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The Algonauts Project: A Platform for Communication between the Sciences of Biological and Artificial IntelligenceMay 14 2019In the last decade, artificial intelligence (AI) models inspired by the brain have made unprecedented progress in performing real-world perceptual tasks like object classification and speech recognition. Recently, researchers of natural intelligence have ... More
Visual pathways from the perspective of cost functions and multi-task deep neural networksJun 06 2017Sep 16 2017Vision research has been shaped by the seminal insight that we can understand the higher-tier visual cortex from the perspective of multiple functional pathways with different goals. In this paper, we try to give a computational account of the functional ... More
The Smart ShowerJul 06 2014The smart shower is an intelligent device that saves the water during the shower. It uses the indicator lamps that inform the user of the amount of the water. Like the traffic signal it has three sets of lamps, green, yellow and red, each indicating the ... More
Modularity of the Rankin-Selberg L-series, and multiplicity one for SL(2)Jul 01 2000A fundamental question, first raised by Langlands, is to know whether the Rankin-Selberg product of two (not necessarily holomorphic) cusp forms f and g is modular, i.e., if there exists an automorphic form f box g on GL(4)/Q whose standard L-function ... More
A Theorem on GL(n) a la TchebotarevJun 21 2018Let $K/F$ be a finite Galois extension of number fields. It is well known that the Tchebotarev density theorem implies that an irreducible, finitely ramified $p$-adic representation $\rho$ of the absolute Galois group of $K$ is determined (up to equivalence) ... More
Uniform bounds on growth in o-minimal structuresMar 27 2007Mar 30 2010We prove that a function definable with parameters in an o-minimal structure is bounded away from infinity as its argument goes to infinity by a function definable without parameters, and that this new function can be chosen independently of the parameters ... More
A Mild Tchebotarev Theorem for GL$(n)$Mar 23 2010Aug 27 2014It is well known that the Tchebotarev density theorem implies that an irreducible $\ell$-adic representation $\rho$ of the absolute Galois group of a number field $K$ is determined (up to isomorphism) by the characteristic polynomials of Frobenius elements ... More
Modular Curves, Modular Surfaces, and Modular FourfoldsSep 16 2006This article surveys some recent work of the author on Hilbert modular fourfolds X. After some preliminaries on the cohomology and special, codimension 2 cycles Z on X of Hirzebruch-Zagier type, a proof of the Tate conjecture for X over abelian fields ... More
Algebraic cycles on Hilbert modular fourfolds and poles of L-functionsOct 11 2003In this paper we give some evidence for the Tate (and Hodge) conjecture(s) for a class of Hilbert modular fourfolds X, whose connected components arise as arithmetic quotients of the fourfold product of the upper half plane by congruence subgroups \Gamma ... More
Modularity of solvable Artin representations of GO(4)-typeFeb 06 2001This is an updated version of ANT-0253. Let F be a number field with absolute Galois group G. We associate, to each continuous, solvable C-representation of G of GO(4)-type, an automorphic form P of GL(4)/F with the same L-function. As a consequence we ... More
Functions continuous on curves in o-minimal structuresFeb 26 2009Apr 21 2011We give necessary and sufficient conditions on a non-oscillatory curve in an o-minimal field such that, for any bounded definable function, the germ of the function on an initial segment of the curve can be continuously extended to a closed definable ... More
The Traits of the PersonableMay 14 2002Information personalization is fertile ground for application of AI techniques. In this article I relate personalization to the ability to capture partial information in an information-seeking interaction. The specific focus is on personalizing interactions ... More
PIPE: Personalizing Recommendations via Partial EvaluationOct 18 1999Apr 26 2000It is shown that personalization of web content can be advantageously viewed as a form of partial evaluation --- a technique well known in the programming languages community. The basic idea is to model a recommendation space as a program, then partially ... More
