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Big but Imperceptible Adversarial Perturbations via Semantic ManipulationApr 12 2019Machine learning, especially deep learning, is widely applied to a range of applications including computer vision, robotics and natural language processing. However, it has been shown that machine learning models are vulnerable to adversarial examples, ... More
A two-level distributed algorithm for general constrained non-convex optimization with global convergenceFeb 20 2019This paper is motivated by the desire to develop distributed algorithms for nonconvex optimization problems with complicated constraints associated with a network. The network can be a physical one, such as an electric power network, where the constraints ... More
An Improvement of Cover/El Gamal's Compress-and-Forward Relay SchemeAug 02 2009Aug 15 2009The compress-and-forward relay scheme developed by (Cover and El Gamal, 1979) is improved with a modification on the decoding process. The improvement follows as a result of realizing that it is not necessary for the destination to decode the compressed ... More
A Greedy Omnidirectional Relay SchemeJan 12 2009Feb 17 2009A greedy omnidirectional relay scheme is developed, and the corresponding achievable rate region is obtained for the all-source all-cast problem. The discussions are first based on the general discrete memoryless channel model, and then applied to the ... More
Omnidirectional Relay in Wireless NetworksNov 29 2008Nov 14 2010For wireless networks with multiple sources, an omnidirectional relay scheme is developed, where each node can simultaneously relay different messages in different directions. This is accomplished by the decode-and-forward relay strategy, with each relay ... More
On Information-Theoretic Scaling Laws for Wireless NetworksSep 07 2008Jul 07 2009With the analysis of the hierarchical scheme, the potential influence of the pre-constant in deriving scaling laws is exposed. It is found that a modified hierarchical scheme can achieve a throughput arbitrarily times higher than the original one, although ... More
Computing Naturally in the Billiard Ball ModelSep 20 2009Fredkin's Billiard Ball Model (BBM) is considered one of the fundamental models of collision-based computing, and it is essentially based on elastic collisions of mobile billiard balls. Moreover, fixed mirrors or reflectors are brought into the model ... More
Axisymmetrically Tropical Cyclone-like Vortices with Secondary CirculationsSep 07 2013The secondary circulation of the tropical cyclone (TC) is related to its formation and intensification, thus becomes very important in the studies. The analytical solutions have both the primary and secondary circulation in a three-dimensionally nonhydrostatic ... More
Identify the diapycnical eddy diffusivities by salt fingers and turbulence with vertical microstructure measurementsJun 23 2014Diapycnical eddy diffusivities are formulated from physical relations according to a simple fact that the different formulas are identical for the same parameter. It is found that the dispassion ratio \Gamma is a crucial parameter. When it is above a ... More
FairCache: Introducing Fairness to ICN Caching - Technical ReportNov 28 2014Jan 28 2016Information-centric networking extensively uses universal in-network caching. However, developing an efficient and fair collaborative caching algorithm for selfish caches is still an open question. In addition, the communication overhead induced by collaboration ... More
Spectral and Energy Efficiency of Parallel Gaussian Broadcast ChannelsJun 23 2016Spectral efficiency and energy efficiency are important design criteria for green communications systems and networks. In this paper, spectral efficiency and energy efficiency are addressed for communications over parallel Gaussian broadcast channels ... More
Real root refinements for univariate polynomial equationsNov 19 2012Real root finding of polynomial equations is a basic problem in computer algebra. This task is usually divided into two parts: isolation and refinement. In this paper, we propose two algorithms LZ1 and LZ2 to refine real roots of univariate polynomial ... More
Extractions: Computable and Visible Analogues of Localizations for Polynomial IdealsFeb 13 2015When studying local properties of a polynomial ideal, one usually needs a theoretic technique called localization. For most cases, in spite of its importance, the computation in a localized ring cannot be algorithmically preformed. On the other hand, ... More
