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The evolution of electron dispersion in the series of rare-earth tritelluride compounds obtained from their charge-density-wave properties and susceptibility calculationsJul 10 2019We calculated electron susceptibility of rare-earth tritelluride compounds RTe$_3$ as a function of temperature, wave vector and electron-dispersion parameters. Comparison of results obtained with the available experimental data on the transition temperature ... More
Self-consistent and Maxwell approximations to describe the excess conductivity anisotropy in FeSe above superconducting transition temperatureJul 05 2018Using the self-consistent approximation we calculate conductivity in an anisotropic heterogeneous media with superconducting inclusions and compare the results with those obtained previously using the Maxwell approximation and with available experimental ... More
Temperature dependence of resistivity at the transition to a charge density wave state in rare-earth tritelluridesDec 16 2018About a half of the Fermi surface in rare-earth tritellurides RT e3 becomes gapped below the transition to a charge-density-wave (CDW) state, as revealed by ARPES data. However, the observed jump in resistivity during the CDW transition is less than 20%. ... More
Boundary regularity of correspondences in $\pmb{{\mbf C}^n}$Jul 24 2006Let $M, M'$ be smooth, real analytic hypersurfaces of finite type in ${\mbf C^n}$ and $\h f$ a holomorphic correspondence (not necessarily proper) that is defined on one side of $M$, extends continuously up to $M$ and maps $M$ to $M'$. It is shown that ... More
Analyses of Scissors Cutting Paper at Superluminal SpeedsJul 10 2019A popular physics legend holds that scissors can cut paper with a speed faster than light. Here this counter-intuitive myth is investigated theoretically using four simple examples of scissors. For simplicity, all cases will involve a static lower scissors ... More
Boundary behaviour of some conformal invariants on planar domainsApr 15 2019The purpose of this note is to use the scaling principle to study the boundary behaviour of some conformal invariants on planar domains. The focus is on the Aumann--Carath\'{e}odory rigidity constant, the higher order curvatures of the Carath\'{e}odory ... More
Linear Viscoelasticity of Soft Glassy MaterialsMar 05 2014Owing to lack of time translational invariance, aging soft glassy materials do not obey fundamental principles of linear viscoelasticity. We show that by transforming the linear viscoelastic framework from the real time domain to the effective time domain, ... More
A submultiplicative property of the Carathéodory metric on planar domainsMay 26 2019Given a pair of smoothly bounded domains $D_1, D_2 \subset \mathbb C$, the purpose of this note is to obtain an inequality that relates the Carath\'{e}odory metrics on $D_1, D_2, D_1 \cap D_2$ and $D_1 \cup D_2$.
A rigidity theorem for Hénon mapsJun 21 2018The purpose of this note is two fold. First, we study the relation between a pair of H\'{e}non maps that share the same forward and backward non-escaping sets. Second, it is shown that there exists a continuum of $Short-\mathbb{C}^2$'s that are biholomorphically ... More
Low resolution spectroscopic investigation of Am stars using Automated methodJul 21 2018Automated method of full spectrum fitting gives reliable estimates of stellar atmospheric parameters (Teff, logg and [Fe/H]) for late A, F, G and early K type stars. Recently, the technique was further improved in the cooler regime and the validity range ... More
Self-organised-criticality and punctuated equilibrium in bouncing ballsAug 15 2016A nonlinearly coupled system of bouncing balls is shown to exhibit features like self-organised-criticality (SOC) and punctuated equilibrium (PE) in suitable parameter domains. The temporal evolution of the non-stationary amplitudes is analysed through ... More
A characterization of domains in $\mathbf C^2$ with noncompact automorphism groupApr 17 2008Let $D$ be a bounded domain in $\mathbf C^2$ with a non-compact group of holomorphic automorphisms. Model domains for $D$ are obtained under the hypothesis that at least one orbit accumulates at a boundary point near which the boundary is smooth, real ... More
High-resolution Spectroscopy and Spectropolarimetry of Selected Delta Scuti Pulsating VariablesJan 11 2017The combination of photometry, spectroscopy and spectropolarimetry of the chemically peculiar stars often aims to study the complex physical phenomena such as stellar pulsation, chemical inhomogeneity, magnetic field and their interplay with stellar atmosphere ... More