Irreducibility and cuspidalitySep 16 2006Sep 23 2006Irreducible representations are the building blocks of general, semisimple Galois representations \rho, and cuspidal representations are the building blocks of automorphic forms \pi of the general linear group. It is expected that when an object of the ... More
Maximal small extensions of o-minimal structuresDec 04 2007Mar 30 2010A proper elementary extension of a model is called small if it realizes no new types over any finite set in the base model. We answer a question of Marker, and show that it is possible to have an o-minimal structure with a maximal small extension. Our ... More
Definable linear orders definably embed into lexicographic orders in o-minimal structuresMar 28 2010Nov 08 2010We completely characterize definable linear orders in o-minimal structures expanding groups. For example, let (P,<_p) be a linear order definable in the real field R. Then (P,<_p) embeds definably in (R^{n+1},<_l), where <_l is the lexicographic order ... More
Existence of Ramanujan primes for GL(3)Sep 12 2002Sep 26 2002In this Note we show that given any cusp form \pi on GL(3) over the rationals, there exist an infinite number of primes p which are Ramanujan for \pi, i.e., that the local components \pi_p are tempered for an infinite number of p. It turns out that the ... More
Recovering Cusp forms on GL(2) from Symmetric CubesMar 27 2015Suppose $\pi$, $\pi'$ are cusp forms on GL$(2)$, not of solvable polyhedral type, such that they have the same symmetric cubes. Then we show that either $\pi$, $\pi'$ are twist equivalent, or else a certain degree $36$ $L$-function associated to the pair ... More
Icosahedral Fibres of the Symmetric Cube and AlgebraicityDec 28 2008Mar 23 2010For any number field F, call a cusp form \pi on GL(2)/F {\it special icosahedral}, or just s-icosahedral for short, if \pi is not solvable polyhedral, and for a suitable "conjugate" cusp form \pi' on GL(2)/F, sym^3(\pi) is isomorphic to sym^3(\pi'), and ... More
Remarks on the symmetric powers of cusp forms on GL(2)Oct 03 2007Jul 02 2009In this paper we prove the following conditional result: Let F be a number field, and pi a cusp form on GL(2)/F which is not solvable polyhedral. Assume that all the symmetric powers sym^m(pi) are modular, i.e., define automorphic forms on GL(m+1)/F. ... More
Decomposition and parity of p-adic representations attached to algebraic automorphic forms on GL(4)Jan 08 2013Dec 10 2013Let F be a number field with adele ring A_F, and \pi an isobaric, algebraic automorphic representation of GL_4(A_F) of a fixed archimedean weight, which is quasi-regular, meaning that at every archimedean place v of F, the 4-dimensional representation ... More
Moments in Time Dataset: one million videos for event understandingJan 09 2018Feb 16 2019We present the Moments in Time Dataset, a large-scale human-annotated collection of one million short videos corresponding to dynamic events unfolding within three seconds. Modeling the spatial-audio-temporal dynamics even for actions occurring in 3 second ... More
Novel Runtime Systems Support for Adaptive Compositional Modeling on the GridJan 21 2003Grid infrastructures and computing environments have progressed significantly in the past few years. The vision of truly seamless Grid usage relies on runtime systems support that is cognizant of the operational issues underlying grid computations and, ... More
Phenomenology of Irreversible Processes from GravityNov 17 2011We propose that the space-time evolution of strongly coupled matter formed by ultra-relativistic heavy ion collisions can be modelled by phenomenological equations involving the energy-momentum tensor and conserved currents alone. These equations can ... More
Modelling colossal magnetoresistance manganitesSep 06 2007I briefly survey here attempts to model the rich and strange behaviour of colossal magnetoresistance manganites, after outlining some of the phenomena observed in them, and describing the three relevant strong local interactions of the e_g electrons (in ... More
Ginzburg-Landau Like Theory for High Temperature Superconductivity in the Cuprates: Emergent d-wave OrderMar 14 2012High temperature superconductivity in the cuprates remains one of the most widely investigated, constantly surprising, and poorly understood phenomena in physics. Here, we describe briefly a new phenomenological theory inspired by the celebrated description ... More