Large-time behavior for spherically symmetric flow of viscous polytropic gas in exterior unbounded domain with large initial dataMay 03 2014This paper deals with the spherically symmetric flow of compressible viscous and polytropic ideal fluid in unbounded domain exterior to a ball in $\rr (n\ge2).$ We show that the global solutions are convergent as time goes to infinity. The critical step ... More
Tripartite Blind Quantum ComputationNov 25 2013This paper proposes a model of tripartite blind quantum computation (TBQC), in which three independent participants hold different resources and accomplish a computational task through cooperation. The three participants are called C,S,T separately, where ... More
Stable Recursive Subhomogeneous AlgebrasDec 12 2011In this paper, we introduce stable recursive subhomogeneous algebras (SRSHAs), which is analogous to recursive subhomogeneous algebras (RSHAs) introduced by N. C. Phillips in the studies of free minimal integer actions on compact metric spaces. The difference ... More
Pseudospin symmetry in nuclear structure and its supersymmetric representationJun 28 2016The quasi-degeneracy between the single-particle states $(n,\,l,\,j=l+1/2)$ and $(n-1,\,l+2,\,j=l+3/2)$ indicates a special and hidden symmetry in atomic nuclei---the so-called pseudospin symmetry (PSS)---which is an important concept in both spherical ... More
A Radio Halo Found in the Hottest Known Cluster of Galaxies 1E0658-56Jul 05 1999We report the detection of a diffuse radio halo source in the hottest known cluster of galaxies 1E0658-56 (RXJ0658-5557). The radio halo has a morphology similar to the X-ray emission from the hot intracluster medium. The detection of such a strong radio ... More
Law of total probability and Bayes' theorem in Riesz spacesJan 31 2015This note generalizes the notion of conditional probability to Riesz spaces using the order-theoretic approach. With the aid of this concept, we establish the law of total probability and Bayes' theorem in Riesz spaces; we also prove an inclusion-exclusion ... More
The curvature of spectral energy distribution of blazarsMay 06 2014The SED of blazars show significant curvature. In this paper, we study the curvature properties for a large sample of Fermi/LAT bright blazars based on quasi-simultaneous SED. Both SEDs of synchrotron and inverse Compton (IC) components are fitted by ... More
Entropy on modules over the group ring of a sofic groupOct 11 2017We partially generalize Peters' formula on modules over the group ring ${\mathbb F} \Gamma$ for a given finite field ${\mathbb F}$ and a sofic group $\Gamma$. It is also discussed that how the values of entropy are related to the zero divisor conjecture. ... More
Comoving acceleration of overdense electron-positron plasma by colliding ultra-intense laser pulsesMar 17 2006Particle-in-cell (PIC) simulation results of sustained acceleration of electron-positron (e+e-) plasmas by comoving electromagnetic (EM) pulses are presented. When a thin slab of overdense e+e- plasma is irradiated with linear-polarized ultra-intense ... More
On refined ramification filtrations in the equal characteristic caseNov 09 2009Dec 19 2011Let k be a complete discrete valuation field of equal characteristic p>0. Using the tools of p-adic differential modules, we define refined Artin and Swan conductors for a representation of the absolute Galois group $G_k$ with finite local monodromy; ... More
Large-time behavior for spherically symmetric flow of viscous polytropic gas in exterior unbounded domain with large initial dataMay 03 2014Jan 14 2017This paper deals with the spherically symmetric flow of compressible viscous and polytropic ideal fluid in unbounded domain exterior to a ball in $\mathbb{R}^n$ with $n\ge2$. We show that the global solutions are convergent as time goes to infinity. The ... More
Local strong solution for the viscous compressible and heat-conductive fluids with vacuum in 2D spaceAug 16 2015This paper considers the Cauchy problem of equations for the viscous compressible and heat-conductive fluids in the two-dimensional(2D) space. We establish the local existence theory of unique strong solution under some initial layer compatibility conditions. ... More