Notes on the boundaries of quadrature domainsDec 20 2016We highlight an intrinsic connection between classical quadrature domains and the well-studied theme of removable singularities of analytic sets in several complex variables. Exploiting this connection provides a new framework to recover several basic ... More
Domains in complex surfaces with a non compact automorphism group - IIOct 18 2011Let $X$ be an arbitrary complex surface and $D \subset X$ a domain that has a non compact group of holomorphic automorphisms. A characterization of those domains $D$ that admit a smooth real analytic, finite type boundary orbit accumulation point and ... More
A comparison of two biholomorphic invariantsJul 25 2018Aug 03 2018The Fridman invariant, which is a biholomorphic invariant on Kobayashi hyperbolic manifolds, can be seen as the dual of the much studied squeezing function. We compare this pair of invariants by showing that they are both equally capable of determining ... More
A local extension theorem for proper holomorphic mappings in C^2Sep 30 2002Let f be a proper holomorphic mapping between bounded domains D and D' in C^2. Let M, M' be open pieces on the boundaries of D and D' respectively, that are smooth, real analytic and of finite type. Suppose that the cluster set of M under f is contained ... More
Condition R and proper holomorphic maps between equidimensional product domainsApr 01 2012Aug 16 2013We consider proper holomorphic mappings of equidimensional pseudoconvex domains in complex Euclidean space, where both source and target can be represented as Cartesian products of smoothly bounded domains. It is shown that such mappings extend smoothly ... More
Ergodic properties of families of Hénon mapsAug 18 2017Let $\{H_{\lambda}\}$ be a continuous family of H\'{e}non maps parametrized by $\lambda\in M$, where $M\subset\mathbb C^k$ is compact. The purpose of this paper is to understand some aspects of the random dynamical system obtained by iterating maps from ... More
Non-adiabatic Coulomb effects in strong field ionisation in circularly polarised laser fieldsFeb 11 2013Jul 18 2013We develop the recently proposed analytical R-matrix (ARM) method to encompass strong field ionisation by circularly polarised fields, for atoms with arbitrary binding potentials. Through ARM, the effect of the potential can now be included consistently ... More
On removable singularities of meromorphic correspondencesMar 06 2013Nov 13 2013We give a sufficient condition for a meromorphic correspondence to be a holomorphic correspondence in a neighbourhood of a smooth real hypersurface
Holomorphic mappings between domains in $\mbb C^2$Jul 15 2010An extension theorem for holomorphic mappings between two domains in $\mathbb C^2$ is proved under purely local hypotheses.
Some aspects of shift-like automorphisms of C^kSep 13 2013The goal of this article is two fold. First, using transcendental shift-like automorphisms of C^k, k > 2 we construct two examples of non-degenerate entire mappings with prescribed ranges. The first example exhibits an entire mapping of C^k, k > 2 whose ... More
On the holomorphicity of isometries of intrinsic metrics in complex analysisMay 13 2005Oct 19 2005Let $\1$ and $\2$ be $\s$ domains in $\Cn$ and $f: \1 \rt \2$ an isometry for the Kobayashi or Carath\'eodory metrics. Suppose that $f$ extends as a $C^1$ map to $ \bar \om_1$. We then prove that $f|_{\partial \1}: \partial \1 \rt \partial \2$ is a CR ... More
A class of nonpositively curved Kahler manifolds biholomorphic to the unit ball in C^nDec 17 2005Let (M,g) be a simply connected complete Kahler manifold with nonpositive sectional curvature. Assume that g has constant negative holomorphic sectional curvature outside a compact set. We prove that M is then biholomorphic to the unit ball in C^n, where ... More
On Derived Equivalences of K3 Surfaces in Positive CharacteristicSep 24 2018For an ordinary K3 surface over an algebraically closed field of positive characteristic we show that every automorphism lifts to characteristic zero. Moreover, we show that the Fourier-Mukai partners of an ordinary K3 surface are in one-to-one correspondence ... More
Some aspects of the Kobayashi and Carathéodory metrics on pseudoconvex domainsOct 28 2009The purpose of this article is to consider two themes both of which emanate from and involve the Kobayashi and the Carath\'eodory metric. First we study the biholomorphic invariant introduced by B. Fridman on strongly pseudoconvex domains, on weakly pseudoconvex ... More
Extension of holomorphic maps between real hypersurfaces of different dimensionJul 13 2006It is proved that the germ of a holomorphic map from a real analytic hypersurface M in C^n into a strictly pseudoconvex compact real algebraic hypersurface M' in C^N, 1 < n < N extends holomorphically along any path on M.
