of topological and gauge structures peculiar to the Chern-Simons theory are inspected ... More
Supersymmetric Quantum Hall Effect on Fuzzy SupersphereNov 15 2004Apr 21 2005Supersymmetric quantum Hall liquids are constructed on a supersphere in a supermonopole background. We derive a supersymmetric generalization of the Laughlin wavefunction, which is a ground state of a hard-core $OSp(1|2)$ invariant Hamiltonian. We also ... More
Jacobian fibrations on the singular K3 surface of discriminant 3May 14 2014In this paper we give the Weierstrass equations and the generators of Mordell-Weil groups for Jacobian fibrations on the singular K3 surface of discriminant 3.
Affinoids in the Lubin-Tate perfectoid space and special cases of the local Langlands correspondenceSep 08 2016Nov 29 2018Following Weinstein, Boyarchenko-Weinstein and Imai-Tsushima, we construct a family of affinoids in the Lubin-Tate perfectoid space and formal models such that the cohomology of the reduction of each formal model realizes the local Langlands correspondence ... More
On a certain local identity for Lapid-Mao's conjecture and formal degree conjecture : even unitary group caseFeb 13 2019Lapid and Mao formulated a conjecture on an explicit formula of Whittaker Fourier coefficients of automorphic forms on quasi-split classical groups and metaplectic groups as an analogue of Ichino-Ikeda conjecture. They also showed that this conjecture ... More
Relativistic Landau Models and Generation of Fuzzy SpheresNov 15 2015Aug 23 2016Non-commutative geometry naturally emerges in low energy physics of Landau models as a consequence of level projection. In this work, we proactively utilize the level projection as an effective tool to generate fuzzy geometry. The level projection is ... More
Higher Dimensional Quantum Hall Effect as A-Class Topological InsulatorMar 20 2014Aug 02 2014We perform a detail study of higher dimensional quantum Hall effects and A-class topological insulators with emphasis on their relations to non-commutative geometry. There are two different formulations of non-commutative geometry for higher dimensional ... More
SUSY Quantum Hall Effect on Non-Anti-Commutative GeometryOct 01 2007Feb 22 2008We review the recent developments of the SUSY quantum Hall effect [hep-th/0409230, hep-th/0411137, hep-th/0503162, hep-th/0606007, arXiv:0705.4527]. We introduce a SUSY formulation of the quantum Hall effect on supermanifolds. On each of supersphere and ... More
Large deviations for simple random walk on percolations with long-range correlationsAug 10 2013Nov 01 2013We show quenched large deviations for the simple random walk on a certain class of percolations with long-range correlations. This class contains the supercritical Bernoulli percolations, the model considered by Drewitz, R'ath and Sapozhnikov and the ... More
A finite Toda representation of the box-ball system with box capacitySep 10 2011A connection between the finite ultradiscrete Toda lattice and the box-ball system is extended to the case where each box has own capacity and a carrier has a capacity parameter depending on time. In order to consider this connection, new carrier rules ... More
The second homology group of the homological Goldman Lie algebraJul 13 2012Dec 12 2012We determine the second homology group of the homological Goldman Lie algebra for an oriented surface.
Affinoids in the Lubin-Tate perfectoid space and special cases of the local Langlands correspondence in positive characteristicSep 08 2016Following Weinstein, Boyarchenko-Weinstein and Imai-Tsushima, we construct a family of affinoids in the Lubin-Tate perfectoid space and formal models such that the cohomology of the reduction of each formal model realizes the local Langlands correspondence ... More
Enlargement of subgraphs of infinite graphs by Bernoulli percolationJun 19 2015Jun 10 2017We consider changes in properties of a subgraph of an infinite graph resulting from the addition of open edges of Bernoulli percolation on the infinite graph to the subgraph. We give the triplet of an infinite graph, one of its subgraphs, and a property ... More
Long time behavior of the volume of the Wiener sausage on Dirichlet spacesMar 26 2018Sep 25 2018In the present paper, we consider long time behaviors of the volume of the Wiener sausage on Dirichlet spaces. We focus on the volume of the Wiener sausage for diffusion processes on metric measure spaces other than the Euclid space equipped with the ... More
Weierstrass equations for Jacobian fibrations on a certain K3 surfaceMay 15 2012Jul 23 2012In this paper we give the Weierstrass equations for Jacobian fibrations on the K3 surface that is the minimal resolution of the double covering of projective plane ramified along generic six lines.