Influence of subgrid scale models on the buffer sublayer in channel flowAug 31 2017Subgrid-scale (SGS) models are critical in large-eddy simulations (LES) of turbulent flows. In this paper we conduct a comparative study on different SGS models, including one-k-equation, wall-adapting local eddy-viscosity (WALE), Sigma and shear-constrained ... More
Event-plane dependent away-side jet-like correlation shape in Au+Au collisions at $\sqrt{s_{NN}}=200$ GeV from STARFeb 16 2019We employ a data-driven method to subtract the flow background of all harmonics by calculating the difference of the two-particle correlations between the close-region and far-region, determined depending on the pseudo-rapidity ($\eta$) distance from ... More
On the interpolation property and dominated decomposition property of quasimartingalesNov 25 2013For a quasimartingale majorized by another quasimartingale, it is natural to ask whether a third quasimartingale can be inserted between them. In this paper, we give an affirmative answer to this problem. We also establish a dominated decomposition property ... More
Numerical Investigation of Isolated Crescent SingularityOct 27 2006Apr 25 2008In this paper we examine numerically the properties, especially the scaling properties, of an isolated crescent singularity similar to that of a developable cone. The desired isolated crescent region is produced by applying six potential forces to an ... More
Simulating the future urban growth in Xiongan New Area: a upcoming big city in ChinaMar 16 2018China made the announement to create the Xiongan New Area in Hebei in April 1,2017. Thus a new magacity about 110km south west of Beijing will emerge. Xiongan New Area is of great practial significant and historical significant for transferring Beijing's ... More
Limits of topological minimal sets with finitely generated coefficient groupsMar 15 2014May 21 2015We prove that Hausdorff limit of topological minimal sets (with finitely generated coefficient group) are topologically minimal. The key idea is to reduce the homology group on the space to the homology group on the sphere, and reduce the homology group ... More
On the Riesz decomposition property and the interpolation property of stopping timesSep 17 2013Feb 15 2016It is known that random variables have the Riesz decomposition property and the interpolation property. These properties are not only interesting in their own rights; they have been applied to quantitative finance and actuarial mathematics. One would ... More
On the topological minimality of unions of planes of arbitrary dimensionDec 12 2013In this article we prove the topological minimality of unions of several almost orthogonal planes of arbitrary dimensions. A particular case was proved in arXiv:1103.1468, where we proved the Almgren minimality (which is a weaker property than the topological ... More
Topological minimal sets and their applicationsMar 20 2011In this article we introduce a definition of topological minimal sets, which is a generalization of that of Mumford-Shah-minimal sets. We prove some general properties as well as two existence theorems for topological minimal sets. As an application we ... More
Almgren-minimality of unions of two almost orthogonal planes in $\mathbb R^4$Mar 08 2011Feb 15 2012In this article we prove that the union of two almost orthogonal planes in R4 is Almgren-minimal. This gives an example of a one parameter family of minimal cones, which is a phenomenon that does not exist in R3. This work is motivated by an attempt to ... More
Quantum Uncertainty Based on Metric Adjusted Skew InformationAug 03 2017Apr 12 2018Prompted by the open questions in Gibilisco [Int. J. Software Informatics, 8(3-4): 265, 2014], in which he introduced a family of measurement-induced quantum uncertainty measures via metric adjusted skew informations, we investigate these measures' fundamental ... More
Measurement of directed flow of $D^{0}$ and $\bar{D^{0}}$ mesons in 200 GeV Au+Au collisions at RHIC using the STAR detectorJan 17 2019Charm quarks, owing to their large mass, are produced predominantly in the initial hard scatterings in heavy-ion collisions, and therefore can be a valuable tool for studying the early time dynamics of these collisions. The rapidity-odd directed flow ... More
Computing Dixmier Invariants and Some Geometric Configurations of Quartic Curves with 2 InvolutionsApr 02 2019In this paper we consider plane quartics with to involutions. We compute the Dixmier invariants, the bitangents and the Matrix representation problem of these curves, showing that they have symbolic solutions for the last two questions.