Remarks on the metric induced by the Robin functionJan 28 2010Let $D$ be a smoothly bounded pseudoconvex domain in $\mathbf C^n$, $n > 1$. Using $G(z, p)$, the Green function for $D$ with pole at $p \in D$ associated with the standard sum-of-squares Laplacian, N. Levenberg and H. Yamaguchi had constructed a K\"{a}hler ... More
Optical Communication in Space: Challenges and Mitigation TechniquesMay 28 2017In recent years, free space optical communication has gained significant importance owing to its unique features: large bandwidth, license-free spectrum, high data rate, easy and quick deployability, less power and low mass requirements. FSO communication ... More
Free Space Optical Communication: Challenges and Mitigation TechniquesJun 16 2015In recent years, free space optical (FSO) communication has gained significant importance owing to its unique features: large bandwidth, license free spectrum, high data rate, easy and quick deployability, less power and low mass requirement. FSO communication ... More
Quadrature domains in $\mathbb C^n$Jun 13 2014We prove two density theorems for quadrature domains in $\mathbb{C}^n$, $n \geq 2$. It is shown that quadrature domains are dense in the class of all product domains of the form $D \times \Omega$, where $D \subset \mathbb{C}^{n-1}$ is a smoothly bounded ... More
On the squeezing function and Fridman invariantsOct 25 2018For a domain $D \subset \mathbb C^n$, the relationship between the squeezing function and the Fridman invariants is clarified. Furthermore, localization properties of these functions are obtained. As applications, some known results concerning their boundary ... More
Dynamical properties of families of holomorphic mappingsApr 14 2015We study some dynamical properties of skew products of H\'{e}non maps of $\mbb C^2$ that are fibered over a compact metric space $M$. The problem reduces to understanding the dynamical behavior of the composition of a pseudo-random sequence of H\'{e}non ... More
Condition R and holomorphic mappings of domains with generic cornersSep 03 2012Feb 22 2014A piecewise smooth domain is said to have generic corners if the corners are generic CR manifolds. It is shown that a biholomorphic mapping from a piecewise smooth pseudoconvex domain with generic corners in complex Euclidean space that satisfies Condition ... More
Three-Dimensional Yielding in Anisotropic Materials: Validation of Hill CriterionJun 10 2019Yielding transition in isotropic soft materials under superposition of orthogonal deformation fields is known to follow von Mises criterion. However, in anisotropic soft materials von Mises criterion fails owing to preferred directions associated with ... More
Self-Similarity in Electrorheological BehaviorMar 26 2012In this work we study creep flow behavior of suspension of Polyaniline (PANI) particles in silicone oil under application of electric field. Suspension of PANI in silicone oil, a model electrorheological fluid, shows enhancement in elastic modulus and ... More
Tailoring Relaxation Time Spectrum in Soft Glassy MaterialsJun 24 2013Physical properties of out of equilibrium soft materials depend on time as well as deformation history. In this work we propose to transform this major shortcoming into gain by applying controlled deformation field to tailor the rheological properties. ... More
Some regularity theorems for CR mappingsFeb 11 2011Feb 14 2011The purpose of this article is to study Lipschitz CR mappings from an $h$-extendible (or semi-regular) hypersurface in $\mbb C^n$. Under various assumptions on the target hypersurface, it is shown that such mappings must be smooth. A rigidity result for ... More
Performance Analysis of Symmetric Key Ciphers in Linear and Grid Based Sensor NetworksSep 18 2018The linear and grid based Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) are formed by applications where objects being monitored are either placed in linear or grid based form. E.g. monitoring oil, water or gas pipelines; perimeter surveillance; monitoring traffic level ... More
