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Quantized Photocurrents in the Chiral Multifold Fermion System RhSiFeb 08 2019The rapid pace of discovery of new classes of Weyl semimetals is driving a search for properties that derive from their unique bandstructure topology. One of the most striking of the predicted properties is the quantized circular photogalvanic effect ... More
A Sunyaev-Zel'dovich take on cluster radio haloes -- I. Global scaling and bi-modality using Planck dataNov 11 2011Apr 13 2012Giant radio haloes in galaxy clusters are the primary evidence for the existence of relativistic particles (cosmic rays) and magnetic fields over Mpc scales. Observational tests for the different theoretical models explaining their powering mechanism ... More
Some results on the radio-SZ correlation for galaxy cluster radio halosOct 11 2012We present correlation results for the radio halo power in galaxy clusters with the integrated thermal Sunyaev-Zel'dovich (SZ) effect signal, including new results obtained at sub-GHz frequencies. The radio data is compiled from several published works, ... More
Heusler, Weyl, and BerryFeb 11 2018Heusler materials, initially discovered by Fritz Heusler more than a century ago, have grown into a family of more than 1000 compounds, synthesized from combinations of more than 40 elements. These materials show a wide range of properties, but new properties ... More
Proceedings Tenth International Workshop on Logical Frameworks and Meta Languages: Theory and PracticeJul 27 2015This volume constitutes the proceedings of LFMTP 2015, the Tenth International Workshop on Logical Frameworks and Meta-Languages: Theory and Practice, held on August 1st, 2015 in Berlin, Germany. The workshop was a one-day satellite event of CADE-25, ... More
Maximal averages associated to families of finite type surfacesOct 29 2015Sep 26 2016We study the boundedness problem for maximal operators $\mathcal{M}$ associated to averages along families of hypersurfaces $S$ of finite type in $\mathbb{R}^n.$ In this paper, we prove that if $S$ is a finite type hypersurface which is of finite type ... More
Certain geometric structure of $Λ$-sequence spacesDec 03 2016The $\Lambda$-sequence spaces $\Lambda_p$ for $1< p\leq\infty$ and its generalization $\Lambda_{\hat{p}}$ for $1<\hat{p}<\infty$, $\hat{p}=(p_n)$ is introduced. The James constants and strong $n$-th James constants of $\Lambda_p$ for $1<p\leq\infty$ is ... More
Maximal functions associated to flat plane curves with Mitigating factorsSep 26 2016Mar 22 2018We study the boundedness problem for maximal operators $\mathbb{M}_{\sigma}$ associated to flat plane curves with Mitigating factors, defined by $$\mathbb{M}_{\sigma}f(x) \, := \, \sup_{1 \leq t \leq 2} \left|\int_{0}^{1} f(x-t\Gamma(s)) \, (\kappa(s))^{\sigma} ... More
Optimal two-level choice designs for the main effects and specified interaction effects modelOct 28 2015Choice designs for the main effects model, broader main effects model and main effects plus specified interaction effects model are discussed in this paper. Universally optimal choice designs are obtained for all of these models using Hadamard matrix ... More
$L^p-L^q$ estimates for maximal operators associated to families of finite type curvesFeb 22 2017We study the boundedness problem for maximal operators $\mathbb{M}$ associated to averages along families of finite type curves in the plane, defined by $$\mathbb{M}f(x) \, := \, \sup_{1 \leq t \leq 2} |\int_{\mathbb{C}} f(x-ty) \, \rho(y) \, d\sigma(y)|,$$ ... More
Maximal functions associated to flat plane curves with Mitigating factorsSep 26 2016We study the boundedness problem for maximal operators $\mathbb{M}_{\sigma}$ associated to flat plane curves with Mitigating factors, defined by $$\mathbb{M}_{\sigma}f(x) \, := \, \sup_{1 \leq t \leq 2} \left|\int_{0}^{1} f(x-t\Gamma(s)) \, (\kappa(s))^{\sigma} ... More
A comparative study of radio halo occurrence in SZ and X-ray selected galaxy cluster samplesJul 11 2013Nov 20 2013We aim at an unbiased census of the radio halo population in galaxy clusters and test whether current low number counts of radio halos have arisen from selection biases. We construct near-complete samples based on X-ray and Sunyaev-Zel'dovich (SZ) effect ... More