Non-Left-Orderable Surgeries on 1-Bridge BraidsNov 30 2017Boyer, Gordon, and Watson have conjectured that an irreducible rational homology 3-sphere is an L-space if and only if its fundamental group is not left-orderable. Since Dehn surgeries on knots in $S^3$ can produce large families of L-spaces, it is natural ... More
A Note on $\aleph_{0}$-injective RingsOct 30 2007May 23 2010A ring $R$ is called right $\aleph_{0}$-injective if every homomorphism from a countably generated right ideal of $R$ to $R_{R}$ can be extended to a homomorphism from $R_{R}$ to $R_{R}$. In this note, some characterizations of $\aleph_{0}$-injective ... More
Equation Problem over central extensions of hyperbolic groupsJul 22 2013The Equation Problem in finitely presented groups asks if there exists an algorithm which determines in finite amount of time whether any given equation system has a solution or not. We show that the Equation Problem in central extensions of hyperbolic ... More
Centralizers of Finite Subgroups of the Mapping Class GroupFeb 26 2012In this paper, we study the action of finite subgroups of the mapping class group of a surface on the curve complex. We prove that if the diameter of the almost fixed point set of a finite subgroup H is big enough, then the centralizer of H is infinite. ... More
Improving SAMC using smoothing methods: Theory and applications to Bayesian model selection problemsAug 25 2009Stochastic approximation Monte Carlo (SAMC) has recently been proposed by Liang, Liu and Carroll [J. Amer. Statist. Assoc. 102 (2007) 305--320] as a general simulation and optimization algorithm. In this paper, we propose to improve its convergence using ... More
On the jet properties of the gamma-ray loud active galactic nucleiMar 14 2018Apr 12 2018Based on broadband spectral energy distribution (SEDs), we estimate the jet physical parameters of 1392 $\gamma$-ray-loud active galactic nuclei (AGNs), the largest sample so far. The (SED) jet power and magnetization parameter are derived for these AGNs. ... More
Toward Computation and Memory Efficient Neural Network Acoustic Models with Binary Weights and ActivationsJun 28 2017Jul 04 2017Neural network acoustic models have significantly advanced state of the art speech recognition over the past few years. However, they are usually computationally expensive due to the large number of matrix-vector multiplications and nonlinearity operations. ... More
Observation of the antimatter helium-4 nucleus at RHICJul 01 2011We present the observation of the \Heebar nucleus, the heaviest antinucleus observed to date. In total, 18 \Heebar counts were detected at the STAR experiment at RHIC in 10$^{9}$ recorded Au+Au collisions at beam energies of $\sqrt{s_{NN}}$ = 200 GeV ... More
Collatz's "3x+1" problem and iterative maps on intervalAug 29 2006Oct 12 2006In this paper, we convert Collatz map into a simple conjugate iterative maps defined in [0,1]. Such maps are more familiar to us and easier to deal with. Some new features of this map are observed by this method. An interesting heuristic proof is also ... More
On the Type IIb solutions to mean curvature flowMar 19 2016Jul 07 2016In this paper we study the Type IIb mean curvature flow for which has the smooth solution exists for all $t> 0$ and satisfies $\sup\limits_{M^n\times (0,+\infty)}t|A|^2=\infty$, where $A(\cdot,t)$ is the second fundamental form. We prove that the longtime ... More
JUNO: A Next Generation Reactor Antineutrino ExperimentJun 03 2015The mass hierarchy and the CP phase are the main focus of the next generation neutrino oscillation experiments. Jiangmen Underground Neutrino Observatory (JUNO), as a medium baseline reactor antineutrino experiment, can determine the neutrino mass hierarchy ... More
On the evolution of word usage of classical Chinese poetrySep 10 2015Sep 16 2015The hierarchy of classical Chinese poetry has been broadly acknowledged by a number of studies in Chinese literature. However, quantitative investigations about the evolution of classical Chinese poetry are limited. The primary goal of this study is to ... More
Secure multiparty quantum computation based on bit commitmentJun 03 2013Aug 18 2013This paper studies secure multiparty quantum computation (SMQC) without nonlocal measurements. Firstly, this task is reduced to secure two-party quantum computation of nonlocal controlled-NOT (NL-CNOT) gate. Then, in the passive adversaries model, the ... More