Spectroscopy and decay properties of $Σ_{b}, Λ_{b}$ baryons in quark-diquark modelFeb 21 2011Properties of single beauty baryons ($\Sigma_{b},\Lambda_{b}$) are studied based on the quark-diquark structure. The confinement potential is assumed as two body colour coulomb plus power potential with exponent $\nu$. We find a strong correlation between ... More
Magnetic Moments of Baryons containing all heavy quarks in Quark-Diquark ModelSep 18 2016Sep 23 2016The triply heavy flavour baryons are studied using the Quark-diquark description of the three-body system. The confinement potential for present study of triply heavy flavour baryons is assumed as coulomb plus power potential with power index $\nu$. We ... More
Examples of non-autonomous basins of attractionJun 17 2017The purpose of this paper is to present several examples of non--autonomous basins of attraction that arise from sequences of automorphisms of $\mathbb C^k$. In the first part, we prove that the non-autonomous basin of attraction arising from a pair of ... More
Anyonic Entanglement and Topological Entanglement EntropyJun 28 2017Jul 11 2017We study the properties of entanglement in two-dimensional topologically ordered phases of matter. Such phases support anyons, quasiparticles with exotic exchange statistics. The emergent nonlocal state spaces of anyonic systems admit a particular form ... More
Effective pairing theory for strongly correlated d-wave superconductorsAug 04 2017Motivated by recent proposals of correlation induced insensitivity of d-wave superconductors to impurities, we develop a simple pairing theory for these systems for up to a moderate strength of disorder. Our description implements the key ideas of Anderson, ... More
Electromagnetic transition properties of $Δ\rightarrow Nγ$ in a hypercentral schemeJan 29 2011Jul 28 2012The electromagnetic transition properties of the decuplet to octet baryon ($\Delta \rightarrow N\gamma$) is studied within the frame work of a hypercentral quark model. The confinement potential is assumed as hypercentral coloumb plus linear potential. ... More
Opportunities for detecting ring currents using the attoclock set-upOct 05 2015Strong field ionization by circularly polarized laser fields from initial states with internal orbital momentum has interesting propensity rule: electrons counter-rotating with respect to the laser field can be liberated more easily than co-rotating electrons ... More
Excited State Mass spectra of doubly heavy baryons $Ω_{cc}$, $Ω_{bb}$ and $Ω_{bc}$Sep 10 2016We discuss the mass spectrum of $\Omega$ baryon with two heavy quarks and one light quark (\textit{ccs, bbs and bcs}). The main goal of the paper is to calculate the ground state masses and after that, the positive and negative parity excited states masses ... More
Bounds for Invariant Distances on Pseudoconvex Levi Corank One Domains and ApplicationsMar 14 2013Mar 29 2013Let $D \subset \mathbb{C}^n$ be a smoothly bounded pseudoconvex Levi corank one domain with defining function $r$, i.e., the Levi form $\partial \bar {\partial} r$ of the boundary $\partial D$ has at least $(n - 2)$ positive eigenvalues everywhere on ... More
Time-resolving electron-core dynamics during strong field ionization in circularly polarized fieldsAug 06 2013Electron-core interactions play a key role in strong-field ionization and the formation of photoelectron spectra. We analyse the temporal dynamics of strong field ionization associated with these interactions using the time-dependent analytical R-matrix ... More
Comments on the Green's function of a planar domainMay 14 2016We study several quantities associated to the Green's function of a multiply connected domain in the complex plane. Among them are some intrinsic properties such as geodesics, curvature, and $L^2$-cohomology of the capacity metric and critical points ... More
New atmospheric parameters and spectral interpolator for the MILES cool starsDec 15 2015Dec 16 2015Context: The full spectrum fitting of stellar spectra against a library of empirical spectra is a well-established approach to measure the atmospheric parameters of FGK stars with a high internal consistency. Extending it towards cooler stars still remains ... More