Adaptive modulation in Ni2Mn1.4In0.6 magnetic shape memory Heusler alloyNov 21 2016The origin of incommensurate structural modulation in Ni-Mn based magnetic shape memory Heusler alloys is still an unresolved issue inspite of intense focus on this due to the linkage between high magnetic field induced strain and modulated structure. ... More
Topological Semimetal in a Chiral Crystal with Large Chern Numbers, Multifold Band Crossings, and Long Fermi-arcsDec 08 2018Topological semimetals (TSs) in structurally chiral crystals (which possess a handedness due to a lack of mirror and inversion symmetries) are expected to display numerous exotic physical phenomena, such as new fermionic excitations with large topological ... More
Discovery of topological chiral crystals with helicoid arc statesDec 11 2018The quantum behaviour of electrons in materials lays the foundation for modern electronic and information technology. Quantum materials with novel electronic and optical properties have been proposed as the next frontier, but much remains to be discovered ... More
Prediction of a magnetic Weyl semimetal without spin-orbit coupling and strong anomalous Hall effect in the Heusler compensated ferrimagnet Ti2MnAlJan 10 2018Sep 24 2018We predict a magnetic Weyl semimetal in the inverse Heusler Ti2MnAl, a compensated ferrimagnet with a vanishing net magnetic moment and a Curie temperature of over 650 K. Despite the vanishing net magnetic moment, we calculate a large intrinsic anomalous ... More
Correlated Paramagnetism and Interplay of Magnetic and Phononic Degrees of Freedom in 3d-5d Coupled La2CuIrO6Jan 01 2019Conventional Paramagnetism - a state with finite magnetic moment per ion sans long range magnetic ordering, but with lowering temperature the moment on each ion picks up a particular direction, breaking rotational symmetry, and results into long range ... More
Unfolding with Generative Adversarial NetworksJun 01 2018Aug 04 2018Correcting measured detector-level distributions to particle-level is essential to make data usable outside the experimental collaborations. The term unfolding is used to describe this procedure. A new method of unfolding data using a modified Generative ... More
Proposing A Ciphering ProtocolMay 10 2016This paper describes a novel bit level stream cipher based symmetric key cryptographic technique. At first, sender and receiver agree upon a symmetric key. Then the symmetric key is formed using Greatest Common Divisor (G.C.D) of sum of even or odd bit ... More
Abelian Cascade Dynamics in Bootstrap PercolationJul 27 1998The culling process in Bootstrap Percolation is Abelian since the final stable configuration does not depend on the details of the updating procedure. An efficient algorithm is devised using this idea for the determination of the bootstrap percolation ... More
Space like strong unique continuation for sublinear parabolic equationsDec 26 2018In this paper, we establish space like strong unique continuation property (sucp) for uniformly parabolic sublinear equations under appropriate structural assumptions. Our main result Theorem 1.1 constitutes the parabolic counterpart of the strong unique ... More
Stochastic Control of Tidal Dynamics Equation with Levy NoiseJan 03 2015In this work we first present the existence, uniqueness and regularity of the strong solution of the tidal dynamics model perturbed by Levy noise. Monotonicity arguments have been exploited in the proofs. We then formulate a martingale problem of Stroock ... More
Unusual magneto-transport from Si-square nets in topological semimetal HfSiSDec 15 2016The class of topological semimetals comprises a large pool of compounds. Together they provide a wide platform to realize exotic quasiparticles for example Dirac, nodal line Dirac and Weyl fermions. In this letter, we report the Berry phase, Fermi surface ... More
Molecular Assembly on Two-Dimensional MaterialsNov 08 2016Molecular self-assembly is a well-known technique to create highly functional nanostructures on surfaces. Self-assembly on two-dimensional materials is a developing field and has already resulted in the discovery of several rich and interesting phenomena. ... More