Asymmetry of the parallel momentum distribution of (p,pN) reaction residuesMay 25 2015Oct 08 2015The parallel momentum distribution (PMD) of the residual nuclei of the 14O(p,pn)13O and 14O(p,2p)13N reactions at 100 and 200 MeV/nucleon in inverse kinematics is investigated with the framework of the distorted wave impulse approximation. The PMD shows ... More
Investigating the alpha-clustering on the surface of $^{120}$Sn via ($p$,$pα$) reaction and the validity of the factorization approximationMar 02 2016Sep 28 2016The $^{120}$Sn($p$,$p\alpha$)$^{116}$Cd reaction at 392 MeV is investigated with the distorted wave impulse approximation (DWIA) framework. We show that this reaction is very peripheral mainly because of the strong absorption of $\alpha$ by the reaction ... More
CFT Description of Identity String Field: Toward Derivation of the VSFT ActionDec 19 2001Jan 05 2002We concretely define the identity string field as a surface state and deal with it consistently in terms of conformal field theory language, never using its formal properties nor oscillator representation of it. The generalized gluing and resmoothing ... More
High-z gamma-ray bursts for unraveling the dark ages mission HiZ-GUNDAMJun 17 2014We are now investigating and studying a small satellite mission HiZ-GUNDAM for future observation of gamma-ray bursts (GRBs). The mission concept is to probe "the end of dark ages and the dawn of formation of astronomical objects", i.e. the physical condition ... More
Direct probing of the cluster structure in ${}^{12}$Be via $α$-knockout reactionFeb 08 2019Background: Recent theoretical and experimental researches using proton-induced $\alpha$-knockout reactions provide direct manifestation of $\alpha$-cluster formation in nuclei. In recent and future experiments, $\alpha$-knockout data are available for ... More
Quantum Entanglement and Topological Order in Hole-Doped Valence Bond Solid StatesOct 01 2012Mar 02 2013We present a detailed analysis of topological properties of the valence bond solid (VBS) states doped with fermionic holes. As concrete examples, we consider the supersymmetric extension of the SU(2)- and the SO(5) VBS states, dubbed UOSp(1|2) and UOSp(1|4) ... More
Roots of the Ehrhart polynomial of hypersimplicesApr 29 2013Aug 14 2013The Ehrhart polynomial of the $d$-th hypersimplex $\Delta(d,n)$ of order $n$ is studied. By computational experiments and a known result for $d=2$, we conjecture that the real part of every roots of the Ehrhart polynomial of $\Delta(d,n)$ is negative ... More
Fast Simulations of Gravitational Many-body Problem on RV770 GPUApr 23 2009The gravitational many-body problem is a problem concerning the movement of bodies, which are interacting through gravity. However, solving the gravitational many-body problem with a CPU takes a lot of time due to O(N^2) computational complexity. In this ... More
First-principles studies for structural transitions in ordered phase of cubic approximant Cd6CaJun 09 2008Recently low-temperature structural transition has been reported for complex cubic compounds Cd6M (M=Ca, Yb, Y, rare earth) and it is believed that the transition is due to orientational ordering of an atomic shell in the icosahedral cluster in Cd6M. ... More
Search for Sphalerons in Proton-Proton CollisionsJan 14 2016In a recent paper, Tye and Wong (TW) have argued that sphaleron-induced transitions in high-energy proton-proton collisions should be enhanced compared to previous calculations, based on a construction of a Bloch wave function in the periodic sphaleron ... More
Direct Connection between the R_{II} Chain and the Nonautonomous Discrete Modified KdV LatticeSep 19 2013Nov 26 2013The spectral transformation technique for symmetric R_{II} polynomials is developed. Use of this technique reveals that the nonautonomous discrete modified KdV (nd-mKdV) lattice is directly connected with the R_{II} chain. Hankel determinant solutions ... More
Quantum Zeno and anti-Zeno effects by indirect measurement with finite errorsOct 05 2002We study the quantum Zeno effect and the anti-Zeno effect in the case of `indirect' measurements, where a measuring apparatus does not act directly on an unstable system, for a realistic model with finite errors in the measurement. A general and simple ... More