Spin-orbit interaction driven dimerization in one dimensional frustrated magnetsMar 11 2017Nov 13 2017We study the effect of spin-orbit interaction on one-dimensional U(1)-invariant frustrated magnets with dominant critical nematic fluctuations. The spin-orbit coupling explicitly breaks the U(1) symmetry of arbitrary global spin rotations about the high-symmetry ... More
Topological Enrichment of Luttinger's TheoremJan 28 2016We establish a generalization of Luttinger's theorem that applies to fractionalized Fermi liquids, i.e. Fermi liquids coexisting with symmetry enriched topological order. We find that, in the linear relation between the Fermi volume and the density of ... More
Estimating Stellar Atmospheric Parameters by Automated Methods Using SSLsJul 21 2018Libraries of stellar spectra, such as ELODIE (Prugniel & Soubiran 2001), CFLIB (Valdes et al. 2004), or MILES (S\'anchez-Bl\'azquez et al. 2006), are used for a variety of applications, and especially in modelling stellar populations (e. g. Le Borgne ... More
Discovering Flaws in Security-Focused Static Analysis Tools for Android using Systematic MutationJun 26 2018Jun 27 2018Mobile application security has been one of the major areas of security research in the last decade. Numerous application analysis tools have been proposed in response to malicious, curious, or vulnerable apps. However, existing tools, and specifically, ... More
Spin-Orbit Larmor Clock for Ionisation Times in One-Photon and Strong-Field RegimesAug 01 2015Sep 24 2015Photoionisation is a process where absorption of one or several photons liberates an electron and creates a hole in a quantum system, such as an atom or a molecule. Is it faster to remove an electron using one or many photons, and how to define this time? ... More
Excited State Mass spectra of Singly Charmed BaryonsFeb 20 2016Aug 31 2016Mass spectra of excited states of the singly charmed baryons are calculated using the hypercentral description of three body system. The baryon consist of a charm quark and light quarks (u, d and s) are studied in the framework of QCD motivated constituent ... More
A Study of Data Store-based Home AutomationDec 04 2018Home automation platforms provide a new level of convenience by enabling consumers to automate various aspects of physical objects in their homes. While the convenience is beneficial, security flaws in the platforms or integrated third-party products ... More
Further remarks on the higher dimensional Suita conjectureDec 07 2018For a domain $D \subset \mathbb C^n$, $n \ge 2$, let $F^k_D(z)=K_D(z)\lambda\big(I^k_D(z)\big)$, where $K_D(z)$ is the Bergman kernel of $D$ along the diagonal and $\lambda\big(I^k_D(z)\big)$ is the Lebesgue measure of the Kobayashi indicatrix at the ... More
Remarks on the higher dimensional Suita conjectureAug 24 2018To study the analog of Suita's conjecture for domains $D \subset \mathbb{C}^n$, $n \ge 2$, B\l ocki introduced the invariant $F^k_D(z)=K_D(z)\lambda\big(I^k_D(z)\big)$, where $K_D(z)$ is the Bergman kernel of $D$ along the diagonal and $\lambda\big(I^k_D(z)\big)$ ... More
Status of $ψ$ (3686), $ψ$ (4040), $ψ$ (4160), Y (4260), $ψ$ (4415) and X (4630) charmonia like statesDec 30 2013We examine the status of charmonia like states by looking into the behaviour of the energy level differences and regularity in the behaviour of the leptonic decay widths of the excited charmonia states. The spectroscopic states are studied using a phenomenological ... More
Excited State Mass spectra and Regge trajectories of Bottom BaryonsOct 03 2016Jun 02 2017We present the mass spectra of radial and orbital excited states of singly heavy bottom baryons; $\Sigma_{b}^{+}, \Sigma_{b}^-, \Xi_b^-, \Xi_b^0, \Lambda_b^0$ and $\Omega_b^-$. The QCD motivated hypercentral quark model is employed for the three body ... More
Face Verification and Forgery Detection for Ophthalmic Surgery ImagesNov 15 2018Although modern face verification systems are accessible and accurate, they are not always robust to pose variance and occlusions. Moreover, accurate models require a large amount of data to train. We structure our experiments to operate on small amounts ... More