Automating the Construction of Jet Observables with Machine LearningFeb 19 2019Mar 05 2019Machine-learning assisted jet substructure tagging techniques have the potential to significantly improve searches for new particles and Standard Model measurements in hadronic final states. Techniques with simple analytic forms are particularly useful ... More
Asymptotic Dynamics of RipplesJan 31 2000A new nonlinear equation governing asymptotic dynamics of ripples is derived by using a short wave perturbative expansion on a generalized version of the Green-Naghdi system. It admits peakon solutions with amplitude, velocity and width in interrelation ... More
Discrete instability in nonlinear latticesMar 18 1999Oct 14 1999The discrete multiscale analysis for boundary value problems in nonlinear discrete systems leads to a first order discrete modulational instability above a threshold amplitude for wave numbers beyond the zero of group velocity dispersion. Applied to the ... More
Diffusion limited friendship network: A model for six degrees of separationApr 02 2003Aug 28 2003A dynamic model of a society is studied where each person is an uncorrelated and non-interacting random walker. A dynamical random graph represents the acquaintance network of the society whose nodes are the individuals and links are the pairs of mutual ... More
Proposing A Symmetric Key Bit-Level Block CipherMay 11 2016A novel bit level block cipher based symmetric key cryptographic technique using G.C.D is proposed in this research paper. Entire plain text file is read one character at a time and according to the binary representation of ASCII value of the characters, ... More
The Hawking Temperature in the context of Dark Energy for Reissner-Nordstrom and Kerr backgroundMar 12 2013Mar 17 2014For emergent gravity metrics, presence of dark energy modifies the Hawking temperature. We show that for the spherically symmetric Reissner-Nordstrom (RN) background metric, the emergent metric can be mapped into a Robinson-Trautman blackhole. Allowed ... More
Multiscale Analysis of Discrete Nonlinear Evolution EquationsFeb 05 1999Oct 14 1999The method of multiscale analysis is constructed for dicrete systems of evolution equations for which the problem is that of the far behavior of an input boundary datum. Discrete slow space variables are introduced in a general setting and the related ... More
Optimal two-level designs for partial profile choice experimentsOct 27 2015We improve the existing results of optimal partial profile paired choice designs and provide new designs for situations where the choice set sizes are greater than two. The optimal designs are obtained under the main effects models and the broader main ... More
Sandpile Models of Self-Organized CriticalityAug 23 1999Self-Organized Criticality is the emergence of long-ranged spatio-temporal correlations in non-equilibrium steady states of slowly driven systems without fine tuning of any control parameter. Sandpiles were proposed as prototypical examples of self-organized ... More
Zener Pinning through Coherent Precipitates: A Phase Field StudyMay 10 2018Jul 21 2018A novel phase field model has been developed to study the effect of coherent precipitate on the Zener pinning of matrix grain boundaries. The model accounts for misfit strain between precipitate and matrix as well as the elastic inhomogeneity and anisotropy ... More
About the fastest growth of Order Parameter in Models of PercolationJun 14 2011Can there be a `Litmus test' for determining the nature of transition in models of percolation? In this paper we argue that the answer is in the affirmative. All one needs to do is to measure the `growth exponent' $\chi$ of the largest component at the ... More
Branching Process in a Stochastic Extremal ModelApr 27 2009Sep 16 2009We considered a stochastic version of the Bak-Sneppen model (SBSM) of ecological evolution where the the number $M$ of sites mutated in a mutation event is restricted to only two. Here the mutation zone consists of only one site and this site is randomly ... More
Self-Organization in a Granular Medium by Internal AvalanchesSep 12 2000Internal avalanches of grain displacements can be created inside a granular material kept in a bin in two ways: (i) By removing a radomly selected grain at the bottom of the bin (ii) By breaking a stable arch of grains clogging a hole at the bottom of ... More