Quantum fully homomorphic encryption scheme based on universal quantum circuitOct 09 2014Fully homomorphic encryption enables arbitrary computation on encrypted data without decrypting the data. Here it is studied in the context of quantum information processing. Based on universal quantum circuit, we present a quantum fully homomorphic encryption ... More
A mean value inequality for the generalized self-expander type submanifolds and its applicationMar 15 2015In this paper we get a version of mean value inequality for generalized self-expander type submanifolds in Euclidean space. As the application, we prove that if mean curvature flow $M(t)$ on the self-expander in Euclidean space subconverges to an $n$-rectifiable ... More
Scaling Properties of Urban FacilitiesJun 03 2014Jun 10 2014Two measurements are employed to quantitatively investigate the scaling properties of the spatial distribution of urban facilities, the K function by number counting and the variance-mean relationship with the method of expanding bins. The K function ... More
Viewing the Welch bound inequality from the kernel trick viewpointMar 24 2014Apr 02 2014This brief note views to the Welch bound inequality using the idea of the kernel trick from the machine learning research area. From this angle, some novel insights of the inequality are obtained.
Parity-breaking phases of spin-orbit-coupled metals with gyrotropic, ferroelectric and multipolar ordersJan 30 2015Jun 30 2015We study Fermi liquid instabilities in spin-orbit-coupled metals with inversion symmetry. By introducing a canonical basis for the doubly degenerate Bloch bands in momentum space, we derive the general form of interaction functions. A variety of time-reversal-invariant, ... More
Topological Crystalline InsulatorsOct 09 2010Mar 12 2011The recent discovery of topological insulators has revived interest in the topological properties of insulating band structures. In this work, we extend the topological classification of insulating band structures to include certain point group symmetry ... More
Odd-parity topological superconductor with nematic order: Application to CuxBi2Se3Aug 27 2014CuxBi2Se3 was recently proposed as a promising candidate for time-reversal-invariant topological superconductors[1]. In this work, we argue that the unusual anisotropy of the Knight shift observed by Zheng[2], taken together with specific heat measurements, ... More
Cleanliness and log-characteristic cycles for vector bundles with flat connectionsApr 07 2011Nov 10 2014Let $X$ be a proper smooth algebraic variety over a field $k$ of characteristic zero and let $D$ be a divisor with simple normal crossings. Let $M$ be a vector bundle over $X-D$ equipped with a flat connection with possible irregular singularities along ... More
On Ramification Filtrations and p-adic Differential Equations, II: mixed characteristic caseNov 24 2008Jul 24 2011Let K be a complete discretely valued field of mixed characteristic (0, p) with possibly imperfect residue field. We prove a Hasse-Arf theorem for the arithmetic ramification filtrations on G_K, except possibly in the absolutely unramified and non-logarithmic ... More
Sustained Comoving Acceleration of Overdense Plasmas by Colliding Laser PulsesApr 19 2006We review recent PIC simulation results which show that double-sided irradiation of a thin over- dense plasma slab by ultra-intense laser pulses from both sides can lead to sustained comoving acceleration of surface electrons to energies much higher than ... More
Sustained Acceleration of Over-dense Plasmas by Colliding Laser PulsesMar 21 2006We review recent PIC simulation results which show that double-sided irradiaton of a thin overdense plasma slab by ultra-intense laser pulses from both sides can lead to sustained comoving acceleration of surface electrons to energies much higher than ... More
Search for the Standard Model Higgs boson decaying to b-quark pairs with the ATLAS detector at the LHCOct 14 2017After many years of searches, the Higgs boson was observed by the ATLAS and CMS collaborations in July 2012. Since then, its properties have been measured using primarily the bosonic decay channels: $H \to \gamma\gamma $, $H \to Z Z$, $H \to W^+ W^-$. ... More
A Probabilistic Characterization of g-Harmonic FunctionsAug 12 2011Oct 08 2011This paper gives a definition of g-harmonic functions and shows the relation between the g-harmonic functions and g-martingales. It's direct to construct such relation under smooth case, but for continuous case we need the theory of viscosity solution. ... More