On triangular numbers, forms of mixed type and their representation numbersApr 12 2019May 01 2019In \cite{ono}, K. Ono, S. Robins and P.T. Wahl considered the problem of determining formulas for the number of representations of a natural number $n$ by a sum of $k$ triangular numbers and derived many applications, including the one connecting these ... More
Rankin's method and Jacobi forms of several variablesAug 18 2008Following Rankin's method, D. Zagier computed the $n$-th Rankin-Cohen bracket of a modular form $g$ of weight $k_1$ with the Eisenstein series of weight $k_2$ and then computed the inner product of this Rankin-Cohen bracket with a cusp form $f$ of weight ... More
Arithmetic Quotients of the Complex Ball and a Conjecture of LangJan 08 2014Dec 03 2015We prove that various arithmetic quotients of the unit ball in $\mathbb{C}^n$ are Mordellic, in the sense that they have only finitely many rational points over any finitely generated field extension of $\mathbb{Q}$. In the previously known case of compact ... More
On the exceptional zeros of Rankin-Selberg L-functionsAug 08 2001The main objects of study in this article are two classes of Rankin-Selberg L-unctions, namely L(s, f \times g) and L(s, sym^2(g) \times sym^2(g)), where f, g are newforms, holomorphic or of Maass type, on the upper half plane, and sym^2(g) denotes the ... More
Selfdual representations of division algebras and Weil groups: A contrastJul 01 2008Selfdual representations of any group fall into two classes when they are irreducible: those which carry a symmetric bilinear form, and the others which carry an alternating bilinear form. The Langlands correspondence, which matches the irreducible representations ... More
Average values of modular L-series via the relative trace formulaOct 06 2005Sep 16 2006First we reprove, using representation theory and the relative trace formula of Jacquet, an average value result of Duke for modular L-series at the critical center. We also establish a refinement. To be precise, the L-value which appears is L(1/2, f)L(1/2,f,\chi) ... More
On taking advantage of multiple requests in error correcting codesFeb 02 2018In most notions of locality in error correcting codes -- notably locally recoverable codes (LRCs) and locally decodable codes (LDCs) -- a decoder seeks to learn a single symbol of a message while looking at only a few symbols of the corresponding codeword. ... More
Unusual Ground State Properties of the Kondo-Lattice Compound Yb2Ir3Ge5Mar 29 2003We report sample preparation, structure, electrical resistivity, magnetic susceptibility and heat capacity studies of a new compound Yb$_2$Ir$_3$Ge$_5$. We find that this compound crystallizes in an orthorhombic structure with a space group PMMN unlike ... More
Cultural Algorithm Toolkit for Multi-objective Rule MiningSep 12 2012Cultural algorithm is a kind of evolutionary algorithm inspired from societal evolution and is composed of a belief space, a population space and a protocol that enables exchange of knowledge between these sources. Knowledge created in the population ... More
Modular Forms and Calabi-Yau VarietiesApr 04 2014May 12 2014Given a holomorphic newform $f$ of weight $k$ and with rational coefficients, a question of Mazur and van Straten asks if there is an associated Calabi-Yau variety $X$ over ${\mathbb Q}$ of dimension $k-1$ such that the $\ell$-adic Galois representation ... More
Local Galois Symbols on E x EAug 07 2008Jul 02 2009This article is the first part of a two-part work on the Albanese kernel T_F(E x E), for an elliptic curve E over F. The main result furnishes information, for any odd prime p, about the kernel and image of the Galois symbol map from T_F(E \times E)/p ... More
The Partial Evaluation Approach to Information PersonalizationAug 07 2001Information personalization refers to the automatic adjustment of information content, structure, and presentation tailored to an individual user. By reducing information overload and customizing information access, personalization systems have emerged ... More
Magnet Field Induced idxy Order in a dx2-y2 SuperconductorMar 06 1998The interaction between planar quasiparticles in a dx2-y2 superconductor and quantized vortices associated with a magnetic field perpendicular to the plane is shown to induce a pair potential with dxy symmetry, out a phase with dx2-y2 order. A microscopic ... More