Anomalous Nernst effect beyond the magnetization scaling relation in the ferromagnetic Heusler compound Co$_2$MnGaJun 18 2018Applying a temperature gradient in a magnetic material generates a voltage that is perpendicular to both the heat flow and the magnetization. This is the anomalous Nernst effect (ANE) which was thought to be proportional to the value of the magnetization ... More
Boundary-layers for a Neumann problem at higher critical exponentsApr 10 2016We consider the Neumann problem $$(P)\qquad - \Delta v + v= v^{q-1} \ \text{in }\ \mathcal{D}, \ v > 0 \ \text{in } \ \mathcal{D},\ \partial_\nu v = 0 \ \text{on } \partial\mathcal{D} ,$$ where $\mathcal{D} $ is an open bounded domain in $\mathbb{R}^N,$ ... More
Quasistatic Scale-free NetworksJul 19 2002Nov 13 2002A network is formed using the $N$ sites of an one-dimensional lattice in the shape of a ring as nodes and each node with the initial degree $k_{in}=2$. $N$ links are then introduced to this network, each link starts from a distinct node, the other end ... More
Self-organized critical earthquake model with moving boundaryJun 08 2006Nov 20 2006A globally driven self-organized critical model of earthquakes with conservative dynamics has been studied. An open but moving boundary condition has been used so that the origin (epicenter) of every avalanche (earthquake) is at the center of the boundary. ... More
A quasi-random spanning tree model for the early river networkJan 29 1996We consider a model for the formation of a river network in which erosion process plays a role only at the initial stage. Once a global connectivity is achieved, no further evolution takes place. In spite of this, the network reproduces approximately ... More
Weighted Trade Network in a Model of Preferential Bipartite TransactionsSep 22 2009Using a model of wealth distribution where traders are characterized by quenched random saving propensities and trade among themselves by bipartite transactions, we mimic the enhanced rates of trading of the rich by introducing the preferential selection ... More
Spin-polaron ladder spectrum of the spin-orbit-induced Mott insulator Sr$_2$IrO$_{4}$ probed by scanning tunneling spectroscopyFeb 27 2018Mar 18 2019The motion of doped electrons or holes in an antiferromagnetic lattice with strong on-site Coulomb interactions touches one of the most fundamental open problems in contemporary condensed matter physics. The doped charge may strongly couple to elementary ... More
A singular integrable equation from short capillary-gravity wavesMar 20 2003From a columnar approximation of the Euler equations of an incompressible fluid with surface tension, we derive in the short-wave approximation a new integrable classical 1+1 dimensional field theory for the motion of the surface. Together with a Lorentz ... More
Weighted scale-free network with self-organizing link weight dynamicsMay 18 2006All crucial features of the recently observed real-world weighted networks are obtained in a model where the weight of a link is defined with a single non-linear parameter $\alpha$ as $w_{ij}=(s_is_j)^\alpha$, $s_i$ and $s_j$ are the strengths of two ... More
Directed Fixed Energy Sandpile ModelApr 22 2004We numerically study the directed version of the fixed energy sandpile. On a closed square lattice, the dynamical evolution of a fixed density of sand grains is studied. The activity of the system shows a continuous phase transition around a critical ... More
Scale-free Network on Euclidean Space Optimized by Rewiring of LinksFeb 12 2003Apr 02 2003A Barab\'asi-Albert scale-free network is constructed whose nodes are the Poisson distributed random points within a unit square and links are the straight line connections among the nodes. The cost function, which is the total wiring length associated ... More
Shell Model of Turbulence Perturbed by Lévy NoiseDec 07 2010In this work we prove the existence and uniqueness of the strong solution of the shell model of turbulence perturbed by L\'{e}vy noise. The local monotonicity arguments have been exploited in the proofs.