Excited State Mass spectra and Regge trajectories of Bottom Baryons in Hypercentral quark ModelOct 03 2016We present the mass spectra of excited states of singly heavy baryons consist of a bottom quark and light quarks (u, d and s). The QCD motivated hypercentral quark model is employed for the three body description of baryons. The form of confinement potential ... More
A Framework towards Domain Specific Video SummarizationSep 24 2018Dec 28 2018In the light of exponentially increasing video content, video summarization has attracted a lot of attention recently due to its ability to optimize time and storage. Characteristics of a good summary of a video depend on the particular domain under question. ... More
Properties of Light Flavour Baryons in Hypercentral quark modelJan 06 2010May 31 2011The light flavour baryons are studied within the quark model using the hyper central description of the three-body system. The confinement potential is assumed as hypercentral coulomb plus power potential ($hCPP_\nu$) with power index $\nu$. The masses ... More
Experimental Investigation of Optimum Beam Size for FSO UplinkJan 06 2017May 29 2017In this paper, the effect of transmitter beam size on the performance of free space optical (FSO) communication has been determined experimentally. Irradiance profile for varying turbulence strength is obtained using optical turbulence generating (OTG) ... More
Shear Mediated Elongational Flow and Yielding in Soft Glassy MaterialsSep 20 2012In this work, we study the deformation behavior of thin films of various soft glassy materials that are simultaneously subjected to two creep flow fields, rotational shear flow by applying torque and elongational flow by applying normal force. The generic ... More
Mass spectra and Regge trajectories of $Λ_{c}^{+}$, $Σ_{c}^{0}$, $Ξ_{c}^{0}$ and $Ω_{c}^{0}$ BaryonsSep 26 2016We calculate the mass spectra of the singly charmed baryons ($\Lambda_{c}^{+}$, $\Sigma_{c}^{0}$, $\Xi_{c}^{0}$ and $\Omega_{c}^{0}$) using Hypercentral constituent quark model(hCQM). The hyper color coloumb plus linear potential is used to calculate ... More
Novel Block Excitonic Condensate at $n=3.5$ in a Spin-Orbit Coupled $t_{2g}$ Multiorbital Hubbard ModelJan 17 2019Theoretical studies recently predicted the condensation of spin-orbit excitons at momentum $q$=$\pi$ in $t_{2g}^4$ spin-orbit coupled three-orbital Hubbard models at electronic density $n=4$. In parallel, experiments involving iridates with non-integer ... More
KidsTube: Detection, Characterization and Analysis of Child Unsafe Content & Promoters on YouTubeAug 21 2016YouTube draws large number of users who contribute actively by uploading videos or commenting on existing videos. However, being a crowd sourced and large content pushed onto it, there is limited control over the content. This makes malicious users push ... More
Radiation-Hard Asics for Optical Data Transmission in the Atlas Pixel DetectorAug 10 2004We have developed two radiation-hard ASICs for optical data transmission in the ATLAS pixel detector at the LHC at CERN: a driver chip for a Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser (VCSEL) diode for 80 Mbit/s data transmission from the detector, and a ... More
Radiation-hard ASICs for optical data transmission in the ATLAS pixel detectorMar 13 2003We have developed two radiation-hard ASICs for optical data transmission in the ATLAS pixel detector at the LHC at CERN: a driver chip for a Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser (VCSEL) diode for 80 Mbit/s data transmission from the detector, and a ... More
Incorporation of the statistical uncertainty in the background estimate into the upper limit on the signalJul 25 1997We present a procedure for calculating an upper limit on the number of signal events which incorporates the Poisson uncertainty in the background, estimated from control regions of one or two dimensions. For small number of signal events, the upper limit ... More
Optical Link of the Atlas Pixel DetectorDec 06 2007The on-detector optical link of the ATLAS pixel detector contains radiation-hard receiver chips to decode bi-phase marked signals received on PIN arrays and data transmitter chips to drive VCSEL arrays. The components are mounted on hybrid boards (opto-boards). ... More