Completely Uncoupled Algorithms for Network Utility MaximizationSep 15 2018In this paper, we present two completely uncoupled algorithms for utility maximization. In the first part, we present an algorithm that can be applied for general non-concave utilities. We show that this algorithm induces a perturbed (by $\epsilon$) Markov ... More
Congestion Avoidance in Computer Networks with a Connectionless Network Layer, Part I: Concepts, Goals and MethodologySep 24 1998Congestion is said to occur in the network when the resource demands exceed the capacity and packets are lost due to too much queuing in the network. During congestion, the network throughput may drop to zero and the path delay may become very high. A ... More
A constraint for twist equivalence of cusp forms on GL$(n)$Jun 03 2019Jun 08 2019This Note answers, and generalizes, a question of Kaisa Matom\"aki. We show that give two cuspidal automorphic representations $\pi_1$ and $\pi_2$ of $GL_n$ over a number field $F$ of respective conductors $N_1,$ $N_2,$ every character $\chi$ such that ... More
Quotients of E^n by A_{n+1} and Calabi-Yau manifoldsNov 13 2004Apr 21 2005We give a simple construction, starting with any elliptic curve E, of an n-dimensional Calabi-Yau variety of Kummer type (for any n>1), by considering the quotient Y of the n-fold self-product of E by a natural action of the alternating group A_{n+1} ... More
Rankin-Cohen Brackets and van der Pol-Type Identities for the Ramanujan's Tau FunctionNov 22 2007We use Rankin-Cohen brackets for modular forms and quasimodular forms to give a different proof of the results obtained by D. Lanphier and D. Niebur on the van der Pol type identities for the Ramanujan's tau function. As consequences we obtain convolution ... More
YUVMultiNet: Real-time YUV multi-task CNN for autonomous drivingApr 11 2019In this paper, we propose a multi-task convolutional neural network (CNN) architecture optimized for a low power automotive grade SoC. We introduce a network based on a unified architecture where the encoder is shared among the two tasks namely detection ... More
Homogeneous Relaxation at Strong Coupling from GravityMar 09 2011Nov 17 2011Homogeneous relaxation is a ubiquitous phenomenon in semiclassical kinetic theories where the quasiparticles are distributed uniformly in space, and the equilibration involves only their velocity distribution. For such solutions, the hydrodynamic variables ... More
Reinforcing Reachable RoutesJul 21 2002This paper studies the evaluation of routing algorithms from the perspective of reachability routing, where the goal is to determine all paths between a sender and a receiver. Reachability routing is becoming relevant with the changing dynamics of the ... More
Evolution of Superconductivity and Charge Density Wave Ordering in the Lu$_5$Ir$_4$(Si$_{1-x}$Ge$_x$)$_{10}$ Alloy SystemNov 25 2003The compounds Lu$_5$Ir$_4$Si$_{10}$ and Lu$_5$Ir$_4$Ge$_{10}$ crystallize in the tetragonal Sc$_5$Co$_4$Si$_{10}$ type structure. Lu$_5$Ir$_4$Si$_{10}$ is known to superconduct below 3.9 K and it also exhibits a strongly coupled charge density wave (CDW) ... More
A Dual Approximate Dynamic Programming Approach to Multi-stage Stochastic Unit CommitmentJan 07 2018Jun 22 2018We study the multi-stage stochastic unit commitment problem in which commitment and generation decisions can be made and adjusted in each time period. We formulate this problem as a Markov decision process, which is "weakly-coupled" in the sense that ... More
A constraint for twist equivalence of cusp forms on GL$(n)$Jun 03 2019This note answers, and generalizes, a question of Kaisa Matom\"aki. We show that give two cuspidal automorphic representations $\pi_1$ and $\pi_2$ of $GL_n$ over a number field $F$ of respective conductor $N_1,$ $N_2,$ every character $\chi$ such that ... More
Nugget Discovery with a Multi-objective Cultural AlgorithmJul 11 2012Partial classification popularly known as nugget discovery comes under descriptive knowledge discovery. It involves mining rules for a target class of interest. Classification "If-Then" rules are the most sought out by decision makers since they are the ... More