Landen surveyJul 17 2007Landen transformations are maps on the coefficients of an integral that preserve its value. We present a brief survey of their appearnce in the literature.
Asymptotic dynamics of short-waves in nonlinear dispersive modelsOct 20 1997The multiple-scale perturbation theory, well known for long-waves, is extended to the study of the far-field behaviour of short-waves, commonly called ripples. It is proved that the Benjamin-Bona-Mahony- Peregrine equation can propagates short-waves. ... More
Weighted Scale-free Networks in Euclidean Space Using Local Selection RuleMar 30 2005Aug 23 2006A spatial scale-free network is introduced and studied whose motivation has been originated in the growing Internet as well as the Airport networks. We argue that in these real-world networks a new node necessarily selects one of its neighbouring local ... More
Scale free networks from a Hamiltonian dynamicsMay 03 2003Jul 09 2003Contrary to many recent models of growing networks, we present a model with fixed number of nodes and links, where it is introduced a dynamics favoring the formation of links between nodes with degree of connectivity as different as possible. By applying ... More
Fractal Dimension of Backbone of Eden TreesJul 16 1996Jul 18 1996We relate the fractal dimension of the backbone, and the spectral dimension of Eden trees to the dynamical exponent z. In two dimensions, it gives fractal dimension of backbone equal to 4/3 and spectral dimension of trees equal to 5/4. In three dimensions, ... More
A remarkable sequence of integersDec 17 2008A survey of properties of a sequence of coefficients appearing in the evaluation of a quartic definite integral is presented. These properties are of analytical, combinatorial and number-theoretical nature.
Large Deviations for the Shell Model of Turbulence Perturbed by Levy NoiseDec 19 2014The Laplace principle for the strong solution of the stochastic shell model of turbulence perturbed by Levy noise is established in a suitable Polish space using weak convergence approach. The large deviation principle is proved using the well known results ... More
Space-filling PercolationMar 10 2014A region of two-dimensional space has been filled randomly with large number of growing circular discs allowing only a `slight' overlapping among them just before their growth stop. More specifically, each disc grows from a nucleation center that is selected ... More
Higher Order Regularity and Blow-up Criterion for Semi-dissipative and Ideal Boussinesq EquationsJun 15 2017In this paper we establish local-in-time existence and uniqueness of strong solutions in $H^s$ for $s > \frac{n}{2}$ to the viscous, zero thermal-diffusive Boussinesq equations in $\mathbb{R}^n , n = 2,3$. Beale-Kato-Majda type blow-up criterion has been ... More
Review of syn-flooding attack detection mechanismFeb 08 2012Denial of Service (DoS) is a security threat which compromises the confidentiality of information stored in Local Area Networks (LANs) due to unauthorized access by spoofed IP addresses. SYN Flooding is a type of DoS which is harmful to network as the ... More
Modified Korteweg-de Vries Hierachies in Multiple-Times Variables and the Solutions of Modified Boussinesq EquationsMar 10 1997We study solitary-wave and kink-wave solutions of a modified Boussinesq equation through a multiple-time reductive perturbation method. We use appropriated modified Korteweg-de Vries hierarchies to eliminate secular producing terms in each order of the ... More
Sandpile model on an optimized scale-free network on Euclidean spaceJan 05 2005Deterministic sandpile models are studied on a cost optimized Barab\'asi-Albert (BA) scale-free network whose nodes are the sites of a square lattice. For the optimized BA network, the sandpile model has the same critical behaviour as the BTW sandpile, ... More
Clustering properties of a generalised critical Euclidean networkJan 31 2003Many real-world networks exhibit scale-free feature, have a small diameter and a high clustering tendency. We have studied the properties of a growing network, which has all these features, in which an incoming node is connected to its $i$th predecessor ... More