Mordell-Weil lattice of Inose's Elliptic $K3$ surface arising from the product of 3-isogenous elliptic curvesSep 17 2016From the product of two elliptic curves, Shioda and Inose constructed an elliptic $K3$ surface having two $\mathrm{II}^*$ fibers. Its Mordell-Weil lattice structure depends on the morphisms between the two elliptic curves. In this paper, we give a method ... More
Refined global Gross-Prasad conjecture on special Bessel periods and Böcherer's conjectureNov 17 2016Nov 24 2016In this paper we pursue the refined global Gross-Prasad conjecture for Bessel periods formulated by Yifeng Liu in the case of special Bessel periods for $\mathrm{SO}\left(2n+1\right)\times\mathrm{SO}\left(2\right)$. Recall that a Bessel period for $\mathrm{SO}\left(2n+1\right)\times\mathrm{SO}\left(2\right)$ ... More
Microscopic effective reaction theory for deuteron-induced reactionsJul 21 2016Sep 28 2016The microscopic effective reaction theory is applied to deuteron-induced reactions. A reaction model-space characterized by a $p+n+{\rm A}$ three-body model is adopted, where A is the target nucleus, and the nucleon-target potential is described by a ... More
Extracting electric dipole breakup cross section of one-neutron halo nuclei from breakup observablesDec 27 2013Jul 25 2014How to extract an electric dipole (E1) breakup cross section \sigma(E1) from one- neutron removal cross sections measured by using 12C and 208Pb targets, \sigma_(-1n)^C and \sigma_(-1n)^Pb, respectively, is discussed. It is shown that within about 5% ... More
Performance Improvement of an AS-friendly Peer Selection Algorithm for P2P Live StreamingFeb 06 2016Minimum Physical Hop (MPH) has been proposed as a peer selection algorithm for decreasing inter-AS (Autonomous System) traffic volume in P2P live streaming. In MPH, a newly joining peer selects a peer whose physical hop count (i.e., the number of ASes ... More
Dynamics of bubbles in a two-component Bose-Einstein condensateNov 25 2010The dynamics of a phase-separated two-component Bose-Einstein condensate are investigated, in which a bubble of one component moves through the other component. Numerical simulations of the Gross--Pitaevskii equation reveal a variety of dynamics associated ... More
Von Kármán vortex street in a Bose-Einstein condensateFeb 10 2010Vortex shedding from an obstacle potential moving in a Bose-Einstein condensate is investigated. Long-lived alternately aligned vortex pairs are found to form in the wake, as for the von K\'arm\'an vortex street in classical viscous fluids. Various patterns ... More
Hall Effect and Resistivity in High-Tc Superconductors: The Conserving ApproximationMay 29 1999The Hall coefficient (R_H) of high-Tc cuprates in the normal state shows the striking non-Fermi liquid behavior: R_H follows a Curie-Weiss type temperature dependence, and |R_H|>>1/|ne| at low temperatures in the under-doped compounds. Moreover, R_H is ... More
A discretisation method with the $H_{\rm div}$ inner product for electric field integral equationsMay 25 2016A discretisation method with the $H_{\rm div}$ inner product for the electric field integral equation~(EFIE) is proposed. The EFIE with the conventional Galerkin discretisation shows bad accuracy for problems with a small frequency, a problem known as ... More
Formulation of the Relativistic Quantum Hall Effect and "Parity Anomaly"Feb 08 2016Jul 29 2016We present a relativistic formulation of the quantum Hall effect on Haldane sphere. An explicit form of the pseudopotential is derived for the relativistic quantum Hall effect with/without mass term. We clarify particular features of the relativistic ... More
Precoloring extension involving pairs of vertices of small distanceAug 14 2013In this paper, we consider coloring of graphs under the assumption that some vertices are already colored. Let $G$ be an $r$-colorable graph and let $P\subset V(G)$. Albertson [J.\ Combin.\ Theory Ser. B \textbf{73} (1998), 189--194] has proved that if ... More
Capillary instability in a two-component Bose-Einstein condensateMar 02 2011Capillary instability and the resulting dynamics in an immiscible two-component Bose-Einstein condensate are investigated using the mean-field and Bogoliubov analyses. A long, cylindrical condensate surrounded by the other component is dynamically unstable ... More
Stochastic shear thickening fluids: Strong convergence of the Galerkin approximation and the energy equalitySep 11 2010Oct 08 2012We consider a stochastic partial differential equation (SPDE) which describes the velocity field of a viscous, incompressible non-Newtonian fluid subject to a random force. Here, the extra stress tensor of the fluid is given by a polynomial of degree ... More