Consequences of the Gross/Zagier formulae: Stability of average L-values, subconvexity, and non-vanishing mod pSep 28 2007In this paper we investigate some consequences of the Gross/Zagier types of formulae which were introduced by Gross and Zagier, and were then generalized in various directions by Hatcher, Zhang, Kudla and several other people. Working in the classical ... More
Spin(7) instantons and the Hodge Conjecture for certain abelian four-folds: a modest proposalSep 23 2008The Hodge Conjecture is equivalent to a statement about conditions under which a complex vector bundle on a smooth complex projective variety admits a holomorphic structure. I advertise a class of abelian four-folds due to Mumford where this approach ... More
Evaluation of the convolution sums $\sum_{l+15m=n} σ(l) σ(m)$ and $\sum_{3l+5m=n} σ(l) σ(m)$ and some applicationsJul 21 2012Oct 21 2012We evaluate the convolution sums $\sum_{l,m\in {\mathbb N}, {l+15m=n}} \sigma(l) \sigma(m)$ and $\sum_{l,m\in {\mathbb N}, {3l+5m=n}} \sigma(l) \sigma(m)$ for all $n\in {\mathbb N}$ using the theory of quasimodular forms and use these convolution sums ... More
Siegel modular forms of genus 2 attached to elliptic curvesSep 16 2006The object of this article is to construct certain classes of arithmetically significant, holomorphic Siegel cusp forms F of genus 2, which are neither of Saito-Kurokawa type, in which case the degree 4 spinor L-function L(s, F) is divisible by an abelian ... More
Sampling Strategies for Mining in Data-Scarce DomainsApr 22 2002Apr 22 2002Data mining has traditionally focused on the task of drawing inferences from large datasets. However, many scientific and engineering domains, such as fluid dynamics and aircraft design, are characterized by scarce data, due to the expense and complexity ... More
Exact separation of radial and angular correlation energies in two-electron atomsJan 22 2018Feb 01 2019Partitioning of helium atom's correlation energy into radial and angular contributions, although of fundamental interest, has eluded critical scrutiny. Conventionally, radial and angular correlation energies of helium atom are defined for its ground state ... More
Machine Learning Modeling of Wigner Intracule Functionals for Two Electrons in One DimensionFeb 02 2018Jan 21 2019In principle, many-electron correlation energy can be precisely computed from a reduced Wigner distribution function ($\mathcal{W}$) thanks to a universal functional transformation ($\mathcal{F}$), whose formal existence is akin to that of the exchange-correlation ... More
Hyper-Fisher Vectors for Action RecognitionSep 28 2015In this paper, a novel encoding scheme combining Fisher vector and bag-of-words encodings has been proposed for recognizing action in videos. The proposed Hyper-Fisher vector encoding is sum of local Fisher vectors which are computed based on the traditional ... More
Inference in Probabilistic Logic Programs with Continuous Random VariablesDec 12 2011Oct 08 2012Probabilistic Logic Programming (PLP), exemplified by Sato and Kameya's PRISM, Poole's ICL, Raedt et al's ProbLog and Vennekens et al's LPAD, is aimed at combining statistical and logical knowledge representation and inference. A key characteristic of ... More
XPL: An extended probabilistic logic for probabilistic transition systemsApr 20 2016Jul 29 2016Generalized Probabilistic Logic (GPL) is a temporal logic, based on the modal mu-calculus, for specifying properties of reactive probabilistic systems. GPL is expressive enough that termination of Recursive Markov Chains (RMCs) can be cast as a model ... More
Qualitative Analysis of Correspondence for Experimental AlgorithmicsApr 26 2002Correspondence identifies relationships among objects via similarities among their components; it is ubiquitous in the analysis of spatial datasets, including images, weather maps, and computational simulations. This paper develops a novel multi-level ... More
Non-vanishing of $L$-functions associated to cusp forms of half-integral weightDec 17 2013In this article, we prove non-vanishing results for $L$-functions associated to holomorphic cusp forms of half-integral weight on average (over an orthogonal basis of Hecke eigenforms). This extends a result of W. Kohnen to forms of half-integral weight. ... More
Sidekick Policy Learning for Active Visual ExplorationJul 29 2018We consider an active visual exploration scenario, where an agent must intelligently select its camera motions to efficiently reconstruct the full environment from only a limited set of narrow field-of-view glimpses. While the agent has full observability ... More