Sandpile Model with Activity InhibitionJun 25 1997A new sandpile model is studied in which bonds of the system are inhibited for activity after a certain number of transmission of grains. This condition impels an unstable sand column to distribute grains only to those neighbours which have toppled less ... More
Particle-hole symmetry in a sandpile modelJan 22 2005In a sandpile model addition of a hole is defined as the removal of a grain from the sandpile. We show that hole avalanches can be defined very similar to particle avalanches. A combined particle-hole sandpile model is then defined where particle avalanches ... More
Modulated Scale-free Network in the Euclidean SpaceMar 10 2002Sep 27 2002A random network is grown by introducing at unit rate randomly selected nodes on the Euclidean space. A node is randomly connected to its $i$-th predecessor of degree $k_i$ with a directed link of length $\ell$ using a probability proportional to $k_i ... More
A simple example of a new class of Landen transformationJul 26 2007The rational Landen transformation is a map on the coefficients of a rational integrand that preserves the value of the integral. This is the rational analog of the classical Landen transformations for elliptic integrals that leads to the arithmetic-geometric ... More
On The Two and Three Dimensional Ideal Magnetic Bénard Problem - Local Existence and Blow-up CriterionJun 15 2017In this paper, we consider the ideal magnetic B\'{e}nard problem in both two and three dimensions and prove local-in-time existence and uniqueness of strong solutions in $H^s$ for $s > \frac{n}{2}+1, n = 2,3$. In addition, a necessary condition is derived ... More
Evidence for a pressure discontinuity at the position of the Coma relic from Planck Sunyaev-Zel'dovich effect dataNov 20 2014Jan 16 2015Radio relics are Mpc-scale diffuse synchrotron sources found in galaxy cluster outskirts. They are believed to be associated with large-scale shocks propagating through the intra-cluster medium, although the connection between radio relics and the cluster ... More
LHC analysis-specific datasets with Generative Adversarial NetworksJan 16 2019Using generative adversarial networks (GANs), we investigate the possibility of creating large amounts of analysis-specific simulated LHC events at limited computing cost. This kind of generative model is analysis specific in the sense that it directly ... More
Spin-polaron ladder spectrum of the spin-orbit-induced Mott insulator Sr$_2$IrO$_{4}$ probed by scanning tunneling spectroscopyFeb 27 2018Feb 28 2018The motion of doped electrons or holes in an antiferromagnetic lattice with strong on-site Coulomb interaction touches one of the most fundamental open problems in contemporary condensed matter physics. The doped charge may strongly couple to elementary ... More
Berry curvature unravelled by the Nernst effectFeb 05 2019The discovery of topological quantum materials represents a striking innovation in modern condensed matter physics with remarkable fundamental and technological implications. Their classification has been recently extended to topological Weyl semimetals, ... More
Verifying Safety Properties With the TLA+ Proof SystemNov 11 2010TLAPS, the TLA+ proof system, is a platform for the development and mechanical verification of TLA+ proofs written in a declarative style requiring little background beyond elementary mathematics. The language supports hierarchical and non-linear proof ... More
A TLA+ Proof SystemNov 12 2008We describe an extension to the TLA+ specification language with constructs for writing proofs and a proof environment, called the Proof Manager (PM), to checks those proofs. The language and the PM support the incremental development and checking of ... More
Joint X-ray/Sunyaev-Zel'dovich Analysis of the Intra-Cluster MediumApr 30 2010We present results from a joint X-ray/Sunyaev-Zel'dovich modeling of the intra-cluster gas using XMM-Newton and APEX-SZ imaging data. The goal is to study the physical properties of the intra-cluster gas with a non-parametric de-projection method that ... More
Colored PercolationSep 04 2017A model named `Colored Percolation' has been introduced with its infinite number of versions in two dimensions. The sites of a regular lattice are randomly occupied with probability $p$ and are then colored by one of the $n$ distinct colors using uniform ... More