On Reward Function for SurvivalJun 18 2016Jul 24 2016Obtaining a survival strategy (policy) is one of the fundamental problems of biological agents. In this paper, we generalize the formulation of previous research related to the survival of an agent and we formulate the survival problem as a maximization ... More
Maximizing a Monotone Submodular Function with a Bounded Curvature under a Knapsack ConstraintJul 15 2016We consider the problem of maximizing a monotone submodular function under a knapsack constraint. We show that, for any fixed $\epsilon > 0$, there exists a polynomial-time algorithm with an approximation ratio $1-c/e-\epsilon$, where $c \in [0,1]$ is ... More
Testing List H-HomomorphismsJun 16 2011Let $H$ be an undirected graph. In the List $H$-Homomorphism Problem, given an undirected graph $G$ with a list constraint $L(v) \subseteq V(H)$ for each variable $v \in V(G)$, the objective is to find a list $H$-homomorphism $f:V(G) \to V(H)$, that is, ... More
Efficient determination of alloy ground-state structuresJul 07 2014We propose an efficient approach to accurately finding the ground-state structures in alloys based on the cluster expansion method. In this approach, a small number of candidate ground-state structures are obtained without any information of the energy. ... More
Prospects of the Nambu BracketApr 11 2016May 20 2016We review recent progress in formulating the worldvolume theory of M2-branes using the Nambu bracket. Although it is generally agreed that this formulation should be replaced by another using the superconformal Chern-Simons theory, we try to pursue a ... More
Topological color code and symmetry-protected topological phasesMar 24 2015Sep 02 2015We study $(d-1)$-dimensional excitations in the $d$-dimensional color code that are created by transversal application of the $R_{d}$ phase operators on connected subregions of qubits. We find that such excitations are superpositions of electric charges ... More
On the action of algebraic correspondences on weight spectral sequencesSep 10 2011In a work of T. Saito, the action of algebraic correspondences on the etale cohomology of varieties over local fields with semistable reduction is related to correspondences on smaller strata via weight spectral sequences. We give an intersection theoretic ... More
Q-Networks for Binary Vector ActionsDec 04 2015In this paper reinforcement learning with binary vector actions was investigated. We suggest an effective architecture of the neural networks for approximating an action-value function with binary vector actions. The proposed architecture approximates ... More
Decay properties of solutions to the Cauchy problem for the scalar conservation law with nonlinearly degenerate viscosityNov 24 2014In this paper, we study the decay rate in time to solutions of the Cauchy problem for the one-dimensional viscous conservation law where the far field states are prescribed. Especially, we deal with the case that the flux function which is convex and ... More
Asymptotic expansion for the quadratic form of the diffusion processDec 23 2012In [8], asymptotic expansion of the martingale with mixed normal limit was provided. The expansion formula is expressed by the adjoint of a random symbol with coefficients described by the Malliavin calculus, differently from the standard invariance principle. ... More
Phase Transitions for the Groeth Rate of Linear Stochastic EvolutionsMay 17 2008Jun 26 2009We consider a simple discrete-time Markov chain with values in $[0,\infty)^{Z^d}$. The Markov chain describes various interesting examples such as oriented percolation, directed polymers in random environment, time discretizations of binary contact path ... More
A W(E_6)-equivariant projective embedding of the moduli space of cubic surfacesFeb 13 2000An explicit projective embedding of the moduli space of marked cubic surfaces is given. This embedding is equivariant under the Weyl group of type E6. The image is defined by a system of linear and cubic equations. To express the embedding in a most symmetric ... More
An ultrametric space of Eisenstein polynomials and ramification theoryMay 26 2011Sep 04 2011We give a criterion whether given Eisenstein polynomials over a local field K define the same extension over K in terms of a certain non-Archimedean metric on the set of polynomials. The criterion and its proof depend on ramification theory.