How Well Can Generative Adversarial Networks Learn Densities: A Nonparametric ViewDec 21 2017Feb 16 2018We study in this paper the rate of convergence for learning densities under the Generative Adversarial Networks (GAN) framework, borrowing insights from nonparametric statistics. We introduce an improved GAN estimator that achieves a faster rate, through ... More
On How Well Generative Adversarial Networks Learn Densities: Nonparametric and Parametric ResultsNov 07 2018We study in this paper the rate of convergence for learning distributions with the Generative Adversarial Networks (GAN) framework, which subsumes Wasserstein, Sobolev and MMD GANs as special cases. We study a wide range of parametric and nonparametric ... More
A New Proof of $\bf{Z_{Kup}=|Z_{Henn}|^2}$ for Semisimple Hopf AlgebrasApr 03 2015May 28 2016Hennings and Kuperberg defined quantum invariants $Z_{Henn}$ and $Z_{Kup}$ for closed oriented $3$-manifolds based on certain Hopf algebras, respectively. When the Hopf algebras are semisimple, it is shown that $Z_{Kup}=|Z_{Henn}|^2$. In this paper, we ... More
On the extension to mean curvature flow in lower dimensionApr 09 2013Jan 03 2014In this paper, we prove that if $M_t\subset \mathbb{R}^{n+1}$, $2\leq n\leq 6$, is the $n$-dimensional closed embedded $\mathcal{F}-$stable solution to mean curvature flow with mean curvature of $M_t$ is uniformly bounded on $[0,T)$ for $T<\infty$, then ... More
Law of total probability and Bayes' theorem in Riesz spacesJan 31 2015Aug 31 2018This note generalizes the notion of conditional probability to Riesz spaces using the order-theoretic approach. With the aid of this concept, we establish the law of total probability and Bayes' theorem in Riesz spaces; we also prove an inclusion-exclusion ... More
Large deviations for multidimensional SDEs with reflectionMay 03 2007The large deviations principles are established for a class of multidimensional degenerate stochastic differential equations with reflecting boundary conditions. The results include two cases where the initial conditions are adapted and anticipated.
Invariants, Bitangents and Matrix Representations of Plane Quartics with 3-Cyclic AutomorphismsFeb 08 2019Apr 02 2019In this work we compute the Dixmier invariants and bitangents of the plane quartics with 3,6 or 9-cyclic automorphisms, we find that a quartic curve with 6-cyclic automorphism will have 3 horizontal bitangents which form an asysgetic triple. We also discuss ... More
Approximation forte sur un produit de variétés abéliennes épointé en des points de torsionJan 01 2019Jan 08 2019Consider strong approximation for algebraic varieties defined over a number field $k$. Let $S$ be a finite set of places of $k$ containing all archimedean places. Let $E$ be an elliptic curve of positive Mordell-Weil rank and let $A$ be an abelian variety ... More
The local-global exact sequence for Chow groups of zero-cyclesJun 07 2012Dec 11 2012A local-global sequence for Chow groups of zero-cycles involving Brauer groups has been conjectured to be exact for all proper smooth algebraic varieties. We apply existing methods to construct several new families of varieties verifying the exact sequence. ... More
Arithmetic of 0-cycles on varieties defined over number fieldsJul 08 2011Dec 06 2011Let $X$ be a rationally connected algebraic variety, defined over a number field $k$. We find a relation between the arithmetic of rational points on $X$ and the arithmetic of zero-cycles. More precisely, we consider the following statements: (1) the ... More
Towards the Brauer-Manin obstruction on varieties fibred over the projective lineOct 15 2012Nov 22 2013Recently Dasheng Wei proved that the Brauer-Manin obstruction is the only obstruction to the Hasse principle for 0-cycles of degree 1 on some fibrations over the projective line defined by bi-cyclic normic equations. In the present paper, we prove the ... More
A note on rings with the summand sum propertyJul 02 2011A ring $R$ is called right SSP (SIP) if the sum (intersection) of any two direct summands of $R_{R}$ is also a direct summand. Left sides can be defined similarly. The following are equivalent: (1) $R$ is right SSP. (2) $R$ is right C3 and right SIP. ... More
On small dual ringsAug 03 2013A ring $R$ is called right (small) dual if every (small) right ideal of $R$ is a right annihilator. Left (small) dual rings can be defined similarly. And a ring $R$ is called (small) dual if $R$ is left and right (small) dual. It is proved that $R$ is ... More