Sandpile model on a quenched substrate generated by kinetic self-avoiding trailsJan 05 2005Kinetic self-avoiding trails are introduced and used to generate a substrate of randomly quenched flow vectors. Sandpile model is studied on such a substrate with asymmetric toppling matrices where the precise balance between the net outflow of grains ... More
Phase transition in a directed traffic flow networkJan 05 2005The generic feature of traffic in a network of flowing electronic data packets is a phase transition from a stationary free-flow phase to a continuously growing congested non-stationary phase. In the most simple network of directed oriented square lattice ... More
Percolation model with an additional source of disorderJun 02 2016The ranges of transmission of the mobiles in a Mobile Ad-hoc Network are not uniform in reality. They are affected by the temperature fluctuation in air, obstruction due to the solid objects, even the humidity difference in the environment, etc. How the ... More
A new route to Explosive PercolationNov 24 2009Oct 07 2010The biased link occupation rule in the Achlioptas process (AP) discourages the large clusters to grow much ahead of others and encourages faster growth of clusters which lag behind. In this paper we propose a model where this tendency is sharply reflected ... More
Rational Landen transformations on the real lineJul 26 2007The rational Landen transformation is a map on the space of coefficients of a rational integrand that preserves the value of the integral. We provide a family of these transformations that apply to rational integrands on the whole line. Given an integer ... More
2-D Magneto-Hydrodynamic System with Jump Processes: Well Posedness and Invariant MeasuresDec 19 2014In this work we prove the existence and uniqueness of the strong solution to the two-dimensional stochastic magneto-hydrodynamic system perturbed by Levy noise. The local monotonicity arguments have been ex- ploited in the proofs. The existence of a unique ... More
Lyapunov Functionals and Local Dissipativity for the Vorticity Equation in L^p and Besov SpacesFeb 20 2008In this paper we establish the local Lyapunov property of certain L^p and Besov norms of the vorticity fields. We have resolved in part, a certain open problem posed by Tosio Kato for the three dimensional Navier Stokes equation by studying the vorticity ... More
Galaxy cluster outskirts from the thermal SZ and non-thermal synchrotron linkNov 25 2016Galaxy cluster merger shocks are the main agent for the thermalization of the intracluster medium and the energization of cosmic ray particles in it. Shock propagation changes the state of the tenuous intracluster plasma, and the corresponding signal ... More
Reasoning About Higher-Order Relational SpecificationsFeb 11 2013Aug 05 2013The logic of hereditary Harrop formulas (HH) has proven useful for specifying a wide range of formal systems. This logic includes a form of hypothetical judgment that leads to dynamically changing sets of assumptions and that is key to encoding side conditions ... More
The impact of the SZ effect on cm-wavelength (1-30 GHz) observation of galaxy cluster radio relicsNov 10 2015Apr 05 2016(Abridged) Radio relics in galaxy clusters are believed to be associated with powerful shock fronts that originate during cluster mergers, and are a testbed for the acceleration of relativistic particles in the intracluster medium. Recently, radio relic ... More
On the solutions of a singular elliptic equation concentrating on a circleOct 22 2013Let $A=\{x\in \R^{2N+2} : 0< a< |x| <b\}$ be an annulus. Consider the following singularly perturbed elliptic problem on $A$ \begin{equation} \begin{array}{lll} -\eps^2{\De u} + |x|^{\alpha}u = |x|^{\alpha}u^p, &\mbox{\qquad in} A \notag u>0 &\mbox{\qquad ... More
On the solutions of a singular elliptic equation concentrating on two orthogonal spheresSep 23 2013Let $A=\{x\in \R^{2m} : 0< a< |x| <b\}$ be an annulus. Consider the following singularly perturbed elliptic problem on $A$ \begin{equation} \begin{array}{lll} -\eps^2{\De u} + |x|^{\eta}u = |x|^{\eta}u^p, &\mbox{\qquad in} A \notag u>0 &\mbox{\qquad in} ... More