Local class field theory via Lubin-Tate theoryJun 05 2006Oct 13 2008We give a self-contained proof of local class field theory, via Lubin-Tate theory and the Hasse-Arf theorem, refining the arguments of Iwasawa's book. In the revised version, (i) positive characteristic case is included, (ii) the proof of base change ... More
Abelian etale coverings of modular curves over local fieldsMay 22 2004We relate a part of the abelian etale fundamental group of curves over local fields to the component group of the Neron model of the jacobian. We apply the result to the modular curve X_0(p)/Q_p to show that the unramified abelian covering X_1(p) over ... More
Information storage capacity of discrete spin systemsNov 14 2011Dec 24 2012Understanding the limits imposed on information storage capacity of physical systems is a problem of fundamental and practical importance which bridges physics and information science. There is a well-known upper bound on the amount of information that ... More
The equivariant local index of the reduced space in the symplectic cuttingFeb 26 2014Aug 31 2016We compute the equivariant local index for the reduced space in a symplectic cut space, provided that the reduced space is compact.
Structure Formation in the Early UniverseJun 23 2009The standard theory of cosmic structure formation posits that the present-day rich structure of the Universe developed through gravitational amplification of tiny matter density fluctuations generated in its very early history. Recent observations of ... More
Decay properties of solutions toward a multiwave pattern to the Cauchy problem for the scalar conservation law with degenerate flux and viscosityNov 24 2014In this paper, we study the precise decay rate in time to solutions of the Cauchy problem for the one-dimensional conservation law with a nonlinearly degenerate viscosity where the far field states are prescribed. Especially, we deal with the case when ... More
Chiral Symmetry, Heavy Quark Symmetry and Bound StatesJun 12 1995I investigate the bound state problems of lowest-lying mesons and heavy mesons. Chiral symmetry is essential when one consider lowest-lying mesons. Heavy quark symmetry plays an central role in considering the semi-leptonic form factors of heavy mesons. ... More
Optimal Constant-Time Approximation Algorithms and (Unconditional) Inapproximability Results for Every Bounded-Degree CSPJun 17 2010Oct 29 2010Raghavendra (STOC 2008) gave an elegant and surprising result: if Khot's Unique Games Conjecture (STOC 2002) is true, then for every constraint satisfaction problem (CSP), the best approximation ratio is attained by a certain simple semidefinite programming ... More
Local torus actions modeled on the standard representationOct 11 2007Jun 02 2011We introduce the notion of a local torus action modeled on the standard representation (for simplicity, we call it a local torus action). It is a generalization of a locally standard torus action and also an underlying structure of a locally toric Lagrangian ... More
Twisted toric structuresMay 15 2006This paper introduces the notion of twisted toric manifolds which is a generalization of one of symplectic toric manifolds, and proves the weak Delzant type classification theorem for them. The computation methods for their fundamental groups, cohomology ... More
Steenrod-Cech homology-cohomology theories associated with bivariant functorsDec 28 2011Let NG0 denote the category of all pointed numerically generated spaces and continuous maps preserving base-points. In [SYH], we described a passage from bivariant functors to generalized homology and cohomology theories. In this paper, we construct a ... More
Equivariant local indexNov 02 2011Jan 05 2012This is an expository article on the equivariant local index developed by Fujita, Furuta, and the author in arXiv:1008.5007.