Search for Neutrinoless Tau Decays Involving the K0 MesonNov 11 2002We have searched for lepton flavor violating decays of the tau lepton with one or two KS0 mesons in the final state. The data used in the search were collected with the CLEO II and II.V detectors at the Cornell Electron Storage Ring (CESR) and correspond ... More
High-resolution spectroscopy of the intermediate polar EX Hydrae. I. Kinematic study and Roche tomographyFeb 18 2008EX Hya is one of the few double-lined eclipsing cataclysmic variables that allow an accurate measurement of the binary masses. We analyze orbital phase-resolved UVES/ VLT high resolution spectroscopic observations of EX Hya with the aims of deriving the ... More
Near-IR Properties of Quasar Host GalaxiesJan 23 1997We have obtained deep, near-IR images of nearly 100 host galaxies of nearby quasars and Seyferts. We find the near-IR light to be a good tracer of luminous mass in these galaxies. For the most luminous quasars there is a correlation between the maximum ... More
Evolution of Low Mass Contact BinariesJul 17 2012We present a study on low-mass contact binaries (LMCB) with orbital periods shorter than 0.3 days and total mass lower than about 1.4 solar mass. We show that such systems have a long pre-contact phase, which lasts for 8-9 Gyrs, while the contact phase ... More
Deformation of Fermi Surface Due to Antiferromagnetic CorrelationDec 16 1999It is investigated, on the basis of the fluctuation exchange approximation, how the shape of the Fermi surface is modified in two-dimensional $t-t'-U$ Hubbard model at half filling as strength of the onsite Coulomb interaction $U$ is increased. The antiferromagnetic ... More
On condensation properties of Bethe roots associated with the XXZ chainAug 24 2015I prove that the Bethe roots describing either the ground state or a certain class of "particle-hole" excited states of the XXZ spin-$1/2$ chain in any sector with magnetisation $\mathfrak{m} \in [0;1/2]$ exist and form, in the infinite volume limit, ... More
Large-distance and long-time asymptotic behavior of the reduced density matrix in the non-linear Schrödinger modelJan 08 2011May 05 2011Starting from the form factor expansion in finite volume, we derive the multidimensional generalization of the so-called Natte series for the zero-temperature, time and distance dependent reduced density matrix in the non-linear Schr\"{o}dinger model. ... More
On the emptiness formation probability of the open XXZ spin-$\tf{1}{2}$ chainAug 02 2007This paper is devoted to the study of the emptiness formation probability $\tau\pa{m}$ of the open XXZ chain. We derive a closed form for $\tau\pa{m}$ at $\Delta=\tf{1}{2}$ when the boundary field vanishes. Moreover we obtain its leading asymptotics for ... More
Multiplicity with a Thrust CutDec 28 1993We evaluate the multiplicity of hadrons in the $e^+e^-$-annihilation at a given thrust $T$ in the modified leading-log approximation, including $O(\sqrt{\alpha_s})$ corrections. The calculation is done at a large value of $\tau =1-T$ by the use of the ... More
Theory of Ultrasonic Dispersion in Local Phonon Systems Coupled with Conduction ElectronsJul 25 2007The physical origin of frequency dependence in elastic constants, which are often found in an ultrasound propagation in filled skutterudites and clathrate compounds, is investigated theoretically. This dependence arises from a coupling between the acoustic ... More
Semiclassical expansion of the Slater sum for position dependent mass distributions in d dimensionsOct 04 2012Apr 26 2013We consider hamiltonian systems with spatially varying effective mass and slowly varying local potential in d dimensions. The Slater sum is defined as the diagonal element of the Bloch propagator. We derive a gradient expansion of the Slater sum up to ... More
Scale Factors of Homogeneous Anisotropic Cosmological Models with Perfect FluidJun 07 2019The article is devoted to cosmology. It deals with homogeneous anisotropic cosmological models. Scale factors have been evaluated for the multicomponent models with perfect fluid, taking account of its expansion, rotation and shear. The cosmological fluid ... More