Increasing the number of fibered faces of arithmetic hyperbolic 3-manifoldsDec 19 2007Dec 16 2008We exhibit a closed hyperbolic 3-manifold which satisfies a very strong form of Thurston's Virtual Fibration Conjecture. In particular, this manifold has finite covers which fiber over the circle in arbitrarily many ways. More precisely, it has a tower ... More
An AdS/CFT Connection between Boltzmann and EinsteinJul 07 2009Apr 22 2010The AdS/CFT correspondence defines a sector with universal strongly coupled dynamics in the field theory as the dual of pure gravity in AdS described by Einstein's equation with a negative cosmological constant. We explain here, from the field-theoretic ... More
Crystal growth and ambient and high pressure study of the reentrant superconductor Tm_2Fe_3Si_5Jan 03 2008We report single crystal growth of the reentrant superconductor Tm_2Fe_3Si_5, and measurements of the anisotropic static magnetic susceptibility \chi(T) and isothermal magnetization M(H), ac susceptibility \chi_ac(T), electrical resistivity \rho(T) and ... More
On triangular numbers, forms of mixed type and their representation numbersApr 12 2019In \cite{ono}, K. Ono, S. Robins and P.T. Wahl considered the problem of determining formulas for the number of representations of a natural number $n$ by a sum of $k$ triangular numbers and derived many applications, including the one connecting these ... More
A cuspidality criterion for the functorial product on GL(2) x GL(3), with a cohomological applicationOct 11 2003This paper was motivated by a question of Avner Ash, asking if it is possible to construct non-selfdual, non-monomial, cuspidal cohomology classes for suitable congruence subgroups \Gamma of SL(n,\Z). Such a construction, in special examples, has been ... More
A comparison of automorphic and Artin L-series of GL(2)-type agreeing at degree one primesFeb 14 2015Let $F/k$ be a cyclic extension of number fields of prime degree. Let $\rho$ be an irreducible $2$-dimensional representation of Artin type of the absolute Galois group of $F$, and $\pi$ a cuspidal automorphic representation of GL$_2(\mathbb A_F)$, such ... More
On triangular numbers, forms of mixed type and their representation numbersApr 12 2019Jun 22 2019In \cite{ono}, K. Ono, S. Robins and P.T. Wahl considered the problem of determining formulas for the number of representations of a natural number $n$ by a sum of $k$ triangular numbers and derived many applications, including the one connecting these ... More
Bach in 2014: Music Composition with Recurrent Neural NetworkDec 10 2014Dec 14 2014We propose a framework for computer music composition that uses resilient propagation (RProp) and long short term memory (LSTM) recurrent neural network. In this paper, we show that LSTM network learns the structure and characteristics of music pieces ... More
Quadratically constrained quadratic programming for classification using particle swarms and applicationsJul 23 2014Particle swarm optimization is used in several combinatorial optimization problems. In this work, particle swarms are used to solve quadratic programming problems with quadratic constraints. The approach of particle swarms is an example for interior point ... More
On the Restriction Map for Jacobi FormsJan 05 2013Nov 29 2013In this article we give the description of the kernel of the restriction map for Jacobi forms of index 2 and obtain the injectivity of $D_0\oplus D_2$ on the space of Jacobi forms of weight 2 and index 2. We also obtain certain generalization of these ... More
Eisenstein series of weight one, $q$-averages of the $0$-logarithm and periods of elliptic curvesJun 13 2018Jun 14 2018For any elliptic curve $E$ over $k\subset \Bbb R$ with $E({\Bbb C})={\Bbb C}^\times/q^{\Bbb Z}$, $q=e^{2\pi iz}, \Im(z)>0$, we study the $q$-average $D_{0,q}$, defined on $E({\Bbb C})$, of the function $D_0(z) = \Im(z/(1-z))$. Let $\Omega^+(E)$ denote ... More
On the number of representations by certain octonary quadratic forms with coefficients 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6Jul 13 2016Oct 27 2016In this paper, we find formulas for the number of representations of certain diagonal octonary quadratic forms with coefficients $1,2,3,4$ and $6$. We obtain these formulas by constructing explicit bases of the space of modular forms of weight $4$ on ... More