A general method to construct cube-like categories and applications to homotopy theoryFeb 26 2015In this paper, we introduce a method to construct new categories which look like "cubes", and discuss model structures on the presheaf categories over them. First, we introduce a notion of thin-powered structure on small categories, which provides a generalized ... More
Cohomology and L-valuesDec 21 2010In a paper published in 1959, Shimura presented an elegant calculation of the critical values of L-functions attached to elliptic modular forms using the first cohomology group. We will show that a similar calculation is possible for Hilbert modular forms ... More
Automorphic functions for a Kleinian groupApr 06 2009In the paper `Automorphic functions for a Whitehead-complement group', [Osaka J Math 43 (2006) 63-77] Matsumoto, Nishi and Yoshida constructed automorphic functions on real 3-dimensional hyperbolic space for a Kleinian group called the Whitehead-link-complement ... More
Gowers Norm, Function Limits, and Parameter EstimationOct 19 2014Mar 26 2015Let $\{f_i:\mathbb{F}_p^i \to \{0,1\}\}$ be a sequence of functions, where $p$ is a fixed prime and $\mathbb{F}_p$ is the finite field of order $p$. The limit of the sequence can be syntactically defined using the notion of ultralimit. Inspired by the ... More
Factorization of 4d N=1 superconformal indexMar 04 2014We study the factorization of four dimensional N=1 superconformal index for U(N) (SU(N)) SQCD with N_F fundamental and anti-fundamental chiral multiplets. When both the anomaly free R-charge assignment and the traceless condition for total vorticities ... More
Geometrical Analysis of Brane Creation via M-TheoryNov 24 1997A geometrical analysis is given of Dirichlet fourbrane creation, when sixbrane crosses fivebrane in M-theory. A special property of the Taub-NUT space leads to the consequence. When brane configurations are considered for four dimensional N=2 field theories, ... More
Dynamical Symmetry Breaking with Large Anomalous Dimension in Gauge TheoriesSep 10 1995An analysis is given of the dynamical symmetry breaking of semi-simple gauge groups. We construct a class of renormalizable gauge theories for the dynamically broken topcolor and technicolor interactions. It is shown that a four-Fermi interaction in the ... More
A Characterization of Locally Testable Affine-Invariant Properties via Decomposition TheoremsFeb 10 2014Let $\mathcal{P}$ be a property of function $\mathbb{F}_p^n \to \{0,1\}$ for a fixed prime $p$. An algorithm is called a tester for $\mathcal{P}$ if, given a query access to the input function $f$, with high probability, it accepts when $f$ satisfies ... More
On Instanton Calculations of N=2 Supersymmetric Yang-Mills TheoryOct 28 1996Instanton calculations are demonstrated from a viewpoint of twisted topological field theory. Various properties become manifest such that perturbative corrections are terminated at one-loop, and norm cancellations occur between bosonic and fermionic ... More
On some questions of Fisk and BrändénMay 23 2010P. Br\"and\'en recently proved a conjecture due to S. Fisk, R. P. Stanley, P. R. W. McNamara and B. E. Sagan. In addition, P. Br\"and\'en gave a partial answer to a question posed by S. Fisk regarding the distribution of zeros of polynomials under the ... More
On Liftings of Local Torus Actions to Fiber BundlesOct 11 2007Sep 02 2010In this note we define a lifting of a local torus action modeled on the standard representation (we call it a local torus action for simplicity) to a principal torus bundle, and show that there is an obstruction class for the existence of liftings in ... More
Central Limit Theorem for Branching Random Walks in Random EnvironmentDec 05 2007We consider branching random walks in $d$-dimensional integer lattice with time-space i.i.d. offspring distributions. When $d \ge 3$ and the fluctuation of the environment is well moderated by the random walk, we prove a central limit theorem for the ... More
Observations of High Energy Cosmic-Ray Electrons from 30 GeV to 3 TeV with Emulsion ChambersOct 10 2012We have performed a series of cosmic-ray electron observations using the balloon-borne emulsion chambers since 1968. While we previously reported the results from subsets of the exposures, the final results of the total exposures up to 2001 are presented ... More
Ultra-Relativistic Hamiltonian with Various Singular PotentialsAug 20 1999It is shown from a simple scaling invariance that the ultra-relativistic Hamiltonian (mu=0) does not have bound states when the potential is Coulombic. This supplements the application of the relativistic virial theorem derived by Lucha and Schoeberl ... More
Nonperturbative Aspect In N=2 Supersymmetric Noncommutative Yang-Mills TheorySep 06 2000We investigate asymptotic behaviors of the strong coupling limit in the N=2 supersymmetric non-commutative Yang-Mills theory. The strong coupling behavior is quite different from the commutative one since the non-commutative dual U(1) theory is asymptotic ... More
Ramification of local fields and Fontaine's property (Pm)May 08 2009Apr 08 2011We prove that the ramification filtration of the absolute Galois group of a comlete discrete valuation field with perfect residue field is characterized in terms of Fontaine's property (Pm).