Zeros of the hypergeometric polynomial F(-n,b;c;z)Dec 03 2008Our interest lies in describing the zero behaviour of Gauss hypergeometric polynomials $F(-n,b; c; z)$ where $b$ and $c$ are arbitrary parameters. In general, this problem has not been solved and even when $b$ and $c$ are both real, the only cases that ... More
Game of collusionsDec 12 2015A new model of collusions in an organization is proposed. Each actor $a_{i=1,\cdots,N}$ disposes one unique good $g_{j=1,\cdots,N}$. Each actor $a_i$ has also a list of other goods which he/she needs, in order from desired most to those desired less. ... More
Microscopic derivation of the Bekenstein-Hawking entropy formula for non-extremal black holesNov 18 1997Jan 10 1998We derive the Bekenstein-Hawking entropy formula for four and five dimensional non-supersymmetric black holes (which include the Schwarzchild ones) by counting microscopic states. This is achieved by first showing that these black holes are U-dual to ... More
Angular momentum and mass evolution of contact binariesMar 03 2008Sep 25 2008Various scenarios of contact binary evolution have been proposed in the past, giving hints of (sometimes contradictory) evolutionary sequence connecting A-type and W-type systems. As the components of close detached binaries approach each other and contact ... More
Spectroscopy of diffuse light in dust clouds. Scattered light and the solar neighbourhood radiation fieldNov 30 2012The optical surface brightness of dark nebulae is mainly due to scattering of integrated starlight by classical dust grains. It contains information on the impinging interstellar radiation field, cloud structure, and grain scattering properties. We have ... More
On lacunary Toeplitz determinantsOct 09 2013By using Riemann--Hilbert problem based techniques, we obtain the asymptotic expansion of lacunary Toeplitz determinants $\det_N\big[ c_{\ell_a-m_b}[f] \big]$ generated by holomorhpic symbols, where $\ell_a=a$ (resp. $m_b=b$) except for a finite subset ... More
Riemann--Hilbert approach to the time-dependent generalized sine kernelNov 25 2010Apr 29 2015We derive the leading asymptotic behavior and build a new series representation for the Fredholm determinant of integrable integral operators appearing in the representation of the time and distance dependent correlation functions of integrable models ... More
Low-$T$ asymptotic expansion of the solution to the Yang-Yang equationDec 28 2011Apr 30 2015We prove that the unique solution to the Yang-Yang equation arising in the context of the thermodynamics of the so-called non-linear Schr\"{o}dinger model admits a low-temperature expansion to all orders. Our approach provides a rigorous justification, ... More
Determination of the $Θ^+$ parity from $γn \to K^- K^+ n$Nov 09 2003Dec 26 2003It is demonstrated that measurements of photon asymmetry in the $\gamma n \to K^- K^+ n$ reaction, can most likely determine the parity of the newly discovered $\Theta^+$ pentaquark. We predict that if the parity of $\Theta^+$ is positive, the photon ... More
On the correlation between the X-ray and gamma-ray emission in TeV blazarsDec 09 2009The observations of TeV blazars published recently show an unexpected quadratic or even cubic correlation between the X-ray and gamma-ray emission. A standard model of the synchrotron self-Compton emission of a compact source inside a jet is not able ... More
Slave boson model for two-dimensional trapped Bose-Einstein condensateApr 11 2005A system of N bosons in a two-dimensional harmonic trap is considered. The system is treated in term of the slave boson representation for hard-core bosons which is valid in the arbitrary density regimes. I discuss the consequences of higher order interactions ... More
Yukawa bosons in two-dimensional Harmonic confinementMar 24 2005Sep 06 2007The ground state property of Yukawa Bose fluid confined in a radial harmonic trap is studied. The calculation was carried out using the density functional theory formalism within the Kohn-Sham scheme. The excess-correlation energy for this inhomogeneous ... More