Full field algebras, operads and tensor categoriesMar 03 2006Oct 16 2006We study the operadic and categorical formulations of (conformal) full field algebras. In particular, we show that a grading-restricted $\R\times \R$-graded full field algebra is equivalent to an algebra over a partial operad constructed from spheres ... More
Anyon condensation and tensor categoriesJul 31 2013Jul 14 2014Instead of constructing anyon condensation in various concrete models, we take a bootstrap approach by considering an abstract situation, in which an anyon condensation happens in a 2-d topological phase with anyonic excitations given by a modular tensor ... More
Conformal field theory and a new geometryJul 19 2011This paper is a review of open-closed rational conformal field theory (CFT) via the theory of vertex operator algebras (VOAs), together with a proposal of a new geometry based on CFTs and D-branes. We will start with an outline of the idea of the new ... More
Cardy condition for open-closed field algebrasDec 10 2006Feb 04 2009Let $V$ be a vertex operator algebra satisfying certain reductivity and finiteness conditions such that $\mathcal{C}_V$, the category of V-modules, is a modular tensor category. We study open-closed field algebras over V equipped with nondegenerate invariant ... More
Describe Prime number gaps pattern by Logistic mappingJun 16 2013Jul 13 2013Based on symbolic dynamics methods, we show the primes gap pattern could be described by the chaos orbit of Logistic mapping X(k+1)=1-uX(k)^2, u=1.5437. If so, there will be arbitrarily many twin primes.
Climate modification directed by control theoryMay 05 2008May 07 2008Climate modification measures to counteract global warming receive some more new attentions in these years. Most current researches only discuss the impact of these measures to climate, but how to design such a climate regulator is still unknown. This ... More
Direct detection and solar capture of spin-dependent dark matterAug 27 2013Feb 25 2014We investigate the implication of different spin-dependent (SD) operators on both the direct and indirect detections of the Weakly Interacting Massive Particle (WIMP). Six representative building blocks of SD operators, together with their counterparts ... More
A model for the orbital modulation of PSR J0737-3039BJun 06 2013A model was constructed to explain the orbit modulation of PSR J0737-3039B (referred to as B), which included the following suppositions: (1) B has arrived at the aged period and generally cannot emit observable light; (2) The PSR J0737-3039A (referred ... More
Hexagonal Warping Effects in the Surface States of Topological Insulator Bi$_2$Te$_3$Aug 10 2009Dec 21 2009A single two-dimensinoal Dirac fermion state has been recently observed on the surface of topological insulator Bi$_2$Te$_3$ by angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy (ARPES). We study the surface band structure using $k \cdot p$ theory and find an ... More
An exact axisymmetric spiral solution of incompressible 3D Euler equationsJan 29 2011Jul 31 2011Spiral structure is one of the most common structures in the nature flows. A general steady spiral solution of incompressible inviscid axisymmetric flow was obtained analytically by applying separation of variables to the 3D Euler equations. The solution, ... More
Locally solid topological lattice-ordered groupsApr 23 2014Jun 02 2015Locally solid Riesz spaces have been widely investigated in the past several decades; but locally solid topological lattice-ordered groups seem to be largely unexplored. The paper is an attempt to initiate a relatively systematic study of locally solid ... More
Construction of the new silicon microstrips tracker for the Phase-II ATLAS detectorApr 28 2018In next ten years, the Large Hadron Collider will be upgraded to the High Luminosity LHC (HL-LHC), resulting in ten time more integrated luminosity. To withstand the much harsher radiation and occupancy conditions of the HL-LHC, the inner tracker of the ... More
Dissipation of Nonlinear Alfven Waves with Current Sheets in Relativistic PlasmasFeb 27 2009We present results from 2.5-dimensional Particle-in-Cell simulations of the interaction of nonlinear Alfven waves with thin current sheets in relativistic plasmas. We find that the Alfven waves cause the current sheet to bend and kink and increase its ... More
Semi-Wave Solutions of KPP-Fisher Equations with Free Boundaries in Spatially Almost Periodic MediaDec 20 2016In this paper we prove the existence and uniqueness of the almost periodic semi- wave (traveling wave) solutions of KPP-Fisher equations with free boundaries in spatially almost periodic media.