Barvinok's Rational Functions: Algorithms and Applications to Optimization, Statistics, and AlgebraJun 15 2004The main theme of this dissertation is the study of the lattice points in a rational convex polyhedron and their encoding in terms of Barvinok's short rational functions. The first part of this thesis looks into theoretical applications of these rational ... More
HERA Small-x and/or DiffractionFeb 21 2001Apr 03 2001Recent HERA data on small-x structure functions as well as DIS diffraction and diffractive vector meson production are presented. The relationship between these processes and possible indications of dynamics beyond the DGLAP formalism are discussed.
Non-Commutative Geometry in Higher Dimensional Quantum Hall Effect as A-Class Topological InsulatorAug 04 2014We clarify relations between the higher dimensional quantum Hall effect and A-class topological insulator. In particular, we elucidate physical implications of the higher dimensional non-commutative geometry in the context of A-class topological insulator. ... More
Graded Hopf Maps and Fuzzy SuperspheresJun 24 2011Aug 26 2011We argue supersymmetric generalizations of fuzzy two- and four-spheres based on the unitary-orthosymplectic algebras, $uosp(N|2)$ and $uosp(N|4)$, respectively. Supersymmetric version of Schwinger construction is applied to derive graded fully symmetric ... More
Hyperbolic Supersymmetric Quantum Hall EffectSep 29 2008Jan 26 2009Developing a non-compact version of the SUSY Hopf map, we formulate the quantum Hall effect on a super-hyperboloid. Based on $OSp(1|2)$ group theoretical methods, we first analyze the one-particle Landau problem, and successively explore the many-body ... More
Non-Compact Hopf Maps and Fuzzy Ultra-HyperboloidsJul 09 2012Sep 14 2012Fuzzy hyperboloids naturally emerge in the geometries of D-branes, twistor theory, and higher spin theories. In this work, we perform a systematic study of higher dimensional fuzzy hyperboloids (ultra-hyperboloids) based on non-compact Hopf maps. Two ... More
Global network structure of dominance hierarchy of ant workersJul 16 2014Aug 22 2014Dominance hierarchy among animals is widespread in various species and believed to serve to regulate resource allocation within an animal group. Unlike small groups, however, detection and quantification of linear hierarchy in large groups of animals ... More
The ideals of the homological Goldman Lie algebraDec 06 2011Jul 17 2012We determine all the ideals of the homological Goldman Lie algebra, which reflects the structure of an oriented surface.
Toric ideals of series and parallel connections of matroidsDec 12 2013Jun 20 2015In 1980, White conjectured that the toric ideal associated to a matroid is generated by binomials corresponding to a symmetric exchange. In this paper, we prove that classes of matroids for which the toric ideal is generated by quadrics and that has quadratic ... More
A new generalization of the Takagi functionApr 30 2015Sep 01 2015We consider a one-parameter family of functions $\{F(t,x)\}_{t}$ on $[0,1]$ and partial derivatives $\partial_{t}^{k} F(t, x)$ with respect to the parameter $t$. Each function of the class is defined by a certain pair of two square matrices of order two. ... More