Chain and ladder models with two-body interactions and analytical ground statesAug 30 2017May 23 2018We consider a family of spin-1/2 models with few-body, SU(2) invariant Hamiltonians and analytical ground states related to the 1D Haldane-Shastry wavefunction. The spins are placed on the surface of a cylinder, and the standard 1D Haldane-Shastry model ... More
Internal Avalanches in a Granular MediumAug 04 1998Avalanches of grain displacements can be generated by creating local voids within the interior of a granular material at rest in a bin. Modeling such a two-dimensional granular system by a collection of mono-disperse discs, the system on repeated perturbations, ... More
Some $B$-Difference Sequence Spaces Derived by Using Generalized Means and Compact OperatorsJul 19 2013This paper presents new sequence spaces $X(r, s, t, p ; B)$ for $X \in \{l_\infty(p), c(p), c_0(p), l(p)\}$ defined by using generalized means and difference operator. It is shown that these spaces are complete paranormed spaces and the spaces $X(r, s, ... More
Existence of weak martingale solution of Nematic Liquid Crystals driven by Pure Jump NoiseJun 15 2017In this work we consider a stochastic evolution equation which describes the system governing the nematic liquid crystals driven by a pure jump noise. The existence of a martingale solution is proved for both 2D and 3D cases. The construction of the solution ... More
Conservative self-organized extremal model for wealth distributionSep 30 2011We present a detailed numerical analysis of the modified version of a conservative self-organized extremal model introduced by Pianegonda et. al. for the distribution of wealth of the people in a society. Here the trading process has been modified by ... More
Theory of small aspect ratio waves in deep waterDec 20 2005In the limit of small values of the aspect ratio parameter (or wave steepness) which measures the amplitude of a surface wave in units of its wave-length, a model equation is derived from the Euler system in infinite depth (deep water) without potential ... More
Masking singularities with $k-$essence fields in an emergent gravity metricMar 17 2011Aug 10 2011It is known that dynamical solutions of the $k$-essence equation of motion change the metric for the perturbations around these solutions and the perturbations propagate in an emergent spacetime with metric $\tilde G^{\mu\nu}$ different from the gravitational ... More
Phase-field Study of Plateau-Rayleigh Instability in Multilayer Nanocrystalline Thin FilmNov 02 2016Thermal stability of nanocrystalline multilayer thin film is of paramount importance as the applications often involve high temperature. We have studied the stability of multilayer thin film using phase-field simulations. Effect of layer thickness, bilayer ... More
Consistent Query Answering via ASP from Different Perspectives: Theory and PracticeJul 22 2011Oct 07 2011A data integration system provides transparent access to different data sources by suitably combining their data, and providing the user with a unified view of them, called global schema. However, source data are generally not under the control of the ... More
Are supersymmetric models with minimal particle content under tension for testing at LHC?Nov 25 2014Oct 21 2016In supersymmetric models with minimal particle content and without large left-right squarks mixing, the conventional knowledge is that the Higgs Boson mass around 125 GeV leads to top squark masses ${\cal O}(10)$ TeV, far beyond the reach of colliders. ... More
Carleman estimates for Baouendi-Grushin operators with applications to quantitative uniqueness and strong unique continuationMar 20 2019In this paper, by using elementary arguments based on integration by parts, we establish a new $L^{2}-L^{2}$ type Carleman estimate with singular weights for Baouendi-Grushin operators $\mathbb{B}_{\gamma}$ which implies strong unique continuation for ... More
Detailed simulation results for some wealth distribution models in EconophysicsApr 22 2005May 19 2006In this paper we present detailed simulation results on the wealth distribution model with quenched saving propensities. Unlike other wealth distribution models where the saving propensities are either zero or constant, this model is not found to be ergodic ... More