Effect of Hydrostatic Pressure on the Kondo Effect in the Heavy Fermion System Yb$_2$Fe$_3$Si$_5$Nov 24 2003We report the effect of hydrostatic pressure on the resistivity of the heavy fermion Kondo lattice compound Yb$_2$Fe$_3$Si$_5$ in the temperature range 2-300 K and in pressures upto 10 Kbar. At ambient pressure the resistivity shows a prominent Kondo ... More
A framework for automatic question generation from text using deep reinforcement learningAug 15 2018Automatic question generation (QG) is a useful yet challenging task in NLP. Recent neural network-based approaches represent the state-of-the-art in this task, but they are not without shortcomings. Firstly, these models lack the ability to handle rare ... More
Many Molecular Properties from One Kernel in Chemical SpaceFeb 16 2015Mar 17 2015We introduce property-independent kernels for machine learning modeling of arbitrarily many molecular properties. The kernels encode molecular structures for training sets of varying size, as well as similarity measures sufficiently diffuse in chemical ... More
Fast GPU-Enabled Color Normalization for Digital PathologyJan 10 2019Normalizing unwanted color variations due to differences in staining processes and scanner responses has been shown to aid machine learning in computational pathology. Of the several popular techniques for color normalization, structure preserving color ... More
Superconductivity in cubic noncentrosymmetric PdBiSe CrystalOct 16 2014Mixing of spin singlet and spin triplet superconducting pairing state is expected in noncentrosymmetric superconductors (NCS) due to the inherent presence of Rashba-type antisymmetric spin-orbit coupling. Unlike low symmetry (tetragonal or monoclinic) ... More
On the representations of a positive integer by certain classes of quadratic forms in eight variablesJul 16 2016In this paper we use the theory of modular forms to find formulas for the number of representations of a positive integer by certain class of quadratic forms in eight variables, viz., forms of the form $a_1x_1^2 + a_2 x_2^2 + a_3 x_3^2 + a_4 x_4^2 + b_1(x_5^2+x_5x_6 ... More
On the number of representations by certain octonary quadratic forms with coefficients 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6Jul 13 2016Jun 23 2017In this paper, we find formulas for the number of representations of certain diagonal octonary quadratic forms with coefficients $1,2,3,4$ and $6$. We obtain these formulas by constructing explicit bases of the space of modular forms of weight $4$ on ... More
The Chemical Space of B, N-substituted Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons: Combinatorial Enumeration and High-Throughput First-Principles ModelingJan 03 2019Feb 22 2019Combinatorial introduction of heteroatoms in the two-dimensional framework of aromatic hydrocarbons opens up possibilities to design compound libraries exhibiting desirable photovoltaic and photochemical properties. Exhaustive enumeration and first-principles ... More
Emergence of Exploratory Look-Around Behaviors through Active Observation CompletionJun 27 2019Standard computer vision systems assume access to intelligently captured inputs (e.g., photos from a human photographer), yet autonomously capturing good observations is a major challenge in itself. We address the problem of learning to look around: how ... More
Phenomenological Ginzburg-Landau-like theory for superconductivity in the cupratesJul 19 2010Dec 23 2010We propose a phenomenological Ginzburg-Landau-like theory of cuprate superconductivity. The free energy is expressed as a functional F of the spin-singlet pair amplitude psi_ij=psi_m=Delta_m exp(i phi_m); i and j are nearest-neighbor sites of the Cu lattice ... More
Parameter Learning in PRISM Programs with Continuous Random VariablesMar 19 2012Probabilistic Logic Programming (PLP), exemplified by Sato and Kameya's PRISM, Poole's ICL, De Raedt et al's ProbLog and Vennekens et al's LPAD, combines statistical and logical knowledge representation and inference. Inference in these languages is based ... More
Excitation of two atoms by a propagating single photon pulseNov 13 2014We describe the interaction of two two-level atoms in free space with propagating modes of the quantized electromagnetic field, using the time-dependent Heisenberg-Langevin method. For single- photon pulses, we consider the effect of the pulse's spatial ... More