Learning Executable Semantic Parsers for Natural Language UnderstandingMar 22 2016For building question answering systems and natural language interfaces, semantic parsing has emerged as an important and powerful paradigm. Semantic parsers map natural language into logical forms, the classic representation for many important linguistic ... More
Semiclassical Analysis of the Wigner $12j$ Symbol with One Small Angular MomentumApr 17 2011Jul 31 2011We derive an asymptotic formula for the Wigner $12j$ symbol, in the limit of one small and 11 large angular momenta. There are two kinds of asymptotic formulas for the $12j$ symbol with one small angular momentum. We present the first kind of formula ... More
Asymptotic Analysis of the Wigner $3j$-Symbol in the Bargmann RepresentationApr 28 2011We derive the leading asymptotic limit of the Wigner $3j$-symbol from a stationary phase approximation of a twelve dimensional integral, obtained from an inner product between two exact Bargmann wavefunctions. We show that, by the construction of the ... More
Algorithms And Programming On The Minimal Combinations Of Weights Of Projective HypersurfacesJul 30 2018This paper designs an alogrithm to compute the minimal combinations of finite sets in Euclidean spaces, and applys the algorithm of study the moment maps and geometric invariant stability of hypersurfaces. The classical example of cubic curves is repeated ... More
Signed and Minus Domination in Complete Multipartite GraphsMay 02 2012In this paper we determine the exact values of the signed domination number, signed total domination number, and minus domination number of complete multipartite graphs, which substantially generalizes some previous results obtained for special subclasses ... More
Computation of protein geometry and its applications: Packing and function predictionJan 14 2006This chapter discusses geometric models of biomolecules and geometric constructs, including the union of ball model, the weigthed Voronoi diagram, the weighted Delaunay triangulation, and the alpha shapes. These geometric constructs enable fast and analytical ... More
Order bornological spaces and order ultrabornological spacesAug 31 2015Ordered locally convex spaces is an important classes of spaces in the theory of ordered topological vector spaces just as locally convex spaces in the theory of topological vector spaces. Some special classes of ordered locally convex spaces such as ... More
Approximation faible pour les 0-cycles sur un produit de variétés rationnellement connexesSep 09 2014Mar 11 2015Consider weak approximation for 0-cycles on a smooth proper variety defined over a number field, it is conjectured to be controlled by its Brauer group. Let $X$ be a Ch\^atelet surface or a smooth compactification of a homogeneous space of a connected ... More
Principe local-global pour les zéro-cycles sur certaines fibrations au-dessus d'une courbe : IJun 13 2010May 05 2011Let $X$ be a smooth projective variety over a number field, fibered over a curve, with geometrically integral fibers. We prove that, supposing the finiteness of $\sha(Jac(C))$, if the fibers over a generalised Hilbertian subset satisfy the Hasse principle ... More