Ferromagnetic ordering of minority Ce$^{3+}$ spins in a quasi-skutterudite Ce${_3}$Os${_4}$Ge$_{13}$ single crystalFeb 25 2016We report site disorder driven ferromagnetic ordering of nearly 8$\%$ Ce atoms in single crystalline Ce${_3}$Os${_4}$Ge$_{13}$ below 0.5~K. Ce${_3}$Os${_4}$Ge$_{13}$ crystallizes in a cubic structure with space group $\it{Pm\bar{3}n}$. The structural ... More
Language Independent Single Document Image Super-Resolution using CNN for improved recognitionJan 30 2017Recognition of document images have important applications in restoring old and classical texts. The problem involves quality improvement before passing it to a properly trained OCR to get accurate recognition of the text. The image enhancement and quality ... More
Intra- and Inter-Session Network Coding in Wireless NetworksAug 31 2010Feb 23 2012In this paper, we are interested in improving the performance of constructive network coding schemes in lossy wireless environments.We propose I2NC - a cross-layer approach that combines inter-session and intra-session network coding and has two strengths. ... More
On the number of representations of certain quadratic forms and a formula for the Ramanujan Tau functionFeb 04 2017Aug 05 2017In this paper, we find the number of representations of the quadratic form $x_1^2+ x_1x_2 + x_2^2 + \ldots + x_{2k-1}^2 + x_{2k-1}x_{2k} + x_{2k}^2,$ for $k=7,9,11,12,14$ using the theory of modular forms. By comparing our formulas with the formulas obtained ... More
Sparse Estimation of Multivariate Poisson Log-Normal Models from Count DataFeb 22 2016Aug 12 2016Modeling data with multivariate count responses is a challenging problem due to the discrete nature of the responses. Existing methods for univariate count responses cannot be easily extended to the multivariate case since the dependency among multiple ... More
The holographic spectral function in non-equilibrium statesFeb 07 2012Apr 18 2012We develop holographic prescriptions for obtaining spectral functions in non-equilibrium states and space-time dependent non-equilibrium shifts in the energy and spin of quasi-particle like excitations. We reproduce strongly coupled versions of aspects ... More
Inference in Probabilistic Logic Programs using Lifted ExplanationsAug 20 2016In this paper, we consider the problem of lifted inference in the context of Prism-like probabilistic logic programming languages. Traditional inference in such languages involves the construction of an explanation graph for the query and computing probabilities ... More
Intrinsic-cum-extrinsic normalization of formant data of vowelsSep 16 2016Using a known speaker-intrinsic normalization procedure, formant data are scaled by the reciprocal of the geometric mean of the first three formant frequencies. This reduces the influence of the talker but results in a distorted vowel space. The proposed ... More
Flow of Information in Feed-Forward Deep Neural NetworksMar 20 2016Feed-forward deep neural networks have been used extensively in various machine learning applications. Developing a precise understanding of the underling behavior of neural networks is crucial for their efficient deployment. In this paper, we use an ... More
Prediction of Retained Capacity and EODV of Li-ion Batteries in LEO Spacecraft BatteriesApr 26 2010In resent years ANN is widely reported for modeling in different areas of science including electro chemistry. This includes modeling of different technological batteries such as lead acid battery, Nickel cadmium batteries etc. Lithium ion batteries are ... More
Low temperature properties of a new Kondo Lattice compound Yb$_2$Ir$_3$Sn$_5$Oct 21 2005We report the preparation and results of our magnetic and transport measurements on a new Yb-based ternary compound Yb$_2$Ir$_3$Sn$_5$. This compound forms in the orthorhombic Cmc21 structure. DC magnetic susceptibility between 1.8 K and 300 K reveal ... More
Weaves: A Novel Direct Code Execution Interface for Parallel High Performance Scientific CodesMay 04 2002Scientific codes are increasingly being used in compositional settings, especially problem solving environments (PSEs). Typical compositional modeling frameworks require significant buy-in, in the form of commitment to a particular style of programming ... More